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'Photon' by M. L Snowden

Example of same..."To the observer, free will is uncertainty; precisely because it is free, the reasoning mind cannot predict it and cannot relate it to something else, it is irrational, unrelatable. Thus the rational mind has to acknowledge a higher principle, one that is indistinquishable from pure chance. So great is this hurdle that few philosophers can surmount it. The anonymous 'Cloud of Unknowing', written in about 1350, affirms this positive value of unknowing with a most beautiful simplicity that should be instructive to philosophers. Certainly, it is one of the most profound writings in the west. Of course, our trump card is quantum physics, which has actually discovered, or been forced to recognize, that the quantum of action or quantum of uncertainty [two names of the same thing] is a primordial ingredient of the reality of physics. But even here the rational mind refuses to accept first cause. It is not convinced by the creation of matter from light , for it says, "How can we say the photon is first cause, when it itself has a cause? Does not light come from the sun?" Here we should make a clarification. In order to say that A causes B, there must be in A that which implies B. Thus, if i put salt on the doorstep, it will melt the ice because there is a relationship between the melting point of ice and the salinity of water. On the other hand, we cannot so relate cause and effect in the case where the boiling over "caused" the invention of vulcanized rubber. Pots boiling over don't imply rubber tyres, or even rubber. The cause was Goodyear, whose intention to find a way of improving raw rubber had led him to cooking it on the stove. Now it is true that there are other stove, accident etc,...but the first cause, Goodyear's intention, is the only one that implies improved rubber, and was responsible for his recognition of the solution when it accidentally occurred". [Chapter twelve. 'The Geometry of Meaning'. A. Young].

Think about it, i.e.,'intention' [first cause] in relation to 'Ain Sof' = synchronistic 'moment'/event [in space-time], i.e.,'beginning' [potential of] from an unconscious ['accidental'] 'start point' and/or leading to 'actual' realization [conscious 'end point' ]. In relation to the 'observer'. Possibility of.

Sagittarius link?

The word 'intention' used by some authors, relative to the reader, in order to define something. In the same vein of such authors as Gurdjieff and Plato, Example of same 'The Thirteen Petalled Rose'. Mentioned elsewhere. 'Intention', relative to "divine cause", "divine source" or "divine essence."

As is the intention {and/or example} in the NOW 'spiritual' sense of the word - in defining that universal constant {i.e., divine 'bit'} - by way of the prayer method...

Banksy was here?

"As for the Jesus prayer itself, it has obviously two dangers. If it is repeated without attention to what it means, it is a vain repetition such as Our Lord {i.e.,ones higher self} denounces. The same applies to any other formula, if unintelligently used. Also if the mind is kept concentrated on some definite idea of 'Jesus' rather than what he represents,i.e.,the 'Word' of the Father - then this may lead to imprisoning the mind instead of setting it free...It is evident, however, that these dangers lie not in the prayer itself but in the wrong use of it. They point to the necessity of keeping the minds eye fixed on its Divine Object, i.e.,as to who that 'object' really is...The repetitive rhythm of the prayer is indeed a most valuable aid to recollection...It sets the intellect to work to meditate on divine things. In others, who have passed beyond intellectual meditation, the prayer leads the spirit on to the silent contemplation of Him Who is Without form or mode." ['Unseen Warfare' / Mentioned elsewhere].

'Word' in relation to logos. ''Father'' in relation to...

"Clement of Alexandria elucidates the idea that Jesus is the 'son of god' by explaining: 'The Son is the consciousness of the Father.' The 'Father' is the Mystery...the dazzling darkness of UNconscious Consciousness."

Another {working?} example in order to define an inner something {micro} relative to its outer {macro} - INTENTION OF: "The ancient ones of early eastern Christianity taught that, in relation to intruding thoughts, we should be so vigilant that as soon as they ''show there heads, like a serpent appearing through a hole, we must cut it off''! This is a potent use of 'stop exercise' which is also meant to halt the entry and influence of ''I's'' that seek to claim our identity. The more you live in a more quiet inner place {an inner sanctuary} where features {negative ones?} cannot take over, the more you will see the difference between passing thoughts and feelings and your deeper self." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way']. All as a representation of something. This readers input.

Picture...A cat like figure, with hare like 'ears.' Representing a possible u-turn, or the development of something from its once 'negative'[Apophis] beginning [i.e.,left - right?]. One has to listen to that internal voice inapep_1 order to scratch the surface of something. That link to Sais in the Nile Delta. The 'Ear' its symbol, where salt and fresh water normally 'mix'. Where according to Plato, Solon was told about the 'origins' of something. Those origins that can only be assessed by that 'inner ear'. The Sumerian 'god' of wisdom, Enki..."he whose ears are wide open", or the Egyptian 'god' Ptah..."who is great of hearing", reminds the reader, after..."an eye is opened by which a special perception of certain perceptibles is had" [Al-Ghazali]... of what those 'origins' are symbolic of, and represented by. [chapter one ' The Future of the Ancient World / J.Naydler]. Hear anything? If you do then you should be able to answer the following query....that modern day archeologists have a problem to define..."In a class by themselves are a series of small stelae, which we call 'ear tablets', from the fact that their principle feature is a representation of one or more human ears. These 'ear tablets' have also been found at Memphis, in the surroundings of the temple of Ptah, and many theories have been put forward to explain their use.......

......"it was once thought that they were dedicated by the deaf in the hope of attaining a cure for their affliction. Others are of the opinion that they were made in order to attract the attention of the god to the prayers of the supplicated. Petrie says....'To obtain the attention of the god, there arose the strange custom of carving ears on the tablet of prayers. Thus it was thought that the god would more readily hear the petitions'. Most probably we should regard these sculptured ears as substitutes for the ears of the god. Thus the devotee would make a pilgrimage to some sacred spot, dedicating a ear tablet to the god of the sanctuary"....[there is more should the reader wish to read those further speculations, i.e., page 43, 'The Sphinx: Its History in the Light of Recent Excavations' by S. Hassan]. The question is....What do you think? After weighing up all the available information.

As is the same intention spoken in the inimitable words by the irrepressible presenter Mr B. Cox: "The indigenous people who built this place {i.e.,within the Ounila Valley / Morocco} have been mentioned in ancient Egypt texts as well as by Greek historians such as Herodotus and Cicero that the people who built this place worshiped the sun and moon. In fact they tell a story about how they cut off the ears of goats in order to throw them over their houses in honour of the moon god. With the skies crystal clear you can understand why they did it - not the goat thing - but the worship of those celestial objects in the sky." ['Human Universe' Series 1 / Episode 4].

"With patient ears attend..." [Opening lines to 'Romeo and Juliet / Shakespeare].

Sais in the Nile Delta? As a means....?

Oak Island?

mjuhyGranted not a pleasant act - but no form of sacrifice is - even though in those bygone days it was {to some} an acceptable act. As a representation of something. These days as explained elsewhere it would be thought of {with one or two exceptions - as is ALWAYS the case} - as atavistic - even to the present ancestors of the above examples. The main point however being - it was not SOLELY a superstitious act - as Mr Cox - would have us believe. Understand the parts to define the whole. See something other than what those first impressions only allow. Try ''superstition'' and/or ''sun'' and ''moon''.

'The Goat Foot God' / Dion Fortune. {'sure footed?}.


A 'willing' participate?

As is: "I will tame the primal obsessions. Greed, anger, pride, hatred, and use them as powerful bullocks to plough the field of consciousness. Sowing the 'seed' of Om Kali Ma, transmitted to me by a skilful farmer. I will reap a vast harvest of illumination..." [Poem by Ramprasad Sen. Taken from the book 'The Path of the Priestess: A Guidebook for Awakening the Divine Feminine' / Sharron Rose]. Question. Anima/soul/ 'light'?

Apis Bull {Shadow/spirit/ 'fire'?}. As a means...?

Among others try ''Herodotus'' and ''Cicero'' to 'see' something beyond those first impressions, i.e.,both belonged to ''Mystery clubs''.

Cicero was born in 106 BC in Arpinum, a hill town 100 kilometers (62 mi) southeast of Rome. His father was a well-to-do member of the equestrian order and possessed good connections in Rome. However, being a semi-invalid, he could not enter public life and studied extensively to compensate. Although little is known about Cicero's mother, Helvia, it was common for the wives of important Roman citizens to be responsible for the management of the household. Cicero's brother Quintus wrote in a letter that she was a thrifty housewife.[13]


That living face of one initiate was called Chick-pea. Coincidence?

Cicero's cognomen, or personal surname, comes from the Latin for chickpea, cicer. Plutarch explains that the name was originally given to one of Cicero's ancestors who had a cleft in the tip of his nose resembling a chickpea. However, it is more likely that Cicero's ancestors prospered through the cultivation and sale of chickpeas.[14] Romans often chose down-to-earth personal surnames: the famous family names of Fabius, Lentulus, and Piso come from the Latin names of beans, lentils, and peas, respectively. Plutarch writes that Cicero was urged to change this deprecatory name when he entered politics, but refused, saying that he would make Cicero more glorious than Scaurus ("Swollen-ankled") and Catulus ("Puppy"). [Wiki}. Try ''chickpea'' and/or ''nickname''.
"Marcus Tullius Cicero was a Roman orator, philosopher and politician who lived in the first century B.C. Apparently “Cicero” was the nickname given to one of his ancestors who had a big wart on his nose in the shape of a chickpea. This nickname, or “cognomen”, was subsequently passed on to following generations, and when Marcus Tullius started his political career he decided, against his friends’ advice, to keep it." [internet]. Try ''chickpea''.

''Cognomen'' in relation to cognitive. As a means...?

'Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Techniques for Retraining the Brain' / J. Satterfield.

Side note: "Learning something new will help {any brain} age well...If you want to keep your brain as young as it can be, then learning something new is one of the best things you can do...It should be new and challenging, that in itself will help the brains capacity" ['How to Stay Young' /BBC1/Series 2. Episode 3].

"The crow {corvid family} is the only animal whose brain enlarges when it learns to play." ['Winter's Weirdest Events' BBC ].

"Peering inside, I was at once heralded by an exciting flapping of wings, as the great raven Solomon { the wise} greeted me once again. How often I had wondered where this crafty bird resided when not with his master Merlyn.'' [ '21 Lessons of Merlyn: A Study in Druid Magic and Lore'].

Coincidence? Or something used within a 'method'.

The 'three' eyed bird of Bran Stark? {Game of Thrones}.

''You cant kill it, you know, because the Raven is you." {Series 3. Episode 2}.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom the emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapped in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed. The insight into the mystery of life, coupled though it may be with fear, has also given rise to re-ligion. To know what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty, which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their most primitive forms - this knowledge, this feeling is at the center of true religiousness." [Albert Einstein].

