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The Motmot Marker Stone. Father and son together. ''Motmot'' = nickname of the son. A link to the ''twin'' tail feathers of such birds as the Kingfisher and BEE-eater. Tiahuanaco {central} - Copan {S/E] - ALL as a means...?

"A thing has no existence relatively to ourselves before we become conscious of its existence...The term consciousness signifies realization of existence relative to a certain thing. Consciousness in the absolute sense is unconsciousness in relation to things... Consciousness means knowledge and life, unconsciousness is ignorance and death..." Quotes taken from the book by F. Hartman.

Remember - metaphorically speaking.

Example: 'To spit {snake?} in the face of ignorance'.

"Analogy is the quintessence of the 'philosophical' stone." Enlarged elsewhere and throughout.

And/or... 'The Son is the consciousness of the Father.' The 'Father' is the Mystery...the dazzling darkness of UNconscious Consciousness." Quote by Clement of Alexandria.

"We live in dynamic times when humanity is waking up to the implication of a greater transformation and the reality that we are a part of a much greater consciousness universe. The keys of Enoch [and/or 'keys of Solomon'] reveal the past, present and future of life on our planet and how our human nature is non-local and multidimensional, having vast capabilities and endowments of a divine birthright coded within us, that reveals how we are universal beings working within a higher evolutionary plan." [First page, first paragraph,'The Keys of Enoch' by J. J. Hurtak]. And...

"Life is a manifestation of power of the unimaginable cause of all existence. It must be a substantial principle, else it could not exist, because no activity can take place without substance. It has no forms, but is manifested in forms; it continually advances from lower to higher forms, and as it advances the character of forms advances with it. The building of the ''Temple of Solomon'' goes on unceasingly." [Quote taken from the book by F. Hartman].

Understand what is implied by the 'Divine bit' relative to A/B/C defines those statements. it also touches on incarnation / reincarnation - its true meaning, i.e.,relative to the present moment, i.e.,''advances from lower to higher...'' As it does with the following...

"...everything alive is really alive in the fullest and most dynamic sense of the word. It twitches, searches, throbs, organises and seems aware of an upward movement. This foundation would be familiar to nature philosophie, and Prometheus Rising could be seen as continuing in that tradition of synthesis. Indeed, Wilson leaves the reader with a quote from the futurologist Barbara Marx Hubbard: 'The future exists first in imagination, then in Will, then in reality'." [Extract from the book 'The Magister'].

"The worker is hidden in the workshop."

"As time passed, the learned men of each culture became known as sages or wise men - 'one of those who knows'. It was Pythagoras who apparently invented the terminology - philosophy - meaning 'one who is attempting to find out'. " [From the book by Kevin Gest].


Funnel shape?

A practical {work in progress?} example..."The great centaur Chiron was associated with the hero Jason as well as with Heracles. There are deep mysteries connected with him and he may be equated with the human condition that expresses higher intelligence in animal form. However, there are risks in this condition for the 'intelligence' can still be expressed in contending forms {i.e.,link to the word ''gnosis'' OVER 'intelligence' - benefit of, i.e.,what it implies. This readers input. Enlarged elsewhere - and throughout} - This is represented in the Heracles legend by a great battle {'struggle/wrestle/submit' links - enlarged elsewhere} - of the centaurs {i.e.,'lower' state. Representation / expression of} - which in fact starts as a result of Heracles opening up the 'wine' store of the centaurs - a gift from Dionysos but one that the centaurs did not understand and found difficult to handle. It may be taken to mean the intoxication that can result from direct spiritual awareness. In this 'battle', which we may be assumed to be the historical human condition, the most wise and righteous of the centaurs, Chiron, is wounded by one of Heracles arrows. These {in his previous 'test'} had now been dipped in the Hydra's blood, which meant that there was no cure for anyone 'scratched' by them {i.e.,'serpent' in relation to the word ''kundalini'' i.e.,what it implies relative to a learning curve - if only in the 'spiritual' sense of the word, i.e.,this subject material. Therefore 'higher' {overcoming?} 'lower' }. Chiron {i.e., still in the 'lower' state - indicative of} undergoes prolonged 'suffering', for he can neither live fully nor die; a condition portraying the immortal human spirit bound to the wheel of life and death {i.e.,another expression could be the 'relationship' between something Unmanifested becoming Manifested and/or 'known/UNknown'}. Eventually Chiron's suffering is ended when he is allowed to take the place of Prometheus, who can in turn be 'released' from his bondage as a consequence. In other words, the centaur is a transitional human condition, that passes when the Promethean {'higher' link?} given spirit is fully expressed in 'divine' man - an achievement which fully justifies and 'releases' Prometheus." {Manifested?}. [Extract from the book by G. Knight. All emphasis, this readers].

Keys in relation to 'manifest' - if only in defining a subject.

Food for thought..."One aspect of lodge manifestation has certainly changed over time. That is the significance given to King Solomon and his temple. It is difficult to know whether Solomon's reputation, masonically speaking, has more to do with his being an epitome of wisdom, than his commissioning a temple for the Jewish priesthood." [Extract from the book 'Freemasonry: The Reality' by T. Churton].

Think on it, in relation such books as 'A Test of Time'. Enlarged elsewhere.

And/or: " Its more of an ideology project...." {Quote by Hebrew archaeologist Israel Finkelstein. 'Jerusalem' / Sat. TV}.

Or chapter 'nine' [page '120'], in relation to the tale of 'Atlantis'. Lots of 'keys' used such as Poseidon, islands, red ochre, hot/cold, chariot, six winged horses, Dolphins, 'giants' before the flood, 'ten' kings, or number symbolism relative to inner/outer in relation to 'seven' and 'three', all of which when understood, explains to the reader that tales true intent. Explained within.

As does: "Yes, you did see it. And yes, she does feel it. And no, they will not remain separate. They will unite at the end of the age.

''That will be a catastrophe! And to my world I think. Not to Pans. What of the animals?"

"Yes, a catastrophe, and yes, to your world and not to Pan's. And the Animals? They will all die''

"Then what?"

"They will then forever be alive, and you shall know them as they truly are, for you too shall be alive." [Page 122/3 'Sword in the Sun' / A. Duncan].

Something to ponder on: "These types of men, the one hairless and the other shaggy, recall the old Hindu tradition that speaks of the former as a people originally from Lemuria {a continent submerged, with the exception of certain islands - Madagascar, Indonesia, Ceylon, etc.,}, who were reputed to have been beardless, that is, 'sexually' still in a phase of determination {the 'third' race}, while the Atlanteans {the 'fourth' race} were sexually determined and the men bearded. According to this view, traces of Lemures would remain on the eastern coast of Africa, while populations of the western region would hark back to Atlanteans." ['Sacred Science'].

''Poseidon who was 'master' of Atlantis.'' Question. What does it represent?

''Transforming fingers'' ? Enlarged throughout. Question. In 'profile' or 'face on' ?

"Your house of many mansions is not built by hands. It is situated within yourself and is an essential and permanent part of you. It is your citadel. Picture yourself standing within its portals and take conscious possession of your property." [From the book 'The Silent Road' by W. T. Pole].

Analogy: BETH {2nd letter of Hebrew Alphabet} = ''House''.

And/or: ''Pharoah'' = 'Great House'.

A {practical?} example...

Dear You,

I write this letter in the early hours of the morning thinking if my words help one person then that is something...

Often I wish I could exchange my mind for another one, a spotless one that is seeped in eternal sunshine, instead of the dented one that feels chronically polluted. But this is the mind that I have and I know that there is good within it, in the paintings that I create, the poems that bubble and grow out of the debris...

Right foot anchored.

To dispel the blocks of mental rubbish that clog up my brain I have started a happy book, which is small and easy to carry. It contains drawings and paintings and upon each new page I date it and write my achievements of the day, such as ‘read book to my child’, ‘watered the plants’, ‘worked on painting’, ‘went to the post office’, and these little moments build up to create a picture of my day that is contrary to the one in my head. These small moments help to remind me of who I am and where I am going and what I hope to achieve and do, they keep me anchored to the present...

The mind can become a suffocating prison without a ‘tent of blue’ to peer out of, I choose to unlock the door and walk out of that prison towards the meadows, towards the light and lie down in the grass, look up at the sky, see the shapes in the clouds or the patterns in the stars and dream that life can get better, if I let it. Indeed, it can, if only a tiny bit – a tiny bit is something to cherish...

Please don’t feel stuck in the darkness, I know what it’s like; you are not alone. May your life get that little bit brighter, I believe that it can and it will...

You have to look at each day like a new canvas and decide the painting you want your day to be rather than paint the same old dark picture that just compounds that sense of doom, gloom and hopelessness. You have to choose the colours you want your painting to be even if your default stance is to go for morose shades of grey and black. There are flecks of light and colour in each day, tiny ones like a bright ochre, or a crimson scarlet. These iridescent colours shine and smile out at us all. They are friendly and warm. These colours can guide you towards a brighter place and help you paint a different sort of painting. A painting that when you look at it speaks to you like an old friend, inspires, comforts and stirs something deep inside, you just have to open your eyes a little wider and let those colours in.''

Side note: ''A painter that only uses red''. {Jaime Lannister}.

Continued: "Take good care of yourself, be kind to yourself, be your number one ally, and keep searching for that fleck of light sleeping in the shadows. It is there, I can see that tiny fleck right now – put it in your pocket and cherish it.''[Q. S. Lam]. Question. 'See' any keys?

Try the Mona Lisa - to 'see' something from a different perspective. The above example from an 'unknown' position - the 'Mona' from a 'known' one - yet both contain those common factors. Question. What does that imply?

Was the Mona Lisa created under a psychosis?

''Tent of blue'' and ''colours'' in relation to: "It is essential to understand thoroughly what the word 'Neter' {key} means. We have seen that in every month of each seasonal period of the year, every hour of the day has its Neter, because each one of these hours has its own character. It is known that the blue morning-glory blooms at sunrise and closes at midday like the lotus flower. This is observed but not understood. More easily understood is the fact that certain fruits require afternoon sun in order to ripen and to colour..." ['Sacred Science'].

''Blue'' {morning}, ''fruit'' {afternoon} - ALL in relation to the 'fruit of ones labours' - as a means...? REPRESENTED {beginnings of} - with the 'lotus' flower. Try ''blue'' for other examples.


A working example: ''Oh Unas you are not dead. You are alive to sit on the Throne of Osiris. Your Scepter is in your hand that you may give orders to the living. The Handle of the Lotus shaped Scepter is in your hand....The Pavilion of Unas is woven with Reeds...The water of Unas is wine, like that of Re....The abomination of Unas is hunger. He does not eat it. The abomination of Unas is thirst. He does not eat it. Unas it is indeed....His Nurse is the Milk goddess. It is She who makes Him live again. She gives him birth. Unas is conceived at night. He is born at night. For he belongs to the Followers of Re, who are before the Morning Star. He is conceived and born in the Watery Abyss. He has come. He has brought your Bread which he has found there. The Eye of Horus trickles on the bush of the Yew Plant. Khentiamenti comes to him indeed. He has brought him the 'food' of Horus, who is at the Head of his Houses....Of what he eats, Unas eats.....One joint and one cake, this is his offering...'' [Page 34 'The Pyramid Texts' / W. Budge].

A different perspective.

Cloud People. S/E?

And/or: ''We have put together a picture of the international metropolis in the Song and Yuan Dynasties. Many inscriptions from different religions appeared at this time....One such inscription was within a stone relief in a city wall. The figure seems to be a christian angel {cross-legged} with its wings and a cross on its chest. Clouds above... On closer examination it throws up some mysteries. The cross rises from a lotus flower...A  French scholar published his discovery of this stone carving....He called it the Zai Tun Cross. It caused quite a stir.'' ['Return to Zai Tun' i.e., S/E China. Nat Geo / 3.12.21].

Question. Any 'flowers' on the Narmer Palette?

'Lords of the Left Hand Path' / S. E. Flowers.

Female aspect {Mary Magdalene} touching the hem of 'Jesus'. A linen one.

"Noon indicates the beginning of the battle against the powers of Seth. Noon, the sun's culminating moment of the day, marks the transition between rising and decline; it is the critical hour during which all of nature becomes silent. In Chinese acupuncture, noon is the passing from solar {Yang} to lunar {Yin}. ['Sacred Science'].

Try ''noon'' and/or ''silence'' all as a means...? Since the dawn of human thought?

'The Quest of Seth' / E. C. Quinn.



'Big bird'? Ostrich?

Side note: ''Emptyness is a virginal quality which for want of a better word i call 'emptyness'. It is emptyness like the hollow in a reed, open to recieve the breath of the musician ready too utter the song in his heart. An emptyness like that of a hollow in a cup shaped to recieve water or wine. An emptyness like that of a birds nest built in a round warm ring ready to recieve the little bird:'' This is the kind of emtyness she calls 'virginity' - an openness to recieve.'' [Kathleen Nichols / 1st Sunday of Advent {'Emptyness and Openness'} / Star of Wonder / Magdala / Dec 2021:   - taken from the book 'The Reed of God' by Caryll Houslander].

'Reed' huts?

Westward leading still proceeding guide us to......?

''So what shape is that virginal emptyness of our own being; and of what material are we made. Are we reed pipes, are we chalice's or are we nests. Is he waiting to work lyrically through us, does he ask us to be 'sacrificed' in us, or does he desire of us a warm sweet abiding in a domestic life at home.'' [Same].

Female figure lightly touching {supporting?}  big male one. And/or: 'Little toe of big one = N/W angle of the pylon'. [Page 24].

Nipple? Put the ''images'' together. 'See' anything?

From a different perspective: ''The head stands for the 'Covered Temple' {veil?} the sanctuary of the human body where all the control centers are gathered. It has the same symbolic meaning in the temple....Egyptian figurations carefully mark - with a headband, crown, diadem, or joint - a dividing line for the top of the skull thus separating the crown of the skull.'' [Chapter entitled 'Significance of the Crown of the Skull' : from the book 'The Temple In Man'].

Recall ''all things gathered'' in the tomb of Tut.

Any pine cones?

Define {'see'} the above to get an idea {''hang on''?} - the following: The Cerrigydrudion Crown. A Celtic piece of ancient artwork. Bronze {'red'?} and leather {'cow'?] headpiece. ''Possibly signifies 'warrior' headgear - with palm leaf and lotus designs - neither of which are common to these islands {UK}.'' ['Inside Museums: St. Fagan/Cardiff. Sat.TV].

