Esotericism Part 5 Sec 07





''Wholeness'' = a balance {foundation?} of something? 'Horizon' symbol? If so, what constellation would represent it? Any planets within it - to define a start point?

Continued: Refresher: "A round stone is a symbol of the Self...The lions a royal couple, are in themselves a symbol of totality {'16' ?}. In medieval symbolism, the ''philosopher's stone'' {a pre-eminent symbol of man's wholeness} is represented as a pair of lions or as a human couple riding on lions. Symbolically, this points to the fact that often the urge toward individuation appears in a veiled form, hidden in the overwhelming passion one may feel for another person. {In fact, passion that goes beyond the natural measure of love ultimately aims at the mystery of becoming whole, and this is why one feels, when one has fallen passionately in love, that becoming one with the other person is the only worthwhile goal of one's life}. As long as the image of totality in this dream expresses itself in the form of a pair of lions , it is still contained in such overwhelming passion. But when lion and lioness have turned into some king and queen, the urge to individuate has reached the level of conscious realization, and can now be understood by the ego as being the real goal of life." ['Man and His Symbols' / C. Jung].

Question. Has Jehovah {Yahweh?} been seen stood/riding on a 'lion' ?

"Ishtar is the Mesopotamian East Semitic { Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonian} goddess of fertility, love, war, sex, and power. She is the counterpart to the earlier attested Sumerian Inanna, and the cognate for the later attested Northwest Semitic Aramean goddess Astarte..." {Wiki/Ishtar].

The one word that has not been used in the above 'statement' = ''vegetative'' - its most important in order to define 'something'...

Cersei / Jaime Lannister ? {Game of Thrones}.

'Terrace of the Lions'. Delos.

"In the absence of a native Israelite visual art - either because the second commandment was interpreted as vetoing all images, or because of a lack of talent, or both - the entire scheme of decoration, too, was Phoenician in character. Hiram dispatched bronze and gold for the purpose; and the two giant cherubim of gold plated olive wood, whose wings roofed the Ark in the Holy of Holies, resembled the fantastic composite figures found at Byblus and Megiddo, which displayed a human head and a lions body and wings of a bird, and were sacred to Ashtoteth." [Chapter 8, 'The History of Ancient Israel' by M. Grant]. Link to other ''imaginative'' ['mystical'?] forms such as the Sphinx; the Griffin and Unicorn. Find them to understand them - rather than evaluate; only on first impressions.

Side note:

Refresher: ''The Greeks sometimes identified Asteria with the Phoenician goddess Ashtarte. It is not known if the Greek goddess was in fact derived from the Phoenician. However, other Greek gods worshipped around the Aegean, such as Melikertes (Phoenician Melqart) and Ino-Leukothea were indeed imported from the East.''

Something extra: "The Arkites who are mentioned in Genesis and also the Tell Amarna tablets of 1400 BC were an ancient Canaanite people well known for their worship of the moon goddess Astarte, or Ishtar, to whom the acacia wood arc was sacred.


A resting place for a 'stranger'. Potters Field? Question. If anything is found - who would have been responsible - Hebrews or Christians OR the collective effort? Question 2. What would that imply? Universal knowledge common to all? In other words 'BROTHERS and SISTERS' regardless of religions?

A more detailed account [in relation to the overall subject] will be found - 'Woman's Mysteries: Ancient and Modern' by M. Esther Harding. Within chapter 10 are clues not only to the above but information on why such historical figures [such as Herod] are used within this same subject; or more importantly; what they represent, [in the above example that would be ''wasteland'']. Proving once again [if and when this subject; goes mainstream] - the viability of the material that becomes the ''head of the corner'' that defines this subjects 'foundations' ['framework'].

Question. 'Head of the serpent' ?

For a further head scratch - put ''stranger'' in the usual box.

"I know now that my teacher is the holy man who gave the wise warning. I humbly made this confession to my father. 'Oh, if i could only find him!' My longing was sincere, for one day the saint arrived unheralded. 'Enough of tiger taming.' He spoke with calm assurance. 'Come with me; i will teach you to subdue the beasts of ignorance in jungles of the human mind.' I was initiated into the spiritual path by my saintly guru. He opened my soul doors, rusty and resistant with long disuse. Hand in hand, we soon set out for my training in the Himalayas." [Extract from the chapter entitled the 'The Tiger Swami' from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Try ''unhinged'' in relation to ''hinged''.

For a further head scratch - why ''unheralded?''

"Many years ago the English psychologist, F. W. H. Meyes, suggested that - ''hidden in the depth of our being is a rubbish heap as well as a treasure house''.

"I will give you the treasures of darkness and the secret places." {Isaiah 45,7}.

"...beasts of ignorance'' in relation to 'the beast that rises in the east'. S/E or S/W?


Knock 'three' times. Dogs?

And/or: "What do you think about religion, Anna? Can one speak of god while drinking beer?" i asked...''How can i speak of god?'' she retorted. ''I don't know him. I don't know anyone well, except myself. I know that I've got both the angel and beast in me, and that the two of them are not looking for the same nourishment. If i listened to only the beast, I'd live like an animal. If my beast obeys the angel, it teaches me what my beast does not know...'By angel', i suggested, 'do you mean soul?'..." Soul or angel, whatever you wish: my eyes do not see him, but my heart knows him and is often looking for his company. I cant doubt him, because he shows me the way, like a dog leading a blind person..." ['Journey into the Light'].

A working example: ''Coming back from Dubai was like my tail between my legs - to put all that effort in to get a loss was very deflating. BUT who's there when i get out of the ring? - my wife, my son, my mum and dad and brothers - IT was THEN i saw it for what it was. Although a shit moment in my life, it was also a lovely moment in my life with my family. Sometimes it just takes a little nudge to realize what you have around you'' ['Eddie Hall: The Beast versus the Mountain'].

Somewhere outside old jerusalam.

Somewhere outside ancient Jerusalem. In Roman times some say it became a rubbish heap; fires forever burning. Others say; it was just a fable; a myth; past down through the course of generations. Question. Why? Could they not think up a better one?

"So, in my appeal to the most worthy, and in exposing myself to all the dangers and anathemas which threaten revealers, i believe myself to have done a great and useful thing, directing the breath of 'god' living in humanity ['divine bit' link. This readers input], upon the social chaos, and priests and kings for the world to come. A thing is not just because god wills it, but god wills it because it is just, said the angel of the schools. It is as if he said: The absolute is reason. Reason is self existent; it is because it is, and not because we suppose it. It is, or nothing is; and how should one desire anything to exist apart from reason? Madness itself does not occur without it. Reason is necessity, is law, is the rule of all liberty and the direction of all initiative. If god exists, it is by reason. The conception of an absolute god outside or independent of reason - is the idol of black magic and the phantom of the fiend. The demon is death masquerading in the tattered garments of life, the spectre of Hirrenkesept throned upon the rubbish of ruined civilizations, and concealing a loathsome nakedness..." [ Taken from the book by E. Levi].

'Devil in the details'.

N.B. Some say Herod himself became 'mad'.

"Madness lies in fixity of thought, and not in fluidity." [Quote from within the book 'Where is Saint George'].

"...So of our thoughts, when it has decided to make the leap."

" order to 'see' rightly one has to look rightly. And to look rightly means to endeavour to see through the mists of the phantoms of things." [Quotes from within the book by Tomberg].

"The 'antichrist' being the phantom of the whole of mankind; the being engendered through the whole historical evolution of humanity. He is the ''superman'' [Friedrich Nietzsche link] who haunts the consciousness of all those who seek to elevate themselves through their own effort - without grace." [Same book]. Try ''grace''.

Side note: A {working?} example {i.e., if only in the Old Testament sense of the 'word'}: "I will deliver thee into the hand of them that thou hatest, into the hand of them from whom thy mind is alienated. And they shall deal with thee hatefully, and shall take away all thy labour - and shall leave thee naked and bare: and the nakedness of the 'whoredoms' shall be discovered....I will do thee things unto thee, because thou hast gone a whoring after the heathen and because thou art polluted with their idols..." [Ezekiel 23:29-30].

Try Gog/Magog. And/or ''forgetting/remembering''. All as a means....?

Continued: "Solomon lost his divinely bestowed power after becoming besotted with a foreign [stranger?] woman. He was told by the priests of 'her land' that he could not 'sleep' with her until he had made a sacrifice to the god Moloch. This he did and subsequently committed further idolatry by building temples to two other gods, Baal and Rapha. The testament of Solomon ends with Solomon saying he wrote down his account for the benefit of others who might be inspired and aided by his knowledge, but warned off the path by his own ultimate downfall - 'So that you may find grace forever and ever." [Chapter one, 'Grimoires: A History of 'Magic' Books' by O. Davies]. Solomon who was found dead after a 'gnat' ate through his 'staff'.

"Gnawing = The act of a person or thing that gnaws. To waste or wear away; corrode; erode..."

"An act of divine 'magic' - or grace - is necessary to accomplish the infusion of life {'untouched by fire' link?} into that which is 'dead'." [Extract from the book by Tomberg].

abRemember - no less than Solomon; one of the main [patriarchs?] - characters of the Old Testament. Someone who took a ''turn for the worse''. Proving that regardless of what ones first impressions are [of say a subject?] a certain light shines through. In other words the subject has sincerity and depth to it - including - in the moral sense. No matter what status or position any individual may attain - those basic principles still apply. Those eternal ones. Represented [in this subject] with the 'skulls cap' as seen with [as examples] Ptah and Imhotep. Positive has to succeed over negative over a period of time - day by day. Otherwise no 'grace' is achieved. Top down in relation to bottom up.

Hence: Forgetting {negatives} Remembering {positives}.


Question. A universal or local one?


From a different perspective: "Know also, my child, that this disease of laziness and negligence gradually undermines with its poison {'Uraeus'?} not only the first small roots out of which virtuous habits may grow, but even, those which are deep rooted and serve as a foundation of the whole order of righteous life. As a worm gradually gnaws at the root of a tree, so negligence, if it persists, insensibly wears away, and destroys the very nerves of spiritual life. Through it the 'devil' manages to spread his nets {'153' ?}  and set the snares of temptations for every man; and exerts particular care and sly cunning in the case of those who are zealous in spiritual life, knowing that a lazy and negligent man easily submits to lusts and falls, as it is written: 'The soul of the sluggard desireth, and hath nothing' {Prov. xiii, 4}. So be ever watchful - take good care of everything good, as it behoves a courageous warrior...." [Chapter 20 'How to Overcome Negligence from the book 'Unseen Warfare' / edited by Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain and revised by Theophan the Recluse].

REFRESHER: ’'A symbol is an energy-evoking and direct agent’'. Think about it. In relation to those positives/ negatives within a ‘river’. [ J.Campbell. ’Flight of the Wild Gander’. Chapter five. Part seven]. That link to the word ''archetype.''


A working example: ''The 6th century Pope Gregory the Great assumed that the 'seven' demons were the result of a sinful life. He identified those seven with seven vices that Mary eventually overcomes, living virtuously....The Greek tradition also reflects on her spiritual battle against passions. The 12th century writer, Theophanus Kerameus wrote: 'Let no one tink that Mary had seven demons. But it is just as the gifts of the Holy Spirit are synonymously called seven spirits, as the great Isiah numbered them {Is 11:2-3}. Thus the negative ENERGIES are called 'demons' - Despondency, thriftness, contempt, envy, falsehood, greed, and every passion is an analogy with the demon that begat it.'' [Page 59 'Mary Magdalene: Insights from Ancient Magdala'/ J. Rishtine].

Question. 'Passions  of Christ'? If so, what does that say for the 'relationship'. In other words Real or Symbolic?

'Mysteries of the Dark Moon' / Demetra George.

Side note: Chapter entitled the 'The seven Pillars of Wisdom' from the book 'Mystery of Numbers' / A. Schimmel.

Where have you seen it before?

'Bulls eye' = Eye of the needle?

As seen from a different perspective, {I.e.,figuratively speaking}: "The true understanding of the symbolic replacement of skullcap by crown must be found in the transformation which produce a 'new thinking' being. It is only after purification and coronation that the 'king' has the right to officiate in the temple. The true meaning of the royal diadem lies in this figurative separation 'of a part' of the cranium. In ancient Egypt, the royal diadem is designated by 'mh', which is also the word for the cubit of measure. The circular line of the diadem is indeed the very measure of the royal cubit; for each man, it shows the measure of his {her?} own cubit." ['Sacred Science']. Try ''cubit''.


Back to the beginning...

"This valley was admittedly a horrible place; it started out as a location were children were sacrificed to the owl-god Moloch. Over time, the ritual murders stopped and Gehenna became the main garbage dump for the entire city. Dead bodies and all types of filth were routinely burned there. Gehenna was therefore a necessary place for cleansing and purifying the land through 'fire'. This appears to be the deeper meaning of the metaphor Jehoshua was using. The third definition of the word Gehenna in the 'World English Dictionary' is 'a place or state of pain and torment'...Many people still refer to karma as something you have to 'burn off,' and this appears to be a direct continuation of the symbolism used by Jehoshua..."

Side note. ''burn off'' relative to 'fire' relative to 'altar' relative to S/W?

Side note: {something to be learnt?}: "Although the keys to the mysteries are given to the initiate of the Western Way, each must still find the way in darkness by the light  of personal intuition....The deceased 'gear' {'sarcophagus'?} was sometimes smashed to indicate that it was, henceforth, relegated to the Otherworld..." [Page 38 'The Western Way'].

Question. Any other reason to ''smash'' something. Recall the ''nose'' on the Sphinx {was it really due to Napoleon's sharp shooters?}  or the ''defacement'' of such ''gear'' that belonged to such individuals as Akhenaten? To name but one.


