What Is Esotericism Part 5

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catLike any other subject within that list. You have to spend time and effort in order to understand it...’To get ones head around it’. Rather than just leaving it to those ‘first impressions’. As other subjects have proven in the past. Before being accepted in mainstream. Like any other subject we all have favourites. Some find it easy to ‘get their heads around’...maths or physics or history or geography or literature etc. For those that do not find it easy...it just means; does it not; that it may take that bit longer. As long as that interest is there...is it not just a question of time before that new interest is added to that individuals list? Same thing ...different subject.

However it does not prove the subjects core ‘essence’. That life continues. Certainly not to the casual reader. As we all know some individuals believe that possibility is more so than not. As proven by such authors. While others certainly do not. As proven by such authors as Mr R. Dawkins. Who sums up all the above authors as ‘Pastafarian’ theologists. The Orthodox stuff as ’The flying spaghetti monster’ brigade. The bible as ‘weird’ and Yahweh as an ‘evil monster’, [ all on a good day ]. Whether those 'first impressions' have been improved upon or reinforced due to the recent ’coming together’ of those two ‘alternative views’..."only time; and Mr Dawkins; will tell". However what can be proven using all the available ‘esoteric’ lore that is common throughout and which has only been touched on...If only to emphasize the authenticity of the details within...and therefore the subject as a whole. Which may be of interest; is the following. [ Main examples ] ...


A....The relationship between the pyramids,the sphinx and that most ancient of all symbols.The cross.In relation to the journey A-C, [ explained elsewhere ].

B....The relationship between the swastika, solstices, equinoxes and the cross. Their connection to the esoteric lore of death/rebirth and that mythical bird...The Phoenix. That link to the symbolism of ‘Charcoal’ found on many archaeology sites, [ Timeteam ]. As it is with the cremated bones found in all the wooden post holes at Stonehenge.

The cheerful brilliance of the morning lent youth to Earth's old bones, touched the peak with gold, gleamed along the river and put the gardens en fete..." ['Her-Bak'].

''Peak'' in relation to Al-qurn.

That link to the symbolism of 'Atlantis’. In relation to "the opening of the flood gates",i.e., in the Collective sense. Or "a watershed moment", in relation to an individual one. Both in relation to, 'Keeping ones head above the water'. Represented with the 'Tau cross',i.e.,higher of the lower OR higher within the ''lower degrees''. Hence 'feet first', i.e.,the foundation upon which the next stage can be started/positioned from. Try part two, as well as four.

Foot stool?

"And again, just as it had been in the Four Corners last summer, the Yucatan and surrounding areas were in a terrible drought. Another part of our job, then, would be to perform the ceremonies that would bring rain - the physical symbol of the balance we were seeking." ['Serpent of Light Beyond 2012'].


'Corners' in relation to ''angles''. Enlarged elsewhere.

Side note: "Seshat had what may be termed a scientific role - an astronomical task - defining the corners of temples... Stretching of the cord ceremony....She is shown wearing a leopard skin...The leopard skin may symbolize her ability to see in the dark." ['Page 86 'Imhotep the African']. Try ''leopard'' {and/or panther?} to 'see' something further.

Continued: "The waters ebb and flow. Let the 'magician' guard himself from drowning at the point where land and water meet {'mud'?}. The midway spot, which is neither dry nor wet [link to 'marsh' and 'primordial' mound symbolism. Explained elsewhere], must provide the standing place whereon his feet are set. When water, land and air meet, there is the place for 'magic' to be wrought." [ 'A Treatise on White Magic' by A. Bailey]. Recall what 'magic' represents - before those first impressions take hold.


A working example: ''The energy had to crystallize for us to understand what was coming our way...As this realization flooded into me..." [From the book by D. Melchizedek].

N.B. Copan {South America} originally built on marsh land - of which the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - describes as the 'Mecca of the West' ['Poems of Places' / Vol XXX].

"An optimistic, positive person is one who always feels in control. A pessimistic person, negative person has the sensation of being washed to and fro by the tide, out of control and unable to gain firm moorings." [ Extract from chapter 11, 'Mind Magic' by B. Shine].

N.B. Mediterranean Sea up to the Nile River = ''{One of?} the least tidal - on the planet. Coincidence?

And/or - the {only?} river to run South -North.

Understanding that {one} concept gives further clues as to a ''mind set'' { in this case Djoser}, that the author of 'Imhotep the African' is attempting when placing himself in the same inclination of the serdab - and looking out from within the 'eye holes' - on its 'north' side {i.e., towards the delta} - while looking upwards.

As above so below. Including that which is above the 'above' {i.e., ''C'' . See Help section}.

"....Sirius being the star of Horus, and the Step Pyramid complex being named Horus Is the Star at the Head of the Sky." [Page 134 'Imhotep the African']. Recall what was found at Abydos. Question. Where would his 'feet' rest?

"Spiritual friend in god, you must understand that, to my simple perception, there are four levels and forms.....Ordinary, Special, Solitary and 'Perfect'. Three of these can begun and completed here on earth, while the fourth can by 'grace' be begun here....And in that solitary form and manner of life you can learn to lift up the foot of your love and step towards the state and level of life that is perfect, the last state of all." [Chapter One 'Cloud of Unknowing'].

Try ''bosom'' / ''footstool'' etc.

heel-300x185Something extra: ''Navigation on the non tidal river {near Christchurch on the South coast} - is disputed but an Act of Parliament of 1796 authorised the creation of a canal from the Stour at Gains Cross, in the Parish of Shillingston Oakford,to the Kennet and Avon Canal at Bradford on Avon. The primary purpose of the scheme was to create a navigable link from the Bristol Channel to the English Channel which demonstrates that the proprietors and the parliament that authorised its construction considered the Stour to be a navigable waterway. " [www.canoedaysout.com].

A side step: "My branch of science, physics, has got somewhat bogged down. The same thing can be said in a different way: when rational methods in science reach a dead end, a new lease on life is given to those contents that were pushed out of time consciousness in the 17th century and sank into the unconscious." [Chapter 5, '137: Jung, Pauli, And the Pursuit of a Scientific Obsession'].

That link to the book of ‘revelations’. In relation to a journey, by way of an "unveiling", [ explained elsewhere ]. Both internal and ‘overall ’, [ ‘Apocalypse Unsealed’ by J. Pryce ]. Or 'The Cayce Readings' in relation to the same, as indicated in chapter six of 'The Source Field Investigations'. Mentioned elsewhere. This 'framework', that when understood gives a deeper meaning to those well researched opinions in that same book. As it does with his most up to date publication...'The Synchronicity Key'.

As seen from a different perspective: "Berossos asserted that the earth was to be 'submerged' when all the planets met in Cancer, and consumed by 'fire' when they met in Capricorn." ['Star Names and Their Meaning' under 'Cancer'].

"Canis Major {The Great Dog} of the southern heavens - and thus Canis Australior, lies immediately to the southeast of Orion, cut through its center by the Tropic of Capricorn, and with its eastern edge on the Milky Way." [Page 117, same book].


The Soul is thus not to be conceived as a certain defined essence, caged in the body, or even as a point or immaterial substance, but rather as a continuous line of spiritual being, stretching from the general source of all the souls to beyond the specific body of a particular person. The connection between the body and the soul is like what occurs at the end of a line of light, when a dark body is illuminated. And because the soul is not a single point in space, it should be viewed not as a single existence having one quality or character, but as many existences, on a variety of spiritual levels. Thus to begin with the Soul gives the body its life and being, that vital being which distinguishes anything alive and real. [Chapter Three, The Thirteen Petalled Rose by A. Steinsaltz.

C....The relationship between the Pyramids, Mayan / Aztec temples,’Solomons temple’, Stonehenge / cathedrals and the zodiac. That link to the construction and purpose of Labyrinths. That same link to the Nazca lines. In relation to a journey,[ explained in such books as Labyrinths. By Sig Lonegren. Or 'The Knossos Labyrinth' by R. Castleden ].

Levens Hall - the only remaining 17th century original - as when it was first built - contains many labyrinths in the original design- as speculated on by Monty Don ['The Secret History of British Gardens']. ''...the more you look, the harder it is to read'' and "...details remain frustratingly elusive" and "...if you can break the code, then the garden reveals itself in fascinating detail". His conclusions being of ''Catholic'' connection - because of the 'obvious', i.e.,''as an act of contemplation''. Indeed it was; but not in the literal sense. The 'ha ha' lawn also being first introduced in that same 17th century landscape. The first thing that the designer built. Higher in relation to lower. Animals 'confined' to the 'lower'. The 'vertical' boundary line dividing the two. To 'see' the full story; understand ALL the parts to define the 'whole'. Enlarged throughout, i.e., the 'Royal Crescent' at Bath also included the ''ha ha''.

Side note: The gardens at Joyous Garde are part of never ending cycle of birth and re-birth. Each year from Beltane to Samhain, the earth renews herself from seed to harvest...the great 'serpent - spiral' of nature is also reflected in the seasons as they revolve..." [Douglas Monroe].

''Serpent'' in relation to 'poison'. That relationship to 'redeem/unredeem'. Enlarged throughout.

That same link to ‘Thread/Web’ symbolism, [ explained elsewhere ]. Especially in relation to the Inca ‘Khipus’ in relation to 'Micro/Macro'. Shamanism refers to the same as the 'web of power',i.e.,"While shamans have no fixed dogma or religion, they all believe in the universal web of power that supports all life {divine ''bit'' link}...It is this communication with the spirit {'fire' link} that empowers shamans, for they know that the invisible web of power, that spirit within all forms, is in fact the real source of 'life'...It is the real key to success..." ['Secrets of Shamanism' by J. and L. Stevens. All emphasis/parenthesis, this readers]. Understanding A-C, relative to the 'divine bit' gives a possible understanding to the same.


''Talking Knots''?

From a different perspective: "Exactly so,'' the Druid affirmed. ''Always the Pattern reveals itself through the living forms of the earth....symmetrical, eloquent and ever expending. The unending ''knotwork'' of our own culture, is one attempt to capture its messages with human hands.'' As he spoke, he ran his own hands over the delicate interwoven designs adorning the robe he wore." [Page 156 'Deeper Teachings of Merlyn'].

The word 'Pattern' used throughout Mr Monroe's Druid 'stories'. Even though most in the form {method?} of fiction {myth?} those same keys are littered throughout. Those ''nuggets of gold'' that define subject material. REGARDLESS of what the {uninitiated?} may think.

Try ''knot'' / ''hand'' and others.

Understanding subject material gets us closer to defining the mind set of such articles {concepts?} as the Inca Khipus.

That same link to the Amarna picture universally known showing Akhenaten with his ’wife’,[ ‘Nefertiti’ ]...seated with their ’daughters’ under/receiving the ‘suns rays’. What later became known as the ‘Seven Rays' of creation, i.e., six plus the 'wife'. Think about it. Eastern link to Chakra. [Development of].

imagesYK94U3I7Analogy? {i.e.,six brothers and the father} i.e.,from a different perspective: "Homer shows a compassionate understanding of the bonds of family love : 'Andromache came to meet him with a nurse who carried his little child {Astyanax} in her bosom ''Hectors darling son and lovely as a star''. Hector had named him Scamandrius, but the people called him Astyanax, for his father stood alone as chief guardian of the Ilium...An astronomical place was found for Andromache . Homer says that father of same and six brothers were killed when Achilles sacked Eeition; Andromache also has a nurse who carries her young son. From this information it was reasonable to look for a constellation close to Canis Major {Achilles} and Orion {Hector/Paris} that had eight brighter stars to represent all the above, i.e.,mother/brothers/father and two lesser stars of magnitude to represent nurse and son. Such a grouping is found in the constellation of Lepus, at the foot of Orion, which has eight stars brighter than 4th magnitude and two lesser stars of magnitude to represent nurse and son." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

''Daughters'' in relation to ''Brothers''. 'Bottom/up' {anima?} / 'Top/down' {shadow?}. All as a means...?

Something to ponder on: {A} ''Alone as chief guardian of the ?'' = Same could be said of Akhenaten? {B} "lovely as a star'' = A golden one? {C} ''Nurse and son'' = same link? {D} Lepus = HARE constellation.

In other words {as seen from a different {''angle''} - Six daughters plus the mother plus the father plus nurse and son = the REASON FOR CHOOSING THE HARE CONSTELLATION?

hare-3Question. Which came first, subject material or naming of constellations or naming and numbering of Nomes {Egypt}.

"One becomes a vast arc, curving from the divine source to oneself........." Find it, to complete it, in order to understand it. Try ''45''.

Landscape equivalent = 'Dragon lines' and 'Serpent' shapes...in its as 'yet to be discovered' state...in relation to the onlooker. As indicated to the now present 'reader' in such books as 'The New View Over Atlantis'. Further information to evaluate correctly...."The Seven Rays of Life' by A. Bailey.

"Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul on this plane of existence, and soul is the vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestation of spirit, and these three are a trinity synthesized by life, which pervades them all." [Introduction to the book by A. Bailey]. Link to the ''divine bit'' together with what others define as ''septenary'' as a means to make something understood relative to what most define within those horizontal/vertical boundaries. See it yet?

"The word 'spiritual' should be associated with the word 'eyes'. This is a reference to the eyes of the mind or heart. To see is to understand." [From the book by T. Nottingham].

"Sirius is sometimes called the 'Sun behind the sun', indicating that while the star we call the Sun is related to our physical center of Self in our Solar Plexus and the expression of our Selves within the physical earth, Sirius represents a more hidden center." ['Red Tree, White Tree'].

N.B. Amon = ''the hidden one''.


Lunar eclipse?

Celtic equivalent {of same principles?}: "The god Hu was the all ruling divinity of western Celtic mythology. He represented the power and glory of the spiritual world, and in that sense, the spiritual, not the physical sun. He was 'wedded' to the goddess Ceridwen; and Ceridwen was the soul of the world, bestowing the power of 'vision' upon the human soul...And so we can imagine, that when Ceridwen made herself known in her true form {eureka moments?} - all 'terror' and fury of darkness overcome, her Cauldron {enlarged elsewhere} of Nature, would be the Iris itself {'six lobed'?}, radiant glowing, living, creating - the Girdle of Hu the 'Mighty'. " ['The Flaming Door' / Page 153].   Try ''girdle''.  

Gilly? {flower}. Game of Thrones.                                                                       

"The soul is as yet an unknown quantity. It has no real place in the theories of the academic and scientific investigators. It is unproven and regarded by even the more open minded of the academicians as a possible hypothesis, but lacking demonstration. It is not accepted as a fact in the consciousness of the race. Only two groups of people accept it as a fact; one is the gullible, undeveloped, childlike person who, brought up on a scripture of the world, and being religiously inclined, accepts the postulates of religion - such as the soul, God and immortality - without questioning. The other is that small but steadily growing band of 'Knowers of God', and of reality, who know the soul to be a fact in their own experience but are unable to prove its existence satisfactory to the man who admits only that which the concrete mind can grasp, analyse, criticise and test. The ignorant and the wise meet on common ground as extremes always do. In between are those who are neither totally ignorant nor intuitively wise. They are the mass of the educated people who have knowledge but not understanding, and who have yet to learn the distinction between that which can be grasped by the rational mind; that which can be seen by the minds eye; and that which only the higher or abstract mind can formulate and know." [ Same book].

"Soul expresses itself in feelings and is associated with the act of attention, and spirit expresses itself in thoughts and is associated with the act of intention. These two components of attention and intention make up a kind of binary software of transcendence {i.e.,by way of the 'Will'?}." See it?

"The word 'spiritual' should be associated with the word 'eyes'. This is a reference to the eyes of the mind or heart. To see is to understand." [From the book by T. Nottingham].

The Moon was associated with the soul and the unconscious self, of which the conscious self is a reflection. Or as Titus Burckhardt put it: ''The Moon [and the metal silver] was considered to be analogous to the soul in its state of pure receptivity; whereas the soul transmuted and illumined by the spirit was analogous to the Sun and the metal gold." [Both paragraphs taken from the 'Sorcerers Stone'. Mentioned elsewhere].

Analogy of same, i.e., with the same intent..."A thing has no existence relatively to ourselves before we become conscious of its existence...The term consciousness signifies realization of existence relative to a certain thing. Consciousness in the absolute sense is unconsciousness in relation to things... Consciousness means knowledge and life, unconsciousness is ignorance and death..." Quotes taken from the book by F. Hartman.


'Dwarf' and 'giant'? As a means...

REFRESHER: "The masculine principle, or Logos, thus came to be revered in the person of the Sun god; and the godlike qualities inherent in man, his capacity to achieve and to order, to formulate, discriminate, and generalize, were venerated in a sun hero, who undertook his twelve labours and slew the dragons of ignorance and sloth, thus acquiring consciousness, a spiritual value of a different order." [Chapter 3, 'Women's Mysteries: Ancient and Modern' by M. Esther Harding].

'See' anything?


'Panspermia' the closest we can get [besides the proverbial 'soup' hypothesis] to attempt a possible understanding [of what the shamans call the "web of power" ], of the origins of life. Understanding this subjects full framework, relative to what this subject means and continues to imply from its origins to the present day, about the 'divine bit'. Gives a broader, more logical explanation of the possibility of that 'source', of which this world and/or universe cannot be one of those possibilities. There are only two other options / possibilities left. Can you guess[or by way of Ockhams Razor], which of the remaining two, is the most likely when all the available 'information' is assessed?

Also note that the word 'divine'[ and its implication], is most certainly not a shamanic word. As is the word 'shaman' and their activities, any more popular, to those who do use the word 'divine' and what that word is meant to imply...and yet the meaning and implications of both...are the same. Question. What does that concept imply?

'Jung and Shamanism : Retrieving the Soul / Retrieving the Sacred' by C. M. Smith.

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

That link to the word 'emanations' as used within many Gnostic texts, as researched in such books as 'The Master Game". Or of the same, in the Hebrew 'Tree of life'. "Ten emanations in relation to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet = 'the language of god".[Chapter fifteen.'Master Game']. That start point being...from those inspirations and aspirations, that now lead to a further understanding, by way of [path], a 'learning curve'. Different perspective - same principles.

"Just as they do in the higher world, the ten Sefirot 'exist' in the human soul; and from their mutual interrelations are derived and manifested all the broad span of thoughts, feelings, and experiences of man. Thus, the first three Sefirot assert the aspects of pure consciousness. Hokhmah, expressing the power of original light, is that which distinguishes and creates, and is the basis of intuitive grasp: Binah, expressing the analytical and synthetic power of the mind, builds and comprehends forms and probes the meaning of that which comes from the Sefirah of Hokhmah: and Daat, expressing the crystallization of awareness in terms of conclusions and the abstract ascertaining of facts, is that which enables consciousness to make a transition from one 'form' of existence to another, thereby ensuring its continuity." By way of an interest in a subject or what Goethe defines as ''commitment.'' [Chapter 4, 'The Zelator'. Mentioned elsewhere].

Further information of same, relative to the Hebrew equivalent [start of which, explained above] of a representational, of those three universal keys/common factors of... thought, emotion and will; and their importance to the overall framework; can be found in the same chapter of the same book, i.e.,'The Thirteen Petalled Rose'. Or for an alternative viewpoint, 'Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and its Attainment' by R. Steiner. Or 'The Presence of Other Worlds' by Wilson Van Dusen. A book about the ''findings of Emanuel Swedenborg.''

walkingHermetic equivalent..."Fusion, inner unity, is obtained by means of 'friction', by the struggle between 'yes' and 'no' in man. If a man lives without inner struggle; if everything happens to him without opposition; if he goes wherever he is drawn or wherever the wind blows, he will remain such as he is. But if a struggle begins in him, and particularly if there is a definite line in this struggle, then, gradually, permanent traits begin to form themselves, he begins to 'crystallize'. Crystallization is possible on any foundations." [Extract from the book by Tomberg. 'Letter Xiii' ]. Link to ''Temple'' symbolism. Try ''crystallize''.

'Unseen Warfare' / Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain.

A working example: "Because in the process of ''becoming'' none of the prime elements can remain unchanged. Each necessarily evokes its opposite and thus begins about mutual destruction of the two aspects that came of division. But in this process each is seen as 'founder of a line' in some determined activity. The essential modalities of original 'Fire' expressed in the two first pairs, Shu and Tefnut, Geb and Nut, make of them four 'founders of a line' and each will characterise every Neter, thing and creature in which the primordial Neter predominates..." ['Her-Bak'].

And/or: "There is then a crossing of Qualities between these two Neters and because of it male {dry} has a feminine aspect and female {wet} a male one. That is why you often see Shu-Tefnut symbolized by two lions, male and female aspects of the 'fire'-principle, which preside over the intermediate state at the beginning of 'day' and 'night' as at the beginning of 'creation'...''

"Are they connected with the dual lion Aker?''

'The same principle are at work, from another point of view. One of the lions looks towards the light, the other towards the darkness, opposites, like the qualities of Shu and Tefnut..." Same book. Try ''lions'' and/or ''Aker'' in relation to ''Quality''as opposed to 'quantity' - all as a means..?

nhy (2)

Divided into 'four' parts. In 'line of sight'?

"As seen from a different perspective {that first one?}:"Identification through the Catalogue of Ships and through the Rule of Wounding are the most precise of the methods Homer uses to associate 'warriors' with stars in constellations, but there are many lesser warriors about whom he gives little information and yet who still need a home in the heavens. Some victims are not identified individually but are referred to simply as, for example, 'Lycians'. The principle for identifying the stars with which such warriors are associated is that generally they are less prominent stars on a 'line of sight' or close to their attackers in the heavens. Groups of Trojans 'killed' in large numbers by Patroclus and Achilles, for instance, are stars close to Canis Minor and Canis Major. The stars such lesser warriors represent belong to less prominent constellations. Haphazard as this method may at first seem, it is successful in determining the position of many stars. In Book 16 of the Iliad a group of nine Trojan warriors are killed by Patroclus...These victims match 'stars' - in a clockwise direction - in three groups in the neck and head of the adjacent constellation of Hydra...When Homer introduces groups of men of lower rank, he commonly singles out one of them for special emphasis, and that man represents the brightest star in his group..." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

Define those universal keys to understand what Homer is implying, i.e.,Achilles and his 'best friend' relative to the Dog Star as is the case with Gilgamesh and 'his best friend' Enkidu {'wild man' aspect i.e.,lower half of self}. And/or ''clockwise'' in relation to the Precession. And/or ''brightest'' in relation to 'Son of' . And/or ''16'' relative to ''nine''. All enlarged elsewhere.

As seen from a different perspective {the 'Pagan' one?}: ''One goes to knowledge, as one goes to war." [21 Lessons of Merlyn: A Study in Druid 'Magic' and Lore' / Douglas Monroe]. Try ''struggle''.

Try the title or author of book to see it in 'its' universal context.

Continued..."More than once Paris of Troy fires his arrows across the heavens , either to establish a 180 degree { u-turn?} panorama of the skies or to mark a straight 'line of sight' between stars in two constellations . A line drawn from Paris {Orion} extends to Persei, the flat foot of Perseus i.e.,'Paris drew his bow and let fly an arrow that sped not from his hand in vain, but pierced the flat right foot {'cusp'?} of Diomedes {Perseus}, going right through it and fixing itself in the ground...In the Iliad more Trojan warriors are killed than Greeks, and this means that fewer stars in 'Greek' constellations are identified during the fighting. To overcome this problem, Homer used the funeral games in Book 23 to describe in more detail the principle Greek constellations. In some cases contestants win 'prizes' - or stars - they already own.  Meriones, for instance, is awarded two talents of gold, which represent his personal double star in Taurus. Diomedes is another contestant who also wins a prize he already owns - the large silver sword and scabbard he is awarded are already part of his constellation." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

''Win prizes'' in relation to ''23''. Enlarged elsewhere - together with...

"What you don't have inside you - you attract from the outside world {Sidereal?}...What we have in our birth charts is already ours {Tropical?}. We live with it all the time, we know it and it belongs to us. We don't need to attract any more of it from the outside world because we have enough of our own. Another way of saying this is that the polarity which is lacking or absent in our birth charts is unknown to our conscious minds or is missing from our social adaptation, and is therefore projected onto others {in relation to 'planets' that 'rule' over two constellations/signs. One neg. One pos. Balance being the eternal target/struggle} - who express that particular polarity strongly. This is why opposites both attract and repel us in equal measure." [Page 120, 'Mapping the Psyche' Vol. 1]. Try ''polarity''.

Question. Battle between Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs? Middle ground = Precession?

And/or - inner/outer = either side of the 'Milky Way' {enlarged elsewhere} = feet first?

And/or: "This is why opposites both attract and repel {Solstices?} in equal measure {Equinoxes?}."

"The cella was unusually large to accommodate the oversized statue of Athena, confining the front and back porch to a much smaller than usual size. A line of six Doric columns supported the front and back porch, while a colonnade of 23 smaller Doric columns surrounded the statue in a two-storied arrangement. The placement of columns behind the statue was an unusual development since in previous Doric temples they only appeared on the flanks, but the greater width and length of the Parthenon allowed for a dramatic backdrop of double decked columns instead of a wall.
"While the integration of Doric and Ionic elements on the same temple was not a new development in Greek architecture, it was rare, and bestowed on the Parthenon a delicate balance between austere and delicate visual characteristics.
All temples in Greece were designed to be seen only from the outside. The viewers never entered a temple and could only glimpse the interior statues through the open doors. The Parthenon was conceived in a way that the aesthetic elements allow for a smooth transition between the exterior and the interior  that housed the chryselephantine statue of Athena."

"The first endeavour to build a sanctuary for Athena Parthenos on the site of the present Parthenon was begun shortly after the Battle of Marathon (c. 490–488 BC) upon a solid limestone foundation that extended and levelled the southern part of the Acropolis summit. This building replaced a hekatompedon (meaning "hundred-footer") and would have stood beside the archaic temple dedicated to Athena Polias ("of the city"). The Older or Pre-Parthenon, as it is frequently referred to, was still under construction when the Persians sacked the city in 480 BC and razed the Acropolis.


''Pivotal'' in relation to right or left foot? Question. ''Father'' link? And/or West? Southwest?

The Battle of Marathon was a watershed in the Greco-Persian wars, showing the Greeks that the Persians could be beaten; the eventual Greek triumph in these wars can be seen to begin at Marathon. The battle also showed the Greeks that they were able to win battles without the Spartans, as they had heavily relied on Sparta previously. This win was largely due to the Athenians, and Marathon raised Greek esteem of them. Since the following two hundred years saw the rise of the Classical Greek civilization, which has been enduringly influential in western society, the Battle of Marathon is often seen as a pivotal moment in Mediterranean and European history.

"The Parthenon is a temple of the Doric order with eight columns at the façade, and seventeen columns at the flanks, conforming to the established ratio of 9:4. This ratio governed the vertical and horizontal proportions of the temple as well as many other relationships of the building like the spacing between the columns and their height."
REFRESHER: Parthenon..."Mostly curves, very few right angles; dedicated to Athene..." {PBS America}. Born from the 'forehead' of Zeus - 'fully armed'. Slow to anger.  Goddess of wisdom. Archaeoastronomically aligned to the Hyades constellation - the 'five' daughters of Atlas - who became known as the weeping sisters - associated with 'rain'. {Wiki}.

"From the perspective of observers on Earth, the Hyades Cluster appears in the constellation Taurus, where its brightest stars form a "V" shape along with the still brighter red giant Aldebaran. However, Aldebaran is unrelated to the Hyades, as it is located much closer to Earth (hence its apparent brightness) and merely happens to lie along the same line of sight.

Side note: On page 342 {'The 21 Lessons of Merlyn'} - a picture of the Dragon {Somerset?} - with three feet 'planted' and one foot 'raised'. The right one.

bully2Continued: The five brightest member stars of the Hyades have all evolved away from the Main Sequence and now lie at the bottom of the giant branch.[6] Four of these stars, with Bayer designations Gamma, Delta 1, Epsilon, and Theta Tauri, form an asterism that is traditionally identified as the head of Taurus the Bull.[6] The fifth of these stars is Theta-1 Tauri, a tight naked-eye companion to the brighter Theta-2 Tauri. Epsilon Tauri, known as Ain (the "Bull's Eye"), has a gas giant exoplanet candidate,[7] the first planet to be found in any open cluster.

Side  note: "Cepheus is an inconspicuous constellation , but evidently was highly regarded in early times as the Father of the Royal family, and his story well known in Greek literature  of the 5th century before Christ. The name {associated} by Brown to Khufu of Great Pyramid fame, was the source of many queer titles from errors in Arabic transcription... the stars Identified as the Fire-kindler...some of which are also seen for Bootes...Known as the Ape God when its stars were pole stars of 21000 and 19000BC...Cepheus has many 'fiery epithets' that do not seem appropriate for so faint a figure, unless originating from the fable {myth?} that the ''tables of the Sun'' {'inner' one? and/or 'ascendant' link?}, were spread in Aethiopia, the land where Cepheus reigned {'mirror' link?}  when on earth. Some however, have suggested that they are from the fact that his head is


'Triangle' on a square base ? Where have you seen something similar. Coincidence?

surrounded and illuminated by the Milky Way, although itself is an entirely bare {'bald'?} spot in the great circle {'Ain Sof'?} of light...His head is marked by a triangle...of 4th magnitudes...also near the Knees forming an equilateral triangle with Polaris....Some see in his stars a large 'K' open towards Cassiopeia....Known in Chaldaea 23 centuries before our era - when the earthly King was recognised in that country's myth's as the Son of Belos, of whom Pliny wrote: 'Inventor hic fuit sideralis scientiae'...In China, somewhere within this constellation's boundaries, was the Inner Throne of the Five Emperors..." [Page 155/6: 'Star Names and Their Meanings'].

Try ''Ethiopia'' to 'see' something within a 'landscape' - as a means...?

All in relation to the Chair of Lethe {of forgetfulness}, : ''that welds itself to the flesh, from which one cannot rise."

Question. If Khufu represents a ''forgetting'' who represents a ''remembering'' ??

Continued: The age of the Hyades is estimated to be about 625 million years.[1] The cluster core, where stars are most densely packed, has a radius of 2.7 parsecs (corresponding to a diameter of 17.6 light years), and the cluster's tidal radius is 10 parsecs (corresponding to a diameter of 65 light years).[1] However, about one-third of confirmed member stars have been observed well outside this boundary, in the cluster's extended halo; these stars are probably in the process of escaping from its gravitational influence."

REFRESHER: "From the perspective of observers on Earth, the Hyades Cluster appears in the constellation Taurus, where its brightest stars form a "V" shape along with the still brighter red giant Aldebaran. However, Aldebaran is unrelated to the Hyades, as it is located much closer to Earth (hence its apparent brightness) and merely happens to lie along the same line of sight."

Together with...

Refresher: "Endorsement of the view that the planets visible to the naked eye were represented by the gods came about in an unusual way {enlarged elsewhere}...Although they differ in literal expression, a number of translations of this event from the Iliad {i.e.,five planets and new moon} reflect similar astronomical images - That the gods returned in 'a line'. A literal translation from the Greek texts says: 'From that {time} became the TWELFTH DAWN, then indeed to Olympus went all the ever being gods, all at the same time and Zeus led." ['Homer's Secret Iliad']. Coincidence or a meaningful one?

Question ''Twelve'' = 'crystallisation' of something. End result? Representation of. {144?}. And/or ''time'' = Saturn link? And/or ''Saturn 'ruler' of Capricorn and {in those ancient days} Aquarius.

Does that 'foundation' therefore begin in one or the other? Tep Zepi? {'First Time'}.

Side note: "One of the points that require investigation, is the connection between the vision of the merkabah and the year, month, and day, and also the place of  the 'vision'. A reason must be found for this 'connection', and we must not think that it is an indifferent element in the vision. We must consider the words: ''The heavens were opened'' {Ezek. i. 1}. They give the key to the understanding of the whole." [Page 259 'Guide for the Perplexed'].

Try ''Dendera/h'' to 'see' it from a different perspective.

"A further cosmological significant number utilised in Egyptian chronologies is the number 144. Instead of the modern preference for the century, the ancient Egyptians reckoned in terms of 144-year periods. Once again this number relates to a Sothic cycle: 144 = 4x36, that is, the 36 weeks of the year times the number of years in the smallest Sothic cycle, namely the period during which Sirius continues to rise on the same day of the civil calendar. So, for example, the Old Kingdom Palermo Stone link's Manetho's Third and Fourth dynasties into a single era of 144 years..." [Page 101, 'Temple of the Cosmos' / J. Naydler].

Question. Was Manetho a member of anything. Is he trying to inform us of something? Try ''three and four'' as well as ''144''.

REFRESHER: "Cetus is sometimes represented swimming in the River Eridanus, although usually as resting on the bank with fore paws {N.B. Not the hind ones} - in the water. Its head, directly under Aries, marked by an irregular pentagon of stars, and its body stretching from the bend in Eridanus to that in the Stream from the Urn...Aquarius is not conspicuous, being, chiefly marked by the stars that represent the Urn, the familiar 'Y' - called Urna by the Latins...On the right arm of {the 'Waterman'. N.B. Not 'woman'} - at the inner edge of the Urn, and the westernmost star in the 'Y' , is Sadachbia - which has been interpreted the Lucky Star of Hidden Things or Hiding Places, because when it emerged from the sun's rays all hidden worms and reptiles, buried during the preceding cold {'flood'?} - creep out of their holes {'scarab' beetles?}...This idea of the Fish drinking the Stream is an ancient one, and may have given rise to the title Pisces aqueous, found with Ovid...Vergil mentioned it in his directions for the gathering the honey harvest..." [Notes within Cetus, Aquarius and Pisces 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

N.B. Some say that the 'Tropics' in those ancient days began as Aquarius/Leo.

Recall the legend of Troy in relation to lucky/unlucky.

Question. ''Waterman'' = 'Patriarch'. Beginnings of?

The main point however, is - The getting into the mind set {of a subject?} answers those questions.

"I will open my mouth in parables, i will utter what has been hidden, since the foundation of the world." [Matthew 13.35].

"Fusion, inner unity, is obtained by means of 'friction', by the struggle between 'yes' and 'no' in man. If a man lives without inner struggle; if everything happens to him without opposition; if he goes wherever he is drawn or wherever the wind blows, he will remain such as he is. But if a struggle begins in him, and particularly if there is a definite line in this struggle, {''line of sight''?}  then, gradually, permanent traits begin to form themselves, he begins to 'crystallise'. Crystallisation is possible on any foundations..."

'Unseen Warfare' / Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain.

AS IS...23rd June 2016 =  ''Only they should hold the key''. {D. Cameron}. Coincidence or a meaningful one?

As {was?} ''Twenty three foot long, from bow to stern; deep seated with men''. Enlarged elsewhere.

A {working?} example: "Adam and Eve are estimated to have been 'created' in 4004 BC. This date was advanced by Archbishop James Usher during the 17th century and subsequently supported by a man named John Lightfoot. Lightfoot took it to another level by stating that ''not only were they created in 4004  BC - they were created on October 23rd at 9 in the morning." How he arrived at this date is as much a mystery now as it was when he was alive, yet it is still accepted as being sound." [Chapter 3 from the book 'The Meaning of Hotep' / Anpu Unnefer Amen]. Try ''23''.

Coincidence or is Lightfoot using subject material ….as a means?

Something to ponder on: "23rd April = the feast day of St. George - the 'dragon' slayer.

23 pairs of thread like structures {chromosomes} in each human being within NON reproductive cells.

23 was the favourite number of mathematical legend J. Nash. {'Game theory' i.e., the factors that govern ''chance'' and decision making}.

Try ''game theory'' and/or ''lucky/unlucky'' etc.

The above three examples taken from the 'game' show Pointless {BBC1 17/10/18].
12496530-brain-activity-and-states-icon-set-in-white-backgroD...The relationship between an individuals journey, [ A to C ], and Mythology, Astrology and Psychology. In relation to the ‘Precession of the Equinox’. Understanding the 'movement' of that astronomical feature gives a very good clue if not the most important one as to its true symbolism. That same link to the Antikythera mechanism. Very similar link to the ‘Copper scrolls’. Same reason [ explained elsewhere ], i.e., not made by ‘aliens’. However the understanding of that framework when thought about offers a possible alternative. The word ‘hybrid’ comes to mind.

N.B. Bronze and marble statues recently found {2012} and a ''Sarcophagus lid''.

REFRESHER: 'Juices flowing' {water link. Fresh water?} - in relation to the 'sweat of the brow' = ''fire'' link?

Not however in relation to the ‘mechanism’ itself. In ‘its’ relationship..the name ’Tesla’ comes to mind. Every generation/era has one. At least one. Symbolic only of a ‘potential’...within a ‘boat’ journey...or ‘ship’. By way of Positive/negative ‘endeavours’, i.e., Olympian ‘figures’/statues, found on same ‘ship’, [ link to the symbolism of 'Hercules' {and/or Heracles}. Especially in relation to his twelve 'labors.' Think about it ]. Question. Deliberate or accidental? Take into account where Zeus was ‘born’. Greek equivalent of something? [even if it was a Roman ship].

Analogy; with the same intent..."The same rule applies to folk tales, myths,and ancient lore in general. There is no substitute for the real thing. This means of identifying true material may sound like the old alchemists trick 'to make gold first you have to have gold', but there is no reason to despair. The 'gold' is already present in our own consciousness, as a deep and ever present part of our racial inheritance. Today it has been overlaid by uncertain educational methods, by media conditioning, and by the stresses of our society; but it is still present..." [Introduction to the book 'Where is Saint George: Pagan Imagery in English Folksong' by R. Stewart].

Song of the Histories of the Seven Kingdoms? {Game of Thrones. Series 1. Episode 1/2}.


Question. A 'spotted' dog?

A working example: "Apart from their fundamental importance in the construction of his catalogue stars, Homer also used some of the constellations for quite a separate purpose. When the poet singers of ancient times told the stories from the Iliad that explained great theories about the movement of the heavens and the place of the earth in the universe, the night sky was there blackboard. When, for instance, Achilles chases Hector across the heavens to his death, it would not have been easy to visualize this event by observing the passage of just two personnel stars amid the many hundreds of others that were visible. Homer overcame this problem by letting the characters involved in such important astronomical lessons assume the 'mantles' of their entire constellations when expounding upon such important ideas as the nature of the universe. How much more vivid and instructive would it have been to watch Canis Major {Achilles} pursue majestic Orion {Hector} across the skies..." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

Question. ''explaining great theories'' and/or  ''important astronomical lessons'' since the dawn {Sirius?} of human kind. Question 2. ''Precession'' lessons only?

"In a grave on Thera [the closest island to which the above ''mechanism'' was found] an island much influenced by Aegean culture, pieces of jewellery were found on which is depicted a female head with a bees body.....they were probably connected with the worship of Artemis."........."There has been much discussion as to the original title of the virgin priestesses of the Ephesian Artemis. It is well known, that the priestesses of several of the Greek Mother goddesses, as Rhea, Demeter, and others, were called the Melissae, the Bees, and at the beginning of our own era the priestesses of the great mother Cybele were still known by that title..." ....."It seems probable that the virgin character of the priestesses of the Great Mother had its origin in Asia, not in Greece, and if the priestesses of the Ephesian Artemis were Melissae, they could be paralleled with the Essenes, whose existence at Ephesus is undisputed." [Chapter 5, 'The Sacred Bee'].

Virgo link? Therefore Spica/Deneb?

Artemis being Apollos 'twin'. Recall what 'bees' represent. While recalling what 'food' represents in relation to Zeus who as a 'child' was fed milk and honey. Curiosity in relation to inspiration. Benefit of. Question. Which relates to 'shadow' and/or 'anima' - relative to explaining a story? [or 'journey'].

What 'directions' would be used to represent analogy of same? If only within 'landscape' symbolism.

"The Egyptians integrated the Osirian principle of simultaneity - new life rising out of death - in every aspect of their art, crafts, and building construction. At the House of life [or 'Divine' House], this idea was incorporated from the beginning into the foundation of the physical structure. De Lubicz pointed out that one of the three types of temple foundations are found in Egypt, each representing a sacred principle........"....................................."The second type of foundation reveals relics from more ancient temples, carefully turned over at the root level {'Taurus'?} of the new edifice to symbolize the sowing of the earlier center's sacred ''seed'' into a new layer of soil {Pisces/Aries?} and hence, a new cycle. A process of regeneration is applied, as well as a ''hybridization'' occurring in the original seed." [Chapter 4, 'The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt].


Death/rebirth of something? Recall what ''27'' and ''60'' imply. Side note: The tomb was purposely buried and then covered over by the Romans with a temple to Venus. Constantine eventually removed it and the mountain - to expose the actual cave. ''The Patriarchs only allowed 60 hours to expose the actual tomb while restoring''. Coincidence? ['Secrets of Christ's Tomb' / Nat. Geo].   Superstition only?

Side note: "In antiquity, the number 8 was considered interesting for purely mathematical reasons: the mathematicians of ancient Greece discovered that every odd number above 1, when squared, results in a multiple of 8 plus 1...They also discovered that all squares of odd numbers above 1 differed from each other by a multiple of 8...In architectural design, the octagon is the first form to serve as the transition from the square to the circle, which is important in the construction of domes...Eight appears as a second beginning, on a higher level...It is the day of purification as in say, the Hebrew tradition...It was convenient for the Christians to take over this idea of regeneration..Eight, is the first perfect cube {2x2x2} which represents an imprint of body and soul with the security of eternal salvation..." ['Mystery of Numbers'. Mentioned elsewhere].

And/or: "They are a manifestation of Thoth, the Moon god, worshipped as the god of Learning, and Writing - as an author that should interest you...The area became known as Hermopolis, meaning 'Eight town', after the eight primordial gods who were supposed to 'rule' over the primordial void..." 'Inquest on Imhotep: Beyond the White Walls' / D. Flower].

'Waters of the Gap'. Enlarged elsewhere.

Continued: Hence the reason for the differences in the two types of 'wheat' that the author of the 'Mythical Origin of the Egyptian Temple' speculates on. The answer to which she was unable to fathom. That link to the buried stone heads found at the base of certain pillars. Indicative of that potential. A 'potential' that can now allow a 'return' to 'source'. SYMBOLIC OF. Try ''octave'' to 'see' it from a different perspective. As is...

Many such symbols are misunderstood - yet have survived from ancient streams of occultism and magic into today's culture...Why for {instance} is the Spica {Virgo} symbol - {associated} 'magically' with the use of Lapis Lazuli used for the 'Virgins' palla {halo} - and why should the Greek word of same be derived from the 'threshing floor' circle trodden by oxen..." ['The Secret Zodiac']. Connect those keys to understand a ''mind set''. Try ''oxen''.

Refresher: "Will the wild ox consent to serve you. Or will he spend the night at your manger?" Job.39:9. ['Book of Job' / Melissa Lees].

'Wild' in relation to 'domesticated' as a means...?

A grain of wisdom?

N.B. The Mayans had a practice of purposely shaping a child's head in the form of 'an ear of corn'. Question. Akhenaten link?

'The Ear of Corn'  {poem} 'The Sea Tug Elegies' by Antonio T. de Nicolas.

"According to the testimony of many myths, the Cosmic Man {enlarged elsewhere] is not only the beginning but also the final goal of all life - of the whole of creation. ''All cereal nature means wheat, all treasure nature means gold, all generation {120?} means man,'' says the medieval sage Meister Eckhart. And if one looks at this from a psychological standpoint, it is certainly so. The whole inner psychic reality of each individual is ultimately orientated toward this archetype symbol of the Self." ['Man and his Symbol'].

Side note. Sarsen Stone {Cosmic man?} i.e.,rough on one side / smooth on the other - by way of - alternating each stone. Hebrew =  Hewn/UNhewn?

And/or ''lyn'' in the word Merlyn = ''generation''. As a means...?

"Another passage from these same texts deals with the harvesting of spelt {a primitive form of wheat} and the threshing of barley - the end of a cycle of vegetation - and the offering of grain to Osiris, promising him perpetuity through resurrection. These ceremonies are described and depicted in six small chambers divided into two groups, one on the N/W and the other on the S/E end of the roof-terrace of the temple of Hathor at Dendera." [Extract from the book by L. Lamy]. Top/down in relation to bottom/up. Both = the beginning of something. Question. Which one should represent ''spelt''? And why. Question 2. What else was found at Dendera?

And/or: "At both Dendera and Edfu, stairways lead to mysterious roof chapels {'cedar'?} that depict emanations from celestial asterisms bringing new life {'seed'?} to those in the physical world. With such tantalizing clues, speculation abounds. What was the intended use for this elaborate scheme of architecture, spanning so many ages? If indeed there was a far flung network of esoteric schools throughout Egypt over such a lengthy period of time, how did it evade the scrutiny of common minds? Apart from some popular explanations - for example, that the temples, tombs, pyramids served as meeting places for secret societies or as space-ship landing sites - ONE plausible explanation is that the esoteric function of these structures could be recognised if the appropriate tools {keys} for understanding their purpose were made accessible..."  [Page 20, from the book by R. Clark].

'A grain of wisdom'.

REFRESHER: "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my 'ways' higher than your ways." {Isa.Iv.8-9}.

One such ''tool'': "In studying the general significance of the six houses below the birth- horizon we stated that: these houses are filled, first of all by the solid substance of the earth. They constitute the apparently changeless 'underground' realm - refer primary to the 'search for all solid, substantial and permanent factors in life experience {first, second and third houses}; then to the attempt to give expression to these factors {fourth, fifth and sixth houses. The actual experience of center, {'fourth'} of permanency of being, and of foundation, occurs theoretically at the Nadir point - the 'center' of the earth... There is also a will to grow living things out of the surface of the earth - that surface which constitutes the line of demarcation between the sixth {''under the horizon''} and the seventh houses {''above the horizon''}. The 'seeds' which will become stems and 'flowers' in the seventh house are sown in the topmost layer of the earth which fills in the sixth house realm." ['The 12 Astrological Houses: The Way of Creative {anima?} Accomplishment' / Dane Rudhyar].

Question. How would that be represented in the night sky?

All as a means...?

'Pay - dirt'.

The REAL questions however, remain the same.

"Evidence of this transition from hunter gatherer to settled farmer in south east Turkey comes from the discovery by geneticists that 68 modern strains of wheat derive from a form of wild wheat called einkorn that thrives to this day of the slopes of an extinct volcano named Karaca Dag, which lies some 50 miles to the N/E of Gobekli-tepe." [From the book by A. Collins}.

"They are symbols holding more symbols, which in the end resolve into the Truth which has no symbol.'Teachers' from 'Venus', for they were others, brought always the symbol of food and growth. Thus one of his {Melchizedek} symbols is wheat, by which people live. It is a source of nourishment, spiritual as well as physical, for in the cycle of grain, being cut down, and buried, only to rise again, are the teachings of all the great religions, and 'mystery' schools. In it, are the two great principles of life, the Law of Cycles and the Law of Sacrifice." [From the book by G. Knight].

Refresher: "The Druids great motto: Y GWIR YN ERBYN BYD, 'The Truth against the World'. See it? Enlarged elsewhere - and throughout.

SIDE NOTE: "In Greek creation stories the birth of Venus is brought about by an act of rebellion by Saturn {lower?}, who takes his sickle and slices at the testicles of Uranos {higher?}, the Sky god, castrating him. As the sperm of Uranos falls into the sea {N.B. Not river}, the beautiful goddess Venus springs into being, 'fully formed', and floats ashore on a sea shell. The ancients believed that shells were precipitated out of water , just as matter is precipitated out of spirit..." ['The Secret History of the World' / J. Black].

Try ''castrate'' before those first impressions {implode?}.

A {struggle} between higher/lower. An aspect of {himself?} still therefore remaining as an unknown quantity. As a means...?

Recall Athene - ''fully armed''. ''Formed'' in relation to ''Armed'' - in the {anima} sense of the word? And/or Moses ''drawn from water'' in the 'matter' sense of the word. Put the two together to 'see' {define?} something internal. If only to understand a 'mind set' .

Try ''Oak Island'' as a means {method} to initiate {inspire?} a 'teaching' of something.

'A grain of wisdom'.

Continued: "In the tauroctony scenes Mithras always stabs the bull in the shoulder just below the neck. Blood and sometimes 'ears of wheat' pour from the wound..." ['Galactic Alignment'].

'Higher/lower' within A-C. Representational of?

"This Melchizedek...met Abraham returning from the rout of the kings and blessed him: and Abraham gave him a tithe { one tenth} of everything as his portion. His name, in the first place, means ''king of righteousness''; next he is king of salem, that is ''king of peace''. He has no father, nor mother, no lineage; his years have no beginning, his life no end {therefore - 'aspects of' ?}...Consider now, how great he must be for Abraham the patriarch to 'give him' a tithe of the finest of the spoil." [Hebrews Chapter 7. Original reference to same in Genesis 14. 'Experience of Inner Worlds'].

'A grain of wisdom'. Question. One tenth of it? And/or recall what ''14'' and ''7''  represents.

Question. Aspects of what?

"...and in this consecration to destiny, one does well to realize that one is never alone, however alone or long the furrow one has to plough may seem." Same book.

A working example: In the present sense of the word: "I have no favoured theory by which to explain this. All i can record are my own impressions at the time, and if the conclusion is that i simply have a very suggestible and credulous imagination then so be it. However, i have been around long enough and undergone considerable training of myself and others in sorting the wheat from the chaff of subjective impressions to think that my inner perceptions were ringing true..." [from the book by G. Knight].


Black Elk was ''Born in the winter when the Four Crows were killed on Tongue River''.  'Tongue' in relation to ''logos''? Try ''crow''.

Synchronistic link..."Another major innovation that the European settlers adopted from the Indians at first appears to to be to minor to mention - the change from sowing seed to planting it. Most of the tradition Old World grains had very small seeds that the farmer broadcast by the handful onto the prepared ground. American Indians knew that corn could only be planted only by placing the kernels firmly into the ground. The Indians selected each seed to be planted rather than merely grabbing a random handful of seeds from a bag and throwing them. This process of selecting the seeds allowed the Indians to develop the hundreds of varieties of each plant that they cultivated. Whereas the Old World grains came in only a few forms, the Indians had many forms of dent corn, sweet corn, popcorn, flint corn, and dozens of others. They ranged in colour from yellow and red to blue and purple. Some ripened in as little as sixty days and others took several months. Some grew in very wet areas such as Florida and others in the deserts of the Southwestern United States {Anasazi?} . Similarly the Indians grew many varieties of beans and of squashes and other gourds such as chayotes. This diversity developed through the Indian farmer's profound understanding of practical genetics. To make the corn grow, the farmers had to fertilize each plant by putting corn pollen on its silk. They knew that by taking the pollen from one variety of corn and fertilizing the silk of another variety, they created corn with the combined characteristics of the two parent stalks. Today, this process is known as hybridization..." ['Indian Givers: How Native Americans Transformed the World' / J. Weatherford]. Try ''silk'' and ''hybrid''.

"Clearly, living in the first industrial age, where everyone had to have a home and be fed equally, took its toll on the population in a manner that might raise the question of who exactly 'was in charge' at Asikli Hoyuk. Curiously, one ancient tradition asserts that the forbidden fruit consumed by Adam and Eve that brought about the misery of the original sin was ' an ear of wheat' emphasizing once again that the introduction of widescale sedentary farming was at the root of humanity's 'loss of innocence'." [From the book 'Gobekli-tepe'. Emphasis, this readers]. Try ''child'' for that alternative viewpoint since the dawn of human kind.

Side note: "Gnosis is spiritual knowledge obtained by divine inspiration. Knowledge being the one true route {66?} to god. Men are never cut off from 'god' by Sin - but only by ignorance." [Extract from a book by D. Monroe]. Anything?


Ear of corn? {'triple'?} and/or a stylized ''M'' ?

Analogy {and/or 'bottom up'?}..."The ceremonies with which the festival were celebrated were open to all Greeks, and later to men and women of all nationalities seeking initiation...It is sometimes held that the rites were followed by a second drama characterized by a sacred marriage, in which Persephone was wedded to Zeus, and the birth of a 'holy child' - typifying the union of the initiates with the deity and their rebirth to a new and higher life. The final stage of the initiation is known as the 'epopteia' or 'beholding'. The door of the shrine at Eleusis was opened, and the priest of the Mysteries revealed to the gaze of the initiates a sacred object in a blaze of light. This sacred object may have been an ear of corn, an epiphany of Persephone herself {the corn-goddess} and a symbol of the initiates rebirth." [From the book 'The Christ, Psychotherapy and Magic' by A. Duncan].

Question. 'Oak' Island link?

Question. When ALL the available information is assessed - {according to Accams Razor - and not those first impressions} - which is the most likely - the most plausible: - INFORMATION on seasonal  cycles - OR something else? Try ''wheat/maize'' then ''epopteia''.

'A grain of Wisdom'...


'Head' of which corner?

A working example?..."Even with the increased number of seekers, it is probable that those who generally seek the annihilation of the ego self in favour of the transcendent ''Overself'' {as philosopher-mystic Paul Brunton names it} will remain very small. Nevertheless, much of the spiritual hunger must be considered authentic and a good many of the metaphysical publishers, New Age store owners, and product manufacturers are involved in a ministry to humanity. Such devoted persons are in fact making our world a better place. This is the era of small presses operating on an heroic effort and a sense of mission. Gems from all parts of the world and from every conceivable religion and culture are available on virtually every corner. As might be expected, in the harvest of abundant wheat there are also plenty of tares. Yet there is reason to believe that many seekers will manage to find their way through the deluge of merchandise and be drawn towards the knowledge and teachers who are steeped in the common universal truths of compassion and surrender to the Good." ['The Wisdom of the 4th Way']. Continued elsewhere - follow the book title to 'see' it from a ''working'' {day - day} example.

A further thought : A 'connection' in relation to ''surrender'' = 'grace' ? OR at least what that word implies.

N.B. 'Kingship' taught the same thing.

E....The relationship between that most sacred name of ‘god’ in the bible...Yahweh, [ mentioned in excess of 6000 times. 6823 ‘to be’ exact ]. Six and Eight very symbolic of something else. Explained elsewhere. That sum total...[19], symbolic of that overall journey...within...’the not as yet aware’...collective effort, [ Number symbolism. Explained elsewhere ]...and the Kabbalah equivalent =YHWH, [ Hebrew esoteric. Many say...a link to the verb 'to be'. Think about it in relation to the understanding of the "Hare" symbol]. That relationship to ‘this/that ’ world/ domain [H], [ explained elsewhere ]. To each individual [V] and to our purported 'origins' [Y]. Proving at least that the word ’god ’ is primary symbolic. In other words a Concept. Hence the reason why that ‘sacred ’ word could not be spoken. A concept is there/invented/created only ‘to be’ thought about. Not spoken to. Which leads to an awareness of something. That ‘inner’ one?

Psalm xix, i.e.,19..."He set a tabernacle for the sun. Which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber. His going forth is from the end of heaven. And his circuit unto the ends of it." According to the author of 'The Secret History of the World'..."it describes the marriage of the sun to Venus". Think about it relative to the, 'heliacal rising'...as depicted in all cultures. Link to Mithras and the 'slaying of the Bull', [ explained elsewhere ]. I.E., there's more to this world and its 'existence'... often represented;in part; as a 'Bull', i.e., "to take the bull by the horns",[key. Link to 'Pillar 'symbolism. Explained elsewhere]... represented/symbolic of a 'slaying'... than what "meets the physical eye"...and that understanding that can only be assessed by that 'inner' one, "where no foot may tread",[Hermetic equivalent]. Death/rebirth.

zodiacAnd/or: ''The Dragon, was identified with the constellation Draco, whose chief star was Draconis, and was once the Pole Star of the ancient West. Around this the heavens revolved, protected by the coils of the Dragon, prompting one astronomer to quote: 'When god created the two lights {sun + moon}, the five stars {planets} and the twelve signs {zodiac} - he also created the fiery Dragon, that it might connect them together {J. Woodroffe book?} - moving about like a weaver with his shuttle....At the heart of the myth of the 'dying' and 'rising' god lay this same belief of the 'magical' power of the serpent. Like it, the god went into the earth {or below the horizon} and came forth renewed. This is the basis of most, if not all, initiation rituals, which enact the 'death' of the uninformed spirit {unmanifested?}, and its rebirth, in a new wiser form {manifested? and/or above the horizon?}…." [Page 55/ 57 'The Western Way'. Vol 1].

IN/OF the 'Horizon'?

Apply it to: "But none of these comparatively northern streams suit the stellar position of our Eridanus, for it is a southern constellation, and it would seem that its earthly counterpart ought to be found in a corresponding quarter = the Nile, the only noteworthy river that flows from south - north, as this is said to do when rising above the horizon...Caesius thought our Eridanus was the sky representation of the Jordan, or the Red Sea, which the Israelites passed over - as on dry land." ['Star Names and Their Meaning'].

Try '19' {and/or nineteen} on all pages.

Something extra: "Astrologically, the Dragons are shown as Lunar nodes, or Dragon's Head and Tail. These nodes move backwards through the Zodiacal signs, and a period of 18 years passes during a complete cycle of all the signs. Traditionary the South Node, the Dragons Tail, is regarded as a negative influence {bad 'luck'?}, while the North Node, Dragons Head, is positive {'lucky'?}….North and South Nodes are exactly opposite one another in the horoscope; the North is exalted in Gemini, while the South is in Sagittarius....Some say Merlyn was born when the Dragons  Head was in Gemini, and the Dragons Tail in Sagittarius..." [Page 127 'The Prophetic Vision of Merlyn' / R. Stewart].

A side step: "In the tauroctony scenes Mithras always stabs the bull in the shoulder just below the neck. Blood and sometimes 'ears of wheat' pour from the wound..." ['Galactic Alignment']. Try ''wheat''.

That link to objective / subjective. [explained elsewhere]. What the Sufi-s call "fana". Benefit of. Therefore what would that say for everything else in association with the same word? Not to mention the word and subject heading ’Religion’? That link to the ‘myth of Atlantis’ together with Cayce hall of records.

Apply subjective {and/or?} objective to define: "Eden and Atlantis remain hauntingly in the consciousness as states of primal perfection {'21'?}. The inner Atlantis reminds us of potentialities which are 'lost' {and later 'found'?} - or lie dormant in us....If Atlantis had never existed, the student of tradition {Plato?} would have found it necessary to invent such a region, as in none of the lands in Western Europe do we find a nucleus from which the adjacent countries received their earliest ideas of re-ligion, myth and 'magic'...." [Page 5 'The Western Way'. Vol 2].

Isthmus or Straits? 'Clashing Rocks'? All as a means....?


F....Relationship between the internal structure of the great pyramid, i.e., rough and smooth composition of the roof beams above ‘Kings’ chamber. Together with composition of internal passages of Granite/limestone. Link to Sarsen+blue stones of Stonehenge. Hewn/Unhewn stonework/Cedar wood of Solomons temple. The same within the 'figures' of the golden raft of El Dorado. Texture/composition of the face of the Sphinx, together with the size of the 'head' in relation to 'its' body. 'Lower' in relation to 'higher', i.e.,'Anubis' in relation to 'Horus', [by way of Osiris] and 'their' relationship to A/B/C, relative to each individual.

"The rough cubic stone is the symbol of the beginning of the material creation. The polished stone is the symbol of the work [in progress. This readers input]...on the path of return." [Extract taken from the book by J. Dubuis]. Put ''cube'' in the box.

That link to 'Labyrinths', in relation to a 'journey'. That relationship to Psychology, i.e., Anima/animus and/or shadow/awareness. The same link to ‘enlightenment’...and/or its physical counterpart...‘Mandalas’, [ representation of...i.e., Eastern esotericism ]. All in relation to the reader. An understanding of the 'Micro' within the 'Macro'. The potential of.

"The scope and volume of the tradition is a refection of the endless labyrinth of possibility which is your souls true relation to the universe. Nothing more. [Quote by M. Katz].

N. B. The word ''tradition'' is universal - it encompasses everything - All paths. Not just one aspect of it [i.e.,the Western way].

cronos"One day someone asked the saint Yahya ibn Muadh al-Razi, 'How did you come to know God?' He answered, 'By the union of opposites.' The opposites pertain to, and in fact are a requirement for, the understanding of 'gods' attributes. Facing the 'divine' truth man becomes the mirror in which the truth is reflected, but also in which the attribute of Might is reflected. Man contains the whole universe in his being: that is why he is called the unifier of multiplicity, the macrocosm. 'God' has created him with his two hands. His hand of grace and his hand of crushing power and wrath. Therefore he is a mirror that shows both sides, both that which is coarse and dense and that which is fine and exquisite." [Chapter 11, 'The Secret of Secrets']. Think about it relative to the meaning of religion. Explained elsewhere.

Neolithic equivalent. Sarsen in relation to 'blue' stones. 'See' it?

Something to ponder on: "We have seen that Saturn acts as two things: first, as a barrier between the conscious and the unconscious, and secondly, as a bridge between those two states. The transit of Saturn provokes the tension between the two, one of which will eventually predominate, but the acceptance of the situation gives one the chose of a new direction...A chose of some kind - one might not be able to choose one's circumstances but can choose what one does with them. That apparent paradox, fate and free will, is inherent in Saturn. When opposites unite, a stillness prevails {'patience/lake link?} and a subsequent re-ordering occurs. Transformation, in Saturn's case, does not mean transcending, it means incorporating. So, Saturnian choice means working reality. The word choice, when held upside down and read in a mirror, holds a surprise. Try it. ['Saturn in Transit'].

A working example {i.e.,something that can be worked out}: "The determinative for 'sbn.t' {characteristically omitted in the Unas text but understood as implicit} is a little river fish whose peculiarity is to swim upside down. It is this position that it is always shown." [Page 143 'Serpent in the Sky']. Try ''Unas.''

G....Connection between Oak Island [explained within] / Nebra sky disc / Voynich manuscript / The Phaistos Disk, [ explained elsewhere ]. Rosslyn Chapel / Rennes le chateau / The Oera Linda Book / and the copper scrolls. That link to ‘fairy stories’, [ essence of. Especially in relation to the the word ‘Treasure’ ]. In relation to a journey. The clue...Its an internal not external ‘Treasure’, [ explained elsewhere ].

Side note: The ''lead cross'' found on the beach {wet/dry?} on Oak Island was mined close to Rennes le Chateau. ['Curse of Oak Island' 2018].

And/or: "Its not just a search for treasure - its a search for meaning. And nothing engages people like the search for meaning." In answer to the question by R. Laginna: ''What gets people into this mystery." ['Curse of Oak Island' / History channel. 2016].

REFRESHER: "A seed sized portion of the inner stone of spiritual effort will transform enormous amounts of the leaden inertia we all encounter in our own souls." ['The Zelator'].


'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.


On the lookout for the Green Man?

Same link to inner/outer dimensions of ‘Temple’ structures, [ symbolism of ]. That same link to exoteric/esoteric. That link to the ’green man’. Or the hermetic equivalent ’The green language’. Or the Arabic equivalent..Al-Khidre. That link to ‘Turning over a new leaf '. Hebrew equivalent...The ‘u-turn’ in the ‘wilderness’ years. Explained elsewhere.

Paul Martin - the presenter of 'Flog It' BBC 2 {September 2016} asks the question ''Who is He'' in reference to the masonic carvings of the 'Green Man' within Southwell Minster / Nottinghamshire - ends with the quote ''we will probably never know''. Understand this subject to define that 'unknown' quantity. Enlarged elsewhere.

'Revealing The Green Man' / Mark Olly.

"In a startling twist, recent DNA analysis of royal mummies of the Armarna period has produced links back to Europe and the British Isles - even in Pharoahs. The mummies of of Amenhotep III, Akhenaten {formerly Amenhotep IV}, and Tutankhamun have produced DNA that indicates an above 70% affinity with European men, and above 94% probability that their lineage has British origins {where Swiss scientists concluded that the highest concentration of their detailed ancient DNA group can now be found}. It is thought that Akhenaten's daughter Meritaten fled to Britain following the fall of her fathers dynasty, arrived in Southern Ireland to become the tribal leader 'Scotia' {founder of the Scots} and lies buried there still. For the family to be British/Celtic in origin it implies that mercenaries arrived much earlier in the 18th Dynasty, possibly before the time of Amenhotep III around 1400 BC. Not surprising then we find an abundance of various Green Men in Egypt from as early as 1300 BC."  [Same book].

Question. If valid information - where would such a burial be placed within 'landscape symbolism' to represent a 'new beginning' ?

And/or: {Refresher}: "Who but I can unfold the secrets of the unhewn Dolmen?

Who but I can make known the ages of the moon?

Who but I can show the secret resting place of the sun {Aten?}.

From the Song of Amergin. Try ''Altar of witness'' / ''Altar of sacrifice''.

A {working?} example: "The Way of the Fool makes use of a language, and repertoire of terms, which requires some explanation. Almost all esoteric systems have developed one form or other of what is called 'The Language of the Birds', or the 'Green Language', as a means of communication. This is an arcane tongue which permits initiates, and those on the Path, to communicate secrets to one another in a form which is incomprehensible to those not versed in the language...The Way of the Fool is an ancient way..." ['The Zelator' / M. Hedsel].

Question. Make believe addicts?

Hodor? {Game of Thrones}.

The same applies to the narrator {A. Sooke} of 'Treasures of Ancient Greece: Age of Hero's' {enlarged elsewhere]...defining what became known as the 'Black Figure' technique as 'story telling'..."Exploitation of pots decorated with mythical themes. Here we have got folk tales that were being canonised - effectively that is what Homer was doing..."

Agree or disagree. Try ''Homer''.

'Castle Black'? {Game of Thrones}.

Two very good books that explain those 'dimensions' [4-5 paragraphs back; especially ''three and four''] and there possible relevance both on the micro and macro level could be 'The Synchronicity Key' by Mr Wilcock [taken together with his first publication] and 'The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life' by Mr Melchizedek. Especially when both are taken into account with Mr Emoto publication [mentioned elsewhere]. Don't forget that pinch of salt, however, especially; if only for this reader; in regards to Mr Melchizedek method of getting his views across to the reader...in story form. As he says at the beginning, they may/ may not be true. But plenty of keys to be found.

And/or: "However, the elemental spirits that give life to their material aspects are, in each case, the functional consciousness of each one of our organs. Just as our organs are able to defend themselves or to compensate for themselves, so does the elemental of each element act and react in its own substance in a way that would indicate a rudimentary intelligence...If the three aspects of the four elements are differentiated by their degree of subtlety and integrity in terms of Quality, it will also be the degree of sublimity and integrity of the 'spirit' that will differentiate the nine 'powers of celestial hierarchy'..." ['Journey into the Light'].

''Quality'' in relation to what is implied by the divine ''bit''.

That link to the Serpent / Hare symbolism, [ purpose of. Explained elsewhere ]. That link to the lifting of the ‘veil’, [ key word ]. That link to the ‘Book of revelations’, or the Greek equivalent, "Apocalypse". That final link to the 'eleventh' and 'twelfth hour' [and/or 'high noon']...in relation to 'thirteen', [with the individual in mind]..."I was a hidden treasure, and i loved to be known".[Chapter three. 'Eleventh Hour'/ M.Lings].

Analogy: 'The Twelve Keys' by Basil Valentine. [Chapter thirteen 'The Chemistry of Alchemy' / Cobb/Fetterolf/Goldwhite]. See it?

Coincidence or a meaningful one?

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

Practical [synchronistic?] example..."As i reached the Panthi, i overheard a classmate's remark: 'I have just learned that this year, for the first time, the required passing mark in English Literature has been lowered.' I entered the boy's room with such speed that he looked up in alarm. I questioned him eagerly. 'Long haired monk, ' he said laughingly, 'why this sudden interest in scholastic matters? Why cry in the eleventh hour? But it was true, that the passing mark had been lowered to 33 points. A few joyous leaps took me to my own room, where i sank to my knees and praised the mathematical perfections of my Divine father." [Extract from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi' ].


Where have you seen it before? Eleven?

Analogy of same; but now seen from a different 'angle'...."The Anglo Saxon 'K' in Magick, like most of Crowley's conceits, is a means of indicating the kind of ''magic'' which he performed. [What is generally termed; in Mr Crowley's case, as 'the left hand path'. One of those specialist subjects, in this case ''ritual magic'']. 'K' is the eleventh letter of several alphabets, and eleven is the principle number of magick, because it is the number attributed to the Qliphoth....the underworld of chaotic [ or 'negative' - therefore Seth link? ] forces that have to be conquered [ link to 'fall' and/or ''high noon''] before 'magick' can be performed." [Or studied, i.e.,lower keys. This readers input]. [Introduction, 'Magick' by A. Crowley]. 'See' anything? [ Follow 'magic' in the search box ]. While recalling the meaning of 'eleventh hour,' in relation to that 'unknown' quantity, i.e., represented in this case with the word ''underworld'' {'labyrinths'} as the start point of an understanding of something. Try ''centered''.

"...I have often stated that i would exchange one moment of the magical life for a lifetime of a life without magick, and i trust that grace will be given for you to discover this singular secret - it is all true." [Extract from the book 'The Magister'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Try ''grace''.

As a side note, regardless of whether higher or lower keys are 'attempted' the principle is the same. An understanding takes place....simply because those ''keys'' are common to both. The 'lower' therefore are on an equal footing to the 'higher' [this readers opinion] but with one advantage; without having to 'participate' in the ritual stuff.

"What is understood intellectually through books and study can be experienced directly through Siddha Yoga." [Chapter 24, 'Play of Consciousness'. Mentioned elsewhere].

"For the soul grows and progresses as comprehension and intuition expand through successive acts of the spirit on the road of the Magic of Light. The wings then grow stronger, the flight itself grows longer, and the inner lamp fed on the Oil of wisdom remains constantly burning."

"By ''the spirit'' the prophet {Ezekiel} does not mean ''the wind,'' but ''the intention''...." [Page 253 'Guide for the Perplexed'].

"The word 'spiritual' should be associated with the word 'eyes'. This is a reference to the eyes of the mind or heart. To see is to understand." [From the book by T. Nottingham].

"It becomes comprehensible from Campbell's perspective why, in this day and age, there is a reawakening interest in the symbol of the Grail, for it might be argued that our time is, in many respects, analogous to Wolfram's. While Wolfram was personally touched by the influx of ancient wisdom and Middle Eastern culture, we today have access to nearly every spiritual teaching that the world has ever produced. And as we have seen, the quest for the Grail is both an inner and outer search, while the symbolism of the Grail encompasses both the wisdom of the ancient past and the social milieu of contemporary culture. If anything, situated as we are at the crossroads between past and future, East and West - the imperative of the individual quest is now more certain than ever."[ Chapter within the book 'Alexandria' vol 1. Mentioned elsewhere]. Recall Part 1.

"Again we have definitions of the First Matter and of the Stone - a classical and oft-repeated definition. The Alchemists considered the discovery of the First Matter [explained within], so important that although unwilling or unable to give absolutely clear indications of its nature, they were anxious constantly to throw out suggestive hints. It was their belief that study and 'meditation' [explained elsewhere] would expand such hints into tangible idea's." [Chapter 3, 'The Philosopher's Stone' by I. Regardie].

"When you pray and study let {my words} not forsake you''. [Paraphrase of Proverbs 4:21. Taken from the book 'Meditation and Kabbalah].

"True prayer is always efficacious on the 'plane' whereon is made to act. Prayer on the physical plane consists in physical works, on the 'astral' plane it purifies the emotions through the action of the will; in the realm of the intellect study is prayer and leads to knowledge, and the highest spiritual aspirations lift man out of the turmoil of matter and brings him nearer to his own god." Emphasis this readers. [Quote taken from the book by F. Hartman].

"Think carefully about the French version of the Way of the Fool: it is La Voie du Mat...'Mat' is in maya, and in matter...It is no accident that these words with such different meanings have a communal origin, in the Sanskrit 'ma'. The Fool, the 'mat' is the one who will 'mate' with the matter to produce 'matter'...He looks through this material illusion - he 'sees' through matter - so to speak..." ['The Zelator'].

Follow the title of the book to 'see' it with{in?} the ''eyes of the fool''.

ihapy[1]Something to ponder on: "Granite is called 'Mat' and its hieroglyphs are followed by a determinative depicting a kind of vase. And granite is so much associated with its place of extraction, that is, the first nome of Upper Egypt, that the name of the metropolis of its nome, Abu {meaning ''elephant''}, is also followed by the distinctive determinative of granite. The word 'mat' designates granite in general, and perhaps most particularly - red granite...This same word 'mat', determined by a man holding his hand {finger?} to his mouth, means ''dream, discover, imagine, conceive''...As to the word Abu - designated elephant, ivory, and the Isle of Elephantine - its root is Ab; when accompanied by the determinative for fire, the latter designates a temple brazier. Granite, coming from 'fire', is also employed for certain doors...'' ['Sacred Science'].

"For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened." New Testament.

A {working?} example: ''To Bob, who went through the door..." Enlarged elsewhere.


Abu Ruash from above. Tau Cross? UPSIDE DOWN?

Side note: Speculation about Djedefre's pyramid in the program {'The Lost Pyramid' / History Channel}. Granite used - if only in the 'lower' course. Limestone elsewhere {'higher'?}. Menkaure pyramid {'fall'?} supposedly influenced by same. Kings chamber {'free' standing} in the Great Pyramid {Khufu} constructed of same. Get into a mind set, to get beyond: ''A SHOW of power and prestige''. Also in the same program it contains the largest causeway in Egypt running  North - South. As opposed to the other three {East-West}. Built on the highest spot in Egypt: ''A windy and rocky outcrop; a very cold and windy place.''

Question. Would those causeways {if extended} meet?

Question 2. Where is the 'lowest' spot in Egypt?

N.B. From Saqqara - giza - Abu Ruash = S/E - N/W direction.

"Meanwhile we have much work at hand. By reflection, by study, upon these mysteries, we can make our light glow from within.........The Alchemists themselves have promised that 'divine' aid is always forthcoming to those who in all sincerity and humility do even no more than study there writings." [Quote by from the book by I.Regardie].

'The Magical Travels of Abra the Elephant' / Liz Winstanley.

The word ''Sincere'' and ''humility'' used throughout in such works as the Quran. Coincidence or a meaningful one?

As an example; through study; define the following..."Just as the practice of concentration is the ''art of forgetting'' and the practice of profound 'communion', or meditation, is the mastering of the ''art of sleeping'', so does the 'contemplation' of authentic initiation signify the mastering of the ''art of dying''. [Extract from the book by Tomberg]. Further clues in Part 1.

Apply it to: "But none of these comparatively northern streams suit the stellar position of our Eridanus, for it is a southern constellation, and it would seem that its earthly counterpart ought to be found in a corresponding quarter = the Nile, the only noteworthy river that flows from south - north, as this is said to do when rising above the horizon...Caesius thought our Eridanus was the sky representation of the Jordan, or the Red Sea, which the Israelites passed over - as on dry land." ['Star Names and Their Meaning'].


"The man most severely punished on the Day of Resurrection is a scholar whom god did not benefit by his knowledge." Quote by Muhammad.

"Believe nothing which is unreasonable, and reject nothing as unreasonable without proper examination." quote by Gautama Buddha.

"Naturally 'forms' differ from one civilization to another, but though more accustomed myself to the Hindu forms, i have no scruple in employing others when necessary. If they can contribute to the understanding of certain points; there are no objections to this, since they are only different expressions of the same thing. Once again, truth is one, and it is the same for all those who, by whatever way, have attained to its understanding." [Chapter 7, 'The Underlying Religion: An Introduction to the Perennial Philosophy'. Mentioned elsewhere].

Something hinted at: {i.e., apply the above to understand the pagan equivalent of something}: "In my world I am known as the Winter Lord, ruler of the year's dark half, whose domain is deepest glen and darkest cave... The Oak men call me Cernunnos: wild huntsman of the woods, or the Green Man, or the Horned One. And then there are others - many others - for man has always been closest to the earth, and so must akin to my face over other gods. But, as the lord Merlyn well knows, I have little memory for such things. Question him, if you will!'' [Page 250. Douglas Monroe book]. Try ''forgetting/remembering''.

Question. If Cernunnos = ''forgetting'' {lower?} - Who/what represents ''remembering'' {'higher'?}.

Side note: Scorpion King? {i.e., higher or lower?}.

'Don't forget to remember' {The Bee gees}.

N. B. "Sherry Salman considers the image of the Horned God in Jungian terms, as an archetypal protector and mediator of the outside world to the objective psyche." [Wiki].

Something hinted at: "Once during those last eerie, in-between moments of waiting, I thought I 'fancied' seeing a great pair of antlers move silently against the sky line and then vanish. ''So it was only a 'deer'...!" I said to myself, as if scolding a silly child....But I then saw those antlers again...''Listen to me...listen!'' it said in a low voice. 'The gateway of your soul lies in an ancient forest.' Then it was gone.'' [Page 389 of the book by Douglas Monroe. Chapter entitled 'Beyond Word and Deed'].

H....The connection between the number Twelve, i.e., the Twelve Apostles, the twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve knights of the round table; the twelve signs of the zodiac. To name but a few, and the number Thirteen. Especially in relation to the ‘missing’ thirteenth sign of the zodiac, [ ‘Arachne rising’. By J. Vogh and ‘Cities of dreams’. By S. Gooch. That same link to 'Synchronicity'. N.B. J. Vogh associates it / names it to something different. So don't forget that pinch of salt... ]. Or..."Who were these gods of heaven and earth, divine yet human, always headed by a Pantheon, or inner circle of twelve deities." [page, 87 'The 12th Planet']. Can you now see, what the author has not yet seen?

N.B. 'Twelve' in relation to ''foundation stone''. Enlarged throughout.


Two different aspects describing the same thing. Spot those common links to understand the whole. ''The stick across his shoulder represents the 'vegetable' dimension of his being, that lies between the spiritual part, and the animal part down below, where the dog {spotted?} clawing at his leg represents unredeemed animal elements. Indicative of. [All show in some form, a dog, more often than not following behind i.e.,unknown/unaware link]...'To dog ones footsteps'?... The unredeemed part of the vegetable body is represented by the burden carried in the sack. [Donkey link]. His three point hat alludes to the higher qualities he has yet to evolve. His upward gaze represents his aspiration towards these.'' [Chapter 19, The Secret History of the World]. Together with... ''The star Sirius however, does not stand alone. It is, in fact, part of a bright constellation we call Canis Major, the Big Dog, which trails behind Orion the Hunter. As the brightest of all the visible stars, Sirius is almost ten times more brilliant than any other star, and can be seen in broad daylight.'' [Page, 239 Black Genesis]. Together with . notice how because of that unredeemed [unknown] quantity he may fall off his own precipice. Both moon and sun are [like the dog] all behind. All a link to higher / lower, i.e.,yet to be aware of. As for the spots if someone is said to change ones spots or colors [or even stripes] What does it imply? i.e.,Jeremiah 13:23, Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots. A leopard cannot, but man/woman can, [think about it, relative to higher / lower] and we all understand that color is only skin deep. Hence the link to the definition of same [i.e.,Collins English Dictionary/ To change ones spots] to reform ones character. As will be proven when those that represent the Giza complex are discovered. Egypt's true ancestors, as speculated in such books as Black Genesis or Legacy of the Black Gods by P. Simons, i.e.,more South than North. More Ethiopian, than Mediterranean. As for the stripe analogy, of same. Herod would be a good example, of that unredeemed quantity, WHICH REMAINED UNREDEEMED. i.e., ''Tigers never change their stripes.'' For this reader however, the real questions are, [regardless even, if and when such locations are proven valid...Sense or non sense, a possibility or not? i.e.,Why go to all this time and effort?

The question is... Do those aspects relate to ‘a god/s’. Or an individual/s. If the word 'god’ is symbolic then it has to be an individual/s. If so. Who is the individual/s? That connection to the ‘dollar bill’ and the 'fool' of the Tarot. Or the ‘heel’ stone of Stonehenge, [to name but a few], if only in the still...‘unknown’ state. Represented more often than not as 'shadow' ....

i.e., taking the Zodiac as an example. Those twelve signs / keys all have positive and negative attributes. Those taken together with what encompasses them. Twelve plus what they are part of. Twelve plus that one ’whole’...together with...’lucky / unlucky’. Symbolism of. Hebrew equivalent = ‘Urim / Thummim’, i.e., in relation to the twelve 'aspects' of the 'breast plate', ['heart' symbolism link]. Common parlance, "a throw of the dice", in relation to 'chance' and 'fate', but now with the 'individual' effort. An individual 'effort', by way of...thought, emotion and will, [ a balance of].

''The harder you work the luckier you get." [BBC 'Operation Gold Rush' with D. Snow]. The same could be said for both a mental and physical task?

'On Divination and Synchronicity: The Psychology of Meaningful Chance' / Marie-Louise Von Franz].

Lucky horseshoe?

''If chance will have me king, why chance may crown me?" [Shakespeare, Macbeth Act 1, Scene 3].

Or the Eastern equivalent = ‘I Ching’ , ...in relation to a possible result...one way or the other. Either in a positive or negative ‘direction’. From either an aware/unaware position. In relation to a possible potential. A possible positive potential. That link to the ‘development of’ and the ‘return of’... In relation to an understanding. As indicated in such books as...’The Secret of the Golden Flower’. By T. Cleary...and/or Richard Wilhelms translation of same, [ especially and if only because of Mr C. Jung commentary in the same book in relation to ‘synchronicity’ and the title of the book. Together with Mr Wilhelms opinions on the benefit of those ‘general ideas’.

Side note: Those broken / unbroken lines within the hexagram forms of I Ching in relation to: "...This law shows why straight lines never occur in our activities, why, having begun to do one thing, we in fact constantly do something entirely different, often the opposite of the first, although we do not notice this...All this and many other things can only be explained with the help of the law of octaves together with an understanding of the role and significance of 'intervals' which cause the line of the development of force to constantly change, to go in a broken line, to turn round, to become its 'own opposite' and so on. Such a course of things, that is, a change of direction, we can observe in everything. After a certain period of energetic activity or strong emotion or a right understanding a reaction comes, work becomes tedious and tiring; moments of fatigue and indifference enter into feeling; instead of right thinking a search for compromises begins; suppression, evasion of difficult problems. But the line continues to develop though now not in the same direction as at the beginning..."    ['In Search of the Miraculous'].

Follow the title of the book to 'see' it in its broader context.

'Retrograde Planets: Traversing the Inner Landscape' / Erin Sullivan.

Or the Hebrew equivalent. ’The Thirteen Petaled Rose’. By A. Steinsaltz. Compare to 'The Rose of the World' by D. Andreev. An individual who was not a member of any 'school' or 'mystery' club, and yet who arrived at the same answers. Who understood that same framework. Only to be read when you feel like a good ‘head scratch’...and when you want to compare it to the other three. Indicative of finding the ‘right’ author. One that you can relate to. As you do with any subject that one has an interest in.

Some you will find irritating others not so. Persevere with it. Find the ‘good’ ones. The ones you relate to. Then find out who they recommend or what books they read.

Side note: "In picking up this book you are about to embark {'ship'?} on a fascinating journey. It is a journey to places where, according to the author, many of us have already been but about which we have forgotten. It is also a journey within, into that psychological space where our ideas and beliefs about god, spirituality, and religion reside. During both journeys we are likely to encounter wonder and recognition, scepticism and acceptance, rejection and admiration, confusion and long sought understanding. For some this journey will be the start of a much longer one; for some it is but one more leg of a journey undertaken earlier; in any case, ''The Rose of the World'' is not a final destination." [Intro. to the book of same title by D. Andreev].

And/or: " This second item {i.e., Heywood's retelling of the story of Fair Rosamund }, has curious mythological overtones, and Rosamund 'The Rose of the World' is the English version of Ariadne, the classical goddess of the Thread, who appear in the closing version of The Prophecies." [ 'The Prophetic Vision of Merlin' / R. Stewart].

Continued: Especially noteworthy because most individuals; certainly at the outset; are of the impression that all authors of this subject-because of its nature- i.e., because its- "secret stuff"...would know what they are writing about. Therefore more often than not that same reader would assume that if they cannot understand a particular author-especially at the outset- then it must be 'their fault'. The readers fault. Not so. For the reasons given above.

".......Ever since the 'Afrokhans' have had contact with, and were invaded by Europeans, we have adopted their meanings and definitions of words, in the European languages we use. However, we would do well to turn those meanings on their heads, or at least use them in our own favour. By doing this, we are able to examine them from another angle [key, i.e.,perpective] and better understand what they really mean. Remember....'all truths are but half truths'. For example we are led to believe that the 'underworld' is the abode of the devil, or the abode of demons. This is by way of EXOteric meaning or typically European interpretation. ESOterical definition of the underworld however, suggest that the 'underworld' is actually referring to the 'Collective Unconscious', the Amenta or Akasha of the Afrokhan man and woman." [i.e.,indicative of its origins]. [Page 50, 'Legacy of the Black Gods' by P. Simons]. .....

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

"The underworld in this context refers to an aspect of the 'Divine' astral light, which is divided into two main regions...the Amentet and the Tuat. The Tuat represents the 'lower', the underworld or the subconscious mind, and Amentet represents the 'upper', or the conscious mind." [Same page, same book]. Ancient African equivalent.

Analogy: ''Otherworld'' {underworld} in relation to such quotes as ''collective ancestral wisdom'' and/or ''metaphysical planes'' relative too - ''Avalon, Hollow Hills, the Blessed Isles, Summerland {'Summer Triangle'?}…. in the place beyond the sunset, ever westward where the light is always that of twilight {i.e.,from a as yet 'unknown' aspect}. Hence: ''It is a waiting place, a place of learning and nourishment {'food' link}....The place of traditional learning and wisdom, where springs the well of inspiration....For the Jews it was to 'be gathered in Abraham's Bosom.''   And/or {analogy}: "The Celtic Otherworld retains its ambiance of 'Joy'. It is aptly described as the Fortunate Isle, the Honeyed Plain of Bliss, the Apple Isle and the Summer country: all set somewhere west..." [Pages 107-109 same book]. Try ''summer stars''.

Analogy of same; but note from a different view point; from a different perspective BUT those common factors {i.e.,keys} are the same : ..."The 'Investigator' remembers thinking during the six weeks between major experiments, that whatever he had tuned into was not ''Cosmic Consciousness'' but a kind of planetary consciousness; he wondered who coined the term, ''cosmic consciousness,'' and what it contained..." [Extract from the book 'The Cosmic Trigger']. Enlarged further on.

animus"Diodorus Siculus [Greek Historian] writes in the time of Augustus [1st century BC]: ''Now the Ethiopians, as historians relate, were the first of all men and the proofs of this statement, they say, are manifest. For that they did not come into their land as immigrants from abroad, but were the natives of it and so justly bear the name of autochthones [sprung from the soil itself] is, they maintain, conceded by practically all men..." "They also say that the Egyptians are colonists sent out by the Ethiopians, Asar [Osiris] having been the leader of the colony. For, speaking generally, what is now Egypt, they maintain, was not land, but sea, when in the beginning the universe was being formed; afterwards, however, as the Nile during its times of inundation carried down the mud from Ethiopia, land was gradually built up from the deposit...And the larger parts of the customs of the Egyptians are, they hold, Ethiopian, the colonists still preserving their ancient manners. For instance, their beliefs that the Kings are Gods, the very special attention which they pay to their burials, and many other matters of a similar nature, are Ethiopian practices, while the shapes of their statues and the forms of their letters are Ethiopian; for of the two kinds of writing which the Egyptians have, that which is known as popular [demotic,i.e.,exoteric] is learned by everyone, while that which is called Sacred [hieratic,i.e.,esoteric], is understood only by the priests of the Egyptians, who learnt it from their Fathers as one of the things which are not divulged, but among the Ethiopians, everyone uses these forms of letters."