Cro-magnon man in relation to Neanderthal? Bear skulls in relation to Labyrinths? All as a means.…? Enlarged throughout.

bbbbAnd/or..."People understand what 'knowledge' means. And they understand the possibility of different levels of knowledge. They understand that knowledge may be lessor or greater, that is to say, of one quality or of another quality. But they do not understand this in relation to ''being''. 'Being', for them, simply means existence to which is opposed non-existence. They do not understand that being or existence may be of very different levels and categories. Take for instance the being of a mineral and of a plant. It is a different being. The being of an animal and a man is again a different 'being'. But the being of two people can differ from one another more than the being of a mineral and of an animal. This is exactly what people do not understand. And they do not understand that knowledge depends on being. Not only do they not understand this latter but they definitely do not wish to understand it. And especially in the western culture it is considered that a man may possess great knowledge, for example he may be an able scientist, make discoveries, advance science, AND at the same time {''simultaneous'' link?} he may be, and has the right to be, a petty, egoistic, caviling, mean, envious, vain, naive, and absent-minded man. It seems to be considered here that a professor must always forget his umbrella everywhere. AND yet it is his being. And people think that his knowledge does not depend on his being. People of western culture put great emphasis on the level of a mans knowledge, but they do not value the level of a mans being and are not ashamed of the level of their own being. They do not even understand what it means. And they do not understand that a mans knowledge { ''true'' knowledge?} depends on the level of his being." ['In Search of the Miraculous'. Parenthesis/emphasis this readers].

Side note: That final sentence in relation to the solution {answer} to Samson's riddle? Enlarged elsewhere.


Eyes and mouth? Any 'ears' ? Pleiades = minds eye? That ''lost'' one?

Analogy {i.e.,a work - or solution - in progress}: "The Bull Child, 'son of' the Moon Mother, is the 'hero' who comes to earth and shows men the way to salvation. He stands between heaven and earth {Top-down?}, for he is a man, subject to death as man is, but he is also Son of the 'virgin' moon mother, the 'eternal' and 'unborn' {see it?}. He partakes of the nature of both men and the gods. The initiate of Osiris was taught a 'word' of power to use as introduction to the world of the gods when he sought entrance there after 'death'. He was to proclaim himself Child of Earth and Starry Heaven {Bottom-up?}. Christ himself, in his mythological aspect, was such a divine son, the holy unicorn 'tamed' by the virgin and so, perhaps, transformed into Aries, the goat or, as he is more commonly known by - the lamb. In this aspect his non war like qualities are the ones that are emphasized. He he is entirely docile and accepting. For the 'son of' the moon mother always accepted his fate and never resisted it even though he 'died' annually. This mildness is frequently the chief characteristic of the moon hero, as, for instance, where the hare carries this role. Because of his docility and lack of belligerence the hare is often able to find a way..." [M. Harding book. Emphasis, this readers].

"The eye with which i see 'god', and the eye with which 'god' sees me is the same eye." [Meister Eckhart].

Question. Should therefore the EXOteric equivalent of this subject {if indeed that is the case, i.e.,giving Mr Cox the benefit of the doubt} - have thrown 'eyeballs' over the rooftops?

King Unas of the fifth dynasty. On whose tomb walls were found the very first 'religious' texts...anywhere. The acclaimed Pyramid texts. That information once 'learned' is now given back to anyone who can understand it. Anyone who can 'read' it. Anyone who can 'see' it. One of the main [royal] symbols within his own cartouche was the long eared hare.

Side note: A {working?} example: ''Let us, therefore, go against [the Romans], trusting boldly to good fortune. Let us show them that we are hares and foxes trying to rule over dogs and wolves." When she [Boudica] had finished speaking, she employed a species of divination, letting a hare escape from the fold of her dress; and since it ran on what they considered the auspicious side, the whole multitude shouted with pleasure, and Boudica, raising her hand toward heaven, said: "I thank you, Andraste, and call upon you as woman speaking to woman ... I beg you for victory and preservation of liberty."


'Hare' in the Moon?

Continued: A good book with a possible explanation of why, could be 'The Leaping Hare' by G. Evans and D. Thompson i.e.,"The reading of the literature of the hare also brings up another question: why is it that the hare figures in so many divergent cultures in particular examination of those relating to the hare might well be worth while, if only for the light they might throw on the origin and structure of those myths that are linked with other animals. But before starting on our inquiry we are putting forward the hypothesis that there is much more involved than this. The hare is an archetype: that is, as the name implies,one of the original nuclei or formation-patterns of awareness that primitive man used as a tool of communication to come to terms with his environment and also with the internal environment of his instincts and feelings". [Chapter one].

Question. Why on the fifth tomb walls, and not the fourth. Considering the importance and 'magnitude' of the 'great pyramid'. Why king Unas and not Mr Khufu, or Mr Khafre or Mr Mykerinos?

Jubelo,Jubeba,Jubelum Freemasons equivalent of those once negative aspects. Jubel, Arabic for 'mountain', ['mountains' and 'valleys',[or 'quarries' and 'plateaus']... symbolic of higher/lower in its most basic physical 'representation' form, i.e.,Landscape symbolism, [explained elsewhere].

But what has not been taken into account, by two of Freemasons candidates, of which the originators of 'Freemasonry' most surely do know...and which each candidate has to 'work out' this subjects 'oral' tradition. That same subject that was passed down 'orally' before the written word came into common use. Different words make different sounds that depending on intention can begin at the back of the mouth [Greek equivalent, 'cave' [key]], and move forward to the 'opening' of same. Representing from darkness to light. Or from something 'unknown' to something now 'known', [Greek equivalent Hades in relation to Zeus. Explained elsewhere].

That link to the word 'Gnosis' [or what that word - through the course of multiple generations - came to imply ], and/or Plato's 'shadows,' [intention of].

Or as in this case from a negative into a positive in order to make the candidate aware, [known] of something. Those three negative aspects of thought/emotion/will, represented in Freemasons case by the above 'names'...that when spoken in their correct order form, [link to Plato's forms]...begin at the back of the mouth and end at its front. Hence the reason why the same 'three'..."lament in a cavern", [link to darkness, while 'repentance' is a movement 'in the right direction', i.e.,towards the light,['opening of mouth'. Link to the Egyptian equivalent of same]].

Finally that link to 'mountain' and 'cavern.' From bottom to top. From 'lower' to 'higher'. From negative into a positive. From shadow, [unknown] into light, [known]. All for the sake of the 'candidate', in relation to his 'understanding' by way of a 'story' of Freemasonys true purpose, with the individual/candidate in mind.

"Another passage in the ceremony of 'opening of the mouth' is : ''The Bees, giving him protection, they make him exist.'' In the hieroglyph text there are three bees in a row....."................"When Ra weeps again, the water that flows from his eyes upon the ground, turns into working bees. They work in flowers and trees of every kind, and wax and honey come into being." Recall what three; or in this case ''triple''; in the main; is a representation of. Together with the words [keys] highlighted. All found within. [Chapter 11, 'The Sacred Bee'. Mentioned elsewhere].

As are the "three brothers" of Christian Rosenkreutz fame "who binds unto himself" be faithful, diligent and secret. [Chapter thirteen, same book], i.e.,Brother G.V...Brother J.A...Brother J.O....but now in reverse to the above example, i.e.,the names when pronounced start/form at the front and finish at the back. Top down as opposed to bottom up. Something learned that is to be imparted below, [Hangman symbolism, or 'sky' re-ligion. 'Elder' relative to 'younger'. Explained elsewhere ]... in 'profile' as opposed to 'face on'. Explained elsewhere. Dry way as opposed to wet. 'Oral' representation of.

Hence the link to the 'omission' of vowels within the spoken word ,i.e., 'silent'. Something that has to be thought about...for it then 'to be' spoken. For it then to be part of the spoken word. From something 'unknown' to now 'known'. Something that was once lost, is now found?

Those names and more importantly the sounds and forms they make in such examples [in relation to 'hard c'], as the letter 'H' in both the Sumerian and Hebrew language [Page 15 'The 12th Planet'. Z. Sitchin]. Think about it relative to YHVH.

Or Khufu/Khan/Christ and even such words as Loch or its equivalent Lake, of the same ilk. The difference being one group begins at the back and moves towards the front. The others in reverse. Think about it. Or in this case...'say' it. Try it in 'silence,' i.e.,"still waters run deep." Hear anything? If you do then attempt to understand the implications of the spelling of the word 'Afrokhans', in the book, 'The Legacy of the Black Gods' by P. Simons.

Sumerian equivalent? = ''Duku'' which means holy mound. Enlarged elsewhere. Du {front of mouth?. Ku {back}. Try it.

Something to ponder on: "The term ''Celt'' did not exist in the ancient languages of the Irish, Scots and Welsh. There is only the Pictish Khaltis, most likely signifying invaders from France, Belgium, Germany, Galatia and Ulkraine. The term ''Celt'' {Keltoi} was first employed by incompetent Greek historian Herodotos..." ['The Irish Origins of Civilization' / M. Tsarion].


Triangle and square base? as a means? ''three and four''? Question. Benben stone?

Synchronistic {?}: Bore-hole H -8 in relation to the ''money pit''. ['Curse of Oak Island'. March 2019].

SIDE NOTE: "Cepheus is an inconspicuous constellation , but evidently was highly regarded in early times as the Father of the Royal family, and his story well known in Greek literature of the 5th century before Christ. The name {associated} by Brown to Khufu of Great Pyramid fame, was the source of many queer titles from errors in Arabic transcription... the stars Identified as the Fire-kindler...some of which are also seen for Bootes...Known as the Ape God when its stars were pole stars of 21000 and 19000BC...Cepheus has many 'fiery epithets' that do not seem appropriate for so faint a figure, unless originating from the fable {myth?} that the ''tables of the Sun'' {'inner' one?}, were spread in Aethiopia, the land where Cepheus reigned when on earth. Some however, have suggested that they are from the fact that his head is surrounded and illuminated by the Milky Way, although itself is an entirely bare {'bald'?} spot in the great circle {'Ain Sof'?} of light...His head is marked by a triangle...of 4th magnitudes...also near the Knees forming an equilateral triangle with Polaris....Some see in his stars a large 'K' open towards Cassiopeia....Known in Chaldaea 23 centuries before our era - when the earthly King was recognised in that country's myth's as the Son of Belos, of whom Pliny wrote: 'Inventor hic fuit sideralis scientiae'..." [Page 155/6: 'Star Names and Their Meanings'].

nhytg (2)

'Mercury', 'Sulphur' and 'Salt'. Which and why?