Continued: "...However, Paul never once mentioned Hell in any of his letters. The only possible exception in some Bible translations is where Paul is quoted as saying that Jehoshua triumphed over Hell in 1 Corinthians 15:55, but here, the Greeks word translates as ''the grave." This is the same word that is mistranslated in the Old Testament as ''Hell'' and was originally written as sheol." [Extract from the book ' The Synchronicity Key' by D. Wilcock].

Recall what '15' represents and/or the 'triple' of any number and/or the 'power' of same, i.e.,in the above example that would be 125...

Side note: 15th September 1940 ?


Herodium {Herodeion}. Three sarcophagus found. Two 'white' one 'red'. 'Red' one purposely smashed? Transcendent third not yet achieved? {indicative of}. "One decorated , the other UNdecorated - "the one decorated looked like ivy with flowers..." [ 'Herod's Lost Tomb' / Nat. Geographic]. Question. Lilies?

Continued: "In the famous judgement scene, called the Psychostasia, {i.e.,illustration of the chapter 125 of the Book of the Coming Forth into Day} - the deceased is brought forward, either by Maat or by Anubis, {i.e.,jackal / dog}. The scale is surmounted by Maat, justice: on one of its pans is the heart of the deceased, and Maat's feather on the other. The human passions must not weigh to heavily, nor must the appetites {expressed by the Ka} re-attract to strongly, or it may be that the female monster, the 'Devourer', would gobble up the deceased, who anxiously waits the judgement to be rendered by Thoth..." [Extract from the book 'Egyptian Mysteries']. Anything? Can you 'weigh up' all that information to 'see' something.

REFRESHER: "The jackal-headed vase was called Duamutef, and contained the stomach, and occasionally the large intestine...The real meaning of this name is shown by the way it is written on the sarcophagus of Amenophis II, d*wa*mut*f, in which the hieroglyph 'wa' represents a knot coming untied. 'Mut' {meaning both Mother and Vulture} symbolizes the function of decomposition which takes place in the stomach {'belly'?} as in a womb and makes possible the generation of a new life. This is also the function of the jackal, which converts putrefying matter into vital nourishment. This is the first stage of any genesis...'' ['The Opener of the Way']. Continued elsewhere. Try ''knot'' and/or ''dog'' {i.e.,jackal}.

Try Akhet and/or 'antechamber'.

SIDE NOTE: " its 'physical' form as a 'Lily', i.e.,"as bearer of symbolic meaning". Chapter two. Same book. Try ''lily''. As a means...?

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

Refresher: A 'working' example {i.e.,something hinted at}: "He arrived at the Atelier. The sculpture received him cordially and asked him to come in...Jean Thomas looked around at the new decor. On the stiff curtains hanging from column to column were engravings of religious paintings - primitive paintings and those of the Renaissance, of Giotto, della Francesca, and Fra Angelico. There were Madonnas and angels. Before the Holy See, there was a beautifully illustrated Mass book on a pulpit. At the feet of the black Virgin was a spray of lilies, which contrasted with the ebony of the statue." ['Journey into the Light'].

''Book'' in relation to a 'method'. Try that one.

Sculptured by ''The favourite of the King''.

Fish hook? Fisher of man?

As is the intent of: "I write this book with a master plan in mind. I do not go blindly word by word, hoping that sooner or later a sentence will 'evolve'. The sculptor sees the finished statue in the UNcarved block." ['Serpent in the Sky' / J. West].

Sculptor is a small constellation bordered by Aquarius and Cetus to the north, Fornax to the east, Phoenix to the south, Grus to the southwest, and Piscis Austrinus to the west. The bright star Fomalhaut is nearby.

''Fomalhaut is the brighest star in the Southern Fish constellation'' [Wiki].

And/or: ''Machina Electrica (Latin for electricity generator) was a constellation created by Johann Bode in 1800. He created it from faint stars between Fornax and Sculptor, to the south of Cetus. It represented an electrostatic generator. The constellation was somewhat popular during the 19th century and had appeared in a number of star charts, but was eventually rendered obsolete when the International Astronomical Union standardized constellation boundaries in 1930 and is now no longer in use.'' [Wiki].

137 ?

A working example: ''Since it was first displayed in 1883, two decades after it was first discovered, the 'nine' foot tall marble statue of Winged Victory Nike has awed visitors to the Louvre....It was placed by the sculptor above the theater in the Sanctuary of the Great Gods on Samothrace {N/E}....where one can see 'right down through the HEART of the sanctuary - and then out to sea'....ancient contexts of which are obscure. Nike is depicted alighting on a warships prow that served as the sculpture's base {'struggle' link}. The prow being made of blocks of Lartian marble, a blue-grey stone {battering ram} with pink and white veins - quarried from the coast off the Island of Rhodes {i.e., S/E Greece}.....Lions heads {with hair locks} in the form of fountains and lions manes also found.''

Question. Did those ''hair locks'' cover the middle of the forehead?

''He has outlived that rage of early youth i.e., from dawn to noon {'zenith'}. He is no longer impulsive, but immutable Will...breath from the sculptured stone.'' [Page 54 'Hathor Rising' / A. Roberts].

Something 'set' in stone?

Side note: David slays Goliath with a stone to the forehead. One of 'five' taken from the nearby stream. A fresh water one.

''Pure'' link?

'Bald' to enlarge.

Refresher: "He who aspires to be a sage and to know the Great Enigma of Nature must be the heir and despoiler of the Sphinx: his the human head, in order to posses speech; his the eagles wings, in order to scale the heights; his the bulls flanks, in order to furrow the depths; his the lions talons, to make a way on the right and the left, before and behind." [Quote taken from the chapter entitled 'The Candidate' from the book by E. Levi].

Continued: ''From the foundations and interior bronze FISHHOOKS found as 'offerings to the gods' .....and hairpins and magnetized iron rings {initiation rings} given to pilgrims in thanks- 'for a safe sea passage'....'' ['Archaeology' / Sep/Oct 2021].

Side note: ''A sharp U-SHAPED  bend in a road is called a hairpin bend.'' ['The Chase' / S15 E17].

Southern fish 'drinking' the water from the urn. Age of Aquarius?

''Fomalhaut, aka Alpha Piscis Austrinus, is sometimes called the Loneliest Star. That’s because it’s the only bright star in a wide stretch of sky. From the Northern Hemisphere, Fomalhaut arcs in solitary splendor across the southern sky in autumn. Some call it the Autumn Star. From the Southern Hemisphere, you’ll look higher up to see Fomalhaut in your season of spring. In 2021, Fomalhaut isn’t so solitary. Two brighter planets, Jupiter and Saturn, appear near it in the sky. Fomalhaut will be the one that’s twinkling......Fomalhaut is the 18th brightest star in the night sky. It’s part of the faint constellation Piscis Austrinus, the Southern Fish. In a dark sky, you’ll see a half-circle of faint stars of which bright Fomalhaut is a part. This star pattern marks the open mouth of the Southern Fish.'' [].

Twingle, twingle little star.....

Part 1 to enlarge.

''Fomalhaut culminates (reaches its highest point in the sky) at different times on different dates. Here are just a few approximate times and dates of culmination:

Part 1 to enlarge.

July 15: 4:30 a.m. daylight saving time (DST)
August 15: 2:30 a.m. DST
September 15: 0:30 a.m. DST
October 15: 10:30 p.m. DST
November 15: 8:30 p.m. DST
December 15: 5:30 p.m. standard time.''

Question. What is the common factor.

Question 2. What does it REPRESENT?

"The joy of good conscious is the accord between the moral rhythms of the 'lower' and 'higher' self. The beatitude [Matthew v,8] promising those who have a pure heart that they will 'see' god - signifies the accordance of their basic rhythm with the 'divine' rhythm. Joy is therefore the state of harmony of the inner/outer rhythms - of rhythm below with that of above..." [Extract from the book by Tomberg].

Try ''pure'' to 'see' it in the alchemy 'sense of the word'.

Any lions manes?

"They thought in terms of spiritual essences or ideals, and 'spirits' are hard to pin down..." ['The Chemistry of Alchemy'].

As one example: "To understand Sendivogius's method for isolating saltpeter, we must first understand what is meant by ''salt''. The term salt is used to describe a host of chemical compounds that resemble and behave like regular table salt, which is sodium Chloride, NaCI. A salt is usually white {'pure' link} and crystalline, although it can be different colours such as our friend copper{II} sulfate, which is blue. Salts are often soluble in water, but some salts are more soluble than others. In 'Discourse of Fire and Salt' - Blaisede Vigenere {1523-1596} stated that ''[saltpeter] is made of - fire and salt - the first because it burns, and the second because it dissolves in water." [Same book]. All as a means...?

"The 'good life' is a process. The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination. The good life constitutes a direction selected by the total organism, when there is psychological freedom to move in ANY direction." [Taken from Part three, 'on matters of existence' from the book, 'Striking Thoughts' { Bruce Lee's Wisdom for Daily Living} by J. Little.

Analogy of same?..."When Dr Ian Jones asked me how i dealt with the visions without the aid of medication, i replied: ' I just fire bullets of logic at them as they come zooming towards me and give them no credence; then i flick them away as if they are annoying, buzzing mosquito's." [Extract from the book by Q. S. Lam].

Bees in relation to gnats in order to define something - in order to understand something - relative to the bigger picture? Knowledge after all is power. True, untrue? A help or a hindrance?

Celtic Warrior {therefore 'fire' link}. Head gear? Kidneys or Beans? Blood/WATER link? Above/below the 'navel'? Recall Celtic rituals with body parts. Foretelling of ones destiny?

'Squash Blossom' and/or Butterfly Whorls.

"I tried to ask him why he liked me, he couldn't give me an answer and then he said, ''Go away Fred, go and fly away like a helicopter." My son paused before continuing, ''Fred is in the forest with his Mummy. His Mummy is good but Fred is bad and he has a baby in his tummy - a baby caterpillar." I told him that Fred had planted a worm in my head, to which my son replied, ''Yes, Fred has planted hundreds of caterpillars in my head, too...We need to lock him up in a cupboard with a key and make him very small. Look, this is how small we have to make him,'' he said making a tiny triangle with his hand. ''Go and make caterpillars on the sun Fred and not in my head or Mummies head." My son doesn't appear to be afraid of Fred. He's even suggested that we eat Fred in one of my tofu noodle soups. I said i would prefer to eat him on toast with lots of butter, but that actually it would be better not to eat Fred at all because he probably wouldn't taste very nice. Is talking about Fred the right approach? Is it even age appropriate? I don't know, but what is the alternative - to buckle under the strain of Fred's rants? I have tried to explain very complicated mental health issues in an imaginative, simple and honest way that my son will understand. He has even suggested hitting Fred in the face with his neon green ball until he's dead. I told him that was not the way and that maybe we had to make Fred our friend, since i don't think he had many. My son looked at me and i could tell he almost felt sorry for Fred. Could i keep him at bay through these stories? Just about. If i continued like this, Fred might just put down his sticks, and stop pummelling the walls of my mind." The author ,i.e.,Q. S. Lam, then writes a poem entitled...'Is There Light'...

According to this subject there is, i.e.,..

''The ancient Greek word psyche means ''butterfly'', a creature who undergoes a long period  of metamorphosis....before transformation or awakening is possible...'' [Page 152 ''The Search For The Beloved' / J. Houston].

Whats the common factor besides the lotus?

Right arm/hand? Hands in relation to feet. One a beginning. The other an ending/completion of {say} a cycle. Which and why?

And/or: ''The Cosmic butterfly represents that part of your cosmic intelligence that has lived through and has become the story of a FULL complete CYCLE of metamorphic transformation.....It weaves the future patterns in your life as well as the world around you {karma i.e., 'like attracts like'?}, as it flutters from flower to flower and from dream to local reality and all thats inbetween {unconscious - conscious link}.....It prepares the birth of our new era....It is the source archetype of the....'' [Page 196 ''The Quest of the Rose: Cosmic keys of our Future Becoming' / A. Smitsman and J. Houston. Brackets - this readers].

''The mind is more like a butterfly, to be caught in a gossamer web {'net'?} rather than a hard steel trap.'' [Page 130 'The Path Through the Labyrinth' / M. Green].

Eight link? Flower pattern?

A working example: ''Located on the western base of the Sacramento Mountains in New Mexico, the Three Rivers Petroglyphs site is one of the largest rock art sites in the Southwest. Incidently, this site is located at the same latitude as both Phoenix and the geoglyphs: 33 degrees. The park contains over 20,000 petroglyphs carved atop a ridge by the Mogollon culture between 900 and 1400AD. One of the geometric designs located there is a Maltese cross within a circle surrounded by a ring of seventeen dots.  The Hopi are also familiar with this cross, which is represented by two hair discs laid perpendicular to each other. Also known as 'nogla' or ''butterfly whorls'' these items are traditionally worn by maidens.'' [Page 276/7 'The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the American S/W' / Gary David].

Side note: Ornament attached to pearls. Head and spindle body? Curved arms almost meeting each other - like a Celtic torc. Upside down?

Horn or spindle Torus? Side note: Torus type ornaments found in a cave 90,000 years ago. Denisovans?  {'Ancient Unexplained Files' / DiscHistory Channel/ 27.8.21].

Refresher: "It seems unlikely that anyone in our day would be able to explain the deeper meaning of 17, and yet this number was quite important in the ancient Near East. The local god of Urartu, the area around Mount Ararat, received a seventeen fold 'sacrifice' {body parts?}, and perhaps 17 spread out from there into adjacent countries. In the Bible it is connected to the flood, which began on the seventeenth day of the 2nd month and lasted till the seventeenth day of the 7th month. At that point, Noah had reached Mount Ararat...One has speculated that 17 is connected to the ark, or with floating on waters {'floating islands'?} - in this connection one may think of Odysseus, who floated on a raft for seventeen days after leaving Calypso. In Egypt, on the 17th day of a month, Osiris is cast into the river in Typhon's coffin. There is also the Greek tradition cut timber for boats on the 17th day of the month. [Chapter entitled: 'Number of Conquest' {17} from the book 'The Mystery of Numbers' / A. Schimmel].

