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kkkkAnalogy of same; but now by applying what ''eye'' represents - IN RELATION - to that 'gap'..."When i began drawing the mandalas - i saw that everything; all the paths i had been following; all the steps i had taken - were leading back to a single point - namely to the mid-point. It became increasingly plain to me that the mandala is the center. It is the exponent of all paths. It is the path to the center {horseshoe?} to individuation...I knew that in finding the mandala as an expression of the self, i had attained what was for me, the ultimate. Perhaps someone else knows more, but not me." [C. G. Jung].

Try ''hero'' to see if you personally agree or disagree. On all pages.

'The Well of Memory'... "I am parched with thirst - 'dying.' Drink from me, the eternal spring, on the right by the cypress. Who are you? Where are you from? I am a 'child' of earth and starry heaven, but my race is of heaven." [Same book]. Put ''memory'' in the box. Question. What is the difference between 'starry heaven' and 'heaven' ? Clue....

"I want to know , sir - when shall i see god?"

"You have found him."

three-and-a-half"Oh no, sir, I don't think so!" My Guru was smiling. ''I am sure you aren't expecting a venerable Personage, adorning a throne in some antiseptic corner of the cosmos! I see, however, that you are imagining, that possession of miraculous powers is proof that one has found god. No. One might gain power to control the whole universe - yet find the Lord elusive still. Spiritual advancement is not to be measured by ones displays of outward powers, but solely by the depth of his bliss in mediation. 'Ever new joy, is god. He is inexhaustible'...The starry inscription at one's birth, i came to understand, is not that man is a puppet of his past. Its messages is rather a prod to pride; the very heavens seek to arouse man's determination to be free from every limitation. God created each man as a soul, dowered with individuality, hence essential to the universal structure, whether in the temporary role of pillar or parasite. His freedom is final and immediate, if he so wills; it depends not on outer but inner victories." [Extract from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi'].

''Divine bit'' [awareness of], in relation to ''framework'' relative to cause and effect = freedom of something? i.e., awareness [over a period of time?] = a connection? Link to the word ''joy'' and/or ''grace''.

Analogy of same..."I will present the psychological aspect of the tradition, particular Jungian thinking, and show how it relates to alchemy and, perhaps more importantly initiation - the later a relationship that has not been touched upon by other authors..." [Extract from the book 'The Magister' ].

This web page has ''touched'' on the above - throughout.

Question. Sense / nonsense. A possibility or not?

www (2)A working example?..."To be aware of higher reality while dealing with ordinary reality requires an effort of awareness, detachment, concentration and insight which are the result of long patience. These experiences of vaster consciousness have been tasted by everyone in rare moments of our lives and are reminiscent of the wonder years of childhood. But despite the deep emotion or astonishing joy that accompanies them {eureka moments?}, they are always fleeting, ephemeral, and uncontrollable. The disciplines of the Work eventually make the practitioner receptive to longer, more frequent encounters with these regenerating and illuminating events." ['The Wisdom of the 4th Way']. Continued elsewhere.

Analogy with same intent in mind; with the same aim: "...In taking infinite pains to shroud with mystery His presence in the atoms of creation, the 'creator' could have had but one motive, one sensitive desire: that man seek him only through free will..." As does...

Refresher: " I make no secret whatsoever of the fact that my rather revolutionary model of the atom came to me in a dream.'' Niels Bohr.

"The 'good life' is a process. The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination. The good life constitutes a direction selected by the total organism, when there is psychological freedom to move in ANY direction." [Taken from Part three, 'on matters of existence' from the book, 'Striking Thoughts' { Bruce Lee's Wisdom for Daily Living} by J. Little.

An American / Mongolian student. The archetypal equivalent...that every student aspires to. Attributes of determination / fortitude / discipline / purpose...all forged together within that most important one. The well grounded one, [as well as the obvious intelligence]. Sets off to find the lost tomb of Genghis Khan. Galvanized by the tales told by one of his relations. That their ancestors "had come from the north", [ ‘Lost tomb of Genghis Khan’. National geographic channel. Can also be seen on ‘You tube’ ].

A ‘temple’ structure of some description was finally located within a certain ‘mountain’. just as Khufu-s sarcophagus was found within the kings chamber within that well known similar structure...but no body was found. Or will be found. To find that location, understand this subject.

Picture 340

Do they speak for Mother Russia or just Poo-tin?

Side note: That structure {i.e.,Kings chamber and/or 'room'?} that seems to be constructed differently from the norm as described in such works as 'Pyramid of Secrets' - in relation to: "A few days later our master left us. He died in his room below the loft, its floor newly sprung on wire cable supports. Almost immediately, we had an insight into that curious image of Vivien and Merlin that had been conjured by the doors. Our wizard master had been in the well - in the room beneath the loft - and was already on the point of death. What strange previsions are called forth from a Fool on the path. Is the sting of 'death' {uraeus link} meant for those who die, or for those who remain behind? This was the question we would ask ourselves...Perhaps the 'poison' in the sting {'Scorpion'?} is that so much remains behind, reminding one of what has been lost. Many of his words still echoed in our mind, and his example still guided our footsteps - at least as an ideal if not as an actual practiced reality...He seemed to live in our 'heart', and even in our head, in that incessant chatter which, we learn in the Schools, is the excrement of thought...Venus is called the planet of 'love' by those who do not know about the Mysteries', he had said..." Continued elsewhere. ['The Zelator'. All emphasis, this readers].

Try ''turd'' / ''anus'' to see it from a different perspective.

Analogy: The Dung Gate in the Valley of Hinnom - S/W Jerusalem {Kathleen Nichols/Magdala}.

Coincidence or a mind set?

Refresher: "Everyone has an internal thought process: that silent other self who speaks to you; the one you debate with."

''Analogy: ''These temples {i.e., Isis} differ from the Moon Temples of Thoth - in that they have an actual architectural presence, whereas the Moon Temple of Thoth at this time exists only on the etheric plane {with the exception of Thoth's teaching chapel, which is a converted hayloft}. Yet the instructions for building all these temples comes directly from Source." [Page 8 'The Union of Isis and Thoth' / N. Ellis and N. Scully].

Male/female. Anima/Animus?

Analogy: ''The three daughters of Allah'' {on the 'back' of a 'lion'?}

A work in progress: ''Nefertiti's 'sunshade' lay in what is now known as Kom el-Nana. This lies at the southern end of an axis that begins at the very north of the Amarna site, in what would become the Northern City, which included the Northern Riverside Palace - apparently the royal family's principle residence. The axis then runs in a 'straight line' southward, passing close to a further {North} palace and then through the HEART of the Central City, with the two main Aten Temples fronting on to it {'H'?} and the Great Palace straddling it. This section would become the ''Royal Road,'' but beyond this point housing rapidly grew up, leaving Kom el-Nana isolated, seemingly without any ceremonial access FROM the north. Kom el-Nana was enclosed by a buttressed mud-brick enclosure wall, with pylon entrances in the west, south, and east, but apparently NOT north. It was subdivided into a Northand South section, both with gardens and 'pits' for trees. The SOUTHERN section was focused on the so called South Shrine - LARGE blocks used instead of the usual talatat - and extensively decorated. On the basis of the style of its reliefs and the PRESENCE therein of ONLY THE THREE elder daughters, this southern sector seems to have been constructed early in the building process at Amarna.'' [Page 35 'Nefertit' / A. Dodson].

Question. 'Kings chamber'. 'Loft' above it? Anything found within it - when first discovered? Top/down or bottom/up as a means...?

And/or: ''For i suddenly knew that we alL contain ''so much more'' than we think we do. The image came to me of a house {or temple?} with many floors, and i saw that in ordinary awareness we live on a shelf in the ATTIC of our selves, leaving the other floors relatively uninhabited and the basement locked. What furnishings and books, what interesting artworks and be found in the rooms of the many -mansioned self. Treasure troves to be sure.....within the interior castle....Some once and future self woke up in me then and knew that i had no other choice but to pursue the path of Hermes, the trickster, and invent a career that would discover ways of tapping into that ''so much more'' of deep knowledge that WE ALL CARRY IN THE NESTED GNOSIS WITHIN.'' [Page 116, 'A Mythic Life'].

Question. Kings chamber = attic? If so, what does that imply to the 'whole'?

The 'picture' of Dorian Gray. Kept in the 'loft'.

Refresher: "Whether our master had in mind an intentional symbolism in this request to clear out the upper room, we shall never know. We had realized some considerable time ago that the main impediment to our spiritual development lay in our untrained thinking, as much as the accumulation of debris {'loft'?} in our minds..." [same book]. Try ''Herod'' to see something from the alternative point of view.

Upper room of the last supper?

Something extra: ''Vibration of Etheric Substance, Causing light through regions of space {'coal sacks' or 'Ostrich' nests?}….A girdle of Something, enfolding, and binding together the race....And words without wires transmitted, ''Ariel'' - winged, spirit-sandaled and shod - Some call it Electricity {'137'?}….And others call it God." [Extract from a poem by Dr. Carey {page 20} from the book 'The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation' / Inez Perry].

Golden sandels on Tutankhamun.

God is in the detail.

Question. 'Face' of a king or sahu?. Question 2. Does that {mindset} tell us anything about his 'Mother'? Try Sunshade?

A working example: ''The mobility of the khaibit....holds an earthly shape, an energetic image of the essential is not the soul itself. It recalls the record of one lifetime alone, whereas the soul is the culmination of many 'lifetimes' and experiences....Khaibit, or shadow, earth bound shape; whereas sahu, its twin etheric body, is the glorified body of light that lives with 'the gods'....the transfigured self....the body of gold...the immortal body.'' ['Dreams of Isis' / N. Ellis].

Ancient and modern cultures alike speak of the light phenomenon we call the aura, that energy field resonant around the body. The Indians call it prana; the Chinese, chi; Cabalists call it nefesh; but the ancient Egyptians called it the BODY OF GOLD, or sahu.'' [Page 142, same book].

'Tut's Treasures: Hidden Secrets' / Nat. Geo / S1. E2].

'Hands' behind back? Does he not want to 'catch' his 'fall'?

And/or: "Sweet pity held me, in a long embrace; compassion took me, like love itself on fire. But this is richer, tantamount to grace. The cutting edge of language, as it hurls me higher. And on the heights, I walk immortal space, with death below - new words on the high wire." [Extract from the poem 'Tinkering With the Fine Tuning' from the book 'The Hand in the Well' / S. Barker].

Get a 'hang' on those keys to 'see' something other than the obvious. To see inside a mindset.

i.e., as one example ''edge'' in relation to say the ''hoar's way''

Something 'hinted' at - by way of - an analogy to a similar 'key': ''Elsewhere in the book he deplores the lack of interest in that which is worth while, at the same time analysing the word ''pastime''. He says, 'The world, out of its own use of this word, renders judgement against itself. For it is concerned with amusements and pleasures which do not really satisfy the mind and fill it with the sense of an abiding and satisfying joy; they serve only; as this word confesses, to pass away the time, to prevent it from hanging an intolerable burden, on man's hands; all which they can do at the best is to prevent man from discovering and attending to their own internal poverty and dissatisfaction and want." [Page 50 'The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation' / Inez Perry].

Side note: ''What is that ''Spark'' which ''hangs from the flame?''. It is Jiva, the Monad in conjunction with Manas, or rather its aroma - that which remains from each personality, when worthy, and hangs from Atma-Buddhi, the Flame, by the thread of life. In whatever way interpreted, and into what ever number of principles the human being is divided, it may easily be shown that this doctrine is supported by all the ancient religions....As in the case of the Hebrew culture - the entire system of the Kabalistic numerals is based on the divine septenary hanging from the Triad {thus forming the Decade}, and its permutations 7, 5, 4, and 3, which finally, all merge into the one itself: an endless and boundless circle. The Deity {the ever Invisible Presence}, says the Zohar, ''manifests itself through the ten Sephiroth which are its radiating witnesses." [Page 238/9 'The Secret Doctrine' / H. P. Blavatsky].

6e329d14-103a-4ac1-8e4c-d288acbdbb99.grid-6x2[1] (3)

Herod's deliberately smashed 'red' coffin - reassembled. Question. Rose? Other clues elsewhere.

'Upper Room'. {Syriac Monastery of St. Mark / Jerusalem}.

Continued: As an example: : "Lucius had known from the very beginning of his affliction - that if only he could eat a rose, then he would return to his human condition. Now, an initiate priest in the processional {prepared for such action by the goddess} holds towards the ass a bunch of roses. The Golden Ass, rich with all the knowledge and suffering he has gained through his bestial servitude, eats the roses, and is transformed, as in a miracle, back into the 'higher' man." [Same book].

''Upper'' in relation to ''higher'' and/or ''rose'' in relation to ''Rostau''? Enlarged elsewhere.

Rostau in relation to the Osiris shaft. Understanding that, gives clues as to a possible location.

N.B. Osiris = God of the Moon. OR MORE IMPORTANTLY - WHAT THE 'moon' REPRESENTS.

