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trident2Analogy of same..."Sulphur was considered the father of metals and mercury the mother, and all metals were procreated from them. A 'sexual' act was necessary to create the 'stone,' its composition analogous to the birth of a human. George Ripley said, ''mercury is an unruly woman who had to be governed and is not let out until she has conceived a 'child.' '' The coagula symbolized the regeneration or reconstruction of the body. A series of dissolution's and coagulation's in the vessel, that is, death and regeneration was called the ''solve et coagula.'' The black state in the Great Work represented prison. The mercury and gold were confined in 'prison' and setting them free was necessary. The mercurial serpent symbolized the spirit hidden in matter, which existed at the beginning and end of the great work. Destructive at the beginning, it transmuted itself at the end {'Cleo' link?}.  Symbolic of life and death, destroyer and healer, slayer and slain, poison {'Scorpion'?} and medicine {Sagittarius?}, it participated in every aspect of the great work. Mercury was both the dark matter and the spirit hidden within. Both dissolver and coagulator, it was released when the old form {'old man'?}  was dissolved and 'recaptured' when the spirit was congealed {'morning/evening' stars?}. The union of the coagula symbolized marriage. It represented the triumph over 'separation' and the joining of opposites at all levels, male and female, sun and moon, wet and dry, fixed and volatile, {'fly'?} hot and cold, light and dark, heaven and earth." [Chapter 7, 'Keeper of Secrets' Vol 3 by R. Siblerud]. Think on it relative to the 'Birth of Venus'. A representation of something; other than the obvious. [Found within].

''In the Christian tradition it is the twentyfifth of March that is the date that Mary was told she would give birth to Jesus.''

"They are what i am. But i will be more. Pun: The whole is the sum of its hearts." [Seth quote in relation to the answer given to the question ''What do you think of your various reincarnations?'' Page 16, 'The Seth Material' ].

''Sulphur'' in relation to the 'yellow quartz' coffin ? {Hatshepsut}. Where would that ''marriage'' be represented?

And/or: One yellow quartz sarcophagus containing three coffins of Tutankhamun. Surrounded by four golden shrines. A 'circlet' of withered flowers found on the outer coffin - around the snake and vulture neters - in the middle of his forehead. Two orange discs can be seen on the inner golden coffin in the claws of the vulture goddess. [Tutankhamun in Colour / BBC2].

Question. Lotus flowers?

Side note: The colour orange indicative of potassium within volcanic ash. But to much fluoride can seize up the joints etc. {Pompey}.

A coming together {'morphing'} of Mineral/Vegetable/Animal - represented with Quartz/Lotus/Horus. A  'union' of North and South {Snake/Vulture}.

Scorpion King?

''In order for the pharaoh, who held divine office, to be linked to the people and the gods, special epithets were created for them at their accession to the throne. The ancient Egyptian titulary also served to demonstrate one's qualities and link them to the terrestrial realm. The five names were developed over the centuries beginning with the Horus Name. Tutankhamun's original nomen was Tutankhaten, which did not have a Nebty name or a Gold Falcon name associated with it as nothing has been found with the full five name protocol.'' [Wiki].

Something now has.

What does it all mean within a MINDSET? Enlarged throughout.

The 'flower' of life. 'nineteen'  segments. Found inscribed at the BACK of a rock/stone in the Osireion at Abydos. Question. What age was ''reported'' for Tut's 'death'. And to what 'Mystery' group did they belong to?

'Stamp of the feminine'? Real or symbolic? Anima or animus or both?

REFRESHER: ''He who through the error of attachment loves his body [or related 'things' only], abides wandering in darkness, aware of his physical senses, suffers the things of death, but he who realizes that the body is but the tomb of his soul {anima therefore 'female' aspect} - rises to immortality."

Try 'Smith and Jones'' before those 1st impressions 'hiss' at something else.

From a different perspective: ''They took the body of Jesus and bound it with burial cloths along with spices, according to Jewish burial custom {John 19:40}....Did they also gather FLOWERS and place them quickly around his head before they bound his body in the burial cloth?...This question arises because of the discovery of the Turin Shroud....A leading Israel botanist, identified several species of flowers around the head...almost 300 flowers with stems....Thorns also identified...'' [Page 71 'Mary Magdalene: Insights from Ancient Magdala' / J. Rishtine].

Side note: ''Spice'' = Land of Punt link?

"The siren heralds a friend - the bee a stranger."

''Truth is stranger than fiction.''

Watching someones back? Any flies?

A working example: ''I hestitated. In the stark light of day, i was starting to feel uncomfortable with the idea of going to a meeting of strangers and Witches and that.''  [Page 19 'Book of Shadows' / P. Curott].

Side note: ''You know the words, so say it with me. “Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble.” This is the first line of what is arguably the most famous scene in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, wherein the three weird sisters add a host of ghastly ingredients to their cauldron for conjuring. But it turns out many of those gross ingredients might not be so icky....

Tooth of the wolf?

“Eyes of newt” and “baboon’s blood” are just a few of the substances the three witches use in their brew, and every single one of the ingredients sound pretty creepy. But in reality, things like “eye of newt” or “wool of dog” weren’t meant literally: they were folk names for common herbs and many of them are readily available to you for your own witchy pursuits....

In herbal lore, which was a huge deal in Shakespeare’s day, and continues to be a pursuit for many in the modern world, popular herbs with magical or medical properties weren’t known by a single name. A plant like buttercup, which has many medical properties (and can also be poisonous) would also be known as blisterweed or bachelor’s buttons or … toe of frog....

“Root of hemlock” is pretty straight forward, and like holly, wolf’s bane, buttercup, and other ingredients, it’s infamously poisonous....'' ['The Mary Sue' / internet].

"Wisdom is a flower from which the bee its honey makes and the spider poison, each according to its own nature." [Chapter 2, 'Alchemists Handbook' by F. Albertus]. Link to the word ''chakra'' and/or ''karma''.

"Jan Baptiste Van Helmont, the Flemish Alchemist, was important in the secret societies for reintroducing into Western esotericism ideas of reincarnation...which he called, ''the revolution of human souls.'' [Page 332, 'The Secret History of the World'].

From a different point of view: "The narrative relates how Ra, the solar principle, advances in age and loses his vitality. After being bitten by a poisoned serpent, he summons the Neteru {in this case - Isis - represented with the 'thet' symbol, i.e.,''buckle'' or ''girdle'' } - to aid him in removing the poison that ''rattles his bones''....AND/OR..."Horus first comes on the scene as the 'Elder' hawk. He is sometimes depicted as a member of the Heliopolitan Ennead in latent form, as a seed...Horus the 'elder' exists as a potential principle - Horus the 'younger' as an antidote to physical existence, with all its inherent dualities and conflicts." ['Page 97/100 of the book by R. Clark]. Try ''bones'' / ''girdle'' .

Poison in relation to antidote as a means...?

Question. Any ''poison'' within those zodiac signs?

Side note {something to ponder on}: Recall Cleopatra's {mythic?} end - of being bitten by a snake. Can anything be learned from it? Try ''Aker'' - to begin with.

''M'' and/or ''octave''?

From a different perspective: ''Mary Magdalene, like the rest of humanity had to fight a life-long spiritual battle. St Paul testifies to this battle: 'our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against pricipalities  and 'powers', {archetypes?} - against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places' {'angels'#?}....It is likely then that Mary suffers from these disorders {'seven'?} and that Jesus heals her....There is mention { Luke 13:11} of a woman who is crippled by a spirit for eighteen years .....'' [Pages 60/2 'Mary Magdalene' / J. Ristine].

Spirit = 'eighteen' ?

Soul = 'nineteen' ?

All as a means....?

Side note: ''Another holy site of the Beta Israel community is Gwang Ras. The site is home to springs on the fertile plains outside Gondar that are the source of the Gwang River, which snakes through Ethiopia and Sudan into the Nile. Beta Israel tradition holds that the original melokse, Abba Sabra, stopped at Gwang Ras while fleeing from the fifteen{th} century Solomonic king Zar'a Ya'eqob. The site subsequently became a place of pilgrimage, where 'miracles' are believed to have occured. Researchers found that the soil at Gwang Ras has a variety of bright colours, including red. A Beta Israel story tells of meloksewoch applying red mud to the head {forehead?} of a woman who came there after losing 'seven' children to illness. She later bore seven children, all of whom were healthy.'' [Page 61 'Archaeology' /  Jan-Feb 2023].

Upstream or Downstream?

And/or: ''But on the fourth Way knowledge is still more exact and perfect.....It must be noted that in addition to the legitimate ways, there are also artificial ways which give temporary results only....It also happens that the door to the fourth room is opened artificially with a skeleton key. And in both these cases the room may prove to be empty.'' [Pages 1069/1076 {Kindle} 'In Search of the Miraculous' / P.D. Ouspensky].

Squaring the circle represented with a 'flower bud'?

'Raised arms'? Foundation peg? Spirit or Soul? 'Broad' to enlarge.

Something hinted at {from the 'ritual' perspective}: ''The element AIR brings with it an octagonal figure spinning around in the air. It is a sacred geometrical device....We will now rebuild your skeleton {Saturn?}. In this meditation you will direct your minds eye to the vast, unique  landscape of the White Desert of Libya....Multiple dried up ancient sea on top of the other....a profound feeling of bones created, sculptured by the winds.'' [Page 133-6 'Sekhmet: Transformation in the belly of the Goddess'].

All BEFORE Kom Ombo and Elephant Island.

West in relation to East as a means....?

Recall what eight represents.

Side note: ''The crocodile has a five-thousand- year-old reputation for being nasty and 'evil' - possessing all those traits we fear in ourselves: greed, gluttony,fury, malice, cold-bloodedness, violence and enmity. Even ancient Egyptians feared them, yet paradoxically adorned them with jewelry, maintained them as pets in the sacred lakes and fed them offerings fit for a god....honeyed  cakes, milk, wine and meat to be devoured, broken down, digested and transformed into the energy that epitomized what we call ''crocodile''. When they 'died' the 'crocodiles' were mummified with elaborate ritual.'' [Page 114/5 'Dreams of Isis: A Womans Spiritual Sojourn'].

''Cakes'' to enlarge.

'Untouched by fire'?

Egyptian equivalent?

'Rectangle' at Newgrange/Ireland - where the sun {'power of the 'father''?} shines its 'light' at the winter solstice to the back of a PURPOSELY made INCLINED structure {love of the 'son'} - AND from henceforth gathers strength. As a means...?

Continued: ''AIR'' in relation to: ''If light, air and food are withheld from the human body, it will die; if cosmic thinking {i.e., in relation to that ''divine bit''}, feeling and willing are withheld from the human SOUL, it withers like a snapped twig {Tree of Life?}. Just as the nervous system needs light, the rhythmic {'OCTAVE'?} system needs air, and the digestive system needs food, likewise thinking, feeling, willing need the 'Light' of the Holy Spirit, the 'Love' of the Son and the 'Power' of the Father.....The triangle of Father/Son/Holy Spirit in the RECTANGLE of E/W/N/S is a spiritual figure that can lead to important developments in spiritual knowledge.'' ['Christ and Sophia' / V. Tomberg].

Aries or Aquarius? AND/OR ''three and four''?

REFRESHER: ''Error runs down a plain while truth has to labouriously climb its way uphill''.

'See' it?

West Kennet Long Barrow? And/or its ''open entrance'' was later 'closed'. Try Ramesses.

''The phrase "30 pieces of silver" is used more generally to describe a price at which people sell out.'' Silver coins from Tyre.

Side note: ''The women continued to ''accompany Jesus'' during the early church period....The Acts of the Apostles gives the account of the early Church's gathering in the Upper Room {'rectangular'?}....Luke reports: 'In those days Peter stood up among the believers to announce that it was necessary to choose another to replace Judas. He addressed the group of one {120} hundred and twenty believers {i.e., 15x8}, {Acts 1:15-16}.....We can imagine Mary Magdalene there in the fervor of the moment {'holy spirit'?}'' [ 'Mary Macdalene' / J. Ristine].

'Followers of Horus'?

Side step: ''The wealth of Tartessos was legendary, and flowed from its metal resources....Tartessos was ruled by a famous king, called Arganthonios, whose name seems to come from the Celtic word for silver, and who was said to have enjoyed an impressive long life....Who ruled for 'eighty' years and lived for 120 years. Later writers, including Pliny the Elder, would extend this to an even more impressive '150' years....It is also associated with the legend of Hercules - and, in fact, this is why we still refer to the Strait of Gilbraltar as the Pillars of Hercules....Described by Arrian as an ancient Phoenician town, containing a temple dedicated to Hercules {of Tyre}. And Tartessos also became part of the myth of Hercules - who travelled across Europe to capture the cattle of the monster {'giant'} Geryon, described by some as king of the Tartessians.'' [Page 238 'The Celts' / A. Roberts].

Question. What about the opposite 'pillar'?

''Tyre (/ˈtaɪər/; Arabic: صُور, romanizedṢūr; Phoenician: 𐤑𐤓, romanized: Ṣūr, Greek: Τύρος, translit. Týros) is a city in Lebanon, one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world,[1] though in medieval times for some centuries by just a tiny population. It was one of the earliest Phoenician metropolises and the legendary birthplace of Europa, her brothers Cadmus and Phoenix, as well as Carthage's founder Dido (Elissa). The city has many ancient sites, including the Tyre Hippodrome, and was added as a whole to UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites in 1984.[2] The historian Ernest Renan noted that "One can call Tyre a city of ruins, built out of ruins...Throughout history from prehistoric times onwards, all settlements in the Tyre area profited from the abundance of fresh water supplies, especially from the nearby springs of Rashidieh and Ras Al Ain in the South. In addition there are the springs of Al Bagbog and Ain Ebreen in the North as well as the Litani River, also known as Alqasymieh.''

The ''stotting'' method?

And/or: ''The identification of Seth - or Typhon - with the desiccating principle is confirmed by the attribution to him of desert lands and all desert animals: antelope, gazelle, etc. These are ritually 'sacrificed' in the search for the 'Eye of Horus', ritual object of the cult inscribed on all temple walls. Finally, the association of an Ethiopian Queen with Typhon can find a geographic interpretation in the fact that the southern lands, attributed to Seth since remote antiquity, comprised not only the twentytwo nomes of Upper Egypt, but also a large section of Nubia and all the deserts of Libya: scorched deserts and fiery south.'' [Page 92 'Sacred Science' / R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz].


Qena = 'New City'. Coincidence or a ? Recall its position in the 'greater' scheme of things. Great Year?

Something 'unknown' becoming 'known' . Ra in relation to Horus. Middle ground = Osiris. Physical world in relation to the Duat. No more so represented {middle way?} within landscape symbolism as the Qena Governorate.

Try YHW{H}.

Exercise: Recalling that the 'Scorpion' {because of those universal correspondences} can be associated with the 'snake' and 'eagle' {enlarged elsewhere} - can that therefore get one closer to understanding such works as Homer's secret Iliad? AND THEREFORE the subject as a whole?

"Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign, which is associated with the constellation Sagittarius and spans 240–270th degrees of the zodiac. Under the tropical zodiac, the sun transits this sign between approximately November 23 and December 21. Greek mythology associates Sagittarius with the centaur Chiron, who mentored Achilles, a Greek hero of the Trojan War, in archery." [Wiki].

"Sagittarius, half human and half horse, is the centaur of mythology, the learned healer whose higher {'Upper'?} intelligence forms a bridge between Earth and Heaven. Also known as the Archer, Sagittarius is represented by the symbol of a bow and arrow." Same.

'Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs: To the Edge and Beyond' / M. Reinhart.

Exercise {i.e.,something to ponder on}: "All planetary glyphs are composed of a few primary symbols: the circle, which is said to represent the wholeness of Spirit, the half circle which is the receptivity of the Soul, and the cross which represents Matter..." ['Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs'].

"The unassuming stone cross at Hendaye can still be seen today...Located in S/W France near the Pyrenees and the Atlantic ocean, Hendaye neighbours {boundary?} Basque regions to the south, where pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela {N/W} along the symbolic Milky Way of Spain still take place. Because of its unique location, Hendaye occupies the center of a quadriparite landscape that is three parts earth and one part water." [From the book by J. Jenkins]. 'Transcendent' third?

Where is the meridian of Earth? The line in Greenwich represents the historic Prime Meridian of the World - Longitude 0º. Every place on Earth was measured in terms of its distance east or west from this line. The line itself divided the eastern and western hemispheres of the Earth - just as the Equator divides the northern and southern hemispheres.

Found at Star Carr: Straight lines and curves? 'Meridian of the Sun'? ''Gap'' to enlarge.

Side note: "The Cross constellation is the German Kreuz, the Italian Croce, the French Croix. With us it is the Southern Cross. It was unknown to the ancients by its present title - its four chief stars being noted by Ptolemy as a part of the Centaur - which now surrounds it on three sides. As such Bayer outlined it over the hind feet....Pliny may have known it as Thronos Caesaris in honour of Emperor Augustus yet it was then invisible from Italy, though plainly visible from Alexandria....In India it was called the Beam {yoke?} of Crucifixion....Its a recent invention, probably 16th century....The Crux lies in the Milky Way....The two great stars, which mark the summit and foot of the Cross, having nearly the same right ascension, it follows then that the constellation is almost perpendicular at the moment when it passes the meridian. This circumstance is known to the people of every nation situated beyond the Tropics or in the southern hemisphere. It has been observed in what hour of the night, in different seasons, the Cross is erect or inclined....Von Humboldt thought it remarkable that these so striking and well defined stars should not have been earlier separated from the large ancient constellation of the Centaur, especially since Kazwini and other Muhammadan astronomers took pains to discover crosses elsewhere in the sky; and he said that the ancient Persians , who knew the Cross well, celebrated a feast by its name, their descendants, to whom it was lost by precession, finding its successor in the Dolphin." [Page 184-190 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

Therefore the question is: What is the connection between the Centaur and Cross - that should not be separated - if only to make something understood?