''Onehundred and fiftythree'' to enlarge.

Side note: Akhenaten 'died' after being on his 'throne' for 17 years. No one knows what happens to Nefertiti.

Spirit / Soul?

From a different perspective: ''In 1717 a legendary {but unproven} ceremony is said to have taken place in London, forming a new order of Druids....'' [Page 61 'Idiots Guide to Paganism].


The probosis of the butterfly? Try ''honey''.

And/or: "From ancient times the butterfly, psyche, has signified not only the mystery of physical metamorphoses, but also the loveliest transmutations of the soul...All over the world the gossamer beauty of the butterfly, its winged nature and breathtaking release from a pupal cocoon have symbolized the soul reborn out of chrysalis like containment...Like an alchemical 'vas', the chrysalis is both the ''golden'' [ chryseos] vessel of transformation and the object gives no outward sign of the concealed unfolding within as the old forms, dissolve and the embryonic tissue is restructured. The butterfly is one of our most poetic images of psyche's self renewal beyond even traumatic endings...The Greek myth of Eros and Psyche tells the story of passion, doubt and separation between the soul and her beloved and the tortuous process that precedes there reunion. This drama is enacted in ourselves in countless ways, as libido pursues the objects of psyche's desire, ways that can be poignantly self-destructive as well as redolent of promise." [Extract from the book 'The Book of Symbols: Reflections of Archetypal Images' by Taschen].

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As the author herself says in the final sentence of the book..."She's in there somewhere, waiting patiently inside to re-emerge whole again."

''Patience is the mother of will. If you have no mother, how can you be born?" Gurdjieff.

'Metamorphoses' by Ovid.


"Arthur of the Dragons! came a voice from overhead." Question. 'Mother of Dragons'? Spirit/Soul? Which and why? Toes/tongue = Green language? In ascent?

"This little man, the size of a thumb, is the 'Ishon' of the Hermetic and Old Testament texts. The man the size of a thumb, resides in the midst, within the self, of the past and future....the Tom thumb of fairy tales, this inner dwarf or 'Ishon' which is prepared to 'reveal' things that are normally meant to symbolize an esoteric aspect of Spiritual development....the fool has to learn from the 'smaller' inner man....It is worth bearing in mind that, in materialistic terms, the inner man must be smaller than the outer man. This inner man is linked with the spine, which in itself is linked with the staff...This symbolism applies to the staves in the hands of the Tarot Fool: one staff is the spine of the outer fool, the other that of the inner fool." [Bibliographic notes to chapters 4, and 7, of the book 'The Zelator']. Agree or disagree?

'Swamplands of the Soul: New Life in Dismal Places' by J. Hollis.

"There is a thought, a recurrent fantasy perhaps, that the purpose of life is to achieve happiness. After all, even the Constitution of the United States promises ''life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." Who does not long to arrive, some distant day at that sunlit meadow where, untroubled, we may rest easy, abide awhile and be happy? But nature or fate, or the gods, has another thought which keeps interrupting this fantasy. The split, the discrepancy between what we long for and what we suffer as limitation, has haunted the Western imagination...

...The litany arising from the gap between hope and experience is endless. Whether to suffer it stoically, react heroically or whine about one's condition seems onerous yet unavoidable choice. But Jungian psychology, and the disciplined practice of personal growth it promotes, offers another perspective based on the assumption that the goal of life is not happiness but meaning....

....We may well experience moments of happiness, but they are ephemeral and can neither be willed into being nor perpetuated by hope. Rather, Jungian psychology, as well as much of the rich religious and mythological tradition from which it draws many of its insights, avers that it is the swamplands of the soul, the savannas of suffering, that provide the context for the stimulation and the attainment of meaning. As far back as 2500 years ago, Aeschylus observed that the gods have ordained a solemn degree, that through suffering we come to wisdom. Without the suffering, which seems the epiphenomenal requisite for psychological and spiritual maturation, one would remain unconscious, infantile and dependent...

Victim or volunteer {'initiate'?}. ''Meaningful'' ?

...An old saying has it that religion is for those who are afraid of going to hell; spirituality is for those who have been there...It is in the swamplands where soul is fashioned and forged, where we encounter not only the gravitas of life, but its purpose, its dignity and its deepest meaning...Psychology was the last of the so-called social sciences to evolve, as Jung noted, because its raison d'etre was theretofore sustained by the great myths and myth-making institutions. Psyche is the Greek word for ''soul'' and etymologically had twin roots: one the butterfly whose mysterious, beautiful, but elusive permutations metaphorically dramatize our experience of soul; and the other, from the verb ''to breath,'' is an analog of that invisible wind which enters at birth and departs at death. How ironic, then, that modern psychology so often addresses only the behaviors which can be observed and converted to statistical models, or cognitions which can be reprogrammed, or biochemical anomalies which may be medicated. While all of these treatment modalities are significant and helpful, they seldom address the most profound need of the modern; namely, to render one's journey meaningful." [Introduction to the book' Swamplands of the Soul' by J. Hollis - including emphasis- with the exception of the word in bold print].

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

'The Forge and the Crucible' by M. Eliade.

Confirmation? by yet another..."Sri Yukteswar's health was excellent; i never saw him unwell. To show respect for a worldly custom he permitted his students, if they so wished, to consult doctors. ''Physicians,'' he said, ''should carry on their work of healing through 'gods' laws as applied to matter.'' But he extolled the superiority of mental therapy, and often repeated: ''Wisdom is the greatest cleanser."... He numbered many doctors among his disciples. ''Those who have studied physiology should go further and investigate the science of the soul," he told them. "A subtle spiritual structure is hidden just behind the bodily mechanism." [Extract from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi'. Mentioned elsewhere].

REFRESHER: "If one has the power to endure the way of rebuke with great passion, and if his mind can control its fantasies, then he can ride {his mind} like a horse. He can control it as he desires, spurring it on to go forward, or reigning it to stop where he pleases. At all times his imagination remains subject to his will, not straying from its authority....This is truly a mighty 'warrior'...He is like Uriel, who constantly gazes at 'the light of god', delighted in gods Mysteries." [Page 84, 'Meditation and Kabbalah'].

Try ''deer'' and ''horse'' to take it further towards a MIND SET.

'Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World' by M. Williams and D. Penman.

"Initiates inside and outside the Church create great works of art and architecture to help condition humanity for its future 'evolution.' They also carry enough clues for those who are so minded as to be able to decode them." [Same chapter, same book i.e.,J. Black].

A more {practical?} analogy..."From Hermopolis, city of Hermes {Thoth}, master of Writing, Numbers, Measurement and Time, comes the description of the Nun, the primordial environment, picturing 'its' qualities and characteristics: 'He {the Demiurge} created the 'eight'. He formed its body as that of a sacred child who issues forth from a lotus in the middle of the Nun.' The primordial Eight, as envisaged at Hermopolis {the Ogdoad}, together form, as the text indicates, a single entity. The Nun is envisaged as a swampy mire, a seething primal cradle in which live four couples of serpents and frogs...[Extract from the book 'Egyptian Mysteries' by L. Lamy].

Side note: "The ogdoad is the first cube. It is called 'safety' and 'foundation'. The seed of the ogdoad is the first even number. It is the sum of the monad, triad and tetrad. The sequence from the monad to it adds up to 36, which is the time within which they say: 'seventh month child-ren are formed'....." [Page 188 'Alexandria'. Vol 3. D. Fideler].


'Red' pyramid - Egypt. 'THIRD' one built. First 'true' pyramid. Same gradient {learning curve?} as the lessor one {slower?} on the 'Bent' pyramid. Step by step increments? Question. Dont we all start off {in haste?} 'quickly' before finding a more suitable rhythm? Representation of. Side note: Recall Herod's red sarcophagus. Try ''fire'' i.e.,what it implies in the overall 'scheme of things'. Understanding that defines the concept of the Benben stone - the same one that the author of 'Imhotep the African' attempts to explain, i.e., the 'tip' of a PYR-ramid. Try 'tip' / 'Pyr' / 'Atum' / 'mound' i.e.,balance between wet/dry etc. to 'see' what that author cannot. To 'see' into that ancient mindset.

Question. Can you by now put those keys together to define something while recalling what symbol represents that stage of {a learning process?} that results in ''wisdom'' - and WHY?

N.B. Hermes = Transition {stretching?} ones boundaries. Thoth = God of balance/equilibrium. Both attributes {aspects} intermix to define an end result, {mechanics of}. The process {qualities?} needed to achieve that end. Representational of. Question. Agree or disagree?

A work in progress {the very first one?}: "When seen in the evening sky, Mercury is represented by Hermes, the swift messenger of the gods and the guardian of travellers. It is in the latter role that he has his moment of prominence in Book 24 of the Iliad. Hector has been killed...Traditionally, Hermes is also a thief and trickster - attributes recalled by Homer when the god is called upon in vain to steal Hector's body from Achilles so that it can be returned to his father, King Priam...The god can only take him part of the way...The sequence is: Priam leaves Ursa Major, and is taken across the zodiac by Hermes {Mercury} before meeting Achilles in Canis Major. After paying a ransom for Hectors body, Priam is urged to return home by Hermes while it is still 'dark'. The first hurdle Priam meets on his outward journey is the zodiac, where Hermes is instructed by Zeus, 'It is you who are most suited to escort men on their way - go and so conduct Priam to the ships of the Greeks'. As a planet, Hermes cannot move outside the boundaries of the zodiac, and after crossing the zodiacal band {'girdle'?} he takes his leave of Priam when he says: 'I will now leave you, and will not enter into the presence of Achilles'. Although it would not be possible to see Mercury both in the evening and the morning in the course of one night, Homer seems to reinforce the position of the planet in the zodiac when Priam, returning home, is once again met by Hermes and is escorted to the topmost boundary of the zodiac, from where Priam has to continue his journey without the gods help." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

Planets {versus?} constellations as a means...?

The real question however remains the same. Why go to ALL this fcking effort? {Excuse the Greek}.


Cepheus = the 'beginning of a journey' ? Question. Large or small? Recall Orion. All as a means...?

Refresher..."This little man, the size of a thumb, is the 'Ishon' of the Hermetic and Old Testament texts. The man the size of a thumb, resides in the midst, within the self, of the past and future....the Tom thumb of fairy tales, this inner dwarf or 'Ishon' which is prepared to 'reveal' things that are normally meant to symbolize an esoteric aspect of Spiritual development....the fool has to learn from the 'smaller' inner man....It is worth bearing in mind that, in materialistic terms, the inner man must be smaller than the outer man. This inner man is linked with the spine, which in itself is linked with the staff...This symbolism applies to the staves in the hands of the Tarot Fool: one staff is the spine of the outer fool, the other that of the inner fool." [Bibliographic notes to chapters 4, and 7, of the book 'The Zelator'].

Side note: Small 'headless' Sphinx found under the very large one {also headless} at Gebel el Silsila.

Flat headed? Erect or oblique?

"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven."

Refresher:...''the Chair of Lethe {of forgetfulness}, : ''that welds itself to the flesh, from which one cannot rise."

Side note: ''Lethe'' a link to ''zero'' and ''negation''. {wiki}.

"The Freemasonic scholar Albert Pike called the picture of Solomons Temple...'an abridged image of the cosmos'. Think on it, relative to the ''individual'' i.e.,.....

comic4"Ancient Greek philosophers among them Heron of Alexandria, who studied with Egypt's priests in the 2nd century, suggested that the soul possessed an innate universal knowledge that exterior objects awakened through the senses. This concept resembles Jung's idea of a collective unconscious that is accessed through sensory experience and that speaks primary through the emotions. The ancient Greek root word for 'symbol' meant ''something that is thrown across,'' like a bridge between sacred and profane worlds, or between inner and outer realities. Symbols provides 'nets' of meaning [omphalos + '153' link?]. The mind synthesizes impressions gleaned from an image as the warp threads and connects them by emotional responses as the weft threads. Based in intuition, the symbol erects a scaffolding of related impressions, implied ideas, analogies and resonances. Within this synthesis, we grasp the whole, simultaneous existence of all things in motion, appearing together {'gathering'?}  for a brief, but eternal and absolute moment." [ Part three entitled 'The Light Within' from the book ' Dreams of Isis' by N. Ellis]. Try ''pattern''.

''Grasp'' in relation to 'Manifested'.

Found on Oak island. Created from 'two' strands - '13' branches - within the pattern of a 'triple spiral'. Question. A feather in the CAP?

A working {practical?} example..."Before we arrived, not even knowing why we were coming to Hovenweep {remember, we originally intended to build the medicine wheel at Chaco Canyon}, Mary had written a poem in honor of our journey. She says that it came to her all in one piece, and she simply wrote it down. As we gathered together in a giant kiva-unroofed, but so deep that we had to climb down into it by ladder - she read us this poem: 'The Weaving' - ''We stand here, surrounded by the sacred mountains, at the sipapu, where our world began. We come from the four corners of this earth...We are here to create a weaving of a new reality. In any weaving, beauty is created by the warp, weft, and the pattern. We bring: for the foundation, the warp thread...These we braid together and string on our loom to form the warp, the shape of our weaving. Onto this we weave the weft of our daily journey, the thread of beauty, spun, one moment at a time, with each step of integrity, as our actions spin time into history. And the pattern? The pattern that will call the rest of the human race into understanding... " [From the book 'Serpent of Light Beyond 2012' / D. Melchizedek]. Try ''pattern'' and/or ''net'' in relation to defining something {logos?}.

