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15739224-set-of-historically-accurate-crosses-representing-vWith the Hebrews one of their methods was the ‘Star of David’. Two triangles. One pointing up. The other down. This world and that domain. Both triangles interlocking = Co-existance.

When [C] was included [ explained elsewhere ] it was always represented as a circle. Hence the two triangles within one circle. Russian, [sometimes Greek] Orthodox equivalent = Two horizontal bars on one vertical.

Only one of the above pictures, indicates that Primordial mound from which the beginnings / origins of an understanding may take place, which may benefit the 'individual' in relation to horizontal / vertical. Only one shows 'the fall' in its true state. Normally represented as a 'horizontal' bar. Horizontal in relation to the 'vertical'. Notice most; when two or three are depicted; are attempted to be shown within a 'pyramid' shape.

The 'Pyr' of the same word = 'fire'. That 'substance' that the 'trickster character stole'.

Side note: "The constellation Aries {'fire' sign} is marked by the noticeable triangle to the west of the Pleiades, 6 degrees north of the ecliptic, 20 degrees north of the celestial equator and 20 degrees due south from Andromedae {i.e.,the N/E star of the Great Square of Pegasus}..." ['Page 75 'Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning' / R. Allen].

90/180? Winged 'horses'? Pie = feast = ''joy''? Recall Alfreds burnt ones.

Together with... as an example of one aspect within the 'overall' subject..."The exact science of human regeneration is the lost key of Masonry, for when the spirit 'fire' is lifted up through the 33 degrees, or segments [or 'centers'] of the spinal column, and enters into the domed chamber of the human signifies the process by which the 'eye of Horus' {'Aldebaran'?} is opened". [Chapter 16. 'Secret Teachings of all Ages'. M. Hall]. Don't ever forget those first impressions i.e.,.

"Everyone has an internal thought process: that silent other self who speaks to you; the one you debate with." [First sentence; first paragraph; first page of the book by Q. S. Lam].

Refresher: An equilateral 'triangle' spoken of within 'Smiths Cove' /[wet/dry?}. In relation to the drain system being searched for. Measurements recorded = ''Sixty feet {meters?} on all three sides.'' [Curse of Oak Island'. Series 6. Episode 10].

And/or: Close by, Islands that go under the name 'Frog' and 'Apple' Islands. Coincidence?

The picture of Dorian Gray. Found in the 'loft'.

Side note: A {work?} in progress: "Our present concern however is with our immediate progress, for we feel a sense of vulnerability as we climb at an inclined angle {'hypotenuse'?} to the top of a high roofed chamber. The ladder is of wood and iron, and seems old, and very well used. We may wonder about its strength and stability but it seems sound enough, so what we really have to be concerned about is the strength and stability not of the ladder, but of our own Will, and sense of dedication. All that prevents us from climbing through this space is a sense of vulnerable emptiness of faith, courage, and purpose. And so, realizing this, we safely reach the first floor of the 'tower'. From here it is possible to look down into a high ceiling chapel, to the immediate east and beneath us..." ['The Abbey Papers' / G. Knight and R. Wilby].

Question. Kings chamber and/or Grand Gallery?

Refresher: "Error runs down an inclined plane, while truth has to laboriously climb its way up hill".

Pantheon = Oculus = ''Bulls eye''.

And/or: David slays the 'giant' Goliath with a stone to the forehead. One of 'five' taken from the nearby stream. A fresh water one.

''Pure'' link?

Does that tell us anything about Gog/Magog?

hhhh (2)

A progression to the {upper?} summit of something? Inner something? Step by step increments. 'Overhang' for a forehead? Try that one.

Head and square shoulders?

A working example: "For instance, in all the denominations of Christianity a great part is played by the tradition of the Last Supper of Christ and his disciples. Liturgies and a whole series of dogmas, rites, and sacraments are based upon it. This has been a ground for schism, for the separation of churches, for the formation of sects; how many people have perished because they would not accept this or that interpretation of it. But, as a matter of fact, nobody understands what this was precisely, or what was done by Christ and his disciples that evening {i.e.,in the Upper Room}. There exists no explanation that even approximately resembles the truth, because what has been written in the Gospels has been, in the first place, much distorted in being copied and translated; and secondly, it was written for those who know. To those who do not know it can explain nothing, but the more they try to understand it, the deeper they are led into error. To understand what happened at the Last Supper it is first of all necessary to know certain laws {and or keys/signs}. ['In Search of the Miraculous'].

Follow the title of the book to 'see' it in its broader context.

Refresher: The 'Pyr' of the same word = 'fire'. That 'substance' that the 'trickster character stole'.

"It is important to understand that these centers are not physical in nature and position- though there are parallels with our physical organs and glands. These 'organs' exist in a subtler emotional or psychic or spiritual part of our nature. We may even consider them, not as realities themselves, but as symbols of realities- great, redeeming, and saving symbols." [Chapter 2, 'The Art of True Healing' by Israel Regardie].

'The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself' by Dr E. Pearl.

Analogy with the same intent..."The sacred uraeus, which represented the serpent goddess Wadjet, was a rearing cobra with its hood inflated. Pharaohs wore the uraeus on their brow as a symbol of Kingship. Legend has it, that the uraeus had the power to spit fire in defense of the one who wore it." [Chapter 5, 'The Tree of Life'. Mentioned elsewhere].


'Juices flowing' - in relation to the 'sweat of the brow' = ''fire'' link? All as a means....

Side note: "He was carried to the weir of Gwyddno Garanhair near Dovey and Aberystwyth, in Cardigan Bay, and rescued from it by Prince Elphin, the son of Gwyddno and nephew of king Maelgwyn of Gwynedd {North Wales}, who had come there to 'net fish' {'153' of them?}. Elphin, though he caught no fish, considered himself well rewarded for his labour, and renamed Gwion 'Taliesin', meaning either 'fine value' or 'beautiful brow' - a subject for punning {sacred ones?} - by the author of the romance." [Page 28 'The White Goddesss' / R. Graves].

''Bay'' in relation to 'Harbour' ?

Twin horned? and/or 'semi-circle' and/or Waters of the 'Gap'?

Continued: I.E.,use that 'process' to understand 'Hiram Abif' [in the context of the purpose of 'Freemasonry'] but now with the reader in mind. All explained within. 'See' anything. If not, return later. As you do in any subject. As a final 'scratcher', think about the word 'segment' in relation to 'time'. Benefit of, [i.e.,if only in [A] relative to [B], with [C] in 'mind'.

And/or: {as one example}: ''What is really troubling them is their own Shadow, quite literally. For the first time the subtle levels of ordinary awareness have been expanded to bring into focus the darker side of the student's own nature. It has always been there, it is just that any kind of psychic activity be it basic meditation, simple pathworking and the like {study?}, will have expanded perception just enough for it to appear around the edge of the screen of reality....This shadow can get bigger and blacker {blacksmith?}....The way to deal with it is by acknowleding its existence, as part of yourself. It may be the forgotten self, the ignored self, the repressed self, even, but it is still a real, and actually valuable part of the complex and unique being which is you...Befriend it....find ways of working in harmony....It is part of the landscape of the mind, and will be far more use if you allow it to function properly, as your conscience or Guardian Angel.'' [Page 87 'The Path Through the Labyrinth' / M. Green].

Question. Carbon/Diamond?

Shining one?


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Hathor style headdress. Large ears?

"In the 'Visions, Commands and Similitudes', by Hermas, an Apocryphal work discarded by the Athanasian Council, the 'Law of God' is spoken of as a tree, and as the 'Son of God', i.e., "This great tree which covers the plains and mountains and all the earth is the 'Law of God', published throughout the whole world. Now this Law is the 'Son of God' who is preached to all the ends of the earth. The people that stand under its shadow, are those who have heard his preaching and believe."[Chapter 20, 'The Lost Language of Symbolism', by H. Bayley].

Recall what all 'Laws' are composed of. That final link to the 'son of ' something. Use the 'find' tool.

"Clement of Alexandria elucidates the idea that Jesus is the 'son of god' by explaining: 'The Son is the consciousness of the Father.' The 'Father' is the Mystery...the dazzling darkness of UNconscious Consciousness." [From the book by T. Freke and P. Gandy. Emphasis, this readers].

"The lengthened shadow of a man Is history, said Emerson." [Extract from 'Selected Poems' by T. S. Eliot].

Exercise: ''By the time he had reached the comparative safety of the pine trees, the land all around was being drained of darkness, leaving a residue of a grey dull light which prefigured the dawn of the shortest day of the year. Tom threw himself down on a cushion of pine needles....he felt like a black void was enveloping him....he lay on his side with kness to his chest {'child/rebirth' link?}....he did not blink even when the reluctant sun opened its indifferent eye on the horizon, shooting its level beams the length of the valley {Stonehenge causeway?} Beyond the plantation of firs and pines, was the small forest of oaks which extended to the rear of the 'hotel'....Apart from midsummer, the winter solstice was Hannah's favourite day....Today the sun was in its last decline...Tomorrow would bring not just a new day but a New Year when the reborn sun would begin to 'loop' higher in the sky and lengthen the days downhill towards summer...The beauty of the morning suggested to Hannah that the sun was hastening joyfully towards death, eager for its resurrection the following day....It was still early in the day, but already the waning moon was as high in the pale sky as the declining sun. The winter solstice was drawing to a close. The last of the tall pines threw long shadows across Winston Powell's  fields....the road gleamed dully like gunmetal in the dying light.'' [Pages 164/170/173/188 'The Serpents Circle'].

A shot across the bow? or ''snapshot of something''?

Oak island Brooch. Three spiral levels - made from ''two entwined threads'' - 13 branches. Question. A feather in the cap?

"The tree of Osiris was a conifer, a pine cone often appears on the an offering to the awakening spring. Fir cones have been assumed to possess a merely phallic significance, but the real reason for the sanctity of the conifers was probably preserved by the Gnostics. According to King, the fir - tree was "admitted into this system because its spiry form imitates a flame, for which same reason its cone was taken for the symbol of the element fire." The name 'fir' may evidently be equated with fire, an idea which is corroborated by the fact that the Welsh for fir - tree is 'pyr', i.e., the Greek for fire. The Greek for 'fir' is peuke, i.e.,the Great Father or pere". [Same chapter, same book].



And/or: ''The Scots Pine is the native pine of Britain....because of its many seeds - is a masculine fertility cone. It is carried by Dionysos and Bacchus, whose wand is 'tipped' with a fir cone and wound with ivy. We regard ivy as an animus representation, so this is Dionysos responding to the animus energy of women with whom he is seen to associate and from whom he learns - IN MYTH....It is a birth tree and sacred to Artemis and Druantia, the Gallic fir goddess - Mother of the tree calander, and keeper of the Sacred Grove and Fountain of Renewal...The Pine is the traditional Xmas tree- the tree of the first day of the waxing half of the year, after midwinter. On the tree should hang seven candles like the Jewish Menorah. The tree is then the illuminated {''manifested''?} Tree of Life, the seven 'lights'  being the seven stars in Ursa Major, near the North Pole - the TIP of the tree that is the world axis. This tree is also the alchemists tree of the seven metals - that make the 'perfected' human when correctly balanced and fused {'crystallised'?}'' [ Page 109/110/131/135 'Fruits of the Moon Tree' / A. Bleakley].

