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comic5"...the true religion is the one that leads to the true religare or link between the small king - man of earth - and the Great King - the inner self" [Extract taken from the book 'The Experience of Eternity'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Higher/lower link.

Synchronistic [future? i.e.,relative to those 1000 years] example..."In another vision i was a teenager living in France [South?], in a small village, and one day something special happened - there was a buzz of excitement in the village. The Floating City was coming! I knew this was my opportunity; i was stifled by the village atmosphere and, although i didn't want to stay on the Floating City, i knew that, if i could get aboard, i would be able to find out about - what ever it was i was looking for! I did get aboard - but i snapped out of the vision before anything else became clear...The Floating City had no conceivable ancestors except in 'Gulliver's Travels' - but it wasn't like my mental images from the book...The social structure of humanity is presented as taking on a new form, bearing similarity with ys, where local communities work together in a self-sustaining framework..." Extract from the book 'The Magister' by M. Katz; alias Frater V from a chapter entitled 'Maat and the Aeons' . Emphasis/parenthesis; this readers]. Anything? i.e.,..

"The principle of the city came to me..." Enlarged elsewhere.

And/or: "Not a hierocracy, not a monarchy, not an oligarchy, not a republic; something qualitatively different from all that has come before will emerge. It will be a global wide social system working toward sanctifying and enlightening all life on earth. I do not know what it will be called. The point is not in the name but in the essence. Its essence will consist of work in the name of spiritualizing individuals, all of humanity, and nature. Little by little, a new attitude will emerge toward everything. There would be no reason at all for the Rose of the World to come into being, if it only repeated what had been said before. A new attitude and way of thinking will emerge in regard to every aspect of life, large and small; cosmic and historical processes, planetary laws....personal relationships and approaches to personal growth, states and religion, the animal world and environment....A new attitude toward everything will arise, but that does not mean that every old attitude will be discarded or vilified. In many cases a point of view will merely be presented whereby past attitudes will no longer contradict, but will complement each other, revealing each as merely a different aspect of the same reality, or even of many realities. Such an approach is often effective, for example, when examining the older re-ligions and the 'realities' behind them." ['The Rose of the World' / D. Andreev. Italics, this readers].

Think about it. ''quality'' in relation to 'quantity'. ''Essence'' in relation to that universal ''bit''. By way of higher/lower - until a 'connection' is made. {Figuratively?} speaking of course, i.e., understanding that defines the word ''re-ligion''. It's true meaning. It's true MIND SET.

'See' it?

Try ''connection'' / 'connect' etc. {the 'micro' within the 'macro'?}.

UPDATED: 'The Quest of the Rose: Book 1: The Cosmic Keys of Our Future Becoming' / A. Smitsman and J. Houston].

And/or: In its architectural sence of the word {future world?}: Secret Knowledge: The Russian  Revolutionary: Zaha Hadid on Kazimir Malevich / BBC 4.

Sad or joy?

Working exampe: ''So in this journey they end up in what is called The Attitude. The 'Attitude' simply means - you are able to see. You will eventually see the ''face of god'' and he will see your face. Our full joy in that. So Jacob is able to see his Son again and his Son is able to see 'his' Father.'' [Day 2. 'Pilgrimage of Freedom / Lent / 2023 / Magdala].


''This whole section of what is commonly known as Jesus' Sermon on the Mount has to do with the attitude Christians bring into the world. Our attitude is much like the lens through which we see the world. If one's attitude is focused on things of God, we are more able to see the world through God's eyes.''

"Everyone has an internal thought process: that silent other self who speaks to you; the one you debate with." [First sentence; first paragraph; first page of the book by Q. S. Lam]. Link to ''teacher''. Top down in relation to bottom up? In other words [in one form] - put those keys together to 'see' what even the dreamer/vision maker cannot yet 'see'.

Try ''bee'' and ''small'' [and/or ''apple of the eye''. ] - in reference to the paragraph by M. Katz - {several back} - all in relation to the intent and purpose - in the individual sense of the word - to the word ''gnosis''. Then consider the word ''Jerusalem''.

"The use of metaphor is well known in psychotherapy as a means of circumventing the conscious mind," i.e.,as an example - 'the college which is everywhere visible, but hidden from the eyes of men'. " [Enlarged elsewhere].

... You may know the old proverb...'If you want to conceal something successfully, hide it in plain sight".

REFRESHER...As a side note ''its noon [zenith] shall come''...indicative of those anticipated [prophesied?] 1000 years. Those 1000 good years - due to the universal appeal of a particular subject. The 'good' vibes that those inspirations and intentions will have on each generation. Question. What effect; if any; will that 'collective effort' have on 'its' surroundings?

That ''collective effort'' - by way of - what A. Crowley defines in the same chapter as a ''wordless Aeon''. Possibilities of. {Logos link?}.

As seen from a different perspective {Theology?}: "But are these two worlds Pan spoke of to remain forever separate? I have seen this 'lake', in my minds eye, I think. I found myself on May Hill, and it was an island. All this was sea - or lake. And a friend said the other day that she could never take her shoes off in this house for fear of getting her feet wet! But not in this world, if you know what I mean. She felt the lake without knowing about it." ['Sword in the Sun'].

Side note: Lake Titicaca {highest navigable} in the world = ''The rock of the Puma.''

And/or: ''Yes you did see it. And yes, she does feel it. And no, they will not remain separate. They will unite at the end of the age."

"That will be a catastrophe! And to my world, I think, not to Pan's. What of the animals?"

''Yes a catastrophe, and yes, to your world and not to Pans. As to the animals - yes they will also die.''

''And then?''

mask 2"They will be forever alive, and you shall know them as they truly are, for you too shall be alive." [Conversation between ''aspects'' of this individuals higher/lower self within the book 'The Sword in the Sun']. Very similar to Jung and his 'relationship' to ''Philemon'' {enlarged elsewhere}. The main point, however, being - before those first impressions - dictate, an action of the mind - contrary to a study exercise - understanding those universal constants; and therefore subject material as a whole gets one closer to that universal mindset.

Abraham and Melchizedek?

Arthur and Merlyn {if only in 'myth' form} - all as a means....?

Question. Psychological 'mindset' ONLY? Understanding that framework in relation to that ''bit'' gives a deeper {lake?} point of view {'line of sight' / 'horizon' link?}.

REFRESHER: "The waters ebb and flow. Let the 'magician' guard himself from drowning at the point where land and water meet. The midway spot, which is neither dry nor wet [link to 'marsh' and 'primordial' mound symbolism. Explained elsewhere], must provide the standing place whereon his feet are set. When water, land and air meet, there is the place for 'magic' to be wrought {'fire'?}."

Side note: {A working example?}: ''Without blemish'' - a title given to women by Amenhotep the third.

And/or: ''Error runs down a plane, while truth has to labour to climb its way uphill."

A {practical} example: ''The road ahead will be long - the climb steep.'' [Election victory speech/ Barack Obama].

Side note: Christchurch harbour also contains ''marshes'' - noted {purposely?} from the earliest of times.

From a different perspective: "According to Thukydides, the temple of Dionysos Limnaios was situated to the south of the Akropolis and was one of the cities oldest sanctuaries....''in the swamps'' the wine was mixed with water and drank to him for the first time in the new wine year....Prior to this, in their homes, the Athenians had drawn the still sweet wine - from large clay vessels - and then brought it to the scene of the festival....It was mixed with spring water. The place must have been a geological formation characteristic of Greece - the best known example of which is the swamp of Lerna: water pours from under the rocks {'Peter'?}, yet despite its purity it forms a ''swamp''. Dionysos entered into the 'underworld' and returned from it near Lerna....That is why in Aristophanes the song of the 'frogs' of this swamp {Hectate?} accompanied Dionysos on his journey to the underworld.....In time the springs dried up. According to Strabo - at the time of Christs birth {hint,hint} - the sanctuary stood on 'dry land'....The sanctuary in the 'swamps' was regarded in Athens not only as the oldest but also the most sacred temple of Dionysos.'' [Pages 291-3 'Dionysos' / C. Kerenyi].

''Sanctuary of the everlasting zones''?



Headscratch: Analogy with the same intent {that very first one?}: "He wrought also two cities, fair to see and busy with the hum of men. In the one were weddings and wedding feasts, and they were going about the city with brides whom they were escorting by torchlight from their chambers. Loud rose the cry of Hymen, and the youths danced to the music of flute and lyre, while the women stood each at her house door to see them {Hestia?}. Meanwhile the people were gathered in assembly, for there was a quarrel, and two men were wrangling about the blood money for a man who had been killed, the one saying before the people that he had paid damages in full, and the other that he had not been paid. Each was trying to make his own case good, and the people took sides, each man backing the side that he had taken; but the heralds kept them back, and the elders sat on their seats of stone in a solemn circle, holding the staves in which the heralds had put into their hands {'holders'?}. Then they rose and each in his turn gave judgement, and there were two talents laid down {two 'lobed'?}, to give to him whose judgement should be deemed the fairest."

Minds eye?

SIDE NOTE: ''Herald'' - only mentioned once {in its original context } - in the Old Testament {i.e., Daniel 3:4}. Recall what those numbers represent in relation to: '' Then the Herald loudly proclaimed - ' Nations of peoples of every language, this is what you are commanded to do - when you hear the sound of the cornet, flute, harp, lyre, horn, psaltery and all kinds of music, ye fall down and worship the golden image that the king hath set up'." Together with..."The motive for setting up the image seems to be an attempt to unify the kingdom and promote the authority of the king {i.e.,in relation to the golden image of Nebuchadnezzar}. Various explanations have been given for the grotesque 'dimensions' of the image, 90 feet high and 9 feet wide. It may have represented the king physically, but could have been an obelisk. It could have been a distorted figure, {Akhenaten link?} or the height could have included a pedestal on which the image was set." [Notes on same {page 1274} 'The King James Study Bible'].

"And upon this rock i will build...."?

Twice as broad than long? Birket Habu?

'Eye of the Needle' -  in relation to 'nines'?

"In Greek mythologyEurybates (/jʊˈrɪbətz/Ancient Greek: Εὐρυβάτης) may refer to the same or different herald(s) for the Greek armies during Trojan War:

  • Eurybates, from Ithaca, served as Odysseus's squire and herald. He was described by Odysseus to Penelope as "round-shouldered, dark-skinned, and curly-haired". Odysseus is said to pay him greater regard than any other of his companions for his honesty and faithfulness.[1]
  • Eurybates, a herald who was sent, along with Talthybius, by Agamemnon to retrieve Briseis from Achilles' camp in Iliad, I, but he might be a different person from Odysseus's herald mentioned in Iliad, 2 ("Eurybates of Ithaca"), and in the Odyssey."

Side note: "If Mars is the herald of the sun, Pluto is the foundation upon which the 'sun' will build." [Page 165, 'The Zodiac as the Universal Matrix'].

"That's because Mars and Earth will be on opposite sides of the Sun, a period known as Mars solar conjunction. The Sun expels hot, ionized gas from its corona, which extends far into space."

Question. That inner one? ''Golden Child''?

'The Lyre of Mabon' {Page 169-186 'Mabon and the Mysteries of Britain'].

East =Mabon. West = Modron {Astraea?}. North = Muses. South = 'poets' - as a means to tell a story. If only in the ''ritual'' sense of the word - but because that 'action of the mind' {keys/archetypes} - are universal, a MINDSET can be got.

Fiction or non-fiction?

"Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun. The surface of Mars is orange-red because it is covered in iron(III) oxide dust, giving it the nickname "the Red Planet".[21][22] Mars hosts many enormous extinct volcanos (such as Olympus Mons, 21.9 km or 13.6 mi tall) and one of the largest canyons in the Solar System (Valles Marineris, 4,000 km or 2,500 mi long). For comparison, Mars's diameter is 6,779 km (4,212 mi). It is classified as a terrestrial planet and is the second smallest of the Solar System's planets."

Straight lines and curves. 90/180?


Continued: " The number 9 {i.e., what the author defines as 'The Magnified Sacred Three'} - can be variously interpreted. At times, the purely negative aspect is stressed, thus by Petrus Bungus, who equates 9 with pain and sadness and points out that the ninth psalm contains a prediction of the 'antichrist'. The nine is again connected with suffering because of the fact that Christ died at the ninth hour of the day {from sunrise, i.e., 3pm}. This hour was the 'none', subsequently marked by a special monastic devotion, while the word itself has become our NOON...The nine muses have inspired many thinkers and writers; that is why Herodotus divided his work in 9 parts to honour them, and in this connection, it is not to far fetched to think of the Enneads, the '9 books' of Plotinus, whose Neoplatonic philosophy became an important ingredient in the development {hint, hint} of Jewish, Christian and Islamic 'mystical' thought. One is therefore also not surprised to learn that Plato, according to legend, died at the age of 9x9 = 81 years." ['Mystery of Numbers'. Most emphasis, this readers]. 90x9 = ?

