Esotericism Part 3 Sec 06




A Buddha - carved on a cliff face - recently found in a 'lake' . South-East China.

Analogy of same...'Who Is in My Temple' AND 'In The Temple of Silence' ['Cosmic Chants' by Paramahansa Yogananda].


Side note: "China is home to a number of striking Buddhist cliff and cave carvings. The most famous is Leshan Giant Buddha, the world's tallest Buddha statue.

Guan Zhiyong, a local official, told Xinhua that the Buddha statue was built by ancient people as a spiritual protector to calm the rapid-flowing current where two rivers converge.

The statue was submerged in 1960 when the Hongmen reservoir was built. At that time, local authorities weren't aware of heritage protection, said Xu.

The re-emergence of the Buddha has brought back memories for some village elders. Huang Keping, a 82-year-old local blacksmith, said he saw the Buddha first time in 1952.

"I remember the statue was gilded at that time," Huang told Xinhua.

Based on the style of the statue’s head, archaeologists believe it dates back to the Ming Dynasty, which ruled from the 14th to 17th century. The receding water also revealed an imperial decree and rectangular holes in the reservoir wall, which indicate that a building, likely a temple, had once been constructed here.

'Wattle and daub'?

REFRESHER: "Error runs down an inclined plane, while truth has to laboriously climb its way up hill".

Try ''steep'' in 2:3 / 2:10 to enlarge that universal mindset.

Victory for Mother Russia or just Poo-tin? Self-serving?

Oleg Penkovsky. The real hero. A true Cossack. A team player.

A {practical} example: ''The road ahead will be long - the climb steep.'' [Election victory speech/ Barack Obama].

Side note 2. Those ''ancient people'' that these United islands {'king'dom} defines as Picts/Gauls/Celts.

"What are these symbols'', asks Melvyn Bragg : "There seems to be about 30-40 of them - among others bulls, wolves and eagles together with geometrical symbols...Most seem to come in pairs {'dualistic'' link}, on most sculptures....Most likely some sort of label, possibly a personal name...Its not writing in the normal sense, but is written to a standard format...A system for connecting ideas..." ['In Our Time: The Picts' / BBC Radio 4 / 9/11/17]. Enlarged throughout.

Understand this subject to define those ''ideas''. Those INNER ones. Try ''hieroglyph'' or ''arcane'' or ''symbol'' etc., etc. All as a means...?

The 'real' questions, however, remain the same.

Cancer or the 4th Way? As a means...?

Continued: A {working?} example: "In this connection certain teachings compare man to a house of four rooms . Man lives in one room, the smallest and poorest of all, and until he is told of it, he does not suspect the existence of the other 'rooms' which are full of 'treasures'. When he does learns this he begins to seek, the keys of these rooms and especially of the fourth, the most important room. And when a man has found his way into this room, he really becomes the master of his house, for only then does the 'house' belong to him. The fourth room gives man {''immortality''} and all religious teachings strive to show the way to it. There are a great many ways, some shorter, some longer, some harder, some easier..." ['In Search of the Miraculous']. Try ''four''.

Follow the title of the book to 'see' it in its broader {''horizon''?} context. WHILE still remaining OBJECTIVE.

El-Tel Bethsai? {Israel}.

'On Having No Head: Zen and the Rediscovery of the Obvious' / D. E. Harding.

Different culture. Same principle...."The human body may look like a lump of flesh, but that's not really what it is. In fact it is a wonderful creation, composed of 72 million 'nadis', or channels. These nadis, together with the six chakras and the nine openings, form a sort of house [or temple]. It is also sometimes called a town, composed of seven 'elements'. Of the 72 million nadis, a hundred are important; of these hundred, ten are more important; of these ten; three are most important; and of these three, the 'central channel' called the sushumna, is supreme." [i.e.,''Sushumna = The most important of all the nadis, the central channel, which extends from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. It is the pathway of the awakened Kundalini]. Chapter 5, 'Play of Consciousness'. Mentioned elsewhere].

Use the search box to understand those 'numbers' in order to define the 'whole'.

And/or ''Town'' {city?} in relation to 'rural' as a means...? Enlarged elsewhere. Try ''city''.

Side note: ''The medical term for the membrane that covers the brain and spinal cord comes from the Latin 'hard mother' {Dura mater}.'' [The Chase' / ITV / 2018].


Serapeum at Saqqara. N/W in relation to S/E. Found within a Labyrinth. A 'centering' within. Before the commencement of a 'journey'. 24 or 25?

Analogy of same; but from a different 'angle'..."Through my years of involvement with this ancient institution, i knew that everything in Freemasonry was there for a purpose, be it a movement in a ceremony or a symbol. This reinforced in my mind that there had to be a specific purpose in the design. As i have previously stated, the number of 'tiles' in the checkered pavement counted 22 along the length and 10 across the width. Neither number seemed to correlate to anything i knew. The total of 22x10=220 made even less sense. Still, i could not help feeling that there was something about the 'pavement' that my instincts were trying to draw my attention to. As i had noticed that the pavement seemed to fit so well with the proportions of the Sussex temple, with the overall length closely matching the diameter of the zodiac above it, i asked the curator whether there were any surviving architecture plans of the complex... Some of the components of the temple are referred to with measurements in cubits. This same unit of measure can be found in the Old Testament books of Kings and Chronicles. It was also a unit of measure used by the ancient Egyptians...A cubit was measured as the length from the point of the elbow to the tip of the middle finger {'transforming ones'?} of an outstretched hand, approximately eighteen inches in length in imperial measure or just under half a meter in metric measurement. Thus it was i took a tape to measure the pavement. To save time, i had decided to measure one tile and then multiply this by the number of tiles in the length and breadth. The tessellated border {'pavement' - that surrounded the 'tiles'} appeared to be of an even width all around so i had to measure only one border and apply the dimension to the total perimeter. I realized that the temple complex had been built in an era when the standard unit of measure in Britain would have been in imperial feet and inches, not metric. Nevertheless, i made certain that my measuring tape had both units of measure marked on it. The tiles measured exactly 18 inches square, and the border was of the same dimension, 18 inches wide. Eighteen inches - the representative length of a cubit. As i stood looking at the pavement, it was immediately obvious that 'twentytwo' tiles long could be interpreted as 22 cubits. But the border meant i could add one cubit around the tiles. So, instead of being 22 x 10, it now measured 'twentyfour' cubits by 12 cubits. The perimeter was not 1,296 inches, 108 feet, or 'thirtythree' meters; it was 'seventytwo' cubits. This was to be my first breakthrough. It was much later that i discovered possible relationships that dictated this dimension. Later still i was even more excited to discover that there was indeed an exact proportional relationship between the pavement and the dome above. The more i probed and the more questions were raised, the more answers were needed..." [From the book 'The Secrets of Solomon's Temple' by K. Gest. Emphasis, this readers]. Amongst others, try ''eighteen''.

'Little Finger' ? [Game of Thrones].

The author attempting to understand his own relationship to his own 'fraternity' {as each candidate - depending on the individual - is expected to} - as ONE method of an understanding within the subject AS A WHOLE.

72 in relation to the Precession of the Equinox - explains why the Hebrew religion uses it. Dome?

Question. Ritual only?

What about the 'flat' topped tower?

When one wears something. Is it not a part of ones identity? Therefore Right eye = ? What about the left?

Any thumbs?

"While the number seventytwo is linked with the solar periodicity, the number eighteen is linked with a lunar periodicity." ['The Zelator'].

REFRESHER: "...Of the 72 million nadis, a hundred are important; of these hundred, ten are more important; of these ten; three are most important; and of these three, the 'central channel' called the sushumna, is supreme." [i.e.,''Sushumna = The most important of all the nadis, the central channel, which extends from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. It is the pathway of the awakened Kundalini]. Chapter 5, 'Play of Consciousness'. Mentioned elsewhere].

"Walkway?" Ramses to enlarge.

Something extra: ''The animating waves of the dance of creation pulsed all around me, and i could no longer refuse to join the dance. Before i could allow myself more than a cursory leap into the cosmic fray, a great flame erupted somewhere in the vicinity of my LEFT ELBOW {'right' angle?}, and i felt obliged to give it my attention. The guide had started a fire burning in the hearth {Hestia?}, and the fire commanded that i concentrate upon it to the exclusion of all else. It was a 'lovely' fire....''

Qena Governorate = New City.

The author goes on to describe the ''images'' she encounters under LSD purely as an exercise {she does not recommend it}. Starting from the ''oaken floorboards that started to ripple. I walked across the floor, climbing up its steep waves and sliding down its inclines''. Part of that experience included: ''I chanced to observe a particular rough square of pavement, and what i saw there caused me to cry out to Michael to come over and share in this latest wonder. For there before us in that square {'cubit'?] of pavement lay all of Manhattan - its canyons and skyscrapers and parks and people laid out beneath us in miniature.....A city within the city.'' [Page 175/176 'A Mythic Life' / J. Houston].

Try loft/attic to enlarge.

''She who loves silence''. Why? Remedy for 'poison'?

Exercise - by way of an analogy: "The later alchemists, schooled in hidden meanings, recognized the true identity of Ladon. He was the snake within - the guardian of the inner riches. The 'tree' guarded by this snake was inside man. In so far as this 'mystic' tree, which bore mystic apples, {i.e.,''a symbol of secret wisdom, which some men/women seek''} - had a physical form, it was the serpentine spine, with its vertebrate trunk, and ramifications of nervous branches reaching into the cranium. The 'fruit' of this tree was the human brain, and its flower was called the Crown chakra..." ['The Zelator'].

Refresher: "...the 'nails' of objectivity - which give conscience to thought." The symbol of which is the Crown of Thorns, i.e.,"The 'thorns' of the crown center function as the 'nails' of objectivity..." [Taken from 'letter 5' from within the book by Tomberg]. Anything?

'On Having No Head: Zen and the Rediscovery of the Obvious' / D. E. Harding.

Try some other keys before deciding one way or the other, i.e., ''spine'' and/or ''fruit'' {of ones labours } and/or ''apples''.

"The Emperor asked a sage to be brought to court. 'What is the highest truth?' he wanted to know. 'Total emptiness...with no trace of holiness', said the sage. 'If there is no holiness, then who, where, or what are you?' 'I don't know,' the sage replied."

Question everything. Test it with reason. Look at the assumptions behind it, take those assumptions apart and question your questions too. Awareness of ignorance is the beginning of wisdom. ['The Secret History'].

Famine Stela. 'Void'?   Question. What is the remedy for a 'famine'?

Analogy of same..."These promises are vowed upon the Kings sceptre and dedicated in a chapel, where C. R. [Christian Rosencreutz] leaves his hat with the golden tokens, and his golden fleece,[metaphorically speaking of course. This readers input]... and records his name in a book. Above his name he also writes a curious motto; Summa Scientia Nihil Scire: 'The highest wisdom is to know nothing'. This is not merely an injunction to humility. It is an affirmation that intellectual learning is not enough. The 'nothingness' is the spiritual condition above all intuition and intellection. It is beyond what Kabalists call Kether the Crown, the first emanation of God. It is at the heart of the Unmanifest light known ultimately as Ain - nothingness. [Ain sof link]. A similar conception is found at the heights of oriental mysticism as the void, which is beyond the bliss of Nirvana. It is also found in the classic western treatise on the 'via negativa'...The Cloud of Unknowing."

Try ''negation'' as one method to {determine?} something.

In other words that ''spiritual condition'' is all about 'getting ones head around' something, in order to define it. It order to make the most of it. Put ''eureka'' in the box for a deeper read. An indirect link to such words as 'Nirvana', i.e.,in relation to a 'mental' state. This subjects main 'teaching' aid.

Spirals and twisted threads. Mystic symbols?

"...No more is it true that the mystical impulse from the end of the 13th and into the 17th century was purely and simply a reaction against the 'dry intellectualism' of scholasticism. No the flowering of mysticism during this epoch was the fruit and result of scholasticism, prefigured in the spiritual biography of St. Thomas Aquinas himself...The believing thinker thus became a 'seeing mystic'. And this transformation did not take place in spite of his work of scholastic thought, but rather thanks to it - as its fruit and crowning glory." [Extract from the book by Tomberg 'Letter 19' ].

Morning Glory Lily or would that be Lotus?

Question. What is the difference between the words ''magic'' {and/or 'magical'} and ''mystical?'' and why are they applied? Enlarged elsewhere. Try Part 4 before those first impressions make one yawn; while 'creating' an inner 'vision' {image?} of the armchair and TV set.

Check it out - before those first impressions decide an outcome.