For this reader the ‘forward’ of any book was the most important. Not only does the reader get a good idea of why the book is being written in the first place...but more importantly, how it is written and ‘explained’. Just as we ‘speak the way we think’. We also write the way we think...do we not. Think about it, in relation to the ‘types’ of individuals who do write about ’it’. Rather than leaving / relying on just those ’first impressions’. Question. At what stage does anyone with an interest in a subject decide to 'express' it in written form. In book form. For others to read.

Someone once said - that each person has a book 'inside of them'. True/untrue?

"Those committed to the inner life and its power of transformation ought to be grateful for the many avenues now available for spiritual knowledge. The chances are increased that the right book will fall into the right hands at the right time." ['The Wisdom of the 4th Way'/mentioned elsewhere].

That final link to such works as ‘Man and his symbols’. By C. Jung and especially ... ‘Memories, dreams, reflections'. By C. Jung. In relation to his very own...’Corner stone’. Understanding this subjects use of the above explains why the 'corner' stone of both the Whitehouse and the Capital are 'lost'. [Bred Meltzer. Satellite channel]. i.e.,once understood, that which was once 'lost' is now found. That 'corner stone' that the individual [ the 'seeker'] can now 'build' on. That same stone that now becomes the 'head'. Question. Keystone?

"Self-observation is the key."

A working example?..."It is not possible to practice self observation all the time. In fact, one of the critical discoveries in this effort lies precisely in seeing how often we forget to do this. This 'forgetting' is of course falling into the natural state of Sleep in which we all live as stimulus response machines, to use Gurdjieff's language. Remember that this primary effort of the Work is a first step that evolves with personal experience. What you are creating by this effort is: a) a point of awareness beyond your mechanical behavior, and b) a gathering of more objective information about yourself. This kind of self-knowledge is the cornerstone to spiritual evolution, as was stated by Socrates and all the sages of humanity. Since we live primary in illusions and self delusions, it is necessary to face the reality of how much of our ''pictures'' of ourselves are imaginary. As the Hindu's say, we live in ''Maya'' {illusion} and it is this ignorance that keeps us asleep to our true potential and birthright." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way]. Continued elsewhere.


A Lemniscate arch. Known as a figure of eight. Link to Lemnos. A Greek Island : the eighth largest in Greece. Sacred to Hephaestus. The Greek equivalent of the Roman god Vulcan. Recall the number associated with the Greek word for Jesus. Coincidence?

"The purpose of this stone can only be understood by another category of builders, who at this stage have not yet been brought in: they are the ones who have passed 'from the try - square to the compass', and by this distinction we must naturally understand the geometric forms which these two instruments serve respectively to trace, namely, the square and the circle, which as we know symbolize in a general way earth and heaven. Here the square form corresponds to the lower part of the edifice and the circular form to the upper part, which in this instance must therefore consist of a dome or a vault. Indeed the 'corner stone' or 'arch stone' is in reality a keystone.

Question. A fictional story? A convoluted, twisted one?

Compass of the Heart?

''The inner guardian is our true North, the keeper of the charts.'' Try 'map' / 'whale'.

And/or: ''Compass'' in relation to 'encompass' / 'compassion'?

Coomaraswamy says that to give the true meaning of the expression...''has become the head of the corner''...could be translated as  ''become the keystone of the arch,'' which is perfectly exact, and thus this stone, by its shape as well as position, is effectively unique in the entire edifice, as it must be in order that it may symbolize the principle on which all depends.".......[ or is 'built' on. This readers input].

"The great hat in the form of a lemniscate which the 'magician' wears, like his attitude of perfect ease, indicates this transposition. For the lemniscate [the horizontal eight] is not only the symbol of infinity, but also that of rhythm, of the respiration and circulation - it is the symbol of eternal rhythm or the eternity of rhythm..." [Taken from the book by Tomberg; 'Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism'].

As unlikely as it may seem [i.e.,if only to those first impressions] - try ''rhythm''.

And/or: "The lemniscate was a fairly popular symbol in mediaeval art, but its form is more often than not used in hidden structures, especially in connection with planetary considerations, or in relation to spiritual hierarchies." ['The Secret Zodiac'].

Hindu analogy on the same principle - ''Vedanta = A school of Indian philosophy that emphasizes one supreme Principle, which is the foundation of the universe." Recall the importance of the 'Lotus' to that religion as a whole, in relation to a 'foundation', i.e.,"O Sadguru, giver of grace! You yourself are the knowledge of perfection i received from you. You fully pervade everywhere, and Siddha students see you repeatedly in the Blue Pearl. O blue jewel, Bhagawan Shri Nityananda, i bow to your lotus feet." [ Extract taken from the 'Invocation' to the book, 'Play of Consciousness' by Swami Muktananda].

Further clues..."Emulating the sayings of his Himalayan guru, Ali [also known as 'Sri M' ] strongly asserts that one has to live like the lotus, which, while growing in water and deriving its nourishment from it, [link to 'mud' symbolism] still does not let water wet its petals." [Back cover to the book, 'Deeper Aspects of Hinduism'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Link to wet / dry symbolism.

"Today I see Muhammad ascend. The friend is everywhere, in every action. Love, a lattice. Body, fire. I say, show me the way. You say, put your head under your feet. That way you rise through the stars and see a hundred other other ways to be with me. There are as many as there are flight paths of prayer at dawn." [Poem 17 'Flightpath', taken from the book, 'Rumi: Bridge to the Soul' by Coleman Barks.

Side note: "In ancient Egypt, the sign of the lotus flower meant 1000 and that of the boat, 10000. " ['Mystery of Numbers' from the chapter 'Ten' - what the author defines as 'Completeness and Perfection'].

cross arch

The key stone, that in this example could be represented as the navel. The midriff of the human form.

"We have here yet another application of the analogy, which has been explained already on previous occasions, between the 'first' and the 'last', or the 'beginning' and the 'end'. The construction represents manifestation, in which the principle appears only as the ultimate completion: and it is precisely in virtue of the same analogy that the 'first stone' or the 'foundation stone' may be regarded as a 'reflection' of the last stone which is the true cornerstone."[Chapter 43, 'Symbols of Sacred Science']. Think about both paragraphs in relation to those missing 'corners' of the Palenque Lid. Once understood...''that which was lost [or 'missing' ] is now found.''

"Metals are purified by 'fire', and the emotions by suffering. The lower desires must starve to nourish the higher; the animal passions must be crucified and die; but the angel of Will removes the stone [ 'lid' link] from the sepulchre and liberates the higher energies from the sphere of selfishness and darkness; and then the resurrected virtues will begin to live and become active in a new world of enduring light and harmony." [Chapter 5, from the book by F. Hartman]. That link to ''transcentent third.''  Try ''mettle'' and/or ''cattle''.

''The whole gamut of human experience {and/or emotions}''. Question. What animal represents that final word? Why?

A working example..."Gurdjieff had his students start the day at the Prieure where he taught for some years with 45 minutes of silence. This was not a time to practice self-observation - that is for use in the ''heat of the battle'' when there are mechanics at work to be discovered." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way']. Continued elsewhere.

''45'' in relation to three-quarters of something. 'Fire' in relation to ''battle''.

Question. Was there a lid in the 'Kings' chamber?

All the above proving the viability of the subject. Regardless of ones first impressions of it. More sense than non-sense. The real question is [if only to this reader] Why. Why go to all this time and effort?

Question. ''Mercy'' link?


Notice the cross in the upper section. Horizontal / vertical in line with the key stone. [ The Sun: The Ancient Mysteries And a New Physics by Georg Blattmann].

J[a]...Using Egyptian esoteric lore. Which according to most; all else originated from. One can establish as the French archaeologist Auguste Mariette attempted such ‘secrets’ as...the burial place of Khufu and his two close associates of Giza fame. All three are buried in the same place. Why? Because the whole giza complex is symbolic of that same personal journey. Symbolic of a concept. Herodotus was only told; or only gave; part of the answer. He was told that Khufu was buried under the pyramid. Symbolically he is; at a distance; but not directly...

and the possible burial place of Akhenaten. A ‘different’ belief system represented by a different location, i.e., Amarna = 'Middle' nome = 'Hare' symbol. Think about it...in relation to all the above. Which answers the reason as to why such a barren/windy wilderness was chosen in the first place. Together with the significance of his very own....’Boundary ’ Stella/s { '16' in total - enlarged elsewhere}. Another co-incidence? Or a 'meaningful' one? Some believe he is already found. Others do not. [See notes by Livio Catullo Stecchini, for verification].

''The Great Pyramid was a tomb for Khufu. No question about it.'' ['History of Ancient Egypt' / Bob Brier].

Only when ALL the available information is accessed - that ''inner'' one {mind set?} as well as the obvious - will true answers be found.

"The Greek word anemos {'wind'} refers to the 'breath of life' and from this root are derived the two Latin words Animus 'spirit' and Anima 'soul'. This tells us that spirit and soul share the same source, but, as James Hillman points out, 'the ways of the soul and those of the spirit only sometimes coincide'...By analogy, spirit and soul are related to each other, as the sun to the moon, masculine is to feminine, as Logos is to Eros, as Apollonian is to Dionysian - polarities which are reflected within every birth chart..." ['Mapping the Psyche' / VOL.1].

"A virgin site - that became the Seat of the First Occasion; which he had made for himself that he might rest in it" [Wikipedia/Armarna]. Link to what this subject defines as ''dark night of the soul'' by way of the ''transcendental third''. Question. Where would that be defined within a ''landscape''?

Analogy? "Regarding this new point of awareness which is the birth of the observing I, this is the baby step of a new state of being, one that will lead to the ability to live in the presence with detachment, peace, independence of outer circumstances, freedom from distorted and imitated habits." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way]. Continued elsewhere.

Further clues elsewhere.

Side note: Virgo { 'Soul'} is Leo {'spirit'} less that red power of self-expression...It is the animus and anima, in Jung's psychology....To ask ''why?'' is already to expect an answer. Thus the expectancy of the symbolical Virgin facing the presence of the eternal Answerer and Fecundator with ''meaning''. It is meaning that fecundates the Virgo mind asking everlasting questions to the riddle of personality and conscious living. He who has gained the power to answer that riddle is Oedipus. He overcomes the Sphinx. He is ready for 'initiation' - which in the Greek symbolism was seen as marriage with the Mother {Nefertiti?}..." [Page 106, 'The Zodiac as the Universal Matrix'].

And/or: "In Leo and Virgo lay now the long forgotten asterism Fahne, of which Ideler wrote: 'The Flag is a constellation of the heavens, one part in Leo, one part in Virgo. Has many stars. On the iron {the arrowhead of the staff} in front one; on the flag two; on every fold of the flag, one...Brown repeats a Euphratean inscription: 'The constellation of the 'Yoke' - 'like a flag floated' - although he claims no connection here, and associates the Yoke with Capricorn." [Page 255 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

Interpret those keys to 'see' / connect {yoke?} something further - in relation to the Giza complex. And/or Homers Secret Illiad.

All as a means....?

Question. Mindset?

Question 2. Any planets within a particular constellation to represent that ''Seat of 1st occasion'' ? If so, what date would it give?

Continued: The author Robert Bauval also falling under the same 'spell' - believing to have identified something under the Sphinx - with his interpretation of subject material as quoted within the program 'Ancient Aliens: Mysteries of the Sphinx' : i.e.,'' I have under me the knowledge of our genesis''. Something indeed will be found - but not directly under it.


A book of wisdom? Question. Where have you seen that 'head gear' before? 'In profile' or 'face on'?

"Ancient Egyptian culture and philosophy is crucial to the understanding of world history and spirituality. One of the misconceptions which is still promoted and prevalent in modern times is that Egypt is not a part of, or located on, the continent of Africa. Rather, it is espoused that Egypt is in the Middle East. This information is incorrect, as Egypt is where it always has been located, though in history it extended beyond its current margins, in the N/E corner of the Africa Continent. Further, it is widely believed by others that even though Egypt may be in Africa, that it was not an African country, and still others may agree that it was an African country, but not originally founded and populated by ''black'' African people [like present day Algeria, which is in Africa but populated by Middle Easterners - Arabs]. These errors must be redressed in order for humanity to move forward. Truth must be promoted, and in this case, it is crucial that this particular truth be brought forth into our human sphere of knowledge, as it offers a chance to humanity for achieving some level of peace and harmony as a world community. Also it will promote the redemption of African culture and thereby uplift African society and thereby the world. Africa provides a common ground, literally and figuratively, for humanity to come together, if we so choose, as both the physical origins of modern day humans is rooted in African soil, and also the spiritual roots of all religions and spiritual traditions can be traced there as well. Most of the wars that have occurred in human history after the close of Ancient Egyptian history have been due to religious differences, especially between orthodox [exo-teric] aspects of the three major religions - Christianity , Islam and Judaism - and the various subgroups of religions to which they each have given rise. Yet, all of these religions, and as we shall see, all spiritual traditions of the world, have their birthplace in Kamit. They are as if children and grandchildren of the Kamitan language..." [Preface to the book 'The Serpent Power' by Sebai Muata Ashby. Emphasis; this readers ].

Analogy? of same..."When we see these stone edifices copy brick ones, it is hard not to speculate that the latter were in turn copied from elaborate tents which had preceded them. The tent implies nomadism, and raises the perennial question of the origin of the race of the pharaohs." [Extract from the book by L. Lamy].

Question. Imhotep?


"The Young Sun god fought Saturn and vanquished him. Saturn is one of the names of 'Satan', the spirit of opposition, and creation myths all over the world preserve a memory of these events in the stories of Saturn oppressing Mother Earth and the Sun god then vanquishing the 'monster'. Saturn was banished to the outer limits, where he lay coiled around the cosmos like a great serpent with his tail in his mouth..." [Chapter entitled 'Mother Earth and Father Time' from the book 'The Sacred History' / J. Black]. Question. 'On the shoulders of giants'?

Side note: "Amenhotep, son of Hapu, renewed and in his own time used what Imhotep passed on, inscribing in monuments the proportions and functions particular to the current phase and his king's symbolic role. This referred to phases past and to come, for it reached its accomplishment with the generation of the royal Principle which ended the age of Amon and precluded the coming revelation. But this great individuals mission outlasted the temporal - for Imhotep and Amenhotep son of Hapu, are forever the two pillars of our wisdom." ['Her-Bak'].

Her-Bak = Horus face. Try ''face'' in relation to ''profile''.

"Man contains the divine spark within him. Therefore the transcendent principles are always given human form. There is a subtle yet important distinction between this Egyptian practice and the Greek - which at first glance may seem similar. Greece cut the 'gods' down to human size and depicted them with typically ungodlike behaviour. Egypt started with the concept of divine attributes within man. The gods are not brought down to earth, rather man is raised to the gods {bottom up?}. And so, the transcendent gods, those who command creation itself - Tum, Atum, Ptah, Amon, Min {Ra in his generative role} - are always in human form." [Page 133 'Serpent in the Sky'. Excludes parenthesis].

Side note: "....Isis had to set out again on her travels, accompanied this time by her darker - skinned sister Nepthys. She transformed herself into a 'dog', the better to seek out and dig up the parts of the corpse. Eventually they assembled them all {i.e.,the parts of Osiris buried by Seth} - and took them to the island of Abydos. There Isis bound the 'parts' together with a strip of white linen and brought just enough life back into her 'husband' so that he was able to 'impregnate' her. She was now carrying Horus - the future Sun god.  Today Horus is known to many Children as Jack, because, like Jack, the story of Horus's battle with the 'giant' Seth would also come down to us as a fairy tale. Because he would return to overthrow his gigantic uncle and rule as king of the gods, we know Horus as Jack the Giant Killer." [Same book, i.e.,J. Black].

Side note: 'Fourteen' boats found {'buried'} not far from Abydos - covered in Limestone. 14 in relation to the 'moons' cycle. Half a 'journey'? ['Drain the Ocean: Egypt's Lost Wonders' / Channel 5].

Question. In what direction?

REFRESHER: ''Where good deeds are 'ships' in which to ride the waves.''

Continued: 'Orion the Giant'. All as a means...?

Greek equivalent = Odysseus. {Purpose of}. Enlarged elsewhere.

Continued: 'The Meaning of Hotep: A Nubian Study Guide' by Anpu Unnefer Amen.

"The word 'Hotep' was fashioned by the indigenous Africans of antiquity living along the Nile Valley who are commonly referred to today as Nubians, Kushites, Ethiopians, Egyptians and Sudanese. However, it was the civilisation of Nubia that gave birth to the language of the Metu Neter or 'Words of God', otherwise known as hieroglyphics {hiero = sacred} +{ glyphs = writings}. And it is in this language of Metu Neter that the word 'Hotep' has been preserved." Back cover, same book. Try ''logos''.

REFRESHER: "Many of the kings of the Old Kingdom Incorporated Mentu, the bull, in their names, and the age of Mentu ended with the Mentuhoteps 1-5. In the temple of Mentu consecrated to Mentuhotep 2nd - the king is shown as an old man. The word 'hotep' is generally translated as 'peace', but when translated to Schwaller de Lubicz's kind of translation it takes on a richer significance for htp is the reverse of Ptah, creator of form, and refers in this sense to realization or completion - of which 'peace' is but an aspect. Ptahhotep means 'realization of the work of Ptah'..." [Page 100 'Serpent in the Sky' / J. West].

And/or: Hotepsekhemwy - Wikipedia

The Horus name of Hotepsekhemwy is the subject of particular interest to Egyptologists and historians, as it may hint at the turbulent politics of the time. The Egyptian word "Hotep" means "peaceful" and "to be pleased" though it can also mean "conciliation" or "to be reconciled", too. So Hotepsekhemwy's full name may be read as "the two powers are reconciled" or "pleasing in powers", which suggests a significant political meaning. In this sense, "the two powers" could be a reference to Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt as well as to the major deities Horus and Seth.[1][10][11]

From the reign of Hotepsekhemwy onward it became a tradition to write the Horus name and the nebty name in the same way. It is thought that some kind of philosophic background affected that choice, since the Horus name reveals a clearly defined, symbolic meaning in its translation. Horus- and nebty names being the same might also indicate, that the Horus name was adopted after ascending the throne." Try ''philosophy'' its ancient meaning.

AND/OR: {as one example}: "One of the more intriguing debates in Egyptology during recent years has been the identity of the mysteries folk known as the Shemsu-Hor, variously translated as 'The Followers of Horus', 'The Companions of Horus', 'The Worshipers of Horus', 'Those who know the Path of Horus', or 'Those who Know the Secrets of Horus'. We encountered the Shemsu-Hor in an earlier chapter, where the Egyptians referred to them as 'divine' rulers in mythical, pre-dynastic times...enlightened individuals, initiates in the science of astronomy, whose purpose was 'to bring to fruition a great and cosmic blueprint'..." ['The Phoenix Solution' / A. Alford].

'The fruit of ones labours'?

AND/OR {in relation to ''astronomy''}: "Thus, the means to understanding 'spiritual' processes in the Hermetic system follows the ancient tradition that knowledge of the Sacred Astronomy - the appearances and movements of the planets and stars - is a prerequisite to gnosis. Egyptian symbolism is fundamentally triune, and cosmic families {Horus?} are drawn from multiples {families?} of 'three'...Alternatively, Hermetic teachings emphasize a septenary structure on all levels of natural life. In that system, the great scale of cosmic manifestations is symbolised by the classic seven planets, their 'rays' representing 'seven' planes of vibration in a universal order. The Hermetic Scale was believed to contain the master key to all organic life: 'There are seven wandering stars which circle at the threshold of Olympus, and among them ever revolves unending Time. The 'seven' are these: night shining Moon, all sullen Saturn, the glad Sun, the fertile Venus, the bold Mars, the swift-wing Mercury, the first author {Logos?} of all births Jupiter. To those same stars is assigned the race of men, for we have in us {Horus ''in'' the horizon?} Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Sun, and Mercury. Ours tears are Saturn, birth is Jupiter, speech is Mercury, anger is Mars, the Moon is sleep, Venus is desire, and the Sun is laughter...The divine function of three is also embedded in the sacred astronomy...{by way of} analogies and signatures - the Sages guide to making him a Magnus...."  ['The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt' / R. Clark].

Athene/Jupiter in relation to Homers Iliad....as a means...?

njuA work in progress? "Endorsement of the view that the planets visible to the naked eye were represented by the gods came about in an unusual way. After two years cataloguing the Leigh papers, we began, warily at first, to derive astronomical images from the narrative. One of the first came from a few words in Book 1 that record the return of the gods after a few days feasting in Ethiopia: 'The immortal gods came back in a body {at dawn} to Olympus, and Zeus led the way.' An image was created of Homer describing a time when the crescent moon and the five planets visible with the naked eye could be seen close together in the sky at dawn and rising towards the zenith of the heavens, the domain of Zeus. Our inquiry into whether such a conjunction of planets is rare or common were not at first successful, but eventually the happy chance of reading an article in an astronomy magazine showed that such a conjunction on the 5th march 1953 BC had been recorded in an ancient Chinese text and had so impressed Chinese astronomers that it was used as a new starting point for their calendar. That conjunction would also have been visible from Greece {Egypt?}. In fact researchers Kevin D. Pang and John A. Banqert discovered that the five naked-eye planets had been in the sky for some days before that date, and on 26th February 1953 BC their alignment had been closer than at any time in the past six millennia. But extra significance was given to the conjunction when the new moon joined the planetary grouping at dawn on 5th March, thus adding the goddess Hera to the planets representing by Athene, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Ares and Apollo. Although they differ in literal expression, a number of translations of this event from the Iliad reflect similar astronomical images - That the gods returned in 'a line' or 'a cortege' or 'are forever all in one company'. A literal translation from the Greek texts says: 'From that {time} became the TWELFTH DAWN, then indeed to Olympus went all the ever-being gods, all at the same time and Zeus led. Whether the conjunction described by Homer is the same one that so influenced the Chinese may never be known, but so rare are such events that it is possible that it was, and had remained alive in popular memory in Greece {Egypt?} though being preserved in allegory." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

Side note: ''happy chance'' - coincidence or a meaningful one?


In the beginning was the word....

As is: "How may i encapsulate in a few words the story of the many things i discovered in this mysteries church? By a series of happy accidents {which, the modern occultists might well link with karma}, i was fortunately enough to discover that the orientation of the church of San Miniato al Monte was so arranged as to admit a ray of sunlight to fall once a year upon important hermetic symbols within the church...Similar practices i remembered being mentioned in the early literature of the mysteries. The temple of the cult of Serapis had been orientated astrologically, so that once a year a beam of sunlight fell upon the lips of the statue of the god." ['The Secret Zodiac'].

Follow the title of the book to shed 'light' {heliacal rising?} on the subject as a whole.

god2Continued: "The symbol of the vessel {'vase'?} that tells time is very fine', he said...'because an hour {wnwt}, is a twelfth part of Nut's body, by night as by day: Nut {nw}, vessel, of the wnwt, the hours...Do you know what an hour is? Its the twelfth part of...This is the meaning of the phrase 'at his hour'...The destiny of the pharaohs themselves is watched from the beginning in the light of this exact science. Tonight you have been given several clues that have been withheld from many seekers. 'Why tonight'? asked Her-Bak...'Because it is the time to speak. Happy is the man for whom it is the time to hear." ['Her-Bak']. Try ''Sais'' to {begin?} a journey.


Side note: "The Fourth Branch is as rich a field as the Mabinogion hunter could wish for, in which the young sun-god suffers a small eclipse only to rise brighter on the morrow {dawn?} and perform more splendid deeds of 'valour'." [Page 89 'Mabon and the Mysteries of Britain' / C. Mathews].


Hapi - a river god.

Refresher: "But none of these comparatively northern streams suit the stellar position of our Eridanus, for it is a southern constellation, and it would seem that its earthly counterpart ought to be found in a corresponding quarter = the Nile, the only noteworthy river that flows from south - north, as this is said to do when rising above the horizon...Caesius thought our Eridanus the sky representation of the Jordan, or of the Red Sea, which the Israelites passed over - as on dry land..."


Continued: "Old illuminated manuscripts added a venerable river god lying on the surface of the stream, with Urn, aquatic plants, and rows of stars; for all of which the Hyginus of 1488 substitutes the figure of a nude woman, with stars lining the lower bank. Bayers illustration is quite artistic, with reeds and sedge on the margins. The 'monster' Cetus often depicted with his fore paws, or flippers in the River." ['Star Names and Their Meaning' under Eridanus].

Try ''forequarter'' and/or its similarities.


Tollund Man. Death/rebirth?

God is in the detales (details)Something to ponder on {i.e.,coincidence or...?}: "The Heb Sed was celebrated approximately every thirty years, and archeoastronomers believe that this number represents the cycle of Saturn's return {29.5 years} to the same place in the sky. This is also an astrological cycle of death and renewal on some level of human experience, and tradition propounds that this cycle is the true chronometer of a single human generation {''120''? i.e.,4x3}. But even if these tenets of astrology are discounted, records reveal that the rituals were timed by the 'Maa' {seers of the temple}, those belonging to the tradition of the Solar priesthood who were observers and interpreters of stars. One of Imhotep's epithets was 'Chief of the Observers', a title of the High priest  of Heliopolis who advised the Royal House on significant cosmic events such as the Saturn cycle of return." ['The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt'].

Refresher:  "One of the points that require investigation, is the connection between the vision of the merkabah and the year, month, and day, and also the place of  the 'vision'. A reason must be found for this 'connection', and we must not think that it is an indifferent element in the vision. We must consider the words: ''The heavens were opened'' {Ezek. i. 1}. They give the key to the understanding of the whole." [Page 259 'Guide for the Perplexed'].

Configuration of planets? If so - Would that be ''Morning stars'' / evening ones or nightly ones?

A {working?} example: "The midway spot between Spica and Deneb was specially mentioned by Kazwini as being the Angle or Corner, of the Barker...Al Zajjaj, suggests ''Turn'' as in a bend in a line of stars. This interestingly is noticeable even to the casual observer {'naked'?}...Being the sides of the Kennel stretching off to the north and west..In Babylonia it marked the 19th ecliptic constellation; the Front or West, Shur {S/W?}, while individually it was the Star of the Hero and the reference point in their annuals of an observation of Saturn on the 1st of March, 228 BC was this planets first mention, that we have, recorded by Ptolemy...The Chinese knew it as the High Minister of State..." [Information on 'Virgo' within the book 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

kiuythAnd/or: Something to ponder on: "Number 70 of the Welsh Triads names Modron as Urien of Rhedged’s wife, the mother of twins Owein and Morfudd. It names Afallach as her father. He ruled Ynys Afallach, the Isles of Avalon.
In another, more detailed version of the story Modron is a mysterious woman who appears at Rhyd y Cyfarthfa (The Ford of Barking). It gets its name because although Modron is invisible, the dogs gather to bark at this mysterious apparition. In this version Urien of Rheged happens along and unlike other men who shun the place from fear, approaches the mystery woman and has his way with her. The Koch and Carey translation of this story (369) says: In Denbighshire [in North Wales], there is a parish that is called Llan-verrys, and its there that one will find Ryd-y-gyfarthfa [‘Ford of the Barking’]. And in former times, the dogs from the whole county used to come to that ford to bark, and no one dared to go to see what was the matter until Urien of Rhedged came. And when he came to the bank of the ford, he saw nothing but a young woman washing. And then the dogs ceased their barking. And Urien grabbed hold of the girl, and he had sexual intercourse with her. And then she said, ‘God’s blessing on the feet that brought you here.’

‘Why?’ said he. ‘Because I was fated to wash here until I get a son by a Christian. And I am the daughter of the king of Annwvyn [the Un-world]. Come here at the end of the year and you will get the boy.’ And so he came and he got the son there and a daughter, none other than Owein son of Urien and Morfyd daughter of Urien. (The Onomastic Tale of Ryd-y-gyfarthfa).
The part about the therapeutic rape is obviously a male fantasy twist. Not only is he doing her a favour by raping her, he’s extremely potent too. Although I suppose that if you’re Modron, you’re probably programmed to conceive.
Images and inscriptions featuring a single Mother (see Matres below) turn up in Caerwent, in Wales, and Cirencester, which is near the Welsh border. The Caerwent one is a statue with ears of grain and fruit, which suggests a fertilty or harvest goddess. (Alternatively, the ear of corn may be a palm leaf, which would link her to Victoria)."

Recall similar stories of individuals {male?} while out hunting end up being the 'hunted' - with their 'own dogs'. Michael Wood  discusses same {Ovid: The Poet and the Emperor}:  within the most famous of his works 'Metamorphoses'. Can subject material give something extra?

Question. Was Ovid a member of one of those 'secret' clubs?

Mr Woods associates Ovids ''loss of himself'' in relation to his exile. Question. Try death/rebirth for a deeper meaning?

REFRESHER: {i.e., in relation to ''Kennet''}:  "It was formerly known as the "Cunnit". The name is likely derived from the Roman settlement at the foot of the valley named Cunetio (within the large village of Mildenhall). The sound of the name seems to be a Celtic British dialect name, preceding the Roman occupation, like the majority of Roman town names in Britain. (The frequent Celtic stem "cun-" means "hound", cf modern Welsh ci, cwn, "dog".) ''

Ramsay Bolton? {Game of Thrones}.

Try Herod.

Side note: Something hinted at: "It does not seem likely that in daily life, the keepers of the kennels exercised their greyhounds and their monkeys {apes?} simultaneously. But the animal forces within man must be kept reined together. It is of no use to walk the dogs while the monkeys pulls apart the orchard."

Try bull / Saturn / orchard / horse / kennel / dog {'lower'} ford / Spica etc. Connect {'yoke'?} them. If only in the constellational sense of the word.

As above so below. A reflection - that when understood {mind set?} begins a 'journey'. Message's in the night sky?

'Kennel' in relation to 'Manger'?

Twinkle, twinkle little star....?

''Star Street'' - Bethlehem ? N-S or S-N - as a means...?

Something hinted at: {something learnt?}: "Now it is the 19th Arcanum of the Tarot which invites us to occupy ourselves quite especially with the ''star'' of Hermeticism in the heaven of intuition. What is this ''star''? The Zohar says: 'And god made the two great lights....originally when the Moon and Sun were in intimate Union, they shone with Equal luminosity. The names Jehovah and Elohim were then associated as equals - and the two lights were dignified with the same name: Mazpaz Mapaz….the two lights rose simultaneously and were of the same dignity. But the moon humbled herself by diminishing her light, and renounced her place of higher rank. From that time she has had no light of her own, but derives her light from the sun. Nevertheless, her real light is greater than that which she radiates here below; for a woman enjoys no honour save in conjunction with her husband. The great light {the sun} has the name Jehovah and the lessor light {the moon} has the name Elohim - {I.e., EL being the dominion of the day - IM being the dominion of the night - and HE in the middle being the remainder of the forces {the 'stars'}, participating in both dominions} - which is the last of the degrees and the 'close' of thought {YHV?}. Originally she was inscribed above among the letters of the sacred name {YHVH}….All of these things, although presented to us in mythological 'clothing', relate to the profound reality of the relationship of intelligence and wisdom, and their union - intuition....The spiritual moon is therefore the 'sun that shines at midnight'...." [Pages 540/1 'Meditations on the Tarot'].

Question. How would that be represented within {say} a landscape or the night sky?

N.B. 19 'castles' {observation points?] on the North Wall. {Game of Thrones}.

Post script: ''In other words how has it happened that human intelligence finds itself in a state of metaphysical eclipse?


Little 'n' Large? Which is the greater/lessor {warrior?}. Do they 'unite' in the 8th? {Edited 22/1/19 }.

"If one has the power to endure the way of rebuke with great passion, and if his mind can control its fantasies, then he can ride {his mind} like a horse. He can control it as he desires, spurring it on to go forward, or reigning it to stop where he pleases. At all times his imagination remains subject to his will, not straying from its authority....This is truly a mighty 'warrior'...He is like Uriel, who constantly gazes at 'the light of god', delighted in gods Mysteries." [Page 84, 'Meditation and Kabbalah'].

'Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology: Saturn and the Theoretical Foundations of an Emerging Discipline' / G. Maxwell and B. Tarnas.

''The Saturn return also often coincides with a project that represents a persons ''first mature work, or serious work''. According to Stelzner this often entails ''a period of becoming a master, of getting disciplined...The Saturn return transit can also be a catalyst for ''integrating wisdom and getting grounded and stronger''..." Same book.         'See' it?

Question. Someones ''first mature work'' = Step pyramid only?

Question 2. Cenotaph or tomb?

God is in the detales (details)And/or: Within that constellation of Virgo other 'titles' are King of the Desert / Left-hand Maintainer of Law / Child of the Waters / Plain and Even Way {wilderness years?} and concluding with: Syrma - according to Ptolemy - is designated as the star on the Train of the Virgins Robe...They formed the 13th manzil - 'The Covering' {''garment'' link?}...The Arabic equates it with the Tuft of the Lions Tail, as marked in the figure of the ancient Asad Lion, also ''Young Ibex''. The Arabs considered this the most fortunate of the lunar stations - as lying between the evils of the Lions teeth and claws on one side and the tail and venom of the Scorpion on the other - adding that the horoscope of the Prophet lay here, and that the date of the birth of Moses coincided with it."

'Winged' Lion?

Something extra: {something hinted at}: "YELLOW: Leo, the Lion. Leo is ruled by the Sun, whose colour is orange. Here is a seeming contradiction like that between the colour of Gemini and its ruler, Mercury. On the tree of life, too, the sphere of the sun is yellow. The thing suggested is an interchange between the mercurial and solar potencies, and this reminds us that Mercury is the ''metal'' with which alchemists work to produce the ''Stone'' which changes Saturn {lead} into gold {Sol, the sun}. [ Page 66 of the book by P. F. Case. Vol 1. From the chapter entitled 'Correlation of Sound and Colour'. Lesson six].

Leo/Vigo? All as a means....?

Question. Someone else's first work?

"Solomon 'built' the temple. David designed the temple. But it was Moses who prepared the foundations." [From the book by K. Gest. Emphasis, this readers].


Question. Was Moses Left or Right 'handed'. Or does it matter?

Refresher: "In alchemy, the up/down triangles are symbols for 'fire' and 'water'. In Freemasonry, the triangle represents the spiritual, physical and psychological part of a person. The 'triangle' may have been an astrological chart at the time of King David's birth." [Page 48 'Pathways to the Zodiac' / E. Winstanley].

Refresher:  "Achilles has a trio of fine horse...Two of the horses, Xanthus and Balius are 'immortal' and mark stars in the Milky Way. Pedasus is 'mortal' and, although said to be every bit as good as the immortal pair, his star is just outside the Milky Way. The configuration of these makes the familiar triangle of one of Homer's chariots." [Same book].

Side note: "Statues of Chephren {Khafre} were found buried in pits dug into the floor of the Sphinx temple - one in the form of a Sphinx'' ['Serpent in the Sky'].


N. B. Opposite that ''most  fortunate'' 'spot' is the river Eridanus {end of it?} - the river that is identified with the Jordan. That same river that Moses could not cross over. Coincidence or further material to work something out?

Any link too: {from part 2}: The Hebrews represented that same {concept?} THAT same {principle?} with those 12 stones in the sacred 'breastplate' together with what Urim and Thummim represent, i.e.,fate - positive and/or negative. One way or the other- depending on the individual.

Side note: {something hinted at}: "Eridanus is an inconspicuous constellation, but on a clear night in midwinter, when the moon is absent from the sky, the stream can be traced without difficulty, spreading out like a great horseshoe south and west of the well known constellation of Orion." ['Star Lore' / W. T. Olcott]. Try ''horseshoe''. Semi-circle? S/W?


The Northern Crown. Semi-circular in shape. S/E?

"It was of course, a normal procedure for late mediaeval buildings to be constructed according to what are now called 'foundation charts', reflecting astrological principles. The evidence for this 1207 chart would suggest however, that the use of these astrological principles is a little earlier than is generally realised...The planetary tables for the year 1207 show that on 28th May there was a momentous event in the heavens. On the morning of that day, as the sun rose over Florence, there was a ''gathering'' of no fewer than five planets in the constellation Taurus. In mediaeval times such a phenomenon was called a 'satellitium' , though the tendency in modern times is to use the word 'stellium' instead. On that day, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn were all gathering within a few degrees of each other in the asterism of the Bull. This particular stellium in Taurus is very rare, and will not be repeated for thousands of years...." ['The Secret Zodiac'].

Try ''Gathering'' IN relation to those {principles?}, that those 'planets' REPRESENT. If only in defining a 'mind set' {foundation?}. Start in Part 1.

''Taurus is 'ruled' by Venus." As a means...?


Hapi HapiHapi (Hep, Hap, Hapy) was a water and fertility god who was popular throughout Ancient Egypt. It is thought that his name was originally the predynastic name for the Nile. however, by the Dynastic period the Nile was known as "iterw" ("the river") and the word was used to refer to the god of the Nile (the name "Nile" derives from the Greek word "Neilos" which was a corruption of the Egyptian word "nwy", meaning "water"). He was worshiped throughout Egypt, but was particularly popular around Aswan and Gebel El-Silisila.

SIDE NOTE: "Oh waters, you are my friend./ You carry me in your bosom. You fill me with strength. You surround me, you guide me. Oh waters, Oh waters...These power songs remind shamans...." ['Secrets of Shamanism'].

A ''reminding'' of what?

Follow the title of the book to 'see' it from a different perspective. Yet still containing those universal constants. Question. What does that imply?

Hapi was the patron of Upper and Lower Egypt. In this capacity he was described as twin deities named Hap-Reset (Upper Egypt) and Hap-Meht (Lower Egypt). These deities were depicted either pouring water from a jug (representing the innundation) or tying together the heraldic plants of Upper and Lower Egypt (the papyrus and the lotus respectively) in a knot which resembled the hieroglyphic word "sema" ("joined"). This role, together with his connection with the Nile and the innundation, made him one of the most popular and powerful deities of Ancient Egypt and yet no temple {pillar?} has been discovered which was specifically dedicated to him.

One of the oldest references to Hapi is in the Pyramid Texts of Unas. Hapi (here called Hep) is linked to the Nome of Kenset (including the First Cataract and the islands of Elephantine, Sahel, Philae, and others) and to (Wepwawet (the opener of the ways).

The texts implore Hapi and Wepwawet send a good innundation. According to myth, the river flowed from Hapi´s home (near the First Cataract) through the heavens and the land of the dead before emerging from a cave somewhere in the mountains. The innundation was referred to as the "Arrival of Hapi" and during the flood the Egyptians would place statues of the god in the towns and cities so that they could implore his assistance at that time. They would throw offerings into the river at places sacred to the god in order to ensure the innundation was not too low (leaving insufficient water for the crops) or too high (risking the destruction of their mud-brick homes).

The gods Khnum, Anqet and Satet were the guardians of the source of the Nile who ensured that the correct amount of silt was left by the waters, but Hapi controlled the water itself. He was also associated with the Delta and given the epithet "Lord of the Fishes and Birds of the Marshes".

As a god of water, he was often associated with Nun (the personification of the primeaval waters of chaos in the Ogdoad theology from Heliopolis) and was described as the husband of Naunet (Nun´s wife and female aspect). Because the sun god (Ra or Atum) emerged from the waters of Nun on the first day of creation, Hapi was sometimes considered to be the father of the sun god and therefore the father of all life forms. It is probably because of these solar connections that Akhenaten did not reject hapi along with Amun and the majority of the other gods, instead describing him as an incarnation of The Aten

Side note: "The manifestation of Atum-Ra between the twin peaks of the mountain of the horizon." [Picture of same, page 256 'Temple of the Cosmos].

'Mountain' / 'cave' ?

Continued: He was also associated with Osiris because of his link to the Nile and fertility. As a result, Isis was sometimes considered to be his female counterpart or his wife. The Pyramid Texts make it clear that many of the ancient goddesses (for example Mut) were linked with Hapi as aspects of Isis. He was also the husband of Nekhebet in Upper Egypt and Wadjet in Lower Egypt, both goddesses were at times associated with Isis.

Hapi was depicted as a plump man with large breasts and blue or green skin wearing the false beard of the pharaoh. The female breasts and his skin colour are a reminder that he is a fertility god, while the false beard reaffirms his link to the pharaoh. As the patron of Upper and Lower Egypt and so was often depicted as twin deities; Hap-Reset who wears the papyrus of Upper Egypt on his headdress and Hap-Meht who wears the lotus of Lower Egypt on his headdress. When he is depicted as a single god he often carries both the papyrus and lotus. [ www.ancientegyptonline.co.uk ].


"Meriones gave Odysseus a bow, a quiver and a sword, and put a cleverly made leather helmet on his head. On the inside there was a strong lining on interwoven straps , onto which a felt cap had been sewn in. The outside was cleverly adorned all around with rows of white tusks from a shinny tooth boar, the tusks running in alternate directions in each row." [Homer's Iliad]. Question. 'Straps' in relation to   ''Horn of Plenty'' ? and/or ''Hoar way''? and/or ''high on the hog''?

"Poseidon had gone to visit the Ethiopians worlds away. Ethiopians off at the farthest limits of mankind, a people split in two; one part where the Sungod sets and part where the Sungod rises. There Poseidon went to receive an offering, bulls and rams by the hundred - far away at the feast, the Sea-Lord sat and took his pleasure." [From Book 1 'The Odyssey'. Translation by R. "Fagles].

N.B. Poseidon = the common factor between BOTH books. The foundation {twelve?} of something? Coincidence or a meaningful one? Try ''girdle'' to understand {determine/estimate?} the possible beginning {start point?} of something.

Side note?..."Bootes as the Herdsman {'Ox driver'} of the heavens is an ancient concept, and, in identifying this constellation with Odysseus, Homer acknowledges this pastoral association when he describes the Greek warrior stalking 'in front of the ranks as it were some great wholly ram ordering his ewes'. There are also geographical links between the shape of Bootes and the homelands of Odysseus in the islands of the Ionian Sea...The upper part of his helmet is identifiable as a shallow dome of faint stars in the head of Bootes...One of the outstanding features of Bootes is the staff that points towards the north celestial pole and at the time in which the Iliad is set pointed towards the declining pole star Thuban {Draconis}." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

Question. ''Pastoral'' = 'rural' link? If so, what location would represent town/'city'?

"The principle of the city..." Enlarged elsewhere.

And/or: ''St. Augustine called Taurus 'the great city of god', and that the Egyptians deemed it 'the interpreter of the divine voice' {Apis-Pacis}. [Page 90. 'The Secret Zodiac'].

Throat chakra? As a means...?

''The True of Speech''? Try Part 2.

Side note: Words like ''Apple teeth'' / ''Giant'' used in relation to 'Hogmagog Hills' as referred to by  T. Lethbridge as he attempts to unravel the mystery of Gogmagog - within the book of same title.

Question. Can we learn anything from those 'keys' ?


Helmet of the immaterial world. Skull cap? Example of same,i.e.,what it represents. ''Of his main themes, [in relation to Ibn Al-Arabi's works] the one that predominates over the rest and to which they are subordinate is that of the Oneness of Being. The concept of the Oneness of Being is an all embracing one, in that all of Al-Arabis other concepts are but facets of it, facets of a single and unique reality, the seamless garment of Being, whose reality underlies all derivative being and its experience.'' [Introduction, The Bezels of Wisdom].

Using the same ‘information’ one can attempt to find the whereabouts of other yet to be discovered information {locations / tombs?}. Especially those that this subject relates to more than any other. To the word.. ‘King’ship. Alexander ‘the great’...identified with the elephant scalp / Chariot / and especially ’Double / twin Horns’, [ ‘The lost Tomb of Alexander’. By A. Chugg ]. Egyptian equivalent...the ‘Double Uraeus’, [explained elsewhere]. He together with the Ptolemy's, [underground ‘Mausoleum’ ]. Will be found within the ‘boundaries’ of Alexander. Those ancient boundaries of Alexander. Indicative of the understanding / application of A/B only. Hence the link to ‘Alexander’ being identified; by some authors; with the word ‘pagan’. Hence the link to such quotes as...

"Quite independent of Judeo-Christian tradition, Muslim Kurds revere Bingol Mountain as the site of another heavenly, paradisiacal fountain of great renown. Here is to be found Ma'ul Hayat, the Fountain of Life, the waters of which can rejuvenate 'youth' and provide everlasting life. According to popular legend, Alexander the Great {the 'horned one' or 'two horned' - a reference to the ram horns on his helmet} traveled to the 'land of darkness,' beyond the setting sun, in search of the Fountain of Life, which was said to exist 'in the north, beneath the pole star'. His guide and vizier on the journey was a mysterious al-Khidr, a wise man; however when they came to a fork in the road, both men went in different directions. Only al-Khidr found the Fountain of Life and drinking from its waters..." [From the book 'Gobekli-tepe'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Try ''fountain'' and especially ''Khidr'' to understand what is being implied. Can you 'see' what the author of the above book cannot as yet 'see'? Enlarged elsewhere.

Elephants, they say, never forget. From those things they are taught at a 'young' age. 'Returning' every year to the same old haunts, especially in relation to water. Matriarchs leading the way. That knowledge that becomes 'instinctive', intuitive, the more it is applied day by day. It keeps mind/body/soul alive. The gateway to heart and soul. Thinking [or Phrygian] cap time.


Question. Mayan equivalent?

And/or: "This sculpture known as the Swimming Reindeer, was created at least 13,000 years ago...Its carved from the tip of a mammoth tusk and shows a male and female reindeer with their heads raised and legs extended. The depiction is remarkable in its naturalism...The fragility of the connection between the two halves shows that it was not a practical object but rather a masterpiece of figurative art. Its significance to the people who created it remains a mystery to archaeologists. For me, it is one of the many things which tell me the Reindeer Goddess was important to humankind from back into very ancient times. " ['Elen of the Ways: Shaman Pathways' / E. Sentier].

Question. In a 'river' or 'sea'??

deer"Life was good for the hunter gatherers. Palaeolithic hunter gathering people didn't suffer from famine  and malnutrition like the Neolithic farming tribes that followed them... Archaeological evidence from the Dordogne region of France shows they used lunar calendars giving the phases of the moon. Solar calendars do not appear until the Neolithic period...The hunter-gatherer affluence came about because they needed very little in the material sense in order to be content and produce beautiful art - which is an expression of a deep philosophy..." ['Elen of the Ways' / E. Sentier].

Question. Philosophy of what? In the 'intuitive' sense of the word or in the scholarly sense. Think about it in relation to that ''bit''. Something {experienced?} internally that needed an external expression for it - in the natural order of things - in order to assimilate it. Hindsight/foresight by way of the subjective/objective process? Could that lead to an answer as a 'difference' between Neanderthals and Cro Magnon man? and as to why one outlasted the other? Enlarged elsewhere.

Among others try ''deer'' and ''horn'' before allowing those first impressions to {dictate?} something else. Begin in Part 2.

caps"Semantically, we perceive elephants in terms of their ivory [Greek elephos]. In Sanskrit, however, 'hasta' is ''hand'' and hasti, meaning 'the creature with the hand', is the elephant {the trunk being the hand}... Whence from the Hindustani comes the Anglo-Indian 'hatty' for an elephant...Tennyson, in 'Merlin and Vivien', wrote of elephants; 'serpent hands'...The Roman etymologist Varro in the 1st century B.C. - wondered why the elephant was known as the 'Luca bos', in which 'bos' is ''ox'' but 'Luca' possibly ''light'' from 'lux'...It is curious that Varro didn't refer to the elephants in the triumphal march after Caesar's conquest of Gaul [58-51 BC]. Suetonius wrote that Caesar - 'ascended the Capital by the light of forty elephants on the right and left bearing lamps [Lychni]'. Andrea Mantegna, in his painting commonly known as 'The Elephants' [c. 1500-1506], showed three elephants; preceded by an ordinary bos, or ox; with garlands on their heads and tall flickering torches mounted on their backs. If this doesn't provide an etymology 'light oxen' it does at least suggest that Caesar was following the logic of such an etymology." [Taken from the book 'The Book of Babel'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Question. Did Caesar know something? The tail end of something begins {the process?} of something else? As with the 'tail' end of a 'dog' and/or 'bear' ? Try 'Homer's Secret Iliad'.

The author therefore attempting to speculate on the possible connection between ''elephant'' and the ''ox'' or Great Bear {by way of ''the Plough'' constellation}. North in relation to South?


One of many 'BOG MEN' found in marshes/fenland. An initiate? Headgear optional? Calf skin?

Analogy?..."Since the days of antiquity, observers of the skies around the world have arranged stars into patterns, and always for the same reasons - to bring order and understanding to the heavens. Some groups of stars are so striking that they have been seen in a similar way in cultures widely separated in distance and time. A common strand of human thought is seen, for instance, in the way in which three different societies perceived the shape of the seven best known stars of Ursa Major that are predominately known today as the 'Plough' or 'Big Dipper'. In Homeric astronomy they represent the wain or wagon on which King Priam took Hector's body back to Troy. Edna Leigh wrote: ' Among the Arabians, the Big Dipper represents a bier and mourners. The four stars which form the wagon or cart represent the bier, and those in the handle are the mourners'. A similar funereal image was seen by the Sioux, native American Indians." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

Death / rebirth? Represented with Achilles friend - 'Phoenix' of the Iliad ? Recall what Achilles represents.

Question. ''order and understanding to the heavens'' = the very first representation of it? i.e.,from the 'oral' tradition? Therefore ''top/down''. Think about it relation to the Nazca Lines as 'seen from that monument {top of?} on the opposite side of the river'. Bottom/up? That desert {wilderness?} where no rain falls.

SIDE NOTE: "Icknield Way - no one has a clue what it means. Some say from the word ''Iceni'' - others from the ancient word ''oxen'' - the Oxen Way. But what i love, is the fact that we have this roadway snaking through all these counties, but at its heart is a mystery that none of us can decode." [ Quote from the narrator of 'Britains Ancient Tracks']. Enlarged elsewhere.

Side note {and/or refresher}: "Will the wild ox consent to serve you. Or will he spend the night at your manger?" Job.39:9. ['Book of Job' / Melissa Lees].

'Wild' in relation to 'domesticated' as a means...?

The Icknield Way - that follows a chalk line. Why. What does 'chalk' represent. If only within this subject? Question. Which came first. Subject material or landscape or put another way - the ox or the cart? East-West? IF SO - what would S/N be represented by?


''Symbol of the lower WILL is the altar'' {Kit's Coty House?}. Where would 'higher' be represented, {and what with}??

Side note: These interruptions in the chalk are wide valley mouths, which in effect are but enormous funnels marking the confluence of the gathering tributaries from the watersheds in the Weald, whereupon they muster enough force to cut corridors through the chalk, downland to reach the Kent coastal plains and the Thames estuary. The first of these breaks in the chalk escarpment is the breach cut by the river Stout on its way to Canterbury, and the second and much wider breach is known as the Medway Gap...In the Medway Gap, not only do we find evidence of prehistoric settlers that may have been frequent users of the North Downs trackways, but we also find a concentration of the structures that they built to house their dead...It is pertinent to the Pilgrims Way story that the seven Medway megaliths - chambered tombs, found close to the North Down trackway - are considered by some to be the most important of the British Neolithic...they may have held a wider significance than simply being burial sites, although archaeologists are unsure of the meaning they hold...These megaliths of sarsen stones are the remains of the architecture that formed numerous long barrows...FOUR on the east side of the river Medway and THREE on the west side {'three and four'?}…."   [Pages 24/25/31 'The Pilgrims Way' / Derek Bright].

Refresher: 'One often sees great things from the valley, only small things from the summit. Actually, come to think of it, the whole mystery of life lies within that one word. 'Seeing'!..''

Follow the title of the book to 'see' it in its {watershed'?} context.


As seen from a different perspective. Across the sea?

Side note: "The key essential element for growth has always been change {via motion}, and so we must, if we wish to grow, constantly strive to escape from the comfortable congestion of our daily lives - we must attempt to climb into a ''larger box'' {chamber?} whenever we can, like a snake shedding its skin through successive cycles of growth....We must actively think our way out, and the best way to do that is to constantly question - to test and probe the 'concreteness' of our world....We are engulfed in a sea of mystery which is normally never thought about or considered due to the well constructed walls of our defences." [Page 18 of the book by D. Monroe].

Try Static/dynamic as a means....?

And/or: "The structures are particularly unusual for the enormity of there chambers. It is also noteworthy that this small area had the highest density of such structures found in the south of England outside of Salisbury Plain. Paul Ashbee noted that: 'The Kentish sarsen stones, mostly upon Blue bell Hill were, as they are now sorely depleted, the largest southern English concentration of such stones, apart from Northern Wiltshire'...'' [Page 26, same book}.

Hare Bell?

Try ''Bluestar'' or ''Morning Glory''.

aurochPresent day analogy? Items found in 'pits' at the double henge recently discovered at Bulford - opposite Woodhenge, i.e.,east as opposed to west. With a river in the 'middle'. Axe heads and chalk balls found in most but in some the bones {leg/thigh?} of the prehistoric Auroch were found. The etymology of which links to both the German and British ''oxen.'' Such quotes are made by the narrators Alice Roberts and Phil Harding as: ''Putting one {i.e.,axe head} in a pit seems like a huge sacrifice." and/or ''To throw away a perfectly good axe. Why do it?'' and/or " Not on the average take away menu.'' {In reference to the Auroch bones}. Also found in one of the henges the large skull of a dog or wolf. ['Digging for Britain'. Episode 1]. All enlarged elsewhere.

REFRESHER: ''The cheerful brilliance of the morning lent youth to Earth's old bones, touched the peak with gold, gleamed along the river and put the gardens en fete..." ['Her-Bak']. Try ''horn'' {i.e.,Al-Qurn].

Analogy: {and/or: something hinted at}: "To get a clear view will require a lot of hard work, for in one sense you will be embarking {'harbour'?} on a voyage of discovery, climbing a new peak of personal experience, and that is no easy task." [Page 12 from the book by Marian Green].

And/or: "Many years ago the English psychologist, F. W. H. Meyes, suggested that - ''hidden in the depth of our being is a rubbish heap as well as a treasure house''.

"I will give you the treasures of darkness and the secret places." {Isaiah 45,7}.

Refresher: "To sacrifice a 'lower' value to a 'higher' value is to give substance and power to the desire which has been 'sacrificed'. If this higher value is of a 'spiritual' order, the spiritual power is attracted by this desire, and givers to the sacrificer a power of domination over his lower states." ['Journey into the Light'].

"In basic form an altar is simply a table; a focus of consciousness."

"The altar of sacrifice demonstrates that where your treasure is there will your heart be also."

Among others try ''Axe'' / ''Labyrinth'' - all as an external expression of something internal?

As is: ''Her new husband will be the suiter who wins her in a sporting contest - involving archery and 12 axe heads. Whoever could string Odysseus's great bow and then fire an arrow through the 12 axe heads would win her 'hand' in marriage." ['Gods and Monsters: Homer's Odyssey / Simon Armitage].

Mind set?

Benjem Stark? {Game of Thrones}.

As an example: "I have mentioned the fact of the three axes of the Temple, but not the significance of them. An axis is an imaginary and ideal line about which a moving body revolves; in geometry, an axis is equally imaginary, a line without thickness, an abstract moment. The axis is 'occult', immaterial, a mental point of reference. It is an invention of man designed to make the principle of the axis comprehensible to our reason. Esoterically, the axis represents the Absolute, the still center of all movement throughout the universe, from atoms to Galaxies." [Page 181 'Serpent in the Sky'].

To understand the above generalisation of information - which the above author uses constantly throughout his book - try ''horizontal/vertical'' in the external sense of the word and ''yoke'' in the internal sense - in  order to ''get ones head'' around that mind set. But most important of all - ALL IN RELATION TO THAT UNIVERSAL ''bit''.

Stonehenge-woodhenge-Bulford = an 'arc' shape - like the crescent of a moon? More importantly N/E - S/W. Hence the reason ''openings to the North'' if only in the construction {development?} -- in its early stages {'elder'?}. Just as the same with all those monuments on the Giza complex.

Side note: ''North is the quarter associated with Law {Moses link?}, the Element of Earth, powers of purification, reflection, and 'death'." ['The Prophetic Vision of Merlin'].

Question. IF north = 'Law' - then south = 'Grace'?

S/W or S/E?

Continued: "Ploughing is repetitive work, furrow after furrow, furlong [a furrows length] after furlong. But now its time to stop work for a while, 'elevenses' as the English say, the time 11a.m.,called in Malay, 'tulih tenggala', - ''when the plough is idle''. ['Book of Babel'].

'Eleven' relative to 'twelve' relative to 'thirteen' with an understanding in mind. Representational of. And/or...

''Eleventh hour'' in relation to ''noon'' = an impending result - one way of the other = 'high noon'? {i.e.,zenith}.

Refresher:  'The Twelve Keys' by Basil Valentine. [Chapter thirteen 'The Chemistry of Alchemy' / Cobb/Fetterolf/Goldwhite]. See it?

'The White {chalk} Horse'. Question. What does the 'horse' represent?

"...But as soon as something happens which does arouse and challenge us, our previous and unnoticed passions immediately break out like uncontrolled horses that have long been kept unexercised and idle..." ['The Philokalia'].


Pulling something?

A {working?} example in the 'Micro' sense of the 'word': "Possibility is one thing, and the realization of the possibility is quite a different thing. Let us now try to see what this possibility depends upon and what its realization means.' Then G. repeated briefly all that had been said before about the 'structure' of man and the world. He drew the diagram of the ray {key} of creation and the diagram of the four {key} bodies of man. But in relation to the four bodies of man he introduced a detail which he had not mentioned before. He again used the Eastern comparison of man with a 'carriage', a 'horse', a 'driver', and 'master' {''teacher'' link} - and drew the diagram with one addition that was not there before. 'Man is a complex organization,' he said, 'consisting of four parts which may be connected or unconnected, or badly connected. The carriage is connected with the horse by shafts, the horse is connected to the driver by reins, and the driver is connected to the master by the master's voice. But the driver must hear and understand the master's voice. He must know how to drive and the horse must be trained to obey the reins. As to the relation between the horse and the carriage, the horse must be properly harnessed. Thus there are 'three' connections between the 'four' sections of this complex organization. If something is lacking in one of the connections, the 'organization' cannot act as a single whole...

Side note: " A few years later he [Wolfgang Pauli] was to come across the same numbers again in Carl Jung's psychology, based as it was in alchemy. He was adamant that ''in neither case was it by any means Mr. C. Jung who suggested it to me, nor was there an advance conscious intention for me to grapple with figuring out the problem of three and four. Consequently i am rather certain that objectively there is an important psychological and, perhaps, natural philosophical problem connected with these numbers." Enlarged elsewhere.

Refresher: " I make no secret whatsoever of the fact that my rather revolutionary model of the atom came to me in a dream.'' Niels Bohr.

And/or: "An atom is a moment of equilibrium. So is a cat. Equilibrium is a state in which positive and negative forces are balanced. Modern science with its doctrine of entropy and negative entropy, expresses the principle without recognizing its functional significance. The Western astrological zodiac expresses the principle both precisely and completely. Libra, The Balance, is the seventh sign. Seven signifies {symbolizes?} the union of spirit and matter - of Three and Four. One of the forms that traditionally expresses the meaning of Seven is the pyramid - square base symbolizing four elements and the triangular sides the three modes of spirit." ['Serpent in the Sky'].

''A sign for Libra represents the setting sun. This was the land of Hyperborean, which was north of the Danube's source, and was the great center of the cult of Boreas, the north wind. The golden apples of Hera are the stars." [Page 53/54 'Pathways to the Zodiac'].

chalkContinued..."The connections are therefore no less important than the actual 'bodies'. Working on himself man works simultaneously on the 'bodies' and on the 'connections'. Work on oneself must begin with the driver. The driver is the mind. In order to hear the 'masters' voice, the driver, first of all, must not be 'asleep', that is, he must wake up. Then it may prove that the master speaks a language that the 'driver' does not understand. The driver must learn this language. When he has learned it, he will understand the 'master'. But concurrently with this he must learn to 'drive' the horse, to harness it to the carriage, to 'feed' and 'groom' it, and to keep the carriage in order...The horse is our emotions. The carriage is the body. The mind must learn to control the emotions. The emotions always pulls the body after them. This is the order in which work on oneself must proceed. But observe again that work on the 'bodies', that is, the driver, the horse, and the carriage, is one thing. And work on the 'connections', that is, on the drivers understanding, which unites him to the master; on the reins, which connect him with the horse, and on the 'shafts' {yoke} and the 'harness', which connect the horse with the carriage - is quite another thing." ['In Search of the Miraculous'].

"Symbolically, the number three refers to the establishment of a relationship between two previously unrelated or opposing principles...'Understanding' is an emotional, rather than an intellectual, function. It comes from the heart rather than the head. We could say that the number 'three' is a quality of the soul {'carriage'?} rather than of the spirit. The more we understand, the more we are able to reconcile and relate." Continued elsewhere. [Page 122, 'Mapping the Psyche' volume 1. C. Martin].


Refresher: "Bootes as the Herdsman {'Ox Driver'} of the heavens is an ancient concept..."

A working {oxen?} example - but now in the 'Macro' sense of the 'word': "Other aspects of the constellation directed her eyes to the coastline, to Mount Ossa and to Mount Pelion, while its strangely shaped 'head' and 'legs' projected an image of the Bay of Pegasus itself. She then turned to the Catalogue of Ships. Of the region surrounding the Bay of Pegasus, Homer says the regiment of men came from 'Pherae and the populous city of Iolcus', and they were led by Eumelus. She delved into the Iliad for other references to Eumelus, and discovered that the descriptive narrative she found could be linked to the visual qualities of Pegasus and its relationship to adjacent constellations. Eumelus is famous for his 'matched' pair of horses, described thus: 'Eumelus mares were foremost in the chase, fierce in the fight their nostrils breathed a flame. Their height, their colour, and their age the same.' The E. V. Rieu translation says that the horses were joined by a yoke that was as true as a plumb line. A modern chart of the constellations shows that two of the brightest stars nhuin Pegasus {Scheat/Markab} are indeed the same colour and brightness. What is more, when the constellation is at its highest point as it crosses the sky Scheat lies almost directly north of Markab in the Square of Pegasus and an imaginary line drawn from them down to the earth {'horizontal'} - would make an angle of almost 90 degrees. Later we were to find evidence of the astronomical association of Eumelus, when during the funeral games in Book 23, his yoke breaks...Scheat {one end of the yoke} is a variable star that can be seen with the naked eye - which is identified, by Homer, as the 'snapping yoke'...Eumelus then tumbles from his chariot and falls beneath its wheel - {represented?} with ''the Circlet of Pisces that lies below Pegasus in the sky." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].


The Corona Borealis is Caer Arianrhod whose secret citadel is the tower of initiation. Ruler of the heavens and indicator of our true north is Arthur's Wain, or the Great Bear. And, because no king can travel without his poet, LYRA is the Harp of Arthur, Telyn Arthur. Taliesin, the supreme seer-poet, has his dwelling in the region of the ''Summer Stars''. [Page 13 'Mabon and the Mysteries of Britain'].

N.B. Picture = Northern Crown with his {her?} companions.

Top/down - bottom/up? Recall what ''23'' represents {in relation to ''45''?}.

Side note: "Twenty three foot long; from bow to stern - deep seated with men.'' William Bligh Journal.

''Funeral games'' relative to: "In time-honoured tradition, Achilles sponsors funeral games in which such events as a chariot race, wrestling, running and archery are held in memory of Patroclus."

Side note: Recall Gilgamesh's 'best' friend? Link it to the word ''memory'' {i.e.,what it IMPLIES within subject material}.

'The Sacred Origin of Sports and Culture' / Ghazi bin Muhammed. Try the ''Battle of Marathon''.

Side Note: As {ONE} example: A game with a ball that predates modern football - some say its origins - called Royal Shrovetide Football match {Ashbourne/Derbyshire}. Played twice a year: Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. Eight hours each day {''16''}. Goals three miles apart - Upstream = East {boundary?} of town. Downstream = West boundary. To score a goal one has to tap a millstone {wheel} in the center three times - which is in the river. ['Football: Brief History' / Alfie Allen. History channel]. Coincidence or a meaningful one?

hytg (2)Continued....Put it all together and/or from a different perspective: "It is not that the sense life is to be negated or outwardly discontinued, as impractically taught by some Sankhyas. It is an inner withdrawal that is to be practiced, a withdrawal to 'higher levels' that will in itself bring that outer harmonization which is essential if the buddhi is to be attained. In the old symbol of the chariot, the horses of the senses are to be held back [ nigrihita] by the reins of the mind, but it is not intended that they be unyoked from the chariot or that their movement should be stopped altogether..." Enlarged elsewhere.

Something hinted at: "But who or what was Gogmagog….The neighbourhood of Wisbech is incidentally celebrated for the grave in its vicinity of the hero, or giant, Hic{cath}rift  or Hiccafrith. This warrior, who fought a battle with a wheel for a buckler and an axel-tree for a sword, seems to me to have been 'The trust of the Hiccas' or 'Iceni', and was probably a Celtic god. His grave was pointed out, and a stone, known as his candle-stick, preserved in a Marshland Church." [Page 16, 'Gogmagog: The Buried Gods' / T. C. Lethbridge]. Anything?


''Error runs down an inclined plane while truth has to ….?

And/or: " Brown also says that the Euphratean Sugi, the Chariot Yoke, was identified with 'a' + 'b' of this constellation, which remind us by sound and signification of the Zuyov and Jugum of Greece and Rome respectively, and that astrology adds evidence in favour of a Chaldean origin, for it has always claimed Libra - the Northern Scale at least - as a 'fruitful sign', taking this from the very foundations of astrology in the Chaldean belief that ''when the Sugi stars were clear the crops were good''. In modern astrology however, the reverse of this is held, in the case of the Southern Scale....In classical astrology the whole constituted the ancient House of Venus....the planet appeared here at 'creation'....and the goddess bound together human couples under the yoke of matrimony...." [Page 274 {under Libra} ' Star Names their Lore and Meaning'].

Side note: "The word 'conscience' {''con-science''} contains the idea of balance, for it implies "simultaneous knowing," i.e.,knowledge of the facts of the two scales suspended at the extremities of the beam of the balance. Conscience is neither a product nor a function of character. It is above it. And it is here - and only here - that there begins and there is found the domain of freedom." [Letter viii 'Justice' from the book 'Meditations on the Tarot'].


"THE FORE-LEG OF OX'' - hieroglyph of ancient Egypt is an old hieroglyph - it represented the 'Big Dipper'. It came to have many uses over 3000 years." {Wiki}. Question. Food for thought?

"What we call a symbol is a term, a name, or even a picture that may be familiar in daily life; yet that possesses specific connotations in addition to its conventional and obvious meaning. It implies something vague, unknown, or hidden from us. As an example take the case of the Indian who, after a visit to England, told his friends at home that the English worship animals, because he had found eagles, lions, and oxen in old churches. He was not aware {nor are many Christians} that these animals are symbols of the Evangelists and are derived from the vision of Ezekiel, and that this in turn has an analogy to the Egyptian Horus and his four sons...Thus a word or an image is symbolic when it implies something more than its obvious and immediate meaning. It has a wider ''unconscious'' aspect that is never precisely defined or fully explained." [ 'Man and His Symbols'. Enlarged elsewhere

Question. Lion = Mark / Eagle = John / Ox = Luke. Which of the four sons of Horus represent the Egyptian equivalent of the ''Ox''? AND WHY? Try ''four''.

A working example: "Even when constellation boundaries remain the same from culture to culture, the ways in which those constellations are seen can be very different. Thus the ancient Egyptians knew the constellation that we call the Great Bear, but represented it with the foreleg of a bull. They saw the Little Bear {Ursa Minor} as a Jackal. They depicted the constellation of Cancer as a scarab beetle. The constellation of Drago, which we see as a dragon, was figured by the ancient Egyptians as a hippo with a crocodile on its back..." ['Magicians of the gods'].

''On its back'' in relation to ''under ones belt'' {enlarged elsewhere}. Attempt to 'see' what the above author cannot {other than the obvious},i.e.,try ''crocodile'' of which the 'Jackal' {i.e.,in one form or another} plays its part. Others highlighted.

As {one} example: "At Edfu, the great mystery Play of Horus is fully inscribed on the outer west wall of the temple quarter. It details the complete Horian mythos acted out by Pharaoh and his retinue at an annual festival which included the sacred drama...The 'play' depicts the triumph of Horus over Set, in the form of, hippopotamus, oryx, and crocodile." ['Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt' / R. Clark].

''Play'' in relation to 'outer' {external} - understanding core elements of which = that ''inner'' something - relative to the self,i.e.,as one example - ''quarter'' in relation to 90 degrees; therefore right angle symbolism etc. Enlarged throughout.

Try 'Feast of Fools' for its universal appeal - if only in defining subject material.

Demeter/Persephone and Hades?

nhyAs seen from a different perspective: { a correct one?}: "Aratus, who was one of the primal sources for mediaeval star-imagery {as opposed to star-lore used in astrology, which was derived ultimately, though by circuitous routes, from Ptolemy}, makes the observation that the stars of Taurus do really mark out the 'head of the ox'. For Aratus, the Hyades is 'in the forehead of the bull', and one star marks the tip of the left horn, as well as the right foot of the Charioteer. Indeed he says 'not by other signs would one mark the head of an ox'...In the esoteric lore the relationship between the patterns of the stars and the images they represent is explained in quite a different way. It is suggested that the areas of sky marked out by certain star groups were first experienced as areas of 'spiritual influence'. It is likely that such 'experience' would not be available to all men, but would be available to those initiates who had endured the disciplines {study?} and spiritual 'enlightenments' {eureka moments?} of those teachers in the mystery schools...Here we shall merely note the fact of its zodiacal series being constellational rather than tropical..." ['The Secret Zodiac'].

Understanding that final sentence defines Homers method of 'story telling'. That same method - by way of those universal constants - that have; and still are; being applied generation after generation. Since the written word came into common use. An unknown factor to such authors as G. Hancock.

And/or: "The lion of St. Mark is the image of Leo. The eagle of St. John is the eagle of Scorpio, which sign {alone of all the twelve} has two images - the eagle the symbol of the redeemed and spiritualized Scorpionic nature, and the scorpion its fallen, unredeemed and earth-bound nature. The winged human of St. Matthew is the waterbearer of Aquarius: the waterpot which poured spiritual substance for all humanity...The bull of St. Luke is the animal Taurus. These four images are derived from the four fixed signs of the zodiac. Representing the four fixed elements in mediaeval astrology. Leo is fire, Scorpio is water, Aquarius {for all its name} is Air, whilst Taurus is Earth." ['The Secret Zodiac'].

A side step...In the Hermes / Asclepius, Hermetic text, Hermes talks about a 'transformation' that is "wrought inside the process of time",[chapter six. 'The Source Field Investigations]. The author speculates about same, in relation to 'the Precession' cycle. Think about it, in relation to 'groove' and 'repetitive' symbolism, [benefit of, in relation to the 'Ka']. Knowing that 'time' in its basic form could be described as 'segments' ['spine' link] within a learning process. Each 'learning curve' is a 'step' by step process, where time is relevant both external and internal, in relation to that 'development' . The most important point, however [according to this subject, that is, once again by implication] is that... 'benefit of'... is especially relevant in 'B', in order; through a 'learning process', [by way of a positive / negative aspect 'understanding'] to get to 'C'. Should B/C exist of course. Remember objectivity at all times, i.e.,at least attempt it ,rather than allowing those emotions to dictate where on that learning curve you find yourself {'arc' link}.

N.B. 'The Thigh of the Ox' {or bull} in the shape of the Egyptian Adze. Question. What 'ceremony' was associated with it?

Question 2. Play time addicts?

Side note: The author of 'Imhotep the African' points out the association of the 'thigh' in relation to Letopolis and 'its' relation to Giza and Heliopolis {i.e.,as a 'right angled triangle'}. No mention of the symbolic intent of the 'Delta' to {say} in relation to the 'Sea'. Salt water in relation to fresh. All as a means...?

To go beyond his Sothic Cycle hypothesis - try 'Pyr'-amid and/or 'right angled triangle' and/or ''hypotenuse'' and/or ''N/E -S/W'' {i.e., between Giza - Heliopolis} in relation to ''line of sight''. ALL in relation {relative?} to the most important aspect of a 'mind set' as mentioned above.

Question. Top/down or bottom/up?

'New Model of the Universe' / P. D. Ouspensky. {Geocentric?}.

Cleopatra identified with the ‘Triple Uraeus’, [explained elsewhere, i.e., A-C. The full S/P ]. Notice...A few decades later ‘Jesus’ arrives on the scene. He his now able to learn all the above in his ’missing years’. To be ‘applied’ between 30-33. Both significant numbers, [ see number symbolism etc ]. Proving that through objective research / analysis rather than leaving all to those first impressions...a certain logic ‘shines’ through, [a link to the true meaning of the "shining ones", i.e., ’Devas’, [explained elsewhere, together with that words link to 'music' symbolism, explained within]. Proving again the viability of the subject regardless of ones opinion of it. Ones first impressions of it.

"...the 'nails' of objectivity - which give conscience to thought." The symbol of which is the Crown of Thorns, i.e.,"The 'thorns' of the crown center function as the 'nails' of objectivity..." [Taken from 'letter 5' from within the book by Tomberg].


Question. Mayan equivalent of 90/45 degrees? i.e., 'ear' {lobe} in relation to 'middle' of forehead. Together with 'Hands' = S/E - N/W. 'Heads' = N/E - S/W. 'Point of Beard' = 'Crossover' point?

"All the celebrated songs of India have been composed by devotees of the 'divine'. The Sanskrit word for ''musician'' is bhagavathar, - ''he who sings the praises of god."...Because man himself is an expression of the Creative Word..." try ''logos'' to see it from a different {western?} perspective {i.e., 'angle'}.

Part of the purpose within the ‘design’ is to impart that same information to others. According to these authors it is part of the ‘course’. A prerequisite of attaining that ultimate goal, i.e., [C]. Hence the reason why; in most cases; its freely given. Misguided anthropology / Philanthropy? False altruism?


The Cross. Its true representation? As a means...?

"It is from god, so hear! and to 'god' do you return! When you hear what i bring, learn! Then with understanding see the details in the whole, then give it to those who seek it, and stint not. This is the mercy that encompasses you; so extend it." [Preface by Al-Arabi to the book 'The Bezels of Wisdom'].

Question. Mercy in relation to 'grace'. What figure represents it - Is associated with it?




In Profile? 45 degrees?

"Perhaps it is the ancient importance of this Dog on the Nile that has given the popular name - the Egyptian X - to the figure formed by the stars Procyon and Betelgeuze, Naos and Phaet - with Sirius at the vertices of the two triangles and the center of the letter. On our maps Sirius marks the nose of the Dog...Some have called it Mazzaroth of the Book of Job..." [Info. on Canis Major 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

Side note: The ''nose'' of something {regardless of species, including the human one} relative to the ''tip'' of {say} a tail. All as a means...?

'Face on' in relation to 'in profile'?

A working example: "Is this what Imhotep meant by: 'his temple opens southeastward; Re {the sun}, rises in its face every day?' That is, on the suns annual journey, moving north and south of due east, it never rises further south than the axis of this S/E facing temple, and so rises 'in its face every day'. " [Page 113 'Imhotep the African'].

Excellent research especially on sunrises/sunsets in relation to the Big Dipper and ''foundations''. But until this subject is taken into account FULLY no end result can be got.

As an example {ONE example only}: "These temples are however, on the east bank of the river - representing the involutionary cycle of creation - the field of the gods - whereas the west bank = the evolutionary path travelled by man." Cancer/Capricorn?

Try ''u-turn'' to add something extra to that excellent research.

And/or: ''The seven stars of Ursa Minor - as the 'handle that turned the quern'. " [Page 202, 'Esoteric Egypt' / J. S. Gordon]. Try those two.

Question. Understand subject material to give a possible location for all that material that was taken out of the now ''dry moat'' that surrounded the Step Pyramid.

Continued: Representation / symbolism of that ‘giving back’ takes different forms, depending like all else on time / place and culture. Its main example given by the same person mentioned above, [the Jesus chap]... ‘returning for 40 days’. To be seen by his close friends and strangers. Indicative of something being verified. Indicative of a ‘potential’ accessible to all. ’Four’ and multiples / series of., i.e., 4/40/400... indicative of the physical world. Especially in relation to the 'Venus cycles' {of which the Mayan culture had a vested interest in}-  relative to the 'morning star' representing an awakening of something. As explained in such books as 'The Sacred History'. Mentioned within {parenthesis, this readers].

"Still another astronomical explanation of the importance of 40 can be found in the 40 aspects of Saturn which, according to the Bible, is the star of Judah." ['Mystery of Numbers'].

Side note. Green jade in relation to Venus and teeth {i.e.,the same embedded in the teeth of 'Kings']. Try ''teeth''. Think about it relative to the precession - as indicated within such works as 'Galactic Alignment'. Mentioned elsewhere].

Put those symbols together to understand something other than the obvious, i.e.,Tau cross; figure four: 'light' as opposed to 'dark' i.e.,aware /unaware; blue / red; 12th card in relation to 'high noon' or 'zenith'; etc.

As is same with the character shown on the ’hangmans card’ of Tarot fame. One leg in the shape of a figure ’4’. Notice the expression on face. Indicative of a willingness to learn [ ‘return’.] From understanding something of ’the above’. To imparting it below. Symbolic of that ‘position’...The upside down one. Or even the head [and therefore 'expression' ] of the Sphinx; in relation to the Great pyramid. The 'horizontal' at the lower end of the 'vertical'. The upside down cross. Imparting that knowledge, indicative of north / south, ['dry' way link. Also take note...all 'entrances' on all three pyramids....on the North side]. South to North being indicative of that return journey. Thinking time.

The beginning of which is represented by the 'offset' pyramid, indicative of the 'fallen' state. Hence the reason why they only align when the figure of Orion is ''upside down." [Discovery channel 2015]. That same intent that is represented with the ‘Quernstone’...but now in relation to the ‘journey’. The later represents the individual effort, [Micro]...as the former does to the collective one, [Macro]. Explained elsewhere.

Try ''quern'' for other examples - to see if you agree or disagree.

Side note: "As Lord of the nethermost, Saturn views the world from the outside, from such 'depths of distance' that he sees it all ''upside down'', and to this view {objective view?} the structure of things is revealed." ['Saturn and the Theoretical foundations of an Emerging Discipline'].

Side note: In the Sphinx temple statues of Khafre were found ''upside down''. Pure coincidence?

Question. What material {and/or colour?} were they made from. Any link to 'Saturn'?

Question 2. If Saturn = Khafre; what are the others represented by and why?

Try ''Saturn'' to see it from a 'beginners' {leaden?} point of view. It also gives clues as to the possible start {and/or end?} date of something.

And/or: "The Giant generally has been represented with his back towards us and face in profile, armed with a club, or sword, and protected by his shield...Durer drew him facing the Bull, whose attack he is warding off; but the Leyden Manuscript has a slightly clad 'youth' with a short , curved staff in the right hand, and the Hare in the background. The stars make up the head, shoulders, left foot and right knee. But Sir John Herschel observed from southern latitudes that the inverted view of the constellation well represents a human figure; the stars that we imagine the shoulders appearing for the knees, Rigel forming the head, and Cursa of Eridanus, one of the shoulders." [Page 308 'Star Names and Their Meaning' under Orion].

Side note: "The wild bull represents untamed inner {usually represented as sexual} power. The actual 'sacrifice' of the bull is a symbolic representation of a necessary inner, spiritual quest." [Page 87 'Serpent in the Sky'].

Podrick Payne? {Game of Thrones}.

Continued: Nordic mythology ‘starts’ off from that ‘intention’. Odin learns...in order to give back. Very well explained, from both an objective and subjective point of view, relative to "turning points in the evolution of consciousness", and that 'development' throughout the ages, within the book 'The Sacred History' by Jonathan Black.

A more practical example; now represented in its physical form; is the American medal of Honour. The ‘upside down’ Star/pentagram. That word pentagram; if allowed to; can play on the imagination because of those undisciplined first impressions. Due to the environment that we live in. Sometimes called the upside down cross. Its negative attribute given by some because of ‘Peter’ being crucified in the upside down position. Remember ‘Peter’ was giving back. Imparting those new ideas to anyone who would listen. Some stories say...It was his assailants who chose his final resting position. The ‘unconscious’ aspect of the same. Thinking cap time, i.e.,possible synchronistic link.

Wet and dry. Anything?

That same unconscious aspect that can be represented with salt water. That American ’upside down’ star/medal that has the Roman ’goddess’ Minerva, [explained elsewhere], as its central emblem, regardless of army / navy / pilots, i.e., Land / Sea / Air. Think about it. ‘Minerva’ in relation to ‘the self’ in relation to the ‘whole’. What better example [as a representation of something], could there be of someone who ‘returns’...In order to help someone else. Co-incidence? Or a ‘meaningful’ one.

"In classical antiquity '17' appears in connection with warfare and heroism." [i.e.,Hiram Abif link]. Enlarged elsewhere.

A {working?} example: "According to Plutarch , Osiris was killed by Set on the 17th of Athys, which falls in November / Scorpio, the cycle of death and transformation. He died in his 28th year, an allusion to the number of days in the lunar cycle which governs organic life. In all, 14 parts {half of the lunar cycle} of the 'dismembered Neter were collected by his sisters  - and taken to the mythic island of flame to be 'reassembled' - a transformation that became the prototype of Egypt's funerary tradition." [Page 94 from the book by R. Clark].

And/or: "Mythologically the Hydes {i.e.,S/E of the Pleiades} were the daughters of Atlas and Aethra, and hence half sisters of the Pleiades, with whom they made up the 14 Atlantides..." ['Page 387, 'Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning'].

Ebb and flow?

N.B. Orion who was killed {'wounded'?} by a scorpion. Now on opposite sides of the zodiac. All as a means....?

Side note: "Now, the only glyph on the outside of the pyramid {north side} was that on the portal of the double arch, cut into the 17th course of the exterior of the pyramid. This hieroglyph is the horizontal line." ['The Zelator']. Try ''horizon{tal}''.

Synchronistic?...'The 15:17 To Paris. A True Story...' - Spencer Stone. Recall what ''15'' implies.

norrie's law

Abstract ''wand''?

Eastern equivalent?..."In the East, the realm of Pre-eminent Happiness is Bhagavan Vajra-Sattva Akshobhya, who is pictured as blue in colour, seated on a throne supported by elephants, and holding a five pronged dorje. The dorje is a Tibetan form of magic wand, being a thunderbolt sceptre. For Westerners this could easily be regarded as a wand, with a star or pentagram at its tip; a five pointed star that has all the implications and power of the 'lightening flash' of the Qabalistic Tree of Life, that traces the descent of force from the heights of creative power. This buddha is known as the hero-minded one, or one of indestructible mind. In short he is a veritable Heracles. He is embraced by the Mamiki the Divine Mother, and from them radiates the white light of the principle of consciousness." [Extract from the book by G. Knight].

"The Tibetan system proceeds to elaborate very considerably upon the five-fold wheel."

Question. Where have you seen the elephant before relative to the number 'five'? Put all the other {keys?} together to understand something further. It also defines the Greek equivalent of same principle - and/or therefore the ''number'' it relates to? Proving the viability of subject material regardless of ones {first?} impressions of it.

Question 2. What would the principle of UNconsciousness be represented by?

And/or, i.e.,analogy of same principle - but from a different 'angle' [key] ..."Spiritual teacher = 'The Guru Gita': verse 17 aptly describes the guru as ''dispeller of darkness'' [from gu, ''darkness,'' and ru, ''that which dispels'']." [Extract from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi'].

Egyptian equivalent?: "Since the cosmic Bull had 'rule' over the human neck and throat, it also had rule over human speech. It is recorded that the temples of Serapis were so built that, during a certain time of the year a beam of sunlight fell onto the lips of the statue of Serapis within the temple. The lips were of course the outer symbol of the Word, and the Egyptian hieroglyph 'ru', which was used to denote the lips, as well as the 'birth passage', was adopted into the early Christian symbolism of the ankh cross...This rule was extended to the Word itself...It became an important element in the symbolism of pulpit lecterns from which the Word {'Logos'} of God was read...This symbolism has been missed by the majority of art historians ." ['The Secret Zodiac'].

llll (2)

''They were not just trading but sharing religious beliefs. They may have been shared by the victims themselves.'' ['Bog Bodies: Secrets Revealed' / Channel 5]. Recall 'Freemasons' initiate ceremony of a noose around the neck. Coincidence?

Analogy of same with all the above [keys ? principles?] in mind..."The method of the initiatory system is both synthetic and analytic, in constant application. It brings ideas and experiences together and it breaks them apart, repeating and recycling...In the Tarot, the Hierophant and the Hanged Man are the most appropriate cards for depicting the method; the former, a revealer of the sacred mysteries, and the latter, the sacrifice that must be made in order to receive those mysteries. One is the teacher, who must interface with the divine and maintain position as a bridge; the other is the candidate or initiate, whose world must be 'turned upside down'. " [Extract from the book 'The Magister' by M. Katz ].


The study of the subject gives the same result, i.e.,the student becomes his own [inner?] 'teacher' by understanding those universal concepts [''repeating and recycling'', i.e.,revision] in order to define something. In order to understand the parts within the whole. The ''micro within the macro''. The self within the bigger picture. Possibilities of. Nothing more.

''The whole gamut of human experience {and/or emotions}''. Question. What animal represents that final word? ...Why?


For whom the bell tolls.

A ''synchronistic'' example of same [if only for this reader, and/or 'UNmanifested'?] could be the ''primordial scream'' omitted, in the upside down position, that allowed Mr M. Oldfield; of 'Tubular Bells' fame; to experience - in his own words - ''a rebirth''. Which became the beginnings of his own recovery. From darkness to light. From a negative to a positive. That internal struggle. Represented by the film that those ''Bells'' became associated with - 'The Exorcist'. [ 'Tabular Bells: The Mike Oldfield Story'. BBC Four]. Strangely enough those 'Bells' that form a figure 4, as well as the 'heart'.

"The haunting tones of the church bell beckoned across the wet fields as the ancient oak came into view..." Douglas Monroe.