"Those who read the wild Latin of Lucius Apulcius would have known that the Latin for rose, {Ros}, was also the name used for the dew - fall from 'Heaven,' the secret liquor of the Moon, which was one of the mysteries of the Ros-icrucians." [Notes for the above paragraph. Same book].

Question. Is the ''rose'' OR ''dew-fall'' REPRESENTED within the Giza complex?

'See' it?

''We are here at one of the entrances to the great temple at Amon, where the image of water is always evoked. Accentuating this element, the composition goes so far as to use long lines of 'prisoners' to symbolise undulating waves of water. In terms of the myth {of Kadesh}, Amon indeed manifests himself in the dew. The effect produced here by the superposition of two successive scenes is found clearly expressed in the interior of the Great Hall at Karnac by the representation of the Theban triad in a naos poised on water....After the battles of Kadesh by Ramses {''birth of Ra''}, let us again cite a symbolic gesture of Thothmes 111, whose name means 'birth of the moon'....'' [Page 127-137 'Sacred Science' / R. A. Shwalle de Lubicz].

And/or: ''It is well established that the battle of Kadesh took place in the bend of a Orontes river, during the 5th year of the reign of Ramses. What is difficult to understand, however, is why the king, after having single handedly vanquished the army......must continue to fight against them for 'fifteen' more years....'' [Page 127].

Thebes and Karnac also within a 'bend' just as the Temple of Amun is at Jebel Barkal.

180 and/or semicircle as a means...?

J[b]...The true identity of Fulcanelli.

J[c]....The connection between the 'Tetragrammaton', [YHWH ], of Kabbalah fame. Part explanation of which can be found in such books as ‘Garden of Pomegranates’. By Israel Regardie, [or even Wikipedia, i.e.,'to be'...'to exist'... by way of an 'understanding'...that inner one]... and the Hebrew settlement on Elephantine Island / Egypt. Why was it that those Hebrews only used the first three letters [YHW.]...purposely?, [i.e., in correspondence. ‘The Elephantine papyri in English over 3000 years'. By B. Porten ].

Joyous Garde?

"Perhaps the most fascinating question is that of religion. It is not surprising that the Arameans at Syene had shrines to their gods, but the presence of a Jewish Temple to YHW at Elephantine was quite unexpected. When and why was it established?" ['Archives from Elephantine' / B. Porten].


'Hand' of the elephant. Think about it relative to ''Hand of the Lion." And/or claw {hand?} of the eagle? {Sea eagle?}. And/or Claw of Scorpius. and/or Paws of the Sphinx - especially in relation to the Dream {archetypal?} Stele. And/or Hooves of the deer? And/or Hand of Bootes? {Part 4}.

Why did they omit that final letter. What did they know? i.e., once understood it explains why it was the only 'Temple' to be 'officially acknowledged' outside of Jerusalem. That relationship with ISAIAH 19:19. It also ties in and 'connects' the three major re-ligions, to the ''pagan'' one i.e., ancient Egyptian, [ i.e., this subject, especially in relation to 'King-ship', of which some believe our modern concepts of ''morality'' originated from] - Islam, Hebrew , and Christianity. The clue lies in the letter ‘H’. Notice that there are two. It represents or is symbolic of a window / gateway / doorway..etc. Not literal, i.e., no ‘Astral porthole’. Symbolic only, i.e., Gateway to the heart. Window to the soul etc. Indicative of that development. In relation to a ‘journey’. REPRESENTATION OF.

Question. What is the difference between Altar of Witness and/or Altar of Sacrifice?

"It should be observed that when we treat in this work of any homonym { 'keys'/'signs'}, we do not desire you to confine yourself to that which is stated in that particular chapter; but we open for you a portal and direct your attention to those significations of the word which are suited to our purpose...." [Page 21 'The Guide for the Perplexed' / Moses Maimonides].

Side note: "If in the Old Kingdom of Egypt - Alkaid was thought of as 'the leader' of the constellation of the Bull's Thigh, and if Alkaid was referred to at Denderah - then what has puzzled the Egyptologists makes perfect sense as 'the leader of the constellation of the thigh - that is - the Hoof....Alkaid the ''handle'' star {or the ''hoof'' star of the bulls leg}..." [Page 122, 'Imhotep the African']. Question. What represents the 'head'.

''To walk with'' something. Hand in hand?

Joined at the hip?

'Discworld' by T. Pratchett.

'Elephant in the Dark' By ?

A side step: "Sometimes YHWH comes first, and is followed by Adonoy. An example of this is the verse, ''YHWH Adonoy is my 'strength', he makes my feet like hinds {'doe'}." [Page 133, 'Meditation and Kabbalah']. Try part 4.

Two lions shown at the top of that same stela. Never mentioned. ''SEE'' the parts to ''grasp'' and ''gather'' the WHOLE.

"There on a limestone stela, this new kingdom pharaoh refers to the Sphinx under the names Hor-em-Akhet and Horakhti, and also makes a direct reference to the Giza pyramids which - to the annoyance of Egyptologists - he does not ascribe to his fourth dynasty predecessors Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure, but rather nominates as 'the pyramids of Hor-em-Akhet' {Horus in the horizon}. The clear implication is that in Amenhotep's time - there existed no historical archives, nor even any tradition, that linked the pyramids with the obvious three pharaohs...Chronologically, the next inscription referring to the Sphinx occurs on the famous 'Dream Stela'...found in a standing position {'vertical'?} between the paws of the Sphinx {'horizontal'?}: 'Behold, thou me. See thou me my son Thutmosis. I am - Hor-em-Akhet...who will give you my kingdom on earth..." ['The Magicians of the Gods'].

"Consciousness is represented by the horizon..." ['The 12 Astrological Houses: The Way of Creative {anima?} Accomplishment' / Dane Rudhyar].

Question. If the pyramids {and therefore Orions belt , i.e., indicative of achieving something, i.e., 'under his belt'} - links up to 'Horus in the horizon' - then where would be the representation - within a landscape - of 'Horus of the horizon' ?

And/or: {refresher}: "We have come now to our study in Libra, which the sun enters at the fall equinox."

Leo/Virgo in relation to Libra. First six signs below the 'horizon'. Later six above it.

Refresher: "In Leo and Virgo lay now the long forgotten asterism Fahne, of which Ideler wrote: 'The Flag is a constellation of the heavens, one part in Leo, one part in Virgo. Has many stars. On the iron {the arrowhead of the staff} in front one; on the flag two; on every fold of the flag, one...Brown repeats a Euphratean inscription: 'The constellation of the 'Yoke' - 'like a flag floated' - although he claims no connection here, and associates the Yoke with Capricorn." [Page 255 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

Try ''Pennant''. Part 3.

Full circle? A pennant?

A working example: ''The spirit uses us plays us like a fish. The further we run...the more line it gives - and the greater the illusion of freedom - until we are reeled in and landed on the shores of another element...Past actions freely chosen...are nevertheless ordained by Providence, pulling us back full circle INTO THE FOLD of oneself - allowing us to find 'her' - waiting for all eternity.'' [Page 363 'Mercurius'].

Interpret those keys to 'see' / connect {yoke?} something further - in relation to the Giza complex. And/or Homers Secret Illiad.

Refresher: "Canis Major {The Great Dog} of the southern heavens - and thus Canis Australior, lies immediately to the southeast of Orion, cut through its center by the Tropic of Capricorn, and with its eastern edge on the Milky Way." [Page 117, same book].

"The term 'Lord of Hosts' , NOT found in the papyri, occurs in fragmentary contexts IN three ostraca. In two of these, it appears in the salutation, 'May the lord of hosts, seek your welfare at all times'....The third term appears in a contract dated December 12, 402, more than eight years after the destruction of the temple. Tamut, Ananiah's wife is called ''yhnh OF yhw the god who dwells IN the fortress of Elephantine." [Same book, i.e., by B. Porten].

Question. Any coming together of planets on that day?

qenaSomething to ponder on: "Very frequent mention was made of this constellation in early days, for the Platonists held that souls of men, when released from corporeity, ascended to heaven through its stars, whence it was called the Gate of The Gods {'H'?}; their road of descent having been through Cancer. But some of the Orientals knew it as the Southern Gate of the Sun {'Ascendant'?}, as did the Latins in their altera Solis Porta. Berossos is reported by Seneca to have learned from the old books of Sargon that the world would be 'destroyed' by a great conflagration when all the planets met in this sign." [info., on 'Capricorn' within the book 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].


Side note: Question. Many wonder why no artifacts have 'surfaced' over the years {centuries?} in regards to grave goods of many Pharaohs - especially those that represent the Giza complex {Rostau?}. Main answer given = tomb robbers. Purely as a hypothetical exercise; if such grave sites had been plundered what would have been done with the artifacts - i.e.,melted down / private collections / some most likely kept? - surely by now over the {centuries?} something should have come to light {other than one small figurine of Khufu - for the hardnutz enthusiast i.e., but as they know - or should know - that small figure is not 'grave goods'}.

continued....At least {according to the Law of Averages?} one or two items should by now have surfaced, i.e.,could everything have been melted down? The obvious answer is NO - not everything {i.e.,gems/jewels not to mention the larger items etc.,}. The Statute of Limitations surely rules out the other two. Someone by now would have least TRIED - as the fraudsters have already PROVEN {i.e.,they could sense that 'weakness' in the market - due to that time period - that then allowed them to TRY}. As for the third option - maybe nothing has come to 'light' SIMPLY because they are all still buried?

Question. In a single spot/location {'sacrifice'}- for each individual - or in the 'collective' sense of the word {'witness'}?: i.e., which of those possible 'locations' would something least {most?} likely be found accidently? While recalling the link they ALL have with that ONE FIGURE in the night sky.

Question 2. When ALL THE AVAILABLE information is assessed. What does that Kingly Principle that goes by the nickname of Occam's Razor say?

''It should not surprise us that after 4500 years no mummies have been found in Old Kingdom pyramids. However, we have ABUNDANT EVIDENCE that pyramids were tombs. We have hieroglyphic texts that say IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that the mummy of the king were buried in the pyramid.'' ['Legend of the Pharaohs' / Colleen Darnell].

Sed Jubilee? {Heb-Sed}.

Question. Is that the REAL REASON behind the relocation of the city of Cairo. Looking for those lost Kings of Giza?

''These are cold cases. The oldest cold cases of tomb robbery in the books.'' [Mark Lehner- in relation to the missing three Pharaohs. 'Lost Tombs of the Gt. Pyramid' / Nat. Geo].

Issiah 19:19 - to enlarge.

"How the elephant got into my pajamas I'll never know." [Marx - Animal crackers].



Maester's = ''Knights of the mind''. Question. Does he like his 'porridge'? {inside joke by Norman Stanley}.


"Political considerations have led to the suggestion that the Elephantine Jewish community was established during the reign of Manasseh. Religious considerations suggest that the Jewish Temple was also built during his reign. Manasseh ruled for 55 years - the longest of any Israelite king. The one outstanding feature of his reign was his many pagan innovations. These included the erection of altars to the host of heaven...and the establishment of a graven image of Asherah...These acts brought on prophesies that the Lord himself would destroy Jerusalem....It may be surmised that priests as well as prophets opposed his paganism. Some of these priests fled to Egypt, joined the Jewish garrison at Elephantine, and there, inspired by the prophecy of a pillar to the Lord at the border of Egypt, erected the Temple to YHW..." ['Book by B. Porten].

Coincidence or a synchronistic one? Try 'Ash-erah'' and/or ''Saturn'' for something extra.

It may also ''be surmised'' that all concerned {i.e.,Manessah and his most trusted high priests} knew something. Subject material? After all we are back to the original question. Mr Porten believes that STILL missing 'H' to be: "It is likely that the inner most sanctuary contained a sacred pillar, as did the inner sanctum of the Israelite Temple at Arad."

''H'' ?

So the question is. Did that temple go by the 'name' YHWH or YHW?

Synchronistic{?}: "In exile, Ezekiel said the Lord was to Israel a ''reduced sanctuary'' {'H'?}." Same book.

Side note: "Among the Jews it was the tribal symbol of Ephraim and Manasseh, from Jacob's last words to their father Joseph, ''his bow abode in strength.'' ['Sagittarius' from the book 'Star Names and their Meaning'].



The Nights Watch. At the extremes {borders} of the 'earth'?

Postscript: "The repentant Manasseh was restored to his kingdom and started to rebuild Judah militarily (2 Chronicles 33:14), and he also began to institute religious reforms. “He got rid of the foreign gods and removed the image from the temple of the Lord, as well as all the altars he had built on the temple hill and in Jerusalem; and he threw them out of the city. Then he restored the altar of the Lord and sacrificed 'fellowship offerings' and 'thank offerings' on it, and told Judah to serve the Lord, the God of Israel” (2 Chronicles 22:15–16).

Even though Manasseh had a personal conversion, he was never able to lead Judah out of the sin that he had previously led them into. They did not follow him in his reforms. The people continued in their idolatry (2 Chronicles 33:17), and, when Manasseh died, his son Amon “did evil in the eyes of the Lord, as his father Manasseh had done." Amon worshiped and offered sacrifices to all the idols Manasseh had made. But unlike his father Manasseh, he did not humble himself before the Lord” (2 Chronicles 33:22–23).