AS SEEN FROM A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE: The valley was used during Romano-British period when it was the site of salt extraction. At the time of King Arthur the River Brue formed a lake just south of the hilly ground on which Glastonbury stands. According to legend this lake is one of the locations suggested by Arthurian legend as the home of the Lady of the Lake. Pomparles Bridge stood at the western end of this lake, guarding Glastonbury from the south, and it is suggested that it was here that Sir Bedivere threw Excalibur into the waters after King Arthur fell at the Battle of Camlann. John Leland noted in the 16th century that the bridge had four arches, while W. Phelps in an 1839 illustration as having only two arches, one pointed, probably from the 14th or 15th century, and the other round. Excavations in 1912 found the remains of a second round arch regarded as 12th century work. The current concrete arch bridge was built in 1911 and extended in 1972. It carries the A39 road over the Brue." [Wiki / River Brue]. Coincidence or a meaningful one?

When the north wind blows. Heading south? Veiled or unveiled?

Paintings; especially the renaissance period; has Da-Vinci. The Mona Lisa being one of his most popular. Full of the same esoteric ‘keys’. The ‘background’ of which, [ BBC2 program of the same ] one of its important aspects. ‘Split’ purposely to "Attract the attention of the observer". She at the forefront. 'Mountains' behind. A bridge to her left, [ ‘observers’ right ] a lake to her right, [ ‘observers’ left ]...from which a winding path; meanders up to those same 'icy topped' snow peaks. [ 'Highest' level. In 'lowest division'. Representational of ].

Side note: "Glorious Hector of the 'flashing helmet' is also the warrior who glitters 'like a snowy mountain'." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

Jon Snow? ['Game of Thrones'].

Think about it, i.e., 'Cold' in relation to 'Warm' i.e.,as one example - The Pillars of Hercules {and/or Heracles} in relation to the Nile Delta... 'In relation to'....Higher/Lower 'divisions'. Or more to the point...Salt water in relation to fresh water. Indicative of South to North. From East to West. A beginning and an end. Anything?

Two ‘columns’ enclose all that symbolism, [Italian equivalent]. As do ‘Pillars’ with the Hebrews. Or ’ Obelisks’ with the Egyptians. Or ‘Minarets’ [in part] as with Islam. Most important of all, the ‘Woman’ unveiled. Unveiled to the ‘observer’. The observer therefore isbeing observed’. Indicative of the ‘start’ of something. A reflection. Nothing more. REPRESENTATION OF. The beginning of an awareness. Of a possible 'understanding', within a 'journey', [indicative of]. The Micro within the Macro. [ Chapter two. ’Inner Christianity’. Mentioned elsewhere].

Analogy?..."There was an occasion when i was allowed to accompany him on one of those dawn excursions. It took us along the upper reaches of the Jordan, N/E of the lake of Galilee, and in the direction of snow-capped Hermon." ['A Man Seen Afar' / W. T. P].

Egyptian equivalent... for a 'divine being' or 'god' was NTR, [Neter] which meant "one who watches", think about it, in relation to an understanding. [Page 84, 'The 12th Planet].

Or.... "The hieroglyph for Neter has been identified as either a 'bolt' or a 'bone', wound with a lengthy strip of cloth. In some examples, it appears to be a pennant, as the cloth 'unfolds' when it stands upright. Here the hieroglyph conveys a very important aspect of the Neter as the Egyptians understood it...the purpose of 'divine' life, is to reveal itself, or ''unfold'' in the natural world in time and space. [Chapter one, page 16, 'The Sacred Tradition of Ancient Egypt']. Anything? If not, try [attempt] again. As you do in ANY subject.

''To know the name of the neter means to know its particular activity, because the neter is a functional principle and not a 'god', as popular custom would have it.'' [Page 165 'Sacred Science' / R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz].


A working example: ''In the sandstone relief at Abydos of the Temple of Ramses II - the Nile god Hapi appears as a long haired hermaphrodite...bent down on one knee, holding in his hands  the flowering lotus and papyrus...Who floods the fields to nourish all those who thirst....They seem to say that when the waters of the unconscious rise toward the realm of consciousness {wet/dry'?}, then we have come to our time of renewal...Dawn always begins in the BONES.....The search for higher ground may be metaphoric for the search of a higher spirituality.'' [Pages 124-130 'Dreams of Isis' / N. Ellis].

Colorado Plateau?

'Living water'? / Lake of Fire?  {Egypt} / Water that burns? {Hopi - i.e., atl-tlachinolli}.

Something 'felt in the bones'?

White deserts of Libya to enlarge. As a means.....

'Valley of the Sun'? {Hopi}. [Page 264 'The Orion Zone'].

Red Sulpher? {alchemy}.

And/or: Something to ponder on: {From the temple of Osiris at Denderah}: "The Great One 'falls' upon his side....You shall reach the sky as Orion....remove yourself from upon your left side, put yourself upon your right side....for you belong to the stars who surround Re." [' The Death of Gods in Ancient Egypt' / Jane Sellers].

The joy began to fall to my consort's feet.'' [Page 44 {Kindle}: ''The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz: Magnus Opus. Vol 18].

From a different perspective: ''But 'roses' are commonly soiled on the breasts of many.....Yet what profits this witness to the truth for you upright ones, who behold in open day {therefore 'light'?} the threefold record of the Spirit, the Water and the Blood {'rose'?}...'' [Page 3/4 'The Works of Thomas Vaughan' / Ed. Waite].


A working example: ''Anubis, the opener of the way, is the jackal deity....who guides us into  percieving the world of the neter. We can develop his keen sensitivities, visible in his upright ears.....When you have the eyes to see, and the ears to can see the radiant {'shinning ones'?} reality of the neter. It is brimming with life, like a lush, full, and fertile pond teeming with fish and algae, lilies {lotus?} and frogs.'' [Page 3 'The Anubis Oracle' / N. Scully and L. Wolf].

8th Nome?

The 'southern' circle. The ONLY one on these ''islands'' {'anchored'?} - within a square of stones. ''Squaring the circle''? The ''eye of the needle'' {'obelisk' and/or 'pillar'} replacing the wooden house - that was at the center. THE VERY FIRST ONE. Try ''house'' to see it in its universal context. Question. Any conjunction between Saturn/Jupiter? OR ''gathering'' of planets? Question 2. Greater or Lessor ''house''? Question 3. Where would the second pillar be? ''Second Nature'' link?

And/or: Forests cleared to begin the 'creation' At Avebury {older than Stonehenge}. Two UPRIGHT megaliths began it all in the center of the northern inner circle - purposely placed at RIGHT ANGLES to each other - before a further one added {after a 'length of time' i.e., ''dissolution'' and/or assimilation} that formed a ''box'' i.e., 180 degress.

Question. What 'period' would that generation of assimilation be?

'120' ?

"You can only go half way into the darkest forest; then you are coming out the other side." Chinese proverb.

''The best way out is always through." Robert Frost. ['Alone' / History Channel].

A working example: "The symbol arises in a sphere in which the nature of a thing is profoundly understood and seen in its relationship to everything else. Hence, in going within, Swedenborg worked through a forest of symbolism to arrive at the source of this process....the Divine itself." [Chapter eight, 'The Presence of Other Worlds'].

Avebury a beginning. Silbury Hill its ending - before the Beaker People took over {'vase' link}. East taking over from West. The ''hill' made from a spiral of chalk/soil - that same chalk that these islands are founded on. Have their FOUNDATIONS built upon. Fire and Soul. Question. What would grow on TOP? Antlers also found - purposely put there. Recall Al-Qurn.

To many lagers?

Something hinted at: "Once during those last eerie, in-between moments of waiting, I thought I 'fancied' seeing a great pair of antlers move silently against the sky line and then vanish. ''So it was only a 'deer'...!" I said to myself, as if scolding a silly child....But I then saw those antlers again...''Listen to me...listen!'' it said in a low voice. 'The gateway of your soul lies in an ancient forest.' Then it was gone.'' [Page 389 of the book by Douglas Monroe. Chapter entitled 'Beyond Word and Deed'].

Question. What were these islands covered in BEFORE any activity began?

Continued: "In Latin a pearl was 'unio', because, as Pliny writes, it is 'the unique gem', or because pearls are only found singly...Oysters open and shut, like doors [folding doors in English were once called 'bivalves'], and the open shell of an oyster looks like the number 8." [Quote from the Lexicon chapter to the book ' The Book of Babel: Words and the Way We See Things' by N.Lewis].

"Depiction of Jacob's dream sleeping on a stone at Bethel, by José de Ribera" 'Stump'?

Where have you seen it before?

Analogy?..."Epigrapher David Stuart first proposed that the Maya regarded their stela as 'te tun', ''stone trees'', although he later revised his reading to 'lakamtun' meaning ''banner stone'' - from 'lakam' meaning ''banner'' in several Mayan languages and 'tun' meaning ''stone''. According to Stuart this may refer to the stela as stone versions of vertical standards that once stood in prominent places in Maya city centers, as depicted in ancient Maya graffiti...Maya stela were often arranged to impress the viewer, forming lines or other arrangements within the ceremonial center of the city. Maya cities with a history of stone carving that extended back to the Early Classic preferred to pair their stela with a circular altar, which may have represented a cut tree trunk..." [Wiki / 'Maya stela's].

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.


A connection {merging?} represented with 'tongue and groove' ? That end result represented as something internal = blue stones? 'Horse shoe' shape in the middle = u-turn? {in the micro sense of the 'word'}.

Question. Square altar = S/W. Circular S/E ? Merging of the two = ''petrified'' ? {Hewn / UNhewn?}. Recall 'Seahenge' - as well as Stonehenge {i.e., upright 'Sarcens' with circular 'lintels'}.

Horemheb: Spots or stripes?

Head scratch: Petrified = Ossify: ''to turn into bone'', a back - formation from 'ossification'. '' A link therefore to the 'spine' of Osiris?

Question. Which came first?

Awareness adds 'flesh' to those dry bone/s. Link to the meaning of ''garment'' symbolism. And the same keeps the door open. Knowledge keeps all things open; never shut.

"...nothing is covered that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known." [Matthew X, 26].

"Graffiti" (usually both singular and plural) and the rare singular form "graffito" are from the Italian word graffiato ("scratched").[6][1][2] The term "graffiti" is used in art history for works of art produced by scratching a design into a surface. A related term is "graffito",[7] which involves scratching through one layer of pigment to reveal another beneath it. This technique was primarily used by potters who would glaze their wares and then scratch a design into them. In ancient times graffiti were carved on walls with a sharp object, although sometimes chalk or coal were used. The word originates from Greek γράφεινgraphein—meaning 'to write'....."

Seated on what? A FLAT slab?  And/or: At Malkin Tower - the once home of some of the Pendle witches {presently no longer standing} - can be seen in its place at the estimated {'gable' end} a large wall that stands slightly proud above the adjacent/surrounding walls - just peaking over it to see the horizon line. From a very obvious flat top course. 'FIFTEEN' IN TOTAL. {'Digging Up Britain's Past: Witches' / S1 EP4]. "Overarching" to enlarge.

"First identified in the 1970s, mustatils have been the subject of detailed investigations in recent years, with a survey commissioned in 2018 that identified hundreds across the region, followed by targeted excavations.

Benben or benbenet?

The function of these sites has sparked much debate, but the discovery of a large deposit of animal bones in a chamber at one end of the first mustatil excavated in AlUla, Saudi Arabia, led to the identification of the structure type as a site for ritual purpose. The so-called ‘Horn Chamber’ contained a remarkable assemblage of animal horns, upper (maxillary) teeth, and skull fragments, densely packed into a layer 20-30cm deep, covering the floor. The assemblage dates to c.5300-5000 BC and represents a variety of horned animals, 95% of them domesticated – including goat, cow, and sheep – as well as wild species such as gazelle, Nubian ibex, and aurochs, confirming that the people who left these offerings were both herding and hunting animals. The size of the assemblage, the variety of species represented, and the excellent degree of preservation make this assemblage unprecedented in the Arabian Neolithic.....

"The baetylus of Aphrodite at Palaepaphos, described by Tacitus."

A similar but smaller assemblage of animal bones was discovered during excavation of another mustatil east of AlUla in 2019 (CWA 108). This assemblage – also revealed in a chamber at one end of the mustatil – consists largely of cattle horns and skull fragments. Unlike the ‘Horn Chamber’, these bones appear to have been deposited in three or four phases, probably over a couple of generations, c.5200-5000 BC.

"The Emesa temple to the sun god Elagabalus with baetyl at centre. Roman coin of 3rd century AD.2

If people were repeatedly returning to the site over the years to make offerings, it could represent one of the oldest examples of a ‘pilgrimage’ destination currently identified in the Arabian Peninsula. The research also revealed that the deposits seem to be centred around an upright stone in the heart of the chamber, which has been interpreted as a possible ‘betyl’ or sacred stone. This could be the earliest known example of the betyl tradition, which later became a key part of the pre-Islamic ritual landscape of Arabia." ['The Past'].

"Baetylus (also BaetylBethel, or Betyl, from Semitic bet el "house of god"; compare BethelBeit El) are sacred stones which were supposedly endowed with life, or gave access to a deity. According to ancient sources, at least some of these objects of worship were meteorites, which were dedicated to the gods or revered as symbols of the gods themselves."

Omphalos Stone.

'Spotted Panther'.