A working example: Recall 'King' Odysseus journey back to his homeland.

And/or: ''Beloved goddess Isis, come as the scent of the Lotus. Charge {change?} this sacred fire and our hearts with your mystery and magic.''

Any moister in there? '80'?


Side note: Jericho {'The City of Palm Trees'}: before the crossover = 'fire' {i.e., ''wilderness years'' i.e., in a 'desert'}. AFTER the crossover = Jericho; root of which in Arabic = ''fragrant'' {soul? i.e., by way of the moon which is also related to same word - THEREFORE Water link}. [Day 20 'Healing of a blind Beggar' - ''outside the city gates of Jericho'' / K. Nichols / Magdala / Sep. 2021].

Question. Thirsty?

N.B. Baptism of Christ with John also took place just 'outside those gates'.

And/or: ''To be sure, twenty is not exactly interesting for mystical or magical pursuits, but on the other hand {left or right one?}, it is extremely important in the formation of number systems. For the simple reason that the fingers and toes add up to 20, this number forms the basis of counting sytems in many cultures. Among the Celts, for eample, 40 is called two times 20. The Ainu, in northern Japan have a very similar way of counting and express, for instance, 80 as 4 times 20, which corresponds exactly to the French quatre-vingts.'' ['Mystery of Numbers' / A. Schimmel].

Raised hands?

End of cycle, beginning of another? Hence: ''Now the gates of Jericho were securely barred {'bolted'?} because of the Israelites. No one went out and no one came in.

Beginning or end of a cycle?

Then the Lord said to Joshua, “See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands, along with its king and its fighting men. March around the city once with all the armed men. Do this for six days. Have seven priests carry trumpets of rams’ horns in front of the ark. On the seventh day, march around the city seven times, {total therefore of '13'}, with the priests blowing the trumpets.  When you hear them sound a long blast on the trumpets, have the whole army give a loud shout; then the wall of the city will collapse and the army will go up, everyone straight in.” [Joshua 6].

Question. 'Six' = ''gates'' link?

Working example: Colleen Darnell gives a description within the temple of Abu Simbel of a painting of Ramesses { ''a peculiar image''} offering two vases of water to his {higher} self. On a table, similar to the one that the jackel is normally seen resting on {lower}, can be seen food offerings - ''two baskets of fruit'' and the lotus flower. Below the table ''two loaves of bread''. Dividing the picture is the 'Uas' staff {and/or 'Was'}.The conclusion being: ''The temple was built there because Nubia was where the gold was.'' AND/OR: ''This is Ramesses the king, offering to himself as Ramesses the god. To be remembered and worshipped for eternity''. ['Lost Treasures of Egypt: Ramses Rise to Power' / 21.11. 21].

Up river /Down river as a means...?

Ptah = quarter aspect of the whole. Always in 'shadow'. A grounding of something. Roots of a 'tree'?

Closer to that mind set would be: Horizontal {'table'} / Vertical {staff} in relation to:  "The symbol of Thebes is the 'uas' {prosperity} and is called ''key of the Nile'', the principle that makes for reuniting the Horian issued from Ptah of origin {Horus the Elder} with the completed work of gestation {Horus, son of Isis}...The uas, is represented in tut-ankh-amon's panoply of canes and scepters; in its natural form = the branch of a tree covered in gold {''Golden Bough'' link?}...The uas scepter is placed in the hands of all the Neters and plays a very important role. In fact, it pertains to a living branch {'living water'?} conducting the vivifying sap, but this sap only ascends without again descending, as it must do in order to take on body beneath the bark {'khonsu'?}. This is one of the reasons for choosing the object as symbol, and a particular regarding the intention: the flux of the Word - the nourishing sap - is not yet manifested. It pertains to an activity, the 'creative' function, which is not yet created..." ['Sacred Science'].

Question. Branch of a sycamore?

And/or: ''Five loaves and two fish'' {i.e., feeding of the 'five thousand'}. 'Thousands' would be represented in the Ramesses example as the many 'enemies' seen defeated as 'pictured' within the larger rooms. The above picture within a smaller one. Exterior/ Interior { i.e., inner sanctum} as a means...? {i.e., that ''duality'' clause}.

To defeat one internal 'enemies' and/or old habits, especially those 'bad' negative ones- to gain the upper hold. Higher over lower. Using actual individual events alongside the spiritually intended ones {metaphysical?}.

One relates to the individual effort, the other the collective {i.e., 'sharing'}. Which and why?

Clue: Fisher of men.

''The Great Temple was constructed keeping in mind the position of the sun on February 22 and October twentytwo. On these days, sunlight penetrates 55 meters (180 feet) into the inner sanctuary to illuminate the statues along the back wall. Only Ptah, the god of the Underworld, remains in darkness all year round. Why those specific dates were chosen remains a mystery and some believe they might represent Ramses II’s birthday or his coronation.'' ['Ancient Egypt Online'].

Side note: The crown jewels consists of over 0nehunderd and forty objects {140} - including a spoon and walking stick and in 1671 Thomas Blood attempted to steal them. Been in the Tower since the 1600s. Used in the coronation of British monarchs. ['Lightening' / BBC2 /S2 E27].

Headscratch: ''A bishop of Rome identified the woman seeking Christ in the garden with Solomon's bride or Shulamite seeking her bridegroom, a link which continues to be celebrated even today during the feast day of Mary Magdalene on 22 of July, when the verse beginning 'Place me as a seal upon your heart' is sung to celebrate her love for Christ. It was a seal, that for centuries, an ancient Egyptian goddess queen had placed upon the heart of her beloved king at the New Year.'' [Page 88/141 'Egypt's Anointing Mysteries' / A. Roberts].

Wife's birthday and/or coronation?

Continued: ''Solomon's kingship is itself confimed by a woman during the legendary visit of the Queen of Sheba, a foreign woman who travels from the south to HIS court....Curiously, this episode follows closely after Solomon has established 'Pharaoh's daughter' in HER house near his temple which he had built in Jerusalem with the help of Phoenician craft expertise and wisdom - 'a foreign wife and her own house'....'' [same].

Question. Was the wife Ramses a 'foreigner'?

Fork in the road?

REFRESHER: "As a rule, the specialist's is a purely masculine mind, an intellect to which fecundity is an alien and unnatural process; therefore it is an especially ill adapted tool for receiving and bringing to birth a 'foreign' spirit. But a greater mind bears the stamp of the feminine; to it is a receptive and fruitful womb {'Venus'?} which can reshape what is strange into a familiar form. Wilhelm possessed in the highest degree the rare charism of spiritual motherhood {'Sophia'?}. To it he owed his as yet unequalled ability to make incomparable translations." [Jung on 'The Secret of the Golden Flower' / R. Wilhelm].

''In Cabalistic tradition, the twentytwo letters of the Hebrew alphabet are symbolized by the 22 almond blossoms on the 7 armed candelabrum of the temple. They are classified as 3 mothers {aleph, mim, and shin}, 7 duplicated letters, which correspond to the planetary spheres as well as the metals, and finally 12 single letters related to the zodiac. Thus the ancient sacred numbers are brought into a unified system....It seems that the 22 cards of the Tarot and there arcana, or mysteries, have grown out of such speculations....on certain basic human situations.'' ['Mystery of Numbers'].

Continued: An invocation to Isis. Palm leaf also mentioned within same. Coincidence? ['The Union of Isis and Thoth'].


'Son of' = 'leader' ?

"...Because a modern man lives in 'sleep' {unknown/unaware link}, what knowledge therefore can a sleeping man have? And if you think about it and at the same time remember that sleep is the chief feature of our being, it will at once become clear to you that if a man really wants knowledge, he must first of all think about how to wake, that is, about how to change his being...Therefore a man who wants to awake must look for other people who also want to awake and work together with them. This, however, is easier said than done because to start such work and to organize it requires a 'knowledge' which an ordinary man cannot possess. The work must be organized and it must have a leader. Only then will it produce the results expected of it..." ['In Search of the Miraculous'. Parenthesis, emphasis, this readers].

The above indicative of such works by such authors {''teachers?''} as Gurdjieff. Now almost a century ago. That 'information/knowledge' that was scarce once upon a time - is these days common and accessible to all. In other words - these days - one can become - ones own teacher.

Follow the title of the book to 'see' it in its broader context.

The Papyrus of Ani?

A change of {scene?}...Why should 1616 be significant with the Rosicrucians; or 1717 in relation to Freemasonry, or 1888 in relation to the Golden Dawn, or 1919 within the book of Revelations and/or Isaiah 1919?

N.B. The stone {with hieroglyphs} went missing in 1919 from a 'book binding store' in Halifax Nova Scotia. ['Curse of Oak Island' series 4 / episode 4]. Enlarged elsewhere.

And/or: {synchronistic?} ''The papyrus of Ani was found by W. Budge in 1888.'' [Wiki].

And/or: ''The German author Hermann Hesse; a contemporary of Jung, in his first noted work Demian, written under the pseudonym of Sinclair - repeatedly refers to Abraxas - published in 1919.'' [Page 93 'The Gnostic Jung' / S. Hoeller].


''It is I who have entered into the house of Asar and I have clothed myself with garments of the one who is within. It is I who has entered into Rostau and I have seen the secrets which are within. Hidden was I, but I found a way. " Chapter thirtythree. [Page 123 'Egyptian Book of the Dead' / M. Ashby].

Understanding subject material gives clues to the grave site of Asar {Osiris}.

And/or: ''The place was uninhabited at the time of Jesus just palm trees etc - known because of its seven springs {Tabgha link }- but it was on this shore in the MIDDLE of nowhere that jesus came after the resurrection. A basalt stone church made from dark volcanic stone built after the Franciscans purchased the site in 1933. Seven volcanic steps lead up to the doorway.'' [Church of the Primacy of St. Peter: Forgiveness and Mission: Pilgrimage of Grace: Lent 2022].

''The modern structure was built in 1933 and incorporates parts of an earlier 4th century church. At the base of its walls, opposite the main altar, foundations of the 4th century church are visible. In the 9th century, the church was referred to as the Place of the Coals. This name refers to the incident of Jesus' preparation of meal for the apostles, building a charcoal fire on which to cook the fish. Also first mentioned in the year 808 are the "Twelve Thrones", a series of heart shaped stones, which were placed along the shore to commemorate the Twelve Apostles. The church survived longer than any other in the area, finally being destroyed in 1263.[1] The present Franciscan chapel was built on the site in 1933. This church was included in the itineraries of Popes Paul VI and John Paul II during their visits to Israel in 1964 and March 2000 respectively.

Mensa Christi

The church contains a projection of limestone rock in front of the present altar which is venerated as a "Mensa Christi", Latin for table of Christ. According to tradition this is the spot where Jesus is said to have laid out a breakfast of bread and fish for the Apostles, and told Peter to "Feed my sheep" after the miraculous catch, the third time he appeared to them after his resurrection. (John 21:1–24) It is disputed whether this table, or the one enshrined at the nearby Church of the Multiplication, is the one mentioned by the pilgrim Egeria in her narrative of the Holy Land circa 380. There is also another table of Christ enshrined at the Mensa Christi Church in Nazareth.'' [Wiki].

''Onehundred and fiftythree'' to enlarge.

Side note: Sterling castle also built on top of Volcanic rock.

Ferryman to enlarge.

And/or: ''Enchantment''.

From a different perspective: ''Not surprisingly, the Golden Shrine's decoration, rich in allusions to the natural world and Hathorian love, finds its echo in the New Kingdom private tomb scenes and love poems strewn with imagery drawn from the MARSHES, hunting, lotus flowers, mandrakes, necklaces, and other amulets.' Hathor-Sekhmets rage and radiance {Magdalene?} pervade the chase of all youthful lovers seeking her golden blessings....Yet at the same time, there is a certain restraint running through the shrines intensity. For this is a hidden eroticism, completely veiling the couples relationship in the secret symbols of love - tender looks, the exchange of jewels {Coptos?}, the ritual gesture, the underlying word play and coded imagery, which all contribute to a refined symbolic language of royal love....the enactment of the New Years ritual 'sacred marriage' ceremonies.'' [Page 24/5 'Egypts Anointing Mysteries' / A. Roberts].

"As Norton wrote; 'Also they wrote; not every man to teach, but to show themselves by secret speech; whereby each of his fellows were made certain; how to them he was a brother, for each of them understood another'. In this we get a hint of a secret brotherhood, much like the Rosicrucians, whose manifestos included the 'Chemical Wedding', one of the most significant allegorical tales of the initiatory system, published in 1616...Mclean suggests that this alchemical work embodies the Rosicrucianism that is the esoteric philosophy lying at the heart of Western Hermeticism which provides a path for the balancing and integration of the masculine and feminine aspects of our souls..."{ Extract from 'The Alchemical Amphitheatre' by M. Katz} - and/or "All those who were fond of the combinations and multiplications of the 4 elements and the 4 in general, as the number of orderly arrangement in time and space, have used 16 as the 'empowered' 4 to express 'perfection' - suffice it to mention the 4x4 philosophical elements of the Rosicrucians..." [Taken from the book 'Mystery of Numbers' by Annemarie Schimmel].

"...consider it an allegory of awakening to the 'mystical' path." [Extract from the book by M. Katz]. Emphasis, this readers.

Analogy? The 16 word mantra - Hare Krishna.

Or the 16 steps that lead down to the tomb of king Tut.

Hussein Abdul-Rasoul - 'The 'Water-Boy' - whose 'heel' found the first step of 'sixteen' that led to the tomb of the 'golden child'.

From a different perspective: "The four Hayyot are then described as one Hayyah on account of their interjoining {i.e., each had four 'faces': Lion/Ox/Eagle and 'man': i.e.,all aspects of one individual - higher/lower}….Also the Ofannim, though being four in number, as has been mentioned are called ''one ofann upon the earth,'' because they to interjoin, and ''they four have one likeness {4x4}…." [Page 256 'Guide for the Perplexed'. Parenthesis, this readers].

Try the words in italics to take {'see'} something further.

''Synchronistic example: "I first encountered the zodiac of San Miniato al Monte some sixteen years ago. With one of those perspicacious insights, all to rare in ordinary life, i sensed from the first view of the zodiac that much of my future life would somehow be involved with solving the problems of symbolism set by its iconography and orientation." ['The Secret Zodiac' / Fred Gettings].