Then, when our dying bodies have been transformed into bodies that will never die, this Scripture will be fulfilled: “Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting? For sin is the sting that results in death, and the law gives sin its power. But thank God! He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Understand the parts {universal constants?} to define the whole, i.e.,''NOON'' in relation to: "The fact that Daniel is not mentioned may be explained in a couple of ways: he may have been busy elsewhere with administration affairs, or as a higher official may not have been required to attend the meeting." [Notes in relation to Daniel 3:12 'The King James Study Bible' - i.e.,"There are certain Jews whom thou hast set up over the affairs of the province of Babylon - Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego - These men O king, have NOT regarded thee: they serve not thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up"]. Together with...

maze4"In some civilizations, 'nine' was seen in connection with the lunar phases. Thus in ancient Mexico, the cycle went from the ascending ash moon, the crescent, the first quarter, and the third octant to the full moon and then back to the descending ash moon. On the basis of these periodic movements, the whole cosmos was then divided into various 'layers'. 9 layers of a netherworld and 'thirteen' heavenly layers, with the earth located as a kind of intermediate zone. These twentythree layers, plus the sacred number 5, connected with the ages of the world, yielded 28, which is the number of the moon. Thus, in Mexico 9 became a symbol of the netherworld, the earth, and - contrary to the traditions in Europe and Asia - the female {i.e.,'female' principle - this readers input}. Try ''twentythree'' - in other words was Daniels 'absence' a coincidence or a meaningful one?

Side note: ''The Axoloti also known as the Mexican walking fish is a species of the lizard family known as  as a Salamander.'' ['Tipping Point'].

Buddha's hand.


Continued: Understanding those universal keys {subject material?} - among other things - throws up such questions {insights?} - as to Herodotus' possible original intention {method?} of presentation {format?} - of 'historical information'. As it does with the word 'Ash' in relation to ''Asherah'' and/or ''Ashtoreth'' . Just as Hera {moon link} does with the word ''hare''. Enlarged elsewhere. Try ''Ash tree''.

As it does with: "Finally, an etched rib bone was found with the human remains in Gough's cave, Cheddar {not far from Glastonbury}. Its markings consist of short strokes along the edges, often in groups of nine. The significance of this number in this context was debated for many years, but in 1989 five fragments of bone were found at the same site, all with similar grouping of incisions. The number in each group upon these varies from eight to fourteen, so it may be that the sets of nine strokes upon the first find were of no particular significance. Unless the carver {or carvers} were simply doodling, the incisions look like tallies. But whether of kills, or days, or moons, or something else, we cannot know." [From the book by R. Hutton].

Recall the 'ribs' within the Genesis story.


Continued {i.e.,Homer's Iliad}..."About the other city there lay encamped two hosts in gleaming armour...But the men of the city...armed themselves for a surprise; their wives and little children kept guard upon the walls, and with them were the men who were past fighting age {elder link?}, but the others sallied forth with Ares and Pallas Athene at their head - both of them wrought in gold and clad in golden raiment, great and fair with their armour as befitting gods, while they that followed were smaller. When they reached the place where they would lay their ambush, it was on a riverbed to which livestock of all kinds would come from far and near to water..."


Fortyfive or ninety?

"The first city is Sirius {authors hypothesis}, and Homer describes 'stars' in the northern part of Canis Major. The hum of men, wedding feasts, brides escorted by torchlight and youths dancing conjure up a busy image of the Milky Way to the east. Elders sitting in a circle of polished stone represent the circular pattern of stars surrounding Sirius...The second city is the 2nd brightest star in Canis Major, and here Homer turns his attention to the southern part, or rear legs, {i.e., roots of tree link. Enlarged elsewhere.} - of the constellation. The appearance of Athene and Ares outside the zodiac is surprising, but they may be being compared with Sirius and Canis Major. In spite of Sirius now clearly being 'white', Ptolemy describes the star as being 'reddish', while Mirzam in Canis Major is also a white star. Homer may be comparing Sirius to Ares as the red planet Mars, and Mirzam to Athene as the planet Jupiter." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

The answer to those doubts {inner questions?} are more readily answered - if only for this reader - when the question is asked as to why should Ares {pro Trojan} be depicted on the shield of none other than not only the 'greatest' warrior of the Greeks but within the story of the 'Fall of Troy' as a whole? Answers more likely found within such key words as Janus {i.e.,'Sir Facing Bothways'} in relation to 'boundaries'; among others; 'red' as opposed to 'white' relative to north and south.

And/or: "Janus presided over the beginning and ending of conflict, and hence war and peace. The doors of his temple were open in times of war and closed in times of peace. As a god of transitions {boundaries?}, he had functions pertaining to birth and to journeys and exchange, and in his association with Portunus, a similar harbour and gateway god, he was concerned with traveling, trading and shipping. Janus had no flamen or specialized priest assigned to him, but the king of the sacred rites himself carried his ceremonies. Janus had a ubiquitous presence in religious ceremonies throughout the year, and was ritually invoked at the beginning of each one, regardless of the main deity honoured on any particular occasion. The ancient Greeks had NO equivalent to Janus, who the Romans claimed as distinctly their own." [Wiki/Janus].

''Harbour'' in relation to the Bay of Pegasus to 'see' something further. And/or ''flamen'' in relation to '15' {12+3}. Enlarged elsewhere.

"The Roman soil preserved the remembrance of a very remote time during which Saturn and Janus reigned on the site of the city before its foundation: the Capitol was named mons Saturnius. The Romans identified Saturn with the Greek Cronus, whose myths were adapted for Latin literature and Roman art. In particular, Cronus's role in the genealogy of the Greek gods was transferred to Saturn. As early as Livius Andronicus (3rd century BC), Jupiter was called the son of Saturn." ['Wiki'].

Try ''soil'' and/or ''Saturn'' if only in relation to Homer's {Greek} Illiad. Think about it relation to ''Poseidon'' {i.e.,fishtailed in relation to the very ancient symbol for Pisces - sea-goat? with a fish in its mouth}.

'Fish out of water' / 'A wet fish on dry land' ? As a means...?

qenaRefresher: A 'working' example {i.e.,in relation to the intent of 'Janus' symbolism}: "...The principle reason for it is that it is impossible to sit between two stools {and/or throne?}. And people usually think that they can sit between two stools, that is, that they can acquire the new and preserve the old; they do not think this consciously of course but it comes to the same thing....G. once said that there was no sense in our going on any further in this way and that we ought to make a definite decision whether we wanted to go on with him, wanted to work, or whether it was better to abandon all attempts in this direction, because a half serious attitude would give no results whatever. He added that he would only continue to work with those who would make a definite decision to struggle with mechanicalness in themselves and with sleep. There is no sense in sitting between two stools - he had said. Whoever does not want to wake up, at least let him sleep well.''

64 objective aspects? Good or bad?

''This whole section of what is commonly known as Jesus' Sermon on the Mount has to do with the attitude Christians bring into the world. Our attitude is much like the lens through which we 'see' the world. If one's attitude is focused on things of God, we are more able to 'see' the world through God's eyes.''

SIDE NOTES: The vocabulary of ancient Roman religion was highly specialized. Its study affords important information about the religion, traditions and beliefs of the ancient Romans. This legacy is conspicuous in European cultural history in its influence on later juridical and religious vocabulary in Europe, particularly of the Western Church.

By the time of the religious reformation of Augustus, the origins and functions of many of the long-neglected gods resident in Rome was confusing even to the Romans themselves. The obscurity of some of the deities assigned a flamen (for example Falacer, Palatua, Quirinus and Volturnus) suggests that the office dated back to Archaic Rome. Many scholars [who?] assume that the flamines existed at least from the time of the early Roman kings, before the establishment of the Republic. The Romans themselves credited the foundation of the priesthood to Numa Pompilius, the second king of Rome. According to Livy, Numa created the offices of the three flamines maiores and assigned them each a fine robe of office and a curule chair {'stool'?}. The flamines were circumscribed by many taboos.

The origin of the word flamen is as obscure as are some of the assigned gods. Sophus Bugge suggested in 1879 that flamen is from an older fladmen and related to the Germanic blót. Both would be derived from a Proto-Indo-European word bhlad(s)men. Indo-Europeanist Georges Dumézil attempted to link it to the Sanskrit word brahman. This etymology is still controversial.

What are EACH sat on? "Sitting between two stools?"

CONTINUED: It also gives clues {directions?} as to the following head scratch: "Homer then changes his mood, introducing scenes quite different from ANYTHING ELSE in the Iliad, using images of rural and town life as metaphors for individual stars, groups of brighter stars, dark parts of the sky with few stars, and also the Milky Way. As Hephaestus carefully constructs the shield, Homer is describing in detail, and section by section, the skies that became the home of the newly risen Sirius. That Homer considered Canis Major and its environs to be important is reinforced by the different ways he describes those stars in other parts of the Iliad. A difficulty in proposing this interpretation is that the precise boundaries of the constellations being described by Homer are not known. He does give some help {purposely?} - in as much as the 'codewords' {keys?} are used in this passage in the same way in which they are used elsewhere in the Iliad - particularly when the Milky Way is being described in rural terms. These codewords can evoke the multitude of pinpoints of 'light' in the Milky Way and include the 'wheatfields' and 'vineyards' in which 'swathe after swathe of harvest corn' is cut and 'grapes are grown on silver poles'. The Milky Way is also described as a 'porridge of white barley'. Groups of people such as heralds, dancing youths, reapers and binders indicate stars that stand out against the background of the Milky Way. More specific individuals such as judges, look outs, women at their doorways, the owner of the land, four cattle, nine dogs, a bull and two lions are suggested as brighter individual stars. Homer also mentions colours such as gold and silver, and these could be linked to yellow and white stars." {'Homer's Secret Iliad'].

Follow the title of the book to see it in its broader {universal?} view.

mask 3Analogy of same {Micro, i.e.,bottom-up}-" the Book of the Dead, the term ''Sema [Snai] Tawi'' is used. It means ''Union'' of the two lands of Egypt.'' The two lands refer to the two main districts of the country, North and South, and in a mystical sense they refer to the gods Heru [the north] and Set [the south land]- who are elsewhere referred to as the spiritual Higher Self and lower self of a human being, respectively. Thus the term Sema Tawi is compatible with the Indian Sanskrit term ''Yoga,'' which also means union of the Higher Self and lower self ..." [Extract from the book by S. Ashby. Mentioned elsewhere]. Try ''meditation''. Benefit of, [if only] in relation - to subject material.

Question. Which of those 'two lands' would represent 'rural' and 'city' ? Enlarged elsewhere. Try ''rural''. And which represent red/white? Understanding red/white gives clues as to Herod's final resting place.

"The principle of the city..." Enlarged elsewhere.

Cobra pose?

N.B. ''Higher'' = Vulture - Lotus - Reed or Su plant. ''Lower'' = Cobra - Papyrus - Bee. All as a representation of something.

Side note: ''In the zodiac at Denderah, where Virgo is clearly represented, she seems to be holding some long stemmed plant that could be a reed or a lily.'' [Pages

Scroll = Book? Question. Did Imhotep understand anything about the Southern Hemisphere? 'Spots and Stripes'?

Refesher: "It seems that the Aztecs sometimes called Venus Acatl. This latter meant 'reed -day', and was the name of the day on which the Venus cycle began. The deity who presided over the reed day was, Acatl, was the chief god of the pantheon Tezcatlipoca, whose name means 'Smoking Mirror'. ['The Zelator'].


'Reed' in relation to papyrus - and 'its' relation to 'words' {logos?} - defines what is implied when the Israelite's 'cross' over the {reed?} sea. Try ''gap'' and/or ''mirror'' and/or ''Venus'' to 'see' something other than the obvious - to continue that 'journey' of discovery. BEFORE those bigger questions are asked.

Look carefully.

"Bee" in relation to: "Why are you averse to organizational work?" Master's question startled me a bit. It is true that my private conviction at the time was that organizations are ''hornets'' nests. ''It is a thankless task, sir," I answered. "No matter what the leader does, or does not do, he is criticized."... "Do you want the whole divine channa {milk curd} for yourself alone?" My guru's retort was accompanied by a stern glance. "Could you or anyone else achieve God-communion through yoga if a line of generous-hearted masters had not been willing to convey their knowledge to others?" He added, ''God is the honey, organizations are the hives; both are necessary. Any form is useless, of course, without the spirit, but why should you not start busy hives full of the spiritual nectar?" His counsel moved me deeply. Although i made no outward reply, an adamant resolution arose in my breast: I would share with my fellows, so far as lay in my power, the unshackling truths i had learned..." [Extract from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi' ].