Recall the hind quarters of {say} the Lion constellation.

Straight lines and curves. 90/180?

Laconian key to enlarge.

And/or: "Ancient, however, are such terms as Ash and the Bier; Plaustrum, and Triones - this splendid constellation ran still further back - three or four or even more millenniums before even these titles were current - as the Bulls Thighs, or the Fore Shank, in Egypt. There it was presented at Denderah and in the temple of Edfu by a single thigh or hind quarter of the animal..." [Page 434 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

Quarter in relation to ''transcendent third''? Therefore ''thigh'' = ' a quarter' of something?

Try ''three and four''. And/or: 1st / 4th / 7th and 10th links?

Side note: ''The shank bones are symbolic foods at the Jewish holiday of Passover.'' ['The Chase'].

And/or: 'The stem of a key or spoon is known as the shank.'' Same.

A working example: LEG bones {tibia?} found in the tomb of Nefertari {Ramses II wife}, when first entered in 1905. Alongside reed sandals and a cartouche belonging to the Pharaoh Ay, ''blue in colour with 'copper salts'. Supported by the Egyptian symbol for 'gold'. The Nebu symbol.

''According to legend, King Midas got rid of his 'midas' touch bathing in a river.'' ['The Chase'].

''Midas washed away his golden touch into the river of Pactolus, this made the river rich in gold and electrum.''

Continued: "The myth of Horus, one of the most ancient in ancient Egypt, deciphered from the temple walls of Edfu, 5000 BC, as connected with the stella Hippo, was, about 3000 years afterwards transferred to the Thigh, which then occupied the same circumpolar position that the Hippo did when the original inscription was made. In view of this, Champollion alluded to the Thigh as Horus Apollo. Towards our era, when Egypt began to be influenced by Greece, her former pupil, our Wain was regarded as the Car of Osiris, shown on some of that countries planisphere's by an Ark or Boat, near to the polar point, although it also seems to be have been known as a 'Bear'." [Same book under Ursa Major].

'Joined at the thigh' in relation to mineral/plant/animal - as a means...? [Pages 445-450 'Secret History of the World' / J. Black].

''Car'' in relation to ''the Chariot that Pharaoh gave to Joseph'' {i.e.,lower/middle/higher}.

Question. Which and why?

The circle is now complete. Back at the beginning. Those same old questions. WHY? Why go to all that time and effort? Is it all a figment of their active imaginations? Maybe something along the lines of a Harry Potter story? Even though they all agree that no flying broomsticks or carpets are valid components within their esoteric lore. Witches don’t count. They come under Pagan esotericism. That new ‘religion’ that has ‘42,000’ members.

Sycamore and Thorn. N-S.

Side note: "The Sutton Benger Green Man has hawthorn issuing from his mouth and birds eating the berries. The hawthorn is one of the most 'magical' of all trees; witches broomsticks were garlanded with 'may', the flower of the thorn, and the beginning of Beltane, the festival of the 'death' of winter, was determined not by the calendar date but by its blossoming. To this day, in parts of rural Ireland farmers will divert a road they are making rather than cut down a 'whitethorn' bush." ['The Green Man' / M. Harding].


'Childs' play?

And/or: ''At the end of April is May Eve, the 'wedding' of the Goddess and God. The Goddess is magically changed into a white hind and the God, as the Hunter, seeks her in the 'woodland'. After the chase they may jump and dance over a bonfire, the Beltane fire, named after the sun god, Bel or Baal. There may be a wedding feast and the houses are decked with Hawthorn blossoms, unlucky at any other time. After May day with its 'child' May Queens enacting the bridal procession - the sun continues to climb to his zenith at midsummer as it enters Cancer on or about 21 June...." Page 130 of the book by Marian Green].

Try ''Thorn'' before those first impressions decide something else - especially if {contemplated?} outside of May.

"And we may note here that Gautama, the Buddha was born, reached illumination, and died at the ''full moon of May.'' In the deepest sense he symbolizes the raising of ''new moon'' instinct to the clarity of ''full moon'' consciousness - of unconscious Nature to conscious Meaning...." [Page 67, 'The Lunation Cycle' / D. Rudhyar].

7 and/or 8?

Intuition = A ''flowing'' ?

A working example: Question. ''What is it about that final third; offensively, that's missing at this moment in time beyond the obvious goals? REPLY: ''It sounds strange - but you can over think something. I was'nt a striker, but i used to mark them, and if there having a tough spell getting into the areas to score goals they start to feel they have to run here or there etc, etc, , when actually its the freedom of being a striker - when you instinctively feel you're really on it -  you just see the picture very quickly. It comes from confidence - sometimes that just turns with getting a lucky break on the ball or a simple pass - then all of a sudden it flows again.''


Commentator talking to Sean Dyche. Burnley manager. After losing a Saturday football game. [Jan. 2021].

Concept of 'FLOW'?

Alchemy equivalent: A ''morphing'' of Mineral/Vegetable/Animal - as a means.....

Red Lion / Green lion?

A chap described on the post on the left side of the door ''richly dressed wearing a sleeved doublet and a mortarboard hat - a shield on his chest showing six pointed star. This man of means, standing on the cover of an urn with embossed sides, serves to indicate the contents of the container, according to the custom of the Middle Ages. It is the substance that during sublimations rises above the water, floating like an oil on its surface; it is Basil Valentine's Hyperion and Vitriol, or Ripley's and Tesson's Green Lion, in a word, the real unknown of the great problem.'' [Page 121 'The Dwellings of the Philosophers' / Fulcanelli].

And/or: The one that opens the dark prisons in which the sulphur is imprisoned, is the one knows how to extract the seed from the body and which forms the stone of the philosophers by the conjunctions of the male and female, of the spirit with the body, of the sulphur with the mercury......And so the dissolved and pulverized metal, ''broken to pieces'' will yield to him this fixed and pure seed...''[Page 390. Same book].

Refresher: ''The seventh and eighth stanza's of Yr Awdil Vraith {'Diversified Song'} are the strangest of all: ''Twice five, ten and eight {Full moon}. She was self bearing. The mixed burden Of man-woman {'cross'}. And once, not hidden {manifested therefore 'circle' link}, She brought forth Abel, And Cain the solitary Homicide {sublimation}.''

Try Djedefre to see it from the landscape perspective.

Side note: The final episode of 'Dad's Army' - the 80th - 'Never Too Old'. [1977].

Frank. What happened to you're shoes? They kinda got ahead of me."

From a different perspective: {an abstract one}: "But are these two worlds Pan spoke of to remain forever separate? I have seen this lake, in my minds eye, I think. I found myself on May Hill, and it was an island. All this was sea - or lake. And a friend said the other day that she could never take her shoes off in this house for fear of getting her feet wet! But not in this world, if you know what I mean. She 'felt' the lake without knowing about it." ['The Sword in the Sun'].

And/or: Socrates - enjoyed walking barefoot - who it is said ''was born to spite shoemakers.''

Continued...As is the same intent, with the 42 nomes of ‘upper/lower’ Egypt, Or the 42 'volumes' of Hermes Trismegistus. Or 42 precepts of Maat. Or the 42 generations between Abraham and Christ. Symbolic would you believe of this/that world. Four represents this world; four elements; four points of the compass; etc...Two represents...'Duality', indicative of the 'co-existence' lore. Four and two equals six. Six for whatever reasons represents A+B, [Pythagorous symbolism. As with the six sides of the hexagram, [Hebrew symbol.]] Or the six days of ‘creation’. ‘Waters’ above/ below’ the ‘firmament’. [Which represents only A-B ].

Shoeless Joe Jackson.

"So all the generations from Abraham to David were fourteen generations, and from David to the deportation to Babylon fourteen generations, and from the deportation to Babylon to the Christ fourteen generations." [Matthew i, 17].

Don't forget those first impressions, i.e.,total them up.

Side note: ''The towering cupola of the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth stands over the cave that tradition holds to be the home of the Virgin Mary. Here, it is believed, the archangel Gabriel told the young Mary, aged about 14, that she would become the mother of the Son of God. And here Mary uttered her consent: “Let it be done to me according to your word.”

''A rounded dome forming or adorning a roof or ceiling.
"a square tower crowned by a cupola"

''One view holds that "Nazareth" is derived from one of the Hebrew words for 'branch', namely ne·ṣer, ‏נֵ֫צֶר‎,[9] and alludes to the prophetic, messianic words in Book of Isaiah 11:1, 'from (Jesse's) roots a Branch (netzer) will bear fruit'. One view suggests this toponym might be an example of a tribal name used by resettling groups on their return from exile.[10] Alternatively, the name may derive from the verb na·ṣar, נָצַר, "watch, guard, keep,"[11] and understood either in the sense of "watchtower" or "guard place", implying the early town was perched on or near the brow of the hill, or, in the passive sense as 'preserved, protected' in reference to its secluded position.[12] The negative references to Nazareth in the Gospel of John suggest that ancient Jews did not connect the town's name to prophecy.''

Belonging to the ''Sons of'' Ramses. The largest in the valley. Heading towards the light? i.e., 'She who loves silence'.

The outcome of Mary’s consent is carved in Latin across the façade over the triple-doorway entrance: “The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us” (John 1:14). The massive two-storey basilica, in strikingly modern architectural style and colourfully decorated, became the largest Christian church in the Middle East when it was completed in 1969. It contains two churches, the upper one being the parish church for Nazareth’s Catholic community.

The cupola, which dominates modern-day Nazareth, is surmounted by a lantern symbolising the Light of the World.

Entry is from the west, where signs indicate a route for visitors. On the cream limestone façade are reliefs of Mary, Gabriel and the four evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Above them is a bronze statue of Jesus.

Over a door on the southern side stands a statue of Mary aged 'fourteen', welcoming all who come to visit her home.''

Mistress of pure water. Which and why?

Continued: "The country of Egypt was divided into 42 provinces, or nomes. Each of these provinces was accorded a sacred temple and a series of initiation rites, pertaining to a particular god...They were known as the Judges in the Double Hall of Truth, which the candidate had to pass on his way to initiation. These 42 are the 'assessors' of the witness Osiris, and the initiate must exonerate themselves of the 42 corresponding sins before passing through to the next phase...This probably explains why... it is said that the impurities 'are shed to the earth', while what is pure 'rises to the horizon'. This is the fission required by the initiate to continue on his/her way....The 'pure' arising from this fission is said to appear in the horizon like Sirius..."

''In the horizon'' as opposed to ''of the horizon''? Find elsewhere.

Question. Where along the Nile river does it 'rise above the horizon''?

From a different perspective i.e., an individual one: ''As the fire burns and transmutes the old, i serve grace.....The fear shivers up my spine and releases through my crown. Sek{h}met growls at the fear, the fear is the death of the truth, the fear is the dark moon where the light fails to shine, this moon is my gift; Khonsu holds the 'divine' in the form of timing, the timing of the ultimate alignment, the timing of the Divine....There is only purr-fection in the light and the shadow....." [Page 105 'Sekhmet: Transformation in the Belly of the Goddess' / N. Scully. Emphasis, this readers].

Try ''belly'' to enlarge.

'Amazing Grace' / Aretha Franklin {2018}.

And/or: ''..... you will find yourself on a boat docked at the edge of the east bank of the Nile river. You are helped off the boat and directed to walk up the wide stone roadway, through a massive open square that leads to a great temple pylon {'facade'?} that is the entrance to the temple of Karnak. If you look west to the opposite bank you will see the tiered funerary temple of Hatshepsut - looking as though it is growing out of the cliffs that reach from the sugarcane fields below...'' [Page 58. Same book].


Same 'material' as the stone of the pyramids?

Beta is the ancient Latin name for beet-root, possibly of Celtic origin, becoming bete in Old English. Root derives from the late Old English rōt, itself from Old Norse rót.

Side note: The oldest harbour {'safe' one?} in the world found east of the Great Pyramid {Red Sea}. Close by 31 'galleries' {cut out of the bedrock}. Found Inside - storage jars, fabric and wood pieces, papyrus {oldest ever found}: 'repeated mention of boats'. Hieroglyphs found nearby {together with broken jars}: reads: ''Khufu's 'being' eats two snakes''. Same hieroglyph seen on the side of his pyramid. Identified with the Ram {'twin horned'?}. Floodplain up to the Sphinx. 'Fording' a river? Peninsula mentioned.  At the side of same pyramid in a 'pit', boat found {in peices} under limestone blocks {'roof'}. Has to be assembled for that journey to begin {Aries?}. Made of cedar. Prow pointing west. [Blowing Up History' / S.7 E.8].

''Two Cobras''?

A 'weighty' concern?

S/E -N/W?

Rhodes Island to enlarge.

East/West. Short way - Long way? Try ''Funerary cakes'' to enlarge.

Sweet or bitter?

Web of manifestation.

Refresher: "Separate thou the 'earth' from the fire, the subtle from the gross sweetly with great industry. It ascends from the earth to the heaven and again it descends {'bitter'?} to the earth and receives the force of things 'superior' and 'inferior'. By this means you shall have the glory {''grace''?} of the whole world and thereby all obscurity shall 'fly' from you..."['Emerald Tablet'].

Mr Quality and Miss Sweetly ['The Wonderful World of Chocolate' / Ch. 4].

Question. Who pinches all the green triangular ones?

The Trickster?

Side note: "In alchemy, the up/down triangles are symbols for 'fire' and 'water'. In Freemasonry, the triangle represents the spiritual, physical and psychological part of a person. The 'triangle' may have been an astrological chart at the time of King David's birth." [Page 48 'Pathways to the Zodiac' / E. Winstanley].

Summer/winter triangle?

And/or: ''The retreat for the President of America - 'Camp David' - is in the Blue Ridge Mountains.''

'Horizon' link.

Working example: Horus IN/OF the horizon.

A practical example: ''Photosynthesis is a process easy to describe in words - plants take energy from the sun, then use it to react to carbon dioxide and water  - to make sugars and a waste product - oxygen. Real easy to say. Very difficult to do.... Its comprised of 46,630 atoms, all working together in an intracate machine...Then we eat the plants or eat something thats eaten the plants, and we do the reverse reaction. We take in those sugars and breath in that waste product - oxygen.....That energy {'sweet'?} maintains our structure and allows us to live and grow.'' ['Universe' / B. Cox].

'Fortysix' to enlarge.

Continued: "And if an archetypal human life is charted along the course of the zodiac, with each sign corresponding to a 7 year cycle, Virgo represents the period 35 - 42. It is during this 'period' that the inner transformation of the ego should take place , leading - after 42 - to the performance of ones 'work of destiny' as a participant in the universal community of Humanity." [Page 107, 'The Zodiac as the Universal Matrix'].

As seen from a different perspective: "Ra has fourteen ka's,' said Her-Bak. 'Has he passive attributes?'...'He has them in respect of his material body, and all that is part of him on Earth. But the glorious beings that have achieved unity have no resistances.'...As to Ra, the power of his ka's vary as they proceed from his material or his divine body...That is why Ra's ''incorruptible'' body is the type of what Pharaoh should be for our land, a being who gives life, equilibrium and strength, the leaven of his people, whose physical body radiates his active Qualities or ka's as Ra's body radiates his, which are fourteen..." [Her-Bak']. N.B. That ''divine'' word again. And/or...

A mediative, ritual, or study exercise?

''Radiates'' in relation to: "...imagine there is a ball or sphere of brilliant white or golden light above the crown of your head. Do not force the imagination to visualise the sphere of light, for this only results in the development of neuromuscular tension, and defeats our end. Let it be done quietly and easily. If the mind wanders, as indeed it will, wait a moment or two and gently lead it back. At the same time, vibrate or intone a sound {'Aten,'? i.e.,as {one} means - in helping one to focus on main intention of mental exercise}...After a few days of practice it will become quite easy to imagine the name vibrating above the head in the so-called Spirit center. This name, this center, is the indwelling and overshadowing divinity in each one of us...The effect of mentally directing the vibration to the Spirit center is to awaken the center to dynamic activity. Once it begins to 'vibrate' and rotate, light and energy are felt to emanate downward upon and into the body. Enormous charges of spiritual power make there way into the brain, and the entire body feels suffused with vitality and life..." ['The Art of True Healing' / I. Regardie].

Question. Meditation exercise only?

Refresher: "O children of Adam. Indeed, we have given you garments to cover your 'nakedness',[key] and as a thing of beauty;...but the garment of god-consciousness is the best of all. This is one of gods messages....that human beings might take it to heart". [Quran 7:26].

And/or: The English word 'focus' comes from the Latin for 'fireplace'. ['The Chase' / ITV / 31.1.22].

Hestia to enlarge.

And/or: The mantelpiece in the tomb of Tut.

''English mantle and mantel both derive from the Latin word for "cloak," mantellum, which was adopted into Old English in the form mentel. The word eventually evolved to mantle under the influence of Anglo-French mantel—a derivative of the Latin term that was borrowed into early Middle English. Initially, mantle referred to a loose, sleeveless cloak or a protective garment or blanket. It then specified the long cloaks worn by royalty, dignitaries, and ecclesiastics as symbols of authority or preeminence. By the 17th century, this sense of mantle gained figurative use in contexts describing a transfer of power, with allusion to the allegorical passing of Elijah's mantle to Elisha in the biblical Books of Kings.''

Plate 'four'.

A dyad of Horemheb and Mutnodjmet from Karnak, now in the Museo Egizio, Turin. The sphinx depicted on the side of Mutnodjmet’s throne has arms raised in adoration of her cartouche. Images: Museo Egizio, Turin.