"The voice of truth in a person that has not yet awakened to spiritual life, is the ''still small voice'' that may be felt in the heart, listened to by the imperfect; as a half conscious dreamer may listen to the ringing of bells in the distance; but in those that have become conscious of life, that have passed through the first 'resurrection' of the spirit in their own heart, and received the baptism of the first initiation, administered by themselves, the voice of the new born 'ego' has no uncertain sound, but becomes the powerful Word of the 'Master'. [Emphasis this readers. Chapter 1, from the book by F. Hartman]. Link to the word ''teacher''.

A working example {that very first one?}:"The principle of the city came to me as an expression of a cosmic pattern, rather after the fashion of Dion Fortune's the 'Cosmic Doctrine'. First a crossways of two elements, a road and a river, causing a center that is then ring fenced by a city wall or Ring-Pass-Not and then the pointing upward to the heavens of all the spires and towers of the little parish churches, of which there were very many in London. Along with this came the significance of towers and bells, and the esoteric powers of sound - which can be of considerable practical interest in the technicalities of bell manufacture. The dimensions of which affect the type of sound that goes out - and also the principle of change ringing - in which a mathematical combination is pursued throughout its entire course of possibilities. This is a phenomenon unique to Britain, as on the continent the practice is for carillons of bells that play tunes. All this seemed to have some connection with the mathematical researches and angelic tablets of Dr John Dee. In pursuit of this, i found myself much concerned with St Mary Le Bow, and other churches constructed by Wren after the great fire of London. As part of the conference i was able to lay on a guided tour to a selection of his churches around St Paul's cathedral - St Martin's on Ludgate Hill, St Sepulchre opposite the Old Bailey, St Vedast's Foster Lane, St Mary Le Bow, St Mary Aldermary, St Nicholas Cole Abbey, St Benet Paul's Wharf, St Andrew by the Wardrobe, St Brides Fleet Street, in a clockwise circumambulation that ended in St Paul's cathedral itself at a power point marked by a brass grating directly under the midpoint of the dome and over the crypt. There was some talk of Sir Christopher Wren being associated with a secret society of his time called the Fedeli..."  ['I Called it Magic' by G. Knight].

Question. 'Higher' of the Greater Mysteries? And/or ''Ring fenced by a city wall'' - recall the wall {white?} around that very first pyramid. Representation of same concept?

"Everyone has an internal thought process: that silent other self who speaks to you; the one you debate with." [First sentence; first paragraph; first page of the book by Q. S. Lam ].

"The intuition alone of divine 'love', with its effect on moral consciousness is - they teach - the sole experience to which one should aspire."

Due to a connectedness of something? Where within a landscape would that {concept?} be represented?

Hence..."The joy of good conscious is the accord between the moral rhythms of the 'lower' and 'higher' self. The beatitude [Matthew v,8] promising those who have a pure heart that they will 'see' god - signifies the accordance of their basic rhythm with the 'divine' rhythm. Joy is therefore the state of harmony of the inner/outer rhythms - of rhythm below with that of above..." [Extract from the book by Tomberg. Emphasis, this readers].

Simply put -positive over negative? IN RELATION TO...’'A symbol is an energy-evoking and direct agent’'. Think about it. In relation to those positives/ negatives within a ‘river’. [ J.Campbell. ’Flight of the Wild Gander’. Chapter five. Part seven]. That link to the word ''archetype.'' Question. Autopilot?

Astronomy equivalent and or a {work?} in its early {reflective?} phase - {the very first one?}: "Homer draws attention to the physical appearance of the Moon in the guise of Hera when on several occasions he associates it with human feelings and a popular , even child - like, image of its face. When all of Hera's schemes are going well in the closing lines of Book 1 she is said to have a 'smiling face', but then thwarted in Book 8 she shakes with rage. Confronted with Zeus anger in Book 15, she is forced to control her feelings, and signs of both happiness and bad mood are combined. We believe Homer was recording an unusual astronomical phenomenon when he has Zeus sternly remind Hera, 'Do you not remember how once upon a time i had you hanged? I fastened two anvils on to your feet, and bound your hands in a chain of gold which none might break, and you hung in mid air among the clouds'. These lines suggest a lunar phenomenon when four other 'moons' can be seen in the skies. Known as 'parselene' - 'mock moons' or 'moon dogs', these are small diffuse images that can be seen at 22 degrees on either side and north and south of the moon. They are caused by the refraction of light by ice crystals in the atmosphere, and, although it is possible to see several moons, it is most common to see only one or two at a time, like the anvils tied to Hera's feet. Hera is also associated with such events as conjunctions..." ['Homer Secret Iliad'].  Try ''anvil'' to see something from a different perspective {refraction?}.

Follow the title of the book to 'see' that unknown {quantity OR quality?} become a known one. Throughout ALL cultures. From darkness {'moon/silver'} to light {'sun/gold'}.


Ring {knock?} three times?

Apply the above to define the following: "There is scarcely a stone of the original basilica which does not play its part in the profound symbolism of the zodiac. As we shall see eventually, this symbolism so unites the interior and exterior of the church that they together participate in three rhythms: first, in the daily apparent movement of the sun; second, in an astonishing annual phenomenon of the sun, when the solar body stands in a particular relationship to Florence, and third in a distinctly powerful configuration of planets which might be regarded as signifying a new age, such as that which was inaugurated in Florence after the building of San Miniato..." ['The Secret Zodiac']. Try ''Saturn''.

Analogy?: "This collection i.e.,The Ramesside Books {dating from the beginning of the New Kingdom in Dyn. 19} is distinct among the funerary literature of the period and of Egyptian history overall. Combining philosophical, 'magical', and deeply religious themes, the works reflect Stella, Solar-Horian, and Lunar-Osirian objectives for the 'deceased', often within the same tomb. The cosmology of the Ramesside books appears to be derived from the Heliopolitan Stella theme...from the Old Kingdom." [Pages 280 and xxii 'The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt'].

Try the title to get a flavour {rhythm?} of the overall composition.

"The 'good life' is a process. The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination. The good life constitutes a direction selected by the total organism, when there is psychological freedom to move in ANY direction." [Taken from Part three, 'on matters of existence' from the book, 'Striking Thoughts' { Bruce Lee's Wisdom for Daily Living} by J. Little. Try ''line of sight''.

A working example: "There is only one tradition, and that is the evolution into enlightenment which creates people of compassion, maturity, wisdom, and self-transcendence. Every generation must discover the paths that lead to authentic transformation. It isn't about creating new tradition, but about being genuine in one's efforts to reach ones highest potential." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way']. Continued elsewhere - compare it - 'see' it - in relation to all other ''paths''.

Hence the final paragraph of the 'Work' : "The Work is not for the elite {i.e.,the word esoteric means inner not secret}, but for anyone who has a sincere desire to reach a connection with a deeper part of themselves that opens on to encounter with that which is greater than themselves. Emotional healing and purification, self transcendence, conscious effort, awakening from sleep are the birthright of all who ''hunger and thirst'' for Truth and right action in the world." [Same book].

"The 'chaste' mind [objectivity link, i.e.,single mindedness] seeks the truth and not [just] the joy of revelation of the truth, [the author {i.e.,Tomberg} defines that 'negative' as ''intoxication'' represented with the symbol or sign of a 'mirage'] - just as chaste love seeks union with 'the loved one' and not the carnal pleasure of union." [parenthesis, this readers].

"The stream of knowledge," Sir James Jeans writes in the 'Mysteries Universe' ''is heading toward a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine." Twentieth century science is thus sounding like a page from the hoary Vedas. From science, then, if it must be so, let man learn the philosophic truth that there is no material universe; its warp and woof is 'maya' illusion. Under analysis all its mirages of reality dissolve." [Extract from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi' ].

Question. Nothing more than an overplay [ pretensions?] of ''moralistic'' values? Affectation?

"The joy of good conscience is the accord between moral rhythms of the lower self and the higher self. The beatitude {Matthew 5, 8} promising those who have a pure heart that they will ''see god'' signifies the accordance of their basic rhythm with the divine rhythm." [i.e.,the understanding of A-C in relation to 'divine bit' and its relevance and/or use - to each individual, i.e.,what it means to them; what they apply it to, i.e.,as an example - a self interest or shared]. All four quotes [including the one below] taken from within the book by Tomberg]. Recall what ''see'' implies.

That final sentence [if understood correctly] defines the following..."The sources of joy are deeper than those of suffering. They still spring from the river which ''flowed out of Eden to water the garden. 'Joy' is more ancient than 'suffering', and the world of joy preceded the world of suffering." [i.e.,'source' - and therefore what it implies - relative to ''the fall'' - and what it implies]. Top down in relation to bottom up. The beginnings of which is represented within a u-turn. Along the way 'back' - a 'connection' is made. That union of the two - of two opposing 'paths' - but with one eternal aim [''crossover'' point and/or 'dark night of the soul' ]. Which finally becomes [in its physical form?] what is termed as the philosophers stone. Question. Fact or fiction; a possibility or not? At least the understanding of a subject is got.

Understanding the above; defines the following quote within the book by Tomberg..." Consequently the use of the word ''magic'' is quite justified, if at least one understands by magic the power of the invisible and 'spiritual' over the visible and material." i.e., Bottom - up; in relation to top - down. Question. Which is which?

"Error runs down an inclined plane, while truth has to laboriously climb its way up hill". Benefits of.

It also defines concave or convex relative to the earth [and/or 'observer' ] - when ALL is taken into account. Try ''polarities''.

"...the opening of the knowledge of the masculine and feminine potencies necessary unto the manifestation of all things." Potency in relation to polarity?

causewayConvex / concave in relation to the causeway between Stonehenge and the river Avon. Many speculate as to why it is in the form of a u-shape rather than as ''straight as the crow fly's''. Concave in relation to the crescent of the moon {i.e.,waxing} and/or ''bottom up''?

From the river Avon convex? From Stonehenge to the river concave? Representational of? i.e.,outer / inner and /or external / internal?

The word 'oracle' has the same intention. If only within this subject. Especially in relation to what [as an example] the word 'Apollo' represents. Find it to understand it. Rather than leave till later.

"The Agnisuryans respond to the sound. The waters ebb and flow. Let the 'magician' guard himself from drowning, at the point where land and water meet. The midway spot, which is neither dry nor wet, must provide the standing place whereon his feet are set. When water, land and air meet there is the place for 'magic' to be wrought."

"When i began drawing the mandalas - i saw that everything; all the paths i had been following; all the steps i had taken - were leading back to a single point - namely to the mid-point. It became increasingly plain to me that the mandala is the center. It is the exponent of all paths. It is the path to the center, to individuation...I knew that in finding the mandala as an expression of the self, i had attained what was for me, the ultimate. Perhaps someone else knows more, but not me." [C. G. Jung].

''The ego {personal identity} is at the center of consciousness''.

Refresher: "The word 'conscience' {''con-science''} contains the idea of balance, for it implies "simultaneous knowing," i.e.,knowledge of the facts of the two scales suspended at the extremities of the beam of the balance. Conscience is neither a product nor a function of character. It is above it. And it is here - and only here - that there begins and there is found the domain of freedom." [Letter viii 'Justice' from the book 'Meditations on the Tarot'].

Try ''yoke''.

manAnalogy?: "The universe and everything within it constitutes 'god'. The universe is a gigantic human organism and man is a tiny image of it, a toy replica of god. Because he is a miniature of the universe, by a process of spiritual expansion a man can mystically extend his own being to cover the entire world and subject it to his will. It is because all things are aspects of the one thing that all things are grist to the magician's mill...He has reached the center, where man becomes god. The achievement of this is the Great Work..."  ['The Fourth Dimension'].

Center in relation to that universal framework and 'bit'.

Cleopatra will be found with Mark Anthony, [Pagan equivalent, i.e., indicative of helping someone to understand something]...outside the boundaries of Alexander. Indicative of that return journey to ‘C’. Outside the boundaries of A/B...but within striking distance, [ ’Sting in the tail’ link, i.e.,the tail end of something together with the beginning of something else, i.e., in relation to a 'development' of something. The micro within the macro]. Hence the reason why she will not be found within those boundaries whether sunken or otherwise.

Refresher:  "Achilles has a trio of fine horse...Two of the horses, Xanthus and Balius are 'immortal' and mark stars in the Milky Way. Pedasus is 'mortal' and, although said to be every bit as as good as the immortal pair, his star is just outside the Milky Way. The configuration of these makes the familiar triangle of one of Homer's chariots." [Same book].

Genghis Khan. Representative of that subject that some say is the origin of all the mystery clubs. Its most ancient. Shamanism. That one word that is never used; throughout; in the book 'The Sirius Mystery' but implied [knowingly or otherwise] by the words..."male initiates" in relation to the Dogon tribe, [chapter two]. The star system 'Sirius' being ''The 'source' of all their 'information'', [authors opinion]. Or the quote used by the same tribe 'the shaper of the world' and that link to "shape-shifters" of which 'shamanism' is renowned. That same link to the 'female' equivalent, i.e.,anima,['unknown']...being the Greek 'goddess' Circe, who 'changed' her 'enemies',[negative aspects] into 'animals', i.e.,'lower' from the 'higher' i.e.,another word associated with the same, being the word 'falcon', as discovered in the same book, by the same author, [chapter five].

If the author had included within his 'hypothesis' alternative 'credible information' such as that which would be found within such publications as 'The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis' by E. Morgan and/or 'The Hidden Messages in Water' by Masaru Emoto, then that 'personal' hypothesis may have stood 'the test of time'.

Side note: On his 'return' journey home Odysseus lands on an island {accidently or would that be synchronistically?} inhabited by Circe. The only island named with 'vowels'. Is kept 'prisoner' for a ''year and a day'' - his men turned into pigs {therefore ''lower'' and 'otherworld' link; in the 'unknown' sense of the word, i.e.,nothing LEARNED from it. Nothing learned or wisdom gained from his experiences}. Experiences of ''Cauldron'' in relation to ''head and shoulders'' and/or ''silver studded chair'' {Seat of first Occasion?}. ['Gods and Monsters'. BBC4].

Try ''Odysseus'' to unravel ''myth'' in an attempt to define that universal mind set.

Continued: The final link however, as to the most likely possible 'source' of their 'information', when 'weighing' up all the available evidence [circumstantial or otherwise, including the meaning of such obvious, in your face; evidence, such as the meaning of 'Circe']... will be found; at least for this reader; within Mr Naydler's book 'Shamanic Wisdom of the Pyramid Texts'. Or further information on the Dogon tribe in order to evaluate correctly can be found on page twelve onwards within the book 'The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life', [Vol. one]. Using his understanding of 'fish' symbolism to entice the reader to a deeper understanding...especially that 'inner' [symbolic] meaning of the 'dolphin', of which he constantly uses throughout; in one form or another; in the book. In the same vein as Plato and Gurdjieff, but now in 'story telling' form, i.e.,"because it is one of the best methods i know to give and receive information", [chapter 10, same book, vol 2].

The concepts of 'iron' and 'blacksmiths' very important. As indicated in chapter eight of 'Hamlets mill'. The ‘forging’ of something. The blacksmith being the older brother of the shaman. Think about it in relation to the 'younger'. Ptah / Imhotep being the Egyptian equivalent..."responsible for the final stages of the 'divine' creative outpouring of form into the physical world" {'son of' link?}....."who channeled the spiritual into material embodiment", Hence the link to his ''cap''. Representational of same. Found elsewhere. [chapter seven. 'The future of the Ancient World'/ J.Naydler]. Think about it, in relation to the Hebrew word 'Shekhinah', relative to the Egyptian 'Ka'.

"...Then, in the Memphite myth, when the divine blacksmith Ptah {the Greek Hephaistos} actualized the 'creation' of the world by means of the Desire of his heart and the Word of his speech.'' [Extract from the book by L. Lamy]. Try ''logos''. Egyptian equivalent.

To vulcanize something by ‘fire’.[key. Mentioned elsewhere]. That same ‘substance’ that the trickster character ‘stole’. Think about it...especially in relation to one of its other 'forms'...the Hare and/or fox, i.e., in relation to the many different ways,[forms] of understanding something...in imagesWEFIE99Ugetting an understanding across....in an attempt to define something, for an understanding to take place, i.e., 'to be' made aware.

"Serious mysteries may be describable only in terms of paradox, or in what passes for jest."

"If god ever calls me to a holy war - i want Joe Frazier beside me." Muhammad Ali.

A {working?} example: "Gurdjieff's silence regarding his sources gives birth to a suspicion that he is silent for a reason, because he follows a purely personal goal. This is the very opposite to the accomplishment of a mission. Why would one who fulfills a mission hide his sources? It is perhaps here that is found the meaning of the phrase ''Maybe i stole it...". It could be interpreted as the admission that he was not asked to diffuse this teaching, neither in the East nor in the West. It was a personal initiative on his part, to satisfy a personal interest." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way']. Continued elsewhere. Try ''method'' to see 'it' from different perspectives.

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

Refresher {Part 2}: "The fourth way is sometimes is called the 'way of the sly man'. The 'sly man' knows some secret which the fakir, monk and yogi do not know. How the 'sly man' learned this secret is not known. Maybe he found it in some old books, perhaps he inherited it, perhaps he bought it, or stole it from someone. It makes no difference. The 'sly man' knows the secret and with its help outstrips the fakir, the monk and yogi." ['In Search of the Miraculous'].

The Dogon tribe do the same in relation to their own stories that contain that very same framework...by way of the 'Pale Fox', i.e.,"The fourth Nommo [Nommo being the "collective name for the 'great culture hero' and founder of civilisation". Chapter two, i.e.,trickster character. See P. Radin book for verification]... is the 'naughty' disrupter named Ogo or Nommo Anagonno. As he was about to be finished [being created] he rebelled against his creator and introduced disorder into the universe. Eventually he will become the 'Pale fox'. Which is the image of his fall". [Chapter nine].

The 'leaping' fox as seen on the pillar{s?} at Gobekli-tepe? [Chapter two 'Gobekli Tepe' by A. Collins].

Think about it, in relation to the primary aim/purpose of the 'trickster character'. Any trickster character, of which Hermes and Thoth and therefore by the same implication 'Solomon' are identified with. The result of which, becoming those inspirations/aspirations that could lead to a possible understanding...from a 'fallen' state, [benefit of].

'Hermes The Thief' {the evolution of a myth} by Norman Oliver Brown'.

"Consciousness is that which one carries within oneself, which rules from within to without until it has totally enlightened us, and it never leaves us stranded, regardless of the neglect into which one might have allowed it to fall." ['Journey into the Light'].

Example of same, as shown throughout by Mr R.Temple of the 'Sirius Mystery' fame. Using his knowledge of the Dogon story, to entice the reader to understand that deeper/inner meaning, within the overall subject. This one. His main interest being the geodetic aspect. Latitude and longitude within all landscapes. Showing all those connections between north and south. East and West. In the same 'vein', and with the same intent as Gurdjieff and Plato do... With the reader in mind. Even though he is off the mark; if only for this reader; with his final 'hypothesis'. [Also verified by the author of the 'Cygnus Mystery', page 284].

Latitude/longitude = 'lozenge' ?

As seen from a different perspective: "There was also Tros, the son of Alastor - he came up to Achilles and 'clasped his knees' in the hope that he would spare him and not 'kill' him but let him 'go', because they were 'both' of the same 'age'. The implication behind this last remark is that the personal star of Tros {Cetii} is close to the same altitude in the sky as Sirius, and would have appeared on the horizon visible from Greece at about the time Sirius appeared in the sky." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

Therefore a link in some form {to a representation of something} - by way of - an heliacal rising?


Overlooking Stonehenge from a southern perspective. Male skeleton found - 'Lord of Stonehenge' - Bronze Axe {near left shoulder} / gold plate on chest {lozenge} and coral shafted mace found within..."In some ways the mystery of Stonehenge will not be solved, but every theory gets us that little bit closer..." Quote by Prof. Mike Parker Pearson within the program 'Stonehenge: A Time-watch Guide' / BBC4. UNDERSTAND THIS SUBJECT - TO GET THAT ''LITTLE BIT CLOSER.'' N.B. Djoser's 'Step Pyramid also overlooking {beginning?} from the south. Question. What was found within it?

"The design of the artifact known as the Bush Barrow Lozenge, and the smaller lozenge , has been shown to be based on a hexagon construction. Both the shape and the decorative panels appear to have been created by repeating hexagons within a series of three concentric circles." [Wiki / 'Bush Barrow']. Try among others ''hexagon'' and ''three''.

And/or: "We knew that the lozenge itself was an arcane symbol. The four bounding lines were symbolic of the four elements which according to arcane knowledge, frame the outer structure of the phenomenal world. The space they bound is the Etheric, or life force {'quintessence'}, hidden behind the elemental four. It is a 'space' invisible to ordinary vision...The lozenge is one of the basic symbols of esoteric lore, representing as it does as a sort of doorway into the etheric spiritual world...This symbol of the etheric plane is nowhere no more openly announced than in Notra-Dame, France...A figure is displayed within a huge lozenge, the bounds of which are decorated with small lozenges. Altogether there are 41 lozenges in this single architectural detail..." ['The Zelator'].

Someone closer to the mark; for this reader; using the same knowledge of latitude and longitude within this subjects symbolism will be found with the author Stecchini, as explained within the book 'Secrets of the Great Pyramid' by P. Tompkins.

Analogy? "In practical terms, any journey must take place through some kind of landscape. So the next stage of our practical work with 'magical' images is to use them in a linear way that will take us through an initiatory journey or story. Such journeys are common in all myth and legend..." ['Magical Images and the Magical Imagination' / G. Knight].

The word / name ‘Fulcanelli’ ['ten' letters ], some say is a play on the words Vulcan / Falcon, together with ‘elli’. A beginning / end. Work it out. All symbolic of a ‘beginners’ journey {linear?}. All within one word. Like the words...Blacksmith / Hammer and Anvil. All symbolic within the blacksmiths ‘Apron’. [use the 'find' indicator]. The author of the Zelator suggests something different,

Side note: ''Apron'' in the guise {veil?} of something else? Try ''veil''.

A working example: "...Yet no one prior to Schwaller de Lubicz seems to have asked if the apron had special significance. He carefully measured 72 of these 'aprons' - almost all of them within the covered Temple of Luxor....found to be precise mathematical considerations. ['Serpent in the Sky'].

Define those keys to define something beyond ''mathematical considerations''.

Egyptian equivalent... short 'kilt' worn in the 'sed jubilee' as indicated in 'Shamanic Wisdom in the Pyramid Texts. Mentioned elsewhere. More often than not, made of 'leopard' skin. Use the 'find' tool , to understand why, before asking that bigger question, i.e.,why, why go to all this effort. Ritual? Nothing more?

Vulcan: the patron saint of alchemy, who introduced the same to mankind. Falcon: ''The Lord of the skys.'' Eli: meaning ''Ascent'' or ''Yahweh is the most high god." The author of the Zelator offers a different interpretation by way of the Hebrew word ''Ishon'' and this subjects main representation of the symbolic intent of the ''apple.'' The end result, however, regardless of which interpretation one agrees with; is the same. An understanding of something. That inner one. The micro within the macro.

rr"The Hebrew 'Ishon' means 'dwarf', but in the authorized version of the bible it is translated as 'apple of the eye'. The association is almost certainly linked with the hermetic 'kore' [see part one]. In The Lamentations of Jeremiah [ii, 18], the translation offered is 'let not the apple of thine eye cease', suggesting that the apple of the eye is weeping. However, it could, with a much deeper meaning, be translated, ''let not the small man within cease.'' [Bibliographic notes to the final chapter].

Analogy of same. Kore = "The virgin of the eye is a reference to the Greek Kore, which besides meaning the 'pupil of the eye' also means 'maiden' or 'virgin'. Just so, the English 'pupil' can also mean 'someone who is learning'.

The beginning {''virgin''} of something?

'The Eye of Heart' by Frithjof Schuon.

"But again, the movement runs both ways - for what one surrenders is, mystery, the same as what one gains. The eye which Odin offered to Mimir was a pledge given in exchange for water from the well; but the well itself is also called ''the pledge of Odin.'' Similarly, the Celtic languages can use the same word to mean ''spring'' or ''pool'' and ''eye.'' Thus the famous hot springs at Bath [Aquae Sulis] in Somerset were in Roman times named ''the waters of the eye'': like the Boyne they were sacred to a Goddess, in this case one identified with the Roman Goddess of wisdom, Minerva."[Taken from the chapter, 'The Waters of Vision and the Gods of Skill.' Mentioned elsewhere]. Put ''Minerva'' in the box. Then try ''Boyne.''

'Sulis' a link to the Irish suil, meaning ''eye.''

'The Waters of the Gap: The Mythology of Aquae Sulis' by R. Stewart.

"Dion Fortune's concerns with the Arthurian legend begins and ends at Glastonbury. Here she settled in 1922 at the foot of the Tor, at Chalice Orchard. She celebrated her love of Glastonbury and its legends, in a book called 'Avalon of the Heart,' which she first wrote about in her 'Inner Light' magazine......"

Egyptian equivalent: 'Intelligence of the heart'? Enlarged elsewhere.

path"There are many different 'roads' leading to our English Jerusalem, ''the holyest erthe in England.'' We can approach it by the high road of history, which leads through a rich country......Its influence twines like a golden thread through the story of our Islands. OR we can come to Glastonbury by the upland path of legend. In and out twine the ancient folk stories, full of deep spiritual significance to those whose hearts are turned to their key. AND there is a third way to 'Glastonbury,' one of the secret Green roads of the soul [ or Green Language] - the 'mystic' way that leads through the hidden door [or 'chambers'] into the land known only to the 'eye of vision.' This is 'Avalon of the heart......' [Introduction to the book 'The Arthurian Formula' by D. Fortune and others]. Can you by now see why [as in this example] the author uses such phrases as 'Chalice Orchard' or 'Avalon of the heart.' Can you 'see' that inner meaning?

"Analogy of same; but more KEYS to {contemplate?}..."I saw a building jutting out like a great white ocean liner toward the blue brine, {'horizon' link}. First, speechlessly, then with ''Oh's!'' and ''Ah's!", finally with man's insufficient vocabulary {'gnosis' link, i.e.,what it implies} of joy and gratitude, i examined the Ashram: sixteen unusually large rooms, each one charmingly appointed. The stately central hall, with high ceiling windows, looks out on an altar of grass, ocean and sky: a symphony in emerald, opal and sapphire. A mantel over the huge fire-place of the hall holds pictures of Christ, Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya and Sri Yukteswar; bestowing, i feel, their blessing on this tranquil Western ashram. Directly below the hall, built into the very bluff, two meditation caves confront the infinities of sky and sea. On the grounds are sunbathing nooks, flagstone paths leading to quiet harbours, rose gardens, a eucalyptus grove, and a fruit orchard..." [Extract from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi'. All emphasis - this readers].

West in relation to 'altar'. Grass in relation to emerald and/or Ocean/opal - Sky/sapphire - All of which i.e.,represented within 'gardens and groves' = the ''fruit of ones labours.'' Look up ''16.'' to understand ''its'' implication.

Joyous Garde?

"...but if you are armed with the 'wand' of intuition, the 'cup' of sympathy, the 'sword' of reason and the 'pentacle' of valor, you will find there {the legends say} the Medicine of Metals, the Elixir of Life, the Philosophers Stone, True Wisdom and perfect happiness." [Extract from the book 'The Cosmic Trigger' by R. Wilson. Emphasis, this readers].

''Medicine of Metals'' = 'Metal of the mind'? If so, what represents it And why?

The real questions however remain the same. WHY GO TO ALL THIS EFFORT?


''A special place in hell''? Question. For the Germans or Euro? WATCH THIS SPACE. {edited 8.2.19}.

'The Apples of the Hesperides'. This penultimate labour takes Heracles so close to the center of things that it is sometimes cited as the last labour. However, this is esoterically incorrect, for the final labour must be the harrowing of hell and the overcoming of the powers of Death. To approach the garden in the far West where the Tree of Life grows in the form of an apple tree bearing golden fruit is, however, a similar feat of overcoming natural inner boundaries, the one symbolized in the Old Testament by the angel who prevents mankind returning to the Garden of Eden, the earthly paradise." [Extract from the book 'The Rose Cross and the Goddess: The Quest for the Feminine Eternal Principle' from the chapter entitled 'The Heroic Quest for the Hesperides' by G. Knight].

'The apple of the eye'.

REFRESHER...'Sulis' a link to the Irish suil, meaning ''eye.''

Medway Gap?

And/or: "Here then, is the first twist in the Pilgrim's Way story, because at Farnham, Belloc's prehistoric travellers did not forsake the chalk for the valleys of the River Wey and the Itchen and make for the area around Winchester. Instead, Belloc argues that they kept to the chalk on the higher ground and from Farnham took an ancient trackway that has become known as the Harroway or Hoar Way. The derivation of the name varies greatly depending upon who you refer to. Timperley and Brill suggest it is one of the oldest roads in Britain and refer to it as the Harrow or 'Hard Way'. Jacetta Hawkes believed it to be one of the main east-west thoroughfares used by prehistoric man....It is the Harroway that took Belloc's prehistoric travellers westwards towards Salisbury Plain and Stonehenge. For Salisbury Plain is where all the great chalk ridges of southern England converge....The Harroway served as a key east-west trackway that extended across southern England." [Page 30 'The Pilgrims Way' / Derek Bright].

Question. What would represent south-north or would that be north-south?

Question 2. Recall the substance of 'chalk' I.e., seashells and flint. Something below a 'salty' waterline but NOW above it {'Island'?}. Wet/dry?

'Flint' = the spark of something? With what direction in mind? 'Horizontal or vertical'?

Question 3. Is that {Island} 'floating' or 'fixed'? All as a means to determine a MINDSET?

kkkkAnalogy of same; but now by applying what ''eye'' represents - IN RELATION - to that 'gap'..."When i began drawing the mandalas - i saw that everything; all the paths i had been following; all the steps i had taken - were leading back to a single point - namely to the mid-point. It became increasingly plain to me that the mandala is the center. It is the exponent of all paths. It is the path to the center {horseshoe?} to individuation...I knew that in finding the mandala as an expression of the self, i had attained what was for me, the ultimate. Perhaps someone else knows more, but not me." [C. G. Jung].

Try ''hero'' to see if you personally agree or disagree. On all pages.

'The Well of Memory'... "I am parched with thirst - 'dying.' Drink from me, the eternal spring, on the right by the cypress. Who are you? Where are you from? I am a 'child' of earth and starry heaven, but my race is of heaven." [Same book]. Put ''memory'' in the box. Question. What is the difference between 'starry heaven' and 'heaven' ? Clue....

"I want to know , sir - when shall i see god?"

"You have found him."

three-and-a-half"Oh no, sir, I don't think so!" My Guru was smiling. ''I am sure you aren't expecting a venerable Personage, adorning a throne in some antiseptic corner of the cosmos! I see, however, that you are imagining, that possession of miraculous powers is proof that one has found god. No. One might gain power to control the whole universe - yet find the Lord elusive still. Spiritual advancement is not to be measured by ones displays of outward powers, but solely by the depth of his bliss in mediation. 'Ever new joy, is god. He is inexhaustible'...The starry inscription at one's birth, i came to understand, is not that man is a puppet of his past. Its messages is rather a prod to pride; the very heavens seek to arouse man's determination to be free from every limitation. God created each man as a soul, dowered with individuality, hence essential to the universal structure, whether in the temporary role of pillar or parasite. His freedom is final and immediate, if he so wills; it depends not on outer but inner victories." [Extract from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi'].

''Divine bit'' [awareness of], in relation to ''framework'' relative to cause and effect = freedom of something? i.e., awareness [over a period of time?] = a connection? Link to the word ''grace''.

Analogy of same..."I will present the psychological aspect of the tradition, particular Jungian thinking, and show how it relates to alchemy and, perhaps more importantly initiation - the later a relationship that has not been touched upon by other authors..." [Extract from the book 'The Magister' ].

This web page has ''touched'' on the above - throughout.

Question. Sense / nonsense. A possibility or not?

www (2)A working example?..."To be aware of higher reality while dealing with ordinary reality requires an effort of awareness, detachment, concentration and insight which are the result of long patience. These experiences of vaster consciousness have been tasted by everyone in rare moments of our lives and are reminiscent of the wonder years of childhood. But despite the deep emotion or astonishing joy that accompanies them {eureka moments?}, they are always fleeting, ephemeral, and uncontrollable. The disciplines of the Work eventually make the practitioner receptive to longer, more frequent encounters with these regenerating and illuminating events." ['The Wisdom of the 4th Way']. Continued elsewhere.

Analogy with same intent in mind; with the same aim: "...In taking infinite pains to shroud with mystery His presence in the atoms of creation, the 'creator' could have had but one motive, one sensitive desire: that man seek him only through free will..." As does...

Refresher: " I make no secret whatsoever of the fact that my rather revolutionary model of the atom came to me in a dream.'' Niels Bohr.

"The 'good life' is a process. The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination. The good life constitutes a direction selected by the total organism, when there is psychological freedom to move in ANY direction." [Taken from Part three, 'on matters of existence' from the book, 'Striking Thoughts' { Bruce Lee's Wisdom for Daily Living} by J. Little.

An American / Mongolian student. The archetypal equivalent...that every student aspires to. Attributes of determination / fortitude / discipline / purpose...all forged together within that most important one. The well grounded one, [as well as the obvious intelligence]. Sets off to find the lost tomb of Genghis Khan. Galvanized by the tales told by one of his relations. That their ancestors "had come from the north", [ ‘Lost tomb of Genghis Khan’. National geographic channel. Can also be seen on ‘You tube’ ].

A ‘temple’ structure of some description was finally located within a certain ‘mountain’. just as Khufu-s sarcophagus was found within the kings chamber within that well known similar structure...but no body was found. Or will be found. To find that location, understand this subject.

Picture 340Side note: That structure {i.e.,Kings chamber and/or 'room'?} that seems to be constructed differently from the norm as described in such works as 'Pyramid of Secrets' - in relation to: "A few days later our master left us. He died in his room below the loft, its floor newly sprung on wire cable supports. Almost immediately, we had an insight into that curious image of Vivien and Merlin that had been conjured by the doors. Our wizard master had been in the well - in the room beneath the loft - and was already on the point of death. What strange previsions are called forth from a Fool on the path. Is the sting of 'death' {uraeus link} meant for those who die, or for those who remain behind? This was the question we would ask ourselves...Perhaps the 'poison' in the sting {'Scorpion'?} is that so much remains behind, reminding one of what has been lost. Many of his words still echoed in our mind, and his example still guided our footsteps - at least as an ideal if not as an actual practiced reality...He seemed to live in our 'heart', and even in our head, in that incessant chatter which, we learn in the Schools, is the excrement of thought...Venus is called the planet of 'love' by those who do not know about the Mysteries', he had said..." Continued elsewhere. ['The Zelator'. All emphasis, this readers].

Refresher: "Everyone has an internal thought process: that silent other self who speaks to you; the one you debate with."

Question. 'Kings chamber'. Top/down or bottom/up as a means...?

Refresher: "Whether our master had in mind an intentional symbolism in this request to clear out the upper room, we shall never know. We had realized some considerable time ago that the main impediment to our spiritual development lay in our untrained thinking, as much as the accumulation of debris in our minds..." [same book]. Try ''Herod'' to see something from the alternative point of view.

Upper room of the last supper?

6e329d14-103a-4ac1-8e4c-d288acbdbb99.grid-6x2[1] (3)

Herod's deliberately smashed 'red' coffin - reassembled. Question. Rose? Other clues elsewhere.

Something to ponder on: "Lucius had known from the very beginning of his affliction - that if only he could eat a rose, then he would return to his human condition. Now, an initiate priest in the processional {prepared for such action by the goddess} holds towards the ass a bunch of roses. The Golden Ass, rich with all the knowledge and suffering he has gained through his bestial servitude, eats the roses, and is transformed, as in a miracle, back into the 'higher' man." [Same book].

''Upper'' in relation to ''higher'' and/or ''rose'' in relation to ''Rostau''? Enlarged elsewhere.

Rostau in relation to the Osiris shaft. Understanding that, gives clues as to a possible location.

N.B. Osiris = God of the Moon. OR MORE IMPORTANTLY - WHAT THE 'moon' REPRESENTS.

"Those who read the wild Latin of Lucius Apulcius would have known that the Latin for rose, {Ros}, was also the name used for the dew - fall from 'Heaven,' the secret liquor of the Moon, which was one of the mysteries of the Ros-icrucians." [Notes for the  above paragraph. Same book].

Question. Is the ''rose'' OR ''dew-fall'' REPRESENTED within the Giza complex?

'See' it?

J[b]...The true identity of Fulcanelli.

J[c]....The connection between the 'Tetragrammaton', [YHWH ], of Kabbalah fame. Part explanation of which can be found in such books as ‘Garden of Pomegranates’. By Israel Regardie, [or even Wikipedia, i.e.,'to be'...'to exist'... by way of an 'understanding'...that inner one]... and the Hebrew settlement on Elephantine Island / Egypt. Why was it that those Hebrews only used the first three letters [YHW.]...purposely?, [i.e., in correspondence. ‘The Elephantine papyri in English over 3000 years'. By B. Porten ].

Joyous Garde?

"Perhaps the most fascinating question is that of religion. It is not surprising that the Arameans at Syene had shrines to their gods, but the presence of a Jewish Temple to YHW at Elephantine was quite unexpected. When and why was it established?" ['Archives from Elephantine' / B. Porten].


'Hand' of the elephant. Think about it relative to ''Hand of the Lion." And/or claw {hand?} of the eagle? {Sea eagle?}. And/or Claw of Scorpius. and/or Paws of the Sphinx - especially in relation to the Dream {archetypal?} Stele. And/or Hooves of the deer? And/or Hand of Bootes? {Part 4}.

Why did they omit that final letter. What did they know? i.e., once understood it explains why it was the only 'Temple' to be 'officially acknowledged' outside of Jerusalem. That relationship with ISAIAH 19:19. It also ties in and 'connects' the three major re-ligions, to the ''pagan'' one i.e.,ancient Egyptian, [ i.e.,this subject, especially in relation to 'King-ship', of which some believe our modern concepts of ''morality'' originated from] - Islam, Hebrew , and Christianity. The clue lies in the letter ‘H’. Notice that there are two. It represents or is symbolic of a window / gateway / doorway..etc. Not literal, i.e., no ‘Astral porthole’. Symbolic only, i.e., Gateway to the heart. Window to the soul etc. Indicative of that development. In relation to a ‘journey’. REPRESENTATION OF.

Question. What is the difference between Altar of Witness and/or Altar of Sacrifice?

"It should be observed that when we treat in this work of any homonym { 'keys'/'signs'}, we do not desire you to confine yourself to that which is stated in that particular chapter; but we open for you a portal and direct your attention to those significations of the word which are suited to our purpose...." [Page 21 'The Guide for the Perplexed' / Moses Maimonides].

Side note: "If in the Old Kingdom of Egypt - Alkaid was thought of as 'the leader' of the constellation of the Bull's Thigh, and if Alkaid was referred to at Denderah - then what has puzzled the Egyptologists makes perfect sense as 'the leader of the constellation of the thigh - that is - the Hoof....Alkaid the ''handle'' star {or the ''hoof'' star of the bulls leg}..." [Page 122, 'Imhotep the African'].  Question. What represents the 'head'.

''To walk with'' something. Hand in hand?

'Discworld' by T. Pratchett.

'Elephant in the Dark'  By ?

A side step: "Sometimes YHWH comes first, and is followed by Adonoy. An example of this is the verse, ''YHWH Adonoy is my 'strength', he makes my feet like hinds {'doe'}." [Page 133, 'Meditation and Kabbalah']. Try part 4.

"There on a limestone stela, this new kingdom pharaoh refers to the Sphinx under the names Hor-em-Akhet and Horakhti, and also makes a direct reference to the Giza pyramids which - to the annoyance of Egyptologists - he does not ascribe to his fourth dynasty predecessors Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure, but rather nominates as 'the pyramids of Hor-em-Akhet' {Horus in the horizon}. The clear implication is that in Amenhotep's time - there existed no historical archives, nor even any tradition, that linked the pyramids with the obvious three pharaohs...Chronologically, the next inscription referring to the Sphinx occurs on the famous 'Dream Stela'...found in a standing position {'vertical'?} between the paws of the Sphinx {'horizontal'?}: 'Behold, thou me. See thou me my son Thutmosis. I am - Hor-em-Akhet...who will give you my kingdom on earth..." ['The Magicians of the Gods'].

"Consciousness is represented by the horizon..." ['The 12 Astrological Houses: The Way of Creative {anima?} Accomplishment' / Dane Rudhyar].

Question. If the pyramids {and therefore Orions belt , i.e.,indicative of achieving something,i.e., 'under his belt'} - links up to 'Horus in the horizon' - then where would be the representation - within a landscape - of 'Horus of the horizon' ?

And/or: {refresher}: "We have come now to our study in Libra, which the sun enters at the fall equinox."

Leo/Virgo in relation to Libra. First six signs below the 'horizon'. Later six above it.

Refresher: "In Leo and Virgo lay now the long forgotten asterism Fahne, of which Ideler wrote: 'The Flag is a constellation of the heavens, one part in Leo, one part in Virgo. Has many stars. On the iron {the arrowhead of the staff} in front one; on the flag two; on every fold of the flag, one...Brown repeats a Euphratean inscription: 'The constellation of the 'Yoke' - 'like a flag floated' - although he claims no connection here, and associates the Yoke with Capricorn." [Page 255 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

Try ''Pennant''. Part 3.

Interpret those keys to 'see' / connect {yoke?} something further - in relation to the Giza complex. And/or Homers Secret Illiad.

Refresher: "Canis Major {The Great Dog} of the southern heavens - and thus Canis Australior, lies immediately to the southeast of Orion, cut through its center by the Tropic of Capricorn, and with its eastern edge on the Milky Way." [Page 117, same book].

"The term 'Lord of Hosts' , NOT found in the papyri, occurs in fragmentary contexts IN three ostrca. In two of these, it appears in the salutation, 'May the lord of hosts, seek your welfare at all times'....The third term appears in a contract dated December 12, 402, more than eight years after the destruction of the temple. Tamut, Ananiah's wife is called ''yhnh OF yhw the god who dwells IN the fortress of Elephantine." [Same book, i.e., by B. Porten].

Question. Any coming together of planets on that day?

qenaSomething to ponder on: "Very frequent mention was made of this constellation in early days, for the Platonists held that souls of men, when released from corporeity, ascended to heaven through its stars, whence it was called the Gate of The Gods {'H'?}; their road of descent having been through Cancer. But some of the Orientals knew it as the Southern Gate of the Sun {'Ascendant'?}, as did the Latins in their altera Solis Porta. Berossos is reported by Seneca to have learned from the old books of Sargon  that the world would be 'destroyed' by a great conflagration when all the planets met in this sign." [info., on 'Capricorn' within the book 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

Side note: Question. Many wonder why no artifacts have 'surfaced' over the years {centuries?} in regards to grave goods of many Pharaohs - especially those that represent the Giza complex {Rostau?}. Main answer given = tomb robbers. Purely as a hypothetical exercise; if such grave sites had been plundered what would have been done with the artifacts - i.e.,melted down / private collections / some most likely kept? - surely by now over the {centuries?} something should have come to light {other than one small figurine of Khufu - for the hardnutz enthusiast i.e.,but as they know - or should know - that small figure is not 'grave goods'}.

continued....At least {according to the Law of Averages?}  one or two items should by now  have surfaced, i.e.,could everything have been melted down? The obvious answer is NO - not everything {i.e.,gems/jewels not to mention the larger items etc.,}. The Statute of Limitations surely rules out the other two. Someone by now would have least TRIED - as the fraudsters have already PROVEN {i.e.,they could sense that 'weakness' in the market - due to that time period - that then allowed them to TRY}. As for the third option - maybe nothing has come to 'light' SIMPLY because they are all still buried?

Question. In a singular spot/location {'sacrifice'}- for each individual - or in the 'collective' sense of the word  {'witness'}?: i.e., which of those possible 'locations' would something least {most?} likely be found accidently?

Question 2. When ALL THE AVAILABLE information is assessed. What does that Kingly Principle that goes by the nickname of Occam's Razor say?

"How the elephant got into my pajamas I'll never know." [Marx - Animal crackers].


Maester's = ''Knights of the mind''. Question. Does he like his 'porridge'? {inside joke by Norman Stanley}.


"Political considerations have led to the suggestion that the Elephantine Jewish community was established during the reign of Manasseh. Religious considerations suggest that the Jewish Temple was also built during his reign. Manasseh ruled for 55 years - the longest of any Israelite king. The one outstanding feature of his reign was his many pagan innovations. These included the erection of altars to the host of heaven...and the establishment of a graven image of Asherah...These acts brought on prophesies that the Lord himself would destroy Jerusalem....It may be surmised that priests as well as prophets opposed his paganism. Some of these priests fled to Egypt, joined the Jewish garrison at Elephantine, and there, inspired by the prophecy of a pillar to the Lord at the border of Egypt, erected the Temple to YHW..." ['Book by B. Porten].

Coincidence or a synchronistic one? Try 'Ash-erah'' and/or ''Saturn'' for something extra.

It may also ''be surmised'' that all concerned {i.e.,Manessah and his most trusted high priests} knew something. Subject material? After all we are back to the original question. Mr Porten believes that STILL missing 'H' to be: "It is likely that the inner most sanctuary contained a sacred pillar, as did the inner sanctum of the Israelite Temple at Arad."

So the question is. Did that temple go by the 'name' YHWH or YHW?

Synchronistic{?}: "In exile, Ezekiel said the Lord was to Israel a ''reduced sanctuary'' {'H'?}." Same book.

Side note: "Among the Jews it was the tribal symbol of Ephraim and Manasseh, from Jacob's last words to their father Joseph, ''his bow abode in strength.'' ['Sagittarius' from the book 'Star Names and their Meaning'].



The Nights Watch. At the extremes {borders} of the 'earth'?

Postscript: "The repentant Manasseh was restored to his kingdom and started to rebuild Judah militarily (2 Chronicles 33:14), and he also began to institute religious reforms. “He got rid of the foreign gods and removed the image from the temple of the Lord, as well as all the altars he had built on the temple hill and in Jerusalem; and he threw them out of the city. Then he restored the altar of the Lord and sacrificed fellowship offerings and thank offerings on it, and told Judah to serve the Lord, the God of Israel” (2 Chronicles 22:15–16).

Even though Manasseh had a personal conversion, he was never able to lead Judah out of the sin that he had previously led them into. They did not follow him in his reforms. The people continued in their idolatry (2 Chronicles 33:17), and, when Manasseh died, his son Amon “did evil in the eyes of the Lord, as his father Manasseh had done." Amon worshiped  and offered sacrifices to all the idols Manasseh had made. But unlike his father Manasseh, he did not humble himself before the Lord” (2 Chronicles 33:22–23).

Manasseh is a tragic figure in Scripture. Although he repented of his sin, he was unable to undo the damage he had done to the nation or to his own son who followed him. Manasseh demonstrates that, while any sin may be forgiven when we repent, forgiveness does not necessarily remove the natural consequences that flow from disobedience." [Wiki].

Amon in relation to Amun? As a means...?

Side note: "In the succession of Celtic kingship, it is the king's nephew, not the king's son, who has precedence. The blood of the mother, not the father, confers royal status, hence the kings sister produces the heir. Matrilinear succession is clearly an ancient practice...." [Page 77 'Mabon and the Mysteries of Britain'].


Refresher: "While it would be a gross simplification to identify the Native Tradition with the feminine, and the Hermetic with the masculine, there is a symbolic truth to be uncovered here {'naked'?}." [Page 142 'The Western Way' Vol 1].

4-cornersA working example?: "The first world was Tokpela {'Endless Space'}. But first, they say, there was only the creator, Taiowa. All else was endless space. There was no beginning and no end, no shape, no life. Just an immeasurable void that had its beginning and end, time, shape, and life in the mind of Taiowa the creator. Then he, the infinite, conceived the finite. First he created Sotuknang to make it manifest, saying to him: 'I have created you, the first power {energy?} and instrument as a person, to carry out my plan for life in endless space . I am your 'Uncle'. You are my Nephew. Go now and lay out these universes in proper order so they may work harmoniously with one another according to my plan." [First para, first page, first chapter 'The Book of the Hopi' / Frank Waters].

And/or: ’'A symbol is an energy-evoking and direct agent’'  { J. Campbell }.

Continued: Postscript: Regardless of that final statement {opinion?} - it does not change that original question, in relation to {one?} of those universal constants. Those 'constants' that can be  attempted to be defined by all and sundry. Kings, Queens and commoners alike.  And if, while understanding the 'mind set' of such individuals - discoveries are made - whether on paper or {say} within a landscape - then such ''tragic figures'' will no longer remain tragic? Try ''Saturn'' to understand why.


Synchronistic? Try ''semi-circle'' and/or ''Janus''.

And/or: "The symbol for Uranus looks like a complex television aerial standing on a globe, but some interpretations merely point to the capital 'H' of Hershel, the planet's discoverer. Perhaps these are escapes from the complexity of the make-up of the symbol itself. The cross of matter stands on the circle of spirit like the old Mars glyph, but two separated, outward facing semi-circles are also attached. They may be two soul receptors 'feeding' higher knowledge into the material cross elevated on spirit, or perhaps the soul half-circles are Janus faced, suggesting a sacred doorway to new and unexpected levels of understanding. There is no single correct explanation, but meditation on the possibilities can lead to intuitive perception of deeper meaning." ['How to Interpret a Birth Chart' / M. Freeman].

CONTINUED:  Neanderthal skeletons found in a cave in Mercia - S/E Spain - First known burial - with the 'paw of a panther'. {Eden/satellite program. 'Decoding Neanderthal'}.

Analogy? { in the modern sense of the word}: "I very nearly paid the ultimate price when PTSD took over as i desperately clawed my way out of that dark place. I was extremely lucky to get the help i needed to recover, focused on getting my body fit and allowing my mind to regain its strength. As i move into a new chapter of my life, blindfolded as to what the normal world has to offer, i will take the same relentless drive into anything and everything i do, to show my family that anything is possible...." [Final page 'Soldier Spy' / T. Marcus].

Mayan equivalent = the claws of a jaguar?


S/E - N/W?

And/or: "Remembering that the great temple of Edfu in Upper Egypt was dedicated to the god Horus, who was sometimes depicted as a falcon and sometimes as a lion, it is intriquing to discover that the very name 'Sacsayhuaman', means Falcon {specifically 'Satisfied Falcon'}. Furthermore, it has long been recognised that Sacsayhuaman {'head'} forms part of a large geoglyph, once visible from surrounding mountain peaks, in which it combines with the oldest quarters of Cuzco {'Rock of the Owl'}, to form the shape of an immence feline - Puma {'panther'?}, the closest creature in the America's to the old world lion. The river Tullumayo used to serve as its spine. The torso was the spit of land between Tullumayo to the east and the river Huatnay to the west...The snout facing due west, the direction of the equinox sunset, just as the Sphinx of Giza faces due east, the direction of the equinox sunrise.'' ['Magicians of the Gods'].

dionysos and panther

Dionysos 'riding' {in control of?} a panther. Sometimes shown in a chariot drawn by a pair of same. Pine cone staff. Mother Semele {mortal} of Thebes...Anything?

Analogy {now in the ancient sense of the 'word'}: "The further back we go in our search for the origins and meaning of the Moon Goddess {i.e.,the author defines that as the 'archetypal foundation of feminine psychology {principle?} - AND/OR  'the inner development of the emotional realm' / S/E?} - the nearer do we come to the 'animal' concept. Hecate {mentioned elsewhere} was once known, in the dim past, as the three headed hound of the moon. Artemis was a bear; Isis was Hathor the Cow goddess. Cybele was once a lioness or a lion headed goddess...In later centuries of the Egyptian worship of Osiris {therefore Isis related} - it was said that Apis, the bull, was the spirit of Osiris {hint, hint - see it?}. This saying gives a direct clue to the EVOLUTION of the religious thought...The animal attendants and animal emblems surrounding the goddess in her shrines must have constantly reminded the worshippers of later days, of those 'wilder' aspects of her nature from which she had partly evolved...They were still kept near to her, for she could not be comprehended except in the light of her past...The Bear {as one example}, indeed, represents the fierce and terrible aspect of the 'goddess' {i.e.,anima/animus?} herself, which not only creates but destroys life. Later the two aspects of the goddess became partially differentiated and separated,  so that in the famous sculpture {as one example} of 'The Mourning Aphrodite of Lebanon', the animal in this case a boar {'Hog'?} instead of a bear, is killing the 'youthful' Adonis, while Aphrodite laments in deepest grief. Yet the boar, is also Aphrodite herself...The psychological meaning of this gradual change in 'form' is clear. In extremely early days, before civilization had progressed far, feminine instinct was perceived as entirely animal. Then the fierceness of the mothers care for her young and the voracity of her lust for the male in the mating season were the most obvious and dominant characteristics of beast and woman alike...The frequent occurrence of crimes of passion bears witness to the panther like qualities which feminine instinct may develop when frustrated...    As civilizations progressed, however, women began developing something nearer akin to the emotion which we call love {'Eros'}, and the goddess of women rose gradually above her animal nature...This rapacious aspect of the moon goddess is represented by the lion or panther; her maternal and nurturing aspect by the cow, whose horns suggest the 'horned moon'..." ['Women's Mysteries: Ancient and Modern'].  Try ''deer'' for a connection in ALL cultures.

Question. Matriarch / Patriarch?

Question 2. Those images {archetypes?} that form that ''foundation'' . Which comes first - images that define the psyche or vise versa?

'The Station of the Sun' / R. Hutton.

"And so we turn again to the ancient differentiation of male and female, arising from the depths of the unconscious in the form of symbols whose eternal reality is still exemplified to us in our everyday experience of the Great Light which rules the day of reason and intellect, and the Lesser Light which rules the night of instinct and the shadowy perceptions of the inner intuitive world...The feminine principle or Eros is represented with the moon and the masculine principle or Logos is represented by the sun." ['Women's Mysteries'].

Question. Distinction between Cro-Magnon man and Neanderthal? If so, does that help in answering the question as to why one outlasted the other? i.e.,"The Neanderthal story goes to the heart of who we are today...I think they had language, whether it was similar to ours, one cannot say...The hallmark of our species is the age old affinity for art, ritual and adornment...Neanderthals thought of as less intelligent...One example is the way people use symbols...Neanderthal 'symbols' found in France/Spain/ Gibraltar...Red Ochre tipped bones from birds of prey - that were not used as food - used as crayons. Horse bones also used... Offers a glimpse into Neanderthal minds...Sea shells {oysters} used...Individual {'young girl'} found beneath rocks {limestone base}, purposely left in 'sleeping position'...Near the girls body found fossilized pair of panther paws...Whether their sending messages is debatable...['Decoding Neanderthals' / PBS America]. Try ''Neanderthal'' and/or ''Kerenyi''.

Refresher: "...to turn the clock back 25,000 or 50,000 years in order to join the presumed moment when an anthropoid opened the path toward a Homo sapiens capable of coordinating his thoughts...As to the history of the origin and becoming of thinking man..." ['Sacred Science: The King of Pharaonic Theocracy' / R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz].

'The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind' / J. Jaynes.

Side note: What do 'hands' {of any description} represent - if only in the context of this subject material? Try ''Chaco''

"A long standing puzzle in the Iliad has been why Homer sometimes refers to horses as being 'single hooved' or 'single footed'. An ingenious literary explanation has proposed that horses are 'single footed' in that they do not have cloven hoofs. A more likely explanation is to be found in the skies, with the ancient Greek observers comparing the movement of the stars across the heavens with horses galloping across the field of 'battle' - single hooved horses indicating single stars...Nor is the comparison of horses with stars confined to the Iliad: in parts of more northern Europe , stars were believed to be 'steeds' tethered to the pole star." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

''Single'' in relation to: "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be 'single', thy whole body shall be filled with light", [Matthew 6:22].

Side note: Something to ponder on: ''Today the local Arabs call the spot where the temple of Heliopolis stood as El Massalah, the Obelisk...The few remaining artefacts are strewn outside a rickety wooden shed within a large open rectangular space known as Tel el Hisn - the Hill of the Horse..." [Chapter One, 'Imhotep the African' /  R. Bauval].

The 'Horseman's Word' ?

"The metal worker knows the mystery of 'fire' transmutation. The tinker and jobbing blacksmith knows the mystery of metal and has the horseman's word - the means of controlling animals, the lingua franca {i.e., a 'bridge' language} or shelta {i.e., 'cant' language} of all smiths. And as such people were under the patronage of the goddess Brigid, so the alchemist pays careful attention to the service of the Anima Mundi of Our Lady Earth. The alchemist was the midwife and priest of transmutation...." [Page 203 'The Western Way'. Vol 2].

Stallion or Mare?

Continued: ''Body'' in relation to: " In the old symbol of the chariot, the horses of the senses are to be held back [ nigrihita] by the reins of the mind, but it is not intended that they be unyoked from the chariot or that their movement should be stopped altogether..." Enlarged elsewhere.

''...tethered to the pole star'' = 'Straining {stretching?} at the reins'' to fulfill a purpose AND/OR 'pulling in the reins' when needed to fulfill it? Therefore ''single footed'' = 'Step by step' AND/OR  'Slow but steady' ? i.e.,the 'Royal Way'?

Top/down - bottom/up?

Try ''Hippo'' to see something in the Egyptian sense of the word on ALL pages.

"Neophyte grade {MThIHD} ; meaning 'converted'. The root of the word 'converted', other than its obvious usage in religious terminology, is 'to turn around'. It signifies a turning around of attention to that which is not apparent. It is when the person in Plato's cave first wonders about the shadows on the wall and turns around to see from where they are being cast. This begins a new phase in their life, hence 'Neophyte', one 'new' to that direction...The word MThChIL is also similar to MThIChH meaning 'stretched', 'extended'. The conversion or transformation that goes on at Neophyte is one where the person is stretched...Interesting by gematria, the word has the value of 488 , the same value as PhThCh, meaning 'gate, 'entrance' 'insight'. " [Extract from the book 'The Magister' ]. Try ''gate'' and/or ''door''.

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

'Flight of foot' ? Try ''deer'' {hooves of?} - for that ''inner'' take of things - BEFORE deciding one way or the other. Janus link?

'In two minds'.

Side note: Stone carving found in Egypt {Amarna?} - depicting King Tut striking {''smiting''} a 'two-headed' figure. Back to back. ['King Tut unwrapped' / Disc. History Channel]. Coincidence or a meaningful one? Try ''Janus''.

Side step: "In Latin a pearl was 'unio' , because as Pliny writes, it is 'the unique gem', or because pearls are only found singly...Oysters open and shut like doors [folding doors in English were once called 'bivalves'], and the open shell of an oyster looks like the number 8." [Taken from the book 'The Book of Babel'. Mentioned elsewhere].

And/or: {i.e.,something that can be worked out}: "The first key to the text {i.e.,Unas} is the significance of Ba-bi. As is so often the case with complex but vital symbols of Egypt, Ba-bi has both positive and negative aspects. He is called upon to protect Unas. Elsewhere he is both respected and feared as 'bull of the baboons' and 'chief of the apes'...In any case it is Ba-bi who possesses the power to open the doors, or shutters of heaven. If a literal translation upon an esoteric basis for the whole sequence existed, it might be possible to explain precisely what is meant. As it stands, an informed surmise is the best that is possible. Draw back the bolt; i.e.,the 'phallus' of Ba-bi is withdrawn, hence the power of generation is suspended, which in turn means the need for reincarnation is voided, opening the gates to heaven, the reunion with the source...Ba-bi is associated with the 'bolt' that serves as hypostasis, or essence of the 'phallus' of Ba-bi...Called 'guardian of the banks of the lake of fire'; he feeds upon 'the overturned', the fallen, the enemies of Osiris. As guardian of the Lake of fire he may be found between Crocodilopolis and Heracleopolis, sight of the battles between Set and Osiris." [Pages 140-142 'Serpent in the Sky']. Recall the 'bolt' in the ''ascending passage''.

Persephone and Hades? [Page 35 'The Western Way'. Vol 2].

REFRESHER: "The same myth also provides insight into the two paths or ways of 'salvation'. The Way of Osiris and the Way of Horus. The former is the way of 'reincarnation', of progressive dissolutions linked only by the generative principle; the latter is the direct path; that of the warrior of the spirit, out to subdue the enemy within himself by his own efforts." [Page 129 'Serpent in the Sky'].

"The Ferryman is familiar to us now, as Saint George, as Edward, and all their predecessors. Even Baring-Gould was bold enough to identify him with Charon, the classical Ferryman of souls. The sixth sphere [This author identifies that to the Hebrew tree of Life, i.e.,the heart] - is linked with the sun or Principle of harmony and beauty. In Celtic tradition the sun was said to be the sum of the blazing souls of ancestors in paradise. This is the realm of the saviour ['six' was the crucifix] and of the Archangel Michael, whose place in myth has already been touched upon. The ancient sacrificial king operated spiritually from this sixth sphere as a 'mediator' of the power of the mother goddess. Christ, the 'son of' god, should be positively identified here, with all the other "sons of light" through the ages, and by analogy with the sun of our solar system around which the planets revolve. Nowadays this concept could also be applied to the structure of the atom, and still hold good. The Sepher Yetzirah gives 'six' as - 'He sealed the Abyss, he turned downward and sealed it with YVH'. This YVH is part of the holy name of god, reputed to have 'magical' powers, but actually a scientific codification of metaphysics. The Abyss is that great unknown gap between 'heaven' and earth, the 'river' which the dead have to cross, spanned by the razor-edged bridge of fairy lore [or the eye of the needle parlance. This readers input] - or crossed by the 'vessel' of the Ferryman." [Taken from 'Where is Saint George' by R. Stewart].

Refresher: " I make no secret whatsoever of the fact that my rather revolutionary model of the atom came to me in a dream.'' Niels Bohr.

As seen from a different perspective: "The Music of the Spheres gives us an insight into the cosmic order which is far more than mere planetary correspondence. If we skilfully strike the seven stringed lyre of our being, we resonate with the Music of the Spheres so that microcosm and macrocosm sound in harmony: 'Were it not for the order of the music hidden we should be claimed by the 'void', writes Ronald Duncan. The seven strings of the lyre correspond indeed to the seven planets....A hypothetical 'eighth sphere' was envisaged to correspond to the octave whereby the scale of creation is closed." [Page 142 'The Western Way'. Vol 2].

Side note: ''Edward the second was a cool guy. Enjoyed hanging out with stonemasons and carpenters. Spent all the time he could on thatching roofs." George Martin. {Game of Thrones}.

'Bridging the Gap: How the Seven Bridge was Built'.

Needle? {Game of Thrones}.

'Needles of Ur'? [Page 268. Douglas Monroe. {+ for further reference 79/112} ].

''Eagles Claw''? Enlarged elsewhere.

REFRESHER: As seen from a different {perspective?}: "A single obsessional idea runs through all my work: the paradoxical nature of freedom...The trouble is the narrowness of consciousness. It is as if you tried to see a panoramic scene through cracks in a high fence, but were never allowed to look over the fence and see it as a whole." ['The Occult' and 'Beyond the Occult' by C. Wilson].

''Over the fence'' in relation to that framework ?

"But what is central about the story is not that it is factual but that it is true. In other words the story of Exodus is a story that embodies some of the deepest and profoundest truths of the human condition : What it is to be in the 'wilderness'. What it is to hope for the 'promised' land. What it is to escape 'slavery' - and to be both bewildered and exhilarated by the prospect of freedom. This is a story that's a 'sacred' story i.e.,inspired by 'god'. So the story of Exodus can be a story by which we read our lives even if there were not 600,000 that left Egypt - or even 5 - or even none." Rabbi David Wolpe. [Satellite TV. Emphasis, this readers].

Side note. ''Inspired'' in relation to Part 1. And/or what ''six'' represents.

shape"Six, the number of the material world and therefore of time and space, is the number chosen by the Egyptians to symbolize temporal and spacial phenomena...Volume requires six directions of extension to define it: up and down, backwards and forwards, left and right. So in Egypt, the cube, the perfect six sided figure, was used as the symbol for actualization in space; the cube is the symbol for volume. Pharaoh sits squarely upon his throne, which is a cube...Six is also symbolized by the Hexagon...In Egypt, Schwaller de Lubicz found that the dimensions of certain specific halls of the Temple of Luxor were determined by the geometric gereration of the Hexagon FROM the pentagon. This is a symbolic expression of the materialisation of matter from the spiritual creative act..." ['Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt' / J. West].  Think about it relative to that universal ''bit''.


pentagramRefresher: The 56 Aubrey holes together with..."Eleven is the number of 'Magic' and the great work. It is the conjunction and equilibrium of the Pentagram {5} and Hexagram {6}. The name Hoor-Pa-Kraat has eleven letters {Greek = Harpocrates}. Eleven is also the number of letters in ABRAHADABRA, the Great Word of Magick, which represents the formula and accomplishment of the Great work...For it is the true law which unites the Micro with the Macro; the Pentagram and the Hexagram, or the Rose and Cross of Light and Life." [Extract from the book 'The Cosmic Trigger'].

aurigaAnd/or: "The second theme concerns Auriga as Nestor's regiment, with his 'five' captains designated as the constellation's five brighter stars, his cowardly troops in the center and brave foot soldiers in the rear, all of whom are led across the sky by two 'chariots' at the front..." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

A side STEP: 'Mindfulness' by Mark Williams. ''Old wisdom for modern times.'' Quote on the same [BBC World Service. March 2015]. Today's new 'fad' on those ancient principles of Buddhism. Or more importantly what this subject has always referred to as 'meditation.' Its true intent. Both 'inner' and 'outer' Benefit of. The result of both however becomes the same - an understanding of the 'self'. The Micro within the Macro.

"You can't stop the triggering of unhappy memories, negative self talk and judgmental ways of thinking - but what you can stop is what happens next. You can stop the vicious cycle from feeding off itself and triggering the next spiral of negative thoughts. And you can do this by harnessing an alternative way of relating to yourself and the world. The mind can do so much more than simply analyse problems with its Doing mode, [the author defines that 'mode' with automatic / habitual thinking,i.e.,without taking 'time out' to reassess in the present moment]. The problem is that we use the Doing mode so much, we can't see that there is an alternative. Yet there is another way. If you stop and reflect for a moment, [i.e.,the ''present'' one. This readers input] - the mind just doesn't think. It can also be aware that it is thinking. This form of pure awareness allows you to experience the world directly. It's bigger than thinking. Its unclouded by your thoughts, feelings and emotions. It's like a high mountain - a vantage point - from which you can see everything from many miles around, [the author defines that state of thinking as ''Being'' mode. This subject defines it as ''Guardian of the Gate'']. Pure awareness transcends thinking. It allows you to step outside the chattering negative self-talk and your reactive impulses and emotions. It allows you to look at the world once again with open eyes. And when you do so, a sense of wonder and quiet contentment begins to reappear in your life." [Chapter 2, 'Mindfulness' by M. Williams and D. Penman]. Think about it - mountain/valley - higher/lower - subjective / objective - with an understanding in mind - both inner and outer - micro and macro - in relation to the full / whole 'journey'. For a further head scratch compare {i.e.,alternative 'viewpoint'} to the ''Arthur'' information in Part 1. Then try ''notch'' and ''angle'' - all pages.

'Still waters run deep,' i.e., and /or ''...quiet contentment'' ?

"Being. Being is. Being is in-itself. Being is what it is. Being includes both Being in-itself and Being-for-itself, but the later is the annihilation of the former. As contrasted with existence, Being is all-embracing and objective, rather than individual and subjective." [Taken from the chapter 'Relation and Reciprocity' from the book 'The Fine Structure Constant: Philosophical Explorations via A Poetics of Consciousness' by Keith Whittingslow].

'Being' in relation to an understanding - within the whole. As ''A Means'' to perceive something. Representation of. This readers input.

Question. Coincidence or a meaning full one?

"......obedience to the voice of the Great Teacher in his heart. That soundless voice, speaking within his heart, drowns for him all the clamourous judgements of the world. Listening ever to the Voice of that inner Lord, he pursues his way, unperturbed as the earth is unperturbed, firm as a pillar, clear as a waveless lake." [ Chapter 12, 'The Yoga of the Bhagavat Gita']. That link to the ''teacher'' of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Explained within.

'Still waters run deep,' i.e., and /or ''...quiet contentment''?

"Patience is a garment which has never worn out." {Akhlaq-i-Mohsini}. [Taken from the book 'The Dermis Probe' by I. Shah].

''Patience is the mother of will. If you have no mother, how can you be born?" Gurdjieff.

"The aim of spiritual 'exercises' [and/or study. This readers input] is depth. It is necessary to become 'deep', to be able to attain experience and knowledge of profound things... [as it is in any subject material]. And it is symbolism which is the language of depth - thus arcana, expressed by symbols, are both the means and the aim..."[Taken from the book by Tomberg].

"The word 'spiritual' should be associated with the word 'eyes'. This is a reference to the eyes of the mind or heart. To see is to understand." [From the book by T. Nottingham].

images[3]Further information...'The Hiram Key'/Knight and Lomas. Chapter seven. Sometimes represented as an obelisk; as with the ancient Egyptians. Or as with the Hebrew equivalent...A Pillar. As in the two pillars. Left and Right, outside ’Solomons temple’, [explained elsewhere, i.e.,to ''establish'' something as a focal point for an understanding -'depth'- to take place. Representation of]. Book of same. ’The Obelisks of Egypt’. By L. Habachi. Hindu equivalent = Pravritti / Nivritti...in that ‘inner’ sence, [ Bede Griffiths book. Mentioned elsewhere ]. That same 'development' that is represented; in the main; with a ‘serpent’, [explained elsewhere].

The 'unfinished' Obelisk found in the granite quarries in Aswan.  A 'crack' along its length. If and when erected it would have been the 'tallest' ever. Crack in relation to ''fall.'' Tallest in relation to ''highest.'' North in relation to South. That which was ''lost'' has the possibility to be found.  Put ''unfinished'' in the usual box.

'The Unfinished Universe' by L. B. Young.

A serpent by the way...that has no relevance or connection to Mr Ickes ‘Reptilian hypothesis’. Mr Icke is aware of this subject as proven by his internet site. Especially in relation to his ‘attempt’ of understanding the subject of Freemasonry. As does one of his recommended colleagues... P. Sabak. 'The Murder of Reality’. Full of esoteric symbolism but with no conclusions. Those same symbols/keys only 'suggested' in their most obvious sense...or more importantly in Mr Sabaks case ...in their most negative 'light'. The negative aspect is 'displayed' more so than the positive. Its then left ‘openended’. Its left to the imagination of the reader to decide for themselves. Of which those 'first impressions' become paramount.

Side note: ''in their most negative light''. Analogy of same principle = 'Lucifer', i.e.,bringing  light. And/or 'shadow' that has {within it?} the element {principle?} of 'light'?

This subject however.. ‘closes’ that openendedness. By way of assessing all the available information. All that ‘circumstantial evidence’, throughout multiple generations, over thousands of years. By way of objectivity. Both prefer to see / understand only what allows both to continue with their own ‘conspiracy theories’. [i.e.,subjective] Example of what happens if one continues along a blinkered / narrow path, [key]...subconsciously or otherwise. Link to " eye of the needle" parlence. As well as its obvious symbolic intention. Proof...If it is a conspiracy. Why allow anyone to understand anything. Why ‘advertise’ the fact in written or ‘club’ form. Why not keep it all to themselves? Loneliness?

"The best secret about the Masons; is that it was no secret at all". Abraham Lincoln.

REFRESHER: "And what of the philosophers secret 'fire'? The aim of a secret is to evoke a sense of mystery, to mobilize all our faculties and to put us on our mettle {'metal of the mind'?}. It lures us on, even deceives us into embarking on a prospective quest whose ordeals would otherwise deter us. We set out in search of the hidden knowledge and power we believe the secret will confer - only to find on the way that these things are images of a wisdom and glory we did not dream of in the beginning. The secret i have tried to reveal on every other page of this book is in a sense no secret - it is an open secret passed along a Golden Chain of initiates, like the secrets of the Greek Mysteries. And as to 'its' philosophy, by whose assistance these mysteries are developed - it will make its appearance at different periods of time, as long as the sun himself shall continue to illuminate the world..." [Epilogue to the book: 'The Philosophers Secret Fire: A History of the Imagination' / P. Harpur].

Side note: Three golden links found in the shaft on Oak Island. Coincidence only?

A working example: "When a group is being organized its members have certain conditions put before them; in the first place, conditions general for all members, and secondly, individual conditions for individual members. General conditions at the beginning of the work are usually of the following kind. First of all it is explained to all of the members of a group, that they must keep secret everything that they hear or learn...This is an indispensable condition whose idea should be clear to them from the very beginning. In other words, it should be clear to them that in this there is no attempt whatever to make a secret of what is not essentially a secret, neither is there any deliberate intention to derive them of the right to exchange views with those near to them or with their friends. The idea of this restriction consists in the fact that they are unable to transmit correctly what is said in the groups. They very soon begin to learn from their own personal experience how much effort, how much time, and how much explaining is necessary in order to grasp what is said in groups. It becomes clear to them that they are unable to give their friends a right idea of what they have learned themselves. At the same time they also begin to understand that by giving their friends wrong ideas they shut them off from any possibility of approaching the work  at any time or of understanding anything in connection with the work...If a man in spite of this tries to transmit what he hears in groups to his friends he will very quickly be convinced that attempts in this direction give entirely unexpected and undesirable results. Either people begin to argue with him and without wanting to listen to him expect him to listen to their theories , or they misinterpret everything he tells them, attach an entirely different meaning to everything they hear from him."  ['In Search of the Miraculous'].

Analogy of same - "...the 'magic' of the constant work of service done in silence - this it is a matter of. A secret then? Not at all, for a private thing is not a secret thing. The private life is not a secret life. Silence as the essential condition for intimate work [or study. This readers input], is in no way equivalent to a jealously guarded secret. Just as Trappist monks maintain silence without anyone suspecting them of wanting to keep secrets, so is the community composed of Hermeticists [or any 'subject' that relates to the 'whole'. This readers input] - scattered in the world has the right to be silent, in order to maintain the atmosphere of privacy essential for its work, without it being suspected of dark secrets. Authentic spiritual life requires the inviolable sanctuary of privacy - which has nothing in common with ''initiation secrets" or those of ''secret societies", whose secrets, furthermore, inevitably become ''open secrets''. [Extract from the book by Tomberg].

A {working?} example: "Are there any conditions for joining your group?'' I asked. ''And is a man who joins it tied to it and to you? In other words i want to know if he is free to go and leave your work, or does he take definite obligations upon himself? And how do you act towards him if he does not carry out his obligations.''......''There are no conditions of any kind,'' said G., ''and there cannot be any. Our starting point is that man does not know himself, that he is not what he can and what he should be. For this reason he cannot make any agreements or assume any obligations...Today he is one person and tomorrow another...He is in no way bound to us and if he likes he can at any time leave the work and go...If he likes he can study. He will have to study for a long time, and work a great deal on himself. When he has learned enough, then it is a different matter. He will see for himself whether he likes our work or not. If he wishes he can work with us; if not he may go away. Up to that moment he is free...For instance take one point. A situation may arise, not, of course, in the beginning, but later on, when a man has to preserve secrecy, even if only for a time, about something he has learned. But can a man who does not know himself promise to keep a secret? Of course he can promise to do so, but can he keep his promise? For he is not one, there are many different people in him. One in him promises, and believes that he wants to keep the secret. But tomorrow another in him will tell it to his wife, or to a friend over a bottle of wine, or a clever man may question him in such a way that he himself will not notice that he is letting out everything. No with such a man we will not take seriously. To be able to keep a secret a man must know himself and he must 'be'. Such men are a very far from this. Sometimes we make temporary conditions with people as a test. Usually they are broken very soon but we never give any serious secret to a man we don't trust, so it does not matter much..." ['In Search of the Miraculous'].

silenceAnalogy; with same principle in mind..."The secrecy of which we speak is that of Hermeticism; a true seal on the vessel in which calcination - the slow fire - is taking place. Like a pressure cooker, our work must be regulated and not opened to the outer lest the pressure be entirely lost to the environment. In maintaining a secret, we easily and efficiently provide ourselves such pressure - an inner dynamic that maintains the work in which we are engaged. It leads to results, whereas openly speaking to all and sundry about our views, practices and values does not lead to anything useful at all. The ancient Egyptian god-form given for Neophyte in the Golden Dawn is that of Harpocrates, the child god of innocence, with his fingers to his lips - the universal sign of silence."

''External silence is sought in order to attain inner stillness of mind more easily." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way'].

Side note: "Kircher and others believed the Gemini Twins intimately associated with Horus the Elder and Horus the Younger and Harpocrates of Greece. The twins were placed in the sky by Jove, in reward for their brotherly love, so strongly manifested while on earth."

And/or Harpocrate in relation to: "Everyone has an internal thought process: that silent other self who speaks to you; the one you debate with." [First sentence; first paragraph; first page of the book by Q. S. Lam].

Higher {Elder?}. Lower {younger?}. All as a means...?

Continued: In Egyptian mythology, Meretseger (also spelt Mertseger), meaning "she who loves silence" exerted great authority during the New Kingdom era over the Theban Necropolis and was considered to be both a dangerous and merciful goddess.[1] She was closely connected with al-Qurn, the pyramid-shaped peak in the Valley of the Kings.[2] As a cobra-goddess she is sometimes associated with Hathor.[3]

Continued..."As with all such information, only experience can enliven you and teach you in this work. We are each our own crucible and alchemical vessel, and our work must be hermetically sealed {with secrecy and silence} in order to accomplish any substantial progress. Our souls must have no leak at the seam." [Extracts from the book 'The Magister' : including parenthesis]. As improbable as it may seem {first impressions?} try ''leak''. Its representation.

Proving the viability of study - in ''whole'' that is - not just 'its' parts. It being at least on par [if only to this reader] with the ritual stuff. The word ''experience'' being used to identify same, i.e.,knowledge acquired within those ''mystery schools''. Being taught how to access those ''altered states'' [within] to define something {archetypes?}. Shamanism: the same. That something [i.e.,results of] that has been written about for countless generations. That has always been represented in one form or another with ''keys'' and ''signs''. That same word [''experience''] could also be used to define [by study] the word ''synchronicity'' - its meaning and purpose to the subject as a WHOLE, i.e.,to each individual - regardless of ones chosen ''path''. Regardless of how it may ''cross ones path''. The how and the why - Past present and future.

'The Rupture of Time : Synchronicity and Jung's Critique of Modern Western Culture' by Roderick Main.

"A more {practical?} analogy..."From Hermopolis, city of Hermes {Thoth}, master of Writing, Numbers, Measurement and Time, comes the description of the Nun, the primordial environment, picturing 'its' qualities and characteristics: 'He {the Demiurge} created the 'eight'. He formed its body as that of a sacred child who issues forth from a lotus in the middle of the Nun.' [Enlarged elsewhere].

Recall, who shared those ''boundaries'' of Hermopolis {i.e.,15th Nome}. Put those parts {keys} together to define the whole. Including the word ''demiurge''. All as a representation of something. That ''something'' that educates those first impressions.

Refresher: "The water which appeared with creation, carrying the dark hillock Tum {Atum}, becomes the object of the Hermopolitan teaching. The sacred name of Hermopolis, fifteenth nome of Upper Egypt, was Khemenu, the city of the Eight, meaning eight Primordials; its civil name was Un, meaning ''existence''. ['Sacred Science'].

''Existence'' in relation to something more substantial {by way of say a eureka moment} = 'mound'? AS A REPRESENTATION OF SOMETHING.


The 'caves' at Qumran where a ''teacher'' left those universal constants - in one particular form.  {Archetypes?}.

A working example: "Our energy is limited and used up in many ways. We ''leak'' our energy through our functions: thoughts, feelings and sensations. This is all part of human nature, 'old Adam and Eve'. The 'sins of the soul' and the body can only be purified by the ''Lord'' sitting on his ''throne''. A Christian struggles to beat this 'legion' and to prepare the way for the 'spirit', the Lord. Gurdjieff expresses a similar struggle by saying that as we are, we have no real 'I', no Master, but a multitude of petty little I's. To be Master is the aim." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way']. Continued elsewhere.

Side note. ''I's'' in relation to 'aspects of'. Akhenaten link?

Question. For this subject to be accepted within the educational system [if ever] what would be the best method? i.e.,everything learned; regardless of intent/interest [or lack of both] becomes part of the individual - if only [within] the subconscious. Everything - sooner or later thereafter- emerges from it. The slow but sure way? Try ''butterfly''.

'Experience of No-Self and Path to No-Self' by Bernadette Roberts.

fall"When the value represented by the symbol has been entirely explored and made conscious its power leaves it, and the object which held the meaning of the symbol becomes only a natural object once more. But while its 'power' lasts the symbol is the representative of an unknown truth. It rises spontaneously from the depths of the unconscious and expresses or manifests the hidden fact in an image whose meaning can only be partly grasped by consciousness." [Chapter 6, 'Women's Mysteries: Ancient and Modern'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Think about in relation to what the word 'incarnation' implies. Found within.

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

Question. Does not the above - in one form or another apply to ALL information? Regardless of subject? Those bit and pieces of 'information' [over a period of time] = a realisation. Foundations of?

jhyt"We must first consider the difference between the evaluation of a course of study and its assessment. The evaluation of a curriculum in the secular sense is the process by which the 'nature and desirability' of a course is given 'value or worth'; but to define the extent to which a course is 'workable and effective' requires a form - or forms - of assessment. These forms of assessment create the basis for the evaluation of the effectiveness of a course in meeting the intended aim specified by those who create the course, understood by those teaching it, and received by those learning." [Extract from the book 'The Magister'].

The ''READERS Way'' works just as well as any other 'way' - the results of which should bring about a positive assessment for the subject as a whole - as proven - if any of those ''proofs'' are verified. Yes or No?


Where have you seen it before. Asleep?

Example of :{one example}: "...Because a modern man lives in 'sleep' {unknown/unaware link}, what knowledge therefore can a sleeping man have? And if you think about it and at the same time remember that sleep  is the chief feature  of our being, it will at once become clear to you that if a man really wants knowledge, he must first of all think about how to wake, that is, about how to change his being...Therefore a man who wants to awake must look for other people who also want to awake and work together with them. This, however, is easier said than done because to start such work and to organize it requires a 'knowledge' which an ordinary man cannot possess. The work must be organized and it must have a leader {teacher?}. Only then will it produce the results expected of it...It can be organized only by a man {or men/women} who know its problems and its aims, who know its methods; by a man {or woman} who has in his {her} time passed through such organized work him {her}self. A man usually begins his studies in a small group {class?}. This group is generally connected with a whole series of similar groups on different levels {curriculum?} which, taken together, constitute what may be called a 'preparatory school'..." ['In Search of the Miraculous'. Parenthesis, emphasis, this readers].

Question. Could one not apply the above description to a teaching method - of ANY subject - in say - a school curriculum - which ALL subjects prove, in one form or another. The beginning and finishing within a school education? Just one more subject.

And like all subjects some we like more than others. Some we take exams in. Some we don't. Most we remember. Some we don't - but even the ones we take a less {forgetful?} interest in - if only in those early years - we can still - if and when necessary - recall the basics - which is helpful if that latent interest is reignited - maybe in later years.

"But of what use is it to him if he does not remember?'' said one of us. "Essence remembers.'' said G. ''personality may forget..." Same book.

'Don't forget to remember' {Bee Gees}.

Recall what ''essence'' implies. Link to incarnation/reincarnation - in the present moment {i.e.,''fertilization'' link}. Try ''Wolfgang'' for a 'working' example.

And/or: "A word needs to be said about proof of authority. In the 'New Pearl of Great Price', said to be penned around 1330 by a certain Petrus Bonus of Ferrara and edited by a Franciscan friar {pseudonym}, the author states explicitly: ''We may prove the truth of our Art {1} By the testimony of the Sages {2} By the most forcible arguments {3} By analogy, and manifest examples.'' ...And although we would like to believe that our modern, sophisticated logic is immune to such persuasions, we know that's not true. Our entire educational system is based on proof by authority. Moreover, proof by authority carries its own proofs - it builds - one authority on another. So it was that the alchemists believed Bonus, and Bonus based his beliefs on 'Anaxagoras, Socrates, Plato, Geber, Rhasis, Homer and many others..." ['The Chemistry of Alchemy' / Cobb, Fetterolf and Goldwhite].

sagittariusA working example: "getting into our 'car', intending to drive back to Ferrara, where we wanted to examine once again the most impressive of the early Renaissance astrological fresco's in Italy...Because the lowest register of the fresco is within easy reach, it has suffered the most damage...This same triple arrangement was maintained in the area depicting September - properly the sign of Libra...The mythological register was of more immediate interest to us, however, for the god in the chariot is Vulcan, who introduced mankind to alchemy. His chariot is drawn by 'monkeys', and we find ourselves wondering if the artists would have known that this association went back to the hermetic literature of Thoth, as a monkey 'faced' god. To the right are the physical alchemists, beating iron - perhaps a reference to the name Ferrara, the place where 'iron' is worked. To the right of Vulcan's chariot {'car'?} are a pair of what appears to be sleepers...The couple are far from being asleep, however. They are 'lovers' creating a 'civilization' through their passion...The secret of this couple of lovers is shown on the other side of Vulcan's chariot. In the sky {which is to say, in the spiritual sense of the word} hovers a 'shield'. It looks like a doorway into space: on it is painted the she-wolf suckling the 'twins' Romulus and Remus - founders of Rome...['The Zelator' / M. Hedsel. Emphasis, this readers].

All as a means for the author to decode what he describes as the 'Nicholas code'...

The main point being {if only to this reader} that the study of a subject gives the same result - but most importantly - it gives the reader an idea as to the intent and the 'beliefs' of ALL who participate in the same subject - ALL the way back in time - since 'modern' man/woman {Neanderthal?} began to {think?}. In other words - whether we like {the subject?} or not it gives us an insight into what man/woman first began to {believe?} in. It gives us an insight into an aspect of their {beliefs?}. In other words it becomes therefore - does it not - an aspect of Anthropology. That 'aspect' of which we know little about. That aspect of which has not as yet even been taken into ACCOUNT.

"I'm a university professor. Cologne University. I work in mediaeval codes...Ferrara seems to have secret things in its very 'bones'...Richard Dayton spent many hours with us...His knowledge of mediaeval literature and arcane sigils was formidable...By far the best place to break down {car link} in Ferrara  {is close to the garage of} Faccetti. Faccetti is a magician in metal...We drove back to England as though the car had wings. During that drive we were able to shake off from our minds the obsession with the code of Sagrada di San Michele, and find a new point of inner balance...'' [Same book. Parenthesis, this readers].

Side note: 'Lost continent' in relation to a ''new civilization'' - together with ''that which was lost is now found'' i.e., ''Who was Nicolas'' we had asked in silence...''You were,'' said the voice. ''You were Nicholas...'' Some things told to us in that moment - what T. S. Eliot called a timeless moment - changed our life..." [Same book].