Follow the title of the book to 'see' it from a broader viewpoint.

Alchemy equivalent, i.e.,something hinted at - from a different perspective {that inner one?}:"Calcium acetate likes to absorb water to it, such as the loosely held waters that caused the white-to-blue transition of copper{II} sulphate observed by Zieglerin in demonstration 9. When the dry calcium acetate is misted with water, it gains a shiny, pearl-like-appearance. Croll believed that these ''pearls'' were cures for 16 different types of 'diseases'. Actually, as a source of calcium, they could be helpful in treating osteoporosis, but it is doubtful that this long range effect would have been recognised by the alchemists. Lovely pearls, nonetheless" ['The Chemistry of Alchemy'].


Yax K'uk Mo {1st King}. Wearing the sacred 'eye glasses' = the rain god. Represented with the symbol of the frog. Top/down {water} in relation to bottom /up {frog}. Anything? i.e., what do 'rivers' represent? Question. Where have you seen those ''glasses'' before?..."That were part of the ceremonial headdress." Question. Shoulder pads made from 'carapace'?. Turtle or tortoise?

And/or the 16 Holy Kings of Copan as seen on what is labeled as - the Altar Q. The 16th King of which is called {title} 'The Sky is Newly Revealed'. The first King - who began the Mayan 9th Baktum dynasty = Yax K'uk Mo... "It BEGINS the history of Copan, 'The Lord of the West' - the outsider - accomplishes what has never been done before. He consolidates power into a single dynasty which leads to unprecedented growth and artistic achievement...The inscription on the top of the altar stone {cube?} tells how he came to Copan: 'He took the emblems of office {i.e.,associated with Teotihuacanos - enlarged elsewhere} and 153 days after he left - he rests his legs - he is a West Lord. " [ PBS - 'Lost King of the Maya'].

'Strong' or 'Weak' legs?


'Stone' in relation to a {pearl}. 'Pearl' in relation to {West}. Nova Scotia in relation to {scallops}. All as a means...?

N.B. '153' pages to the book 'The Secret of the Golden Flower' / T. Cleary.

Side note: "His name was openly spoken in the age corresponding with his realization in humanity. Having been the ''first of the Westerns'' he had to instruct men in the possibility of regeneration. Isis was the great redeemer in this mystery, but her part is as hard to understand as that of Osiris..." ['Her-Bak: Egyptian Initiate']. Question. Why West?

'GogMagog' / T. Lethbridge.

Question. Baktum = 144000 days.  The ''foundation'' of something?

''All 'children' were bequeathed eternal life from the frog goddess Heket. The ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for 100,000 was the tadpole turning into a frog...." [Page 60 'The Union of Isis and Thoth' / N. Ellis and N. Scully].

Question 2. Which pharaoh was identified with the ''west'' ?

''Truth the ancient Egyptians said, appeared in multiples, the way the desert was composed of a million grains of sand. The mummy like one of the sacred onions buried with it, was a reminder that the eternal soul passed through layers of the self, body after body, manifestation after manifestation.'' [Page 140 'Dreams of Isis'].

Going west?

Side note: ''Osiris cult was established at Abydos, where he was called Lord of death or Lord of the Westerners, meaning those who had ''gone west'' into death's sunset land. He was incarnate in a succession of sacred kings who seem to have served as sacrificial victims. Their bodies were divided up {'14' or '16'?} and distributed to different parts of the country....Like the head of Orpheus on Lesbos, the head of Osiris was preserved in the temple at Abydos which served as an oracle: information/knowledge on the after-world. The shrine had a sacred well called Pega or Peq, the original home of the Pega nymphs who guarded the oracular well of Pirene in Corinth...'' [Page 751 Same book].

Continued: N.B. Understanding ''west'' in relation to ''lord'' {and/or 'king'} explains the chose of location for those 'blue stones' at Stonehenge. Question. 'IN' or 'Of' the Horizon?

Side note ''newly revealed'' in relation to ''16''. Enlarged elsewhere, i.e., what does ''16'' represent?

Best foot forward? 'Octave' link?

''Sixteen is a number of perfect measure and wholeness. In the Roman system 1 foot, pes, was formed by adding 4 palms, and each palm or breadth of the hand measured 4 fingers. Thus the foot was 16 fingers.....In many languages there is a break after 16, as there is after 4.'' [Page 216 'Mystery of Numbers' / A. Schimmel].

1st step? {forward or backward?}.


How many steps that lead down into the tomb of Tut?

N.B. Dome of the Rock = 16 windows / 4 doors {4x4?}. Coincidence or a meaningful one?

And/or: "This eleventh volume of the 'Notebooks of Paul Brunton' contains para's drawn only from category sixteen of the original twenty-eight topics arranged in the ''ideas'' notebooks reserved for posthumous publication." Synchronistic or something else?

hytgrf-300x224"...but if you are armed with the 'wand' of intuition, the 'cup' of sympathy, the 'sword' of reason and the 'pentacle' of valor, you will find there {the legends say} the Medicine of Metals, the Elixir of Life, the Philosophers Stone, True Wisdom and perfect happiness." [Extract from the book 'The Cosmic Trigger' by R. Wilson. Emphasis, this readers - with the exception of parenthesis].

'Mettle of the Mind' ?

''So Simon Peter went aboard and hauled the net ashore, full of large fish, a hundred and fifty three of them, and although there were so many, the net was not torn." [John 21:11].

"...No more is it true that the mystical impulse from the end of the 13th and into the 17th century was purely and simply a reaction against the 'dry intellectualism' of scholasticism. No the flowering of mysticism during this epoch was the fruit and result of scholasticism, prefigured in the spiritual biography of St. Thomas Aquinas himself...The believing thinker thus became a 'seeing mystic'. And this transformation did not take place in spite of his work of scholastic thought, but rather thanks to it - as its fruit and crowning glory." [Extract from the book by Tomber 'Letter 19' ]. Represented - as in the Greek case - with the word ''Apollo''.

Morning Glory 'Lily' - or would that be lotus - as a means....?

'The Quantum and the Lotus' / M. Ricard and T. X. Thuan.

A 'lonely' place?

A Work in Progress: ''Tabgha on the shores of the Sea of Galilee {West}....A mosaic discovered in the 1930's of 'two fish in a basket, with four loaves of bread' {i.e., six;?}- right in front of a rock - which a church was built around {i.e., with that specific 'image' in mind}- in the early days of Christianity. The ''multiplication'' of which is very important....John and Mark chapter SIX speaks about the same thing: 'Come to a lonely place and rest awhile' {'Foremost of the Westerners'?}. i.e., Capernaum is where the ''multiplication'' actually took place near the 'bay' on the edge/point {'peninsula'?} of same. ['Pilgrimage of Grace' / Day nine. March 2022 / 'I Am The Bread Come Down From Heaven' / Magdala].

Goaty? Question. What comes next within that MIND SET?

And/or: Baptism font outside in the form of a flower petal ['three'?} as opposed to the cross form one {'straight'} at Avdat {East}. [Day 14 'Living Water: Ancient Mikvaot and Gardens of Living Water / Magdala / Pilgrimage of Grace / Lent 2022].

And/or: Two fountains {with 'venetian' mosaics } in the form of 153 fish {pointing upstream/north} at Magdala fed by spring water from Mount Arbel. ''Fish eye'' pointed out by K. Nichols in relation to: ''One hundred and fiftythree fish in a net - referring to Revelations John 21{twentyone}. There were 153 nations at the time.'' [Same]. And/or : Meat/rightside of boat that the 'net' was thrown over/burning coals link/quote to same {i.e.,153}. John 21.

Side note: The ''Chapel Vault'' on Oak Island buried in ground at least onehundred and fifty feet.'' ['Curse of Oak Island' / 16.3.22].


'Lower' underlying 'higher'. Above the ''navel''?.  For Alchemy / Hebrew equivalent see pictures on Part 3. Question. Agree/disagree. Notice ladder in 'lower' half. A 'wooden' one.

And/or..."It seems unlikely that anyone in our day would be able to explain the deeper meaning of 17, and yet this number was quite important in the ancient Near East. The local god of Urartu, the area around Mount Ararat, received a seventeen fold sacrifice, and perhaps 17 spread out from there into adjacent countries. In the Bible it is connected to the flood, which began on the seventeenth day of the 2nd month and lasted till the seventeenth day of the 7th month. At that point, Noah had reached Mount Ararat...The traditional 'magic' square around the 'five' produces 17 in the lower left corner [S/W? - this readers input] and 28 [the typical Islamic moon number] in the remaining numbers...It is also the number of the words, in the call to prayer...The subsequent Islamic tradition, especially among the Shiites, discovered even more distinctive qualities of 17. The sum total of all the rak'at {the cycles of prayer movements in the five daily prayers} amounts to 17. Some sufis imagined that the greatest name of god consisted of 17 letters...In Christian tradition, the number appears, if at all, as a combination of the 10 commandments with the 7 gifts {10+7} of the Holy Spirit, described by St. Augustine as a 'mirabile sacramentum'. Seventeen then forms the basis for the speculations about the number 153. It also seems likely that the combination of 'lex et gratia', i.e.,Law and Grace, as found in the 17 underlies the whole structure of the magnificent Golden Evangeliar made for King Heinrich III in the eleventh century, as Rathofer as shown...In classical antiquity 17 appears in connection with warfare and heroism...Popular Turkish legends, such as the tales of Abu Muslim or Malik Danishmand, mentions 17 wars; and often 17 hero's are slain, or the leading hero receives 17 'wounds'..." [A. Schimmel book].

'16' in relation to a ''wedding'' ?  '17' in relation to Top/down {'Tau' cross?}- BOTH - as a means to the 'beginning' of a learning curve. Start point of. Further clues elsewhere.

Working examples: ''It seems Nerfertiti was alive and was performing her normal consort's duties.....Akhenaten's last recorded date comes from a wine jar labelled 'year 17, second month of the inundation'....'' [Pagec176 'Nefertit's Face' / J. Tyldesley].

And/or: A WOODEN ladder 'resting against a window' above the Holy Sepulchre - ''been there since at least 1785AD'' - because {supposedly}: ''No one can agree on who should move symbolises centuries of disagreement.''

Found in Magdala. 'Rose' or just a 'flower'? Lily?

Other clues to determine one way or the other {i.e., ''yes or no''}. Tunnel found directly underneath the resting place of same. Square in shape until the final upturn towards the base of the tomb. A semicircle can be seen. The tomb made of limestone with sides {in 'profile' or 'face on'?}. A crystal window is {presently} to be put in place in one of the 'sides'. A fault line directly underneath {'volcanic' link}. Venus temple placed on top in Roman times {Synchronistic link} and/or Constantine knew where to look for it BECAUSE of the Venus association {not because of hearsay}. Left it exposed to ''the open AIR''. {'fire' - i.e., 'place of the skull' link + and 'air' = ''water/Aquarius'' i.e., next 'cycle' = octagon link etc, etc}. ['Secrets of Christs Tomb' / Nat. Geo].

In other words Constantine understood subject material.

'Friday' ?

REFRESHER: ''The Rose blooms at the center of the cross.''

As {one} example. The name 'Helen' {mother} used throughout. Start off with ''Troy''.

Question. Was the body moved somewhere else? Joseph and Co? {recall who owned the tomb}.

Question 2. Can it therefore be FOUND? Who will be found with him?

John 19:41

Side note {analogy?}: "An ancient prayer reads: 'Hail, ye net inverters, fishers and catchers of the spirit which alone nourishes. By refining your higher selves, ye have produced that which produced you'. Again that familiar theme: discover yourselves and you discover god. It is not strange that the imagery here echo's that of Christ's 'I will make you fishers of men' {Mark, Chap. 1, 17}. Which can be read as meaning - those that follow the way will find themselves, and in themselves find god." [Page 32 'The Western Way'. Vol 2].

'153' ?

Tau cross in relation to those 'T' shaped pillars at Gobekli-tepe? {i.e., ''Quarried from the very hard crystalline limestone - and polished to a flawlessly smooth finish...}.

Hewn / UNhewn?

And/or: "The most important Neolithic sites are Merimde-Beni-Salame, the Fayum in the north and Tasa in the south {polished stone and NO copper objects...}" ['Magicians of the Gods' / G. Hancock].

Further Head scratch: If S/W has been correctly evaluated within number symbolism - what would S/E be represented by?

REFRESHER...Francis of Assisi used it constantly. The patron saint of 'animals'. Spiritual equivalent of higher over lower. Enlarged elsewhere.

N.B. ''Law and grace'' in both 17 and 18. As is the intent of...

The dawning of a new day. 1st day?

"In the preface to the songbook, i recounted my first outstanding experience with Western reaction to Eastern chants. The occasion had been a public lecture; the time, April 18, 1926; the place, Carnegie Hall in New York. On April 17, i had confided to an American student, Mr Alvin Hunsicker, 'I am planning to ask the audience to sing an old Hindu chant, 'O god beautiful.' Mr. Hunsicker had protested that Oriental songs are not easily understood by Americans. 'Music is a universal language,' i had replied. 'Americans will not fail to feel the soul aspiration of this lofty chant.' " [Extract from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi'. Emphasis, this readers].

"What is learnt from the first call to awakening? This is the first part of the first day of the seven days described by the text..." [M. Katz book].

Synchronistic example? Akhenaten - Dynasty 18 who ruled for 17 years. Aten in relation to Amun. 'Father' in relation to 'Son'. Debossed/Embossed? Enlarged elsewhere.

And/or: 17 original Obelisks at Karnak - that final one {18th} being in the horizontal position at the quarry site at {A}swan.

Finished/UNfinished. Lost/Found - as a means....?

Side note: Amun = such quotes {keys} as: ''Associated with the Hermopolitan myths associated with the dynamic force of life'' and/or ''Greatest of Heaven and Eldest of Earth {Thebes related and/or 'Abraham'?} '' and/or ''Young man with curled horns'' and/or "Included within the Ogdoad at Hermopolis, THEN at the Primeval Mound of Memphis, at which time he was supposed to have 'created' all the other gods. He then left the earth to abide as Re in the heavens {Amun-Re}, taking the form of a 'divine child' revealed in the Lotus . At Siwa Oasis called Jupiter Amon...At Thebes with female aspect {Mut} and Son {Khonsu}....Linked to 'Beautiful Feast of the Valley'...'' ['Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt' /M. Bunson].