"This arrangement of blankets is of profound arcane importance, and has several levels of meaning. On one level is the fact that there are five points to the numerology of the higher body — to what Paracelsus called the pentagrammic or Five-fold Man. The number five is important, because not only does it refer to the Five Elements (which include the Quintessence), but also to the five-pointed star of the Etheric. On another level, we see that the innermost blanket of the bottom row is represented in the form of a lozenge, and is surrounded by the other four. The lozenge is an ancient symbol for the Quintessence, the fifth element, which completes the work of the Four Elements.’ We see, then, that the Quintessence is subtly portrayed as the purpose behind this collection of dew. The ejaculation of semen (or of nostoc) is aimed not at the making of a child, but at the bringing of a higher energy, the Quintessence, down to the earthly plane." ['The Zelator'].

Side note: The name “Goshen” is thought to mean “land of wanderers” or “land of strangers,” likely given by the Egyptians because it was where the Israelites lived during their time in Egypt ......The Hebrew word “geshem,” from which Goshen is derived, means “rainfall” or “morning dew,” reflecting the land’s agricultural fertility (Genesis 45:10) ....Goshen played a crucial role in the biblical narrative, serving as a place of refuge and prosperity for the Israelites during their sojourn in Egypt....

Goshen is a district in Egypt where Jacob and his family settled and lived until the Exodus. It is called “the land of Goshen” (Genesis 47:27) and also simply “Goshen” (Genesis 46:28). The towns of Pithom and Rameses were within its borders (Exodus 12:37).

  • Goshen lay on the east of the Nile and was apparently not far from the royal residence.
  • It was described as “the best of the land” (Genesis 47:6, 11).
  • Although it is now a desert, it was once a pastoral district where some of the king’s cattle were kept (Genesis 47:6).
  • The inhabitants were not exclusively Israelites (Exodus 3:22; 11:2; 12:35-36).
  • District in Palestine: There was also a district in southern Palestine called Goshen, lying between Gaza and Gibeon (Joshua 10:41; 11:16).
  • Town in the Mountains of Judah: Additionally, there was a town in the mountains of Judah that may have been part of the country of Goshen (Joshua 15:51).

“Most certainly, I tell you, one who doesn’t enter by the door into the sheep fold, but climbs up some other way, is a thief and a robber."

The land of Goshen is mentioned in the biblical books of Genesis and Exodus. In the story of Joseph, which comprises the final chapters of Genesis, the patriarch Jacob is facing famine and sends ten of his sons to Egypt to buy grain.[1] Joseph, another of Jacob's sons, is a high official in Egypt and allows his father and brothers to settle in Egypt.[2] In Genesis 45:10, Goshen is treated as being close to Joseph, who lives at the pharaoh's court[3] and in Genesis 47:5 Goshen is called "the best part" of the land of Egypt.[4] But it is also implied to be somewhat set apart from the rest of Egypt,[5] because Joseph tells his family to present themselves to the pharaoh as keepers of livestock, "in order that you may settle in the land of Goshen, because all shepherds are abhorrent to the Egyptians."[6] Genesis 47:11 interchanges the "land of Rameses" with Goshen: "Joseph settled his father and his brothers and granted them a holding in the land of Egypt, in the best part of the land, in the land of Rameses, as Pharaoh had instructed."

The right hand of Tutankhamun. Added/Subtracted. Sculptor/Carving.

Continued: "On another level, we see that the innermost blanket of the bottom row is represented in the form of a lozenge, and is surrounded by the other four. The lozenge is an ancient symbol for the Quintessence, the fifth element, which completes the work of the Four Elements.’ We see, then, that the Quintessence is subtly portrayed as the purpose behind this collection of dew. The ejaculation of semen (or of nostoc) is aimed not at the making of a child, but at the bringing of a higher energy, the Quintessence, down to the earthly plane....

Plate 'nine': Venus/Mars. Taurus/Aries. Sheep decan?

We see that the pair are squeezing the the blanket. Instead of being laid out flat, the blanket is now in a phallic shape. It is being squeezed to release the dew (which is a sort of semen, or seed) into the dish. The phallic blanket and the kteis-like dish seem to speak almost too openly of the sexual implications of this act. If we look a little more closely at this The engraver has shown that this sheet of dew casts a shadow, while the dish itself and the phallic blanket do not....


Minerva protecting Peace from Mars or Peace and War is a painting by Peter Paul Rubens. He produced it in London between 1629 and 1630, during a diplomatic mission from the Spanish Netherlands to Charles I of England. It is now in the National Gallery, London.[1]
It shows Minerva (goddess of war, wisdom and crafts) fighting off Mars, with the nude figure of the goddess Pax (commonly known as "Peace" in English) in the centre.

This is no ordinary dish, no ordinary blanket. For the double meaning of Ros, see p.470, n.20. See plate 4 of the Mutus Liber, which shows the alchemist and his lunar sister squeezing dew from such a blanket (see n.10). The solar Ram and the lunar Taurus indicate that this is the beginning of spring, when the Fire of the Sun meets with the Earthly (that is, dark) Moon. In fact, the symbolism of the picture is of a far higher order than a mere definition of time and alchemical process. A modern version of the Mutus Liber is available in Adam McLean’s 4 Commentary on the Mutus Liber, 1982, published as Number 11 of the Magnum Opus Hermetic Sourceworks Series." [Pages 296 -310 'The Zelator'].

A work in progress: The principle numbered 4 {'Tree of Life'} is the Ruach, the mind, the reasoning faculties. It is referred to the element Air. I am here reminded of the archaic and primitive correspondences - geist, pneuma, ruach, breath, spirit, etc. It is consciousness itself, operating as the ruler of the body. It is also named Tipharas, meaning beauty and harmony and equilibrium, its symbol being the interlaced triangles. The latter indicates the union and therefore the reconciliation of two opposing elements in a single symbol glyph of the instinctive world in the guise of a female form - its Mother the Moon. So the child is Dads, knowledge, the Ruach reborn as the supernal child of the Middle Pillar, the direct result of the overcoming of the red dragon, the child of Wisdom and Understanding. Once more I must refer the reader to the large coloured plates in Vol. I of The Golden Dawn....

Which one wears purple?

He is the king who introduced the royal title Sa-Rê (meaning “Son of Ra”) and the first to connect his cartouche name with the sun god Ra.

The continuance of a life attitude in a balanced rational manner, adhering throughout to the middle way, is calculated to produce an abiding peace, an inner contentment, and harmony. It is a sense of intense happiness and satisfaction radiating from some deep interior source. It is a realization of the harmony within accepting the harmony without. It is this tranquillity of soul and spirit which is the true characteristic of integrity, of wholeness, of saintlike holiness. And it is this which stabilizes the newly formed Quintessence, the recently born child within.

Side note: "Here now we have the first instructions as to the practical nature of the hermetic work. The First Matter, which is to say the hard, inflexible condition of consciousness encased in its crystallized sheath, must be subjected to heat, and boiled. By these means the dryness and crystallizing qualities of the etheric substance are destroyed, leaving only the essential root nature of the substance, devoid of the rigid and restricting attributes imposed upon it by the natural self-willed life."

Roasted or boiled?

Father or child?

Continued: The “boundary of hearts” is the object sought for and which satisfies when attained, remarks Mrs. Atwood. In this sense it represents the descent of the Light of the Supemals, an extraordinary heightening and clarification of consciousness. This heightening of consciousness accompanied by a deep intensity of feeling perpetuates and consolidates the attainment. As the text says, with reference to the Son, “Then is he transformed, and his tincture by help of the fire remains red as flesh.” It matures and ripens as an individual point of view - attaining full fruition as an habitual and not an occasional high outlook. Not only is this so but a marked effect is wrought on the invisible vehicle of consciousness. In a former quotation from Thomas Vaughan's Coelum Terrae we found the following as a finale to an exalted panegyric: “All colours shine in me and all metals by the beams of the sun. I am the Carbuncle of the Sun.” Hence the colour change manifesting in the aura must be predominately a deep-red one, so that it glows and emits a brilliant unified light.

Which one is the 'dragon'?

Any eclipses??

Clearly the attainment spells the eclipse of the Dragon. Where light shines no darkness can there abide. For being the basis of the instinctual life, harnessed and chained to the needs and clearly perceived ideals of the psyche, the dragon shuns the sunbeams and the daylight. No longer do its projections and compulsive automatisms haunt the light of consciousness. No longer is the personality tortured as by some foul and evil presence. Its needs and dictates, once so imperious, cease their urgency, finding their proper place within the natural economy.

Best foot forward?

The “occult treasures” are, as the text itself makes clear, no more nor less than the manifestation of the Son. He is the Stone of the Philosophers - not yet, even now, however, brought to final perfection. But at any rate the stage reached is so exalted as possibly to bring about the frequently encountered feeling that finality is reached. Using Christian symbolism, this would indicate that Christ has been born within the heart, manifesting the glory of his godhead within the entire personality.


Hermes further remarks that “the virgin’s milk is whitened”. The alchemical Salt, the astral substance of the interior design body, about to be glorified and made radiant, has not yet attained full maturity. The reference to virgin's milk again demands a quotation which is highly expressive and illuminative from Vaughan's Coelum Terrae with regard to the First Matter : It is a most pure sweet virgin, for nothing as yet hath been generated out of her. But if at any time she breeds it is by the fire of Nature for that is her husband. She is no animal, or vegetable, no mineral, neither is she extracted out of animals, vegetables, or minerals, but she is pre-existent to them all, for she is the mother of them. But the next verse carries us a step further. By itself, and with the passage of time, the Son grows and becomes reddened and full grown and mature. “The Son is invested with the red garment and the purple is put on.”

This final stage is worthy of comparison with a description written by the great Gnostic poet Bardesanes. He describes in a poem the descent of the soul into the realms of matter, and-its ultimate re-ascent. G. R. S. Mead translated it as Vol. X of his Echoes from Gnosis Series, and it is a Hymn of the Robe of Glory. It is too long to quote in its entirety, but I give certain lines from the end: 'I saw it (a bright robe sent by his parents) making itself ready. I heard the sound of its tones. And I perceived also in myself that my stature was growing according to his labours. It was spreading itself out towards me. It hastened that I might take it on. And I stretched forth and received it. With the beauty of its colours I adorned myself. And my toga of brilliant colours I cast around me, in its whole breadth.


"The Symplegades are sometimes identified with (or confused with) the Planctae (Πλαγκταί) or Wandering Rocks, which are mentioned in the Odyssey and Apollonius of Rhodes' Argonautica. In Apollonius's telling, the Symplegades were encountered on the way to the Golden Fleece and the Planctae were encountered on the return voyage." GAP?

Light and dark. Any 'triangles'?

I clothed myself therewith, and ascended To the Majesty of my Father who had sent it to me. And I was with him in his kingdom. And he promised me also that to the gate Of the King of Kings I should speed with him. And bringing my gift and my pearl I should appear with him before our King. The opening versicle of the fourth section can best be understood, I think, by quoting Mrs. Atwood's footnote: The fermenting light, by constant addition of the spirit, leavens more and more, increasing as it tends to the perception of the final cause in life. As Solomon, speaking of the Divine Wisdom, says, “Exalt her and she shall promote thee. She shall bring thee to honour when thou dost embrace her.” (Prov. iv, 8-9.) ['The Philosophers Stone' / I. Regardie].


And/or: "Finally, an etched rib bone was found with the human remains in Gough's cave, Cheddar {not far from Glastonbury}. Its markings consist of short strokes along the edges, often in groups of nine. The significance of this number in this context was debated for many years, but in 1989 five fragments of bone were found at the same site, all with similar grouping of incisions. The number in each group upon these varies from eight to fourteen, so it may be that the sets of nine strokes upon the first find were of no particular significance. Unless the carver {or carvers} were simply doodling, the incisions look like tallies. But whether of kills, or days, or moons, or something else, we cannot know." [From the book by R. Hutton].

Refresher: "Awareness adds 'flesh' to those dry bone/s." Enlarged throughout. Try ''garment''.

Wool, cotton or linen?

Refresher: In Egypt the bones were represented with 'silver' and flesh with 'gold'.


'Suns' rays with [helping?] hands on the end of each. Amongst others - Nineteen can sometimes be seen instead of fourteen. Coincidence or a meaningful one?

"Higher numbers frequently assume a deeper meaning by being connected with their divisors...Among the important lunar numbers, 14 is particular interesting, for it takes the waxing moon 14 days to reach perfection as a full moon...The 14 helpers or 14 saints are, in their aspect of the double 7, symbols of kindness joined with reason, as well as symbols of help in dangerous situations...The kindly god Osiris was cut into 14 pieces, and each of his parts brought a blessing to the land where it was lying...It is natural that in Islam, a religion where lunar symbolism plays an important role, the 14 should occupy a special place. Once again the main contributions to the esoteric interpretation come from the Brethren of Purity. Fourteen is not only half of 28, the number of the lunar mansions and the letters of the Arabic alphabet, but it also reflected in the 14 parts of the human hand and the 14 vertebrae each in the upper and lower parts of the spine. It is not strange that the Arabic alphabet consists of 14 so-called 'sun' letters and 14 'moon' letters, and also 14 letters with diacritical marks and 14 without them...

...Such considerations played an important role in the mystical interpretations of the the so called Hurufis, who combined letter and number symbolism with parts of the human face and body, showing for example, that the words 'yad', ''hand,'' and 'wajh', ''face,'' both have the numerical value of 14.

''Apollo 14 took hundreds of tree seeds to the moon.'' ['The Chase'].

''The element Silicon with the Atomic Number fourteen shares its name with Silicon Valley in California.'' ['Riddulous'].

''Silicon lies between Aluminium {'13'} and Phosphorus {'15'} on the third row of the Periodic Table.'' ['Tipping Point'].

'T' shaped? And/or: “That is Nicodemus. The thing in his hand is a pair of pincers. He will use them to pull the nails from Christ’s hands." [Page 78 'The Zelator']. 'Iron'?

Straight lines and curves. 90/180?

And/or: ''Thank you for sharing your great ideas! I teach my 4th and 5th graders how to make a petal design using a Safe-T Compass and we make Pi cards! On the back at the bottom they write Compass Circle Creation by and their name. Of course, this is after we’ve discovered Pi by measuring diameters and circumferences of circles and learned the history of pi ❤️. The first activity we do outside really hits the concept. We make a large circle and one student volunteers to run the diameter, while another students runs the circumference. The rest of us in the circle count the times the diameter person runs across the circle. It’s always 1,2,3, and a little bit more... They love doing it and it’s a great way to visually introduce what pi is.''

''Silence'' is 'golden'?

'She who loves silence'.

Side note: "This concern for silence explains why, until modern times, virtually every individual who sought initiation had to promise in advance that he or she would not reveal any of the Mysteries they were taught. Some promised that, should they speak out, either with intent or in error, they would, for example, submit to having their tongues pulled out with white-hot pincers. Such promises are not made lightly by men and women who understand the symbolism in their vow.... We were never required to make such a promise; even so, we find ourselves reluctant to speak about what we know. We have no fear of white-hot pincers, or of what they symbolize: our fear is that, if we do not choose our words with sufficient care, we might mislead those who read them. We cannot reveal all we have learned, for the speech required to describe the Mysteries is not like the speech of ordinary men. Yet, what we may speak about with impunity will thrown a beam of light on many things which, for the majority of people, have remained in darkness."

Tongues/ears/eyes = Speech/sound/sight as a means.....


Positive or negative? The right hand of Tutankhamun? Or would that be Ay?

And/or: "The image of a beam of light is a good one, for it reminds us of the two-edged sword which is said to guard the way back to Eden. In the 17th century, the great mystic Jakob Boehme called such a light the schrack, ‘the lightning flash’.° It was that galvanizing illumination which would follow on a decision to act. In the Boehmian lore, the schrack was the beamed energy of Mars, which was a dual planet, with positive and negative aspects....

"In traditional astrology, Mars was accorded a rulership over Aries which was labelled ‘positive’, and a rule over Scorpio which was labelled ‘negative’: this classification goes back to prePtolemaic structures. With the discovery of Pluto (first named Pluto-Lowell), in 1930, this new planet was accorded rule over Scorpio, and negative Mars was dispensed with. As a matter of fact, the Theosophist, Isabelle M. Pagan, pre-empted this change of rulership in From Pioneer to Poet (published in 1911), when she specified Pluto as the alternative to the traditional ‘Negative side of Mars’. Pagan proposed a new sigil, a mirror image of Mars, which was not adopted by the astrological fraternity, and which was quickly replaced by the modern sigil that combines the initials for Pluto and Lowell."

REFRESHER: "In the course of the Iliad, gods - representing planets - assume the voices or characters of mortals {stars}. In this way, Homer records a phenomenon known as occultation, when the moon or a planet journeying across the sky passes in front of celestial objects that are further away, such as stars or outer planets, and temporarily obscures them. It may be that total obscuration occurs only when a god assumes the body of a mortal; when a god assumes the voice of a mortal or is said to be helping him, this may indicate that the planet is only close to the personal star of the warrior concerned." ['Homer's Secret Iliad']. Other information on ''Poseidon'' elsewhere.

Djedefre foundations.

Twice as high as wide? OR “A mile wide and an inch deep.''

A {working?} example..."A few other people from the group followed me, probably thinking they wanted to see what i was doing. To me, of course, whoever was there was supposed to be there. There are no accidents, no mistakes. Within a few minutes, i found the second cenote and noted that there was exactly 14 people, including myself. I explained to them the story of Ken and me and the other cenote back in 1985 and the present request of the Hunbatz men, and it was if everyone had been to psychic school. They seemed to know exactly what to do." ['Serpent of Light Beyond 2012'].

Follow the title of the book to understand those 'keys' within the context of a working example - before asking those bigger questions.

And/or: 4 cenote's surround the Aztec Feathered Serpent Temple. Foundations of same purposely placed in the middle - on a n/s/w/e alignment. The deepest one directly under the main temple. 5 in all. ''We still do not understand the significance of the meaning of the serpent.''