''Avon in Welsh means ''river''....''

Question. Chosen name for the river that those ''blue stones'' were taken to?

And/or: ''The Dagda and Elatos may thus both be equated with Osiris, or Adonis, or Dionysus, who were 'born from a fir' and 'mothered' by the horn moon-goddess Isis, or Lo, or Hathor.'' [Page 98 'The White Goddess' / R. Graves].

In the same paragraph 'fir' in relation to 'knowledge' {by way of the pineal gland?] = glass/white pebbles/semicircle/thirteen links all in relation to New Grange {on its 'hill'?}.

New Name? in regards to whom?

''She who loves Silence'' links?

Question. Any conifers at Woodhenge?

Side note: An equilateral 'triangle' spoken of within 'Smiths Cove' /[wet/dry?}. In relation to the drain system being searched for. Measurements recorded = ''Sixty feet {meters?} on all three sides.'' [Curse of Oak Island'. Series 6. Episode 10].

And/or: Close by, Islands that go under the name 'Frog' and 'Apple' Islands. Coincidence?

Issac's Point? Someone's New Name?


The tree's for the wood or the wood for the tree's?

Something hinted at {i.e.,by the use of familiar keys}: "Sing to me of Oakenhill Wood. The trees were not Oaks; they were conifers, but no matter...'Now is a slow, unfolding moment perpetually present. Here is always now. Time passes with the tracks end...In deep silence...Here is a universe of tall trees. Trunk after trunk to the world's end...Here the Word looks through created eyes'..." ['The Sword in the Sun'].

Logos - silence - eyes IN RELATION to Oaks {'hill'}- conifers {'trees'}. All as a means...?

Side note: Recall the Pine trees half way up the {mountain?} in the program 'The Lost Tomb of Ghengis Khan'. Enlarged elsewhere. Coincidence?

Understanding the above, gives clues as to Oak Islands true purpose. Found on the island - five ''pine cone'' shaped boulders, that when ''assembled'' formed a cross. The crossover point of which was found another buried stone of similar shape, with a 'face' inscribed upon it, [i.e.,six in total. Recall what 'six' implies]. Coconut fiber also abundant. ['Oak Island', Discovery/ History channel 2014].

Side note: Almec heads also found buried - face up. Enlarged within.

Of the Palm tree family. [i.e.,very significant within this subject. See any symbolism books for verification].

Face looking through it? Looking for the light?

SIDE NOTE: "Ancient symbols have great value - if only because they compel one to avoid the pitfall of ''taking things for granted''. By making things difficult, they force the mind to dig down into the roots of reality and to fathom deeply unconscious vital processes." ['The Zodiac as the Universal Matrix' / Dane Rudhyar].

Face to face?

Follow the title of the book to 'see' it from that first {sky religion?} point of view. Question. Top/down? N/E?

Continued: "The spelling cocoanut is an archaic form of the word. The term is derived from the 16th century Portuguese and Spanish 'coco', meaning ''head'' or ''skull'', from the three indentations on the coconut shell that resemble facial features." [Wikipedia, ''Coconut'']. Other information; to assess correctly; found within.

At the very least it gives a direction to follow - as to a 'mind set'. Question. Anthropology?

Both domains also known as the tree of life and the tree of knowledge. ’That’ domain relating to the tree of life. Why?

Because the Third [3..] common factor that they imply is that the life ’bit’ relates more to ‘that’ ‘domain’ than it does to this one. Hence the reason; they ‘believe’ find yourself in that one when this one ‘ends’. A transition from ‘A’ TO ‘B’. From ‘this’ Domain to ‘that’ one.

What they are implying therefore is that all living forms while alive in this physical world [A] have something of [B] within them as they eat and breath. That ‘something’ relates to our origins. Hence the reason for the transition. From this world to that one. It has a certain logic to it...but only once you begin to understand what they imply by the ’life bit’ in relation to A,B and eventually...C. [ Explained elsewhere ] .

Analogy; with same intent..."What is the life of this world but amusement and play? But verily the Home in the Hereafter - that is life indeed, if they but knew." [Quran 29:64].

pyr4...[B] not only co-exists but as implied by the same authors, existed; in part; prior to [A] How? Hypothetically using Ockhams Razor there can only be two possibilities; if true. By evolution, i.e., Physics evolution, i.e., as part of the ‘Big bang/inflation theory’, not yet identified. In other words both possibly developing together. Or by design. What ever that implies. A simplistic way of explaining to identify [B]...hypothetically, with the word ‘eternal’ which after all is what the ’afterlife’ is purported to be. Therefore should not something that 'represents'; ‘eternal’; have existed prior to something not so eternal. [A]?

move7Side note: "There are only tiny scraps of evidence for the Big Bang and no evidence at all about what went before. When it comes to the beginning of creation, neither believers nor atheists have much to go on. Huge inverted pyramids of speculation are balanced on pinpricks of evidence. In this area as in many others - certainty - is simply an inappropriate response to the nature and amount of evidence we have. In a recent book, the American philosopher Alvin Plantings argued similarly that we cant rule out that evolution has come about by design - but we cant rule out the contrary either." [Preface to the book 'The Sacred History' / J. Black].

5...The [B] factor; according to the same authors; [ and therefore by the same logic/implication [c]...explained elsewhere ] gives each living form what can only be described as a ‘Double’. A double in the sense, that it allows that continuation. The real question is - which is the more 'real' one. Keeping in mind that the physical one {exterior?} has a 'sell by date' associated with it. The Germans call it a Doppleganger, [ forget the movie]. Remember...objectivity. To understand the subject only. Regardless of those first impressions. Biblical link.."Remember him.....before the silver cord is severed, or the golden bowl is broken". [Ecclesiastes 12:6] link to the 'golden child', symbolism of. Explained within.

Side note: ''Doppelganger'' = Gregor Clegane? i.e., after the fight with Oberyn Martell. {'Game of Thrones'}.

Face to Face. 'Male' or 'female'? Shadow or anima?

From a different perspective: ''In the Gnostic texts the Pistis Sophia, contemporary with the canonical books of the New Testament - and considered by some scholars to have equal claim to authenticity - there is a strange story.....Mary sees a boy who looks exactly like her son - she takes him to be her son. But then this boy disconcerts her by asking to see her son, Jesus. Fearing that this must be a demon of sorts, she ties the boy to the bed {'nine lengths'?}, then goes out into the 'fields' looking for Joseph and Jesus.  She finds them erecting a 'vine' pole {Dionysos link?}. The 'three' of them go back to the 'house'. The boys gaze at each other, amazed, and embrace. The secret tradition that traces the subtle, complex process by which human form and human consciousness was put together, has a parallel in its tracing of the extremely complex process by which the incarnation of the 'Word' was brought about.'' [ Page 286 'The Secret History of the World'].

Try Smith and Jones.

Recall 'H'elen and her husband 'reuniting' near the Nile delta - in relation to the story of Troy.

Refresher: "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. The time has come for external forms and expressions to be left behind. There is no Temple in the heavenly Jerusalem, for religion has no place in heaven. Man is his own temple,[key] and his heart is the altar.[key]"

'The Flaming Door: The Mission of the Celtic Folk Soul' / C. Merry.


Analogy of same..."The ninth Sephirah is the foundation of the lower man. It is called Nephesh, and it is lunar vegetative and instinctual principle which is concerned solely with the act of living. This animal soul is at one and the same time a principle of energy and plastic substance, the totality of the vital life currents as well as the invisible astral mould on which the gross atoms arrange themselves as the physical body. As a substantive principle it is the astral body, the plastic double built of astral substance and serving as the basis or design of the physical body... " [Chapter 5, 'The Tree of Life'. Mentioned elsewhere].

Question. ''Double'' = life 'bits' back-up system? After all are we not told that through/by evolution many 'parts' replicate themselves as a safety feature. If so, why not in the 'Macro' sense of the word? IF NOT - then there can only be one other possibility?

'Lunar' in relation to 'sun'. Unconscious in relation to something now becoming conscious, i.e.,'nine' in relation to 'ten' [enlarged elsewhere]. 'Animal' in relation to man. Lower in relation to higher. 'Vegetative' in relation to 'mineral'. As a representation of something. Gross in relation to primary and secondary.

OR "I knew of a man, who was caught up to the third heaven...whether in the body or out of the body i do not know. And he was caught up into paradise and told things that are not to be told, that no mortal is permitted to repeat." [2 Corinithians 12:2 - 4].

Menorah on a ''double'' base {cube?].

Tibetan Buddhism refers to same; in part; as the "Rainbow Body", others have 'similar' names, i.e., "In Sufism it is called "the most sacred body" and the "supracelestial body". Taoists call it "the diamond body", and those who have attained it are called the "immortals" and the "cloudwalkers". Yogic schools and Tantrics call it "the divine body". In Kriya it is called "the body of bliss". In Vedanta it is called "the superconductive body". The ancient Egyptians called it "the luminous body or being", [akh] . This conception evolved into Gnosticism, where it is called "the radiant body". In the Mithraic liturgy it is called "the perfect body". In the Hermetic Corpus, it is called "the immortal body". In the Alchemical tradition, the Emerald Tablet calls it "the golden body". [Chapter nineteen. 'The Source Field Investigations'].

''Cloud People''?

The 'law of one' refer to that process as a 'harvest'. [Chapter six, and throughout. 'The Synchronicity Key' by D. Wilcock]. The same author refers to the same as 'double bodied'. [Chapter 21].

Question. 'Double cube' link? Enlarged elsewhere.

Simplified version of same {principles?}: "Central to the esoteric understanding of man is the concept of what is known as the 'seven bodies'. The words are somewhat misleading; the word 'bodies' is helpful in some respects; ''levels of consciousness'' is a better term and ''levels of being'' is preferable at other times. Language is bound to fail us...there is a good deal of poetry rather than scientific precision in what is {attempted?} to be described..." ['The Fourth Dimension' by A. Duncan].

''Seven is the number of fullness'' {'Mystery of Numbers' / A. Schimmel}.

The ancient Egyptians referred to that 'process' eventually as ones ‘Ka’. Represented by the figure Osiris. The Alchemists, in a round about way, referred to it, [as a 'physical' representation of... in 'its' early stages]... as the ‘Philosophers stone’. [ Books of same...’Alchemy for idiots’. Or for something more demanding...’Philosophers stone’. By I. Regardie].

Hippo-cratic Oath.

The beginnings of which is represented, in the Egyptian case "with a large block of squared granite" that was found on a ledge within the pit at the extreme lower end of the Subterranean Chamber within the Great pyramid, i.e.,within, or below the Primordial mound. Think about it, i.e.,granite in relation to limestone. The very 'thing' that the Great pyramid is sat on. [Chapter two. 'Pyramid of secrets'. Mentioned elsewhere].