Side note 2: Welsh equivalent?: ''These bear a family likeness to each other since they represent a venerable tradition which I have identified as the Mysteries of Mabon and Madron. These characters make their appearances within the Culhwch and Olwen and are no more spoken of within the Mabinogion, except as a glancing reference, yet they are mysteriously present throughout the other stories as identifiable archetypes of the - Wonderous Youth and the Great Mother." [' Mabon and the Mysteries of Britain' / C. Matthews].

Continued: {in relation to side note1}: "Passing inside Karnak, I found myself in the open court of the temple of the hawk headed Khonsu; that god who in popular uninitiated parlance, was the son of Amon..." [Page 248 'In Search of Secret Egypt' / P. Brunton].

'Back' of the head to the front?

And/or: "Many words in contemporary usage link the zodiac when translated: one is the Hebrew word tzaddiq that translates as a just or righteous man...He is a religious leader viewed as a mediator between man and god. From this word {tzaddiq} others are closely associated; the eighth god and/or Jupiter and/or James the Just, brother of Jesus, teacher of righteousness. James wore a bishops mitre copied from a crown of Amon-Ra the creator god of Thebes, the city that provided ancient Judaism with the central tenets of its theology. Ra was the Holy One, the Falcon of the Horizon." [Page 14 'Pathways to the Zodiac' / E. Winstanley].

Joseph was known as ''The Just One''.

And/or: ''Hooked'' shape?

Question. Anyone with a ''hooked'' nose?

A side step: "...Muhammad was at first both frightened by the intensity of the experience and doubtful of its validity. He confided in his wife, Khadija, who supported him during the crisis brought on by these powerful experiences. The continued eruption of the revelations in the end convinced him of their truth, and in 612 he began his public prophetic mission. According to tradition, in the year 617 or 619 {i.e.,''5'' or ''7'' years}, partly in answer to the doubts of unbelievers, the Prophet was taken up into 'Heaven' in a 'Celestial Ascent' called 'Miraj'. This event, mentioned briefly and allusively in the Quran {17:1}, was to become the archetypal mystical experience in Islam...From the beginning {after his 'return'?} the Prophet began to attract followers. They were convinced by the sudden transformation of an otherwise unremarkable, though honest and good man, by the 'incredible eloquence of his language' in a culture where the importance of the mastery of language cannot be over estimated, and 'by the recognition that his message was something they had always known but somehow had stopped taking seriously'...The Prophet said that the Quran has seven levels of meaning, and the last and highest is known only to 'God'. " [Extracts from the book 'The World Turned Inside Out'. Mentioned elsewhere. All emphasis, this readers].

N.B. As a further headscratch - an alternative view {and/or ''angle'' i.e., as seen from:} - could be represented as 12+4 and/or 12+5. And/or 10+6 or 10+7. Or would that be ''13'' + 3 or ''13''+ 4 {i.e., in relation to the ''missing thirteenth''}?

Sun/moon/planets {10+7?} in relation {or relative?} to constellations and the Precession {12+5?}. Lower/higher. Clockwise/anticlockwise - as a means to an understanding.

N.B. 'Planets' = middle ground between the two?

"Equinoxes were equally significant, being recognised by the equality of day and night as well as their occurrences midway between the two solstices. In ancient Egypt, the vernal equinox coincided with the return of Orion's rising before dawn, an event which heralded the symbolic return of Osiris, as he was associated with the constellation {'horizontal'?}. The autumn equinox was also a sacred time in stellar {'vertical'?} terms; it coincided with the rising of the star Spica {enlarged elsewhere} before dawn. This star was associated with Isis, and thus the two equinoxes were identified with the 'divine' pair..." ['From the book by R. Clark].

All as a means...?

Additional information?..."In fact, as we shall show, the gods, Greek and Trojan warriors and other characters in Homer's epic represent planets, stars and constellations, and by their activities they preserve a remarkable volume of astronomical learning, encompassing everything that can be seen in the heavens with the naked eye." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

Try ''nineteen'' {to add or detract from}.

Refresher: Lotus leaves were known by Homer to be ''fodder for horses''. Question. Iron 'shoes'? Any silver/gold ones?

Define {'see'} the above to get an idea {''hang on''?} - the following: The Cerrigydrudion Crown. A Celtic piece of ancient artwork. Bronze {'red'?} and leather {'cow'?] headpiece. ''Possibly signifies 'warrior' headgear - with palm leaf and lotus designs - neither of which are common to these islands {UK}.'' ['Inside Museums: St. Fagan/Cardiff. Sat.TV].

''Lotus Island'' - the first stopping point of 'King' Odysseus journey back to his homeland.

'Spirit' / 'Soul' as a means....?

From a different perspective: but from which 'nuggets' can be gleamed from it: ''Almost 3500 years go someone dropped a broken piece of inscribed IVORY in a courtyard in the royal city of Amarna....Found in 1912...Only in 1983 was it recognised as a horse blinker...It was found next to the house of a SCULPTOR in Amarna {Thutmose}...It was found in a pit that had been identified as a rubbish pit. The pit had been dug initially for some trees....The Egyptians employ two words for 'sculptor' 'gnwt' and s'ankh'....The second one is the word as seen on the INSIDE of the blinker, it translates as: 'the one who makes alive'....Sculptors like gods were creators...'' [Pages 27/32/55 'Nefertiti's Face' / J. Tyldesley].

''He has outlived that rage of early youth. He is no longer impulsive, but immutable Will...breath from the sculptured stone.'' [Page 54 'Hathor Rising' / A. Roberts].

Something 'set' in stone?


Static or dynamic?

And/or:...That duality is now expressed on a lower plane in the static and the dynamic elements of our construction. That is in a circle and a cross. The cross represents a 'static' {S/W?} matrix of energies, the circle a 'dynamic' expression of energies {S/E?} within that matrix. Both circle and cross are expressions of the initiating, creative spirit that is represented by the point at the common center of both cross and circle...That central point is also expressed as an 'altar'...And the altar is often also a formal four-square object. In the masonic tradition which derives from the ancient mysteries, it is usually in the form of a double cube. This is a....

Twice as high? And/or 90 degrees from the ''back of the head''?

solid figure, with a square top, and twice as high {benben?} - as it is broad and long. This 'form' contains, in geometrical symbolism, the figure ten {10+ ? } in the number of its square faces {two to each rectangular side and one each above and below}...In masonic symbolism this duality is expressed by the square and compass. The square marks out the cross; the compass, the circle. This finds another expression in the heavens and the earth. The heavens are associated with circular movement {12+5? and/or N/S? and/or 'Macro' ? }, for that is what the stars describe to all who watch them from the earth. The earth is associated with the straight line {10+7? and/or E/W? and/or 'Micro' ? } - the measuring out of land {'Running the Fields'? i.e.,Sed Jubilee link? } - and the straight line that is given by a plumb bob or pendulum, or a falling object, that by the force of gravity makes a direct path toward the center of the earth." [Extract from the book 'The Rose Cross and The Goddess: The Quest for the Eternal Feminine Principle'].

Side note: Working example: Zai Tun.

''Twice as high as broad''? The Beaker People who took over the culture {'spiritual evolution'?} at Stonehenge.

"...twice as high as it is broad and long". Recall the dimensions of the 'Temple', i.e., in reverse.

Side note: "You are always my compass John''. ['Shanghai Knights'].

Compass of the Heart?

''The inner guardian is our true North, the keeper of the charts.'' Try 'map' / 'whale'.

And/or: ''Compass'' in relation to 'encompass' / 'compassion'?

Working example: "Thus, Set was regarded as a metaphor of cosmic permanence as well as the channel {'canal'?} through which celestial matter became fixed {'static'?} into the domain of physical existence." ['Page 172 from the book by R. Clark].

For a deeper head scratch, why does the number ''thirteen'' seem significant within the life of the author of 'Mind to Mind'. Possible synchronistic link? If so, what would that imply?

xxxxAnalogy of same?..."As the late, great H.P Lovecraft might begin this narrative: It is now nearly 13 years since the ill fated day when i first began investigating the terrible legends surrounding the enigmatic Bavarian Illuminati, an alleged conspiracy that some people believe rules the world. Like a Lovecraft hero, i embarked on my research with no suspicion of the perils awaiting me: i thought i was just investigating a notable case of political paranoia and expected to find only some insight into the psychology which causes otherwise sane individuals to subscribe to such absurdly ridiculous conspiracy theories." [First paragraph, first page, first chapter of the book 'The Cosmic Trigger'. Mentioned elsewhere].

Question. Why the analogy to Mr Lovecraft?

Nubian Lotus - on Elephant Island. Aswan. ''White without spot''?

A {practical?} example..."In the court of the Temple of Edfu, singers, musicians, harpists, and dancers waited while the divine barques, preceded by their emblems, were carried off the ships and placed in their respectful places in the Temple. The hymn to the Golden One was sung. Horus and Hathor now united. The ceremonies lasted thirteen days {i.e.,in relation to Hathor of Dendera and Horus of Edfu; enlarged elsewhere}. On the morning of the 14th the procession re-formed, the ships returned downstream amid the acclamations of the crowd. Led by the helmsman, the rowers chanted..."

'Thirteen' in relation to 'fourteen' - {waxing/waning?} as a means to something other than the obvious.

'The highs don't last forever, but then neither do the lows'.

Lily or lotus head?

And/or: At Machu Picchu ''the city in the clouds'' the ONLY 'curved' building is found between two peaks {'horizon'?} on a ridge - 180 and 90 degrees enclosed within same building. As is a polished granite stone aligned to the winter solstice. Many theories abound. ''Aligned with the sun''. Close by the Intihuatana Stone which casts no shadow at the Equinox's - is purposely sculptured at 13 degree's....'' ['Unearthed : Hidden City of the Inca's' / Discovery Channel / 2021].

N.B. Machu Picchu - surrounded on three sides by ''sheer cliffs''. 16 fountains found within and 8 roads.

Analogy: Great Step - inside the Gt. Pyramid - at the top of the Grand Gallery?

To be sat upon?

A working example {i.e., something hinted at}: ''Coming towards the great slab of a standing stone, i saw someone detach themselves from its shadow and face me, as if waiting. It was Pluto. He was not the first person i wished to see. However, since i couldn't very well ignore him in all that space - and since the stone provides a natural stop in the landscape - i leaned against it and bid him good morning, before turning away and surveying the view. He remained standing a few feet behind me....'' [Page 286 'Mercurius' / P. Harpur].

And/or: 'In his Twelve Keys, Basil Valentine identified the Soul or Spirit of the World with an earth spirit which is life itself {that ''bit''?}, endowing all created things with strength, yet itself as intangible and invisible {he says} as the reflection in a mirror. It is of course found in 'our earth' - the prima material - and is the 'root of all bodies', or substances, necessary to the Art. When i was a better churchman i used to think of it as the Holy Ghost; now i think of him as Mercurius. But i also think of her - especially when i lean my back against the Blind Dancer and watch the spring perform her annual transformation - as the Immagination of Nature.'' [Page 305 'Mercurius' / P. Harpur].

An accidental CRACK?. Or a split between two 'divisions'?  ''I felt a trifle uneasy, propped against the stone, but Bradley didn't seem to notice. He continued talking in the same musing tone. I used to never believe in the old legends - but maybe there is something in them. Nora was always a great one for them....'' [Page 287]. And Page 315 in relation to ''famine victims'' / ''mucked about with'' / ''his voice cracked'' etc. All as a means....?

Bradley/Nora? {i.e., as the REPRESENTATION of that 'turning point' between Spirit/Soul}. Middle ground = ''child''.


A work in progress i.e., spirit fire {'Mercurius'} in relation to: ''I have been in many shapes, before i attained a congenial form. I have been a 'narrow' blade of a sword {'razor back'?}. I have been a drop in the air. I have been a shining star {of ones ''being''?}. I have been a word in a book {'Logos'?}. I have been a 'book' originally {Coptos?}. I have been a 'light' in a lantern. A year and a half. I have been a 'bridge' for passing over. 'Three' score rivers. I have 'journeyed' as an eagle. I have been a 'boat' on the sea. I have been a string on a harp enchanted for a year. There is nothing in which i have not been. I have fought, though 'small', in the Battle of Goddeu Brig, before the 'ruler' of Britain.'' [Extract from 'The Battle of the Trees' within the book 'The White Goddess' / R. Graves].

MOLTEN ROCK i.e., as a means to ''peak ones interest''?

Something ''Set in Stone.''

THEREFORE 'Philosophers' Stone?

''See'' it?

Metal of the mind?

Continued: ''I was the chief 'overseer' at the building of the Tower of Nimrod; i have been 'three' times resident in the castle of Arianrhod. I was with my 'king' in the manger of the ass. I 'supported' Moses through the 'waters' of Jordan. I was in the firmament with Mary Magdalene. I obtained my 'inspiration' from the 'cauldron' of Caridwen. I was Bard of the harp to Deon of Llychlyn. I have suffered hunger with the son of the 'Virgin'. I have been in the 'buttery' in the land of the 'Trinity'. It is not known what is the nature of its 'meat' and 'fish'. I have been instructed in the whole 'system' of the universe. I shall be till the day of judgement on the 'face' of the earth. I have been in an uneasy chair {Cassiopeia?} above Caer Sidi and the whirling around without motion between three elements. Is it not the wonder of the world that cannot be discovered?''' [Extract from Gwion's Riddle from the 'The White Goddess'].

'Face to Face'?

Side step: 'Feminine' aspect {'soul'} in relation to: "Gudea made offerings of honey and butter when the foundations were laid; when the building was finished an auspicious day was waited for, and when it came the image of the god was removed to the new temple, and Gudea sprinkled the ground with oil, and set out offerings of honey, butter, wine and dates, grain mixed with milk, food untouched by 'fire', for the gods." [ Chapter 3, 'The Sacred Bee'].


Exercise. Apply the above to get some SENSE of the following {as one example}: ''Across the title page of the first edition of Le Comte de Cabalis, published in Paris in the year 1670, runs the cryptic phrase from Tertuillian: 'When a thing is hidden away with so much pains; merely to reveal it, is to destroy it.' - suggesting to the mind that there is a concealed mystery. Hungry souls, heeding these words, have sought and found the esprit and sparkle of its pages a clue to that truth which all the world will someday seek.'' [Back cover to the book 'Comte De Gabalis' / Abbe N. De Montfaucon de Villars].