Recall what a ''timeless moment'' infers. Enlarged elsewhere.

And/or: "Adam McLean has suggested an alternative source for the development of European Tarot - one which is essentially Western in origin. His study of the Mantegna tarot is persuasive. These cards which number 50 in total, emanate from the school of Ferrara and are based upon the Platonic academies of the mid-fifteenth century Renaissance. The cards are split into five decades, representing A}: the conditions of life from beggar to pope; B}: the nine muses and Apollo; C}: the seven liberal arts, including philosophy, poetry and theology; D}: the seven cardinal virtues, with the spirits of astronomy, chronology and cosmology; and E}: the celestial hierarchy of the seven planets together with the eighth sphere...." [Page 188 'The Western Way'. Vol 2].

M....The possible relationship between science and that individual journey A-C. Especially in relation to the ‘Fine Structure Constant'. Represented by the number 137, [a number that is also significant with the Kabbalah]. That same number that amongst others Wolfgang Pauli spent many years trying to understand. That same number that he felt compelled to discuss; amongst other things; with the psychiatrist Jung. The same number that on the day he ‘died’ was found to be his own hospital room number. That relationship to ‘Synchronicity’. That same link to ‘The Book Of Job’, [purpose of]. "Yet in my flesh shall i 'see' god'." [Job 19:26].

Can you 'see' what is being implied - ONLY.

Analogy? of same..."Once the Numerologist went to see the Academy Award film, 'Charley,' with a friend who was particularly dubious about this '23' obsession. The story of the film concerns a low grade moron {IQ around 70} who is transformed by neuro-surgery into a superhuman genius {IQ around 200+}. In the crucial operation scene, the number on the operating room is visible, and it is of course, 23." [Extract from the book 'The Cosmic Trigger'].


'Lucifer' = light bringer. Analogy = ''Beast that rises in the East''. See it? Question. S/E as a means...?

The author attempting to understand its {i.e.,23} significance in his daily life. Gives countless examples. In the same book he believes he has deciphered A. Crowleys riddle within the 'Book of Lies,' that therein lies the secret of Freemasonry. i.e.,chapter 69. What he fails to mention {or see?} is 69 = 23x3. He does the same when explaining the origins of Crowley's 'Book of Law' by way of links {i.e.,coincidences and/or synchronistic ones} - between Egypt; Rose {i.e.,Crowleys first wife} Horus; Winged globe; all together with Crowleys special number of 666. Finally culminating on page 111 with a connection to the Nommo archetype {enlarged elsewhere}. What he fails to 'see' {or does not mention} is that pages number to 666 - i.e.,the magical square of 111 - and that link to what is implied to the ''beast that rises in the East'' {origin of Crowleys alias?}. Lastly; what comes around, goes around - speculation within the same book, i.e.,'Cosmic Trigger' - BUT NOT by the author {i.e.,'Afterwords' by Saul-Paul Sirag} - on Eddingtons ''approach'' to derive the proton-electron mass ratio {137 link} i.e., ''Eddington believes the lesson from physics and especially from quantum mechanics is that insofar as we can describe the world at all we are necessary describing the structure of our own minds."

Coincidence and synchronicity - ''hand in hand?'' i.e.,physical coincidences represented with the number 23 But once that ''connection'' is made {enlarged elsewhere} = ''synchronicities''? Understanding that universal framework gives that HYPOTHESIS a legitimate possibility. NOTHING MORE.

Side note: ''It takes 66 days to create a new habit''. [BBC1 'How to Stay Young' / September 2017]. Coincidence? Try ''habit''.

"In Europe, 66 is known mainly as the name of a card game. However, in the Islamic 'mystical' tradition it corresponds to the numerical value of the word Allah. Hence, Turkish Sufi's would explain the predominance of the tulip in Turkish art, as well as the emblem of Islam, the crescent moon, by the fact that the names of these 2 motifs, lalah and hilal respectively, consist of the same letters and have the same numerical value as Allah. Sixty-six can also be seen as a duplication of 6, or as a number in the second 'power' {as is the case with many similar numbers   - 44, 77, etc.,}. ['Mystery of Numbers'. Emphasis, this readers]. Tulip?

23 divided by 137 and/or 69 divided by 137. Almost there - yet not there.

A {working?} example: "The man 'machine' is the power of accident. His activities may fall by accident into some sort of 'channel' which has been created by mechanical or cosmic forces and they may by accident move along this channel for a certain time {habits?}, giving the illusion that aims of some kind are being attained...The man 'machine' can do nothing. To him and around him everything just happens. In order TO DO it is necessary to understand the law of octaves..." ['In Search of the Miraculous'].

''Accident'' {'23'?} in relation to 'coincidence' .  ''Channel'' in relation to 'ploughing ones furrow' . ''law of octaves'' {enlarged elsewhere} in relation to synchronicities. All as a means...?

And/or: "If essence is subject to the influence of fate, does it mean that compared with 'accident' fate is always favorable to a man?'' asked somebody. ''And can fate bring a man to the work?''...'No, it does not mean this at all,' G. answered him. 'Fate is better than accident only in the sense that it is possible to take it into account, it is possible to know it beforehand; it is possible to prepare for what is ahead. In regard to accident one can know nothing. But fate can also be unpleasant or difficult. In this event, however, there are means for isolating oneself from fate. The first step towards this is getting away from 'general laws' {''23''?}. Just as there is individual accident, so is there general or collective accident. And in the same way as there is individual fate, there is a general or collective fate. Collective accident and collective fate are governed by general laws. If a man wishes to create individuality of his own he must first free himself { ''137''?} from general laws. General laws are by no means all obligatory for man, he can free himself from many of them if he frees himself from 'buffers' and from imagination. All this is connected from liberation of the 'personality'. Personality feeds on imagination and falsehood." Same book.

Side note {simplified?}: ''Essence'' {'bit'?} in relation to positive/negative habits? Potential {results?} of.

Analogy?...The early morning walk i referred to took place when Jesus was 23, and therefore some time before the mantle of the Christ had fully clothed him." ['A Man Seen Afar'. Mentioned elsewhere].

"O children of Adam. Indeed, we have given you garments to cover your 'nakedness',[key] and as a thing of beauty;...but the garment of god-consciousness is the best of all. This is one of gods messages....that human beings might take it to heart". [Quran 7:26].

"We have found a strange footprint on the shores of the unknown. We have devised profound theories , one after another, to account for its origin. At last we have succeeded in reconstructing the creature that made the footprint. And lo! It is our own" [Eddington quote, same book].

23 Gloucester Crescent in Camden Town ?

"The no-mans land between Physics and the psychology of the Unconscious [is] the most fascinating yet the darkest hunting ground of our times." Carl Jung.

Question. ''no-mans land'' = 'astral plane' ?

Side note: "Of particular relevance here is that the high god Osiris, lord of the celestial afterlife kingdom known as the Duat, was always referred to as 'Ka of the pyramids of Egypt'..." [Magicians of the Gods'].

Understanding that one sentence gives clews {threads?} to a possible location. That final one. Represented as...?

Continued: Eddington - one of a few people to understand 'relativity' well enough to explain {teach?} it. Yet when attempting to define - the Fine Structure Constant - with a value - he arrived at 136. Hence his 'nickname' 136+1. Question. Coincidence {23} or a meaningful one {137?} ?

Try ''nickname''.

"The no-mans land between Physics and the psychology of the Unconscious [is] the most fascinating yet the darkest hunting ground of our times." Carl Jung.

Question. What symbol/s {therefore archetypes} represent 'the hunt' ?

..."The 'Investigator' {i.e.,authors alter ego} remembers thinking during the six weeks between major experiments, that whatever he had tuned into was not ''Cosmic Consciousness''{12+5?} but a kind of planetary consciousness; {10+7?} - he wondered who coined the term, ''cosmic consciousness,'' and what it contained...This time i moved in space-time fan wise, unlike the backward-in-time movement of the drug trip. The 'Yogi' {same} became almost conscious of a kind of galactic star network, an intelligence that seemed not fully formed but evolving. Somehow this resonated in my mind with the Sufi teaching that Allah is constantly recreating himself every second. The trip was full of light and joy, the White Light of the Void jazz you've all heard; but dim, not fully achieved. The 'Researcher' {same} went off to sleep not quite satisfied. The next morning, July the 23rd, the 'Shaman' {same} awoke with an urgent message, from dreamland and scribbled quickly in his magical diary, ''Sirius is very important." There was more, almost at the tip of my tongue, but i couldn't remember it. During the day i looked through my occult books, seeking references to the Dog star, Sirius. Although skeptical about Astrology, i assumed that the dream message was some hint that the Sirius cycle should be part of my magical experiments in the future. Astrology seemed like nonsense to me, but i was willing to give it a try, in an open ended manner of Dr. Lilly's ''Beliefs unlimited'' exercise." [Extract from the book 'The Cosmic Trigger'. All emphasis - this readers with the exception of the word in bold print].

He goes on to find out - through practical research this time - information on same, i.e.,that it rises as a precursor to Orion - known as the Heliacal rising - from the 23rd July. Other connections include key words as the pheonix / new year/ Freemasonry / third eye / blazing star - to name a few. All enlarged within. It also explains - if only to this researcher - {i.e.,as a study exercise; not as an alter ego one} why the author feels it was more a 'planetary' experience than a 'cosmic' one, i.e.,''Dog'' in relation to lower; hence - ''not fully achieved''. That link to the word and description of ''void''. All in relation {or relative} to the self. Hence the link to the word in bold print. Those ''higher'' keys - once that 'gap' has been 'bridged' - would eventually be assessed either by research or in a dream state - regardless whether self induced or otherwise. Represented in the above example with information on Sirius - which as stated - the author has to evaluate for himself. Proving {if only for this reader} the viability of the subject material ONLY, regardless of how it is obtained or 'perceived'. Other keys enlarged elsewhere to add {or detract?} from ,i.e.,what is implied with a ''light'' 'behind' and/or in 'front' of. What does it represent? Why Sirius? What significance is the bow/arrow? How about other constellations, i.e.,any importance to Orion? i.e.,as an example; the Hare constellation. Why should ''South'' be significant? etc etc.

"Crowley once said that the 'magicians' sole aim was to interpret his own 'magical' record {i.e.,dreams and/or visions and therefore and/or archetypes/keys}, and after many years i have come to agree with him." [Extract from the book 'The Magister'. Emphasis, this readers].

This reader, however would add - REGARDLESS OF WHOSE THEY ARE.

A {working} example {the very first one?}: "Homer uses Canis Major to reiterate his idea of the celestial sphere when in Book 23 of the Iliad, Achilles tosses this way and that during a restless sleep...Homers description of Canis Major {'Great Dog'} reaches imaginative heights when he describes how the constellation was created to accommodate the return to the skies of the star Sirius, and how Hephaestus, the smith god, forges new armour for Achilles...The stars of Canis Major are used as the body of Achilles. His personal star Sirius, lies at the heart of the constellation, whether it is viewed as a Great Dog or a warrior...'' ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

''Return'' in relation to 'incarnation/reincarnation. Representation of.

Question. 7th / 8th octave link? Hence...

"It is as the creator of the 'glittering new armour' and shield of Achilles that Hephaestus is perhaps best known, and his masterpiece represents the stars in an area of sky where a new constellation was created to accommodate the return to the heavens of the star Sirius after a long absence. In his role as the creator of astronomical concepts, Hephaestus is also credited with making the ancient staff that had been passed down to Agamemnon by his forbears - a symbolic pointer to the north celestial pole. To provide such astronomical functions, Hephaestus required his own home in the skies, and the details given in Book 18 when assessed in the same way as the information about other gods and warriors resulted in a vivid and unmistakable image of Perseus. How Hephaestus could represent Perseus if the constellation had already been allocated in one manifestation to Diomedes is not at present understood, but an answer may yet be found in pages of notes by Edna Leigh. In these notes she associates many other Greek gods with constellations, and we suspect these were her conclusions on yet another layer of ancient Greek astronomy..."

Can you see {the possibility} of what the author cannot - when ALL the information is assessed. Hence to a possible deeper understanding of subject material - and therefore {by implication} the 'beliefs' of our ancestors - past and present...

"No explanatory notes for her views have yet been found, but it is expected that her papers will be made available for those who wish to study the deeper implications of Homer's Secret Iliad. Considering Hephaestus role as the original creator of the constellations, new lines of inquiry may indicate that Homer preserved in the Iliad the remnants of an even older astronomical culture than that associated with Minoan Crete and Mycenae." [Same book]. Among others try ''lame''  and/or ''maimed''. [Part 2].

Another coincidence?..."The kings arrival in the sky is a new birth...The divine entities dance attendance on him, reassemble his bones, give him back the use of his senses, by opening his eyes and mouth, rituals which are accomplished 'magically' in the ''Room of Gold'' {'Tut' link?} on the mummy or its effigy with two adzes and the presentation of a bull's thigh. 'My mouth is opened by Ptah with celestial scissors' proclaims the 'deceased' in the Coming Forth into Day - chapter 23." [Extract from the book 'Egyptian Mysteries'].

'23' in relation to the beginning of something?

Side note. Who was born from the 'thigh' of Zeus? What does it imply? Try ''oxen'' - to see something else.

A working example?..."The New Heaven and the New Earth represent a 'new' mind and a new heart. Throughout the Old Testament you may have noticed that the Lord makes occasional reference to giving us new hearts or ''circumcising'' our hearts. The ''new heaven and new earth'' John sees is humanities perfected state of consciousness and regenerated body. The human mind at this point is now one with the divine... in control and free from outside limitations : ''If you conquer, i will make you a pillar in the temple of my god; and you will never go out of it. I will write on you the name of my god,{nickname?} and the name of the city of my god, this new Jerusalem that comes down from my god out of heaven and my own new name.'' Rev. 3:12...{''connected'' link- see it?}.

REFRESHER: "But as i heard my Sioux name being called over and over, i then knew for the first time who i was..." ['Dances With Wolves' / K. Costner].

continued: "The number value for the New Jerusalem is 1224 which is also the numerical value of the Greek word for ''fish''. This same number includes ''gods creation'' / ''paradise'' and ''i am the way''. The word Jerusalem means ''sacred peace''. When humanity recognizes the divinity within them as the controlling force of the world, and turns away from their own selfish pattern of living for self alone, the old pattern disappears and the 'Christ' pattern emerges." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way'. Emphasis, this readers]. Link to the meaning of the  word ''grace''.  See it? Try ''pattern'' for a different take on same principle.

Side note. Beside the Great Pyramid was found a boat pit. All in parts. 1224 parts. 41limestone blocks above. Coincidence or a meaningful one? ['Egypt Unwrapped: Secrets of the Sphinx' / History channel].

"Like 41 and 101; 1001 exceeds the great number and therefore comes to mean 'infinite' and/or 'numberless'." ['Mystery of Numbers'. Enlarged elsewhere].

Refresher: ''This symbol of the etheric plane is nowhere no more openly announced than in Notra-Dame, France...A figure is displayed within a huge lozenge, the bounds of which are decorated with small lozenges. Altogether there are 41 lozenges in this single architectural detail..." ['The Zelator']. Coincidence or a ?

"It is said that the 'New' Jerusalem will be built on an Island of swamp." ['Curse of Oak Island' series 4. Episode 3].

Refresher: "The waters ebb and flow. Let the 'magician' guard himself from drowning at the point where land and water meet. The midway spot, which is neither dry nor wet, must provide the standing place whereon his feet are set. When water, land and air meet, there is the place for 'magic' to be wrought."


oak (2)

Question. 'Ear' shape?

"The 'head' can offer no testament to these things you follow, these 'things' you seek. The tears come to those only who do not yet understand. They are the test of understanding...You think to much in this way...Learn to look more. Shake you head free and look. Look at the source of sound. Look at the ear. If you look at the ear, you will see why there were two doors at Erech. Is the ear an entry or a gauze - a veil? Does it filter or does it block? There is a greater mystery in the 'veil' than is generally realized...For the moment, i can only tell you that the veil which looks like delicate 'white' lace is made of salt." ['The Zelator']. Try ''ear''.

Question. What 'substance' {if any} can be left behind due to the 'evaporation' of water/air. What does {can?} - it represent?

Something to ponder on: "Inspiration is the principle acting in 'tears'. Just like weeping, inspiration takes place in the guise of 'flowing between two vases'. In inspiration, whatever its true source of origin may be, a flow is active, which is produced between the higher Self or image and the lower self or likeness. Here there is a flow which results from the simultaneous collaborations of the "higher eye" {or "ear"} and the "lower eye" {or "lower ear"}. This means to say that higher understanding and lower understanding, being in contact, vibrate in unison, each with its own voice and in terms of its own language, and thus together produce a concrete inspiration." ['Letter 14' within the book 'Meditations on the Tarot'].

Question. What substance can be found in 'tears'?

A working example: "And all the ancient ritual texts say that the star in the Bull's Thigh {'male'?} was sighted simultaneously with the rising of Sirius {'female'?}." [Page 127 'Imhotep the African'. All emphasis, this readers].

Question. Why? What does that simultaneous 'sighting' mean to them? Try the word highlighted to get into a mind set. In the broader sense of the word {'logos'} beyond what this author is attempting, i.e., Alkaid in relation to the Heliacal rising of Sirius.

Then try {among others} ''handle'' / ''Quern'' / ''Sisters'' / ''plough'' etc.

REFRESHER: "He who aspires to be a sage and to know the Great Enigma of Nature must be the heir and despoiler of the Sphinx: his the human head, in order to posses speech; his the eagles wings, in order to scale the heights; his the bulls flanks, in order to furrow the depths; his the lions talons, to make a way on the right and the left, before and behind." [Quote taken from the chapter entitled 'The Candidate' from the book by E. Levi].

REFRESHER: "The science of the I Ching, indeed, is not based on the causality principle, but on a principle {hitherto unnamed because not met with among us}, which I have tentatively called the 'synchronistic' principle. My occupation with the psychology of the unconscious processes long ago necessitated my casting around for another explanatory principle, because the causality principle seemed to me inadequate for the explanation of certain remarkable phenomena of the unconscious {Wolfgang Pauli?}. Thus I found, that there are psychic parallelisms which cannot be related to each other causally, but which must stand in another sort of CONNECTEDNESS. This connection seemed to me to lie mainly in the relative simultaneity of the events, therefore the expression 'synchronistic'..." [Page 141, The Secret of the Golden Flower / R. Wilhelm WITH a commentary by G. Jung].

Try ''simultaneous'' to see subject material in the universal sense of the 'word' - since the oral tradition BEFORE ''the written word came into common use''.

N....Connection between Neolithic cave drawings and paleolithic ‘bear’ skulls and the zodiac. Especially in relation to the number seven, [explained elsewhere]...and the smaller/greater bear constellation. In relation Micro/Macro within a 'journey' . That link to what later became known as the Precession of the Equinox.

behindP...Explanation of limbo / Eternal / time differential / resurrection / reincarnation. In relation to the journey of A-C. The connection of the above to T. Lethbridges book on the Pendulum; especially in relation to the differences in ‘time’, in A, B and C. Together with...."The third type of netherworld 'snake' in Egyptian mythology is the symbolic snake. These were sometimes shown as the uraeus on the pharaoh's brow, or seen standing vertically on the tips of their tails. The vertical ones are often called Nehep snakes, from the verb meaning to 'leap' up, which was a euphemism for resurrection, since resurrection was always associated within the Egyptian mind, with the leaping of the resurrected sun over the horizon at dawn." [Chapter eight. 'The Sphinx Mystery'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Think about it in relation to the 'coiled' [sleeping] 'position', i.e.,horizontal. 'Benefits' of, relative to the individual, together with what the word 'leap' is a representational of. That final link to 'Sirius'.

'The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily' And/or 'The Tale of the Shipwrecked Sailor'.


Coincidence or a meaningful one {found at Gobekli-tepe}.

The Tau cross. Some say 'its' true representation. Indicative of 'raised arms'.[Wikipedia], together with Exodus 17:11. "And it came to pass, when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed: and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed." Or in its physical 'form' the 'H' structures found at Puma Punku in Bolivia. Or Egyptian equivalent of same = Ka, i.e.,its symbol = 'raised arms/hands', [chapter eight. 'The Sphinx Mystery'].

Question. Any figures at Gobekli-tepe with raised arms?

Side note: Astrologers assigned this constellation guardianship over human hands, arms, and shoulders...A fortunate sign ruling over among other Lower Egypt...High regard was given to it...as being peculiarly connected withy the fortunes of the South of England and London...The Great Plague and the Fire occurred when this sign was in the ascendant, while the building of London bridge and other events of importance to the city were begun when special planets were here." ['Star Names and Their Meaning' under Gemini]. Try ''bridge''.


Philosophers 'Stone'? Or 'Pearl' of great price? Or just artsy farsty stuff?

''On the shoulders of Giants''? Question. Cave/mountain as a means...?

Side note: {i.e., landscape equivalent, i.e., something hinted at}: "Among the mystery schools it is often said: 'when the student is ready, the 'teacher' will appear'. And you my boy are ready - as a boulder poised at the top of a hill - and I am your 'trigger', who will raise his hand to set the boulder in motion down the slope." [Page 219. Douglas Monroe book].

Top/down {'giant'?} in relation to Bottom up {'cave' / 'dwarf'?}

Francis of Assisi used it constantly. The patron saint of 'animals'. Spiritual equivalent of higher over lower. Hence the link to his quote, "as he was dying, he pointed to a crucifix saying, 'This is the 'source' of all my knowledge". [Page 441, 'The Sacred History' / J. Black. Emphasis, this readers, i.e.,think about it, relative to 'horizontal / vertical' symbolism]. Or "Then I Daniel looked, and behold there were two others. One on this side of the bank of the river, the other on the other side. And one said to the one clothed in Linen, who was upon the waters of the river, how long will it be to the end of these wonders? And i heard the man clothed in linen which was upon the waters of the river, when he held up his right and left hand unto 'heaven', and sware by him that liveth forever, that it shall be for a time, times and a half....." [Daniel12:5-6-7].

"A river of thoughts''.

Understanding this subjects symbolism in relation to 'river' instead of sea... 'above' the water, not within or along side it, [i.e.,higher over lower]...'banks' of the river relative to 'pillars' [symbolism of], gives meaning to all that symbolism. [explained within]. Clues. 'Linen' was the Hebrew equivalent of a representation of someone beginning, 'a journey', i.e.,beginners/student 'gear'....a work still in progress.... as indicated by that first 'physical' [incarnate] example/representation of same, "who laid down with a 'young' chap in a linen cloth". Or even the thirteen layers of linen used for the mummification of Tutankhamun. Think about it, relative to a 'positive potential' within a further 'development'. All indicative of something outside of the obvious.

As is the 'nine layers of coffin'. Or the ten figures with raised arms together with the 'divine couple'[explained elsewhere, together with page 64-66, 'The 12th Planet']. That link to 'twelve'[10+2] and therefore a further possible potential, represented by 'thirteen'. All indicative of a 'further' understanding. 'Above the waters'.,..a link to wet/dry symbolism, as is the symbol of the 'thirteen' scaled 'fish'. Shown purposely to be 'breathing', [Coptic equivalent]. Page 39, of the book 'The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life'. Plus mentioned elsewhere, in picture 'form'. Find it, to understand it. Rather than 'leave to later'.


''Ptolemy, too, identified stars with parts of the 'body' of a constellation, and his model of the earth at the center of the universe was similar to that of Homer, though greater enhanced by the application of mathematics and geometry." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

As for "a time, times and a half" [three and a half], equates to the mid point of those 'seven' chakras.[Number symbolism]. Representing the 'middle' [key] way. Benefit of. As speculated in chapter twenty of 'The Synchronicity Key', but for more informed data, if only to access the part within the whole; hence the link to the title of the book;..'The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life' by D. Melchizedek. [vol one, chapter one].

Side note: "Similarly, by its markings of the position of the equinox, the Denderah zodiac points to some epoch of antiquity which stretches back, not by centuries, but by hundreds of centuries! It thus dates early Egypt's civilization. For the position indicates that more than three and a half ''Great Years'' have been passed on the cosmic dial; that the sun has revolved around its parent sun no less than three and a half times...The Egyptian priest astronomers considered their race to be the most ancient of mankind....Herodotus was careful of his facts...known as the ''Father of History''. They had told him that ''the sun had twice risen where he now sets and twice set where he now rises..." [Page 233 'In Search of Secret Egypt' / P. Brunton].

Question. Something to be worked out beyond those ''Great Years''?

REFRESHER: ''Dragon Lord!'' he said, ''The Sun has risen in the West...and I am here...''

Continued: Other books mentioned of the same ilk, but from different 'perspectives'...compare, to 'obtain' those common links [keys]. All enclosed within. That same representation within those 'T' shaped pillars at Gobekli-tepe. In the main, will be seen with no four legged 'animals' on those horizontal pillars, {i.e.,mainly 'birds'} - only on those 'below'. Think about it in relation to the meaning of 'Israel', relative to the 'Tau', and that 'relationship' to the meaning of 'Moses'. All with the reader / observer in mind..."and his days shall be 120 years [Beresheet 6:3] alludes to Moses. Through him the Torah was given."[Section 478,vol one ,The Zohar by Rev Berg]. Relates to number symbolism, by way of '12'. Recall, Moses who never crossed over to the other side of that 'river'.[Higher of the lower?]. Or something else.


"A different 'take' on the same {theme?}: "Gwenddoleu's wonderful 'orchard' was guarded by two 'dusky birds', and each one wore a 'yoke of gold'...The two dusky birds are similar to the ravens of Odin {mentioned elsewhere} - they represent the divinity powers, the 'organ' of {clairvoyant?} sight, a universal faculty in ancient times, which depended upon a peculiar vibratory relationship between two parts of the brain whose function, today, have become more or less atrophied as far as clairvoyance is concerned. The effect, when this peculiar relation was established, was, to the clairvoyant observer of the process {objective clause?} - like a revolving form of light {seen?} above the forehead, resembling wings or 'petals' {chakra link?}. In representations, for example, of the Egyptian god Amun , they were shown as a knotted or twisted structure ending in two horns. For this reason Moses was also depicted with horns {as was other individuals such as Alexander}." ['The Flaming Door: The Mission of the Celtic Folk Soul' / E. C. Merry. Emphasis, this readers - with the exception of the words 'organ' and observer].

''Observer'' in relation to :"The children of Seth first possessed that peculiar sort of wisdom, which is concerned with the heavenly bodies." Enlarged throughout.

Refresher: "The 'flower' which is the key to modern Spiritual development is the ajna, the chakra located between the eyes. This flower is dual lobed, which is why in some literature, it is described as having two petals. It is said to be presided over by the hakini."[Bibliographic notes to chapter 5, 'The Zelator'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Breathing easier?

In other words an aspect of the minds eye? That ''organ'' that we all use without being {in the main} aware of it? And which we use in multiple circumstances for anything and everything including learning subject material. The only difference is - this subject has a different 'dimension' to it. Yes or No?

"The discovery of the tomb [Christian Rosencreutz] appears to be by accident. In fact it had been pre-destined. This is revealed by certain singular events and apparent coincidences. This , as anyone with a modicum of first hand esoteric experience will aver, is a hallmark of inner / outer plane mediation. The circumstances of the discovery are that, after 'death' of Christian Rosencreutz, the succession of his office was handed on first to Fr. D. and then to Fr. A. who, on his death bed, announced to his successor Fr. N. N. that a great discovery was shortly to be made. Fr. N. N. happened to be an architect [an interesting hint of the links to freemasonry] and decided to make some alterations to 'his building' before going on 'a journey.' Accordingly he moved a memorial tablet of brass that recorded 'all the names of the brethren with some few other things.' This necessitated removing a great nail, which in turn revealed a hidden door, upon which was written the year, and the statement in great letters ''after 120 years i will be revealed.'' It is worth noting that this is an interior discovery." [Extract taken from part 3, 'The Rose Cross and the Goddess.' Mentioned elsewhere].

"...It is not enough simply to learn the 'intellectual' facts about esoteric philosophy, to have them affixed as if on a brass plate or tablet in the mind. One must go beyond them. This entails a willingness for transformation, to be a rebuilder of one's own soul, eager to break down that which is no longer of use, and to reconstruct where called to do so. This removal of the nailed metallic plate to find the 'hidden door' is likewise the finding of the center of the 'magic' circle of life experience." [Same book]. 'Lower' in relation to 'higher'?

Understanding that ''universal framework'' defines the above in relation to the true meaning and distinction between incarnation and reincarnation - IN THE PRESENT MOMENT/TIME.

A {working?} example, i.e.,in the present moment?: "There exists a possibility of experimental verification of the relation of personality to essence. In Eastern schools ways and means are known by the help of which it is possible to separate man's personality from his essence. For this purpose they sometimes use hypnosis, sometimes special narcotics, sometimes certain kinds of exercises. If personality and essence are for a time separated in a man by one or another of these means, two beings, as it were, are formed in him, who speak in different voices, have completely different tastes, different aims and interests, and one of these two 'beings' often proves to be on the level of a small child..." ['In Search of the Miraculous'].

These days {in the present moment}i.e., in the grand scheme of things {Micro within the Macro?} - a study program has the same 'effect' once ''essence'' is understood within the whole. Try ''child'' to 'see' if you agree or disagree.

gross-analogy"The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. The time has come for external forms and expressions to be left behind. There is no Temple in the heavenly Jerusalem, for religion has no place in Heaven. Man is his own Temple. A mans heart is the altar of god...." [First chapter,{'The inner Quest'} from the book 'The Mind of Christ' {Meditations on Christian Themes} by Anthony Duncan].

Analogy of same, with the same intent..."The tomb from which the savoir will arise is the heart of men and women; if the good in them awakens to self-consciousness, then will it appear to them as a sun, shedding its light upon a better and heavier generation." Quote from the book by F. Hartman.


I have seen the sun at midnight. [Apuleius, The Golden Ass]. Question. Why Midnight? Clue the eve of a new day. The tail end of something and therefore the beginning of something else? Son of?

Q...Purpose of the ‘Feast of Fools’ and the ’Golden Ass’ story in relation to thunder / lightening keys. Link to..’Apes and ape lore in the middle ages and renaissance’. Studies of the Warburg institute. That link to C. Jungs quote in the forward to ‘The Trickster character' /P. Radin.

That link to the legend of ‘Fulcanelli’, [purpose of].

"We left shortly thereafter and i gave no further thought to the matter. I didn't stay in touch with the Paris people - wanted to get away from all that social involvement. Then in 1926 i find out about the publication of 'Le Mystere des Cathedrales!' It was entirely based on my work!''... ' I recall that this session ended abruptly about this point - and while we were to return to the subject of those mysterious manuscripts in the near future, he never again mentioned the two fold 'theft and trickery' at the heart of Fulcanelli '." [From the book 'Al-Kemi' by A. Vandenbroeck. Emphasis, this readers].

Question. Within the same book one member of the family had not to be left alone. Why?

".....For this reason certain calendrical days were set aside when all the norms of society were released, or even inverted. In the Roman Mysteries, the important period of such misrule had been the 'Saturnalia'. Important elements from this festival were carried over, almost intact, to the mediaeval Feast of Fools. During this feast, the priests would dress as clowns and women, and generally 'act the fool'...I too had observed that Fulcanelli did not deal with the Feast of Fools has he might have done, This puzzled me too, for the evidence of the Fool is scattered through many of the mediaeval documents with which he was familiar. Such fooling is also frozen in the very stone, on the cathedrals he discussed in such arcane detail..." [Chapter 7, 'The Zelator'].

The ''He'' is a She. Question. Who could that 'She' be?

There can only be a few possibilities, considering the generation AND/OR era that the story 'evolved' in. In other words who would know this subject [by way of the 'Alchemical' one]... well enough... to play the 'fool'.

Picture...South west in relation to North east. 'Younger' relative to 'elder'. The beginning of something. 'Death'....'rebirth'..its mid point. Hebrew equivalent Yhwh. Y = 700 [number symbolism]. 'Top right corner'. Possibilities of. See anything?

"This 'higher' intelligence, this ''sun at midnight'', which is the conjunction of the spiritual sun and the spiritual moon - or, in other words, the intimate union of intelligence and wisdom - is the 'star' of Hermeticism. It is the 'sun' of the 19th arcanum. It is the principle of intuition, or the intimate union of 'transcendental' intelligence and wisdom...It is called to effect the passage from argumentative reasoning to comprehensive intuition." [Extract from the book by Tomberg]. Remember - representational of.

"The word 'spiritual' should be associated with the word 'eyes'. This is a reference to the eyes of the mind or heart. To see is to understand." [From the book by T. Nottingham].

Example of: i.e.,once that ''intuition'' is applied - relative to a subject - it can be used - [amongst other things]- to decipher the following...

" M. Canseliet [Eugene] was taken to his room, on the first floor, in a tower of the manor...Returning to his rooms, M. Canseliet went to his window to breath some fresh air and observed the patio below. He saw a group of children - probably children of the other guests at the manor - who were playing. But there was something strange about them. In looking more closely, he realized it was in the clothing they were wearing. They looked like they were from the 16th century. The children were playing some sort of game, and M. Canseliet thought they were dressed this way for a masquerade or costume party. That night he went to bed without thinking more about the incident. The next day, he returned to his experiments in the laboratory he had been given. From time to time his master ['Fulcanelli'] visited him briefly to watch over his progress. One morning, M. Canseliet, descending the staircase of the tower in which he was staying, found himself under a vaulted porch, that opened on to the patio when, suddenly, he heard voices. Crossing the patio, he approached a group of three woman who were talking animatedly. M. Canseliet was surprised to see that they were wearing ample and long clothes in the style of the 16th century, just like the children he had seen two days previously. M. Canseliet was torn between surprise at what he was seeing and embarrassment at being dressed so casually. He went to turn around to his rooms when, as the women passed by, one of them turned abruptly, looked at him, and gave him a smile. All this lasted only an instant. The woman rejoined her companions...M. Canseliet remained shaken because he could have sworn that the face of the woman who had given him the smile was that of Fulcanelli..." [Taken from the book 'Fulcanelli' by P. Riviere. Also within the book 'The Fulcanelli Phenomenon' by K. R. Johnson].

Understand those keys to' see' something other than the obvious, i.e.,...



"I know nothing, and all preconceived opinions have been taken from me, which is the beginning of learning, i.e.,that one must first become a child, and then be wet nursed into knowledge, as is now taking place within me." [ Quote by Emanuel Swedenborg on an ''inner'' understanding. Chapter three,'The Presence of Other Worlds'].

Refresher: Understanding the above gives clues to the 'origins' of the following: " Today's travellers passing through Winster in Derbyshire may enjoy the unexpected sight of a man dressed as a woman from a centuries old tradition. So old, in fact, that nobody knows where it came from - Morris dancing..." [Britain's Ancient Tracks'. Narrated by T. Robinson. Series 2. Episode 3]. Other clues elsewhere. Try ''Morris''.

mandallaSide step: "They build their individual towers of Babel which fall, as a rule, according to the law of all towers of Babel, and experience, sooner or later, a salutary fall, as is the teaching of the 16th card of the Tarot. They do not fall from a real height into a real abyss; it is only from an imaginary height that they fall and they fall only to the ground, i.e., they learn the lesson that we human beings of today have all learned or have still to learn..." [Taken from the book by the author Tomberg].

And/or..."I've had more failures than successes. Never afraid to fail." Quote by Chris Coleman - manager of Wales prior to semi-finals in Euro 2016. First time any participant from within the British Isles had reached such an event in decades.

Refresher: "Consciousness is that which one carries within oneself, which rules from within to without until it has totally enlightened us, and it never leaves us stranded, regardless of the neglect into which one might have allowed it to fall." ['Journey into the Light'].

Analogy {in the modern sense of the word}: "I've done a lot of work in the community at home. I wanted them to know that mistakes happen but you can come back, if you work hard..." [Quote by Justin Gatlin after beating Bolt in the 100 meter final. 06/08/17].

And/or: "I screwed up in a big way. Then I doubled down and made more mistakes. But over the last 5 years through therapy, and coaching and surrounding myself with better people, I've cleaned things up and even though its still a work in progress I can impart that knowledge to youngsters - how you can learn from your own mistakes....Its the ones who get up time after time who acquire a masters in life."  [Alex Rodriguez talking on Radio 4 {21/11/18} about his life as a baseball player over 25 years and his addiction {and recovery} to drugs].

'A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez'.

Question. 'higher/lower'?

As seen from a different 'angle': "The Tower is a symbol of a state of consciousness {in this example - that of Vortigern}. It is a structure of himself {his negative self} - a retreat from fear and cowardice, a false fortress built  upon inadequate foundations...It is in effect an outer expression of an inner state....This modern interpretation is built upon certain ancient key images, the best known being the biblical Tower of Babel and the Tarot Trump 'The Blasted Tower'. The Blasted Tower is not only a key that represents human frailty or imbalance typical to us all, but operates on other levels that express the catalytic energies or break-down of any   state or being or structure; even the universe itself. When a construct has remained intact or has been assembled through retentive fear and force, an external agency of catalysis will eventually destroy it. This destruction, however, is the vital preliminary to fresh construction, on physical, psychic, or spiritual levels." [Page 55-56 'The Prophetic Vision of Merlin'. Emphasis/parenthesis, this readers].

Tower in relation to 'Temple'? Temple in relation to ''gnosis''? Therefore: Exo/Esoteric?

Try ''sand''.

REFRESHER: "From the above inscription {i.e., in relation to the Memphite Theology, i.e.,the ''union'' of something}, we can deduce that, at some point, ancient Egyptians regarded the land of Egypt as shared between Horus and Seth. Then, for reasons that are not clear, Horus was given total control of the whole of Egypt. Could it be that the Memphite Theology, reflects historical events that occurred in the late 2nd and early 3rd dynasties? Could it explain the placing of Seth on the serekh of King Peribsen, and the placing of both Seth and Horus on the serekh of King Khasekhemwy, only to revert back to just Horus on Netjerykhet's serekh? This idea has indeed occurred to some Egyptologists." ['Imhotep the African'].

Serekh = ''facade'' = 'Face on' as opposed to {say} 'in profile'? Enlarged throughout.

And/or: Could the 1st {i.e.,Scorpion King?} and 4th dynasties be included. Especially the 'unfinished' or 'collapsed' pyramid of 'Djed'- efre?

Recall the significance of ''four'' - if only in the ''horizontal'' sense of the word.

"Synchronistic example?: "There is one final element in this tangled skein of coincidence concerning my American trips. On the second visit i was taken by Paul, my host, to the top of one of the great Trade Towers...This was in 1989, track forward a dozen years to a 'ritual' in which i was taking part in London. Part of this consisted of a ritual officer taking up a stack of Tarot Trumps and placing them upon the 'altar', announcing the name of each one as he went. When he came to the 18th - the Lightening Struck Tower - it turned out to be missing. Where could it have gone? We had no alternative but to leave it out, and carry on reading the rest. In fact, the explanation was simple, it had stuck to the back of the card in front of it. But on my way home, i was surprised to find the trains packed with office workers. They said they had been sent home early because something terrible had happened in New York. The date was September the 11th - the Tower at whose submit i had been standing with my friend Paul - had been struck down. Coincidence? No doubt. But why do such coincidences as the missing card occur? For some reason it seems that on occasion strings are being pulled upon an inner level for purpose we cannot comprehend. Maybe just to remind us that strings and string pullers are there?" ['I Called it Magic'].

Question. Why 18th and not the 16th? {missprint?}. Question 2. Try ''autopilot'' - think about it in relation to ''archetypes'' and Joseph Campbell's quote. A possibility or not?

As seen from a different perspective..."Every culture in history - from pre-Biblical civilizations and inclusive of the ancient Greeks {whom we revere as the founders of Western civilization} - tells stories of an ancient, more perfect world. No war, no illness, no disease. Shangri-La. Atlantis. Then came some kind of 'fall' - a disengagement from the forces that bound us together in 'love' and 'happiness'. A separation. Some people attribute this event to the Garden of Eden. Some cultures attribute it to a time before that. With minor variations, this story is universal - locked in the collective unconscious of the human race, imprinted in our genes. To varying degrees, the Reconnection phenomenon takes us back, in our intrinsic memories , to this golden age, and ties us into our original sense of profound connection with all of life. Yet it is not simply moving back; its moving forward to something new as well. From this wholeness comes 'healing'. True healing. Evolutionary healing." [From the book by Dr E. Pearl].

Think about it in relation to such {archetypes?} as defined within this overall subject as a ''U-turn''. And 'love/happiness' in relation to the word ''grace''. Both of which are also... ''locked in the collective unconscious of the human race..."

And/or:"Furthermore, it was by no means the case that the whole of Atlantean culture was destroyed immediately after the great catastrophe; on the contrary, what remained was gradually 'carried over' and planted into the 'new time' {Aries?}. We will best understand the souls of the post-Atlantean descendants if we steep ourselves in the soul-life of the last Atlanteans." [Page 38,  'Egyptian Myth and Mysteries' / Rudolf Steiner].

That final link to J. Campbell's quote about a symbol being "energy evoking" - in relation to an 'end result' or final destination? OR both?

A practical [synchronistic?] example..."Shortly after film school i was elated to get into Art College to finally study a Fine Art degree...Unfortunately, both the experience of film school and art school were littered with an array of tough challenges. And although i was, at long last, pursuing my ambition of being an artist, i was steadily becoming a little worse mentally each day, aligning myself with a coterie of the wrong sort of people in London and setting myself up for a colossal fall." [Extract from the book by Q. S. Lam].

The author; who has no knowledge of this subject; identifies herself; or more importantly; those 'warring' [''wrestling'' link] - aspects of her ''internal self'' with Fred, Mia, and Sophia. Fred whom she feels to be a negative aspect of herself - could be identified with the Egyptian Set. Mia - more of a deva; with negative traits, could be identified with Nephthys. Sophia - 'the cloud catcher' - with Isis. And Horus; with the individual herself - just as Hatshepsut and Cleopatra did with their own 'male' aspect.

Side note: Arya Stark? {i.e., archetypal tomboy}.

Continued: Question. Is this subject therefore nothing more than a study in Psychosis? From the dawn of human kind?

'The Science of Kriya Yoga' : Chapter from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi: Paramahansa Yogananda' ].

"It calms the dualistic turmoil by a divine inner certainty." Quote by the main character from the same book]. Question. What is being implied?

And/or..."Skillful meditation, healthy living, and realization of our 'Eternal Self' are the practices of Kriya Yoga..." [Back cover of the book 'Kriya Yoga' by Ryan Kurczak. Emphasis, this readers]. Think about it in relation to the 'divine bit'. Question. All illusional?

"The allusions to Jesus and God during my psychosis were potent, which is strange since i am an agnostic and not at all religious {many psychotic episodes have these quasi-religious overtones}. Nietzsche was right: 'God is dead'. After psychosis, however, i wonder if there are other forces that come into play, an acute sensitivity of things that go unnoticed..." [Quote, by Q. S. Lam, including parenthesis].

And/or: "Psychology and esotericism set out to explore the darkness outside of our knowledge, whether it be dwelling in the 'unconscious' or the 'astral', the mundus imaginalis, or the dark side of the Tree of Life. Dion Fortune, whose life we shall examine further wrote: As soon as i touched the deeper aspects of practical psychology and watched the dissection of the mind under psycho-analysis, i realised that there was very much more in the mind than was accounted for by the accepted psychological theories. I saw that we stood in the center of a small circle of light thrown by accurate scientific knowledge, but around us was a vast, circumambient sphere of darkness, and in that darkness dim shapes were moving,{'astral' link}. It was in order to understand the hidden aspects of the mind that i originally took up the study of esotericism. In this small circle of light, surrounded by darkness, we are, as Plato says, ''strange prisoners'' and psychology and esotericism both seek the keys to our escape and restoration. " [Extract from the book 'The Magister'].

"For just as no one comes to the Father but by Jesus Christ [John xiv,6], so does no one understand the Holy Trinity but by Mary-Sophia...And just as the Holy Trinity manifests itself through Jesus Christ, so understanding this manifestation is possible only through intuitive apprehension of what the above represents... " [Extract from the book by Tomberg].

Those same keys used to define something- that inner something - that would be understood by those who understood the same [subject]. Curiosity to everyone else - and/or an ''unknown'' factor. But, once the spark is lit - that same curiosity that could lead to a deeper interest; a deeper interest that could lead to their own 'revelations'. That internalization that leads to a 'balance' - its that 'equilibrium' that is represented as a 'river' within a journey. Framework of . Mechanics of. Different authors expounding same; but from different 'angles' - from different start points. Very similar to the purpose of 'Oak Island'. Enlarged elsewhere.

N.B. Gnosis = ''known,'' i.e., a known quantity. [Dictionary]. Try ''gnosis'' - purpose of.

Question. Nothing more than riddle makers? Hiding [or coming to terms] with an ongoing psychosis? Generation after generation?

"Signs of psychosis are mania, rapid speech patterns, a fanatical zeal for order, frenetic work activity, flight of ideas, inability to sleep, amplified sounds, identification of patterns relating to numbers/people, [mainly family members], vivid disturbing visions, and acute paranoia. When full blown psychosis occurs, all the symptoms are woven together to create a seamless other universe, where only you have the messianic power and answers to solve the world's problems and crack the code..."

"...She was Bosnian and i was Bangladeshi and then i noticed the B's in Bosnia and Bangladesh and that if i inverted them they became the number three and that these B's in my life were actually 3's - were everywhere - and all these connections were profound and steeped in an allegorical divinity. Associations began to form, pulling all the strands of the code together..." [Q. S. LAM: Italics, this readers].

Synchronistic link?..."At this point of revelation, Virgil, Dante's guide hitherto, the great exemplar of the heights of human intellect, poetic inspiration and magical power, disappears. He can take Dante no further. His instructor from henceforth, who now leads him through the heavens, is the great feminine power of 'divine' love. This is no theological or platonic abstraction, for she announces herself as a flesh and blood woman. 'Look at me well: truly i am, truly i am {B}eatrice', the girl whom Dante had loved in Florence." [From the book by G. Knight].

'Intellect' in relation {comparable?} - to 'gnosis' - by way of 'grace'? Hence...

"In Dante's vision the masculine intellect, even at its highest and most poetic or 'magical' levels, can only go so far in the comprehension of reality, and that is to the external limits of the Earthly paradise. Therefore when Dante having traversed the deepest pits of Hell, and climbed the spiral path of Mount Purgatory, comes to the brook that circumscribes the Garden of Eden, he is able to go no further under 'Virgils' guidance. Virgil can only return to limbo, the noble but love-less state of the intellect, that can only see the world on its own terms and within its own limitations. To go further the force of 'love' is necessary. This force is embodied by Beatrice, who expresses not only mortal love, but carries the blinding, transfiguring power of divine love as well; that which created the 'worlds' and hold them in being. It is she who meets Dante at the limits of the earthy paradise and escorts him through the heavenly spheres to the limits of the UNcreate Empyreum {Ain Sof and/or daath/void link. Enlarged elsewhere} beyond the heavens. It is in fact she, the embodiment of the feminine principle, who is responsible for the whole Divine Comedy anyway, for it is upon her initiative that Dante, wandering lost in the dark wood of the world,{'intellect' only link} is given the opportunity to embark {i.e.,beginning of} upon his own tour of the inner conditions of the soul." [Same book. All emphasis, this readers].

"...What is to come is the core of the Mysteries of the Feminine Principle. It is akin to the awakening of the sleeping goddess in naked glory and splendour in the 'Chemical Marriage of Christian Rosencreutz. And also the appearance of the great goddess Isis...to the repentant Lucius the ass. Or to the 'sky walking' dakinas who are the consorts of the highest compassionate buddhas in the Tibetan system. Or to the source of the golden apples of the Hesperides - that were the key to the possession of the pure maiden huntress Atalanta. " [From the book by G. Knight].

N.B. As a side note recall the posture in the painting by Botticelli - i.e.,not sleeping. But awakened to something? Through study? Finally try ''Atalanta'' to define Oak Island - its intent and purpose - by the same method.

Refresher: "Psychology and esotericism set out to explore the darkness outside of our knowledge, whether it be dwelling in the 'unconscious' or the 'astral', the mundus imaginalis, or the dark side of the Tree of Life. Dion Fortune, whose life we shall examine further wrote: As soon as i touched the deeper aspects of practical psychology and watched the dissection of the mind under psycho-analysis, i realised that there was very much more in the mind than was accounted for by the accepted psychological theories. I saw that we stood in the center of a small circle of light thrown by accurate scientific knowledge, but around us was a vast, circumambient sphere of darkness, and in that darkness dim shapes were moving,{'astral' link}. It was in order to understand the hidden aspects of the mind that i originally took up the study of esotericism. In this small circle of light, surrounded by darkness, we are, as Plato says, ''strange prisoners'' and psychology and esotericism both seek the keys to our escape and restoration. " [Extract from the book 'The Magister']. Try ''strange/r'' and ''peculiar''. Preferably before those first impressions whisper something else.

Something ''fallen'' {and/or ''asleep''} that once made aware of, becomes those familiar ''foundation stones''. Start point of.

"...Possibly significant in this respect is that in the language of the Sumerians, who thrived on the Mesopotamia Plain from ca. 2900 BC to 1940 BC, the word for plancenta, 'us', is more or less identical to that used for 'blood' and 'death' {'us'}, as well as the word for 'base' or 'foundation place' {'us'} - as in a place to set up the central pole for a tent. Such a term might easily have applied to Gobekli-tepe, where the pole in question was represented by the enclosures twin central pillars..." ['Gobekli Tepe' by A. Collins]. Try ''womb'' as well as ''twin''.

"It is upon this unpromising foundation that Apuleius built a profound story of initiation into the Mysteries of Isis. When Lucius, the hero of the story, is turned into an ass, he falls into a semi-animal condition from a higher state of being. This is analogous to the Neo-Platonic idea of the human spirit falling into material existence...the subsequent adventures of the ass are thus parallel to the initiations of the Mysteries, that lead from the material world to the condition of the UNfallen state. [Extract taken from the book by G. Knight].

That same link to Freemasonry and their 'equivalent' of the above... by way of, 'Solomon's Temple', and 'Hiram Abif'...with each member in mind. Explained within. That same link [by way of ''Freemasonry''] to the 'legend' of Oak Island. Purpose of. Notice its position [i.e.,Nova Scotia] relative to the ''Pillars of Hercules {and/or Heracles}.'' Together with its position in relation to the Equator and North pole. All in relation to a ''water mass.'' South in relation to North. East in relation to West. 'Wet' in relation to 'dry.' The start point of which becomes those two 'pillars'. As a representation of something. From something unknown ['wet'] to becoming known ['dry']. Representational of.

Finally Richard Wagners opera of three acts, namely 'Parsifal', of which he describes as..."not as an opera, but as a festival play for the consecration of the stage." That link to the 'Horns of consecration'. 'Wagners stage' and what is 'seen', becomes that equivalent...

"The ancient mysteries were only sacred art - being in the background conscious of mysticism and gnosis. But after forgetting this background or, so to say, after this background receded too far into the background, there remained a gnosis [or a ''revelation''] deprived at root of mystical discipline and experience. In this way ''creative art'' originated, and the mysteries became theatre, revelationary mantras became verses, hymns became songs, and revelationary ''pantomimic'' movements became dances...The pure revelation of gnosis had become more and more a game of the imagination and the power of magic had degenerated more and more into aesthetics. Richard Wagner understood this and wanted to remedy it. The work of Wagner followed the aim of the reintegration of art - to effect reunion with gnosis and mysticism so that it becomes 'Sacred Magic' again." [Taken from within the book by Tomberg].

''Sacred'' in relation to 'top/down' - ''Magic'' in relation to 'bottom/up', [i.e.,a potential to be realised]. Higher in relation to lower. The union of the two = a ''crossover'' point [or a 'connected-ness' of some description]. Always represented in whatever time-frame or culture [in part] as a u-turn.

Question. How would Wagner represent same - on a stage?

'Theo-Drama: Theological Dramatic Theory' by Hans Urs Von Balthasar.

Analogy of same?..."One day i entered a cinema house to view a newsreel of the European battlefields. The First World War was still being waged in the West; the news reel presented the carnage with such realism that i left the theater with a troubled heart. ''Lord'', i prayed, ''why dost thou permit such suffering?" To my intense surprise, an instant answer came in the form of a vision of the actual European battlefields. The scenes, filled with the dead and dying, far surpassed in ferocity any representation of the newsreel. ''Look intently!'' A gentle voice spoke to my inner consciousness. ''You will see that these scenes now being enacted in France are nothing but a play of chiaroscuro. They are the cosmic motion picture , as real and as unreal, as the theater newsreel you have just seen - a play within a play." My heart was still not comforted. The Divine Voice went on: "Creation is light and shadow both, else no picture is possible. [''Shadow/anima'' link? This readers input]. The good and evil of 'maya' must ever alternate in supremacy. If joy were ceaseless here in this world, would man ever desire another? Without suffering, he scarcely cares to recall that he has forsaken his eternal home [''fall'' link]. Pain is a prod to remembrance. The way of escape is through wisdom. The tragedy of death is unreal; those who shudder at it are like an ignorant actor who dies of freight on the stage when nothing more has been fired at him than a blank cartridge. My son's are children of light, they will not sleep forever in delusion." Although i had read scriptural accounts of maya, they had not given me the deep insight that came with personal visions and with the accompanying words of consolation. One's values are profoundly changed when he is finally convinced that creation is only a vast motion picture; and that not in it; but beyond it, lies his own reality." [Extract from the book on 'Paramahansa Yogananda' ].

Question. Has he seen to many 'Matrix' movies? Either way - besides looking up the those obvious 'highlighted' aspects - think about that final sentence in relation to Horus ''in/of'' the horizon. Begin in Part 1 - rather than leave - everything - to those first impressions.



From a different perspective: ''In magical lodges the techniques of pathworking {ie., 'visualization'} - is often used to lead the whole brotherhood {Freemasonry?} into a shared experience of 'another place' {archetypal?}, a sacred temple or 'center' of the wisdom they seek. All will share the 'visions', each 'seeing' his or her own interpretation of the images described, and it is in this 'Place between the Worlds' {'Akashic records'?} that a magic happening can be translated into a real event."   [Page 49, 'Magic for the Aquarian Age' / M. Green].

Another example with the same intent; but now through research..."Drury's belief that the artist is a vehicle for; not a creator of, his artistic productions produced a desire to explore methods of charting the hidden sources of inspiration. 'The levels of inspiration achieved by different artists seems to me to parallel the stages of consciousness outlined in the Kabbalah, and for this reason, one of my main aspirations is to achieve greater rapport with the higher levels of my unconscious'. And so Skinner's need for scientific exactitude and Drury's desire to tap hidden levels of subconscious vitality combine in a common purpose. The first result of their cooperation appears in this far-ranging and highly readable book." Taken from the introduction to the book 'The Search for Abraxas']. Together with...


Lefkandi minotaur. Euboea. FIRST known depiction of mythology in Greek sculpture.

"There is an animal in man, and there is a god { that ''bit''?} in man. In order to produce a harmonised microcosm these aspects of our nature have to be firstly acknowledged: it is then that the self may be transformed. Perhaps the 'God' which best symbolises this 'mystical' venture is the one who is both a man and a hawk. He who is of the 'Sun' and whose legs are coiling serpents; symbol of wisdom reaching down to the earth. He who holds the sacred shield...and whose name is Abraxas." [ Final paragraph of the book by N. Drury and S. Skinner]. Together with...

"This book is about levels of consciousness, and Western man's pursuit of the Ultimate level. There are many doctrines and methods leading to this Reality. We deal here with less familiar paths leading to that exalted state of Being, which we have designated Abraxas, because we find it meaningful. There are many other names we could have chosen. [Prologue to same book]. A beginning and end.

Try ''archon'' {all '365' of them?}. All 'year' round?

And/or: "As we shall see, the Gnostics and Mandeans left instructions for their initiates as to how they should leave the earthly sphere and progress through the spheres or levels of the Archons - the 'rulers' of the planets...." [Page 36 'The Western Way'. Vol 2].

As one OTHER example {that very first one?}: "The creation of Achilles shield is one of the most beautiful pieces of narrative in the Iliad, and, as Homer must have intended, it is not easily forgotten. The importance of the shield - which bears little resemblance to any shield ever used by earthly warriors - can be gauged from the 125 lines or so of narrative used to describe its features, but why the shield looked like it did is one of the epics mysteries. As with much else in the Iliad, an answer to this long standing mystery can be found in the heavens {authors hypothesis only}, and the need to create a new constellation in a previously undistinguished part of the sky to accommodate the return of 'brilliant' Sirius. There can be no better way to describe that area of sky by extended metaphor, using images not encountered elsewhere in the epic. Homer begins by associating the shape of the shield with the celestial sphere, upon which he places the Sun, the Moon, the Milky Way and a handful of stars - but NOT Canis Major, the eventual home of Achilles. He then goes on to describe wonderful decorations on the shield, including two warring cities, judges and disputing litigants, a wedding scene, reapers and binders, a vineyard and fallow land, cattle and lions, herdsmen, dogs and dancers. Not only has Homer identified the region of the sky in which the new constellation is to be created, but each scene of rural or town life is believed to describe separate parts of the sky which, when seen as a whole, encompasses the constellations now known as Canis Major, Canis Minor and Monoceros {i.e.,''another item of 'clothing' found in the sky is Achilles helmet, a group of stars in Monoceros, the modern constellation above the 'head' of Canis Major''}. Homer could not include these constellations in his opening remarks on the shield, for the shield had not yet been finished and the stars had not been described..." ['Homer's Secret Iliad']...

''Rural or town life'' in relation to : "In another vision i was a teenager living in France [South?], in a small village, and one day something special happened - there was a buzz of excitement in the village. The Floating City was coming! I knew this was my opportunity; i was stifled by the village atmosphere and, although i didn't want to stay on the Floating City, i knew that, if i could get aboard, i would be able to find out about - what ever it was i was looking for! I did get aboard - but i snapped out of the vision before anything else became clear.." [Enlarged elsewhere].

Question. Coincidence or a meaningful one?

''Floating island'' ?

Question 2. ''Rural'' {feet?} ''Town'' {head and 'shoulders'?}. as a means...? The main point being - those unknown quantities can be worked out - OR AT LEAST as close to an end result as is possible - when subject material in ALL ITS PARTS are taken into consideration.

baldricHence: "First Hephaestus shaped the shield so great and strong, adorning it all over and binding it round with a gleaming circuit of three layers; and the baldric was made of silver. He made the shield in five thicknesses, and with many a wonder did his cunning hand enrich it. He wrought the Earth, the heavens, and the sea; the Moon also at her full and the untiring Sun, with all the signs that glorify the face of Heaven - the Pleiads, the Hyads, huge Orion, and the Bear, which men also call the Wain and which turns round ever in one place, facing Orion, and alone never dips into the stream of Oceanus'...That these words refer to the skies is not disputed by scholars, but no definitive reason has ever been given for the more unusual phrases...

Side note: Moses who spoke to god 'face too face' - while recalling that in order to complete {and therefore begin a journey} one has to 'emerge' into the ''stream  of Oceanus''...Try ''Oxen'' and/or ''vase/s''.


"The way of the fool is no easy way, for it involves a balancing act, in which the Fool may stumble, and become a fool. It is a cunning way -  a way of strange knowledge. It is 'the Way that is Not a Way' - 'the Way that Cannot be Named' ..." ['The Zelator']. Question. The 'Trickster Way'??

Continued..."Our proposed interpretation is that the 'gleaming circuit of three layers; and the baldric - made of silver' are the Milky Way, whose three layers are the bright central section flanked on both sides by fainter bands of light. The silver baldric is a metaphor for the way in which the Milky Way encircles the Earth, just as a strap fastening to a shield goes round the body of a warrior {authors hypothesis only}. Homer sets the scene in the northern hemisphere by naming the Wain {or Plough} in Ursa Major, and by identifying Orion, the Hyades and the Pleiades he uses three well known groups of stars to determine the region of sky into which Sirius is to be placed. The Milky Way runs from top to bottom close to Canis Major, but the significance of the 'five thicknesses' is not yet clear...Homer then changes his mood, introducing scenes quite different from ANYTHING ELSE in the Iliad, using images of rural and town life as metaphors for individual stars, groups of brighter stars, dark parts of the sky with few stars, and also the Milky Way...Enlarged elsewhere. {'Homer's Secret Iliad'].

Recall what 'five' represents within this subject material {as a whole}.

baldric3And/or ''Clothing'' in relation to: "There's a great deal to be learned from these mediaeval images of the Fool. The mediaeval 'Feast of Fool' was of profound importance simply because it had esoteric overtones. Of course, you'll learn more about this, if we do a book together."...............'A book about the naked Mark Hedsel?'........He laughed. ''Partly naked - that is to say, a Fool, transformed by imagination.'' He emphasized the '{i}mage' of the last word." [Extract from the prologue to the book 'The Zelator' by M. Hedsel].

Side note: {i} in relation to the word ''Ishon'' and/or 'The Waters of the Gap'...ALL as a means...?

Podrick? [Game of Thrones].

SIDE NOTE: "Of course, scholars might argue that in this play with the word 'sal' we deal with linguistic traces from different etymologies. However, the fact is that in the earliest known Latin literature, Sal, besides denoting common salt, also meant 'cunning' and 'wit'. A good Fool was always a salty Fool, worth his salt. His salary was paid in recognition of his worth, and he was, in truth, no fool in the ordinary sense of the word...Tears contain salt, which is one of the high Mysteries of alchemy. In the arcane texts, salt is the residue of 'fire', just as salt tears are a residue of an inner emotional 'burning'..." Same book.

Question. What represents that ''emotional burning'' ?

Continued: Neolithic equivalent? " If the females in this category are all nude and at ease, the males are all dancing and either disguised in animal skins or part animal themselves. There are three in the French Pyrenean cave of Trois Freres. One has a bison's head, and plays a musical instrument in the middle of a herd of bison, and one has the horned head of some similar animal. The third is the famous ''Sorcerer'', a form with the head of a horned beast, the eyes of an owl or cat, the legs and body of a man, the tail of a horse or wolf and the genitals of male feline....Scholars have variously interpreted all these as gods or spirits, as priests or witch doctors, or as hunters disguised as animals to deceive their quarry. As with all the Palaeolithic images {archetypes?}, we lack the means to translate the artists message." ['The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles'].

'Feast of the Tail' ?

Male/female = shadow/anima? OR is it animus? i.e.,from a female perspective in that Matriarch society that supposedly predated the Patriarchal one?


Hippo-cratic Oath.

A working example {i.e.,a coming together of Animus - Anima . The very first one?}: "In the oldest tales there are references to the beautiful third Gorgon sister, Medusa, who willingly takes the Sea God as her lover in the celebration of the 'sexual' mysteries of the Goddess and her Consort. After a certain point after 2000 BC the legends tell of the 'marriage' or alternative 'rape' of Queen Medusa to the oceanic King Poseidon, one of the original Olympians, who had been known in his earlier form as Hippios the horse deity as well as lord of the sea. Poseidon in the form of a stallion mounted Medusa as a mare and fathered Pegasus, a winged moon horse. An early representation of Medusa, dating from the 7th century BC in Boeotia, shows her as a small, slender mare-woman who, although masked with a Gorgon's head, shows none of the frightful aspects of the classical Gorgon. By associating the Gorgon mask with the slender equine form, this artist permits us to catch a brief glimpse of a far more ancient tradition, in which the dark sister was not an isolated object of fear. The Gorgon mask, as the face of the moon, suggests that Medusa was one of the three aspects of the pre-Hellenic Moon Goddess., and the small native horses of these indigenous peoples were sacred to the early moon cults in rainmaking ceremonies. Poseidon's rape of Medusa in the form of a stallion tells the story of how the first wave of invading Hellenes, from Greece, who rode large, vigorous horses, forcibly married the Amazon moon priestesses and took over the rainmaking rites of the sacred horse cult through the 'birth' of Pegasus." [Page 162 'Mysteries of the Dark Moon']. Question. Why the horse?

N.B. Hippo in Greek means horse.

Khal Drogo / Daenerys Targaryen? {Game of Thrones}.


Sagittarius = 'Half man/horse. Coincidence or a meaningful one? ''Healing'' link?

Side step: "Small figure found as part of grave goods on the island of Euboea {lefkandi}. Half man, half horse - the first known depiction of mythology in Greek sculpture. It begins the development of Greek art over the next few centuries. It combines geometric patterns with a passion for mythology...This fascination with patterns will lead Greece out of the Dark Ages." ['Treasuries of Ancient Greece'. Enlarged elsewhere].

"Its the first public sculpture in Britain - a large horse on an Oxfordshire hillside 3000 years ago. The hill - a border crossing - it was hotly contested {by at least three tribes}. Hill figures found no where else in Europe. This one marks a key moment in the development of British identity...The people who lived here were marking their lands with a tribal emblem / logo..." ['Seven Ages of Britain' . Mentioned elsewhere]. Coincidence or a meaningful one?

Question. Tribal only or subject material? IF subject material - which came first - landscape or subject AND why?

" Originally, Libra and Scorpio was one house whose sign was the claws of the eagle, but eventually these houses divided. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Scorpion gods of Mashu guard the entrance to the Underworld. Mashu was a magic mountain forming a boundary between the houses….Sagittarius is ruled by Bel, who in this house is the god of cattle. Enkidu, half man, half bull was the first representation so it is fitting for its sign to be the centaur with an arrow...." [Page 47 'Pathway to the Zodiac'].

''As though of lowing cattle''. A quote made from the Odysseus as narrated by Simon Armitage. Only '50' men remain from the original '600' as they come across an island of 'cattle' - on their ''return journey'' back home. Forbidden to eat and yet eaten if only by his men. Fate intervenes {'unlucky' link} - but the journey continues if only for the main character. All else just aspects of his 'lower' nature.

Side note; 500/600/800 - what do they all represent?

"The ancient art of the mystery centers is ever healing, for it pertains to the true art which mirrors the spiritual realm. The art of San Miniato al Monte is perhaps the last complete representative of 13th century mystery wisdom, and it therefore requires that we approach it in a new way, with a view to receiving from it a much needed power of healing....There was a time when all art was concerned with linking man harmoniously with the 'spiritual' realm. The main purpose being - be it through music, words, dance or painting - was to bring healing and solace to the 'soul'...If  the following text helps one person to a greater understanding of the ancient mystery wisdom...then all my years of labour and research will not have been in vain." ['The Secret Zodiac'].

Try ''Galactic Alignment'' to see what the author has not as yet seen.

''But to that one star-fish..." Eddie Murphy quote ['Holy Man'].

Analogy {when compared: wisdom found within?}: "In Chapter 4 we will further see the connections between the Queen of the Underworld and the King of the Sea. The fate of the Child and the Foal...The Otherworld {'Underworld'} 'malignancy' manifests as a 'claw'  on May Eve, Beltaine, one of the Celtic fire - festivals and a day on which the way between the worlds is 'open'. These FORDING - PLACES {another being Samhain} - were marked by games and festivals....The 'claw' is reminiscent of the worm Grendel, which Beowulf fights...." [Page 29 'Mabon and the Mysteries of Britain'].

And/or: "The Pheryllt, according to whose ritual she {Keridwen} proceeded, are frequently mentioned by the Bards of Wales, and an old chronicle, quoted by Dr. Thomas Williams, states that the PHERYLLT had a college at Ox{ford} prior to the foundation of that university." [Douglas Monroe].

Try ''ford''. As a means...?

And/or: Claws in relation to tail. Especially in the 'constellational' sense of the word.

Feast of Fools?

cave art 3

Enlarged elsewhere.

Side note: "The  esoteric lore of the early Christians, formulated in the days when such words as 'resurrection' and 'reincarnation' had very different meanings from the ones ascribed to these words {concepts?} today, is also reappearing in many new 'esoteric' lores, legends and {other forms}, not all of which are of obvious value at the moment....Not just in philosophical concepts or literature, but in forms of art, or in games such as chess, playing cards and as {Stierlin has shown} even in such materialized sport as polo...The horse has ever been an esoteric symbol for the higher potential for thought, as Jonathan Swift, one of the great masters of the Green Language was aware, when he gave us the 'talking horses'..." ['The Secret Zodiac'].

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

"Life is like a chess game {'knight'?}. Each time a move is made, all sorts of other possible moves become available. Life is the same: change any tiny aspect and the whole future pattern could be radically altered. It is in this way that Will can be used to overcome or avoid ill luck....Man has free will - he can choose what path he takes..." [Page 75 'Magic for the Aquarian Age' / M. Green].

Recall the 'wooden horse' that decided the outcome {fate?} of spirit/'shadow' {Trojan?} and soul/'anima' {Greek?}. 'Helen' the common link between the two - as a means {method} to 'tell a story'. Before a 'return' journey became possible. Enlarged throughout. Coincidence or a meaningful one?


''Talking horses'' ?

REfresher: "Some of the most interesting work upon Palaeolithic art has been that of Steven Mithen, who has regarded it as a store of information about animals that were difficult to find or to stalk. Thus, reindeer and most birds were portrayed relatively seldom because they were abundant and easy to kill. Some of the abstract designs, he suggests, are actually hoofprints, sometimes drawn in association with a picture of the animal to which they would belong... Likewise, the reason why animals are only partially portrayed {i.e.,in profile; therefore an aspect of something - i.e.,of the lower half?} - could be because a stalker would only partially see them: this would explain why horns and antlers in particular are often shown by themselves or oversized. Now, much of this argument is splendidly perceptive. But it does not explain why most of it has to be shown hidden deep in caves, nor why so much is geometric, nor why particular animals should be paired or superimposed..."

Refresher: The symbol of the lower will is the altar {'cave'?}.

dionysos and panther

Panther or horse - or does it matter? As a means...?

Continued..."Scholars have always differed in their opinions as to the significance of this great body of work, for much of the present century there was a majority view that this art was an aid to 'hunting magic', i.e.,animals were represented in art and ceremonies performed around these figures to ensure of a successful hunt. Such a theory should not have survived the work of Peter Ucko and Andree Rosenfield, published in 1967. They pointed out that the animals represented in art did not really match the diet of the artists, as suggested by the bones left in their living sites. Thus reindeer and birds were often eaten but seldom painted or carved. Mammoths were rare at the time and place of the artists but were often painted. The beasts most often painted were bison {oxen?} and horses, which were certainly hunted but not in a quantity to justify such a predominance...nor does it explain why structures such as that at El Juyo {'religious cave sanctuary'} should have been made. The assumption that herds of horses and bison were scarcer than those of reindeer, and less easy to kill {en masse}, is not sufficiently confirmed by the evidence at an earlier period, i.e.,hunters had stampeded a total of 10,000 horses over a cliff at Solutre, in France. At this stage of research, it seems wisest to suggest that the people of the Palaeolithic produced art for at least as many different reasons as the hunter-gatherers of the modern world...We lack the means to translate the artists message." ['The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles'].


The Rock of Solutre. A limestone escarpment - surrounded by vineyards {S/E?}. Question. What aspect of the individual {'God'?} is represented by a ''vine''? Question 2. Why?

"The Palaeolithic site of Solutre and the escarpment which protects it from the N/W winds are located a few miles west of the modern city of Macon, at the southern gate of Burgundy where roads - and probably prehistoric trails as well - from the Paris Basin to the north, Belgian to the N/E, and Germany to the east, CONVERGE before entering the Saone-Rhone corridor toward the Mediterranean...From the time of its discovery to the present, the research at Solutre has paralleled the development of the field of Palaeolithic prehistory....The massive accumulation of horse bones to the side of the escarpment, and unique in the archaeological records has baffled both archeologists and the public alike.  "

As seen from a different perspective {that very first one?}: "We think the KEY that opened the door to all her following successes was found when her eyes was drawn to the region of the Bay of Pegasus, a large bay on the eastern side of mainland Greece to the North of the island Euboea, while studying a map. She took the bold but simple step of assuming that the bay, together with an ancient dried out lake and a pattern of towns to the north, was associated with the outline of the constellation of Pegasus...She then turned to the Catalogue of Ships. Of the region surrounding the Bay of Pegasus, Homer says the regiment of men came from..." ['Homer's Secret Iliad']. Enlarged elsewhere.

Try ''Harbour'' as a means...?

"The harbour on the lake was in fact richer than that on the sea" Strabo in reference to the 'Kibotos' canal.

Question. Was Strabo a member of any ''mystery club''?

A side step?..."Every year, pilgrims from every part of Egypt streamed into Abydos for the Feast of Osiris to witness a sacred seven day mystery pageant, a re-enactment of the life, death and resurrection of the god. It climaxed with a great battle between Horus and Set, which Horus always won."[Page 5, 'Omm Sety's Egypt by Hanny el Zeini and Catherine Dees].

Osiris who was 'killed' by his brother Set on the banks of the Nile at Abydos. Who then took his 'Throne'. More importantly, indicative of Osiris not able to advance beyond that u-turn in a 'river'. Horus, however, has to, in order to 'avenge' his 'fathers' death. Once avenged, then he can 'unite'. Clue... 'Hamlets Mill' in relation to what was found at Dendera. As an example..."All of these sources and influences appear in various guises within al-Arabi's works [in relation to the different 'aspects' learnt from different 'cultures' but all relate to that overall subject] where they become grist to the mill of his own unique enunciation of a vision of the Oneness of Being." [Introduction, 'The Bezels of Wisdom'. Mentioned elsewhere].

'On Having No Head: Zen and the Rediscovery of the Obvious' / D. E. Harding.

Refresher: "Got to see it, rather than just read it..." John Humphrys talking to D. Tennant and Greg Doran in relation to the plays by W. Shakespeare. [400th anniversary. Radio 4. 23/04/16].

"The true voyage of discovery, lies not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." Marcel Proust.

"The festival culminated in a procession at the head of which was carried a huge image of the phallus, representing the lost organ of Osiris. This was preceded by a vase of water, symbolizing the 'fertilizing' moisture of the moon, which is 'both' Osiris and Isis. The bowl [or 'cauldron' and/or 'cup' etc,] and the phallus are the eternal symbols of regeneration...And so year by year, the mysteries were exposed, the bowl, which is Isis, Mother, vase of life, and the Phallus, which is the fertilizing {'fire'?} power of Osiris - lost and found again. As these inanimate objects were solemnly carried in procession, they silently proclaimed the eternal verities which might be read and understood by those who had eyes to see. Through the truth that was thus ''shown forth,'' those who could understand might themselves partake in a new life which should be ever renewed like the life of the Ancient and Eternal Moon."[Chapter 13' of the book, by Esther Harding]. Try ''phallic{us}.''

"To prick ones conscience."

Side note: North of the Step Pyramid; at its lowest level - within a shaft {Osiris shaft?} - was found one solitary {complete} clay earthenware vase - after all the {broken?} bits and pieces {cups/bowls/vases?} were cleared.

Question. Fired or UNfired? Try ''cup''. And/or Aquarius. All as a means...?

Blue fired tiles found on its West side. ''Around the time of the 3rd dynasty''. ['Lost Mummy of Imhotep'].

rock crystal

Salvator Mundi. Rock crystal in left hand. Coincidence?

"Rock crystal was used not only for arrowheads but also for vases, the fabrication of which raises a problem as yet unsolved. Even if the exterior polish can be explained, the hollowing of potbellied crystal vases - several examples of which were found at Sakkara - remains incomprehensible. Like wise the procedure involved in making of the extremely thin and perfectly spherical crystal vase found by Zaki Saad at Heluan." ['Sacred Science'].

Try ''crystal'' and ''potbellied'' - all as a means...?

And/or: "The human heart and the Notion of the Heart of god in the religion of ancient Egypt is described in the following passage: 'In their hieroglyphs - sacred writing where the image of the thing itself often represents the very word that designates it - the heart was none the less depicted only by an emblem: the vase. Is not the heart of man in fact the vase in which his life is continuously maintained by means of his blood?' It is this vase taken as symbol of the heart - which makes us think of the Holy Grail, the more so because in the case of the Grail...we see also a relationship to the Heart of Christ..." [From the chapter entitled 'The Sacred Heart and the Legend of the Holy Grail' from the book 'Fundamental Symbols' / R. Guenon].

'Heart' in relation to 'center'. A centering of something. As a means...?

Question. Beaker burials? {'Digging for Britain' . Series 1. Episode 2].

Try ''Mandala'' for a different take on the same theme.


Ganymedes? Question. Why do the 'survivors' of the 'struggle' of Troy find themselves being represented as the beginnings {foundations?} of different civilizations? AND/OR: "Geoffrey's line of alleged kings begins with Brutus, who settled Britain in the aftermath of the Trojan War....It is in the 'History' that King Lear enters literature, and it is in the 'History' that Merlin, as we know him, does likewise." ['The Book of Merlin' / R. J.  Stewart]. Try ''method''. All as a means...?

Side note: "Tum {Atum}, by the power or by the 'fire' of his own heart, projects his own self into Nun for his own nativity into the world. By this same 'projection', he makes the great Ennead appear in Nu. ''Projection'', here written with the hieroglyph of the bow, in this text signifies: ''to make appear in the distance'' {horizon?} {or ''to appear above'' -i.e., 'in/of' the horizon?}, in the milieu of the primordial water Nu. This latter concept is to be distinguished from the primordial  ocean, Nun...{Nu, written with the symbol of a vase, and Nun with three lines of water, are implied in this text}. The 'bow' symbolizes the repulsing force and signifies the act of projecting out of oneself; it is to be understood in the same sense as the puissance in Atum, who projects himself as a hillock emerging from Nun..." ['Sacred Science'. Italics, this readers, plus ''horizon'' questions}.

Understanding {'seeing'} the above, gives clues as to someones final resting place.

N.B. {The age of?} Aquarius = The water carrier. Coincidence or a ?

Side note. That 2nd {clay?} 'vase' will be found somewhere else. Try ''Djoser'' and/or ''crystalize''.

Question. Where will be that somewhere else? Understand this subject to answer that question.

N.B. ''three lines of water'' = One for each 'Age'? And/or Matriarch/Patriarch BACK TO ''Matriarch''?

'Game of Thrones'?

"Ganymedes, the cup-bearer of Jupiter {Zeus}. He holds the cup or little urn in his hands, inclined downwards; and is always pouring out of it...from a small source to form that river...that runs from his feet...Keats, in Endymion, wrote of the Urn: ''Crystalline brother of the belt of heaven {Orion?} - Aquarius! to whom King Jove has given - two liquid pulse streams - feathered wings...two fan like fountains..." [ Notes for Aquarius, 'Star Names and Their Meanings'].

Two 'brothers' or brother/sister?

Refresher: "Error runs down a plain, while truth has to...?"

And/or: "Old illuminated manuscripts added a venerable river god lying on the surface of the stream, with Urn, aquatic plants, and rows of stars; for all of which the Hyginus of 1488 substitutes the figure of a nude woman, with stars lining the lower bank. Bayers illustration is quite artistic, with reeds and sedge on the margins. The 'monster' Cetus often depicted with his fore paws, or flippers in the River." ['Star Names and Their Meaning' under Eridanus].

Continued..."The creative principle is the ideal phallus; the created principle is the formal cteis, {'womb' link}. The insertion of the vertical phallus into the horizontal cteis forms the stauros of the Gnostics, or the philosophical cross of the Masons. Thus the intersection [ 'crossover' point. This readers input] of the two produces four, which by its movement, defines the circle with all the degrees thereof." [Taken from the chapter entitled 'The Pillars of the Temple' from the book 'Transcendental Magic' by E. Levi. Emphasis, this readers]. Analogy using same principles but within a different time frame. From a different viewpoint, ['angle' symbolism], i.e.,''in profile'' as opposed to ''face on'' [Egyptian equivalent]. Don't forget those first impressions...i.e.,


'Sun' in the ''middle'' - 'Eight' in total {i.e.,'seven' in relation to the 'Self' }. See anything other than the obvious? Try ''three and a half''.

..."The vow of chastity means to say the putting into practice of the resolution to live accordingly to 'solar' law, without covetousness and without indifference. Because virtue is boring and vice is disgusting. But that which lives at the foundation of the heart is love. The heart lives only when it loves. It is then like the sun. And 'chastity' is the state of the human being in which the heart , having become solar, is the center of 'gravity'. In other words, chastity is the state of the human being where the center named in Eastern esotericism as the ''twelve petalled lotus'' is awakened and becomes the 'sun' of the microcosmic 'planetary system'..." [Taken from 'letter 5' of the book by Tomberg]. Understand those keys [highlighted] to define the parts within the whole, i.e.,...

"...having become 'solar', is the center of gravity." Like attracts like - including 'knowledge' - link to ''synchronicity''. It also defines the preoccupation [especially in those ancient days] of the earth [instead of the sun] - being at the center of the ''planetary system.'' i.e.,representation of something - other than the obvious....

"Sirius is sometimes called the 'Sun behind the sun', indicating that while the star we call the Sun is related to our physical center of Self in our Solar Plexus and the expression of our Selves within the physical earth, Sirius represents a more hidden center." ['Red Tree, White Tree'].

As seen from a different perspective: "Among the great initiate wisdom which has proceeded from China is the literature attached to the 'Book of Change', the I Ching...Among the basic 64 archetypal figures {images?} or hexagrams, is one which deals with inner truth. The Chinese character {image?} which denotes {represents?} 'truth' is an archaic picture of a bird resting its protective claws on the head of a newly hatched 'young'. The ancient sages pictured truth as a delicate thing, egg born, and in perpetual need of protection. On a deeper level the 'hexagram' deals with the consequences of 'love', for love itself is nothing more than the recognition in another person of the truth within his/her soul." ['The Zelator'. Includes italics only - with the exception of the word in bold print]. Try ''claw/s'' and/or ''young/est'' then finally ''hexagram''.

The program 'Ancient Aliens' attempts to understand 'egg' symbolism throughout all ages. To understand the parts within the whole - define SUBJECT material -  not just little green chaps from Mars.

137 6A different take: "And so for thousands of years the geocentric view of the universe was never questioned. Aristotle and others thought of these things in detail. They noticed that when they dropped things they fell to the earth - the center of the earth - so there must have been something special about the center - it must be the center of the universe. These arguments were so persuasive that it was millennia before they were overturned." ['Human Universe' / narrated by B. Cox]. Try ''mandala'' for a different take on the same theme {principle?}.

A correct analysis of a MIND SET - beyond { 'horizon'?} 1st impressions: "In  confused but suggestive context, it is interesting to note that there are some specific references to Britain in Greek mythology as the Hyperborean Lands {i.e., those beyond the north wind}, true home of Apollo. Geoffrey, therefore, cloaks his star lore in Greek mythological terminology, and in Greek astrological references. To come to grips with this literary and quite normal substitution; forthe medieval scholar was imbued with certain aspects of classical symbolism; wemust repeatedly consider the function of the being, star, or constellation described. It is through this attitude {mind set?} that we make the primal connections necessary to bring the magic of the prophecies alive. The geocentric system provides the map for the stages of the cosmic 'vision', and is basically the map still employed by the astrologers today, though geocentrism is no longer accepted as a physical model of the universe. One of the most common place errors in judging the geocentric system is to assume that it is invalid because disproven. As a conceptual model relating to consciousness and the human situation {in relation to that ''bit''}, the geocentric and Elemental system is an excellent analogy. It also provides the starting point for a sequence for inner realizations, by which the consciousness apprehends {'intuitive leap'?} models of reality which are at the foundation of our group-world." [ Page 139 'The Prophetic Vision of Merlin: Prediction, Psychic Transformation, and the Foundation of the Grail Legends in an Ancient Set of Visionary Verses'. Parenthesis, this readers].

AND/OR: "Although we have suggested that the primal lore is 'ancient British', its primacy is shared by all races, and is not a property of any one people." [Same book. Page 138].

Try ''Homer''.

"...the development of human consciousness was the result of spiritual and not {at first} of physical changes in man..." [from the book by C. Merry].

Question. When ALL the available information is TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT - what do you think?


Where have you seen him before?

"The wonderful thing about metaphors is that they are simultaneously real and unreal. When I presented an early version of chapter 1 as a lecture in Atlanta, two evolutionary biologists came to it, thinking that it was about real 'microscopes' and 'telescopes' {i.e.,subjective/objective understanding; application; and use of 'mythology' from a personal and collective point of view - i.e.,microscopic / telescopic}. They stayed through the whole lecture and talked to me afterward about the double vision in their fields, the unfortunate schism between people who focus on tiny details and people who dream about the big picture, and the difficulty of getting them to talk to one another...David Green, once described his frustration on seeing a fox yards away from young hounds who had their noses to the ground and insisted on following the scent off into the distance where the fox had been and back again to where he was now - but would not be for long. An older hound would have the sense to look up. Scholars bogged down in their rigid ways of scenting their prey are often forced by the comparative evidence to look up and see what is right in front of them, for the more obvious; and invisible {hidden?} human truths."  ['The Implied Spider: Politics and Theology in Myths'].

''To hide something successfully - hide it in plain sight."

As {one} example: "It is also true that climatological variations, be it only of a few degrees, can produce important effects on all life. A drop in temperature drives all beings to other climates, just as the persistence of a higher temp., will witness the birth of new plant and animal worlds. These climatological modifications obey sidereal {horizontal?} variations, and if the principle movements of our solar system are well known, others are less so. Such is the strange influence of celestial regions, such as the power of Sirius - that central {vertical?} 'sun' of the Pharaonic sages - upon 'climates' {inner?} and on our entire solar system." ['Sacred Science' / Schwaller De Lubicz. Emphasis, this readers].


Cold {and/or 'dark'} in relation to warm {and/or 'light'} - ALL as a means...? Understanding that {principle?} gives clues as to the 'direction' to look {follow?} to locate - or at least estimate a possible burial location.

"In relation to the term 'world' it is necessary to understand from the very outset that there are many 'worlds', and that we live in not one world, but in several worlds. This is not really understood because in ordinary language the term 'world' is generally used in the singular. And if the plural 'worlds' is used it is merely to emphasis, as it were, the same idea, or to express the idea of various worlds existing parallel to one another. Our language does not have the idea of worlds contained one within another. And yet the idea that we live in different worlds precisely implies worlds contained one within another to which we stand in different relations {relative?}." ['In Search of the Miraculous'].

Understanding that universal constant 'bit' {Micro} within that framework {Macro} makes sense of the above. As does...

"But where can man [or woman] find truth? If he seeks deep enough in himself he will find it revealed, each man may know his own heart. He may send a ray of his intelligence into the depths of his soul and search its bottom, he may find it to be as infinitely deep as the sky above his head. He may find corals and pearls, or watch the monsters of the deep. If his thought is steady and unwavering, he may enter the innermost sanctuary of his own temple and see the goddess unveiled. Not every one can penetrate the depths, because the thought is easily led astray; but the strong and persistent searcher will penetrate veil after veil, until at the inner most center it discovers the germ of truth, which, awakened to consciousness, will grow into a sun that illuminates the whole of the interior world, wherein everything is contained." [quote from within the book by F. Hartman]. Try ''midnight sun''.

Sun on the ascendant? or just 'in' the constellation? AS A MEANS...?