What does ''five'' represent?

Twins? or a 'triple' of something? Raised hands?

It would be surprising if such speculations were not applied to the prophet Muhammad. Indeed one of his names Taha, has the numerical value of 14 and points to the fact that he, radiant like the full moon, appeared in the dark night of this world to illuminate it with his perfect spiritual and corporeal beauty. In this tradition, 14 is also connected with beauty: 14 years is the ideal age of the beautiful young beloved, the boy with an immaculate face; comparable to a full moon who, as the medieval Arab poet claims: is like the moon of 7 plus 7, and the 7 climata and the 7 spheres make obeisance before him..." [Extract from the book 'Mystery of Numbers'. Mentioned elsewhere. Emphasis, this readers].

Try ''hand'' to see those broader [universal?] connections and not just its local [micro?] ones - BEFORE THOSE BIGGER QUESTIONS ARE ASKED.

Apollo and twin sister?

A {working?} or synchronistic example: "When the Copper Scroll was finally translated by John Allegro, in addition to Hebrew writing, it was also found to contain fourteen letters from the Greek alphabet, interspersed throughout the text. When Feather {scholar/author} looked at these in more detail, he found that when put together, they spelt the Greek name for Akhenaten." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way'].

"42 { 14x3?} is often interchangeable with 40, for 6 weeks of 7 days are often regarded, like the 40 days, as a time of preparation or waiting. Medieval Christian theologians pointed out that there were 42 stations [micro] that the children of Israel had to pass between Egypt and Sinai, and that this sequence appears again in the incarnation of Christ in the 42nd generation [macro] after Abraham. Or they might speak of the 6 connected with human acts multiplied by the seven of resting, which is the sabbath..." [Same book. Parenthesis this readers].

gross-analogySomething to ponder on: "These acrobatics figures are different from those severe-looking terracotta warriors in gestures, dressings and expressions. The discovery of these figures adds a new group to the Qin terracotta warriors; shows us the colorful acrobatical art and the entertainment culture in the Qin royal court...It refers to the theatricals and variety shows including pole climbing, wrestling dance, sword-swallowing and tripod lifting, among which the tripod lifting is the most welcomed one. The men of giant strength competed in lifting up the heaviest tripod. During this excavation work, a copper tripod was also unearthed. It weights about 467 pounds, which is the heaviest copper tripod discovered in the Qin Mausoleum by far.''

''Located at the northern foot of Lishan Mountain, 35 kilometers northeast of Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, Qinshihuang Mausoleum is the tomb of Emperor Qinshihuang, founder of the first unified empire in Chinese history during the 3rd century BCE. Begun in 246 BCE the grave mound survives to a height of 51.3 meters within a rectangular, double-walled enclosure oriented north-south. Nearly 200 accompanying pits containing thousands of life-size terra cotta soldiers, terra cotta horses and bronze chariots and weapons - a world-renowned discovery - together with burial tombs and architectural remains total over 600 sites within the property area of 56.25 square kilometers. According to the historian Sima Qian (c. 145-95 BCE), workers from every province of the Empire toiled unceasingly until the death of the Emperor in 210 in order to construct a subterranean city within a gigantic mound.''

N/W -S/E. Opposite ends on the sdame pole.


''Lishan Mountain, one of the branches of Qinling Mountains, is located at the south of Lintong Town, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province. The elevation of the highest peak Jiulongding is 1,301.9 meters above sea level. The pines and cypresses on the mountain are exuberantly green all year round; the mountain looks like a pure black horse seen from afar, so it is called Lishan (pure-black horse mountain) Mountain. Lishan Mountain is famous for its scenic beauty that is like beautiful brocade, so it is also called Xiuling (beautiful mountain). At sunset, the afterglow tints the mount far and near with an enchanting golden luster, and the scene is very beautiful and gorgeous, so it is reputed as the Sunset of Lishan Mountain.''

''There is a sidestep path with a length of more than 3,200 meters leading to the mountaintop. Along the path, you can first come to the Banhu Stone and the Forced Remonstration Pavilion (constructed to commemorate the Xi'an Incident). The road then leads westwards to the Sunset Pavilion. It further leads to the Laojun Palace on the third peak of western Xiuling. The Laojun Palace is the famous Taoist temple in Lishan Mountain. You can reach the eastern Beacon Tower on the first peak of western Xiuling after going through the Laojun Temple. The historical literary quotation that the seigneurs are fooled by the King You with war flame, and a single smile makes the king lose his country just happened here.....The western rock of the Shiweng Temple on the eastern Xiuling is lashed by river water into the shape of a jar, so it is called Shiweng Temple (stone-jar temple).....''

Twice as broad than long? Birket Habu?

Side note: "We need to have a correctly three-dimensional life if we wish to experience Chinese wisdom as a living thing {'Being'?}. Therefore, we first have need of European truths about ourselves. Our 'way' begins in European reality and not in yoga practises which would only leave us astray as to our own reality. We must continue Wilhelm's work of translation in a wider sense if we wish to show ourselves worthy pupils of the master.

Objective/Subjective. N/W - S/E. Which and why?

Just as he translated the spiritual treasure of the East into European meaning, we should translate this meaning into life {'Being'?}. Wilhelm translated the central concept, the Tao, as 'meaning'. To translate meaning into life, that is to realise the Tao, would be a task of the pupil. But the Tao, will never be 'created' with words and wise precepts. Do we know exactly how the Tao develops in us or around us? Is it by imitation, by reason, by acrobats of the Will?'' [Page 145 'The Secret of the Golden Flower' with a commentary by C. Jung].

A working example: ''The queen is never far from the kings side...shaking the sistrum....accompanied by princesses, when the nobles come to pay their respect. Women 'singers' also appear when the kings power is confirmed.''

''The Siren heralds a friend the bee a stranger.''

And/or: ''The depek-dancer of the South has come. She has prevailed over the northern one and has put her foot upon her neck, and has placed her hand upon the ground. The august ladies of Memphis are seated at ease, their hands laden with foliage and greenery.'' [Details written in a letter about a contest between acrobatic dancers from the South and North which had taken place during one of the many festival processions in Memphis. Page 10 'My Heart My Mother: Death and Rebirth in Ancient Egypt' / A. Roberts].

Continued: ''Scenes at Kheruef's tomb at Thebes show Tiye standing behind the enthroned goddess Hathor {Aphrodite} and Amenhotep III - during acrobatic night dances - performed at the close of Amenhoteps first Sed Festival. According the accompanying inscription, Tiye, is 'in the following of the king, like Maat in the following of Re'. She is, in other words, the solar 'guiding' principle in the rites. Elsewhere in the tomb she is seen 'sailing' with the Amenhotep in the solar night boat...'' [Page 67 'Egypt's Anointing Mysteries' / A. Roberts].

'Sailing' {S/N}. 'Rowing' {N/S}?

Eastern way/Western way - enlarged throughout. In the ''wider'' {horizon?} sense of the 'word' relative to ''being''?

Continued: ''What's more, on the side palace of the Emperor Qin Shihuang's Mausoleum, experts discovered a stone dice called Shiboqiong similar to today's dice but with 14 sides. Each side was carved with one character or a number. It is believed that the dice was a play thing of the Emperor Qin Shihuang. But how to play it and how the 14 sides developed into today's six sides, remains unknown." []. Try ''acrobat'' and/or ''dice'' and/or ''six'' and/or ''games''.

Acrobats of the Mind?

'Feast of the Valley'?

"At sixes and sevens" is an English idiom used to describe a condition of confusion or disarray. It is not known for certain, but the most likely origin of the phrase is the dice game "hazard", a more complicated version of the modern game of craps.. Michael Quinion, a British etymologist, writing on his website on linguistics, says, "It is thought that the expression was originally to set on cinque and sice (from the French numerals for five and six). These were apparently the most risky numbers to shoot for ('to set on') and anyone who tried for them was considered careless or confused."[1]

A similar phrase, "to set the world on six and seven", is used by Geoffrey Chaucer in his Troilus and Criseyde. It dates from the mid-1380s and seems from its context to mean "to hazard the world" or "to risk one's life".[2] William Shakespeare uses a similar phrase in Richard II (around 1595), "But time will not permit: all is uneven, And every thing is left at six and seven".

Menkaure to enlarge.

Side note: "Enoch lived many centuries before Moses. In the 5th chapter of the Book of Genesis, Enoch is described as the ''seventh from Adam'' - which meant he was born seven generations after Adam. Since seven, in Essene numerology, is the number of perfection, it is no mere coincidence that Enoch represents the seventh generation of humanity: he represents perfect humanity..." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way']. Continued elsewhere.

'Perfect' in the sense of an understanding - the whole one not just its parts - micro within the macro - by way of Gnosis - OR MORE IMPORTANTLY - what it implies in relation to that understanding. Hence ''He who walked with 'god'." As opposed to say, Moses, ''he who {only} saw the back of god''. Both enlarged throughout.

In profile as opposed to 'face on'. Ones ''sees'' the whole picture the other only half of it.

Spirit/Soul as a means....?

Side note: Of the 20000 species of bee's in the world only SEVEN are honey bees. And/or: Bee's have THREE pairs of legs. ['The Chase'].

Synchronistic example? "Inspired by his discoveries at Troy, Schliemann reasoned that other cities named by Homer must also exist, and in the following years he excavated in the Peloponnese...It was in a tomb at Mycenae that he discovered a golden mask that is the most famous find from Bronze Age Greece. It was said that Schliemann telegraphed to the king of Greece, 'I have gazed upon the face of Agamemnon.' Archeologists are now certain that it is not the mask of same, and there is even doubts about the precise wording of the telegram...In spite of his many faults and fantasies Schliemann..." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

Question. Regardless of where it was found - what does it REPRESENT?

A working example {exercise?}: "Eventually, with further descriptive evidence gained from narrative of the Iliad, Agamemnon, ''King of Men'', became the star Regulus from the constellation Leo..." Same book. Try ''lion''.

Something to ponder on: {i.e.,something hinted at; the solution of which - by this reader - has not yet been answered - but placed, where eventually one may be found}: "We had a last meal {supper?} together outside a restaurant in the Piazza Castello, where we could look out on the trees and flowers of the gardens. During the meal he mentioned that one of the sigils {and/or keys} in the code, which was clearly a form of the letter 'M', was identical to one in a Latin line on the tympanum of the duomo of Verona...According to the unwritten rules of codification, the 'M' would be interchangeable for the constellation or zodiacal sign, Leo..." ['The Zelator']. Try 'M'.



Side note: ''One of the geometric designs located there is a Maltese cross within a circle surrounded by a ring of seventeen dots.  The Hopi are also familiar with this cross, which is represented by two hair discs laid perpendicular to each other. Also known as 'nogla' or ''butterfly whorls'' these items are traditionally worn by maidens.'' [Page 276/7 'The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the American S/W' / Gary David].

''Centuries ago, Persians, Tibetans and Mayans considered turquoise a gemstone of the heavens, believing the striking blue stones were sacred pieces of sky. Today, the rarest and most valuable turquoise is found in the American Southwest.'' ['Archaeology' / July - August 2023].


'She who is on her hill'. ''Stone'' in relation to a ''golden'' one. Question. 'Capstone'?

Found at Philae/Egypt. How many dots?

A-C is always represented within number symbolism with the number eight. As with the Octagonal shape, of the Dome of the Rock, and the eight petaled rosette emblem on the Phaistos Disc, or the 'eight limbed', as a representation of Raja Yoga, or 'eight' Rosicrucian members of the original brotherhood [as a representation of something, as is the eight year cycle of Venus, or the eight notes within the musical scale, or the 88 constellations, that are part of the Zodiac. The meaning of which is 'animal circle']. Or [as a metaphor: but with the same principle in mind] - "Saturn is the first step on the Ladder of the Planets. It is farthest from the sun of all the visible planets - 888 million miles - and represents the galactic starting point on our journey in from the stars." OR "The next stop on the 'Ladder of the Planets' is Mercury. It is closest planet to the sun and revolves around it in 88 days, thus making it the 'fastest' moving planet in our solar system."[ Both extracts taken from the book 'Sorcerer's Stone' by D. Hauck]. Or the eight points of the Maltese cross. Or the 800 utterances, written in 'columns' inside the pyramids of the late Old Kingdom and First Intermediate Period that were called the pyramid texts. Or even [as will some day be verified?] - the 88 'hammers' on the 230 strings of the Grand Piano OF Giza]. Finally "he that hath an ear, let him hear," appears no less than eight times in the Book of Revelations."

'' 800 horses trampled the spot of the grave site of Genghis Khan - to hide it - and a forest grew up.''

Coincidence or a meaningful one?

A work in progress: ''Dio states that 230,000 Britains were involved in this fight, surely a gross exaggeration in keeping with the rest of his account, that makes Tacticus's account of 80,000 dead seem positively conservative.'' [Page 271 ' Echolands: A Journey in Search of Boudica' / D. Mackay].

Question. Was Dio or Tacticus a member of any 'Mystery Club'?

In other words. Did they understand a mind set? Are they trying to tell us something - if only we knew where {how?} to look?

Wolf or fox?

''Being able to 'see' through a celtic coin may have been a much greater privilage than owning one, and a much more esoteric skill than simply reading its stumbling script....There is something indefinable about the detail of the coins that provides an insight into the visual mind set of the Iron Age absent in potsherds, postholes and ditches.....The coins are incredibly tactile things, little tabs of hallucinatory braille, if only our fingers could fathom their meaning.'' [Page 18/20 same book i.e., 'Echolands'].

''Not out, but through.'' [C. Jung].

Landscape equivalent..."Faces west across The Wash, making it one of a few places along the East coast where the sun can be seen to set across the sea." - It also marks the beginning {east?} of the Peddars Way. Enlarged throughout. ''Line of sight''?

And/or: ''The wolf only appears on the coin of one other British tribe, the Corieltauvi, neighbours and possible allies of the Iceni, with whom they clearly shared some cultural affinity. The wolf is otherwise mostly absent from the artistic menagerie of Iron Age Britain, dominated by boars, horses, bovines and birds. The imagery is all the more intriguing because the wolf would have been a rare sight in Icenian lands when the coin was produced, already a fugitive inhabiting upland and marginal lands; a shy and dreaded denizen of both myth and fen alike. Standing by the Gold Field {Ken Hill}, where many examples of this coin have been found, there is one more detail to contemplate. The miniature artwork portrays the wolf standing on ground littered with torcs and coins - with more coins and torcs beneath it, as if buried. The slope of Ken Hill face east, toward the rising sun, maybe to catch the first rays of dawn.'' [Page 19].

''East is a beginning, west its ending.''

''Dio wrote: In their voyage across they first became discouraged because they were driven back in their course, but then plucked up courage because a flash of light rising in the east shot across to the west - the direction in which they were sailing. This was surely a sign from Jupiter himself.'' [Page 32].

Meteor/Comet to enlarge.

Side note: ''The old St. Pauls Cathedral dated from the 11th century. Took '153' years to complete...Became one of the largest buildings in Europe.''......And/or: ''It took 'thirtyfive' years for Christopher Wren to rebuild  - after the 1666 fire...'Star' shaped pattern in the 'middle' of the transcept {'right angle' link}....It has 'eightyeight' spiral steps in the S/W Tower leading up to the Clock Tower.'' ['Mirthy' /July 2022].

Greenwich Mean Time?


Extra: ''Isaac Newton was the figure pictured on the one pound note that was first issued by the Bank of England in 1978. Michael Faraday was on the twenty pond note and Christopher Wren on the fifty pound note.'' ['Impossible' / BBC2 / S7 EP2].

"The very first Mormon currency was in 1837. The first bank failed eleven months later because it was only backed by real estate. Nothing tangible like metals. Then in 1849 Brigham Young who took over the church reissued it backed with eighty percent of gold dust. More tangible than real estate. The first notes in 1837 were signed by scribes for the Founder Joseph Smith and the President, but the ones in 1849 were signed by Brigham Young himself - and only 135 were issued with his signature." ['Pawn Stars' / S17 EP25].

N.B. "It took twenty years to train as a Bard....They were trained in poetry, mythology, story telling, astrology, herbalism, the development of psychic faculties, magic, hypnotism and the interpretation of dreams." [Page 81 'Apollo Versus the Echomaker' / A. LUNT].

Maze or labyrinth?

And/or: ''William Flinders Petrie excavated at Hawara in 1888. After working in Medinet el-Fayum (Arsinoe) and Biahmu, he moved on to the site south of Arsinoe and took the 60 workers he had already employed at the former sites with him. The results of his excavations at Hawara were published in 1889 in his "Hawara, Biahmu, and Arsinoe". The papyrological material said to have been found at Hawara was studied by Prof. Sayce and published on pages 24 to 37 of that volume. Sayce gave a general description of the great papyrus roll which contains parts of books 1 and 2 of the Iliad (the "Hawara Homer"), emphasizing the importance of the variants, and edited the texts of the most complete documents, some of them in a very preliminary way.'' [Internet].

REFRESHER..."The 'Ladder of the Planets' is another example of the Law of Octaves. The overall pattern of harmony in the universe is a 'seven' stepped formula for transformation embedded in our solar system. Just as the first seven notes of the musical scale represent our progress through the planets, the eighth note is a return to the first note at a higher vibration. The eighth note is the beginning of a whole new octave of creation that represents our leaving behind the grosser materiality of the planets and experiencing the more subtle matter of the 'spiritual' universe." Enlarged elsewhere,i.e.,try ''eight''.

''I 'aint got nothing but love babe, - eight days of the week.'' ['The Beatles'].

N.B. For an example of landscape equivalent {Mayan} see 'The Eight Temples' within chapter 6 of the book 'Serpent of Light Beyond 2012'.