'Eye' of Horus - parts within the whole - relative to aware/unaware.

"Abraham states towards the end of Book Three that the squares in Book Four are an 'index' to Book Three. In Book Three he sets out pages with, ''Explanations of what to look for, and care about, in each of the chapters of Book Four." He then follows with directions on how to use, and what to expect, from the word squares set out in each chapter in Book Four." [Extract taken from the chapter entitled 'Word Squares' from the book 'The Book of Abramelin' by Von Worms']. Try ''three'' in relation to ''four''.

Side note: Why should the zodiac have 12 signs?...All we can say is that the twelve fold division is the product of a division that going back to Pythagoras and Plato, {Homer?} and beyond them to a still more ancient type of thinking. The universe was considered as a dodecahedron {a 12 surface solid} inscribed in a sphere. The number 12 is most significant in ancient and modern numerology, as being the product of four and three essentially with Form; and Form is the product of number." [Page 11, 'The Zodiac and the Universal Matrix'].


''Numbers show us that there is a harmony, a necessary sequence of facts and factors. Multiplication is never situated BEFORE division, just as addition can never precede this division and situates itself between division and multiplication." [Page 107 'The Egyptian Miracle: An Introduction to the Wisdom of the Temple' / R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz].

Analogy {i.e., something hinted at}: ''Although many authors envision no limit to this exaltation, we think that with some other philosophers that it would be unwise, at least as far as transmutation and medicine are concerned, to go beyond the 7th reiteration. This is the reason why Jean Lallemant and the Adept of Dampierre have only represented seven spheres or chestnuts on the motifs about which we speak. Unlimited for the speculative philosophers, the multiplication is however limited for practical considerations. The more the stone progresses the more penetrating it becomes and the quicker its elaboration; at each stage of augmentation, it only requires the eighth of the time required for the preceding operation.'' [Page 384 'The Dwellings of the Philosophers' / Fulcanelli].

Limited/UNlimited in relation to Long Way or Short Way as a means....?


And/or: ''And so the matter destroyed, mortified, then recomposed into a new body, thanks to the secret fire which is aroused by the one of the furnace, gradually raises itself with the help of multiplications, up to the perfection of the pure fire, veiled under the figure of the immortal phoenix'' [Page 387. Same book].

Right or left hand? Dark or light? And/or: ''Where did the term turning the light around begin?'' [Chapter headed 'Turning the Light Around and Keeping to the Centre' FROM the book 'The Secret of the Golden Flower' / T. Cleary].

A working example {if only from the Egyptian perspective}: ''The mystery of Khonsu plays a prominent role at Thebes....This Khonsu is somehow a new, spiritualised  Atum, and this one will make Horus appear in all his glory {'boat of glass'?}....His symbols comprise all the scepters tied together, with the exception of the wadj, the sign of opening, an expansion that only Thoth of Khemenu {Hermopolis} can bring about. As crown, Khonsu wears a disc on a crescent, the representation of both New Moon and of eclipse, Moon and Sun united.'' [Page 196 'Sacred Science' / R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz].

Something hinted at: ''Initiation is a kind of trial death, for in old days the candidate would be shut in a tomb {sarcophagus?}, or buried in a sealed vault {'kings' chamber?} for several days {Sed Festival?} or nights until he had a revelation, or the goddess of rebirth appeared to him and led him back to the light.'' [Page 72 'The Path Through the Labyrinth' / M. Green].



And/or: ''The moon's protective symbol, in the form of a horses head or a horseshoe, still appears on brass pendants, which are worn by our cart and draught horses. Many are just a sickle moon itself. Some importance may have been attached to the fact that when a simple representation of the moon is displayed, the horns are upward; when the symbol is a horseshoe the horns are placed downwards...An occasional brass may display a fish on its disc...not a Christian symbol but that of the moon goddess Astarte....The white horse was one of her symbols, and you must call it grey so as not to speak to her directly. If you see a grey horse, you can ask the moon for a wish, but you must do so before you think of the horses tail. Not only would it be disrespectful to think of that 'end' - it would also be useless if the goddess were turning her face from you.'' [Page 123 'GogMagog: The Buried Gods' / T. C. Lethbridge].

'Shades of Grey'?

'Horse blinkers' at Amarna?


And/or: ''Ptolemy decided to regularize the distribution of the signs between the four 'elements' {fire, earth, air and water} and the three 'qualities'....The three qualities were derived from Ptolemies system of measuring the zodiac from the solstices and equinoxes. The most important signs were those that followed on the cardinal points, and were called Cardinal; they were said to act of themselves. Next came the Fixed signs, which were 'stable' rather than active, and finally the Mutable or Common signs, which depended on the action of others {synchronistic?}. The 'Virgin' is one of these....'' [Page 41 'The Origin of the Zodiac' / R. Gleadow].

''Three and four'' / ''Quality/quantity'' / ''Static {'Fixed'?} / Dynamic ….as a means....?

Continued: Similar to the 'Dead Sea Scrolls' or more importantly what was found with them at 'the back of a cave'. [i.e., Copper scrolls . Explained elsewhere]. sixtyfour locations {within them}. Symbolic of something other than the obvious. As with the 64 keys of Enoch or the 64 sticks of I' Ching. Or even 8x8. 'Back' to 'front'. Dark to light. Further information within.

Question. {4x4x4}?

The 64 million dollar question...

Landscape equivalent? The 63 tombs found in the Valley of the Kings. That final {'lost'?} one = Akhenaten? Enlarged elsewhere.

Side note {i.e., something to ponder on}: "Who but I can unfold the secrets of the unhewn Dolmen?

Who but I can make known the ages of the 'moon'?

Who but I can show the secret resting place of the 'sun' {Aten?}.''

From the Song of Amergin. Try ''Altar of witness'' / ''Altar of sacrifice''.

Continued: "In some literature, this secret center {i.e., 'minds eye'} is described as a flower, or lotus, with sixtyfour petals..." ['The Zelator'].

Side note: ''The flowering plants also known as angiosperms, angiospermae, or Magnoliophyta are the most diverse groups of land plants with 64 orders, 416 families, approximately 13,000 known generations and 300,000 known species'' {Wiki}.

Coincidence or a meaningful one?

As is: ''The text is an inventory of 64 locations; 63 of which are treasures of 'gold' and 'silver', which have been estimated in the tons. For example, one single location described on the copper scroll describes 900 talents (868,000 troy ounces) of buried gold. Tithing vessels are also listed among the entries, along with other vessels, and three locations featured scrolls. One entry apparently mentions priestly vestments. The final listing points to a duplicate document with additional details. That other document has not been found.'' [Wiki. Emphasis, this readers].

Left or right eye?

A working example: ''When Horus lost his 'eye' to Set, the god Djehuti {'wisdom'} - found it and turned it into the 'Moon'. When the parts of the eye are added up it gives the answer 63/64 which approximate the whole number 1. One is the number which symbolises oneness, wholeness, all sight, all knowing, the Absolute...." [Page 95. Same book].

Side note: ''Albert Einstein's surname when translated into English is - One Stone...'' ['The Chase' / 2018].

Continued: ''Should we therefore decide to meet the demands of this 'higher being of light' {guardian of the gate?}, we will be able to contribute to the liberating of the human race. We will then offer up our 'gifts' and talents on the sacrificial altar of humanity. But if we prefer our own premature ascent....'' [Page 204 'How to Know Higher Worlds' / R. Steiner].

''The Magdalene'' to enlarge.

Rooster headed Abraxas.

From a different perspective: ''As an emblem of the first matter, the beehive can often be seen in decorations that borrow their elements from the science of Hermes. We have seen it on the ceiling of the Hotel Lallemant and among the panels of the alchemical stove of Winterthur. It also occupies one of the squares of the Game of the Goose, a popular representation of the labyrinth of the secret Art and collection of the main hieroglyphs of the Great Work....The Game of the Goose also sounds like the Game of the Law in French - could be compared to snake and ladders. There is a spiral drawn on a board resembling the labyrinth on the floor of the Cathedral of Chartres - with 63 boxes. The idea is to get to the center of the spiral.'' [Page 395 'The Dwellings of the Philosophers' / Fulcanelli].

Question. How many ''boxes'' were found under the middle 'bed' in the tomb of Tutankhamun?

Look carefully. Nothing haphazard. Everything stacked LEFT TO RIGHT. The ''golden child'' looking out from beneath - in the same direction.

If some are missing where will they be found. With the heart?

As above so below.

And/or: 64 ships found on the sea bed - many purposely fixed in the 'ritual' sense of the word - where the city of Heracleion once stood. 'Kingship' its prime purpose.

''Initiation into spiritual life is the process of learning an art of living {by way of that universal ''bit''?} - which leads to freedom even while involved in the world. Your goal is to become as the lotus which rises up from the muddy waters, able to exist in the world without being soiled by it....Spiritual realization requires sustained effort over a period of time....directed towards overturning the mountainous creations {'Giants'?}  which the mind has produced in the past due to ignorance. The mind is like a river; Ignorant ideas are like logs, rocks, branches and dams - which block , divert or distort the {natural?} flow of water {river cataracts?]. With the correct understanding and disciplines - the obstacles can be removed allowing the river of the mind to flow freely toward the ocean of self discovery." [Page 30 'Egyptian Book of the Dead' / M. Ashby].

'River' and 'Seas' as a means...?

Side note: Two serpents inscriptions found near the oldest harbour in the world - carved on large ''monumental stone blocks'' - 40 miles east of the Sphinx - a few miles away from the 'Reed Sea'. Those large stones used to seal the openings of caverns which contained among other things {i.e., vats/vases / and the OLDEST papyrus found anywhere in the world} - wooden ship remains. Chambers manmade with high ceilings - cube shaped - called ''underground boatyards'' - identified as belonging to Khufu {who is identified ''with the ram''} - simply because same inscription found on his pyramid at Giza - ''King Khufu brings 'it eats two snakes'. The narrator concludes that this is the translation of what was probably at the head of the ships  prow. ['Blowing up History: Egypts Sunken Treasures' / 24.1. 21].

Ship in excess of 1000 parts found buried next to GT. Pyramid. Made of cedar. Ropes wet when first found. Mud remains found. Back of boat = east. Front = west.

Horizon symbol {solstice} between Khufu/Khafre pyramids - looking {'leading'?} from the east. Therefore E/W orientation. Menkaure {'offset' pyramid} - the ONLY Pharaoh to have positive attributes associated with his name. S-N?

Try Smith/Jones to enlarge.

''In the decimal system, 1000 is, predictably, the all-embracing number. ''A thousand years are before you like a day...'' [Page 277 'Mystery of Numbers' / A. Schimmel].

''Westward leading still proceeding - guide us to .....''

5:2 to enlarge.

''Many paths lead to the summit of insight; but it is essential to choose the right one. A person well versed in esoteric practices can say much about these paths that may seem peculiar to the uninitiated. For example, we may have advanced quite far along the esoteric way; we may be standing {''upright''?}, as it were on the threshold, where soul eyes and spirit ears open {Sais and/or Abydos?}. Then we are lucky enough to take a trip across the ocean. Seeing the sea calm or stormy, as the case may be, the scales fall from the eyes of the soul - and suddenly we are able to see....'' [ Page 93 'How to Know Higher Worlds' / Rudolf Steiner].

''Carapace'' and/or ''open entrance''?

Working example: ''Akhenaten's god could be accessed directly , through the open temple roof. The benben - a solar cult object {pyramid shape therefore 'fire' link i.e., 'pyr'} - associated with Ra of Heliopolis since the start of the dynastic age - offered an alternative focus of worship. Over the centuries the benben had varied in appearance from temple to temple, it might be a cone or pyramid shaped structure, an obelisk, a boulder or even a meteorite. The Amarna benben has not survived, but images in the elite tombs suggest that it was a large, round topped stela which stood on a raised platform next to a large statue of a seated Akhenaten.'' []age 40 'Nefertiti's Face' / J. Tyldesley].

Side note: The English word 'focus' comes from the Latin for 'fireplace'. ['The Chase' / ITV / 31.1.22].

Hestia to enlarge.

One or two?

''The results of the survey were amazing: they show that the pyramid builders intervened in the flood plain as dramatically as they built on the high plateau.....they cut a huge basin up to the a peninsula.''

Square of Pegasus?

''Whenever you see in ancient Egyptian civilization - buildings that are built on a colossal scale- you also see water transport infrastructure on a colossal scale.''['Blowing up History'].

Continued: ''Horus and Set join forces to tie up the symbol of union {Sema}. This symbol refers to the union of Upper {Lotus} and Lower {Papyrus} Egypt - under one ruler - but at a more subtle level it refers to the union of lower/higher self - both an integral part of the Book of the Dead. [Page 43. Same book].


A 'square' or 'round' center {eye?} as compared to {say} the Aten disc? Any 'helping' hands? And/or: Why eleven? Pure 'chance'?

"The Shabaka stone measures 92x137 centimeters and has 64 lines of hieroglyphic text carved on it....Text been worn away - apparently it was used as a millstone....Possibly copied from a much earlier source....The actual stone itself from the reign of King Shabaka from within ''the house of his father Ptah-south-of-his-wall {Memphis}. Original ''Worm-eaten'' and copied ''so that it could be understood from beginning to end. His majesty copied it anew so that it became better than it had been before''. ['Page 69 'Imhotep the African']. Try ''worm''.

Grey Worm? {Game of Thrones}.

Question. S/W OR S/E? Memphis on the West side of the river. Amarna the East. While recalling those walls made of 'mud' not stone. As a means...?

And/or: "The base of the Step Pyramid is not quite square and, oddly, not at the exact center of the enclosure. Rather, it is offset a few dozen meters toward the East." AND ''Deviates from true north'' {by almost 5 degrees}. Same book.

Question. Are the other pyramids not ''true'' to North? Especially the ''Red'' one? From ''S-N'' as a means...? If only in the Micro {'individual'?} sense of the word. Giza = Macro.

Valley/Plateau as a means...?

And/or: What was found under that same structure.