A working example: "Very frequent mention was made of this constellation in early days, for the Platonists held that souls of men, when released from corporeity, ascended to heaven through its stars, whence it was called the Gate of The Gods {'H'?}; their road of descent having been through Cancer. But some of the Orientals knew it as the Southern Gate of the Sun {'Ascendant'?}, as did the Latins in their altera Solis Porta. Berossos is reported by Seneca to have learned from the old books of Sargon  that the world would be 'destroyed' by a great conflagration when all the planets met in this sign." [info., on 'Capricorn' within the book 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

A side step: "It has been said that death came into existence only with the rise of mans consciousness, a round about way of saying death is more real for humans than for any other animal, because only humans foresee it. Religions owe their existence to the unique ability of the human animal to understand that it must die. Against this realization the forces of imagination are mustered to deny it. Its hard for any perceiving mind to perceive its own not being, with cessation of all perception. Worshipers of Kali managed to view the beyond death state as, 'Dreamless sleep'. But most ancient people could not formulate an idea of non - perception.".........."Babylonian literature reveals a hope that eventually the right ritual cure for death will be discovered, rather as modern people hope for a cure for cancer. The Recommended avenue of investigation [in those days] was necromantic consultation with the dead themselves. The quest for immortality was essentially the search for the right ritual, ['repetitive' link]...the knowledge of what to do in order to secure a continued existence of the 'body' after death. This knowledge is possessed by the ancestors, and can only be obtained from them." [Page 214, 'The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets' by Barbara Walker].

These days that information can be got by research, the objective analysis of which, results in ''knowledge''.

A working example, i.e.,by way of an objective exercise: "He also became a mathematical geographer and while a lecturer at the university of Louvain, became a close friend of Mercator, with whose name we are still familiar in Mercator's projection, which is a convention used in map making to depict a spherical world on a flat piece of paper. Indeed Dee brought back with him to Mercator's globes...What we are seeing is the first attempt of modern mankind to conceptualize the world as a physical celestial object. To do this, man had to stand out of the world, so to speak  {objective?}, and view it as if an observer in space, from the background of the stars, almost indeed as if he were himself a 'star' being. So these mathematical geographers of the time were the first modern ''planetary men''. This marked a great step forward in human self consciousness, and John Dee was at the forefront." ['I Called it Magic' / G. Knight].

Question. Nazca Lines? {i.e.,as seen from the 'monument' across the river adjacent to same. Enlarged elsewhere.

"I journeyed with this man for one and a half days over an uninhabited, stony plain until we came to a little hill on which grew bushes and trees. Here, my guide ['Aaron'] informed me, i would 'connect' with my man. I asked my guide to go on, but he refused, turned around with his mule...and for some unknown reason left me. I knew of no other way of getting help and advice than to submit to the ultimate help and cried out his high name. He quickly heard me, because as i lifted my eyes, i saw an old man approaching. His friendly greeting was in the Chaldaic language, he asked me to 'follow' him. In this event i recognized the high foresight of god ['Adonai'] . Very politely he lead me into the place where he 'lived'. There i learned his name - Abramelin - and in time also the foundation and structure of wisdom." [Taken from book one, 'The Book of Abramelin' by G.Dehn and S. Guth. Emphasis, this readers]. Originally written by Abraham Von Worms.

'Worms'. A German city. What some call...Little Jerusalem. The city's emblem being the Dragon. The German word for ''dragon'' is worm. South to North? Representation of?

The place where he lived...Araki...near the turn in a river. Question. Another riddle? Wisdom expected to be found within it?

Grey Worm? {Game of Thrones}.

As is {unbeknown by author}..."Everywhere around Harran are sites associated with stories from the book of Genesis. On Cudi Dag {Mount al-Judi}, in the mountains to the east of Harran, Noah's 'ark' is said to have made first landfall after the 'waters' of the great flood receded. Here too Noah established his first post-flood settlement, leaving his son Shem to continue his journey into the Eastern Taurus mountains, where also Seth, the 'son of' Adam, lived after his father and mother's expulsion from the 'garden' of Eden. Even Harran itself, where Abraham dwelled with his family, had more ancient biblical connections, as tradition insists that Cainan, a 'grandson' {i.e.,''triple'' link} of Shem, 'founded' the city. He was the originator of Chaldaism, the knowledge of the 'stars' as practiced by the Sabaeans of Harran." [From the book 'Gobekli-tepe' by A. Collins. All emphasis, this readers].

''The principle of the city came to me..." Enlarged elsewhere.

'Arc' in relation to 'cup' and/or 'semicircle' and/or 'crescent' {waxing?} and or 'lower' half and/or 'West' and/or ?


The Corona Borealis is Caer Arianrhod whose secret citadel is the tower of initiation.


continued {2nd 'half'?}...More significantly, the book of Genesis records that the primordial garden where Adam and Eve, the First couple, existed in a state of innocence and bliss before the time of the Fall, was located at the source of the 4 rivers of Paradise, two of which can easily be identified as the Tigris and Euphrates. They take their rise in the mountains to the north east of Harran. Here somewhere lies the original Garden of Eden, tended over by the angels of god, returning me to the pressing questions that had preoccupied my childhood: Who or what are angels? Where did they come from, and did they have some kind of earthly tangibility? As i climbed Harran's giant occupational mound, which rises above the ruined city, and stared out towards the mesmeric Astronomical Tower, i felt i was getting closer to some real answers. For even as the first bible stories were being played out across the region, Harran was already extremely old...Known as Tell Idris...being an Arabic name for antediluvian patriarch Enoch, the great grandfather of Noah...accredited with the authorship of one of the strangest and most mystifying religious texts ever written. Called the book of Enoch, it recounts how Enoch..." [Same book].

Joyous Garde?


gross analogy

A weight in relation to horizontal / vertical. 'Innocent' of. [Key],i.e.,link to 'naked' and/or youngest symbolism, [from unknown to known. Potential of]. Together with, ''Truth did not come into the world naked, but it came in types and images. One will not receive truth in any other way.'' [Gospel of Philip 67.9-11]. AND ''The Pharisees and the scribes have taken the keys of knowledge and hidden them. They themselves have not entered, nor have they allowed to enter those who wish to. You however, be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves.'' [Jesus, Gospel of Thomas 39]. While recalling Cronos, who was Lord of Time, Eternity, and weighty concerns. [Quote taken from, Jesus Christ Sun of God. Ancient Cosmology and Early Christian Symbolism' by D. Fideler].

"The stubborn, passionate, long suffering ass is a perfect natural symbol of our rational personality. It bears like an ass, the weight of all our suffering, and carries us through life. Yet paradoxically, it is the same stubborn 'ass', and only the ass, that can carry the rebel to salvation; mounted upon the ass, man is mounted upon his own rebellion. The ass is the 'father' of all rebels, but also the carrier of redemption". [Page 89. 'Rebel in the Soul' by Bika Reed]. Think about it relative to 'Anubis' and the 'dog' star. Meanings of. [The jackal was sometimes associated with the ass or donkey].

Or.... "Increased concentration of the conscious individual is the trend. Then these personality 'fragments' [link to 'aspects of'. This readers input], or images can be kept under self scrutiny without taxing the present ego to distraction. Now, what you would call the subconscious performs this task: not to well, since it was never meant to focus clear attention. Consciousness will expand within your plane. The scope of consciousness will be so broadened that all personality 'fragments', personality images, and individual 'fragments' in succeeding incarnations will be held in clear focus [repetitive, of the positive over the negative link. This readers input]... without strain. It is toward this that evolution is headed, though of course, at its usual donkey - slow rate." [ Page 24/5, 'The Seth Material'].

"The relation between body and soul, and all together between the spirit of things and their corporeality, may be expressed by the example of a rider on horse back. A rider who is in control and guides his steed can go much further than he can go on foot. How aptly then does the image of the Messiah as a poor man riding on a donkey describe the human predicament; the divine spark borne and guiding, the physical donkey, bearing up and waiting for guidance and 'power'."[Chapter three 'The Thirteen Petalled Rose. Mentioned elsewhere].

Or..."Swedenborg had finally found the soul. His anatomical work was unnecessary. The soul is the life, the spirit, the inner of mans experience. The quality of this life is the quality of the man. Swedenborg rejected airy, abstract ideas of the soul that are not experienced." [Chapter 4, 'The Presence of Other Worlds'].

Side note:  "Why should a Fool carry a 'weight' on the end of a straight stick? And what is in that 'heavy' bag, tied to the stick?...What is in your heavy bag Mark? ['The Zelator'].

Follow the title of the book to lighten {ones load?}.


The 'summit' of something?

A {working?} example in the 'Micro' sense of the 'word': "Possibility is one thing, and the realization of the possibility is quite a different thing. Let us now try to see what this possibility depends upon and what its realization means.' Then G. repeated briefly all that had been said before about the 'structure' of man and the world. He drew the diagram of the ray {key} of creation and the diagram of the four {key} bodies of man. But in relation to the four bodies of man he introduced a detail which he had not mentioned before. He again used the Eastern comparison of man with a 'carriage', a 'horse', a 'driver', and 'master' {''teacher'' link} - and drew the diagram with one addition that was not there before. 'Man is a complex organization,' he said, 'consisting of four parts which may be connected or unconnected, or badly connected. The carriage is connected with the horse by shafts, the horse is connected to the driver by reins, and the driver is connected to the master by the master's voice. But the driver must hear and understand the master's voice. He must know how to drive and the horse must be trained to obey the reins. As to the relation between the horse and the carriage, the horse must be properly harnessed. Thus there are three 'connections' between the four sections of this complex organization. If something is lacking in one of the connections, the 'organization' cannot act as a single whole. ['In Search of the Miraculous'].

Define those keys to understand {'see'?} that 'missing' link.

"Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider." ['Of Studies' 1625. / F. Bacon].

"Since one incarnation on earth cannot possibly be sufficient, the personalty must return again and again in order to achieve the maximum development." [Introduction 'Alchemists Handbook' by F. Albertus]. Question. 'Seven' in relation to 'eight' ?

Refresher..."Got to see it, rather than just read it..." John Humphrys talking to D. Tennant and Greg Doran in relation to the plays by W. Shakespeare. [400th anniversary. Radio 4. 23/04/16].

"A beggarly union of genius and fire.'' Quote by Albert the 'great' - teacher of Thomas Aquinas. Recall the meaning of 'genius' in the east as opposed to its counterpart in the west. ''Beggarly'' in relation to say a - 'fool'.

All the above a link to the meaning [and difference] to ''incarnation'' relative to ''reincarnation'' and its purported relevance to each individual. Find it to understand it - rather than leave to those first impressions. Question. One big 'magical' fairy story?

A {working?} example ,i.e.,when all the above is applied to the following: "These are 'higher' states of consciousness that open onto new horizons of understanding and wisdom. You may have had such an experience as children when we were less weighed down by the things that now preoccupy us. You may even have fallen for the illusion that those times of bliss and wonder are gone forever along with the other delights of childhood. But that is not the case. We are meant to dwell permanently in this habitat of the soul where higher consciousness dwells. It is possible to taste and live this joy and freedom, this inner awakening, even during rush hour, even at the office, even when circumstances around you are difficult." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way'].

Follow the title of the book to see how that 'working method' is represented within the subject as a whole.

bbbb (2)Analogy of same {as an exercise?} - in the abstract sense of the 'word': "For i was scarcely fallen asleep, when i thought that i, together with an innumerable multitude of men, lay fettered with great chains in a dark dungeon, in which, without the least glimpse of light, we swarmed like bees one over the other...But although neither i nor any of the rest could see one jot, yet i continually heard one heaving himself above another, when his chains and fetters had become ever so slightly lighter...Now when i with the rest had continued a good while in this affliction, and each was still reproaching the other with his blindness and captivity, at length we heard many 'trumpets' sounding together and kettle drums beating...During this noise the cover of the dungeon was lifted up 'from above', and a little light let down to us...We all went pall-mell, and he who perchance had heaved himself up to much, was forced down again under the others feet. In brief, each one strove to be uppermost. Neither did i linger, but with my weighty fetters slipped up from under the rest, and then heaved myself upon a stone, which i laid hold of...I was caught several times by others, for whom yet as well as i might, i still guarded myself with hands and feet. For we imagined no other but that we should all be set liberty, which yet fell out quite otherwise. For after the 'nobles' who looked upon us 'from above' through the hole had recreated themselves a while, with our struggling and lamenting, a certain hoary-headed ancient man called us to be quiet, and began to speak thus: If the poor human race were not so arrogant it would have been given much good from my mothers heritage. But because the human race will not take heed it lies in such straits and must be held in prison. And yet my dearest mother will not regard their mischief; she leaves her lovely gifts that many a man might come to the light, though this may be by chance and seldom...Therefore in honour of the feast which we shall hold today, that her grace may be multiplied; a good work will she do: the rope will now be lowered, whoever may hang on to it, he shall be freed." [Extract from the book 'Alchemical Amphitheatre'. Mentioned elsewhere - in relation to a ''wedding''. All emphasis and italics - this readers input].

Question. Can you 'see' - as an exercise only - what all those different keys [archetypes?] represent? To determine the validity [or not] of a 'subject' - OR 'dream' sequence? Among others try ''rope'' and ''feast'' to add or detract from.

Exercise: "But because the human race..." in relation to "Troy was thus strategically placed to control trade through the fast flowing narrows that separate Europe from the East and connect the Black Sea to the Aegean. Perhaps to enforce the collection of tolls, Troy would have required military power and in turn would have been subject to the envy and resentment of other powers. Other suggested sources of the city's wealth have included a thriving fishing industry and horse breeding, the later perhaps explaining Homer's epithet of ''tamer of horses'' for Hector of Troy. Such a city would have been known throughout the Aegean and beyond, wherever traders discussed their deals and bemoaned whatever tolls may have been levied by the Trojans; and wherever sailors complained about the time they wasted lying at anchor waiting for a favorable wind to help them through the straits." ['Homer's Secret Iliad' / F. and K. Wood].

That ''fall' {Macro?} that becomes the beginning of something {Micro?}.

And/or: "Belloc's theory of how geological features determined the route used by prehistoric travellers is set out in chapter two of The Old Road...It emphasises the central role of the south-facing chalk escarpment bordering the edge of the North Downs when he states: 'A man who should leave the straits with the object of reaching the Hampshire centers would find  a moderately {i.e.,not bent as in a ''bent pyramid''?} - steep, dry, chalky slope, always looking full towards the southern sun, bare of trees....not indented with combes or projecting spurs....Here then is the first twist in the Pilgrim's Way story, because at Farnham, Belloc's travellers did not forsake the chalk escarpment for the valleys below....Instead they kept to the chalk on the 'higher' ground and took an ancient trackway that became known as the Harroway or Hoar Way...." [Page 29/30 'The Pilgrims Way / Derek Bright]. Continued elsewhere.

Try ''escarpment'' / ''strait'' / etc. To determine a mindset.

Question. Local or universal?

All the above explained by nothing more than common research by way of objectivity together with the proverbial...pinch of salt. Objectivity over subjectivity, that arrives at an understanding of those main keys, [symbols]...that expresses that common framework in 'picture' form. To be unraveled / encrypted by the reader. That objectivity that 'enlightens' the reader to the underlying core essence of all ‘religions’. Its ’esoteric’ side. What some of these authors refer to as ‘head knowledge'. The theoretical side. Its practical application being the ‘subjectivity’ aspect to it, i.e., If ‘B’ exists then to apply that theory / understanding in order to get to ‘C’. Which has that certain logic to it, i.e., application of that now ‘aware knowledge’. As a side note, some believe that the practical [subjective] side can be 'experienced' while in 'A'. Commonly known within this subject as an 'out of body' experience. [See Mr Monroe's or Celia Green books].

Question. 'Glass Ship' link?

Monroe; was someone who accidently experienced same in the normal course of daily events as many individuals seem to do - if the literature on {same} is to be believed. The only difference is - unlike most - rather than ignore or hide from it - he 'sought' the same experience in order to evaluate it - to understand it.

'The Saint With Two Bodies'. From chapter 3, of the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi'.

This author cannot comment on same, simply because this authors prime aim is to understand the subject for its own sake. Nothing more. Simply to satisfy a curiosity. To satisfy something that was once an unknown. Something that this reader was at one time, ignorant of. The way this reader sees it, if 'B' does exist [and after weighing up all the available evidence, it will not surprise this reader if such an 'event' does turn out to be true], then because of that understanding , that understanding of a subject, that awareness should help in any 'adjustments' needed. For this reader no 'real time' experience is wanted or wished for. Should 'B' exist we will have all the time 'in the world', for such 'experiences'. The 'Ghost train' [ as an imaginary teaser] will suffice till then. [No pun intended].

Those benefits however of understanding the subject through objectivity. Rather than leaving all to those first impressions. Regardless of whether the ‘practical’ side will ever become relevant are...

A...It satisfies a curiosity.

www (2)B...You begin to see what a so called ‘esoteric’ collection looks like {A MIND SET?}. Notice the diversity of subjects. For a more detailed and in depth 'list' see Mr J. Blacks, 'Selective Bibliography' at the later end of his book 'The Secret History of the World'. A very informed reader, which his personnel notes, and descriptions, together with 'eureka' moments of same, bear out. This reader, is as yet to find a more extensive one. The author R. A. Wilson defines the same in the Macro sense of the ''word'' within the title of the book 'The Cosmic Trigger' and in 'its' Micro sense as a ''blinding flash'' and/or ''mini-Satori''. N.B. T. S. Eliot refers to the same, as ''a timeless moment.'' [Chapter one, 'The Zelator']. The ancient Egyptians referred to it as ''intelligence of the heart.'' The author Teilhard de Chardin defines the same [in part] within the word 'Reflexion.' Enlarged elsewhere. The aftermath of which becomes intuition.

Analogy of same,i.e.,with the same intent is the word Dasein as used by Henry Corbin of Sufi fame as explained by T. Cheetham within the book 'The World Turned Inside Out': "Dasein is, literally translated as 'being there'. It provides the condition for the possibility of anything being present at all...He stresses that the da of Dasein is the 'act of presence'. " What T. Cheetham defines as the 'Psychology of Presence'. [Chapter 7]. See it?

And/or "...THE revelation by which the Hidden Treasure reveals itself to itself." [Same book]. Try ''treasure''.

Such authors as Francisco de Osuna {mentioned elsewhere} defines that same process and/or action of the mind with the ''path of recollection''.

Try 'Remembering/Forgetting'.

Plotinus describes it as ''a knowing principle''. Enlarged elsewhere.

A working example: "He is so tense, as a result of this internal disorder, that he fails to notice the various minor 'actors' on the scene - some 'good intentions' in the foreground, an ancient spite coming in, ambitions elbowing their way to the front, all of them making eddies in the currents that influence him {ebb 'n' flow link}. Yet the poor man imagines himself alone, as he struggles with his uncertainty. But watch! Something has touched his spiritual mainspring, and from the depths of his substance a vague awareness wakens, a light comes into the hero's eyes, and from 'heaven', as if by chance, comes a flash, revealing an unforeseen solution." ['The Opening of the Way'].

The author of 'Meditations on the Tarot' defines that 'action of the mind' with: "...the vision of the unity of beings and things through the immediate perception of their correspondences - through consciousness concentrated without effort." Page 20.

Try ''simultaneously''. Different take on the same theme. OR universal?

Alchemy's equivalent of same..."Think of the whole six month Alchemical course and notice the first thing that comes to mind where you had a ''aha'' or ''umm...fascinating!" feeling. Associate fully inside yourself and your memory of that event so that you may recall what you saw and heard when you felt that feeling. Was it something you read, observed, thought about later, something someone said that clicked with an alchemical idea? An image in the course of a book?" [Extract taken from the final chapter entitled 'The Hall of Alchemical Memory' from the book 'Alchemical Amphitheatre' by M. Katz].

"An image in the course of a book..." That ''image'' could be landscapes equivalent of same principle, i.e., the HA HA lawn. Get it? Explained elsewhere.

Analogy of same..."When your consciousness has been thoroughly prepared to experience this truth, the direct perception will unfold naturally in your awareness. This can be related to the ''aha!'' moment when what you have been contemplating {or studying} makes perfect sense, because you experience the truth of it from within. The truth moves from concept to reality." [From the book by R. Kurczak. Emphasis etc, this readers].

Hence the link to such statements as 'Samadhi' being equated with "cognitive absorption,'' {see ''cognitive'' in Part 1} - i.e.,"This first chapter is entitled 'The Chapter on Samadhi, or cognitive absorption'. The word 'Yoga' in this sutra {i.e., sutras of Patanjali} refers to the state of Samadhi. Yoga means to unite or yoke together. Samadhi is a state of consciousness in which awareness results in an elevated state of consciousness often referred to as spiritual." [Same book].

"The nature of the Stone is central to our dilemma as students of the esoteric tradition; it is both quest and destination, both ourselves and other, tool and product, it is the eye that observes and cannot see itself, knowing itself through exhaustion of all possibilities through experiment, [and/or study. This readers input]. It is indeed, the mystery of awareness." [M. Katz book]. AS IS...

"Our Stone is the quintessence of the Four Elements, separated from them and reduced into a fifth essence - being extracted out of the body of the first matter."

''Stone'' in relation to 'Primordial mound' - both in relation to a 'learning curve'. Representational of.

"Stones are bones of the earth, and the soil 'her' flesh." [Douglas Monroe]. Try ''garment''.

Understand the above to define the following: "Albert was a rock hound. He collected specimens from sites of evacuations or mines he came across in his travels and catalogued their properties. In his work 'De Mineralibus' {The Book of Minerals}, he mentioned alchemy again and said it was ''a beggarly union of genius and fire''. Thomas Aquinas, Albert's student, concurred with Albert's conclusions: alchemists could probably make 'gold' but it was ''a difficult art''. ['The Chemistry of Alchemy'].  'See' anything, i.e.,all three authors are hinting at something that is NOT represented as the obvious - on first read. That includes the author of the above book.

Understanding the above defines the following: "The diamonds can be found even in the mud - the waters wash them clean. Nuggets of gold {philosophy} are not for you. Seek diamonds, sparkling truth, the clarity, perfection of the Word. The whirlpools of life carry you to where the diamonds are. Resonate to the perfection of the crystals. Arduous seeking is not necessary. The path is already mapped out. You have only to follow the clues." ['Truth Vibrations' by D. Icke. Includes parenthesis]. Try ''crystalliz{s}ation'' and/or ''nuggets'' and/or ''map''.

Question. The 'psychic' Way?

"When people talk about opening your third eye, they mean activating your psychic powers, which we all have, though some more than others. The crown chakra is the point of entry for thought forms from the spirit realms, which sensitives can turn into words. It is through this chakra, that we tune into higher levels of intelligence and wisdom." [Same book. Emphasis, this readers].

The above author defines ''nuggets of gold'' as 'philosophy'. This reader would add 'esoteric philosophy'. Recall the distinction between the ancient and present meaning of same. Enlarged elsewhere.


On the lookout for Mr Icke?

A working example: "Only good will come from the written word that i write here. The spirit of trees and the green earth surrounds me {'Green language'}. On the plain a single tree tells a story i can't quite remember. The sound of horses and men survive in the echo of the past. All these voices are there to be heard {inner ear?}. They come in silence filling the valley with the strength of there 'numbers'. There has been bloodshed {death/rebirth?}. Also the mystery of words kept inside great books in the care of hooded men. The words are to be unravelled, the story told. There is fear of destruction, a secret somewhere which holds together this place {apocalypse/revelations link}. Here there was quiet, now it is trampled upon. Somewhere there is a light that must continue to shine...Hold fast to the truth that walks the way, follow the paths that lead to the 'hills', wash in the water over the 'stones'. Turn them until the 'sound' is made {inner ear?}. There will be power to guide the feet along the tracks...They will end in high places, for it is the looking down {objective view?} on Creation, that will preserve all things...Look into the sun with closed {inner?} eyes. Let the 'tree' branches carry the light in different directions. This is the 'Old Way' in the hills. The rocks remember where the 'fire' burned. The men must walk {i.e.,not 'run'} if it is to be saved. Follow the paths. The 'energy' {river?} must flow again. Take care. Carry the rock. "  [Same book. All emphasis, parenthesis, this readers].

All the above explained by the author {from 'automatic writing'} - as a reference to ''ley-lines''. Define those keys {highlighted in one form or another} -  to 'see' something beyond the obvious OR at least to see something beyond the psychic point of view, i.e.,as {one} EXAMPLE -the sentence highlighted in italics - in relation to clues - among other things - as to the final resting place of Genghis Khan.

REFRESHER: "A monk who had meditated long in search of Illumination finally received a great flash of insight. Rushing to his 'roshi'  {Zen master}, the monk cried out, 'I have it! I have it! That rock there is inside my head.' "You must have a big head," the master replied, ''to hold a rock that size."

Question 2. Which would be most suited within say, a curriculum?

C...If the subject does attain main stream status and becomes part of the curriculum then a qualification can be attained and added to the normal list.

"For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened." New Testament.

"We must first consider the difference between the evaluation of a course of study and its assessment. The evaluation of a curriculum in the secular sense is the process by which the 'nature and desirability' of a course is given 'value or worth'; but to define the extent to which a course is 'workable and effective' requires a form - or forms - of assessment. These forms of assessment create the basis for the evaluation of the effectiveness of a course in meeting the intended aim specified by those who create the course, understood by those teaching it, and received by those learning." [Extract from the book 'The Magister'].

The ''READERS Way'' works just as well as any other 'way' - the results of which should bring about a positive assessment for the subject as a whole - as proven - if any of those ''proofs'' are verified. Yes or No?


Painting by Salvador Dali. ''Dream caused by the flight of a Bumblebee around a Pomegranate, a second before awakening.'' The humble bee. One of this subjects key symbols. Egypt especially. Found within many a Royal Cartouche. A direct link to Kingship, of which, according to myth; Herod failed in. [ Bees by R. Steiner and especially The Sacred Bee {in ancient times and folklore} by Hilda Ransome]. Question. Where have you seen a similar representation that includes the elephant? Question two. What does it represent? Clue. Why is the ''cube'' no longer there? Or is it in another 'form'. What does that represent? Why should anything be represented at all?

D...While ‘studying’. There is the possibility of paying off the mortgage, and/or {if within a school curriculum} - the wine gum; milky bar; crisp; choc - biscuit; marshmallow and [lastly?] the immortal - Jammie Dodgers - slate clean. Oop's sorry; forgot the Cokes and Pepsi's - sugar free of course - right boys and girls? i.e., theres still more tombs to be found. Herod is one. Akhenaten another, [explained elsewhere]. Are all the Persian / Assyrian kings found? What about other cultures? Especially those that relate to ‘Kingship’. Question. As an example. Some say that Herod... " Stole the throne like a fox, ruled like a tiger, died like a dog". Where would the 'authorities' legitimate or otherwise, bury someone whom they believed did not fulfill the requirements of Kingship? His Sarcophagus was found. His body was not. [National Geographic. 'Herod's lost Tomb'], i.e.,where would a 'dog' be buried?

The author of 'The Synchronicity Key' [unbeknown to same] gives clues within his well researched book of same. Enlarged elsewhere.

"The child of Osiris and Nephthys is Anubis, the Jackal - headed god. A fit symbol when we remember that the home of the Jackal is the desert edge and his hunting grounds are the fertile lands where man and their leavings abound." [Quote from within the book, 'The Forgotten Mage'. Mentioned elsewhere].

"I came to the gate, where some dozen or so devils were playing tennis...in their hands they held rackets of fire; but what amazed me still more was that, books, apparently full of wind and rubbish, served them for tennis balls, a strange and marvelous thing." [Chapter 70, 'Don Quixote' by M . Cervantes]. Try ''strange'' in the usual box.

'Devil in the details'?

"Caph. - To change into gold not only all metals but also the earth itself, and even refuse of the earth." [Taken from the introduction to the book 'Transcendental Magic' by E. Levi.

"The terrors of death are the daughters of ignorance, and death herself is only hideous by reason of the rubbish which covers her, and the sombre hues with which her images are surrounded." [same book]. Other clues - elsewhere.

A {working?} example: "Whether our master had in mind an intentional symbolism in this request to clear out the upper room, we shall never know. We had realized some considerable time ago that the main impediment to our spiritual development lay in our untrained thinking, as much as in the accumulation of debris in our minds..." ['The Zelator'].

Analogy?..."We are thinking at the edge, where the shoreline of sense meets the wild ocean of mystery." [From the book by T. Freke and P. Gandy].

"Saturn is also named the Lord of Decrease...his power manifests in the later stages of decay. He rules over the spoiled, the filth and the refuse of society..." ['Saturn and the Theoretical Foundations of an Emerging Discipline'].

See something from the astrology point of view.

"Astrology must be something social...In a true Astrology only what is universally human is considered and NOT the satisfaction of the egoism of the human being...The zodiac addresses the sensitive realm of our emotional life, rather than our intellects or minds. The ancient esoteric symbolism was not designed to speak directly to the 'intellects' of men: rather, it was the pride of the human intellect which later relegated such things as this zodiac, and made of them discarded images." ['The Secret Zodiac'].

'Tower of Babel' V 'Gnosis'? As a means...?

Follow the title of the book to see it in {from?} the spirit/soul point of view {intuitive?}.

E... Finally. Last but not least. If B/C do exist. Then because of that understanding of a subject we will have an idea of what to expect and whats expected. Wont we. If only in the sense of a possible 'purpose' and 'direction'. Think about it.

"The chiefest cause, to read good books, that moves each studious mind, is hope, some pleasure sweet therein, or profit good to find. Now what delight can greater be, than secrets for to know, of Sacred Bees, the Muses Birds, all of which this book doth show." [Charles Butler, 'The Feminine Monarchie,' 1609 . Extract taken from the inset pages of the book, 'The Sacred Bee']. Think on it, relative to what ''food'' represents... in this subject.

Another book {of secrets?} that attempts to define something: "Separate thou the 'earth' from the fire, the subtle from the gross sweetly with great industry. It ascends from the earth to the heaven and again it descends to the earth and receives the force of things 'superior' and 'inferior'. By this means you shall have the glory {''grace''?} of the whole world and thereby all obscurity shall 'fly' from you..."['Emerald Tablet'].

Follow the title of the book.

Question. ''Fly'' in relation to karma?

Flea Bottom? {Game of Thrones}.

"The Muses remind us that all scholarship, even science, is closely allied to the nature of art - perhaps science is especially allied with art because, above all other disciplines, it reveals to us the living beauty of the natural world and the laws upon which it is based. But so much in modern scholarship is artless - and dare we say - lifeless, that we would do well to invoke, not only the Muses, but also there companions, the Graces. By invoking the Muses within the context of modern scholarship we not only recall our roots, but we also affirm the important role of higher inspiration, in the search for authentic knowledge." [Introduction, 'Alexandria: The Journal of the Western Cosmological Traditions' by D. Fideler. Vol. One].

Analogy - in the modern sense of the 'word' - could be - 'Way of Seeing' by J. Berger.

N.B. Enki [of Sumerian fame] was identified with sweet water. ['Symbols of Sacred Science'].

Greek analogy?...- 'zoe' seeks sweetness and finds an intensification in it."

And/or the ''Sweet wine'' in the Odysseus story?

Refresher: "Separate thou the 'earth' from the fire, the subtle from the gross sweetly with great industry. It ascends from the earth to the heaven and again it descends to the earth and receives the force of things 'superior' and 'inferior'. By this means you shall have the glory {''grace''?} of the whole world and thereby all obscurity shall 'fly' from you..."['Emerald Tablet'].

As 'seen' from a different perspective: {can you 'see' it?}: "Note also the saying of our Sages: 'When the universe was created, all things were created with size, intellect, and beauty fully developed, i.e.,everything was created perfect in magnitude and form, and endowed with the most suitable properties; the word zibyonam {their beauty} used here has the same meaning as zebi ''glory'' {Ezek.xx.6}. Note this likewise, for it includes a principle fully established." [Page 216 'Guide for the Perplexed'].

Recall Shulamite/Nefertiti as a means...?

Question. Male/female - which represents ''spirit'' and which ''Soul''? And why?

''He giveth the sun for a light by day, and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night."

the horn

Al-Qurn = The 'horn'. Anything?

In Egyptian mythology, Meretseger (also spelt Mertseger), meaning "she who loves silence" exerted great authority during the New Kingdom era over the Theban Necropolis and was considered to be both a dangerous and merciful goddess.[1] She was closely connected with al-Qurn, the pyramid-shaped peak in the Valley of the Kings.[2] As a cobra-goddess she is sometimes associated with Hathor.[3]

She was the patron deity of the workers in Deir el-Medina who built the tombs. She punished workers who committed crimes, but healed those who repented. In one instance Meretseger is petitioned to bring relief to one in pain. She answered the prayer by bringing "sweet breezes." [4]

SIDE NOTE: {and/or refresher}: "The 'sun' is its father, the 'moon' its mother, the wind hath carried it in its belly, the earth is its nurse." Emerald Tablet.

Question. Shadow and/or anima related? i.e.,if so, what would 'bitter' be represented by?

Celtic analogy: "Every day the Goddess Ceridwen was supposed to gather various charm-bearing herbs {fifteen?} for her Cauldron, the ''sweet Awen'' - choosing her time according to the planetary positions. Taliesin gives a long list of these plants and other ingredients, but it is not clear from the poem {Cadeir Taliesin} whether all of these were brewed in the ''stream of Gwion'' as the liquor was sometimes called. There are red berries, cresses, wort, and vervain; and a plant called selago which is supposed to be the hedge hyssop. But in Nash's translation the latter is not mentioned, but only the ''tree of pure gold''. This tree of pure gold is the ''golden bough'' of Virgil's AEneid - the mistletoe. Selago, is however, mentioned by Pliny, and the passage is quoted in the 'Antiquities of Cornwall' {S/W?} - telling how the selago is a most precious ritual herb '...''which must not be touched by the hand NOR cut with iron''...The {'gathering'} of the mistletoe was also a sacred ceremony..." ['The Flaming Door' - from the chapter entitled 'The Cauldron of Ceridwen'].

Try ''herb/al'' and/or ''mistletoe'' and/or ''gathering'' etc.

Question: ''which must not be touched by the hand NOR cut with iron.'' Why? Can u 'see' it? i.e.,something of that inner ''quality'' not outer. Try ''taboo'' and/or ''quality''.

N.B. Salago found mainly in Southern regions.

Question. If ''Iron'' relates to S/W - what relates to S/E?

"In Sumero-Akkadian mythology, the Tigris and Euphrates were said to take there rise from a primordial water source, a subterranean lake that was the source of all 'sweet water' called Abzu {Apsu}, which came under the patronage of Enki." [From the book 'Gobekli-tepe' by A. Collins].

Primordial 'fountain' in relation to primordial 'mound'. Bingol mountain = ''the summit of the earth, its waters carrying the 'four rivers to the four corners of the world'." [Same book]. On top of that mountain... ''glacial lakes that grace its summit. In the Armenian language, Bingol Mountain is known as Biurakn, which means 'A million eyes', a reference once again, to the countless springs, or 'eyes' that take there rise on its summit..."

'Waters of the Gap'.

Question. To what ''corners'' do the above TWO rivers represent? Clue. Top/down or Bottom/up? ONLY one or the other relates to the word ''sweet''. That same link to the 'Mona Lisa' painting/picture. Enlarged elsewhere.

Understanding this subject solves the 'riddle' set by Samson,i.e.,"What is sweeter than honey, what is stronger than a lion?" [i.e.,knowledge - by way of 'Gnosis' i.e., what it implies,i.e.,getting ones head around it]. After all... ''is 'power' not knowledge?" Same principle as in the Gordian 'knot' riddle. That inner one, i.e.,the true meaning of the word ''esoteric.'' Check it out.

Different culture. Same principle...''You search for savor in various foods - in tea, coffee, Coca-Cola, puddings. You go to restaurants and night clubs. What do you actually get? In search for joy, you yourself become joyless. Your face shrivels; your money gets spent. In place of joy you get disease. Your life passes by. Cooking and tasting all kinds of delicacies, you destroy your own sense of taste. Even the sweetness that was already there disappears. You do not find the real, joyful, pure, and precious nectar that is in your heart." [Chapter one, 'Play of Consciousness'. Mentioned elsewhere. Put those 'keys' together]. Failing that try ''bee'' in the usual box - in relation to curiosity. Benefit of. AND if this subject proves something more than a mental exercise - PURPOSE OF.

A work in progress {that very first one?}: "A study to discover the astronomical role of the smith god Hephaestus led down a path with a surprising end. Every reference to the great artificer was studied, and, by using techniques similar to those used for other interpretations, an astronomical image of the constellation of Perseus emerged. It was also apparent that, in addition to his role as 'creator' of the constellations, Hephaestus had a further role of previously unsuspected importance: 'Then Hephaestus drew sweet nectar from the mixing 'bowl', and served it around among the gods, going from left to right; and the blessed gods laughed out a loud applause as they saw him bustling about the heavenly mansion...But when the sun's glorious light had faded, they went home to bed, each in his own abode, which 'lame' Hephaestus had fashioned for them...The constellations in the southern hemisphere were built by Hephaestus, when he was flung down from Olympus to Lemnos: 'He {Zeus} caught me by the foot and flung me from the heavenly 'threshold'...Eurynome and Thetis, take me to their 'bosom'...There in the realms of Thetis and her home in the constellation Eridanus 'below' the horizon, he stayed for 'nine' years, creating the southern constellations...It is as creator of the glittering armour of Achilles that he is best known...['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

"Gnosis, according to al-Arabi, is not the acquired knowing of profane learning, but rather as the Arabic root suggests, an immediate recognition and grasp not of something new or strange but rather of the state and status of things as they really are, have always been, and eternally will be, which knowledge is inborn in man but later covered over and obscured by the spiritual ignorance encouraged by preoccupation with ephemeral and partial data. It is precisely this gnosis, which is potential in all human kind." [ Chapter 2, 'The Bezels of Wisdom']. 'See' it? A link to the ''minds eye''. Benefit of. Purpose of.

Side note: ''partial data'' - One could also say - 'partial rubbish'. Try ''Herod''.

"Tender-hearted stroke a nettle, And it stings you for your pains. Grasp it like a man of mettle, and it soft as silk remain." ['Paradoxes of the Infinite' / B. Bolzano].

"If there be in mathematics a nettle danger out of which has been plucked the flower safety - it is speculation on O and the {infinite symbol}." Same book. Try ''plant'' and ''flower'' to attempt to grasp what this author is implying.


The 'Hound'.

The ’last’ of anything. A link to the word ‘penile’. That same link to the tail end of something, [see dictionary]. Most important in the conscious sense...as opposed to its twin ‘brother’ or other ‘half’...the normal ‘tail end’ of something. ’Behind’ in relation to ‘in front of’. Shadow as opposed to light. Unconscious of...In relation to, now conscious of,[relative to a 'realization' - an understanding]. By way of a determination, [‘fire’]...A focus...[Hebrew equivalent = "By strength" i.e., one of the two pillars, [of which on top was a pomegranate]. Common parlance..."A Baptism of fire" or even "to take the bull by the horns.". [key]. Represented by the 'horns of consecration'..."a well known Altar emblem, derived from Minoan Crete".[Chapter three 'Riddle of the Sphinx'] ...hence the link to Alexander. Explained elsewhere].

"Spirit or ''fire'' is an immaterial, formless, and universal element, which may become manifest in forms. It is the matrix in which everything was contained before it was thrown into objectivity by the awakening of its will. It is the ''creator'' the great ''carpenter'' of the universe, the ''stepfather of Christ''..." [Quote from the book by F. Hartman]. Understanding that 'universal framework' defines that possibility. Can you see it yet?

"The word 'spiritual' should be associated with the word 'eyes'. This is a reference to the eyes of the mind or heart. To see is to understand." [From the book by T. Nottingham].

Then to apply. In order to get to that final destination. An inner’ destination’...within the ’outer’ one. Both those key words, [Tail/Fire]...within the pagan upright phallic symbol. In ‘pillar’ form. Its earliest representation. That one ‘pillar’ that became through an ‘understanding’ two. Both ‘supported’ by those earlier ‘formed’ foundations, by way of thought/emotion/will, i.e., the 'middle' way. Don't forget those first 'impressions', i.e.,not in the crude form. Not even close. Even when taking into account such authors and 'participants' as A. Crowley. 'The Old Sod'. Mentioned within, gives; if only for this reader; an insight into Mr Crowleys true nature, by someone who knew from both a personnel and 'professional' point of view. More circus clown [i.e.,trickster character] than adept. Try ''phallus.''

continued..."Energy is the Sacramental Motive of the Event: it is thus omnipresent, in manifestation by interruption and compensation and otherwise by the corresponding withdrawal..." [Extract from the book 'Little Essays Towards Truth' from the chapter entitled 'Energy' by A. Crowley].

The author using the word 'simple' within the first chapter of the same book in order to define those basic principles - in order to {attempt} - to make them cohesive and therefore intelligible for the reader, i.e., "...discovering thus the common nature of certain things and the essential differences between others, so that ultimately one obtains a simple view of the incalculably vast complexity of the universe." For this reader the book is anything and everything but : - plenty of ''head knowledge'' which Crowley is well known for but presented in his own convoluted {inimitable?} way - as is his very own interpretation on the word 'Magic{K}'. Basically such individuals ''believe'' they can 'circumvent' {'jump-start'?} certain levels {'altered states'} along their own individual path - towards that ultimate goal. They ''believe'' they can 'transcend' certain stages along the way by harnessing those energy levels; especially those {intimate?} ones. In other words {some may say crudely} - they GENUINELY believe they can shag there way to heavens door. In short; they are {possibly?} well and truly - to far gone - up there own tantric sexual backsides.


Same PRINCIPLE - different culture. Find IT to understand IT. Rather than being taught {'shadow'?} - by those FIRST impressions.

The last thing this reader would want on his mind at such a ''moment'' {and/or 'pre' and 'post'} is anything and everything to do with this subject - especially if it only {and/or 'primary'?} includes that objective 'desire' {clause?}. That SOLELY personal one. A good example of ''objectivities'' negative flip {twin} side. If only for this reader.

Question. Could it really be that SIMPLE? In other words IF this subject is a valid one, i.e.,if its core essence proves true, i.e., that life really does continue in all its forms: then there can only be two possibilities as to its 'origins' {mentioned elsewhere} i.e.,simply put - either by evolution, i.e.,as part of the big bang inflation theory - not yet identified or by design - what ever that implies. The main point however is - if it was by design {while remembering that this question is purely hypothetical - possibilities only -} would the ''designers'' have in mind such a ludicrous one, i.e.,the 'copulation way' - the slow but steady {bang, bang?} as you go way? That {selfless?} design, with genuine intent and purpose ; for the sake {we are told} for the benefit of humankind.

Question. Could they be stupid? OR could they think we are?

"To prick ones conscience."

'Oath of the Nights Watch'? {Game of Thrones}.

Apply it to define the following - "When we talk of 'sexualisation' of the vegetable world it is necessary to be clear as to the precise meaning of the term. It is not a question of the actual phenomenon of the fertilization of plants but of a qualitative 'morphological' classification, which is the culmination and expression of an experience of 'mystical' sympathy with the world. It is the 'idea' of life which, projected on to the cosmos, sexualizes it. It is not a matter of making objective or scientific observations but of arriving at an appraisal of the world around us in terms of 'life', and in terms of anthropocosmic destiny, embracing sexuality, fecundity, death and rebirth. Not that men in primitive societies were incapable of objectively {neanderthal/Cro-magnon?} - observing the life of plants. The proof of this is the discovery of the artificial fertilization and grafting of date trees and fig trees in Mesopotamia. These processes had long been known, for at least two paragraphs of the Hammurabi Code legislate on this point. This practical knowledge was afterwards handed down to the Hebrews and Arabs. But the artificial fertilization of fruit trees was not looked upon as a horticultural technique, efficient in itself, but as a ritual; the fact that it involved vegetable fertility implied man's 'sexual' participation." ['The Forge and the Crucible' /  M. Eliade]. Try ''vegetative'' and/or ''fig'' . Finally ''mustard'' - to {distinguish?} something further.

'The Practical Handbook of Plant Alchemy' / Manfred M. Junius.


''You know nothing, Jon Snow''.

continued..."We are dealing here therefore with a general conception of cosmic reality seen as Life and consequently endowed with sex; sexuality being a particular sign of all living reality. Starting from a certain cultural level, the entire world - the world of nature as well as the world of things and tools made by man - is presented as endowed with sex. The examples which follow have been expressly selected from different cultural milieux so as to show how widespread and persistent such conceptions are. The Kitara divided ores into male and female; the former, hard and black, are found near the surface; the latter, soft and red, are extracted from inside the mine. The mingling of the two 'sexes' is indispensable to fruitful fusion. This is of course an objectively arbitrary classification. But it was the total union of reality which mattered, for it justified the rite {'Sacred' act?} namely the 'marriage of the metals', and this last made possible a birth." [Same book, i.e.,by M. Eliade]. Try ''flint'' and ''pit/mine'' to see if you agree/disagree.

'Metal of the mind'?

A side step. Remember what it was that the 'trickster character' stole. Together with..."Promethus, who brought 'fire' to mankind, was a Titan whose name means foresight." Think about it in relation to 'hindsight'. Try Part 1.

Question. If 'stolen' - how can it be earned? Gnosis?

Side note: "The classical myths of the Titans are the clearest representations which when studied offer a profound message about the way we 'see' the earth....The clue lies in the use of the word 'Titanic' - originally meaning 'Lord', but now more often applied to the more awesome energies of the earth: the forces of volcano's, the whirling wind, the hunger of the ocean." [Page 62 'The Western Way' . Vol.1].

Continued: "Serious mysteries may be describable only in terms of paradox, or in what passes for jest."

Practical {reality?} example of such - if only for this reader - in relation to all of the above mentioned...A quote by Steve Backshall within the recent {13/3/16} program 'Extreme Mountain Challenge' . After the main leading climber falls 50 feet - S.B. says something along the lines of: 'That must have been quite an experience' to which the reply was: 'Yes; it felt like an organism'. To which the answer {in jest} was - 'Then you must be doing one of those two things wrong!'

Question {in jest or otherwise}. Which one?

As is: "Its me and you, and you and me. Don't ever betray me - if you do - i'll cut off your pretty little cock, and wear it round me neck." {Ygritte/Jon Snow. Game of Thrones}.

Something hinted at:"The constellation Felis the Cat - a word which Latin lexicographers now write Faelis, was formed by La Lande {1805}....Its inventor said of it: 'I am very fond of cats. I will let this figure scratch on the chart. The starry sky has worried me quite enough in my life {the study of it?} - so that now I can have my joke with it.'..." [Page 221 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

Alternative viewpoint?..."Yes, diet is important in the Satyagraha movement - as everywhere else," he said with a chuckle. "Because i advocate complete continence for satyagrahis, i am always trying to find out the best diet for the celibate. One must conquer the palate before he can control the procreative instinct. Semi-starvation or unbalanced diets are not the answer. After overcoming the inward greed for food, a satyagrahi must continue to follow a rational vegetarian diet with all necessary vitamins, minerals, calories, and so forth. By inward and outward wisdom in regard to eating, the satyagrahi's sexual fluid is easily turned into vital energy for the whole body {and/or mind. This readers input]." [Quote by Gandhi from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi].

As is..."Promethus, who brought 'fire' to mankind, was a Titan whose name means foresight. So be prepared for the consequences of your actions. You will need somewhere to place the burned out match. Let a discrete and adequate receptacle be provided. Simply to cast it aside is an expression of dis-order. A working for the lords of mis-rule {'Saturn'?} the evidence of whose presence is all about you in the world. It is perhaps only the lack of intention {i.e.,unconscious act} that prevents their engulfing the world in a sea of rubbish, of forgotten litter discarded by childish and immature spirits." [Extract from the book by G. Knight. Most of the emphasis, this readers]. Try ''Taboo'' {in relation to a 'sacred act' }. Then try ''rubbish'' - for a more practical read, i.e., a 'location' of something - a possible one.

The above a good example of the 'ritual stuff'. In the above example- in relation to that ''spirit/fire,'' i.e., as an expression of something; an expression that can be thought {expected?} about, in ones daily routine. All relevant to those words {principles?} in relation to that acclaimed framework. Micro within the Macro? The main point however is - that the understanding of such material {literature?} gives the reader {that objective; studious one} - an INSIGHT into the subject as a WHOLE. And like ANY other subject - the more ones learns {keys?symbols?archetypes?} the more one understands the parts within the whole - regardless of what subdivision - within the subject as a whole {i.e.,esotericism} - those universal keys are got.

'To prick ones conscience'.

A {working?} example..."We had two more specific ceremonies to perform before returning to Uxmal and Merida. But first, there were two processes that needed to happen in order for us to prepare ourselves...These two ''processes'' were to be very much like ceremonies, but were, in fact, probably more akin to modern day therapy. Each member of this group came to the Yucatan with internal emotional disturbances associated with their sexual energies. This is true with almost every person alive. In a nutshell, the sexual chakra, the heart chakra, and the pineal chakra, in the 'center' of the head, all function together as one when they are aligned. Lack of alignment causes emotional disturbances, and emotional disturbances causes lack of alignment. These disturbances would have to be balanced in our group before the last two ceremonies could be completed or we would not be able to finish our work." ['Serpent of Light Beyond 2012'].

Same principle - but easier on the brain {mind?}: "Sun, Moon and stars {as three examples} were, to the leaders and teachers of the ancient peoples, not merely physical, but 'pictures' of the hidden and the divine. Misunderstanding of the myths would cease once it were universally recognised that, outside the Mystery Temples {schools?}, only the language and imagery of ordinary life could be used to describe the realities of spiritual experience obtained in the 'holy of holies'." ['The Flaming Door' / C. Merry. Parenthesis, this readers].

on awakening

One second AFTER awakening? Question. Why does she look disappointed? Notice also the tail end of each. In both 'snap shots.' [Represented by the word ''second,'' and the symbolic intention of the firearm]. See it? Notice also the two front legs of the ''elephant.'' Through the ''heads'' of the pictures two main characters. Left in relation to ''female'' aspect. Also Pomegranate above water line, female aspect below it. West in relation to East. Anything? OR South - North perspective? Don't forget those first impressions, i.e.,first parts a joke. Finally try ''intention'' to understand its MAIN AIM. IF ONLY IN DEFINING SUBJECT MATERIAL.

Every subject can represent that framework. Hence the reason to its multiple interpretations by different authors explaining the same thing in their own way. Including the subject of sex. That subject that is no more represented than with two individuals; in the main; male and female. [represented / symbolic of 'shadow' ; 'anima' ]. An interest in each other, that can develop over time, into a deeper interest, and that deeper intention, that is represented with the sex act. That final act of a union of two 'opposing' souls, that through an understanding, become 'united', ['divine couple' link]. What better subject to represent those key words. Words like 'heart'[love] / 'intention' / male / female aspects, to name but a few. The word phallic used to represent a 'focus' [and/or 'fulcrum'] by way of a 'fire' that 'bridges' those male/female aspects, ['Sacred marriage'], to find an 'equilibrium,' [all key words, in understanding the 'whole']. As a representation of something, outside of the obvious.

'The Book of Lies' by A. Crowley.

"The pillars of Jakim and Boaz measured the pulse of the cosmos. They were so placed as to mark the furthest points of the suns risings of the equinoxes, and according to the first century Jewish historian Josephus and Clement, the first bishop of Alexandria, they were topped with 'orreries,' mechanical representations of the motions of the planets. Decorative, carved pomegranates are mentioned several times in the biblical account. The robes of the priests were decorated with precious stones representing the 'sun', the 'moon', the 'planets' and the 'constellations' - emerald being the only stone named. The most extraordinary feature of the temple seems to have been a 'sea' - or according to the Quran, a 'fountain' - of 'molten brass.' Again, as with the 'bronze' serpent nailed to a 'pole' by Moses, this image of 'smelting' should alert us to the presence of secret practices dedicated to 'transforming' human physiology." ['Secret History of the World'].

Side note: "An intriguing incident in Ares life that has not yet succumbed to astronomical interpretation is when he was bound 'in cruel bonds, so that he lay thirteen months imprisoned in a vessel of bronze'. The text may be implying that for a period of just over a year Mars could not be seen, because it was below the horizon at night and in the sky during daylight hours." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

Continued...."Two independent - minded Masonic researchers, Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, have worked out this orientation, [i.e.,relative to Solomon's temple,i.e.,S/E or S/W? Answer found in chapter 23], starting with the clue that Hiram came from Phoenicia, where the principle deity was Astarte - or Venus. Of course this ties in too, with the decorative details, already mentioned, the pomegranates which are the 'fruit' of Venus and 'emeralds' which are the precious 'stones' of Venus. According to Clement of Alexandria, the curtain which sectioned off the Holy of Holies had cut into it the shape of a five - pointed star. The five - pointed star has always been a symbol of Venus, because the pattern that Venus traces around the ecliptic in its eight year cycle - five appearances in the morning sky and five in the evening sky - forms a five pointed pattern. It is the only planet to draw a completely regular figure in this way. This figure is seen sometimes as a pentagram, sometimes as a five pointed star, and sometimes, as we shall see when we come to investigate Rosicrucianism, as a five - petalled flower or rose." [Chapter 12, 'The Secret History of the World'].

"...answer found in chapter twenty three." Coincidence or a meaningful one?

N.B. {Analogy?}...'Liber Astarte': 4 = 7; Philosophus grade; Equilibrium link to the House of Venus???

Analogy with same principle in mind: "...above the rose, sealing the vessel, which is a ''soul with no leak at the seams,'' is a crown. The crown - which is a triple crown - signifies Kether, the top of the tree. It bears a single pearl in its apex; 'the pearl of great price'...." [Extract from the book 'The Magister' ].

Question. Can you put together all that 'information', offered in the form of 'symbols' that represent the understanding of certain 'aspects' within a subject? In this case, the understanding of that ''orientation'' that once understood gives clues as to a start and end point. Representational of. The answer also explains as to why it had to be chosen as someones final resting place - as to WHY that specific location {'start point'} - was chosen.

'Asherah [or Astarte or Ashtoreth]: History's Vanquished Goddess' [Gods Wife: the Goddess Asherah, Wife of Yahweh]. By Darlene Kosnik. Question. ''Youngest'' aspect, as mentioned in part one?

"Sophia was also an important mythical figure for Jewish gnostics, such as Philo. Although later rejected by Jewish Literalists, there had always been a Jewish Goddess tradition. At one time Israelites had worshiped the Goddess Asherah as Jehovahs consort. In the 5th century {BC} she was known as Anat Jahu." [From the book by T. Freke and P. Gandy].

"...and Astarte and Ashtoreth are the Phoenician and Hebrew forms of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar. Mr Hislop remarks that it is generally admitted that the last syllable, ''tart'' of the Phoenician ''Ashtart'' is derived from the Hebrew 'tr',- ''to go round, surround or encompass''; the masculine 'tor' being used for a border or row of jewels around the head. Hence as ''Asha'' is woman, Ashtart and Ashtoreth would mean ''the woman who encompasses,'' alluding to her surrounding cities with walls and towers. This is further confirmed by the fact that Ashtarte, like Diana and Rhea, is depicted as standing on a lion, with a turreted crown, while Diana was called ''Tauropolos'', from 'tor', a tower..." ['The Worship of the Dead or the Origin of Pagan Idolatry and its Bearing Upon the Early History of Egypt and Babylonia' / J. Garnier]. Among others try ''tower''.

Side note: Any link to: "The Hebrew 'Ash' or Ayish in the Book of Job is supposed to refer to the Square in this constellation as a Bier, not a Bear....In the revision of 1885 the patriarch talks to us of ''the bear with her train'' - these latter being represented by the three tail stars....Or by another tradition - the nightly wanderer - a mother of the stars seeking her lost children - those that are no longer visible....Of which the impossible tail - to the North American Indians - was to them either three hunters or a hunter with his two dogs....The Hebrew Ash or Ayish is reproduced by, or was derived from, the Arabic Banat Na'ash al Kubra, the Daughters of the Great Bier, i.e., the Mourners....The Arabic Christians termed it Na'ash Laazar, the Bier of Lazarus, with Mary, Martha and the Maid." [Page 422-451 'Star Names and Their Meaning' under Ursa Major].

Try Ashtoreth.

And/or: ''no longer visible'' in relation to 'a line of sight' by way of a ''train'' of thoughts?


''Wholeness'' = a balance {foundation?} of something? 'Horizon' symbol? If so, what constellation would represent it? Any planets within it - to define a start point?

Continued: Refresher: "A round stone is a symbol of the Self...The lions a royal couple, are in themselves a symbol of totality {'16' ?}.  In medieval symbolism, the ''philosopher's stone'' {a pre-eminent symbol of man's wholeness} is represented as a pair of lions or as a human couple riding on lions. Symbolically, this points to the fact that often the urge toward individuation appears in a veiled form, hidden in the overwhelming passion one may feel for another person. {In fact, passion that goes beyond the natural measure of love ultimately aims at the mystery of becoming whole, and this is why one feels, when one has fallen passionately in love, that becoming one with the other person is the only worthwhile goal of one's life}. As long as the image of totality in this dream expresses itself in the form of a pair of lions , it is still contained in such overwhelming passion.  But when lion and lioness have turned into some king and queen, the urge to individuate has reached the level of conscious realization, and can now be understood by the ego as being the real goal of life."  ['Man and His Symbols' / C. Jung].

Question. Has Jehovah {Yahweh?} been seen stood/riding on a 'lion' ?

"Ishtar is the Mesopotamian East Semitic { Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonian} goddess of fertility, love, war, sex, and power. She is the counterpart to the earlier attested Sumerian Inanna, and the cognate for the later attested Northwest Semitic Aramean goddess Astarte..." {Wiki/Ishtar].

The one word that has not been used in the above 'statement' = ''vegetative'' - its most important in order to define 'something'...

Cersei / Jaime Lannister ? {Game of Thrones}.

"In the absence of a native Israelite visual art - either because the second commandment was interpreted as vetoing all images, or because of a lack of talent, or both - the entire scheme of decoration, too, was Phoenician in character. Hiram dispatched bronze and gold for the purpose; and the two giant cherubim of gold plated olive wood, whose wings roofed the Ark in the Holy of Holies, resembled the fantastic composite figures found at Byblus and Megiddo, which displayed a human head and a lions body and wings of a bird, and were sacred to Ashtoteth." [Chapter 8, 'The History of Ancient Israel' by M. Grant]. Link to other ''imaginative'' ['mystical'?] forms such as the Sphinx; the Griffin and Unicorn. Find them to understand them - rather than evaluate; only on first impressions.


A resting place for a 'stranger'. Potters Field? Question. If anything is found - who would have been responsible - Hebrews or Christians OR the collective effort? Question 2. What would that imply? Universal knowledge common to all? In other words 'BROTHERS and SISTERS' regardless of religions?

A more detailed account [in relation to the overall subject] will be found - 'Woman's Mysteries: Ancient and Modern' by M. Esther Harding. Within chapter 10 are clues not only to the above but information on why such historical figures [such as Herod] are used within this same subject; or more importantly; what they represent, [in the above example that would be ''wasteland'']. Proving once again [if and when this subject; goes mainstream] - the viability of the material that becomes the ''head of the corner'' that defines this subjects 'foundations' ['framework'].

Question. 'Head of the serpent' ?

For a further head scratch - put ''stranger'' in the usual box.

"I know now that my teacher is the holy man who gave the wise warning. I humbly made this confession to my father. 'Oh, if i could only find him!' My longing was sincere, for one day the saint arrived unheralded. 'Enough of tiger taming.' He spoke with calm assurance. 'Come with me; i will teach you to subdue the beasts of ignorance in jungles of the human mind.' I was initiated into the spiritual path by my saintly guru. He opened my soul doors, rusty and resistant with long disuse. Hand in hand, we soon set out for my training in the Himalayas." [Extract from the chapter entitled the 'The Tiger Swami' from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Try ''unhinged'' in relation to ''hinged''.

For a further head scratch - why ''unheralded?''

"Many years ago the English psychologist, F. W. H. Meyes, suggested that - ''hidden in the depth of our being is a rubbish heap as well as a treasure house''.

"I will give you the treasures of darkness and the secret places." {Isaiah 45,7}.

"...beasts of ignorance'' in relation to 'the beast that rises in the east'. S/E or S/W?


Knock 'three' times. Dogs?

A working example: "What do you think about religion, Anna? Can one speak of god while drinking beer?" i asked...''How can i speak of god?'' she retorted. ''I don't know him. I don't know anyone well, except myself. I know that I've got both the angel and beast in me, and that the two of them are not looking for the same nourishment. If i listened to only the beast, I'd live like an animal. If my beast obeys the angel, it teaches me what my beast does not know...'By angel', i suggested, 'do you mean soul?'..." Soul or angel, whatever you wish: my eyes do not see him, but my heart knows him and is often looking for his company. I cant doubt him, because he shows me the way, like a dog leading a blind person..." ['Journey into the Light'].

Somewhere outside old jerusalam.

Somewhere outside ancient Jerusalem. In Roman times some say it became a rubbish heap; fires forever burning. Others say; it was just a fable; a myth; past down through the course of generations. Question. Why? Could they not think up a better one?

"So, in my appeal to the most worthy, and in exposing myself to all the dangers and anathemas which threaten revealers, i believe myself to have done a great and useful thing, directing the breath of 'god' living in humanity ['divine bit' link. This readers input], upon the social chaos, and priests and kings for the world to come. A thing is not just because god wills it, but god wills it because it is just, said the angel of the schools. It is as if he said: The absolute is reason. Reason is self existent; it is because it is, and not because we suppose it. It is, or nothing is; and how should one desire anything to exist apart from reason? Madness itself does not occur without it. Reason is necessity, is law, is the rule of all liberty and the direction of all initiative. If god exists, it is by reason. The conception of an absolute god outside or independent of reason - is the idol of black magic and the phantom of the fiend. The demon is death masquerading in the tattered garments of life, the spectre of Hirrenkesept throned upon the rubbish of ruined civilizations, and concealing a loathsome nakedness..." [ Taken from the book by E. Levi].

'Devil in the details'.

N.B. Some say Herod himself became 'mad'.

"Madness lies in fixity of thought, and not in fluidity." [Quote from within the book 'Where is Saint George'].

"...So of our thoughts, when it has decided to make the leap."

"...in order to 'see' rightly one has to look rightly. And to look rightly means to endeavour to see through the mists of the phantoms of things." [Quotes from within the book by Tomberg].

"The 'antichrist' being the phantom of the whole of mankind; the being engendered through the whole historical evolution of humanity. He is the ''superman'' [Friedrich Nietzsche link] who haunts the consciousness of all those who seek to elevate themselves through their own effort - without grace." [Same book]. Try ''grace''.

"Solomon lost his divinely bestowed power after becoming besotted with a foreign [stranger?] woman. He was told by the priests of 'her land' that he could not 'sleep' with her until he had made a sacrifice to the god Moloch. This he did and subsequently committed further idolatry by building temples to two other gods, Baal and Rapha. The testament of Solomon ends with Solomon saying he wrote down his account for the benefit of others who might be inspired and aided by his knowledge, but warned off the path by his own ultimate downfall - 'So that you may find grace forever and ever." [Chapter one, 'Grimoires: A History of 'Magic' Books' by O. Davies]. Solomon who was found dead after a 'gnat' ate through his 'staff'.

"Gnawing = The act of a person or thing that gnaws. To waste or wear away; corrode; erode..."

"An act of divine 'magic' - or grace - is necessary to accomplish the infusion of life {'fire' link?} into that which is 'dead'." [Extract from the book by Tomberg].

abRemember - no less than Solomon; one of the main [patriarchs?] - characters of the Old Testament. Someone who took a ''turn for the worse''. Proving that regardless of what ones first impressions are [of say a subject?] a certain light shines through. In other words the subject has sincerity and depth to it - including - in the moral sense. No matter what status or position any individual may attain - those basic principles still apply. Those eternal ones. Represented [in this subject] with the 'skulls cap' as seen with [as examples] Ptah and Imhotep. Positive has to succeed over negative over a period of time - day by day. Otherwise no 'grace' is achieved. Top down in relation to bottom up.

REFRESHER: ’'A symbol is an energy-evoking and direct agent’'. Think about it. In relation to those positives/ negatives within a ‘river’. [ J.Campbell. ’Flight of the Wild Gander’. Chapter five. Part seven]. That link to the word ''archetype.''

'Mysteries of the Dark Moon' / Demetra George.

As seen from a different perspective, {I.e.,figuratively speaking}: "The true understanding of the symbolic replacement of skullcap by crown must be found in the transformation which produce a 'new thinking' being. It is only after purification and coronation that the 'king' has the right to officiate in the temple. The true meaning of the royal diadem lies in this figurative separation 'of a part' of the cranium. In ancient Egypt, the royal diadem is designated by 'mh', which is also the word for the cubit of measure. The circular line of the diadem is indeed the very measure of the royal cubit; for each man, it shows the measure of his own cubit." ['Sacred Science']. Try ''cubit''.

Back to the beginning...

"This valley was admittedly a horrible place; it started out as a location were children were sacrificed to the owl-god Moloch. Over time, the ritual murders stopped and Gehenna became the main garbage dump for the entire city. Dead bodies and all types of filth were routinely burned there. Gehenna was therefore a necessary place for cleansing and purifying the land through 'fire'. This appears to be the deeper meaning of the metaphor Jehoshua was using. The third definition of the word Gehenna in the 'World English Dictionary' is 'a place or state of pain and torment'...Many people still refer to karma as something you have to 'burn off,' and this appears to be a direct continuation of the symbolism used by Jehoshua..."

Side note. ''burn off'' relative to 'fire' relative to 'altar' relative to S/W?

"...However, Paul never once mentioned Hell in any of his letters. The only possible exception in some Bible translations is where Paul is quoted as saying that Jehoshua triumphed over Hell in 1 Corinthians 15:55, but here, the Greeks word translates as ''the grave." This is the same word that is mistranslated in the Old Testament as ''Hell'' and was originally written as sheol." [Extract from the book ' The Synchronicity Key' by D. Wilcock].

Recall what '15' represents and/or the 'triple' of any number and/or the 'power' of same, i.e.,in the above example that would be 125...


Herodium {Herodeion}. Three sarcophagus found. Two 'white' one 'red'.  'Red' one purposely smashed? Transcendent third not yet achieved? {indicative of}. "One decorated , the other UNdecorated - "the one decorated looked like ivy  with flowers..." [ 'Herod's Lost Tomb' / Nat. Geographic]. Question. Lilies?

"In the famous judgement scene, called the Psychostasia, {i.e.,illustration of the chapter 125 of the Book of the Coming Forth into Day} - the deceased is brought forward, either by Maat or by Anubis, {i.e.,jackal / dog}. The scale is surmounted by Maat, justice: on one of its pans is the heart of the deceased, and Maat's feather on the other. The human passions must not weigh to heavily, nor must the appetites {expressed by the Ka} re-attract to strongly, or it may be that the female monster, the 'Devourer', would gobble up the deceased, who anxiously waits the judgement to be rendered by Thoth..." [Extract from the book 'Egyptian Mysteries']. Anything? Can you 'weigh up' all that information to 'see' something.

REFRESHER: "The jackal-headed vase was called Duamutef, and contained the stomach, and occasionally the large intestine...The real meaning of this name is shown by the way it is written on the sarcophagus of Amenophis II, d*wa*mut*f, in which the hieroglyph 'wa' represents a knot coming untied. 'Mut' {meaning both Mother and Vulture} symbolizes the function of decomposition which takes place in the stomach as in a womb and makes possible the generation of a new life. This is also the function of the jackal, which converts putrefying matter into vital nourishment. This is the first stage of any genesis...'' ['The Opener of the Way']. Continued elsewhere. Try ''knot'' and/or ''dog'' {i.e.,jackal}.

SIDE NOTE: "...in its 'physical' form as a 'Lily', i.e.,"as bearer of symbolic meaning". Chapter two. Same book. Try ''lily''. As a means...?

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

Refresher: A 'working' example {i.e.,something hinted at}: "He arrived at the Atelier. The sculpture received him cordially and asked him to come in...Jean Thomas looked around at the new decor. On the stiff curtains hanging from column to column were engravings of religious paintings - primitive paintings and those of the Renaissance, of Giotto, della Francesca, and Fra Angelico. There were Madonnas and angels. Before the Holy See, there was a beautifully illustrated Mass book on a pulpit. At the feet of the black Virgin was a spray of lilies, which contrasted with the ebony of the statue." ['Journey into the Light'].

''Book'' in relation to a 'method'. Try that one.

As is the intent of: "I write this book with a master plan in mind. I do not go blindly word by word, hoping that sooner or later a sentence will 'evolve'. The sculptor sees the finished statue in the UNcarved block." ['Serpent in the Sky' / J. West].

'The Sculptor constellation'.

"The joy of good conscious is the accord between the moral rhythms of the 'lower' and 'higher' self. The beatitude [Matthew v,8] promising those who have a pure heart that they will 'see' god - signifies the accordance of their basic rhythm with the 'divine' rhythm. Joy is therefore the state of harmony of the inner/outer rhythms - of rhythm below with that of above..." [Extract from the book by Tomberg].

Try ''pure'' to 'see' it in the alchemy 'sense of the word'.

"They thought in terms of spiritual essences or ideals, and 'spirits' are hard to pin down..." ['The Chemistry of Alchemy'].

As one example: "To understand Sendivogius's method for isolating saltpeter, we must first understand what is meant by ''salt''. The term salt is used to describe a host of chemical compounds that resemble and behave like regular table salt, which is sodium Chloride, NaCI. A salt is usually white {'pure' link} and crystalline, although it can be different colours such as our friend copper{II} sulfate, which is blue. Salts are often soluble in water, but some salts are more soluble than others. In 'Discourse of Fire and Salt' - Blaisede Vigenere {1523-1596} stated that ''[saltpeter] is made of - fire and salt - the first because it burns, and the second because it dissolves in water."   [Same book]. All as a means...?

"The 'good life' is a process. The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination. The good life constitutes a direction selected by the total organism, when there is psychological freedom to move in ANY direction." [Taken from Part three, 'on matters of existence' from the book, 'Striking Thoughts' { Bruce Lee's Wisdom for Daily Living} by J. Little.

Analogy of same?..."When Dr Ian Jones asked me how i dealt with the visions without the aid of medication, i replied: ' I just fire bullets of logic at them as they come zooming towards me and give them no credence; then i flick them away as if they are annoying, buzzing mosquito's." [Extract from the book by Q. S. Lam].

Bees in relation to gnats in order to define something - in order to understand something - relative to the bigger picture? Knowledge after all is power. True, untrue? A help or a hindrance?

"I tried to ask him why he liked me, he couldn't give me an answer and then he said, ''Go away Fred, go and fly away like a helicopter." My son paused before continuing, ''Fred is in the forest with his Mummy. His Mummy is good but Fred is bad and he has a baby in his tummy - a baby caterpillar." I told him that Fred had planted a worm in my head, to which my son replied, ''Yes, Fred has planted hundreds of caterpillars in my head, too...We need to lock him up in a cupboard with a key and make him very small. Look, this is how small we have to make him,'' he said making a tiny triangle with his hand. ''Go and make caterpillars on the sun Fred and not in my head or Mummies head." My son doesn't appear to be afraid of Fred. He's even suggested that we eat Fred in one of my tofu noodle soups. I said i would prefer to eat him on toast with lots of butter, but that actually it would be better not to eat Fred at all because he probably wouldn't taste very nice. Is talking about Fred the right approach? Is it even age appropriate? I don't know, but what is the alternative - to buckle under the strain of Fred's rants? I have tried to explain very complicated mental health issues in an imaginative, simple and honest way that my son will understand. He has even suggested hitting Fred in the face with his neon green ball until he's dead. I told him that was not the way and that maybe we had to make Fred our friend, since i don't think he had many. My son looked at me and i could tell he almost felt sorry for Fred. Could i keep him at bay through these stories? Just about. If i continued like this, Fred might just put down his sticks, and stop pummelling the walls of my mind." The author ,i.e.,Q. S. Lam, then writes a poem entitled...'Is There Light'...

According to this subject there is, i.e.,..


The probosis of the butterfly? Try ''honey''.

"From ancient times the butterfly, psyche, has signified not only the mystery of physical metamorphoses, but also the loveliest transmutations of the soul...All over the world the gossamer beauty of the butterfly, its winged nature and breathtaking release from a pupal cocoon have symbolized the soul reborn out of chrysalis like containment...Like an alchemical 'vas', the chrysalis is both the ''golden'' [ chryseos] vessel of transformation and the object transformed...it gives no outward sign of the concealed unfolding within as the old forms, dissolve and the embryonic tissue is restructured. The butterfly is one of our most poetic images of psyche's self renewal beyond even traumatic endings...The Greek myth of Eros and Psyche tells the story of passion, doubt and separation between the soul and her beloved and the tortuous process that precedes there reunion. This drama is enacted in ourselves in countless ways, as libido pursues the objects of psyche's desire, ways that can be poignantly self-destructive as well as redolent of promise." [Extract from the book 'The Book of Symbols: Reflections of Archetypal Images' by Taschen].

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As the author herself says in the final sentence of the book..."She's in there somewhere, waiting patiently inside to re-emerge whole again."

''Patience is the mother of will. If you have no mother, how can you be born?" Gurdjieff.

'Metamorphoses' by Ovid.


"Arthur of the Dragons! came a voice from overhead." Question. 'Mother of Dragons'? Spirit/Soul? Which and why?

"This little man, the size of a thumb, is the 'Ishon' of the Hermetic and Old Testament texts. The man the size of a thumb, resides in the midst, within the self, of the past and future....the Tom thumb of fairy tales, this inner dwarf or 'Ishon' which is prepared to 'reveal' things that are normally hidden......is meant to symbolize an esoteric aspect of Spiritual development....the fool has to learn from the 'smaller' inner man....It is worth bearing in mind that, in materialistic terms, the inner man must be smaller than the outer man. This inner man is linked with the spine, which in itself is linked with the staff...This symbolism applies to the staves in the hands of the Tarot Fool: one staff is the spine of the outer fool, the other that of the inner fool." [Bibliographic notes to chapters 4, and 7, of the book 'The Zelator']. Agree or disagree?

'Swamplands of the Soul: New Life in Dismal Places' by J. Hollis.

"There is a thought, a recurrent fantasy perhaps, that the purpose of life is to achieve happiness. After all, even the Constitution of the United States promises ''life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Who does not long to arrive, some distant day at that sunlit meadow where, untroubled, we may rest easy, abide awhile and be happy? But nature or fate, or the gods, has another thought which keeps interrupting this fantasy. The split, the discrepancy between what we long for and what we suffer as limitation, has haunted the Western imagination...

...The litany arising from the gap between hope and experience is endless. Whether to suffer it stoically, react heroically or whine about one's condition seems onerous yet unavoidable choice. But Jungian psychology, and the disciplined practice of personal growth it promotes, offers another perspective based on the assumption that the goal of life is not happiness but meaning....

....We may well experience moments of happiness, but they are ephemeral and can neither be willed into being nor perpetuated by hope. Rather, Jungian psychology, as well as much of the rich religious and mythological tradition from which it draws many of its insights, avers that it is the swamplands of the soul, the savannas of suffering, that provide the context for the stimulation and the attainment of meaning. As far back as 2500 years ago, Aeschylus observed that the gods have ordained a solemn degree, that through suffering we come to wisdom. Without the suffering, which seems the epiphenomenal requisite for psychological and spiritual maturation, one would remain unconscious, infantile and dependent...

...An old saying has it that religion is for those who are afraid of going to hell; spirituality is for those who have been there...It is in the swamplands where soul is fashioned and forged, where we encounter not only the gravitas of life, but its purpose, its dignity and its deepest meaning...Psychology was the last of the so-called social sciences to evolve, as Jung noted, because its raison d'etre was theretofore sustained by the great myths and myth-making institutions. Psyche is the Greek word for ''soul'' and etymologically had twin roots: one the butterfly whose mysterious, beautiful, but elusive permutations metaphorically dramatize our experience of soul; and the other, from the verb ''to breath,'' is an analog of that invisible wind which enters at birth and departs at death. How ironic, then, that modern psychology so often addresses only the behaviors which can be observed and converted to statistical models, or cognitions which can be reprogrammed, or biochemical anomalies which may be medicated. While all of these treatment modalities are significant and helpful, they seldom address the most profound need of the modern; namely, to render one's journey meaningful." [Introduction to the book' Swamplands of the Soul' by J. Hollis - including emphasis- with the exception of the word in bold print].

'The Forge and the Crucible' by M. Eliade.

Confirmation? by yet another..."Sri Yukteswar's health was excellent; i never saw him unwell. To show respect for a worldly custom he permitted his students, if they so wished, to consult doctors. ''Physicians,'' he said, ''should carry on their work of healing through 'gods' laws as applied to matter.'' But he extolled the superiority of mental therapy, and often repeated: ''Wisdom is the greatest cleanser."... He numbered many doctors among his disciples. ''Those who have studied physiology should go further and investigate the science of the soul," he told them. "A subtle spiritual structure is hidden just behind the bodily mechanism." [Extract from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi'. Mentioned elsewhere].

REFRESHER: "If one has the power to endure the way of rebuke with great passion, and if his mind can control its fantasies, then he can ride {his mind} like a horse. He can control it as he desires, spurring it on to go forward, or reigning it to stop where he pleases. At all times his imagination remains subject to his will, not straying from its authority....This is truly a mighty 'warrior'...He is like Uriel, who constantly gazes at 'the light of god', delighted in gods Mysteries." [Page 84, 'Meditation and Kabbalah'].

'Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World' by M. Williams and D. Penman.

"Initiates inside and outside the Church create great works of art and architecture to help condition humanity for its future 'evolution.' They also carry enough clues for those who are so minded as to be able to decode them." [Same chapter, same book i.e.,J. Black].

A more {practical?} analogy..."From Hermopolis, city of Hermes {Thoth}, master of Writing, Numbers, Measurement and Time, comes the description of the Nun, the primordial environment, picturing 'its' qualities and characteristics: 'He {the Demiurge} created the 'eight'. He formed its body as that of a sacred child who issues forth from a lotus in the middle of the Nun.' The primordial Eight, as envisaged at Hermopolis {the Ogdoad}, together form, as the text indicates, a single entity. The Nun is envisaged as a swampy mire, a seething primal cradle in which live four couples of serpents and frogs...[Extract from the book 'Egyptian Mysteries' by L. Lamy].


'Red' pyramid - Egypt. 'THIRD' one built. First 'true' pyramid. Same gradient {learning curve?} as the lessor one {slower?} on the 'Bent' pyramid. Step by step increments? Question. Dont we all start off {in haste?} 'quickly' before finding a more suitable rhythm? Representation of. Side note: Recall Herod's red sarcophagus. Try ''fire'' i.e.,what it implies in the overall 'scheme of things'. Understanding that defines the concept of the Benben stone - the same one that the author of 'Imhotep the African' attempts to explain, i.e., the 'tip' of a PYR-ramid. Try 'tip' / 'Pyr' / 'Atum' / 'mound' i.e.,balance between wet/dry etc. to 'see' what that author cannot. To 'see' into that ancient mindset.

Question. Can you by now put those keys together to define something while recalling what symbol represents that stage of {a learning process?} that results in ''wisdom'' - and WHY?

N.B. Hermes = Transition {stretching?} ones boundaries. Thoth = God of balance/equilibrium. Both attributes {aspects} intermix to define an end result, {mechanics of}. The process {qualities?} needed to achieve that end. Representational of. Question. Agree or disagree?

A work in progress {the very first one?}: "When seen in the evening sky, Mercury is represented by Hermes, the swift messenger of the gods and the guardian of travellers. It is in the latter role that he has his moment of prominence in Book 24 of the Iliad. Hector has been killed...Traditionally, Hermes is also a thief and trickster - attributes recalled by Homer when the god is called upon in vain to steal Hector's body from Achilles so that it can be returned to his father, King Priam...The god can only take him part of the way...The sequence is: Priam leaves Ursa Major, and is taken across the zodiac by Hermes {Mercury} before meeting Achilles in Canis Major. After paying a ransom for Hectors body, Priam is urged to return home by Hermes while it is still 'dark'. The first hurdle Priam meets on his outward journey is the zodiac, where Hermes is instructed by Zeus, 'It is you who are most suited to escort men on their way - go and so conduct Priam to the ships of the Greeks'. As a planet, Hermes cannot move outside the boundaries of the zodiac, and after crossing the zodiacal band {'girdle'?} he takes his leave of Priam when he says: 'I will now leave you, and will not enter into the presence of Achilles'. Although it would not be possible to see Mercury both in the evening and the morning in the course of one night, Homer seems to reinforce the position of the planet in the zodiac when Priam, returning home, is once again met by Hermes and is escorted to the topmost boundary of the zodiac, from where Priam has to continue his journey without the gods help." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

Planets {versus?} constellations as a means...?

The real question however remains the same. Why go to ALL this fcking effort? {Excuse the Greek}.


Cepheus = the 'beginning of a journey' ? Question. Large or small? Recall Orion. All as a means...?

Refresher..."This little man, the size of a thumb, is the 'Ishon' of the Hermetic and Old Testament texts. The man the size of a thumb, resides in the midst, within the self, of the past and future....the Tom thumb of fairy tales, this inner dwarf or 'Ishon' which is prepared to 'reveal' things that are normally hidden......is meant to symbolize an esoteric aspect of Spiritual development....the fool has to learn from the 'smaller' inner man....It is worth bearing in mind that, in materialistic terms, the inner man must be smaller than the outer man. This inner man is linked with the spine, which in itself is linked with the staff...This symbolism applies to the staves in the hands of the Tarot Fool: one staff is the spine of the outer fool, the other that of the inner fool." [Bibliographic notes to chapters 4, and 7, of the book 'The Zelator']. Anything? Question. Agree or disagree?

"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven."

Refresher:...''the Chair of Lethe {of forgetfulness}, : ''that welds itself to the flesh, from which one cannot rise."

"The Freemasonic scholar Albert Pike called the picture of Solomons Temple...'an abridged image of the cosmos'. Think on it, relative to the ''individual'' i.e.,.....

comic4"Ancient Greek philosophers among them Heron of Alexandria, who studied with Egypt's priests in the 2nd century, suggested that the soul possessed an innate universal knowledge that exterior objects awakened through the senses. This concept resembles Jung's idea of a collective unconscious that is accessed through sensory experience and that speaks primary through the emotions. The ancient Greek root word for 'symbol' meant ''something that is thrown across,'' like a bridge between sacred and profane worlds, or between inner and outer realities. Symbols provides 'nets' of meaning [omphalos link]. The mind synthesizes impressions gleaned from an image as the warp threads and connects them by emotional responses as the weft threads. Based in intuition, the symbol erects a scaffolding of related impressions, implied ideas, analogies and resonances. Within this synthesis, we grasp the whole, simultaneous existence of all things in motion, appearing together for a brief, but eternal and absolute moment." [ Part three entitled 'The Light Within' from the book ' Dreams of Isis' by N. Ellis]. Try ''pattern''.

''Grasp'' in relation to 'Manifested'.

A working {practical?} example..."Before we arrived, not even knowing why we were coming to Hovenweep {remember, we originally intended to build the medicine wheel at Chaco Canyon}, Mary had written a poem in honor of our journey. She says that it came to her all in one piece, and she simply wrote it down. As we gathered together in a giant kiva-unroofed, but so deep that we had to climb down into it by ladder - she read us  this poem: 'The Weaving' - ''We stand here, surrounded by the sacred mountains, at the sipapu, where our world began. We come from the four corners of this earth...We are here to create a weaving of a new reality. In any weaving, beauty is created by the warp, weft, and the pattern. We bring: for the foundation, the warp thread...These we braid together and string on our loom to form the warp, the shape of our weaving. Onto this we weave the weft of our daily journey, the thread of beauty, spun, one moment at a time, with each step of integrity, as our actions spin time into history. And the pattern? The pattern that will call the rest of the human race into understanding... " [From the book 'Serpent of Light Beyond 2012' / D. Melchizedek]. Try ''pattern'' and/or ''net'' in relation to defining something {logos?}.

Understanding the above gives a closer assessment of such sacred objects as the Inca Khipus. In other words even though no absolute answer has yet been forthcoming as to the meaning of such artifacts - THIS SUBJECT - will get as close as one can to that eventual answer. Try ''weaving'' and/or ''knot'' symbolism - as a start point.


''The Great Turning at Hand''. Question. The next 'Great' cosmic event = Supernova or comet explosion? AND/OR: Lunar OR Solar eclipse? Define subject material to narrow down those POSSIBILITIES. Enlarged throughout. Try Antares.

"Nothing is known about the Chacoan culture {i.e.,S/W America. Corner of.} because no written texts have been discovered." Quote by B. Cox ['Wonders of the Universe/ Gravity' BBC4]. A stone sculpture/painting discovered on the 'lip' of an overhang. At 'right angles' to the 'vertical' cliff 'face'. 'Three' {'pyr' link} symbols = hand {left}, crescent moon {dark; therefore link to 'transcendent third'} and star {clockwise rotation?}. All in relation to an event that took place in 1054 {supernova}. That external event could indeed be its origin, but its true INTENT is that inner one. Something external used to REPRESENT something INTERNAL. S/W in relation to N/W {star}. N/E {naked hand} its start point. Mid-point {dark aspect of moon} as a reflection of something. Something UNknown {dark} becoming known {transcendent third}. Anything? Among others try ''overhang'' and/or ''right angles'' and/or ''horseshoe'' {i.e.,the 'opening' of the 'crescent' moon is towards the observer, i.e.,relative to a S/W position}.

"When the individual is born again, the blue star is born with it. When the star exploded, my cycle of coming and going had ended."  Coincidence or a meaningful one?  Enlarged elsewhere.

A working example {i.e.,in the personal sense of the word} yet those core 'elements' {universal ones} infer same. Can you 'see' it?: "I had expected him to be intense, yet self assured - serene in his spiritual insight; yet his face seemed to be restless, even tortured. Electric forces seemed to ray from the hair upon his face. His sparse moustache seemed to press down into his jaw, drawing his mouth into a thin and compact line, as though life experiences had pushed him into a severity at variance with his spiritual knowledge. Even his intense intellectual quality, so clearly expressed in the high forehead, seemed to be pulling him asunder: his mind was lifted upwards by the shock of wild hair, yet drawn earthwards by the weight of his heavy dark eyebrows..." ['The Zelator'. Emphasis, this readers].

And/or: "The Beast is like our ego and egocentric interests. It represents the work of 'self' alone, without 'gods' influence. The mark is erased when the work of our hands and thoughts of our minds are cooperating with god, rather than simply being self driven. The Beast is our lower nature at our most selfish, self-centered, self glorifying point of existence." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way' / Mentioned elsewhere]. Continued elsewhere.

Define {'see'} those symbols to understand why no written texts NEEDED to be left behind.