Understanding the above gives a closer assessment of such sacred objects as the Inca Khipus. In other words even though no absolute answer has yet been forthcoming as to the meaning of such artifacts - THIS SUBJECT - will get as close as one can to that eventual answer. Try ''weaving'' and/or ''knot'' symbolism - as a start point.


''The Great Turning at Hand''. Question. The next 'Great' cosmic event = Supernova or comet explosion? AND/OR: Lunar OR Solar eclipse? Define subject material to narrow down those POSSIBILITIES. Enlarged throughout. Try Antares.

"Nothing is known about the Chacoan culture {i.e., S/W America. Corner of.} because no written texts have been discovered." Quote by B. Cox ['Wonders of the Universe/ Gravity' BBC4]. A stone sculpture/painting discovered on the 'lip' of an overhang. At 'right angles' to the 'vertical' cliff 'face'. 'Three' {'pyr' link} symbols = hand {left}, crescent moon {dark; therefore link to 'transcendent third'} and star {clockwise rotation?}. All in relation to an event that took place in 1054 {supernova}. That external event could indeed be its origin, but its true INTENT is that inner one. Something external used to REPRESENT something INTERNAL. S/W in relation to N/W {star}. N/E {naked hand} its start point. Mid-point {dark aspect of moon} as a reflection of something. Something UNknown {dark} becoming known {transcendent third}. Anything? Among others try ''overhang'' and/or ''right angles'' and/or ''horseshoe'' {i.e.,the 'opening' of the 'crescent' moon is towards the observer, i.e.,relative to a S/W position}.



Nice bit of blue? Amenhotep to enlarge.

"When the individual is born again, the blue star is born with it. When the star exploded, my cycle of coming and going had ended." Coincidence or a meaningful one? Enlarged elsewhere.

Meeting place {'crossroads'?} of N-S = 'middle' of the forehead. E-W eye line represented with twin BOARS.

A working example {i.e.,in the personal sense of the word} yet those core 'elements' {universal ones} infer same. Can you 'see' it?: "I had expected him to be intense, yet self assured - serene in his spiritual insight; yet his face seemed to be restless, even tortured. Electric forces seemed to ray from the hair upon his face. His sparse moustache seemed to press down into his jaw, drawing his mouth into a thin and compact line, as though life experiences had pushed him into a severity at variance with his spiritual knowledge. Even his intense intellectual quality, so clearly expressed in the high forehead, seemed to be pulling him asunder: his mind was lifted upwards by the shock of wild hair, yet drawn earthwards by the weight of his heavy dark eyebrows..." ['The Zelator'. Emphasis, this readers].

Try ''hair'' as a means…..?

And/or recall the sharp jaw lines of both Akhenaten and 'wife'.

'Fat of the Land'?

A work in progress: ''The HELMET very scandinavian . Must have made quite an impression on the battlefield. Here on the front we have two dragons....Over the eyebrows two boars...very potent symbols to the Anglo-Saxons. Let me explain why. In the pagan beliefs of the early Anglo-Saxons the boar symbolised fertility. The goddess Freya rode one into battle - that is when she wasn't riding her cat-drawn chariot {3x3 and/or 'nine lives'?}. This was one of a few times in history when saying that someone was a boar in bed - was actually a compliment.'' [Dr Nina Ramirez 'Treasures of the Anglo-Saxons' /BBC4/2010].

Question. What do you think?

'Sweat of the Brow'?

''Transforming fingers'' ? In 'profile' rather than ''face on'' ? {i.e., as with the Easter Island figures}.

Anglo-Saxon Belt buckle.Orion?

"The Beast is like our ego and egocentric interests. It represents the work of 'self' alone, without 'gods' influence. The mark is erased when the work of our hands and thoughts of our minds are cooperating with god, rather than simply being self driven. The Beast is our lower nature at our most selfish, self-centered, self glorifying point of existence." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way' / Mentioned elsewhere]. Continued elsewhere.

''Birds and boars were not the only animals depicted on the Sutton-Hoe treasures - there were also snakes - lots of them...Why the fascination with snakes?


''The snakes are world serpents in Norse mythology. Legend has it he was the son of another god who Odin threw into the sea where he grew into a serpent. A serpent large enough to surround the earth and grab his own tail. It was literally the worm that turned the world. They believed that if the worm let go of its tail then it would be the end of the world.''

Try Worms''.

Define {'see'} those symbols to understand why no written texts NEEDED to be left behind.

In the 'spiritual' SENSE of the word.


''Sutton Hoo derives its name from Old English. Sut combined with tun means the "southern farmstead" or "settlement" and hoh refers to a hill "shaped like a heel spur". The same ending survives in a few other placenames, notably Plymouth Hoe and Fingringhoe. Hoo was recorded in the Domesday Book as Hoi/Hou.

'Hoeing the fields'?

''In Norse mythology, Sleipnir /ˈslpnɪər/ (Old Norse: {ˈslɛipnez̠]; "slippy"[1] or "the slipper") is an eight-legged horse ridden by Odin. Sleipnir is attested in the Poetic Edda, compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources, and the Prose Edda, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson. In both sources, Sleipnir is Odin's steed, is the child of Loki and Svaðilfari, is described as the best of all horses, and is sometimes ridden to the location of Hel. The Prose Edda contains extended information regarding the circumstances of Sleipnir's birth, and details that he is grey in color.''[Wiki].

Hippo/Croc. As another means.

REFRESHER:  "I remained obstinately silent.....The dual scales of maya - that balance every joy with a grief! My young heart {artichoke?} was not yet malleable to the transforming fingers of my guru." [Extract from the book on Paramahansa Yogananda. Enlarged elsewhere].

White 'crown' of Upper Egypt. Bulb?

Whats the common factor?

And/or: ''For our next course, i offer the very essence of maturity, a stuffed artichoke, prepared in a way i was taught by my Sicilian grandmother....the great bulb of life. It is prickly on the outside, a fortress of walls within walls, yet within contains both a culture and a psychology.'' ['Feast of Maturity' within the book 'A Mythic Life' Page 292].


From a different perspective: ''Legend says Cuthbert had 'three' onions in his hand when close to dying.'' ['Walking Through History: Northumbria'].

And/or: ''Onion is the Latin for large pearl.'' ['The Chase' / 2018].

Refresher: ''St Cuthbert died alone in his remote refuge on the Farne Islands but his relics were buried at Lindisfarne...He became a medieval cult figure inspiring pilgrims from all over britain, including Alfred the Great, who claimed to have been inspired to unite Britain by a dream of the saint.'' [Page 94 'Readers Digest' / July 2022].

"Nature is a net of correspondence to be deciphered and integrated into a holistic {whole?} worldview." [extract from the book 'The Magister'. Parenthesis, this readers].

N.B. The root of the word ''holy'' = whole i.e.,a reunion of the ''whole?''

... ''eternal and absolute moment,'' what T. S. Eliot defines as a 'timeless moment' and others as a eureka moment. Question. What symbol is used to define that 'action of the mind,' and why? Question two. Why should it be necessary to explain it at all?

"The no-mans land between Physics and the psychology of the Unconscious [is] the most fascinating yet the darkest hunting ground of our times." Carl Jung.

Refresher: King Aha - the very first of Egypt. Predates all others. Coincidence or a meaningful one?

Side note: King Ka and THE ''Scorpion King'' and Narmer all identified around same time. One relates more to Abydos the other Thebes/Karnac. One before that bend in a river the other after it. Two of those names relate to ONE individual, i.e., nebty and/or Horus name. In other words Someone's NEW NAME.

Sense of smell no longer needed? How about intuition?

Step Pyramid/Meidum/Bent Pyramid/Red Pyramid/ Giza {three] Pyramids. Eighth = Djedefre's, i, e., N/W of ALL those monuments - the HIGHEST spot in Egypt.


Question. Where would that second beginning start {of a 'higher' level}?

Orion? i.e., something ''under his belt''?

Upside down?

Question 2. Of those 'three' which was known as the most benign?

"Psychology and esotericism set out to explore the darkness outside of our knowledge, whether it be dwelling in the 'unconscious' or the 'astral', the mundus imaginalis, or the dark side of the Tree of Life." [Extract from the book 'The Magister']. Define ''astral'' before those first impressions define something else. Link that answer up to that universal framework.


"Let him who seeks, continue seeking until he finds. When he finds he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled he will be astonished, and he will rule over all." [ The 'Nazarene' from, The Gospel of Thomas].

"...the 'nails' of objectivity - which give conscience to thought."

The symbol of which is the Crown of Thorns, i.e.,"The 'thorns' of the crown center function as the 'nails' of objectivity..." [Taken from 'letter 5' from within the book by Tomberg].

Before those first impressions take hold; remember that Christ himself also understood the same subject by way of - the same method?


"In his right hand he held seven stars, and from his mouth came a sharp, two-edged sword, and his face was like the sun shining with full force. When i saw him, i fell at his feet as though dead. But he placed his right hand on me, saying: 'Do not be afraid, i am the first and last, and the living one. I was dead, and see, i am alive for ever and ever; and i have the keys of Death and of Hades..." [Rev. 1:16-18. Taken from the book 'Wisdom of the 4th Way'].

Recall what 'Revelation' implies {elsewhere} - in relation to such {archetypes?} as say - Hades [Part 1].



Question. Full circle?

"What is a symbol anyway? In effect, it is the good old ''outward sign of an inward grace,'' or a practical link between objective and subjective existence. It is a body containing a soul, matter holding a meaning, a focus of force, a condenser of consciousness, or a ''thought tank." Anything and everything can be a symbol. Whatsoever connects consciousness, and life together from one level to another, or even to different points on the same level is a symbol. Figures, letters, words and ideographs are very good examples of symbols, since these join thinking with living." [ Chapter 3, of the book by William Gray]. Try ''fertiliz{s}ation'' or ''crystalliz{s}ation''.

Understanding that framework in relation to the ''divine bit'' gives a deeper meaning to those words [ intent of] - highlighted.

venus'The Birth of Venus' by Botticelli. 'The Primavera' [ also known as ''Allegory of Spring''], painted by same, of which has been said....."One of the most popular paintings in Western art"..........."One of the most written about, and controversial paintings in the world." [ Wikipedia ].

To understand their true meaning, define those KEYS. As an example... what can sometimes be found within a Scallop shell. Put that answer in the search box.


"The word ' Scallop ' can bring several images to mind: perhaps first as a decorative motif used on the edge of draperies or clothing or jewellery. The shell of the Great Scallop [Pecten maximus. Latin for 'comb'], was a symbol used by artists throughout the centuries. Greek temples and Roman vases were adorned with shell motifs. A famous example from mediaeval times is the Triton Fountain in Rome. The marble fountain, designed by Bernini in 1642, shows Triton, son of the sea god Poseidon, perched on a large, open scallop shell, supported by two dolphins."...........

As simple as it may sound - try ''comb''. To enlarge on that mind set.

Inner = female aspect. Outer = male aspect {younger/elder?}. 'In all its innocence and finery'. Picking apples?

Synchronistic example [if only for this reader]...From a poem by Q. S. Lam entitled: 'A small Cloud'..."A small cloud has been hanging over her for as long as she can remember. Today the tears fell, like slender rivers; the mask slipping off and fell to the floor. There she sat in the middle of the ocean, the dolphins were singing and she didn't sing back. She threw small daggers at them. A little dolphin winked and squeaked. Opening her eyes, she wasn't so alone anymore - perched on a small rock, she stared out at the ocean - kicked down the door of her mind - to take a gentle stroll. What did she see? More closed doors, not a shaving of light, only a small cloud floating stubbornly, and a broken plate - ''Chuck it away'', a distant voice whispered. The landscape on the plate; painted with such care faded now - just an outline: ''Time to paint a new picture'', the voice whispered again: And step into a new landscape with fresh things to discover..." Other examples of same author - elsewhere.

'Cloud of Unknowing'?

From a different perspective: A templars reliquary box. 'Iron' into 'gold' - as a means....?

N. B. In the golden coffin of Tutankhamun, on top of his abdomen {'belly'?}, a golden handled dagger made of 'iron' from the sky.

Question. What symbol represents the heart?

Higher/lower. Which and why?


Where have you seen it before?

That ''new picture'' could be : "In the fantasy we have taken, it is true that this animus figure cut the woman off from life, behaving in a most orthodox and exemplary manner, so that the natural feminine was quite suffocated, and because everything he told her was in fact material that is stressed again and again in the Logos world, she had no way of escape but through what seemed an unjust sickness. To come again to the feminine realm means to face the animus from a NEW STANDPOINT. St. Augustine said that woman has no soul for she is soul. If a woman has the courage to leave the logos world and seek and give value to the feminine truth, the animus is her guide and friend. Whole in herself, her sons are free, and she passes to them the mystery of the soul that they, too, may face life." ['The Old Wise Woman: A Study of Active Imagination' / R. Weaver]. Hence...

A working example: ''Jesus said, look, i will guide her to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every female who makes herself male will enter the kingdom of heaven.'' ['Gnostic Gospel of Thomas' / verse 114].


A working example: ''What we did is name my tics. Its like an alter-ego thing - so we callled it Frankie...its like somebody else.'' Betsy: 'Britains Tourette's Mystery' / Ch. 4 / 2022].

And/or: ''At the cross of her ''station keeping'' stood the mournful mother weeping - close to Jesus to the last. Briused, derided, cursed, defiled; she beheld her tender child; all the scourges rent.'' [10th 'Station of the Cross' / Magdala / Day 45 'Easter Week' / Kathleen Nichols].