REFRESHER: "The potential literature for an intellectual study of this is vast. We hope we have provided a few simple pointers on the way. It is however, a 'centering' in, rather than a wandering in the labyrinthine fields of intellectual speculation, that is the direct way of truth. The 'rose' blooms at the center of the cross. And those who are prepared to contemplate the imagery and take it unto their inmost hearts are the more likely to be met by Beatrice from the triumphal car {'chariot'}, and 'led' to places where even the intellectual genius of a Virgil cannot go." [From the book by G. Knight].

''Bosom'' link?

And/or: "Sirius is sometimes called the 'Sun behind the sun', indicating that while the star we call the Sun is related to our physical center of Self in our Solar Plexus and the expression of our Selves within the physical earth, Sirius represents a more hidden center." ['Red Tree, White Tree'].


As a working {hypothetical?} example: ''In closing the introduction of this study of zodiacal signs we should ask the reader to remember that these studies will consider the zodiac as a fundamental factor in astrological interpretation; as an actual 'field' {i.e., EGYPTIAN equivalent = ''running the fields''?} of structuring energies surrounding and pervading the earth and all its inhabitants. We shall see zodiacal signs as definite types of energies {as an example}...the Sun, when passing through a zodiacal 'sign', acts in a way, any other planet acts. It is merely the central planet, the most powerful agent acting upon the electromagnetic field of the Earth. Thus when the sun is at 'birth' in {say, Taurus}, the organic functions represented in any organism by Taurus can be considered as those receiving the largest share of vital energy and commanding the native's strongest powers of attention. The 'Taurus' function is shown to be the central function of the organism - and NOTHING more.'' [Page 15 'The Zodiac and the Universal Matrix' / Dane Rudhyar].

And/or: ''....On this battlefield {'struggle' link} previously unacknowledged parts of oneself demand to be recognised - demand 'a place in the sun'....." [Page 15 'The Lover and the Serpent' / Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee].

All as a means....?

Try 4:3 / 4:5 / 5:6 to enlarge.

Continued: "The Maya developed a complete complex writing system, 1 of only 5 in the history of the world. It is composed of over 800 symbols called hieroglyphs. They wrote on paper made from the inner bark of the fig tree covered with lime plaster, using lime based pigments. These codices could reach up to 22 feet long, and were folded accordion style, making pages. In the 16th century, the Spanish burned every codex they could find, along with anyone who could read or write. By the 18th century, all knowledge of the script was lost. Of the prolific output of the ancient Maya scribes, only 3 examples survive to the present day. Today's Maya are completely cut off from the written words of their ancestors, since all 3 are held captive in Europe. All are in poor condition as they have not been well cared for...

...Fortunately, Maya writing is also found carved in stone. One of the best examples was found by Jose Calderon when he stumbled on the jungle city of Palenque, Mexico in 1746. He found the 3 carved panels in the Temple of the Inscriptions, which contain a total of 640 glyphs. John Lloyd Stevens found, and bought, Copan, Honduras, in 1839. That fifty dollar purchase included the Hieroglyphic Stairway, where its 2200 glyphs make it the longest pre-Colombian stone inscription in all the Americas. [].

Coincidence or a meaningful one? Among others try ''800'' / ''22'' / ''3'' / ''lime''{stone} and especially ''fig tree'' - in order to evaluate one way or the other {i.e., that ''inner'' stuff?}.

Side note: In the region of the Arctic what is known as the Midnight Sun sets - for the first time - below the horizon in 64 days. ['Orbit: Earth's Extraordinary Journey' / Episode 2]. Coincidence or a meaningful one, i.e.,does subject material define 'natural phenomena' only - or is natural phenomena used to define 'subject' material? Try ''midnight''.

''It is because there was once darkness at noon {'zenith'?} that we can now speak of the sun at midnight." {Back cover to the book 'The Sun At Midnight' / Bernardo Olivera, Ocso}.

Mr William Ockham. In profile or face on? Left - right or right to left?

East or west?

And/or: "The planet 'Jupiter' called the ''greater fortune'' is complementary to Venus the ''lessor fortune'', just as the direction West is complementary to East. West is the place of the sunset, and it consequently represents the completion of enterprises, just as East symbolises their beginnings. A man is said to be 'successful' when he has all the details of his enterprise in his ''grasp'' {Kaph}….The old astrologers held that Jupiter's influence in the horoscope does not become strong until after middle life, when the sun of personal existence has passed noon zenith and is moving towards 'Wealth' and 'Poverty'; these are the extremes of worldly fortune, the outward and visible signs of a means 'grasp' of circumstances. When Jupiter is well-aspected in a horoscope that grasp is strong. When it is ill-aspected that grasp is weak." [Page 92 of the book by P. F. Case. Vol 1].

Try ''lucky/unlucky''.

"In the Pagan Mysteries, beginners were known as 'mystae', meaning 'those with eyes closed', and enlightened initiates were known as 'epopteia' meaning, 'those who can see'." [From the book by T. Freke and P. Gandy].

Apply it to: "But none of these comparatively northern streams suit the stellar position of our Eridanus, for it is a southern constellation, and it would seem that its earthly counterpart ought to be found in a corresponding quarter = the Nile, the only noteworthy river that flows from south - north, as this is said to do when rising above the horizon...Caesius thought our Eridanus was the sky representation of the Jordan, or the Red Sea, which the Israelites passed over - as on dry land." ['Star Names and Their Meaning'].

From a different perspective: "Astrology, being a system of symbolic interpretation of significant astrological facts, must obviously differentiate strongly between the Sun - a life - and light giving star which is the center of the astronomical system to which we belong - and planets which are merely reflectors or transmitters of light, and of which the Earth itself is one. If we refer to the Ego as ''a complex of representations which constitute the center of my field of consciousness and appears to possess a very high degree of continuity and identity'', it is clear that the astrological symbol thereof {geocentric?} is the Earth itself as seen from the birth place  of the native. The continuous field of consciousness of any man is what is contained within the boundaries of his horizon, and by implications what, though below the horizon, will emerge into the field of his consciousness. In other words , the quadrature of the astrological chart {horizon and meridian - and especially Ascendant and Mid-Heaven} represents the form of the field of consciousness. The ego may be considered as the birth point itself, the center of the chart - or, in an even more accurate symbolism - the apex of the pyramid built on four angles of the chart...." [Pages 219-20 'The Astrology of Personality' / Dane Rudhyar].

A mind set?

And/or: " The horizon is the line of awareness {manifest?}. It is so according to the most obvious logic of symbolical significance; for it differentiates the two most fundamental types of awareness. ABOVE THE HORIZON is everything that can be perceived by the senses. BELOW THE HORIZON is the realm of this interior awareness, which Jung rightly calls ''intuition''. INTUITION is the faculty of awareness through which we perceive INNER facts {Gnosis?}. Sensation is the awareness of the not-self - of others. As the 'Ascendant' is the seed - point of the lower hemispheres, it takes on necessary the meaning of pure self awareness. The Descendant being the seed - point of the upper hemisphere, is the symbol of awareness of others. This intuition and sensation are seen as two complementary factors, related respectively to East and West. One becomes aware of one's own existence as an ''I'' by an interior process which is intuition, whereas sensation is the result of an awareness of outer causes attributed to sense impressions." [Page 177. Same book].

''Running the Fields'' ? And/or: Recall the two types of 'soil'/'seed' found at Denderah /Egypt.

And/or: "The cusp of the 1st and 7th houses represent the position of the horizon, as it actually is at the time of the first breath. The line of the cusps of the 2nd and 8th houses represents the position of the horizon two hours afterwards....We will see the significance of this conception as we come to study the 28 year cycle of unfoldment of the individual self.

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

'Saturn' link?

Think about all the above in relation to that universal ''bit'. In the INNER sense of the word.

Analogy of same?..."Alongside other evidence of the social and religious organisation of the period, the names of the 1st Dynasty kings were enshrined in a medical treatise and in two of the formulae of the Book of Coming Forth into Day, of which this is one: 'This formula has been found in the foundations by a chief mason {Hiram Abiff link?} in the time of his Majesty of Upper and Lower Egypt, Semti the Justified. It was a secret guide which had never been seen nor glimpsed. The recitation of Chapter 64 of this Book enabled the deceased to come and go at his pleasure and assured immortality to his soul, on condition that it be read when one was pure and spotless." [Extract from the book by L. Lamy. Enlarged elsewhere].

''The swan is white without spot..." quote by Leonardo da Vinci.

"In Greek mythology the swan was the bird consecrated by Apollo; the symbol of harmony..."

''Pure'' in relation to 'natural' - {as a means}. Try ''pure'' {throughout} to 'see' it in all its manifestations - if only in defining subject material.

Question. 8x8x8 = 512. Relevant to anything? If only within this subject.

"The beginning of wisdom is the most sincere desire for instruction, and concern for instruction is love of wisdom....for she is a reflection of eternal light, a spotless mirror of the working of god, and an image of his goodness.'' [Wisdom of Solomon 6,17].

Anima or ?

S/W or S/E?


'The Flower of Life' - 19 circles - 'Includes' the major points of the 'compass' {cross?} - all in three's? Side note: On top of the very first coffin {of three} was found a circlet of withered flowers {lotus?} in the middle of his forehead. Those 'three' were surrounded by 'four' golden shrines. Question. At what age did Tutankhamun ''die''? PRIOR TO A REBIRTH.

"In antiquity, the practice of animating temples, bas reliefs, and statues was conceived of as both an art and science. In its scientific aspect, the art of animating statues drew upon the ancient canon of proportion, itself based on those ubiquitous geometrical ratios which underlie the forms of nature and the unfolding patterns of life. In the 'Laws' 656D, Plato refers to the canon of music and proportion which maintained the integrity of Egyptian art for no less than 10,000 years... The ultimate origins of the canon remains mysterious; evidence of its use is very early... The existence of such a canon is confirmed by the research of archaeologists and universally accepted by all Egyptologists. There were two Egyptian canons: the earliest divided the height of the human being into 19 squares; the later canon was based on a division of 22 squares. These canons provided a framework for Egyptian artists when rendering the human form and the 'forms' of the gods... Interestingly the 19 square Egyptian canon was taken over by the early Greek artists and sculptures, as has been shown by the studies of archaeologist Elanor Guralnick." ['Alexandria' Vol 2. By D. Fideler]. Think about it relative to ''a subject'' being represented in human form by way of ''number symbolism.'' Further examples in part 3.

''Life'' in relation to that 'bit'.

"Nineteen is the number of light, the existence of god proved by the idea of god." [Quote taken from chapter 19 entitled 'The stone of the Philosophers' from the book by E. Levi].

{12 + 7}? Recall what both numbers represent. As a means...?

"Nineteen is, to begin with an incomplete 20, but is also a sacred number in the near East. In ancient Egypt the 'Book of the Dead' mentions the 19 limbs of the body, each of which had a 'deity' of its own; by adding the deity connected with the whole body to them, the sacred 20 was attained. For medieval exegetes in the West, 19 combined: the 12 zodiac signs with the 7 planets. In the Islamic tradition however, this number corresponds to the numerical value of the word 'wahid' - ''One.'' ...Astronomically speaking, 19 is connected with the so called Metonic cycle: every 19 years, all the phases of the waxing and waning moon fall on the same days of the week during the whole solar year." [Extract from the book 'Mystery of Numbers' - entitled 'The Number of the Metonic Cycle'. Emphasis, this readers].

Question. Information due only to the recording of the ''Metonic cycle'' OR is that used to represent something else? Question 2. Which came first - AND WHY?

Analogy?: "In ancient Ireland the 'ollave', or master poet, sat next to the king at table and was privileged, as none else but the queen was, to wear six different colours. The word 'bard', which in mediaeval Wales stood for a master poet, had a different sense in Ireland, where it meant an inferior poet who had not passed through the 'seven degrees of wisdom' which made him an ollave AFTER a very difficult twelve year course." [Page 22 'The White Goddess' / R. Graves].

Ovoid Stone?


And/or: "The Goddess is a lovely slender woman, with a hooked nose, deathly pale face {snow white?}, lips red as rowan berries, startling blue eyes and long fair hair; she can suddenly transform herself into sow, mare, bitch, vixen, she-ass, weasel, serpent, owl, she-wolf, tigress, mermaid and loathsome hag {i.e., twelve aspects? i.e., in the negative {shadow/unconscious? sense of the word?}. Her 'names' and titles are innumerable. In ghost stories she often figures as the White Lady, and in ancient religions, from the British islands to the Caucasus, as the White Goddess {therefore S/E - N/W 'Europa'? Recall same direction with 'Bog' bodies} - or muse, the Mother of all living, the ancient 'power' of 'freight' and 'lust' - the female spider or the queen bee whose 'embrace' is 'death' {towards a 'rebirth'?}. HENCE ''Housman offered a secondary test of true poetry: 'everything that reminds me of her goes through me like a spear' {''wounded'' link}. This is equally pertinent to the Theme.....The THEME, briefly, is the antique story, which falls into thirteen chapters and an epilogue of the birth, life, death and resurrection of the God of the Waxing year; the central chapters concern the gods losing battle with the god of the Waning year for 'love' of the capricious and all powerful Threefold Goddess {soul}….The poet identifies himself {spirit} with the god of the Waxing year and his Muse {'anima'} with the Goddess; the rival is his blood brother {'shadow'}, his other self, his weird....''  [Page 24 'The White Goddess' / R. Graves].

Try ''peculiar'' to work through to a remedy. BEFORE those first impressions play {fantasize?} on the word ''weird.''

'Elephant in the Dark' ?

Oxyrhynchus fish?

"What is this 'stone' and why is it so called? The great initiator of the Christians invites his believers to build on the stone or rock, if they do not wish their structures to be demolished. He terms himself the corner-stone...It is the foundation of absolute philosophy, it is the supreme and immovable reason [strength; focus of will link. This readers input]. We must possess that reason which is the touch -stone of truth..This 'stone', say the masters in Alchemy, is the true 'salt' of the 'philosophers'; represented as a cubic -stone..." [same chapter, same book]. That link to the 'difference' [i.e.,that which is 'preserved'] between the 'process' of ''incarnation'' relative to ''reincarnation''. Meaning of. Enlarged elsewhere.

"...The one who remembers an experience is also the one who experienced it." Quote by Tomberg.


'Flat' top within a 'circumference'? Twice as high as broad? Squaring the circle?