From a Greek perspective: "In Athens the mask and long {'wide'?} garment suggested the god whose role Zeus took over with the 'thigh' birth {''limp'' link} and who now stood there {''upright''?}, distinct from the 'child' Dionysos and at the same time celebrated as the ruler of the underworld....the long garment concealed his condition - that he was only a part of himself....a god of the Athenians and unique from any foreign god. The 'mask' belonged only to him, not to Osiris....that led to the Dionysian stage....The mask was originally carved from wood-probably fig wood - and was copied into marble in 500BC...the eyes gaze like those of a bull which fits in with the gods emergence from the underworld in the form of a bull, as expected by the women of Elis. The garment that 'hung' below the mask was of 'heavy' material....The garment and mask represented the year of his absence...." [Page 282-284 'Dionysos' / C. Kerenyi].

Sheep decans? Wolf?

That ''duality'' again. Wide/narrow. Light/dark. Above/below the navel {''thigh'' link}. Heavy/light. Absent/present {'throne'} - all as a means...?

Try ''hung''

Question. Right or left 'thigh' or does it matter?

'Joined at the hip' in relation to Mineral/plant/animal - as a means...? [Pages 445-450 'Secret History of the World' / J. Black].

Practical example..."- what can i do with dried up bones? My inability to recreate that fluid mercurial train of thought has left me defeated..." [Extract from the author Q. S. Lam]. Define the parts to understand the whole.

'Four' female figures that supports the couch with bronze pots on their heads. 'Spotted' with coral inlay.

In the 'ritual' sense of the word: "...the Goddess Ceridwen, the great Demeter of the Celts, who weaves the garment of the Sun- spirit {Hu} out of the elements of nature."['The Flaming Door: The Mission of the Celtic Folk Soul / C. Merry].


Try 'spirit/soul' ALL as means...?

'Eight'. Joy?

Side note: A crystal eight-pointed cross, given to Grandmaster Jean de Valette by Pope Pius V in recognition of his victory during the Great Siege of Malta, is among the items displayed in a new book that tells the story of the Order of St John. The cross is inscribed with the words unus decem millia vicit – one conquers ten thousand {'10000'}– in reference to the grandmaster having led the troops of the Order of St John in repelling the Ottoman forces, resulting in a victory that would change the course of history. It is one of the objects documented in Treasures – Faith, Care, Valour, a beautifully illustrated book filled with detailed images that help bring to life the collection within Museum of the Order of St John in the UK. As time passed, the Order improved and adapted to what was needed, said Dr Jarvis, adding: “In England we teach First Aid but are now moving more to expand our support to communities. But in some of the African countries we provide support to mothers and children during childbirth. In Malta there’s a rescue service and first aid training. We do what is most suited to the country – it’s a continuum of adapting,” he said as he commented about the stellar work of the Maltese branch and urged the public to support the work of the Order."

"Malta's annual chocolate festival Malta in Hamrun just outside Valletta. It's said that the Knights of St. John who ruled Malta for over two centuries stored their cocoa beans here." {' Malta: The Jewel of the Med.' / Ch. 5}.

The Wain? And/or: ''The Lady of Vix was not the only distinguished individual to have: 'a funerary monument of the highest opulence'. The tomb of a man also found at Lavau in Troyes: 'His body was laid upon a two-wheeled chariot typical of a slightly later period THAN the wagon belonging to the Lady of Vix'....'' [Page 41` Archaeology' / July-August 2023]. That 'Duality' at work again. Gnostic{ism} to enlarge.

A working example: In the tomb of Hochdorf 'Prince' {S/W Germany}: ''All the large objects had been draped with cloth, almost as if they were shrouded, like the body itself. The grave was also full of flowers. He was fully clothed beneath his shroud of coloured fabrics, with lots of jewellery.''

Also found within: Wagon with 'nine' gilded plates and nine drinking horns hung on the walls. Golden torc with ''a repeated STAMP motif of rider and horse, around the neck ring. And large bronze cauldron with three handles and 'three' bronze reclining lions around its rim.''


"Cursus' (plural 'cursūs' or 'cursuses') was a name given by early British archaeologists such as William Stukeley to the large parallel lengths of banks with external ditches which they thought were early Roman athletic courses, after the Latin word cursus, meaning "course".


'Cowpuncher' /'brand' / 'stamp'.


Side note: ''The word Chameleon comes from the Greek meaning 'Ground lion'...'' ['Impossible'].

And/or: ''The English word chameleon (/kəˈmliən/ kuh-MEEL-ee-un) is a simplified spelling of Latin chamaeleōn,[4] a borrowing of the Greek χαμαιλέων (khamailéōn),[5] a compound of χαμαί (khamaí) "on the ground"[6] and λέων (léōn) "lion"....


Whats the primary colour for M/F? NOT the secondry i.e., outer 'garment'!

Pig snout stick.

Chameleons or chamaeleons (family Chamaeleonidae) are a distinctive and highly specialized clade of Old World lizards with 200 species described as of June 2015.[1] The members of this family are best known for their distinct range of colors, being capable of shifting to different hues and degrees of brightness. The large number of species in the family exhibit considerable variability in their capacity to change color. For some, it is more of a shift of brightness (shades of brown); for others, a plethora of color-combinations (reds, yellows, greens, blues) can be seen.

Chameleons are distinguished by their zygodactylous feet, their prehensile tail, their laterally compressed bodies, their head casques, their projectile tongues, their swaying gait,[2] and crests or horns on their brow and snout. Chameleons' eyes are independently mobile....''

From a different perspective: "I will deliver thee into the hand of them that thou hatest, into the hand of them from whom thy mind is alienated. And they shall deal with thee hatefully, and shall take away all thy labour - and shall leave thee 'naked' and bare...." [Ezekiel 23:29].

Try Gog/Magog.


'Meanders' in a different form. Anything?

Continued: Pennant in relation to Chakras in relation to the Djed column in relation to ''serpent''....all explaining a similar aspect of the same thing, in a different form, but all with the same principle in mind. Represented in the form of a ''journey.''

Man in the moon? hare?

A working example i.e., knowledge {'wisdom'?} expected to be found within it: "An eclipse is a great wonder; it is a great cosmic wonder, as the shadow of the earth slowly intrudes an arc of darkness on the mountainous surface of its satellite {i.e.,in this case, a Moon eclipse}. The darkness nibbles away at the skull face of the Western tradition, just as inexorably as it devours the hare of the Oriental tradition. 'Why', i asked, 'is the eclipse such a deep though someone walking over ones grave'...The appearance of the moon goes through 28-30 transformations, from new, through the full, back to new. Now in man and woman, this number 28 or 30 is represented in the structure of the backbone...It is as though the 'leaping' of the moon through the skies has somehow been ossified in the embryo, imprinting a human impulse on the human spine..." ['The Zelator']. Try ''ossify''


Follow the title of the book to 'see' it in all its 'transformations' - not just the {ecliptic?} one.

Put all the above {keys} together to understand the {below?} following..."The Djed column, with its four capitals, symbolises stability and duration in the Osirian world. Lying on the ground it expresses death, and its setting up, by the king in person, signifies the resurrection. This ceremony was a joyous one, in the Temple of Abydos the scene of the erection of the Djed columns is followed by that of the Offering of Cloths, in which the column is clothed in the manner of a statue. "[Extract from the book {in its 'middle' pages} by the author L. Lamy]. Horizontal/vertical link.


Recall the data / information on ''four''.

'The Four Quartets / T. S. Eliot'.

Question. Playtime addicts only?

Head/Feet = Aries/Pisces?

Inner or outer?

Side note: ''The way of 'marriage' seems fraught with....all consuming passion. More often than not, the hungry inner self has been eclipsed by the outer personality....Within these eclipsed areas - where our needs, wants and beliefs remain secret, even to ourselves - lies ones shadow....Two half's never created a whole but only another half so long as the shadow remains eclipsed.'' [Pages 84/85/104 'Dreams of Isis: A Womans Spiritual Sojourn' / N. Ellis].

And/or: ECLIPSE: "The term is derived from the ancient Greek noun ἔκλειψις (ékleipsis), which means "the abandonment", "the downfall", or "the darkening of a heavenly body", which is derived from the verb ἐκλείπω (ekleípō) which means "to abandon", "to darken", or "to cease to exist,"[4] a combination of prefix ἐκ- (ek-), from preposition ἐκ (ek), "out," and of verb λείπω (leípō), "to be absent".



A higher value.

A working example: “Ash Wednesday is the much higher value and deserves the full measure of our devotion,” he said. “I ask with all respect that we maintain the unique importance of Ash Wednesday. If you would like to wine and dine your Valentine, please do so on the Tuesday before. February 'thirteen' is Mardi Gras, ‘Fat Tuesday,’ a perfect day to feast and celebrate!”

Queen of Punt to enlarge.

''The letter 'T' on a T-shirt makes men 12% more attractive to women.'' ['The Chase']. Shekinah?

Continued: As seen from a different perspective {a visual one? The very first one?}: "Rectangles of stars within constellations are commonly referred to by Homer as the 'corslet' or 'shirt' of a warrior. An example can be seen in the drawing of Cepheus, where four stars represent the linen breastplate of Little Aias, set against the background of the Milky Way. Another item of clothing found in the sky is Achilles helmet, a group of stars in Monoceros, the modern constellation above the 'head' of Canis Major..." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'. Emphasis, this readers].

A circlet of flowers found on the ''minds eye''.

And/or: ''Linen made from flax {i.e., a ''flowering plant''} - used in 'spinning and weaving' - linseed oil made from it. Belfast became its main 'harbour' in the UK.'' ['Britains Most Historic Towns: Belfast' / Alice Roberts].

Tutankhamun's linen bandages soaked in same. Set alight during his stay in the underworld. As a means...?



Found with the Qurna Queen and child: ''under a rocky outcrop {'overhang'?} on the north side of the valley at Thebes.''

''According to the myth as recounted by Ovid, Arachne was a Lydian maiden who was the daughter of Idmon of Colophon, who was a famous dyer in purple.[3] She was credited to have invented linen cloth and nets while her son Closter introduced the use of spindle in the manufacture of wool. She was said to have been a native of Hypæpæ, near Colophon in Asia Minor.''

''T'' ?

"The 'communicating' bridge between the Neter and the human condition is what de Lubicz called the ''innate intelligence,'' and which the Egyptians called the ''intelligence of the heart.'' [Same chapter, same book].

A working example: "San Miniato must be approached with an attitude of mind which in modern times might be called 'holistic', but which in mediaeval times was called 'contemplative'. The contemplative mind was the thinking mind made fecund and creative by insights afforded by spiritual disciplines, or by the 'grace' of god. It was widely recognised that a mind not so activated was barren {'wasteland'?} and moribund. The architecture of San Miniato was designed to speak to the whole man, rather than merely to his intellect." ['The Secret Zodiac'].


INWARD OR OUTWARD? The foundation of something? 'Fifteen' in total. Made of 'volcanic' rock. Headgear Stone as opposed to {say} a flower. Spirit/Soul? Define those keys to attempt a ''mindset''.

Analogy: "Like the initiated composers and transmitters of the Greek myths, the Christian gnostics expressed the insights of esoteric cosmology - that ''hidden pattern of creation which underlies the foundation of the world'' - in the myths and legends of the new religion. One primary tool was the language of Greek gematria, discussed in chapter 2, itself based on the faculty of 'anologies' or ''hieroglyphic insight'' into nature of the universal order." [Chapter one, 'Jesus Christ Sun of God: Ancient Cosmology and Early Christian Symbolism'].

"Only fables present the world as it should be, and as, if it had meaning." Quote by Kurt Godel. [ Chapter one, 'A World Without Time'. Mentioned elsewhere].

"Sun, Moon and stars {as three examples} were, to the leaders and teachers of the ancient peoples, not merely physical, but 'pictures' of the hidden and the divine. Misunderstanding of the myths would cease once it were universally recognised that, outside the Mystery Temples {schools?}, only the language and imagery of ordinary life could be used to describe the realities of spiritual experience obtained in the 'holy of holies'." ['The Flaming Door' / C. Merry. Parenthesis, this readers].

Embossed/ debossed?

As one example: "Gone is the sense of a separate finite self, with its individual gains and losses, its personal hopes and fears, and in its place comes the experience of the one Atman abiding in all beings.....This stage may be reckoned as the third great landmark on the path. The first was the entry on the path; the second, the consciousness of the Divine birth in the heart; [''Son of'' link], and now, with the overwhelming perception of the unity of all life in the One Self, the third, termed in some traditions as the Mystic Marriage, [Song of Song link] may be said to have been accomplished.....The bridge which separated self from Self has been crossed, and now no obstacle remains to prevent the Divine light from irradiating the personality with its wondrous rays." [Chapter 6, 'The Yoga of the Bhagavat Gita']. Put ''perception'' in the usual box. Then try ''bridge.''

''Rays'' a link to the Akhenaten picture. Find it to understand ''it'' in relation to the 'whole'.