Side note: ''Right now, i feel very peaceful. I just want to be a regular, ordinary person. I want to live humble and live simple - Until i'm gone from this earth.''  [Bun Tek Ngoy: 'The Donut King' / 2020].

Continued: Manasseh is a tragic figure in Scripture. Although he repented of his sin, he was unable to undo the damage he had done to the nation or to his own son who followed him. Manasseh demonstrates that, while any sin may be forgiven when we repent, forgiveness does not necessarily remove the natural consequences that flow from disobedience." [Wiki].

Amon in relation to Amun? As a means...?

Postscript: Regardless of that final statement {opinion?} - it does not change that original question, in relation to {one?} of those universal constants. Those 'constants' that can be attempted to be defined by all and sundry. Kings, Queens and commoners alike. And if, while understanding the 'mind set' of such individuals - discoveries are made - whether on paper or {say} within a landscape - then such ''tragic figures'' will no longer remain tragic? Try ''Saturn'' to understand why.

Side note: "In the succession of Celtic kingship, it is the king's nephew, not the king's son, who has precedence. The blood of the mother, not the father, confers royal status, hence the kings sister produces the heir. Matrilinear succession is clearly an ancient practice...." [Page 77 'Mabon and the Mysteries of Britain'].


Refresher: "While it would be a gross simplification to identify the Native Tradition with the feminine, and the Hermetic with the masculine, there is a symbolic truth to be uncovered here {'naked'?}." [Page 142 'The Western Way' Vol 1].

Wooden map?

Stone map?

From a different perspective: Tracking the Anasazi {Hopi}: A Mythological Perspective: ''The primordial age was infused with Tokpela, an immense empty space beyond time or light. All was void existing in the mind of Tawa {Taiowa}, the Creator. Because he was lonely he created a nephew called Sotuknang, the Heart of the Sky god, to act as his messenger. Out of this endless space Tawa directed Sotuknang to create the First World. He then made the earth, the waters and winds. He put them in their proper places and set them in motion {static/dynamic?}. Koyanwuhti, or Spider Grandmother, was there as well. She presided over the mysteries of the Below, while Tawa controlled the power of the Above. In addition there was another being named Masau'u, the spirit of the earth {mercurius?}, sometimes referred to as the Great Spirit. Together with Spider Grandmother he would have dominion over the terrestrial realms and the Underworld.....The Hopi used a STONE map or maps given by Masau'u in consort with Spider Grandmother to guide them in their journeys. They followed certain sidereal signs such as moving stars or constellations to tell them when and where to travel.'' [Page 10/23 'The Orion Zone' / Gary David].

And/or: "Harpocrates was a very popular god for the Greco-Egyptians. The young Horus was not the brother of Set, but his nephew, he symbolised the forces that protect childhood. He was adopted into Christianity as the baby Jesus...For the Nile dwellers, his finger held before his face {'transforming'? } was the sign of a nursing babe {of 'blue'?} - the time when according to the Egyptians you received your secret soul name from your 'mother'...Harpocrates is your authentic Self." [Page 260 'Overthrowing the Old Gods' / Don Webb].

"We don't know the purpose of the white quartz pebbles. There found in mortuary context from pre-historic periods onward and also medieval cemeteries. There's a passage in the Bible - Revelations- about a person who has found Christ is given a white stone - and in that - a new name." [Same program].

New ''City''?

Coincidence or a meaningful one? IF only in defining a MIND SET.


''After Ali, the first political dynasty of Islam, the Umayyads {661-750}, came into power. There had, however, been some friction within the Muslim community on the question of succession to the Prophet after his death: the Shi'is, or supporters of Ali, felt that Ali and not Abu Bakr was the appropriate person to take on the mantle of head of the community. They believed that the leadership should then follow the line of descendants of the Prophet, through the Prophets cousin and son-in-law Ali. '' [Introduction {xiv} 'The Qur'an / M. A. S. Abdel Haleem].

Try 3:3 to enlarge.

4-cornersAnd/or: "The first world was Tokpela {'Endless Space'}. But first, they say, there was only the creator, Taiowa. All else was endless space. There was no beginning and no end, no shape, no life. Just an immeasurable void that had its beginning and end, time, shape, and life in the mind of Taiowa the creator. Then he, the infinite, conceived the finite. First he created Sotuknang to make it manifest, saying to him: 'I have created you, the first power {energy?} and instrument as a person, to carry out my plan for life in endless space . I am your 'Uncle'. You are my Nephew. Go now and lay out these universes in proper order so they may work harmoniously with one another according to my plan." [First para, first page, first chapter 'The Book of the Hopi' / Frank Waters].

Nuit? As a means....?

And/or: ’'A symbol is an energy-evoking and direct agent’' { J. Campbell }.

Refresher: Postscript: Regardless of that final statement {opinion?} - it does not change that original question, in relation to {one?} of those universal constants. Those 'constants' that can be attempted to be defined by all and sundry. Kings, Queens and commoners alike. And if, while understanding the 'mind set' of such individuals - discoveries are made - whether on paper or {say} within a landscape - then such ''tragic figures'' will no longer remain tragic? Try ''Saturn'' to understand why.


Synchronistic? Try ''semi-circle'' and/or ''Janus''.

And/or: "The symbol for Uranus looks like a complex television aerial standing on a globe, but some interpretations merely point to the capital 'H' of Hershel, the planet's discoverer. Perhaps these are escapes from the complexity of the make-up of the symbol itself. The cross of matter stands on the circle of spirit like the old Mars glyph, but two separated, outward facing semi-circles are also attached. They may be two soul receptors 'feeding' higher knowledge into the material cross elevated on spirit, or perhaps the soul half-circles are Janus faced, suggesting a sacred doorway to new and unexpected levels of understanding. There is no single correct explanation, but meditation on the possibilities can lead to intuitive perception of deeper meaning." ['How to Interpret a Birth Chart' / M. Freeman].

Side note: ''The word 'television' comes from the Greek word meaning 'far' and the Latin word for 'sight'....'' ['Tipping Point' / 2021].

'Line of Sight'?

CONTINUED: Neanderthal skeletons found in a cave in Mercia - S/E Spain - First known burial - with the 'paw of a panther'. {Eden/satellite program. 'Decoding Neanderthal'}.

Analogy? { in the modern sense of the word}: "I very nearly paid the ultimate price when PTSD took over as i desperately clawed my way out of that dark place. I was extremely lucky to get the help i needed to recover, focused on getting my body fit and allowing my mind to regain its strength. As i move into a new chapter of my life, blindfolded as to what the normal world has to offer, i will take the same relentless drive into anything and everything i do, to show my family that anything is possible...." [Final page 'Soldier Spy' / T. Marcus].

Mayan equivalent = the claws of a jaguar?

Side note: ''The high priests and priestesses of Egyptian religions, or the ''first prophet of the god'' as they were called, wore panther skins rather than the traditional white linen. For any other man or woman, the wearing of any animal skin, was forbidden...'' [Page 346 'Dreams of Isis'].


S/E - N/W?

And/or: "Remembering that the great temple of Edfu in Upper Egypt was dedicated to the god Horus, who was sometimes depicted as a falcon and sometimes as a lion, it is intriquing to discover that the very name 'Sacsayhuaman', means Falcon {specifically 'Satisfied Falcon'}. Furthermore, it has long been recognised that Sacsayhuaman {'head'} forms part of a large geoglyph, once visible from surrounding mountain peaks, in which it combines with the oldest quarters of Cuzco {'Rock of the Owl'}, to form the shape of an immence feline - Puma {'panther'?}, the closest creature in the America's to the old world lion. The river Tullumayo used to serve as its spine. The torso was the spit of land between Tullumayo to the east and the river Huatnay to the west...The snout facing due west, the direction of the equinox sunset, just as the Sphinx of Giza faces due east, the direction of the equinox sunrise.'' ['Magicians of the Gods'].

Side note:: ''The suggestion that Nefertiti changed her role, and in so doing became invisible to us, deserves more consideration.....a theory proposed that Nefertiti transformed herself into a female king to rule alongside Akhenaten as a co-regent....Much of this evidence comes from the Tutankhamen tomb....a gilded statuette which depicts a king dressed in a kilt and white crown, standing on the back of a leopard...with ''prominent breasts and low hips''....some argue it is for a women, others for a young Tutankhamen.'' [Page 179 'Nefertiti's Face' / J. Tyldesley].

'Broad hipped'?

N.B. Amen {Amun} NOT Aten.

dionysos and panther

Dionysos 'riding' {in control of?} a panther. Sometimes shown in a chariot drawn by a pair of same. Pine cone staff. Mother Semele {mortal} of Thebes...Anything?

Continued: {now in the ancient sense of the 'word'}: "The further back we go in our search for the origins and meaning of the Moon Goddess {i.e.,the author defines that as the 'archetypal foundation of feminine psychology {principle?} - AND/OR 'the inner development of the emotional realm' / S/E?} - the nearer do we come to the 'animal' concept. Hecate {mentioned elsewhere} was once known, in the dim past, as the three headed hound of the moon. Artemis was a bear; Isis was Hathor the Cow goddess. Cybele was once a lioness or a lion headed goddess...In later centuries of the Egyptian worship of Osiris {therefore Isis related} - it was said that Apis, the bull, was the spirit of Osiris {hint, hint - see it?}. This saying gives a direct clue to the EVOLUTION of the religious thought...The animal attendants and animal emblems surrounding the goddess in her shrines must have constantly reminded the worshippers of later days, of those 'wilder' aspects of her nature from which she had partly evolved...They were still kept near to her, for she could not be comprehended except in the light of her past...The Bear {as one example}, indeed, represents the fierce and terrible aspect of the 'goddess' {i.e.,anima/animus?} herself, which not only creates but destroys life. Later the two aspects of the goddess became partially differentiated and separated, so that in the famous sculpture {as one example} of 'The Mourning Aphrodite of Lebanon', the animal in this case a boar {'Hog'?} instead of a bear, is killing the 'youthful' Adonis, while Aphrodite laments in deepest grief. Yet the boar, is also Aphrodite herself...The psychological meaning of this gradual change in 'form' is clear. In extremely early days, before civilization had progressed far, feminine instinct was perceived as entirely animal. Then the fierceness of the mothers care for her young and the voracity of her lust for the male in the mating season were the most obvious and dominant characteristics of beast and woman alike...The frequent occurrence of crimes of passion bears witness to the panther like qualities which feminine instinct may develop when frustrated... As civilizations progressed, however, women began developing something nearer akin to the emotion which we call love {'Eros'}, and the goddess of women rose gradually above her animal nature...This rapacious aspect of the moon goddess is represented by the lion or panther; her maternal and nurturing aspect by the cow, whose horns suggest the 'horned moon'..." ['Women's Mysteries: Ancient and Modern']. Try ''deer'' for a connection in ALL cultures.

Question. Matriarch / Patriarch?

Question 2. Those images {archetypes?} that form that ''foundation'' . Which comes first - images that define the psyche or vise versa?

'The Station of the Sun' / R. Hutton.

A work in progress: ''While Mary's life was unique and her role as the FIRST RECORDED WITNESS cannot be repeated, much of 'her' experience can be OUR OWN. In ancient Magdala, we are invited to enter into the mystery of god's love.'' [Page 121 'Mary Magdalene: Insights from Ancient Magdala' / J. Ristine].

''When it comes to the encounter between the 'risen' Jesus and Mary, John seemed to have a deeper insight than his fellow evangelists. The prior encounter with the two - in which 'he cast out her seven demons after being crippled by them for eighteen years' - transformed Mary into a faithful follower, bringing her to the foot of the cross. Now her BEING FOR JESUS is rewarded as she becomes the first witness in the GARDEN - with echoes of the Song of Songs: a lover searches for her beloved...'' [Page 129, same book].

Followers of Horus?

Question. What does 7/18 REPRESENT?

"And so we turn again to the ancient differentiation of male and female, arising from the depths of the unconscious in the form of symbols whose eternal reality is still exemplified to us in our everyday experience of the Great Light which rules the day of reason and intellect, and the Lesser Light which rules the night of instinct and the shadowy perceptions of the inner intuitive world...The feminine principle or Eros is represented with the moon and the masculine principle or Logos is represented by the sun." ['Women's Mysteries'].

Question. Distinction between Cro-Magnon man and Neanderthal? If so, does that help in answering the question as to why one outlasted the other? i.e.,"The Neanderthal story goes to the heart of who we are today...I think they had language, whether it was similar to ours, one cannot say...The hallmark of our species is the age old affinity for art, ritual and adornment...Neanderthals thought of as less intelligent...One example is the way people use symbols...Neanderthal 'symbols' found in France/Spain/ Gibraltar...Red Ochre tipped bones from birds of prey - that were not used as food - used as crayons. Horse bones also used... Offers a glimpse into Neanderthal minds...Sea shells {oysters} used...Individual {'young girl'} found beneath rocks {limestone base}, purposely left in 'sleeping position'...Near the girls body found fossilized pair of panther paws...Whether their sending messages is debatable...['Decoding Neanderthals' / PBS America]. Try ''Neanderthal'' and/or ''Kerenyi''.