A ''trickster'' type exercise? To get the cognitive faculty in 'motion'? {Static or dynamic}?

"Quintessential saviors of the shipwrecked and drowning, dolphins are the nimble ''sea people'' {Bacchylides of Ceos} who can be relied upon to buoy us up and carry us back to shore, protect us from marine marauders, keep us company in our lone passages through treacherous channels and, if we're lucky, escort our ships out of trouble before they founder in the first place. The reasons for wild dolphins' long history of beneficence towards us is a mystery, but their role as our rescuers from imminent submergence is attested in outer reality as well as in our dreams. There is something suggestive in the similarity of the Greek words for dolphin {delphis} and for womb or uterus {delphys}. Just as the goddess Aphrodite is born from the surf and is often shown on the back of a dolphin, the streamlined creatures who are so conspicuously attuned with their marine world are emissaries of the womb of the ocean, where all life arose, and to which the whales, rare among mammals, returned to live after having spent some evolutionary time as earth dwellers...Dolphins are sometimes 'trickster' type - as they don't mind playing jokes on..." ['The Book of Symbols' / Taschen. 'Dolphin'].

Any sea shells in that cave?

A side step..."Digby, [ Nova Scotia ] is known as the ''Scallop Capital of the World.'' United Empire Loyalists from New York and New England, led by the British Admiral, Sir Robert Digby, settled in Digby in 1783. Situated on the South Western shore of Nova Scotia on the Bay of Fundy, the town was built as a fishing and lumber center. Digby is the gateway to Nova Scotia, for visitors arriving by ferry from Saint John, New Brunswick..." [].

Question. Oak Island = S/E shore?

Something west?

"Scallop pearls or Lion Paw pearls, are extremely rare non - nacreous pearls, produced by a bi-valve mollusk, commonly known as the Scallop, Lions Paw or in Spanish ''Mano de Leon'' [hand of the lion]." []."

Side note: The sea hare mollusc.

N.B. Scratch of lion in relation to a cat = more 'intent'. Question. Intent of what? Question 2. Do the 'scratchings' relate to the inner or outer of the shell? What does that imply? If only in relation to a subject.

'Nine' lifes?

And/or: '' Cats always land on their feet.''

''The cat righting reflex is a cat's innate ability to orient itself as it falls in order to land on its feet. The righting reflex begins to appear at 3–4 weeks of age, and is perfected at 6–9 weeks. Cats are able to do this because they have an unusually flexible backbone and no functional clavicle (collarbone).'' [Wiki].

A working example: ''In a more cosmological vein, energy is the expression of spirit opposing form....As the shadow trapped within the person struggles towards consciousness, as the soul trapped within the mortal shell animates the living body, so in a relationship, the individual struggles against the bond of 'marriage'. Energy is the measurable expression of the revolt of spirit against its imprisonment in matter. How that energy manifests, whether constructively or destructively, depends upon how well the opposites within the self have been resolved.'' [Page 88 'Dreams of Isis' / N. Ellis].

Male or female?

Side note: {something hinted at}: "The constellation Felis the Cat - a word which Latin lexicographers now write Faelis, was formed by La Lande {1805}....Its inventor said of it: 'I am very fond of cats. I will let this figure scratch on the chart. The starry sky has worried me quite enough in my life {the study of it?} - so that now I can have my joke with it.'...It has long been discontinued in catalogues and charts. Proctor assigned this title to Canis Minor, but no one has followed him in this change." [Page 221 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

Question. Joker/trickster {'fool'?} only?

Egyptian Cat goddess?

Older than the ''Candelabra''? Question. What would represent 'FIRE'?

''While restoring a viewing area {'horizon'?} overlooking the Nazca Lines {Southern Peru} an undocumented cat geoglyph found - ''crouching on a steep hillside'' ....Based on its resemblance to same, on textiles, ceramics etc., belonging to the Paracas culture - figure dated to around 200BC...This means it predates many Nazca geoglyphs by 400 years....''Part of the Paracas 'religious' cosmology at the time. The cat was considered a diety of the earth, together with the killer whale for water and the Condor for air. '' [ 'Archaeology' / Jan/Feb 2021].

REFRESHER: ''Error runs down a plane while truth as to .....?''

''It was a small group of individuals belonging to the Paracas culture that came south to begin it all.'' { 'Ancient Secrets of Peru' / Nat. Geo / 2019].

Initiation into a 'mystery club' and/or therefore mind set?

A side step: "In Latin a pearl was 'unio', because, as Pliny writes, it is 'the unique gem', or because pearls are only found singly...Oysters open and shut, like doors [folding doors in English were once called 'bivalves'], and the open shell of an oyster looks like the number 8." [Quote from the Lexicon chapter to the book ' The Book of Babel: Words and the Way We See Things' by N.Lewis].

Side note: ''The Imperial State Crown contains four pearls that are said to have been used as earrings by Elizabeth I.'' ['The Chase' / 2018].

Something hinted at: ''Profound progress in thinking will not come about by the demonstration of a new geometric theorem. In what way is evolution assisted by showing the relationships of the Golden section to the pentagon and that into a hexagon, as well as all the logical sequences of the Platonic solids - i know these things - as such they only represent mental satisfaction. It is more important for me to discover, in the functions of Phi, of Pi, and of the pentagon, the function that compels them to be what they are. It is more important to know why, through the spring equinox, the male mollusk becomes female..." [ Page 60 'The Egyptian Miracle'].

The 30th Anniversary is known as the Pearl Anniversary because, historically, wives celebrating their 30th Anniversary were presented with pearls.

Sed Festival? {and/or 'feast of the tail'}.

A 'creative' act?

"When we look into George O'Keeffe's slightly open clamshell we see the chaste beauty of the primordial shell of existence, a reminder of the sea's salty, elemental first fruits of life. Or again, the slightly open shell imparts subtle, feeling-toned qualities: the receptive, intimate, sensual and shy. It speaks of the creative and gestative, the introverted containment that fosters the essence of a life...Their rough round shells, invite our projections of prying open the world with our consciousness - ''the world is my oyster'' - extracting its treasures, assimilating its good, The shell opening of itself evokes the wonders of revelation and incarnation. And the closing of the shell: hidden process, reticence, and isolation; ''clamming up,'' a drawing of boundaries; a gathering in; being ''secret, and self contained, and solitary as an oyster''..." [Extract from the book ' The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images' by Taschen].

"The scalloped shell that one finds on the ancient coat of the pilgrims is the symbol of the secret water {sweet?} that contains everything and in which the star {pearl?} of the Magi was reflected. The sages of the Middle Ages related this shell to Mercury-Hermes, who was known in Egypt as Thoth. It is said that Thoth is the master {lord?} of the 'secret water' {sweet?}...Mercury was thought to be the intermediary of the gods, the great voyager, who establishes a constant relationship between the Principle Functions and their earthly manifestations {i.e., as one example - Nova Scotia?}..." ['Journey Into The Light'].

REFRESHER: ''The star of your BEING is rising.'' {i.e., to travel by ones own light}.

''Crack between the worlds''? Split belly?

A working example: ''The stone sarcophagus was left in a chamber at the bottom of the immense corrider like a seed deposited in a womb....Seti I lay thirtyone centuries beneath a YELLOW peaked stone mountain. Its shape resembles the stone pyramids of Giza...It recalled the primordial stone that arose from the watery abyss at ''the first time'' of creation. Its apex brushes the BELLY of sky, a beautiful goddess, the mother whom the ancients called Nut. In 'death' she brought him to her bosom, made him an ''indestructible star within her body''. So say the ancient Pyramid Texts, 'His Body to earth, his soul to sky'...'' [Page 138 'Dreams of Isis'].

Seat of Conscience?

Something extra - in the abstract sense of the word: ''The making of a thing whether with divine {that universal 'bit'} or human hands, involves the manipulation of a kind of genetic code that weaves itself among 'three' planes. The upper causal plane emanates from ''pure undifferentiated'' being, and the lower physical plane manifests form. Above, lies pure being; below, matter. Between the two is a formless intermediate plane that crackles with bodies of electric force. Filled with love, anger, fear and desire, its energies build the aufu and its subsequent incarnations in the way that sand, as an irritant, acts to build the oxysters future pearl. These spiritual bodies are not perceptible; rather, they are bodies of pure thought. These energetic forces of desire, concentration and affirmation are ruled by the sekhem {the power of the will}, the ren {the power of the name}, and the ab {the heart, or seat of conscience}. [Page 176 'Dreams of Isis'].

Side step: ''Many of the stars in Orion are hot and young, evolving rapidly and ending their lives in colossal cosmic explosions called supernovae....If, on our computer, we were to run Orion rapidly into the distant future, we would see a startling effect, the births and deaths of many of its stars, flashing on and off like fireflies in the night.'' [Carl Sagan from the book: 'The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the American S/W' / Page 268].

Gold and Silver?

Side note: 'Sweet water' = Living water? {Old/New Testament}. That ''living water'' represented with Jacobs Well. Found within the area that was first arrived at - OUT of Exodus. From 'fire' i.e., burnt desert to its remedy ''water''. A healing process. Represented with the Samaritan woman. ['Day 18: Give Me This Water. Jacobs Well. Samaria' / Kathleen Nichols/Magdala].

Middle of the forehead?

Just outside the town of Nazca a headless person found in 3' of SAND - in the Nazca 'sitting'' position {'Enthroned'?}. A ceremic ''head Jar'' close by {'fire' link} with a painting of a tree emerging from the head {soul link}. No burial of headless person found before {a FOUNDATION of something?}. But many solitary heads {without the bodies} found at their main temple site at Cahuachi - with 'vegetative' matter in the form of a ''twisted/knotted rope'' emerging from a hole in the middle of the forehead - together with {royal?} burials of the elite in the sitting position. A short distance away begins the Nazca Lines - the highest point of which are found Spondylus Shells ''always identified with rain and water'' - another bivalve mollusc. ''Why carry a rare seashell across the scorching desert only to bury it on a mountain top.'' ['Ancient Secrets of Peru' / Nat Geo /2019].

Egyption equivalent = Abydos/Denderah in relation to al-qurn {i.e., 'She Who Loves Silence'}.

Spirit and Soul as a means...?

Whats he sat on?

And/or: ''Three young mummies found at the top of an ACTIVE Volcano. Mount Llullaillaco, at the border of Argentina and Chile. 22000 feet. Ritually placed 'Two Young' girls and one boy,  wrapped in clothing. Purposely placed in a 'cavern' at the top of an ice covered volcano. Crossed legged. Natural mummification. 1500AD from ''the middle of the Inca culture''. Gold and silver figurines found alongside figurines made from SPONDYLUS shells. Maidens headdress of feathers from the Amazon jungle. SEMI-CIRCULAR in design. Large trumpet type bells can be seen being worn around one of the childs neck. The OLDEST ONE.  Fire and ice as a means....? A beginning or ending of a previous cycle. Which and why? ['Ancient Unexplained Files: Mystery of the Child Mummies'].


''The father of the One Thing [explained within] is the sun; its mother the moon.'' [Michael Maier, Atalanta Fugiens, Frankfort 1617]. Extract taken from Chapter 5, 'The Emerald Tablet' by Dennis Hauck.

Continued: "The first Masonic lodge in Digby, was established on September 29th, 1784, only one year after the settlement was founded.".......""Digby was named in honour of Robert Digby, a British Admiral, who commanded the convoy ''Atalanta'' which brought 1500 Loyalist refugees from New England in 1783. Among the Loyalists settled in Digby, was John Edison from Newark, New Jersey. He brought his family with him and remained until 1810. In April 1799, he was appointed director of the town marsh, and in 1808, assessor. In 1804, a grandson, Samuel, was born in Digby, who, in 1847 in Milan, Ohio, became the father of Thomas Alva Edison, the famous inventor. One of the features of the town, is the old ''Admirals Well.''.............

"Smiths Cove {Oak Island} was settled in 1759 by people of the New York area named Potter, Smith, Sulis and Odelle. One of the earliest settlers was Joseph Potter Jr [1763]. In 1783 Mr Potter exchanged land grants with a Loyalist named Joseph Smith from which the community derived its name."........."Trinity Anglican Church [Queen St, Digby], was built in 1785. The church was designed by Steven C. Earle, the noted New England architect. It is the only church in Canada, to be built by Shipwrights, and its design is similar to an upside down wooden ship." [].

Side note: ''Francis Bacon was born into a family of courtiers in 1561. At the age of twelve a masque he had written, 'The Birth of Merlin' was performed before Queen Elizabeth the 1st....When James the 1st came to the throne, Bacon quickly achieved his long ambition of becoming the Lord Chancellor....One of Bacons responsibilities was the distribution of Land grants in the New World.....He admitted he was fascinated by secret codes and ciphers.... It is interesting to note that his favourite code was the ancient 'cabalistic cipher', in terms of which the name 'Bacon' has the numerical value of thirty-three...'' [Page 395 'The Secret History of the World' / J. Black].

''New Name''? Shakespeare?

Jeremiah Chapter 33?

Question. Any ''33'' on Oak Island?

A working example: ''Unas is well attested by historical sources with three ancient Egyptian King lists dating to the New Kingdom...He occupies the 33rd entry in the Abydos King List - written during the reign of Seti 1....Thirtythree also mentioned in the Aegyptiaca, a history of Egypt written in the 3rd century BC in the reign of Ptolemy II by the Egyptian priest Manetho.'' [Intro 'Pyramid Texts' / W. Budge].

'Nature is a labyrinth in which the very haste you move with will make you lose your way''. Quote by Bacon.