Try Hippo/Croc. As one means.

"Nature is a net of correspondence to be deciphered and integrated into a holistic {whole?} worldview." [extract from the book 'The Magister'. Parenthesis, this readers].

N.B. The root of the word ''holy'' = whole i.e.,a reunion of the ''whole?''

... ''eternal and absolute moment,'' what T. S. Eliot defines as a 'timeless moment' and others as a eureka moment. Question. What symbol is used to define that 'action of the mind,' and why? Question two. Why should it be necessary to explain it at all?

"The no-mans land between Physics and the psychology of the Unconscious [is] the most fascinating yet the darkest hunting ground of our times." Carl Jung.

"Psychology and esotericism set out to explore the darkness outside of our knowledge, whether it be dwelling in the 'unconscious' or the 'astral', the mundus imaginalis, or the dark side of the Tree of Life." [Extract from the book 'The Magister']. Define ''astral'' before those first impressions define something else. Link that answer up to that universal framework.

"Let him who seeks, continue seeking until he finds. When he finds he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled he will be astonished, and he will rule over all." [ The 'Nazarene' from, The Gospel of Thomas].

"...the 'nails' of objectivity - which give conscience to thought."

The symbol of which is the Crown of Thorns, i.e.,"The 'thorns' of the crown center function as the 'nails' of objectivity..." [Taken from 'letter 5' from within the book by Tomberg].

Before those first impressions take hold; remember that Christ himself also understood the same subject by way of - the same method?


"In his right hand he held seven stars, and from his mouth came a sharp, two-edged sword, and his face was like the sun shining with full force. When i saw him, i fell at his feet as though dead. But he placed his right hand on me, saying: 'Do not be afraid, i am the first and last, and the living one. I was dead, and see, i am alive for ever and ever; and i have the keys of Death and of Hades..." [Rev. 1:16-18. Taken from the book 'Wisdom of the 4th Way'].

Recall what 'Revelation' implies {elsewhere} - in relation to such {archetypes?} as say - Hades [Part 1].

Question. Full circle?

"What is a symbol anyway? In effect, it is the good old ''outward sign of an inward grace,'' or a practical link between objective and subjective existence. It is a body containing a soul, matter holding a meaning, a focus of force, a condenser of consciousness, or a ''thought tank." Anything and everything can be a symbol. Whatsoever connects consciousness, and life together from one level to another, or even to different points on the same level is a symbol. Figures, letters, words and ideographs are very good examples of symbols, since these join thinking with living." [ Chapter 3, of the book by William Gray]. Try ''fertiliz{s}ation'' or ''crystalliz{s}ation''.

Understanding that framework in relation to the ''divine bit'' gives a deeper meaning to those words [ intent of] - highlighted.

venus'The Birth of Venus' by Botticelli. 'The Primavera' [ also known as ''Allegory of Spring''], painted by same, of which has been said....."One of the most popular paintings in Western art"..........."One of the most written about, and controversial paintings in the world." [ Wikipedia ].

To understand their true meaning, define those KEYS. As an example... what can sometimes be found within a Scallop shell. Put that answer in the search box.

"The word ' Scallop ' can bring several images to mind: perhaps first as a decorative motif used on the edge of draperies or clothing or jewellery. The shell of the Great Scallop [Pecten maximus. Latin for 'comb'], was a symbol used by artists throughout the centuries. Greek temples and Roman vases were adorned with shell motifs. A famous example from mediaeval times is the Triton Fountain in Rome. The marble fountain, designed by Bernini in 1642, shows Triton, son of the sea god Poseidon, perched on a large, open scallop shell, supported by two dolphins."...........

Synchronistic example [if only for this reader]...From a poem by Q. S. Lam entitled: 'A small Cloud'..."A small cloud has been hanging over her for as long as she can remember. Today the tears fell, like slender rivers; the mask slipping off and fell to the floor. There she sat in the middle of the ocean, the dolphins were singing and she didn't sing back. She threw small daggers at them. A little dolphin winked and squeaked. Opening her eyes, she wasn't so alone anymore - perched on a small rock, she stared out at the ocean - kicked down the door of her mind - to take a gentle stroll. What did she see? More closed doors, not a shaving of light, only a small cloud floating stubbornly, and a broken plate - ''Chuck it away'', a distant voice whispered. The landscape on the plate; painted with such care faded now - just an outline: ''Time to paint a new picture'', the voice whispered again: And step into a new landscape with fresh things to discover..." Other examples of same author - elsewhere.

N. B. In the golden coffin of Tutankhamun, on top of his chest, a golden handled dagger made of 'iron' from the sky.


Where have you seen it before?

That ''new picture'' could be : "In the fantasy we have taken, it is true that this animus figure cut the woman off from life, behaving in a most orthodox and exemplary manner, so that the natural feminine was quite suffocated, and because everything he told her was in fact material that is stressed again and again in the Logos world, she had no way of escape but through what seemed an unjust sickness. To come again to the feminine realm means to face the animus from a NEW STANDPOINT. St. Augustine said that woman has no soul for she is soul. If a woman has the courage to leave the logos world and seek and give value to the feminine truth, the animus is her guide and friend. Whole in herself, her sons are free, and she passes to them the mystery of the soul that they, too, may face life." ['The Old Wise Woman: A Study of Active Imagination' / R. Weaver]. Hence...

"Quintessential saviors of the shipwrecked and drowning, dolphins are the nimble ''sea people'' {Bacchylides of Ceos} who can be relied upon to buoy us up and carry us back to shore, protect us from marine marauders, keep us company in our lone passages through treacherous channels and, if we're lucky, escort our ships out of trouble before they founder in the first place. The reasons for wild dolphins' long history of beneficence towards us is a mystery, but their role as our rescuers from imminent submergence is attested in outer reality as well as in our dreams. There is something suggestive in the similarity of the Greek words for dolphin {delphis} and for womb or uterus {delphys}. Just as the goddess Aphrodite is born from the surf and is often shown on the back of a dolphin, the streamlined creatures who are so conspicuously attuned with their marine world are emissaries of the womb of the ocean, where all life arose, and to which the whales, rare among mammals, returned to live after having spent some evolutionary time as earth dwellers...Dolphins are sometimes 'trickster' type - as they don't mind playing jokes on..." ['The Book of Symbols' / Taschen. 'Dolphin'].

A side step..."Digby, [ Nova Scotia ] is known as the ''Scallop Capital of the World.'' United Empire Loyalists from New York and New England, led by the British Admiral, Sir Robert Digby, settled in Digby in 1783. Situated on the South Western shore of Nova Scotia on the Bay of Fundy, the town was built as a fishing and lumber center. Digby is the gateway to Nova Scotia, for visitors arriving by ferry from Saint John, New Brunswick..." [ www.scalloppearl.ca/scallop.htm].

"Scallop pearls or Lion Paw pearls, are extremely rare non - nacreous pearls, produced by a bi-valve mollusk, commonly known as the Scallop, Lions Paw or in Spanish ''Mano de Leon'' [hand of the lion]." [www.internetstones.com/scallop-pearls]."

N.B. Scratch of lion in relation to a cat = more 'intent'. Question. Intent of what? Question 2. Do the 'scratchings' relate to the inner or outer of the shell? What does that imply? If only in relation to a subject.

Side note: {something hinted at}: "The constellation Felis the Cat - a word which Latin lexicographers now write Faelis, was formed by La Lande {1805}....Its inventor said of it: 'I am very fond of cats. I will let this figure scratch on the chart. The starry sky has worried me quite enough in my life {the study of it?} - so that now I can have my joke with it.'...It has long been discontinued in catalogues and charts. Proctor assigned this title to Canis Minor, but no one has followed him in this change." [Page 221 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

Question. Joker only?

"In Latin a pearl was 'unio', because, as Pliny writes, it is 'the unique gem', or because pearls are only found singly...Oysters open and shut, like doors [folding doors in English were once called 'bivalves'], and the open shell of an oyster looks like the number 8." [Quote from the Lexicon chapter to the book ' The Book of Babel: Words and the Way We See Things' by N.Lewis].

"When we look into George O'Keeffe's slightly open clamshell we see the chaste beauty of the primordial shell of existence, a reminder of the sea's salty, elemental first fruits of life. Or again, the slightly open shell imparts subtle, feeling-toned qualities: the receptive, intimate, sensual and shy. It speaks of the creative and gestative, the introverted containment that fosters the essence of a life...Their rough round shells, invite our projections of prying open the world with our consciousness - ''the world is my oyster'' - extracting its treasures, assimilating its good, The shell opening of itself evokes the wonders of revelation and incarnation. And the closing of the shell: hidden process, reticence, and isolation; ''clamming up,'' a drawing of boundaries; a gathering in; being ''secret, and self contained, and solitary as an oyster''..." [Extract from the book ' The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images' by Taschen].

"The scalloped shell that one finds on the ancient coat of the pilgrims is the symbol of the secret water {sweet?} that contains everything and in which the star {pearl?} of the Magi was reflected. The sages of the Middle Ages related this shell to Mercury-Hermes, who was known in Egypt as Thoth. It is said that Thoth is the master {lord?} of the 'secret water' {sweet?}...Mercury was thought to be the intermediary of the gods, the great voyager, who establishes a constant relationship between the Principle Functions and their earthly manifestations {i.e., as one example - Nova Scotia?}..." ['Journey Into The Light'].


''The father of the One Thing [explained within] is the sun; its mother the moon.'' [Michael Maier, Atalanta Fugiens, Frankfort 1617]. Extract taken from Chapter 5, 'The Emerald Tablet' by Dennis Hauck.

"The first Masonic lodge in Digby, was established on September 29th, 1784, only one year after the settlement was founded.".......""Digby was named in honor of Robert Digby, a British Admiral, who commanded the convoy ''Atalanta'' which brought 1500 Loyalist refugees from New England in 1783. Among the Loyalists settled in Digby, was John Edison from Newark, New Jersey. He brought his family with him and remained until 1810. In April 1799, he was appointed directer of the town marsh, and in 1808, assessor. In 1804, a grandson, Samuel, was born in Digby, who, in 1847 in Milan, Ohio, became the father of Thomas Alva Edison, the famous inventor. One of the features of the town, is the old ''Admirals Well.''.............

"Smiths Cove was settled in 1759 by people of the New York area named Potter, Smith, Sulis and Odelle. One of the earliest settlers was Joseph Potter Jr [1763]. In 1783 Mr Potter exchanged land grants with a Loyalist named Joseph Smith from which the community derived its name."........."Trinity Anglican Church [Queen St, Digby], was built in 1785. The church was designed by Steven C. Earle, the noted New England architect. It is the only church in Canada, to be built by Shipwrights, and its design is similar to an upside down wooden ship." [www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~nsdigby/trivia.htm].

Neolithic equivalent....Seahenge. Enlarged elsewhere. Different 'keys' but with the same principle in mind. Question. Why? More importantly.....Why go to all this effort?

Side note: The Cove of Cathbad? As a means...? {Douglas Monroe}.

palm (2)

Kew Gardens. 'The Palm House'. Built to look like the inverted keel of a ship?

Continued: Further head scratch...''Potter'' [potters wheel? i.e.,as one example the Egyptian 'Khnum'] ''Smith'' [blacksmith?] Sulis [eye?] Odelle [a girls name; therefore 'feminine' aspect? Can also mean ''harmonious'']. Question. Coincidence or a meaningful one or conspiracy theorist? Further notes [clues?] to evaluate correctly - i.e.,to 'evaluate' the purpose and intent of Oak Island - found elsewhere. Look above.

Side note. Phil Harding of 'Britain's Ancient Tracks' {enlarged elsewhere} talks about how ingrained {''congealed''} the HORN 'handles' of the 'digging tools' were - with clay {Red deer}. Question. A Sacred act?

Same question to the clay 'reinforcing rod' that the ancients used to support such bronze forms as the Egyptian 'cat' or the Chinese 'swan' figures as seen in the program narrated by Dan Snow. Known as Direct Lost Wax Technique. Enlarged elsewhere.

A piece of prose..........."You can destroy yourself by fire...by anger expressed outwards...as well as by coldness turned inwards. You will notice that this is not a choice. You either hate too much or love too much. Some say the world will end in fire, others say in ice. From what i've tasted of desire, i hold with those who favour fire. But if it had to perish twice, i think i know enough of hate, to say that for destruction, ice is also great, and would suffice". [Robert Frost. 1874-1963. 'Fire and Ice'. Taken from.. 'Speaking From the Heart' by Sister W. Beckett].

'A Song of Ice and Fire' / G. Martin.

REFRESHER: As seen from a different perspective: "Berossos asserted that the earth was to be 'submerged' when all the planets met in Cancer, and consumed by 'fire' when they met in Capricorn." ['Star Names and Their Meaning' under 'Cancer'].

Cancer/Capricorn either side of equator. One referred to as Gate of the Gods and the other Gate of Men. Why?

"The messenger of god said, 'The Quran was sent down in seven modes. Every verse in it has an external and an internal meaning and at each boundary there is a vista," [Tabari].

"The messenger of god said, 'If anyone makes the care of his external welfare the sum total of his cares, god will protect him from worldly care; but if he has a variety of cares relating to the matters of this world, god will not be concerned in which of its valleys he perishes."[ Ibn Majah]. Both taken from 'The Book of Hadiths' [Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, from the Mishkat al- Masabib] by C. L. Eaton.

Try ''Valley'' in relation to Herod in its negative sense {representation of}. AND/OR Mount of Olives in relation to Temple Mount - in the positive 'sense of the word'.

Question. How would the Egyptians represent same principles?

".....the heart is the hinge [key], on which the world turns." [Chapter 31,'The Sacred History']. Think about it, relative to what the 'Precession of the Equinoxes' represents. ...

"No one is born to hate. Love comes more naturally to the heart" [key]. [Nelson Mandela].

"Only he who desires with his whole heart will find, and only to him who knocks vehemently shall the door be opened." [Paracelsus].

REFRESHER: "It is like the divine spark in every seed. First, we are penetrated from without toward the within. And when the germ of the seed has been awakened, the same process occurs as when a farmer sows his seed. That seed penetrates the earth, and the rays of the sun penetrate the seed...The power of the seed starts to awaken outward, and breaks the outer shell of the seed - reaching upward to meet the rays of the sunshine and grows higher and higher into the power of the light. That same process happens within all of us. We have to develop all that is within. A movement occurs - just as within an egg - a little chick starts to develop, starts to form. It is by this constant state of spiritual aspiration {inspiration?} that we 'grow', by our constant desire. We develop by our desires..." [Page 136 'Born of Water and Spirit' / Andrew Lohr].

Question. Chickpea?

abcdNow that foundation is exposed. Those that follow should find it no more difficult than any other subject. Once that is...you begin to ‘get your head around it’. As you have to do in any subject. Try it. Start off with the idiot/ dummy series especially anything written by Dennis Hauck. Followed by authors such as Maurice Nicoll / K. Gest / R. Smolley /T. Freke / I. Regardie / J. Black / C. Wilson / Celia Green / A. Collins / Rene Guenon, M. Ling, F. Schuon, [in Mr Schuon case... only with a good head of hair. Dont laugh. Proof? See the 'bald' chap on the Phaistos disc. Compare to the one with a 'good head of hair'. Whose laughing now? ]..to name but a few. Try and understand what they imply within those same books in relation to the keys mentioned. Then read those excellent researched books by such authors as A. Alford / G. Hancock / R. Bauval / D. Wilcock or Z. Sitchin. Attempt to 'see' what they don't see. That 'inner' one. Go on from there. Note down those common links. That is...if you truly want to understand another subject rather than leave it all, to those first impressions.

David Icke uses a similar term ''Seeing is decoding'' when attempting to understand some of the above. He can indeed 'see' [i.e.,understand] those 'altered states' that this subject has defined for thousands of years [in relation to A/B/C - i.e., 'Macro'] - and defines them like no other - almost in a poetic style - but as soon as anything relating to the 'serpent' is mentioned [this readers opinion only] he falls right off his very own precipice, [ 'Micro']. Mr Sitchin does the same - not quite; however as extreme as Mr Icke.

'Seeing is believing' - Dynamo - O2 stadium.

"They build their individual towers of Babel which fall, as a rule, according to the law of all towers of Babel, and experience, sooner or later, a salutary fall, as is the teaching of the 16th card of the Tarot. They do not fall from a real height into a real abyss; it is only from an imaginary height that they fall only to the ground, i.e., they learn the lesson that we human beings of today have all learned or have still to learn..." [Taken from the book by the author Tomberg].

Question. Has that single {obsession?} been seeded from elsewhere? i.e.,...

"It is clear - and other mediums confirm this - that people like me are chosen to do our work. I've often been asked, who does the choosing, and i always answer: ' I wish i knew! Because i'd like to have a few words with him! ' I was often aware, however, that certain people were training me, particular when i was healing, including the doctor who had first made contact with me {i.e.,deceased}. I saw a lot of him during those early days, and began to communicate with him telepathically...Other spirits arrived, wanting to work with me. Two of them i hesitated to write about, because i realise that the stories sound so incredible. There was a phase when i began seeing rather frightening pictures of snakes, and found myself writing a lot of poetry. I was in bed one night when a man appeared and said: 'I'm William Blake, and i'd like to work with you.' It was he who was sending me the drawings. At that time i had no idea who he was. All i knew, was that i thought his pictures were creepy. I said, 'Please go away. I don't want this'. When a friend told me that Blake was a famous mystical artist and poet, i went to the library to find out more about him, and saw drawings exactly like those he had been sending me. After about two weeks of being shown these terrifying pictures, i finally said to him: 'Look, will you please push off! ' I never saw him again. [Extract from the book 'Mind to Mind' by Betty Shine].

Betty Shine the first person David Icke went to see, {after reading?}: Shortly after experiencing his own unusual events.

Proving the viability of research over those first impressionable ones {'shadow' ones?}.

Refresher: ''Denial of an aspect of wholeness is the key ingredient in the formation of the shadow." [Demetra George].

"Despite his success Icke  wrote that in 1989 was a time of considerable personal despair, and it was during this period he began to feel a presence around him...Icke visited B. Shine four times - during the third meeting in 1990 he felt ''something like a spiders web on his face...'' [Wiki/D. Icke].

'Shadowland :{Spider World}' by C. Wilson.

Analogy of same..."I often reflected that my majestic master could easily have been an emperor or world-shaking warrior had his mind been centered on fame or worldly achievement. He had chosen instead to storm those inner citadels of wrath and egotism whose fall is the height of a man." [Extract from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi' ]. Try ''giant''.

Shadow = ''archon'' ?

A present day example..."Shortly after film school i was elevated to get into Art College to finally study a fine arts degree...Unfortunately , both the experience of film school and art school were littered with an array of tough challenges. And although i was at long last, pursuing my ambition of being an artist, i was steadily becoming a little worse mentally each day, aligning myself with a coterie of the wrong sort of people in London and setting myself up for a colossal fall." [Taken from the book by Q. S. Lam].

God is in the detales (details)As an example, {i.e.,in relation to an understanding of the 'serpent' symbol} - page 202 'Genesis Revisited'/ Z. Sitchin under the heading 'The Emblem of Entwined Serpents' "In the biblical tale of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, the antagonist of the lord god who had caused them to acquire 'knowing' [ the ability to procreate] was the Serpent, Nahash in Hebrew. The term has two other meanings: 'he who knows secrets' and 'he who knows copper'. These other meanings or word plays are found in the Sumerian epithet BUZUR for Enki, which meant 'he who solves secrets' and 'he of the metal mines'. I have therefore suggested in previous writings that, in the original Sumerian version, the 'Serpent' was Enki. His emblem was entwined serpents, it was the symbol of his cult center at Eridu [a], of his African domains in general [b], and of the pyramids in particular [c]; and it appeared on Sumerian illustrations on cylinder seals of the events described in the bible. What did the emblem of entwined serpents- the symbol for medicine and healing to this very day- represent? The discovery by modern science of the double helix structure of DNA offers the answer: the entwined serpents emulated the structure of the genetic code, the secret knowledge of which enabled Enki to create the Adam and then grant Adam and Eve the ability to procreate. The emblem of Enki as a sign of healing was invoked by Moses when he made a nehash nehosheth- a 'copper serpent'- to halt an epidemic afflicting the Israelites. Was the involvement of copper in the triple meanings of the term and in the making of the copper serpent by Moses due to some unknown role of copper in genetics and healing."

'Serpent' in relation to 'the fall' - by way of - mettle of the mind?

A more closer to the 'mark' definition {understanding?} of same principle..."Adrian Gilbert, who was previously mentioned, has written several books on the subject of ancient knowledge and esoteric wisdom. In his book 'Signs in the Sky' he noted that the term 'serpent' was frequently used in ancient times to define a shadow cast by the sun. I couldn't help remembering that the Celtic cross in Northamptonshire shows an image of intertwined serpents on the circular head. This would make sense if the cross were used for measurements using the shadow of the sun, and a shadow was regarded in ancient times as a serpent." [From the book by K. Gest].

'Shadow' in relation to ''the fall'' {S/W?}. All as a means...

Question. What would ''anima'' be represented by? AND what direction would it be associated with, i.e.,bottom up or top down?

''The lengthened shadow of man is history...'' Quote from within.

images[3]"There is more to the serpent than meets the eye. Its coils lie at the very foundation of the Western world, and so it is no wonder that is was the foundation stone of the West's greatest myths and legends." Back cover to the book 'The Serpent Grail: The Truth Behind the Holy Grail, The Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life' by P. Gardiner and G. Osborn.

Another example but now in the 'Macro' sense of the 'word' {i.e.,'serpent' }..."As mentioned, the lengthwise {E/W?} axis of Izapa's ballcourt {Mayan culture} is aligned to the December solstice horizon. A monument on the eastern end of the ballcourt shows one of the 'Hero Twins' standing victorious over a completely fallen Seven Macaw {who must be deposed before One Hunahpa can be 'reborn'}. On the western end of the ballcourt we find a throne and several small monuments that each encode the different metaphors by which the alignment was understood. The throne itself has carved legs between which a solar god's head, or solar Ahau face, is emerging. This birth scene faces eastward down the axis of the ballcourt toward the December solstice sunrise, where the convergence of solstice sun and 'dark rift' was tracked. Clearly, the throne depicts the future alignment as a birth. Next to the throne we find a circular stone ring in which a stone ball was placed. In the symbolism of the ball game the December solstice sun is the game ball and the dark rift {or Calactic Center} is the goal ring. Finally, next to the ring and ball we find a serpents head, which, like most ballcourt markers, originally had a solar Ahau face in its mouth. This is the devouring end-of-age image of the sun in the snake's mouth - implying that death must precede rebirth." [From the book 'Galactic Alignment: The Transformation of Consciousness According to Mayan, Egyptian, and Vedic Traditions' by J. M. Jenkins].

'Shadow' in relation to 'light' as a means to a further {personal?} understanding, {as is the intention of the word 'Throne' in relation to 'West'}. Nothing else. ''End-of-age'' in relation to 'the tail end' of something begins the process {beginning} of something else - defined as the 'end of the world' i.e.,death/rebirth {DECEMBER 2012}. Or more to the point {in the 'macro' sense of the 'word'} - the beginning of a new age,i.e.,Aquarius - thereafter new symbols {archetypes?} used - but which still explains/explores that SAME subject material {in the form of a 'journey'?}.


In 'journey' form?

"In the old religion a snake symbolizes the Inner Wisdom that is intuition." [Extract found and enlarged elsewhere].

"...they have adopted that of Gnosis, which represents simply the notion of learning by intuition." quote within the book by E. Levi.

'God is in the details'.

Mysticism is the source and root of all religions." [Quote from the book by Tomberg]. Link to the word ''Gnosis'' and what it implies, i.e.,in relation to that universal framework and/or the contents of this web page... What the author finally defines as ''spiritual touch'' or ''intuition''.

'Devil in the details'?

"The word 'spiritual' should be associated with the word 'eyes'. This is a reference to the eyes of the mind or heart. To see is to understand." [From the book by T. Nottingham].

A side step..."As for the serpent , the Bible sometimes employs it to symbolize healing and genuine wisdom, but its subtlety is usually sinister. For it came straight from the abhorred fertility cults of the Canaanites and Aramaeans. ['Eve' originally, may not have been derived from 'hay', [life], but from 'hiwya', the Aramaic for snake]......."But 'J' [in relation to the 'authors of the Bible i.e., J, P, D, E ], improves on these traditions by using the serpent to stand for the duality of good and evil, which was familiar to the Persians, and later found a way into the Hebrew religion." [Chapter 9, 'The History of Ancient Israel'. Mentioned elsewhere]. i.e.,..

"...The brain is therefore an organ effecting mimicry, choosing what it is going to mime. It mimes accordingly. Now relevant mimicry is precisely what the Book of Genesis understands by 'cunning' when it says that - " the serpent was more cunning than any other wild creature that the lord god had made" {Genesis iii, 1}. It is, as it were the 'psychological' principle of the serpent, just as enfoldment and movement in a closed circle is its 'dynamic' principle, [i.e.,from 'uncoiled' to coiled. Explained elsewhere. This readers input]. To be cunning is to mime wisdom." [Taken from the book by Tomberg]. ALL as a representation of something. That something that defines a learning process. Represented as 'intelligence' in relation to 'wisdom', i.e.,as represented in one form of expression, with the figures 'Virgil' and 'Beatrice'. Enlarged elsewhere. The real question is - if only for this reader- fact or fiction. A possibility or not?

'Serpent Power' by Sebai Ashby - Just as Dennis Hauck explains Alchemy like no other [if only for this reader,i.e., it was Mr Haucks well grounded understanding - of a difficult subject - that gave this reader his initial inspiration to delve deeper in order to understand the whole] - then Mr Ashby does the same for the ''serpent'', i.e.,what it represents. Try ''precipice'' in the usual box.

This subject not only explains what the 'serpent' truly represents, [as well as other words such as ''copper'' and ''triple'' as already proven]- but understanding the 'divine' relative to A/B/C gives clues as to where that 'start point' is most likely, i.e.,the '12th planet', should there be one, cannot be in [A], the physical world. Think about it, relative to chapter 5, 'The Zelator' and...

"The 'primal revelation', which is referred to by theology and to which natural religion is due, is the hope and faith, which vibrates both in the whole world and in each particular being [generally as a subconscious conviction], that life proceeds from a 'holy' source, that it flows towards an end of supreme worth, and that it is 'gift, benediction and vocation." [Extract taken from the book by Tomberg]. Together with...

"In speaking of 'higher' or 'lower' worlds, i do not mean to describe an actual physical relation; for in the realm of the spiritual there is no such division, and the words 'high' and 'low' refer only to the place of any particular 'world' on the ladder of causality. To call a world higher signifies that it is more primary, more basic in terms of being close to a primal source of influence; while a lower world would be a secondary world- in a sense a copy. Yet that copy is not just an imitation but rather a whole system, with a more or less independent life of its own, its own variety of experience, characteristics, and properties. The world in which we ordinarily live, with all that it embraces, is called the 'world of action': and it includes the world of both our sensual and non-sensual apprehension. But this world of action itself, is not all of the same essence and same quality. The lower part of the world of action is what is known as the 'world of physical nature' and of more or less mechanical processes...that is to say, the world where nature law prevails; while above this world of physical nature, is another part of the same world, which we may call the 'world of spiritual action'. What is common to these two domains[i.e.,A+B, this readers input] of the 'world of action' is man, the human creature so situated between them that he partakes of both." [page 4, 'The Thirteen Petalled Rose' by A. Steinsaltz]. Think about it, relative to, ...

On what side of the equal sign would 'B' be placed if it was indeed 'primary' over 'A'. Left or right of the equal sign? What would that answer relate to... relative to 'C'?

As a side note - just as Mr Ashby and Mr Hauck have been mentioned - the works of Tomberg - once again; if only for this reader - does the same in relation to the those same universal keys and principles being expressed [and therefore represented] - but now within the Christian and Catholic sub-division - BY WAY OF - the Hermetic one. There is a difference. Can you by now 'see' it yet? If not - study more. As one does in any subject - depending on interest.

"...This is why we have repeated so many times in these 'Letters' that practical [i.e.,lived] Hermeticism is neither occult science, nor magic, not gnosis, nor mysticism - but rather their synthesis. For it is a 'tree' not a 'tower'. And it is man himself; the whole man - who is at one at the same time philosopher and magician, gnostic and mystic - who is the 'tree'. " [Extract from the book by Tomberg. 'Letter 16' ].

Tower of Babel? Question. Why should the tree be different? What does it represent?

nhy"A working example: "The process John went through to have his revelatory experience, combined with the content of the experience, reveals a spiritual, mystical approach to life. The mystical approach is founded upon a belief that each of us can have an immediate, intuitive perception of spiritual truths {eureka?} that transcend ordinary intellectual understanding by experiencing a direct, intimate union of our soul with god." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way']. 'See' it?

Try ''tongue'' to see something from the Egyptian point of view.

Information gained by way of an ’imaginary’ exercise. Choose your own names. Fill in the blanks. For ‘aspiration / inspiration’ use only, i.e., what these authors refer to as 'practical imagination', [cognitive faculty / eye of horus etc. Explained elsewhere], as opposed to the 'fantasy' aspect of same. Positive aspect of the imagination over its negative. Islams equivalent, the word Barzakh, i.e.,"Barzakh is the world of the imagination that stands as a mesocosm between the spiritual and material worlds. It is the 'interworld', as Henry Corbin calls it." ['The Universal Tree and the Four Birds' by Ibn Arabi].

"The imagination is a 'sun', in the soul of man, acting in his own sphere, as the sun of the earth acts in him." [ Paracelsus].

"Two ways of making a good living....There are two ways of making a good living. One is the result of hard working, and the other, the result of the imagination [requires work, too, of course]. Some may not believe it, but i spent hours perfecting whatever i did." [Taken from Part four, 'on achievement', from the book, 'Striking Thoughts' {Bruce Lee's Wisdom for Daily Living'} by J. Little].

Or what the author of 'The Sacred History' and 'The Secret History of the World' calls 'idealism',i.e.,"The philosophical term for the 'mind came first' view is 'idealism'. It's a confusing term, because outside academia it is more often used to mean the pursuit of high ideals, while students of philosophy, at least those studying in Anglo-American tradition, encounter it as a quaint theory of knowledge which no one really believes any more and which was last seriously defended in the eighteen century by Bishop Berkeley. For most of history though, idealism was a cosmology and an all embracing heartfelt philosophy of life". [Preface to the book, 'The Sacred History' by J. Black].

Analogy of same? "...Assuming that irrefutable form of idealism which contents itself with the demonstration that, knowledge being a function of the mind, as the materialists not merely concede, but insist, the universe as we know it is equivalent to the contents of that mind; and assuming also that the mind contains a power able to control thought; then there is no absurdity in asserting that mind may be the master of matter..." [Extract from the book 'The Magister' ].

"Imagination' is a mental force with power to create matter and also to move it like a magnet. 'God' imagined the world into existence, and through our imagination we become co-creators....An individuals imagination plays a crucial role in moulding that world around that individual. It exerts a pressure on the fabric of space-time, pushing or pulling it, so that the ripples start locally, before spreading out across the universe." [Same book].. Together with...

"The ancients lived in a cosmos concerned for humanity, and higher mathematics was one way of describing that concern. Some people are hostile to mysticism because they see it as a lapse into lazy or infantile thinking. That is not the case here. The thinking is extraordinary complex and insightful - but it is not empirical thinking. It is the thinking of 'idealism' working itself out into the world and discovering the way the world works, by means of, 'this way' of thinking." [Chapter 6, same book].

"To Jung, the imagination was the key to the secret of nature in alchemy, and the secret of the self in analytical psychology. The 'imaginatio' as the alchemists understood it, is in truth a key that opens the door to the secret of the Opus''. [Extract from the book by M. Katz].

"Mysticism is the source and root of all religions." [Quote from the book by Tomberg]. Link to the word ''Gnosis'' and what it implies, i.e.,in relation to that universal framework and/or the contents of this web page.

Understanding those universal keys within a 'framework' - defines all the above - gives them all - possible substance - a possible form to work on. Before those bigger questions are asked.

Example of same,[positive aspect], could be 'visualizing' oneself in an interview prior to the actual event. Going over what you would like to say, and how you would say it, in order to give a good impression. As a means of giving your self the best possible chance of achieving something that one has an interest in.

Another example could be... Several friends, [numbers / characters yet unknown], or 'outward bound’ participants come together on a climbing expedition. A ‘fatal’ accident occurs and they all find themselves you know where, [ ‘Afterlife’]. Fortunately each individual has a good understanding of certain subjects. Mythology, Astrology, Sciences, Physics, Religions e.t.c., They pool all these resources of information together and with additional information acquired from the individuals they meet over there begin to understand the purpose of their new environment. Which falls in line with all known ‘esoteric’ lore as briefly explained above...as an example. [ use this link].

For example there will be a Muslim / Asian character who amongst other things understands the Quran. Who now besides trying to understand his own religion in relation to his new environment; and visu/versu; goes in search for his older brother who was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and who ‘died’ many years previously, [suicide bomber]. He himself, [older brother], since being ‘over there’ has been waiting for his expected ‘just rewards’, [twelve virgins plus paradise. Or is it twenty- four?]. Needless to say he is not a happy chap when nothing shows up. Not even Allah/God.

Every one agrees regardless of culture or religion that god = allah and allah = god, i.e., Yahwah/YHWH. As explained for the ‘Allah’ equivalent of same ... in that ‘third and final message’...The Quran:- In such books as ‘The Mystical Dimensions of Islam’. By A. Schimmel. As an example. The Quran is composed of what is termed as suras. The largest of which are at its beginning. The smallest towards the end. In other words, recalling Mr Bohr's discipline...from a broad base to a fine point. Do you see anything? One of those ancient symbols. Mentioned elsewhere. Islams esoteric equivalent...

....as are the ’Muqatta-at’. Those ’letters’ that prefix certain sura-s, that not even Muhammad understood. Or at least decided not to mention. It IS surprising however that no mention was made, of same, even within Islams 'Hadiths'. More surprisingly...not even the question.... as what they were, or their importance, has ever been recorded. Every generation since the creation of the Quran up to the present day, have speculated on what those letters mean. Yet no answer came from either Muhammad or within those Hadiths. There has to be a reason... as there is in all things...That inner one? {i.e., in the individual sense of the word}.

...The starry inscription at one's birth, i came to understand, is not that man is a puppet of his past. Its messages is rather a prod to pride; the very heavens seek to arouse man's determination to be free from every limitation. God created each man as a soul, dowered with individuality, hence essential to the universal structure, whether in the temporary role of pillar or parasite. His freedom is final and immediate, if he so wills; it depends not on outer but inner victories." [Extract from the book on the life of Paramahansa Yogananda. Enlarged elsewhere ]. Try ''parasite'' {and/or 'its' variations}.

Joffrey Baratheon? {Game of Thrones}.

"We now begin a series of seven Surahs [40-46] to which are affixed the Abbreviated letters Ha - Mim [i.e.,part of the Muqatta-at collection]. Chronologically they all belong to the same period, the later Makkan period, and they immediately follow the last Surah in time. As to the precise meaning of Ha - Mim no authoritative explanation is available. If Mim here has a significance to a line similar elsewhere, i.e.,Alif, Lam, Mim - it means the end of things, the last day, and all these Surahs [seven] direct our special attention to that ''Ha''; the emphatic guttural, in contrast to the softer breathing of Alif; may be meant to suggest that the Beginning - is only for the end; the present for the future...But this is mere conjecture, and should be taken for no more than it is worth." [Introduction to Surah 40 of the Quran, by Yusuf Ali]. Think about it in relation to what 'forty' and 'seven' represent within this subject. The tail end of something begins the start of something else? Then try ''ha ha''.

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

Possibility of. I.e., "stretching ones envelope." in relation to being on the 'verge', [boundary line] of understanding something new. [Link to Enki, "stretching, his own boundaries". Symbolism of. Mentioned elsewhere].

New Testament equivalent..."Seek and you will find. Knock and it shall be opened". Link to 'doors', false or real, in pagan or Egyptian 'constructions',i.e.,small 'doors' within the shafts in Queens chamber. Mentioned elsewhere.

'Alchemy' equivalent: "Neophyte grade {MThIHD} ; meaning 'converted'. The root of the word 'converted', other than its obvious usage in religious terminology, is 'to turn around'. It signifies a turning around of attention to that which is not apparent. It is when the person in Plato's cave first wonders about the shadows on the wall and turns around to see from where they are being cast. This begins a new phase in their life, hence 'Neophyte'; one 'new' to that direction...The word MThChIL is also similar to MThIChH meaning 'stretched', 'extended'. The conversion or transformation that goes on at Neophyte is one where the person is stretched...Interesting by gematria, the word has the value of 488 , the same value as PhThCh, meaning 'gate, 'entrance' 'insight'. " [Extract from the book 'The Magister' ].

Landscape equivalent - a u-turn. See it?

"Indeed the material Ka'ba in the city of Makka is kept clean for the pilgrims. How much cleaner should one keep the inner Ka'ba upon which truth will gaze. After these preparations the inner pilgrim wraps himself in the light of the holy spirit, transforming his material shape into the inner essence, and circumambulates the Ka'ba of the heart, inwardly reciting the second divine name - Allah, the proper name of god. He moves in circles because the path of essence is not straight but circular. ITS end is its beginning. Then he goes to the 'Arafat' of the heart, that inner place of supplication, that place where one hopes to know the secret of 'There is no god but He, Who is One and Who has no partners......" [Chapter 18, 'Secret of Secrets' by Al - Jilani]. Think on it relative to what was once known as the ''Great Year.'' Also put ''supplication'' in the box.

Question. Any u-turn within that 'landscape'?

REFRESHER: Hebrew equivalent {i.e.,Deuteronomy}: "If you return to your god. If with all your heart and soul you obey his 'voice'. Then he will bring back your captives. Should you have been banished to the very sky's end your god will gather you again - even from there."

"The only books worth our attention are those which spring from the heart and in turn speak to the heart, the Sufis tell us, and by the 'heart' they do not mean the source of psychological feelings but something much more profound. 'Heart' can be understood as the very center of our psycho - physical being, as the meeting place of soul and mind or, more precisely, as the focal point [link to 'anchor'[key]], where the mind, which in itself is all knowledge or light, is reflected in the mirror of the 'soul'.....

''...meeting place'' in relation to 'crossover' point - therefore that link to horizontal/vertical symbolism. Purpose of.

Side note: "Perhaps it is the ancient importance of this Dog on the Nile that has given the popular name - the Egyptian X - to the figure formed by the stars Procyon and Betelgeuze, Naos and Phaet - with Sirius at the vertices of the two triangles and the center of the letter. On our maps Sirius marks the nose of the Dog...Some have called it Mazzaroth of the Book of Job..." [Info. on Canis Major 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

Try ''rose'' and/or ''Rosicrucians'' for something further.

"As the Prophet says, 'There is a piece of meat in mans body - when it is in a good state, the whole being improves, and when it is in a bad state, the whole being falls apart. Be aware, that piece of meat is the heart." [Extract taken from chapter 14, 'The Secret of Secrets'].

''gather'' in relation to ''falls apart'' - Recall Part 1.

Side note: "Consciousness is that which one carries within oneself, which rules from within to without until it has totally enlightened us, and it never leaves us stranded, regardless of the neglect into which one might have allowed it to fall." ['Journey into the Light']. Try ''fall''.

.....We have anticipated then, one of the principle themes of the book by Ibn Arabi, a work concerned essentially with the role of various 'prophets' in 'revelation'. Ibn Arabi names some 27 prophets, all of whom are mentioned in the Quran, each one is a 'vessel' {vase?} of divine wisdom [i.e.,representational of. This readers input] which, owing to this fact, takes on human nature with its limitations, all the while remaining one and indivisible in itself... ''Water derives its color from the vessel that holds it,'' Sufi al-Junaid maintains. This law which places in opposition, the light of revelation and a plan which reflects and confines it, is repeated on every level of the macrocosm and microcosm, of the world, and of man." [Preface to the book,'The Bezels of Wisdom' by Ibn Arabi. Emphasis, this readers].

Ibn al-Arabi who himself was born on the twenty seventh of Ramadan in A.H.560.

"The solar calendar yielded 12 months, each consisting of thirty days. Every day was associated with a mythic event...such as the 27th of ATHYS {our November 7}, which was the day that Horus and Set made peace after their struggle." [From the book by R. Clark].

Side note: "Sharatan and Mesarthim {Stars in Aries} constituted the 27th nakshatra {'Lunar Mansions'} - the Ashwins or horseman...The two horsemen corresponding to the Gemini of Rome, but figured as a horses head...'' [Page 82, 'Star Names Their Lore and Meaning']. Try ''Ashwin'' to make a connection to the greater whole. Part 2.

"Twenty-seven is interesting, from the mathematical viewpoint, as the third power of the sacred three, thus as Plutarch noted, as first odd, or masculine cube. It also belongs to the lunar numbers, since the moon is at best visible 3x9 nights. Like 18, 27 appears frequently in traditions where 9 was of importance...In Russian folktales the hero often traverses 3x9 countries before reaching his goal. The number is common in the folk traditions of eastern Europe, such as collecting 27 flowers on St. John's night for protection or prognostication. In Lithuania describes the planting and growing of 3x9 rue, again for protective purposes. 27 is mentioned in ancient Egypt, but in a negative sense. In a board game with 30 squares, the 27th, called water, [wet/dry and/or 'lunar' link. This readers input]- means loss: the player who lands on it loses the game, and it has been speculated that dim memories of the dark moon are reflected in this negative result." [Taken from 'The Mystery of Numbers' by Annemarie Schimmel].

Egypt more 'solar' {'known'} than 'lunar' {'UNknown'} ? As a means...?

Question. Can you see the connection between ''water'' ''dark'' and ''negative''? What about dry/light and positive? = ''reflection of a positive result''; represented as the full moon? Question 2. What would that answer indicate? Try ''cube'',i.e.,what does it represent? and why ''masculine''. Clue. Shadow or anima? As a start [or anchor] point, of something. Try ''27''.

Now in its positive sense of the 'word' {i.e.,''manifested''}: "As for jewelry, we cite only the bracelet of king Djer, {1st Dyn.} made of 27 elements each having the shape of a palace-facade crowned by a falcon. Thirteen gold parts, poured molten into a mold and then chiselled and burnished, alternate with fourteen turquoise elements." ['Sacred Science'].

Side note: Expeditions by Sneferu { 'Smiter of Barbarians'} to the Sinai for turquoise. And/or Hathor Lady of turquoise miners. And/or ''The ratio between the meanders of a river and its width is always somewhere between 10-14." [B. Cox].

Definer the parts to 'see' the whole. BEFORE those two bigger questions are asked.

Change of pace..."Such a division of the 7 into these two constituent principles: the spiritual 3 and the material 4, was used time and again..." [Taken from 'Mystery of Numbers'].

The two brothers are as opposite as Cain/Able. Eventually they get together, sort their differences out, both individually and within the group and then go on to solve a few more ’Group’ questions. He himself, [Asian character/ senior], understands Sufi lore and Egyptian ancient history. It is he who believes he has worked out the final resting place of the three Pharoahs.

Question. You could say. Whats the point? No financial or similar benefit could be gotten from it. Considering their ‘circumstances’. The benefit would be the verification [verily, verily. New Testament]- of the subject. Then for it to be used in their own environment / situation. This character is only mentioned as an example of the positive aspect of the ‘imaginary’ materials framework. Since 9/11 all authors have jumped on the proverbial bandwagon with predictable results. This variation; you may agree; or may not; has a positive twist. Not for the sake of making the story 'different'. But simply because that's the way the story line pans out, i.e.,sometimes the bad guys make good. Nor do we need this subject to inform us of that basic fact.

Everyone knows someone, either directly or indirectly, who while starting on the wrong foot/tack/path has managed to 'change' that situation around. Which fits in with all the amentioned authors.

abcThis character however is the main theme / core of the ‘story’.....Briefly. What he has done in [A]. His decisions/ actions. How he comes to terms; should he want to; with the result of those same decisions / actions in [B, i.e.,the middle 'ground']...In order to get to [C]. Which again fits in with all esoteric lore. All authors suggest that within [B] is an ongoing process from [A]. "As above so below". The implication being just as it is a learning curve in [A] that same process is continued in [B]. Or more importantly- the main implication being- that all problems can still be resolved. Negatives can still be turned into positives. But all agree...that is only possible when its a personnel choice. That about turn, [u-turn] has to be a individual effort.

Analogy {in the modern sense of the word}: "I've done a lot of work in the community at home. I wanted them to know that mistakes happen but you can come back, if you work hard..." [Quote by Justin Gatlin after beating Bolt in the 100 meter final. 06/08/17].

"It seldom happens that a man changes his life through his habitual reasoning. No matter how fully he may sense the new plans and aims revealed to him by reason, he continues to plod along in the old paths until his life becomes frustrating and unbearable - he finally makes the change only when his usual life can no longer be tolerated." Tolstoy [1828 - 1910. Extract taken from the book 'Mind Magic' by Betty Shine]. Try ''plough''.

'45 Mercy Street' ?

Landscape equivalent?: "Is it possible to wake up"? Ouspensky wanted to know. 'It is', said Gurdjieff, but it is very difficult. Because the habit from which we are trying to escape is like a powerful current, and after trying to swim against it for a few minutes we gradually lose strength and go to sleep again. It is necessary to follow a precise method of escaping. Man is a machine. If he is to learn to rise above his 'mechanicalness' - he must understand the machine." ['The Occult' / C. Wilson].

N.B. The Nile river - "the only river that rises above the horizon." Enlarged elsewhere.

abA working example?..."She was merciful and would cure anyone who repented and promised to atone for their actions. For example, a worker named Neferabu recorded that he had been punished by Meretseger for his sins. However, he confessed and did his best to make amends and the goddess forgave him and cured him of his affliction. These notions of ''sin'' and ''repentance'' were not common in ancient Egypt. They believed in Maat {balance and order} and chaos rather than ''good'' and ''evil'' - and NO other deity rewarded atonement or punished sin in this manner..." ['www.ancientegyptonline.co.uk/meretserger' ].

REFRESHER: "Gnosis is spiritual knowledge obtained by divine inspiration. Knowledge being the one true route {66?} to god. Men are never cut off from 'god' by Sin - but only by ignorance." [Extract from a book by D. Monroe]. Anything?

Analogy of same..."...It appears that misery, starvation, and disease are whips of our karma that ultimately drive us to seek the true meaning of life." [Extract from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi'. Enlarged elsewhere].

"Never say any man is hopeless, because he only represents a character, a bundle of habits, and these can be checked by new and better ones." [Swami Vivekananda].

Question. 'Younger' / 'elder' link?

Question 2. Is that the reason maybe, why all authors of this subject do continue to write and believe in it. The fear factor. Not wanting to believe that there is an end to it? Spending the time and effort to convince others? That is a possibility. But for this reader, at least, that possibility; when assessed and 'weighed' up with all 'its' relevant circumstantial evidence; is well down his list of 'possibilities'.

That 'effort' represented by the 'eternal apprentice', [explained elsewhere]. By way of a 'fire', i.e., the 'effort taken' ['plough' symbolism] - to understand something, by way of, thought/emotion/will. All explained elsewhere. Sufi equivalent...Al-Ghazali/s 'Path to Sufism'- [his deliverance from error]. Link to the 'fall', [key] i.e.,in relation to an individual effort, by way of a 'leap' [key. In Islams case that word is 'miraj']... of understanding, by way of the 'heart',[key]. Book twenty one of ' The Revivification of the Re-ligious Sciences.' That link to the 'middle way' in relation to a possible journey. An individual one.

"We cannot know the destination other than what it is not; what we have already exhausted or demonstrated untrue in our experience. A candidate's position in the initiatory structure can be best determined by the questions that concern them, not the answers that they think they have understood." [Extract from the book 'The Magister'. Mentioned elsewhere].

''...destination'' - relative to a 'journey' - ''...what we have already exhausted" in relation to those 'list of possibilities' - what the author of the above text defines as the ''way of exhaustion'' what others define as [by] way of 'negation'. All a link to the benefits of working something out by objectivity. Analogy of same - but now in the ''spiritual'' sense...

"For Corbin, the Arabic words 'zahir' and 'batin' perfectly indicate the contrast and complementary between exoteric and esoteric. In Islam, everything that is, all external or apparent [zahir] phenomena conceal [and thereby reveal to whomever has eyes to see] a hidden, interior [batin] reality."................."Arabic accordingly proposes another set of terms: 'tanzil' and 'tawil.' Tanzil, which is the ordinary word for 'positive religion' or the letter of the Revelation, means [literally] ''to cause to come down.'' Tawil, conversely, means ''to cause to return,'' that is, to ascend or lead back [restore to its origin]........"Tawil is ''to bring something back to its origin'' - Hence he who practices tawil is one who turns his speech from the outer form to the inner reality." [Extracts taken from 'Alexandria' Vol. One. Mentioned elsewhere].

"The Quran has an outer meaning and an inner meaning." [Quote by Muhammad]........"the outer knowledge which is the shell, protects the inner knowledge which is the seed." [Page 22, 39, of the book, 'Secret of Secrets'].

Mustard seed?

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

Hebrew equivalent..."Jewish gnostics believed that answers to these questions were encoded in two allegorical myths from the Book of Moses: Genesis and Exodus. Genesis means 'origination'. It was understood as encoding teachings about the descent of the soul into physical incarnation. Exodus means 'the way out'. It was seen as encoding the teachings about the initiates spiritual path back to God." [From the book 'Jesus and the Lost Goddess' by T. Freke and P. Gandy].

N.B. Recall the 'river' that once crossed - is where ''Solomon's Temple'' was 'built'. Think on it - relative to such books as 'A Test of Time'.

Most also imply that ones personnel journey especially B-C is ‘best done’ as a ‘community effort’. The collective one. As represented by those three ‘Plugs’ in the ascending passage of the Great Pyramid. Symbolic of something learned. In the positive sense..and now put to use. With this in mind all the characters have persons who they wish to seek out. ’Deceased’ friends / relations e.t.c. All contribute to all the results. The collective effort, which if you think about it has again a certain logic to it. Who else would you go looking for in a strange environment other than persons who you think are already there. Who hopefully know the answers to those anticipated questions about that brand new yet strange environment, i.e., its ‘daily’ purpose etc.

As represented by those three granite ‘plugs’ in that most famous pyramid. They were not put there as some have suggested to stop persons gaining entry or similar theories. One would have been sufficient. Each one is symbolic of each pharaoh and/or those three universal principles. The ‘chipped’ one at the top represents Khufu and/or the importance of ''will''. Not complete = ‘chipped’. [Purposely done, ‘Pyramid of secrets’ / A. Alford]. He represents the ‘apprentice’. An individual still in the learning process. Another indication of same is ‘Knee’ symbology, i.e., Supplication, [ ‘Out of the shadows’./M.Palmer].

Question. A chip off the old block? Father/Son therefore 'son of' link?

Side note. Around those three plugs were found 'girdle-stones'. What do they represent?


The 'magic' square of Saturn.

"The role of Poseidon is not so straight forward, and it may eventually be shown to have more than a single strand, but it is the epithets such as 'Earth-encircler' or 'Earth girdler' commonly applied to him that concerns us now. He takes part in similar astronomical activities to gods who are more readily  associated with planets. These include Poseidon 'covering' or assuming the form of mortals {i.e.,as friend of mankind} - events that indicate the occultation or temporary obscuring of stars by a planet. Other phases create images of the rising and setting of Saturn, and its journey across the heavens in company - or in conjunction - with other planets. For these reasons Poseidon has been assigned to the planet known in later history as Saturn...In the course of the Iliad, gods - representing planets - assume the voices or characters of mortals {stars}. In this way, Homer records a phenomenon known as occultation, when the moon or a planet journeying across the sky passes in front of celestial objects that are further away, such as stars or outer planets, and temporarily obscures them. It may be that total obscuration occurs only when a god assumes the body of a mortal; when a god assumes the voice of a mortal or is said to be helping him, this may indicate that the planet is only close to the personal star of the warrior concerned." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].


15 steps that lead down into the tomb of Tut. Directly below Al-Qurn. The 'Horn'. Question. The Horn of Plenty?

A closer {correct?} reason for Poseidon to be linked with Saturn - in the modern {psyche?} sense of the work  could be: "Astronomically, Saturn is the visual boundary of the solar system. Beyond Saturn lie the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, which represent various forms of the transpersonal experience. The outer planets account for experiences that take place in 'heaven' or in non-linear sacred time, whereas the planets from Saturn inward to the Sun deal with the earthly plane, or profane time - that which can be accounted for in the physical world...Saturn is the planet that binds us to incarnation and stands as the guardian of the gateway between the world of form and the imaginal realm...Liz Greene calls him 'The Dweller on the Threshold'...the boundary of visual experience...and indeed he is - mythologically, psychologically, astrologically, philosophically and astronomically." ['Saturn in Transit' / E. Sullivan].

''Inner/outer''/ ''naked/un-naked'' / ''line of sight / occulted'' - as a means...?

As is: 'Thrones' rule Saturn.

shellREFRESHER: "Poseidon had gone to visit the Ethiopians worlds away. Ethiopians off at the farthest limits of mankind, a people split in two; one part where the Sungod sets and part where the Sungod rises. There Poseidon went to receive an offering, bulls and rams by the hundred - far away at the feast, the Sea-Lord sat {'throne'?} and took his pleasure." [From Book 1 'The Odyssey'. Translation by R. "Fagles].

So the question all the above raises is: Where within that 'defined space' would be the representation of a 'Throne' ?

Try ''Cepheus'' if only in relation to Ethiopia. Horn of Africa?

''Poseidon {the Earth - girdler} = Saturn'' - Together with - ''Zeus consort, Hera is the moon, and four of the five planets visible to the naked eye are represented by his immortal children, the fifth being assigned to Poseidon." While recalling that such 'locations' as Judah within, say, the Hebrew culture {landscape? therefore South?} is also identified with 'Saturn' {'Homer's Secret Iliad'].

horizonAnd/or: "As with all important alchemical stories, there are meanings within meanings in this account of Helvetius meeting with the mysterious adept {Imhotep link?}...The reason why he so carefully recorded the time and date with the stranger was because of its astrological importance. In the 'forenoon' {zenith?} of that day, no fewer than five planets were in Capricorn, and Saturn - the ruler of 'lead', and the ruler of the alchemical process which transforms lead - was in the 'scholarly degree' of 21 Capricorn. Helvetius seems to be of the opinion that the operation of alchemy, like the operations of true Will, involves the whole 'cosmos' - that for true 'magic' to work, the Heavens and Earth must be in accord." ['The Zelator']. Try ''true will'.

All as a means...?

As is 3 degrees Sagittarius.



Try ''Butterfly'' - make a connection to ''Bee''. Honey?

As is {but now from a different perspective}: "The strength figure is girdled and garlanded with a chain of 'red roses' and 'green leaves', these complementary colours indicating that passions should be held back at a safe distance from each other throughout our courses of consciousness. There are two roses in the garland, the number of Wisdom, and six in the girdle, the number of Beauty {which makes another likeness between this trump and temperance}. Nevertheless, there are four bunches of leaves sticking up from the garland on the head like horns, and horned figures have always stood for strength, while four is the number of Mercy on the Tree. Mercy with Strength. Just above the garland, two or three little dots represent bees attracted to the flowers, and the sweetness and strength symbology of the bee and lion are highly significant with this card." ['The Talking Tree' / W. Gray. Chapter Twenty].

Side note: ''{courses} of consciousness'' = Poseidon link? i.e.,Master of the Waters and/or Tamer of Horses. See it?

Hint, hint or would that be knock, knock?..."To be sure, 20 is not exactly interesting for mystical and magic pursuits, but on the other hand, it is extremely important in the formation of number systems. For the simple reason that the fingers and toes add up to 20, this number forms the basis for counting in many cultures. Among the Celts, for example, 40 is called two times 20. The Ainu in northern Japan have a very similar way of counting and express, for instance, 80 as 4 times 20, which corresponds exactly to the French 'quatre' {four} 'vingts' {twenty}. The Maya used to connect 20 with the solar deity just as in ancient Babylonia it was linked with Samash, the sun god. In Quiche, the Mayan writing system, the cipher for the number 20 is a human figure, and among the Hopi, a child is given a name on the twentieth day to become a real human {nickname?}. In medieval Christian exegesis, on the other hand, 20 was taken to point to man's realization of the 10 Commandments in act and intention, or else as a product of 4 times 5, that is the 5 books of the Pentateuch, which is the law, and the 4 Gospels, which mean grace..." ['Mystery of Numbers' / A. Schimmel}.

Question. In landscape symbolism in which quarter {'quatre'?} would the above be represented by - S/W or S/E or somewhere {along?} the 'middle' ground { as with Stonehenge?}.

Analogy {physical one?}: Or the Christian equivalent of ‘kneeling’, in relation to... wanting to understand a subject, [representational of]. Khufu is seen with one hand ‘on heart’...Only one hand on knee. As opposed to the other two, who are seen to be seated. [ ‘Throne’ symbolism ]. With both hands on both knees. One Palm inward,[left]. Representing...an awareness now made and especially understood through ’Supplication’, i.e., Hands on top of knees. Higher over lower, i.e., Hands belong to upper part. Knees to lower part. Thinking cap time.

More ‘adept’ than ‘apprentice’. A link to an interest in something. That over time; as with any interest; may develope into a greater interest. Represented in esoteric circles; with the word ‘Love', [ Sufi lore especially...and especially so...in relation to the understanding of the ‘divine’ bit and its relationship / relevance to each individuals ‘overall journey’ ]. Represented with that universal ‘love’ symbol. The heart. Or for a more practical example. Mr Brian Cox and his quote in relation to his own subject of interest. Physics..."Its hard but beautiful", ...unless of course, Mr Cox is referring to his obsession with 'helicopters'. He is a "chopper obsessive", is he not. Penile envy?

''He { YHWH?} hath made everything beautiful in his time." [Eccles.iii.11].

"The good, of course, is always beautiful, and the beautiful never lacks proportion." Plato.

Try ''logos'' to DEFINE its true meaning not only to subject material but to the world at large.

''Yes or no'' ?

From a different perspective: {future one?}: "The Rose of the World will teach the absolute value of individuals and their divine birthrights: the right to be free from the yoke of poverty and the oppression of power-hungry groups, the right to well being, the right to all forms of free creative work and the public unveiling of the 'fruits of that work'. The right of religious searchings, and the right to beauty...Humanities gifts will be put to a different use, dictated by the thirst for knowledge, a love for all living beings, a need for all forms of higher creative work - and a passion for beauty." [Pages 38-41 'The Rose of the World' / D. Andreev].

Refresher: "Gnosis illuminates the deepest substratum of self. Walk the road to the land of shadows. There dwells the secret knowledge of the soul. One cannot free oneself by bowing to the yoke - only by breaking it. Be a breaker of yokes, not a digger of furrows." [Page 11 'The Deeper Teachings of Merlyn' / D. Monroe].

Analogy of same...Virgil in relation to 'intellect' {verses?} Beatrice in relation to 'intuition' of a {'higher' order?}, i.e.,eureka moments that take one into {higher?} realms/domains/altered states of 'knowledge' - regardless of subject. REPRESENTATIONAL OF. And/or PROCESS OF.


Hawawa. The guardian of the forest. Question. Why is the face drawn in such a form. Wrinkles? {Labyrinth?}. That link to Gog and Magog and finally [ a 'stage' further on] to the ''Guardian of the Gate.'' As a representation of something. Surah eighteen [translated by Yusuf Ali ] gives information on all the above. Clue. Lord of East and West [of which the figure of Alexander is only one possibility].

Same thing just a different subject, [ and fortunately for man/woman kind, not as difficult - as say Physics - hence the link to the 'Jesus' quote, i.e.,John xiv,6].

The word 'Beatitude' and its underlying meaning, another example. Explained elsewhere. ‘Heart’ being one of those archetypes / keys. Hence the link to the Egyptian "weighing of the heart". Something that was once 'gross', [Alchemy, use of], has the potential [through, ''understanding''],to become 'less gross'. Hebrew equivalent = 'unhewn', i.e.....

"There are two types of 'altar' mentioned in Scripture, namely, altars of sacrifice, and altars of witness. In the case of 'altars' of sacrifice strict commands were given that such were to be made of earth or stone, but if stone was used, it must be unhewn....no tool must be used...."for if thou lift up thy tool upon it, thou has 'polluted' it" [Exodus 20:24-25]. But in the case of altars of witness that were not for sacrifice no such instructions were issued. The altar of Isaiah 19:19-20 is clearly stated to be an altar of witness: "it shall be a sign and for a witness unto the lord"; hence there is nothing to prevent it being built of hewn stone". [ Book one, chapter three, 'Pyramidology', by A. Rutherford].

''Who but I can unfold the secrets of the unhewn Dolmen?'' {Song of Amergin}. Coincidence?

"The symbol of the 'lower' will is the altar".

Question. What represents 'higher'?

Question 2. Why bother at all?

"In one story this process of increasing limitation is envisioned as a cosmic cow standing with each leg in one quarter of the world; with each age that passes a leg is lost, resulting in the absurd and unstable world we live in today - a cow balancing on one leg. According to the information in the Laws of Manu, the morning and twilight periods between the dawn of each new era equal one tenth of there associated yuga..." [from the book by J. Jenkins].

''Who calls the Cattle from the House of Tethra?''

''On whom do the Cattle of Tethra smile?'' {Song of Amergin}.

Try ''cattle'' to make a connection. Question. 'Spirit' or 'soul'? As a means....?

Egyptian equivalent: "...the UNfired brick mastabas with facades composed of recesses and projections, characteristic of the First Dynasty, discovered at Saqqara not far from the pyramid of Zoser." [Extract from the book by L. Lamy].

Saqqara - near the apex of the Nile Delta - ''UNfired'' therefore; a representation of something associated with it. Question. What? Question 2. What would 'fired' be represented with?

Clue. What does the Step Pyramid represent?


Question. Is the 'dog' following or leading? All as a means...? Heliacal rising?

Side note: The author of 'Imhotep the African' asks the question ''So who was Horus before he became the Son of Osiris''. Speculates just on one line within the Pyramid Texts - 'Horus who is in the Spdt'' all in relation to the constellations {Homer?} of Orion and Canis Major.

Try ''Horus in/of the horizon'' and ''bosom'' to 'see' something beyond ''Sothic Cycles'' and therefore Zep tepi {'first time'}.

To understand 'first time' try  ''foundations''. All as a means...?

Side note 2: Underneath within a labyrinth of tunnels found mummified Ibis birds and Baboons. A shaft {Osiris shaft?} finally found. At its base a wooden coffin within the large Granite one. What does it all represent?

Clue. 'Baboon' = the ''dawning'' of something. REPRESENTED with the sun.

Wood - henge - Stone - henge?

Indian {counter culture? i.e.,from a different perspective} - analogy..."When the Bose institute was opened, i attended the dedicatory services. Enthusiastic hundreds strolled over the premises. I was charmed with the artistry and spiritual symbolism of the new home of science. Its front gate is a centuried relic from a distant shrine. Behind a lotus pool, a sculptured female figure with a torch conveys the Indian respect for women as the immortal light bearer. A small temple in a garden is consecrated to the Noumenon beyond phenomena. Thought of the divine incorporeity is suggested by the absence of any altar image." [Extract from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi'. Chapter Eight].

'Shadow' in relation to light [anima?]. UNhewn / hewn? {and/or sarsen / blue stones?}. S/W in relation to S/E?

"The rough cubic stone is the symbol of the beginning of the material creation. The polished stone is the symbol of the work [in progress. This readers input]...on the path of return." [Extract taken from the book by J. Dubuis]. Put ''cube'' in the box.

Pagan equivalent, 'giants' within the landscape, in relation to learning something, from a 'wild-man' start. [i.e., 'lower']. Sumerian equivalent = Enkidu, in relation to Gilgamesh, i.e.,..."One day at a watering hole used by gazelles, this trapper [hunter] saw a strange, wild, hairy man, and he watched as this ape - like creature drank then ambled off in the company of the gazelles". [Chapter 15, 'The Sacred History'].

Together with..."And Enkidu is the strong hairy wild man who endured a trial of 'strength' against Gilgamesh and became his 'companion' after their wrestling match". .......That is now through an awareness, less 'gross'. "Enlightened". Hence the same link to Jacob [Old Testament] |"he who wrestled with god", from which he became 'Israel'. "He who struggles [key] with god".

Common parlance...to 'wrestle' or 'submit' to ones own conscious',[and/or ''higher self''] i.e.,relative to lower / higher. Understanding that simple sentence defines both the Hebrew and Muslim religions, i.e.,to wrestle or submit to ones 'higher' self. Benefit of. It also defines the true meaning of the word ''teacher'' of the Essenes. Proving the viability of the subject and its possible relevance to each individual. As it does with...

...'Mighty conch's' blown on ''the holy plain, on the field of Kuru'', who were ''gathered together eager for battle''. [ 'First Discourse' of the book 'The Bhagavad Gita' {The Lord's Song, i.e.,higher over lower or at least; with that potential 'in sight'}.

Understanding the 'hidden' meaning behind such words [KEYS] as 'gazelle' in relation to other associated words such as 'small', 'swift', 'horned' and especially there ability to 'leap', all in relation to a 'water' hole,[ and in the Egyptian case, 'its' association with the desert / 'wilderness'] gives clues not only as to its intended purpose with the reader in mind, but also as to why each animal is a representation of certain 'aspects'. Within those positive and negative parameters, [in relation to the 'Gilgamesh' story].

Another example of same could be the cave art of same, as found in the South West 'corner' of Egypt's ancient boundaries, as speculated upon in the book, 'Black Genesis'. As a 'further' head scratcher....Why is a 'robber' or 'thief' [ Valmiki] selected to tell the story of Rama. The 'hero' of the archaic Indian civilization. Or 'milk maids' in relation to the Krishna story. Or a 'trapper' [hunter] relative to Gilgamesh and 'Enkidu'? Or Perceval raised to be a 'forester'. [Full details of each, will be found in such works as 'The Sacred History']. Clue. A representation of something, outside of the obvious.

"...Gone was the sorrow of parting. The pity and grief for his death, long robber of my peace, now fled in stark shame. [Extract from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi' . Enlarged elsewhere].

"...that the thief is richer than the one who is robbed." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way'].

"The practice of 'chastity' holds fast the leanings of the 'hunter' in the human being, of which the male side [shadow or anima?] is inclined to pursue game and the female side [same question] to set 'traps'. The practice of 'poverty' binds the tendencies of the 'thief' in the human being , where the male side is inclined to seize and the female side to keep indefinitely, instead of waiting for the free gift of the merited fruit of work. The practice of 'obedience', lastly rivets the will to..." [Taken from the book by Tomberg - 'letter5']. Hermetic doctrine equivalent of those three universal 'aspects' [see Part one] that one has to employ in order to understand ANYTHING. Represented as chastity; poverty and obedience - in order to define something relative to higher/lower. Try ''gift''.

Question. A conspiracy [theory?] over thousands of years? Lets wrestle with it further to define the parts within the whole BEFORE those first impressions keep themselves [and all other 'associated' parts/aspects] in the lower half...i.e.,

"A true scientist is an OBJECTIVE man - sober and open to all experience or new thought. The fact that true scientists are as rare as saints does not at all alter the fact that it is they who represent science. Because it is not the sick and deformed who represent a family, but rather its healthy members. Now true science is the discipline of objectivity, sobriety and diligence or, in other words, the discipline of the vows of 'obedience', 'chastity' and 'poverty'. For one cannot be diligent if one is not poor; richness always entails idleness. One cannot be sober without having a dislike for all that intoxicates; and this is chastity. Lastly, one cannot be objective without obedience to experience and the strict rules of research. It is by virtue of the practice of these three sacred vows that science makes true progress. Thanks to this practice it advances in the direction of depth, i.e., into the same domain as Hermeticism. " [Taken from 'letter 8' of the book by Tomberg].

That internalization [i.e., to 'wrestle'] that we all do to define something. Representation of. Question. A figment of the imagination since the dawn of human experience?

Side note: ''Prudence, Temperance and Charity = Freemasons equivalent. ['Inside the Freemasons' / Satellite TV]. Coincidence?

Continued: Gilgamesh equivalent = now went in search ['together', with his new 'mate', indicative of the 'lower'] for his 'higher' self. Represented as the 'plant of eternal life'. The beginning of that journey, [which started on the 'eleventh' tablet. Think about it, in relation to twelve and thirteen]...represented as the 'unconscious',i.e.,Cedar trees/wood. Of whom the main 'character' = Huwawa. Representing ''the guardian at the gate''. As does the Crete equivalent, the 'Minotaur' [i.e.,in part].

'Labyrinth', for a 'face' -  relative to an understanding. Chapter four. 'The Sirius Mystery'].

Quran equivalent...'submission' to god, in relation to the Quran. 'Higher' self found, within it. Hermetic equivalent as explained by Francis Bacon..."Gross matter...is the nutriment of bodies , and spirit is the nutriment of souls. But besides these, there is mind, which is the gift of heaven. [Think about it, in relation to the 'divine bit' ]. "By the light of mind, the human soul is illumined ". 'That which is 'lost' has now the potential to be found'. Relative to the candidate and/or reader. Freemasonry equivalent. Explained elsewhere.

As seen from a different perspective {can you 'see' it? i.e., in relation to that 'bit'}: "Most importantly I became convinced - not just with my mind but my whole organism - that something greater than myself existed. I could no longer call it ''other'' because it seemed to include the whole of myself. I could certainly not call it god because that name solidified it and turned it into an object at once. What it really seemed to be was a dimension of being. And in a way it was still ''other'' because I felt it was always there, never absent, whereas I was by no means so faithful in choosing to be aware of it. When I was aware of it though, it turned the whole world into a gift. Not to be possessed but to be experienced. The rainy sky was a gift, the newspaper boy cycling up the road was a gift - as soon as I could see everything as a gift - in this way - I could relish it and relate to it. So awareness of that other dimension {of being} was something I wanted very much to cultivate. But how?" ['Chapter 8 'Working Towards Transformation' from the book 'The Spiritual Journey' / A. Bancroft].

Something extra to ponder on: "Dimension" {-''less''?} in relation to '137'. Enlarged elsewhere. And/or in answer to the question "But How?" - a study program gives {gift?} the same results.

Side note: ''Wise men make more opportunities than they find." [Francis Bacon]. Quote used in the address to the 'Westminster locals' {Oct 2015] by the Chinese President Mr Xi Jinping.

Sufi equivalent..."For the more one takes off the coarse clothing of this world, the more one feels the warmth of 'ones creator', and the closer to the 'surface inner' one becomes. Closeness to the truth, is in relation to the amount of false materially one has thrown away. In giving away ones 'multiple aspects', one comes closer to the only truth." [Chapter one, 'The Secret of Secrets'. Emphasis, this readers]. Put ''garment'' in the usual box.

"...nothing is covered that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known." [Matthew X, 26].

"There is a state in which all and everything is gathered - and it is the 'Divine' wisdom." [Quote by Muhammad. Same chapter, same book], i.e.,"The purpose of the 'spirits' coming to this lowest of created realms is that it should seek to return to its 'previous' closeness......."and in accordance with general laws, by following certain steps can return to ones origin."[ Chapter one and two {first page} same book].

"....My life you can take, my integrity never, he replied, before one of the ruffians felled him with a single blow to the head. Just before he died Hiram was able to toss the golden triangle down a well. And that is how the Word came to be lost. As we shall see the quest for the lost Word, is like the quest for the Holy Grail, intimately tied up with the mysteries of human physiology."[ Chapter 18, 'The Sacred History'].

Side note: "This story indicates the preservation, within the Mystery Temples and secret brotherhoods during thousands of years, of the secret of the Trinity, the ''golden Triangle''. It is a reminder that there are three 'higher' {principles?} of thinking/feeling and willing...and in preparation for it, men looked forward to a time when the knowledge of the spirit would no longer be at variance with the ''sons of fire'' who build up the physical sciences. The element that unites them must be another kind of 'fire': incarnate love {i.e.,''grace'' link}. But in order to comprehend this fully, man must know the secrets of the ''seven metals'', that is, of his evolution. It is the crowning work in building of the 'Temple'." ['The Flaming Door' from the chapter entitled 'The Three and the Seven'].

Those 'metals' in relation to the Raft of El Dorado. Enlarged elsewhere.

Compare to "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with 'god', and the word was god." i.e.,two 'meanings' on the same 'pole' relative to a start and END point. That link to Oak Island. Purpose of. Explained elsewhere. As a side note, it is worth noting, that if anything of substance is found on Oak Island, it will be a representation of that ''golden triangle.'' Recall the quote made by F. Bacon.

gross-analogyA side step: Represented {in part} in the Egyptian case as with a 'feather', or as at Stonehenge with the 'Blue' stones. As opposed to the Sarsen ones, [ 'gross' equivalent ]. The Egyptian 'weighing [key] of the heart' ceremony that was led by Anubis the dog/jackal 'god'. Its equivalent in the night sky being Canis Major [The Dog], the interpretation of which, is related to the word 'weight'....i.e., "as the star seems to rise with difficulty from the horizon". [Chapter three. 'The Sirius Mystery'. R.Temple]. Think about it, in relation to... ascending / descending and/or positive over negative.

Represented within higher / lower, [Anubis]. The reason for the difference in size between, head and body of the Sphinx. Symbolism only. Benefits of, in relation to the observer and/or reader, through an 'understanding'.

That ''weight'' [Alchemy equivalent 'gross'], represented in ALL cultures with very large blocks of stone. 'Tons' of stone. Understanding that gives a more balanced appraisal of the following....

"Why specify temples built out of unwieldy 200 ton blocks when it would have been much easier, much more feasible and just as aesthetically pleasing, to use smaller blocks of say two or three tons each? There are really only two answers. Either the people who designed these hulking edifices had knowledge of some technique that made it easy for them to quarry, manipulate and position enormous pieces of stone, or their way of thinking was utterly different from our own.....in which case their motives and priorities are unlikely to be fathomable in terms of normal cross - cultural comparisons." [Chapter 3, page 31, 'The Message of the Sphinx' by G. Hancock and R. Bauval].

Analogy of same..."It is the spiritual seed implanted in the soul of man, through whose growth immortal life is attained. Its light is the rose of the cross that is formed by wisdom and power, being joined together into one and sending its influence through the world. But below all is the realm of illusion, of the most gross and heavy materialized thoughts, sinking into darkness and death [chaos]...." [Extract taken from the book 'Magic: White and Black' by F. Hartman].

Think on it relative to the word 'gravity'. Or an example of the similar concept, but in a different form, could be the nine coffins found in Tutankhamuns tomb. Large wooden ones, together with the smallest being the golden one. While recalling what 'wood' and 'stone' represent. A 'development' one stage further...relative to an understanding...in that inner sense...of the 'word'.

That same link to... 'Unconscoius came a Beauty' / C.Helminshi ]. Especially in relation to the ’feminine principle’...i.e., Shulamite / Nefertiti. Think about it... in relation to the meaning of ‘Nefertiti’. in relation to the word ’Beautiful’. Look it up. Rather than giving in to those first impressions and leaving it to ‘later’. Or putting it to ‘one side’. That final link to J. Campbell quote about a symbol being "energy evoking" in relation to a final destination.

Notice the triangular shape of left / right shoulder together with the head. Recall its relationship with the word Pyr...amid.

We are All apprentices looking to find our way from A to C, [implied by the same authors. ’subconsciously’ or otherwise ]. Represented in the night sky as ‘Orion The Hunter’, of whom Poseidon was the 'father'. The word 'hunter' and 'giant' associated with same [both key words], of whose head it is said is always above the seas when ever he decides to walk within it. The 'club' , 'indestructible' and made of 'bronze', [key].

Side note {'side light'?}. Poseidon whose domain {'master'} was Atlantis. Question. What does it represent relative to the whole i.e.,subject material.

Those three notable stars, always show/point North. Think on it, i.e.,relative to Sirius. The beginning or 'dawning' of something. Those three stars ‘under his belt’. Representing a certain accomplishment, [explained within]. Sometimes shown, [depending on author]...with the ‘Hare’ symbol close by. Indicative of an understanding of...In relation to ‘its’ purpose. In the context / concept of a ‘journey’. Both inner and outer, [ Micro/Macro. [Keys].

Why the Hare? Symbology as previously mentioned is just a generalisation of the main theme. The construction of say a boeing 747 is a good example. We understand the general idea of how that plane, [main theme], is put together; in comparison say; to an indigenous tribe of the rain forest-who may see it as something created by the ‘gods’- but we do not understand exactly; what those specifications are that put it all together. Nor do we need to know in order to intake that general idea.

That generalization helps to build a foundation on which an understanding of a subject can be formed. [Explained throughout]. As it is with any subject. Past present or future. Which again has a certain logic to it.

Whatever we learn, regardless of what it is that is learned..then sooner or later 'it' becomes ‘intuitive’ does it not? This subject is no different. The only difference is; according, [implied] by the same authors; is that this subject, unlike most others is not just relevent in [A]. It helps with A-C, [should B and C exist of course]. Remember objectivity at all times. To understand the subject. Nothing more.

"The prerogative of the human race is objectivity, the essential content of which is the Absolute. There is no knowledge without objectivity of the intelligence; there is no freedom without objectivity of the will; and there is no nobility without objectivity of the soul. In each of these three domains, it is a question of both a horizontal and vertical objectivity". [First page, first chapter..."Esoterism as Principle and Way"/ F.Schuon].

And/or: "The revelation that strikes a man in the moods of waking consciousness, is that this objective is always there. All he has to do is learn to see it, and everything else follows; his true will awakens." [From the chapter 'Two Russian Mages' within the book 'The Occult' / C. Wilson. Includes italics with the exception of the word in bold print.].

Think about it in relation to those 'three' universal constants.

A working example {in the 'landscape' sense of the word}: "The Great River was itself regarded, like all landscape features of ancient Egypt, as the body of a god. His name was Hapi, and he was usually depicted as androgynous, for he was the nurturing 'mother' of the abundant life of the Nile valley. Hapi was not just a ''personification'' of the river - it was as if - people saw through the vivid landscape in which they lived to the energies, forces, and beings of which it was an expression." [Chapter entitled 'A Metaphysical Landscape' from within the book 'Temple of the Cosmos' / J. Naydler. Includes italics - with the exception of the word in bold print].

"Regarding this new point of awareness which is the birth of the observing I, this is the baby step of a new state of being, one that will lead to the ability to live in the presence with detachment, peace, independence of outer circumstances, freedom from distorted and imitated habits." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way]. Continued elsewhere.

Try ''child'' to see it from a different perspective.

Question. Copy cats?

Refresher..."Got to see it, rather than just read it..." John Humphrys talking to D. Tennant and Greg Doran in relation to the plays by W. Shakespeare. [400th anniversary. Radio 4. 23/04/16].

As seen from a different perspective: "One passage names a specific location that some of these 'gods' found there way to, the first place they settled in Egypt {i.e.,of the Early Primeval Age - who survived the 'flood'}. This turns out not to have been Edfu, in Upper Egypt but rather the city that the Greeks came to know as Heracleopolis - which the Egyptians called the 'House of the Royal Child'..." ['Magicians of the Gods'].

Analogy of same..."Likewise the phases of development during which a Great Entity [explained / enlarged elsewhere] organises itself are internal and therefore subjective. They are not carried out under the stimulus of sensations derived from external conditions, but under the stimulus of feelings arising from internal conditions, [objective link. This readers input]... and the phase corresponding to the phase of existence which a human soul passes through between death and birth." [ 'incarnation'/ 'reincarnation' link]. Chapter 8, 'The Cosmic Doctrine'. Mentioned elsewhere].

"In research work it is usually considered to be wiser to hunt up the facts then think out the implications for oneself. Afterwards one can compare results with the standard authorities, and then decide upon ones attitude. In dealing with the great myths such as those of Isis and Osiris, or with the ancient 'sun' and 'moon' myths, the student cannot as a rule follow this method in its entirety. In all cosmic myths there are at least two aspects to be considered, the sensible and the intelligible meanings. In applying a cosmic myth to the microcosm [man], there are also two aspects which have to be taken into account, the objective and the subjective. One must know something of both these aspects before one can realize the implications of the facts one has collected." [Chapter 5, from the book by C. Seymour].

"...the 'nails' of objectivity - which give conscience to thought."

The symbol of which is the Crown of Thorns, i.e.,"The 'thorns' of the crown center function as the 'nails' of objectivity..." [Taken from 'letter 5' from within the book by Tomberg].

"But what is the difference between objective and subjective states of existence? ...The popular idea is that objective perceptions are real and subjective ones only the products of our imagination. But a little reflection will show that all perceptions, the objective as well as the subjective ones, are the results of our ''imagination." [Quote from the book by F. Hartman].

Exercise. Put all the above together to encrypt the following. Or put another way the paragraph below 'explains' [summarizes] all the above.

" The first power that meets us at the threshold of the souls dominion is the power of the imagination: it is the plastic and creative power of the mind. Man is conscious of being able to receive ideas and to put them into forms. He lives not entirely in the objective world, but possesses an interior world of his own. It is in his power to be the sole autocrat in that world, the master ['higher' link] of its creations and lord over all it contains. He may govern there by the supreme power of his will, ['three aspects' link] and if ideas intrude, which have no legitimate right to exist in it, it is in his power either to drive them away or suffer them to remain and to grow ['repetitive /groove' link]. His reason is the supreme ruler in that world, its ministers are the emotions, If mans reason, misled by the treacherous advise of the emotions,['lower' link] suffers evil ideas to grow, they may become powerful and dethrone reason, unless it employs the Will to suppress them...

...In that interior world is the battle ground ['The Bhagavad Gita' link] of the 'gods'. There the gods of love and hate , the daemons of lust, and pride, and anger, the devils of malice, cruelty, and revenge, vanity, envy, and jealousy, may hold high carnival, ['feast of fools' link] they may stir up the emotions, and, unless subdued by Reason,['higher' link] they may grow strong enough to de-throne it. Reason rests upon truth. Wherever truth is disregarded illusions appear. If we lose sight of the highest, the lower will appear to be the highest, and an illusion will be created. 'One' is the number of truth, 'six' is the number of illusion, because the six have no existence without the 'seventh', they are the visible products of the one, manifesting itself as six around the invisible center. Wherever there are six, there must be the seventh, although the presence of the latter, may not be manifest. One is the number of life, and six the number of shadows from which life has departed." [Chapter 6, 'Magic: Black and White' by F. Hartman].

Six = A + B. See it? Represented by the word ''shadow'' and/or 'UNmanifest'. Add the other 'thing' to it = C. Get it?

Question. Top - down or bottom - up OR both : as a means to express something.

Yet another analogy of same; different author; different time period..."And in order to be able to understand the phenomena of nature, according and not according to law, proceeding around us, one must first of all consciously perceive and assimilate a mass of information concerning objective truth and the [possible. This readers input]... real events which took place on earth in the past; and secondly, one must bear in oneself all the results of all kinds of voluntary and involuntary experiences." [Chapter 10, 'Meetings With Remarkable Men' by G. Gurdjieff].

Both of which ,i.e., objective/subjective have to be represented in some form for that understanding to take place i.e., the Micro within the Macro.

"...the 'nails' of objectivity - which give conscience to thought."

The symbol of which is the Crown of Thorns, i.e.,"The 'thorns' of the crown center function as the 'nails' of objectivity..." [Taken from 'letter 5' from within the book by Tomberg].

Remember; before those impressions take hold; that Christ himself was taught; by whatever means; the same subject - and by the same method?

As an example of such- One of the reasons for the chose of the hare is that Hares unlike rabbits rear there young on top of the ground which makes them more acutely aware of there surroundings. Eyes and ears and acute movements also contributing to the same theme. Others explained elsewhere.

First impressions might say...‘Sounds like a lot of superficial fluff’. So does;to some... the ‘two times table’ in relation to its relevant subject...as a whole- The mathematical one. We all understand the benefits of understanding the ‘parts’ that belong to the ‘whole’. [Key. Explained elsewhere]. Not just the bits/pieces that we are at ease with. Do we not. You could say..."You cannot compare this subject to the mathematical one" :-- No ones comparing anything. A subject after all is just another subject. Nothing else. Everything else including that question is within the context of each individuals imagination is it not. Represented by those first impressions. Yes or no?

"Fusion, inner unity, is obtained by means of 'friction', by the struggle between 'yes' and 'no' in man. If a man lives without inner struggle; if everything happens to him without opposition; if he goes wherever he is drawn or wherever the wind blows, he will remain such as he is. But if a struggle begins in him, and particularly if there is a definite line in this struggle, then, gradually, permanent traits begin to form themselves, he begins to 'crystallise'. Crystallisation is possible on any foundations." [Extract from the book by Tomberg. 'Letter Xiii' ]. Link to ''Temple'' symbolism.

'Unseen Warfare' / Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain.

'By endurance we conquer'. Ernest Shackleton.

Try ''line of sight'' and/or ''afar'' to give clues as to a start and end point.

A working example {universal one?}: " What survived was the immense trapezoidal platform, known today as the Hara esh-Sharif, where stand the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, the third and fourth most sacred places in Islam...The Dome of the Rock is so called because with it lies an enormous megalith, known to the Jews as the Shetiyah - the 'Foundation'. When the Temple of Solomon was erected over this exact spot in the 10th century BC, the Shetiyah formed the floor of the Holy of Holies and the Ark of the Covenant, stood upon it. The Shetiyah is not the only megalith in Jerusalem that dates back, potentially, to what the Edfu texts would call 'the time of the gods'....This huge natural rock has been in this place, at the summit of a primeval mound, rather similar to the natural hill now enclosed with the Great Pyramid of Giza, for an incalculable period...It has however been modified by human beings and there is now a hole cut through it which sheds a beam of light into the natural cave, directly beneath it - known as the 'Well of Souls'...." ['The Magicians of the Gods'].

Question: Top/down or Bottom/up?

REFRESHER: "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. The time has come for external forms and expressions to be left behind. There is no Temple in the heavenly Jerusalem, for religion has no place in Heaven. Man is his own Temple. A mans heart is the altar of god...." Enlarged elsewhere.