''Unshackling'' in relation to Oxen yokes. Try ''yoke''.

"In a broad sense 'Yoga' is any process which helps one achieve liberation or freedom from the bondage to human pain and ignorance. So whenever you engage in any activity with the goal of promoting the discovery of your true self, be it studying the wisdom teachings, exercise, fasting, meditation, breath control, rituals, chanting, prayer, etc., you are practicing Yoga." [Extract from the book by S. Ashby].

"...discovery of your true self'' which includes the understanding of that universal concept [in their opinion] - the ''divine bit''. Regardless whether the ''Eastern'' Way or the ''Western'' Way or the Way of the READER [i.e.,objectively; as one does in any subject material. This web pages ''way'']. That understanding = the ''micro within the macro.'' = Journey symbolism. Understanding that {concept?} defines...

"Initiation refers to the transformation of man into something greater than he was before, an acquisition of new meaning through the realisation that he is more than dust and shadow." And...

"The aim of the journey is simply to experience existence as it actually is, prior to all interpretation, as an ongoing state of awareness."

'Binding' ?

Web of manifestation.

Yet another but from a different 'start point'... "James Vogh has further explored the wider ramifications and influence of threads and cords. He draws attention to the sutra, a cord worn by high ranking Hindu's, and quotes the Upanishads: 'By Vayu, the inner controller, as by a thread, O Gautama, are this world, the other world, and all beings held together.' Vogh goes on to speak of the 'cinctura' of the Franciscans, the cord which binds them to their holy work, the llatu, a cord said to protect the life of the Inca emperor, and the Celtic Torc, fashioned to resemble twisted cords. All derivatives of the spider's thread. One of the two possible derivations of the word religion itself is from 'religare', meaning to bind up, to bind together - so religion is 'that which binds'. The second possible derivation is from 'relegere' meaning to go through as in reading or thought." [Chapter 6, 'Cities of Dreams'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Try ''knot''.

A side step..."The Hermetic tradition emphasized the existence of a 'supreme' force called the One Thing, which has no perceptible form until it is 'grounded' or expressed in material reality ['stone' or 'pearl' link]. The expression of that 'force' is guided by the One Mind [ divine 'bit' link].............

"Yin is like a mother-of-pearl image hidden in the deepest recesses of the house." Quote by Dr. Jung.


A Spirit of Nature.

"The Hermeticists saw the One Thing as a primordial, 'plastic' energy that takes the form of the idea or thought projected by the One Mind. The unseen force can be 'contacted' and controlled by mankind through divine union - a merging with the 'One Mind' in meditation and/or prayer [plough ones own furrow link] . Lasting union can only occur through a transformation of the body and mind, [''incarnation'' link] until the terrestrial man is so 'refined' and 'purified' that he becomes a vehicle solely for this force. Religious leaders throughout the ages were aware of this 'power,' though they stated there personal perspectives or creeds in many different ways." [Chapter one, 'The Emerald Tablet.' Mentioned elsewhere].

"The disintegration accomplished, it is the freed mind united to its anima, forming a complete and reintegrated psyche, which is the key of the restoration.....The regenerate soul does have the power to heal and to save - a mind cleansed by analysis, aware of its own true essence, made strong by the Union with its anima, and filled with the influx of the awakened vital spirit, [what this author calls; the libido]. Here are the keys of wisdom." [Chapter 3, 'The Philosophers Stone' by I. Regardie].

That link to the 'divine couple',i.e., Apollo and twin sister or Sumerian equivalent, Inanna and Utu, as opposed to Jacob and Esau. Think about it, [ i.e.,"a mental state, in which spiritual perceptions were achieved, distinguishing between the 'shadow mixed with light', when the power of the imagination was mixed with reason...."]. As a means to represent an understanding of something. That familiar subject again. This subjects main teaching aid.

Question. What is that something and why do we have to understand it?

"By this time Pogossian and i had come to the definite conclusion that there really was a 'certain something' which people formally knew, but that now this knowledge was quite forgotten." [Chapter 5, 'Meetings With Remarkable Men' by G. Gurdjieff].

What represents the ''mother'' ?

"This is good symbolism. The mother, as we have already discovered, is that Sephirah on the Tree of Life named Binah, and whilst she has various cosmic attributions she is also by reflection an interior or psychological principle. She it is who works in our interior natures as love, as intuition, as aspiration, and all those higher and finer emotions which we seek to express just a little more easily in our own daily lives. From the psychological point of view she would represent the Unconscious, or more especially what the analytical psychologists call the Anima, that vast sphere of feeling, emotion, instinct, and intuition which lies beneath or beyond our normal awareness." [Chapter 10, 'The Philosopher's Stone.' Mentioned elsewhere].

'FLOOD' of emotion?

"If we can look deep within ourselves, beyond our own self - centeredness, we will find that true center within us - whether we chose to call it the Philosophers Stone, the Highest Good [link to Dead Sea Scrolls], the sacred heart of Christ, or Elixir of Life." [Same book].

Try ''Labyrinth'' while recalling that some 'mazes' had their center offset purposely.

"The altar of sacrifice demonstrates that where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.....The center of the altar is a most especial part. It is the center of your universe. Put something special there. Perhaps a flower, or a sanctuary flame. This represents the perpetual light of the spirit, in a balanced manifest expression.....The rose of the spirit may bloom therein.... " [ Chapter 1, 'The Rose Cross and the Goddess. Mentioned elsewhere].

REFRESHER: "The potential literature for an intellectual study of this is vast. We hope we have provided a few simple pointers on the way. It is however, a 'centering' in, rather than a wandering in the labyrinthine fields of intellectual speculation, that is the direct way of truth. The 'rose' blooms at the center of the cross. And those who are prepared to contemplate the imagery and take it unto their inmost hearts are the more likely to be met by Beatrice from the triumphal car {'chariot'}, and 'led' to places where even the intellectual genius of a Virgil cannot go." [From the book by G. Knight].

''A 'car' is another term for a railway carriage.'' ['The Chase'].

'Station of No Station'.

And/or: "Sirius is sometimes called the 'Sun behind the sun', indicating that while the star we call the Sun is related to our physical center of Self in our Solar Plexus and the expression of our Selves within the physical earth, Sirius represents a more hidden center." ['Red Tree, White Tree'].

Question. Geocentric?

Question 2. How would those two 'centers' be represented within {say} a landscape?

'She who loves silence'.

"Everyone has an internal thought process: that silent other self who speaks to you; the one you debate with." [First sentence; first paragraph; first page of the book by Q. S. Lam]. Link to ''teacher''.

Egyptian equivalent? Re-stau, in relation to Rostau [Wallis Budge], or Ro-setau [Alexandre Piankoff]. Tau, according to some means 'time', [D. Wilcock]. Think about it, relative to different 'segments' [Djed column'] in relation to the 'Great year', or what that now is commonly known as.

Underworld, in relation to day world. Light [awareness] relative to dark [unawareness]. That understanding gives clues as to the final burial place of those that represented the Giza complex. The micro within the Macro.

Tau cross link? If so, what about 'Rose' link?

Sufi / Muslim equivalent..."Gods very 'words' point to what should be mans principle occupation: to know the divine names. This is the knowledge of ones inner being. If one obtained that knowledge, one would reach the level of divine wisdom. That is where the knowledge of the Name of Unity is complete." [Chapter 3, 'The Secret of Secrets'. Mentioned elsewhere ]. I.E.,those 99 aspects, relative to the 'whole'. Indicative of. [Relative to the 'divine' bit].

Recall one of the 'terms' that the word ['name'] 'Apollo' represents.

Back to back.

EXAMINATION OF TIME "If the present and the future depend on the past, then the present and the future would have existed in the past....IF the present and the future did not exist there, how could the present and the future be dependent upon it?....IF they are not dependent upon the past, neither of the two would be established. Therefore neither the present or the future would exist....BY the the same method, the other two divisions- past and future, upper, lower, middle, etc., unity, etc., should be understood....A non static time is not grasped. Nothing one can grasp as Stationary time exists. If time is not grasped, how is it known?....IF time depends on an entity, then without an entity how could time exist? There is no existent entity. So how can time exist? [Chapter 19. 'The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way' by Nagarjuna's Mulamadhyamakakarika, translated by Jay Garfield].

Guinness book of records?


Banksy's 'Arrow of time'?

"Time present and time past are both perhaps present in time future, and time future contained in time past. If all time is eternally present, all time is unredeemable. What might have been is an abstraction - remaining a perpetual possibility - only in a world of speculation. What might have been, and what has been point to one end, which is always present." [First 'ten' lines of the poem 'Four Quartets' by T. S. Eliot].

Think on it, relative to the benefits of a... 'presence of mind' - by way of - a 'repetitive' habit. A positive one.

Norfolk: Spear points?

The final chapter of the ’imaginary’ story has all the characters; the good the bad and the ugly; reaching the ‘top’ level [C]. Having had come to terms with their own inner ‘demons’. Both individually and as a group. Together with the understanding of their new environment. Which again agrees with esoteric lore. And as some authors mention and which is verified in the ‘Tibetan book of the ‘dead’...or the Hermetic way of...'Hermes Trismegistus'. It might be wise to begin to understand that personel journey of A-C...before that final event happens, [i.e.,start of the second leg [B].

Which again has a certain logic to it. As indicated within books such as ‘Life after Life' by R. Moody. Or 'The After death Experience. The Physics of the Non - Physical' by Ian Wilson. Or 'Hope Street' by Pamela Young. Or even the examples written about in the 'Synchronicity Key' book. The authors opinions though; if only for this reader; are well off the mark, in relation to his reincarnation data. Those experiences can also be classed, if only from Mr Jungs point of view, as Archetypes, [i.e.,the author of 'Power Within the Land', [of the 'Western Way' method] defines those same archetypes as "past lives"].

Different experiences from different individuals, depending [the most important point] on where along that journey of self discovery they are as individuals. Which is a possible reason why not one individual amongst all that data could inform of 'reincarnations' process from its beginning to its end.

1922 Peace Dollar: A West wind originates in the west and blows in an eastward direction. In European tradition, it is usually considered the mildest and most favourable of the directional winds. In Greek mythology, Zephyrus personified the west wind and brought light spring and early summer breezes.


Understanding this framework gives, if only for this reader, a fuller more logical answer, i.e., if you had a choice of 'reincarnating' as a different person, knowing that the 'old you' therefore will no longer exist,[i.e., you are now someone completely new, having started from scratch]... as opposed to continuing being you, while correcting any negative aspects; on a day to day basis; which we all contain.....while still being you [with all your 'ex' imperfections, but still trying, in the 'positive' sense /path]... Which would you choose? You should now have your answer to 'reincarnations' true meaning, [if only for this reader] as well as to your own state of mind, within your own personnel 'journey'.



Also note...that 'development' [or process] from 'its' beginning to its made fully aware [i.e., conscious of]... to each individual. To evaluate correctly read other publications such as chapter 6 of 'The Zelator' and/or 'Inner River'. Mentioned within. [Both distinguish between ''reincarnation'' and ''incarnation].'' Together with...

comic5 (2)"In this school [i.e., esoteric] we think of Man as a unity which consists of a 'cosmic atom' ['divine bit' link] that is unmanifest [i.e., not yet a 'known' factor] and has its home in spheres that are utterly beyond all human conception [simply put = ''altered states'' link]. This cosmic atom or monad {Ain Sof?} as some name it, has no beginning and no ending as limited human reason conceives of these two things. {'Gnosis' can?}. It 'sends forth' {''rays'' link} from its own essential 'being' what is called a higher self or 'genius', an individuality, which is an ever changing entity [ archetypes link] that evolves through the immensely long period that a man has to spend in the bosom of the 'Great Mother' [i.e.,A/B - by way of - ''anima''], in order to gain his full quota of experience as a unit of the human race. This individuality or 'genius' in its turn 'sends' forth from itself a portion of its own substance which is called the 'lower' self, [''shadow'' link] and this later is what is known during earth life as Mr Jones and Miss Smith. And let it be said, that as Mr Jones and Miss Smith you incarnate. But Miss Smith and Mr Jones only incarnate. They never reincarnate. It is the 'higher' self of each one of us that seeks re-incarnation by incarnating a little bit at a time [i.e., from that 'unknown' factor, that is now becoming a 'known' one. In relation, that is, to ones internal Self {'Ka'}. Egyptian equivalent = Khonsu. REMEMBER objectivity at all times to DEFINE A MIND SET. This readers input]. And the non incarnating portion of Miss Smith and Mr. Jones is the 'Watcher,' the 'Observer,' the Guardian at the Gate." [Emphasis, this readers. Taken from the chapter 'Old Religion' from the book 'The New Dimensions Red Book'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Link to the word 'teacher,' of Dead Sea Scroll fame.