And/or: ''John Dee was born into a Welsh family living in London. A brilliant young scholar....In the late 1570's he formed a circle called the Dionisii Areopagites with among others Edmond Spenser, whose poem The Faerie Queene is famous for Rosicrucian and other esoteric imagery....The Cabala was central to his studies. He believed in the mathematical foundation of all things....IT IS a little known fact, but documented, that at the height of his fortunes Dr Dee owned a charter granting him ownership of the vast landmass called Canada, and his vision of a British Empire - a phrase he coined - helped inspire and guide the nations voyages of discovery.'' [Pages 418 -420 'The Secret History of the World' / J. Black].


Neolithic equivalent....Seahenge. Enlarged elsewhere. Different 'keys' but with the same principle in mind. Question. Why? More importantly.....Why go to all this effort?

Side note: The Cove of Cathbad? As a means...? {Douglas Monroe}.

palm (2)

Kew Gardens. 'The Palm House'. Built to look like the inverted keel of a ship?

Continued: Further head scratch...''Potter'' [potters wheel? i.e.,as one example the Egyptian 'Khnum'] ''Smith'' [blacksmith?] Sulis [eye?] Odelle [a girls name; therefore 'feminine' aspect? Can also mean ''harmonious'']. Question. Coincidence or a meaningful one or conspiracy theorist? Further notes [clues?] to evaluate correctly - i.e.,to 'evaluate' the purpose and intent of Oak Island - found elsewhere. Look above.

Side note. Phil Harding of 'Britain's Ancient Tracks' {enlarged elsewhere} talks about how ingrained {''congealed''} the HORN 'handles' of the 'digging tools' were - with clay {Red deer}. Question. A Sacred act?

Same question to the clay 'reinforcing rod' that the ancients used to support such bronze forms as the Egyptian 'cat' or the Chinese 'swan' figures as seen in the program narrated by Dan Snow. Known as Direct Lost Wax Technique. Enlarged elsewhere.

A piece of prose..........."You can destroy yourself by anger expressed well as by coldness turned inwards. You will notice that this is not a choice. You either hate too much or love too much. Some say the world will end in fire, others say in ice. From what i've tasted of desire, i hold with those who favour fire. But if it had to perish twice, i think i know enough of hate, to say that for destruction, ice is also great, and would suffice". [Robert Frost. 1874-1963. 'Fire and Ice'. Taken from.. 'Speaking From the Heart' by Sister W. Beckett].

'A Song of Ice and Fire' / G. Martin.

REFRESHER: As seen from a different perspective: "Berossos asserted that the earth was to be 'submerged' when all the planets met in Cancer, and consumed by 'fire' when they met in Capricorn." ['Star Names and Their Meaning' under 'Cancer'].

Cancer/Capricorn either side of equator. One referred to as Gate of the Gods and the other Gate of Men. Why?

"The messenger of god said, 'The Quran was sent down in seven modes. Every verse in it has an external and an internal meaning and at each boundary there is a vista," [Tabari].

"The messenger of god said, 'If anyone makes the care of his external welfare the sum total of his cares, god will protect him from worldly care; but if he has a variety of cares relating to the matters of this world, god will not be concerned in which of its valleys he perishes."[ Ibn Majah]. Both taken from 'The Book of Hadiths' [Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, from the Mishkat al- Masabib] by C. L. Eaton.

Try ''Valley'' in relation to Herod in its negative sense {representation of}. AND/OR Mount of Olives in relation to Temple Mount - in the positive 'sense of the word'.

Question. How would the Egyptians represent same principles?

".....the heart is the hinge [key], on which the world turns." [Chapter 31,'The Sacred History']. Think about it, relative to what the 'Precession of the Equinoxes' represents. ...

Twice as high as wide?

A working example: ''Accompanying the Weighing of the Heart Ceremony is the necessary Chapter 125 {Book of the Dead} - perhaps the longest and most important part of the Osirian Mysteries {Seti 1 tunnel?}....As he stands before the scales of justice - in the Halls of Ma'at Ani is - as he always was in life - ' a PURE one, washed and fasted'.....Aside from providing us with a list of what we should not do {''negative confessions''}, Chapter 125 offers simple moral truths to live by...None of this is beyond the ability of an ordinary individual to perform. Maat is human decency and the natural laws of attraction, balance, karma, and reciprocity at work in one's life. There follow four inquisitions before Ani may enter into the Hall of Osiris and be announced by Thoth. The second examination includes knowing the names of the sacred floor, its halls, doors, and hinges - even the hinge sockets {'alabaster'?}. This brings to mind Khaemwast and Si-Osire's travels into Duat as they passed the man whose heart was not true and who now trapped with the door hinge in his eye. From the 5th Dynasty until the last, the books of the afterlife tried to bring the SOUL into the life eternal...with its words of power.'' [Page 261/2 'Imagining the World Into Existence'].

Question. Did the Sphinx Temple have an alabaster floor?  And/or is 'Bastet' a link to same word?

Question 2. The hinge/bolt in the so called 'ascending' passage of the Gt. Pyramid - does it open inwards or outwards? The beginning or end of a journey?

''Opening of the Mouth'' in relation to:

Upstream or Downstream as a means.....?

"No one is born to hate. Love comes more naturally to the heart" [key]. [Nelson Mandela].

"Only he who desires with his whole heart will find, and only to him who knocks vehemently shall the door be opened." [Paracelsus].

Where will his heart be found? His 'Mother'?

''Divine feminine''? Question. Concept or an actual individual? Twice as high?

A working example: ''In chapter 30, Ani, having aquired the power of 'speech' previously, addresses a petition to his own heart, invoking the divine feminine creative spirit. It begins: 'My heart, my mother. My heart of my becoming.' The text of this speech known as 'Not Letting His Heart be Taken From Him,' often appears inscribed on the talisman of a green scarab beetle. The talisman lay on top of the mummy's actual heart and was tightly bound in the bandages.'' [Page 256 'Immagining the World Into Existence'].


A work in progress: ''The question of the origins of Nefertiti has been a matter of debate since she first became known to scholarship during the 19th century. Nowhere are her father and mother named....although such a lack of parentage is shared by the vast majority of ancient Egyptian queens - with the exception of her mother-in-law, Tiye - both parents named in a series of large scarabs issued by her husband, Amenhotep III. a type of commemorative item that is all but unique to his reign.''

And/or: ''The first record of Nefertiti's existence comes on blocks {talatat's} from a vast new temple complex at Karnak East, by  Amenhotep IV {Akhenaten}, dedicated to the Aten. The buildings of which were demolished by Tutankhamun onward and were taken to form the fillings {foundations?} of Pylons II, IX, AND X at Karnak {built by Horemheb}....'' [Pages 8/16 'Nefertiti' / A. Dodson].

Question. Who really began that new ''religion'' {of a single god}. Father or Son?

Refresher: ''East a beginning. West its ending.''

N.B. ''Talatat: from a term used to describe their size - 'Three Handspans'....''

Odd/Even. Male/Female. Light / Heavy - as a means....?

''Westward leading, still proceding, guide us to thy....?


REFRESHER: "It is like the divine spark in every seed. First, we are penetrated from without toward the within. And when the germ of the seed has been awakened, the same process occurs as when a farmer sows his seed. That seed penetrates the earth, and the rays of the sun penetrate the seed...The power of the seed starts to awaken outward, and breaks the outer shell of the seed - reaching upward to meet the rays of the sunshine and grows higher and higher into the power of the light. That same process happens within all of us. We have to develop all that is within. A movement occurs - just as within an egg - a little chick starts to develop, starts to form. It is by this constant state of spiritual aspiration {inspiration?} that we 'grow', by our constant desire. We develop by our desires..." [Page 136 'Born of Water and Spirit' / Andrew Lohr].

Question. Which and why?

Question 2. Chickpea?

The Foundation of Mind Research / J. Houston.

abcdNow that foundation is exposed. Those that follow should find it no more difficult than any other subject. Once that begin to ‘get your head around it’. As you have to do in any subject. Try it. Start off with the idiot/ dummy series especially anything written by Dennis Hauck. Followed by authors such as Maurice Nicoll / K. Gest / R. Smolley /T. Freke / I. Regardie / P. F. Case / J. Black / C. Wilson / Celia Green / N. Scully / N. Ellis / J. Houston / P. Curott / A. Collins / Rene Guenon, M. Ling, F. Schuon, [in Mr Schuon case... only with a good head of hair. Dont laugh. Proof? See the 'bald' chap on the Phaistos disc {'Nefertem'?}. Compare to the one with a 'good head of hair' {'Hapi'?}. Whose laughing now? ] name but a few. Try and understand what they imply within those same books in relation to the keys mentioned. Then read those excellent researched books by such authors as A. Alford / G. Hancock / R. Bauval / D. Wilcock or Z. Sitchin. Attempt to 'see' what they don't see. That 'inner' one. Go on from there. Note down those common links. That is...if you truly want to understand another subject rather than leave it all, to those first impressions.

David Icke uses a similar term ''Seeing is decoding'' when attempting to understand some of the above. He can indeed 'see' [i.e.,understand] those 'altered states' that this subject has defined for thousands of years [in relation to A/B/C - i.e., 'Macro'] - and defines them like no other - almost in a poetic style - but as soon as anything relating to the 'serpent' is mentioned [this readers opinion only] he falls right off his very own precipice, [ 'Micro']. Mr Sitchin does the same - not quite; however as extreme as Mr Icke.

''At the precipice we change.''  Keanu Reeves. ['The Day the Earth Stood Still' / 2008].

'Seeing is believing' - Dynamo - O2 stadium.


"They build their individual towers of Babel which fall, as a rule, according to the law of all towers of Babel, and experience, sooner or later, a salutary fall, as is the teaching of the 16th card of the Tarot. They do not fall from a real height into a real abyss; it is only from an imaginary height that they fall only to the ground, i.e., they learn the lesson that we human beings of today have all learned or have still to learn..." [Taken from the book by the author Tomberg].

Question. Has that single {obsession?} been seeded from elsewhere? i.e.,...

"It is clear - and other mediums confirm this - that people like me are chosen to do our work. I've often been asked, who does the choosing, and i always answer: ' I wish i knew! Because i'd like to have a few words with him! ' I was often aware, however, that certain people were training me, particular when i was healing, including the doctor who had first made contact with me {i.e.,deceased}. I saw a lot of him during those early days, and began to communicate with him telepathically...Other spirits arrived, wanting to work with me. Two of them i hesitated to write about, because i realise that the stories sound so incredible. There was a phase when i began seeing rather frightening pictures of snakes, and found myself writing a lot of poetry. I was in bed one night when a man appeared and said: 'I'm William Blake, and i'd like to work with you.' It was he who was sending me the drawings. At that time i had no idea who he was. All i knew, was that i thought his pictures were creepy. I said, 'Please go away. I don't want this'. When a friend told me that Blake was a famous mystical artist and poet, i went to the library to find out more about him, and saw drawings exactly like those he had been sending me. After about two weeks of being shown these terrifying pictures, i finally said to him: 'Look, will you please push off! ' I never saw him again. [Extract from the book 'Mind to Mind' by Betty Shine].

Betty Shine the first person David Icke went to see, {after reading?}: Shortly after experiencing his own unusual events.

Proving the viability of research over those first impressionable ones {'shadow' ones?}.

Refresher: ''Denial of an aspect of wholeness is the key ingredient in the formation of the shadow." [Demetra George].

"Despite his success Icke wrote that in 1989 was a time of considerable personal despair, and it was during this period he began to feel a presence around him...Icke visited B. Shine four times - during the third meeting in 1990 he felt ''something like a spiders web on his face...'' [Wiki/D. Icke].

'Shadowland :{Spider World}' by C. Wilson.

'Arachne Rising: The Search for the Thirteenth Sign of the Zodiac' / J. Vogh.

Analogy of same..."I often reflected that my majestic master could easily have been an emperor or world-shaking warrior had his mind been centered on fame or worldly achievement. He had chosen instead to storm those inner citadels of wrath and egotism whose fall is the height of a man." [Extract from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi' ]. Try ''giant''.

Shadow = ''archon'' ?

A present day example..."Shortly after film school i was elevated to get into Art College to finally study a fine arts degree...Unfortunately , both the experience of film school and art school were littered with an array of tough challenges. And although i was at long last, pursuing my ambition of being an artist, i was steadily becoming a little worse mentally each day, aligning myself with a coterie of the wrong sort of people in London and setting myself up for a colossal fall." [Taken from the book by Q. S. Lam].

God is in the detales (details)As an example, {i.e.,in relation to an understanding of the 'serpent' symbol} - page 202 'Genesis Revisited'/ Z. Sitchin under the heading 'The Emblem of Entwined Serpents' "In the biblical tale of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, the antagonist of the lord god who had caused them to acquire 'knowing' [ the ability to procreate] was the Serpent, Nahash in Hebrew. The term has two other meanings: 'he who knows secrets' and 'he who knows copper'. These other meanings or word plays are found in the Sumerian epithet BUZUR for Enki, which meant 'he who solves secrets' and 'he of the metal mines'. I have therefore suggested in previous writings that, in the original Sumerian version, the 'Serpent' was Enki. His emblem was entwined serpents, it was the symbol of his cult center at Eridu [a], of his African domains in general [b], and of the pyramids in particular [c]; and it appeared on Sumerian illustrations on cylinder seals of the events described in the bible. What did the emblem of entwined serpents- the symbol for medicine and healing to this very day- represent? The discovery by modern science of the double helix structure of DNA offers the answer: the entwined serpents emulated the structure of the genetic code, the secret knowledge of which enabled Enki to create the Adam and then grant Adam and Eve the ability to procreate. The emblem of Enki as a sign of healing was invoked by Moses when he made a nehash nehosheth- a 'copper serpent'- to halt an epidemic afflicting the Israelites. Was the involvement of copper in the triple meanings of the term and in the making of the copper serpent by Moses due to some unknown role of copper in genetics and healing."