"Alchemical drawings depict the First Matter in a variety of other forms. Some show it as a square stone while others depict eight-pointed stars or luminous spheres. In fact, the 'Lexicon of Alchemy,' first published in 1612, gives 84 synonyms for the First Matter." [Chapter 4, 'The Emerald Tablet' by D. Hauck].

'Square of Pegasus' ?

And/or: ''The Hebrew 'alphabet' usually called 'Square Hebrew' - are not really Hebrew characters at all. They are of Babylonian origin, and were adopted by Hebrew scribes about the 5th century B.C. By some it is called the 'Flame Alphabet' because each of its signs is developed from the character YOD, which resembles a flame. The square shape is a hint to the 'occult' purpose of the alphabet. The square is the geometrical figure corresponding to the number 4, which symbolizes order and measurement." [Page 83 of the book by P. F. Case. Vol 1].

"There is a mosque whose foundation was laid from the first day on piety; it is more worthy of thy standing forth therein." [i.e., in relation to ''The original mosque of piety built by the Muhammad himself]..."Which then is best? - he that layeth his foundation on piety to God and his good pleasure? - or he that layeth his foundation on an undermined sand cliff ready to crumble to pieces?" [Quran 9:108/109].


Sokar on his sands. An image within the imagination [minds eye, or the eye of Horus], as a precursor to something more substantial, more permanent, in relation to a foundation. Hence the link to sands, especially those shifting ones, relative to making something more solid under ones feet. That 'process', represented by the snake. Question. Why the difference in snake heads. Clue. It has something to do with a development of something. The origin [start point], of which, will always be shown on the left. As a further head scratcher why should left be associated with west. Notice the figure looking left to right. West to East. Darkness to light. Clue. Something to do with the word Fall. Its representation within this subject.

That final link to 'its' "unconscious" representation. That 'potential' yet to be realized,[until it becomes a 'known' quantity. Both of which, ['known', 'unknown' and/or 'unmanifest, 'manifest' ], have to be represented in some form].

Analogy of same..."The initiate of the 'return' is self conscious whereas the beginner on the journey is almost self UNconscious." [Extract taken from the book by J. Dubuis]. See it?

Example of 'its' physical representation {manifested?}..."Enclosure C's circular walkway, between the outer and inner temenos walls, was entered from the south through a north-south-aligned stone passage measuring 25 feet in length. Schmidt calls it the 'dromos', after an ancient Greek word meaning avenue or entranceway, because of its likeness to the passage ways attached to the beehive - shaped 'tholoi' tombs of Mycenaean Greece. At the southern end of the dromos a curious U-shaped stone portal, or inverse arch, was set up as an entranceway. The upright terminations of its two ''arms'' were carved into the likeness of strange, crouching quadrupeds that face outward; that is, away from each other. The identity of these 'twin' guardians, only one of which remains roughly in situ today, is another puzzle. Schmidt calls this U-shaped doorway the ''lions gate,'' perhaps because of the twin lions carved in stone above the Lions Gate entrance at the Mycenaean city of Mycenae in southern Greece. Beyond the U-shaped entrance to the dromos, Schmidt's team has uncovered a stone stairway of eight steps constructed to navigate a noticeable dip or ''depression'' {'gap' or 'void' link?} in the bedrock. It is an incredible feat of ingenuity and constitutes one of the oldest staircases to be found anywhere in the world. Its presence here at Gobekli-tepe confirms both that an ascent was required to enter the enclosure and that the south was the direction of approach for the visitor." [From the book by A. Collins].

Side note: Astrologers assigned this constellation guardianship over human hands, arms, and shoulders...A fortunate sign ruling over among other Lower Egypt...Horus the Elder and Younger being especially connected to it, according to some. As is the figure Harpocrates of Greece...With Virgo, it was considered the House of Mercury...High regard was given to being peculiarly connected with the fortunes of the South of England and London...The Great Plague and the Fire occurred when this sign was in the ascendant, while the building of London bridge and other events of importance to the city were begun when special planets were here." ['Star Names and Their Meaning' under Gemini]. Try ''bridge'' and/or ''Saturn''.

And/or: {i.e., something to ponder on with a view {insight?} to the above: "...Not a chaotic or frivolous disorder, but one based upon a perception of reality encapsulated by tradition and enlivened by individual experience and insight. With these suggestions in mind we can return to the sequence of images suggested by The Prophecies: 1. GEMINI and AQUARIUS: The twins stand aside to right and left, revealing the Water Carrier between them. 2 - LIBRA and ARIES: The Ram sets his Horns underneath the Scales, setting right an imbalance that has developed suddenly. 3 - SCORPIO and CANCER: The Scorpion emits lightening from its tail, while the Crab fights the Sun. 4 - VIRGO and SAGITTARIUS: The Virgin climbs upon the back {'embossed'?} of Centaur, and by doing so loses her 'virginity'. " [Page 132 'The Prophetic Vision of Merlin' / R. Stewart].

Question. If Gemini ''rules lower'' then where {within say a landscape} is ''higher'' represented?

Continued: "...the mysteries cavern of Sokaris", commonly known as 'the hidden chamber'. Of which Horus "IN/OF the horizon" plays its part. Sokar the 'god' of the 'underworld', i.e.,something still 'unknown', represented as an aspect of the 'unconscious'.... shadow aspect, i.e.,male 'god'. 'Anima' would be represented in some form as 'female'.

Question red/green lion?

And/or Harpocrate in relation to: "Everyone has an internal thought process: that silent other self who speaks to you; the one you debate with." [First sentence; first paragraph; first page of the book by Q. S. Lam].

Higher {Elder?}. Lower {younger?}. All as a means...?

"The image aker, two lions, or sometimes a double forepart of a lion, symbolizes two extremes in the Dwat {shadow aspect?}. One of the lions is 'yesterday' and looks west, the other is 'tomorrow' and looks east. Both turn their backs on yesterdays sun, which is below the horizon. It is night. The sun is travelling in the Dwat {duat}. They are the keepers who open and shut the gate in the shadow world. That is why we use the lion in the theme of a 'bolt', the part that slides east and west in the fastening of a door." ['Her-Bak'].

Question. ''IN/OF'' in relation to E/W and/or N/S. Which and why? While recalling the latch {bolt?} behind the door {gate?} of {in/of?} - the ascending passageway of none other than the Great pyramid. Try ''bolt'' and/or ''Corinth'' to 'see' {investigate} something further.

Refresher: "In Latin a pearl was 'unio', because, as Pliny writes, it is 'the unique gem', or because pearls are only found singly...Oysters open and shut, like doors [folding doors in English were once called 'bivalves'], and the open shell of an oyster looks like the number 8." [Quote from the Lexicon chapter to the book ' The Book of Babel: Words and the Way We See Things' by N.Lewis].

The 30th Anniversary is known as the Pearl Anniversary because, historically, wives celebrating their 30th Anniversary were presented with pearls.

Sed Festival? {and/or 'feast of the tail'}.

Side note: ''The Imperial State Crown contains four pearls that are said to have been used as earrings by Elizabeth I.'' ['The Chase' / 2018].

Side note: ''Margaret means 'pearl' in Greek.'' [Page 172 'The Left Hand Path' / S. Flowers].


The 'tail' end of something begins the process of ?

The author's opinion on that U-shape:..."Having examined the belt buckle glyph at some length, it is this author's opinion that it represents the principle components of a comet. The circle is its head, or nucleus, and the U-shape is the bow shock that bends around the leading edge of the nucleus and trails away as the halo. The upright prongs denote three separate tails, with multiple tails being a common feature of comets." Among others try ''buckle''.


Have a closer look. Three pronged 'foot' within a U-turn? Question. Duck or goose? Go back to Part 1,

Question. When ALL the available information {keys?} are assessed - what do you think? Clue. Recall what the 'trickster' character {i.e.,hare/fox/wolf etc,} in All cultures represent, i.e., as an alternative example the 'animal' {constellation?} at the 'foot' of Orion.

The author defines same as..."So why the foxes, especially as they are usually seen in indigenous mythologies as cosmic tricksters, evil twins of the true creator god, responsible ONLY for chaos and disarray in the universe." {Same book i.e., A. Collins. Emphasis, this readers}.

And/or..."Proclus's warning about the fox star {i.e.,Alcor} nibbling 'continuously at the thong of the yoke which holds together heaven and earth' {i.e.,represented within the 'Plough' constellation} - is an allusion to the fox attempting to sabotage the universes turning mechanism, which, of course, was seen to have its terrestrial point of origin wherever an axis mundi was established on the ground. The fox, if allowed to carry out its mischievous deeds, would eventually bring about the collapse of the imagined sky pole, and with it would follow the end, not just of the world, but time itself. The fact that Alcor, or Alopex, the Fox Star, was additionally seen as a 'comet' {authors hypothesis} inbound from the Pleiades is revealing indeed and conjures the idea that as a 'hair star' it might have been seen as responsible for this perceived cosmic catastrophe." [Same book. A. Collins]. Try ''yoke''.

And/or..."Grimm cites also an old Scottish story about 'the tayl of the wolfe and the warldis end' - a reference to the world falling apart following the appearance of a wolf's tail, which we can be pretty sure is a metaphor for a comet." Same book.

Define the parts {highlighted} to understand the whole.

Hence..."Gokihar ably takes the place of the Fenris Wolf in the Norse myths, although in the Bundahishn there is a strange twist - the comet, or bolid, personified as a supernatural wolf, actually becomes a cleansing agent, clearing away the wicked in order to make the world 'immortal and forever everlasting'. " [Same book]. See it? Can you see what the author cannot.

''Trickster'' or just someone saying BOO!

Another definition of same {broader view?}..."It is no light task for me to write about the figure of the trickster in American - Indian mythology within the confined space of a commentary. When i first came across Adolf Bandelier's classic on this subject, 'The Delight Makers,' many years ago, I was struck by the European analogy of the carnival in the mediaeval Church, with its reversal of the hierarchic order, which is still continued in the carnivals held by student societies today. Something of this contradictiveness also inheres in the mediaeval description of the devil as 'simia dei' {the ape of god}, and in his characterization in folklore as the 'simpleton' who is 'fooled' or 'cheated'. A curious combination of typical trickster motifs can be found in the alchemical figure of Mercurius; for instance, his fondness for sly jokes and malicious pranks, his power as a shape - shifter; his dual nature, half animal, half divine, his exposure to all kinds of tortures, and - last but not least - his approximation to the figure of a saviour. These qualities make Mercurius seem like a daemonic being resurrected from primitive times, older even than the Greek Hermes. His rogueries relate him in some measure to various figures met with in folklore and universally known in fairy tales; Tom Thumb, Stupid Hans, or the buffoon-like Hanswurst, who is an altogether negative hero and yet manages to achieve through his stupidity what others fail to accomplish with their best efforts." [From the chapter entitled 'On the Psychology of the Trickster Character' by C. Jung - within the book 'The Trickster' by P. Radin]. Try ''feast of fools'' and/or ''Feast of the Tail''.

Mr Potato Head?