Right foot anchored?

'Higher' or lower?

And/or: "Saint Joseph, you are the faithful protector and intercessor of all who love and venerate you. You know that I have confidence in you and that, after Jesus and Mary, I come to you as an example for holiness, for you are especially close with God. Therefore, I humbly commend myself, with all who are dear to me and all that belong to me, to your intercession. I beg of you, by your love for Jesus and Mary, not to abandon me during life and to assist me at the hour of my death.  Glorious Saint Joseph, spouse of the Immaculate Virgin, pray for me to have a pure, humble, charitable mind, and perfect resignation to the divine Will. Be my guide, my father, and my model through life that I may die as you did in the arms of Jesus and Mary.

Loving Saint Joseph, faithful follower of Jesus Christ, I raise my heart to you to implore your powerful intercession in obtaining from the Divine Heart of Jesus all the graces necessary for my spiritual and temporal welfare, particularly the grace of a happy death, and the special grace.

Guardian of the Word Incarnate, I feel confident that your prayers on my behalf will be graciously heard before the throne of God.

St. Joseph Most Loving Husband," [ Day 3: St. Joseph Novena / Magdala / 2024].

'Reincarnation or resurrection?

''Inspiration'' to enlarge.

From a different perspective:{find the COMMON factors}:  ''Everything in the universe is alive by virtue of the sole fact of existing. Existing as a live thing {and this includes the 'mineral'}, it will remain so throughout all of evolution and until its return to its source of becoming. Such is the law of Osiris, the cyclical law of constant regeneration until the particular rhythm ceases, the rhythm that separates from universality. But Osirian regeneration pertains to renewal, to reincarnation: it does NOT represent resurrection. When, however, it is a question of animation of purrfection, that is, of the final creation preconceived from the beginning of things {finality, and not a state of gestation on the way to 'perfection'}, then the cessation of form, or death, is a return to the causal state, carrying along with it all the experience of existence. This is the resurrection of the animating Being, conscious and liberated from transitory mortal forms.'' [Page 30 'The Egyptian Miracle' / Schwaller de Lubicz].

N.B. ''Gestation'' = Jackal/Vulture etc.

A working example: ''The twentytwo cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot being an organism, a complete whole,...of their evolution and transformation. For the Tarot is not a wheel, a closed circle, but rather a spiral, i.e., it evolves through tradition and ....reincarnation.'' [Pages 260-263 'Meditations on the Tarot'].

Refresher: 22 Jungle boats only created for Disney World.

Siberia means ''sleeping land.''

From a different perspective: ''The seven planets were the kings or rulers of the 'lower' heavens. Through his fall from 'grace', man was brought under their dominion, which meant that he was trapped within cycles of reincarnation. It was thought that each planet, most especially those above the horizon at birth, imparting something of its nature to an incarnating SOUL. These 'gifts' could be a blessing or a curse depending on whether or not they were used for selfish purposes.'' [Page 236 'Magi: Quest for a Secret Tradition'].

Landscape equivalent: The 'H' temple of Ramesses {'face to face'} on the WEST side of the Nile and The Temple of a Million Years of Tuthmose 3rd on the EAST side. BOTH within the Qena Governate.

And/or: "Horus the Elder never incarnated but remained as a 'winged' one {'higher'?} until his 'second' birth as Horus the Younger, son of Isis." [Page 34 'The Union of Isis and Thoth' / N. Ellis and N. Scully].

'Second to None'.

And/or: ''The Arabic name of the baptism site is Al-Maghtas meaning "immersion" and, by extension, "baptism", used for an area stretching over BOTH banks of the river. The Jordanian side uses the names Al-Maghtas, Bethany beyond the Jordan and Baptism(al) Site, while the western part is known as Qasr al-Yahud. The nearby Greek Orthodox Monastery of St John the Baptist has a castle-like appearance (thus qasr, "castle"), and tradition holds that the Israelites crossed the river at this spot (thus al-Yahud, "of the Jews").'' [Wiki].

Jesus and Elijah/'chariot' links.

Fire or water?

Side note: ''Alchemy's colouring secrets also found there way into very early Christianity, influencing the non-canonical Gospel of Philip, in which dyeing and colour changes are completely blended with Christian spiritual life. Discovered in the Nag Hammadi cache...thought to have been composed in the Syrian region - this gospel describes baptism as a plunge into a turbulent 'dyeing' vat, in which all 'blackness' is alchemically cast off when an initiate is 'reclothed' in the 'whiteness' of a baptismal garment, then spiritually transformed through fiery anointing. Or as the Christian alchemist Morienus the monk succinctly says, in words quoted in the Latin treatise Aurora consurgens: Whoever elevates the Soul shall 'see' its colours.'' [Page 190 'Hathor's Alchemy' / Highlights, this readers].

Sad or joy? 'Vegetative' ears? Listening for spring?

And/or: ''Solomon Grundy, Born on a Monday, Christened on Tuesday, Married on Wednesday, Took ill on Thursday, Grew worse on Friday, Died on Saturday, Buried on Sunday. That was the end of Solomon Grundy.''

Reverse{?}: ''The traditional nursery rhyme. Monday's child is fair of face Tuesday's child is full of grace Wednesday's child is full of woe Thursday's child has far to go Friday's child is loving and giving Saturday's child works for its living And a child that's born on the Sabbath day Is fair and wise and good and gay.''

Continued: ''The house of Consolation is what Bethany actually means. Christ would sometimes come from the north to rest inside the house of Martha, Mary and Lazarus. Link to the holy spirit {the consoler} and the 'gifts' given - represented with oil {nard}. Bethany known for the raising from the 'dead' of Lazarus. The tomb of which is in the basement.'' [Day 28 'Annointed with perfumed oil : Oil press at Bethany in Palestine / Pilgrimage of Grace / 2022].

What does Bethany mean?
And/or: The ''L'' of Lazarus = a 'right angle' just as the same can be seen in the left corner {S/W} of Egypt.
House of Figs:
Bethany (Greek: Βηθανία (Bethania), which is probably of Aramaic or Hebrew origin, meaning
"house of affliction" or "house of figs") is a feminine given name derived from the Biblical place name, Bethany, a town near Jerusalem, at the foot of the Mount of Olives, where Lazarus lived in the New Testament, along with his ... [Wiki].

Mr Jones?

From a different perspective: "In the Book of What is in the Dwat, the incarnation of the principle of light, stands in the boats cabin during the first six hours of the night, that is during the descent. For the reascent he stands in the coils of the serpent Mehen, whose name means 'spiralic', and who plays a role in the rebirth of the solar globe. Putting together such teachings, one can conceive that the 'sun's' regeneration occurs by virtue of the flux of spiral currents which ceaselessly precipitate and coagulate the impalpable cosmic substance...At the eleventh hour the regenerated solar globe is represented, for the first and only time in this Book, at the prow of a boat {Part 3}. It is drawn towards the Eastern gate of the sky by Mehen...In the twelfth hour in the middle register...This is the books apotheosis and can be understood in several ways. Physically it is the glorious rebirth of the 'solar' globe, and is therefore the triumph of light over darkness...Spiritually...through multiple purifications, transforms the densest matter {Sarsen stones?} into a more subtle one {'Blue' ones?}...the conquest of shadowless light." [Extract from the book 'Egyptian Mysteries' - in relation to tombs at Thebes. Mentioned elsewhere].

And/or: "All the prows {of boats} found within the tomb of Tut - point to the West." ['King Tut's Last Mission'' / Channel 5 / 08/02/2020].

Try ''Bolt'' to enlarge {5:4}.

Question. Where in Egypt is there more light and THEREFORE less shadow?

Light/shadow. Spirit/soul . Inner/outer. All as a means.... Duality?

Buddha's hand.

Side note: ''Lets look at the word 'Xeper'. We have seen its relationship with Thelema {'desire' i.e., in the wisdom sense of the word}, and how that Word generated the matrix {i.e., as one example - 'web'?} that produced Xeper {Cayce's Hall of Records'?}…..First encountered by E. A. allowed for a 'death' that had both power in the real world {'east'?} and potential for knowing the secrets of the cosmos in the next world {'west'?]….Very old in Egyptian religion....I was not the first to utter Xeper. According to mythology the first was Mehen-Pet-Tha - mentioned by 'Set' in the 'The Book of Coming Forth by Night' {Duat?}. I had really looked for that name in writings about New Kingdom times: the board game of Horus and Set called Mehen was popular  then.....'She who kindles celestial fire' - belonging to a 'princess' of the second dynasty - the son of Peribsen, the only pharaoh to call himself a ''Living Set'' rather than a 'Living Horus''....As a 'princess' he would have been a high priest..." [Page 168 'Overthrowing the Old Gods' / A. Crowley].

Anima or animus as a means....?

Akhenaten and Nefertiti?


Continued: Analogy {i.e., Greek perspective}: "If music be not only the 'the food of love', but the builder and nourisher of the powers of clear thinking, it could be no other than the preparer of the age when, the great visions of the past being lost, man had to find his way to a precise and objective 'intellectuality' in regard to his knowledge of the world and of himself. It was the Swan song of the old Gods; and we hear it still in the Fire music of Brunnhilde's sleep...There is in Wagner a true echo of the magic of Merlin... and It was there function to be 'psychologists' - if one can use that word. They had to 'suffer' and endure and overcome all that belongs to the 'impurity' of the human soul in face of the Divine Soul, the eternal feminine - the Goddess Ceridwen. Every poet knows this suffering. Theirs was a Dionysian..." ['The Flaming Door: The Mission of the Celtic Folk Soul' / C. Merry. All emphasis/parenthesis - this readers].

Gazelle: males have horns that are thicker and longer than those of the female.

Stag and deer.

A working example: "Buddha’s Sermon in the Deer Park at Benares:  There is a middle path, a path which opens the eyes and bestows understanding, which leads to peace of mind, to the higher wisdom, to full enlightenment. What is that middle path? Verily it is this noble eightfold path: that is to say: Right views; Right aspirations; Right speech; Right conduct; Right livelihood; Right effort; Right mindfulness; Right contemplation. This is the truth concerning suffering. Birth is attended with pain, decay is painful, disease is painful, death is painful, union with the unpleasant is painful, separation from the pleasant is painful. These SIX aggregates which spring from attachment are painful. This is the truth concerning the origin of suffering. It is that thirst accompanied by starving after a gratification or success in this life, or the craving for a future life. This is the truth concerning the destruction of suffering. It is the destruction of this very thirst, the harbouring no longer of this thirst. And now this knowledge and this insight has arisen within me. Immovable is the emancipation of my heart. This is my last existence. There will now be no rebirth for me."

Rhodes Island.

Eight strands each. Sixtyfour in total.

"EYE LEVEL"? An objective eye? LEFT or RIGHT? Above or below the horizon line?

AND/OR: Note well that Buddha did not say: 'The eye is merely formed from within outwards'; but he said: 'Something that was in Linga Sharira and has been brought over from previous stages of existence is membered into the eye.' {left and right / 'male and female'?}. Hence the eye does not see with pure, unclouded vision; it would look into the world of OUTER existence quite differently if it were not INWARDLY permeated with the residue {'amber'?} of earlier stages of existence. Hence the ear does not hear with full clarity but everything is dimmed by this residue {'soot'?}. The result is that there is mingled into all things the desire to see this or that, to hear this or that, to taste or perceive in one way or another. Into everything man encounters in the present cycle of existence there is insinuated what has remained from earlier incarnations as 'desire'. If this element of desire were absent - so said Buddha - man would LOOK OUT INTO the world as a divine being; he would let the world work upon him and no longer desire anything more than is granted to him, nor wish his knowledge to exceed what was bestowed upon him by the divine powers; he would make no distinctions between himself and the OUTER world, but feel himself membered into it.

Side note:  "The cup markings, which appear to be universal in these Scandinavian sites and which are found occasionally on the walls and even roofs of stone built graves have long been a problem. The idea that they were libation cups, for offering food to the gods, cannot always be accepted on account of their position. Many, of course, in Scotland were used for the offering of milk to the 'Little People', until quite recent times and may be still. However the view is now held widely that many more were intended to represent symbols of a 'goddess' and are to be compared with the 'yoni' and 'lingam' of India...." [Page 87 'GogMagog' / T. Lethbridge].