And/or, something hinted at {as a means...?}: ''The number seven, or the septenary, is the sacred number of all theogonies and all symbols, because it is composed of the triad and the tetrad....The number seven can be thought of as a combination of the pyramid and the 'cross' and/or the alchemical symbol for Sulphur {i.e., a 'triangle' on top of a 'cross'}. What I would have you notice particularly about this sign which we use as a symbol of 'Self-consciousness', is that when it is carefully drawn, all the lines composing it are of equal length. Thus it is a figure composed of FIVE equal lines, and it is one of those universal pentacles, or sacred figures, which have come down to us as emblems of the Life-Power {''bit''?} and its laws. For the sign of alchemical Sulphur is a unity, as a sign. Yet this one is also 'three' {the triangle}, and 'four' {the cross}, and 'five' because it is made of five equal lines. Hence it is a sign which corresponds to the alchemical definition of the First Matter, concerning which it is written: It is One, which is also Three, and Four and Five. The same number appears in the construction of the Great Pyramid. Its base being a square {four}. The lines which bound it meet at five points, and the base and sides make five FACES. All within triangles...." [Pages 37/8 'Occult Fundamentals and Spiritual Unfoldment'].

Question. What {who?} would represent 'subconsciousness'?

'h'Continued: "How might we interpret these strange ideograms in use among the Gobekli builders so soon after the end of the last ice age? Let's start with the 'H' glyph. Searching the archives of prehistoric symbolism throws up very little. They could be shields made of animal hide, as examples in prehistoric art do occasionally resemble the letter H. Yet if so, why do they appear so many times on the same pillar? Also apparent is that the H character resembles two letter T's joined stem to stem. It is an association that might not be without meaning, especially in view of the general appearance of the T-shaped pillars..." [From the book by A. Collins].

Question. When all the available information is assessed what do you think? i.e.,within a stylized 'belt' {or 'girdle'?} - right 'side'? The buckle {'open/close'?} of which - in the form of a U-shape. Enlarged elsewhere. Question. Any 'glyph' on the left side?

"A clue to this mystery lies in the fact that at least half of the standing pillars ...{same book].

A change of pace...In number symbolism, fifteen,[12+3] represents the start of a possible journey i.e.,unconscious/unknown 'start' point. Think about relation... to the symbolism of 'twelve' and its possible outcome. Together with 'three' symbolism taken together...with the result of that same possibility...which could be either a positive or a negative. Lower -higher. Or higher-lower. Seventeen its 'conscious' start point. Hence the link to the origins/birth/start point of; amongst other things; the Freemasons Grand Lodge order in 1717.

'A Treatise on White Magic' or 'The Way of the Disciple' by A. Bailey...i.e.,fifteen 'stages' from beginning to end. Or the fifteen steps that lead down to the tomb of the 'Golden Child' and therefore those same steps that can lead upwards - towards the 'light'.

That ''awakening'' of something - The symbol of which became the 15th Nome of Egypt.

The Short Way?

Something hinted at: "Our adept means hear to speak of the first sulphur, which is the gold of the sages, the green, unripe fruit of the tree of knowledge. While the Latin phrase betrays some disappointment relative to a normal result, which many would like very much to obtain, it is because by means of this 'sulphur' the transmutation can no longer be hoped for. Indeed the philosophical gold, is not the 'stone', and Philalethes carefully warns the student that it is only its first matter. And since this sulphur principle, according to the same author, requires an uninterrupted work of approximately one hundred and fifty days, it is logical to think that such a result could not satisfy the artist who anticipated reaching the 'elixir' in one bound, as it can happen in the short way." [Page 340 'The Dwellings of the Philosopher' / Fulcanelli].

''A song of steps, from the depths I call you O god {YHVH}.'' [King David].

Double vision?

"Fifteen represents the zenith of 'lunar' power, and its relation to the moon can be deduced from the name of an old German measure called Mandel, - 'a little moon, part of a moon', which consisted of 15 items such as..." [Taken from the book 'Mystery of Numbers'. Mentioned elsewhere].

"The 15 also has an important mathematical and religious meaning as the sum of the first 5 integers as well as the product of two sacred numbers, that is 3x5." [Same book].

Question. What would the zenith of 'Solar' power be represented by?

The author of 'The Experience of Eternity' defines the same as the 'Great Experience'.

The legend of Beowulf another good example. The ‘Dragon’ slayer, i.e., ’Higher’ overcoming ‘Lower’, [ Dragon / serpent. One of the same the sense that is, of both being opposing ends, on the same 'pole'. The tail end of something and the beginning of something else.

That final destination; as mentioned; represented in [A] In the form of a pilgrimage. Or implied symbolically in those most famous and frequently used three words...The holy grail. Which has a certain logic to it when thought about. After all the available information is assessed. An intuitive one,i.e.,as an example...

"The holy grail was presented in oral form on mount Sinai and in written form by Rabbi Shimon. No one has ever made an attempt to alter the Zohar itself."[Introduction by Rav Berg to the Zohar. Volume one,unabridged edition, English translation]. All as a representation of something.

Also represented by the ‘Apprentice’ column in Rosslyns Chapel or Horus of Egyptian lore to name but a few. All esoteric lore have the Apprentice / Adept relationship. Gnosticism no different,as explained throughout in such well researched books as ' The Master Game'. Mentioned elsewhere. Normally represented within the lesser / higher divisions in the so called ‘Mystery clubs'.

The Great pyramid strangely has both ‘divisions’ within it. Up to the ‘Great Step’ equates to the ‘Lesser’, [ A-B / or single –double uraeus ]. Beyond the Great Step relates to the ‘Greater’, [ B-C ]. Hence the reason that the "shaft" in the 'lower' half = "incomplete". As opposed to the one in the 'higher' half. [i.e.,partial knowledge in relation to a 'completion'. In 'profile' as opposed to 'face on'. Something 'unknown' in relation to something now 'known' ].

"Dominique paused and cast a profound look at his audience. 'How can i make you experience this subtle moment of tension which is the great step between the psychic and the spiritual..." ['Journey into the Light']. Try ''great step''.

Or as mentioned/speculated in chapter fifteen of .'The Master Game' in relation to chapter one of the Sepher Yetzirah [Hebrew tree of life]..."it is stated that 'ten' are the numbers of the ineffable Sephiroth, ten not nine, ten not eleven. Learn this wisdom and be wise in the understanding of it; investigate these numbers and draw knowledge from them; fix the design in its purity, and pass from it to its creator seated on the throne".

If ten or multiples of [see below] equates to the 'Great Step', think about it in relation to 'nine' and 'eleven'. From something unknown to something now known, before 'moving on'., in relation to an 'individual effort', represented by that effort to 'climb' progress onto [by way of] that 'great step' in order to look back and evaluate [in hindsight], before deciding/understanding how to progress order to be 'seated on ones own throne'...represented in the Egyptian example as... the 'Kings' chamber. Think about it, in relation to higher/lower, together with the Egyptian 'goddess' Seshat, and 'her' relationship with the number ten, [].

"Abu Hurayrah related that the messenger of god is reported to have said, "In the times of which you are living, anyone who abandons a tenth of what he is commanded will perish; but a time is coming when anyone who does a tenth of what he is commanded will be saved." [Tirmidhi]. Taken from 'The Book of Hadith'. Mentioned elsewhere.

"The number ten in ancient Egypt was concerned with the process of delimiting and was a basis of common measurement...our own mathematical system is derived from this scheme. Hieroglyphic notation of numbers was decimal, rendered in multiples of ten, followed by single units to denote parts of a tenth. And multiples of ten...30, 60, 110...stood for the essential cycles in nature and human life. Ten units of measures represented the manifestations or existence of a temporal principle." [Chapter two, 'The Sacred Tradition of Ancient Egypt'].



zodiac man

The Zodiac man. Lower in relation to higher. Representation of. [ in that inner sense ]. All cultures apply the same principles, to the same ends. Alpha / Omega. Question. Myth or fairy story or something else? Why go to all this effort?

"The zodiac is a 360 degree circular path [called the ''ecliptic'' in astronomy] over which the planets inscribe a continual path as they revolve around the sun. In our era it is distinguished by 12 divisions of stars [constellations] associated with the Greek and Roman mythology. The Egyptians divided their zodiac into 36 sectors, referred to by the Greeks as dekanoi [singular dekan, a ''tenth'' or ''unit of ten''].

"As seen from a different perspective: "The British Druids were connected, through the distribution of the Celtic peoples, with the Trotten mysteries of northern Europe. The northern mysteries shared with those of other parts of the world, especially Egypt, a certain characteristics, which was based on a universal principle. It is this: All the ancient wisdom regarding the twelve encircling constellations of the zodiac are as spiritual powers, groups of creator beings {aspects of?} - who worked formatively upon the whole structure of man's body, and upon the capacities {senses} to which this structure belongs. The ancients recognised twelve parts of the body, and - not all of them clearly - twelve senses {'seven' above; 'five' below. Enlarged elsewhere}...It is the principle of the archetypes of all things. And it is the principle upon which the foundations of the 'New Jerusalem' are built." ['The Flaming Door'].

''Great Step'' and all the above {as seen from a different perspective}: "The extract quoted a little way back about the music of the sphere's may be taken as an illustration of the mystical experience of an initiated Bard; but let us imagine further that the Bard felt that he himself - as a copy in miniature of the whole living starry system - was the one who, looking back from the heights upon the great 'cosmic instrument' in its 'twelve' and 'seven' fold order, played upon it and extracted its melodies and harmonies. It was not his own lower personality that could command this heavenly 'music', but his Higher Self; and the name for this higher self, identified with divinity, was IAU, called the ''Younger''. In oriental mysticism, presented in a certain poetical form in the stanzas of Dzyan, we read: 'Behold, O Lanoo, the Radiant Child of the Two, the unparalleled refulgent glory, Bright Space, son of Dark Space, who emerges from the depths of the Great Dark Waters! It is OEAOHOO the Younger. He shines forth as the Sun. He is the blazing divine Dragon of Wisdom'...The idea that this being IAU is the ''Younger'' will remind readers of the Dionysos myth. IAU is the re-born Dionysos..." ['The Flaming Door'].

''Younger'' in relation to Menkaure. Question. Could that ''Great'' pyramid have been built in stages? i.e.,Menkaure/Djedfre {'younger/elder'}. Recall the ''attributes'' given to the ''name'' of Menkaure relative to the others. Enlarged elsewhere. Understanding subject material {parts within the whole} gives that hypothesis - credibility.