Egyptian equivalent...Entitled: 'The Four Centers of Instruction', i.e.,How to describe the indescribable? How to show the unshowable? How to express the unutterable? {Eastern equivalent, ''effable/ineffable'' and/or ''manifest/unmanifest''}. How to seize the ungraspable instant? Before there was any opposition, any yes and no, positive and negative, before there was any complementary, high and low, light and shadow; before there was presence or absence, life or death, heaven or earth; there was but one incomprehensible power, alone, unique, inherent in the Nun, the indefinable cosmic sea, {Pagan = Annwn or Hebrew  ''Ain Sof''?}, the infinite source of the universe, {i.e.,representational of. ONLY} - outside of any notion of space and time. This vision of the original unity was common to every period and initiatory center, i.e., Heliopolis, Memphis, Hermopolis and Thebes. The great mystery is the passage from invisible into visible, {and/or ''manifested'' - as one alternative example} to be realised by the power which from the incomprehensible One { ''divine bit'' link} will call forth the many. The first impulse {''primordial mound'' link - in the ''micro'' sense of the ''word''} - is a projection of the inner desire {''aspiration/inspiration'' link} of the creator-to-be {i.e.,each individual - also UNbeknown by most as the ''demiurge''} - to know himself { i.e.,from that ''unmanifested/ineffable'' point of view} - to realise his own consciousness {i.e.,and/or ''manifested/effable'' - ONCE realised- representational of}. This originating 'power' is symbolised by the heart, {''grace'' and ''beatrice'' link}, and the act of projecting by an arm that throws, or the drawn bow about to let fly its arrow, or the boomerang which returns after having reached its goal. The result is the 'Becoming', expressed hieroglyphically by the scarab, Khepri,i.e.,its three essential phases - egg, larva and nymph, before realising its final winged form. [Extract from the book 'Egyptian Mysteries'. Mentioned elsewhere. All emphasis, this readers].

Understanding the above, especially...''How to seize the ungraspable instant...'' defines the following....

three hares 2

The three of anything. What does it imply? Whether they be Figs; Bees; Hares; Elephants or Legs/feet [Isle of Man logo]. All a link to those other triple aspects as enlarged throughout; especially, Part 1. Clue - ''knock three times''. Hear anything?

The hare is also one of Jungs archetypal symbols, [and therefore one of those key words i.e., used throughout all cultures] , as expressed no more so plainly, yet eloquently, in Mr leyards book or Colin Wilsons book, [explained elsewhere]. Simply put, such archetypes according to Jung have been used unconsciously by man/woman since the dawn of humankind. Supposedly all our ‘dream’ symbolism, { ‘Altered states’ link; most fundamental level, i.e., in this case in the unconscious sense of the 'word'}, originates from this time. Each individual unknowingly expresses the same symbols in their unconscious state of mind and dreams as alternative expressions to their waking day to day life.

The question is...If this esoteric lore has any substance to it. What would that imply; if only hypothetically, to the origins of such archetypes? Or more to the point...how they may be 'created'. Relative to each individual, unconscious or otherwise.

Analogy of same, i.e.,with the same intent..."Tarot cards were merely pictorial representations of the same forces shown in the plays and songs, and told the same eternal story. Possibly the pictures were at one time related to the old oral tradition of worship, as were the Icons used in Eastern Christianity. The pagan worship-system was banned and suppressed, so the images passed into the folk tradition. Only in recent years have the Tarot emerged from anonymity into the clamour of 'occultism', where writers and practitioners forget that no 'secret' body of knowledge is required to account for the images present in the mind of mankind, and that 'magical' orders were open for all in folk-song and ceremonies throughout the centuries." [Taken from the book 'Where is Saint George'. Mentioned elsewhere].

"...Apollo's gift of 'prophesy' first came to him from three bee maidens..." [Wikipedia/''bee''].

"Often the symbols which arise in the dreams and phantasies are strikingly similar to those of the old mystery religions, and the outcome in the psychological development for the individual corresponds to the change which the initiation was said to produce." [Preface to the book 'Women's Mysteries: Ancient and Modern'. Mentioned elsewhere].

"According to Jung, a spontaneous vision such as Vladimir Solov'ev [ in relation to his 'visions' of Sophia] represents the surfacing of a primordial archetype. The archetype as such allows the human being a premonition of the 'divine' and becomes a symbol by which the unconscious is brought to the conscious." ['Alexandria' Vol one, by D. Fideler].

"...but the wisdom of the ages, represented in myths and religious symbols, has without doubt a larger vision, a longer range, than that of any individual. If we can understand its teaching aright, they can be taken with a certain justification as a guide, in the sense of a signpost, which might point the way for us as for our predecessors." [Preface 'Women's Mysteries'].

"Happy is the poet who has not lost faith in the feminine shadow of the Divinity." Quote by Solov'ev. Same book.

"Alchemy IS philosophy; it is the philosophy - the seeking out of The Sophia in the mind." Quote by M. Atwood as to the definition of the Hermetic arts. Put ''Sophia'' in the usual box, if only to push through those first impressions.

Question. Coincidence? Or a meaningful one?

Understanding that universal framework [found in Parts two/three. Listed as 1-6] especially when understood by what is implied by the 'divine bit' defines all the above. Gives it a certain credibility. As it does with the following...


'Tri' = triple link?

"The inner worlds are not truly within the imagination, although that is our first 'entrance' to them; they are within the fabric of the physical planet, [Alchemy defines that 'fabric' as quintessence], and therefore within the human organism which partakes of the substance of that fabric. To create a connection, a pattern within the flux of perception that corresponds with an Archetype that originated within that unknown source, is the ultimate achievement of 'magic.' '' [i.e.,the getting the head around ''it,'' by way of ''a leap of the imagination'': to bridge those 'voids' of unknowing in order for something to become a known. This readers input]. Extract taken from chapter 2, 'The Underworld Initiation' by R. Stewart.

"Magic is not an art or science that depends on literacy or numeracy, for it is generated at levels of awareness that both precede and transcend these functions. The magical levels of awareness, which are the transformative levels, are present both in the individual and in a culture generally." [Same book]. Put ''magic'' in the usual box before those first impressions suggest to the 'higher' self to put it off 'for the time being' or 'leave to one-side'.

'The Underworld tradition, is known as the Secret Way Across the Abyss, or the shortened way. It does not require years of study or graded initiation. It is a series of related experiences....'' [i.e.,the ritual stuff]. Same chapter, same book.

yyyyThis web page is all about the SLOW BUT SURE WAY. What some call the Hearth Fire Way. Enlarged elsewhere. Understand this subject [by way of those universal keys] gives the same result. N.B. Slow not ''shortened''. There is a difference...and according to some more beneficial, i.e.,see Chapter/ ''letter'' 21; entitled ''The Fool''. From the book 'Meditations on the Tarot' by Tomberg.

'As steps in mans awakening'...

i.e., "The Arcanum ''The Fool'' teaches the 'know how' of passing from intellectuality, moved by the desire for knowledge, [personnel use only] to the higher knowledge due to 'love' [i.e.,sharing]. It is thus a matter of transition from the consciousness that theosophical literature calls ''lesser manas'' to the consciousness that it calls ''greater manas'' - which corresponds to the transition from ego consciousness to the consciousness of the 'spiritual' self in anthroposophical literature." Representational of.

Understanding same defines such paragraphs as ... "Personal experiences and confidences from companions on the Path confirm that there are two key attributes of this level. The first is the 'conversation' with the 'inner master'. He can directly give us the instructions concerning our own Return in Eternity. To symbolically illustrate this conversation, the ''Sepher Yetzirah'', the Book of Creation, says that the ''small king must rise from his throne so that the Great King can talk to him''. In other words, the brain of the earth must be silent to understand the advice from the inner heart." [Extract taken from the book by J. Dubuis]. Link to the word ''teacher''.

Analogy of same principles but [heavy going?] - "This means to say that the process of induction [which 'ascends from the earth to heaven'] and that of deduction [which 'descends to earth' ] -i.e.,human endeavor and the action of grace from above - unite and become a complete circle which contracts and concentrates to become a point where the 'ascent' and 'descent' are simultaneous and coincide. And this point is the ''philosophers stone'' [crossover point?. This readers input] - the main principle of the human and 'divine' - it is the solution of the problem posed by St. Paul, or rather the accomplishment of the task given by him, when he wrote of the Cross, being folly to the Greeks, and a stumbling block to the Jews, but to which to ''those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, is the 'power' of God and the wisdom of God" [1 Corinthians i, 22-24]. Extract from the book by Tomberg. 'Letter 21'.

In other words nothing more than making a distinction between exo. and esotericism.

That same link to the book, 'Proof of Heaven' by Eben Alexander. Multiple images [archetypes] experienced while in a coma. Those same images as seen and spoken about in multiple cultures throughout countless generations. What the Hebrews refer to as ''keys'' and others as ''signs'' in one form or another. Question. Nothing more than a psychotic event? Or dream 'symbolism? Compare to 'The Believing Brain: From Spiritual Faiths to Political Convictions. How we Construct Beliefs and Reinforce Them as Truths' by Michael Shermer.

"What is decisive for me is that i dream about physics as Mr. Jung [and other non-physicists] think about physics. Every time i have talked to Mr. Jung [about the ''synchronistic'' phenomenon and such], a certain spiritual fertilization takes place." Wolfgang Pauli. Try ''crystallization''.

A {practical?} example: "We knew instinctively that the word had started us on a new journey. Perhaps insights gathered in a previous incarnation were being made available to us. One thing was clear, as the experience began to recede - that it was infinitely better to carry these verbal 'ghosts' in our consciousness than to allow them to work their darkness in the subconscious. Now our consciousness could burn them up with Spiritual activity...The events of Sienna now seemed remote, and we knew that we would not be troubled further by those 'ghosts'..." ['The Zelator'].


Where have you seen it before?

A working example: "It is argued in this course, i.e.,'The Alchemical Amphitheatre' - that although there may be little case for the entirety of alchemical pursuits to be other than coded references to physical transformations, a number of alchemists themselves testified to the psychological elements of their business through dream and vision. Indeed contemporary chemists have benefited from this dialogue of practical work and imagination. Friedrich August Kekule von Stradonitz [1829-1896], who discovered the structure of the Benzene molecule is in this lineage of chemists who have worked in dreams,i.e.,'I was sitting writing in my text book, but the work did not progress; my thoughts were elsewhere. I turned my chair to the fire and dozed. Again the atoms were gamboling before my eyes. This time the smaller groups kept modestly in the background. My mental eye, rendered more acute by the repeated 'visions' of the kind, could now distinguish larger structures of manifold conformation - long rows sometimes more closely fitted together all twining and twisting in snake like motion. But look! What was that? One of the snakes had seized hold of its own tail, and the form whirled mockingly before my eyes. As if by a flash of lightening i awoke; and this time i spent the rest of the night in working out the consequences of the hypothesis." [Extract from the book by M. Katz].

''Life is what happens to you when you're busy doing other things.'' John Lennon.

'Symbol and the Symbolic: Ancient Egypt, Science, and the Evolution of Consciousness' / R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz.

Refresher: " I make no secret whatsoever of the fact that my rather revolutionary model of the atom came to me in a dream.'' Niels Bohr.

"When the value represented by the symbol has been entirely explored and made conscious its power leaves it, and the object which held the meaning of the symbol becomes only a natural object once more. But while its 'power' lasts the symbol is the representative of an unknown truth. It rises spontaneously from the depths of the unconscious and expresses or manifests the hidden fact in an image whose meaning can only be partly grasped by consciousness." [Chapter 6, 'Women's Mysteries: Ancient and Modern'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Think about in relation to what the word 'incarnation' implies. Found within.

"We do not as yet, have a theory about consciousness. We need it." A quote by the same,[in principle, [Mr. Shermer] not exact]. BBC World Service [ 'Heart and soul' ] 18th October 2014.

This subject however has... from its origins to the present day. Explained throughout.

"The no-mans land between Physics and the psychology of the Unconscious [is] the most fascinating yet the darkest hunting ground of our times." Carl Jung.

Question. Within this subject, who or what is used to represent that mental aspect of ''to hunt'' ...for something. Question two. Why? Try ''something'' in the usual box.

"There is an idea so central in Swedenborg's psychological spiritual findings that to grasp it is to grasp the real basis of mind, or human experience and the nature of the worlds we are destined to experience beyond this one. This idea revolves around the concepts of love, affection and feeling."[ Chapter 5, 'The Presence of Other Worlds'].

In other words if ‘B’ is a priority over ‘A’, [being an alternative expression to the hypothesis given earlier i.e., "You cant have one without the other...but one has to come before the other." [ In relation to an understanding of the ''divine bit'' WITHIN THAT FRAMEWORK of A/B/C...in relation to the 'self' [always represented within this subject; in one form or another; as the 'psyche']. Then another way of expressing the same could be... ‘A’ can be ‘influenced’ by ’B’ and/or ’C’. Think about it. In relation to cause/effect and ‘synchronicity’. That same link to "Like attracts like". Possibilty of. That logic again. Is-nt life a ‘bummer’ sometimes? i.e., a ‘struggle’.[Key]. Dont forget those first impressions.

As it is with those constant struggles between 'gods' and their 'relations'. Incestuous? Think about it, in relation to the psyche. An individual one. ['The marriage of Cadmus and Harmony' by Roberto Calasso]. Or 'Mythology' by E. Hamilton. Or 'Concerning the Gods and the Universe' by Sallustius.

Cersei /Jaime Lannister? {Game of Thrones}.

"The transmission and interpretation of myths constituted not only one of the highest arts of the ancient world, but also, as the theological canon of Greek gematria shows, a sacred science as well. It is sadly representative of our time that the word myth, in common usage, denotes an untruth, as in the phrase, ''its just a myth.'' In antiquity, the word 'mythos' had just the opposite meaning and denoted a traditional narrative designed to entertain, to educate, and to transmit the very soul and gnosis of the culture."................"Therefore, if we are to gain insight into the nature of the 'gods' [those divine principles, that underlie creation] a particular instructive approach involves the philosophical interpretation of myth." [Chapter one, 'Jesus Christ Sun of God'. Mentioned elsewhere].

Hermetic analogy..."The forces do not work upward from below, but downward from above. The things in 'heaven' receive no benefits from the things on earth; but the things on earth receive all benefits from the things in 'heaven'.['Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition', or Chapter nine. 'The Master game.'/Hancock+Bauval].

greenThis really is a story that has never been told before, and if there is the possibility of any substance to this esoteric lore then maybe it needs to be at the very least discussed. Just in case domain [B] does exist and we find ourselves in it. We need more options to think about, other than what most of us have been taught. As proven by such books as ‘Survival Files’ /M.Allen, or even the example given in 'The Jolly Green Giant' by D. Bellamy.

Think about it...Purely as an imaginary exercise. If ‘B’ did exist. What would you expect? There has to be 'reason' to it, should it 'exist'. Every thing has reason to it, this 'subject' cannot be any different. Therefore what could those 'reasons' be. What could those possibilities be?...Without thinking/discussing such possibilities. How could we expect anything. Hence the link to the word, Limbo. What better word to describe... an ‘unknown’ state of mind...and its possible consequences.

Maybe this information is that lost knowledge that we are told the ancients had worked out but that which modern man and woman due to present life's commitments have not had the time or patience to rediscover? A subject that if pigeon holed and slotted in its ‘appropriate’ hole would be placed in the ‘religious’ one. And yet this is a religion that is not a re-ligion. To understand only what some are trying to tell us, [by implication]. Without any ‘religious’ connotation /affectation . A personal journey for all. From A to C . Sense or non-sense. A possibility or not?

".... god rebuked Job for understanding so little. 'Where were you when i laid the foundations of the earth? When the Morning stars sang together { 'configuration of planets'?} - and all the 'angels' shouted for joy. Have you entered the springs of the sea or walked the depths of the deep? Have the gates of death been opened to you? Do you know where the 'Sun' lives, and where the 'darkness' comes from? Can you bind the chains of Pleiades or loose the belt of Orion."[Job 29:2-4]. See anything?

'The Book of Job' / Stephen Mitchell.

"Symbolically, the number three refers to the establishment of a relationship between two previously unrelated or opposing principles. For example, a line drawn between two points creates a relationship between the two points...'Understanding' is an emotional, rather than an intellectual, function. It comes from the heart {'bosom'?} rather than the head. We could say that the number 'three' is a quality of the soul {'carriage'?} rather than of the spirit. The more we understand, the more we are able to reconcile and relate. For example, words beginning with the prefix 're-' {which literally means 'back again'} tend to be gentle, healing words {Sagittarius / Chiron link?}, describing the bringing together of what has been previously separated: re-member, re-lationship, re-medy, re-pair, re-solve, re-form, re-concile, etc...The law of three can be observed in action in very many areas of life." [Page 122, 'Mapping the Psyche' volume 1. C. Martin].

That word 'religion', [re-ligare]...that has so many 'meanings'...so many 'interpretations' to different individuals. Its true meaning..."the act of binding together again," i.e., to re-connect , [introduction,and chapter six.'The Brotherhood of the Common Life' / R.Fuller]. The Exoteric, no less important than the Esoteric, [and vise versa]. They compliment each other... a symbiotic 'relationship' within the whole. One leads to the other, especially in relation to that acclaimed 'development'. Hence the link to the word 'binding'. Its most important aspect/word however, being the highlighted one. A link to the 'divine bit'. Think about it ...in relation to A/B/C and that 'potential' to each individual, 'by way' [path link] of an 'understanding' , [in their opinion 'by way' of implication]. A re-union within the whole.

Egyptian equivalent - Festival of the re-union. Enlarged elsewhere.

And/or: "Hermopolis revealed the realization of Ptah's action through Thoth. This is the creation of the manifested universe, which is 'words' {Logos?}. Thebes revealed the reunion of that which had been separated." [Page 128 'Serpent in the Sky'].

"True religion is one; its dogma's are simple and within the reach of all." Quote by E. Levi.

"This is the eternal way, and no one can invent or find another. One can certainly divide it into 33 stages [Freemasonry link - to name but one] - or even into 99 [Islam link] - if one wished. One can re-clothe it in intellectual vestments, or beautiful and simple symbolism. One can present it in diverse terminology; Sanskrit, Kabbalistic, Greek, Latin, etc. But one will always have to do with the sole way - and always the same way - the way of purification, illumination, and union." [Extract from the book by Tomberg. Emphasis and parenthesis; this readers].

"O children of Adam. Indeed, we have given you garments to cover your 'nakedness',[key] and as a thing of beauty;...but the garment of of god-consciousness is the best of all. This is one of gods messages....that human beings might take it to heart". [Quran 7:26]


"All creative scientists know that the true laboratory is the mind, where behind illusions [puffers?] - they uncover the laws of truth." That link to the overall subjects main teaching aid. Can you see it yet?

''Purification'' in relation to pushing through into something new -to define it [by way of those three universal 'aspects' - as one has to apply in anything 'new', i.e.,as a representation of the 'mechanics' of a learning process. The Alchemists define that initial 'stage' as Calcination. ''Illumination'' explains itself, i.e.,something that one was ignorant of initially and/or 'disliked' for whatever reasons but now more 'sensitive' to it. ''Union'' - already explained - as above, i.e.,unlike most other subjects - this one has that 'extra' benefit to it - should that is - if the subject; and therefore its 'material' be relevant - and that - as already mentioned at the beginning of Part 1 - is for the reader to decide - ''that is there journey''. Defining however what they imply by the word ''divine'' - for countless generations - makes sense of that final sentence, i.e.,top/down in relation to bottom/up. Enlarged elsewhere.

"The Chemical Furnace was formed by La Caille from stars within the southern bend of the River Eridanus; but modern astronomers, by whom it is still recognized, have abbreviated the title to Fornax. The Chinese know it as Tien  Yu, Heavens Temporary Granary." ['Star Names and Their Meaning']. Try ''Barley''.

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

"Human understanding has had its morning; its noon shall come, and the waning follow, but god will be ever the same." [E. Levi quote]. God = [as one example] - YHWH. Find it to understand it. Find the part to understand the whole.

As a side note {'sidelight'?}...  ''its noon [zenith] shall come''...indicative of those anticipated [prophesied?] 1000 years. Those 1000 good years - due to the universal appeal of a particular subject. The 'good' vibes that those inspirations and intentions will have on each generation. Question. What effect; if any; will that 'collective effort' have on 'its' surroundings? Its PHYSICAL surroundings.

N.B. "The crucifixion was a 'pause' {'watershed moment'?} in a great cycle, like the pause one gets in any cycle when the nadir or zenith of an 'arc' {key} - is rounded."

Side note. See page 39 of the book 'The Rose Cross and the Goddess' for an example of the above's visual representation, i.e.,shade in the 'middle' bit. {Paperback/Aquarian Press}. Question. Maltese? Therefore 'eight' link?



Analogy of same - even if - [if only for this reader] - in the 'poetic' sense..."The old beauty is no longer beautiful; the new truth is no longer true," - is the eternal cry of a developing and really vitalised life. Our civilisation has passed through the first empire of pagan sensualism; and the second empire of mistaken sacrifice, of giving up our own consciousness, our own power of judging, our own independence, our own courage, [authors having a 'pop' at the material world and the lack of understanding for anything else]. And the Third Empire is awaiting those of us who can 'see' - that not only in Olympus [i.e.,top/down link], not only nailed to the cross [i.e.,bottom/up link] - but in our selves is god. For such of us, the bridge between flesh and spirit is built; for such among us hold the keys of life and death." [Extract from the book 'The Magister' by M. Katz. Emphasis/parenthesis, this readers].

All in reference to his own particular path; his own chosen path - the Western Way, i.e.,the ritual stuff....''the first academic to complete the Masters degree in Western Esotericism at the university of Exeter." - Back cover of same book - Those keys however are universal; they can be learned - by way of the objective life; the objective stuff - and the best thing of all - wherever one may find oneself - wherever one may ''lay ones hat'' [or thinking cap?]. All before those bigger questions are asked.

Something that was once 'dormant' is now awakened. [keys]. Hence the link to the word 'Holy', [explained within, as well as within 'religions' Dictionary meaning]. Seriously think about it... if you truly want to go beyond something more than... 'scratching [key] the surface'... If only in understanding the meaning of one solitary word, i.e., 're-ligion'. Enlarged elsewhere.

comic5"...the true religion is the one that leads to the true religare or link between the small king - man of earth - and the Great King - the inner self" [Extract taken from the book 'The Experience of Eternity'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Higher/lower link.

Synchronistic [future? i.e.,relative to those 1000 years] example..."In another vision i was a teenager living in France [South?], in a small village, and one day something special happened - there was a buzz of excitement in the village. The Floating City was coming! I knew this was my opportunity; i was stifled by the village atmosphere and, although i didn't want to stay on the Floating City, i knew that, if i could get aboard, i would be able to find out about - what ever it was i was looking for! I did get aboard - but i snapped out of the vision before anything else became clear...The Floating City had no conceivable ancestors except in 'Gulliver's Travels' - but it wasn't like my mental images from the book...The social structure of humanity is presented as taking on a new form, bearing similarity with ys, where local communities work together in a self-sustaining framework..." Extract from the book 'The Magister' by M. Katz; alias Frater V from a chapter entitled 'Maat and the Aeons' . Emphasis/parenthesis; this readers]. Anything? i.e.,..

"The principle of the city came to me..." Enlarged elsewhere.

And/or: "Not a hierocracy, not a monarchy, not an oligarchy, not a republic; something qualitatively different from all that has come before will emerge. It will be a global wide social system working toward sanctifying and enlightening all life on earth. I do not know what it will be called. The point is not in the name but in the essence. Its essence will consist of work in the name of spiritualizing individuals, all of humanity, and nature. Little by little, a new attitude will emerge toward everything. There would be no reason at all for the Rose of the World to come into being, if it only repeated what had been said before. A new attitude and way of thinking will emerge in regard to every aspect of life, large and small; cosmic and historical processes, planetary laws....personal relationships and approaches to personal growth, states and religion, the animal world and environment....A new attitude toward everything will arise, but that does not mean that every old attitude will be discarded or vilified. In many cases a point of view will merely be presented whereby past attitudes will no longer contradict, but will complement each other, revealing each as merely a different aspect of the same reality, or even of many realities. Such an approach is often effective, for example, when examining the older re-ligions and the 'realities' behind them." ['The Rose of the World' / D. Andreev. Italics, this readers].

Think about it. ''quality'' in relation to 'quantity'. ''Essence'' in relation to that universal ''bit''. By way of higher/lower - until a 'connection' is made. {Figuratively?} speaking of course, i.e., understanding that defines the word ''re-ligion''. It's true meaning. It's true MIND SET.

'See' it?

Try ''connection'' / 'connect' etc. {the 'micro' within the 'macro'?}.

"Everyone has an internal thought process: that silent other self who speaks to you; the one you debate with." [First sentence; first paragraph; first page of the book by Q. S. Lam]. Link to ''teacher''. Top down in relation to bottom up? In other words [in one form] - put those keys together to 'see' what even the dreamer/vision maker cannot yet 'see'.

Try ''bee'' and ''small'' [and/or ''apple of the eye''. ] - in reference to the paragraph by M. Katz - {four back} - all in relation to the intent and purpose - in the individual sense of the word - to the word ''gnosis''. Then consider the word ''Jerusalem''.

"The use of metaphor is well known in psychotherapy as a means of circumventing the conscious mind," i.e.,as an example - 'the college which is everywhere visible, but hidden from the eyes of men'. " [Enlarged elsewhere].

... You may know the old proverb...'If you want to conceal something successfully, hide it in plain sight".

REFRESHER...As a side note ''its noon [zenith] shall come''...indicative of those anticipated [prophesied?] 1000 years. Those 1000 good years - due to the universal appeal of a particular subject. The 'good' vibes that those inspirations and intentions will have on each generation. Question. What effect; if any; will that 'collective effort' have on 'its' surroundings?

That ''collective effort'' - by way of - what A. Crowley defines in the same chapter as a ''wordless Aeon''. Possibilities of. {Logos link?}.

As seen from a different perspective {Theology?}: "But are these two worlds Pan spoke of to remain forever separate? I have seen this 'lake', in my minds eye, I think. I found myself on May Hill, and it was an island. All this was sea - or lake. And a friend said the other day that she could never take her shoes off in this house for fear of getting her feet wet! But not in this world, if you know what I mean. She felt the lake without knowing about it."

''Yes you did see it. And yes, she does feel it. And no, they will not remain separate. They will unite at the end of the age."

"That will be a catastrophe! And to my world, I think, not to Pan's. What of the animals?"

''Yes a catastrophe, and yes, to your world and not to Pans. As to the animals - yes they will also die.''

''And then?''

mask 2"They will be forever alive, and you shall know them as they truly are, for you too shall be alive." [Conversation between ''aspects'' of this individuals higher/lower self within the book 'The Sword in the Sun']. Very similar to Jung and his 'relationship' to ''Philemon'' {enlarged elsewhere}. The main point, however, being - before those first impressions - dictate, an action of the mind - contrary to a study exercise - understanding those universal constants; and therefore subject material as a whole gets one closer to that universal mindset.

Abraham and Melchizedek?

Arthur and Merlyn {if only in 'myth' form} - all as a means....?

Question. Psychological 'mindset'  ONLY? Understanding that framework in relation to that ''bit'' gives a deeper {lake?} point of view {'line of sight' / 'horizon' link?}.

REFRESHER: "The waters ebb and flow. Let the 'magician' guard himself from drowning at the point where land and water meet. The midway spot, which is neither dry nor wet [link to 'marsh' and 'primordial' mound symbolism. Explained elsewhere], must provide the standing place whereon his feet are set. When water, land and air meet, there is the place for 'magic' to be wrought."

And/or: ''Error runs down a plane, while truth has to labour to climb its way uphill."

Side note: Christchurch harbour also contains ''marshes'' - noted {purposely?} from the earliest of times.

mkiHeadscratch: Analogy with the same intent {that very first one?}: "He wrought also two cities, fair to see and busy with the hum of men. In the one were weddings and wedding feasts, and they were going about the city with brides whom they were escorting by torchlight from their chambers. Loud rose the cry of Hymen, and the youths danced to the music of flute and lyre, while the women stood each at her house door to see them. Meanwhile the people were gathered in assembly, for there was a quarrel, and two men were wrangling about the blood money for a man who had been killed, the one saying before the people that he had paid damages in full, and the other that he had not been paid. Each was trying to make his own case good, and the people took sides, each man backing the side that he had taken; but the heralds kept them back, and the elders sat on their seats of stone in a solemn circle, holding the staves in which the heralds had put into their hands {'holders'?}. Then they rose and each in his turn gave judgement, and there were two talents laid down {two 'lobed'?}, to give to him whose judgement should be deemed the fairest."

SIDE NOTE: ''Herald'' - only mentioned once {in its original context } - in the Old Testament {i.e.,Daniel 3:4}. Recall what those numbers represent in relation to: '' Then the Herald loudly proclaimed - ' Nations of peoples of every language, this is what you are commanded to do - when you hear the sound of the cornet, flute, harp, lyre, horn, psaltery and all kinds of music, ye fall down and worship the golden image that the king hath set up'."  Together with..."The motive for setting up the image seems to be an attempt to unify the kingdom and promote the authority of the king {i.e.,in relation to the golden image of Nebuchadnezzar}. Various explanations have been given for the grotesque 'dimensions' of the image, 90 feet high and 9 feet wide. It may have represented the king physically, but could have been an obelisk. It could have been a distorted figure, {Akhenaten link?} or the height could have included a pedestal on which the image was set." [Notes on same {page 1274} 'The King James Study Bible'].

Side note: "If Mars is the herald of the sun, Pluto is the foundation upon which the 'sun' will build." [Page 165, 'The Zodiac as the Universal Matrix'].

Question. That inner one? ''Golden Child''?

'The Lyre of Mabon' {Page 169-186 'Mabon and the Mysteries of Britain'].

East =Mabon. West = Modron {Astraea?}. North = Muses. South = 'poets' - as a  means to tell a story. If only in the ''ritual'' sense of the word - but because that 'action of the mind' {keys/archetypes} - are universal, a MINDSET can be got.

Fiction or non-fiction?

Continued: " The number 9 {i.e.,what the author defines as 'The Magnified Sacred Three'} - can be variously interpreted. At times, the purely negative aspect is stressed, thus by Petrus Bungus, who equates 9 with pain and sadness and points out that the ninth psalm contains a prediction of the 'antichrist'. The nine is again connected with suffering because of the fact that Christ died at the ninth hour of the day {from sunrise, i.e., 3pm}. This hour was the 'none', subsequently marked by a special monastic devotion, while the word itself has become our NOON...The nine muses have inspired many thinkers and writers; that is why Herodotus divided his work in 9 parts to honour them, and in this connection, it is not to far fetched to think of the Enneads, the '9 books' of Plotinus, whose Neoplatonic philosophy became an important ingredient in the development {hint, hint} of Jewish, Christian and Islamic 'mystical' thought. One is therefore also not surprised to learn that Plato, according to legend, died at the age of 9x9 = 81 years." ['Mystery of Numbers'. Most emphasis, this readers]. 90x9 = ?

Understand the parts {universal constants?} to define the whole, i.e.,''NOON'' in relation to: "The fact that Daniel is not mentioned may be explained in a couple of ways: he may have been busy elsewhere with administration affairs, or as a higher official may not have been required to attend the meeting." [Notes in relation to Daniel 3:12 'The King James Study Bible' - i.e.,"There are certain Jews whom thou hast set up over the affairs of the province of Babylon - Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego - These men O king, have NOT regarded thee: they serve not thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up"].  Together with...

maze4"In some civilizations, 9 was seen in connection with the lunar phases. Thus in ancient Mexico, the cycle went from the ascending ash moon, the crescent, the first quarter, and the third octant to the full moon and then back to the descending ash moon. On the basis of these periodic movements, the whole cosmos was then divided into various 'layers'. 9 layers of a netherworld and 13 heavenly layers, with the earth located as a kind of intermediate zone. These 23 layers, plus the sacred number 5, connected with the ages of the world, yielded 28, which is the number of the moon. Thus, in Mexico 9 became a symbol of the netherworld, the earth, and - contrary to the traditions in Europe and Asia - the female {i.e.,'female' principle - this readers input}. Try ''23'' - in other words was Daniels 'absence' a coincidence or a meaningful one?

Understanding those universal keys {subject material?} - among other things - throws up such questions {insights?} -  as to Herodotus' possible original intention {method?} of presentation {format?} - of 'historical information'. As it does with the word 'Ash' in relation to ''Asherah'' and/or ''Ashtoreth'' . Just as Hera {moon link} does with the word ''hare''. All enlarged elsewhere. Try ''Ash tree''.

As it does with: "Finally, an etched rib bone was found with the human remains in Gough's cave, Cheddar {not far from Glastonbury}. Its markings consist of short strokes along the edges, often in groups of nine. The significance of this number in this context was debated for many years, but in 1989 five fragments of bone were found at the same site, all with similar grouping of incisions. The number in each group upon these varies from eight to fourteen, so it may be that the sets of nine strokes upon the first find were of no particular significance. Unless the carver {or carvers} were simply doodling, the incisions look like tallies. But whether of kills, or days, or moons, or something else, we cannot know." [From the book by R. Hutton].

Recall the 'ribs' within the Genesis story.

Continued {i.e.,Homer's Iliad}..."About the other city there lay encamped two hosts in gleaming armour...But the men of the city...armed themselves for a surprise; their wives and little children kept guard upon the walls, and with them were the men who were past fighting age {elder link?}, but the others sallied forth with Ares and Pallas Athene at their head - both of them wrought in gold and clad in golden raiment, great and fair with their armour as befitting gods, while they that followed were smaller. When they reached the place where they would lay their ambush, it was on a riverbed to which livestock of all kinds would come from far and near to water..."

zodiac"The first city is Sirius {authors hypothesis}, and Homer describes 'stars' in the northern part of Canis Major. The hum of men, wedding feasts, brides escorted by torchlight and youths dancing conjure up a busy image of the Milky Way to the east. Elders sitting in a circle of polished stone represent the circular pattern of stars surrounding Sirius...The second city is the 2nd brightest star in Canis Major, and here Homer turns his attention to the southern part, or rear legs, {i.e.,roots of tree link. Enlarged elsewhere.} - of the constellation. The appearance of Athene and Ares outside the zodiac is surprising, but they may be being compared with Sirius and Canis Major. In spite of Sirius now clearly being 'white', Ptolemy describes the star as being 'reddish', while Mirzam in Canis Major is also a white star. Homer may be comparing Sirius to Ares as the red planet Mars, and Mirzam to Athene as the planet Jupiter." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

The answer to those doubts {inner questions?} are more readily answered - if only for this reader -  when the question is asked as to why should Ares {pro Trojan} be depicted on the shield of none other than not only the 'greatest' warrior of the Greeks but within the story of the 'Fall of Troy' as a whole?  Answers more likely found within such key words as Janus {i.e.,'Sir Facing Bothways'} in relation to  'boundaries'; among others; 'red' as opposed to 'white' relative to north and south.

And/or: "Janus presided over the beginning and ending of conflict, and hence war and peace. The doors of his temple were open in times of war and closed in times of peace. As a god of transitions {boundaries?}, he had functions pertaining to birth and to journeys and exchange, and in his association with Portunus, a similar harbour and gateway god, he was concerned with traveling, trading and shipping. Janus had no flamen or specialized priest assigned to him, but the king of the sacred rites himself carried his ceremonies. Janus had a ubiquitous presence in religious ceremonies throughout the year, and was ritually invoked at the beginning of each one, regardless of the main deity honoured on any particular occasion. The ancient Greeks had NO equivalent to Janus, who the Romans claimed as distinctly their own." [Wiki/Janus].

''Harbour'' in relation to the Bay of Pegasus to 'see' something further. And/or ''flamen'' in relation to '15' {12+3}. Enlarged elsewhere.

"The Roman soil preserved the remembrance of a very remote time during which Saturn and Janus reigned on the site of the city before its foundation: the Capitol was named mons Saturnius. The Romans identified Saturn with the Greek Cronus, whose myths were adapted for Latin literature and Roman art. In particular, Cronus's role in the genealogy of the Greek gods was transferred to Saturn. As early as Livius Andronicus (3rd century BC), Jupiter was called the son of Saturn." ['Wiki'].

Try ''soil'' and/or ''Saturn'' if only in relation to Homer's {Greek} Illiad. Think about it relation to ''Poseidon'' {i.e.,fishtailed in relation to the very ancient symbol for Pisces - sea-goat? with  a fish in its mouth}.

'Fish out of water' / 'A wet fish on dry land' ? As a means...?

qenaRefresher: A 'working' example {i.e.,in relation to the intent of 'Janus' symbolism}: "...The principle reason for it is that it is impossible to sit between two stools {and/or throne?}. And people usually think that they can sit between two stools, that is, that they can acquire the new and preserve the old; they do not think this consciously of course but it comes to the same thing....G. once said that there was no sense in our going on any further in this way and that we ought to make a definite decision whether we wanted to go on with him, wanted to work, or whether it was better to abandon all attempts in this direction, because a half serious attitude would give no results whatever. He added that he would only continue to work with those who would make a definite decision to struggle with mechanicalness in themselves and with sleep. There is no sense in sitting between two stools - he had said. Whoever does not want to wake up, at least let him sleep well.''

SIDE NOTES: The vocabulary of ancient Roman religion was highly specialized. Its study affords important information about the religion, traditions and beliefs of the ancient Romans. This legacy is conspicuous in European cultural history in its influence on later juridical and religious vocabulary in Europe, particularly of the Western Church.

By the time of the religious reformation of Augustus, the origins and functions of many of the long-neglected gods resident in Rome was confusing even to the Romans themselves. The obscurity of some of the deities assigned a flamen (for example Falacer, Palatua, Quirinus and Volturnus) suggests that the office dated back to Archaic Rome. Many scholars [who?] assume that the flamines existed at least from the time of the early Roman kings, before the establishment of the Republic. The Romans themselves credited the foundation of the priesthood to Numa Pompilius, the second king of Rome. According to Livy, Numa created the offices of the three flamines maiores and assigned them each a fine robe of office and a curule chair {'stool'?}. The flamines were circumscribed by many taboos.

The origin of the word flamen is as obscure as are some of the assigned gods. Sophus Bugge suggested in 1879 that flamen is from an older fladmen and related to the Germanic blót. Both would be derived from a Proto-Indo-European word bhlad(s)men. Indo-Europeanist Georges Dumézil attempted to link it to the Sanskrit word brahman. This etymology is still controversial.

CONTINUED: It also gives clues {directions?} as to the following head scratch: "Homer then changes his mood, introducing scenes quite different from ANYTHING ELSE in the Iliad, using images of rural and town life as metaphors for individual stars, groups of brighter stars, dark parts of the sky with few stars, and also the Milky Way. As Hephaestus carefully constructs the shield, Homer is describing in detail, and section by section, the skies that became the home of the newly risen Sirius. That Homer considered Canis Major and its environs to be important is reinforced by the different ways he describes those stars in other parts of the Iliad. A difficulty in proposing this interpretation is that the precise boundaries of the constellations being described by Homer are not known. He does give some help {purposely?} - in as much as the 'codewords' {keys?} are used in this passage in the same way in which they are used elsewhere in the Iliad - particularly when the Milky Way is being described in rural terms. These codewords can evoke the multitude of pinpoints of 'light' in the Milky Way and include the 'wheatfields' and 'vineyards' in which 'swathe after swathe of harvest corn' is cut and 'grapes are grown on silver poles'. The Milky Way is also described as a 'porridge of white barley'. Groups of people such as heralds, dancing youths, reapers and binders indicate stars that stand out against the background of the Milky Way. More specific individuals such as judges, look outs, women at their doorways, the owner of the land, four cattle, nine dogs, a bull and two lions are suggested as brighter individual stars. Homer also mentions colours such as gold and silver, and these could be linked to yellow and white stars."  {'Homer's Secret Iliad'].

Follow the title of the book to see it in its broader {universal?} view.

mask 3Analogy of same {Micro, i.e.,bottom-up}-"...in the Book of the Dead, the term ''Sema [Snai] Tawi'' is used. It means ''Union'' of the two lands of Egypt.'' The two lands refer to the two main districts of the country, North and South, and in a mystical sense they refer to the gods Heru [the north] and Set [the south land]- who are elsewhere referred to as the spiritual Higher Self and lower self of a human being, respectively. Thus the term Sema Tawi is compatible with the Indian Sanskrit term ''Yoga,'' which also means union of the Higher Self and lower self ..." [Extract from the book by S. Ashby. Mentioned elsewhere]. Try ''meditation''. Benefit of, [if only] in relation - to subject material.

Question. Which of those 'two lands' would represent 'rural' and 'city' ? Enlarged elsewhere. Try ''rural''. And which represent red/white? Understanding red/white gives clues as to Herod's final resting place.

"The principle of the city..." Enlarged elsewhere.

N.B. ''Higher'' = Vulture - Lotus - Reed or Su plant. ''Lower'' = Cobra - Papyrus - Bee. All as a representation of something.

Refesher: "It seems that the Aztecs sometimes called Venus Acatl. This latter meant 'reed -day', and was the name of the day on which the Venus cycle began. The deity who presided over the reed day was, Acatl, was the chief god of the pantheon Tezcatlipoca, whose name means 'Smoking Mirror'. ['The Zelator'].

'Reed' in relation to papyrus - and 'its' relation to 'words' {logos?} - defines what is implied when the Israelite's 'cross' over the {reed?} sea. Try ''gap'' and/or ''mirror'' and/or ''Venus'' to 'see' something other than the obvious - to continue that 'journey' of discovery. BEFORE those bigger questions are asked.

''Bee'' in relation to: "Why are you averse to organizational work?" Master's question startled me a bit. It is true that my private conviction at the time was that organizations are ''hornets'' nests. ''It is a thankless task, sir," I answered. "No matter what the leader does, or does not do, he is criticized."... "Do you want the whole divine channa {milk curd} for yourself alone?" My guru's retort was accompanied by a stern glance. "Could you or anyone else achieve God-communion through yoga if a line of generous-hearted masters had not been willing to convey their knowledge to others?" He added, ''God is the honey, organizations are the hives; both are necessary. Any form is useless, of course, without the spirit, but why should you not start busy hives full of the spiritual nectar?" His counsel moved me deeply. Although i made no outward reply, an adamant resolution arose in my breast: I would share with my fellows, so far as lay in my power, the unshackling truths i had learned..." [Extract from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi' ].

''Unshackling'' in relation to Oxen yokes. Try ''yoke''.

"In a broad sense 'Yoga' is any process which helps one achieve liberation or freedom from the bondage to human pain and ignorance. So whenever you engage in any activity with the goal of promoting the discovery of your true self, be it studying the wisdom teachings, exercise, fasting, meditation, breath control, rituals, chanting, prayer, etc., you are practicing Yoga." [Extract from the book by S. Ashby].

"...discovery of your true self'' which includes the understanding of that universal concept [in their opinion] - the ''divine bit''. Regardless whether the ''Eastern'' Way or the ''Western'' Way or the Way of the READER [i.e.,objectively; as one does in any subject material. This web pages ''way'']. That understanding = the ''micro within the macro.'' = Journey symbolism. Understanding that {concept?} defines...

"Initiation refers to the transformation of man into something greater than he was before, an acquisition of new meaning through the realisation that he is more than dust and shadow." And...

"The aim of the journey is simply to experience existence as it actually is, prior to all interpretation, as an ongoing state of awareness."

Yet another but from a different 'start point'... "James Vogh has further explored the wider ramifications and influence of threads and cords. He draws attention to the sutra, a cord worn by high ranking Hindu's, and quotes the Upanishads: 'By Vayu, the inner controller, as by a thread, O Gautama, are this world, the other world, and all beings held together.' Vogh goes on to speak of the 'cinctura' of the Franciscans, the cord which binds them to their holy work, the llatu, a cord said to protect the life of the Inca emperor, and the Celtic Torc, fashioned to resemble twisted cords. All derivatives of the spider's thread. One of the two possible derivations of the word religion itself is from 'religare', meaning to bind up, to bind together - so religion is 'that which binds'. The second possible derivation is from 'relegere' meaning to go through as in reading or thought." [Chapter 6, 'Cities of Dreams'. Mentioned elsewhere].  Try ''knot''.

A side step..."The Hermetic tradition emphasized the existence of a 'supreme' force called the One Thing, which has no perceptible form until it is 'grounded' or expressed in material reality ['stone' or 'pearl' link]. The expression of that 'force' is guided by the One Mind [ divine 'bit' link].............

"Yin is like a mother-of-pearl image hidden in the deepest recesses of the house." Quote by Dr. Jung.

mask"The Hermeticists saw the One Thing as a primordial, 'plastic' energy that takes the form of the idea or thought projected by the One Mind. The unseen force can be 'contacted' and controlled by mankind through divine union - a merging with the 'One Mind' in meditation and/or prayer [plough ones own furrow link] . Lasting union can only occur through a transformation of the body and mind, [''incarnation'' link] until the terrestrial man is so 'refined' and 'purified' that he becomes a vehicle solely for this force. Religious leaders throughout the ages were aware of this 'power,' though they stated there personal perspectives or creeds in many different ways." [Chapter one, 'The Emerald Tablet.' Mentioned elsewhere].

"The disintegration accomplished, it is the freed mind united to its anima, forming a complete and reintegrated psyche, which is the key of the restoration.....The regenerate soul does have the power to heal and to save - a mind cleansed by analysis, aware of its own true essence, made strong by the Union with its anima, and filled with the influx of the awakened vital spirit, [what this author calls; the libido]. Here are the keys of wisdom." [Chapter 3, 'The Philosophers Stone' by I. Regardie].

That link to the 'divine couple',i.e.,Apollo and twin sister or Sumerian equivalent, Inanna and Utu, as opposed to Jacob and Esau. Think about it, [ i.e.,"a mental state, in which spiritual perceptions were achieved, distinguishing between the 'shadow mixed with light', when the power of the imagination was mixed with reason...."]. As a means to represent an understanding of something. That familiar subject again. This subjects main teaching aid.

Question. What is that something and why do we have to understand it?

"by this time Pogossian and i had come to the definite conclusion that there really was a 'certain something' which people formally knew, but that now this knowledge was quite forgotten." [Chapter 5, 'Meetings With Remarkable Men' by G. Gurdjieff].

"This is good symbolism. The mother, as we have already discovered, is that Sephirah on the Tree of Life named Binah, and whilst she has various cosmic attributions she is also by reflection an interior or psychological principle. She it is who works in our interior natures as love, as intuition, as aspiration, and all those higher and finer emotions which we seek to express just a little more easily in our own daily lives. From the psychological point of view she would represent the Unconscious, or more especially what the analytical psychologists call the Anima, that vast sphere of feeling, emotion, instinct, and intuition which lies beneath or beyond our normal awareness." [Chapter 10, 'The Philosopher's Stone.' Mentioned elsewhere].

"If we can look deep within ourselves, beyond our own self - centeredness, we will find that true center within us - whether we chose to call it the Philosophers Stone, the Highest Good [link to Dead Sea Scrolls], the sacred heart of Christ, or Elixir of Life." [Same book].

Try ''Labyrinth'' while recalling that some 'mazes' had their center offset purposely.

"The altar of sacrifice demonstrates that where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.....The center of the altar is a most especial part. It is the center of your universe. Put something special there. Perhaps a flower, or a sanctuary flame. This represents the perpetual light of the spirit, in a balanced manifest expression.....The rose of the spirit may bloom therein.... " [ Chapter 1, 'The Rose Cross and the Goddess. Mentioned elsewhere].

REFRESHER: "The potential literature for an intellectual study of this is vast. We hope we have provided a few simple pointers on the way. It is however, a 'centering' in, rather than a wandering in the labyrinthine fields of intellectual speculation, that is the direct way of truth. The 'rose' blooms at the center of the cross. And those who are prepared to contemplate the imagery and take it unto their inmost hearts are the more likely to be met by Beatrice from the triumphal car {'chariot'}, and 'led' to places where even the intellectual genius of a Virgil cannot go." [From the book by G. Knight].

And/or: "Sirius is sometimes called the 'Sun behind the sun', indicating that while the star we call the Sun is related to our physical center of Self in our Solar Plexus and the expression of our Selves within the physical earth, Sirius represents a more hidden center." ['Red Tree, White Tree'].

Question. Geocentric?

Question 2. How would those two 'centers' be represented within {say} a landscape?

"Everyone has an internal thought process: that silent other self who speaks to you; the one you debate with." [First sentence; first paragraph; first page of the book by Q. S. Lam]. Link to ''teacher''.

Egyptian equivalent? Re-stau, in relation to Rostau [Wallis Budge], or Ro-setau [Alexandre Piankoff]. Tau, according to some means 'time', [D. Wilcock]. Think about it, relative to different 'segments' [Djed column'] in relation to the 'Great year', or what that now is commonly known as.

Underworld, in relation to day world. Light [awareness] relative to dark [unawareness]. That understanding gives clues as to the final burial place of those that represented the Giza complex. The micro within the Macro.

Tau cross link? If so, what about 'Rose' link?

Sufi / Muslim equivalent..."Gods very 'words' point to what should be mans principle occupation: to know the divine names. This is the knowledge of ones inner being. If one obtained that knowledge, one would reach the level of divine wisdom. That is where the knowledge of the Name of Unity is complete." [Chapter 3, 'The Secret of Secrets'. Mentioned elsewhere ]. I.E.,those 99 aspects, relative to the 'whole'. Indicative of. [Relative to the 'divine' bit].

Recall one of the 'terms' that the word ['name'] 'Apollo' represents.

EXAMINATION OF TIME "If the present and the future depend on the past, then the present and the future would have existed in the past....IF the present and the future did not exist there, how could the present and the future be dependent upon it?....IF they are not dependent upon the past, neither of the two would be established. Therefore neither the present or the future would exist....BY the the same method, the other two divisions- past and future, upper, lower, middle, etc., unity, etc., should be understood....A non static time is not grasped. Nothing one can grasp as Stationary time exists. If time is not grasped, how is it known?....IF time depends on an entity, then without an entity how could time exist? There is no existent entity. So how can time exist? [Chapter 19. 'The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way' by Nagarjuna's Mulamadhyamakakarika, translated by Jay Garfield].

Guinness book of records?


Banksy's 'Arrow of time'?

"Time present and time past are both perhaps present in time future, and time future contained in time past. If all time is eternally present, all time is unredeemable. What might have been is an abstraction - remaining a perpetual possibility - only in a world of speculation. What might have been, and what has been point to one end, which is always present." [First 'ten' lines of the poem 'Four Quartets' by T. S. Eliot].

Think on it, relative to the benefits of a... 'presence of mind' - by way of - a 'repetitive' habit. A positive one.

The final chapter of the ’imaginary’ story has all the characters; the good the bad and the ugly; reaching the ‘top’ level [C]. Having had come to terms with their own inner ‘demons’. Both individually and as a group. Together with the understanding of their new environment. Which again agrees with esoteric lore. And as some authors mention and which is verified in the ‘Tibetan book of the ‘dead’...or the Hermetic equivalent...by way of...'Hermes Trismegistus'. It might be wise to begin to understand that personel journey of A-C...before that final event happens, [i.e.,start of the second leg [B].

Which again has a certain logic to it. As indicated within books such as ‘Life after Life' by R. Moody. Or 'The After death Experience. The Physics of the Non - Physical' by Ian Wilson. Or 'Hope Street' by Pamela Young. Or even the examples written about in the 'Synchronicity Key' book. The authors opinions though; if only for this reader; are well off the mark, in relation to his reincarnation data. Those experiences can also be classed, if only from Mr Jungs point of view, as Archetypes, [i.e.,the author of 'Power Within the Land', [of the 'Western Way' method] defines those same archetypes as "past lives"].

Different experiences from different individuals, depending [the most important point] on where along that journey of self discovery they are as individuals. Which is a possible reason why not one individual amongst all that data could inform of 'reincarnations' process from its beginning to its end.

Understanding this framework gives, if only for this reader, a fuller more logical answer, i.e., if you had a choice of 'reincarnating' as a different person, knowing that the 'old you' therefore will no longer exist,[i.e.,you are now someone completely new, having started from scratch]... as opposed to continuing being you, while correcting any negative aspects; on a day to day basis; which we all contain.....while still being you [with all your 'ex' imperfections, but still trying, in the 'positive' sense /path]... Which would you choose? You should now have your answer to 'reincarnations' true meaning, [if only for this reader] as well as to your own state of mind, within your own personnel 'journey'.

Also note...that 'development' [or process] from 'its' beginning to its end...is made fully aware [i.e.,conscious of]... to each individual. To evaluate correctly read other publications such as chapter 6 of 'The Zelator' and/or 'Inner River'. Mentioned within. [Both distinguish between ''reincarnation'' and ''incarnation].'' Together with...

comic5 (2)"In this school [i.e.,esoteric] we think of Man as a unity which consists of a 'cosmic atom' ['divine bit' link] that is unmanifest [i.e.,not yet a 'known' factor] and has its home in spheres that are utterly beyond all human conception [simply put = ''altered states'' link]. This cosmic atom or monad {Ain Sof?} as some name it, has no beginning and no ending as limited human reason conceives of these two things. {'Gnosis' can?}. It 'sends forth' {''rays'' link} from its own essential 'being' what is called a higher self or 'genius', an individuality, which is an ever changing entity [ archetypes link] that evolves through the immensely long period that a man has to spend in the bosom of the 'Great Mother' [i.e.,A/B - by way of - ''anima''], in order to gain his full quota of experience as a unit of the human race. This individuality or 'genius' in its turn 'sends' forth from itself a portion of its own substance which is called the 'lower' self, [''shadow'' link] and this later is what is known during earth life as Mr Jones and Miss Smith. And let it be said, that as Mr Jones and Miss Smith you incarnate. But Miss Smith and Mr Jones only incarnate. They never reincarnate. It is the 'higher' self of each one of us that seeks re-incarnation by incarnating a little bit at a time [i.e., from that 'unknown' factor, that is now becoming a 'known' one. This readers input]. And the non incarnating portion of Miss Smith and Mr. Jones is the 'Watcher,' the 'Observer,' the Guardian at the Gate." [Emphasis, this readers. Taken from the chapter 'Old Religion' from the book 'The New Dimensions Red Book'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Link to the word 'teacher,' of Dead Sea Scroll fame.

Egyptian equivalent = Crocodile / hippo. Enlarged elsewhere.

Greek = Persephone / Hades? [Page 35 'The Western Way'. Vol 2].

seti 1

The CEILING of Seti I. Question. Right to left OR left to right?

"Those Theosophists who popularized the idea of the Etheric did not fully expose the deeper significance of its symbolism...In the secret schools of India and Egypt, this five pointed star had been emblematically transformed into a crocodile which was sometimes called the Makara. It is a fact that one of the deepest secrets of arcane symbolism hinges on the fact that this same union of 'star' and crocodile is linked with the secret principles of 'reincarnation'. It seems that the star of light is symbol of the pure and undefiled Etheric, while the crocodile is symbol of the Etheric which is still defiled by karma, and thus destined for rebirth...Perhaps it was the knowledge of such hermetic truths that led to the mediaeval pharmacists and alchemists hanging stuffed crocodiles from their ceilings - to remind them of the dark star which is exhaled, as they perfect and solarize their own inner state of Etheric..." ['The Zelator'].

Question. ''Makara'' = the Hebrew Merkabah? By way of Moses who 'studied' under the Egyptians?

From a different perspective: "And so attend to this work of contemplation and the marvellous way it operates within your soul. For, truly understood, it is just a sudden and as it were unforeseen stirring, springing swiftly {'sparrow'?} to god like a spark from a coal. And it is marvellous how many stirrings can occur in an hour in a soul that is given to this work. And yet, in just one of all these stirrings, it can happen that you forget the whole created world, suddenly and completely. But straight after each stirring, because of the flesh's corruption, the soul falls back down into some thought or action, done or not done. But what of that? For straight afterwards it rises again as suddenly as it did before." [Chapter 4, 'The Cloud of Unknowing'].

hippo 2

Question. Which represents 'forgetting' and/or 'remembering'? Clue. One has a 'tongue' the other doesn't. All as a means...?

"Birth is then a 'forgetting' of heaven and simultaneously a recall to earth [i.e.,link to ''fall'' symbolism]. This is not so with the ''holy birth''. Here it is a remembrance of the 'divine' which is the force which accomplishes 'incarnation'. It is not thanks to forgetting of the divine that the soul is then incarnated, but rather thanks to its remembering." [Extract from the book by Tomberg].

See Part 1 - for a connection to be made. And/or chapter 5, of the 'Cloud of Unknowing'.

Question. Any ''forgetting/remembering'' in the Eleusis mysteries, i.e., the 'abduction' of Persephone from her 'mother' Demeter by the lord of the 'underworld' Hades, in a cycle of 'three' phases: the 'descent', the search and the 'ascent' - climaxing with a  reunion with 'her mother'...." [Page 35 'The Western Way'. Vol 2].

Analogy: "In Ancient Egyptian religion, Taweret (also spelled Taurt, Tuat, Taouris, Tuart, Ta-weret, Tawaret, Twert, and Taueret,) is the protective ancient Egyptian goddess of childbirth and fertility. The name "Taweret"  means "she who is great" or simply "great one". The deity is typically depicted as a bipedal female hippopotamus with feline attributes, pendulous female human breasts, and the back - a Nile crocodile. She commonly bears the epithets "Lady of Heaven", "Mistress of the Horizon", "She Who Removes Water", "Mistress of Pure Water", and "Lady of the Birth House"." ['Wiki']. Try Part 3.

'Fresh water' in relation to 'sea water' as a means...?

"The word manifested by life is realization or incarnation." Quote by E. Levi, i.e.,a definition of the process of something becoming a known quantity [''manifested''] - by way of - objectivity [''observer'']: in relation to that something [i.e.,''life'' and/or 'divine bit']. Understanding of.

Understanding the above defines [what some call] ''the most difficult paragraph'' - within what is known as 'The Emerald Tablet'...

"Separate the earth from fire, the subtle from the gross, gently and with great ingenuity. It rises from earth to heaven and descends again to earth, thereby combining within itself the powers of both the above and the below." [ Taken from chapter one 'Sorcerer's Stone' by D. Hauck].

OR the Buddhist quote/formula..."Convert Untrue Self to True Self." [Extract from the 19th path as explained within the book 'The Talking Tree'].

Another..."The life force energy originates from the Self in the process of 'creation' and returns to the Self in the process of dissolution." [Extract from the book by S. Ashby].

Yet another..."Union with Ain Sof [or Soph] cannot be effected at once; he must slowly climb the ladder of life, uniting himself on each rung in 'love' and wisdom with each superior 'hierarch' ['angels' and/or 'altered' states link], until the Boundless Eternal Light is reached. Lamblichus conceives the same procedure in these words: 'And when the soul has received him as its leader ['teacher' and/or ''guardian of the gate'' link], the daemon immediately presides over the soul, giving completion to its 'lives', and binds it to body when it descends." 'See' it?

N.B. [Before those first impressions take hold]. Daemon = ''is Greek for 'spirit' and the word was originally used to mean any spirit, whether divine, evil or natural. In ancient Theurgy, it was often used to describe ones 'higher' self. The word was later corrupted into 'demon' and often used to indicate an evil spirit'' [Chapter 5, 'The Tree of Life'. Mentioned elsewhere. Emphasis, this readers].

And/or "The angel is the Face that 'our' god takes for us, and each of us finds his god only when he recognizes that Face." [Quote by Corbin]. Think about it in relation to the 'face' of the Sphinx. Then try ''angel''.

'The Many Faced God'? {Game of Thrones}.

"The prophet {Ezekiel} said that he saw four Hayyot; each had four faces, four wings and two hands, but on the whole their form was human...'They had the likeness of a man' {Ezek.i.5}…'Transparent like burnished brass' {ver.7}...'Their appearance was like burning coals of fire' {ver.13}...The motion of these Hayyot is further described as a running: 'Ran and returned like the appearance of lightening' {ver.13}."

Question. ''Running the fields'' {Egyptian equivalent?}.

Continued: "Next comes the description of another part; for the prophet relates that he 'saw' a body beneath the Hayyot, but closely joining them. This body which is connected to the earth also has four bodies and faces. But no distinctive form is ascribed to it; neither that of man nor any other living being. The four bodies are described as great, tremendous and terrible {i.e.,'lower' aspects of self}. All covered with 'eyes'...i.e.,the likeness of things...These 'bodies' are called Ofannim {lit. Wheel}…." [Page 252-255 'Guide for the Perplexed'].

Question. ''Whiteness'' in relation to Hayyot/Ofannim {enlarged elsewhere}. Together with ''Wheel'' = LIMESTONE {chalk} BALLS found in pits {lower/rubbish link} at Bulford?

'He who saw the face of god'?

Her-Bak = Horus face.  Enlarged elsewhere.

All the above eventually becomes a 'link' to the word and meaning of what [in the Egyptian case] is referred to as ones ''Ka''. Question. Fairy story?

''Glass'' ?

falcon"The 'higher' {deeper?} 'magic', as has been shown , has as one of its objectives a communion both here and hereafter with the divine, a union not to be achieved by mere doctrine and sterile intellectual speculations, but by the exercise of other more spiritual faculties in rights and ceremonies." [and studies. This readers input]. Same book, i.e.,''IT can be demonstrated that only a little study is necessary to reveal a depth of insight which was never before realized to exist." i.e., "The Hawk, by reason of its ability to remain poised in the empyrean, was a perfect symbol of the divine self which, detached from all things of earth and form, looks down upon them with the eye of equanimity. The whole subject should be carefully studied, and if half as much care and attention is given by the reader to the study of the 'Gods' as the average man devotes to his daily newspaper, a great deal of useful knowledge of profound importance in 'Magic' will be gained." [Chapter six. Emphasis, this readers]. Recall what the Falcon represents.

"...looks down upon them with the eye of equanimity" = 'an objective view'? - relative to an understanding.

Analogy of same [but now by application of that 'objective view' ]..."It should be realized of course, that this takes place around the Divine Spark or Seed-atom in us which is NOT ourselves, but THAT which we become into. THAT is the absolute around which our nucleus forms. It provides the BEING while we have to provide the DOING of cosmos-construction." [Page 58, [including emphasis] of the book by William Gray]. OR...

"...And the Major Arcana of the Tarot? Are they not a call to the winged imagination, within a framework and in a direction proper to each of them? They are symbols. But what does one do with symbols if not apply the inspired imagination to them, directed towards their meaning..."

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

Refresher: " I make no secret whatsoever of the fact that my rather revolutionary model of the atom came to me in a dream.'' Niels Bohr.

'Lazarus Come Forth' by Valentin Tomberg.

"Humankind has the potential for immortality, but only obtains it when men and women align themselves [horizontal / vertical link] with that immortal spiritual essence [divine bit link] which is too often ignored by the great body of humanity." [Extract taken from 'Self Initiation Into the Golden Dawn Tradition' by Cicero. Emphasis, this readers.

What the author of 'The Experience of Eternity' defines [as 'its' start point] as the ''Great Experience.''

Alchemy defines that 'experience' within 'mineral' and 'plant' symbolism. Explained elsewhere.

"Metals are purified by 'fire', and the emotions by suffering..." Enlarged elsewhere. Find it to understand it.

"Everything in man has been foreshadowed in the plant." [Quote by Indian scientist J. C. Bose - from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi' ].

"The lengthened shadow of man is history'' - enlarged elsewhere.

Question. Purely as a hypothetical question - if there is substance to this ''universal framework'' what effect would that 'common factor' have - that represents that [eternal?] coexistence - in the physical world - if it could be 'isolated'?

images4PE117KR'Musical' equivalent [i.e., with the same principle in mind] ..."The 'Ladder of the Planets' is another example of the Law of Octaves. The overall pattern of harmony in the universe is a 'seven' stepped formula for transformation embedded in our solar system. Just as the first seven notes of the musical scale represent our progress through the planets, the eighth note is a return to the first note at a higher vibration. The eighth note is the beginning of  a whole new octave of creation that represents our leaving behind the grosser materiality of the planets and experiencing the more subtle matter of the 'spiritual' universe."

Side note: "Uranus is the octave of Mercury, and Neptune the 'octave' of Venus....The 'organs' through which these newly discovered planets are especially active are the same 'chakras' that are assigned to Venus and Mercury. Uranus 'works' through the pineal body. Neptune's 'vibrations' affect the throat center. " [Page 47 'Occult Fundamentals and Spiritual Unfoldment'].

Question. Is it the ''pineal body'' or should it be the ''organs'' relative to Gemini/Virgo which Mercury 'rules' over? {i.e., lungs, collar bone, arms, hands / intestines, respectively}. Just as Venus rules over Taurus which is related to the ''neck and throat''.

Some authors purposely make mistakes to ensure {I suppose} the attention of the reader on subject material. Mr Case {or translator} does the same when he mentions J. Boehme in relation to ''gloves''.

So keep your eye open! Or would that be ''focused''? A eureka moment? or a connection of something else?

Minds eye? And/or: what does ''eight'' represent?

Continued: 'Incarnation' relative to 'reincarnation' within the present moment. And/or 'horizontal' in relation to 'vertical' . Crossover point = axis mundi? - in the micro sense of the 'Word'. Get {and/or 'see' } it?

Link to hewn / unhewn or granite in relation to limestone; as a representation of that 'process'. Question. Nothing more than fable? From the dawn of humankind; or at least from when man/woman first began to think?

What the author of 'Lazarus Come Forth' defines as...''it represents a specific manifestation of the law of repeated reawakening impulses, or the reality of 'gods' spirit [ruach elohim] from the timeless first day of creation." [Chapter 3].

Remember, the understanding of a subject, by way of objectivity, gives the same result.

'The Talking Tree' by W. Gray.

juhny"Most people pursuing their past lives are suffering from a weakness or dissatisfaction of identity in their present life; such problems can be resolved and outgrown through meditation upon deeper reality and truer identity than that of the ephemeral personality." [Quote by the author R. Stewart]. To make sense of the above; and/or make sense of what is being implied; understand that universal framework [A-C] in relation to the 'divine bit.' Enlarged throughout. i.e.,...

"The intent and determination to achieve union with the 'divine' is the only important consideration in advancing on the path of an initiate. And to do this, one need not to be a member of any recognized 'magical' group." [ Quote from within the book by Cicero] i.e.,..

..."Meditation,i.e.,the gradual deepening of thought, has its stages, which comprise pure and simple concentration on a subject, understanding the subject within the totality of relationships that it has with reality, and, lastly, intuitive penetration into the very essence of the subject. Just as prayer leads to mystical union of the soul with the 'divine', so does meditation lead to grasping a direct knowledge of eternal and immutable principles..." [Extract from the book by Tomberg. 'Letter 21' ]. The common factor between those two being a ''repetition'' of something. The main symbol of which is the 'plough'. Anything? Use the usual box to see if you agree or disagree.

"When you pray and study let my 'words' not forsake you." Proverbs 5:16.

"This is the Holy Grail, struck from the crown of lucifer when he fell from grace, and hidden within a secret castle. It is also the Cauldron of the Great Mother in which all life is renewed. And it is the Cup of the Sacrament. In other words, it changes shape according to individual understanding, but retains its mysteries power of regeneration. If we sought for a definition of the Grail, we would say: 'That which does not regenerate is not the grail.' " Try ''cauldron'' {and/or 'cup'} while recalling the Mr Jones, Miss Smith paragraph.

Lucifer = ''the light bringer'', i.e.,something representing a 'negative' [link to the word ''fall'' or in a ''fallen state''] - that has the potential to become a 'positive' - but only by that 'individual' effort.

'Quest for the Holy Grail' by Jessie Weston.

That final sentence that explains the difference between ''incarnation'' and a ''reincarnation.'' Compare to the previous paragraph with 'Mr Jones' and 'Miss Smith'. [Extract taken from chapter 2, entitled 'The Secret Way Across the Abyss' from the book, ' The Underworld Initiation' by R. Stewart]. Can you see that analogy because of those keys? Its physical representation [as one example] would be the 'tunnel' in Seti 1 tomb. The longest one in the Valley of the Kings. Others explained elsewhere.

A {working?} example: "As we watch from out of the windows, we are aware of a great wind which seems to be gathering force and to be driving along from the green hill, past the tower, toward the city. The force of the wind gets higher and higher, until it is howling and screaming around the tower. Suddenly, there is a burst of thunder and lightening, and the whole tower is lit up on the inside with a flash of light. We see ourselves, in that instant, as we really are. That incredible flash of white light shows up everything - our own souls inwardly. And the effect of that flash, show's almost like a photographers flash, is to imprint upon our minds  the state of ourselves as we really are, which we can see at a latter time, at the end of our journey - reflect upon..." [From the book by G. Knight]. Try ''cup/s''  and/or ''tower''.

"Within the aspirant there arises an understanding of what is going on and he awakens to the desire to control consciously this ebb and flow or [to put it in simple words] to turn the forces of the outgoing energy in any direction he chooses, or to withdraw to his center at will. He seeks to arrest this process of being swept out into incarnation without having any conscious purpose, and refuses to see the tide of his life beat out on emotional or mental spheres of existence; and then again see that life withdrawn, without his conscious volition. He stands at the midway point and wants to control his own cycles, the ''ebb and flow'' as he himself may determine it. With conscious purpose he longs to walk in the dark places of incarnated existence [i.e.,from an 'unknown' to a now 'known.' This readers input], and with equally conscious purpose he seeks to withdraw into his own center. Hence he becomes an aspirant." Ebb and flow in relation to wet and dry. Purpose of in relation to an understanding.

"Then is the time to appreciate that midway spot, which is neither dry nor wet, must provide the standing place whereon his feet are set."

"In this light an initiation [i.e.,by way of a eureka moment; represented {as an example} with the 'hare' symbol. Some refer to it as 'the mediation of the Knower Within' ] may come to us, and it may be completely devoid of ritual or ceremony. It may be a sudden event that changes our life completely, and directs us inward. It may even be a veritable incarnation of a Kabalistic or alchemical pathworking, unfolding around us. In the end however, as the word implies, initiation is only the beginning of the new stage of development, and that phase is only completed when we have been initiated into the next phase, at the hand of our Interior Master, [''teacher'' link], our very Soul - our self awareness." [Chapter 12, 'The Philosopher's Stone'. Mentioned elsewhere].

Different 'keys', same principles..."In most generalized terms, we are talking about the universal forces of energy, consciousness, and matter. The great traditionalist philosopher Rene Guenon, who undertook an in depth study of the trinity [explained throughout] of celestial elements, believed they were forces that were present in any act of manifestation. [Think on it , relative to 'unmanifest' in the previous [13th?] paragraph. Highlighted]. He reffered to the active principle the alchemists called Sulphur as ''Essence,'' the passive principle of Salt as "Substance," and the reconciling principle of Mercury as the "Mediator." Guenon acknowledged the universal truths revealed in the Emerald Tablet and saw in its formula a path to spiritual enlightenment. [Put ''mediator'' in the usual box].

Those words ''manifest/unmanifest'' used by some to describe that personnel journey from unaware to aware. Or unknown to now becoming known. The author of 'The Cosmic Doctrine' a good example. The ''Great Entity'' used as a reference to define 'individuals' who are seeking to understand themselves in the 'bigger picture'. The Micro within the Macro. The ''Ring-Cosmos'' and the ''Ring-Chaos'' used to represent those dual characteristics that ALL employ - in one form or another...i.e.,

"The Great Entity commences its evolution by developing, not the Cosmic Rings, but the concept of those Rings." [Chapter 7, same book]. Very similar [in its approach to making those 'concepts' understood] to other books such as 'The Kabalion' by the three initiates. For this reader - heavy going. Hence the value of understanding 'objectivity' in relation to 'subjectivity' i.e., the study of the subject in general and not just one aspect or author within it.

"...we need to make careful distinction between that which i will call objective and subjective truth. Objective truth is that which falls within the sphere of scientific examination and logical proof; subjective truth consists of an inner experience which is valid for the person who undergoes it, but which he or she can neither communicate, nor prove..." [Introduction, same book].

''Heaven is his 'father', Earth his 'mother' ['son of' link] .........The very fact that it is an initiate formula is itself a clear indication that if we are to understand it in its fullest sense, it must not be just thought of as referencing to the ordinary man who is the product of present world conditions, but as describing the 'true man' all of whose possibilities the initiate is called upon to realize within himself. As the son of 'heaven and earth,' the initiate has inside himself not only the four earthly elements but also the three 'heavenly' ones, ['divine bit' link] which is why the ancients viewed the individual as a microcosm of the whole universe. The same forces that shape the cosmos are present in man. This is the meaning of the Doctrine of Correspondences and the whole impetus for spiritual alchemy. No matter how far man has fallen from grace, no matter how tightly shackled to the chains of physicality he has allowed himself to become, there is hope for him because he has all the elements necessary to set himself free. All he has to do is purify the earthly elements in his soul and personality and 'activate' those 'heavenly' elements in his 'indwelling' spirit. This is the great work - to dissolve all that is 'inferior' within us and coagulate all that is 'superior.' In other words, we have to transmute the very elements of which we are made." [Chapter 7, 'The Emerald Tablet' by D. Hauck].

"...but if you are armed with the 'wand' of intuition, the 'cup' of sympathy, the 'sword' of reason and the 'pentacle' of valor, you will find there {the legends say} the Medicine of Metals, the Elixir of Life, the Philosophers Stone, True Wisdom and perfect happiness." [Extract from the book 'The Cosmic Trigger' by R. Wilson. Emphasis, this readers].

"The destiny of man, as we have said, is to make or create himself. He is, and he will be the son of his works, both for time and eternity." Quote by E. Levi.

"Since one incarnation on earth cannot possibly be sufficient, the personalty must return again and again in order to achieve the maximum development." [Introduction 'Alchemists Handbook' by F. Albertus].

"Life is a school. We incarnate to learn. Once all the lessons are learnt, we cease to incarnate........We have reached 'Nirvana.' " [Chapter 7, 'Astral Doorways.' Mentioned elsewhere].

A work in progress: "So what is the true habitat of the soul? Clearly it is not merely a place. It is the life force beyond our mistaken notion of ourselves that is seeking to come through us and accomplish its work of goodness in the world. It is that 'mysterious' presence that can overcome solitude, meaninglessness, and despair. Moreover, not only is it always there - deep within - but it is seeking us more {top down?} than we are seeking it {bottom up?}. This habitat is common to us all. We are not merely separate , disconnected life forms as the senses suggest. We are all connected and rooted in the deeper life that brought us into being. This habitat is our source of hope and sanity in a world of chaos...To become connected to that inner spiritual home, is to come into contact with the very mystery of our existence. And the more we enter our true habitat at the center of our very being the more we are made whole..." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way'. Continued elsewhere]. Try ''mandala'' for a further 'connection'.

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

"Here is another example, this time from the domain of esoteric experience. As we have already mentioned, reincarnation - successive lives of the same human individuality - is a fact of experience, as are the successive periods of wakefulness belonging to the day, which are interrupted by sleep at night. Buddha recognized the fact of reincarnation as such, but he considered it regrettable. This is why the aim of the eight fold path which he taught is to put an end to reincarnation. Because nirvana is the end of successive terrestrial lives...There was a time when there was no reincarnation; there will be a time when it will no longer be. Reincarnation only commenced after the Fall and it will cease with reintegration. IT is therefore not eternal..." [Taken from 'Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism' {Letter five} by Tomberg].

trident2Analogy of same..."Sulphur was considered the father of metals and mercury the mother, and all metals were procreated from them. A 'sexual' act was necessary to create the 'stone,' its composition analogous to the birth of a human. George Ripley said, ''mercury is an unruly woman who had to be governed and is not let out until she has conceived a 'child.' '' The coagula symbolized the regeneration or reconstruction of the body. A series of dissolution's and coagulation's in the vessel, that is, death and regeneration was called the ''solve et coagula.'' The black state in the Great Work represented prison. The mercury and gold were confined in 'prison' and setting them free was necessary. The mercurial serpent symbolized the spirit hidden in matter, which existed at the beginning and end of the great work. Destructive at the beginning, it transmuted itself at the end. Symbolic of life and death, destroyer and healer, slayer and slain, poison {'Scorpion'?} and medicine {Sagittarius?}, it participated in every aspect of the great work. Mercury was both the dark matter and the spirit hidden within. Both dissolver and coagulator, it was released when the old form was dissolved and 'recaptured' when the spirit was congealed. The union of the coagula symbolized marriage. It represented the triumph over 'separation' and the joining of opposites at all levels, male and female, sun and moon, wet and dry, fixed and volatile, {'fly'?} hot and cold, light and dark, heaven and earth." [Chapter 7, 'Keeper of Secrets' Vol 3 by R. Siblerud]. Think on it relative to the 'Birth of Venus'. A representation of something; other than the obvious. [Found within].

"They are what i am. But i will be more. Pun: The whole is the sum of its hearts." [Seth quote in relation to the answer given to the question ''What do you think of your various reincarnations?'' Page 16, 'The Seth Material' ].

"Jan Baptiste Van Helmont, the Flemish Alchemist, was important in the secret societies for reintroducing into Western esotericism ideas of reincarnation...which he called, ''the revolution of human souls.'' [Page 332, 'The Secret History of the World'].

A working example: "The narrative relates how Ra, the solar principle, advances in age and loses his vitality. After being bitten by a poisoned serpent, he summons the Neteru {in this case - Isis - represented with the 'thet' symbol, i.e.,''buckle'' or ''girdle'' } - to aid him in removing the poison that ''rattles his bones''....AND/OR..."Horus first comes on the scene as the 'Elder' hawk. He is sometimes depicted as a member of the Heliopolitan Ennead in latent form, as a seed...Horus the 'elder' exists as a potential principle - Horus the 'younger' as an antidote to physical existence, with all its inherent dualities and conflicts." ['Page 97/100 of the book by R. Clark]. Try ''bones'' / ''girdle'' .

Poison in relation to antidote as a means...?

Question. Any ''poison'' within those zodiac signs?


Qena = 'New City'. Coincidence or a ? Recall its position in the 'greater' scheme of things. Great Year?

Something 'unknown' becoming 'known' . Ra in relation to Horus. Middle ground = Osiris. Physical world in relation to the Duat. No more so represented {middle way?} within landscape symbolism as the Qena Governorate.

Try YHW{H}.

Exercise:  Recalling that the 'Scorpion' {because of those universal correspondences} can be associated with the 'snake' and 'eagle' {enlarged elsewhere} - can that therefore get one closer to understanding such works as Homer's secret Iliad? AND THEREFORE the subject as a whole?

"Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign, which is associated with the constellation Sagittarius and spans 240–270th degrees of the zodiac. Under the tropical zodiac, the sun transits this sign between approximately November 23 and December 21. Greek mythology associates Sagittarius with the centaur Chiron, who mentored Achilles, a Greek hero of the Trojan War, in archery." [Wiki].

"Sagittarius, half human and half horse, is the centaur of mythology, the learned healer whose higher intelligence forms a bridge between Earth and Heaven. Also known as the Archer, Sagittarius is represented by the symbol of a bow and arrow." Same.

'Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs: To the Edge and Beyond' / M. Reinhart.

Exercise {i.e.,something to ponder on}: "All planetary glyphs are composed of a few primary symbols: the circle, which is said to represent the wholeness of Spirit, the half circle which is the receptivity of the Soul, and the cross which represents Matter..." ['Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs'].

"The unassuming stone cross at Hendaye can still be seen today...Located in S/W France near the Pyrenees and the Atlantic ocean, Hendaye neighbours {boundary?} Basque regions to the south, where pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela {N/W} along the symbolic Milky Way of Spain still take place. Because of its unique location, Hendaye occupies the center of a quadriparite landscape that is three parts earth and one part water." [From the book by J. Jenkins]. 'Transcendent' third?

Side note: "The Cross constellation is the German Kreuz, the Italian Croce, the French Croix. With us it is the Southern Cross. It was unknown to the ancients by its present title - its four chief stars being noted by Ptolemy as a part of the Centaur - which now surrounds it on three sides. As such Bayer outlined it over the hind feet....Pliny may have known it as Thronos Caesaris in honour of Emperor Augustus yet it was then invisible from Italy, though plainly visible from Alexandria....In India it was called the Beam {yoke?} of Crucifixion....Its a recent invention, probably 16th century....The Crux lies in the Milky Way....The two great stars, which mark the summit and foot of the Cross, having nearly the same right ascension, it follows then that the constellation is almost perpendicular at the moment when it passes the meridian. This circumstance is known to the people of every nation situated beyond the Tropics or in the southern hemisphere. It has been observed in what hour of the night, in different seasons, the Cross is erect or inclined....Von Humboldt thought it remarkable that these so striking and well defined stars should not have been earlier separated from the large ancient constellation of the Centaur, especially since Kazwini and other Muhammadan astronomers took pains to discover crosses elsewhere in the sky; and he said that the ancient Persians , who knew the Cross well, celebrated a feast by its name, their descendants, to whom it was lost by precession, finding its successor in the Dolphin."   [Page 184-190  'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

Therefore the question is: What is the connection between the Centaur and Cross - that should not be separated - if only to make something understood?

Recall the hind quarters of {say} the Lion constellation.

And/or: "Ancient, however, are such terms as Ash and the Bier; Plaustrum, and Triones - this splendid constellation ran still further back - three or four or even more millenniums before even these titles were current - as the Bulls Thighs, or the Fore Shank, in Egypt. There it was presented at Denderah and in the temple of Edfu by a single thigh or hind quarter of the animal..." [Page 434 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

Quarter in relation to ''transcendent third''? Therefore ''thigh'' = ' a quarter' of something?

Try ''three and four''.

"The myth of Horus, one of the most ancient in ancient Egypt, deciphered from the temple walls of Edfu, 5000 BC, as connected with the stella Hippo, was, about 3000 years afterwards transferred to the Thigh, which then occupied the same circumpolar position that the Hippo did when the original inscription was made. In view of this, Champollion alluded to the Thigh as Horus Apollo. Towards our era, when Egypt began to be influenced by Greece, her former pupil, our Wain was regarded as the Car of Osiris, shown on some of that countries planisphere's by an Ark or Boat, near to the polar point, although it also seems to be have been known as a 'Bear'." [Same book under Ursa Major].

''Car'' in relation to ''the Chariot that Pharaoh gave to Joseph'' {i.e.,lower/middle/higher}.

Question. Which and why?

The circle is now complete. Back at the beginning. Those same old questions. WHY? Why go to all that time and effort? Is it all a figment of their active imaginations? Maybe something along the lines of a Harry Potter story? Even though they all agree that no flying broomsticks or carpets are valid components within their esoteric lore. Witches don’t count. They come under Pagan esotericism. That new ‘religion’ that has ‘42,000’ members.

Side note: "The Sutton Benger Green Man has hawthorn issuing from his mouth and birds eating the berries. The hawthorn is one of the most 'magical' of all trees; witches broomsticks were garlanded with 'may', the flower of the thorn, and the beginning of Beltane, the festival of the 'death' of winter, was determined not by the calendar date but by its blossoming. To this day, in parts of rural Ireland farmers will divert a road they are making rather than cut down a 'whitethorn' bush." ['The Green Man' / M. Harding].


'Childs' play?

And/or: ''At the end of April is May Eve, the 'wedding' of the Goddess and God. The Goddess is magically changed into a white hind and the God, as the Hunter, seeks her in the 'woodland'. After the chase they may jump and dance over a bonfire, the Beltane fire, named after the sun god, Bel or Baal. There may be a wedding feast and the houses are decked with Hawthorn blossoms, unlucky at any other time. After May day with its 'child' May Queens enacting the bridal procession - the sun continues to climb to his zenith at midsummer at enters Cancer on or about 21 June...." Page 130 of the book by Marian Green].

Try ''Thorn'' before those first impressions decide something else - especially if {contemplated?} outside of May.

"And we may note here that Gautama, the Buddha was born, reached illumination, and died at the ''full moon of May.'' In the deepest sense he symbolizes the raising of ''new moon'' instinct to the clarity of ''full moon'' consciousness, of unconscious Nature to conscious Meaning...." [Page 67, 'The Lunation Cycle' / D. Rudhyar].

Refresher: "But are these two worlds Pan spoke of to remain forever separate? I have seen this lake, in my minds eye, I think. I found myself on May Hill, and it was an island. All this was sea - or lake. And a friend said the other day that she could never take her shoes off in this house for fear of getting her feet wet! But not in this world, if you know what I mean. She 'felt' the lake without knowing about it." ['The Sword in the Sun'].

Continued...As is the same intent, with the 42 nomes of ‘upper/lower’ Egypt, Or the 42 'volumes' of Hermes Trismegistus. Or 42 precepts of Maat. Or the 42 generations between Abraham and Christ. Symbolic would you believe of this/that world. Four represents this world; four elements; four points of the compass; etc...Two represents...'Duality', indicative of the 'co-existence' lore. Four and two equals six. Six for whatever reasons represents A+B, [Pythagorous symbolism. As with the six sides of the hexagram, [Hebrew symbol.]] Or the six days of ‘creation’. ‘Waters’ above/ below’ the ‘firmament’. [Which represents only A-B ].

"So all the generations from Abraham to David were fourteen generations, and from David to the deportation to Babylon fourteen generations, and from the deportation to Babylon to the Christ fourteen generations." [Matthew i, 17].

Don't forget those first impressions, i.e.,total them up.

Side note: "The country of Egypt was divided into 42 provinces, or nomes. Each of these provinces was accorded a sacred temple and a series of initiation rites, pertaining to a particular god...They were known as the Judges in the Double Hall of Truth, which the candidate had to pass on his way to initiation. These 42 are the 'assessors' of the witness Osiris, and the initiate must exonerate themselves of the 42 corresponding sins before passing through to the next phase...This probably explains why... it is said that the impurities 'are shed to the earth', while what is pure 'rises to the horizon'. This is the fission required by the initiate to continue on his/her way....The 'pure' arising from this fission is said to appear in the horizon like Sirius..."

''In the horizon'' as opposed to ''of the horizon''? Find elsewhere.

Refresher: "Separate thou the 'earth' from the fire, the subtle from the gross sweetly with great industry. It ascends from the earth to the heaven and again it descends {'bitter'?} to the earth and receives the force of things 'superior' and 'inferior'. By this means you shall have the glory {''grace''?} of the whole world and thereby all obscurity shall 'fly' from you..."['Emerald Tablet'].

Side note: "In alchemy, the up/down triangles are symbols for 'fire' and 'water'. In Freemasonry, the triangle represents the spiritual, physical and psychological part of a person. The 'triangle' may have been an astrological chart at the time of King David's birth." [Page 48 'Pathways to the Zodiac' / E. Winstanley].

Continued: "And if an archetypal human life is charted along the course of the zodiac, with each sign corresponding to a 7 year cycle, Virgo represents the period 35 - 42. It is during this 'period' that the inner transformation of the ego should take place , leading - after 42 - to the performance of ones 'work of destiny' as a participant in the universal community of Humanity." [Page 107, 'The Zodiac as the Universal Matrix'].

As seen from a different perspective: "Ra has fourteen ka's,' said Her-Bak. 'Has he passive attributes?'...'He has them in respect of his material body, and all that is part of him on Earth. But the glorious beings that have achieved unity have no  resistances.'...As to Ra, the power of his ka's vary as they proceed from his material or his divine body...That is why Ra's ''incorruptible'' body is the type of what Pharaoh should be for our land, a being who gives life, equilibrium and strength, the leaven of his people, whose physical body radiates his active Qualities or ka's as Ra's body radiates his, which are 14..." [Her-Bak']. N.B. That ''divine'' word again. And/or...