A {working?} example: "How do you define consciousness? Consciousness is considered to be indefinable," I asked,''and indeed how can it be defined if it has an inner quality? With the ordinary means at our disposal it is impossible to prove the presence of consciousness in another man. We know it only in ourselves." ''All this is rubbish'; said G., the usual scientific sophistry. Only one thing is true in what you have said: that you can know consciousness only in yourself {what he defines as 'self remembering'}. Observe that i say you can know, for you can know it only when you have it..." ['In Search of the Miraculous']. Question. ''Manifested''?

'Waters of the Gap'


Spotted? And/or 'collar'?

"The headrest from Tut-ankh-Amun's tomb, carved from two pieces of ivory and joined together with golden pegs, represents Shu in his characteristic position of 'raising up the sky' {Tau cross link? i.e.,arms 'raised'. Enlarged elsewhere }...The two lions framing him back to back are frequently represented in the Book of the Dead {Chapter 17} accompanied by the inscription: 'To me belongs today and i know tomorrow. Who is this? Yesterday is Osiris and tomorrow is Re." [Extract from the book by L. Lamy].

"Analogy is the quintessence of the 'philosophical' stone." Quote by same.

Side note: An Egyptian 'mummy' brought into the Pawn shop {'Pawn Stars' / History Channel}. Among others, an image can be seen of 'Isis' laid out on the back of a lion/lioness Evaluated by Egyptian expert Phineas Kastle as: ''probably belonging to a priestess of Isis, possibly of Royal lineage."

Question. 'Kingship' related?

A working example: "These Tyrrhenians, usually known as Etruscans, dated their national existence from 967 BC. Cecrops..first Greek king of Attica {according to legend} reputed to be originator of barley cake offerings to Zeus....Scotia {'The Dark one'} daughter of the king of Egypt - is a well known Greek title of the sea goddess of Cyprus.. The Milesians would have brought the cult of the sea goddess and of her son Hercules [Khonsu?} to Ireland....In the Peloponnese the Olympic games were the occasion of this agricultural Hercules death and of the election of his successor {'twin'?}.'' [Page 132 'The White Goddess'].

Akhenaten's daughter?

Fir-cone = pine cone?

''Born from the forehead of {as one example} Zeus'' OR ''Her name, which Plutarch in his Roman Questions absurdly derives from carens mente, 'out of her mind' seems to be compounded of 'Car' and menta...''? [Page 331 'White Goddess' / R. Graves].

Side note: ''No mention has been made so far of the religious meaning of the cedar which figures so much in the Old Testament as the loftiest and grandest of the trees....It was used by Solomon with the 'choice fir' in the building of the three temples...which he raised in honour of a Trinity consisting of Jehovah and two goddesses...the second temple relates to the Mountain-goddess {Al-qurn?}, the Love and Battle goddess of Midsummer, that of the third - The House of the Pharaoh's daughter, who is shown by the story of Moses to have been the birth goddess of the Winter Solstice. Since we know that the fir was sacred to the 'Birth' goddess And that the floor of the temple was of fir planking....{ = Astarte link}'' [Page 329 'The White Goddess' / R. Graves].

Pinewood Studios?


And/or {something extra}: ''By the time he had reached the comparative safety of the pine trees, the land all around was being drained of darkness, leaving a residue of a grey dull light which prefigured the dawn of the shortest day of the year. Tom threw himself down on a cushion of pine needles....he felt like a black void was enveloping him....he lay on his side with kness to his chest {'child/rebirth' link?}....he did not blink even when the reluctant sun opened its indifferent eye on the horizon, shooting its level beams the length of the valley {Stonehenge causeway?} Beyond the plantation of firs and pines, was the small forest of oaks which extended to the rear of the 'hotel'....Apart from midsummer, the winter solstice was Hannah's favourite day....Today the sun was in its last decline...Tomorrow would bring not just a new day but a New Year when the reborn sun would begin to 'loop' higher in the sky and lengthen the days downhill towards summer...The beauty of the morning suggested to Hannah that the sun was hastening joyfully towards death, eager for its resurrection the following day....It was still early in the day, but already the waning moon was as high in the pale sky as the declining sun. The winter solstice was drawing to a close. The last of the tall pines threw long shadows across Winston Powell's  fields....the road gleamed dully like gunmetal in the dying light.'' [Pages 164/170/173/188 'The Serpents Circle'].

A Shot across the Bow? or a ''snapshot'' of something?

Continued: ''Pelagia the Penitent, Pelagia of Antioch, Pelagia of Tarsus etc., - are all fictions built on the epithet of Aphrodite Pelagia, ''Sea''....'' [Page 781 'The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets'].

The ''Sea Peoples'' that ancient literature cannot define an origin for? Fish tailed?

And/or: Cyprus a link to 'copper' as Cornwall is to 'tin'. Question. Where would 'lead' / 'silver' / 'gold' be a representation from?

And/or: ''The Hoar way or Harrow Way begins at Marazion in Cornwall....'' 3:5.

Greece = Marble?

Brass = 'Mountains'/Alexander link? Try 2:4

Cubit? + ''Round the corner from the 'bulls eye' {Pantheon} in Rome = 'Eye of the needle'?

Side note: "King Agamemnon's home in Mycenae, the golden city with its famous Lion Gate, was linked to the familiar lion-like shape of the constellation Leo; the steeply rising Peloponnese mountains along the Bay of Corinth {'east'?} became the Lion's broad back, and an ancient route from Mycenae via Cleonae to Corinth became his front legs..." ['Homers Secret Iliad'].

One could also say..."Analogy {by way of objectivity} = purpose of. Benefits of.

'Gates of perception'?

'On Having No Head: Zen and the Rediscovery of the Obvious' / D. E. Harding.

''Backbone of the Great Bear'' and/or the ''Spine of Osiris''. Enlarged elsewhere. Coincidence or a meaningful one?

"Quintessence'' - represented with the 'four' elements together with the 'divine bit'. Therefore 'five' in number symbolism. Come back to it later. Try Part 4.

Try ''five'' to 'see' it in all its manifestations.


Refresher: " A soul that possessed a link of 'sympathy' with the mystery of the heavens - such was Hermes...

"...but if you are armed with the 'wand' of intuition, the 'cup' of sympathy, the 'sword' of reason and the 'pentacle' of valor, you will find there {the legends say} the Medicine of Metals, the Elixir of Life, the Philosophers Stone, True Wisdom and perfect happiness." [Extract from the book 'The Cosmic Trigger' by R. Wilson. Emphasis, this readers].

"There is a mosque whose foundation was laid from the first day on piety; it is more worthy of thy standing forth therein." [i.e., in relation to ''The original mosque of piety built by the Muhammad himself]..."Which then is best? - he that layeth his foundation on piety to God and his good pleasure? - or he that layeth his foundation on an undermined sand cliff ready to crumble to pieces?" [Quran 9:108/109].

A working {personal?} example: "We shall i believe, never fully understand our evolution, nor see in the glimmering light about us the sign posts that point the way into the future, unless we recognize the greatness of our spiritual heritage. Innumerable books have been written and the most painstaking researches have been made for centuries past, and an enormous mass of material has been collected from the mythology, traditions, and legends of every country in the world, but it seems as though some vital link is missing. Fact is piled upon fact, old documents are deciphered, folklore is compared with folklore, archeologists dig, and astronomers calculate, and poets dream - but in the end the opinion is fostered that the ancient wisdom was as the babbling of childhood compared with the intellectual reasoning of grown men. Seven hundred years ago there was a different outlook. John of Salisbury, who was Bishop of Chartres at the beginning of the 13th century, wrote: 'Our time is served by the beneficence of former days, and often knows more than the later, but not, naturally; because the spirit of our time is the greater, but because it rests upon other powers and upon the ripe wisdom of our fathers'. And he goes on to quote: ' We are like dwarfs who have climbed onto the shoulders of giants, so that we may see more than they and further {'horizon' link?} - but not because of the sharpness of our own eyesight or the tallness of our stature, but because we have been lifted up and exalted by the greatness of the giants'." ['The Flaming Door'].

Cave / Mountain as a means...?

Together with...

"Everyone has an internal thought process: that silent other self who speaks to you; the one you debate with." [First sentence; first paragraph; first page of the book by Q. S. Lam].



And/or: "But perhaps another solution of the problem may be available. The 'highly' developed is always replaced by the 'underdeveloped', the civilized by the barbarian. This is the inevitable course of history. Today, however, a new factor has come into play. Through the study of the unconscious we have found a way to be reconciled with the barbarian within ourselves {'giant'?}. The world drama {'Feast of Fools' link?} can be and indeed not infrequently is played out within the individual. Power and prestige abstracted from the highly developed parts of the psyche are 'applied' to the more lowly parts so that they may be educated - may be raised from their position of barbarism and degradation. By this process the individual can pass from an exclusively intellectual and rational attitude to one where focus latent in the unconscious {archetypes?} are given due recognition and are thus no longer in stark opposition to the conscious attitude. " ['Women's Mysteries: Ancient and Modern' / M. Harding].

'Intellectual' v 'Gnosis' ? Enlarged elsewhere.

'fire' in a different form.

Hence: " The interpretation of the moon mysteries {as one example} suggested in the following chapters links our modern life problems to those of the ancient peoples who recognized that in their day, as in ours, the world at times became sterile, and was laid waste, not by war or pestilence, but because some essential fertilizing spirit had been withdrawn." Same book.

'The Waste Land' / T. S. Eliot.

Refresher: Gnosis in relation to the ''cognitive faculty'' {i.e.,root of}. Question What 'number' represents it AND why?

'Shoulder' or mushroom?

"I stood upon a high mountain, and saw a giant and a dwarf, i heard as it were a voice of thunder and drew nigh to hear. He spake unto me and said, 'I am thou and art i and where - so - ever thou mayest be, i am there. In all i am scattered, and whence - so - ever thou willest, thou gatherest me, and in gathering me, thou gatherest thyself." [The Gospel of Eve].

Question. Anima or animus related? As a means...? Or just mumbo jumbo?

Side note: Families competing for the 'Iron' throne in the series Game of Thrones. Giants {north} and dwarfs {south} included . Is the original author using 'subject' material as a means {method}...?

Something to ponder on: "What scripture says about Og, ''Behold, his bedstead was an iron bedstead, nine cubits in length," {Deut.3-11}….The bedstead is never the same dimensions as the person sleeping in is always greater by a third....'The cubit of a man' means the measure of an ordinary man and not by the measure of Og…" [Page 248 'Guide for the Perplexed'].

The 'third' of something in relation to 'sleep'. Try ''nine'' and/or ''iron'' and/or ''North''.

'Gold/Silver' as a means....?

A work in progress?: ''Anglesey is also home to the village with the longest name in Europe - LlanfairpwllgwyGOGerychwyrndrobwilliantysilioGOGOGOCH....'' ['Readers Dijest' / April 2021].

A ''third''?

'Circle of Giants' link? Therefore those ''blue stones''?

Question. What would be the 'longest' name in Asia?

Any 'lightening'?

And/or: "In our investigation into the origins of Gog and Magog, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the remarks made about them by Ezekiel....He was a Hebrew priest, who was among those carried into captivity by Nebuchadnezzar about 600 B.C., and gave out his prophecy shortly after invasion of Palestine led by the people of Gog....In point of fact, the invasion never took place....Ethiopia, and Libya are mentioned among the 'enemies' - it is clear that the 'expected' attack is from the North {N/W?}....Now in Syria, in the Jebel-el-Druz area, lived Og, the king of Bushan. He was a giant, and his 'city' or land was Ashtaroth. It may just be a coincidence that he was a giant and that his name was Og: but, when he is also associated with Ashtaroth, the Great Mother goddess who, in later times at any rate, was also a moon goddess, there are too many coincidences. Og must be the same as Gog, Ashtaroth the same as Magog...." [Page 10/108/109 'GogMagog'].

What do 'colours' represent. 'Pyr'amid texts?

Refresher: ''The Greeks sometimes identified Asteria with the Phoenician goddess Ashtarte. It is not known if the Greek goddess was in fact derived from the Phoenician. However, other Greek gods worshipped around the Aegean, such as Melikertes (Phoenician Melqart) and Ino-Leukothea were indeed imported from the East....

''Asteria may have been a goddess of dream oracles worshipped as Brizo (Slumber) on the island of Delos and as Ino-Pasiphae in Lakonian Thalamai (Thalamae). The Pasiphae of Thalamai was a dual sky and sea goddess who sent prophetic dreams.


Pausanias, Description of Greece 3. 26. 1 (trans. Jones) (Greek travelogue C2nd A.D.) :
"From Oitylos (Oetylus) to Thalamai (Thalamae) [in Lakedaimonia (Lacedaemon)] the road is about eighty stades long. On it is a sanctuary of Ino and an oracle. They consult the oracle in sleep, and the goddess reveals whatever they wish to learn, in dreams. Bronze statues of Pasiphae and of Helios (the Sun) stand in the unroofed part of the sanctuary. It was not possible to see the one within the temple clearly, owing to the garlands, but they say this too is of bronze. Water, sweet to drink, flows from a sacred spring. Pasiphae is a title of Selene (the Moon), and is not a local goddess of the people of Thalamai."[Internet].

All as a means....? Try ''naked'' and or ''garment''.

Amarna also was 'open' to the sky.

N.B. King 'Tut' - who had a 'crippled' left foot {'Tutankhamun: The Truth Uncovered'}. Speculation as to why. Same thought process given as to why ALL items - within the 'tomb' - seem to have been {'gathered'} very quickly...

"One of the important teachings contained in this chapter {i.e., Chapter 25 of the Book of the Dead} is the idea of remembrance. Spiritual 'enlightenment' is not something new that is added to a person. It is a gathering and making whole one's consciousness so as to discover one's true identity as One with the 'divine'. Thus the initiate asks that they be given their 'name'...." [  Page 212 'Egyptian Book of the Dead' / M Ashby]. 'See' anything?

Analogy of same; but from a different perspective; a different 'start point' {bottom - up?}...


"Some heads are graced by golden crowns. Golden crowns and jewelled diadems detract from the beautiful tresses of other heads because the tresses of beauties are traps of love, which is the heart's throne. A golden crown is a lifeless thing; the wearer is the heart's beloved." 'Signs of the Unseen' / Jalaluddin Rumi].