Neolithic equivalent? "...The males are all dancing and either disguised in animal skins or part animal themselves. There are three in the French Pyrenean cave of Trois Freres. One has a bison's head, and plays a musical instrument in the middle of a herd of bison, and one has the horned head of some similar animal. The third is the famous ''Sorcerer'', a form with the head of a horned beast, the eyes of an owl or cat, the legs and body of a man, the tail of a horse or wolf and the genitals of male feline....Scholars have variously interpreted all these as gods or spirits, as priests or witch doctors, or as hunters disguised as animals to deceive their quarry. As with all the Palaeolithic images {archetypes?}, we lack the means to translate the artists message." ['The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles'].

Where have you seen it before?

And/or: ''I am Khons....I am the only one. The fruit of the gods...The god who does not die on the day of rams {Aries?}, when semen is taken away from this spirit. {probably the 15th of the month when the moon begins to wane - semen is lost and virility declines..A prelude to renewal and fullness}...A later text identifies this waxing and waning of khons with a bull and ox:. Rejuvenation = full moon {bullish}. When old = ox = darkness: The waxing moon brings light, causes the bulls to cover, brings the cows in calf, and causes the 'egg' to grow in the body.'' [Page 78 'Hathor Rising' / A. Roberts].

'Ploughing' link? but not hoeing?

Venus? 8 beams?


Refresher: ''Fifteen represents the zenith of lunar power, and its relation to the moon can be deduced from the name of an old German measure called Mandel, 'little moon, part of a moon', which consisted of 15 items such as eggs or other small things....Sacred to Ishtar {'5'} + sum of first five integers as well as product of two sacred numbers {3x5} + quarter of 60 - highest number {of god} in Babylon culture...'' ['Mystery of Numbers'].

Venus? 8 beams?

Something hinted at: "It was a Boat of Glass....'Caer Wydr' in our tongue, for I heard many tales of such vessels upon the Sea's of Annwn. A thumb's height from stern to bow, it was colourless crystal {'white stone'?} - clear and perfect as spring water through moonlight...Merlyn gave me a tiny box made of apple wood carved with herb designs, and inlaid on the cover with a crescent moon of pearl." [Page 253 'The 21 Lessons of Merlyn: A Study of Druid Magic and Lore']. Among others try ''thumb'' / ''glass''.

A working example: {i.e., in respect of a mind set}: ''Each tree or plant for the Druids, had numerous spiritual and magical associations with it: The Birch = New beginnings. The Rowan = Protection. The Willow = Intuition. The Ash = Interconnection. The Oak = Strength. The Holly = Balance. The Hazel = Wisdom. The Apple = Abundance. The Yew = Transformation.

So to seek the above energies that the tree represented to be applied into their own life's, a Druid if he was seeking {say} 'abundance' would eat apples, use a wand {in ritual} made from apple, meditate under an apple tree, etc etc.'' [Page 68 'Idiots Guide to Paganism' / C. McColman].

Side note: ''The Imperial State Crown contains four pearls that are said to have been used as earrings by Elizabeth I.'' ['The Chase' / 2018].

And/or: The 'crystal stone star' {''of wonder''} as defined by K. Nichols that 'led' the three wise men to the 'childs' manger. That 'divine' one {'bit'?}. Eight spiked. Fourteen generations mentioned. As well as the word 'Octagon'. Manger = N/E aspect. Sixteen steps lead down into that place of 'birth'. Just as there was 16 steps that led to the 'tomb' of the ''golden child''. [4th Sunday of Advent / Magdala / Israel / 2021].


''Pearl''? 'Menit {menat} necklace' link?

''According to Samsung's founder, the meaning of the Korean hanja word Samsung () is "three stars". The word "three" represents something "big, numerous and powerful",[13] while "stars" means "everlasting" or "eternal", like stars in the sky.[14][15]

Sarmoung Brotherhood?

And/or: ''The sails, keel and stern are represented in three separate constellations belonging to the Argo.'' ['The Chase'].

''Steering by the stars''. {Bradley Walsh}.

Side note: Refresher. Recall Neils Bohr's discipline {as ONE example} of choosing the right words within ones vocabulary to define questions in order to arrive at possible answers, i.e.,''in the beginning was the word; and the word was...

'The star of your being is rising'.

''Westward leading still proceeding, guide us to thy......

From a different perspective: ''This solar seed rhythm of renewal also involves Isis with Hathor and the Pharaoh, as seen in two different scenes in the 19th Dynasty temple of Seti I at Abydos....being carried aloft on a chair {pallet/sledge?}....'You are established on the Throne like the Son of Isis. Lord of the two lands...You are the seed of the bull-of-his-mother, who created you in the likeness of his body. The womb of Isis has made him to be heir to the throne of Atum'. Now Seti, the reigning king, is counted among those mighty ones of the past known as 'the living kas', who live in him by virtue of the royal seed, carried in the womb of Isis, that courses through the generations.'' [Page 93 'Hathor Rising' / A. Roberts].

'Cattle' of a manger?

And/or: ''Most of the important aspects of 'magic' are those pieces of NEW information, that are recieved, the intuitive guesses, the solution to a problem, RATHER than your commands or requests to other 'beings'. The answer has to be of more use than the question!'' [ Page 46 'The Path Through the Labyrinth' / M. Green].

REFRESHER: ''It is often said, particularly in regard to the stories of the quest for the Holy Grail, that it is essential to ask the right question.''

Fox? Face side or in profile?

 "These mythological features extend even to the highest regions of man's spiritual development. If we consider, for example, the daemonic features exhibited by Yahweh in the Old Testament, we shall find in them not a few reminders of the unpredictable behaviour of the trickster, of his pointless orgies of destruction and his self-appointed sufferings, together with the same gradual development into a saviour and his simultaneous humanization {lower/higher link. This readers input}. It is just this transformation of the meaningless into the meaningful that reveals the trickster's compensatory relation to the 'saint', which in early Middle Ages led to some strange ecclesiastical customs based on memories of the ancient 'saturnalia'. Mostly they were celebrated on the days immediately following the birth of Christ - that is, in the New Year - with singing and dancing..." [Same book].

'By hook or by crook'?

Mad whirling dance?

As one example: ''William Kemp an actor who starred as the fool in Shakespeares plays. Had ideas of his own as to what makes good comedy. He fell out with Shakespeare about what was comedic in Hamlet. Went on a mad morris dance between London and Norwich. Took nine days. Expected to entertain people more than a stage could do. 'Kemp the Man' was lost to history. No one knows what happened to him after. A footnote in history.'' ['Britains Most Historic Towns: Tudor Norwich']. Alice Roberts wonders why Norwich.

Whirling Dervishers to enlarge.


''Cross'' front and back?

Many sides {i.e.,Morris groups} have one or more fools. A fool is usually extravagantly dressed, and communicates directly with the audience in speech or mime. The fool often dances around and even through a dance without appearing really to be a part of it, but it takes a talented dancer to pull off such fooling while actually adding to and not distracting from the main dance set.

Many sides also have a beast: a dancer in a costume made to look like a real or mythical animal. Beasts mainly interact with the audience, particularly children. In some groups this dancer is called the hobby.

A tradition in Cotswold Morris is a collection of dances that come from a particular area, and have something in common: usually the steps, arm movements, and dance figures. Many newer traditions are invented by revival teams." [Wiki]. Continued elsewhere.

N.B. Winster was the ''center of the lead mining industry'' {and/or} - in the middle of the country. Try ''lead'' and/or ''navel'' to give a possible understanding to that final sentence.

Proving the validity of research OVER those first impressionable ones - {higher/lower?} therefore ''teacher'' link?

Refresher..."Gokihar ably takes the place of the Fenris Wolf in the Norse myths, although in the Bundahishn there is a strange twist - the comet, or bolid, personified as a supernatural wolf, actually becomes a cleansing agent, clearing away the wicked in order to make the world 'immortal and forever everlasting'. " [Same book]. See it? Can you see what the author cannot.

Dire Wolf? {Game of Thrones}.

Understanding the above gives an answer to the following - OR at the very least a credible line of investigation..."The imposing central pillars in Gobekli-tepe's Enclosure D both sport wide belts, at the front of which, beneath a centrally placed belt buckle, fox-pelt loincloths have been carved, the animals hind legs and long, bushy tail extending down to knee level. Further emphasising the eastern monoliths vulpine character is the presence of on its inner face of a leaping fox, something present also on the central pillars of Enclosure B...These images of the fox, along the high level of faunal remains belonging to the red fox {Vulpes vulpes} found at Gobekli-tepe, led archaeozoologist Joris Peters, writing with Klaus Schmidt, to conclude that the interest in this canine creature went beyond any domestic usage and was connected in some way with the 'exploitation of its pelt and/or the utilization of fox teeth for ornamental purposes'. That this statement was made even before the discovery of the fox-pelt loincloths {Heb Sed link. Enlarged elsewhere} carved elsewhere {i.e.,central pillars in Enclosure D} - means that what Peters and Schmidt go on to say in the same paper, should not be ignored - for in their opinion 'a specific worship of foxes may be reflected here'. That leaping fox appear also on the central pillars of..." ['Gobekli Tepe' by A. Collins].

Side note: The narrator of 'Seven Ages of Britain' {Series 1. Episode 2. Enlarged elsewhere} - asks the question "Why go to such lengths to finish someone off..." - in reference to the body found in a bog that became known as the Lindow Man. Purposely killed {'sacrificed'} at the ''edge of wetlands'' - totally naked with the exception of ''a fox fur armlet'' . Neatly trimmed beard - aged between 25-30. All significant pointers {keys?} to understand it beyond ''Brutality'' and/or "a savage lifestyle'' and/or "it sorted the men from the boys''.

Analogy: 'The Beard of Knowledge'?

Try Part 1 to enlarge on the word ''sacrifice'' before that inner voice {first impressions?} suggest something else. Then try ''teacher''.



dionysos and panther

Try ''panther''.

''Sacrifice'' in relation to: "As we have said, the primitive techniques for this were blood and sacrifice and orgiastic rites but neither of these methods are valid means of spiritual progress nowadays. The evolution of consciousness has moved on and such practices would be atavistic; degrading rather than enlightening..." See Part 3.

uuuu (2)

Sacrificial victim or willing participant?

"Wetlands'' in relation to: "The Agnisuryans respond to the sound. The waters ebb and flow. Let the 'magician' guard himself from drowning, at the point where land and water meet. The midway spot, which is neither dry nor wet, must provide the standing place whereon his feet are set. When water, land and air meet there is the place for 'magic' to be wrought {'fire?'}"

Refresher: "To sacrifice a 'lower' value to a 'higher' value is to give substance and power to the desire which has been 'sacrificed'. If this higher value is of a 'spiritual' order, the spiritual power is attracted by this desire, and givers to the sacrificer a power of domination over his lower states." ['Journey into the Light'].

SIDE NOTE: "I will tame the primal obsessions. Greed, anger, pride, hatred, and use them as powerful bullocks to plough the field of consciousness. Sowing the 'seed' of Om Kali Ma, transmitted to me by a skillful farmer. I will reap a vast harvest of illumination..." [Poem by Ramprasad Sen. Taken from the book 'The Path of the Priestess: A Guidebook for Awakening the Divine Feminine' / Sharron Rose]. Question. Anima/soul/ 'light'?