'Serpent' in relation to 'the fall' - by way of - mettle of the mind?

Walter Tull. Military Cross. A team mate of the 'Cobblers'. One of the first.

Something closer to the 'mark'.

A more closer to the 'mark' definition {understanding?} of same principle..."Adrian Gilbert, who was previously mentioned, has written several books on the subject of ancient knowledge and esoteric wisdom. In his book 'Signs in the Sky' he noted that the term 'serpent' was frequently used in ancient times to define a shadow cast by the sun. I couldn't help remembering that the Celtic cross in Northamptonshire shows an image of intertwined serpents on the circular head. This would make sense if the cross were used for measurements using the shadow of the sun, and a shadow was regarded in ancient times as a serpent." [From the book by K. Gest].

All things whether animate or inanimate have their 'flip side'. Positive/negatives. That ''duality'' principle that ALL use even before the written word came into common use.

Serpent of chaos?

'Shadow' in relation to ''the fall'' {S/W?}. All as a means...

Question. What would ''anima'' {positive aspect} be represented by? AND what direction would it be associated with, i.e.,bottom up or top down?

Something even closer to the 'mark': "....the focus of spiritual initiation and evolution were related as an ''unveiling of Isis''....The reference to being ''conceived'' through the goddess is a clear relation to ''divine birth'' i.e.,to be ''born again''....It is also a reference to the 'Serpent Power'. Isis and sister are the goddess of the serpent power. Being 'born' of them means being born of elevated consciousness....which is the innate life force, latent in every human being." [Page 191 'Egyptian Book of the Dead' / M. Ashby].

''The lengthened shadow of man is history...'' Quote from within.


''Meanders'' in a different form. 'See' it?

"There is more to the serpent than meets the eye. Its coils lie at the very foundation of the Western world, and so it is no wonder that is was the foundation stone of the West's greatest myths and legends." Back cover to the book 'The Serpent Grail: The Truth Behind the Holy Grail, The Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life' by P. Gardiner and G. Osborn.

Another example but now in the 'Macro' sense of the 'word' {i.e.,'serpent' }..."As mentioned, the lengthwise {E/W?} axis of Izapa's ballcourt {Mayan culture} is aligned to the December solstice horizon. A monument on the eastern end of the ballcourt shows one of the 'Hero Twins' standing victorious over a completely fallen Seven Macaw {who must be deposed before One Hunahpa can be 'reborn'}. On the western end of the ballcourt we find a throne and several small monuments that each encode the different metaphors by which the alignment was understood. The throne itself has carved legs between which a solar god's head, or solar Ahau face, is emerging. This birth scene faces eastward down the axis of the ballcourt toward the December solstice sunrise, where the convergence of solstice sun and 'dark rift' was tracked. Clearly, the throne depicts the future alignment as a birth. Next to the throne we find a circular stone ring in which a stone ball was placed. In the symbolism of the ball game the December solstice sun is the game ball and the dark rift {or Calactic Center} is the goal ring. Finally, next to the ring and ball we find a serpents head, which, like most ballcourt markers, originally had a solar Ahau face in its mouth. This is the devouring end-of-age image of the sun in the snake's mouth - implying that death must precede rebirth." [From the book 'Galactic Alignment: The Transformation of Consciousness According to Mayan, Egyptian, and Vedic Traditions' by J. M. Jenkins].

'Joined at the hip': {therefore Gemini/Thigh constellation links}?

'Shadow' in relation to 'light' as a means to a further {personal?} understanding, {as is the intention of the word 'Throne' in relation to 'West'}. Nothing else. ''End-of-age'' in relation to 'the tail end' of something begins the process {beginning} of something else - defined as the 'end of the world' i.e., death/rebirth {DECEMBER 2012}. Or more to the point {in the 'macro' sense of the 'word'} - the beginning of a new age, i.e., Aquarius - thereafter new symbols {archetypes?} used - but which still explains/explores that SAME subject material {in the form of a 'journey'?}.


In 'journey' form?

"In the old religion a snake symbolizes the Inner Wisdom that is intuition." [Extract found and enlarged elsewhere].

"...they have adopted that of Gnosis, which represents simply the notion of learning by intuition." quote within the book by E. Levi.

'God is in the details'.

Mysticism is the source and root of all religions." [Quote from the book by Tomberg]. Link to the word ''Gnosis'' and what it implies, i.e.,in relation to that universal framework and/or the contents of this web page... What the author finally defines as ''spiritual touch'' or ''intuition''.

'Devil in the details'?

"The word 'spiritual' should be associated with the word 'eyes'. This is a reference to the eyes of the mind or heart. To see is to understand." [From the book by T. Nottingham].

A side step..."As for the serpent , the Bible sometimes employs it to symbolize healing and genuine wisdom, but its subtlety is usually sinister. For it came straight from the abhorred fertility cults of the Canaanites and Aramaeans. ['Eve' originally, may not have been derived from 'hay', [life], but from 'hiwya', the Aramaic for snake]......."But 'J' [in relation to the 'authors of the Bible i.e., J, P, D, E ], improves on these traditions by using the serpent to stand for the duality of good and evil, which was familiar to the Persians, and later found a way into the Hebrew religion." [Chapter 9, 'The History of Ancient Israel'. Mentioned elsewhere]. i.e.,..

Side note: That ''duality'' that can be represented as {examples of}: King/Queen and/or Thorns/Roses, i.e.,'petals' {flowers?} and/or Dark/Light and/or Bitter/Sweet and/or Spotted/ Unspotted and/or Redeemed/Unredeemed and/or Lucky/Unlucky and/or Ebb/Flow and/or Waxing/Waning and/or Separate/Union and/or Shield/Cup and/or Circle/Square and/or Line/Arc and/or East/West and/or North/South and/or Womb/Tomb and/or Death/Rebirth etc.



'internal' ?

Continued: "...The brain is therefore an organ effecting mimicry, choosing what it is going to mime. It mimes accordingly. Now relevant mimicry is precisely what the Book of Genesis understands by 'cunning' when it says that - " the serpent was more cunning than any other wild creature that the lord god had made" {Genesis iii, 1}. It is, as it were the 'psychological' principle of the serpent, just as enfoldment and movement in a closed circle is its 'dynamic' principle, [i.e.,from 'uncoiled' to coiled. Explained elsewhere. This readers input]. To be cunning is to mime wisdom." [Taken from the book by Tomberg]. ALL as a representation of something. That something that defines a learning process. Represented as 'intelligence' in relation to 'wisdom', i.e.,as represented in one form of expression, with the figures 'Virgil' and 'Beatrice'. Enlarged elsewhere. The real question is - if only for this reader- fact or fiction. A possibility or not?

'Serpent Power' by Sebai Ashby - Just as Dennis Hauck explains Alchemy like no other [if only for this reader,i.e., it was Mr Haucks well grounded understanding - of a difficult subject - that gave this reader his initial inspiration to delve deeper in order to understand the whole] - then Mr Ashby does the same for the ''serpent'', i.e.,what it represents. Try ''precipice'' in the usual box.

This subject not only explains what the 'serpent' truly represents, [as well as other words such as ''copper'' and ''triple'' as already proven]- but understanding the 'divine' relative to A/B/C gives clues as to where that 'start point' is most likely, i.e.,the '12th planet', should there be one, cannot be in [A], the physical world. Think about it, relative to chapter 5, 'The Zelator' and...

"The 'primal revelation', which is referred to by theology and to which natural religion is due, is the hope and faith, which vibrates both in the whole world and in each particular being [generally as a subconscious conviction], that life proceeds from a 'holy' source, that it flows towards an end of supreme worth, and that it is 'gift, benediction and vocation." [Extract taken from the book by Tomberg]. Together with...

A representation of higher or lower or both?

"In speaking of 'higher' or 'lower' worlds, i do not mean to describe an actual physical relation; for in the realm of the spiritual there is no such division, and the words 'high' and 'low' refer only to the place of any particular 'world' on the ladder of causality. To call a world higher signifies that it is more primary, more basic in terms of being close to a primal source of influence; while a lower world would be a secondary world- in a sense a copy. Yet that copy is not just an imitation but rather a whole system, with a more or less independent life of its own, its own variety of experience, characteristics, and properties. The world in which we ordinarily live, with all that it embraces, is called the 'world of action': and it includes the world of both our sensual and non-sensual apprehension. But this world of action itself, is not all of the same essence and same quality. The lower part of the world of action is what is known as the 'world of physical nature' and of more or less mechanical processes...that is to say, the world where nature law prevails; while above this world of physical nature, is another part of the same world, which we may call the 'world of spiritual action'. What is common to these two domains[i.e.,A+B, this readers input] of the 'world of action' is man, the human creature so situated between them that he partakes of both." [page 4, 'The Thirteen Petalled Rose' by A. Steinsaltz]. Think about it, relative to, ...

On what side of the equal sign would 'B' be placed if it was indeed 'primary' over 'A'. Left or right of the equal sign? What would that answer relate to... relative to 'C'?

As a side note - just as Mr Ashby and Mr Hauck have been mentioned - the works of Tomberg - once again; if only for this reader - does the same in relation to the those same universal keys and principles being expressed [and therefore represented] - but now within the Christian and Catholic sub-division - BY WAY OF - the Hermetic one. There is a difference. Can you by now 'see' it yet? If not - study more. As one does in any subject - depending on interest.

Tower {of the fish}?

"...This is why we have repeated so many times in these 'Letters' that practical [i.e.,lived] Hermeticism is neither occult science, nor magic, not gnosis, nor mysticism - but rather their synthesis. For it is a 'tree' not a 'tower'. And it is man himself; the whole man - who is at one at the same time philosopher and magician, gnostic and mystic - who is the 'tree'. " [Extract from the book by Tomberg. 'Letter 16' ].

Tower of Babel? Question. Why should the tree be different? What does it represent?

nhy"A working example: "The process John went through to have his revelatory experience, combined with the content of the experience, reveals a spiritual, mystical approach to life. The mystical approach is founded upon a belief that each of us can have an immediate, intuitive perception of spiritual truths {eureka?} that transcend ordinary intellectual understanding by experiencing a direct, intimate union of our soul with god." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way']. 'See' it?

Try ''tongue'' to see something from the Egyptian point of view.

Information gained by way of an ’imaginary’ exercise. Choose your own names. Fill in the blanks. For ‘aspiration / inspiration’ use only, i.e., what these authors refer to as 'practical imagination', [cognitive faculty / eye of horus etc. Explained elsewhere], as opposed to the 'fantasy' aspect of same. Positive aspect of the imagination over its negative. Islams equivalent, the word Barzakh, i.e.,"Barzakh is the world of the imagination that stands as a mesocosm between the spiritual and material worlds. It is the 'interworld', as Henry Corbin calls it." ['The Universal Tree and the Four Birds' by Ibn Arabi].

"The imagination is a 'sun', in the soul of man, acting in his own sphere, as the sun of the earth acts in him." [ Paracelsus].

"Two ways of making a good living....There are two ways of making a good living. One is the result of hard working, and the other, the result of the imagination [requires work, too, of course]. Some may not believe it, but i spent hours perfecting whatever i did." [Taken from Part four, 'on achievement', from the book, 'Striking Thoughts' {Bruce Lee's Wisdom for Daily Living'} by J. Little].

Or what the author of 'The Sacred History' and 'The Secret History of the World' calls 'idealism',i.e.,"The philosophical term for the 'mind came first' view is 'idealism'. It's a confusing term, because outside academia it is more often used to mean the pursuit of high ideals, while students of philosophy, at least those studying in Anglo-American tradition, encounter it as a quaint theory of knowledge which no one really believes any more and which was last seriously defended in the eighteen century by Bishop Berkeley. For most of history though, idealism was a cosmology and an all embracing heartfelt philosophy of life". [Preface to the book, 'The Sacred History' by J. Black].

clock2Analogy of same? "...Assuming that irrefutable form of idealism which contents itself with the demonstration that, knowledge being a function of the mind, as the materialists not merely concede, but insist, the universe as we know it is equivalent to the contents of that mind; and assuming also that the mind contains a power able to control thought; then there is no absurdity in asserting that mind may be the master of matter..." [Extract from the book 'The Magister' ].

"Imagination' is a mental force with power to create matter and also to move it like a magnet. 'God' imagined the world into existence, and through our imagination we become co-creators....An individuals imagination plays a crucial role in moulding that world around that individual. It exerts a pressure on the fabric of space-time, pushing or pulling it, so that the ripples start locally, before spreading out across the universe." [Same book].. Together with...

Frog/egg/serpent/bird. Connect them in the internal sense of the word. ''Sweat of the brow''?

"The ancients lived in a cosmos concerned for humanity, and higher mathematics was one way of describing that concern. Some people are hostile to mysticism because they see it as a lapse into lazy or infantile thinking. That is not the case here. The thinking is extraordinary complex and insightful - but it is not empirical thinking. It is the thinking of 'idealism' working itself out into the world and discovering the way the world works, by means of, 'this way' of thinking." [Chapter 6, same book].

"To Jung, the imagination was the key to the secret of nature in alchemy, and the secret of the self in analytical psychology. The 'imaginatio' as the alchemists understood it, is in truth a key that opens the door to the secret of the Opus''. [Extract from the book by M. Katz].

"Mysticism is the source and root of all religions." [Quote from the book by Tomberg]. Link to the word ''Gnosis'' and what it implies, i.e.,in relation to that universal framework and/or the contents of this web page.

Understanding those universal keys within a 'framework' - defines all the above - gives them all - possible substance - a possible form to work on. Before those bigger questions are asked.

Example of same,[positive aspect], could be 'visualizing' oneself in an interview prior to the actual event. Going over what you would like to say, and how you would say it, in order to give a good impression. As a means of giving your self the best possible chance of achieving something that one has an interest in.