''Noble man/woman's daughter''?

Side note: ''The suggestion that Nefertiti changed her role, and in so doing became invisible to us, deserves more consideration.....a theory proposed that Nefertiti transformed herself into a female king to rule alongside Akhenaten as a co-regent....Much of this evidence comes from the Tutankhamen tomb....a gilded statuette which depicts a king dressed in a kilt and white crown, standing on the back of a leopard...with ''prominent breasts and low hips''....some argue it is for a women, others for a young Tutankhamen.'' [Page 179 'Nefertiti's Face' / J. Tyldesley].

'Broad hipped'?

N.B. Amen {Amun} NOT Aten.

Side note: ''In the Acts of Philip - he displays 'healing powers' during a sea journey from Ethiopia to Palestine. On arrival in Palestine he immediately heals the eye complaint of a nobleman's daughter.'' [Page 150: 'Egypt's Anointing Mysteries' / A. Roberts].

Continued: Refresher: " turn the clock back 25,000 or 50,000 years in order to join the presumed moment when an anthropoid opened the path toward a Homo sapiens capable of coordinating his thoughts...As to the history of the origin and becoming of thinking man..." ['Sacred Science: The King of Pharaonic Theocracy' / R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz].

'The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind' / J. Jaynes.

Side note: What do 'hands' {of any description} represent - if only in the context of this subject material? Try "Chaco"

"A long standing puzzle in the Iliad has been why Homer sometimes refers to horses as being 'single hooved' or 'single footed'. An ingenious literary explanation has proposed that horses are 'single footed' in that they do not have cloven hoofs. A more likely explanation is to be found in the skies, with the ancient Greek observers comparing the movement of the stars across the heavens with horses galloping across the field of 'battle' - single hooved horses indicating single stars...Nor is the comparison of horses with stars confined to the Iliad: in parts of more northern Europe , stars were believed to be 'steeds' tethered to the pole star." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

''Single'' in relation to: "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be 'single', thy whole body shall be filled with light", [Matthew 6:22].

Side note: Something to ponder on: ''Today the local Arabs call the spot where the temple of Heliopolis stood as El Massalah, the Obelisk...{'Eye of the needle'?}. The few remaining artefacts are strewn outside a rickety wooden shed within a large open rectangular space known as Tel el Hisn - the Hill of the Horse..." [Chapter One, 'Imhotep the African' / R. Bauval].

The 'Horseman's Word' ?

"The metal worker knows the mystery of 'fire' transmutation. The tinker and jobbing blacksmith knows the mystery of metal and has the horseman's word - the means of controlling animals, the lingua franca {i.e., a 'bridge' language} or shelta {i.e., 'cant' language} of all smiths. And as such people were under the patronage of the goddess Brigid, so the alchemist pays careful attention to the service of the Anima Mundi of Our Lady Earth. The alchemist was the midwife and priest of transmutation...." [Page 203 'The Western Way'. Vol 2].

Stallion or Mare?

Continued: ''Body'' in relation to: " In the old symbol of the chariot, the horses of the senses are to be held back [ nigrihita] by the reins of the mind, but it is not intended that they be unyoked from the chariot or that their movement should be stopped altogether..." Enlarged elsewhere.

''...tethered to the pole star'' = 'Straining {stretching?} at the reins'' to fulfill a purpose AND/OR 'pulling in the reins' when needed to fulfill it? Therefore ''single footed'' = 'Step by step' AND/OR 'Slow but steady' ? i.e.,the 'Royal Way'?

Top/down - bottom/up?

Try ''Hippo'' to see something in the Egyptian sense of the word on ALL pages.

"Neophyte grade {MThIHD} ; meaning 'converted'. The root of the word 'converted', other than its obvious usage in religious terminology, is 'to turn around'. It signifies a turning around of attention to that which is not apparent. It is when the person in Plato's cave first wonders about the shadows on the wall and turns around to see from where they are being cast. This begins a new phase in their life, hence 'Neophyte', one 'new' to that direction...The word MThChIL is also similar to MThIChH meaning 'stretched', 'extended'. The conversion or transformation that goes on at Neophyte is one where the person is stretched...Interesting by gematria, the word has the value of 488 , the same value as PhThCh, meaning 'gate, 'entrance' 'insight'. " [Extract from the book 'The Magister' ]. Try ''gate'' and/or ''door''.

From a different perspective. Try Katsina

Something to ponder on: "Each 'region' has a gate, and each gate has three 'attendants', a watcher, a herald and a gatekeeper. As an aspiring soul approaches the gate, the watcher takes notice, the herald announces that persons 'name', and if that person knows the 'higher' mystical truth {by way of keys/correspondences etc} - the gatekeeper allows entry. This teaching degraded in later times to the point where people began to think that just by memorizing certain names they would be allowed access. Rather one must know the 'higher' truth which unites one with the dweller {of the threshold?} within the abode of the 'house'....{I.e., in the internal sense of the word}. Hence: "Each aspect should be seen NOT as independent personalities but as aspects of one, having the sense of sight, speech and organs of 'action' {i.e., 'hands' to open the 'gate'}…..The Watcher is that aspect which 'sees' and takes notice, the witness. The Herald is the aspect of acknowledging what has been seen. The Gatekeeper is the element which is 'seen' and which needs to be satisfied that the aspirant is worthy of 'gaining entry'...." [Pages 231/2 'Egyptian Book of the Dead' / M. Ashby. All emphasis, this readers].

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

'Flight of foot' ? Try ''deer'' {hooves of?} - for that ''inner'' take of things - BEFORE deciding one way or the other. Janus link?

'In two minds'.

Side note: Stone carving found in Egypt {Amarna?} - depicting King Tut striking {''smiting''} a 'two-headed' figure. Back to back. ['King Tut unwrapped' / Disc. History Channel]. Coincidence or a meaningful one? Try ''Janus''.

Side step: "In Latin a pearl was 'unio' , because as Pliny writes, it is 'the unique gem', or because pearls are only found singly...Oysters open and shut like doors [folding doors in English were once called 'bivalves'], and the open shell of an oyster looks like the number 8." [Taken from the book 'The Book of Babel'. Mentioned elsewhere].

And/or: {i.e.,something that can be worked out}: "The first key to the text {i.e.,Unas} is the significance of Ba-bi. As is so often the case with complex but vital symbols of Egypt, Ba-bi has both positive and negative aspects. He is called upon to protect Unas. Elsewhere he is both respected and feared as 'bull of the baboons' and 'chief of the apes'...In any case it is Ba-bi who possesses the power to open the doors, or shutters of heaven. If a literal translation upon an esoteric basis for the whole sequence existed, it might be possible to explain precisely what is meant. As it stands, an informed surmise is the best that is possible. Draw back the bolt; i.e.,the 'phallus' of Ba-bi is withdrawn, hence the power of generation is suspended, which in turn means the need for reincarnation is voided, opening the gates to heaven, the reunion with the source...Ba-bi is associated with the 'bolt' that serves as hypostasis, or essence of the 'phallus' of Ba-bi...Called 'guardian of the banks of the lake of fire'; he feeds upon 'the overturned', the fallen, the enemies of Osiris. As guardian of the Lake of fire he may be found between Crocodilopolis and Heracleopolis, sight of the battles between Set and Osiris." [Pages 140-142 'Serpent in the Sky']. Recall the 'bolt' in the ''ascending passage''.

''....the need for reincarnation is voided'' = East or West as a means....?

And/or: ''If the image isn't vital and true the enquirer will be misled, whether in mysticism or philosophy. It is to avoid this that we describe principles and functions in words and images....The profane will be deceived; but the child of science, for whom this is meant, will look for the meaning, through reaction. If the Nut {Nuit} allegory speaks of giving the 'Sun' back to the world its because in spite of the seeming absurdity there is in fact a gestation. Try to find out what it is." [ Page 119 'Her-Bak: Egyptian Initiate' / Isha Schwaller de Lubicz].

Try Smith and Jones.

Refresher: ''The image 'aker', two lions, or sometimes a double forepart of a lion, symbolises two extreme times in the Dwat. One of the lions is ''yesterday'' and looks west, the other is ''tomorrow'' and looks east. Both turn their back on ''yesterday's'' sun, which is BELOW the horizon….They are the keepers who open and shut the gate into the shadow world. That is why we use the theme of the BOLT, the part that slides east and west in the fastening of a DOOR {'false one'?} …..Bulls have been used sometimes instead of lions. Their role of keeper is the same. It is their NATURE that differs." [Page 111 Same book].

The ancient Asad lion?

Seven/eight or nine 'lives'?

Something extra: ''In countries other than Egypt seven years is a well known 'span of life' granted to victims of the Old Religion. As Dr Margaret Murray points out, there is undoubtedly substance in the tale of Mycerinus, for she has just published a scene where another Old Kingdom Pharaoh, Neuserre, is supported by the goddess Wazet-Buto, while the death god, Anubis, represents him with 'seven' lives {ankhs}. As so often, here again Libya appears, for the Nile gods supporting the throne do not wear their usual boatman's girdle, but the penistasche, the standard dress of Libya all through the Pharaonic days.'' [Page 47 'The Sky Religion in Egypt' / G. Wainwright].

Persephone and Hades? [Page 35 'The Western Way'. Vol 2].

Try 2:3 / 3:1 / 3:6 to begin with.

REFRESHER: "The same myth also provides insight into the two paths or ways of 'salvation'. The Way of Osiris and the Way of Horus. The former is the way of 'reincarnation', of progressive dissolutions linked only by the generative principle; the latter is the direct path {'cliff'?}; that of the warrior of the spirit, out to subdue the enemy within himself by his own efforts." [Page 129 'Serpent in the Sky'].

Pantheon = 'Bulls eye'.

"The Ferryman is familiar to us now, as Saint George, as Edward, and all their predecessors. Even Baring-Gould was bold enough to identify him with Charon, the classical Ferryman of souls. The sixth sphere [This author identifies that to the Hebrew tree of Life, i.e.,the heart] - is linked with the sun or Principle of harmony and beauty. In Celtic tradition the sun was said to be the sum of the blazing souls of ancestors in paradise. This is the realm of the saviour ['six' was the crucifix] and of the Archangel Michael, whose place in myth has already been touched upon. The ancient sacrificial king operated spiritually from this sixth sphere as a 'mediator' of the power of the mother goddess. Christ, the 'son of' god, should be positively identified here, with all the other "sons of light" through the ages, and by analogy with the sun of our solar system around which the planets revolve. Nowadays this concept could also be applied to the structure of the atom, and still hold good. The Sepher Yetzirah gives 'six' as - 'He sealed the Abyss, he turned downward and sealed it with YVH'. This YVH is part of the holy name of god, reputed to have 'magical' powers, but actually a scientific codification of metaphysics. The Abyss is that great unknown gap between 'heaven' and earth, the 'river' which the dead have to cross, spanned by the razor-edged bridge of fairy lore [or the eye of the needle parlance. This readers input] - or crossed by the 'vessel' of the Ferryman." [Taken from 'Where is Saint George' by R. Stewart].

Razor-back ?

A working example: ''No gesture on this golden shrine is without meaning: Akhenaten himself had worn heavy seals on his UPPER arm, each one emblazoned with the Aten's royal names, stamping his solar rulership as the divinely appointed Son of Re. Indeed, it is the pharaoh's New Year anointing with the fiery nine oils that his name is said to be in the 'august house' of Heliopolis, thus authenticating his cosmic rulership. In short, it is by his anointing with these fragrant oils that his royal name is SEALED in the New Year ceremony.'' [Page 39 'Egypt's Anointing Mysteries' / A. Roberts].

''Flood waters''?

Ankhesenamun to enlarge.

In other words Spirit in relation to Soul.

''Rain dance''?



Side step: " I make no secret whatsoever of the fact that my rather revolutionary model of the atom came to me in a dream.'' Niels Bohr.

As seen from a different perspective: "The Music of the Spheres gives us an insight into the cosmic order which is far more than mere planetary correspondence. If we skilfully strike the seven stringed lyre of our being, we resonate with the Music of the Spheres so that microcosm and macrocosm sound in harmony: 'Were it not for the order of the music hidden we should be claimed by the 'void', writes Ronald Duncan. The seven strings of the lyre correspond indeed to the seven planets....A hypothetical 'eighth sphere' was envisaged to correspond to the octave whereby the scale of creation is closed." [Page 142 'The Western Way'. Vol 2].

'Seven/Eight' anointing OILS?

Heliopolis to enlarge.

Side note: ''Edward the second was a cool guy. Enjoyed hanging out with stonemasons and carpenters. Spent all the time he could on thatching roofs." George Martin. {Game of Thrones}.

'Bridging the Gap: How the Seven Bridge was Built'.

Needle? {Game of Thrones}.

'Needles of Ur'? [Page 268. Douglas Monroe. {+ for further reference 79/112} ].

''Eagles Claw''? Enlarged elsewhere.

'crack' or just a hole?

REFRESHER: As seen from a different {perspective?}: "A single obsessional idea runs through all my work: the paradoxical nature of freedom...The trouble is the narrowness of consciousness. It is as if you tried to see a panoramic scene through cracks in a high fence, but were never allowed to look over the fence and see it as a whole." ['The Occult' and 'Beyond the Occult' by C. Wilson].