Side note: "Aries {Ram} = 'head'. Gemini {Twins} = arms. Leo {Lion} = heart. Libra {Scales} = pelvis. Sagittarius {Man-horse} = thighs. Aquarius {Waterman} = lower leg. Taurus {Bull} = neck and throat. Cancer {crab/crayfish} = chest and breasts. Virgo {Virgin} = stomach, womb. Scorpio {Scorpion} = sexual parts. Capricorn {Goat-fish} = knees. Pisces {Fish} = feet.

All as a means...?

A {working?} example: "Wide ruler and 'King of Men', Agamemnon of golden Mycenae, the commander in chief of the Greeks, is Regulus {Leo}. Although only the 21st brightest star, Regulus gains its great status by being the brightest on the ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun. The name ''Regulus'' is a diminutive of 'Rex' {King}, and in Babylonia, too, the star was named Sharru, the King. Homer exults in describing Agamemnon in the glittering terms which befit his standing, particularly when Agamemnon as Leo rises at one time of the year at the same moment as the Sun and travels across the daytime sky covered or occulted by the brightest object in the skies." [Homer's Secret Iliad' / F. and K. Wood].

Think about it - relative to ''King'' and ''Pharaoh'', i.e.,Regulus = E/W. Therefore what would something ''greater'' {'Great House'} be represented by.

"Twenty one is connected to perfection, since it is the product of the sacred numbers 7 and 3." ['Mystery of Numbers']. Coincidence or a meaningful one?

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

A side step: Each was depicted as a 'divinity,' carefully annotated in both temple and tomb for a system of timekeeping that was 'religious' in nature, though still highly accurate and efficient. It is very significant that the 36 dekan 'gods' and the 42 neteru, together number the 78 sacred principles associated with the traditional Tarot card deck. Ascribed to a Hermetic origin, the Tarot images represent archetypal forces at work in human life. Intended through the ages to be used as a system of spiritual instruction, occult legend says that the images were fabricated into playing cards because mans proclivity for gambling would never cease...a guarantee for the systems survival." [Chapter two, same book]. Therefore that 'negative' aspect being used as a means to begin an understanding - and/or a focal point - for the 'start' of something? The beginnings of something.

Analogy of same, i.e.,with the same intent..."Tarot cards were merely pictorial representations of the same forces shown in the plays and songs, and told the same eternal story. Possibly the pictures were at one time related to the old oral tradition of worship, as were the Icons used in Eastern Christianity. The pagan worship-system was banned and suppressed, so the images passed into the folk tradition. Only in recent years have the Tarot emerged from anonymity into the clamour of 'occultism', where writers and practitioners forget that no 'secret' body of knowledge is required to account for the images present in the mind of mankind, and that 'magical' orders were open for all in folk-song and ceremonies throughout the centuries." [Taken from the book 'Where is Saint George'. Mentioned elsewhere].

Compare to Greek 'goddess' Hekate and 'her' relationship to 100, in relation to the 'great year'.[Chapter five.'The Sirius Mystery'].

Or "if a ' hundred' is actually a "ten of tens", what then does 'ten' itself mean? What sort of image or idea does this number concept embody"....."The writer Notker of St. Gall, once explained the name of the Greek goddess Hekate, who was amongst other things the goddess of growth or increase, by the number 100." Together with....


a 'right angle'?

"An essential datum is that there are similarities between the mathematical structure of the Parthenon and that of the Great pyramid. In both constructions the corners deviate deliberately from a right angle. I have established that the elevation of the fronts of the Parthenon was calculated by the factor of the 'golden mean' and that the elevation of the flanks was calculated by the factor of 'Pi' [3.142]. According to the data available, i have interpreted the elevation of the Great pyramid to be such that the north side was calculated by the factor of the 'golden mean', and that the west side by the factor of Pi.

Side note: Parthenon..."Mostly curves, very few right angles; dedicated to Athene..." {PBS America}. Born from the 'forehead' of Zeus - 'fully armed'. Slow to anger. Goddess of wisdom. Archaeoastronomically aligned to the Hyades constellation - the 'five' daughters of Atlas - who became known as the weeping sisters - associated with 'rain'. {Wiki}.

Question. 'Shadow' or 'anima' / Male or Female / Sea water or fresh water / 'spirit' or 'soul' {'S/W' or 'S/E'?} - ALL AS A MEANS...?

N.B. Hyades 153 ly {47pc} to the cluster center from earth. Coincidence or a meaningful one?

bully"From the perspective of observers on Earth, the Hyades Cluster appears in the constellation Taurus, where its brightest stars form a "V" shape along with the still brighter red giant Aldebaran. However, Aldebaran is unrelated to the Hyades, as it is located much closer to Earth (hence its apparent brightness) and merely happens to lie along the same line of sight.

"The Parthenon is called Heka-tompedon, "one hundred foot temple" in Greek texts, and these texts indicate also that its width was 100 feet." [Page 359, 'Secrets of the Great Pyramid']. Think about both the above, relative to 'fall' symbolism in relation to horizontal / vertical, i.e.,'right angle'. And 'North' relative to the golden ratio, while 'West' is relative to the Pi factor. i.e.,the tail end of something, being indicative of the beginning of something else. Represented now, in this example within 'number' symbolism. Question. Which came first? [And Why].

Together with the connection of 'hand' and 'hound' to those same numbers, i.e.,to touch, 'grasp' something, [representational or symbolic of], as explained on page 131 'Number Words and Number Symbols' [a cultural history of numbers] by K. Menninger.

That final link to the symbolism of 'raised arms/hands'. Benefit of. Explained elsewhere. Together with Egyptian equivalent of number symbolism represented within the royal cubit, [see Stecchini info]. Six hands relative to seven hands, in relation to the geodetic landscape of same. The Macro and the Micro.

As seen from a different perspective: "The Arabs utilized this, with Procyon, to mark the terminal points of their short Cubit...Their long Cubit being the line between Castor and Pollux of Gemini. " [Info. within Canis Minor 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

Higher/lower as a means...? [if only from a different perspective].

And/or {simplified?}: "Everyone has an internal thought process: that silent other self who speaks to you; the one you debate with." [First sentence; first paragraph; first page of the book by Q. S. Lam].

Tomfoolery or just Dave Allen?

Side note: "In any case the approximate findings of Petrie indicate that, if one proceeded to a new survey of the second pyramid and then surveyed the orientation of the sides of the other pyramids and possibly other major constructions of the Old Kingdom, one could recognize a pattern on the basis of which it could be established what was the purpose of making the angles of pyramids and possibly of other major constructions different from a right angle......I have come across the same difficulty in dealing with the dimensions of Greek temples. I have ascertained that the four angles of the Parthenon were intended to deviate slightly from a right angle. Further the north side is shorter than the south side [ Parthenon], as is the case of the two major pyramids of Giza. .....There is one further problem to be considered in relation to the orientation of the 'faces' of the Great pyramid. The west face, which in my opinion was drawn first, and is the basic face, is not orientated to the north, but is orientated west of true north. This deviation from orientation to the north is the result of the precession of the equinoxes." Analysis by Livio Catullo Stecchini. From within the book 'Secrets of the Great Pyramid.'

'Geodesic Measures' within the book 'Egyptian Mysteries' by L. Lamy.

Continued: That implication; if a correct one; together with others, [mentioned within], leads to further questions. How is it that such a monument that was supposedly built in early dynastic Egypt contains elements of ‘understanding’ that only came about; in the main; many decades later. In other words B-C identified in Egypt as the ‘triple’ uraeus was only finally understood in complete form in Cleopatra's time.

Those ‘possibilities of ’ relation to the ‘third’, began around the time of ‘Nefertiti’, as indicated in such books by J.Tyledsley, ...and/or especially... ‘Current research in Egyptology ll ''. By A. Cooke and F. Simpson, [ 2005 ]. Or ‘Seti the first ‘ indicated with the three serpents depicted on his tomb walls, [ ‘Chasing mummies’ program...but not on his head gear. Khufu and co. [ 4th dyn ]...only identified with the ‘Single’ Uraeus and the beginning's of the second represented by ‘Ra’, [chapter Eleven. 'The Mythical Origin of the Egyptian Temple'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Or 'The Cult of Ra' by S. Quirke.

Feather in the CAP?

Apprentice/Adept also represented by ‘Headgear’. The ‘cap/hat’ of Khufu, [ small figure of same. Found at Abydos ], in relation to the Pschent/Uraeus of the other pharaoh's. Khufu was still ‘learning’. Question. If Khufu was still 'learning' how could he build something that contains 'everything'? indicated in the Westcar Papyrus. A 3500-year-old-text. Pharaoh Khufu who wished to know "the secrets of the dwelling of the god Thoth." Others call it ' secret, or hidden chambers.' Information that was known from at the earliest, in the old kingdom, as informed to the reader of the 'Sphinx Mystery'. Chapter seven. Mentioned elsewhere. Common parlance...'inner recess of the mind' . A link to those aspirations and inspirations that lead to an 'understanding'.

Thoth a link to 'wisdom' as is the Hebrew word Solomon, or the female [anima] equivalent...Seshat. Together with...

"And my eyes saw the secrets of lightening and thunder, the secrets of clouds and of the dew...I saw the chambers out of which come the 'Sun' and the 'Moon' and where they go." ['Third Book of Enoch]. Recall what the 'sun / moon' are symbolic of. What they represent.

"It is he who doth show you The Lightening, by way, of both fear and hope. It is he who doth raise up the clouds, heavy with fertilizing rain." [Quran 13:12].

Question. Coincidence or a meaningful one?

"They ask thee concerning The Spirit of inspiration. Say: 'The spirit cometh by command of my 'Lord': Of knowledge it is only a little communicated to you..."[Quran 17:85/86].

'Tower' in relation to 'tree' ?

Think about in relation to 'higher/lower'. Finally put ''teacher'' in the usual box. Islams equivalent [if only for this reader]. Question. Once again - Coincidence or a meaningful one?

The word 'niche' another example. Explained elsewhere, [link to the holy of holies, in relation to the 'divine bit' ]. The word 'dwelling' [and/or 'chambers']... of the same ilk, by Mr Fulcanelli, as is the book and quote by the same. All mentioned within. 'See' anything? If you do...then Mr Khufu should most certainly have done. In other words the question should never have been asked, by someone who should know. Only asked by someone who does not. Indicative of.

'Knees' in relation to those right angles, or 90 degrees, relative to horizontal / vertical....indicative of. 'See' anything.

Knees in relation to those right angles, or 90 degrees, relative to horizontal / vertical. indicative of. See anything.