''The Celts used periods of darkness such as night and winter to begin their calculations of time. This meant that the first period of time in a "week" was a night, followed by a day. Further, they also counted the ending night period, giving rise to periods of time with more nights than days. In Irish, the term nómad is used to signify a small number of days and is exactly the length of the nine night week as in co cend nomaide – a period of time with nine nights divided nicely into a sidereal month of 27 nights. In Welsh, the word for "week" is wythnos which literally means "eight-nights" since it was historically considered that a week started and ended with a period of night bracketing seven days. Similarly the word for fortnight, pythefnos, literally means "fifteen-nights".[3][4]

"The Christian gnostics made much of the fact that the name Jesus [Greek translation] is equivalent to the number 888, and it is well known that the so called ''number of the beast'' as mentioned in Revelations is 666." Knock knock, see / hear anything? Recall what the ''triple'' of anything [in number symbolism ], is indicative of. Explained within. Together with what ''beast'' represents in relation to what ''Jesus'' represents. 'Lower' in relation to 'higher'. Represented [ in number symbolism ] as 'six' in relation to 'eight' - A/B relative to A/B + C. Potential of. [Chapter two,{Gematria} from the book, 'Jesus Christ Sun of God; Ancient Cosmology and Early Christian Symbolism]. For further reading on the ''Gematria'' aspect to this overall subject see, 'The Pythagorean Sourcebook and Library' by D. Fideler.

"The number six is that of equilibrium, the complementation of opposites and their annihilation, the fruit of their work. The number seven is that of terrestrial Nature, manifestation of the nine archangelic puissances. The number eight is the number of death for resurrection." ['Sacred Science'].

''According to Samsung's founder, the meaning of the Korean hanja word Samsung () is "three stars". The word "three" represents something "big, numerous and powerful",[13] while "stars" means "everlasting" or "eternal", like stars in the sky.''[14][15]

And/or: "The 'perfect body' is the resurrected body. It is ascribed the number six, on the grounds that 1+2+3=6. This simple numerology seems to be have been at the basis of the roman system of dicing, and behind the importance accorded the six. The six-petalled flower, and for that matter, the six-petalled center to the mediaeval mazes, is linked with the mysteries of the number." ['The Zelator'].

''The ancient zodiac began with six characters.'' Coincidence or a meaningful one?

''A cricket umpire signals six runs {i.e., beyond normal boundary lines} by raising both arms. Four runs are indicated by a horizontal movement.'' ['Tipping Point' / April 2022].

''King Willow is a personification of cricket.'' ['The Chase'].


And/or: ''There are 6 balls in an over - the number of the sun. As a leather object, the ball of animal hide represents animal instinct, while the batsman holds the tree - the Willow bat. He hopes, with the bat, to knock the ball to the boundary, thus containing instincts. The bowler meanwhile hopes to 'bowl a maiden over', an old cricket joke with an inner sense, for the batsman is feminine inspired, defending the balance of the Muse {anima?}.'' [Page 98 'Fruits of the Moon Tree' / A. Bleakley].

Synchronistic example{?}: ''When John Lennon's best friend from art college, Stu Sutcliffe had joined the band as the bass player, the story goes that the two were discussing possible band names, and came up with 'The Beetles' as they were huge fans of Buddy Holly and The Crickets....'' [Internet].

A peak experience. What would be next?

A working example?..."The Beast is like our ego and egocentric interests. It represents the work of 'self' alone, without 'gods' influence. The mark is erased when the work of our hands and thoughts of our minds are cooperating with god, rather than simply being self driven. The Beast is our lower nature at our most selfish, self-centered, self glorifying point of existence." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way' / Mentioned elsewhere]. Continued elsewhere.

''Grace'' in relation to horizontal/vertical ?

Exercise. Put the five above paragraphs together with this sixth one to 'see' if can understand something other than the obvious. Something other than what those first impressions only 'see'.

'Eight Days A Week' / The Beetles.

And/or 'Quarrymen' = Blacksmith link?

Side step: ''The 3,000-year-old sword, discovered in the town of Nördlingen in Bavaria, was found in the burial of a man, woman and child. It appears that the trio were buried in quick succession, but it's unclear if they are related to one another, according to a statement the Bavarian State Office for Monument Protection released on Wednesday (June 14)....The sword is so well preserved, "it almost still shines," according to the translated statement. The weapon has an ornate octagonal hilt crafted from bronze that now has a greenish tinge, as bronze contains copper, a metal that oxidizes when exposed to air and water.'' ['Live Science'].



Predynastic: Found between Edfu and Esna in South Egypt. What once belonged to the Qena Governate: 'Horn' shape? NO thumbs. Just 'fingers'. Ishon relegated? Primary over secondary? ''Gallery'' to enlarge.

"An Octagon will indicate ceremonial work [the study of a subject implies the same] of a mercurial nature, since eight is the number of Hod, the Sephirah to which Mercury is attributed. Erected within this figure, as the foundation of all his work, the symbol of the lower Will, Is the Altar, on which are arrayed the magical instruments to be employed [or studied]. It is the fundamental center of the 'magicians' work, the pivot to which he again and again returns from the circumambulation [link to ''repetition'' symbol Or 'to revise'. Purpose of, i.e.,within the context of a ''study'' program or what one may call 'the way of the READER']. It should be so built this altar, that its shape and size, the very materials from which it is constructed, are all in accord with the fundamental philosophic principles of the Kabalah, [ or any esoteric literature], thus serving to remind him of the work in hand {'cricket bat'?}. Cedar wood for instance, if employed in the construction of the Altar, would bring about an imaginative association with Jupiter, whereas Oak is an attribution of Mars. The wood of the Laural or Acacia, both of which are attributed to Tiphareth, would however be harmonious for no matter what kind of working, inasmuch as Tiphareth and its correspondences symbolize harmony and equilibrium. This Altar should be made that it can act as a cupboard, in the 'interior' of which all the 'instruments' [or symbols] may be safely kept and guarded. [Link to 'heart' symbolism ]. One exception, however, exists to this general rule. The Lamp must always hang above the Theurgists head, and is never kept in the Altar cupboard. It symbolizes in every system the undimmed radiance of the Higher self, the Holy Guardian Angel - ['guardian of the gate' link, i.e.,that boundary line between objective and subjective that is necessary to employ when one is attempting to understand anything. ]- to whose knowledge and 'conversation' he so ardently aspires ['magician' and/or student. Take your pick, i.e., to 'internalize' with oneself. Higher/lower]. Whenever that 'Lamp' is shining, illuminating the magical work, that operation bears the immortal seal of legitimacy and the abiding sanction and approval, as it were, of the Holy Ghost, ['divine bit' link and/or 'source',i.e.,the understanding of it - in this case - relative to top/down as a means to an understanding]. Moreover, the Oil which this lamp 'consumes' is olive oil, sacred to Minerva, the 'goddess' of Wisdom." [Chapter 7, 'The Tree Of Life'. Mentioned elsewhere. Emphasis, this readers]. Understand those keys [highlighted in one form or another] to define a subject. The objective way works just as well as the 'ritual' one. The 'Way' of the READER and or student. Sacrifice something of the 'lower' to understand something of the 'higher' = a learning curve. Mechanics of. Try ''lamp'' in the usual box.


Side note: The original ''sighting'' of Oak Island was due to lights being seen at night. Investigations made where an old Oak stump found in a 'depression'.  The rest they say is history.

"Symbol of the lower Will, Is the Altar..."

Try ''stump''.

"Stecchini resolved the millennial riddle of the coffer ['sarcophagus'?] by showing that it contains exactly 40 artaba, or 40 cubes whose sides are one geographical foot, and that its outside volume is twice this amount, or 80 cubes of one geographical foot."

Inner = ''transcendental third'' link? represented {as one example} as 'blue stones'.

'New Dimensions for the Cube of Space.' / D. Hulse.

"All forms that nature produces are originally the products of universal life expressing itself in 'forms'. They are manifestations of the 'one' in 'three', but as such they do not posses any life of their own. There still remains the UNmanifested one, which must become active in the form if the form is to live. The 'Three' rendered alive through the 'One' produces the 'Four', and four is therefore the number of 'perfection'. It represents the 'square' {of 'Pegasus'?}, by means of which the universe is 'constructed', and which finds its symbolic expression in the life giving influences meeting from the four cardinal points, North, South, East and West." [Quote taken from within the book by F. Hartman]. Something unknown becoming a 'known' quantity.

Question. What is that 'quantity'?

Side note: A {working?} example: "In the Egyptian myths, the human headed god Ptah is said to have 'created' the world from dark clay. Ptah was from the ancient mystery center of Memphis, which in the ancient tongue was called Hi-Ku-Ptah. This ancient Egyptian phrase meant 'the Home of Ptah'. The Greeks lisped this Egyptian as 'Aegyptos', and from this imperfection modern Europeans derived 'Egypt' from it. In the recesses of the great temple at Abu Simbel, one still finds an image of Ptah. During the 20 days after 10 February, and for the same period after the 10 October, the sun strikes deep into the darkness of the funerary chamber. Its solar rays gild {'gold'?} the stone deities in the chamber. Only three are bathed in its rays - the fourth image {Ptah} is scarcely touched, leaving it in the dark 'wilderness' during those 40 days of light...It seems that according to Egyptian mythology, the world was created by a god of shadows. In western creation myths, such 'darkness' is represented with a snake. This serpent of 'paradise' was at first merely a 'cunning' serpent, but later it was called..." ['The Zelator'].

Continued: "The Cube {six squares}, relates to the element earth, the physical world. The Icosahedron {twenty triangles} relates to the element water and the 'astral' level. The Octahedron {eight triangles} relates to the element air, and to the mental/intuitional level. The Tetrahedron {four triangles} relates to the element fire, and to the spiritual or artemic level. The Dodecahedron {twelve pentagon's} represents the universe, the totality of creation. Contains the other four forms within itself." [ 'The Fourth Dimension' by A. Duncan].

Try Boudica for a different take on the same THEME i.e., '400 and 80000'.

Analogy {wisdom within it?}: "Considering Hephaestus role as the original creator of the constellations, new lines of inquiry may indicate that Homer preserved in the Iliad the remnants of an even older astronomical culture than that associated with Minoan Crete and Mycenae. Consider the following passage: 'Meanwhile Thetis came to the house of Hephaestus, imperishable, star-bespangled, fairest of the abodes in Heaven, a house of bronze wrought by the lame gods own hands. She found him busy with his bellows, sweating and hard at work, for he was making twenty tripods {triangles?} that were to stand 'by the wall' {'stacked'?} of his house, and he set wheels of gold under them {'chariots'?} - all that they might go of their own selves to the assemblies of the gods, and come back again - marvels indeed to see." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

N.B. That final sentence in relation to: "Just as the first seven notes of the musical scale represent our progress through the planets, the eighth note is a return to the first note at a higher vibration. The eighth note is the beginning of a whole new octave of creation that represents our leaving behind the grosser materiality of the planets and experiencing the more subtle matter of the 'spiritual' universe." Enlarged elsewhere.

Refresher: ''On many Russian churches the crosses on the domes often have a slanting support bar underneath the cross. This is a Russian tradition that Christ was lame...'' [Page 266 'Russia: Past, Present and Future' / R. Steiner].

Callie. Only lost after her Big Toe let her down. Sandals? Best out of ''three''? Question. What does 'nineteen' represent?

Refresher: "To be sure, 20 is not exactly interesting for mystical and magic pursuits, but on the other hand, it is extremely important in the formation of number systems. For the simple reason that the fingers and toes add up to 20, this number forms the basis for counting in many cultures. Among the Celts, for example, 40 is called two times 20. The Ainu in northern Japan have a very similar way of counting and express, for instance, 80 as 4 times 20, which corresponds exactly to the French 'quatre' {four} 'vingts' {twenty}. The Maya used to connect 20 with the solar deity just as in ancient Babylonia it was linked with Samash, the sun god. In Quiche, the Mayan writing system, the cipher for the number 20 is a human figure, and among the Hopi, a child is given a name on the twentieth day to become a real human {nickname?}. In medieval Christian exegesis, on the other hand, 20 was taken to point to man's realization of the 10 Commandments in act and intention, or else as a product of 4 times 5, that is the 5 books of the Pentateuch, which is the law, and the 4 Gospels, which mean grace...In a number of special terms in German one still finds remnants of an earlier use of 20 as a comprehensive number: 1 Ries of paper, 20 sheets, forms one ''book''...and the Schneise, a small road into a forest, originally meant a rope on which 20 codfish could be hung to dry..." ['Mystery of Numbers' / A. Schimmel}.

Question. Why codfish? What about coming out of the forest? ''Wet'' link?

Try Part 1.

20 + 64?

A practical example: ''I feel i can do another eleven days. I love this place so much - but i don't want to lose a toe - i love my feet very, very much. I want to do what's best for my feet, because i've only got these feet, i can't grow another pair of toes." [Callie {'Alone'}/ Flathead Valley. Montana].

"You can only go half way into the darkest forest; then you are coming out the other side." Chinese proverb.

11th hour?

From a different perspective: Alison Hargreaves {climber} - hereditary large toe - from the matriarch side of the family - died on K2: ''She did nothing wrong - just in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Nature wanting to take back one of their own. Rained very heavy after. It rained and rained and rained. Washed away all the roads. A nature spirit. It was tears for Alison.'' ['Alisons Last Mountain'].

A working example: ''

continued..."In English, the old ''score'' for 20 is still much more in use, as in threescore and one = 61."



Seen it before?

"Sixty, one of the central numbers in the systems of the ancient Near East, still influences our lives with....

60 or 64? 'Pyr'amid shape?

minutes and seconds. It has also been used in other counting units, such as the old German measure called a Schock, which was mainly used for counting eggs but originally related to the placing of sheaves of grain at harvest time. In Babylonia, 60 was the first great unit, as it could easily be divided by 30, 20, 15, 12, 10, 6, 5, 4, 4, and 2. While the number 1 was expressed as a small wedge, the 60 appeared as a large wedge. Being the ''great one'' it was assigned to the highest diety, Anu, the god of heaven. The relation to 60 to the 360 degrees of the circle = the construction of geometrical figures such as the equilateral triangle and may have played a role in the development of the sexagesimal system...In ancient Greece 60 was similar used as a round number, and Plato's ''marriage number'' 12,960,000 = 60 to the power of 4, is derived from it...Plutarch claims that crocodiles lay 60 eggs, hatch them for 60 days, and live for 60 years; he adds that 60 is the first measure for those interested in heavenly appearances." ['Mystery of Numbers'].

''Heavenly appearance'' in relation to: "Immorality, or a misapprehension about the true nature

of the material world, will, as Blavatsky intimated, darken into a crocodile form {'etheric' link}, from which the soul must struggle free." ['The Zelator']. Try ''struggle''.

Question. At what nome {temple?} within Egypt {i.e.,along the Nile River} can be found the sacred crocodile. Coincidence or a meaningful one?

Understanding those - what seem on first impressions - as just bits and pieces of {information?} - gives clues - if not a direction - as to someones final resting place.

What do the colours represent?


Side note: 60,000 Oak vertical timbers support thousands of horizontal planks - to form a 'bridge' in the Fenlands. {'Sacred Wonders of Britain' {2} / N. Oliver]. The archaeologist who discovered it believes it is equivalent to ''the modern parish church'' and/or the islands and lakes found nearby are related to Neolithic ''shrines and chapels''. Neil Oliver gets ''closer to the mark'' with such quotes as ''a mind set'' and ''its the making of it that seems more important'' - hinting therefore of its symbolic quality. However both agree that it has something to do with ''the boundaries of wet and dry''.

To get closer to that mind set 'see' the parts {highlighted} WITHIN the whole.

Try Silbury Hill to 'see' something that ''seems more important in the making of it''.

Refresher: Silbury Hill constructed in polygons or spirals? = Highest point in the surrounding area = 'line of sight' link and/or ''horizon''? [Satellite TV].

scorpion king

The Scorpion King.

Continued: "Diodorus Siculus recorded a story of Menes related by the priests of the crocodile god Sobek at Crocodilopolis, in which the pharaoh Menes, 'attacked by his own dogs' while out hunting, fled across Lake Moeris on the back of a crocodile and, in thanks, founded the city of Crocodilopolis."

King Hor-Aha. 1st Dyh. Some identify him as Menes or the one who united Upper-Lower Egypt.

Side note: Someone's first spoken word {Archie} = ''crocodile''.

Continued: George Stanley Faber (1816), taking the word campsa to mean either crocodile or ark and preferring the latter, identifies Menes with Noah and the entire story as a flood myth.

According to Manetho, Menes reigned for 62 years and was killed by a hippopotamus." ['Wiki'].

Question. When ALL the available information is accessed - which do you prefer?

Question 2. Had a 'unification' of 'upper/lower' {if only in the internal sense of the word} begun yet?

'Snow' and 'Fire' = North/South?

Side note: "Is it true that the crocodile is linked with Saturn?...'Yes it is, you will find that association within Egyptian mythology, and also in the writings of Alice Bailey...Perhaps the crocodile is also in that pool...waiting to swallow up the unwary..." Enlarged elsewhere. [Page 62, 'Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs']. Try ''Swallow''.

And/or: "The would be civilizer may turn out to be a somewhat fanatical doctrinarian - the man of one idea and system to which everything else is to be sacrificed." [Page 146, under the chapter 'The Sign Sagittarius' within the book 'The Zodiac as the Universal Matrix'].

'Pool' all that information together to attempt the start date of something.

huytfContinued: Recall the story {riddle?} of someone changed into a 'Stag' and chased/torn to pieces by his very own hunting dogs. Question. Lower {'A'} PRIMARY over higher? {'B'}.

Question 2. How would the reverse be represented? Especially within a landscape? Understanding that gives clues as to a final resting place {i.e.,in the 'feminine' sense of the word}.