Razor back? and/or ''cleft''?

''Over the fence'' in relation to that framework ?

"But what is central about the story is not that it is factual but that it is true. In other words the story of Exodus is a story that embodies some of the deepest and profoundest truths of the human condition : What it is to be in the 'wilderness'. What it is to hope for the 'promised' land. What it is to escape 'slavery' - and to be both bewildered and exhilarated by the prospect of freedom. This is a story that's a 'sacred' story i.e.,inspired by 'god'. So the story of Exodus can be a story by which we read our lives even if there were not 600,000 that left Egypt - or even 5 - or even none." Rabbi David Wolpe. [Satellite TV. Emphasis, this readers].

Side note. ''Inspired'' in relation to Part 1. And/or what ''six'' represents.

Coincidence? What 'volume' was found within it. What was found within THAT?

"Six, the number of the material world and therefore of time and space, is the number chosen by the Egyptians to symbolize temporal and spacial phenomena...Volume requires six directions of extension to define it: up and down, backwards and forwards, left and right. So in Egypt, the cube, the perfect six sided figure, was used as the symbol for actualization in space; the cube is the symbol for volume. Pharaoh sits squarely upon his throne, which is a cube...Six is also symbolized by the Hexagon...In Egypt, Schwaller de Lubicz found that the dimensions of certain specific halls of the Temple of Luxor were determined by the geometric gereration of the Hexagon FROM the pentagon. This is a symbolic expression of the materialisation of matter from the spiritual creative act..." ['Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt' / J. West]. Think about it relative to that universal ''bit''.


pentagramRefresher: The 56 Aubrey holes together with..."Eleven is the number of 'Magic' and the great work. It is the conjunction and equilibrium of the Pentagram {5} and Hexagram {6}. The name Hoor-Pa-Kraat has eleven letters {Greek = Harpocrates}. Eleven is also the number of letters in ABRAHADABRA, the Great Word of Magick, which represents the formula and accomplishment of the Great work...For it is the true law which unites the Micro with the Macro; the Pentagram and the Hexagram, or the Rose and Cross of Light and Life." [Extract from the book 'The Cosmic Trigger'].


aurigaAnd/or: "The second theme concerns Auriga as Nestor's regiment, with his 'five' captains designated as the constellation's five brighter stars, his cowardly troops in the center and brave foot soldiers in the rear, all of whom are led across the sky by two 'chariots' at the front..." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

A side STEP: 'Mindfulness' by Mark Williams. ''Old wisdom for modern times.'' Quote on the same [BBC World Service. March 2015]. Today's new 'fad' on those ancient principles of Buddhism. Or more importantly what this subject has always referred to as 'meditation.' Its true intent. Both 'inner' and 'outer' Benefit of. The result of both however becomes the same - an understanding of the 'self'. The Micro within the Macro.

"You can't stop the triggering of unhappy memories, negative self talk and judgmental ways of thinking - but what you can stop is what happens next. You can stop the vicious cycle from feeding off itself and triggering the next spiral of negative thoughts. And you can do this by harnessing an alternative way of relating to yourself and the world. The mind can do so much more than simply analyse problems with its Doing mode, [the author defines that 'mode' with automatic / habitual thinking,i.e.,without taking 'time out' to reassess in the present moment]. The problem is that we use the Doing mode so much, we can't see that there is an alternative. Yet there is another way. If you stop and reflect for a moment, [i.e.,the ''present'' one. This readers input] - the mind just doesn't think. It can also be aware that it is thinking. This form of pure awareness allows you to experience the world directly. It's bigger than thinking. Its unclouded by your thoughts, feelings and emotions. It's like a high mountain - a vantage point - from which you can see everything from many miles around, [the author defines that state of thinking as ''Being'' mode. This subject defines it as ''Guardian of the Gate'']. Pure awareness transcends thinking. It allows you to step outside the chattering negative self-talk and your reactive impulses and emotions. It allows you to look at the world once again with open eyes. And when you do so, a sense of wonder and quiet contentment begins to reappear in your life." [Chapter 2, 'Mindfulness' by M. Williams and D. Penman]. Think about it - mountain/valley - higher/lower - subjective / objective - with an understanding in mind - both inner and outer - micro and macro - in relation to the full / whole 'journey'. For a further head scratch compare {i.e.,alternative 'viewpoint'} to the ''Arthur'' information in Part 1. Then try ''notch'' and ''angle'' - all pages.

'Still waters run deep,' i.e., and /or ''...quiet contentment'' ?

From a different perspective: ''When you go into icy water, everything stops. The chatterbox stops...At that MOMENT you are no longer in your mortgages or other petty thoughts. Why? Because the blood flow needs to go into the deeper realms of the brain. There is serenity, deep peace and power....What ever the problems are physically or mentally - i found the keys to unlock it.'' [Wim Hof: 'Freeze the Fear' / BBC1].

A study program does the same?

'Sparrow' to enlarge.

"Being. Being is. Being is in-itself. Being is what it is. Being includes both Being in-itself and Being-for-itself, but the later is the annihilation of the former. As contrasted with existence, Being is all-embracing and objective, rather than individual and subjective." [Taken from the chapter 'Relation and Reciprocity' from the book 'The Fine Structure Constant: Philosophical Explorations via A Poetics of Consciousness' by Keith Whittingslow].

'Being' in relation to an understanding - within the whole. As ''A Means'' to perceive something. Representation of. This readers input.

Question. Coincidence or a meaning full one?

Side note: Understand the above to get a better idea on Wagner's ''annihilation'' quote - by way of Parsifal?

'Triangles' interlocking?

"......obedience to the voice of the Great Teacher in his heart. That soundless voice, speaking within his heart, drowns for him all the clamourous judgements of the world. Listening ever to the Voice of that inner Lord, he pursues his way, unperturbed as the earth is unperturbed, firm as a pillar, clear as a waveless lake." [ Chapter 12, 'The Yoga of the Bhagavat Gita']. That link to the ''teacher'' of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Explained within.

'Still waters run deep,' i.e., and /or ''...quiet contentment''?

"Patience is a garment which has never worn out." {Akhlaq-i-Mohsini}. [Taken from the book 'The Dermis Probe' by I. Shah].

''Patience is the mother of will. If you have no mother, how can you be born?" Gurdjieff.

"The aim of spiritual 'exercises' [and/or study. This readers input] is depth. It is necessary to become 'deep', to be able to attain experience and knowledge of profound things... [as it is in any subject material]. And it is symbolism which is the language of depth - thus arcana, expressed by symbols, are both the means and the aim..."[Taken from the book by Tomberg].

"The word 'spiritual' should be associated with the word 'eyes'. This is a reference to the eyes of the mind or heart. To see is to understand." [From the book by T. Nottingham].

images[3]Further information...'The Hiram Key'/Knight and Lomas. Chapter seven. Sometimes represented as an obelisk; as with the ancient Egyptians. Or as with the Hebrew equivalent...A Pillar. As in the two pillars. Left and Right, outside ’Solomons temple’, [explained elsewhere, i.e.,to ''establish'' something as a focal point for an understanding -'depth'- to take place. Representation of]. Book of same. ’The Obelisks of Egypt’. By L. Habachi. Hindu equivalent = Pravritti / that ‘inner’ sence, [ Bede Griffiths book. Mentioned elsewhere ]. That same 'development' that is represented; in the main; with a ‘serpent’, [explained elsewhere].

The 'unfinished' Obelisk found in the granite quarries in Aswan. A 'crack' along its length. If and when erected it would have been the 'tallest' ever. Crack in relation to ''fall.'' Tallest in relation to ''highest.'' North in relation to South. That which was ''lost'' has the possibility to be found. Put ''unfinished'' in the usual box.

'The Unfinished Universe' by L. B. Young.

'Eye of the Needle' ?

Cleopatra's needle?

A serpent by the way...that has no relevance or connection to Mr Ickes ‘Reptilian hypothesis’. Mr Icke is aware of this subject as proven by his internet site. Especially in relation to his ‘attempt’ of understanding the subject of Freemasonry. As does one of his recommended colleagues... P. Sabak. 'The Murder of Reality’. Full of esoteric symbolism but with no conclusions. Those same symbols/keys only 'suggested' in their most obvious sense...or more importantly in Mr Sabaks case their most negative 'light'. The negative aspect is 'displayed' more so than the positive. Its then left ‘openended’. Its left to the imagination of the reader to decide for themselves. Of which those 'first impressions' become paramount.

Side note: ''in their most negative light''. Analogy of same principle = 'Lucifer', i.e.,bringing light. And/or 'shadow' that has {within it?} the element {principle?} of 'light'?

This subject however.. ‘closes’ that openendedness. By way of assessing all the available information. All that ‘circumstantial evidence’, throughout multiple generations, over thousands of years. By way of objectivity. Both prefer to see / understand only what allows both to continue with their own ‘conspiracy theories’. [i.e.,subjective] Example of what happens if one continues along a blinkered / narrow path, [key]...subconsciously or otherwise. Link to " eye of the needle" parlence. As well as its obvious symbolic intention. Proof...If it is a conspiracy. Why allow anyone to understand anything. Why ‘advertise’ the fact in written or ‘club’ form. Why not keep it all to themselves? Loneliness?

"The best secret about the Masons; is that it was no secret at all". Abraham Lincoln.

''If you don't understand something - how can you judge it?'' ['Inside Freemason's :  Sky Doc. 8/5/17].

''Lure of Becoming''?

REFRESHER: "And what of the philosophers secret 'fire'? The aim of a secret is to evoke a sense of mystery, to mobilize all our faculties and to put us on our mettle {'metal of the mind'?}. It lures us on, even deceives us into embarking on a prospective quest whose ordeals would otherwise deter us. We set out in search of the hidden knowledge and power we believe the secret will confer - only to find on the way that these things are images of a wisdom and glory we did not dream of in the beginning. The secret i have tried to reveal on every other page of this book is in a sense no secret - it is an open secret passed along a Golden Chain of initiates, like the secrets of the Greek Mysteries. And as to 'its' philosophy, by whose assistance these mysteries are developed - it will make its appearance at different periods of time, as long as the sun himself shall continue to illuminate the world..." [Epilogue to the book: 'The Philosophers Secret Fire: A History of the Imagination' / P. Harpur].

Side note: Three golden links found in the shaft on Oak Island. Coincidence only?

Recall another example in the ''Help'' section.

'Birth' of something?

A working example: "When a group is being organized its members have certain conditions put before them; in the first place, conditions general for all members, and secondly, individual conditions for individual members. General conditions at the beginning of the work are usually of the following kind. First of all it is explained to all of the members of a group, that they must keep secret everything that they hear or learn...This is an indispensable condition whose idea should be clear to them from the very beginning. In other words, it should be clear to them that in this there is no attempt whatever to make a secret of what is not essentially a secret, neither is there any deliberate intention to derive them of the right to exchange views with those near to them or with their friends. The idea of this restriction consists in the fact that they are unable to transmit correctly what is said in the groups. They very soon begin to learn from their own personal experience how much effort, how much time, and how much explaining is necessary in order to grasp what is said in groups. It becomes clear to them that they are unable to give their friends a right idea of what they have learned themselves. At the same time they also begin to understand that by giving their friends wrong ideas they shut them off from any possibility of approaching the work at any time or of understanding anything in connection with the work...If a man in spite of this tries to transmit what he hears in groups to his friends he will very quickly be convinced that attempts in this direction give entirely unexpected and undesirable results. Either people begin to argue with him and without wanting to listen to him expect him to listen to their theories , or they misinterpret everything he tells them, attach an entirely different meaning to everything they hear from him." ['In Search of the Miraculous'].

Analogy of same - "...the 'magic' of the constant work of service done in silence - this it is a matter of. A secret then? Not at all, for a private thing is not a secret thing. The private life is not a secret life. Silence as the essential condition for intimate work [or study. This readers input], is in no way equivalent to a jealously guarded secret. Just as Trappist monks maintain silence without anyone suspecting them of wanting to keep secrets, so is the community composed of Hermeticists [or any 'subject' that relates to the 'whole'. This readers input] - scattered in the world has the right to be silent, in order to maintain the atmosphere of privacy essential for its work, without it being suspected of dark secrets. Authentic spiritual life requires the inviolable sanctuary of privacy - which has nothing in common with ''initiation secrets" or those of ''secret societies", whose secrets, furthermore, inevitably become ''open secrets''. [Extract from the book by Tomberg].