Apis Bull {Shadow/spirit/ 'fire'?}. As a means...?

A side step: {see above picture, - seven back i.e.,two lions?} i.e.,"the mysteries cavern of Sokaris", commonly known as 'the hidden chamber'. Of which Horus "OF the horizon" plays its part. Sokar the 'god' of the 'underworld', i.e.,something still 'unknown', represented as an aspect of the 'unconscious'.... shadow aspect, i.e.,male 'god'. 'Anima' would be represented in some form as 'female'. Hence that link to Genesis, chapter six..."The sons of god saw the 'daughters' of men, that they were fair.... who bare 'children' to them." [Recall what 'Son of' represents].

That link to the 'divine couple',i.e.,Apollo and twin sister or Sumerian equivalent, Inanna and Utu, as opposed to Jacob and Esau. Think about it, [ i.e.,"a mental state, in which spiritual perceptions were achieved, distinguishing between the 'shadow mixed with light', when the power of the imagination was mixed with reason...."]. Equilibrium being the main aim. Its main result or principle; with the observer or reader in mind. Purpose of. Benefit of.


Number symbolism equivalent..."According to ancient and Neoplatonic systems, 6 is the most perfect number as it is both the sum and the product of its parts: it is formed either by adding 1+2+3 or by multiplying 1x2x3. Furthermore it is the product of the first male {2} and first female {3} numbers. From the psychologists viewpoint, it represents a combination of analysis and synthesis in its simplest form: 2x3. It summarizes all the plane figures of geometry {point, line and triangle}, and since the cube is composed of 6 squares, it is the ideal form for any closed construction." ['Mystery of Numbers' / A. Schimmel].

''First male {shadow?} - first female {light/anima?} ALL as a means...?

N.B. ''Closed construction'' = something manifested. Representational of. Recall the numbers associated with the 'cube' - as an expression of something. Hence the link to this subjects main 'teaching' aid. Question. Which came first and WHY?

That word imagination again {two paragraphs back}. Work it out, for its true meaning, i.e.,when using it, focus on the positive stuff, as opposed to its alternative, the negative stuff, to reach a balance, in order to understand something, anything. Understanding the above therefore gives clues as to that biblical stories true 'intent' and purpose, in relation to an end result. A 'potential' yet to be realized. A work still in progress.

As part of that ''true poetry''. Others found throughout.

From a different perspective: ''My thesis is that the language of poetic myth anciently current in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe was a' magical' language bound up with popular religious ceremonies in honour of the moon goddess, or muse, some of them dating from the Old Stone Age, and that remains the language of TRUE poetry....but it is only fair to warn the reader that this remains a very difficult book, as well as a very queer one {'peculiar'?}, to be avoided by anyone with a distracted, tired or rigidly scientific mind...." [Forward to the book 'The White Goddess' / R. Graves].
Side note: Why a 'serpent'? Crawls on belly {horizontal?} but can strike in the vertical? Can be found in both salt and fresh water? Sheds its skin? etc. All as a means...?
Try ''poison/antidote''.
Refresher: "The children of Seth [Set] first possessed that peculiar sort of wisdom, which is concerned with the heavenly bodies",[chapter five.' The Sirius Mystery'],

"The Agnisuryans respond to the sound. The waters ebb and flow. Let the 'magician' guard himself from drowning, at the point where land and water meet. The midway spot, which is neither dry nor wet, must provide the standing place whereon his feet are set. When water, land and air meet there is the place for 'magic' to be wrought {'fire'?}."

Moses = ''Drawn from water''. Anything?

Analogy {Greek?}: Poseidon - 'Boundary' between wet and dry - whose domain was Atlantis. Ten sons {five sets of 'twins'}. The eldest - Atlas. A world {rock?} on 'his shoulders'. A representation of something. Enlarged elsewhere.

"We are thinking at the edge, where the shoreline of sense meets the wild ocean of mystery." [From the book by T. Freke and P. Gandy]

S/W? i.e., as ONE example Glastonbury? Others enlarged elsewhere.

Question. What are the other 'compass' points represented by?

Question 2. JUST compass points?

Compass of the Heart?

''The inner guardian is our true North, the keeper of the charts.'' Try 'map' / 'whale'.

And/or: ''Compass'' in relation to 'encompass' / 'compassion'?

'Lexicon of Alchemy' definition of same..."Imagination is the Star in Man, the celestial or supercelestial body." [Chapter 4, of the book by D. Hauck]. Question. Fantasy? A collective one, throughout multiple generations. From its beginning to the present date?

"Planet Narnia: The Seven Heavens in the Imagination of C. S. Lewis' by Michael Ward.

Analogy of same, i.e.,with the same intent..."God will never give himself openly to the soul...unless she brings her husband, that is to say, her whole free will." [ Emphasis, this readers. Page 12, 'Meister Eckhart: From Whom God Hid Nothing' {Sermons, writings and Sayings} by David Steindl - Rast ]. Think on it, relative to 'Song of Songs'. Explained elsewhere.

Hindu equivalent, [in part]. Chiti = "The power of universal consciousness; the creative aspect of 'God' portrayed as the universal 'mother.'' [Glossary, from the book, 'Play of Consciousness' by Swami Muktananda].

OR...."Knowing the 'male' but keeping the 'female', one becomes a universal stream. Becoming a universal 'stream', one is not separated from 'eternal' virtue." [Lao - tzu in relation to 'Tao : the Watercourse Way'. Taken from chapter 6, 'The Warrior Within'].

Further Clue. Shadow = top/down. Anima/s = Bottom up. Merging of the two = Balance, relative to an understanding. As a means to a final understanding.

Refresher: ''Where good deeds are 'ships' on which to ride the waves''.

"The Feminine guide leads the masculine personality to the discovery of the inner world, to discover the soul. This is an archetypal motif: the feminine guide leads one to the spiritual treasure, or even carries it, as Repanse de Schoye carries the Grail. According to the insights of Jungian psychology, the 'anima,' the muse or source of inner inspiration, leads one to the 'treasure' of the Self. But the anima is generally only encountered after one has encountered the personal 'shadow,' that part of every individual's personality which is self-centered, dark, essentially negative and ignorant. The Parzival legend very well substantiates Jung's psychological insights, for Parzival starts out as a self-centered, social dimwit......."[Chapter entitled 'The Path Toward the Grail: The Hermetic Sources and Structure of Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival' from the book, 'Alexandria'. Vol 1, by D. Fideler].

"It takes two, a positive and a negative, to make an efficiently functioning psychic unit." ['The New Dimensions Red Book'. Mentioned elsewhere].

Those negative ‘aspects’ represented with other key words that indicates an ‘offset to the norm’. More generally known as ‘the fall’ and its relevant importance to the wider ‘picture’. [ In their opinion ]. That fall in the stone age...with the ‘Heel ’ stone. Offset purposely as indicated in such books as...’In Search of Ancient Astronomies’. By E.Krupp.

Egyptian equivalent, the 'offset' pyramid. Explained elsewhere.

Hussein Abdul Rasoul - 'The 'Water-Boy' - whose 'heel' found the first step of 'sixteen' that led to the tomb of the 'golden child'.

Synchronistic?: ''On the morning of November 4th, 1922, a waterboy hit a strange rock with his heel as he tried to make a place to set jars of water. The sand around the rock was cleared revealing that the rock was in fact a step. Everyone was so excited as they knew that most tombs in the valley had stairways cutting into the rock. They began to clear the area of sand and gradually uncovered another step, then another, and another until a flight of steps was cleared.''

"Somewhere along the line, the Western intellectual tradition took a wrong turn. Arguments arise over when and where this happened. Many important thinkers have concluded that the West never should have abandoned certain teachings about reality which it shared with the East. They have turned to the Oriental traditions in the hope of finding resources which may help revive what has been lost, and correct the deep psychic and spiritual imbalances of our civilization. One result of this ongoing search for a lost 'intellectual' and 'spiritual' heritage has been the rediscovery of the importance of imagination. In putting complete faith in reason, the West forgot that imagination [by way of the ''cognitive faculty''. This readers input. Explained elsewhere], opens up the soul to certain possibilities of perceiving and understanding not available to the rational mind. One of the important contemporary thinkers who have pointed in this direction is the late Henry Corbin, who has bequeathed to us the word ''imaginal.''

As Corbin has explained in his works, the ''imaginal world'' [or mundus imaginalis] possess an independent ontological status and must be clearly differentiated from the ''imaginary'' world, which is no more than our individual fantasies. Once we lose sight of the imaginal nature of certain realities, the true import of a great body of mythic and 'religious' teachings slips from our grasp. All 'religious' traditions accord a central role to 'imagination', though not necessary by the same name." [Introduction to the book,'The Sufi Path of Knowledge' by W. Chittick].

A working example: 'The Quest of Rose: Book one. The Cosmic Keys of Our Future Becoming' / J. Houston.

Hindu equivalent [in part] Prakriti = "In Sankhya philosophy, the feminine creative principle of Reality, that gives form to the objective universe."

'On Having No Head: Zen and the Rediscovery of the Obvious' / D. E. Harding.

Together with Purusha = "The masculine principle of Reality, the spiritual ground of being." [Glossary to the book 'Play of Consciousness'].

From a different perspective: ''Dont doubt yourself with your gut feeling. You probably already know the answer. Its in there somewhere in the back of your head.'' ['The Chase' / ITV].

images15039TBGEgyptian equivalent, [in part]..."Sokar is the latent spiritual principle in all living things, the spirit embedded in the deepest regions of matter that awaits arousal." [Chapter two, from the author Rosemary Clark].

"The 'Principle of Latency' which Sokar embodies was associated with the solid, vital energy of the bull, manifesting as physical potency in his role as 'Lord of the Herd'. [Chapter two, same book].

That link to Herd mentality...solution of, by way of a 'sacrifice,' i.e.,by way of an objective exercise. Benefit of, i.e.,sacrifice of the 'lower' to understand something of the 'higher'. Representational of. That final link to the ''transcendent third''.

Sokar therefore will always be 'depicted' in a 'dark' profile. Representing, as something still to be understood. Dark in relation to light. 'Unknown' relative to 'known'. Falcon relative to 'land' animals, [i.e.,as in the Egyptian example, Anubis]. That potential that the symbol of the falcon represents, [i.e.,upward / 'positive' movement / 'potential' ], latent, within Sokar.

Just as the same principle is latent within the word 'lucifer' [''the light bringer'']. Indicative of. Nothing more.

"Every light casts a shadow" ['The Zelator'].

In other words, principles not individuals. Principles of something, relative to an understanding, [if only in relation to the understanding of a subject. The 'whole' one ].

nhytHence: "What we call 'evil' is the manifestation of a soul considerably out of balance - evil is the disharmony of the soul. Hell is not a place, but a state of mind. Both poles are necessary to find the perfection of balance which leads us to what the Bible calls heaven. Again, heaven is not a place, but a state of mind - a state of being." ['Truth Vibrations'].