Analogy..."Central to the esoteric understanding of man is the concept of what is known as the seven 'bodies'. The words are somewhat misleading; the word 'bodies' is helpful in some respects; 'levels of consciousness' is a better term in others and 'levels of being' is preferable at other times." [From the book by A. Duncan].

"One becomes conscious of a vast 'arc,' curving from the divine source to oneself, which corresponds to the question, Where do i come from? while at the same time a line curving from oneself to 'Him' corresponds to the question, Where am i going? And within this great circle, which includes all the 'levels' of man, each person can discover the special 'lines' of his own direction - which again are not simply random points in reality but are the expressions of his individual personality, the shape of his soul." [Chapter 9, 'The Thirteen Petalled Rose' by A. Steinsaltz].

''Arc'' in relation to the crescent of the moon. That first light after the 'dark' one. A representation of something. Anything dawned?

Sirius - A brighter light at the base of Orions foot. Left - right. {'Footstool' link?}.

That same link to the symbolic intention of the word ''grasp.'' [Use the 'search box']. "The 'divine' is inside each of us, like a face reflected in many mirrors." [Plotinus].

'Man in the moon' = Shadow or anima?


''The shape of the case takes the form of the hieroglyph ankh which can mean not only "life," but also "mirror." Such a use illustrates the adaptability and versatility of the writing system of ancient Egypt.'' [].

"The wisdom which one needs in order to 'know him' can only be attained by lifting the black curtain covering the mirror of ones heart, cleaning that mirror and shining it. Then the hidden treasures of divine beauty may begin reflecting in the secret of the hearts mirror." [Introduction, 'The Secret of Secrets']. Recall what ''him'' is a reference to. [i.e.,others refer to same; in part; as YHVH. Explained within]. Link to 'moon' symbolism. Followed by what the 'sun' represents. Something 'unknown' becoming 'known'.

The real question however is - and still is - Why? Why go to all this effort? To verify a subject?

"They; the Israelites; burned the city [ Jericho] and everything inside it, except the silver, the gold and the things of bronze and iron; these they put in the treasury of Yahweh's house." [Joshua 6:24]. Understanding this subjects symbolism explains that stories true symbolic intent as well as the symbolic intention of ''Antechambers'', i.e., a 'potential' yet to be realized.

A working example: In the tomb of Tut one large shrine containing 4 sarcophagi. FOUR seals. 1st one ''broken into''. {'UNbolted'}. The remaining three seals intact {'bolted'}. All three tied with TWISTED hemp rope - ELEVEN vertical strands can be seen on each - in the vertical position. A total of 'thirtythree'.

Question. Broken into to be robbed or to unbolt? As a means....?


Question. What is the female aspect represented with?

And/or: The ante-chamber discovered in 1922 but the actual tomb not examined until 1923. The 'tomb' itself hidden {covered} by a mud plaster wall. Inside a side room Anubis guards models of boats. Directly behind him what looks like a fireplace with two mantles. The 'lower' one has 15 snake figurines. The top one only 13 {something incomplete or '28' link?}. At some stage it is discovered that the heart is missing.

Try 'twentythree'.

Question. Where will it be found? With Akhenaten?

Same question as with the lost heart of Suleiman the Magnificent.

''In Europe, 66 is known mainly as the name of a card game. However, in the Islamic mystical tradition it corresponds to the numerical value of the word Allah. Hence, Turkish Sufis would explain the predominance of the tulip {'Lotus'?} in Turkish art, as well as the emblem of Islam, the crescent moon, by the fact that the names of these 2 motifs, lalah and hilal respectively, consist of the same letters and have the same numerical value as Allah. Sixtysix can also be seen as duplication of 6, or as a number in the second power {i.e., 44, 77 etc.}.'' [Page 260 'Mystery of Numbers' / A. Schimmel].

'33' ?

And/or: ''As Jehovah’s Witnesses, we strive to adhere to the form of Christianity that Jesus taught and that his apostles practiced. This article summarizes our basic beliefs.

  1.   God. We worship the one true and Almighty God, the Creator, whose name is Jehovah. (Psalm 83:18; Revelation 4:​11) He is the God of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.​—Exodus 3:6; 32:11; John 20:17.

  2.   Bible. We recognize the Bible as God’s inspired message to humans. (John 17:17; 2 Timothy 3:​16) We base our beliefs on all 66 of its books, which include both the “Old Testament” and the “New Testament.” Professor Jason D. BeDuhn aptly described it when he wrote that Jehovah’s Witnesses built “their system of belief and practice from the raw material of the Bible without predetermining what was to be found there.” a

     While we accept the entire Bible, we are not fundamentalists. We recognize that parts of the Bible are written in figurative or symbolic language and are not to be understood literally.​—Revelation 1:1.''


Made of limestone and plaster. ''Also specified was the ''sun-shade'' {shadow?} of the kings Great Wife. In the context of Amarna such ''sunshades'' were a special kind of chapel dedicated to the female members of the Royal family.'' [Page 35 'Nefertiti' / A. Dodson].

Side note: Excavations of the ancient city of Jericho - the worlds oldest and first city - reveal at the lowest level a 'tower' {at the west end} - thirtythree feet in diameter, 28 in height. At the time the tallest structure in the world. Predates the Gt. Pyramids etc. twentytwo steps to the top {therefore '23'rd step = a persons foot?}. Speculation if for defensive or ritual purpose. ''On the eve of the summer solstice a shadow is cast from the 'mountain' opposite.'' Other clues to a universal mind set: circumambulate 'six' times around the walls on the '7th' - 'trumpets' sounded {an acknowledgement/understanding of something}. 'Seven' heads found in a grave outside 'huts' - lower 'jaw and teeth' removed to be replaced with 'plaster' {'white' plaster}. A 'line of sight' mentioned. Caves found S/W of Jericho. Stalagmites and stalactites found. Jericho only mentioned in the Book of Joshua and in the Amarna letters. Akhenaten link. Recall what 'Joshua' is a reference to. [ 'Jericho's Buried Secrets'. Sat. TV].

And/or: 'Headless' skulls found in Jericho {without body skeleton} in its earliest city complex {7000BC}. Packed with soil - and seashells for eyes. Sea miles away. Skulls covered in clay and plaster. Purposely elongated - had to be done at a 'young' age. No jaw. ['Strangest Things' / S2 EP7].

Narrater asks: ''Could this be a new religion. Maybe a cult of ancestors.''

And/or: ''In Mexico collection of stone sculptures found with stucco masks at Maya site of Tonina...Found in a building known as The House of the Re-creation of the Universe {650-700AD}. Themes represent a connection between earth and sky. One mask depicts the lord of the underworld, who is recognizable by his lack of lower jaw, a common trait of inhabitants of the nether realm.'' [Page 22 'Archaeology' / March/April 2023].

'Gnashing of teeth' to enlarge.

What about 'higher'?

Would that be represented with something else?

The 'back' of Orion - the Hunter.

Something extra: ''Son of Man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him. And say: Thus says god, 'behold i am against thee O Gog, and i will turn ye back, and put hooks into thy jaws {'key' words/symbols/archetypes?}, and i will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses, and horseman, all of them clothed with all sorts of armour....all handling swords {therefore 'fire' link}: Persia, Ethiopia and Libya with them....'' [Ezekiel 38 taken from the book 'GogMagog' / T. Lethbridge].

'Giant' walking down Watling Street?

Hooked nose?

From a different perspective: ''The Spanish throw themselves at death....They see it weaving around them and through them. They are ready to wrestle with it. They risk defeat by it in order to snatch what is most vital in life from its jaws. The Spanish spirit finds electrifying expression in the Dark Night of the Soul...." [Page 432 'The Secret History of the World' / J. Black].

Spanish Plume?

Jaw bones found in the Orkneys along with deer/whale a means....?

'Victory from the jaws of defeat'.

Enemies? Internal or external ones?

REFRESHER: ''It is I with my mouth and my words with my two legs for walking, and with my two arms for pulling down the enemies. Opened for me are the doors of heaven. Geb, the chief of the gods and goddesses, has unbolted his jaws for me. My eyes which were blinded, are opened and my legs stretch out freely.'' 2:3

'Hand of the elephant'?

# ''Benchley's first novel 'Jaws' was almost called - 'Whats that noshing on my leg'....'' ['The Chase'].

"It is no accident that the worlds beyond this are reflected in our mind. That was the way the mind was made. We are made in the image. We are the microcosm that reflects the macrocosm." [Introduction to the book 'The presence of Other Worlds' / E. Swedenborg].

Not yet 'clothed'?

"We must remember that for the ancients, the history of the origins of the cosmos was as much about how human experience was put together, how experience gained its characteristic structure, as it was about how the physical universe was put together. In other words it was as much about the principles of human nature as about the laws of the natural world. Human nature is so formed that any power i may have to resist my animal desires - indeed what stops me from becoming a mere animal - derives from my capacity for thought and reflection. Venus was traditionally depicted holding a mirror, but not from vanity as is nowadays supposed., The mirror was a symbol of the power of reflection to modify desire. The god of reflection was the god of the great reflector in the sky - the moon. In all ancient cultures the moon regulated not only fertility but 'thought'." [Chapter 4, 'The History of the World'].

First impressions? Follow it through with a second one. Then try a third. ['The Triumph of the Moon' by R. Hutton].



"Everyone has an internal thought process: that silent other self who speaks to you; the one you debate with." [First sentence; first paragraph; first page of the book by Q. S. Lam].

A more up to date approach of the same. Still within the world of ’paintings’ is the in depth research done by such individuals as...’Sister Wendy’. [ ’Story of Painting’ + others by the same author ] Her interpretations contain many of those same esoteric keys/common factors. No doubt because of her ‘monastic’ background. One of those specialist subjects. Self hypnosis?

Analogy of same..."When i awoke the next morning i found myself saying, over and over again. 'Pray for all you are worth and all will be well'. This injunction remained with me for the next three months and i did my best to believe that nothing is impossible in answer to deep prayer and profound faith." [Taken from the book 'The Silent Road'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Try ''repetition''. Purpose of. Benefits of - if only in defining a subject. That first yet final one.

Music has amongst others Mozart and especially Wagners operas. Good authors for those with a musical vent/interest ...'The Myth of Invariance’ and ’Meditations through the Quran’. Both by E. McClain...and ‘Music explained as science and art’. By F. D-Olivet. All explaining that same framework together with the ‘divine’ bit. Try and find ‘it’. But now in the ‘language of octaves’. Gullible? Incorrigible?

"The Infinite Harmony: Musical Structures in Science and Theology' by M. Hayes."

Working example: ''I 'aint got nothing but love babe, - eight days of the week.'' ['The Beatles'].

For a good book to attempt to understand the relationship between music, ['Deva' link].... and number symbolism try Chapter five 'New View over Atlantis'/ J.Michell. Or Chapter six,'The Sirius Mystery'. 'Oracle' centers, in relation to octaves. Other books to take that interest further, mentioned within. i.e...........

bladder of the fish

Vesica Pisces = the 'bladder of the fish'. Question. Why the 'bladder'?

"I owe a debt of gratitude to my friend J. Michell whose book 'City of Revelation' led me to the study of Greek gematria and its pre-Christian origins. It was the musicologist Joscelyn Godwin who introduced me to the monochord - and hence the ancient science of harmonics - which also marked an important turning point in my research. This experience led me to notice the fundamental relationship between Greek gematria and Pythagorean theory of Means. Siemen Terpstra, another servant of the Muses, also came along at the right time; his monograph on 'Means and Music' helped lead me to recognize that ratios of the Means themselves, define the central values of Greek gematria..." [Preface, 'Jesus Christ sun of God: Ancient Cosmology and early Christian Symbolism'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Try ''means''.

The ''means'' to an understanding. Enlarged throughout.

Objective view?

AS IS..."For our immediate purpose it is sufficient to say that the initial division of a string by whole numbers brings about particular fundamental soul experiences. And this forms the basic structure of a musical harmonic system. Dividing a string by 2, we get the so called octave, or the same note at a higher mode of manifestation. In tonic solfa this will be high 'doh'. Dividing the string by three, we get the dominant note of any scale that one may choose to construct within the diapason of low and high 'doh'. This is the so called 'fifth', or tonic solfa 'soh'. If we divide the string by four, we find a repetition of the tonic note at a yet higher arc; for a quarter is a half of a half, and we have introduced the principle of two again, in a different mode, or at a higher power {2x2}. This would give us the higher doh above high doh. If we divide the string into five we get another important note. This is generally called the 'third', or in the tonic solfa system, 'me'. An important quality of this note is that it can manifest in one or two ways, each of which gives a different quality of feeling. In conventional musical terms this is called the major or minor mode. And, in very simplified terms, a piece of music will sound bright or sad according to whether the third note of the conventional scale is in the major or minor mode. { In the minor mode the third is flattened}. In symbolic terms of Pythagorean mathematics and musicology this dual mode of expression introduces the principle of polarity at a new level of expression. It is analogous to sexual and other expressions of polarity in manifestation. Division by six need not detain us here. It is important philosophically in that it is a combination of the powers of the 2 and the 3. It will indeed produce a dominant note a whole scale higher. This is what might be expected from the principles of duality and triplicity combined. Harmonious expression on a higher arc. We bring our investigation to a close by dividing the string by 7. This introduces a new quality that produces a note that is not found on our conventional scale...The seven introduces a slightly jarring element into this infinite regular system and breaks it up into many possibilities of individual self expression." [Extract from 'The Rose Cross and Goddess'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Among others try ''polarity''.