''I am the wind that blows across the sea; I am the wave of the deep; I am the roar of the ocean; I am the stag of seven battles; I am the hawk on the cliff; I am the ray of sunlight; I am the greenest of plants; I am a wild boar; I am a salmon in a river; I am a lake on a plain; I am the word of knowledge; I am the point of a spear; I am the lure beyond the ends of the earth; I can shift my shape like a god.'' ['The Song of Amergin' / Ancient Irish Text].

Duration 'Six' minutes.

"Head Jar." Shadow / shade + 'headless' to enlarge.

Something to ponder on: "In Babylonia, and representing the whole constellation, it personified the Wife of Bel...and the Virgin's Girdle, marked the 20th ecliptic asterism of that name, and the lunar asterism Dan-nu, the Hero of the Sky Furrow {'trench'}. It was also the Might of the Abode of Life - a common title for Babylon itself...It is said to be known in Egypt at one time as the Lute Bearer and/or Lord; and Lockyer thinks that the great ''Mena may symbolize Spica, with which star we have seen Min - worship associated''. According to this same author, one of the temples at Thebes, probably dedicated to this Mena, Menat, {necklace?} Menes, Min, or Khem, was orientated to Spica's setting about 3200 BC; and the temple of the sun at al Amarna was also so orientated about 2000 BC or somewhat later..." [Page 468 {'Virgo'} within the book 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

Maybe just 'M' ?

N.B. Ecliptic in relation to ellipse as a means....? Enlarged elsewhere.

Side note: A work in progress?..."The appearance of the brightest star was not only a major spectacle: it also raised the problem of how to incorporate Sirius in the then established order of constellations. In the Iliad this was solved by a major revision of stars and constellations in a large sector of the sky. In an area of the heavens extending south towards the horizon and bounded in the north by Cancer, in the west by the Milky Way and Orion and in the east by Hydra there were only a small number of significantly bright stars before the arrival of Sirius....


Which is S/E?

Flat top? Question. Who was the first 'witness' to the "resurrection"?

These included the stars now known as Procyon {Canis Minor}, and Altarf + Cancri, which may have been part of an extended ancient constellation of Leo. A reorganization of this area of sky to accommodate Sirius is indicated by the importance Homer assigns to the 'gifts' offered to Achilles if he will return to the 'battlefield'. On three different occasions the gifts are listed in detail as seven tripods {i.e.,21, i.e.,''Twentyone is connected to perfection, since it is the product of the sacred numbers 7 and 3} - twenty iron cauldrons, twelve horses and eight women {i.e.,61 in total}. If each group of gifts is taken to represent stars within a band of similar brightness or magnitude, it suggests that some stars within an older boundary of Leo, were 'given' to a new constellation boundary created around Sirius and including Canis Minor and Cancri, perhaps once 'owned' by Agamemnon {Leo}. Some support for the idea that a more ancient configuration of Leo was larger than the present constellation is derived from a belief that the earliest zodiac had only six divisions and not the twelve devised later." [Homer's Secret Iliad'].

Refresher: ''What is that ''Spark'' which ''hangs from the flame?''. It is Jiva, the Monad in conjunction with Manas, or rather its aroma - that which remains from each personality, when worthy, and hangs from Atma-Buddhi, the Flame, by the thread of life. In whatever way interpreted, and into what ever number of principles the human being is divided, it may easily be shown that this doctrine is supported by all the ancient religions....

Spark or 'fire'?


Mineral = spark.

As in the case of the Hebrew culture - the entire system of the Kabalistic numerals is based on the divine septenary hanging from the Triad {thus forming the Decade}, and its permutations 7, 5, 4, and 3, which finally, all merge into the one itself: an endless and boundless circle. The Deity {the ever Invisible Presence}, says the Zohar, ''manifests itself through the ten Sephiroth which are its radiating witnesses." [Page 238/9 'The Secret Doctrine' / H. P. Blavatsky].

And/or: ''Solon used the stella spheres to divide human life into seven periods of ten steps each, and the idea of this Greek sage were combined in turn with the concepts of the Old Testament by the Jewish philosopher Philo of Alexandria. Philo writes that by the end of the first heptad real teeth appear instead of 'milk' teeth. At the end of the second heptad, puberty begins, and in the third {21?}, youth sprouts a beard {a goaty one?}.....Continued elsewhere. [Page 128 'Mystery of Numbers' / A. Schimmel].


King Tut? and/or Sphinx? i.e., both developed 'beards' along their evolutionary path. In the spritual sense of the word. And/or Aries {the Ram} - a beginning and end.

Tut {the golden 'child'} in relation to Akhenaten/Nefertiti AND the Sphinx in relation to the three on the Giza plateau as something ''under their belts''. Question. Does Orion possess a beard?

Side note: A coffin from the Old Kingdom found at Saqqara with beard. Belonged to a judge. Three wooden statues in upright position found in a secret compartment at right angles {90 degrees} to the main tomb room. Left foot forward. [''Tomb Hunters: Tomb of the Old Kingdom Judge'].

Question.Why left?

And/or: All judges identify with the Jackal - a blue one. Higher of the 'lower'? OR lower of the 'higher'? i.e., midway therefore ''horizon'' i.e., blue.

James the Just?

N.B. ''Six'' in relation to 'half a dozen of this - half a dozen of that' relative to what ''twelve'' represents. A process {development?} still {evolving?} in stages? Representational of. As in the case of the triple uraeus of Cleopatra? OR those 'blue' stones {'inner'} relative to the Sarsen ones {'outer'}. Question. Same 'time' period? Enlarged elsewhere.

continued..."Sixty is also the product of 3x4x5, and the Kaaba in Mecca has recently been interpreted in these terms by the American musicologist and numerologist E. G. McClain, who relates its proportions to those of the Sumerian ark {60x60x60} or its double {2x60x60x60}, the number of the sacred mountain, the world's center..." ['Mystery of Numbers'].

imagesP6E0VB9K"The First and last mysteries of Alpha and Omega." Volume of cube = 53200 cubic units. Surface area of cube = 8490 square units. Surface area of each side = 1415 square units. 532 = Alpha. 849 = Omega. 1415 = The 'god' Apollo. [Number symbolism. Recall what 'Apollo' represents].

"Such a division of the 7 into these two constituent principles, the spiritual 3 and the material 4, was used time and again..." [Taken from 'Mystery of Numbers'. Found elsewhere].

"In the gnostic gospel Pistis Sophia, Jesus instructs his disciples at some length concerning the nature of the first and last mysteries. He states that the first mystery is the last mystery "from within outwards" other words, Alpha is contained within Omega, and the two are intimately connected." [Page, 272, 273, 'Jesus Christ Sun of God' {Ancient Cosmology and Early Christian Symbolism} by D. Fideler].

..."The 'Ladder of the Planets' is another example of the Law of Octaves. The overall pattern of harmony in the universe is a 'seven' stepped formula for transformation embedded in our solar system. Just as the first seven notes of the musical scale represent our progress through the planets, the eighth note is a return to the first note at a higher vibration. The eighth note is the beginning of a whole new octave of creation that represents our leaving behind the grosser materiality of the planets and experiencing the more subtle matter of the 'spiritual' universe."

Remembering or forgetting?

Understanding the above gives a plausible ''helping hand'' in attempting to define the following..."Those Biblical words [i.e.,the Father, the Son, the Holy ghost] refer to the threefold nature of the Hindu [scriptures] equivalent of - Sat,[''being''] Tat, Aum. God the Father is the 'absolute' Unmanifested, existing beyond vibratory creation. God the Son, is the Christ consciousness [Brahma or Kutastha Chaitanya] existing within vibratory creation; this Christ consciousness is the ''only begotten'' [i.e.,'penetrating into divine bosom and/or heart' link] or sole reflection of the UNcreated infinite. The outward manifestation of the omnipresent Christ consciousness, its ''witness'' [Revelation 3:14] is Aum, the ''word'' [logos] or Holy Ghost, [i.e.,Biblical/Christian equivalent] - invisible 'divine' power, the only 'doer', the sole causative and 'activating' force that upholds all creation through vibration. Aum the 'blissful comforter' is heard in meditation and reveals the ultimate truth, bringing all things to ''remembrance''. [Extract from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi'. Mentioned elsewhere. Emphasis/parenthesis - this readers].

Try ''remembrance'' relative to ''sleep'' with ''being'' in mind. Intent of. Try Part 1. Before asking those bigger questions, i.e.,why go to all this effort?

''Etymology: Larva is derived from the Latin word for ghost or mask. Linnaeus (1768) coined the term in a biological sense to mean a phase in the development of an organism that masks the mature form. A larva is an immature (non sexual) stage of an animal lifecycle.''

"The Royal secret is not one that can be told in words. Throughout the world runs a tradition of a wondrous secret sought under different names by men through all the ages. The Philosophers Stone, the Elixir of Immortality, The Holy Grail, the Hidden Name of god, all these have been objects of man's quest, and all are one and the same, if rightly understood.......No pen can ever write down this secret, nor can any lips reveal it, but it is written in the inmost heart of man and has lain there through countless ages, awaiting the day when the disciple, tearing aside the veils of ignorance, perceives its blazing letters in his heart. There is no man, however mean or sinful, in whose heart it is not written, but few they are, who read its life giving words." [Chapter 9, 'The Yoga of the Bhagavat Gita'].

Or 'The tail end of something and the beginning of something else' together with 'twelve' relative to 'thirteen'. OR as Plato quotes in his seventh letter, "matters of ultimate concern are best not discussed in writing but, after a long period of study, true insight, ..."like a blaze kindled by a leaping spark is generated in the soul and at once becomes self sustaining." [Page 17, same book]. Link to ''son of and therefore ''penetrate'' symbolism.

Alchemy equivalent: "......First Matter, which is what they called the One Thing. By using that term, they emphasized that it was a preexisting substance, hidden in the everyday world. Their drawings often depict the First Matter as a square stone or cube that sometimes dangles by a rope from above. Called the 'Cubic Stone', it is part of the sacred geometry........'it is the corner stone that the builders rejected.' " [Chapter 5, 'The Emerald Tablet' by D. Hauck].

Question. Conspiracy theorists?

Hennin headdress. And/or: ''One Sumerian cylinder seal from around 2250BC shows the pantheon of deities wearing peaked hats; the sky god of the Hopi culture {Sotuknang} also wears a pointed headdress.'' [Page 292 'The Orion Zone'].

"From the inward action of 'Sulpher' and the outward reaction of 'Mercury' there results a kind of 'crystallization' that determines so to speak a limit common to both inner and outer, or a neutral zone where the opposing influences proceeding respectively from each meet and are stabilized; the product of this 'crystallization' is 'Salt' which is represented by the cube insofar as the latter is at once the type of the crystalline form and the symbol of stability. This is the 'cubic stone' of Masonic symbolism; but it is necessary to specify that this is the ordinary 'cubic stone' and not the 'pointed cubic stone' which properly symbolizes the 'philosophers stone'......."[Chapter 12 'The Great Triad' by R. Guenon].

N. B. Square granite stone found on a ledge in the lower parts {subterranean} of Great Pyramid.

Put ''penetrate into the 'divine' bosom''; in the usual box; to define that difference, before that bigger question is asked. WHY. Why go to all this effort?

It also explains this subjects 'fascination' with the subject of psychology - As its PRIME TEACHING AID. Especially in reference to that universal word that ALL use in one form or the other, from 'its' beginning to the present date. After all you cannot have one without the other - but one has to come before the other. Which implies a direction. See it yet?

"In Alchemy there are the lessor and greater circulations. The former pertains to the 'herbal' kingdom and the later to the most coveted of them all, the 'mineral' ['metallic''] realm, [link to the word ''pointed.'' This readers input]. A correct understanding, and not just knowledge of the herbal process will open the gate to the great Arcanum." [Chapter one, F. Albertus book].

"...Arcanum - that which one needs to know in order to make discoveries of each arcanum." [Extract from the book by Tomberg].

"Metals are purified by 'fire', and the emotions by suffering. The lower desires must starve to nourish the higher; the animal passions must be crucified and die; but the angel of Will removes the stone [ 'lid' link] from the sepulchre and liberates the higher energies from the sphere of selfishness and darkness; and then the resurrected virtues will begin to live and become active in a new world of enduring light and harmony." [Chapter 5, from the book by F. Hartman]. That link to ''transcendent third.'' And thereafter incarnation relative to reincarnation. Enlarged elsewhere.


"The altar of sacrifice demonstrates that where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.....The center of the altar is a most especial part. It is the center of your universe. Put something special there. Perhaps a flower, or a sanctuary flame. This represents the perpetual light of the spirit, in a balanced manifest expression.....The rose of the spirit may bloom therein.... " [ Chapter 1, 'The Rose Cross and the Goddess. Mentioned elsewhere].

And/or: ''When we turn aside from the Phenomenal; clearly defined content of our outer and inner life - from impressions and impulses - we gather all our forces in a single center of direct spiritual existence....When we plunge into that silent depth, whence the turbid stream of our day to day reality springs fortth....In this fountainhead of our spiritual life - we INWARDLY contact the primeval source of universal life....'' [Page 35 'Russia: Past, Present and Future' / R. Steiner].

Menkaure. Triangular goaty?

REFRESHER: "The potential literature for an intellectual study of this is vast. We hope we have provided a few simple pointers on the way. It is however, a 'centering' in, rather than a wandering in the labyrinthine fields of intellectual speculation, that is the direct way of truth. The 'rose' blooms at the center of the cross. And those who are prepared to contemplate the imagery and take it unto their inmost hearts are the more likely to be met by Beatrice from the triumphal car {'chariot'}, and 'led' to places where even the intellectual genius of a Virgil cannot go." [From the book by G. Knight].

And/or: "Sirius is sometimes called the 'Sun behind the sun', indicating that while the star we call the Sun is related to our physical center of Self in our Solar Plexus and the expression of our Selves within the physical earth, Sirius represents a more hidden center." ['Red Tree, White Tree'].

''Mandala'' to enlarge.

From a different perspective: "We have spoken of an altar at each quarter, between a pair of Elemental Pillars. This is to effect a focus of intention. In ultimate truth, the altar is yourself. As you face the two pillars you may see the altar between them and just beyond. If the pillars were upright sides of a mirror the altar would be a reflection of your soul." [Same book].

"The symbol of the lower will is the altar".

N.B. The 7th King of Copan = 'The Jaguar Mirror'. The Dynasty did not last beyond the 16th. Recall the 7th generation of the Hebrew culture. He who ''walked with God''.

"If the foregoing even in its very condensed form has made any sense at all to the student of alchemy, it must be apparent then why that alchemical gem, which all 'alchemists' desire to produce, has been called the Philosophers Stone. How often is it that we use words and attach no meanings to them, only because we fail to understand." [Introduction ' Alchemists Handbook' by F. Albertus].

'Set in Stone' in the spiritual sense of the word.

As one example: ''His primary interest {i.e., Goethe} was the discovery of hidden archetypes or first forms; secondary to this, but linked to it, was the observation of isolated ''forms'' in Nature. Man's ability to discern the archetypes is dependent upon the intellectual or spiritual development {Bildung} of the individual.'' [Page 174 'Lords of the Left Hand Path'].

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

''H'' g ?

"The force of life is infinite; we are saturated, permeated through and through with this 'force,' this energy. It constitutes our higher self; it is our link with the entire universe; it is 'god' within us. Every molecule of our physical system is permeated with the dynamic energy of this force; each cell in our body contains it in abundance. When we consider this force, when we become aware of it, we are then brought face to face.........." [Chapter one ' The Art of True Healing' by I. Regardie].

N.B. Moses who attempted to see God face to face... Coincidence or a meaningful one?

"The relationship between Jesus and the symbolism of the Ogdoad was developed a great deal in the teachings of the early church. One reason for this was that ''Christ arose from the dead on the eighth day, the day of Helios.'' [Chapter 2, book by D. Fideler].

Cloud People. Face to face?

"Helios was seen as the heart of the celestial pattern, and his physical aspect was considered as the lower manifestation of a higher principle.................."

"It is the higher self of each one of us that seeks re-incarnation by incarnating - a little bit at a time...." [Enlarged elsewhere. Taken from the chapter written by F. P. D. from the book 'The New Dimensions Red Book].

"The alchemical symbol for Mercury represents the androgynous state on all levels created by the union of the symbols for copper [or Venus] and iron [or Mars] in the Below and the union of the symbols for silver [or the Moon] and gold [or the Sun] in the Above. In 1807, English chemist John Dalton proposed using an eight - spoked wheel as mercury's symbol, which is similar to ancient Oriental ciphers for mercury [and the wheel of life]." [Chapter 10, 'Sorcerers Stone' by D. Hauck].

Understanding that universal framework...

"We speak of God, of the Son, his Word, and of the holy Spirit; and we say that the Father, the Son, and the Spirit are united in power. For the Son is the intelligence, reason, and wisdom of the Father, and the Spirit is an effluence, as light from fire...." [Athenagoras, early Christian apologist]. Analogy of something. Link to ''Logos'' [the 'Word'], its true meaning. Explained within.

A working example: ''Hermeticism is an athanor {'alchemical furnace'} erected in the individual human consciousness, where the mercury of intellectuality undergoes transmutation into the gold of spirituality.'' [Page 194 'Meditations on the Tarot].

"An idea is an event," according to Seth. It is therefore logical that any idea - in whatever sphere of activity, whether physically materialized or not - would have an impact upon our lives. The 'idea as reality' is another ancient concept which was formalized early in Western civilization by Plato and which has been retained by many philosophers down through the ages. But rather than discuss this concept in abstract terms only, Seth develops it to its logical conclusion. All ideas, thoughts, and areas of concentration help create a dynamic and continually interrelating universe with the 'idea' playing as important and as tangible a role as any physical event." [Introduction to the book 'The Seth Material' by J. Roberts].