A {working?} example: "Are there any conditions for joining your group?'' I asked. ''And is a man who joins it tied to it and to you? In other words i want to know if he is free to go and leave your work, or does he take definite obligations upon himself? And how do you act towards him if he does not carry out his obligations.''......''There are no conditions of any kind,'' said G., ''and there cannot be any. Our starting point is that man does not know himself, that he is not what he can and what he should be. For this reason he cannot make any agreements or assume any obligations...Today he is one person and tomorrow another...He is in no way bound to us and if he likes he can at any time leave the work and go...If he likes he can study. He will have to study for a long time, and work a great deal on himself. When he has learned enough, then it is a different matter. He will see for himself whether he likes our work or not. If he wishes he can work with us; if not he may go away. Up to that moment he is free...For instance take one point. A situation may arise, not, of course, in the beginning, but later on, when a man has to preserve secrecy, even if only for a time, about something he has learned. But can a man who does not know himself promise to keep a secret? Of course he can promise to do so, but can he keep his promise? For he is not one, there are many different people in him. One in him promises, and believes that he wants to keep the secret. But tomorrow another in him will tell it to his wife, or to a friend over a bottle of wine, or a clever man may question him in such a way that he himself will not notice that he is letting out everything. No with such a man we will not take seriously. To be able to keep a secret a man must know himself and he must 'be'. Such men are a very far from this. Sometimes we make temporary conditions with people as a test. Usually they are broken very soon but we never give any serious secret to a man we don't trust, so it does not matter much..." ['In Search of the Miraculous'].

silenceAnalogy; with same principle in mind..."The secrecy of which we speak is that of Hermeticism; a true seal on the vessel in which calcination - the slow fire - is taking place. Like a pressure cooker, our work must be regulated and not opened to the outer lest the pressure be entirely lost to the environment. In maintaining a secret, we easily and efficiently provide ourselves such pressure - an inner dynamic that maintains the work in which we are engaged. It leads to results, whereas openly speaking to all and sundry about our views, practices and values does not lead to anything useful at all. The ancient Egyptian god-form given for Neophyte in the Golden Dawn is that of Harpocrates, the child god of innocence, with his fingers to his lips - the universal sign of silence."

''External silence is sought in order to attain inner stillness of mind more easily." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way'].

Side note: "Kircher and others believed the Gemini Twins intimately associated with Horus the Elder and Horus the Younger and Harpocrates of Greece. The twins were placed in the sky by Jove, in reward for their brotherly love, so strongly manifested while on earth."

And/or Harpocrate in relation to: "Everyone has an internal thought process: that silent other self who speaks to you; the one you debate with." [First sentence; first paragraph; first page of the book by Q. S. Lam].

Higher {Elder?}. Lower {younger?}. All as a means...?

Continued: In Egyptian mythology, Meretseger (also spelt Mertseger), meaning "she who loves silence" exerted great authority during the New Kingdom era over the Theban Necropolis and was considered to be both a dangerous and merciful goddess.[1] She was closely connected with al-Qurn, the pyramid-shaped peak in the Valley of the Kings.[2] As a cobra-goddess she is sometimes associated with Hathor.[3]

'Lady of the Lake'?

Continued..."As with all such information, only experience can enliven you and teach you in this work. We are each our own crucible and alchemical vessel, and our work must be hermetically sealed {with secrecy and silence} in order to accomplish any substantial progress. Our souls must have no leak at the seam." [Extracts from the book 'The Magister' : including parenthesis]. As improbable as it may seem {first impressions?} try ''leak''. Its representation.

Proving the viability of study - in ''whole'' that is - not just 'its' parts. It being at least on par [if only to this reader] with the ritual stuff. The word ''experience'' being used to identify same, i.e.,knowledge acquired within those ''mystery schools''. Being taught how to access those ''altered states'' [within] to define something {archetypes?}. Shamanism: the same. That something [i.e.,results of] that has been written about for countless generations. That has always been represented in one form or another with ''keys'' and ''signs''. That same word [''experience''] could also be used to define [by study] the word ''synchronicity'' - its meaning and purpose to the subject as a WHOLE, i.e.,to each individual - regardless of ones chosen ''path''. Regardless of how it may ''cross ones path''. The how and the why - Past present and future.

'The Rupture of Time : Synchronicity and Jung's Critique of Modern Western Culture' by Roderick Main.

"A more {practical?} analogy..."From Hermopolis, city of Hermes {Thoth}, master of Writing, Numbers, Measurement and Time, comes the description of the Nun, the primordial environment, picturing 'its' qualities and characteristics: 'He {the Demiurge} created the 'eight'. He formed its body as that of a sacred child who issues forth from a lotus in the middle of the Nun.' [Enlarged elsewhere].

Recall, who shared those ''boundaries'' of Hermopolis {i.e.,15th Nome}. Put those parts {keys} together to define the whole. Including the word ''demiurge''. All as a representation of something. That ''something'' that educates those first impressions.

Refresher: "The water which appeared with creation, carrying the dark hillock Tum {Atum}, becomes the object of the Hermopolitan teaching. The sacred name of Hermopolis, fifteenth nome of Upper Egypt, was Khemenu, the city of the Eight, meaning eight Primordials; its civil name was Un, meaning ''existence''. ['Sacred Science'].

''Existence'' in relation to something more substantial {by way of say a eureka moment} = 'mound'? AS A REPRESENTATION OF SOMETHING.


The 'caves' at Qumran where a ''teacher'' left those universal constants - in one particular form. {Archetypes?}.

A working example: "Our energy is limited and used up in many ways. We ''leak'' our energy through our functions: thoughts, feelings and sensations. This is all part of human nature, 'old Adam and Eve'. The 'sins of the soul' and the body can only be purified by the ''Lord'' sitting on his ''throne''. A Christian struggles to beat this 'legion' and to prepare the way for the 'spirit', the Lord. Gurdjieff expresses a similar struggle by saying that as we are, we have no real 'I', no Master, but a multitude of petty little I's. To be Master is the aim." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way']. Continued elsewhere.

Side note. ''I's'' in relation to 'aspects of'. Akhenaten link?

Question. For this subject to be accepted within the educational system [if ever] what would be the best method? i.e.,everything learned; regardless of intent/interest [or lack of both] becomes part of the individual - if only [within] the subconscious. Everything - sooner or later thereafter- emerges from it. The slow but sure way? Try ''butterfly''.

'Experience of No-Self and Path to No-Self' by Bernadette Roberts.

Famine Stela. A 'famine' of knowledge represented with?

Any visible cracks? Whats the common factor?

"When the value represented by the symbol has been entirely explored and made conscious its power leaves it, and the object which held the meaning of the symbol becomes only a natural object once more. But while its 'power' lasts the symbol is the representative of an unknown truth. It rises spontaneously from the depths of the unconscious and expresses or manifests the hidden fact in an image whose meaning can only be partly grasped by consciousness." [Chapter 6, 'Women's Mysteries: Ancient and Modern'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Think about in relation to what the word 'incarnation' implies. Found within.

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

Question. Does not the above - in one form or another apply to ALL information? Regardless of subject? Those bit and pieces of 'information' [over a period of time] = a realisation. Foundations of?

A work in progress: ''What i want to point out is the desert being so dry. Yet it flourishes with JUST ONE DROP OF WATER. A visual example of gods grace.'' [K. Nichols. Pilgrimage of Grace. Lent 2022: 'Day 21: A Priest Forever, According to the Line of Melchizedek: Essene Ruins Qumran'].


The oldest known texts of the Old Testament. Includes all the Books of same - with the exception of Esther.

"We must first consider the difference between the evaluation of a course of study and its assessment. The evaluation of a curriculum in the secular sense is the process by which the 'nature and desirability' of a course is given 'value or worth'; but to define the extent to which a course is 'workable and effective' requires a form - or forms - of assessment. These forms of assessment create the basis for the evaluation of the effectiveness of a course in meeting the intended aim specified by those who create the course, understood by those teaching it, and received by those learning." [Extract from the book 'The Magister'].

The ''READERS Way'' works just as well as any other 'way' - the results of which should bring about a positive assessment for the subject as a whole - as proven - if any of those ''proofs'' are verified. Yes or No?


Where have you seen it before. Asleep?

Example of :{one example}: "...Because a modern man lives in 'sleep' {unknown/unaware link}, what knowledge therefore can a sleeping man have? And if you think about it and at the same time remember that sleep is the chief feature of our being, it will at once become clear to you that if a man really wants knowledge, he must first of all think about how to wake, that is, about how to change his being...Therefore a man who wants to awake must look for other people who also want to awake and work together with them. This, however, is easier said than done because to start such work and to organize it requires a 'knowledge' which an ordinary man cannot possess. The work must be organized and it must have a leader {teacher?}. Only then will it produce the results expected of it...It can be organized only by a man {or men/women} who know its problems and its aims, who know its methods; by a man {or woman} who has in his {her} time passed through such organized work him {her}self. A man usually begins his studies in a small group {class?}. This group is generally connected with a whole series of similar groups on different levels {curriculum?} which, taken together, constitute what may be called a 'preparatory school'..." ['In Search of the Miraculous'. Parenthesis, emphasis, this readers].

Question. Could one not apply the above description to a teaching method - of ANY subject - in say - a school curriculum - which ALL subjects prove, in one form or another. The beginning and finishing within a school education? Just one more subject.

And like all subjects some we like more than others. Some we take exams in. Some we don't. Most we remember. Some we don't - but even the ones we take a less {forgetful?} interest in - if only in those early years - we can still - if and when necessary - recall the basics - which is helpful if that latent interest is reignited - maybe in later years.

"But of what use is it to him if he does not remember?'' said one of us. "Essence remembers.'' said G. ''personality may forget..." Same book.

'Don't forget to remember' {Bee Gees}.

Recall what ''essence'' implies. Link to incarnation/reincarnation - in the present moment {i.e.,''fertilization'' link}. Try ''Wolfgang'' for a 'working' example.

And/or: "A word needs to be said about proof of authority. In the 'New Pearl of Great Price', said to be penned around 1330 by a certain Petrus Bonus of Ferrara and edited by a Franciscan friar {pseudonym}, the author states explicitly: ''We may prove the truth of our Art {1} By the testimony of the Sages {2} By the most forcible arguments {3} By analogy, and manifest examples.'' ...And although we would like to believe that our modern, sophisticated logic is immune to such persuasions, we know that's not true. Our entire educational system is based on proof by authority. Moreover, proof by authority carries its own proofs - it builds - one authority on another. So it was that the alchemists believed Bonus, and Bonus based his beliefs on 'Anaxagoras, Socrates, Plato, Geber, Rhasis, Homer and many others..." ['The Chemistry of Alchemy' / Cobb, Fetterolf and Goldwhite].


'Monkey see, monkey do:  ''Could the Foreign his capacity as cultural all-rounder - please confirm that no association will be made to this assembly with regards HIS personal views on letter boxes and bank robbers! Heavens above! What would future generations think!''

A working example: "getting into our 'car', intending to drive back to Ferrara, where we wanted to examine once again the most impressive of the early Renaissance astrological fresco's in Italy...Because the lowest register of the fresco is within easy reach, it has suffered the most damage...This same triple arrangement was maintained in the area depicting September -  properly the sign of Libra...The mythological register was of more immediate interest to us, however, for the god in the chariot is Vulcan, who introduced mankind to alchemy. His chariot is drawn by 'monkeys', and we find ourselves wondering if the artists would have known that this association went back to the hermetic literature of Thoth, as a monkey 'faced' god. To the right are the physical alchemists, beating iron - perhaps a reference to the name Ferrara, the place where 'iron' is worked. To the right of Vulcan's chariot {'car'?} are a pair of what appears to be sleepers...The couple are far from being asleep, however. They are 'lovers' creating a 'civilization' through their passion...The secret of this couple of lovers is shown on the other side of Vulcan's chariot. In the sky {which is to say, in the spiritual sense of the word} hovers a 'shield'. It looks like a doorway into space: on it is painted the she-wolf suckling the 'twins' Romulus and Remus - founders of Rome...['The Zelator' / M. Hedsel. Emphasis, this readers].

All as a means for the author to decode what he describes as the 'Nicholas code'...

The main point being {if only to this reader} that the study of a subject gives the same result - but most importantly - it gives the reader an idea as to the intent and the 'beliefs' of ALL who participate in the same subject - ALL the way back in time - since 'modern' man/woman {Neanderthal?} began to {think?}. In other words - whether we like {the subject?} or not it gives us an insight into what man/woman first began to {believe?} in. It gives us an insight into an aspect of their {beliefs?}. It becomes therefore - does it not - an aspect of Anthropology. That 'aspect' -  which we know very little about. That aspect - which has not as yet even been taken into ACCOUNT.

A working example: ''One book opens another: the philosopher tells us truly. There is no understanding of the Art without long and anxious study of those texts in which the 'angelic' keys to our Philosophy are concealed. However, to the uninitiated eye, the bogus recipes of some imbecile puffer can appear as wise as the works of the Bridlington Canon {i.e., Ripley}. [Page 55 'Mercurius' / P. Harpur].

Question. Hocus pocus or a genuine mind set?

Which ones the P.M? Or put another way: which one has a Masters degree in the 'History of the Circus' and/or: The Life and Times of the Beefburger King? Question. Draining the Swamp?

Side note: ''....mans life is short if we consider the 'stair' he has to climb, and his brain is the most obstinate monkey there is! If his heart rules him {'grace'?}, his conscience will soon take the place of the rod..." [Page 118 'Her-Bak: The Living Face of Egypt' / Isha Schwaller de Lubicz].