Shepherd Kings?

Continued: He feels himself separated from the rest of the world only because he craves for more and different enjoyment than the world voluntarily offers him. This leads to the consciousness that he is different from the world. If he were satisfied with what is in the world, he would not distinguish himself from it; he would feel his own existence continuing in the outer world. He would never experience what is called ‘contact’ with the outer world, for, not being separate from it, he could not come into ‘contact’ with it. The forming of the ‘six organs’ was responsible for the gradual establishment of ‘contact with the outer world’; contact gave rise to feeling and feeling to the urge to cling to the outer world. But it is because man tries to cling to the outer world that pain, suffering, cares and afflictions arise. This is what Buddha taught his pupils regarding the ‘inner man’ as the cause of pain, suffering, cares and afflictions. It was a delicately woven, sublime theory — but a theory that sprang directly from life, for an ‘Enlightened One’ had experienced it as a profound truth concerning the humanity of his time." [Page 66 'Lectures on the Gospel of St. Luke' / R. Steiner].

The Colossus of Rhodes: “To you, O Sun, the people of Doric Rhodes raise this bronze statue which reaches Olympus after calming the waves of war and crowning their city with the spoils of the enemy. Not only over the seas but also on land they light the sweet torch of freedom.“
[Votive inscription on the Colossus]. Question. BEHIND or in FRONT. External or inner?

And/or: {Sufi quote}. "The truth is also seeking the seeker." Understanding that 'connectedness' gives that quaint, clever 'pun' more depth {higher/lower?}. Therefore a possible 'interpretation' to it. A logical one, i.e.,Hermetic analogy..."The forces do not work upward from below, but downward from above. The things in 'heaven' receive no benefits from the things on earth; but the things on earth receive all benefits from the things in 'heaven'.['Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition', or Chapter nine. 'The Master game.'/Hancock+Bauval].

Try ''Emerald Tablet'' to 'see' it from a different perspective. BEFORE those two bigger questions are asked.


Astronomical equivalent {in part}: "Ares sister, Strife, 'whose fury never tires...who from being first low in stature, grows till she uprears her head to heaven' thought to record a notable aspect of Mars during its orbit around the sun, when it changes in brightness as its distance and position relative to the earth vary. When Mars is moving towards maximum brightness, we propose that the planet is represented by Strife, who in Book 4 is first involved in a minor skirmish that erupts into full scale war. Homer uses Ares to restate his almost obsessional concern with the apparent arc of the celestial sphere, and a sequence in Book 5 shows Mars ascending to the dome of the heavens. The sequence begins when Mars rises in the east and Homer says: 'She {Isis} found fierce Ares waiting on the left of the battle. As Mars rises in the skies, Homer says: 'Ares is now lording it in the field', and the planet reaches its highest point at the meridian when 'As a dark cloud in the sky when it comes on to blow after heat, even so did Diomedes see Ares ascend into the broad heavens'." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

Side note: ''In an episode known as the temptation of Saint Antony....he was granted a vision of the 'devil' - a tall black man with his head in the clouds. He also 'saw' angels who were able to guide some human spirits up, beyond the devils reach.'' [Page 329 'The Secret History of the World' / J. Black].

Higher of the 'lower' ?



And/or: { i.e., from a different perspective an abstract one}: "The 'lower' was prepared. The 'upper' was resigned. The great Five waited for the point of equidistant merging. The foundation note ascended. Deep answered unto deep. The fivefold chord awaited the response from 'Those' whose hour had come. Dark grew the space between the spheres. Radiant two balls became. The three-fold thirty-five, finding the distance just, flashed like a sheet of intermittent 'flame' {'lightening'?}, and lo, the work was done. The great Five, met the Three and Four. The point of intermediate was achieved. The hour of 'sacrifice', the sacrifice of Flame, arrived, and for aeons had endured. The timeless Ones entered into time. The Watchers began their task, and lo, the work proceeds." ['Stanza V of Dzyan' from the book 'A Treatise on Cosmic Fire' / A. Bailey].

For further links try: ''sacrifice'' / ''fire'' / ''three and four'' / ''35'' / ''five'' etc/etc.
All as a means.…?

Egyptian equivalent = Crocodile / hippo? Enlarged elsewhere.

To much seagull poo?

'Grip' or kill?

A working example: something hinted at: {i.e., in relation to ''....hour of sacrifice; the sacrifice of Flame arrived..."}: "At the house of Semachos the god was received by women. This mythical account is appropriate to the circumstances, since women played the leading role in the Dionysos cult. It was expressly added that the priestesses of Dionysos were the successors of the daughters of Semachos {i.e., foreign 'hero' - who is speculated to be the originator of the said 'cult' - from a 'mining' region 'S/E' Attica}. Another version mentions only one daughter, who received a 'deer skin' {nebris} from a god as a present. This was more than the gift of a special type of garment. It indicates the bestowal of a rite in consequence of which the deer skin could be worn: nebri-zein also means the rending of an animal. The cult action in which the sacrificial animal was dismembered, however, required at least two persons..."

REFRESHER: 'Sacrifice something of the lower to understand something of the higher'.

''Rending'' = 'something ripped apart, as in lightening splitting a tree'.

Oak? as  a means....?

Try ''second/ry'' / ''sea people'' for something further.

'Fisher of Men' and/or archetypes/hieroglyphs?

Weak/strong legs?

Side note: ''The ancient Celts carefully distinguished the poet, who was originally a priest and judge as well and whose person was sacrosanct, from the mere gentleman. He was in Irish called a seer { 'fili' }; in Welsh an Oak-seer, which is the probable derivation of 'Druid'. Even kings came under his moral tutelage....The rediscovery of the lost rudiments of poetry may help to solve the question of theme, {i.e., the esoteric stuff, i.e.,what this author defines as the ''Theme''. Enlarged elsewhere} - The Welsh poet Alun Lewis who wrote just before his death in Burma {1944} of 'the single poetic theme of Life and Death....the question of ''what survives of the beloved'....'' [Pages 21/4 'The White Goddess' / R. Graves].

''Beloved'' = Shulamite/Nefertiti?

Greek = Persephone / Hades? [Page 35 'The Western Way'. Vol 2].

'Hand' of the elephant. Transforming 'finger'? 'Strong' legs? Broad back? Plant NOT meat eater. Ears? Question. Stores water?

N.B. In the 'Matriarch' sense of the word i.e.,"The language was tampered with in late Minoan times when invaders from Central Asia began to substitute patrilinear for matrilinear institutions and remodel or falsify the myths to justify the social changes. Then came along the early Greeks 'philosophers' who were strongly opposed to 'magical poetry' as threatening their new religion of logic, and under their influence a rational poetic language {now called the Classical} was elaborated in honour of their patron Apollo and imposed upon the world as the last word in spiritual illumination: a view that has prevailed practically ever since in European schools and universities, where myths are now studied ONLY as quaint relics of the nursery age of mankind.  One of the most uncompromising rejections of early Greek mythology was made by Socrates. Myths frightened or offended him..." [Foreword to the book 'The White Goddess' / R. Graves].

Round the 'corner' from the ''Bulls eye''. 90/180? ''UPRIGHT''?

''Patriarch for Matriarch''? Not vice versa?

Question. If Socrates was aware of this subject - and he would have to be in order to understand its full human potential lying dormant within - How could it offend him?

Someone 'asleep' being awakened?

Plato's ''New Name''?

Side note: The first coinage ever - came from a small island in the Aegean Sea {Minoan}. The Silver Stater. In the form of a turtle {made of 'electrum' - ''green gold''}. Years later the form changed from turtle into a tortoise . From a 'sea' animal into a 'land' one. Wet and Dry. ''No one really knows why. It was never recorded''. That external shell that hides something internal. Like the shell of an egg or seed. To get closer to the truth and/or mind set add this subject to those possibilities. Symbols that do 'explain' what was ''not recorded'' in written form. ''Before the written word came into common use''. ['Pawn Stars' / History channel].


Side note: The oldest tortoise in existence lives on St. Helena.

Two tortoise sent into space by the Russians - both lived. Reached mach thirtythree. Helping presently on future expeditions to Mars - by way of a deeper understanding on their hibernating skills.['The Secret Life of our Pets' / ITV /25.1.22].

Side note: "Her hiding might be more like she was trying to escape Zeus’ advances, but we don’t know for sure. Either way, they began to make love, and Zeus would return oftentimes to do so. According to Homer’s poem, “Hymn to Hermes,” Zeus would come at night time to bed her while Hera was asleep, blissfully unaware. Eventually, she had a child, and Homer described the child as:

“a son of many shifts, blandly cunning, a robber, a cattle driver, a bringer of dreams, a watcher by night, a thief at the gates, one who was soon to show forth wonderful deeds among the deathless gods.”

Narmer Palette. 'T' shape between the horned cow heads.

It was a perfect description of the young child who would become Hermes, the famous trickster and messenger god to the Olympians....Hermes grew quickly, and on the first night after he was born, he was able to crawl away from his mother down and out of the cave. On his journey, he came across a tortoise, and he thought that it might be a useful tool. So, he killed it and took out the meat from the shell. When the shell was empty, he stuck reeds into it, and in so doing, created the very first lyre. Soon after he created the lyre, he continued on his journey, and he came across a herd of cattle. He found out they were his half-brother, Apollo’s herd, and so he decided to complete his first trick. It’s not clear what the reason was, but as we know with trickster gods, they didn’t always need a reason. Hermes stole the cattle and hid them away.

In Greek mythology, Chelônê (Ancient Greek: Χελώνη from khelônê which means tortoise) was an oread of Mount Khelydorea ("rich in tortoises") in Arkadia.

Apollo was around, but he obviously didn’t notice what was going on until it was too late. He was furious that his cattle were all gone. He told Maia, Hermes’ mother, about the theft, and he accused Hermes. Maia was confused because she had just had her child, and she didn’t believe that he would be able to do something like steal cattle so quickly. Maia went to Zeus for help, and Zeus found out that it was true that Hermes did it. So, he demanded his son return the cattle to his other son. Hermes didn’t want to, but as a peace offering, he gave Apollo his lute instead. Apollo agreed to that, and he took up the lute becoming forever the god that was most closely associated with it. He also became an excellent musician."

Turtlehead (Chelone obliqua) is a clump-forming perennial wildflower native to eastern North America. Its hooded flowers look similar to snapdragon blooms. The flower gets its common name from its resemblance to a turtle's head, but the genus name Chelone dates back to ancient Greece mythology. As the story goes, a nymph by the name of Chelone elected not to attend the marriage of Zeus and Hera, so she and her house were tossed into a river, where she transformed into a tortoise who carried her house on her back.

''Possible turtle people emerging from a horizontal crack

The different turtlehead species share similar growing conditions but vary in their size and appearance, bloom color and time, and native range. Red turtlehead (Turtlehead obliqua) blooms in midsummer or early fall. It favors boggy areas but can be cultivated in a partially shaded home garden. The plant's opposing dark green, oval leaves are slightly toothed, and its stems stand upright, even when in flower.

Mount Kyllini or Mount Cyllene (/sɪˈln/Ancient GreekΚυλλήνη [kylˈlːɛːnɛː]Greek pronunciation: [ciˈlini]), also known as Mount Ziria (ΖήριαModern Greek: [ˈzirja]), is a mountain on the Peloponnese in Greece famous for its association with the god Hermes. It rises to 2,376 m (7,795 ft) above sea level, making it the second highest point on the peninsula. It is located near the border between the historic regions of Arcadia and Achaea—in the northeast of Arcadia, and entirely within modern Corinthia. It is located west of Corinth, northwest of Stymfalia, north of Tripoli, and south of Derveni. Several modern places are also named Kyllini.

Cyllene (or Kyllene) herself was a mountain nymph (an Oread) who had taken for her consort Pelasges in the most ancient times recounted by Greek mythographers. There was a port in Elis in antiquity named Cyllene near the mouth of the Alfeios, where the traveler Pausanias noted the image of Hermes, "most devoutly worshiped by the inhabitants, is merely the male member upright on the pedestal."

Seated on what?

In Greek mythologyHermes was born in a sacred cave on the mountain, and so Cyllenius is a frequent epithet of his. The Homeric Hymn Hymn to Pan recalled that "Hermes ... came to Arkadia ... there where his sacred place is as god of Kyllene. For there, though a god, he used to tend curly-fleeced sheep." In ancient times there was a temple and statue dedicated to him on the mountain's summit, which by the time of Pausanias had fallen into ruins:[2]

The highest mountain in Arkadia is Kyllene, on the top of which is a dilapidated temple of Hermes Kyllenios (of Mt Kyllene). It is clear that Kyllenos, the son of Elatos, gave the mountain its name and the god his surname. In days of old, men made wooden images, so far as I have been able to discover, from the following trees ebony, cypress, cedar, oak, yew, lotus. But the image of Hermes Kyllenios is made of none of these, but of juniper wood. Its height, I conjecture, is about eight feet.[3]

This temple was said to be of the oldest temples ever built:

A beginning or end?