Another indication of ‘student’ as opposed to ‘adept’ = 'Knee' symbolism, [ key ]. Notice hand on knee as opposed to the other two, [ explained elsewhere ]. Or the Phrygian cap of Greek/Persian fame. Wherever you look you will see those differences. Freemasonry a good example. Different ‘degrees’ represent different ‘knowledge’ levels. Which in turn represent different insigna/clothing worn. Just a different deviation from the normal headgear symbolism.

The 'head gear', or more importantly, the lack of it, gives clues as to Nefertiti's true 'purpose'. The 'flat top', of which unlike all other 'kings or queens' has nothing on top. Purposely, left 'vacant', i.e.,"Our only positive sighting of Nefertiti dressed in a Kingly crown comes from etc etc....."we must assume that she did wear this crown on at least one occasion, although as he [the artist] does not accord her kingly titles, it is again tempting to speculate that the artist may well have confused his royal crowns". [Chapter six, 'Nefertiti' / J. Tyldesley].

Head gear...Indicative of their 'status'. Even Hatshepsut, the queen pharaoh was no different. Only the 'status' of Nefertiti is 'missing'. That 'status' that has to worked out by the observer or reader. Same purpose as with the intentional flat 'top' of the great pyramid or the same of Glastonbury Tor. Something purposely left 'unfinished'. Or the 'flat tops' mentioned throughout, in the book 'New View over Atlantis', in relation to landscape symbolism. Mentioned elsewhere.


Fisherwoman or 'fish'?

Side note: {something hinted at}: " After the stress and shock of the sudden awakening to the fundamental error of separateness - after the lightening flash of true knowledge has toppled the crown off the Tower of Common Sense - as shown in the 16th Major Trump, there comes a period of calm and gradual growth. In the second stage which we considered in the previous lesson, there is a sudden and painful overthrow of the 'false' wisdom of the world, a momentary, but never-to-be-forgotten glimpse of reality, of the absolute unity of life. In the 'third' stage this new conception of the Oneness of all, begins gradually to unfold. What happens to this unfoldment, and the specific activities involved therein, we may discover from the study of the 17th key of the Tarot....This picture develops the esoteric meaning of the Hebrew letter Tzaddi, named the ''fish hook''....That which pulls the 'fish' {Nun, i.e.,14th letter} OUT of Water {Mem, i.e., 13th letter}….''To hook'' is to draw, to entice, to procure....Has a particular application to the Christian aspects to the Ageless Wisdom, i.e., Jesus chose fishermen for disciples, and promised them that they should become 'fishers of men'...." [Pages 96/159 of the book by P. F. Case. Vol 1]. Try ''153'' and/or ''Moses''.


And/or: {from a different perspective: an inquiring one}:"And it is the 14th in the series, it means a new product, the mystical 'fruit' of a new age {''sycamore?} …..The 14th letter of the Hebrew alphabet = N, spelled Nun in that language. Its literal translation is 'fish', {fruit or progeny}. In the Bible story Joshua was the son of Nun {'higher' Self} and Joshua is the origin of the Latinized form, Jesus. Therefore Jesus also means fish.....Hiram Butler's theory appealed to him and he began his researches along that line, finding at last God, Word, seed, fish Jesus and progeny are words synonymous in meaning, and when understood from their etymological derivation, will unlock {'bolted?'} the door of the Inner Mystery. He discovered that 'esse', the substance of 'being', the elixir of life - in other words the brain or life substance - is the protoplasmic seed material which is found to be the possession of every human being. The Herculean task or 'great work' which every one must perform, eventually, is the purification and perfection of this material, for it then becomes the Christ or Holy Oil." [Page 15 'The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation' / Inez Perry]. " [Page 14 'Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation'].

Question. What does it all say for the word and meaning of 'Moses'?

And/or: ''The egg, {swht} is an image of the human egg whose body, the only visible part, makes us forget other casual factors, energetic or spiritual, as well as their 'pre-existence' as substance and their existence post mortem. The whole becoming of man and the phases of his comes about little by little through an alternation of build-ups and break-downs, in the course of which the antagonism between dissimilar elements transformations of 'gross' into 'subtle' {hewn/unhewn? and/or Sarson/Blue stones?} - provided they find at each stage the 'leaven' that works the change....'Then the earthly life is a moment in the life of my egg' Her-Bak asked...." [ Page 188/9 'Her-Bak: Egyptian Initiate'].

Try ''leaven'' to add to THAT mindset.

Horizontal horns?

And/or: "The cheerful brilliance of the morning lent youth to Earth's old bones, touched the peak with gold {'yellow' or 'orange'?}, gleamed along the river and put the gardens en fete. So fragrant {'smell/flower' link?} was the 'hour' that one forgot yesterdays heat {Aker link?]…..'I came to the temple at dawn' {heliacal rising?}, Her-Bak said, for you promised to tell me about akh, Ba and Ka. 'Ba, akh, and Ka are spiritual principles. Can plant and animal tell me what animates man?'. A swarm of honey bees buzzed around Her-Bak who tried in vain to get rid of them. 'Your fear', the sage said, 'makes them aggressive. Their instinct is better advised than your reason. They could instruct you in the subject that holds your interest....'Bi.t' is the word for bee and for honey....this golden insect makes a golden drink which is the purest of foods assimilable directly without putrefaction or loss....Sage and disciple walked on in silence {'peak'?}. Leaving the gardens they took the avenue of the great Rams of Amon. The sunlight was growing fierce, the thick shade of a sycamore seemed a good place to stop....In the beginning is Ba and in the end...Ba spirit is the breath of everything....Ka like Ba shows three aspects....east-west....natural soul in the bodily form of Osirian character, subject to cyclic rebirth. Symbolised by the ram with horizontal horns. Lastly, Ba is represented by a bird with human head....symbol of the human soul, which goes to and fro between heaven and earth {top-down only?}, to range about the body until purification of the Ka-djet allows the body to incorporate it {bottom up?}. This is the bird that is shown perched on Nut's sycamore, at whose feet {foot stool?} you are sitting. You must work this out." [Pages 174/8 'Her-Bak: Egyptian Initiate'].

REFRESHER: "Gudea made offerings of honey and butter when the foundations were laid; when the building was finished an auspicious day was waited for, and when it came the image of the god was removed to the new temple, and Gudea sprinkled the ground with oil, and set out offerings of honey, butter, wine and dates, grain mixed with milk, food untouched by 'fire', for the gods." [ Chapter 3, 'The Sacred Bee'].

A 'marker' for future study?

Continued: The most obvious example of same, being the 'missing' capstone of the Great pyramid, as speculated upon in the book 'Pyramidology' by A. Rutherford. We all prefer to put our own individual ‘mark’ on things do we not. Especially things that are important. This subject is no different, [ implied by the same authors ]...and like any other aspect within any subject that can be both a positive and negative ‘attribute’ depending on the individual.

As proven by the example in Richard Dawkins book. ’The God Delusion’. In response to the book. Someone with an obvious esoteric ‘interest’ decided to give his ’expert’ opinion; in critique form; by way of... "Puffy pantaloons / ruffled flounces / and exotic leathers". All due to master ‘Courtiers’ esoteric overkill of his adept knowledge in the realms of "Imaginary fabrics"! Mr Courtiers other quote..."The dangling genitalia" one that led to...’The Flying Dangling, [ no doubt due to excessive spaghetti intake ]...Genitalia Brigade’ {alias?}.

The Flying Spaghetti guy. Meat balls optional? Question. Is he bragging or complaining? Take into account gravity, relative to size. Neutron star....Sirius B? Maybe Mr Temple really is on to something. Could 'aliens' be trying to tell us something....a revelation?

The Flying Spaghetti guy. Meat balls optional? Question. Bragging or complaining? Take into account gravity, relative to size. Neutron star. Sirius B? Maybe Mr Temple really is on to something. Could aliens be trying to tell us something. a revelation?

One can't help but wonder though if maybe synchronicity once again had a hand in the above. Sometimes we get what we ‘go looking for’. Although as indicated by the recent meetings of those ‘two alternative views’...maybe that circle is now almost complete.

Another example of same; if only for this reader; could be within Mr Wilcocks book 'The Synchronicity Key', especially chapter 21...speculation about cover ups within military and NASA organizations because of their possible connections to Freemasons. The word 'Cabal' he begins to use as a 'metaphor' for anything negative from as early as chapter five. Strangely that same word that figures predominately to his overall 'plan', cannot even be found in the index. Indicative of ones 'single line' of perception to it. Only in its negative light.

No attempt to give the same amount of time to understand 'its' positive. That source of 'negativity' therefore has to be from hearsay.....surprising considering the underlying research and message of the book. Proving the necessity to work through those first impressions. The 'esoteric' subjects listed are only understood in the exoteric sense. Their most basics. The want need to use a scapegoat in order to project the overall positive aspect of the books message is paramount. So paramount, that the author; if only for this reader; has not become aware of it himself.... but synchronicity has.

As already mentioned, in such cases, we always find what "we go looking for". That applies as in all things.....both ways. Consciously or otherwise. The books overall 'impressions'; for this reader; however are certainly positive. Considering the author has only 'touched' on this 'hidden' subject, it seems remarkable how his research into all things have arrived at the same answer, especially in the Macro sense, as explained elsewhere.

Hopefully that negative aspect to his research can be enlightened before it takes hold, before another 'level' is added. Hopefully it becomes nothing more than a 'wobble'....while 'stood upon the shoulders' of those that have gone before, the correction of which i am sure will not take 25920 years.

Of all the books this reader has read, two of the most interesting ones have been written by Mr Wilcock. So fingers crossed. [For additional information on the same subject, i.e.,Freemasonry, should the reader wish to investigate further, in order to seek clarification one way or the other, could be, amongst others {mentioned within}, chapter 41, 'The Sacred History].

Referring back to Mr Dawkins example. Most authors of this subject however would have replied very differently. In the positive sense. Not through any false modesty or humble sentiments; but simply because esotericms symbolism for anything that is 'pretentious', regardless of profession or it is in any walk of life...whether two or four legged is...the Peacock. That self proclaimed strutting one. As indicated by any good ‘Symbolism book’. As well as ones obvious intuitive sense ’of same’.

An imaginative or objective eye?