''Radiates'' in relation to: "...imagine there is a ball or sphere of brilliant white or golden light above the crown of your head. Do not force the imagination to visualise the sphere of light, for this only results in the development of neuromuscular tension, and defeats our end. Let it be done quietly and easily. If the mind wanders, as indeed it will, wait a moment or two and gently lead it back. At the same time, vibrate or intone a sound {'Aten,'? i.e.,as {one} means - in helping one to focus on main intention of mental exercise}...After a few days of practice it will become quite easy to imagine the name vibrating above the head in the so-called Spirit center. This name, this center, is the indwelling and overshadowing divinity in each one of us...The effect of mentally directing the vibration to the Spirit center is to awaken the center to dynamic activity. Once it begins to 'vibrate' and rotate, light and energy are felt to emanate downward upon and into the body. Enormous charges of spiritual power make there way into the brain, and the entire body feels suffused with vitality and life..." ['The Art of True Healing' / I. Regardie].

Question. Meditation exercise only?

Refresher: "O children of Adam. Indeed, we have given you garments to cover your 'nakedness',[key] and as a thing of beauty;...but the garment of god-consciousness is the best of all. This is one of gods messages....that human beings might take it to heart". [Quran 7:26]

Side note: "Finally, an etched rib bone was found with the human remains in Gough's cave, Cheddar {not far from Glastonbury}. Its markings consist of short strokes along the edges, often in groups of nine. The significance of this number in this context was debated for many years, but in 1989 five fragments of bone were found at the same site, all with similar grouping of incisions. The number in each group upon these varies from eight to fourteen, so it may be that the sets of nine strokes upon the first find were of no particular significance. Unless the carver {or carvers} were simply doodling, the incisions look like tallies. But whether of kills, or days, or moons, or something else, we cannot know." [From the book by R. Hutton].

Refresher: "Awareness adds 'flesh' to those dry bone/s." Enlarged elsewhere. Try ''garment''.


'Suns' rays with [helping?] hands on the end of each. Amongst others - Nineteen can sometimes be seen instead of fourteen. Coincidence or a meaningful one?

"Higher numbers frequently assume a deeper meaning by being connected with their divisors...Among the important lunar numbers, 14 is particular interesting, for it takes the waxing moon 14 days to reach perfection as a full moon...The 14 helpers or 14 saints are, in their aspect of the double 7, symbols of kindness joined with reason, as well as symbols of help in dangerous situations...The kindly god Osiris was cut into 14 pieces, and each of his parts brought a blessing to the land where it was lying...It is natural that in Islam, a religion where lunar symbolism plays an important role, the 14 should occupy a special place. Once again the main contributions to the esoteric interpretation come from the Brethren of Purity. Fourteen is not only half of 28, the number of the lunar mansions and the letters of the Arabic alphabet, but it also reflected in the 14 parts of the human hand and the 14 vertebrae each in the upper and lower parts of the spine. It is not strange that the Arabic alphabet consists of 14 so-called 'sun' letters and 14 'moon' letters, and also 14 letters with diacritical marks and 14 without them...

...Such considerations played an important role in the mystical interpretations of the letter...by the so called Hurufis, who combined letter and number symbolism with parts of the human face and body, showing for example, that the words 'yad', ''hand,'' and 'wajh', ''face,'' both have the numerical value of 14.

REFRESHER: "In the course of the Iliad, gods - representing planets - assume the voices or characters of mortals {stars}. In this way, Homer records a phenomenon known as occultation, when the moon or a planet journeying across the sky passes in front of celestial objects that are further away, such as stars or outer planets, and temporarily obscures them. It may be that total obscuration occurs only when a god assumes the body of a mortal; when a god assumes the voice of a mortal or is said to be helping him, this may indicate that the planet is only close to the personal star of the warrior concerned." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].  Other information on ''Poseidon'' elsewhere.

A {working?} example..."A few other people from the group followed me, probably thinking they wanted to see what i was doing. To me, of course, whoever was there was supposed to be there. There are no accidents, no mistakes. Within a few minutes, i found the second cenote and noted that there was exactly 14 people, including myself. I explained to them the story of Ken and me and the other cenote back in 1985 and the present request of the Hunbatz men, and it was if everyone had been to psychic school. They seemed to know exactly what to do." ['Serpent of Light Beyond 2012'].

Follow the title of the book to understand those 'keys' within the context of a working  example - before asking those bigger questions.

It would be surprising if such speculations were not applied to the prophet Muhammad. Indeed one of his names Taha, has the numerical value of 14 and points to the fact that he, radiant like the full moon, appeared in the dark night of this world to illuminate it with his perfect spiritual and corporeal beauty. In this tradition, 14 is also connected with beauty: 14 years is the ideal age of the beautiful young beloved, the boy with an immaculate face; comparable to a full moon who, as the medieval Arab poet claims: is like the moon of 7 plus 7, and the 7 climata and the 7 spheres make obeisance before him..." [Extract from the book 'Mystery of Numbers'. Mentioned elsewhere. Emphasis, this readers]. Try ''hand'' to see those broader [universal?] connections and not just its local [micro?] ones - BEFORE THOSE BIGGER QUESTIONS ARE ASKED.

A {working?} or synchronistic example: "When the Copper Scroll was finally translated by John Allegro, in addition to Hebrew writing, it was also found to contain 14 letters from the Greek alphabet, interspersed throughout the text. When Feather {scholar/author} looked at these in more detail, he found that when put together, they spelt the Greek name for Akhenaten." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way'].

"42 { 14x3?} is often interchangeable with 40, for 6 weeks of 7 days are often regarded, like the 40 days, as a time of preparation or waiting. Medieval Christian theologians pointed out that there were 42 stations [micro] that the children of Israel had to pass between Egypt and Sinai, and that this sequence appears again in the incarnation of Christ in the 42nd generation [macro] after Abraham. Or they might speak of the 6 connected with human acts multiplied by the seven of resting, which is the sabbath..." [Same book. Parenthesis this readers].

gross-analogySomething to ponder on: "These acrobatics figures are different from those severe-looking terracotta warriors in gestures, dressings and expressions. The discovery of these figures adds a new group to the Qin terracotta warriors; shows us the colorful acrobatical art and the entertainment culture in the Qin royal court...It refers to the theatricals and variety shows including pole climbing, wrestling dance, sword-swallowing and tripod lifting, among which the tripod lifting is the most welcomed one. The men of giant strength competed in lifting up the heaviest tripod. During this excavation work, a copper tripod was also unearthed. It weights about 467 pounds, which is the heaviest copper tripod discovered in the Qin Mausoleum by far.''

Side note: "We need to have a correctly three-dimensional life if we wish to experience Chinese wisdom as a living thing {'Being'?}. Therefore, we first have need of European truths about ourselves. Our 'way' begins in European reality and not in yoga practises which would only leave us astray as to our own reality. We must continue Wilhelm's work of translation in a wider sense if we wish to show ourselves worthy pupils of the master. Just as he translated the spiritual treasure of the East into European meaning, we should translate this meaning into life {'Being'?}. Wilhelm translated the central concept, the Tao, as 'meaning'. To translate meaning into life, that is to realise the Tao, would be a task of the pupil. But the Tao, will never be 'created' with words and wise precepts. Do we know exactly how the Tao develops in us or around us? Is it by imitation, by reason, by acrobats of the Will?'' [Page 145 'The Secret of the Golden Flower' with a commentary by C. Jung].

Eastern way/Western way - enlarged throughout. In the ''wider'' {horizon?} sense of the 'word' relative to ''being''?

Continued: ''What's more, on the side palace of the Emperor Qin Shihuang's Mausoleum, experts discovered a stone dice called Shiboqiong similar to today's dice but with 14 sides. Each side was carved with one character or a number. It is believed that the dice was a play thing of the Emperor Qin Shihuang. But how to play it and how the 14 sides developed into today's six sides, remains unknown." [www.travelchinaguide.com]. Try ''acrobat'' and/or ''dice'' and/or ''six'' and/or  ''games''.

Acrobats of the Will?

Side note: "Enoch lived many centuries before Moses. In the 5th chapter of the Book of Genesis, Enoch is described as the ''seventh from Adam'' - which meant he was born seven generations after Adam. Since seven, in Essene numerology, is the number of perfection, it is no mere coincidence that Enoch represents the seventh generation of humanity: he represents perfect humanity..." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way']. Continued elsewhere.

'Perfect' in the sense of an understanding - the whole one not just its parts - micro within the macro - by way of Gnosis - OR MORE IMPORTANTLY - what it implies in relation to that understanding. Hence ''He who walked with 'god'."  See it? As opposed to say, Moses, ''he who {only} saw the back of god''. Yet ''saw his face.'' Both enlarged throughout.

Synchronistic example? "Inspired by his discoveries at Troy, Schliemann reasoned that other cities named by Homer must also exist, and in the following years he excavated in the Peloponnese...It was in a tomb at Mycenae that he discovered a golden mask that is the most famous find from Bronze Age Greece. It was said that Schliemann telegraphed to the king of Greece, 'I have gazed upon the face of Agamemnon.' Archeologists are now certain that it is not the mask of same, and there is even doubts about the precise wording of the telegram...In spite of his many faults and fantasies Schliemann..." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

Question. Regardless of where it was found - what does it REPRESENT?

A working example {exercise?}: "Eventually, with further descriptive evidence gained from narrative of the Iliad, Agamemnon, ''King of Men'', became the star Regulus from the constellation Leo..." Same book. Try ''lion''.

Something to ponder on: {i.e.,something hinted at; the solution of which - by this reader - has not yet been answered - but placed, where eventually one may be found}: "We had a last meal {supper?} together outside a restaurant in the Piazza Castello, where we could look out on the trees and flowers of the gardens. During the meal he mentioned that one of the sigils {and/or keys} in the code, which was clearly a form of the letter 'M', was identical to one in a Latin line on the tympanum of the duomo of Verona...According to the unwritten rules of codification, the 'M' would be interchangeable for the constellation or zodiacal sign, Leo..." ['The Zelator'].  Try 'M'.


'She who is on her hill'. ''Stone'' in relation to a ''golden'' one. Question. 'Capstone'?

A-C is always represented within number symbolism with the number eight. As with the Octagonal shape, of the Dome of the Rock, and the eight petaled rosette emblem on the Phaistos Disc, or the 'eight limbed', as a representation of Raja Yoga, or 'eight' Rosicrucian members of the original brotherhood [as a representation of something, as is the eight year cycle of Venus, or the eight notes within the musical scale, or the 88 constellations, that are part of the Zodiac. The meaning of which is 'animal circle']. Or [as a metaphor: but with the same principle in mind] - "Saturn is the first step on the Ladder of the Planets. It is farthest from the sun of all the visible planets - 888 million miles - and represents the galactic starting point on our journey in from the stars." OR "The next stop on the 'Ladder of the Planets' is Mercury. It is closest planet to the sun and revolves around it in 88 days, thus making it the 'fastest' moving planet in our solar system."[ Both extracts taken from the book 'Sorcerer's Stone' by D. Hauck]. Or the eight points of the Maltese cross. Or the 800 utterances, written in 'columns' inside the pyramids of the late Old Kingdom and First Intermediate Period that were called the pyramid texts. Or even [as will some day be verified?] - the 88 'hammers' on the 230 strings of the Grand Piano OF Giza]. Finally "he that hath an ear, let him hear," appears no less than eight times in the Book of Revelations."

REFRESHER..."The 'Ladder of the Planets' is another example of the Law of Octaves. The overall pattern of harmony in the universe is a 'seven' stepped formula for transformation embedded in our solar system. Just as the first seven notes of the musical scale represent our progress through the planets, the eighth note is a return to the first note at a higher vibration. The eighth note is the beginning of a whole new octave of creation that represents our leaving behind the grosser materiality of the planets and experiencing the more subtle matter of the 'spiritual' universe." Enlarged elsewhere,i.e.,try ''eight''.

N.B. For an example of landscape equivalent {Mayan} see 'The Eight Temples' within chapter 6 of the book 'Serpent of Light Beyond 2012'.

"The Christian gnostics made much of the fact that the name Jesus [Greek translation] is equivalent to the number 888, and it is well known that the so called ''number of the beast'' as mentioned in Revelations is 666." Knock knock, see / hear anything? Recall what the ''triple'' of anything [in number symbolism ], is indicative of. Explained within. Together with what ''beast'' represents in relation to what ''Jesus'' represents. 'Lower' in relation to 'higher'. Represented [ in number symbolism ] as 'six' in relation to 'eight' - A/B relative to A/B + C. Potential of. [Chapter two,{Gematria} from the book, 'Jesus Christ Sun of God; Ancient Cosmology and Early Christian Symbolism]. For further reading on the ''Gematria'' aspect to this overall subject see, 'The Pythagorean Sourcebook and Library' by D. Fideler.

"The number six is that of equilibrium, the complementation of opposites and their annihilation, the fruit of their work. The number seven is that of terrestrial Nature, manifestation of the nine archangelic puissances????? The number eight is the number of death for resurrection." ['Sacred Science'].

And/or:"The 'perfect body' is the resurrected body. It is ascribed the number six, on the grounds that 1+2+3=6. This simple numerology seems to be have been at the basis of the roman system of dicing, and behind the importance accorded the six. The six-petalled flower, and for that matter, the six-petalled center to the mediaeval mazes, is linked with the mysteries of the number." ['The Zelator'].

A working example?..."The Beast is like our ego and egocentric interests. It represents the work of 'self' alone, without 'gods' influence. The mark is erased when the work of our hands and thoughts of our minds are cooperating with god, rather than simply being self driven. The Beast is our lower nature at our most selfish, self-centered, self glorifying point of existence." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way' / Mentioned elsewhere]. Continued elsewhere.

''Grace'' in relation to horizontal/vertical ?

Exercise. Put the five above paragraphs together with this sixth one to 'see' if can understand something other than the obvious. Something other than what those first impressions only 'see'.

mjiu"An Octagon will indicate ceremonial work [ the study of a subject implies the same] of a mercurial nature, since eight is the number of Hod, the Sephirah to which Mercury is attributed. Erected within this figure, as the foundation of all his work, the symbol of the lower Will, Is the Altar, on which are arrayed the magical instruments to be employed [or studied]. It is the fundamental center of the 'magicians' work, the pivot to which he again and again returns from the circumambulation [link to ''repetition'' symbol Or 'to revise'. Purpose of, i.e.,within the context of a ''study'' program or what one may call 'the way of the READER']. It should be so built this altar, that its shape and size, the very materials from which it is constructed, are all in accord with the fundamental philosophic principles of the Kabalah, [ or any esoteric literature], thus serving to remind him of the work in hand. Cedar wood for instance, if employed in the construction of the Altar, would bring about an imaginative association with Jupiter, whereas Oak is an attribution of Mars. The wood of the Laural or Acacia, both of which are attributed to Tiphareth, would however be harmonious for no matter what kind of working, inasmuch as Tiphareth and its correspondences symbolize harmony and equilibrium. This Altar should be made that it can act as a cupboard, in the 'interior' of which all the 'instruments' [or symbols] may be safely kept and guarded. [Link to 'heart' symbolism ]. One exception, however, exists to this general rule. The Lamp must always hang above the Theurgists head, and is never kept in the Altar cupboard. It symbolizes in every system the undimmed radiance of the Higher self, the Holy Guardian Angel - ['guardian of the gate' link, i.e.,that boundary line between objective and subjective that is necessary to employ when one is attempting to understand anything. ]- to whose knowledge and 'conversation' he so ardently aspires ['magician' and/or student. Take your pick, i.e., to 'internalize' with oneself. Higher/lower]. Whenever that 'Lamp' is shining, illuminating the magical work, that operation bears the immortal seal of legitimacy and the abiding sanction and approval, as it were, of the Holy Ghost, ['divine bit' link and/or 'source',i.e.,the understanding of it - in this case - relative to top/down as a means to an understanding]. Moreover, the Oil which this lamp 'consumes' is olive oil, sacred to Minerva, the 'goddess' of Wisdom." [Chapter 7, 'The Tree Of Life'. Mentioned elsewhere. Emphasis, this readers]. Understand those keys [highlighted in one form or another] to define a subject. The objective way works just as well as the 'ritual' one. The 'Way' of the READER and or student. Sacrifice something of the 'lower' to understand something of the 'higher' = a learning curve. Mechanics of. Try ''lamp'' in the usual box.

"Symbol of the lower Will, Is the Altar..."

"Stecchini resolved the millennial riddle of the coffer [sarcophagus] by showing that it contains exactly 40 artaba, or 40 cubes whose sides are one geographical foot, and that its outside volume is twice this amount, or 80 cubes of one geographical foot."

Inner = ''transcendental third'' link? represented {as one example} as 'blue stones'.

'New Dimensions for the Cube of Space.' / D. Hulse.

"All forms that nature produces are originally the products of universal life expressing itself in 'forms'. They are manifestations of the 'one' in 'three', but as such they do not posses any life of their own. There still remains the UNmanifested one, which must become active in the form if the form is to live. The 'Three' rendered alive through the 'One' produces the 'Four', and four is therefore the number of 'perfection'. It represents the square, by means of which the universe is 'constructed', and which finds its symbolic expression in the life giving influences meeting from the four cardinal points, North, South, East and West." [Quote taken from within the book by F. Hartman]. Something unknown becoming a 'known' quantity.

Question. What is that 'quantity'?

Additional 'information': "The Cube {six squares}, relates to the element earth, the physical world. The Icosahedron {twenty triangles} relates to the element water and the 'astral' level. The Octahedron {eight triangles} relates to the element air, and to the mental/intuitional level. The Tetrahedron {four triangles} relates to the element fire, and to the spiritual or artemic level. The Dodecahedron {twelve pentagon's} represents the universe, the totality of creation. Contains the other four forms within itself." [ 'The Fourth Dimension' by A. Duncan].

Analogy {wisdom within it?}: "Considering Hephaestus role as the original creator of the constellations, new lines of inquiry may indicate that Homer preserved in the Iliad the remnants of an even older astronomical culture than that associated with Minoan Crete and Mycenae. Consider the following passage: 'Meanwhile Thetis came to the house of Hephaestus, imperishable, star-bespangled, fairest of the abodes in Heaven, a house of bronze wrought by the lame gods own hands. She found him busy with his bellows, sweating and hard at work, for he was making twenty tripods {triangles?} that were to stand 'by the wall' of his house, and he set wheels of gold under them {'chariots'?} - all that they might go of their own selves to the assemblies of the gods, and come back again - marvels indeed to see." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

N.B. That final sentence in relation to: "Just as the first seven notes of the musical scale represent our progress through the planets, the eighth note is a return to the first note at a higher vibration. The eighth note is the beginning of a whole new octave of creation that represents our leaving behind the grosser materiality of the planets and experiencing the more subtle matter of the 'spiritual' universe." Enlarged elsewhere.

Refresher: "To be sure, 20 is not exactly interesting for mystical and magic pursuits, but on the other hand, it is extremely important in the formation of number systems. For the simple reason that the fingers and toes add up to 20, this number forms the basis for counting in many cultures. Among the Celts, for example, 40 is called two times 20. The Ainu in northern Japan have a very similar way of counting and express, for instance, 80 as 4 times 20, which corresponds exactly to the French 'quatre' {four} 'vingts' {twenty}. The Maya used to connect 20 with the solar deity just as in ancient Babylonia it was linked with Samash, the sun god. In Quiche, the Mayan writing system, the cipher for the number 20 is a human figure, and among the Hopi, a child is given a name on the twentieth day to become a real human {nickname?}. In medieval Christian exegesis, on the other hand, 20 was taken to point to man's realization of the 10 Commandments in act and intention, or else as a product of 4 times 5, that is the 5 books of the Pentateuch, which is the law, and the 4 Gospels, which mean grace...In a number of special terms in German one still finds remnants of an earlier use of 20 as a comprehensive number: 1 Ries of paper, 20 sheets, forms one ''book''...and the Schneise, a small road into a forest, originally meant a rope on which 20 codfish could be hung to dry..." ['Mystery of Numbers' / A. Schimmel}.

Question. Why codfish?

continued..."In English, the old ''score'' for 20 is still much more in use, as in threescore and one = 61."

"Sixty, one of the central numbers in the systems of the ancient Near East, still influences our lives with minutes and seconds. It has also been used in other counting units, such as the old German measure called a Schock, which was mainly used for counting eggs but originally related to the placing of sheaves of grain at harvest time. In Babylonia, 60 was the first great unit, as it could easily be divided by 30, 20, 15, 12, 10, 6, 5, 4, 4, and 2. While the number 1 was expressed as a small wedge, the 60 appeared as a large wedge. Being the ''great one'' it was assigned to the highest diety, Anu, the god of heaven. The relation to 60 to the 360 degrees of the circle = the construction of geometrical figures such as the equilateral triangle and may have played a role in the development of the sexagesimal system...In ancient Greece 60 was similar used as a round number, and Plato's ''marriage number'' 12,960,000 = 60 to the power of 4, is derived from it...Plutarch claims that crocodiles lay 60 eggs, hatch them for 60 days, and live for 60 years; he adds that 60 is the first measure for those interested in heavenly appearances." ['Mystery of Numbers'].

''Heavenly appearance'' in relation to: "Immorality, or a misapprehension about the true nature of the material world, will, as Blavatsky intimated, darken into a crocodile form {'etheric' link}, from which the soul must struggle free." ['The Zelator']. Try ''struggle''.

Question. At what nome {temple?} within Egypt {i.e.,along the Nile River} can be found the sacred crocodile. Coincidence or a meaningful one?

Understanding those - what seem on first impressions - as just bits and pieces of {information?} - gives clues - if not a direction - as to someones final resting place.

scorpion king

The Scorpion King.

"Diodorus Siculus recorded a story of Menes related by the priests of the crocodile god Sobek at Crocodilopolis, in which the pharaoh Menes, 'attacked by his own dogs' while out hunting, fled across Lake Moeris on the back of a crocodile and, in thanks, founded the city of Crocodilopolis."

George Stanley Faber (1816), taking the word campsa to mean either crocodile or ark and preferring the latter, identifies Menes with Noah and the entire story as a flood myth.

According to Manetho, Menes reigned for 62 years and was killed by a hippopotamus." ['Wiki'].

Question. When ALL the available information is accessed - which do you prefer?

Question 2. Has a 'unification' of 'upper/lower' {if only in the internal sense of the word} begun yet?

Side note: "Is it true that the crocodile is linked with Saturn?...'Yes it is, you will find that association within Egyptian mythology, and also in the writings of Alice Bailey...Perhaps the crocodile is also in that pool...waiting to swallow up the unwary..." Enlarged elsewhere. [Page 62, 'Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs']. Try ''Swallow''.

And/or: "The would be civilizer may turn out to be a somewhat fanatical doctrinarian - the man of one idea and system to which everything else is to be sacrificed." [Page 146, under the chapter 'The Sign Sagittarius' within the book 'The Zodiac as the Universal Matrix'].

'Pool' all that information together to attempt the start date of something.

huytfContinued: Recall the story {riddle?} of someone changed into a 'Stag' and chased/torn to pieces by his very own hunting dogs. Question. Lower {'A'} PRIMARY over higher? {'B'}.

Question 2. How would the reverse be represented? Especially within a landscape? Understanding that gives clues as to a final resting place {i.e.,in the 'feminine' sense of the word}.

Something to ponder on: "In Babylonia, and representing the whole constellation, it personified the Wife of Bel...and the Virgin's Girdle, marked the 20th ecliptic asterism of that name, and the lunar asterism Dan-nu, the Hero of the Sky Furrow. It was also the Might of the Abode of Life - a common title for Babylon itself...It is said to be known in Egypt at one time as the Lute Bearer and/or Lord; and Lockyer thinks that the great ''Mena may symbolize Spica, with which star we have seen Min - worship associated''. According to this same author, one of the temples at Thebes, probably dedicated to this Mena, Menat, {necklace?} Menes, Min, or Khem, was orientated  to Spica's setting about 3200 BC; and the temple of the sun at al Amarna was also so orientated about 2000 BC or somewhat later..." [Page 468 {'Virgo'} within the book 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

Maybe just 'M' ?

N.B. Ecliptic in relation to ellipse as a means....? Enlarged elsewhere.

Side note: A work in progress?..."The appearance of the brightest star was not only a major spectacle: it also raised the problem of how to incorporate Sirius in the then established order of constellations. In the Iliad this was solved by a major revision of stars and constellations in a large sector of the sky. In an area of the heavens extending south towards the horizon and bounded in the north by Cancer, in the west by the Milky Way and Orion and in the east by Hydra there were only a small number of significantly bright stars before the arrival of Sirius. These included the stars now known as Procyon {Canis Minor}, and Altarf + Cancri, which may have been part of an extended ancient constellation of Leo. A reorganization of this area of sky to accommodate Sirius is indicated by the importance Homer assigns to the 'gifts' offered to Achilles if he will return to the 'battlefield'. On three different occasions the gifts are listed in detail as seven tripods {i.e.,21, i.e.,''Twenty one is connected to perfection, since it is the product of the sacred numbers 7 and 3''] - twenty iron cauldrons, twelve horses and eight women {i.e.,61 in total}. If each group of gifts is taken to represent stars within a band of similar brightness or magnitude, it suggests that some stars within an older boundary of Leo, were 'given' to a new constellation boundary created around Sirius and including Canis Minor and Cancri, perhaps once 'owned' by Agamemnon {Leo}. Some support for the idea that a more ancient configuration of Leo was larger than the present constellation is derived from a belief that the earliest zodiac had only six divisions and not the twelve devised later." [Homer's Secret Iliad'].

N.B. ''Six'' in relation to 'half a dozen of this - half a dozen of that' relative to what ''twelve'' represents. A process {development?} still {evolving?} in stages? Representational of. As in the case of the triple uraeus of Cleopatra?  OR those 'blue' stones {'inner'} relative to the Sarsen ones {'outer'}. Question. Same 'time' period? Enlarged elsewhere.

continued..."Sixty is also the product of 3x4x5, and the Kaaba in Mecca has recently been interpreted in these terms by the American musicologist and numerologist E. G. McClain, who relates its proportions to those of the Sumerian ark {60x60x60} or its double {2x60x60x60}, the number of the sacred mountain, the world's center..." ['Mystery of Numbers'].

imagesP6E0VB9K"The First and last mysteries of Alpha and Omega." Volume of cube = 53200 cubic units. Surface area of cube = 8490 square units. Surface area of each side = 1415 square units. 532 = Alpha. 849 = Omega. 1415 = The 'god' Apollo. [Number symbolism. Recall what 'Apollo' represents].

"Such a division of the 7 into these two constituent principles, the spiritual 3 and the material 4, was used time and again..." [Taken from 'Mystery of Numbers'. Found elsewhere].

"In the gnostic gospel Pistis Sophia, Jesus instructs his disciples at some length concerning the nature of the first and last mysteries. He states that the first mystery is the last mystery "from within outwards"...in other words, Alpha is contained within Omega, and the two are intimately connected." [Page, 272, 273, 'Jesus Christ Sun of God' {Ancient Cosmology and Early Christian Symbolism} by D. Fideler].

..."The 'Ladder of the Planets' is another example of the Law of Octaves. The overall pattern of harmony in the universe is a 'seven' stepped formula for transformation embedded in our solar system. Just as the first seven notes of the musical scale represent our progress through the planets, the eighth note is a return to the first note at a higher vibration. The eighth note is the beginning of a whole new octave of creation that represents our leaving behind the grosser materiality of the planets and experiencing the more subtle matter of the 'spiritual' universe."

Understanding the above gives a plausible ''helping hand'' in attempting to define the following..."Those Biblical words [i.e.,the Father, the Son, the Holy ghost] refer to the threefold nature of the Hindu [scriptures] equivalent of - Sat,[''being''] Tat, Aum. God the Father is the 'absolute' Unmanifested, existing beyond vibratory creation. God the Son, is the Christ consciousness [Brahma or Kutastha Chaitanya] existing within vibratory creation; this Christ consciousness is the ''only begotten'' [i.e.,'penetrating into divine bosom and/or heart' link] or sole reflection of the UNcreated infinite. The outward manifestation of the omnipresent Christ consciousness, its ''witness'' [Revelation 3:14] is Aum, the ''word'' [logos] or Holy Ghost, [i.e.,Biblical/Christian equivalent] - invisible 'divine' power, the only 'doer', the sole causative and 'activating' force that upholds all creation through vibration. Aum the 'blissful comforter' is heard in meditation and reveals the ultimate truth, bringing all things to ''remembrance''. [Extract from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi'. Mentioned elsewhere. Emphasis/parenthesis - this readers].

Try ''remembrance'' relative to ''sleep'' with ''being'' in mind. Intent of. Try Part 1. Before asking those bigger questions, i.e.,why go to all this effort?

"The Royal secret is not one that can be told in words. Throughout the world runs a tradition of a wondrous secret sought under different names by men through all the ages. The Philosophers Stone, the Elixir of Immortality, The Holy Grail, the Hidden Name of god, all these have been objects of man's quest, and all are one and the same, if rightly understood.......No pen can ever write down this secret, nor can any lips reveal it, but it is written in the inmost heart of man and has lain there through countless ages, awaiting the day when the disciple, tearing aside the veils of ignorance, perceives its blazing letters in his heart. There is no man, however mean or sinful, in whose heart it is not written, but few they are, who read its life giving words." [Chapter 9, 'The Yoga of the Bhagavat Gita'].

Or 'The tail end of something and the beginning of something else' together with 'twelve' relative to 'thirteen'. OR as Plato quotes in his seventh letter, "matters of ultimate concern are best not discussed in writing but, after a long period of study, true insight, ..."like a blaze kindled by a leaping spark is generated in the soul and at once becomes self sustaining." [Page 17, same book]. Link to ''son of and therefore ''penetrate'' symbolism.

Alchemy equivalent: "......First Matter, which is what they called the One Thing. By using that term, they emphasized that it was a preexisting substance, hidden in the everyday world. Their drawings often depict the First Matter as a square stone or cube that sometimes dangles by a rope from above. Called the 'Cubic Stone', it is part of the sacred geometry........'it is the corner stone that the builders rejected.' " [Chapter 5, 'The Emerald Tablet' by D. Hauck].

Question. Conspiracy theorists?

"From the inward action of 'Sulpher' and the outward reaction of 'Mercury' there results a kind of 'crystallization' that determines so to speak a limit common to both inner and outer, or a neutral zone where the opposing influences proceeding respectively from each meet and are stabilized; the product of this 'crystallization' is 'Salt' which is represented by the cube insofar as the latter is at once the type of the crystalline form and the symbol of stability. This is the 'cubic stone' of Masonic symbolism; but it is necessary to specify that this is the ordinary 'cubic stone' and not the 'pointed cubic stone' which properly symbolizes the 'philosophers stone'......."[Chapter 12 'The Great Triad' by R. Guenon].

N. B. Square granite stone found on a ledge in the lower parts {subterranean} of Great Pyramid.

Put ''penetrate into the 'divine' bosom''; in the usual box; to define that difference, before that bigger question is asked. WHY. Why go to all this effort?

It also explains this subjects 'fascination' with the subject of psychology - As its PRIME TEACHING AID. Especially in reference to that universal word that ALL use in one form or the other, from 'its' beginning to the present date. After all you cannot have one without the other - but one has to come before the other. Which implies a direction. See it yet?

"In Alchemy there are the lessor and greater circulations. The former pertains to the 'herbal' kingdom and the later to the most coveted of them all, the 'mineral' ['metallic''] realm, [link to the word ''pointed.'' This readers input]. A correct understanding, and not just knowledge of the herbal process will open the gate to the great Arcanum." [Chapter one, F. Albertus book].

"...Arcanum - that which one needs to know in order to make discoveries of each arcanum." [Extract from the book by Tomberg].

"Metals are purified by 'fire', and the emotions by suffering. The lower desires must starve to nourish the higher; the animal passions must be crucified and die; but the angel of Will removes the stone [ 'lid' link] from the sepulchre and liberates the higher energies from the sphere of selfishness and darkness; and then the resurrected virtues will begin to live and become active in a new world of enduring light and harmony." [Chapter 5, from the book by F. Hartman]. That link to ''transcendent third.'' And thereafter incarnation relative to reincarnation. Enlarged elsewhere.

"The altar of sacrifice demonstrates that where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.....The center of the altar is a most especial part. It is the center of your universe. Put something special there. Perhaps a flower, or a sanctuary flame. This represents the perpetual light of the spirit, in a balanced manifest expression.....The rose of the spirit may bloom therein.... " [ Chapter 1, 'The Rose Cross and the Goddess. Mentioned elsewhere].

REFRESHER: "The potential literature for an intellectual study of this is vast. We hope we have provided a few simple pointers on the way. It is however, a 'centering' in, rather than a wandering in the labyrinthine fields of intellectual speculation, that is the direct way of truth. The 'rose' blooms at the center of the cross. And those who are prepared to contemplate the imagery and take it unto their inmost hearts are the more likely to be met by Beatrice from the triumphal car {'chariot'}, and 'led' to places where even the intellectual genius of a Virgil cannot go." [From the book by G. Knight].

And/or: "Sirius is sometimes called the 'Sun behind the sun', indicating that while the star we call the Sun is related to our physical center of Self in our Solar Plexus and the expression of our Selves within the physical earth, Sirius represents a more hidden center." ['Red Tree, White Tree'].

ANYTHING? Try ''mandala''

From a different perspective: "We have spoken of an altar at each quarter, between a pair of Elemental Pillars. This is to effect a focus of intention. In ultimate truth, the altar is yourself. As you face the two pillars you may see the altar between them and just beyond. If the pillars were upright sides of a mirror the altar would be a reflection of your soul." [Same book].

"The symbol of the lower will is the altar".

N.B. The 7th King of Copan = 'The Jaguar Mirror'. The Dynasty did not last beyond the 16th. Recall the 7th generation of the Hebrew culture. He who ''walked with God''.

"If the foregoing even in its very condensed form has made any sense at all to the student of alchemy, it must be apparent then why that alchemical gem, which all 'alchemists' desire to produce, has been called the Philosophers Stone. How often is it that we use words and attach no meanings to them, only because we fail to understand." [Introduction ' Alchemists Handbook' by F. Albertus].

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

"The force of life is infinite; we are saturated, permeated through and through with this 'force,' this energy. It constitutes our higher self; it is our link with the entire universe; it is 'god' within us. Every molecule of our physical system is permeated with the dynamic energy of this force; each cell in our body contains it in abundance. When we consider this force, when we become aware of it, we are then brought face to face.........." [Chapter one ' The Art of True Healing' by I. Regardie].

N.B. Moses who saw God face to face with...? Coincidence or a meaningful one?

"The relationship between Jesus and the symbolism of the Ogdoad was developed a great deal in the teachings of the early church. One reason for this was that ''Christ arose from the dead on the eighth day, the day of Helios.'' [Chapter 2, book by D. Fideler].

"Helios was seen as the heart of the celestial pattern, and his physical aspect was considered as the lower manifestation of a higher principle.................."

"It is the higher self of each one of us that seeks re-incarnation by incarnating - a little bit at a time...." [Enlarged elsewhere. Taken from the chapter written by F. P. D. from the book 'The New Dimensions Red Book].

"The alchemical symbol for Mercury is [ picture not enclosed], which represents the androgynous state on all levels created by the union of the symbols for copper [or Venus] and iron [or Mars] in the Below and the union of the symbols for silver [or the Moon] and gold [or the Sun] in the Above. In 1807, English chemist John Dalton proposed using an eight - spoked wheel as mercury's symbol, which is similar to ancient Oriental ciphers for mercury [and the wheel of life]." [Chapter 10, 'Sorcerers Stone' by D. Hauck].

Understanding that universal framework...

"We speak of God, of the Son, his Word, and of the holy Spirit; and we say that the Father, the Son, and the Spirit are united in power. For the Son is the intelligence, reason, and wisdom of the Father, and the Spirit is an effluence, as light from fire...." [Athenagoras, early Christian apologist]. Analogy of something. Link to ''Logos'' [the 'Word'], its true meaning. Explained within.

"An idea is an event," according to Seth. It is therefore logical that any idea - in whatever sphere of activity, whether physically materialized or not - would have an impact upon our lives. The 'idea as reality' is another ancient concept which was formalized early in Western civilization by Plato and which has been retained by many philosophers down through the ages. But rather than discuss this concept in abstract terms only, Seth develops it to its logical conclusion. All ideas, thoughts, and areas of concentration help create a dynamic and continually interrelating universe with the 'idea' playing as important and as tangible a role as any physical event." [Introduction to the book 'The Seth Material' by J. Roberts].

As a side note ''The Seth material'' [for this reader] is an example of the definition [in part, or whole] of the word ''incarnation'' as opposed to ''reincarnation,'' relative to Jane Roberts - Just as Lahiri Mahasaya is - relative to the person whose autobiography is being written about. Enlarged elsewhere. And/or...

"Father, Bhagabati Charan Ghosh, was kind, grave, at times stern. Loving him dearly, we children yet observed a certain reverential distance. An outstanding mathematician and logician, he was guided principally by his intellect. But Mother was queen of hearts, and taught us only through love. After her death, Father displayed more of his inner tenderness. I noticed then that his gaze often seemed to be metamorphosed into my mothers gaze." [Same book].

Margaery Tyrell? {Game of Thrones}.

"There is a belief in Wales, and other places, that we shall mention later, that the bee herself was the only animal who came direct from paradise. That the bee is a symbol of a 'fresh' incarnation probably lies at the bottom of the old myth of Glaucus, the son of Minos....."..........."The Greeks had a proverb: ''The siren heralds a friend, the bee a stranger.'' [Chapter 9, 'The Sacred Bee.' Mentioned elsewhere]. To evaluate correctly; before those first impressions take control; put ''honey'' or ''bee'' in the search box. Together with......

"This universe is Shiva's garden, meant for roaming in. Not for attachment, jealousy, aversion, anxiety, or enmity. This universe is the 'image' of Shiva, meant for his 'worship'. Destroy the concept ''universe'' and meditate on Shiva. This universe is the incarnation of Shiva. [From a Hindu perspective].............."This universe is a mansion containing the mirror of Shiva. Whoever 'looks' in it, feeling one with Shiva, sees His own images and reflections......"[Chapter 24, 'Play of Consciousness'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Understand the true meaning of ''meditate'' to understand those 'keys'. Try ''house''.

"Shiva = A name for the one supreme reality. One of the Hindu trinity of gods. Often understood .....as the destroyer of barriers [or boundaries] to ones identification with the ultimate self."[Glossary, same book].

"Vedanta = A school of Indian philosophy that emphasizes one supreme Principle, which is the foundation of the universe."[Same Glossary]. Anything? Hindu equivalent of that same 'framework'. It differs only from a different 'start' point. That start point, however, still has to be 'built' on. Link to ''wet/dry.'' Recall what its main symbol is.

"The Prophet was quoted as saying, 'I have seen my Lord in the shape of a beautiful youth'. [Link to ''youngest'' symbolism. Think on it]. Perhaps this is the manifestation of the child of the heart. The image is the mirror. It becomes a means, rendering visible that which is invisible. The truth of 'God most High' is exempt from and free of any kind of description, or any kind of image or form. The image is the mirror [key], though what is seen is neither the mirror, nor the one who is looking in the mirror. Ponder on that and try to understand, because that is the essence of the realm of secrets." [Chapter 9, 'The Secret of Secrets' by Al-Jilani]].

"The idea of meditation should not frighten you, because in your daily life you already perform many kinds of meditation; it simply happens. Your skills and talents are perfected solely through meditation. Without one- pointed attention, is it possible for a doctor to cure a disease, a judge to make his decision, a teacher to give a lesson? Without concentration, can one make an apparatus such as radar, cook food, drive a car, keep the rhythm in music, solve mathematical problems? A degree of meditation is required to achieve anything. But in all of these things, your meditation is directed toward the world, not toward 'god'' [or YHWH. Explained within].... [Chapter 5, 'Play of Consciousness' by Swami Muktananda].

Analogy of same principle..."Practitioner of Yoga, ''union'', ancient science of 'meditation' on 'God'. [Extract from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi']. And/or...

"The word ''Yoga'' comes from the sanskrit root yuj, which means ''to join'' or ''to yoke''. Yoga is a practical aid, not a religion." [internet]. Think on both to the real meaning of ''re-ligion''. Enlarged elsewhere.

That word 'meditation' therefore that can be used [amongst others] to define a subject. Both inner and external. That can be applied to work out all the enclosed, within this web page. Its dictionary [Concise Oxford] definition = ''To think carefully about something'' and/or ''a discourse expressing considered thoughts on a subject.'' ALSO ''to focus ones mind for a period of time for spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation'' [key i.e., 'repetitive' and 'groove' link]. ''Spiritual'' - a link to this subject. ''Relaxation'' - a prerequisite to attain a state of mind in order to define anything - including subject material. All of which [aspects of], when thought about carefully have at its main core that familiar subject. Its main 'teaching' aid - the psyche. All aspects of which are represented with universal symbols from the dawn of human kind. Therefore the word 'meditation' [and what it implies] must have its own symbol - ''a waveless lake.'' Try the box to understand something further - if only within this subject. It can also determine someones final burial place. Or more importantly - why it was chosen. Proving therefore the validity of the subject. [''Verily, verily''. New Testament]. Regardless of ones first impressions of it.

"For silence is the sign of real contact with the 'spiritual' world and this contact, in turn, always engenders the influx of forces. This is the foundation of all 'mysticism', all gnosis, all 'magic' and all practical esotericism in general." [Extract from the book by Tomberg].

Question. What ''symbol'' represents it?

"We are dealing with fragments of very ancient oral tradition that are like pieces of patchwork that have to be assembled into a coherent fabric." Try ''garment'' in the usual box.

As an example..."The Church fathers understood the myths born from pagan thought and imagination in a quite general way as veiled presentiments of the Logos, who became fully revealed in Jesus Christ..." [Comment in the 'Afterword' to the book by Tomberg - made by Cardinal Hans Urs von Balthasar ]. Recall what ''logos'' implies.

Another example of those ''fragments'' - that when put together define the 'whole'...

..."A third, less clear cut transposition will be referred to briefly: that of the ancient magic/alchemy into the realm of depth psychology by C. G Jung. The author's 'Meditation on the Tarot' are in the tradition of the great accomplishments of Pico della Mirandola and Franz von Baader, but are independent of them. The mystical, magical, occult tributaries which flow into the stream of his meditations are much more encompassing; yet the confluence of their waters within him, full of movement, becomes inwardly a unity of Christian contemplation." [Same author; same 'Afterword' ]. As it does with...

...''the confluence of their waters'' - which determines and explains the reason for the chose and selection [as a representation] of the beginnings of a journey - to those - no less - than the Children of Israel, i. e.,the Nile delta. Simply because those ''fragments'' are UNIVERSAL. From the dawn of HUMAN KIND. And if the 'divine bit' is truly understood - the implication then is - even before 'it' became a twinkle in the 'creators' eye.

Question. Fact or fiction - a possibility or not?

banksy"In these pages, beloved mythologist Joseph Campbell explores the Space Age. He posits that the newly discovered laws of outer space are actually within us as well, and that a new mythology is implicit in that realization. But what is this new mythology? How can we recognize it? Campbell explores these questions in the concluding essay, '' The Way of Art,'' in which he demonstrates that metaphor is the language of art and argues that within the psyches of today's artists are the seeds of tomorrows mythologies." [Back cover to the book 'The Inner Reaches of Outer Space: Metaphor as Myth and as Religion' by J. Campbell].

Strangely that same 'form'[in reference to 'eight' symbolism] when laid in the 'horizontal' position represents mathematics 'infinite' symbol. Hence the link to 6823. Both ‘numbers’ represented within the total ‘whole’, i.e., [19]. The micro/macro within the collective. [Nineteen represents; in part; the 'collective' effort. See A. Schimmel books].

A world wide conspiracy over thousands of years? Or maybe, something more genuine? Sense or non-sense. A possibility or not? Fact or fiction?

That same result that could be the beginnings of an insight; an awareness. Like the proverbial primordial egg...waiting for something to develope;to become aware; too emerge; from those shadowy recesses, [as symbolised by the ‘Ascending / descending passageways’]...of the ‘mind’. Represented by that very ancient symbol. The primordial mound . The very same one that the great pyramid is sat / built on. The micro equivalent of the Macro.

'Ancient Aliens: Decoding the Cosmic Egg'. {Series 9. Episode 4}. Many keys mentioned . Unknown by narrators, i.e.,eye of Horus, caduceus, virgin and child, seeding, - all in relation to ''human consciousness''. But only attempted to be understood in that 'external sense of the word' i.e.,aliens from another planet. Define those keys to 'see' something in that INNER sense of the word.

That inspiration /idea, [‘Primordial mound’]...that could lead to the awareness of a possible journey, [represented in 'landscape' symbolism as a 'journey' between 'valley' and 'mountain', or in the Egyptian case, between 'quarry' and 'plateau', [higher/lower]. The micro within the macro.

silburyNeolithic equivalent = A mound of earth that over the course of generations [150 years] became known in the present day as Silbury Hill. Individuals bringing their own little mound of earth to create that larger one. That individual effort that finally represented the collective one. Both representing a 'known' state. The Micro within the Macro. That same mound surrounded by the Avebury serpent, the mid point of which on 'higher' ground but in line with that same mound. Indicative of something. ['Stonehenge: Walking Through History'. Channel 4. March 2015]. Can you by now tell what that something is?

Silbury hill - speculated on by Neil Oliver - ''its purpose unknown''. Was begun around the time of the arrival of the Stonehenge archer who came from the Alps.

Question. Sagittarius link? Try Part 4.

Something hinted at: {something learnt?}: "The path we followed, turned out to be a rather shabby goat {hog/hoar?} trail, which snaked steadily upwards through a series of short ridges. Our final destination lies just beyond those two pines - north', he said.... 'One often sees great things from the valley, only small things from the summit. Actually, come to think of it, the whole mystery of life lies within that one word. 'Seeing'!...'' [Deeper Teachings of Merlyn' / D. Monroe].

REFRESHER: Side note {i.e.,as seen from a different perspective}: "In Scorpio the individual is forced to touch bottom. He must be willing to surrender his individual uniqueness and individual prerogatives. As he does so, he descends in consciousness into the common root of the group. He learns to live in terms of humanity as a whole. In a sense this is symbolised by Christ's descent into 'hell'. Through such a descent the human depths are 'redeemed' - that is, they are made significant. They are given an individualised meaning and a conscious value by this descent of the individual...He is like a tree with a powerful tap-root, able to draw sustenance from the hidden springs of life...which are the foundation of human behaviour...Most individuals may go under, suffering and being overwhelmed, and failing to experience the 'miracle' in Scorpio. What this miracle is can be gathered from the epic recently written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery - 'Flight to Arras. It is the revelation of humanity to the individual {'grace' link?}...In this identification the individual finds his destiny and purpose. What he has gained as an individual he offers as a sacrificial gift to his community...in and through which the total of reality of humanity is revealed..." [Page 134/5, 'The zodiac as the Universal Matrix' from the chapter for 'Scorpio'].

Remember. We are attempting to understand a 'mindset'. To define subject material.

Side note: REFRESHER: "I have another poem I would like to read. This one is by Rabindranath Tagore, from the Flight of Swans: The wind, you have made free therefore it lightly obeys your command; but me, you have loaded with burdens, with them I toil on {'SOIL' LINK?}. Passing from 'death'  to death. Slowly I free myself from them, till empty handed I come ready to serve you''

"I want to use this idea, 'Till empty handed I come, ready to serve you' to talk about the cycle of Saturn and its meaning. Because Saturn's orbit is roughly 28-30 years in length, and every seven to eight years there is a very strong Saturnian energy present, when in order to go forwards, we may need to look back {hindsight?}, like Janus, whom we mentioned." ['Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs'].

''Sometimes Saturn is known as the 'Guardian of the Threshold'..." Same book.

Question. What do ''hands'' represent within the whole?

''Empty handed'' in relation to: "The actual meaning was in the process of bringing their baskets of soil to it."  Quote by Jim Leary {University of Reading} in conversation with T. Robinson on Silbury Hill.  ['Stonehenge: Walking Through History'. Series 2]. Try ''soil'' / ''Dendera'' / ''seed''.

Continued: North American equivalent..."Of all the ancient civilizations in North America, human hands have built no greater earthwork than the Monks Mound {Cahokia} near the confluence of the Mississippi river...[www.world-pyramids.com]. Made of different coloured soils; not common to local area. On top a {sacrificial?} temple of unknown purpose. Other examples elsewhere. Try ''silbury''.

Hebrew/Islam equivalent. "Has the story of Moses reached thee? Behold, he saw a 'fire': So he said to his family, ''Tarry ye; I perceive a fire, perhaps i can bring you some burning brand therefrom, or find some guidance at the 'fire'. But when he came to the fire, a voice was heard: ''O Moses! Verily i am the lord. Therefore put off thy shoes: thou art in the sacred valley Tuwa. I have chosen thee. Listen then to the inspiration i have sent thee."... ''Verily, the hour is coming - my design is to keep it hidden - for every soul to receive its reward by the measure of its endeavour."..."And what is that in thy right hand O Moses? He said, ''It is my rod: on it i lean; with it i beat down fodder for my flocks; and in it, i find other uses. God said, ''Throw it, O Moses." He threw it, and behold it was a snake, active in motion. God said, ''seize it and fear not: We shall return it at once to its former condition."..."In order that we may show thee two of our greater signs." [Quran 20:9-23]. Valley in relation to 'plateau' [Sinai].

I.e., "This was the valley [Tuwa] just below mount Sinai, where subsequently he was to receive the law. In the parallel mystic meaning, we are selected by trials in this humble life, whose valley is just as sacred and receives gods glory just as much as the heights of Mount Sinai if we but have the insights to perceive it." [Note 2544. Same book].

'Valley' = ''law''? 'Heights' = ''grace''? Understanding that {even just its possibility} gives an idea upon the word ''Rostau''.

REFRESHER: "A further cosmological significant number utilised in Egyptian chronologies is the number 144. Instead of the modern preference for the century, the ancient Egyptians reckoned in terms of 144-year periods. Once again this number relates to a Sothic cycle: 144 = 4x36, that is, the 36 weeks of the year times the number of years in the smallest Sothic cycle, namely the period during which Sirius continues to rise on the same day of the civil calendar. So, for example, the Old Kingdom Palermo Stone link's Manetho's Third and Fourth dynasties into a single era of 144 years..." [Page 101, 'Temple of the Cosmos' / J. Naydler].

Among others try ''144'' and/or ''valley / plateau''. Finally try ''Imhotep''.

If Mr Albert Yu-min lin..that American/ Mongolia student.. had understood the ‘esoteric’ side to his eventual findings he would know as was the case with khufu that no body will be found within the temple within the mountain. Only the understanding of this final yet first recorded subject; from the oral to the written word; offers those clues. Those same clues, [‘keys’] that can be understood by all. As the Jesus fellow implied ."through me to the ‘father", i.e., A-C. Indicative of an understanding. An ‘inner’ one; in relation to that ‘outer’ one. Accessible to all, i.e., not just those with a certain I.Q. level or possible members of Mensa etc,[ how boring would that be]. It has to be something that all individuals can understand. Something that all can get their heads around...sooner or later.

Egyptian equivalent..."In the cosmogonic myths, akh appears as the aspect of spirit which conceives in advance what the object of the creation will be, a notion comparable to Plato's ideas. Akh pre-exists the 'creation,' and it is also its final goal, {Hebrew equivalent = 'Ain-Sof', i.e.,what it represents. Greek/Hermetic equivalent = Alpha/omega etc} - When, in a funerary text, the king is addressed in the other world with the words 'You are more akh than akhw', we should understand that pure spirit, after it has descended and incarnated in matter {i.e.,represented as top/down} - in order to become conscious in that condition, returns to the pre-existent akhw {but now} enriched with knowledge of itself and of all manifestation {i.e.,bottom/up}. Light is thus transfigured {if only in relation to a subject. Get it?}. Thus it is written, that the king returns 'to the right hand of the father'{Pyramid Texts, 267-268}. [Extract from the book 'Egyptian Mysteries'. All emphasis, this readers].

In other words, in its most basic form, one could describe those essential keys as the 'parts' or 'bits' of a jigsaw puzzle. Find those parts to see the whole picture. Understand those keys in the context of what ever else is being implied.

"In every seeking soul there is a portion, be it small or great, of the light of god. Every one who strives has intuition, be it perfect or imperfect. Knowledge did not end with one people, so that the doors of heaven are shut behind them, and the rest of the world is denied the possibility of obtaining more. Rather, the Giver of knowledge, who stands at the 'clear horizon, is not stingy with the unseen' [Quran 81:23-24].

"Horizon is nothing, but the limit of our sight." ['Beyond the horizon' by R. Parks].

Think about both paragraphs in relation to Horus ''in/of'' the Horizon. Found within.

The most evil age is the one in which the carpet of striving has been rolled up {E/W?}, in which the movement of thought is interrupted, the door of revelation bolted {UNbolted = N/S?}, the path of visions blocked". [Introduction. 'The Philosophy of Illumination' by Suhrawardi. Parenthesis, this readers].

Side note: "Cassiopeia is one of the oldest and popularly best known of our constellations, and her throne; ''the shinie Casseiopeia's chair'' of Spencer Faerie Queen, is a familiar object to the most youthful observer. It is also known as the Celestial 'W' when below the pole, and the Celestial 'M' when above it...Hyginus describes the figure as the Queen ''bound to her seat'' and thus secured when going around the pole - head downward- as a lesson selected by her 'enemies' {i.e.,negative aspects}, the sea-nymphs - as a lesson in humility...Known by the Greeks as 'She of the Throne' but at one time in Greece it was the Laconian Key: 'A brazen key she held, the handle turned, with steel and polished elephant adorned' {Homer}. AND/OR 'Even as a folding door, fitted within with key; is thrown back when the bolts are drawn' {Aratos}. [Page 142/3 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

Ascending passage?

"Error runs down an inclined plane, while truth has to laboriously climb its way up hill". Benefits of.

Side step: Practical analogy..."Got to see it, rather than just read it..." John Humphrys talking to D. Tennant and Greg Doran in relation to the plays by W. Shakespeare. [400th anniversary. Radio 4. 23/04/16].

"The true voyage of discovery, lies not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." Marcel Proust.

Or as the author of the 'Sirius Mystery' implies..."Thus we see the mythological code language of sacred puns in operation. Behind the myths lay concealed meanings which are decipherable by returning to the hieroglyphics and finding synonyms which form puns", [chapter eight]. Knock knock....'hear' anything?

Analogy: "Hieroglyphs, it was thought at the time, bore witness to a primitive language invented by Hermes Trismegistus, a universal language that predated the Tower of Babel and was in principle comprehensible to all periods and people, if only it could be deciphered." [Chapter nineteen. 'The Secret Lore Of Egypt' by E. Hornung].

The dictionary explanation of the word ‘esoteric’ = "intended to be understood by a small number of people". That is until the reader gets ‘his/her head around it’...As any other subject proves. All subjects start off with a minority and depending on [present] and/or future 'interest' becomes sooner or later do they not... a 'majority'. Even someone reading the subject for the first time. Someone who's just beginning to get his / her head around those concepts/symbols in order to define that subject. Someone like you. Yes you. You the reader. Even you could find that location. The ‘easiest’ of the four, i.e., ’The beginners ‘level’.

Proving the viability of the subject. Proving the above quote by that first individual; Mr Jesus; who is representative of the ‘individual’ effort... as was Mr Muhammed is in relation to the collective one. Hence the link to the Arabic word ‘ummah’. Understanding the symbolism of ‘8oo’ in relation to the word ‘forest’. All explained within these pages. Including his final quote..."in plain sight". Together with...If horses ‘trampled’ on the same spot what form / shape would that take. Over time what would that ‘form’ contain? Do you see any links between those answers and ..’800’ and ‘forest’? Keep that in mind when considering his final quote, [a link to synchronicity]. As for verification. Satellite imaging or the equivalent of...should you have access to it.

"In Kings, the capitals have lily shaped tops, while in Chronicles the capitals are described as being bowl-shaped. In Kings, there is also mention of a further image of lilies..." [From the book by K. Gest].

'Lilies of the Valley'. Spirit or Soul?

Question. What represents 'mountain/hill' ?

"Error runs down an inclined plane, while truth has to laboriously climb its way up hill".


Banksy was here?

One other quote that was made was that if Mr Khans grave site was disturbed then it would be a ‘sign’ for the ‘end’ of the world. Remember symbolic only. The Greek equivalent = ‘Apocalypse’. Same thing as the book of revelations. The ‘unveiling’ of something. The zodiac has different con- stellations ‘changing’ every 2160 years within that ‘great’ cycle and its relevance in mythology. In relation to a ‘new era’. [See 'Hamlets Mill' for verification]. Common parlance... "Out with the old. In with the new". Do you want to begin that ‘new era’? i.e., to satisfy that new curiosity. Then investigate and achieve what the character 'Horus' of Egyptian fame was 'created' to represent. Indicative of each and every one of us. Indicative of the start point of an understanding. Then attempt to find that location.

Refresher: "An aim of meditation is to withdraw the Ego from the lower levels, where desire operates, and float free of the hypnotizing power of the material realm. In this way, the Ego can float as though on the surface of an entirely still lake. In this calm surface, the Ego may reflect the heavens above, and thus receive perfectly the effulgency of that godhead of which it was part. In the Way of the Fool, this form of meditation is a prelude to looking into the secrets of Nature..." ['The Zelator'].

And/or: "If we had more time we'd visit the Islands of the Sun and Moon...but we have been to them before, and they are not our target this trip. It's Tiahuanco up on the Altiplano at 120000 feet, near the southeastern shore of the giant lake, that we are keen to get back to." ['The Magicians of the Gods'].

Either way what you have within these pages is equivalent to a ‘crash course’ in the above subject. If you can get your head around the enclosed...you may be surprised; once you take up that interest; how quickly you begin to understand the overall subject and its connections. In order to evaluate it...one way or the other. As one has to do in any subject.

Suitable books to begin that interest...enclosed within. Then you can ask those bigger questions. Especially that 64 billion dollar one. The same one that was implied at the beginning. Is there any ‘real’ substance to it, i.e., does life; in all its forms, really continue, and if so, why. What are those possibilities? Or is it just one big roller coaster ride. What do you think?

Thank yourself for the time and effort.

"Are there any qualifications required for entering upon a Path? As we have pointed out, the 'Way of the Path' is not the same as the way of life, and qualifications for entry to a School are not at all like qualifications in life. Those who are in charge of the esoteric schools know all to well that the secret of all mankind lies in the Will. They recognise that if a person wills to set out on a Path, then no School can possibly obstruct or deflect that person." ['The Zelator'].

And/or: "Learning something new will help {any brain} age well...If you want to keep your brain as young as it can be, then learning something new is one of the best things you can do...It should be new and challenging, that in itself will help the brains capacity" ['How to Stay Young' /BBC1/Series 2. Episode 3].

"What is it about reading books that boosts our brain power whereas reading newspapers doesn't? Researchers talk about ''deep reading'' when the brain has to think critically that allows connections to be made. Over time these neural networks can promote quicker thinking and may provide a greater defence against cognitive decay...Secondly, reading books, especially fiction, has been shown to increase empathy and emotional intelligence...Cognitive reserve helps your brain cells find new mental pathways around areas damaged by stroke, dementia and other forms of decay. This could explain why, after death, many seemingly healthy elders turn out to harbour advanced signs of Alzheimer's disease in their brains - despite showing few signs in life. Researchers suspect its their cognitive reserve, that may allow some seniors to compensate for hidden brain damage. So how does one build up a cognitive reserve..." [Readers Digest. April 2018].

Question. Did the ancients know something? Or is it already within us? i.e., ''cognitive'' in relation to that universal 'bit'. Recall Part/Page 1.

Refresher: ''Patience is the mother of Will. If you have no mother, how can you be born?" Gurdjieff.

Question. What symbol {image?} represents it?

'Where there is a Will, there is a way'. Question. The Way of the Will?

After thought.... If the above authors have a genuine insight on something that could be ‘real ’. Could it be expressed within, say, an equation. Could an hypothesis that A and B, [this world / That one.’ Esoterically’ also known in some cultures as ‘Above and below’, i.e., 'waters' above/below the firmament", [Genesis. ‘Firmament’ by the way is the Hebrew equivalent of that Primordial mound, as well as a link to the word 'horizontal' [i.e.,''horizon''] i.e., 'in-between' sea and rain water. 'See' it?]...be expressed as an Algebraic equation? If so, on what side of the equal sign would ‘B’ be placed if it were indeed ‘Primary’ over ‘A’. Left or right of the equal sign?

Could the above lead to an expression, if only in part; hypothetically; to such physics anomalies as to the weakness of gravity? Especially in relation to Edward Tellers contribution to the understanding of the ‘Fine structure constant’ in relation to gravity. Or as to why Deuterium can only be destroyed and not created inside those nuclear planetry explosions? Which is why most believe Deuterium had to be created shortly after ‘bigbang’. In other words...Does gravity leak from the fourth into the fifth OR from the fifth into the fourth? Or does it 'matter' ?

'Heart of the matter'.

Side note: "Although early authors varied in their ascription of the twelve zodiacal constellations to the twelve tribes of Israel - yet they were generally in accord in assigning to Reuben 'unstable as water'..." [notes within 'Aquarius', 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

A working example: ''Life is actually the manifestation of the spirit in matter...." ['Her-Bak'].


'Photon' by M. L. Snowden.

As in the case with what is termed... ‘imaginary numbers’, [especially the ‘square root of minus one’]. Would they still remain ’imaginary’ especially in relation to ‘Prime’ numbers should ‘B’ exist? Or are they still valid...if only to the observer in ‘A’ ? What about in relation to the obsever in ’B’ ?, [hypothetical only of course]. As is the word ''observer'' and its true deeper meaning [with the above in mind, i.e.,'B' being primary over 'A'] in relation to the 'two slit / photon' experiment. The same could be said for the ''uncertainty'' clause of 'Quantum Mechanics'. If 'B' was a priority over 'A' - does it not make it less so?

Finally. As a ‘teaser’...If you ’are getting your head around it’. Fill in the missing bits... Mirror Particle ‘B’...Together with the ‘life’ part of ?? equals = ?? [Possible General Unified Theory? i.e., where science meets ‘re-ligion’, i.e., Crossover point? Empirical / spiritual]. Or as Mr Fred Alan Wolf says, ''Where science meets spirit.'' [i.e.,"Dark night of the Soul"]? ['Dr. Quantum's little book of big ideas'].

Don't forget those first impressions.... i.e.,"I do not believe in the possible future of mysticism in the old form. However, i do believe that the natural sciences will out of themselves bring forth a counter pole in their adherents, which connects with the old mystic elements". [Quote by Wolfgang Pauli, prologue, 'Deciphering the Cosmic Number' by A. Miller]. Tail end of something equates to the beginning of something else?

Now in the present sense of the word: "Brian Swimme had been using the term 'archetypal cosmology' since 2001, if not before...Others {i.e., J. Hillman / D. Griffin} in the book 'Archetypal Process', had sketched out a ''psychological cosmology''...For the journal itself, i felt the term 'Archai', as the main title, would be striking and evocative, while giving a sense for archetypal astrology's roots in the ancient world." ['Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology'].

''Archetype'' in relation to subject material REGARDLESS of sub-heading.  Enlarged throughout.

Fact or fiction - a possibility or not?

... ''the no man's land between Physics and the Psychology of the Unconscious [is] the most fascinating yet the darkest hunting ground of our times." [Back cover to the book, '137: Jung, Pauli, and the Pursuit of a Scientific Obsession' by Arthur Miller].

'Cosmos and Psyche' / R. Tarnus.

"Sacred science subscribes to a holistic approach that incorporates legends, history, experimental evidence, and traditional science to explore various hypotheses regarding the nature of reality.....The principle underlying Sacred science is that no separation exists between spirit and science. Spiritual principles should undergo scientific inquiry, and spiritual integrity should underlie scientific investigation." [ First page, first paragraph [Preface] to the book ' The Science of the Soul' by R. Siblerud].

"The time will come, when the secret wisdom shall again be the dominating religious and philosophical urge of the world: 'out of the cold ashes of lifeless creeds, shall rise phoenix - like, the ancient mysteries .....The unfolding of mans spiritual nature is as much as an exact science as astronomy, medicine, and jurisprudence". [Manly P. Hall].

"Linkage of Entropy with 'Becoming'.... When you say to yourself, 'Every day i grow better and better', science churlishly replies: 'I see no signs of it. I see you extended as a four dimensional worm in space-time; and, although good-ness is not strictly within my province, i will grant that one end of you is better than the other. But whether you grow better or worse depends on which way up i hold you. There is in your consciousness an idea of growth or "becoming" which, if it is not illusory, implies that you have a label "This side up". I have searched for such a label all through the physical world and can find no trace of it, so i strongly suspect that the label is non-existent in the world of reality'..... That is the reply of science comprised in primary law.....

....Taking account of secondary law, the reply is modified a little, though it is still none too gracious: i have looked again and, in the course of studying a property called entropy, i find that the physical world is marked with an arrow which may possibly be intended to indicate which way up it should be regarded. With that orientation i find that you really do grow better. Or, to speak precisely, your good end is in the part of the world with most entropy, and your bad end in the part with the least. Why this arrangement should be considered more creditable than that of your neighbor who has his good and bad ends the other way round, i cannot imagine". Together with....

"The linkage of entropy-change to 'becoming' presents features unlike every other problem of parallelism of the scientific and familiar worlds. The usual relation is illustrated by the familiar perception of colour and its scientific equivalent electromagnetic wavelength. Here there is no question of resemblance between the underlying physical cause and the mental sensation which arises. All that we can require of the symbolic counterpart of colour is that it shall be competent to pull the trigger of a [symbolic] nerve. The physiologist can trace the nerve mechanism up to the brain; but ultimately there is a hiatus which no one professes to fill up,..... Symbolically we may follow the influences of the physical world up to the door of the mind; they ring the door bell and depart". [Chapter five, ''Becoming'', from the book 'The nature of the physical World' by Arthur Eddington.

Knock THREE times?

Arthur Eddington who became the Secretary of the Royal Astronomical Society, one of a few to understand General Relativity, well enough to explain it. Some, however called him, Eddington....136 + 1.

"It is shocking that such a profound insight into the philosophical implications of the theory of relativity has had little impact on physicists, it is dismaying that Godel's ideas have failed to catch the attention of philosophers.[ i.e.,that ''time'' is based only on our particular 'internal' experience, and not an actual feature of the physical universe. Customer review / Amazon].

"At first i thought of the Astral Plane [Explained elsewhere, before those first impressions take hold], as a parallel Space/Time continuum. The idea was heavily influenced by science fiction and, in retrospect, contained a germ of truth. But it was not the whole truth ; not even a good approximation of the whole truth. Later, it seemed the 'Plane' must be Time, considered as a fourth dimension. That idea came from Ouspensky, who argued that a three - dimensional creature operating in a two-dimensional world must produce miraculous effects. It might, for instance, escape from the 'walls' of a square by stepping over them. From a two-dimensional viewpoint, with no conception of height, a miracle would have occurred. Perhaps then miracles in the three dimensional world are simply manifestations of a fourth dimension, imperfectly 'experienced' as Time." [Chapter one, 'Astral Doorways' by J. Brennan].

And/or...''Time must never be thought of as pre-existing in any sense; it is a manufactured quantity." [Hermann Bondi - from the book 'About Time:Einstein's unfinished Revolution' / P. Davies].

''Manufactured'' = 'created' in the personal sense of the word.

A {working} example: "Tis true without lying, certain and most true. That which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below to do the 'miracles' of the one thing..." ['Emerald Tablet'].

Follow the title to 'see' it in its broader context.

" A few years later he [Wolfgang Pauli] was to come across the same numbers again in Carl Jung's psychology, based as it was in alchemy. He was adamant that ''in neither case was it by any means Mr. C. Jung who suggested it to me, nor was there an advance conscious intention for me to grapple with figuring out the problem of three and four. Consequently i am rather certain that objectively there is an important psychological and, perhaps, natural philosophical problem connected with these numbers." [Chapter 5, '137: Jung, Pauli and the Pursuit of a Scientific Obsession]. Try ''120''.

"...The lower three 'spheres' are related to worldly consciousness and the upper four are related to spiritual consciousness and 'enlightenment'. Therefore, the lower must be sublimated into the higher ones." [Extract from the book by S. Ashby].

Question. Coincidence?


Cepheus. Question. Coincidence?

As seen from a different perspective: {i.e.,''three and four''}: "All life forms have cycles of birth, growth, death, and renewal that are mirrored in the progressive of the moon's cycle. Many cultures, in an attempt to conceptualize the wholistic meaning of the moon's cycle, have subdivided it in terms of three phases and four quarters. The threefold division, based  on the triangle {which is a feminine polarity image}, consists of three phases: the waxing new moon of increasing light, the full moon that is totally illuminated, and the dark waning moon of decreasing light. The four fold division, derived from the square or cross {which is a masculine polarity symbol}, yields the first quarter moon, the full moon, the last quarter moon, and the new moon, which is back to back with the dark moon {'Janus' link?}. When the fourfold division of the moon's monthly cycle around the earth is again quartered, it yields eight distinct lunar phases. They are named the new, crescent, first quarter, gibbous, full, disseminating, last quarter, and balsamic." [Page 65-68 'Mysteries of the Dark Moon'].

Try ''eight'' to take something further while remembering - ALL as a means - towards understanding a mind-set.

The REAL questions, however, remain the same.

ww"True art has never really had need of words - and were our educators and mentors more intelligent about these things - then they would ensure that the modern theory about the subconscious {which is really the old wine of the initiates} should be applied to theories of aesthetics in a more convincing way. Art speaks to what is now called the 'subconscious' within man, and it is the function of the intellect to give a more or less garbled version of what the 'guardian of the subconscious' permits it to realize." ['The Secret Zodiac'].

'See' it?

"Psychology and esotericism set out to explore the darkness outside of our knowledge, whether it be dwelling in the 'unconscious' or the 'astral', the mundus imaginalis, or the dark side of the Tree of Life." [Extract from the book 'The Magister']. Define ''astral'' before those first impressions define something else. Link that answer up to that universal framework.

Rene Descartes, French philosopher, mathematician and writer..."While still a young soldier he had a dream in which an angel appeared to him, and revealed to him his mission in life...and how to achieve it. According to his own account of this dream, the 'angel' said to him, 'The conquest of nature is to be achieved by measure and number." [Page 477, 'The Sacred History'].

"Egyptian cubits filled with water, are called by me, basic load 'netto', and basic load 'brutto', I have given them these names because they were considered the standard amount that could be carried by a pack ass. In Akkadian these units are called 'imeru', which means "ass". The Masoretic text of the Old Testament uses a different punctuation of vowels under the consonants to distinguish between the term 'hmr' as referring to an ass, and the same term as referring to a unit of measure." [Notes on the relation of ancient measures to the Great pyramid, by Livio Catullo Stecchini. Taken from 'Secrets of the Great Pyramid']. 'See' anything?

"Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless, like water. When you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. When you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you put water into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow....or it can crash. Be water my friend." [Taken from chapter five, 'The Warrior Within' {the philosophies of Bruce Lee} by J. Little.


''A Wildling''.

"Nothing in nature can bring the mind continuous, unchanging happiness, because the mind itself changes constantly. Although we have the same stomach, we don't want to eat the same food every day. Although we wear the same shape, we don't wear the same outfit every day. The secret of our wanting changes, is that the mind changes. If it were always the same, why would it look for change? If we know that, we can just allow things to change without clinging to them. If something changes, we should let it go - something else will come. We should watch the changes like passing clouds. But normally we don't want to merely watch them. We want to hold onto a section without letting go. Then the tension comes in. Changes are like flowing water. If you just allow water to flow, it is very pleasant to sit and watch. But if you want to arrest the flow, and keep the water to yourself, you will have to construct a dam. Then the water will resist the dam and try to escape. There will be a struggle. Although you may stop some of the water, another portion will overflow. So you must allow for spill out, or the dam will certainly break....All life is a passing show...If we learn to enjoy each change, we can recognize the beauty even in aging. A ripe fruit has its own beautiful taste. When we just allow things to pass, we are free. Things will just come and go, while we retain our peace."[ Page 99 / 100 'The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali'].

Side note: "Achernar - the End of the River - known by Arabian astronomers as 'farthest in the Stream'....Ulug Beg called it Al Thalim - the Ostrich - but Hyde rendered this - the Dam - as if blocking the flow of the stream to the south...others called it the Furrow...to denote the track of a vessel...within the Stream of Ocean....It is a solitary star visible from the latitude of New York City in early winter evenings, low down in the south, on the meridian with Menkar of the Whale...Between it and Fomalhaut lie many small stars....called by Arabians Little Ostriches." [Star Names and Their Meaning' under Eridanus]. Try ''furrow''.

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

"Working in the same circles as Bacon and Newton, Jan Baptiste Van Helmont wrote, 'There is a book inside us, written by the finger of 'god', through which we may read all things." Michael Maier also wrote...' To drink the interior life in a long draft, is to see the higher life. He who discovers the interior, discovers what is in space.' ....In all these sayings there is a clear implication that the key to scientific discovery somehow lies within." [Chapter 23, 'The Secret History of the World'].

12496530-brain-activity-and-states-icon-set-in-white-backgro"Newton believed that god had set humankind a series of tests in the forms of messages encoded in ancient monuments like the Great pyramid, in ancient texts like Genesis and in the very fabric of nature itself. Gods plan was that humanity would be intrigued by these mysteries and continue to develop the 'faculty of intelligence' until the time came when it would be able to crack these codes. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Newtons rival in the devising of calculus, made his advances while studying the Jewish numerical mysticism of the Kabbalah. Isaac Newton drew deeply on the philosophical approach of Jacob Boehme. Boehme's 'idealism' had led him to look for a unifying principle that held the universe together and put everything within it in place. For Boehme, it was a law of 'love' or 'desire' which he called the lubet. Newton carried the search for a universal principle over from 'idealism' into materialism and called it gravity." [Emphasis, this readers, chapter 38, 'The Sacred History]. Recall what 'idealism', in the main, is a representation of.

"Time is at the heart of all that is important to human beings." [Bernard D'Espagnat. From within the book by P. Davies]. Try ''time'' And/or ''hindsight'' in relation to ''foresight'' - if only in understanding subject material. Benefits of. In the long term. Not just in {A}.

'Spiritual' analogy?..."After the crucifixion, Mary Magdalene goes to the cave tomb of Jesus, she finds it empty...The 'Treatise on the Resurrection' teaches: 'The Saviour swallowed death. You must be perceptive, for by this i mean that he laid aside the corruptible cosmos. He exchanged it for the incorruptible 'eternal' realm. He raised himself up, having 'swallowed' the visible by means of the invisible {'horizontal/vertical' link - this readers input} - and gave us the 'way' to our immortality. This is why Paul said we have suffered with him, and arisen with him, and ascended with him.'...If, as Paul urges, we can understand the mystical meaning of this allegory and 'imitate' Christ, then we will also discover we are 'immortal'. According to Valentinus: 'When we 'destroy' the cosmos and we ourselves are not destroyed, then we know we are 'Lords' over the whole of creation and over all 'decay'." [From the book 'Jesus and the Lost Goddess'. Mentioned elsewhere. Emphasis, this readers].

Cronus who also 'swallowed' something.

fallHeadscratch: "To take something seriously, often means to swallow it down, to take it in, and to process it in the depth's of one's own gut experience so that when it is time regurgitate it out - excuse my imagery - it is something fresh and new and reborn...I recently found something that I found very exciting, to do with this swallowing down process. When I looked at the movement of Saturn through its cycle, I noticed that Saturn spends about eight months going forward, from Station Direct to Station Retrograde. Then it turns and goes backwards for about 4-5 months. You know the phrase, 'one step forward and two back'? This is very Saturnian. When you are trying to manifest something or make an improvement in your life, your original intention needs to encompass the periods of time when you do the two steps back, or you fall prey to negative Saturn. Then you think, 'Here we go again, nothing ever changes. Is it always going to be like this?' In other words we totally lose that sense of forward momentum and feel swallowed up. Our sense of well being, creativity, or purpose gets castrated and we get despondent and bogged down..."

Side note. ''One step forward and two back'' - Giza complex link? If so, how {who?} would that 'Saturnian' principle be represented?

Continued: "Lets consider the symbolism. Nine months, or 40 weeks, is the human gestation period {'pregnant'?}. So here we go. Something is nearly born. Forward nearly nine, but not quite and then we grind to a halt. We have to turn back. We must retract, reflect, turn within, review, adapt, go inside and prepare for future forward motion. So something is nearly born but in a sense has to 'die', has to be reabsorbed to gain more substance {'Crocodile/Hippo'?}. This is the process of Saturn, and Saturn in the chart will show where 'this happens', in relation to what areas of life experience {the house} and it what manner {the sign}. It is where 'struggle' is involved...within the process of time, and the laws of manifestation...It is also an issue central to the sign of Aquarius, which Saturn ruled before Uranus was discovered: the time lag between generating a revolutionary idea {Imhotep?} and its manifestation in form." ['Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs'].

Remember we are attempting to define a ''mind set''.

REFRESHER: "Who am I? Where am I going? What is it all for? If these questions have been running through your head {'back of'?} lately, you have begun the ultimate quest, which in one form, is to answer questions such as these, and in another is perhaps the attainment of the Holy Grail." ['Magic for the Aquarian Age' / Marian Green].


"I have come to believe, through many years of studying this script, that the original title of the manuscript was probably THE BODY OF THE DRAGON, a book in 'three' sectional parts bound together." Douglas Monroe.

REFRESHER: "Caroline, you may not be aware of this, but your name begins with the letter associated with the balance of the number three. Balance is a grace of spirit. This is why the horizon stone played such an important part in the Egyptian mysteries. The hieroglyph depicts the meeting of Sun and Earth...This symbol is the only hieroglyphic on the outer wall of the Great Pyramid...The name given to the pyramid was 'Akhet Khufu', which meant ''horizon of Khufu'' - this later term was misunderstood by later Egyptologists, who turned it into the name Cheops. This pregnant symbol is {also?} located above the passageway which pierces into the rock foundations of the vast structure. As a symbol, it survived into modern times - as the symbol for Libra, the cosmic balance, which now consists of three elements...When he had drawn the sigil, he ran the back of his pencil {'lead' link} through the curvature {'arc' link} of space between the solar disc and the horizon of earth...'The invisible {unknown quantity?} space is just as important as the Sun and Earth. Do you see how even the most simple-seeming of the arcane symbols are steeped in hermetic antiquity?' ['The Zelator'. Italics/parenthesis, this readers].

Question. If Khufu = Libra. What do the other 'two' represent?

'Elephant in the Dark' by ?

"At first, in Leo, the individual goes forth in dramatic excitement, asserting himself with grand gestures, gambling with life and love, creating works of art in his own image by sheer projection of himself. As he finds resistance, as he is hurt by the reactions of others, as he fails in one way or another, he is forced to submit to Virgo's discipline, to study, to become an apprentice." [Page 132, 'The Zodiac as the Universal Matrix'].

As {one?} example: "Pluto was in Virgo when modern Freemasonry {1717} and the age of philosophical rationalism began, clearing the way to the revolutionary era..." [Page 116, same book].

Gravity...."most commonly recognized and experienced as the agent that gives weight to physical objects, and causes those same objects to fall towards the ground when dropped from a height."[ Wikipedia / ''gravity''].

One encompasses the other? Attract / repel? And/or convex/concave?

Refresher: "From another regard, the 'lead' of Saturn is the downward and inward pull of gravity into subjectivity."

"Saturn is also named the Lord of Decrease...his power manifests in the later stages of decay. He rules over the spoiled, the filth and the refuse of society..." ['Saturn and the Theoretical Foundations of an Emerging Discipline'].

Try ''Saturn'' to 'see' something {beginning/end?} from an astrology point of view. - represented within those universal {'planetary'?} constants.

And/or: "A planet is an astronomical body orbiting a star or stellar remnant that is massive enough to be rounded by its own gravity, but is not massive enough to cause thermonuclear fusion..." ['Wiki']. All used as a means...? i.e.,''rounded'' in relation to ''Being'' and/or ''becoming''. Enlarged throughout.

Question. If a true appraisal, how could that knowledge have been known?

"That year [1934], in a lecture he gave in Zurich, he underlined the importance of eliminating the infinities that persisted in quantum electrodynamics and drew attention to the theories relationship to our understanding of space and time. The solution to this problem, would require "an interpretation of the numerical value of the dimensionless number [137]."

Analogy: "It was within the awareness of the vision that there was no space or time within the cube itself." Find it to understand it - before asking Yes or No?

'Researches on Magnetism, Electricity, Heat, Light, Crystallization and Chemical Attraction in Relation to the Vital Force' by Baron Karl Von Reichenbach.

Think on it, relative to A/B/C. Explained throughout.

'The Universe a Vast Electric Organism' by George Woodard Warder.

"A future theory, must bring about a deep unification of foundations." [Both quotes by W. Pauli]. Try ''twelve'' and/or its permutations.

"In recent years Roger Penrose has made a pioneering attempt to combine neurophysiology with physics. He suggested that structures within neurons - microtubules - could be the seat of the quantum computations that are the dynamics behind thinking. But these are not simply logical computations, because quantum physics, which includes the uncertainty principle, and the concept of ambiguity, introduces an indefinable extra ingredient - intuition. This element is not addressed in any of the research programs mentioned here, and is a critical shortcoming. Pauli and Jung emphasized its importance, as did Einstein and other scientists when they recalled how they had made their discoveries. The puzzle of how we reason, how we think - of how we create knowledge from already existing knowledge and how we draw conclusions that go beyond the premises [or 'boundaries'?] , cannot be solved by logic alone." [Same book].

This subject does include that one missing ''element.'' From 'its' beginning to the present date. Found within. [Try ''intuitive'' as well as ''intuition''].

Question. If that assessment turns out to be a valid one. What does that imply?

"We are stuck with our own intuitive stranger...By accepting our inner stranger, we may come to a better understanding of our own minds." [From the program 'Horizon' {BBC2?} 'How You Really Make Decisions' by Daniel Kahneman].

"For a long time i confused intuitive consciousness with cerebral consciousness, but the later is,  only a record of our mental operations...Consciousness is a state of identification. To become conscious of anything is to recognize in oneself this identity: it is to experience. The artisan who identifies with the material with which he is working experiences its nature and reaction in himself. He becomes conscious of it...The awakening of the instinctive consciousness takes place. In a more subtle way, this will be the awakening of our intuitive faculties {cognitive?}, whose exercise creates in us the intuitive state..."  ['Journey into Light'].

''Intuitive consciousness'' in relation to eureka moments? But now in the 'spiritual' sense of the 'word'. Get it?


The foundations of something {''Under ones belt'' }. A representation of 'lower' or 'higher'?

REFRESHER: As seen from a different perspective {that first one?}: "When the zodiac is considered as a process of cyclic development, the signs of the zodiac can be shown to have a certain definite meaning...The number twelve is significant in ancient and modern numerology, as being the product of 4 and 3 {enlarged elsewhere}...The division of the signs into 'four elements' {fire, earth, air, water} - or into three types {cardinal, fixed, mutable} - is not a division produced by a sequence in time, but by a kind of segmentation of the whole into the parts - as when a fertilized egg divides into cells, which in turn divide into a group of cells, forming the basic tissues, then organs, of the embryo. The basic division is into four ''elements''. The concept of ''elements'' and in medieval times ''humors'', or in the modern times of ''psychological functions and types'' in Jung's psychology, or that of the 4 ''dimensions'' of space-time, is the result of a very basic intuition of the nature of reality {but only when that ''bit'' is taken into account?} - We define reality as the ''sum result of human experience'', and every experience has form {Plato's forms?]; that is to say, it is at once located in a ''frame of reference'', which is constituted by the three dimensions of space, and by time. Today we speak of ''space-time'' as a four dimensional structure of experience. Every experience implies a more or less immediate sensing of the way in which the cause of the experience fits into our space-time human world. The four dimensions of space-time are therefore the four ''elements'' of experience." [Page 12 'The Zodiac as the Universal Matrix' / Dane Rudhyar. Underlined aspect - this readers input].

"When they become self-aware like 'Adam', [key] they may reveal news of the 'Knower' and that which He knows. One of them dove down into the ocean of Oneness and said, 'I am the truth'. Another rode in a boat on the same ocean, and told of how near or far he was from shore. One looks on the outside and talks of dry land, while gathering shells, and the other plunges into the ocean and gets the pearl. One starts talking about the bits and parts of things, how they appear and function. Another begins telling of the Eternal one and then of creatures who live and die. One speaks of long curls of hair, the 'beauty' spot, the curves of her eyebrows, the 'beloved' man in dim candle light, [key] passing a goblet of wine. The other speaks only of himself and his opinions. And the other loses himself in idol's love, identifying himself with the monks rope around his waist. Each one speaks the language native to the 'level' he has reached, and it is hard to understand what he says.... You the seeker of understanding, you must strive [key] to learn the meaning of what they say." [Extract taken from a poem by the Persian Sufi known as Mahmud Shabistari. From the book, 'The Tree of Being' by Ibn Arabi].

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

"Those of a philosophical turn of thought may reflect that the candle is an image of humanity. The wax corresponds to the body, the wick to the mind, and the flame to the spirit." [Extract from the book 'ABC of Witchcraft: Past and Present' by D. Valiente].

"Our attitude should be that of reasonable enquiry and our interest that of the investigating philosopher, willing to accept an hypothesis on the basis of its possibility, but being unwilling to acknowledge as proven truth anything until we know it for and in ourselves. I, an aspirant to the higher mysteries, and one who has searched into them for a longer period than has been possible as yet to many, may write of things as yet impossible of demonstration, to you or the public, who may read these instructions. To me they may be and are truth and proven fact and for me that may suffice. For you they should be regarded as significant possibilities and hints to the direction in which truth may be sought, but beyond that you should not permit yourself to go." [Introduction to the book by Alice Bailey].

Link to 'objectivity'. Purpose and benefit of. As it is in any subject. Any subject that is; that is worth its 'salt'. Try that one. 

Something to ponder on: "When we think about the future, we envision a version of the present: that the TV shows, movies, and singers who matter most today will be the ones remembered in 100 years. History, says otherwise, Chuck Klosterman argues in 'But what if we're wrong? Thinking about the present as if it were the past'. The works that endure, he says, are the ones that future societies find meaningful, whether they're valued in their day or not. Herman Melville's 'Moby Dick' was scorned when it came out, and Franz Kafka was dead before 'The Trial' saw print. So which of today's writers will be remembered. Probably not Philip Roth or Jonathan Franzen, Klosterman says, but someone writing in obscurity {perhaps on the deep web}, representing an ultra-marginalised group and covering subjects that can be completely reinterpreted by future readers..." [From the 'Time Magazine' {June 2016} entitled 'Predicting the next great American novel'].

Try ''Bedtime Story'' - within this web pages 'search box'. Question. Agree or disagree?

P.S. Good luck on your own personal journey...Should any of the above be true. To whomever that reader might be.


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