Side note: '' East - spellbound by the hoary past for cycles of time, and then suddenly waking, began to rush into the future by leaps and bounds, smiling contemptuously at the tortoise step of the WEST.''  [Page 24 'Russia: Past, Present and Future' / R. Steiner].

And/or: ''Inscribed on the inner coffin lids and painted on the ceilings of pharaonic tombs from the Old Kingdom to the New, the sky takes the form of the Great Mother, her body composed of the thick blue-black darkness of night, and suspended therein are innumerable glittering yellow stars. Their five points are not equidistant; rather they are shaped in the image of man STANDING WITH ARMS AND LEGS OUTSTRETCHED Wide......Some with upturned tips {'hooked'?} - some stand on short legs.''   [Page 226 'Dreams of Isis: A Woman's Spiritual Sojourn' / N. Ellis].


And/or: ''Like other turtles, tortoises have been around at least 225 million years. A marine turtle that eons ago learned to live on land, the tortoise traded fins for short legs, and the plates on its back gradually increased in size as a defence and grew to form a uses its bladder as a reservoir for storing water, and by digging a trench inside the earth escapes the blazing desert sun or hibernates for months below the frost zone." [Page 192 'The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images / Taschen]. Question. Mumbo jumbo or an intuitive SENSE of something - in the natural SENSE of the 'word'?

Vesica Pisces?

Address: 126 Maplewood Drive. Great neck, Long island. ['Miracle on 34th Street' / 1947].

Refresher: The oldest tortoise in existence lives on St. Helena.

'Long' piece of wood?

And/or: ''In exile, Napoleon lived in Longwood House on the isle of St. Helena.''

'Napoleon complex'?


St. Helena is the patron saint of difficult marriages, divorced people, converts, and archaeologists. Her Feast Day is August eighteen.

And/or: ''Mary Magdalene - the heart of a servant - Long Island Baptist Church.''

Left or right 'shoulder'?

What would the remedy be for such a weight ''upon ones shoulders''?

From a different perspective: ''The stone symbol is very much older than its alchemical usage....The Australian aborigines say that a childs soul lives in a special stone called the 'child-stone' {'young' link}....It can be made to migrate into the uterus by rubbing it with a churinga - which is an oblong stone or flattened piece of wood - artificially shaped and decorated. Used as cult instruments...They come from the totem ancestor, they are relics of his body or of his activity are full of 'mana'. They are united with the ancestors soul and with the spirits of all those who afterwards possess them. They are taboo, are buried in caches, or hidden in clefts in the rocks {shadow aspect}....They promote the growth of field produce {'Running the Fields'}, increase fertility of men {women?} and animals, heal wounds and emotional stress {i.e., 'knots' in stomach - given as an example} - and cure sickness of body and soul....For example, the madness of Orestes was cured by a stone in LACONIA...'' [Page 97 'Alchemical Studies' / C. G. Jung].

Side step: Antarctica is the only continent where no turtles live on land.'' ['The Chase'].

Frost zone?

And/or: ''The Antarctic Circle was FIRST recorded as an imaginary line of latitude in the southern hemisphere being first crossed by James Cook in 1773.'' ['Tipping Point'].

Continued: Long Barrows and/or Cairns to enlarge.

'Tau' ?

''Antarctica, the southernmost continent and site of the South Pole, is a virtually uninhabited, ice-covered landmass. Most cruises to the continent visit the Antarctic Peninsula, which stretches toward South America. It’s known for the Lemaire Channel and Paradise Harbor, striking, iceberg-flanked passageways, and Port Lockroy, a former British research station turned museum. The peninsula’s isolated terrain also shelters rich wildlife, including many penguins.''

Side note: Glaciers {the 'creators' of hills/valleys} move 'backwards' northward from a southern perspective - in more {pleasing'?} warmer climates {'phases'?}. The flood waters released moving in the opposite direction. Fresh water creating {'reflecting'?} lakes or mixing in with the salty sea. A process beginning or ending? Above or below the ''frost zone'' ?

seti 1

The CEILING of Seti I. Question. Right to left OR left to right?

Continued: "Those Theosophists who popularized the idea of the Etheric did not fully expose the deeper significance of its symbolism...In the secret schools of India and Egypt, this five pointed star had been emblematically transformed into a crocodile which was sometimes called the Makara. It is a fact that one of the deepest secrets of arcane symbolism hinges on the fact that this same union of 'star' and crocodile is linked with the secret principles of 'reincarnation'. It seems that the star of light is symbol of the pure and undefiled Etheric, while the crocodile is symbol of the Etheric which is still defiled by karma, and thus destined for rebirth {alabaster with 'red' veins?}...Perhaps it was the knowledge of such hermetic truths that led to the mediaeval pharmacists and alchemists hanging stuffed crocodiles from their ceilings - to remind them of the dark star which is exhaled, as they perfect and solarize their own inner state of Etheric..." ['The Zelator'].

Smith / Jones to enlarge.

Gebel el-Silsila?

Question. ''Makara'' = the Hebrew Merkabah? By way of Moses who 'studied' under the Egyptians?

From a different perspective: "And so attend to this work of contemplation and the marvellous way it operates within your soul. For, truly understood, it is just a sudden and as it were unforeseen stirring, springing swiftly {'swallow'?} to god like a spark from a coal. And it is marvellous how many stirrings can occur in an hour in a soul that is given to this work. And yet, in just one of all these stirrings, it can happen that you forget the whole created world, suddenly and completely. But straight after each stirring, because of the flesh's corruption, the soul falls back down into some thought or action, done or not done. But what of that? For straight afterwards it rises again as suddenly as it did before." [Chapter 4, 'The Cloud of Unknowing'].

Side note: ''In using metaphors, depicting an object that had some real or generally supposed similarity with the idea expressed. In this way sublimity was designated by a sparrow hawk because of its very lofty flight....The mother by a vulture because such maternal tenderness was attributed to this bird that it was said to nourish its young with its own blood.'' [Page 19 'Temples of Karnak' / R. Schwaller de Lubicz].

''Birds of a feather flock together.''

And/or: ''In Damian the young Sinclair encounters a coat of arms, in which a heraldic bird, a sparrow hawk, figures prominently. Later, he dreams of the same design and paints it in vivid colours from memory. Ultimately he receives an interpretation of the dream and picture from his mysteries friend Max Damian., which reads as follows: 'The bird fights it way out of the 'egg'. The egg is the 'world'. Who would be born must first 'destroy' a world. The bird flies to god. That gods name is Abraxas - whose symbolic task is to unite the godly and devlish elements.'' [Page 93 'The Gnostic Jung and the Seven Sermons to the Dead' / S. Hoeller].


Little or big sparrow

''The Egyptian notion of 'sin' is foolishness, it is untruth, lack of wisdom and chaos. The hieroglyph denoting wickedness evil or anything bad was a simple sparrow, a fact that has amazed Egyptologists for years. They find it odd, to equate a sparrow with wickedness, but perhaps that is because they do not view sin in the same way that the ancients did. The little sparrow who comes into the field and systematically gobbles the wheat kernals acts upon the ravenous nature of its belly. It swoops down into the field, fluttering, chattering and distracted. Like a little child, its desire is for the immediate morsal of food - without thought for anything else. It does not foresee that the seed devoured today might grow and yield a hundred times the grain tomorrow. The sparrows sin is foolishness, self-interest and lack of foresight. In its simple ignorance, it does not understand the maat or the tao of the will of 'god'.'' [Page 211 'Dreams of Isis'].

From a different perspective: ''When you go into icy water, everything stops. The chatterbox stops...At that MOMENT you are no longer in your mortgages or other petty thoughts. Why? Because the blood flow needs to go into the deeper realms of the brain. There is serenity, deep peace and power....What ever the problems are physically or mentally - i found the keys to unlock it.'' [Wim Hof: 'Freeze the Fear' / BBC1].

A study program does the same?

hippo 2

Question. Which represents 'forgetting' and/or 'remembering'? Clue. One has a 'tongue' the other doesn't. All as a means...?

Forgetting or remembering?

Continued: "Birth is then a 'forgetting' of heaven and simultaneously a recall to earth [i.e., link to ''fall'' symbolism]. This is not so with the ''holy birth''. Here it is a remembrance of the 'divine' which is the force which accomplishes 'incarnation'. It is not thanks to forgetting of the divine that the soul is then incarnated, but rather thanks to its remembering." [Extract from the book by Tomberg].

See Part 1 - for a connection to be made. And/or chapter 5, of the 'Cloud of Unknowing'.

Question. Any ''forgetting/remembering'' in the Eleusis mysteries, i.e., the 'abduction' of Persephone from her 'mother' Demeter by the lord of the 'underworld' Hades, in a cycle of 'three' phases: the 'descent', the search and the 'ascent' - climaxing with a reunion with 'her mother'...." [Page 35 'The Western Way'. Vol 2].

Analogy: "In Ancient Egyptian religion, Taweret (also spelled Taurt, Tuat, Taouris, Tuart, Ta-weret, Tawaret, Twert, and Taueret,) is the protective ancient Egyptian goddess of childbirth and fertility. The name "Taweret" means "she who is great" or simply "great one". The deity is typically depicted as a bipedal female hippopotamus with feline attributes, pendulous female human breasts, and the back - a Nile crocodile. She commonly bears the epithets "Lady of Heaven", "Mistress of the Horizon", "She Who Removes Water", "Mistress of Pure Water", and "Lady of the Birth House"." ['Wiki']. Try Part 3.

'Fresh water' in relation to 'sea water' as a means...?

Atlas = ''the first cervical vertebrae.'' Where the 'head' attaches itself.

And/or: ''The {Taurus} sign has been the inspiration, in all ages, of more myths and stories than all the other twelve signs put together. Taurus was worshiped as a 'healing' god {i.e., as represented - as in one example - as the 'winged' bull of Babylonia} - BECAUSE he represented the ''growing strength'' of the Sun....In the Greek we have the word Theos, which is the basis of our English words theology and theological. He is Taur, Taur or Theuth; the Golden Calf of Horeb, of the Bible story.....And/or: Taurus is represented by the cerebellum, or lower brain, and neck. The first cell-salt to become deficient in symptoms of disease in the Taurus native is Natrium Sulphate....manifested by pains in the 'back of the head' sometimes extending down the spine, and then effecting the liver. The chief office of Natrium Sulphate is to eliminatean excess of water from the body. In hot weather the atmosphere becomes heavily laden with water and is thus breathed into the blood through the lungs. One molecule of the Taurus 'salt' has the chemical power to take up and carry out of the system two molecules of water." [Page 73/27-8 'The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation' / Inez Perry].

And/or: ''The Burning Bush happened on the SIDE of Mount Horeb.'' ['The Chase'].

Truncated. ''Coming to a peak''? Found at ''shoulder length height.'' El {al} Qurn to enlarge.

What would the remedy be for such a weight ''upon ones shoulders''? From the 'back' of the head?

''Sinai, i think, means ''name'' because it changes from the name of Mount Horeb to Mount Sinai. Its where Moses first heard God calling his name and revealing his name....It is from the Hebrew name for Bush, 'Seneh', a word used only twice in the Bible, both in reference to the Burning Bush.'' {'The Patriarch's Pilgrimage' /  Magdala  / Lent 2023].

'New Name'?

''The location of Mount Horeb (or Sinai) is a problem that has vexed Old Testament scholars for over a hundred years. There is a tradition which can be traced back as far as Eusebius of Caesarea (perhaps further) which locates the mountain in the southern part of what is now known as the Sinai peninsula....And/or: 'Now Moses was shepherding the flocks of Jethro his father in law, the priest of Midian: and he led the flocks to the backside of the desert, and came to the mountain of God, even to Horeb'....'' [Exodus 3:1].

Senet board game: The 'middle' way.

And/or: ''Sinai: Now St. Catherines Monastery: Inside a well that has been there for thousands of years. The land of the Midianites where Moses escaped to from Egypt. Where he met his wife, the burning bush: 'A fire that did not consume it; from the midst of it.' {A 'Silver Star' marks the place where the 'roots' were}, and eventually given the Ten stone tablets.'' ['Pilgrimage': Day Six: Holy Ground: Magdala].

Sinai: Where they make that about turn. From North to south THEN South to north. The middle of a journey.