Examples indicative of same...within that broad spectrum of which much can be learned just on the following books alone, [ especially the final one ]...about those ’general ideas’...concerning the understanding of an overall subject... ‘Dictionary of symbolism’, by H. Biedermann. Or ‘Secret signs and Symbols’, by A. Nozedar. Or 'The Symbolical Language of Ancient Art and Mythology' by R. Knight. Or 'The Book of Symbols' by Taschen. Or ‘The Lost Language of Symbolism’ by H. Bayler. Or 'Symbol and Archetype', by M. Lings. Or 'The Lotus Fire: A Study in Symbolic Yoga' by G. S. Arundale. Or 'Symbols of Sacred Science', by R. Guenon. Or 'Fundamental Symbols' by same. Or ‘Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols’, by J. Cooper. Or ’The Tao of Symbols’, by J. Powell...and finally ‘Man and his Symbols’, by C. Jung.

"To Jung, the imagination was the key to the secret of nature in alchemy, and the secret of the self in analytical psychology..." [Extract from the book by M. Katz].

All taken together with both volumes of another profoundly seminal work...’Insights on the Scriptures’/Watch tower. Together with that most important aspect of all. The proverbial ’Pinch of Salt’. Can give the reader that necessary framework, [ ‘Web’ symbolism. Explained elsewhere ]. In order to understand that final subject.

Remember that final one is that familiar subject that all paths seem to lead to. Explained in as a plain a language as Mr Jung could muster. Still explained though in psychology terms. If you can see through that same subject and its terminology. Those symbols may have a deeper meaning. Think about it, i.e., in relation to the ‘divine’ bit, i.e., You cannot have one without the other...but one has to come before the other. Which implies a direction, [ in relation to a 'potential'...within a ‘river’,i.e.,medium of ]. Which may have relevance to ‘the arrow of time’? i.e., Space/time or Time-space?

Movement? In what 'direction'? Arrow of time? OR a 'reversal'? Try ''137'' to enlarge.

"Time- Space" as speculated on within that magnum opus of research and practical imagination with...''Space - Time.'' Its constant being 'movement' = the ''Source field.'' That led to the authors very own ''eureka moment.'' Understanding this subject gives a greater depth to that hypothesis, and vice - versa. [Chapter 13, 'The Source Field Investigations']. i.e.,''top/down'' and/or ''bottom up''. Representational of?

Refresher: A 'working' example: "I will add only one more thing: Time is breath - try to understand this."...Later on one of G.'s Moscow pupils added to this that, speaking with them once of cosmoses and of different time in different cosmoses, G. had said that the sleep and waking of living beings and plants, that is, twenty four hours or a day and night, constitute the 'breath of organic life'." ['In Search of the Miraculous']. Try ''breath'' and ''cosmos/es''.

''Breath'' in relation to that universal 'bit'. ''Cosmoses'' in relation to 'framework'. - ongoing; day by day. Fact or fiction. A possibility or not?

"All this creation that springs from above level 10 [Hebrew equivalent - Ain Sof -] is imperceptible to the physical consciousness of man. It is invisible except through inner experience that always belongs to other space-times." [Extract taken from 'The Experience of Eternity' by J. Dubuis]. Link to ''incarnation'' and ''reincarnation''. The word 'springs' also a link to 'fountain'.

Analogy {simplified?}: "Everything is connected. There is only one Reality and one God, but there are many, many ways that the one Reality can be interpreted. In fact, the number of ways to interpret the Reality are just about infinite. There are certain realities that many people have agreed on, and these realities are called levels of consciousness..." ['The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life' / D. Melchizedek. Vol 1].

''God'' in relation to that universal common 'bit' . ''Reality'' in relation to 'framework'. Therefore when put together = those different ''levels'' - which implies a direction? See it?

As ONE example: Static or dynamic? {i.e., in 'movement'} All as a means....?

Same thing but from a different perspective - but take note from a perspective that has been 'around' since the dawn of human kind - "The UNmanifest [link to the word ''fall''] is pure existence. We cannot say of IT that it is not. Although it is not manifest - it is. It is the source from which all arises. It is the only 'reality'. It alone is substance. It alone is stable. All else is an appearance and a 'becoming'. Of this Unmanifest we can only say IT IS. It is the verb 'to be' turned back upon itself. IT is a state of pure 'being' without qualities and without history. All we can say of IT is that it is not anything that we know, for if we know anything it must be in manifestation for us to know it, and if it is in manifestation it is not unmanifest. Therefore the very fact that we can know it proves that it is not unmanifest. The UNmanifest is the Great Negation; at the same time it is the infinite potentiality which has not occurred. It is best conceived of under the image of inter-steller space...Therefore you may think of the UNmanifest as inter-steller space; and of the Logos [explained elsewhere] as a Sun surrounded by His solar system of planets and of the emanations of the Logos as Rays [explained elsewhere]. The UNmanifest is the only unity. Manifestation begins when duality [explained throughout] occurs. The prime duality is 'space' and 'movement'. [Chapter one, 'The Cosmic Doctrine' by D. Fortune]. Think about in relation to something 'unknown' becoming 'known'. Representation of.

''It is the verb 'to be' turned back upon itself''. What symbol represents BOTH those {principles?}. Question. A reversal of the 'arrow of time' ?

Analogy?..."What science doesn't teach us - at least not yet - is that at one time we may have had 12 strands of DNA encoding that much more information. 'Reconnecting strands' implies that rather than continuing to evolve forward in a near -linear fashion, the human race will benefit by simultaneously reaching back in time and bringing forward certain aspects from when we were a more complete people. That's part of what's happening now with The Reconnection: We are reconnecting with who we once were..." [From the book by Dr E. Pearl. Enlarged elsewhere].

Think about it in relation to what this overall subject defines/represents as a U-turn and or...

"...simultaneously reaching back in time and bringing forward certain aspects..." Incarnation/reincarnation link? Question. Coincidence or a meaningful one?

Fact or fiction. A possibility or not?

Other examples elsewhere, i.e.,Zoroastrian equivalent. Try Part 3.

Those 'eureka' moments that within this subject must have their own symbols. To define that inner working. As a representation of it. A representation of that 'process'. Question. What is/are those symbol/s?

timeDalis. Melting clocks. ''A representation of a collapse of our notions of a FIXED cosmic order.'' [Wikipedia]. i.e.,the tail end of something, and the beginning of something else?

Refresher..."The human's progress is that of one who has been given a 'sealed' book, written before he was born. He carries it inside of himself until he 'dies'. While man is subject to the movement of time, he does not know the contents of that concealed book." [ Hakim Sanai]. Taken from the book 'The way of the Sufi' by I. Shah.

Like all else, everything has its opposite. The peacock symbol, and what it represents, can be more of a negative than a positive, depending on the individual; which if continued along; ['path' symbolism] takes one further' from [C] rather than closer to it, i.e., Negative/dark over Positive/light.

In its physical form represented as a 'tunnel' as the one in Seti first tomb. The longest and 'deepest' in the valley of the 'kings'. Those three snakes pictured on his tomb walls. Indicative of the understanding of 'something'... A/B in relation to 'C', [ Descending/Ascending symbolism. Explained elsewhere ].

As seen from a different perspective?..."Non-identification pulls us out of our black hole of distorted self interest which gives us tunnel vision and keeps our psychology in the basement of its potential. It is a very difficult work as anyone will quickly discover...It demands moment by moment remembrance of Work idea's, of one's higher aims, and a constant return to inner separation from our automatic reactions and the tyranny of false personality and its infinite variety of self-gratifying desires." ['The Wisdom of the 4th Way']. Continued elsewhere.

Hebrew equivalent. The word Daath, i.e.,''Hebrew word for 'knowledge.' The so called 'Invisible Sephirah' on the Tree of Life. Daath is not really a Sephirah, but rather a conjunction of the energies of Chokmah and Binah. It can be likened to a passageway {bridge?} across the abyss." [Glossary to the book 'The Philosopher's Stone.' Mentioned elsewhere].

'The Waters of the Gap' by R. Stewart.

REFRESHER..."The 'communicating' bridge between the Neter and the human condition is what de Lubicz called the ''innate intelligence,'' and which the Egyptians called the ''intelligence of the heart.'' [Same chapter, same book].

N.B. The author of 'Journey into the Light' defines it as ''certitude of the heart''. [Chapter 12].


Giorgio who believes that all that 'information' {keys/correspondences} throughout the course of the ages relates more to actual aliens {green ones?} than any of the ''spiritual stuff''. Question. Who created that hair do? Someone {something?} ''not of this world''? Red or Green ones?

"The word 'spiritual' should be associated with the word 'eyes'. This is a reference to the eyes of the mind or heart. To 'see' is to understand." [From the book by T. Nottingham].

Quran example of same [in part]..."This Book we have bestowed upon you, from on high in order that you might bring all mankind, by their sustainer's permission, out of the depths of darkness into the light: onto the way that leads to the almighty, the one to whom all praise is due ....And never have we sent forth any messenger otherwise than in his own peoples tongue, so that he might make the truth clear to them, but god lets go astray him that wills to go astray, and guides him that wills to be guided....for he alone is almighty, truly wise". [14:1,4-4].

Another example, the relationship between apprentice/adept equivalent... in the Cathar gnostic 're-ligion', i.e.,the perfecti / credente in relation to the "consolamentum", [Roman Catholic equivalent-'The Sacraments',]..."that it would at the very least, bring progress on the chain of being towards it."[Emphasis, this readers. Chapter two.'The Master Game'. Mentioned elsewhere].

Side note: Something hinted at - in relation {not reference} to a 'child' that was supposedly smuggled out of the Cathar fortress in France prior to its dissolution: ''Parson's began his career by identifying himself as the 'magicKal' son of Aleister Crowley, but he took his self-deification further. He decided to invoke a ''counterpart to the 'god' Horus'' to balance the work of the 'Beast'; this was his third great achieve this he hired a young 'sailor', L. Ron Hubbard, to act as his 'seer', modelling his initial work on the Dee-Kelly team. With young Hubbard's help he conjured up Marjorie Cameron to act as his 'scarlet woman' - and they performed a Working to create the living counterpart of Horus. Parsons never found the 'human child' that the Working was 'designed' to produce, and his life after this working was somewhat dismal...." [Page 298 'Overthrowing the Old Gods' / Don Webb].

Get into that mind set to 'see' the parts within the whole.

Continued: Or the Hermetic equivalent in relation to higher/lower..."God saw that of all the living creatures, men alone had need of reason and knowledge"......"in the hope of immortality, and gave them power to strive toward it",[chapter nine. 'Master game.']. Or more importantly, in relation to the 'fall'....

Side note: Orion - the Far Strider. As a means?