Continued from Part 1:"...Eurynome was a daughter of Oceanos, and she and Thetis recieved Hephaestus in their lap, in the depths of the waters, when he was flung into the sea. This imagery is important, providing ancient links between the 'heavenly' and 'underworld' powers. Hephaestus, the great Smith of the gods, often depicted as a lame dwarf, was the misbegotten child of Hera, the queen of the Olympian gods, who threw him from 'heaven' into the 'sea', to be saved and nurtured by the ancient goddesses Thetis and Eurynome, for whom he fashioned jewellery in a grotto by the great underground sea. He also had as his companion the Kaberiroi, another line of ancient underworld gods and servants of the Great Mother - who were sea gods and smiths. And later he became associated with the volcanic powers of Etna and Vesuvius. His importance in ancient myth is preserved in 'confused and conflicting' {purposely?} - stories about births engendered by Zeus and Hera. It is said that Hera bore Hephaistos unaided as an act of spite and emulation when Zeus bore Pallas Athene from his 'head'...Another story says Hephaistos assisted in the birth by...[Extract from the book by G. Knight].

''Volcanic powers'' = the {beginning?} of the 'crystallisation' of something - representation of.

Buskin? Right or left foot?  And/or: Caligula was known as Little {soldier} boot.

A working example: ''The Dreamtime shifts, and a second trunk emerges from the family tree, this one rooted in volcanic ash: My mothers ancestors were vintners on Mount Etna....looking to get the perfect grape....Sicily is home of Demeter, the place where her daughter Persephone was said to be playing among the flowers....when Hades snatched {'stole'?} her to be his bride/queen.'' [Page 21 'A Mythic Life'].


Synchronistic example: {i.e., of author}: ''One morning at 3:00 AM, my delirium took the form of a group of women in flowering hats....My mother who had moved a bed into my room to take care of me was sleeping. The women looked over to her form and said, 'Jean, wake up your mother and tell her to give you the blood test that's given to alchoholics.'' [Page 190/1 same book].

Beatrice in disguise?


The above author {i.e., J. Houston} understands the ''women'' to be: ''My collective body wisdom, somewhat whimsically attired but bearing crtical information that was unavailable to my conscious mind but able to reach me in my feverish altered state.'' What she has not 'realised' is the myth of Sekhmet { a 'known' aspect of herself} in relation to blood/beer RELATIVE to: ''As for my participation, i found that my guiding activity stopped at the threshold of the spiritual level {'fire'?}. Just as Virgil had to leave Dante at the portals of the 'realms of bliss' {'beauty' link?} and could not enter 'paradise' with him, so i as guide {dog/jackal and or airedale?} could do more than bear witness to the culmination of the process i had launched. I hoped an inner guide belonging to a deeper realm {silence/lakes?} would take up the task of guidance, as Dante was met by the divine Beatrice which helped him 'see' - the love that moves the sun and all the stars.'' [Page 182].

Equinoxes {i.,e the middle ground} therefore precession?

Senet board game.

Try ''Paisley'' to enlarge. And/or the legend/myth of Fulcanelli for an alternative example with SAME principle/purpose in mind.

A working example: "The 'smaller' pyramid of Mycerinus is dressed in rough granite but polished around the entrance. Choice of type of stone was generally dictated by symbolic consideration - i.e., granite, a volcanic rock was a 'fire' stone. To date, the symbolic meaning of the Mycerinus pyramid is unknown." ['Serpent in the Sky'].

'Panther' to enlarged.

And/or: Saturn, as you know, is the binding, crystallizing vibration. The pair of opposites assigned to it is Dominion and Slavery, because our expression of this 'vibration' {i.e., in the ''energy'' sense of the word, i.e., recall J. Campbell's quote}, either frees or limits us, according to the point of view that we take. " [Page 51 of the book by P. F. Case. Vol 1].

And/or: ''As has been said, Ra is not the sun itself, but rather the solar energy {'spirit'?} which, during the course of its daily cycle, animates all the organic {'soul'?} functions of the human body, one after the other, at each hour of the day and night. It is in this way that we are subject to it....'' ['Sacred Science'].

Something extra: "Through Christ, there can enter into the winter cold {S/W?} of knowledge a warmth which in no way obscures or corrupts it, but gives it life; and into the stormy creative chaos of the instinctive life {Cernunnos?} - he brings a light {S/E?} which does not lame it, but purifies and redeems it." ['The Flaming Door']. Enlarged elsewhere.

Mantle of the earth relative to the mantle of the fireplace. As a means....? Hestia?

Side note: "It will be recalled that the famous discovery of the pithecanthropus of Trinil in Java consisted solely of a skullcap, two teeth, and a femur. During the course of a years excavations, these elements were found fifteen meters apart in a layer of ashes and tufa at the base of a volcano..." 'Sacred Science' / Schwaller De Lubicz]. Try ''charcoal/ashes'' and/or ''teeth'' and/or ''crystalliz{s}ation''.

Coincidence or a meaningful one?

A {working?} example: "In order to be able to speak of any kind of future life there must be a certain crystallisation, a certain fusion of man's inner qualities - a certain independence of external influences." ['In Search of the Miraculous'] .

Follow the title of the book to see it in its broader context.

gtrfLandscape equivalent?: " The 'oil of sand' we will be using is water glass, a commercially available aqueous solution of sodium or potassium silicate...This commercial 'water glass' is in fact the same material Glauber used, but he made his, by heating powdered sand with sodium carbonate and then dissolving the fused, glassy mass in water - a bit to arduous for us. The commercial material is just as good...It is used routinely in crystal-garden kits sold as educated toys." ['The Chemistry of Alchemy']. Try ''Isle of Glass'' for a 'connection'.

"The whole of the Perseus mythology is of relevance to the 'Goddess' powers, and our consideration of them will not be complete until we have examined their central holy of holies, the Garden of Hesperides. This was in the far West {S/W?] of the great underground sea of Okeanos. It was sometimes said to lie at the far end of a red sea. This is another allusion to the far West, and the apparent path to it made by the setting sun inflaming the waters with its reflection. In later Olympean mythologies, it was said that Zeus, the king of the gods, had a palace there. This emphasizes their importance, but their origin is more accurately indicated in the belief that they were the possession of Hera, {top-down?} the Queen of the gods, and had been given to her as a wedding gift by Gaia, {bottom-up?} the most ancient Earth goddess, the source of all life on earth. The 'marriage' bed of Hera, was even said to be located here, and the creative aspect was emphasized by the fruitfulness of the earth and by the many fountains that jetted forth. It was the site also of an orchard and in particular of a special tree which bore golden apples. This tree was guarded by a serpent, called Ladon, which is also the name of a river in Arcadia. This is not inappropriate, for Arcadia was by tradition an idyllic pastoral land, and a river is one of the most ancient symbols for the fount of life. One of the most ancient Greek creation myths saw all life as having come from a primal river, Eridanus, which also has a constellation dedicated to it, that stretches along the horizon between the celestial hemispheres.

"Beneath the apple tree I awaken you." [Song of Songs 8:5].

Side note: Apple Island and Frog Island close by to Oak Island. Coincidence?

A working example: "Cetus is sometimes represented swimming in the River Eridanus, although usually as resting on the bank with fore paws {N.B. Not the hind ones} - in the water. Its head, directly under Aries, marked by an irregular pentagon of stars, and its body stretching from the bend in Eridanus to that in the Stream from the Urn...Aquarius is not conspicuous, being, chiefly marked by the stars that represent the Urn, the familiar 'Y' - called Urna by the Latins...On the right arm of {the 'Waterman'. N.B. Not 'woman'} - at the inner edge of the Urn, and the westernmost star in the 'Y' , is Sadachbia - which has been interpreted the Lucky Star of Hidden Things or Hiding Places, because when it emerged from the sun's rays all hidden worms and reptiles, buried during the preceding cold {'flood'?} - creep out of their holes {'scarab' beetles?}...This idea of the Fish drinking the Stream is an ancient one, and may have given rise to the title Pisces aqueous, found with Ovid...Vergil mentioned it in his directions for the gathering the honey harvest...In Babylonia it was associated with the 11th month Shabatu, the Curse of Rain...and the Epic of Creation has an account of the Deluge in its eleventh Book, corresponding to this the 11th constellation; each of its other books numerically coinciding with the other zodiacal signs. In that country its Urn was known as the Seat of the Flowing Waters and the God of the Storm...Still earlier it was known as Lord of Canals, an Akkadian word for Aquarius some 15000 years ago when the sun entered it and the Nile flood was at its height... " [Notes within Cetus, Aquarius and Pisces 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

N.B. The word ''foundation'' used for many of the stars in the same 'Y' grouping.

Define those keys to understand something further. Start off with ''paw'' / ''bend'' {U-turn}. Then ''Canal'' Part 3 i.e., 3:8


"I will open my mouth in parables, i will utter what has been hidden, since the foundation of the world." [Matthew 13.35].

Refresher with something added: "Aquarius is not conspicuous, being, chiefly marked by the stars that represent the Urn, the familiar 'Y' - called Urna by the Latins...On the right arm of {the 'Waterman'. N.B. Not 'woman'} - at the inner edge of the Urn, and the westernmost star in the 'Y' , is Sadachbia - which has been interpreted the Lucky Star of Hidden Things or Hiding Places...But as this word Ah biyah is merely the plural of H iba, a Tent, a more reasonable explanation is that the star was so called from its rising in the spring twilight, when, after the winters suffering, the nomads tents were raised on the freshening pastures. This idea renders Professor Whitneys ' Felicity of Tents' - the stars included under this designation - in the center - marking the top of the 'tent'...Although unnamed, the star at the center of the 'Y' of the Urn, is almost exactly on the celestial equator." [Same book].

{'Y'} : Confluence of 'two' rivers? How would that be represented in the night sky?

''Tent'' in relation to Exodus and/or Wilderness years? And/or: The ''huts'' within the Land of Punt?

Tropic of Cancer/Capricorn?

"Of considerable importance in this sequence, although easily overlooked in the welter of symbolism, is the fact that this process of dividing the worthy from the unworthy, at the border between inner and outer 'levels', takes place in a garden around a fountain. The fountain, together with a garden, orchard, or grove of trees, is an almost invariable feature of entrances to the 'inner' planes in esoteric mythology."

Question. Different aspects of a {core?} theme? i.e., 'apple of the eye'?

Side note: ''Apple Island'' mentioned in relation to 'Oak Island'. Coincidence? {Series 6. Episode 7}.


'Apple of the eye'?

Same question too: "Another common local belief is that the large snails found along the Pilgrim's Way close to Charing were originally introduced to the area by Norman pilgrims who dropped them along the way....Cartwright makes reference to snails at both Albury in Surrey and at Charing in Kent. The particular variety in question is the helix pomatia, or Apple snail, and is usually known as the Roman snail in England, due to its likely introduction into southern England by the Romans. Today it can be found in chalk and lime habitats, which explains it occurrence on the edge of the chalk escarpment....H. S. Ward, in The Canterbury Pilgrimages, notes that stories of the existence of Roman snails abound throughout the southern counties." [Page 66 'The Pilgrims Way' / D. Bright].

Refresher: "Beneath the apple tree i awaken you." Song of Songs. Coincidence?

Side note: Words like ''Apple teeth'' / ''Giant'' used in relation to 'Hogmagog Hills' as referred to by T. Lethbridge as he attempts to unravel the mystery of Gogmagog - within the book of same title.

Connect those keys to attempt a mindset. Try ''hoar''.

Something extra {add it all together to 'see' something}: "As to our assertion that scriptures applies the notion of ''influence'' to 'God', compare: 'They have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters" {Jer.ii.13}, i.e.,the 'Divine' influence that gives life or 'existence'; for the two are identical. Further, ''For with thee is the fountain of life'' {Ps.xxxvi.10}, i.e.,the Divine influence that gives existence. The concluding words of this verse, ''In thy light we 'see' light,'' express exactly what we said, namely, that by the influence of the intellect which 'emanates' from god we become wise, by it we are guided and enabled to comprehend the Active intellect. Note this." [Page 171 'Guide for the Perplexed'. Emphasis, this readers].

Question. Top/down or bottom/up or both?

And/or: "In the Greek myths, the serpent guardian {Ladon?} was tended by three humans, also linked with darkness. Even in Greece, at the beginning of our western civilisation - the 'Daughters of Evening' - were born of darkness. The three Hespirides, who were also guardians of the golden apples, were born of Erebus and night...The 17th century alchemist, Michael Maier, chose to ignore the darkness implicit in the story of the Hesperides...Maier was interested in the 'destiny' of the golden apples, once they had come to earth, for he saw them as 'seedings' of spiritual wisdom... " ['The Zelator']. Try ''seed''.

Something unknown becoming known {i.e.,the 'eve'{ning} of something}. 'SEE' IT?

Additional information: within a working example {the very first one?}: "Homer perceived Mercury's appearance at dawn and dusk as being that of two planets. Venus is another planet that can only be seen before either dawn or dusk and is never in the sky in the middle of the night; narrative indicates that Homer recognized Venus at morning and evening as the same object. In chapter 6, we give profiles of Hera as the moon, Athene as Jupiter, Ares as Mars, Aphrodite as Venus, Apollo as Mercury at dawn and Hermes as Mercury at dusk, as well as the Smith god Hephaestus as the constellation Perseus, and of Thetis, {and her nymphs} - Achilles goddess mother - as the constellation Eridanus. There is no portrait of Zeus, controller of the heavens and the most powerful god of all, for he does not represent a physical aspect of the universe but is an 'all-knowing' abstract concept {''lighting up''?}. Even his home on Olympus and Mount Ida are important astronomical ideas rather than tangible entities." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

In other words all aspects {higher/lower} within the whole {i.e.,''zeus'', i.e.,what it represents}. Recall Part 1.

Question. ''Higher/lower'' and/or 'shadow/anima' = Trojan/Greek. Which and why?

And/or: "Insofar as Homer gives some mortals dual roles as stars and constellations, it is perhaps not surprising that major gods may also represent constellations as well as planets. Hephaestus is one of these and, as well as being the artificer who created the constellation, he has as his personal abode in the skies the constellation of Perseus, which he shares with Diomedes." Same book.

Follow the title of the book to 'see' it from different perspectives.

A working example: ''There was a question in the air. I didn't know how to answer him. Disquising lameness with firmness i said: That's very fair of Caldwell. Its the best thing. It must be for the best.'' [Page 20 'Mercurius'].

For a further 'head scratch' put ''dwarf'' in the usual box. Especially Part 3.