An expression ''about fundamental soul experiences'' and ''principles in duality and triplicity.'' Hence the link to...


'Triangle' or 'right angle'?

"According to ancient and Neoplatonic systems, 6 is the most perfect number as it is both the sum and the product of its parts: it is formed either by adding 1+2+3 or by multiplying 1x2x3. Furthermore it is the product of the first male {2} and first female {3} numbers. From the psychologists viewpoint, it represents a combination of analysis and synthesis in its simplest form: 2x3. It summarizes all the plane figures of geometry {point, line and triangle}, and since the cube is composed of 6 squares, it is the ideal form for any closed construction." Enlarged elsewhere. Space-time?

''First male {shadow?} - first female {light/anima?} ALL as a means...?




Hippo-cratic Oath.

And/or: ''....For by origin the Ethiopians were southern Libyans. Both brought the ancient custom of sacrificing the 'king' in Egypt...Nitocris was another Pharaoh of whom there was a story of a six year reign ending in ashes. Moreover, there is good evidence that she was 'divine', had to do with fertility, and brought her people the victory expected of such rulers...She was most beautiful....with rosy cheeks...The tradition of ''her redness'' is very strong, for while two authors say it was she who built the 3rd pyramid, others say it was Rhodopis {'Rhodes Island'?]. This strong tradition of a golden {'yellow'?} coloured queen of the Old Kingdom is fact...Which alludes to the goddess Neith {i.e., goddess of western Delta}...Fairness was a peculiarity of certain Libyans {white skin/red hair} - as is same for the Berber speaking aborigines of the Canary Islands {i.e., Far West}...Her self sacrifice in the 'fire' is a genuine Egyptian conception. For in the 12th Dynasty the Man Weary of Life speaks of the time: 'when i strive for death before it has come to me, and when i cast myself into the fire in order to burn myself up'....She was said to be a courtesan {Kuhfu's 'prostitute daughters' link?}...At the end of the 6th Dynasty, when she lived, Heracleopolis came to the fore - where the ceremony of 'hoeing the earth with blood' came to the fore {after which, were changed into goats 'and the bellies filled with sweet scented spices'}....SIX YEARS ENTERS INTO THE Strange tale of Menkaure - it was written of him: 'he made the most righteous judgements of all their kings' {James the JUST link?}... The oracle it is said told Menkaure ' that he had no more than six years to live, and should 'die' in the 7th....In countries OTHER than Egypt seven years is a well known 'span of life' granted to victims of the Old Religion.'' [Pages 41-54 'Sky Religion in Egypt' / G. Wainwright].

Question. Menkaure's wife = Libyan? of 'fair' complexion. Ginger hair?

"At sixes and sevens" is an English idiom used to describe a condition of confusion or disarray.

It is not known for certain, but the most likely origin of the phrase is a complicated dice game called "hazard", a more complicated version of the modern game of craps.'' ['Wiki'].

Hebrew ''breastplate''?

Question. What would be the 'remedy'?

Eight and/or '64' to enlarge. And/or: in ancient days the zodiac began with six constellations.

''And SEVEN have to die before the treasure is found'' {'Curse of Oak Island'}.

Side note: ''Most classical scholars believe that the story of the civilization and fall of Atlantis, as recorded in Plato, actually refers to the violent volcanic eruption that destroyed a great deal of the island of Minoan Thera {Santorini}....Some however, believe that Thera was only the latest in a series of geological disasters, and the previous millennia had seen the fall of a much higher society....the remains of which are said to be those outcroppings known as the Canary Islands. This tradition holds that the names of actual Atlantean rulers - Atlas, Oceanus, Poseidon - were transmuted in race memory as the names for gods and Titans in the early Greek world.'' [Page 199 'The Hero and the Goddess'].

Linear A or B?

''Ancestors'' to enlarge.

Three and a half cubits?

What would the remedy be for such a weight ''upon ones shoulders''?

Continued: ''From a different perspective: ''I shall have to tell you something about the six centers. The mind of the yogi passes through these, and he realizes god through his Grace. Have you heard of the six centers? ...These are the SEVEN planes of the Vedas. They are the lotuses in the subtle body. The yogis see them. They are like the fruits and leaves of a wax tree {bees wax?}....I have heard there is a kind of 'glass' through which a tiny object looks very big. Likewise, through yoga one can see these subtle lotuses....How does one obtain love for god? Go forward. The king dwells beyond the seven gates. You can see him only after you have passed through all gates.....God sports in the world as man. ..The Divine Mother of the universe manifests Herself through this 'three and a half' cubit man {ishon?}.'' [Pages 352/3 'The Gospel of Ramakrishna' ].

Anima / animus or both?

Refresher: "Many years ago the English psychologist, F. W. H. Meyes, suggested that - ''hidden in the depth of our being is a rubbish heap as well as a treasure house''. Enlarged throughout.

''Thirtythree'' in number?

Atlas = ''the first vertebrae.''

Side note: ''The etymology of the name Atlas is uncertain. Virgil took pleasure in translating etymologies of Greek names by combining them with adjectives that explained them: for Atlas his adjective is durus, "hard, enduring",[10] which suggested to George Doig[11] that Virgil was aware of the Greek τλῆναι "to endure"; Doig offers the further possibility that Virgil was aware of Strabo's remark that the native North African name for this mountain was Douris. Since the Atlas mountains rise in the region inhabited by Berbers, it has been suggested that the name might be taken from one of the Berber languages, specifically from the word ádrār 'mountain'.'' [Wiki].

'Seeing' is believing?

Continued: ''Fortytwo is often interchangeable with 40, for 6 weeks of seven days are often regarded, like the 40 days, as a time of preparation or waiting.....there were 42 stations that the Children of Israel had to pass between Egypt and Sinai, and that this sequence appears again in the incarnation of Christ in the 42nd generation after Abraham.'' ['Mystery of Numbers'].

The Bear. A 'She' bear. ''Train of thought''? ''Station of no station''?

''Why is Winnie the Pooh 42? Possibly in reference to the Naughty Forty. Rhymes with "(forty) one". Rhymes with "(forty) two" and in reference to Winnie-the-Pooh, a beloved UK children's book character. This was a phrase that was made popular during wartime by soldiers.''

''Although Paddington Bear now lives in London, England, he originally came from Peru where he was brought up by his Aunt Lucy after he was orphaned following an earthquake when he was just a few weeks old. When Aunt Lucy went to live in the Home for Retired Bears in Lima, she decided to send him to England to live.''

''Paddington Bear is a fictional character in children's literature. He first appeared on 13 October 1958 in the children's book A Bear Called Paddington and has been featured in more than twenty books written by British author Michael Bond, and illustrated by Peggy Fortnum and other artists.[1]

The friendly spectacled bear from "darkest Peru" – with his old hat, battered suitcase, duffel coat and love of marmalade – has become a classic character in children's literature.[2] An anthropomorphised bear, Paddington is always polite – addressing people as "Mr", "Mrs" and "Miss" but rarely by first names – and kindhearted, though he inflicts hard stares on those who incur his disapproval.[3] He has an endless capacity for innocently getting into trouble, but he is known to "try so hard to get things right". He was discovered in London Paddington station by the (human) Brown family who adopted him and named him "Paddington Brown," as his original name in bear language was too hard for them to pronounce.

Side note: Copper mines in the Sinai desert - used by the Egyptians.

N.B. "The crucifixion was a 'pause' {'watershed moment'?} in a great cycle, like the pause one gets in any cycle when the nadir or zenith of an 'arc' {key} - is rounded." Try ''dome''.

Conception to enlarge.



Question. ''Rounded'' in relation to ''Dome''? Try ''eight''.

Side note: ''After the 'miracle' of the multiplication of the SEVEN loaves of bread, Jesus gets into a boat and comes to the region of Magdala named Dalmanoutha. The name and place are disputed, being either Magdala or an area north of same...Magdala = Migdal meaning 'tower'....'' [Page 30-32 'Mary Magdalene: Insights of Ancient Magdala'].


Benben capstone or should that be Benbenet? Frustum?

Barley or wheat?

''The ancient Egyptian bread of heaven was oiriginally the goddess Nut. Hieroglyphically, all goddesses are indicated by the t phonetic sign, which was the image of a loaf of bread. The goddess nourished, and we partook in sacred life through her. The equivalent god of nourishment was Osiris, whose bits were scattered all over the earth; then whose energy rose up in the grain, was made into bread and then eaten....This is in 'remembrance'....To remember god is to gather the bits of divine nourishment {'belly' link}....In the Pyramid Texts of Unas, it says he lives on his fathers and feeds on his mothers. He 'eats' their hearts. He ingests their magic....'' [Page 354 'Dreams of Isis'].

Leavened / UNleavened to enlarge.

"It can refer to the stomach as an actual digestive organ ("his breadbasket rumbled with hunger"), but these days it's more commonly applied to the general stomach area ("rested her hands on her breadbasket")."

'Fire in the belly'.

Side note: ''Objects found in Sutton Hoo burial mound - Truncated pyramid shaped ''sword harness clips'' with gold/silver and jewels: ''Sliced sections of glass in perfect squares''. ['The Story of Sutton Hoo' / Mirthy].

'Sword in the stone'?


Qena = 'New City''.

''At Pueblo Grande {of the Hopi culture} we find one of the largest platform mounds, which was once 300 feet long, 150 feet wide, and 25-30 feet high. Over 720,000 cubic yards of fill of granite, sandstone, river cobbles, and dirt was used to construct this truncated pyramid. On the S/E corner of the platform mound was a room with an unusual corner door to let in the rays of the summer solstice sunrise, which fell against another door in the south wall....During the early 14th century the Rio Grande Pueblos  were established and additional settlements along the Little Colorado River were constructed. During this period the Katsina Cult also began to develop in Arizona....Preceeding this cultural shift was when the Orion template was impressed upon the HIGH desert in the form of 'star cities'.....The word ''template'' is homophonically linked to 'temporal' and 'temple'...'' [Page 257/269 'The Orion Zone'].

'Head of the Corner'?

And/or: ''...the human race had to plunge even further into materialism and sensuality before the limit of the downward arc was reached, and the swing upward {curved beak?} in the evolutionary cycle could begin. For this reason he could only teach in language simple in itself yet permeated with the leaven of the fundamental principles upon which all life processes and progressions are based. Man was- is - destined to drain the dregs of the cup that he himself has fashioned...The downward plunge into matter could not be halted by the incarnation of the 'Christ' - it still had over two thousand years to run before the upward swing could begin to be impelled..." ['A Man Seen Afar'].

And/or: ''The egg, {swht} is an image of the human egg whose body, the only visible part, makes us forget other casual factors, energetic or spiritual, as well as their 'pre-existence' as substance and their existence post mortem. The whole becoming of man and the phases of his comes about little by little through an alternation of build-ups and break-downs, in the course of which the antagonism between dissimilar elements transformations of 'gross' into 'subtle' {hewn/unhewn? and/or Sarson/Blue stones?} - provided they find at each stage the 'leaven' that works the change....'Then the earthly life is a moment in the life of my egg' Her-Bak asked...." [ Page 188/9 'Her-Bak: Egyptian Initiate'].

Side note: ''Therefore let us return to our left purpose of the 'two' fires'': Keys mentioned such as -   January / Torch / Taper / ''circular revolutions as in those of a labyrinth, and in furnaces,  which they call a tower'' and/or: ''instead of burning to bake or consume'' and/or: ''and with such a 'fire' 120 chicks were hatched  / ''eggs curved as if under a Hen'' / ashes and live coals in relation to the gum of a juniper tree = 120 + live coals link [Pages 46/7 'Discourse on Fire and Salt'].


N.B. Recall the 'right' turn into the tomb of Tutankhamun. ALL OTHERS = left turn.


Asteria 'goddess' of ''Fallen stars''. How did the ancients understand that concept. Coincidence?

Continued: "In addition to these ancient Vedic beliefs, the galactic alignment we are currently experiencing heralds a shift from a millennia-long descent of deepening spiritual darkness to a new era of light and ascending consciousness.'' ['Galactic Alignment'].

Question. Pseudo obsessives?

Question 2. Comet or Supernova {nova?} to represent that ''new era of light'' ?

..."The 'Ladder of the Planets' is another example of the Law of Octaves. The overall pattern of harmony in the universe is a 'seven' stepped formula for transformation embedded in our solar system. Just as the first seven notes of the musical scale represent our progress through the planets, the eighth note is a return to the first note at a higher vibration. The eighth note is the beginning of a whole new octave of creation that represents our leaving behind the grosser materiality of the planets and experiencing the more subtle matter of the 'spiritual' universe." Extract from the book by D. Fideler.