"The imagery used to tell of the fall may differ from religion to religion, but the loss incurred is always the same, that is, loss of centrality and therefore of contact with the vertical axis, which connects this state with all the higher states. 'Original sin' is nothing other than the incapacity, by 'reason' of that loss, to be, what the Taoists call 'True Man', that is, to fulfill adequately, mans primordial function of 'bridge-maker' or mediator between this world,[horizontal] and all that lies above it. [i.e.,'vertical']. But the fall was not 'absolute', nor has man been replaced as mediator by any other creature. There is therefore still only one criterion for judging the worth of any individual...and that is his nearness...or far-ness...with regard to the center, and the intensity...or laxity...of his aspiration to transcend his 'fallen' state". [Emphasis, this readers. Chapter three. 'The Eleventh Hour'. M.Lings].


Off center?

Together with..."Every human being must, through the love of 'god', strive [key] to 'be what he is', to disengage himself from those artificial superstructures, which 'disfigure' him and which are non other than the traces of the fall, in order to become once again a 'tree' whose root is liberating certitude and whose crown is beatific 'serenity'. Human nature is predisposed towards such 'knowledge', of its 'divine' model". [Emphasis, this readers. Back cover. 'To Have A Center'. Frithjof Schuon. Think about it, i.e.,the 'middle way' way of horizontal/ relation to...the 'eternal apprentice', [aspects of, i.e.,those positive/negative ones]. relation to the 'fall' and the possibility of a 'return' journey..."Gerard Zerbolt, ....... describes the psychological consequences of this situation"....."By the law of descent, we are no longer what we were intended to be. We have lost our way, forsaken and forgotten "the mountain" ['Jerusalem' link?] our home, and live in the valley, of another and distant land. Therefore a great labor is necessary in order to return. In truth, the distance between the valley of tears, and the place in which the 'lord' once placed you, namely the state of your uprightness [vertical link] ,is great and beyond measuring. And that is why a great ascending is necessary, or rather, in fact, many ascending's. There is a need for a great labor,[twelve labors of Hecules link], if you wish to return to that place....indeed as the holy Gospel says, you have gone away into a very distant region". [Chapter six. 'The Brotherhood of the Common Life'. Mentioned elsewhere].

hhhh (2)

Ascending or descending while looking out {horizon?} across the 'sea'? Question. Would that be - inner or outer contemplation? Esoteric/Exoteric? And/or: ''live coals'' in relation to volcanic ash

"Error runs down an inclined plane, while truth has to laboriously climb its way up hill". Benefits of. Enlarged elsewhere.

Analogy: "Everyone has an inner landscape: 'the way to this place - and the place itself - have been unknown for a long time, and it is hidden from the greatest part of the world. But notwithstanding that it be difficult and laborious to discover this way and place, yet the place should be sought after', wrote Thomas Vaughan in his 'Lumen de Lumine'...."

Think about it all in relation to that universal ''bit''.

And/or: "He guides to himself all who turn to him....those who have faith and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of god....for truly, in the remembrance of god, hearts find rest".[Quran, 13:28] ......

Together with.."Here we have one of the foremost principles of the Quran and of the most essential truths for a human being to realize. Nothing can satisfy the 'heart' as much as the 'remembrance' of god. When we turn in the direction of Allah, the ultimate reality, we will be guided to his presence and our hearts will be satisfied, tranquil, still. The human heart was created restless, always searching for some objects to devote itself to and love. In everyday life our hearts are likely to be distracted by various desires, attractions and concerns. With the remembrance of 'god', however we are re-connected to the divine center and all other desires and concerns fall into the proper perspective". [emphasis, this readers]. Think about it. i.e.,for this reader that framework gives a 'fully' meaning to the above quote's. [Page 150. 'The Book of Revelations',by Kabir Helminski : 'a source book of selections from the Quran' with interpretations by Muhammad Asad, Yusuf Ali, and others].

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

Sufi quote. "The truth is also seeking the seeker." Understanding that 'connectedness' gives that quaint, clever 'pun' more depth. Therefore a possible 'interpretation' to it. A logical one, i.e.,Hermetic analogy..."The forces do not work upward from below, but downward from above. The things in 'heaven' receive no benefits from the things on earth; but the things on earth receive all benefits from the things in 'heaven'.['Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition', or Chapter nine. 'The Master game.'/Hancock+Bauval].

ooo (2)

Horn of Plenty?

As it does to the following {i.e.,from a different perspective}: "If it is asked why the gods needed food if they were immortal, the reply is that they were not believed to be immortal unless they feasted on heavenly fare - the nectar and ambrosia of the Greeks, the mead of Teutonic mythology, the soma of India etc etc." ['The Sacred Bee' / H. Ransome]. See it?

Side note: Grave goods found near Sittingbourne in a place called The Meads. Cut glass cone shaped beakers found in the shape of a horn. Narrator speculates as to why they are not free standing 'vessels' {i.e., symbolic intent only}. Try ''glass'' / ''horn'' / S/E / 'beaker'' etc., to get into a mind set beyond: ''love of feasting, love of mead''. ['Digging for Britain'. Series 1. Episode 3].

"The man most severely punished on the Day of Resurrection is a scholar whom god did not benefit by his knowledge.'' - "This statement shows that in this section Ghazali is not just generally attacking the self-satisfaction of the learned, but a definite doctrine of the philosophers: evidently the Neoplatonic teaching that posthumous salvation is attained through the development of the individuals intellectual potentialities while on earth, ultimately producing 'contact' with the active intellect." ['Al-Ghazali - Letter to a Disciple' / T. Mayer. Includes emphasis].


Understanding the above {defines?} such quotes as..."The Ox{ford} Dictionary of the Christian Church defines 'Grace' as ''the supernatural assistance of god bestowed upon a rational being with a view to his sanctification. But this..." [From the book 'The Fourth Dimension: A Christian Approach to the Occult' by A. Duncan]. Try ''grace'' while thinking about its ''connectedness'' in relation to 'horizontal/vertical' symbolism. Purpose of - relative to a 'journey'. The full/whole one.

Question. Fact or fiction. A possibility or not?

"The truth is that man gets the fruit of his actions from 'above', and the fruits correspond to the nature of his actions." [Part one, 'Play of Consciousness'. Mentioned elsewhere].

Hebrew equivalent..."Remoteness from 'god' is, of course, not a matter of physical distance, but a spiritual problem of relationship. The person who is not going along the right path is not further away from god but is, rather, a man whose soul is orientated toward and relating with other objects. The starting point of repentance is precisely this fulcrum point upon which a person turns himself about, away from the pursuit of what he graves, and confronts his desire to approach 'god'. This is the moment of conversion, the crucial moment of repentance." [Emphasis this readers. Chapter 8, 'The Thirteen Petalled Rose'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Recall what 'repentance' signifies, relative to a 'u-turn'.

Further information, of same, elsewhere. As for the word ''fulcrum''- it could be swapped for anchor point [key]. After all, we all need one in order to establish something. As an example, of the same, being described, its most basic form,..."Poimandres, the 'knowledge of Ra', a chapter in the Corpus Hermeticum, describes how the spirit of a man mounts upward through the heavens, 'casting off' different bad qualities in different spheres, for example discarding the machinations of cunning in the Mercury sphere, lust in the Venus sphere, rashness in Mars, greed for wealth in Jupiter, and falsehood in Saturn".[Taken from chapter 5, 'The Sacred History'].


Petyr Baelish? {Game of Thrones}.

feet"At this point we pause, having discovered the secret of human omnipotence and indefinite progress, the key of all symbolism's, the first and final doctrine: we have come to understand what was meant by that expression so often made use of in the Gospel - the Kingdom of God. To provide a fixed point as a fulcrum for human activity is to solve the problem of Archimedes, by realizing the use of his famous lever. This it is which was accomplished by the great initiators who have electrified the world, and they could not have done so except by means of the Great and Incommunicable Secret. However, as a guarantee of its renewed youth, the symbolical phoenix never reappeared before the eyes of the world without having consumed solemnly the remains and evidences of its previous life." [Introduction to the book 'Transcendental Magic' by E. Levi].

'Younger' in relation to 'elder' - purpose of, i.e.,"So also Moses saw to it that all those who had known Egypt and her mysteries should end their life in the desert." [Same paragraph].

"The reason is that each religion or philosophy that comes into the world is a Benjamin of humanity and insures its own life by 'destroying' its mother. It is because the symbolic serpent turns ever devouring its own tail; it is because, as essential condition of existence, a void is necessary to every plenitude, space for every dimension, an affirmation for each negation: herein is the eternal realization of the phoenix allegory." [same].

Found within the labyrinths of Saqqara. A centering within. 24 or 25 ? What does it REPRESENT. Pagan worship only?

Something extra: " According to the Sarcophagus of Seti I, the Duat is the body of the god Asar, which is pictured as a man bending backwards into a circle, touching his toes with his hands {Aries/Pieces?}. It is said to have 14 Aats or regions. The ultimate destination of those departed is the region of the Duat called Sekhet Yaru - meaning ''Field of Plants'' {therefore 'vegetation' link?}. It is located within the region called Sekhet Hotep or ''Field of Peace''. Hotep may be translated as peace and/or offerings which make peace." [Page 230 'Egyptian Book of the Dead' / M. Ashby].

Boundary lines that have to be crossed for a ''journey'' to continue. That inner one. Quran equivalent = ''two bows'' length. Egyptian = ''running the fields.'' Hebrew = ''daath'' or the void - that ''gap'' between 'higher' and 'lower'. That gap that can only be closed by the ''realization'' of something. That realization that is important - that is a prerequisite in understanding anything. In obtaining an ''end result''. Question. What symbol represents it and why?

A {working?} example: "Sokar was, among other things, the Neter of the Saqqara necropolis, an Osirian figure depicted as a mummification man in funerary garb. He is often shown reclining in a sarcophagus, a metaphor of the soul's enclosure within the most elaborate matrix of material existence, the body....dormant {unmanifested?} in its expression of spiritual vigor. The ''Principle  of Latency'' which Sokar embodies was associated with the vital energy of the bull, manifesting as physical potency in his role as 'Lord of the Herd'. A number of sacred bulls in ancient times were regarded as vehicles of this spiritual principle...." [Page 102 'Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt' / R. Clark].


A preacher, teacher or ranter?

And/or: "Gurdjieff broke through the dogma of institutional religion and revealed the dynamic truth within the teachings. He made clear the psychological insights beneath the rust of rote repetition and blasphemous misuse of the words of enlightened teachers. His insistence of verification forced the student to come upon the stunning fact that life is indeed more than that which the senses perceive and to re-interpret spiritual insights in the context of their lives. Belief was to give way to experience and experience to transformation so that the ''new man'' could emerge out of the ashes of rejected illusions." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way']. Continued elsewhere.