Refresher: "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. The time has come for external forms and expressions to be left behind. There is no Temple in the heavenly Jerusalem, for religion has no place in heaven. Man is his own temple,[key] and his heart is the altar.[key]"

A {working?} example: "The leader of the Cretans has been identified as a peer of the god Ares {Mars}, which not only places his personal star in the zodiac with the gods, but also indicates that it is a red star. Aldebaran {Taurus}, which represents Idomeneus, is the notably red star that marks the eye of the bull in Taurus. 'Helen' says that Idomeneus is surrounded by his 'captains', just as Aldebaran is surrounded by the Hyades, a well known group of stars in that constellation." ['Homer's Secret Iliad'].

The real question however is WHY. WHY continue to hark on those same principles, generation after generation. From 'its' beginning to the present day. Boredom?

Further examples to understand the whole, put ''latent'' in the search box. Compare to "Horus in the horizon" [i.e., 'below' in relation to 'above', relative to a possible understanding]. That understanding represented by 'light'. Indicative of the suns rays [key] at dawn [key]. Horus of the horizon is now in the horizon. Symbolic only. Relative to an understanding, by way of those inspirations/ aspirations of something, from an interest of something. An interest that 'develops', into the 'potential' of a further understanding. But still in the 'Micro' sense. Why? Because that understanding has only just 'dawned'. 'Its' higher state would be represented by 'high noon' {zenith?}.

"Horizon, is nothing but the limit of our sight." [Quote from the book 'Beyond the Horizon' by R. Parks].

Think about same, but now in relation to 'eleven', 'twelve' and 'thirteen', [information within].

Hebrew equivalent.."When the morning stars sang together, all the 'sons of' god, sang for joy."[Job: 38.6].

That 'realization' being represented with the word and image [symbol] of an 'angel'.['The Sacred History' by J. Black].

"The Augoeides is the ''higher genius.'' A Greek term for the Holy Guardian Angel [HGA] or the higher self." [End notes: from chapter 12, 'The Tree of Life'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Question. What symbol represents the 'lower' self? Question 2. Why should it matter at all.


'Meanders' in a different form?

Understanding the above defines..."So who were the 'Watchers' and how do they fit into the bigger picture? Bible scholars are convinced that the book of Enoch and other similar examples of Enochian literature derive from a few brief passages in Genesis 6, which speak of how the 'bene ha-Rlohim', the Sons of God, who are synonymous with the Watchers..." [From the book 'Gobekli-tepe'. Mentioned elsewhere].

Question. ''Guardian {'Watcher'} of the gate''?

'Watchers' in a different guise. Any 'masks'? Hieroglyph / Archon to enlarge.

Practical example?..."More pertinently, were these human 'serpents' the Watchers of the book of Enoch...Was there memory confused with the envisaged Fall in the terrestrial Paradise, through the 'serpent's' temptation of Adam and Eve? Remember the book of Enoch tells us the Watcher named Gadreel was the serpent that 'led astray Eve'." [From the book 'Gobekli-tepe'].

Question. Literally or 'aspects' of something?

Analogy of same..."For convenience, all of the models discussed above and to be discussed as we proceed can be summed into two meta-models. {1} It is all done by our own nervous systems. As we advance towards 'higher intelligence', our brains can increasingly affect the universe, by quantum inseparability, creating first coincidences, then Jungian synchronicities, then seemingly 'external superhuman beings', who are really masks of the greater selves we are evolving into..." [Extract from the book 'The Cosmic Trigger'].

"...all done by our own 'nervous systems'. " Egyptian equivalent = the spine of Osiris. The Hebrews represent same with the Tree of Life. The author J. Black infers the same {i.e.,''affect''} with the word ''idealism''. Enlarged elsewhere.

Understanding that 'universal framework' makes sense of the above - ALLOWS one to 'get ones head around it'. - in order to define it. As it does with the following...

An imaginative one?

An Irish film-maker {Paddy Slattery} talking to BBC 'Outlook' {BBC World-service/27.3.16}. On how he came to terms with his physical condition after being in a car accident and being told he would never walk again: "An amazing thing happened. When your body switches off; at least for me; my imagination switched on. That's when i started to discover other possibilities...boundaries started to withdraw as it were - the canvas became blank again - and i could paint my own picture of what i thought life was all about. My own imagination and my own power of attention could alter my physical reality. Mind over matter was my mantra..."

Sumerian equivalent of something..."Of the celestial bodies...'in the way' of Enlil...twelve were deemed to be 'of' Enlil.......Likewise in the Southern portion of the skies...'the way of' Ea...twelve constellations were listed not merely present 'in' the Southern skies, but as 'of' the god Ea. [Page 190, 'The 12th Planet']. While recalling that Ea was one of Enki's names...'The Lord of saltwater'.

"From it We created you and into it We shall return you, and from it raise you a second time." [Quran 20:55]. Link to ''reincarnation / ''incarnation''. Their true meaning. Not 'its' first impressionable one. Try Part 4.

"Everyone has an internal thought process: that silent other self who speaks to you; the one you debate with." [First sentence; first paragraph; first page of the book by Q. S. Lam].

And/or..."You may care to dwell upon the parable which indicates that 'God' is not to be found in the strong wind nor the earthquake, nor in the fire but only within the silence of the still small voice." [From the book 'The Silent Road'. Mentioned elsewhere. Emphasis, this readers].

Think about it...'God' in relation to 'divine bit'.

"If only the lamp of divine secrets be kindled in your inner self the rest will come, either all at once or little by little. Some you already know, some we will tell you here. Read, listen, try to understand. The dark skies of unconsciousness will be lit by divine presence and the peace and beauty of the 'full moon,' which will rise from the horizon shedding light upon light......"[Address to the reader, 'The Secret of Secrets'. Mentioned elsewhere].

"He giveth the sun for a light by day, and the ordinances of the moon and stars for a light by night."

"He has lit his lamp and truly the effect is like a sudden shining of a light in a dark place. 'Within you is the light of all the world': So all the ancient seers have always said, and now there words blaze with a vivid light in which all false belief and superstitions die like candles in the sun. Knowledge as to the field and the 'Knower of the field,' that in my opinion is wisdom." [Chapter 13, 'The Yoga of the Bhagavat Gita'. Mentioned elsewhere].


Back of?

That link to the Egyptian equivalent of ''running the fields'' as an enactment within the Sed festival ceremony. Also known as the 'Feast of the Tail.' The tail end of an animal [therefore indicative of a 'lower' state] attached to the back of the Pharaoh's garment. The tail end of something indicative of the beginning of something else. That something else indicative of 'higher'. The real question however is....Why go to all this effort?

Astronomical equivalent?: "Homer uses Ares to restate his almost obsessional concern with the apparent arc of the celestial sphere, and a sequence in Book 5 shows Mars ascending to the dome of the heavens. The sequence begins when Mars rises in the east and Homer says: 'She {Isis} found fierce Ares waiting on the left of the battle. As Mars rises in the skies, Homer says: 'Ares is now lording it in the field', and the planet reaches its highest point at the meridian when 'As a dark cloud in the sky when it comes on to blow after heat, even so did Diomedes see Ares ascend into the broad heavens'." ['Homer's Secret Iliad']. Enlarged elsewhere.

''Running the Fields'' ? {i.e., Egyptian Jubilee enactment}.

N.B. The author of 'The Sphinx Mystery' only explains one of those aspects in detail, i.e.,"Horus in the horizon". Question. Purposely or otherwise? [explained elsewhere].

Does he 'see' the connection between Anubis and the color green? [chapter six, same book, i.e.,'emerald' tablet link] or the word 'baldachin', both in relation to Abu Ruash, the 'necropolis' most northerly point. Especially when taken into account with its most Southernly one, Memphis [ N.B. 'Apex', of the delta] or 'its'.... 'seat of power', Thinis [Macro], or the 'Altar' stone in relation to the dream stella in 'its' Micro sense, [i.e.,offset purposely].

"...the symbol of the lower will is the Altar." [Quote from within the book by I. Regardie].

Represented on doorjambs left to right and right to left, chapter five. Same book. [i.e., horizontal / vertical links, respectively]. While using that same 'form' [Anubis], which on both doorjambs he is seen to be the 'overriding factor' of all those aspects that are 'beneath' him. From the "tip of his nose to the tip of his tail." order to represent an understanding. All explained within.

As is the same, with the author of 'Black Genesis' attempting to understand what is meant by 'the land of Yam', i.e., "But where was Yam, and why was it so important to send their most trusted advisors on such 'a dangerous mission' from which they may never have returned? The location of the land or kingdom of Yam has long confounded Egyptologists." [Chapter two, page 42].

Together with..."In this letter Pepi refers to Yam as ta-akhet-iu, which Egyptologists translate as 'land of the horizon dwellers.' This implies that Yam was a very distant place, so distant that its people were deemed to live in the horizon." [Page 48, same chapter].

Understanding this subject in relation to Horus in / of, the horizon, of which the 'Falcon' was his main emblem,[i.e.,'lord' of the sky] answers those questions, i.e.,within the hieroglyph that 'Yam' represents, is one Falcon, but with a potential, of three. Those 'three' that are finally [by way of, an 'understanding'] represented with the 'triple' uraeus. Explained within.

''Yam'' according to some of these authors means ''sea'' [as an example page 349, 'A Test of Time'] . Think on it, relative to the above. ''Horizon'' in relation to what that word can be associated with. Especially in relation to the ''setting sun''. and /or the ''rising'' one. 'Wet' and 'dry ', or 'in' and 'of '. 'Higher' / 'lower'. What later became defined as the 'divisions' in the modern ''mystery clubs.''

"In this connection the Prophet said, ' Who [truly] knows himself knows his 'Lord.' Linking together knowledge of 'god' and knowledge of the self. God says,[Quran 40:53] "We will show them our signs on the horizons, [meaning the world outside you] and in yourselfs, [self, here, meaning your inner essence], till it becomes clear to them that he is the Reality.'' This definition of you takes account of your outer and inner aspects." [Extract; including parentheses; taken from chapter 3, 'The Bezels of Wisdom'. Mentioned elsewhere].

Islams equivalent of same. Question. Coincidence?

"Then he said, 'I summoned them by night [inwardly] and by day.|" [outwardly]. Quran 71:5. [Extract, same chapter, same book].

Egyptian equivalent. 'Book of what is in the duat' relative to 'Book of coming forth by day'. Enlarged elsewhere.


Recall what black is; in the main; symbolic of. Together with ''found upside down in a well within the Sphinx Temple.'' Understanding all that symbolism, especially in relation to the secret cavern of Sokar, gives clues as to Mr Khafres status. ''Flint / Obsidian'' link?

Sokar, a falcon 'deity'... which in this instance, will always be represented on a 'dark' background. Representing a potential still in its 'unknown' phase. Represented as the 'unconscious', i.e.,at the 'back of the head'.