Question. Music equivalent of incarnation/reincarnation?

N.B. Saqqara/Meidum/Bent/Red/Menkaure/Khafre/Khufu/Djedefre. 8 in total.

Or more importantly: Saqqara/Meidum/Bent/Red/Khufu/Djedefre/Khafre/Menkaure {i.e., 'youngest'}.

The eclipse began shortly before 11.30p.m. Caribbean local time. The comet Hale-Bopp was, in theory at least, visible to the north-west, below Perseus and Cassiopeia. Unfortunately, neither I, nor Mark Hedsel saw the comet on that occasion." ['The Zelator' / M. Hedsel].

'W / M' ?

Gestation? Top half 'naked'. Lower half clothed?

A beginning or end?

From a different perspective {with something extra}: ''Everything is swallowing everything else, all the time. It is a law of the space/time vortex {'void' and/or spiral?} and is resurrected into the next higher level octave. There is a similarity in appearance each and every time. An example in Nature would be a tree going through the seasons...'' [Page 92 'Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt' ].

A working example: ''When Still and I spoke, the scientists had not yet presented their surprising revelations about the giant. But the vicar told me that any suggestion that the monks of Cerne Abbey would have been horrified by the presence of a naked figure on the hillside failed to comprehend the aspirations of the cloistered life. “The most difficult part of being a monk is coming to terms with yourself and your own existence,” he said. “Benedict said, ‘Remain in your cell, and your cell will teach you everything.’ You have to stay in your place, in your spot, and come to terms with who you are. So the link with the giant would be about being frank and honest about what we are. That is exactly what the giant is, and that is what the monks would have been trying to do.” Outside Still’s church, of which he is the fortysixth vicar in a lineage stretching back seven centuries, he urged me to look up at the building’s façade. Carved into the stone of the tower, which dates from the early sixteenth century, were several grotesque images of oversized figures eating smaller figures.


“I had grotesques on my previous churches, but I’m not aware of images of giants eating people,” he said. He’d never noticed them before that afternoon, while waiting outside the church for our appointment, he told me. “You just walk past things, and you don’t see them,” he said....Before leaving Cerne Abbas, I walked past the site of the former abbey to the foot of Giant Hill, and then started my own ascent up the well-worn path. The gradient was formidable: it was like climbing a long staircase."

 Refresher: ''Error runs down a plane while truth has to labouriously climb its way uphill.''

Coincidence or a meaningful one?

 And/or: ''Cronus was the ruling Titan who came to power by castrating his Father Uranus. His wife was Rhea. There offspring were the first of the Olympians. To insure his safety Cronus ate each of the children as they were born.''

''Cronus learned from Gaia and Uranus that he was destined to be overcome by his own  children, just as he had overthrown his father. As a result, although he sired the gods Demeter, Hestia, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon by Rhea, he devoured them all as soon as they were born to prevent the prophecy.''

"The number eight is the number of death for resurrection." ['Sacred Science'].

''I 'aint got nothing but love babe, - eight days of the week.'' ['The Beatles'].

Side step: ''Is the world as bad as the days of Noah? In many ways, it appears so because we see so much evil. But in Noah’s day, everyone except his own family had totally rebelled against God. Only eight people went through the door of the ark to be saved. There are more than eight people today who love the Lord. In fact, there are millions and millions of Christians around the world.'' [Ken Han daily. Internet. January/ 2022].

A coming together {'marriage'?} of something. Best foot forward. Or should that be best feet forward? North or South?

"RHYNIE, SCOTLAND—In a grave lined with sandstone, a team of scientists from the universities of Aberdeen and Chester discovered fragments of leg, pelvis, and jaw bones that may have belonged to Pictish royalty. “It is extremely rare to find any human remains from this era in the north east of Scotland as the soil in this part of the world is so acidic,” said Gordon Noble of the University of Aberdeen. The collapsed stones in the grave helped preserved the skeletal material. Pieces of medieval glass imported from western France and fine metal works were also found near the grave. Rhynie, which dates to the fifth and six centuries A.D., is known for its eight stones carved with Pictish symbols." ['Archaeology' / 2013].

From a different perspective: ''The Regimen of Luna and the Regimen of Sol are not consecutive, but alternating. The first stage of Luna is followed by the first stage of Sol, followed by the second stage of Luna, and so on. That must be right. Just as every 'solve' implies a 'coagula', every seperation a conjunction, so the two Regimens go on simultaneously. There are six stages, three from each Regimen, but seven if count the preparatory Calcination and eight if you count the last irrepresentable stage - the production of the Philosopher's Stone.'' [Page 173 'Mercurius' / P. Harpur].

Djedefre BACK to Menkaure-  but now on ''a higher level''?

While recalling that of the three it is Menkaure who is 'known' to have positive aspects associated with his name. Khufu and Khafre do not.

And/or the ''highest'' spot in Egypt associated with the 'name' Djedefre. THE VERY FIRST to be named 'Son of Ra'.

abstract 'M'?

ALL that ANCIENT HISTORICAL 'INFORMATION' passed down purposely  {Herodotus/Manetho?} - coincidence or a meaningful one.

Spirit V soul - as a means....?

Question. What does that say for the order of construction?

Try ''swallow''.

Foods = pig or boar, chicken, geese and duck.

Side note: "Located in the highlands of Scotland on the south shore of the Black Isle peninsula is a village called Rosemarkie. Just up the coast from there is a series of sea caves. Found close to the entrance of one of the caves - a skeleton of an ancient Pict. Lying on his back {In an 'egg' shaped alcove}, his legs crossed as if 'giving birth'. A large boulder placed between. His head slightly raised up as if to observe. The head had been {ritually?} smashed. The 'teeth' first, then the 'jaw' and finally a 'spear' point that went from one temple out through to the other {left to right}. The verdict: "A display of power and finality between the changing of chiefs." ['Ancient Murders Unearthed' / S1 EP1].

Something 'set in stone'.

''Chicks''? Try ''basket'' to attempt a MIND SET.

"A monk who had meditated long in search of Illumination finally received a great flash of insight. Rushing to his 'roshi' {Zen master}, the monk cried out, 'I have it! I have it! That rock there is inside my head.' "You must have a big head," the master replied, ''to hold a rock that size." [Extract from the book 'The Cosmic Trigger'. Mentioned elsewhere].

The tail end of the ''stinger'' = two swimming ducks.

"In 2017, scientists at Dundee University made a facial reconstruction of the man and two years later, isotope analysis revealed he had a high-protein diet. This led to speculation he may have been of Pictish royalty since only those of high status ate so much meat. Supporting this theory was the fact that his body showed no signs of injury, meaning he wasn’t a warrior or engaged in any day-to-day hard labour. Genetic analysis also revealed he had links to the Orkney Islands."


Continued: Windmill Hill? {Avebury}. ''One of the earliest examples of people enclosing open space.'' ['Walking Through History: Stonehenge' / Series 2. Ep. 1 / 23.11.13].

Openness / Emptiness. [K. Nichols].

OR MILK HILL? {i.e., highest point}.

And/or: The vale of Pewsey is an extent of lower lying ground separating the chalk downs of Salisbury Plain to the south from the Marlborough Downs to the north.'' [Wiki].

Mount Tabor? [i.e., = ''navel''}.

Archetype or tool?

As seen from a different perspective: ''The 'rites' given in this book comprise Two Great rounds on the human evolutionary spiral, plus four chapters that describe and 'activate' the sacred archetypes of the 'elements'....'' [Page 15 'Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt'. All emphasis , this readers].

Hermopolis, located by a small village called El Ashmunein (derived from Shmun), was the capital of the Fifteenth (Hare) Nome of Upper Egypt, but in ancient times was it was one of the great Egyptian cities known as Khmunu (Shmun). The name Shmun, which is ancient Egyptian for the word 'eight', is interesting and reflects one of the creation myths of the ancient Egyptians. This refers to the eight ancestors of creation who created the first 'child' {Astraea or Asteria link?} and thus it was believed that the first sun rise was over this city, which in turn created the world." [Wiki]. Anything? Try ''child''.

Side note: ''Sirius = 1st City'' [5:9].

Question. 'Male' or 'female' ''child'' in relation to:

"Thirtyfive has no major mystical importance, but according to Plutarch it expresses harmony, as it is the sum of the first feminine and first masculine perfect cubes: 'eight' + 'twentyseven'." [From the book by A. Schimmel].

Refresher: ''Thirtyfive degrees is the temperature that bees maintain their honey.''

A working example:  Edward Bloom. 35 Greenville Road. Ashton. Alabama.

Making way? Best foot forward?

And/or: ''Solon used the stella spheres to divide human life into seven periods of ten steps each, and the idea of this Greek sage were combined in turn with the concepts of the Old Testament by the Jewish philosopher Philo of Alexandria. Philo writes that by the end of the first heptad real teeth appear instead of 'milk' teeth. At the end of the second heptad, puberty begins, and in the third {21?}, youth sprouts a beard {a goaty one?}. The fourth heptad is the highest point of life and the fifth, the time for marriage {'35'?}. The 6th brings intellectual maturity, while the 7th ennobles the soul through reason {lotus?} - the 8th perfects both intelligence and reason {octave?} and in the 9th the passions are tamed, making way for justice and temperance. As for the 10th heptad, it is best for 'death' the Bible attests in Psalm 90 - that human life is threescore and ten...'' [Page 128 'Mystery of Numbers' / A. Schimmel].

Side note {something to ponder on}: "Line 2 refers to the oracle at Cumae whose Sibyl was under the aegis of Apollo; she was the compiler of the Sibylline Books which were consulted by the augers - Roman priests - at times of national calamity. Line 5 refers to the return of the Goddess of Justice, called also Dicte or Astraea, to the earth: Astraea left the earth for the 'stars' at the end of the Golden Age, becoming associated with the constellation Virgo. Lucina, line 12, is one of Juno's titles, in her role as goddess of 'childbirth': her festival, the Matronalia, was celebrated in March, corresponding to our Lady Day, 25 March. {Matronalia was also one of the titles of Madron}. [Page 171 'Mabon and the Mysteries of Britain' UNDER the sub-heading 'The Return of Saturn' in relation to 'The Lyre of Mabon']. Try ''25''.

''Orpheus with his lyre was able to change the nature of beasts and men by the permutation of but seven strings." [Page 212 'The Western Way'. Vol 2].

''Seven terms are needed to account for the principle of growth, and it is remarkable how often seven multiples of seven command the actual steps or stages and sequences or GROWTH - even more remarkable in view of the fact that science dismisses Pythagorean thinking and does not look for such correspondences." [Page 49 'Serpent in the Sky' / J. West].

Try ''correspondences''.

''Seven is the number of Nature'' ['Sacred Science'].

And/or: ''After the 'miracle' of the multiplication of the SEVEN loaves of bread, Jesus gets into a boat and comes to the region of Magdala named Dalmanoutha. The name and place are disputed, being either Magdala or an area north of same...Magdala = Migdal meaning 'tower'....'' [Page 30-32 'Mary Magdalene:

A 'Flat Head' ?

Side note: ''A working example {synchronistic?}: Callie from Flat Head Valley, Montana. North-West Montana. Embroiders seven porcupine quills in a garment: ''Seven is a number important to me. The seven represent the directions - North, South, East and West together with above, within and below." ['Alone: Over the Edge' / History Channel. 2020].

Working example: ''And behold, two of them went that same day to a village called Emmaus, which was FROM Jerusalem about seven miles away {through 'forest/woodland'}...And it came to pass, that while they talked and reasoned together of what had just happened; Jesus drew near, and went with them.'' [Luke {'twentyfour'}24:13 {'thirteen'}. And/or: 'Day 47: Freedom of the Resurrection: Road to Emmaus/Abu Gosh: Pilgrimage of Freedom: Magdala: Kathleen Nichols].

'Afar' to enlarge.

Other 'symbols' mentioned: Top of a hill / spring water / ''remembrance of the heart'' / ''breaker of bonds'' / Fig tree / Arc there for 'twenty' years etc.

Head/Feet = Aries/Pisces? Any gaps?

And/or: ''David gathered all the chosen men of Israel, thirty thousand. He and all the people went to the house of Abinadab {Emmaus} to bring the Arc of God - the Lord of Hosts that dwells between the cherubim.''

'Guest / visitor / GAP' to enlarge.

''And they set the Arc upon a new cart and took it TO Jerusalem making joyous music with harps etc.'' [2 Samuel: 6].

Karnac 'Feast of the Valley' to enlarge.


bridge + wattle to enlarge.