A work {still?} in progress: "The role of Phoenix has caused many problems for classicists, and in his commentary on the Iliad Malcolm M. Willcock devotes the best part of two pages to examining various possibilities. The difficulty appears to lie in translation, and whether or not two commanders {Odysseus, Great Aias and Phoenix} journey to the hut of Achilles. After Great Aias and Odysseus return to Agamemnon's camp, Phoenix stays 'behind' and is later named as a captain of Achilles troops. In astronomical terms there is a logical answer to the mystery of Phoenix, and it appears that he did not need to 'travel' to the hut - or constellation - of Achilles, because he was already there - or very close - as the star Cancri. Phoenix tells a rambling story of his ancestry which suggests an earlier astronomical order when he was included in a different grouping of stars. The wrangling of Phoenix's parents and his departure from home suggest a time when he had to leave his 'family' constellation for pastures new {Perceval link? - if so, therefore 'city/rural' link?}. Little is known about Phoenix except {a} he tells leaving his father's home {mother in Perceval's case}; {b} he went to live in the house of Achilles father, and was a mentor to the 'young' boy; {c} his 'form' is latter assumed by a god; {d} he is named as a captain in the regiment {'city'?} of Achilles. An astronomical interpretation of this information indicates that - {author gives his hypothesis allotted as {a} - {d} on Page 197} i.e.,{c} 'to have his form assumed by a god, Phoenix must be a star which is occulted by or seems to come very close to a planet, as is therefore in the zodiac; {d} as a captain of the Myrmidons, his star would be within the boundary of the new constellation created to accommodate Achilles. The only notable star that meets these criteria in that part of the sky is Cancri, which is only just within the modern constellation boundaries of Cancer and close to Canis Minor'." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

"God is a hypothesis which is very probably necessary." Quote by Eliphas Levi.


'Decoding the Cosmic Egg'. Understand a MIND SET in the inner sense of the word. NOT its external one to get as close to a correct answer as is possible.

Hence: "It is interesting that we define 'swt' by the form of an egg and 'sah' by the seal that fastens an envelope. Our ancient texts often speak of the dead man who must ''break his egg''. It happens in such texts that 'swh' is given by the sign for a 'city' {nwt}: it isn't a question of a city but of the dead man's own nwt, his egg, his surviving envelope {'boundary'. Personal one?}. A man's nwt is like the celestial Nut whose physical organs are the constellations of the zodiac. Their functions differ, in man's body as in 'hers' {animus?}, but their influences interpenetrate, though they can only communicate with essentially identical states, and through an intermediary {phoenix? or 'Thoth' i.e., ''wisdom''}. The 'heart' is in sympathy with the intermediary and plays the same part in man's body as the sun does in the universe." ['Her-Bak']. Try ''egg'' / ''city'' {nwt} / ''phoenix''. All as a means...?

As seen from a different perspective: "The mythology of the ancient African San people, or 'Bushmen' says that humans were created in the Tsodilo Hills in the Kalahari Desert of Botswana when the 'Great Python' arrived with 'a bag of eggs'. Interestingly, the oldest form of of human religious worship so far uncovered is the worship of the serpent or python which goes back at least 70,000 years..." ['The Perception Deception' / D. Icke].

The above in relation to Mr Icke's 'reptilian' hypothesis. Question. When ALL the available information is assessed what do you think?

Side note: Ancient Aliens: 'Decoding the Cosmic Egg' - ''Why is this concept so pervasive throughout the world?'' [Series 9. Episode 4]. Understand subject material beyond - ''individuals sent from other planets.''

gggContinued: "The same story can be found in many other cultures, including ancient China, and worship of the serpent was global in scale. In can be found among other places, in Egypt, Persia, Asia Minor, Arabia, Middle East etc., etc.,...The Mayans worshiped the serpent god Kukulkan, the 'Plumed Serpent' {enlarged elsewhere} or 'Feathered Serpent'...I was once there during a partial eclipse of the sun and i found the energy of the place to horrible - the feel was very much the same as many locations that i have visited all over the world associated with the reptilian entities and the human sacrifice which ancient accounts invariably say they always demanded. This is the origin of the making sacrifices to the 'gods' and i will explain more about this latter...'' Same book. Question. Subjective or Objective?

'On Having No Head: Zen and the Rediscovery of the Obvious' / D. E. Harding.

Continued: ''Researcher Klaus Dona who has studied endless artifacts from the far ancient world said: 'The snake is a very, very mystical and very often -presented object...Also the frog is a very mystical animal in old South American pre-Columbian culture, but also in Africa and Asia. Frogs turning into princes and princes into frogs is also part of folklore and fairy tales which symbolise human-reptilian shapeshifting..." Try {objectify?} ''sacrifice'' and ''frog'' in relation to the whole.

Jaqen H'ghar? {Game of Thrones}.

god4Same process to the following: "One fifth of these texts found at Nag Hammadi on non-human manipulators that they call the 'Archons' which infiltrate the human mind to influence and direct perception of reality...The Nag Hammadi Gnostic texts refer to reptilian entities and those known today as the classic 'Grey aliens' as expressions of these Archons. The Greys are described in these texts as like an unformed baby...with grey skin etc.,...Remember that this was written the best part of 2000 years before modern reports began to appear of activity and sightings of Reptilians and Greys..." Same book, i.e.,by D. Icke.

Side note: Within those same texts {- which one can now download freely - {'The Nag Hammadi Library. pdf' / J. Robinson} - the word ''grey'' is not even listed within that 1148KB of data. The word ''Archon'' however is...

ab"In Gnostic psychology, the noetic science of the Mystery Schools, Archons are an 'alien' force that intrudes subliminally upon the human mind and deviates our intelligence away from its proper and sane applications.

They are not what makes us act inhumanely, for we all have the potential to go against our innate humanity, violating the truth in our hearts, but they make us play out inhumane behavior to weird and violent extremes.

Left to our own devices, we would sometimes act inhumanely and then correct it, contain the aberration. Obviously, we do not always do so. In the exaggeration of our insane and inhumane tendencies, and in extreme, uncorrected deviance from our innate intelligence, Gnostics saw the signature of an alien species that piggy-backs on the worst human failings.

Hence, Archons are psycho-spiritual parasites." ['Wiki/Archon}.

In other words ARCHETYPAL {if only in the negative sense of the 'word'}. Try it, i.e.,put ''Archon'' in the above mentioned 1148KB of text and see if you agree or disagree.


MR 'Independent' ?

REFRESHER: "The 'evil spirits' which deprive man of his freedom, are not at all beings of the so-called ''hierarchies of evil'' or ''fallen hierarchies''. Neither Satan nor Belial, nor Lucifer, nor Mephistopheles have ever deprived anyone of his freedom. Temptation is there only weapon and this presupposes the freedom of he who is tempted [as a representation of something. This readers input]. But possession by an ''evil spirit'' has nothing to do with temptation. It is invariably the same thing with Frankenstein's monster. One engenders an 'elemental' being and one subsequently becomes the slave of ones own 'creation'. The ''demons'' or ''evil'' spirits of the New Testament are called today in psychotherapy ''neuroses of obsession'' - ''neuroses of fear'' - ''fixed ideas'', etc. They have been discovered by contemporary psychiatrists and are recognized as real - i.e., as ''parasitic psychic organisms'' independent of the conscious human will and tending to subjugate it." [Taken from 'letter three' of the book by Tomberg].

Side note: The ''shadow'' of Stannis Baratheon? {Game of Thrones}.

And/or: Archon (Gr. ?????, pl. ?????te?) is a Greek word that means "ruler", frequently used as the title of a specific public office. It is the masculine present participle of the verb stem a??-, meaning "to rule", derived from the same root as monarch and hierarchy." ['Wiki'].


''Masculine'' in relation to 'shadow' {'spirit'?}. ''Heart'' in relation to 'soul' {anima?}. Anything?

Question. Do not ALL archetypes 'rule' in one form or another?

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

Hence: "Archons are said by the Gnostics to be made from 'luminous fire'..." Same book, i.e.,by D. Icke. See it? Try ''fire''.


And/or: "As we shall see, the Gnostics and Mandeans left instructions for their initiates as to how they should leave the earthly sphere and progress through the spheres or levels of the Archons - the 'rulers' of the planets...." [Page 36 'The Western Way'. Vol 2].

As one example: "The Egyptian Gnostic Basilideans accepted the existence of an archon called Abraxas who was the prince of 365 'spiritual' beings..." {Wiki}. Try ''Abraxas'' {i.e., the 'Great Archon}.

REFRESHER: "In a word it makes us fertile in our creative pursuits, in whatever domain of spiritual life. An arcanum is a 'ferment' of an 'emzyme' whose presence stimulates the spiritual and the psychic life of man and woman. And it is symbols which are the bearers of these 'ferments' or 'emzymes', which communicate them - if the mentality and morality of the recipient are ready, i.e.,"if he is poor in spirit" and does not suffer from the most serious spiritual malady...self complacency."

N.B. Not ''soul''.

Bear with it. The end is almost in sight. The main point to all of the above however is this. It only proves what certain individuals opinions are. Nothing more. Those opinions at the end of the day are only that. Opinions. Until at such time as there is...what the physics boys/girls refer to as...’Observational evidence’. In whatever 'form' that may take... If at all. Hence the practical necessity of being objective. To understand only the subject. That same subject that such authors as Mircea Eliade define as ‘Wholly other’ and Walter Burkert defines as that ‘religiousness’ that preceeded all religions.

cronosThose same keys however are mentioned and debated on. Words like ‘Cross / temples / house / cosmic pillar / altar / sacrifice / zeus/' name but a few. To numerous to mention. All explained only in the external, [ key ] sense. Only from the most obvious viewpoint. Only seen and explained from an external point of view. Never that internal one. Exo.teric as opposed to esoteric. Only when that inner understanding is taken into account...into the overall equation...will a balanced conclusion be the result. That balance that will lead to a final understanding of that final remaining subject. That final one that is no different to any other subject within that curriculum of total subjects. They all have one thing in common. Our history. The human one. Past present and future.

Refresher: "Bring yourself into the company of people who you feel display a good balance of both sides. Being with other overtly masculine types will only compound your problem. Usually you will find that older people have accomplished this better than younger people. They have had more time to transcend the social stereotypes {archetypes?}, and discover their own balance." Enlarged throughout, i.e.,try ''eldest'' and/or ''elder'' - all as a means...?



Knock, knock... Head of the corner?

If a correct appraisal then to which corner of the ''Square of Pegasus'' would it belong? As a means.…? {Top/down?}. A 'refection' of something for Orion/Horus to follow?

Ready for another break?..Then take the snorkel off...Put it back on the cat...Take a deep breath...Think of the weekend...Smile...Then go when ready.