As a side note ''The Seth material'' [for this reader] is an example of the definition [in part, or whole] of the word ''incarnation'' as opposed to ''reincarnation,'' relative to Jane Roberts - Just as Lahiri Mahasaya is - relative to the person whose autobiography is being written about. Enlarged elsewhere. And/or...

"Father, Bhagabati Charan Ghosh, was kind, grave, at times stern. Loving him dearly, we children yet observed a certain reverential distance. An outstanding mathematician and logician, he was guided principally by his intellect. But Mother was queen of hearts, and taught us only through love. After her death, Father displayed more of his inner tenderness. I noticed then that his gaze often seemed to be metamorphosed into my mothers gaze." [Same book].

Margaery Tyrell? {Game of Thrones}.

"There is a belief in Wales, and other places, that we shall mention later, that the bee herself was the only animal who came direct from paradise. That the bee is a symbol of a 'fresh' incarnation probably lies at the bottom of the old myth of Glaucus, the son of Minos....."..........."The Greeks had a proverb: ''The siren heralds a friend, the bee a stranger.'' [Chapter 9, 'The Sacred Bee.' Mentioned elsewhere]. To evaluate correctly; before those first impressions take control; put ''honey'' or ''bee'' in the search box.

Try ''Miss Smith and Mr Jones''.

From a different perspective.

"This universe is Shiva's garden, meant for roaming in. Not for attachment, jealousy, aversion, anxiety, or enmity. This universe is the 'image' of Shiva, meant for his 'worship'. Destroy the concept ''universe'' and meditate on Shiva. This universe is the incarnation of Shiva. [From a Hindu perspective].............."This universe is a mansion containing the mirror of Shiva. Whoever 'looks' in it, feeling one with Shiva, sees His own images and reflections......"[Chapter 24, 'Play of Consciousness'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Understand the true meaning of ''meditate'' to understand those 'keys'. Try ''house''.

"Shiva = A name for the one supreme reality. One of the Hindu trinity of gods. Often understood the destroyer of barriers [or boundaries] to ones identification with the ultimate self."[Glossary, same book].

"Vedanta = A school of Indian philosophy that emphasizes one supreme Principle, which is the foundation of the universe."[Same Glossary]. Anything? Hindu equivalent of that same 'framework'. It differs only from a different 'start' point. That start point, however, still has to be 'built' on. Link to ''wet/dry.'' Recall what its main symbol is.

"The Prophet was quoted as saying, 'I have seen my Lord in the shape of a beautiful youth'. [Link to ''youngest'' symbolism]. Perhaps this is the manifestation of the child of the heart. The image is the mirror. It becomes a means, rendering visible that which is invisible. The truth of 'God most High' is exempt from and free of any kind of description, or any kind of image or form. The image is the mirror [key], though what is seen is neither the mirror, nor the one who is looking in the mirror. Ponder on that and try to understand, because that is the essence of the realm of secrets." [Chapter 9, 'The Secret of Secrets' by Al-Jilani]].

One point or two?

"The idea of meditation should not frighten you, because in your daily life you already perform many kinds of meditation; it simply happens. Your skills and talents are perfected solely through meditation. Without one- pointed attention, is it possible for a doctor to cure a disease, a judge to make his decision, a teacher to give a lesson? Without concentration, can one make an apparatus such as radar, cook food, drive a car, keep the rhythm in music, solve mathematical problems? A degree of meditation is required to achieve anything. But in all of these things, your meditation is directed toward the world, not toward 'god'' [or YHWH. Explained within].... [Chapter 5, 'Play of Consciousness' by Swami Muktananda].

Analogy of same principle..."Practitioner of Yoga, ''union'', ancient science of 'meditation' on 'God'. [Extract from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi']. And/or...

"The word ''Yoga'' comes from the sanskrit root yuj, which means ''to join'' or ''to yoke''. Yoga is a practical aid, not a religion." [internet]. Think on both to the real meaning of ''re-ligion''. Enlarged elsewhere.

That word 'meditation' therefore that can be used [amongst others] to define a subject. Both inner and external. That can be applied to work out all the enclosed, within this web page. Its dictionary [Concise Oxford] definition = ''To think carefully about something'' and/or ''a discourse expressing considered thoughts on a subject.'' ALSO ''to focus ones mind for a period of time for spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation'' [key i.e., 'repetitive' and 'groove' link]. ''Spiritual'' - a link to this subject. ''Relaxation'' - a prerequisite to attain a state of mind in order to define anything - including subject material. All of which [aspects of], when thought about carefully have at its main core that familiar subject. Its main 'teaching' aid - the psyche. All aspects of which are represented with universal symbols from the dawn of human kind. Therefore the word 'meditation' [and what it implies] must have its own symbol - ''a waveless lake.'' Try the box to understand something further - if only within this subject. It can also determine someones final burial place. Or more importantly - why it was chosen. Proving therefore the validity of the subject. [''Verily, verily''. New Testament]. Regardless of ones first impressions of it.

Side note: The English word 'focus' comes from the Latin for 'fireplace'. ['The Chase' / ITV / 31.1.22].

Hestia to enlarge.

"For silence is the sign of real contact with the 'spiritual' world and this contact, in turn, always engenders the influx of forces. This is the foundation of all 'mysticism', all gnosis, all 'magic' and all practical esotericism in general." [Extract from the book by Tomberg].

The Sea of Galilee?

A practical example {synchronistic?}: ''I think this is the hardest thing i've ever done. But i will tell you without shame, that i pray i come out of here a better man, and a thankful man, for all my blessings....I've been told countless times i'm to much to hang around with - the reason i don't have many friends....I've been thinking of all the people i've neglected along the way....Especially mother and father....Life's a tragedy all around for all of us, but now i'm sat here in Rock House with all this time on my hands, at the apex of my career, it gives time for thought - {reflection} 'i feel i hav'nt done my family right especially parents and sister.....I,ve pursued everything that I wanted to do without considering them - but in the end it can only be what it is - 'it is what it is' - I like that saying....Todays day ninety-nine; Christmas Day. I plant this Christmas tree with this star i made on top at Rock House. I'II never forget this Christmas. Never as long as i live....I never thought that anything could change me or crack me, but i'm certainly going to be a more thankful man....{Day after} ''Today is day 100. This is a great day for me. Very great. Just struck off day one hundred on this calendar tree. Day one - all the way down there at the base of the tree....I dedicate this day to my deceased mother....{reflection} ''I've always been alone. Even when i'm with someone or in a crowd - a sort of island that way.... Its dead silent right now, dead silent and calm. Everything has a rhythm and a beat and a silence....i just love to hear that dead silence - if that makes any sense." [Roland / winner of 'Alone' / History Channel/ 2020].

Try Billy Connolly for another.

"We are dealing with fragments of very ancient oral tradition that are like pieces of patchwork that have to be assembled into a coherent fabric." Try ''garment'' / ''octave'' in the usual box.

Crystal Clear?

A proven: ''I decided to test Joe Campbell hypothesis that myths are corporeal or at least contained innately in the memories of sinews and the caches of the brain....I would have to look for them in their PUREST form in the minds of children - and not just any children, but ones who had not been exposed to radio, television, or movies, from which they could have picked up mythic stories....I was looking for the causal zone of myth. After a search i was able to locate a number of children whose parents refused to have any media in the house.'' [Page 95 'A Mythic Life' / J. Houston].

The author goes on to describe a ''new story'' as requested of a young man called Jimmy who searches within himself for one. Briefly; VERY briefly: ''Once upon a time there was a little boy, who had a mummy; loved his mummy, married her; had many babies; and then goes away with his sister.'' The author believing the above relates to the Oedipus myth. For this reader it relates more to the Egyptian culture - Pharaohs, mothers and sisters. Meritaten in particular. Enlarged elsewhere.

As an example..."The Church fathers understood the myths born from pagan thought and imagination in a quite general way as veiled presentiments of the Logos, who became fully revealed in Jesus Christ..." [Comment in the 'Afterword' to the book by Tomberg - made by Cardinal Hans Urs von Balthasar ]. Recall what ''logos'' implies.

Another example of those ''fragments'' - that when put together define the 'whole'...

Minds eye?

..."A third, less clear cut transposition will be referred to briefly: that of the ancient magic/alchemy into the realm of depth psychology by C. G Jung. The author's 'Meditation on the Tarot' are in the tradition of the great accomplishments of Pico della Mirandola and Franz von Baader, but are independent of them. The mystical, magical, occult tributaries which flow into the stream of his meditations are much more encompassing; yet the confluence of their waters within him, full of movement, becomes inwardly a unity of Christian contemplation." [Same author; same 'Afterword' ]. As it does with...

...''the confluence of their waters'' - which determines and explains the reason for the chose and selection [as a representation] of the beginnings of a journey - to those - no less - than the Children of Israel, i. e.,the Nile delta. Simply because those ''fragments'' are UNIVERSAL. From the dawn of HUMAN KIND. And if the 'divine bit' is truly understood - the implication then is - even before 'it' became a twinkle in the 'creators' eye.

Question. Fact or fiction - a possibility or not?

banksy"In these pages, beloved mythologist Joseph Campbell explores the Space Age. He posits that the newly discovered laws of outer space are actually within us as well, and that a new mythology is implicit in that realization. But what is this new mythology? How can we recognize it? Campbell explores these questions in the concluding essay, '' The Way of Art,'' in which he demonstrates that metaphor is the language of art and argues that within the psyches of today's artists are the seeds of tomorrows mythologies." [Back cover to the book 'The Inner Reaches of Outer Space: Metaphor as Myth and as Religion' by J. Campbell].

Strangely that same 'form'[in reference to 'eight' symbolism] when laid in the 'horizontal' position represents mathematics 'infinite' symbol. Hence the link to 6823. Both ‘numbers’ represented within the total ‘whole’, i.e., [19]. The micro/macro within the collective. [Nineteen represents; in part; the 'collective' effort. See A. Schimmel books].

A world wide conspiracy over thousands of years? Or maybe, something more genuine? Sense or non-sense. A possibility or not? Fact or fiction?

60 0R 64 ''eggs in ones Basket''?

That same result that could be the beginnings of an insight; an awareness. Like the proverbial primordial egg...waiting for something to develope;to become aware; too emerge; from those shadowy recesses, [as symbolised by the ‘Ascending / descending passageways’]...of the ‘mind’. Represented by that very ancient symbol. The primordial mound . The very same one that the great pyramid is sat / built on. The micro equivalent of the Macro.

'Ancient Aliens: Decoding the Cosmic Egg'. {Series 9. Episode 4}. Many keys mentioned . Unknown by narrators, i.e.,eye of Horus, caduceus, virgin and child, seeding, - all in relation to ''human consciousness''. But only attempted to be understood in that 'external sense of the word' i.e.,aliens from another planet. Define those keys to 'see' something in that INNER sense of the word.

That inspiration /idea, [‘Primordial mound’]...that could lead to the awareness of a possible journey, [represented in 'landscape' symbolism as a 'journey' between 'valley' and 'mountain', or in the Egyptian case, between 'quarry' and 'plateau', [higher/lower]. The micro within the macro.

silburyNeolithic equivalent = A mound of earth that over the course of generations [150 years] became known in the present day as Silbury Hill. Individuals bringing their own little mound of earth to create that larger one. That individual effort that finally represented the collective one. Both representing a 'known' state. The Micro within the Macro. That same mound surrounded by the Avebury serpent, the mid point of which on 'higher' ground but in line with that same mound. Indicative of something. ['Stonehenge: Walking Through History'. Channel 4. March 2015]. Can you by now tell what that something is?

Silbury hill - speculated on by Neil Oliver - ''its purpose unknown''. Was begun around the time of the arrival of the Stonehenge archer who came from the Alps.

Question. Sagittarius link? Try Part 4.

'Raised arms' in relation to turtle or tortoise?

Long or short?

And/or: Silbury Hill constructed in polygons or spirals? = Highest point in the surrounding area = 'line of sight' link and/or ''horizon''? [Satellite TV].

Something hinted at: {something learnt?}: "The path we followed, turned out to be a rather shabby goat {hog/hoar?} trail, which snaked steadily upwards through a series of short ridges. Our final destination lies just beyond those two pines - north', he said.... 'One often sees great things from the valley, only small things from the summit. Actually, come to think of it, the whole mystery of life lies within that one word. 'Seeing'!...'' [Deeper Teachings of Merlyn' / D. Monroe].

Al Qurn?

Tap root?

REFRESHER: Side note {i.e.,as seen from a different perspective}: "In Scorpio the individual is forced to touch bottom. He must be willing to surrender his individual uniqueness and individual prerogatives. As he does so, he descends in consciousness into the common root of the group. He learns to live in terms of humanity as a whole. In a sense this is symbolised by Christ's descent into 'hell'. Through such a descent the human depths are 'redeemed' - that is, they are made significant. They are given an individualised meaning and a conscious value by this descent of the individual...He is like a tree with a powerful tap-root, able to draw sustenance from the hidden springs of life...which are the foundation of human behaviour...Most individuals may go under, suffering and being overwhelmed, and failing to experience the 'miracle' in Scorpio. What this miracle is can be gathered from the epic recently written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery - 'Flight to Arras. It is the revelation of humanity to the individual {'grace' link?}...In this identification the individual finds his destiny and purpose. What he has gained as an individual he offers as a sacrificial gift to his and through which the total of reality of humanity is revealed..." [Page 134/5, 'The zodiac as the Universal Matrix' from the chapter for 'Scorpio'].

Remember. We are attempting to understand a 'mindset'. To define subject material.


A working example {in the Macro SENSE of the word}: ''I dont think that Sonny Liston could have avoided what he became. There was something like an inner light to Ali, and that light was going to shine, and people were going to love it. But there was an inner darkness to Liston, put there because of 500 years of picking cotton. They both played the cards that they were dealt with.'' [Muhammad Ali Biography / BBC / 2022].

And/or: I dont know whether i have just been seeking an audience or seeking approval all of these years. But whatever it is that has driven me along - with this odd talent that i have - to do it without happiness or solice is a complete waste of energy. Its an incomplete journey. i dont want to be a tortured person. I want my art to make me happy.'' ['Billy Connoly: In His Own Words' / 2021].

Empty handed? Any 'gifts' within?

Side note: REFRESHER: "I have another poem I would like to read. This one is by Rabindranath Tagore, from the Flight of Swans: The wind, you have made free therefore it lightly obeys your command; but me, you have loaded with burdens, with them I toil on {'SOIL' LINK?}. Passing from 'death' to death. Slowly I free myself from them, till empty handed I come ready to serve you''

Right hand?

"I want to use this idea, 'Till empty handed I come, ready to serve you' to talk about the cycle of Saturn and its meaning. Because Saturn's orbit is roughly 28-30 years in length, and every seven to eight years there is a very strong Saturnian energy present, when in order to go forwards, we may need to look back {hindsight?}, like Janus, whom we mentioned." ['Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs'].

Shape of ''chambers''. Try ''three and four''. And/or: Each triangular chamber had eleven segments. A total therefore of 33. Try that one. Flat top / Pointy top. 'Tower' / a means....

Side note: Sneferu built three pyramids. The first one {Meidum} - eight stepped - south of the 'six' Stepped pyramid at Saqqara - ''a change of plans occurred'' - retraced their steps - headed north to Dahshur - to what became the first pyramid - with smooth sides. What later became known as the Bent Pyramid. But built on unstable ground. UNstable 'foundations'. Three chambers within. Two below ground level, {i.e., ''side by side'', i.e., 'joined at the hip'}. One above. ''The first corbelled construction to ''bridge a void''. {Cedar wood used within same}. Both being built at the same time. The third {'thrice' greatest} effort  = {Red Pyramid} which became the first true {'pure'} pyramid also at Dahshur - a mile south of the 2nd one. A continuation of something. A ''becoming'' of something. That something being a MINDSET.

In other words the sites chosen for all three were known beforehand. Before the start of the 1st one.

Any conjunction of Saturn/Jupiter as a sign - from the heavens - to begin?

Try Cedar and Imhotep to understand why.

Get beyond {''boundaries''?} to such quotes as ''The need to out do their predecessors. The bigger the pyramid, the greater his legacy, the longer he will be remembered.'' ['Legends of the Pharaohs' / History Ch].

Horizontal or vertical or a 'morphing' of the two?

Seven in relation to eight. That ''middle'' number that separates {if only in the 'UNknown' sense of the word} 'six' and 'eight'.

''Seshet = seven pointed star or flower - surmounted with the horns of Hathor - upside down- { internal aspect?}. ''Some have suggested a link with the seven sisters of the Pleiades {seven Hathors?}. The number 7 represented perfection to the ancient Egyptians and was considered a sacred number in women's 'magic'...'' [ 'Sekhmet: Transformation in the Belly of the Goddess'].

Question. What are the attributes of Cedar? ''Foreign?'' and/or: A ''morphing'' of material/vegetable/animal? Petrified?

Ossify = backbone = spine?

Recall the 'lintels' on top of Stonehenge. Tongue and groove. Woodhenge in relation to Stonehenge. Downstream/Upstream.

Sneferu - ''He has perfected me'' - identified himself with Horus and Ma'at {'pure' link}.

''Sometimes Saturn is known as the 'Guardian of the Threshold'..." ['Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs'].

Understand Saturn in the greater scheme of things.

Imhotep? and/or Jupiter?

REFRESHER: ''Twentyone is connected with purr-fection, since it is the product of the sacred numbers seven and three.''

Question. What do ''hands'' represent within the whole?

''Empty handed'' in relation to: "The actual meaning was in the process of bringing their baskets of soil/chalk to it." Quote by Jim Leary {University of Reading} in conversation with T. Robinson on Silbury Hill. ['Stonehenge: Walking Through History'. Series 2]. Try ''soil'' / ''Dendera'' / ''seed''.