Continued: ''In the journey around the zodiac souls must pass through the House of Pisces, the House of Death and Resurrection to be ''washed as white as snow'' {north?} - before ''passing over the bridge'' to Aries for the journey to commence again. The rituals of the Passover of the Lord were very precise {Exodus 12}. Jesus was executed on the eve of Passover. The Age of Pisces begins....During the period before Passover, all normal activity was suspended. When the sun dawned on the horizon and Hades had risen from the underworld there was rejoicing called Hilaria by the Romans, possibly stemming from ares, this heralded the spring. Aries is the first house of the zodiac, marking an annual rebirth...." [Page 39 'Pathways to the Zodiac'].

N.B. 1st six UNDER {the horizon?} From the seventh {above it?}. All as a means...?

And/or: "Seven signifies the union of 'spirit' and 'matter' - of three and four...." [Page 50. Same book].

Try that one. And/or Snow White within the book 'The Fruits of the Moon Tree' / A. Bleakley.

Analogy {i.e.,as seen from a different perspective}: "It has been found and established that in this interval of vibrations, between the given number of vibrations and a number twice as large, there are two places where the retardation in the increase of vibrations takes place. One is near the beginning but not at the beginning itself. The other occurs almost at the end. The laws which govern the retardation or the deflection of vibrations from their primary direction were known to ancient science. These laws were duly incorporated into a particular formula or diagram...divided into eight unequal steps corresponding to the rate of increase in the vibrations...called an octave, that is to say composed of eight...This law shows why straight lines never occur in our activities, why, having begun to do one thing, we in fact constantly do something entirely different, often the opposite of the first, although we do not notice this...

Its the eagle that 'breaks the sword' in the original design + 'rays' FROM head emphasized.

All this and many other things can only be explained with the help of the law of octaves together with an understanding of the role and significance of 'intervals' which cause the line of the development of force to constantly change, to go in a broken line {'I Ching? i.e., 64 aspects}, to turn round, to become its 'own opposite' and so on {Hangman's card?}. Such a course of things, that is, a change of direction {180 degrees?}, we can observe in everything. After a certain period of energetic activity or strong emotion or a right understanding a reaction comes, work becomes tedious and tiring; moments of fatigue and indifference enter into feeling; instead of right thinking a search for compromises begins; suppression, evasion of difficult problems. But the line continues to develop though now not in the same direction as at the beginning..." ['In Search of the Miraculous'].

Follow the title of the book to 'see' it in its broader context {i.e., ''right thinking'' in relation to 'crystallization' of something. Representation of}. Enlarged elsewhere.

Semi-circle and U-turn? In the positive sense of the word.

And/or: "An ancient adept has said: 'If the wrong man uses the right means, the right means work in the wrong way.' This Chinese saying, unfortunately all to true..." ['The Secret of the Golden Flower'].

Found on Oak island. Plot 21 belonging to Daniel McGuiness as does plot 23 and 27. All significant numbers within subject material. Coincidence or a ….?

Landscape equivalent {and/or 'a working example'?}..."The seventh note in the octave was complete. The eighth note is actually on another dimension, another octave, but on another cycle. In other words, the return of energy to the temples of Palenque was completing the first spiral. The next spiral was not in Mexico, but in Guatemala, and represented the beginning of a new cycle of consciousness." ['Serpent of Light'. Mentioned elsewhere].

'27' ?

N.B. Remember this authors 'method' of telling a 'story' - before those first impressions tell {one?} something else.

Exercise. Any link to..."The twelve fold division of the enclosures at Gobekli-tepe suggests a basic knowledge of cosmic geography in the design and layout of its monumental architecture. If correct, then the apparent 5:4 size ratio of enclosures B, C, D, and E, which are all ovoid, suggests not only a basic understanding of cosmic harmony and proportion but also an interest in the interaction between different time cycles, most obviously those related to the earth's eccentricity, its axial tilt, and the precession of the earths orbit against the starry background. Although many of these cosmic notions were not fully recognised until fairly recent times, there is some hint that they were known at least in principle during the age of Pythagoras and Plato." [Extract from the book 'Gobekli Tepe' by A. Collins].

The profession of Builders are connected to the Freemasonry ‘mystery club’ well as to the construction of the Cathedrals,of which the symmetry and symbolism of what is known as the ‘Vesica Pisces is used throughout their construction and is a very good example of that same esoteric lore. Two circles,symbolic of ‘this’ world and ‘that’. Joined together from equal distances that form a shape when joined. Symbolic of that co-existence. That same shape {'middle' bit} that later on would be used by the Christians. The symbol of the Fish [ Key ].


It became known as the 'Black Figure technique'. Shields engraved - one overlapping the other. Spears 'crossing' over - all within a 'struggle'. [Treasures of Ancient Greece'. Series 1. 'The Age of Hero's / Alastair Sooke]. Coincidence or a meaningful one?

And/or..."The vesica, or central area of the interlocking circles, was treated not only with reverence but as a sacred entity. It was an area from which so much else, geometrically could be created. It was not lost on our ancestors, with their knowledge of the macro-cosmos, that the shape was not dissimilar to the female vulva, the origins of intelligent form - the origins of all of us. It thus represents the geometry of life. As time has passed it has acquired other meanings. As an example - the central area is shaped like an eye and has thus come to mean shared vision or common ground." [From the book by K. Gest].

Apple of the 'eye'. Anything?

The ancients sometimes used the ‘Almond’. It meant the same thing. Same shape.

Side note: The crown jewels consists of over 0nehunderd and forty objects {140} - including a spoon and walking stick and in 1671 Thomas Blood attempted to steal them. Been in the Tower since the 1600s. Used in the coronation of British monarchs. ['Lightening' / BBC2 /S2 E27].

Uas sceptre?

Conservative Leader Makes Her Keynote Speech To Party Conference

The word ''kingship'' used by T. M. when visiting the White House. Question. Does she feel duty bound? Is that the reason why she attempts to 'push' something through - almost to the point of ''flogging it to death''?

Perseverance, they say is a virtue, i.e.,"Very similar ideas are behind the anointing not just of church leaders worldwide but also of kings and queens. At a coronation, it is the anointing of the candidate that conveys kingship, not the crowning; the placement of the crown is merely a visible sign of the monarch's authority to rule in the eyes of god and of his or her newfound divinity. From this it might be assumed that the secrets of Adam, written down by Seth, contain the manner in which we, as mortal humans, are able to re-gain our spiritual bodies of light lost at the time of the Fall. To do this and become as 'angels' ourselves, we have to be anointed by the perfumed oil that bears the similitude of the Oil of Mercy from the Tree of Life. Within the influence of this divinely prescribed substitute for the Oil of Mercy, immortality is assured. Clearly, this is a religious concept, utilized today by Jewish and Christian nations around the world. It might seem also to have little, if anything, to do with the discovery of Gobekli-tepe. Yet empowerment and otherworldly transformation through the use of specific types of wood, and the oils and resins extracted from them, is something that might well have had its origins in the early Neolithic world of S/E Anatolia.

'Almond shaped' or just triangular? 'Water'?

The discovery at Gobekli-tepe of burnt almond wood and spent almond shells among the fill covering its sanctuaries indicates that that almond oil was most certainly known here. Its use could easily have been the origin behind much later anointing traditions that existed among the civilisations of ancient Mesopotania and the Semitic peoples of the Levant {hence its association with biblical tradition}. Interestingly, the rod of Aaron, Moses's brother, is said to have 'bloomed blossoms', which spreading like leaves, were formed into almonds' {Num 17:8}; while the seven branched candle of the Jews known as the menorah represents both an almond tree and the Tree of Life. The two are synonymous, even though elsewhere, the Tree of Life, as we have seen, is said to be an olive tree." [From the book 'Gobekli-tepe'. Italic emphasis, this readers].

Side note: ''Almond Blossom usually occurs from late July to early September. At the start of blossom in almond orchards, you will often see alternate rows in bloom. This is because almonds are not self fertile, so there are always 2-3 varieties interplanted in an orchard.''

And/or: ''The Costa Azahar, meaning "the orange blossom coast", is located in the province of Castellon, to the north of the city of Valencia. It lies between Catalonia in the north and the Costa Blanca in the general, the season for oranges in Spain, specifically Valencia oranges, begins at the beginning of November and ends at the end of June, before the summer begins.''

Continued: ''The substance that comes from almonds mixed in water is known as milk.'' ['The Chase'].

As is: ''A diet rich in almonds improves the flow of blood.''

Sentence in italics in relation to: ''Many years ago the English psychologist, F. W. H. Meyes, suggested that - ''hidden in the depth of our being is a rubbish heap as well as a treasure house''.

"I will give you the treasures of darkness and the secret places." {Isaiah 45,7}.

A working example: ''A rejuvenating potion in the Edwin Smith Papyrus is entitled ''recipe for transforming an old man into a youth''. The main ingredient is the hemayet-fruit, translated as 'bitter almonds'. One of the extracts, mandelic acid, is used for skin care - as it improves the quality of aged skin. There are also recipes to encourage hair growth on a bald head, with animal fats being a popular ingredient.'' [Page 38 'Ancient Egypt' / Jan/Feb 2023].

What would represent ''sweet''?

Egg of Blue? 3:5

''.....he became for a time Nebu the Wise God of Wednesday, represented by the almond-tree stem of the seven-branched Menorah; and it was particularly to him that Job referred his question: 'Where shall wisdom be found?'....'' [Page 331 'The White Goddess' / R. Graves].

A working example: "The prophets, however, are also shown things which do not illustrate the object of the 'vision', but indicate it by their name through its etymology or homonymity. Thus the imaginative faculty forms the image of a thing, the name of which has two meanings, one of which denotes something different {from the image}. This is likewise a kind of allegory. Comp. Makkal shaked, ''almond staff'' of Jeremiah {i.11-12}. It was intended to indicate by the second meaning of 'shaked' the prophesy, ''for I will watch'' etc., which has no relation to the staff or almonds. The same could be said for kelub / kayiz, ''a basket of summer fruit''...." [Page 239 'Guide for the Perplexed' / Moses Maimonides].

Try ''The fruit of ones labours'' and/or ''horn of plenty''. All as a means...?

''Vision'' in relation to: "bazon {'vision'} is derived from baza ''to see''..." Same book.

REFRESHER: "....the words 'idea', 'wisdom' and 'vision' ALL originate from the common Indo-European root which means ''to see''. An idea is an insight, an inner flash of illumination that can result in 'wisdom'." [From the book 'Alexandria' / Vol 3 ].

''Lightening bolt''?

"Another instance we find in Daniel. It is first stated there: ''Daniel had a dream and visions of his head upon his bed. The whole allegory is then given, and Daniel is described as sighing that he did not know its interpretation..." {Dan.vii.1}. Same book.

Put all the above together to find an answer within the para below:

Two soil types found on the upper level. Coincidence or a ……..?

"The origin of an idea is naturally hard to trace; it appears to spring full grown like Athena 'from the head of Zeus'. But when Athena was called on to create, she produced an olive tree out of the earth; and the study of human intuition shows that there is normally some soil in which the idea has grown." [From the book 'The Origin of the Zodiac' under the chapter entitled 'The Naming of the Constellations' by R. Gleadow].

#Question. Shadow or Anima as a means...?

Something extra: "You are well aware how our sages blame those who reveal the mysteries, and praise the merits of those who keep them secret - although they are perfectly clear to the philosopher {i.e.,that objective one}. In this sense they explain the passage: 'HER merchandise shall be for them that dwell before the Lord, to 'eat' sufficiently." {Isa.xxiii.18}. Same book Page 251.

AS simple {'child'-ish?} as it sounds {if only to those first impressions {'lower'?} - Try ''soil''.

'A grain of wisdom'.

Question. How many grains make a cake?

Funerary cake?

Question. Coincidence or a meaningful one?

REFRESHER: ''Otherworld'' {Part 2} - in relation to such quotes as ''collective ancestral wisdom'' and/or ''metaphysical planes'' relative too - ''Avalon, Hollow Hills, the Blessed Isles, Summerland {'Summer Triangle'?}…. in the place beyond the sunset, ever westward where the light is always that of twilight {i.e.,from a as yet 'unknown' aspect}. Hence: ''It is a waiting place, a place of learning and nourishment {'food' link}....The place of traditional learning and wisdom, where springs the well of inspiration....For the Jews it was to 'be gathered in Abraham's Bosom.'' And/or {analogy}: "The Celtic Otherworld retains its ambiance of 'Joy'. It is aptly described as the Fortunate Isle, the Honeyed Plain of Bliss, the Apple Isle and the Summer country: all set somewhere west..." [Pages 107-109 same book].


Light and dark? A 'blending' of the two?

Side note: Practical/working example: ''Hello everyone. Hope you are all well. You may be asking yourself while you are watching this: 'Why is Callie so happy and smiling? How can she be so in the cold freezing Artic. Should'nt she be cold and miserable? Well i have a secret - its K. G. Sparkle'. I have a  sister who is amazing and hilarious. Those are magic words....whenever she hears them she laughs hysterically for a good twenty minutes. So if i think of K.G. Sparkle i hear her laugh - and that makes me so happy. So if i ever get down i just sprinkle a little K.G. Sparkle on it and it becomes all good." {Callie/'Alone'/2020}.

Gold dust?