Another example could be... Several friends, [numbers / characters yet unknown], or 'outward bound’ participants come together on a climbing expedition. A ‘fatal’ accident occurs and they all find themselves you know where, [ ‘Afterlife’]. Fortunately each individual has a good understanding of certain subjects. Mythology, Astrology, Sciences, Physics, Religions e.t.c., They pool all these resources of information together and with additional information acquired from the individuals they meet over there begin to understand the purpose of their new environment. Which falls in line with all known ‘esoteric’ lore as briefly explained an example. [ use this link].

For example there will be a Muslim / Asian character who amongst other things understands the Quran. Who now besides trying to understand his own religion in relation to his new environment; and visu/versu; goes in search for his older brother who was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and who ‘died’ many years previously, [suicide bomber]. He himself, [older brother], since being ‘over there’ has been waiting for his expected ‘just rewards’, [twelve virgins plus paradise. Or is it twenty- four?]. Needless to say he is not a happy chap when nothing shows up. Not even Allah/God.

Every one agrees regardless of culture or religion that god = allah and allah = god, i.e., Yahwah/YHWH. As explained for the ‘Allah’ equivalent of same ... in that ‘third and final message’...The Quran:- In such books as ‘The Mystical Dimensions of Islam’. By A. Schimmel. As an example. The Quran is composed of what is termed as suras. The largest of which are at its beginning. The smallest towards the end. In other words, recalling Mr Bohr's discipline...from a broad base to a fine point. Do you see anything? One of those ancient symbols. Mentioned elsewhere. Islams esoteric equivalent... are the ’Muqatta-at’. Those ’letters’ that prefix certain sura-s, that not even Muhammad understood. Or at least decided not to mention. It IS surprising however that no mention was made, of same, even within Islams 'Hadiths'. More surprisingly...not even the question.... as what they were, or their importance, has ever been recorded. Every generation since the creation of the Quran up to the present day, have speculated on what those letters mean. Yet no answer came from either Muhammad or within those Hadiths. There has to be a reason... as there is in all things...That inner one? {i.e., in the individual sense of the word}.

...The starry inscription at one's birth, i came to understand, is not that man is a puppet of his past. Its messages is rather a prod to pride; the very heavens seek to arouse man's determination to be free from every limitation. God created each man as a soul, dowered with individuality, hence essential to the universal structure, whether in the temporary role of pillar or parasite. His freedom is final and immediate, if he so wills; it depends not on outer but inner victories." [Extract from the book on the life of Paramahansa Yogananda. Enlarged elsewhere ]. Try ''parasite'' {and/or 'its' variations}.

Joffrey Baratheon? {Game of Thrones}.

"We now begin a series of seven Surahs [40-46] to which are affixed the Abbreviated letters Ha - Mim [i.e.,part of the Muqatta-at collection]. Chronologically they all belong to the same period, the later Makkan period, and they immediately follow the last Surah in time. As to the precise meaning of Ha - Mim no authoritative explanation is available. If Mim here has a significance to a line similar elsewhere, i.e.,Alif, Lam, Mim - it means the end of things, the last day, and all these Surahs [seven] direct our special attention to that ''Ha''; the emphatic guttural, in contrast to the softer breathing of Alif; may be meant to suggest that the Beginning - is only for the end; the present for the future...But this is mere conjecture, and should be taken for no more than it is worth." [Introduction to Surah 40 of the Quran, by Yusuf Ali]. Think about it in relation to what 'forty' and 'seven' represent within this subject. The tail end of something begins the start of something else? Then try ''ha ha''.

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

Possibility of. I.e., "stretching ones envelope." in relation to being on the 'verge', [boundary line] of understanding something new. [Link to Enki, "stretching, his own boundaries". Symbolism of. Mentioned elsewhere].

New Testament equivalent..."Seek and you will find. Knock and it shall be opened". Link to 'doors', false or real, in pagan or Egyptian 'constructions',i.e.,small 'doors' within the shafts in Queens chamber. Mentioned elsewhere.

'Alchemy' equivalent: "Neophyte grade {MThIHD} ; meaning 'converted'. The root of the word 'converted', other than its obvious usage in religious terminology, is 'to turn around'. It signifies a turning around of attention to that which is not apparent. It is when the person in Plato's cave first wonders about the shadows on the wall and turns around to see from where they are being cast. This begins a new phase in their life, hence 'Neophyte'; one 'new' to that direction...The word MThChIL is also similar to MThIChH meaning 'stretched', 'extended'. The conversion or transformation that goes on at Neophyte is one where the person is stretched...Interesting by gematria, the word has the value of 488 , the same value as PhThCh, meaning 'gate, 'entrance' 'insight'. " [Extract from the book 'The Magister' ].

Landscape equivalent - a u-turn. See it?

"Indeed the material Ka'ba in the city of Makka is kept clean for the pilgrims. How much cleaner should one keep the inner Ka'ba upon which truth will gaze. After these preparations the inner pilgrim wraps himself in the light of the holy spirit, transforming his material shape into the inner essence, and circumambulates the Ka'ba of the heart, inwardly reciting the second divine name - Allah, the proper name of god. He moves in circles because the path of essence is not straight but circular. ITS end is its beginning. Then he goes to the 'Arafat' of the heart, that inner place of supplication, that place where one hopes to know the secret of 'There is no god but He, Who is One and Who has no partners......" [Chapter 18, 'Secret of Secrets' by Al - Jilani]. Think on it relative to what was once known as the ''Great Year.'' Also put ''supplication'' in the box.

Question. Any u-turn within that 'landscape'?

REFRESHER: Hebrew equivalent {i.e.,Deuteronomy}: "If you return to your god. If with all your heart and soul you obey his 'voice'. Then he will bring back your captives. Should you have been banished to the very sky's end your god will gather you again - even from there."

"The only books worth our attention are those which spring from the heart and in turn speak to the heart, the Sufis tell us, and by the 'heart' they do not mean the source of psychological feelings but something much more profound. 'Heart' can be understood as the very center of our psycho - physical being, as the meeting place of soul and mind or, more precisely, as the focal point [link to 'anchor'[key]], where the mind, which in itself is all knowledge or light, is reflected in the mirror of the 'soul'.....

''...meeting place'' in relation to 'crossover' point - therefore that link to horizontal/vertical symbolism. Purpose of.

Side note: "Perhaps it is the ancient importance of this Dog on the Nile that has given the popular name - the Egyptian X - to the figure formed by the stars Procyon and Betelgeuze, Naos and Phaet - with Sirius at the vertices of the two triangles and the center of the letter. On our maps Sirius marks the nose of the Dog...Some have called it Mazzaroth of the Book of Job..." [Info. on Canis Major 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

Try ''rose'' and/or ''Rosicrucians'' for something further.

"As the Prophet says, 'There is a piece of meat in mans body - when it is in a good state, the whole being improves, and when it is in a bad state, the whole being falls apart. Be aware, that piece of meat is the heart." [Extract taken from chapter 14, 'The Secret of Secrets'].

''gather'' in relation to ''falls apart'' - Recall Part 1.

Side note: "Consciousness is that which one carries within oneself, which rules from within to without until it has totally enlightened us, and it never leaves us stranded, regardless of the neglect into which one might have allowed it to fall." ['Journey into the Light']. Try ''fall''.

.....We have anticipated then, one of the principle themes of the book by Ibn Arabi, a work concerned essentially with the role of various 'prophets' in 'revelation'. Ibn Arabi names some 27 prophets, all of whom are mentioned in the Quran, each one is a 'vessel' {vase?} of divine wisdom [i.e.,representational of. This readers input] which, owing to this fact, takes on human nature with its limitations, all the while remaining one and indivisible in itself... ''Water derives its color from the vessel that holds it,'' Sufi al-Junaid maintains. This law which places in opposition, the light of revelation and a plan which reflects and confines it, is repeated on every level of the macrocosm and microcosm, of the world, and of man." [Preface to the book,'The Bezels of Wisdom' by Ibn Arabi. Emphasis, this readers].

Ibn al-Arabi who himself was born on the twenty seventh of Ramadan in A.H.560.

"The solar calendar yielded 12 months, each consisting of thirty days. Every day was associated with a mythic event...such as the 27th of ATHYS {our November 7}, which was the day that Horus and Set made peace after their struggle." [From the book by R. Clark].

Side note: "Sharatan and Mesarthim {Stars in Aries} constituted the 27th nakshatra {'Lunar Mansions'} - the Ashwins or horseman...The two horsemen corresponding to the Gemini of Rome, but figured as a horses head...'' [Page 82, 'Star Names Their Lore and Meaning']. Try ''Ashwin'' to make a connection to the greater whole. Part 2.

"Twenty-seven is interesting, from the mathematical viewpoint, as the third power of the sacred three, thus as Plutarch noted, as first odd, or masculine cube. It also belongs to the lunar numbers, since the moon is at best visible 3x9 nights. Like 18, 27 appears frequently in traditions where 9 was of importance...In Russian folktales the hero often traverses 3x9 countries before reaching his goal. The number is common in the folk traditions of eastern Europe, such as collecting 27 flowers on St. John's night for protection or prognostication. In Lithuania describes the planting and growing of 3x9 rue, again for protective purposes. 27 is mentioned in ancient Egypt, but in a negative sense. In a board game with 30 squares, the 27th, called water, [wet/dry and/or 'lunar' link. This readers input]- means loss: the player who lands on it loses the game, and it has been speculated that dim memories of the dark moon are reflected in this negative result." [Taken from 'The Mystery of Numbers' by Annemarie Schimmel].

Egypt more 'solar' {'known'} than 'lunar' {'UNknown'} ? As a means...?

OR static/dynamic link?

Question. Can you see the connection between ''water'' ''dark'' and ''negative''? What about dry/light and positive? = ''reflection of a positive result''; represented as the full moon? Question 2. What would that answer indicate? Try ''cube'',i.e.,what does it represent? and why ''masculine''. Clue. Shadow or anima? As a start [or anchor] point, of something. Try ''27''.

Now in its positive sense of the 'word' {i.e.,''manifested''}: "As for jewelry, we cite only the bracelet of king Djer, {1st Dyn.} made of 27 elements each having the shape of a palace-facade crowned by a falcon. Thirteen gold parts, poured molten into a mold and then chiselled and burnished, alternate with fourteen turquoise elements." ['Sacred Science'].

Side note: Expeditions by Sneferu { 'Smiter of Barbarians'} to the Sinai for turquoise. And/or Hathor Lady of turquoise miners. And/or ''The ratio between the meanders of a river and its width is always somewhere between 10-14." [B. Cox].

Define the parts to 'see' the whole. BEFORE those two bigger questions are asked.

Analogy: ''The Lady with balls. Almighty ones.'' 'Bull-of-the-mother'?

Working example: ''A late text says of Mut 'she is the mother of mothers who gives birth to every god, the wonderful snake who wound herself around her father Re and placed him on earth as Khons'...her most important center lay across from Hierakonpolis, and to her belonged the per-wer shrine....Khons-identified person is said to be able to penetrate into 'the finger, toe, body, arm, the knee and head of Osiris' and grow like the plants, being adorned 'like the turtles' {i.e., Spell 310 +311}. Covered with such a shell {'carapace'?}, the person becomes an incarnation of the moon god, though oppositiion to the rising sun of the east. 'Re lives, the turtle dies'....explained by the fact that the new crescent moon is first observed in the West each month as the sun is setting. He replaces Re in the underworld {i.e., the old man of the west}...illuminating the darkness for those on earth....Like Re identified with E/W: 'comes into being like Khepri'....wears the turquoise Menit necklace - over his 'shoulders'...and holds the Uas scepter {Was}...'Iam the double lock of hair that is on the bald'....only fully understood with Min -Amun-Bull-of-his-Mother...'' [Pages 78-80 'Hathor Rising' / A. Roberts].

Refresher: ''Fifteen represents the zenith of lunar power, and its relation to the moon can be deduced from the name of an old German measure called Mandel, 'little moon, part of a moon', which consisted of 15 items such as eggs or other small things....Sacred to Ishtar {'5'} + sum of first five integers as well as product of two sacred numbers {3x5} + quarter of 60 - highest number {of god} in Babylon culture...'' ['Mystery of Numbers'].

Venus? 8 beams?

Fifteen Stela's at the boundaries at Amarna? Can that number tell us anything about 'Nefertiti'?

'Three' aspects 'under ones belt'? All within the 'circle'. Squaring the circle? A 'gift'? Receiving or giving?

Change of pace..."Such a division of the 7 into these two constituent principles: the spiritual 3 and the material 4, was used time and again..." [Taken from 'Mystery of Numbers'].

The two brothers are as opposite as Cain/Able. Eventually they get together, sort their differences out, both individually and within the group and then go on to solve a few more ’Group’ questions. He himself, [Asian character/ senior], understands Sufi lore and Egyptian ancient history. It is he who believes he has worked out the final resting place of the three Pharoahs.

Question. You could say. Whats the point? No financial or similar benefit could be gotten from it. Considering their ‘circumstances’. The benefit would be the verification [verily, verily. New Testament]- of the subject. Then for it to be used in their own environment / situation. This character is only mentioned as an example of the positive aspect of the ‘imaginary’ materials framework. Since 9/11 all authors have jumped on the proverbial bandwagon with predictable results. This variation; you may agree; or may not; has a positive twist. Not for the sake of making the story 'different'. But simply because that's the way the story line pans out, i.e.,sometimes the bad guys make good. Nor do we need this subject to inform us of that basic fact.

Everyone knows someone, either directly or indirectly, who while starting on the wrong foot/tack/path has managed to 'change' that situation around. Which fits in with all the amentioned authors.