Or in the case of landscape symbolism, as 'wasteland', [or equivalent]. Symbolic/indicative of same, i.e., notice how 'its' symbolism blends in, with the individual. 'See' it?

Another example representing the same 'meaning', with the same 'intention'..."In the fourth hour of the Duat, the Am - Duat text refers to the 'road of the secret things of Re - stau [Rostau] which entereth the body of Sokar who is on his sand, the image which is hidden, and is neither seen nor perceived." [page 152 'The Cygnus Mystery' by A. Collins].

Think about it, especially in relation to the 'Pharaohs mound' [Buto]... together with what the Nile Delta represents, [where the ''children of Israel'' began their own 'journey'. See 'A Test of Time' for verification]. Proving the viability of good research, but research that has not taken into account this subject.

Hence the reason why many are ''off the mark'' with their final conclusions. That relationship to 'Anubis' and 'its' relationship to the Sphinx. Then 'its' relationship to the above, i.e., valley/quarry in relation to 'Plateau', i.e.,'horizontal' / 'vertical' symbolism, relative to 'Horus'. Finally that link to what Horus represents.

Roman equivalent the Baetyl stone, i.e.,".....a Phoenician word that was later written as Beth-el....and was apparently the word root for Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, who became the chief corner 'stone' of the Christian world. The baetyl stone was directly associated with oracles and prophesy". Think about it, relative to 'North' [symbolism of]. [Chapter three. 'The Source Field Investigations']. Greek equivalent = Delphi.

REFRESHER: The crystal stone star as defined by K. Nichols that 'led' the three wise men to the 'childs' manger. That 'divine' one {'bit'?}. Eight spiked. Forteen generations mentioned. Manger = N/E aspect. Sixteen steps lead down into that place of 'birth'. Just as there was 16 steps that led to the 'tomb' of the ''golden child''. [4th Sunday of Advent / Magdala / Israel / 2021].

Refresher: ''According to Samsung's founder, the meaning of the Korean hanja word Samsung () is "three stars". The word "three" represents something "big, numerous and powerful",[13] while "stars" means "everlasting" or "eternal", like stars in the sky.''[14][15]

Neolithic equivalent of that unknown …yet to be realized aspect…that is now a known one. i.e.,rising from the back of the head, on limestone. Recall what its two main features, snake and ears, are symbolic of. What they represent. Found s/e Turkey. Close to Gobekli-Tepe.

Neolithic equivalent of that ''unknown'' yet to be realized aspect, that is now a ''known'' one. i.e., rising from the back of the head, on limestone. Recall what its two main features, snake and ears, are symbolic of. What they represent. Found s/e Turkey. Close to Gobekli-tepe.

That link to the 'Stone of Scone' and/or the 'Stone of Jacob'. Check Wikipedia. That final link to the 'Golden child' of Akhenaten fame. One represents a potential to learn something from an 'unconscious start point',[''shadow''] the other an actual representation of the now 'conscious' aspect of same.[''anima/s'']. Can you 'tell' the difference?

Further clue. Bottom up......Top down. [or ''Youngest'' / ''Eldest''].

That 'child' that was found buried at the base of the 'Valley of the kings'. Symbolic of a further 'development', a 'beginning' of something. That same 'child' whose mummy was found to be 'charred'. [National Geographic. ' Ultimate Tutankhamun'. December 2013].

Same as the charred bones found at Stonehenge {Aubrey hole number 7} or the female {Mayan} skeleton at Copan {enlarged elsewhere}...

Representing a 'rebirth'. Greek equivalent = the 'Phoenix',...out of those ashes...a new 'development'. Hence the reason why that 'representation' had to be at the base. More importantly, in the middle of it. Symbolic of the beginning of a new 'phase'.

A new understanding. That 'understanding' that is represented by the above as well as the omission of the heart. No heart was found. The only 'mummy' on record, not to have the heart present in some form. Indicative of 'its' symbolic intention only.

Will that heart be found in the tomb of Akhenaten?

"When he contracted the illness from which he died his son Abdul - Aziz saw that he was suffering great pain, tossing and turning in bed. 'Do not worry about me,' he said to his son. 'I am being turned over again and again in the knowledge of Allah.' When his son Abdul - Jabbar asked him, where it hurt him he said, 'All of me aches except for my heart. There is no pain in it, for it is with Allah.'' [Introduction, 'The Secret of Secrets' by Al - Jilani].

Side note: "Tutanknamen lay in a golden coffin, surrounded by an extraordinary array of grave goods: everything from religious symbols and near size life statues to loincloths. The only thing missing was a library. The tomb was remarkably devoid of written information, and this led several Egyptologists to announce that its contents had little value beyond showcasing the artistic and technological achievements of the New Kingdom Egyptians. They could not have been more wrong. Today it is recognised that the individual artifacts stored in the tomb have their own tales to tell, and modern science is allowing the experts to reconstruct these stories using grave goods, the tomb itself, and the kings mummified body." [ 'Tutankhamen's Curse: The Developing History of an Egyptian King' / J. Tyldesley]. Among others try ''loincloth''.

goose1As is the symbolic intent of ''goose meat'' found in the same tomb alongside other meat produce, i.e.,that of the Ox [bull link]. Only one box of goose meat. The authors opinion is that the difference is indicative of the reversal of the earths magnetic fields relative to the sun spot cycles and its effect on fertility etc. All of which are encoded within the total number of those same egg like 'boxes'. Understand the symbolic meaning of ' food ' [''for thought''] relative to the symbolism of ' goose ' and ' bull/ox ' and what they represent within this subject, gives a truer meaning. All found within. [Pages 103/4, 'The Tutankhamun Prophecies].

Egyptian equivalent..."Corresponding to Horus, Master of the North, is the dilation of the heart, the spiritual quest for transcendent light symbolised by the search for the 'Eye'. It is therefore in the North that the mummy, the receptacle of the 'divine' spark during existence, now freed from decomposition, was respectively buried. Corresponding to Seth, Lord of the South, are the contractive functions assimilated to those of semen {the testicles are his symbol}: those of physical, terrestrial continuity. Thus in the South the 'Ka' can exercise to the maximum its capacity of 'calling' and manifest its appetite, the reason that it was symbolically offered food items. The South then was the burial place for the vital organs, the animal parts of man." [Extract from the book by L. Lamy].

Biblical equivalent = The 'feeding' of the five thousand [New Testament]. As explained within the book 'Lazarus Come Forth'. Mentioned elsewhere.

"And he it is that feedeth but is not fed." [Quran 6:14].

A 'tasting' of something?

Analogy with the same intent..."I visited him on two occasions at an interval of one year. The second time he spoke differently, and gave me different advice from the first time. I hope that this means that i had assimilated what he told me on my first visit and was ready for stronger meat." [From the book 'Long Pilgrimage: The Life and Teaching of Shivapuri Baba by J. Bennett].

"These men have never sought popular approval, or numbers of followers. They are indifferent to these things, for they know how few they are in each generation who are ready for the truth, or who would recognize it, if it were presented to them. They reserve the strong meat for men, while others furnish the milk for babes. They reserve their pearls of wisdom for the few elect, who recognize their value......." [Extract from the 'introduction' to the book 'The Kybalion' by the Yogi Publications Society, Masonic Temple, Chicago, Illinois].

''H'' form? and/or Hawthorns?

"Thus even at Philae in later the temple of Osiris, there were 360 bowls for sacrifice, which were filled daily with milk by a specified rotation of priests." [Taken from chapter seven 'The Arctic Home in the Vedas' by B. G. Tilak].

And/or: ''A hymn to Atum-Ra: I am the great Neter who has made himself, who creates his names, the master of the divine Ennead. What means this? It is Ra creating the names of his limbs, meaning the neters that are in his following came into existence''. [Page 162 'Sacred Science' / R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz].

'Followers of Horus'?

To understand that 'wider' view within the 'whole' put ''pearls'' in the search box.....together with.....

A working example {and/or work in progress}: ''My soul has thirsted for the living god; when shall i come and appear before the face of god?'....Mary Magdalene comes face to face with Jesus. It is above all a transforming encounter....She stands in a garden, reminiscent of the Garden of Eden, yet she is here at the foot of Mount Arbel, in her home town of Magdala.'' [Pages 91/136 'Mary Magdalene: Insights from Ancient Magdala' / J. Ristine].

Spirit and soul. Which and why?

Fake news?

"The purpose of this book is not the enunciation of any special philosophy or doctrine, but, rather, to give to the students a statement of the Truth that will serve to reconcile the many bits of 'knowledge' that they may have acquired, but which are apparently opposed to each other and which often serve to discourage and disgust the beginner in the study. Our intent is not to erect a new Temple of Knowledge, but, rather, to place in the hands of the students a Master Key with which he may open the many inner doors in the Temple of Mystery, through the main portals he has already entered." [First page, same book,i.e.,'The Kabalion' ].

"Akbar inaccurately but lovingly attributed to Christ the following saying {inscribed on the Victory Arch in Akbar's new city of Fatehpur Sikri}: 'The world is a bridge; pass over it, but build no house upon it.' " [Extract taken from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi' ].

"As the Prophet says, 'There is a piece of meat in mans body - when it is in a good state, the whole being improves, and when it is in a bad state, the whole being falls apart. Be aware, that piece of meat is the heart." [Extract taken from chapter 14, 'The Secret of Secrets'].

"Out of the eater came forth meat, out of the strong came forth sweetness." [ Judges 14:14] In relation to Samson's riddle. Explained elsewhere.

".......the true symbolic significance of the tomb and its treasures was intentionally hidden from them; the message was spiritual, too good for grave robbers, be they villains or government led archaeologists. Tutankhamun's tomb, like Lord Pacals, would have to wait until the science of the day could explain its mysteries. The tomb was never robbed. The chaos in the tomb was all part of the riddle." [Chapter three. 'Tutankhamun's Prophecies'].

Excellent research, but once again because of the authors lack of understanding relative to this subject, his final hypothesis is off the mark. Even more so because of his misuse and 'manipulation' of the 'data' i.e., "Tut wears the crown of Osiris, king of the dead, adorned with six uraei carrying solar discs. Five more solar discs, three at the base, and two at the top of the crown, are framed by two vertical feathers. Examination of this area, shows that another solar disc should have been included alongside the two that are in position. The addition of this missing disc would have brought the disc count on the crown to twelve, again astronomically significant, [in relation to his sun spot cycle hypothesis] . That this is so, is confirmed by the row of twelve tiny serpent discs touching tuts head beneath the crown. Although space exists for this 'missing' circular orange disc no indentation is visible in the gold foil, meaning that the disc was omitted from the composition intentionally. But this need not concern us unduly; along the top of the picture there is a plentiful supply of orange solar discs"........."These two defects in the picture [lack of astronomical significance in the top rows of discs, and the missing disc in tuts crown] can be overcome at a single stroke, we can borrow one orange disc from the top row and use it to repair the missing orange disc in the crown on tuts head. If we recall, repairing the missing corners of the Lid of Palenque enabled the code that was contained in the borders to be broken." [Page 116/17, same book].