''Stair'' in relation to 'steep'. Saqqara {Step pyramid} in relation to the Giza complex. South - North. Get into a ''mindset'' to attempt an understanding to such monuments as the 'Bent' pyramid. Two 'chambers' within {''voids''?}. Both corbelled. Inclining towards each other. The edges of the 'higher' one deliberately scuffed out. The conclusion being mistakes made by the workmen.

Higher/lower? The 'higher' one not yet achieved. Lessor/Greater Mysteries? Only 'completed' in the ''Red'' one? 'Spirit' only?

"You can follow two paths in the mountains, Her-Bak,'' said the sage. ''The first winds round it with many a twist, exploring; the slope is gentle, the ascent easy, varied, amusing. This path avoids points of danger. It never attacks the Peak {of silence?} and halts at shelters known to be safe. The other is steep {cliff? and/or ''corbelled''}, takes each phase of the climb without detour, skirts precipices {'overhangs'?} and reaches a summit that is only accessible to a man who can face naked sunlight and danger. Which path will you choose Her-Bak?'' [Page 89 'Her-Bak: Egyptian Initiate' / Isha Schwaller de Lubicz].

'Car' or 'chariot'- or does it matter?

Continued: "I'm a university professor. Cologne University. I work in mediaeval codes...Ferrara seems to have secret things in its very 'bones'...Richard Dayton spent many hours with us...His knowledge of mediaeval literature and arcane sigils was formidable...By far the best place to break down {car link} in Ferrara {is close to the garage of} Faccetti. Faccetti is a magician in metal...We drove back to England as though the car had wings. During that drive we were able to shake off from our minds the obsession with the code of Sagrada di San Michele, and find a new point of inner balance...'' [Same book. Parenthesis, this readers].

Side note: 'Lost continent' in relation to a ''new civilization'' - together with ''that which was lost is now found'' i.e., ''Who was Nicolas'' we had asked in silence...''You were,'' said the voice. ''You were Nicholas...'' Some things told to us in that moment - what T. S. Eliot called a timeless moment - changed our life..." [Same book].

Recall what a ''timeless moment'' infers. Enlarged elsewhere.

And/or: "Adam McLean has suggested an alternative source for the development of European Tarot - one which is essentially Western in origin. His study of the Mantegna tarot is persuasive. These cards which number 50 in total, emanate from the school of Ferrara and are based upon the Platonic academies of the mid-fifteenth century Renaissance. The cards are split into five decades, representing A}: the conditions of life from beggar to pope; B}: the nine muses and Apollo; C}: the seven liberal arts, including philosophy, poetry and theology; D}: the seven cardinal virtues, with the spirits of astronomy, chronology and cosmology; and E}: the celestial hierarchy of the seven planets together with the eighth sphere...." [Page 188 'The Western Way'. Vol 2].

M....The possible relationship between science and that individual journey A-C. Especially in relation to the ‘Fine Structure Constant'. Represented by the number 137, [a number that is also significant with the Kabbalah]. That same number that amongst others Wolfgang Pauli spent many years trying to understand. That same number that he felt compelled to discuss; amongst other things; with the psychiatrist Jung. The same number that on the day he ‘died’ was found to be his own hospital room number. That relationship to ‘Synchronicity’. That same link to ‘The Book Of Job’, [purpose of]. "Yet in my flesh shall i 'see' god'." [Job 19:26].

Can you 'see' what is being implied - ONLY.

Analogy? of same..."Once the Numerologist went to see the Academy Award film, 'Charley,' with a friend who was particularly dubious about this '23' obsession. The story of the film concerns a low grade moron {IQ around 70} who is transformed by neuro-surgery into a superhuman genius {IQ around 200+}. In the crucial operation scene, the number on the operating room is visible, and it is of course, 23." [Extract from the book 'The Cosmic Trigger'].


'Lucifer' = light bringer. Analogy = ''Beast that rises in the East''. See it? Question. S/E as a means...? Question 2. Where does S/W fit into the greater scheme {''Theme?''} - of things?

The author attempting to understand its {i.e.,23} significance in his daily life. Gives countless examples. In the same book he believes he has deciphered A. Crowleys riddle within the 'Book of Lies,' that therein lies the secret of Freemasonry. i.e.,chapter 69. What he fails to mention {or see?} is 69 = 23x3. He does the same when explaining the origins of Crowley's 'Book of Law' by way of links {i.e.,coincidences and/or synchronistic ones} - between Egypt; Rose {i.e.,Crowleys first wife} Horus; Winged globe; all together with Crowleys special number of 666. Finally culminating on page 111 with a connection to the Nommo archetype {enlarged elsewhere}. What he fails to 'see' {or does not mention} is that pages number to 666 - i.e.,the magical square of 111 - and that link to what is implied to the ''beast that rises in the East'' {origin of Crowleys alias?}. Lastly; what comes around, goes around - speculation within the same book, i.e.,'Cosmic Trigger' - BUT NOT by the author {i.e.,'Afterwords' by Saul-Paul Sirag} - on Eddingtons ''approach'' to derive the proton-electron mass ratio {137 link} i.e., ''Eddington believes the lesson from physics and especially from quantum mechanics is that insofar as we can describe the world at all we are necessary describing the structure of our own minds."

Coincidence and synchronicity - ''hand in hand?'' i.e.,physical coincidences represented with the number 23 But once that ''connection'' is made {enlarged elsewhere} = ''synchronicities''? Understanding that universal framework gives that HYPOTHESIS a legitimate possibility. NOTHING MORE.

Side note: ''It takes 66 days to create a new habit''. [BBC1 'How to Stay Young' / September 2017]. Coincidence? Try ''habit''.

"In Europe, 66 is known mainly as the name of a card game. However, in the Islamic 'mystical' tradition it corresponds to the numerical value of the word Allah. Hence, Turkish Sufi's would explain the predominance of the tulip in Turkish art, as well as the emblem of Islam, the crescent moon, by the fact that the names of these 2 motifs, lalah and hilal respectively, consist of the same letters and have the same numerical value as Allah. Sixty-six can also be seen as a duplication of 6, or as a number in the second 'power' {as is the case with many similar numbers - 44, 77, etc.,}. ['Mystery of Numbers'. Emphasis, this readers]. Tulip?

23 divided by 137 and/or 69 divided by 137. Almost there - yet not there.

IN/OF the horizon?

From a different perspective - but with something added {coincidence?}: ''Our hotel was a Spanish adobe {mud-brick} palace, hidden behind high walls in the center of town....I was with the Dogon researcher....We got a room, and the room number was twentythree. He got all excited....said it was a very auspicious number. From Africa, where the Dogons live, the star Sirius disappears below the horizon and is out of sight for a couple of months; then it appears again on the morning of July 23rd, when it rises just before the sun {heliacal rising}. It appears, bright ruby red, just above the horizon, almost exactly due east....So it is seen just for a moment then it is gone. This is the moment that Sirius, the Sun and the Earth are in a straight line across space. In Egypt, almost all temples were aligned with this line including the gaze of the Sphinx....It began their new year and the first day of their ancient Sothic calendar....'' [Page 14 'The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life' / D. Melchizedek].

Side note: The Dogon and hotel symbols very similar - Wide tail fins - like the dolphin and whale.  With one exception. Dogon = two eyed. ''Adobe'' = one eyed.

Above/below the horizon as a means....?

Born on the 23rd. Died on the 24th.

A {working?} example: "The man 'machine' is the power of accident. His activities may fall by accident into some sort of 'channel' which has been created by mechanical or cosmic forces and they may by accident move along this channel for a certain time {habits?}, giving the illusion that aims of some kind are being attained...The man 'machine' can do nothing. To him and around him everything just happens. In order TO DO it is necessary to understand the law of octaves..." ['In Search of the Miraculous'].

''Accident'' {'23'?} in relation to 'coincidence' . ''Channel'' in relation to 'ploughing ones furrow' . ''law of octaves'' {enlarged elsewhere} in relation to synchronicities. All as a means...?

Side note: June 23rd 1988. 'Greenhouse Effect And Global Climate Change' paper FIRST mentioned in the Senate USA.

Real or imaginary relative to a MINDSET.

And/or: "If essence is subject to the influence of fate, does it mean that compared with 'accident' fate is always favorable to a man?'' asked somebody. ''And can fate bring a man to the work?''...'No, it does not mean this at all,' G. answered him. 'Fate is better than accident only in the sense that it is possible to take it into account, it is possible to know it beforehand; it is possible to prepare for what is ahead. In regard to accident one can know nothing. But fate can also be unpleasant or difficult. In this event, however, there are means for isolating oneself from fate. The first step towards this is getting away from 'general laws' {''23''?}. Just as there is individual accident, so is there general or collective accident. And in the same way as there is individual fate, there is a general or collective fate. Collective accident and collective fate are governed by general laws. If a man wishes to create individuality of his own he must first free himself { ''137''?} from general laws. General laws are by no means all obligatory for man, he can free himself from many of them if he frees himself from 'buffers' and from imagination. All this is connected from liberation of the 'personality'. Personality feeds on imagination and falsehood [fantasy aspect?}." Same book.

Side note {simplified?}: ''Essence'' {'bit'?} in relation to positive/negative habits? Potential {results?} of.

Mantle of a fireplace.

Analogy?...The early morning walk i referred to took place when Jesus was 23, and therefore some time before the mantle of the Christ had fully clothed him." ['A Man Seen Afar'. Mentioned elsewhere].

Broad Back as opposed say to a ''narrow'' one? Can be ridden like a horse {'domesticated'?} - but cannot 'leap'. ''Puissance'' ? Royal link? {i.e., Prince's ride them}. Hand as well as nose?

And/or: {from a different perspective}: ''We begin our journey to Khnum deep in the base of the island, travelling up to the surface through 23 layers  of stone and mud to reach a 'garden' with acacia and hibiscus 'flowers', herbs and trees {'forest'?}, and even a goat or two {'Pan'?}.....We are moving upwards through these 'layers of being' towards more clarity, the clarity you see from the top of a hill as you approach a more spiritual dimension {'tower'?}. Known for its 'beauty' Elephantine is cradled by the Nile....surrounded by huge grey round boulders {hewn/UNhewn?} - from which it gets its name.''

New Name?

4:7 to enlarge.

Question. Would Mantle = west? Northwest?

"O children of Adam. Indeed, we have given you garments to cover your 'nakedness',[key] and as a thing of beauty;...but the garment of god-consciousness is the best of all. This is one of gods messages....that human beings might take it to heart". [Quran 7:26].

'Tower' on top?

Djoser - one of the first full size statues ever made.

A working example: ''My students and i have moved outside for a break. The trees and bushes are ripe with the coming of spring. Crocuses peep purple and white through the softening ground. The air promises a renewal of life. The PINE forest is bursting green and aromatic. Saji Jinootsa {Airedale dog} is rolling in ecstacy. I notice a group of students doing something in a muddy corner of the field. I walk over to observe. They are scooping up mud and forming it in the likeness of a human being. 'What are you doing?' i ask. 'Playing god', one of them responds. 'Isn't that what comes next?''' [Page 54 'A Mythic Life' / J. Houston].


"We have found a strange footprint on the shores of the unknown. We have devised profound theories , one after another, to account for its origin. At last we have succeeded in reconstructing the creature that made the footprint. And lo! It is our own" [Eddington quote].


Sandstone of the North with the Limestone of the South where the North and Southern Downs merge {'morph'?} on Salisbury Plain -  as a means...? Question. Jebel Bakal in relation to the ''limestone'' at Giza?

Side note: Whale spine bones - gathered around an old 'tree stump' - found in the most ancient city in the Americas {Caral}. A desert 'valley' where 'mantle' shifts abound. Whale bones also found among 'ritual' artefacts at the most ancient site on the British isles - Orkney.

Question. Any mantle activity in the Orkneys?

And/or: ''The Three Nymphs must be understood as the Three Graces - the Triple love goddess. The Graeae were also known as the Phorcides, which means the daughters of Phorcus, or Orcus....had the form of swans or cranes....both alike in flying in V formations.They were in fact the Three Fates....a synonym for the Underworld; as it is the same word as porcus, a pig, the beast sacred to the Death goddess....Orc is pig in Irish; hence Orcades, or Orkneys, abodes of the Death-goddess. Phorcus   = father of the Gorgon Medusa....described in ancient days as a beautiful Libyan queen.'' [Page 223 'The White Goddess' / R. Graves].


''Although the term "orca" is increasingly used, English-speaking scientists most often use the traditional name "killer whale". The genus name Orcinus means "of the kingdom of the dead", or "belonging to Orcus". Ancient Romans originally used orca (pl. orcae) for these animals, possibly borrowing Ancient Greek ὄρυξ (óryx), which referred (among other things) to a whale species. Since the 1960s, "orca" has steadily grown in common use. As part of the family Delphinidae, the species is more closely related to other oceanic dolphins than to other whales.'' [Wiki].


Mineral/Vegetable/Animal. A morphing of those ''elements'' - as a means....?

23 Gloucester Crescent in Camden Town ?

Side note: ''In Greek mythology, Perseus is the legendary founder of Mycenae and of the Perseid dynasty. He was, alongside Cadmus and Bellerophon, the greatest Greek hero and slayer of monsters before the days of Heracles. He beheaded the Gorgon Medusa for Polydectes and saved Andromeda from the sea monster Cetus.'' [Wiki].