'Ishon' to enlarge.

''Because the Sinai peninsula was the main region where mining of turquoise was carried out in Ancient Egypt, it was called Biau (the "Mining Country")[3] and Khetiu Mafkat ("Ladders of Turquoise")[5] by the ancient Egyptians.

Fire AND water.

''Its modern Arabic name is سِينَاء Sīnāʼ  (Egyptian Arabic سينا Sīna; IPA: [ˈsiːnæ]). The modern Arabic is an adoption of the Biblical name; the 19th-century Arabic designation of Sinai was Jebel el-Tūr,[dubious ][9][10] and the name of the mountain is derived[dubious ] from the town of El Tor (formerly called "Tur Sinai"), whose name comes from the Arabic term for the mountain where the prophet Moses received the Tablets of the Law from God, thus this mountain is designated as "Jabal Aṭ-Ṭūr (Arabic: جبل الطّور)",[dubious ] and the town is also the capital of the South Sinai Governorate of Egypt. As another Arabic word for "mass of very high land going up to a peak - mountain" is "Ṭūr".

Same shape on the left rump at Gebel-el-Silsila. ''Headless'' to enlarge.

In addition to its formal name, Egyptians also refer to it as Arḍ ul-Fayrūz (أرض الفيروز 'the land of turquoise').[clarification needed] The ancient Egyptians called it t3 mfk3.t, or 'land of turquoise' (see above).

''The words 'Cotton' and 'sugar' are both derived from Arabic - one of the official languages of the United Nations.'' [Impossible' / S8 EP3].

''According to the biblical account, the bush was on fire, but was not consumed by the flames, hence the name. In the biblical narrative, the burning bush is the location at which Moses was appointed by Yahweh to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and into Canaan...The burning bush, as a powerful symbol, represents God's miraculous energy, sacred light, illumination and the burning heart of purity, love and clarity to both Jews and Christians. It also represents Moses' reverence and fear before the divine presence, according to Langston (2006:48).''

'Mary's Shift' to enlarge.

'Message' in a bottle?

Metal of the mind?

And/or: ''We will not pursue the paradoxical reality of the unconscious any further now, but will return to the fairytale of the spirit in the bottle. As we have seen, the spirit Mercurius bears some resemblance to the ''cheated devil''. The analogy, however, is only a superficial one, since, unlike the gifts of the devil, the gold of Mercurius does not turn to horse droppings but remains good metal, and the magic RAG {'swaddling cloth'?} does not turn to ashes by morning but retains its healing powers. Nor is Mercurius tricked out of a soul that he wanted to steal....'' [Page 202 'Alchemical Studies' / C. G. Jung].

Spirit / soul - as a means...?

Ash Wednesday?


Ash Wednesday by Carl Spitzweg: the end of Carnival. 'Triangular' hat? 'Fire' link? What about 'water'? Illumination of something or 'somewhere'?

REFRESHER: "Sirius is sometimes called the 'Sun behind the sun', indicating that while the star we call the Sun is related to our physical center of Self in our Solar Plexus and the expression of our Selves within the physical earth, Sirius represents a more hidden center." ['Red Tree, White Tree'].

Egyptian equivalent: 'Amun' {i.e., ''hidden''} INTO Amun Ra. 'See' it?

Remembering or forgetting?

"The word manifested by life is realization or incarnation." Quote by E. Levi, i.e.,a definition of the process of something becoming a known quantity [''manifested''] - by way of - objectivity [''observer'']: in relation to that something [i.e.,''life'' and/or 'divine bit']. Understanding of.

Understanding the above defines [what some call] ''the most difficult paragraph'' - within what is known as 'The Emerald Tablet'...

"Separate the earth from fire, the subtle from the gross, gently and with great ingenuity. It rises from earth to heaven and descends again to earth, thereby combining within itself the powers of both the above and the below." [ Taken from chapter one 'Sorcerer's Stone' by D. Hauck].

OR the Buddhist quote/formula..."Convert Untrue Self to True Self." [Extract from the ''nineteenth'' path as explained within the book 'The Talking Tree'].


Recall what black is; in the main; symbolic of. Together with ''found upside down in a well within the Sphinx Temple.'' Understanding all that symbolism, especially in relation to the secret cavern of Sokar, gives clues as to Mr Khafres status. ''Not out but through.'' Jung to enlarge.

Another..."The life force energy originates from the Self in the process of 'creation' and returns to the Self in the process of dissolution." [Extract from the book by S. Ashby].

Yet another..."Union with Ain Sof [or Soph] cannot be effected at once; he must slowly climb the ladder of life, uniting himself on each rung in 'love' and wisdom with each superior 'hierarch' ['angels' and/or 'altered' states link], until the Boundless Eternal Light is reached. Lamblichus conceives the same procedure in these words: 'And when the soul has received him as its leader ['teacher' and/or ''guardian of the gate'' link], the daemon immediately presides over the soul, giving completion to its 'lives', and binds it to body when it descends." 'See' it?

'Superior / Inferior' as a means.....?

N.B. [Before those first impressions take hold]. Daemon = ''is Greek for 'spirit' and the word was originally used to mean any spirit, whether divine, evil or natural. In ancient Theurgy, it was often used to describe ones 'higher' self. The word was later corrupted into 'demon' and often used to indicate an evil spirit'' [Chapter 5, 'The Tree of Life'. Mentioned elsewhere. Emphasis, this readers].

And/or "The angel is the Face that 'our' god takes for us, and each of us finds his god only when he recognizes that Face." [Quote by Corbin]. Think about it in relation to the 'face' of the Sphinx. Then try ''angel''.

'The Many Faced God'? {Game of Thrones}.

"The prophet {Ezekiel} said that he saw four Hayyot; each had four faces, four wings and two hands, but on the whole their form was human...'They had the likeness of a man' {Ezek.i.5}…'Transparent like burnished brass' {ver.7}...'Their appearance was like burning coals of fire' {ver.13}...The motion of these Hayyot is further described as a running: 'Ran and returned like the appearance of lightening' {ver.13}."

Question. ''Running the fields'' {Egyptian equivalent?}.

Try ''coal''

Continued: "Next comes the description of another part; for the prophet relates that he 'saw' a body beneath the Hayyot, but closely joining them. This body which is connected to the earth also has four bodies and faces. But no distinctive form is ascribed to it; neither that of man nor any other living being. The four bodies are described as great, tremendous and terrible {i.e.,'lower' aspects of self}. All covered with 'eyes'...i.e.,the likeness of things...These 'bodies' are called Ofannim {lit. Wheel}…." [Page 252-255 'Guide for the Perplexed'].

Question. ''Whiteness'' in relation to Hayyot/Ofannim {enlarged elsewhere}. Together with ''Wheel'' = LIMESTONE {chalk} BALLS found in pits {lower/rubbish link} at Bulford?

'He who saw the face of god'?

Her-Bak = Horus face. Enlarged elsewhere.

All the above eventually becomes a 'link' to the word and meaning of what [in the Egyptian case] is referred to as ones ''Ka''. Question. Fairy story?

"Glass" ?

falcon"The 'higher' {deeper?} 'magic', as has been shown , has as one of its objectives a communion both here and hereafter with the divine, a union not to be achieved by mere doctrine and sterile intellectual speculations, but by the exercise of other more spiritual faculties in rights and ceremonies." [and studies. This readers input]. Same book, i.e.,''IT can be demonstrated that only a little study is necessary to reveal a depth of insight which was never before realized to exist." i.e., "The Hawk, by reason of its ability to remain poised in the empyrean, was a perfect symbol of the divine self which, detached from all things of earth and form, looks down upon them with the eye of equanimity. The whole subject should be carefully studied, and if half as much care and attention is given by the reader to the study of the 'Gods' as the average man devotes to his daily newspaper, a great deal of useful knowledge of profound importance in 'Magic' will be gained." [Chapter six. Emphasis, this readers]. Recall what the Falcon represents.

"...looks down upon them with the eye of equanimity" = 'an objective view'? - relative to an understanding.

Analogy of same [but now by application of that 'objective view' ]..."It should be realized of course, that this takes place around the Divine Spark or Seed-atom in us which is NOT ourselves, but THAT which we become into. THAT is the absolute around which our nucleus forms. It provides the BEING while we have to provide the DOING of cosmos-construction." [Page 58, [including emphasis] of the book by William Gray]. OR...

"...And the Major Arcana of the Tarot? Are they not a call to the winged imagination, within a framework and in a direction proper to each of them? They are symbols. But what does one do with symbols if not apply the inspired imagination to them, directed towards their meaning..."

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

Refresher: " I make no secret whatsoever of the fact that my rather revolutionary model of the atom came to me in a dream.'' Niels Bohr.

'Lazarus Come Forth' by Valentin Tomberg.

"Humankind has the potential for immortality, but only obtains it when men and women align themselves [horizontal / vertical link] with that immortal spiritual essence [divine bit link] which is too often ignored by the great body of humanity." [Extract taken from 'Self Initiation Into the Golden Dawn Tradition' by Cicero. Emphasis, this readers.

What the author of 'The Experience of Eternity' defines [as 'its' start point] as the ''Great Experience.''

Alchemy defines that 'experience' within 'mineral' and 'plant' symbolism. Explained elsewhere.

"Metals are purified by 'fire', and the emotions by suffering..." Enlarged elsewhere. Find it to understand it.

'Flood' of emotion.

A Spirit of Nature.  A good natured one.

A working example: ''Frank Bruno went into one mental health facility and i have been around ten of them. This is what we have to go through sometimes. I dont feel sorry for no-one - because this is our journey that we have to deal with - and i don't want anyone to feel sorry for me.....I got the title of the baddest man in the world...the scariest that ever lived. And thats really funny...Its like FIRE, you can use it, you can command it, but if you don't control it... it can kill you and everything around you. I don't think much about anything, but i know this - I know me, Michael Gerard Tyson - and my mind is a torture chamber, and sometimes its not my friend, i have to control it in order to have any stability in life - My biggest challenge.'' ['Bruno and Tyson' / Sky Docu. / 2021].

'Higher/Lower' to enlarge - INTO that universal mind set. Then, now and forever. Past, Present and Future.



"Everything in man has been foreshadowed in the plant." [Quote by Indian scientist J. C. Bose - from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi' ].

"The lengthened shadow of man is history'' - enlarged elsewhere.

Question. Purely as a hypothetical question - if there is substance to this ''universal framework'' what effect would that 'common factor' have - that represents that [eternal?] coexistence - in the physical world - if it could be 'isolated'?


Torture chamber?

'Musical' equivalent [i.e., with the same principle in mind] ..."The 'Ladder of the Planets' is another example of the Law of Octaves. The overall pattern of harmony in the universe is a 'seven' stepped formula for transformation embedded in our solar system. Just as the first seven notes of the musical scale represent our progress through the planets, the eighth note is a return to the first note at a higher vibration. The eighth note is the beginning of a whole new octave of creation that represents our leaving behind the grosser materiality of the planets and experiencing the more subtle matter of the 'spiritual' universe."

Dragon? Winged or flightless? Face to face?

A working example: ''One becomes two, two becomes three, and out of the third comes the one as the fourth.'' {This  riddling formula has special significance for 'Solution' - where the dragon begets Sol and Luna who in turn gives birth to Mercurius}. Thus the One is dissolved into Two who are united in the Third - who is also the Fourth, corresponding to the original One raised as it were - to the second power {Soul?}.  [Page 86 'Mercurius' / P. Harpur].


''I 'aint got nothing but love babe, - eight days of the week.'' ['The Beatles'].

N.B. For an example of landscape equivalent {Mayan} see 'The Eight Temples' within chapter 6 of the book 'Serpent of Light Beyond 2012'.

''The Celts used periods of darkness such as night and winter to begin their calculations of time. This meant that the first period of time in a "week" was a night, followed by a day. Further, they also counted the ending night period, giving rise to periods of time with more nights than days. In Irish, the term nómad is used to signify a small number of days and is exactly the length of the nine night week as in co cend nomaide – a period of time with nine nights divided nicely into a sidereal month of 27 nights. In Welsh, the word for "week" is wythnos which literally means "eight-nights" since it was historically considered that a week started and ended with a period of night bracketing seven days. Similarly the word for fortnight, pythefnos, literally means "fifteen-nights".[3][4]

Side note: "Uranus is the octave of Mercury, and Neptune the 'octave' of Venus....The 'organs' through which these newly discovered planets are especially active are the same 'chakras' that are assigned to Venus and Mercury. Uranus 'works' through the pineal body. Neptune's 'vibrations' affect the throat center. " [Page 47 'Occult Fundamentals and Spiritual Unfoldment'].