... In the immortal words of Mr John P. McEnroe...''You cannot be serious!''

logos2Understanding eleven relative to twelve [as well as the adjacent symbols/keys] gives meaning to the composition that this author is attempting to understand, and more importantly... without manipulating the data. As for the 'Lid'... the said 'corners' are part of the design. A link to 'angle' symbolism, and to ''take the lid off something''. Explained within. 'Seeing' it? If not, attempt to solve it later using only the available data. Sooner or later you proven in any subject, depending on interest.

'Head of the corner' ?

As for those colours try Yellow in relation to Orange.

'Come into my mind' / Robin Williams.


Something closer to the 'mark': "Walking towards the right at the bottom of picture {lowest level} are seven people with animal heads. They're called neters, and each of them has an orange, red oval above its head - called the egg of metamorphosis - a certain stage of resurrection - a  biological change. They hold an image of that transition as they walk along that line {'line of sight'?} then suddenly there's a 90 degree shift upward - and now walking perpendicular to their first direction. [Pages 43 and 128 'The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life' / Vol 1].

''First, let us say that , according to the sacred language, the term philosophers stone, means the stone which bears the sign of the sun. The solar sign is characterized by its red coloration which can vary in its intensity....'' [Page 134 'The Dwellings of the Philosophers' / Fulcanelli].


Something 'set in stone' in the spiritual sense of the word, not material.

Intelligence of the heart?

A working example: ''My friend Tere once told me that ISIS appeared in sandels at the BACK door of her 'house' one day, bearing an odour of cinnabar and the secret of life. 'Tere, Tere,' the goddess said softly, 'This is it. When you cook the lasagna, you dont have to BOIL the noodles first.'' [Page 301 'Dreams of Isis: A Womans Spiritual Sojourn' / N. Ellis].

''Feast of Maturity'' to enlarge.

Side note: In preparation for sliding on grass courts, Novak Djokovic practices same, in the gym,  in slippers. [Wimbledon commentary/ July 2022].

'Golden' ones?

Continued: "I soon came to realize that there was a considerable difference between my understanding , based on what i had been taught at school and through religious indoctrination, and what had apparently happened based on historical records. In particular, it is what has been left out, deliberately or otherwise, that distorts the imaginary. It is what we are not told that colours our perceptions. When one is aware of the intervening facts, a new angle on events is presented." [Page 31, chapter one, 'The Secrets of Solomon's Temple' by Kevin Gest].

'Negation' ?

That link to right angle triangle symbolism [90 degrees etc]. That lead to horizontal / vertical symbolism, i.e., crossover point - Seeing it yet?

The real question however is Why? Why go to all this effort. To verify a subject generation to generation?

"The equinoxes are the only times when the solar terminator {the ''edge'' between night and day} - is perpendicular to the equator. As a result, the northern and southern hemisphere's are equally illuminated." [Wiki/'equinox'].

''Speech is silver. Silence is golden''? {Patience?}. Question. What was found at the 'base' {foundation?} of the above?

"The greatest hunger in life is not for food, money, success, status, security, sex, or even love from the opposite sex. Time and again people have achieved all of these things and wound up still feeling dissatisfied - indeed, often more dissatisfied than when they began. The deepest hunger in life, is a secret that is revealed only when a person is willing to unlock a hidden part of the self. In the ancient traditions of wisdom, this quest has been likened to diving for the most precious pearl in existence, a poetic way of saying that you have to swim far out beyond shallow waters, plunge deep into yourself, and search patiently, until the pearl beyond price is found. This pearl is also called essence, the breath of God, the water of life, holy nectar - labels for what we, in our more prosaic scientific age, would call transformation." [First page, first paragraph from the book, 'The Book of Secrets' by Deepak Chopra]. Try pearl.

''Patience is the mother of will. If you have no mother, how can you be born." Gurdjieff.

'The Garden in Ancient Egypt' by A. Wilkinson.

Side note: ''The Imperial State Crown contains four pearls that are said to have been used as earrings by Elizabeth I.'' ['The Chase' / 2018].

"...So who or what did the twin pillars represent? Archaeologists at the time suggested they symbolized a ''personal divinity.'' This might have been so, but it did not explain why there were two monoliths side by side OR why they faced out toward the cult building's S/W placed entrance - the building { at Nevali Cori} was found to be orientated almost exactly N/E - S/W." [From the book 'Gobekli Tepe' by A. Collins].

N.B. Gobekli-tepe main monuments orientate N/W from S/E. Question. Put the 'two' together - what form do you see?

'Uphill' ?

A work still in progress: "By a process of deduction, therefore, we are left with only one possible alignment that might work in 9600BC and this is to the summer solstice sunset, north of west, which presents no conflict to the general south-east to north-west alignment of Gobekli-tepe. Moreover, computer simulations show that on the summer solstice in the epoch of 9600BC the sun was in the constellation of Scorpio and while it did not align with the center of the galaxy {having moved pass the dark rift and the nuclear bulge}, it was still reasonably close to that target. As the reader will recall, Sagittarius and Scorpio straddle the dark rift and the nuclear bulge but it is in Sagittarius, not Scorpio, that the exact alignment with the center of the galaxy occurs. Nonetheless, it seems reasonable to accept the summer solstice sunset, north of west, in the epoch of 9600BC as a candidate for the scene depicted on pillar 43. A relatively minor error of draughtsmanship by the sculptor who carved the figures would, in theory, be enough to explain the discrepancy...This alignment, though accurate enough i.e.,the setting of the star Deneb {in the constellation of Cygnus? or Leo?}, could never have been observed from enclosure 'D', for the

'Downhill' ?

simple reason that enclosure D is built into the side of a steep ridge of the Tepe that rises to the north of the main group of enclosures. No observation of the setting of Deneb would have been possible from enclosure 'D' AND for the same reason no observation of the summer solstice sunset would have been possible. The sun would have dropped out of sight behind the ridge for approx., 20 minutes before the sun set...It would have been necessary to leave enclosure D and climb the ridge. For this reason, therefore, combined with the fact that the sun in Scorpio, while close, does not target the center of the galaxy a summer solstice sunset alignment must also be ruled out....This leaves us only with the winter solstice with the sun in Sagittarius targeting the center of the Millky Way galaxy..." ['The Magicians of the Gods'].

'Ridge of the mind' in relation to: "Error runs down an inclined plane, while truth has to laboriously climb its way up hill". Enlarged throughout. All as a means...?


Something 'born' from that 'effort'? A 'basket' being held? Try ''child'' as well as ''basket'' to get closer to a mind set.

A {working?} example {i.e.,something hinted at}: "And from what you read you know there's a possibility that Imhotep's tomb could be somewhere around that ridge where your aunt built her pavilion...The ridge was about a hundred meters long, a mere ten wide at one end but broadening to fifty at the other {i.e.,'triangular' in shape in the 'horizontal' sense of the word?}. Roughly in the center stood the low stone construction, with windows and roof of mushrabeya crumbling under pink and dark red bougainvillea...Barely a kilometre away to the west was the desert and the Step Pyramid of Saqqara, while to the east, beyond the waters of the Nile which one could only guess between the palms and high vegetation screening the factories of Helouan, were the Mokhattam hills. To the south and north, centuries old palm trees, orchards, and fields of clover and wheat stretched into the distance. I walked into the pavilion...Later, Victor took me for a walk along a ridge above the vineyards, and talked about the Eternal Steps...Simply that it was founded by Imhotep's son in his honour, and is a fraternity of men and women united by a philosophy of life, stemming from Hermetic tradition dating back to pre-dynastic times...We walked in silence for a few moments while he led the way through a thicket of gaunt chestnut trees over a low, dry stone wall...He stopped and pointed through the trees to the distant Cathedral of Siena...You know, the influence of Hermes reached even into it's hallowed precincts. There's is a unique mosaic in the floor, just as you go in, which depicts him with a Renaissance man on one side and an Oriental on the other, certainly the only one of its kind in a European Cathedral...It was your aunt who first told me about it. She was also responsible, in a way, for my buying the monastery {i.e.,below the ridge}..." [Pages 26,45,103, 'Inquest on Imhotep: Beyond the White Walls' / D. Flower].

Imhotep used in story form for the reader to 'see' a connection between monastery / ridge and Cathedral and/or Step Pyramid. Others highlighted.


Understanding the above gives further clues about ''Enclosure D'' and why it may have been within 'its' original design to 'see' something beyond the ridge. In that ''inner'' sense of the word.

And/or: ''In you name of {Unas} - He-In-The-Divine-Pavilion. He -In-Fumigation. He-In-The-Coffer. He-In-The-Shrine. He-In-The-Sack. He lives! He is not dead. He has not gone down. He has not been judged. He judges......The PAVILION of Unas is Woven with Reeds. The Plenty of Unas is in the Field of Offerings. The water of Unas is 'Wine'....His Nurse is the Milk goddess. It is She who makes him live again....'' [Pages 23/34 'The Pyramid Texts' / W. Budge].

Side note: ''The building at a cricket ground that is used for changing and having refreshments is called a pavilion.'' ['The Chase' / ITV / S15 EP17].

'Fat' of the land? And/or: ''Eightyeight = Two fat ladies.''

Something hinted at: ''Interestingly Heliodorus also reports there was a similar well at Memphis. And it is to the Memphite-Heliopolitan region, rather than to Aswan far way in the southernmost part of Upper Egypt, that we should locate the Brooklyn Papyrus's complex New Year ritual....In all likelihood they would have been performed in the NORTH of Memphis or Heliopolis....incorporating a robing and 'anointing' chamber....also have needed a spacious court with shrines on the EAST AND WEST side and a throne dais, perhaps a pavilion standing on a platform {sledge/pallet?} - and approached by steps. It would also REQUIRE a special 'tomb' chamber with a bed for the Osirion 'sealing' rites close to a court with shrines on the NORTH AND SOUTH. There is also another conundrum here. For, despite the fact that Re communes with his 'female guide' about the wondous union of high heaven and deep earth, we have rarely referred to the participation of any priestess or royal women in the actual New Year ceremonies. How so? After all, it is the serpent Eye Goddess who empowers the Horus king throughout.'' [Page 65/6 'Egypt's Anointing Mysteries' / A. Roberts].

'Mountains low, valley's high'?

Side note: Pie {Pi} is celebrated annually on the fourteenth of March.'' ['Tipping Point' / ITV / S.9 E.77].

N.B. Noah's Ark made of reeds. A great big circular one - in the shape of a coracle. ['The Unexplained With William Shatner: The Search for the Ark of the Covenant' / August 2022].

And/or: ''How long such a well has been at Syene we do not know, though ancient Nilometers are found throughout Egypt for measuring the ''ebb and flow'' of its waters, on which all life depend...Classical authors must have had in mind this famous well into which, at midday {zenith?} on the summer solstice, the suns rays descended perpendicular - illuminating the depths of the well - and casting no shadow, thus proving that Syene was UNDER the tropic. Curiously, it was in connection with this Aswan phenomenon that Eratosthenes, keeper of the great library at Alexandria discovered his famous method for the circumference of the earth.'' [Same book].

'Feast of the Valley'?