And/or: In the Leiden Aratea Constellation manuscript {Charlemagne} - Andromeda is shown naked down to the hips {i.e., top half} and Perseus 'naked' with the exception of a silk scarf.

And/or: ''In Greek mythology, Perses (/ˈpɜːrsiz/; Ancient Greek: Πέρσης) was the son of Andromeda and Perseus. Greek mythology identified Perses as the ancestor of the Persians. ...

"The no-mans land between Physics and the psychology of the Unconscious [is] the most fascinating yet the darkest hunting ground of our times." Carl Jung.

Question. ''no-mans land'' = 'astral plane' ? Represented with the ''vegetative'' element?

Side note: "Of particular relevance here is that the high god Osiris, lord of the celestial afterlife kingdom known as the Duat, was always referred to as 'Ka of the pyramids of Egypt'..." [Magicians of the Gods'].

Understanding that one sentence gives clews {threads?} to a possible location. That final one. Represented as...?

Continued: Eddington - one of a few people to understand 'relativity' well enough to explain {teach?} it. Yet when attempting to define - the Fine Structure Constant - with a value - he arrived at 136. Hence his 'nickname' 136+1. Question. Coincidence {23} or a meaningful one {137} ?

Try ''nickname'' or New name?

"The no-mans land between Physics and the psychology of the Unconscious [is] the most fascinating yet the darkest hunting ground of our times." Carl Jung.

Question. What symbol/s {therefore archetypes} represent 'the hunt' ?

..."The 'Investigator' {i.e.,authors alter ego} remembers thinking during the six weeks between major experiments, that whatever he had tuned into was not ''Cosmic Consciousness''{12+5?} but a kind of planetary consciousness; {10+7?} - he wondered who coined the term, ''cosmic consciousness,'' and what it contained...This time i moved in space-time fan wise, unlike the backward-in-time movement of the drug trip. The 'Yogi' {same} became almost conscious of a kind of galactic star network, an intelligence that seemed not fully formed but evolving. Somehow this resonated in my mind with the Sufi teaching that Allah is constantly recreating himself every second. The trip was full of light and joy, the White Light of the Void jazz you've all heard; but dim, not fully achieved. The 'Researcher' {same} went off to sleep not quite satisfied. The next morning, July the twentythird, the 'Shaman' {same} awoke with an urgent message, from dreamland and scribbled quickly in his magical diary, ''Sirius is very important." There was more, almost at the tip of my tongue, but i couldn't remember it. During the day i looked through my occult books, seeking references to the Dog star, Sirius. Although skeptical about Astrology, i assumed that the dream message was some hint that the Sirius cycle should be part of my magical experiments in the future. Astrology seemed like nonsense to me, but i was willing to give it a try, in an open ended manner of Dr. Lilly's ''Beliefs unlimited'' exercise." [Extract from the book 'The Cosmic Trigger'. All emphasis - this readers with the exception of the word in bold print].

He goes on to find out - through practical research this time - information on same, i.e.,that it rises as a precursor to Orion - known as the Heliacal rising - from the twentythird July. Other connections include key words as the pheonix / new year/ Freemasonry / third eye / blazing star - to name a few. All enlarged within. It also explains - if only to this researcher - {i.e.,as a study exercise; not as an alter ego one} why the author feels it was more a 'planetary' experience than a 'cosmic' one, i.e.,''Dog'' in relation to lower; hence - ''not fully achieved''. That link to the word and description of ''void''. All in relation {or relative} to the self. Hence the link to the word in bold print. Those ''higher'' keys - once that 'gap' has been 'bridged' - would eventually be assessed either by research or in a dream state - regardless whether self induced or otherwise. Represented in the above example with information on Sirius - which as stated - the author has to evaluate for himself. Proving {if only for this reader} the viability of the subject material ONLY, regardless of how it is obtained or 'perceived'. Other keys enlarged elsewhere to add {or detract?} from ,i.e.,what is implied with a ''light'' 'behind' and/or in 'front' of. What does it represent? Why Sirius? What significance is the bow/arrow? How about other constellations, i.e.,any importance to Orion? i.e.,as an example; the Hare constellation. Why should ''South'' be significant? etc etc.

"Crowley once said that the 'magicians' sole aim was to interpret his own 'magical' record {i.e.,dreams and/or visions and therefore and/or archetypes/keys}, and after many years i have come to agree with him." [Extract from the book 'The Magister'. Emphasis, this readers].

This reader, however would add - REGARDLESS OF WHOSE THEY ARE.

A {working} example {the very first one?}: "Homer uses Canis Major to reiterate his idea of the celestial sphere when in Book twentythree of the Iliad, Achilles tosses this way and that during a restless sleep...Homers description of Canis Major {'Great Dog'} reaches imaginative heights when he describes how the constellation was created to accommodate the return to the skies of the star Sirius, and how Hephaestus, the smith god, forges new armour for Achilles...The stars of Canis Major are used as the body of Achilles. His personal star Sirius, lies at the heart of the constellation, whether it is viewed as a Great Dog or a warrior...'' ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

''Return'' in relation to 'incarnation/reincarnation. Representation of.

Question. 7th / 8th octave link? Hence...

Tortoise or turtle? Raised hands?

"It is as the creator of the 'glittering new armour' and shield of Achilles that Hephaestus is perhaps best known, and his masterpiece represents the stars in an area of sky where a new constellation was created to accommodate the return to the heavens of the star Sirius after a long absence. In his role as the creator of astronomical concepts, Hephaestus is also credited with making the ancient staff that had been passed down to Agamemnon by his forbears - a symbolic pointer to the north celestial pole. To provide such astronomical functions, Hephaestus required his own home in the skies, and the details given in Book 18 when assessed in the same way as the information about other gods and warriors resulted in a vivid and unmistakable image of Perseus. How Hephaestus could represent Perseus if the constellation had already been allocated in one manifestation to Diomedes is not at present understood, but an answer may yet be found in pages of notes by Edna Leigh. In these notes she associates many other Greek gods with constellations, and we suspect these were her conclusions on yet another layer of ancient Greek astronomy..."

Can you see {the possibility} of what the author cannot - when ALL the information is assessed. Hence to a possible deeper understanding of subject material - and therefore {by implication} the 'beliefs' of our ancestors - past and present...

A beginning or end?

Side note: '' East - spellbound by the hoary past for cycles of time, and then suddenly waking, began to rush into the future by leaps and bounds, smiling contemptuously at the tortoise step of the WEST.''  [Page 24 'Russia: Past, Present and Future' / R. Steiner].


''Tortoiseshell can describe both a cat and butterfly.'' ['The Chase'].

And/or: ''Inscribed on the inner coffin lids and painted on the ceilings of pharaonic tombs from the Old Kingdom to the New, the sky takes the form of the Great Mother, her body composed of the thick blue-black darkness of night, and suspended therein are innumerable glittering yellow stars. Their five points are not equidistant; rather they are shaped in the image of man STANDING WITH ARMS AND LEGS OUTSTRETCHED Wide......Some with upturned tips {'hooked'?} - some stand on short legs.''   [Page 226 'Dreams of Isis: A Womans Spiritual Sojourn' / N. Ellis].

Continued: "No explanatory notes for her views have yet been found, but it is expected that her papers will be made available for those who wish to study the deeper implications of Homer's Secret Iliad. Considering Hephaestus role as the original creator of the constellations, new lines of inquiry may indicate that Homer preserved in the Iliad the remnants of an even older astronomical culture than that associated with Minoan Crete and Mycenae." [Same book]. Among others try ''lame'' and/or ''maimed/crippled'' and/or ''octave''. [Part 2].

A working example: ''There was a question in the air. I didn't know how to answer him. Disquising lameness with firmness i said: That's very fair of Caldwell. Its the best thing. It must be for the best.'' [Page 20 'Mercurius'].

Refresher: ''On many Russian churches the crosses on the domes often have a slanting support bar underneath the cross. This is a Russian tradition that Christ was lame...'' [Page 266 'Russia: Past, Present and Future' / R. Steiner].

Continued: Another coincidence?..."The kings arrival in the sky is a new birth...The divine entities dance attendance on him, reassemble his bones, give him back the use of his senses, by opening his eyes and mouth, rituals which are accomplished 'magically' in the ''Room of Gold'' {'Tut' link?} on the mummy or its effigy with two adzes and the presentation of a bull's thigh. 'My mouth is opened by Ptah with celestial scissors' proclaims the 'deceased' in the Coming Forth into Day - chapter 23." [Extract from the book 'Egyptian Mysteries'].

'23' in relation to the beginning of something?

Side note. Who was born from the 'thigh' of Zeus? What does it imply? Try ''oxen'' - to see something else.

Question. Right or left thigh or does it matter?

Where have you seen them before?

A working example?..."The New Heaven and the New Earth represent a 'new' mind and a new heart. Throughout the Old Testament you may have noticed that the Lord makes occasional reference to giving us new hearts or ''circumcising'' our hearts. The ''new heaven and new earth'' John sees is humanities perfected state of consciousness and regenerated body. The human mind at this point is now one with the divine... in control and free from outside limitations : ''If you conquer, i will make you a pillar in the temple of my god; and you will never go out of it. I will write on you the name of my god,{nickname?} and the name of the city of my god, this new Jerusalem that comes down from my god out of heaven and my own new name.'' Rev. 3:12...{''connected'' link- see it?}.

And/or: ''A Russian legend tells of the holy lake Svetly Yar into which the miraculous city of Kitezh has sunk.'' [Page 6 'Russia: Past, Present and Future' / R. Steiner].

REFRESHER: "But as i heard my Sioux name being called over and over, i then knew for the first time who i was..." ['Dances With Wolves' / K. Costner].

Something to ponder on: "The ancient Egyptian word 'Ren' means ''name''. The name is an essential attribute to the personification of a being....Everything that comes into 'existence' receives a name. This is an essential quality of that which comes into the realm of time and space. The ancient symbols of which are ''mouth'' and water''. The name is sometimes found encircled by a 'rope of light' called a cartouche...." [Page 137 'Egyptian Book of the Dead' / M. Ashby]. Try ''mouth''.

Quantity/Quality {'Duality' link} - as a means....?

continued: "The number value for the New Jerusalem is 1224 which is also the numerical value of the Greek word for ''fish''. This same number includes ''gods creation'' / ''paradise'' and ''i am the way''. The word Jerusalem means ''sacred peace''. When humanity recognizes the divinity within them as the controlling force of the world, and turns away from their own selfish pattern of living for self alone, the old pattern disappears and the 'Christ' pattern emerges." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way'. Emphasis, this readers]. Link to the meaning of the word ''grace''. See it? Try ''pattern'' for a different take on same principle.

Cedar wood?

Side note. Beside the Great Pyramid was found a boat pit. All in parts. 1224 parts. 41limestone blocks above. Coincidence or a meaningful one? ['Egypt Unwrapped: Secrets of the Sphinx' / History channel].

"Like 41 and 101; 1001 exceeds the great number and therefore comes to mean 'infinite' and/or 'numberless'." ['Mystery of Numbers'. Enlarged elsewhere].

Refresher: ''This symbol of the etheric plane is nowhere no more openly announced than in Notra-Dame, France...A figure is displayed within a huge lozenge, the bounds of which are decorated with small lozenges. Altogether there are 41 lozenges in this single architectural detail..." ['The Zelator']. Coincidence or a ?

"It is said that the 'New' Jerusalem will be built on an Island of swamp." ['Curse of Oak Island' series 4. Episode 3].

Land of Punt?

A working example: ''She waved it under my nose, images of tigers and elephants, crowded OPEN AIR market places, and billowing curtains of pink and saffron silk blew past my minds eye. I smelled the spices coriander and cardamom, then ginger, cinnamon, and flowers i did not know.'' [Page 15 'Book of Shadows' / P. Curott].

Side note: ''Cinnabar comes from Ancient Greek: κιννάβαρι[7] (kinnabari),[8] a Greek word most likely applied by Theophrastus to several distinct substances.[7] In Latin, it was sometimes known as minium, meaning also "red cinnamon", though both of these terms now refer specifically to lead tetroxide.'' [Wiki].

Continued: ''Upside-down and one eyed like the Hanged Man. How could i approach the world like that and survive? It sounded more like a prescription for cracking your head open than finding your way. ...A floodgate of emotion suddenly opened....feelings locked behind a dam of mistaken purpose built by schooling and social upbringing and eons of history....a river of longing, like the Nile when Sirius rises, about to flood the desert of my life.....I sensed how fertile the soil, how fragrant the trees of myrrh, and how delicious the fig trees growing within that sacred delta would become as that ancient star rose on my horizon.'' [Page 20/ 44, same book].


''Open Air''?

Refresher: "The waters ebb and flow. Let the 'magician' guard himself from drowning at the point where land and water meet. The midway spot, which is neither dry nor wet, must provide the standing place whereon his feet are set. When water, land and air meet, there is the place for 'magic' to be wrought {'fire'?}."