Question. Is it the ''pineal body'' or should it be the ''organs'' relative to Gemini/Virgo which Mercury 'rules' over? {i.e., lungs, collar bone, arms, hands / intestines, respectively}. Just as Venus rules over Taurus which is related to the ''neck and throat''.

Some authors purposely make mistakes to ensure {I suppose} the attention of the reader on subject material. Mr Case {or translator} does the same when he mentions J. Boehme in relation to ''gloves''.

So keep your eye open! Or would that be ''focused''? A eureka moment? or a connection of something else?

Minds eye? And/or: what does ''eight'' represent?

Refresher: ''The Latin for the word ''focus'' is a link to the word 'fireplace'.''

Hestia to enlarge.

Continued: 'Incarnation' relative to 'reincarnation' within the present moment. And/or 'horizontal' in relation to 'vertical' . Crossover point = axis mundi? - in the micro sense of the 'Word'. Get {and/or 'see' } it?

Link to hewn / unhewn or granite in relation to limestone; as a representation of that 'process'. Question. Nothing more than fable? From the dawn of humankind; or at least from when man/woman first began to think?

What the author of 'Lazarus Come Forth' defines as...''it represents a specific manifestation of the law of repeated reawakening impulses, or the reality of 'gods' spirit [ruach elohim] from the timeless first day of creation." [Chapter 3].

Remember, the understanding of a subject, by way of objectivity, gives the same result.

'The Talking Tree' by W. Gray.

juhny"Most people pursuing their past lives are suffering from a weakness or dissatisfaction of identity in their present life; such problems can be resolved and outgrown through meditation upon deeper reality and truer identity than that of the ephemeral personality." [Quote by the author R. Stewart]. To make sense of the above; and/or make sense of what is being implied; understand that universal framework [A-C] in relation to the 'divine bit.' Enlarged throughout. i.e.,...

"The intent and determination to achieve union with the 'divine' is the only important consideration in advancing on the path of an initiate. And to do this, one need not to be a member of any recognized 'magical' group." [ Quote from within the book by Cicero] i.e.,..

..."Meditation,i.e.,the gradual deepening of thought, has its stages, which comprise pure and simple concentration on a subject, understanding the subject within the totality of relationships that it has with reality, and, lastly, intuitive penetration into the very essence of the subject. Just as prayer leads to mystical union of the soul with the 'divine', so does meditation lead to grasping a direct knowledge of eternal and immutable principles..." [Extract from the book by Tomberg. 'Letter 21' ]. The common factor between those two being a ''repetition'' of something. The main symbol of which is the 'plough'. Anything? Use the usual box to see if you agree or disagree.

"When you pray and study let my 'words' not forsake you." Proverbs 5:16.

Which ''aspect'' is not regenerating? Weak legs?

"This is the Holy Grail, struck from the crown of lucifer when he fell from grace, and hidden within a secret castle. It is also the Cauldron of the Great Mother in which all life is renewed. And it is the Cup of the Sacrament. In other words, it changes shape according to individual understanding, but retains its mysteries power of regeneration. If we sought for a definition of the Grail, we would say: 'That which does not regenerate is not the grail.' " Try ''cauldron'' {and/or 'cup'} while recalling the Mr Jones, Miss Smith paragraph.

Lucifer = ''the light bringer'', i.e.,something representing a 'negative' [link to the word ''fall'' or in a ''fallen state''] - that has the potential to become a 'positive' - but only by that 'individual' effort.

'Quest for the Holy Grail' by Jessie Weston.

That final sentence that explains the difference between ''incarnation'' and a ''reincarnation.'' Compare to the previous paragraph with 'Mr Jones' and 'Miss Smith'. [Extract taken from chapter 2, entitled 'The Secret Way Across the Abyss' from the book, ' The Underworld Initiation' by R. Stewart]. Can you see that analogy because of those keys? Its physical representation [as one example] would be the 'tunnel' in Seti 1 tomb. The longest one in the Valley of the Kings. Others explained elsewhere.

A practical example: ''Its going to be tasty in the tunnel.'' {Quote by G. Neville at half time Liverpool/Chelsea game - August 2021}.

'Place of Rowing'?

''What we must do if it is not too late, is watch out for those images {'hieroglyphs'?} - by which the soul chooses to represent herself, and, once observed, we must hold the image of our own souls like a lantern before our inner eye and let her guide us as we stumble through the shadow of the valley {600?}.'' [Page 108 'Mercurius' / P. Harpur].

Valley of Hinnom?


A {working?} example: "As we watch from out of the windows, we are aware of a great wind which seems to be gathering force and to be driving along from the green hill, past the tower, toward the city. The force of the wind gets higher and higher, until it is howling and screaming around the tower. Suddenly, there is a burst of thunder and lightening, and the whole tower is lit up on the inside with a flash of light. We see ourselves, in that instant, as we really are. That incredible flash of white light shows up everything - our own souls inwardly. And the effect of that flash, show's almost like a photographers flash, is to imprint upon our minds the state of ourselves as we really are, which we can see at a latter time, at the end of our journey - reflect upon..." [From the book by G. Knight]. Try ''cup/s'' and/or ''tower''.

"Within the aspirant there arises an understanding of what is going on and he awakens to the desire to control consciously this ebb and flow or [to put it in simple words] to turn the forces of the outgoing energy in any direction he chooses, or to withdraw to his center at will. He seeks to arrest this process of being swept out into incarnation without having any conscious purpose, and refuses to see the tide of his life beat out on emotional or mental spheres of existence; and then again see that life withdrawn, without his conscious volition. He stands at the midway point {Coptos?} and wants to control his own cycles, the ''ebb and flow'' as he himself may determine it. With conscious purpose he longs to walk in the dark places of incarnated existence [i.e.,from an 'unknown' to a now 'known.' This readers input], and with equally conscious purpose he seeks to withdraw into his own center. Hence he becomes an aspirant."

Ebb and flow in relation to wet and dry. Purpose of in relation to an understanding.

"Then is the time to appreciate that midway spot, which is neither dry nor wet, must provide the standing place whereon his feet are set."

Side note: {A working example?}: ''Without blemish'' - a title given to women by Amenhotep the third.

''White without spot''?

"In this light an initiation [i.e.,by way of a eureka moment; represented {as an example} with the 'hare' symbol. Some refer to it as 'the mediation of the Knower Within' ] may come to us, and it may be completely devoid of ritual or ceremony. It may be a sudden event that changes our life completely, and directs us inward. It may even be a veritable incarnation of a Kabalistic or alchemical pathworking, unfolding around us. In the end however, as the word implies, initiation is only the beginning of the new stage of development, and that phase is only completed when we have been initiated into the next phase, at the hand of our Interior Master, [''teacher'' link], our very Soul - our self awareness." [Chapter 12, 'The Philosopher's Stone'. Mentioned elsewhere].


Salt of the earth?

Different 'keys', same principles..."In most generalized terms, we are talking about the universal forces of energy, consciousness, and matter. The great traditionalist philosopher Rene Guenon, who undertook an in depth study of the trinity [explained throughout] of celestial elements, believed they were forces that were present in any act of manifestation. [Think on it , relative to 'unmanifest' in the previous [13th?] paragraph. Highlighted]. He reffered to the active principle the alchemists called Sulphur as ''Essence,'' the passive principle of Salt as "Substance," and the reconciling principle of Mercury as the "Mediator." Guenon acknowledged the universal truths revealed in the Emerald Tablet and saw in its formula a path to spiritual enlightenment. [Put ''mediator'' in the usual box].

Begin with ''Mercury''.

Those words ''manifest/unmanifest'' used by some to describe that personnel journey from unaware to aware. Or unknown to now becoming known. The author of 'The Cosmic Doctrine' a good example. The ''Great Entity'' used as a reference to define 'individuals' who are seeking to understand themselves in the 'bigger picture'. The Micro within the Macro. The ''Ring-Cosmos'' and the ''Ring-Chaos'' used to represent those dual characteristics that ALL employ - in one form or another...i.e.,

"The Great Entity commences its evolution by developing, not the Cosmic Rings, but the concept of those Rings." [Chapter 7, same book]. Very similar [in its approach to making those 'concepts' understood] to other books such as 'The Kabalion' by the three initiates. For this reader - heavy going. Hence the value of understanding 'objectivity' in relation to 'subjectivity' i.e., the study of the subject in general and not just one aspect or author within it.

"...we need to make careful distinction between that which i will call objective and subjective truth. Objective truth is that which falls within the sphere of scientific examination and logical proof; subjective truth consists of an inner experience which is valid for the person who undergoes it, but which he or she can neither communicate, nor prove..." [Introduction, same book].

Square and triangle. 'Three and four'?

''Heaven is his 'father', Earth his 'mother' ['son of' link] .........The very fact that it is an initiate formula is itself a clear indication that if we are to understand it in its fullest sense, it must not be just thought of as referencing to the ordinary man who is the product of present world conditions, but as describing the 'true man' all of whose possibilities the initiate is called upon to realize within himself. As the son of 'heaven and earth,' the initiate has inside himself not only the four earthly elements but also the three 'heavenly' ones, ['divine bit' link] which is why the ancients viewed the individual as a microcosm of the whole universe. The same forces that shape the cosmos are present in man. This is the meaning of the Doctrine of Correspondences and the whole impetus for spiritual alchemy. No matter how far man has fallen from grace, no matter how tightly shackled to the chains of physicality he has allowed himself to become, there is hope for him because he has all the elements necessary to set himself free. All he has to do is purify the earthly elements in his soul and personality and 'activate' those 'heavenly' elements in his 'indwelling' spirit. This is the great work - to dissolve all that is 'inferior' within us and coagulate all that is 'superior.' In other words, we have to transmute the very elements of which we are made." [Chapter 7, 'The Emerald Tablet' by D. Hauck].

''Smith and Jones'' to enlarge.

Side note: 'Chains' found with the Druids on Anglesey {'Mystic Britain'} and with the Celts in Europe {'Celts : The Untold Story'}. The opinion is slaves were used.

Real or symbolic?

"...but if you are armed with the 'wand' of intuition, the 'cup' of sympathy, the 'sword' of reason and the 'pentacle' of valor, you will find there {the legends say} the Medicine of Metals, the Elixir of Life, the Philosophers Stone, True Wisdom and perfect happiness." [Extract from the book 'The Cosmic Trigger' by R. Wilson. Emphasis, this readers].

"The destiny of man, as we have said, is to make or create himself. He is, and he will be the son of his works, both for time and eternity." Quote by E. Levi.

"Since one incarnation on earth cannot possibly be sufficient, the personalty must return again and again in order to achieve the maximum development." [Introduction 'Alchemists Handbook' by F. Albertus].

"Life is a school. We incarnate to learn. Once all the lessons are learnt, we cease to incarnate........We have reached 'Nirvana.' " [Chapter 7, 'Astral Doorways.' Mentioned elsewhere].

A work in progress: "So what is the true habitat of the soul? Clearly it is not merely a place. It is the life force beyond our mistaken notion of ourselves that is seeking to come through us and accomplish its work of goodness in the world. It is that 'mysterious' presence that can overcome solitude, meaninglessness, and despair. Moreover, not only is it always there - deep within - but it is seeking us more {top down?} than we are seeking it {bottom up?}. This habitat is common to us all. We are not merely separate , disconnected life forms as the senses suggest. We are all connected and rooted in the deeper life that brought us into being. This habitat is our source of hope and sanity in a world of chaos...To become connected to that inner spiritual home, is to come into contact with the very mystery of our existence. And the more we enter our true habitat at the center of our very being the more we are made whole..." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way'. Continued elsewhere]. Try ''mandala'' for a further 'connection'.

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

Sneferu's Red Pyramid. The 3rd of an 8 stepped vision. Beginning south at Meidum. 'Thrice' greatest? As a means.....Question. Any conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn as the start date? The START DATE that is for the Step Pyramid. It being the very first - within a ''line of sight''. Which also implies that ALL will be found in one location. None were plundered by ''robbers''.

"Here is another example, this time from the domain of esoteric experience. As we have already mentioned, reincarnation - successive lives of the same human individuality - is a fact of experience, as are the successive periods of wakefulness belonging to the day, which are interrupted by sleep at night. Buddha recognized the fact of reincarnation as such, but he considered it regrettable. This is why the aim of the eight fold path which he taught is to put an end to reincarnation. Because nirvana is the end of successive terrestrial lives...There was a time when there was no reincarnation; there will be a time when it will no longer be. Reincarnation only commenced after the Fall and it will cease with reintegration. IT is therefore not eternal..." [Taken from 'Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism' {Letter five} by Tomberg].