Continued: Those  same 'proportions' that make the Vesica piscis, also within the Hebrew 'Tree of life'. Known throughout this subject as 'sacred geometry'. That same 'geometry' that is 'shown' within pyramids, cathedrals and paintings, as a representation of an 'understanding', [by way of the 'Golden mean' or ratio etc]. That 'understanding' that is represented in many cultures, by way of a 'development'.... from a 'seed' to a 'flower', as explained throughout in such publications as 'The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life'. Mentioned elsewhere. [Page 41, for information on the above, i.e.,Vesica piscis].

"What was new about Black Figure, was the use of a sharp point to 'scratch' in the detail.'' Alastair Sooke.

horus eye

Minds eye?

As one example: "A special case of the geometric reconciliation of opposites involves the Golden Ratio, or ''the section'' as the Greeks referred to it, which grows from the diagonal of the half-square. Quite a number of vases display its proportions because it offers artisans a particular powerful tool for guiding the viewers attention around a spiral of squares towards its ''eye'' - the compositions ''center of gravity'' where all diagonals cross. The architect, teacher, and writer Jay Hambidge rediscovered this geometry and called it 'dynamic symmetry'...." [Page 20 'Alexandria: The Journal of the Western Cosmological Tradition' / D. Fideler].

Apply that 'understanding' to define {as one example} ''vase'' within the broader spectrum {'137'?} of subject material.

'Raised hands' = 'Joy'?

Why the fish? Because water is also symbolic [ in part ] of the life force. [ Almond trees love water ]. The Egyptians called it the Duat [Tibetans = Bardo link], represented by the Nile, i.e., symbolic of ...the medium by which that journey takes place. For a possible ’technical’ term of the same...’A symbol is an energy-evoking and direct agent’. Think about it. In relation to those positives/ negatives within a ‘river’. [ J.Campbell. ’Flight of the Wild Gander’. Chapter five. Part seven]. That link to the word ''archetype.''

As {one} example: ''As has been said, Ra is not the sun itself, but rather the solar energy {'spirit'?} which, during the course of its daily cycle, animates all the organic {'soul'?} functions of the human body, one after the other, at each hour of the day and night. It is in this way that we are subject to it....'' ['Sacred Science'].

From something 'hidden' {Amun} to something now manifested. Something of a known quality = Amun-Ra.

Benben or Benbenet?

A working example: especially the word ''archetype'' in relation to the sentence {above} highlighted: " It is a common law that when two forces, male/female, positive/negative, unite, a third force is created. This could be where the concept of the religious 'Trinity' originates; the Father-Mother-Son or, in the Western religions where the feminine has been discarded, the Father-Son-Holy Spirit. It is the interplay between the positive and negative poles of each entity that keeps energy vibrating at a particular rhythm and sets one vibration apart from another. The closer the two poles are to harmony the quicker the vibration, and this is how we progress up the ladder of frequencies to the 'godhead'..." ['Truth Vibrations'].

"A river of thoughts''. Purpose of. Benefit of.

Amenemhat III. Any 'Joy'? And/or: Upward 'triangle' point of which stops at the 'navel'. Question. What about the downward one? Shoulders to navel?

'Square' shoulders = ''Sq. on''? Triangular ends?

Those ''energy levels'' {use of} from a different perspective {i.e., the 'ritual one'}: "In this regimen of spiritual discipline, every attempt has been made to avoid reference to foreign systems or the use of strange words or names with which the average student might not be familiar. In this exercise we want to use some Hebrew words or 'divine' names. There is no virtue per se in these words. They are traditional and emit a type of sound vibration which is useful to us - and that is all...." [Page 39 'The One Year Manuel' / I. Regardie. Emphasis, this readers].

Question. Does not a study program {course?} regardless of length of time {year?} involve energy levels towards eureka moments of ''higher'' levels of awareness?

Understanding that universal ''bit'' {represented always with the word ''divine''} gives one a chance - beginner or otherwise - to get ones head around subject material as a whole - into a mind set.

'See' it?

"Once the resolve is made and kept to act in future for the higher not the lower self, progress is speedy, and the path is entered on which leads at last to the Eternal Peace. Though they will many times be fallings off and failures, yet once the link with the Divine Self has been established the disciple cannot fall again into utter darkness. Something has awakened within him which will never let him rest again in matter, and, though at times he may even fight against it, the inner pull will ever and again be felt, and like a big fish held on a slender line he will eventually be brought out of the 'stream' to land." [Link to ''C''. This readers input. Chapter 9, 'The Yoga of the Bhagavat Gita'].

That final link to the 'fish tail' symbolism. [i.e.,Poseidon or Oannes]. Representing...from an unconscious [and/or 'shadow'] start point. Link to wet/dry. Relative to an understanding. Indicative of. Nothing more. 'Seeing' it?

"The lengthened shadow of a man Is history, said Emerson." [Extract from 'Selected Poems' by T. S. Eliot]. Hindsight?

"Hast thou not turned thy vision to thy 'Lord?' How he doth prolong the shadow! If he willed he could make it stationary. Then do we make the sun its guide; then we draw it in towards ourselves - a contraction by easy stages. And he it is who makes the night as a Robe for you, and sleep as repose, and makes the day [as it were] a resurrection." [Quran 25:45-47 - including parenthesis].

'Without the shadow of a doubt'.

Contraction / Expansion.

"As the sun rises higher and higher, the shadows contract. In regions were the sun actually gets to the zenith at noon, there is no shadow left at that time. Where does it go? It was but a shadow cast by a substance and it gets absorbed by the substance that produced it." [Note 3101 relating to 25:45-47].

Understanding that one sentence - within the whole - defines a possible resting place. More importantly it EXPLAINS why it may have been chosen.

Rostau? {Rastau/Restau}.

N.B. "The crucifixion was a 'pause' {'watershed moment'?} in a great cycle, like the pause one gets in any cycle when the nadir or zenith of an 'arc' {key} - is rounded." [Extract from the book by G. Knight].

''In gymnastics, a round-off is very similar to a cartwheel.'' ['The Chase'].

The Wain?

10329571-beautiful-church-interior-picture-taken-in-poland-eMost Churches / Cathedrals use the Nave in relation to the Transept as symbolism; in part; of the same. The word 'nave' a link to the word ‘ship’. [ Root of ] That link to the ‘boats’ found on the south side of the great pyramid. Everything has a start point. This subject and especially the journey within it is no different.

Side note: Two boats mentioned in relation to ''energy levels'' {originally known especially in those ancient days as kundalini or 'serpent' power} on page 232 'Egyptian Book of the Dead {M. Ashby}. One 'boat' representing Asar/Hathor the other to Ra.

Continued: As an example.The Sphinx as most know faces east. Its ‘tail end’ in the west. Symbolic of a learning curve beginning in...'A', [ East ] Together with the beginnings of a further one. Upon completion, [ link to the ’tail end' of something ] 'B'.[ West ]. All in the ’ relaxed/reclining' position, i.e., ‘Known’ state.

Or more importantly. The word that most associate with this world. The Horizontal one. [ link to ‘Altar’ symbolism.Explained within ].

Superior / Inferior?

If A-B=east-west. Then B-C is represented as south –north, i.e., the ‘verticalone. [ The correct representation is within the ‘structure’ of the Pagan ’x’ ]. Or the ‘S/E’ position of those ‘T’ shaped pillars and/or the S/E corner of the sarcophagus in the 'higher' chamber of the Great pyramid as recently discovered by laser technology - ''The head of the corner''- find it to understand it.

'The head of the fish should face the eldest'. Chinese dining custom. [BBC / 'The Story of China' with M. Wood].

Analogy: {i.e.,a 'working' example}: "...It is exactly in connection with this law that there occurs one of the fundamental rules of the 'fourth way'. On the fourth way there is not one teacher. Whoever is the elder, he {she?} is the teacher. And as the teacher is indispensable to the pupil, so also is the pupil indispensable to the teacher..." ['In Search of the Miraculous'. Emphasis/parenthesis, this readers].

Follow the title of the book to 'see' it in its broader context.

Question. Djedefre?


And/or: ''A model for the female mystery may be found in the story of Demeter and Persephone. This drama was the subject of the Eleusin Mysteries and can, to some degree at least, be seen as a counterpart to the story of Odysseus and Telemachus. Both 'young' ones embark on dark journeys, but while Telemachus, the son, goes in search for his father and his family past, Demeter, the mother, goes in search for her lost daughter, knowing that the world and the future will 'die' unless they are reunited. This union of the generations {'ancestors'?}, is required for both initiations and for all lives to move forward, but the mother is looking to the future in her daughter, while in the initiations of The Odyssey the son looks backward to the father.'' [Page 322 'The Hero and the Goddess'].


Orion walking backwards?

egypt-giza-sphinx-14119319The very first capital of a united Egypt was Memphis. ’ South’ of those monuments. In other words one had to approach those monuments from that position in order to understand their true symbolism, i.e., in 'Profile'. As opposed to 'Face on'.

A 'learning' , in relation to something 'learned'. Which leads to further questions, i.e., which came first...and why?

Exercise: "Why his profile? we wondered we began to search through Woodroffe book for our half-remembered references to the anahata chakra, or the flaming flower which burned at the region of the heart..."The profile'' he began. The word echoed through our soul, for this had been the true question we had carried in our heart when we contemplated the picture of Sir John Woodroffe. Why, we had asked ourselves, had he elected to be photographed in profile? ''....the profile of a human being is a special thing for those with eyes to see..." ['The Zelator'. Emphasis, this readers].

Mr William Ockham. Question Right to left or left - right? Or put another way - in what direction does the earth spin - all as a means...?

A {working?} example: "Long before a connection had been made between Homeric astronomy and Ptolemy, the authors had made an arbitrary decision that Homer's constellations represented warriors seen face to face by observers on earth. This notion worked well except in a small number of cases where narrative suggested that Homer also described warriors in profile..." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

Follow the title of the book to see it in its broader context not just the 'Precession'' one.

And/or {i.e.,something to ponder on}: "The burial ritual seems to differ somewhat in the north and south. At Merimde-Beni-Salame, the bodies were lying in fetal position on the right side, with the head to the south, the face turned eastward; while at Tasa, personages in the same position had the head toward the south but facing west, a burial mode encountered, with the same orientation, during the periods that followed in Upper Egypt and Lower Nubia. This involves

"It has been established for some time by experience that a certain onesidedness of the conscious, in other words a disturbance of balance, brings about a compensation from the side of the unconscious. This compensation is accomplished by means of the..." ['Woman's Mysteries' / M. Harding].

"Analogy of same; different author; different time period..."According to Gurdjieff, the truth can be approached only if all parts which make up the human being, the thought, the feeling, and the body [Alchemy equivalent, sulphur, mercury and salt. Representational of. This readers input]...are touched with the same force and in the particular way appropriate to each of them [''penetrate of heart'' link. This readers input] - failing which, development will inevitably be one-sided and sooner or later come to a stop." [Foreword to the book 'Life is Real, Only Then, When I Am'. Mentioned elsewhere].

Continued....As the Sphinx is approached from the ‘south’ ones sees ‘rising up’ behind it another of those ‘monuments’...The Great pyramid, i.e., representative of the ‘Vertical’. ‘Connecting’ those two key symbols together,[in the minds eye], i.e., the horizontal / vertical..produces one of those most ancient symbols. Try it. Move a vertical ‘bar’ along a horizontal one. Left too right or right too left. Do you see it yet? Try it again. Slowly move the vertical bar along the horizontal one. Move it towards the middle. What do you see?...Nothing? Then put your head gear on. Put your ‘thinking cap' on. [ i.e., in Khufu-s day it looked like a fez ].

That symbol that has always represented that co-existence. [ A subtle link to Memphis itself, i.e., ‘Border’ of both upper/lower Egypt ] But now in stone. Or more importantly represented by TWO stone ‘monuments’. Question. Does that imply that they were built together?

If only in part, i.e.,just the 'head'...that represents the 'horizontal' aspect... as the representation of the beginning of something. The beginning of a learning process. Hence its East position {'face on'?}. By 'head', this reader implies, 'face' only, i.e., without the 'head gear'. As was the case with the 'Golden child'. The 'face' and 'headgear' being two separate items. Two separate 'images'. A representation of two different aspects, within a development. That represents the 'course'/journey of an understanding.

As for the 'vertical' representation some are of the opinion that the Great Pyramid has always been incomplete. Its missing Capstone. So the same logic should apply to its co- host, i.e.,a 'development', in stages...With one exception...the 'snake'. That 'image'... That representation of something, that is 'identified' with a 'learning' process, is a universal one [i.e.,archetype]. Therefore this reader implies, that more than likely it was part of the initial 'face' sculpture. That 'symbol' that is universally associated in one form or another regardless of place or time [in part, or in the main], with the 'forehead'.

Analogy of same..." the depths [valleys] of human folly [in relation to. This readers input]... the heights of divine light." [note 3237 of the Quran. Translater...Abdullah Yusuf Ali].