On the shoulders of giants? Horizon link?

Continued: North American equivalent..."Of all the ancient civilizations in North America, human hands have built no greater earthwork than the Monks Mound {Cahokia} near the confluence of the Mississippi river...[]. Made of different coloured soils; not common to local area. On top a {sacrificial?} temple of unknown purpose. Other examples elsewhere. Try ''silbury''.

Two headed briar? {Page 14 'A Celtic Quest'].

''MUD'' link? and/or Khnum and his potters wheel?



New Republic?

Something extra?: "Taurus is the first of the 'earths' triplicity. As two weeks of May and one of April are concerned with its 'labour', we find the true interpretation of the sign in the word May - the source of which is a Sanskrit root, Mag, meaning to 'move' {'static/dynamic'?}. The word Maia is derived from the same root. 'SHE' {Hawthorn blossom?} it was to whom the ancients offered gifts on the first day of May, and even to the present day, children celebrate May Day night by exchanging baskets of 'gifts' - hanging {'beam' link?} them on door knobs...And/or: " It is a 'vision' waiting and aware, and you must bring it - men of worth - Bring down the New Republic HUNG in the air, and make for it foundations on the earth'' [Page 73/83 'The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation' / Inez Perry].

''Bring down the New Republic HUNG in the air, and make for it foundations on the earth'' = 'foreign' and 'censer' links?

Working example: ''We have briefly met Kiya, the other known wife of Akhenaten, noting that she held a title, Greatly Beloved Wife of the King, that appears never to have been borne by any other individual in Egyptian history. Her origins are wholly unknown, although, like Nefertiti, there have been speculations that she might have been a foreigner....'' [Page 50 'Nefertiti' / A. Dodson].

Question. Which sounds the 'greater' title: The ''beautiful lady has come'' OR ''greatly beloved''?

And/or: ''She was depicted on temple walls at Amarna and also had a 'sunshade' in the complex known as Maru-Aten....It was originally built for Kiya but after her 'death' her images and name were altered to that of Meritaten...'' [Same book].

That ''M'' word again.

A side step: "Has the story of Moses reached thee? Behold, he saw a 'fire': So he said to his family, ''Tarry ye; I perceive a fire, perhaps i can bring you some burning brand therefrom, or find some guidance at the 'fire'. But when he came to the fire, a voice was heard: ''O Moses! Verily i am the lord. Therefore put off thy shoes {'naked'?}: thou art in the sacred valley Tuwa. I have chosen thee. Listen then to the inspiration i have sent thee."... ''Verily, the hour is coming - my design is to keep it hidden - for every soul to receive its reward by the measure of its endeavour."..."And what is that in thy right hand O Moses? He said, ''It is my rod: on it i lean; with it i beat down fodder for my 'flocks'; and in it, i find other uses. God said, ''Throw it, O Moses." He threw it, and behold it was a snake, active in motion. God said, ''seize it and fear not: We shall return it at once to its former condition."..."In order that we may show thee two of our greater signs." [Quran 20:9-23]. Valley in relation to 'plateau' [Sinai].

Static/dynamic? and/or ''hour'' in relation to Nut's sacred tree - the sycamore.

I.e., "This was the valley [Tuwa] just below mount Sinai, where subsequently he was to receive the law. In the parallel mystic meaning, we are selected by trials in this humble life, whose valley is just as sacred and receives gods glory just as much as the heights of Mount Sinai if we but have the insights to perceive it." [Note 2544. Same book].

'Mountain Low, Valley High'.

'Valley' = ''law''? 'Heights' = ''grace''? Understanding that {even just its possibility} gives an idea upon the word ''Rostau''.

Best foot forward? Something West?

And/or: {from a different perspective with something extra}: "In Bible alchemy Virgo is represented by Joseph, the twelfth son of Jacob, and means: To increase power, or ''son of the right hand''. Virgo corresponds to the disciple Bartholomew." [Page 33 'The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation' / Inez Perry].

''Son of'' remember just means 'higher aspect' of something - in this case - in relation to 'Jacob'. So what does 'Jacob' REPRESENT? And recall what ''twelve'' has a connection too - both in the micro and Macro sense of the word.

Question. What about the 'left' hand?

Try ''Mr Jones'' to enlarge further.

And/or: ''Bartholomew: Jesus first spotted him under a fig tree. He was there for the ''multiplication'' of the Bread and Fishes and the 'walking' on the water at the time of the 'storm' of the sea. He was 'martyred' by being flayed with a flint knife. Was NOT present at Calvery - therefore not a 'Witness' but eventually became one.'' ['Twelve Apostles: Magdala' / Israel].

''This vessel is the true philosophical Pelican, and there is none other to be sought for....''

Something extra: ''Christs tearing of the breast, the wound in his side, and his martyr's death are parallels of the alchemical mortificatio, dismemberment, flaying etc., and pertain like these to the birth and revelation of the inner man {'ishon'?}....The Pyrygians taught that the Father of all things was called Amygdalon {almond tree}, was pre-existent, and bore in himself the 'perfect fruit pulsating and stirring in the depths. He tore his breast and gave birth to his invisible, nameless, and unnameable child'....'' [Page 87 'Alchemical Studies' / C. G. Jung].

Continued: "A further cosmological significant number utilised in Egyptian chronologies is the number onehundred and fortyfour. Instead of the modern preference for the century, the ancient Egyptians reckoned in terms of 144-year periods. Once again this number relates to a Sothic cycle: 144 = 4x36, that is, the 36 weeks of the year times the number of years in the smallest Sothic cycle, namely the period during which Sirius continues to rise on the same day of the civil calendar. So, for example, the Old Kingdom Palermo Stone link's Manetho's Third and Fourth dynasties into a single era of 144 years..." [Page 101, 'Temple of the Cosmos' / J. Naydler].

Among others ''144'' and/or ''valley / plateau''. Finally try ''Imhotep''.

''The ancient Egyptian civil year, its holidays, and religious records reflect its apparent establishment at a point when the return of the bright star Sirius to the night sky was considered to herald the annual flooding of the Nile.[2] However, because the civil calendar was exactly 365 days long and did not incorporate leap years until 22 BCE, its months "wandered" backwards through the solar year at the rate of about one day in every four years. This almost exactly corresponded to its displacement against the Sothic year as well. (The Sothic year is about a minute longer than a Julian year.)[2] The sidereal year of 365.25636 days is only valid for stars on the ecliptic (the apparent path of the Sun across the sky) and having no proper motion, whereas Sirius's displacement ~40° below the ecliptic, its proper motion, and the wobbling of the celestial equator cause the period between its heliacal risings to be almost exactly 365.25 days long instead. This steady loss of one relative day every four years over the course of the 365-day calendar meant that the "wandering" day would return to its original place relative to the solar and Sothic year after precisely 1461 Egyptian civil years or 1460 Julian years.''

If Mr Albert Yu-min lin..that American/ Mongolia student.. had understood the ‘esoteric’ side to his eventual findings he would know as was the case with khufu that no body will be found within the temple within the mountain. Only the understanding of this final yet first recorded subject; from the oral to the written word; offers those clues. Those same clues, [‘keys’] that can be understood by all. As the Jesus fellow implied ."through me to the ‘father", i.e., A-C. Indicative of an understanding. An ‘inner’ one; in relation to that ‘outer’ one. Accessible to all, i.e., not just those with a certain I.Q. level or possible members of Mensa etc,[ how boring would that be]. It has to be something that all individuals can understand. Something that all can get their heads around...sooner or later.

Egyptian equivalent..."In the cosmogonic myths, akh appears as the aspect of spirit which conceives in advance what the object of the creation will be, a notion comparable to Plato's ideas. Akh pre-exists the 'creation,' and it is also its final goal, {Hebrew equivalent = 'Ain-Sof', i.e.,what it represents. Greek/Hermetic equivalent = Alpha/omega etc} - When, in a funerary text, the king is addressed in the other world with the words 'You are more akh than akhw', we should understand that pure spirit, after it has descended and incarnated in matter {i.e.,represented as top/down} - in order to become conscious in that condition, returns to the pre-existent akhw {but now} enriched with knowledge of itself and of all manifestation {i.e.,bottom/up}. Light is thus transfigured {if only in relation to a subject. Get it?}. Thus it is written, that the king returns 'to the right hand of the father'{Pyramid Texts, 267-268}. [Extract from the book 'Egyptian Mysteries'. All emphasis, this readers].


In other words, in its most basic form, one could describe those essential keys as the 'parts' or 'bits' of a jigsaw puzzle. Find those parts to see the whole picture. Understand those keys in the context of what ever else is being implied.

"In every seeking soul there is a portion, be it small or great, of the light of god. Every one who strives has intuition, be it perfect or imperfect. Knowledge did not end with one people, so that the doors of heaven are shut behind them, and the rest of the world is denied the possibility of obtaining more. Rather, the Giver of knowledge, who stands at the 'clear horizon, is not stingy with the unseen' [Quran 81:23-24].

"Horizon is nothing, but the limit of our sight." ['Beyond the horizon' by R. Parks].

Think about both paragraphs in relation to Horus ''in/of'' the Horizon. Found within.

Begins at the foot of Orion.

The most evil age is the one in which the carpet of striving has been rolled up {E/W?}, in which the movement of thought is interrupted, the door of revelation bolted {UNbolted = N/S?}, the path of visions blocked". [Introduction. 'The Philosophy of Illumination' by Suhrawardi. Parenthesis, this readers].


Philae to enlarge.


Warp and Weft.

''He spread the carpet of bold expansiveness within the palace of guidance. Otherwise, how could this meanest creature in existence and this speck of impure dust have the courage to place his foot on the edge of the carpet of the king of kings.'' [Page 143 {Kindle'} 'The Tao of Islam'].

Try ''carpet''. While recalling the {myth?} of Cleopatra in a ''rolled up'' carpet and being bitten by an Asp.  ''Aker'' to understand the ''hints''.

And/or: "On one level Don Quixote is trying to insist on the old chivalric ideals of the Middle Ages as they pass away. On another he is entering his second childhood {'second to none'?} - harking {'barking'?} back to a time when 'imaginings' seemed so much more real. Some Spanish scholars believe the tale of Don Quixote to be an allegorical commentary on the cabalistic Zohar {Book of Splendour}....Himself and his down to earth servant Sancho Panza are tricked by Merlin into believing that the 'beautiful' Dulcinea has been bewitched into now looking like a 'squat peasant girl'....The only way she can regain her beauty is if Sancho submits to a beating of 3,300 lashes...''

''I AM'' ?

And/or: ''It is interesting to note that his favourite code was the ancient cabalistic cipher, in terms of which the name 'Bacon' has the numerical value thirty-three. Using the same cipher the phrase 'Fra Rosi Crosse' can be found coded on the frontispiece of 'The Advancement of Learning'....The rolled scroll on the Shakespeare Memorial in Westminster Abbey also has it, together with the number thirtythree..." [Pages 391-95 'The Secret History of the World' / J. Black].

''In Europe, 66 is known mainly as the name of a card game. However, in the Islamic mystical tradition it corresponds to the numerical value of the word Allah. Hence, Turkish Sufis would explain the predominance of the tulip {'Lotus'?} in Turkish art, as well as the emblem of Islam, the crescent moon, by the fact that the names of these 2 motifs, lalah and hilal respectively, consist of the same letters and have the same numerical value as Allah. Sixtysix can also be seen as duplication of 6, or as a number in the second power {i.e., 44, 77 etc.}.'' [Page 260 'Mystery of Numbers' / A. Schimmel].

'33' ?

The Mother Road.

Side note: ''Behold i will bring it health and cure, i will cure them, i will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth....And it shall be to me a name of joy....'' [Jeremiah: Chapter 33}.

Ramses who 'ruled' for sixtysix years.

"In Latin a pearl was 'unio', because, as Pliny writes, it is 'the unique gem', or because pearls are only found singly...Oysters open and shut, like doors [folding doors in English were once called 'bivalves'], and the open shell of an oyster looks like the number 8." [Quote from the Lexicon chapter to the book ' The Book of Babel: Words and the Way We See Things' by N.Lewis].

Side step: ''Is the world as bad as the days of Noah? In many ways, it appears so because we see so much evil. But in Noah’s day, everyone except his own family had totally rebelled against God. Only eight people went through the door of the ark to be saved. There are more than eight people today who love the Lord. In fact, there are millions and millions of Christians around the world.'' [http//].

Which one was ''bolted'' ? Try 2:3 to enlarge into a MIND SET.

Side note: "Cassiopeia is one of the oldest and popularly best known of our constellations, and her throne; ''the shinie Casseiopeia's chair'' of Spencer Faerie Queen, is a familiar object to the most youthful observer. It is also known as the Celestial 'W' when below the pole, and the Celestial 'M' when above it...Hyginus describes the figure as the Queen ''bound to her seat'' and thus secured when going around the pole - head downward- as a lesson selected by her 'enemies' {i.e.,negative aspects}, the sea-nymphs - as a lesson in humility...Known by the Greeks as 'She of the Throne' but at one time in Greece it was the Laconian Key: 'A brazen key she held, the handle turned, with steel and polished elephant adorned' {Homer}. AND/OR 'Even as a folding door, fitted within with key; is thrown back when the bolts are drawn' {Aratos}. [Page 142/3 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

Ascending passage?

''Drawing Down the Moon''? i.e., 'semicircles' and/or waxing/waning - as a means.... [Page 195/6 'The Book of Shadows' / P. Curott].

"Error runs down an inclined plane, while truth has to laboriously climb its way up hill". Benefits of.

To practice what one preaches: ''All civilised communities would agree with Israels actions.'' [BBC News]. With the illegal taking of someones land that leads to the death of innocents? What does the Torah say {among others} about Mercy and Compassion?

A deal with the devil?

Working example{?}: ''Saint Mirin was born in 565, is also known as Mirren of Benchor (now called Bangor), Merinus, Merryn and Meadhrán. The patron saint of the town and Roman Catholic diocese of Paisley, Scotland, he was the founder of a religious community which grew to become Paisley Abbey. The shrine of this saint in the abbey became a centre of pilgrimage.'' [Wiki].

A work in progress: "Intellectually, modern man knows almost all there is to know about the pattern of creation in himself, the forms it takes, the surface designs it describes. He has measured the pitch of its rhythms and carefully recorded all the mechanics. From the outside {'peristyle'}, he sees the desirable first object of life more clearly perhaps than man has ever seen it before. But less and less does he experience the process within. Less and less is he capable of committing himself body and soul to the creative experiment that is continually seeking to 'fire' him and to charge his little life with great objective meaning. Cut off by accumulated knowledge from the heart of his living experience, he moves among a comfortable rubble of material possession, alone and unbelonging, sick, poor, starved of meaning." [From the book 'The Heart of the Hunter'. Mentioned elsewhere].

'Paisley' to enlarge.

What DOES the Shekhinah say about arrogance with impunity? That same impunity that the Egyptian pharaohs had - when they looked upon an insignificant tribe below THEIR ivory towers. Question 2. Whats the difference between a tribe of 'Hebrews' and a tribe of  'Jews'?

Side step: Practical analogy..."Got to see it, rather than just read it..." John Humphrys talking to D. Tennant and Greg Doran in relation to the plays by W. Shakespeare. [400th anniversary. Radio 4. 23/04/16].

"The true voyage of discovery, lies not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." Marcel Proust.

Works BOTH ways? What does the Quran say about revenge and personal vendetta's? Is that not why the Quran came about in the FIRST place? To give those DESERT tribes something to think about besides BLOOD FEUDS? Do those two words - 'revenge' and 'vendetta' - belong to those 99 names of Allah/Yahweh OR Iblis? Are they really going to SEE Muhammad? Would he want to see them?

Or as the author of the 'Sirius Mystery' implies..."Thus we see the mythological code language of sacred puns in operation. Behind the myths lay concealed meanings which are decipherable by returning to the hieroglyphics and finding synonyms which form puns", [chapter eight]. Knock knock....'hear' anything?

Analogy: "Hieroglyphs, it was thought at the time, bore witness to a primitive language invented by Hermes Trismegistus, a universal language that predated the Tower of Babel and was in principle comprehensible to all periods and people, if only it could be deciphered." [Chapter nineteen. 'The Secret Lore Of Egypt' by E. Hornung].

The dictionary explanation of the word ‘esoteric’ = "intended to be understood by a small number of people". That is until the reader gets ‘his/her head around it’...As any other subject proves. All subjects start off with a minority and depending on [present] and/or future 'interest' becomes sooner or later do they not... a 'majority'. Even someone reading the subject for the first time. Someone who's just beginning to get his / her head around those concepts/symbols in order to define that subject. Someone like you. Yes you. You the reader. Even you could find that location. The ‘easiest’ of the four, i.e., ’The beginners ‘level’.

Proving the viability of the subject. Proving the above quote by that first individual; Mr Jesus; who is representative of the ‘individual’ effort... as was Mr Muhammed in his relation to the collective one. Hence the link to the Arabic word ‘ummah’. Understanding the symbolism of ‘8oo’ in relation to the word ‘forest’. All explained within these pages. Including his final quote..."in plain sight". Together with...If horses ‘trampled’ on the same spot what form / shape would that take. Over time what would that ‘form’ contain? Do you see any links between those answers and ..’800’ and ‘forest’? Keep that in mind when considering his final quote, [a link to synchronicity]. As for verification. Satellite imaging or the equivalent of...should you have access to it.

"In Kings, the capitals have lily shaped tops, while in Chronicles the capitals are described as being bowl-shaped. In Kings, there is also mention of a further image of lilies..." [From the book by K. Gest].

'Lilies of the Valley'. Spirit or Soul?

Question. What represents 'mountain/hill' ?

"Error runs down an inclined plane, while truth has to laboriously climb its way up hill".