What Is Esotericism


What Is Esotericism? {Personal use only}.

Begin with Part 1.

Below are some indications {''keys / correspondences'' etc.} of a 'direction' to follow {i.e., as a cross reference}:

Abbreviate the word as much as possible i.e., most {key} words are highlighted i.e., 'ridge' / ''ridge''. Do not add the highlight -  just the letters i.e., ridge

And/or: Such words {example} 'crystallization' - abbreviate to 'crystal' {without the quotation marks}. This will encompass all its variations.

Compass of the Heart?

''The inner guardian is our true North, the keeper of the charts.''

'The star of your 'being' is rising'.

Amun: 3:1 / 3:8 / etc.,

90 V 180?

Angle: Part 1 {''Head of angle'' = corner stone / 'Peter' link root of which = ''to 'peter'' out salt lake'' + Blue Peter = sq. on blue background = ''imminent departure'' {harbour link?} 2:2 {4 angles of birth chart = 1st/4th/7th/10th etc. = Gt. Pyramid link + 'horizon' = Aries / Mid - heaven = libra / Meridian = cancer/Capricorn?} 2:3 {Angle-sey link? + solstice angles = cube = 1/4/7/10? = latitude link to ''Lozenge'' artefact? {yellow/orange?} 2:4 { ''Mr'' = right angle {S/W corner of Egypt's border? N.B. Right angle in S/W U.S.A i.e., Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico} = upright = Jupiter link to ''upright'' = ''crescent of subconscious over cross of self consciousness'' i.e., the sign of Jupiter = Sagittarius? + Hypotenuse info + ''all meaning is an angle'' + ''acute angles {of pyramid} have the concept of the circle within them'' + Hindu - Vayu Tattva = ''moves at acute angles {90?} comes in 8 fingers breath downwards'' {YHV?} includes hot/cold + Sirius/Dubhe = right angle + ''Mr = Meridian triangle of pyramid whose hypotenuse = apothem i.e., polygon = sagitta = arrow = {aspects of circle}} 2:6 {Apothem link to sulphur? i.e., equilateral triangle + 'three and four' + yellow?} 2:7 {Mandala = circle with some 4 fold aspect with it + 'natal astrology' = sq. the circle = conscious way = operative ''wholeness''} 2:8 {Newton picture by W. Blake = right angle = S/E corner = equinox link? + right foot and left hand forward {with compass point {Sq. the circle?}} 2:9 {Quote: ''New angle on events''} 3:1 {same as 2:4 i.e., 'Mr' etc.} 3:2 {same as 2:2} 3:3 {Equinox = perpendicular to equator +{'edge' between night/day} + 'mountain' range runs across 'face of earth' S/E -N/W at approx. 60 degrees {remaining 30 = precession?} 3:11 {same as 2:2} 3:12 { Thebes = the 'triangle manifested'} 4:1 {S/E -N/W ''race'' with flood waters = analogy to Milky Way journey = 3:3 link?} 4:2 {'Oracle' = front/hind parts of a ship = base of a triangle + Mithras picture slaying bull = left foot S/W. Bulls right knee S/E?} 4:3 Easter island = right angle on forehead of statues {overhang/brow links} + rope used = ''twinned'' link {two?} 4:4 {All meaning is an angle +angle of thought quotes} 4:5 {''Peculiar'' = angle of a ship / sideways look {'profile'?} etc.} 4:7 {Athene - Parthenon = no lines just 'curves' + 100 link + weeping/water/rain = soul link. Fire = spirit {'lines'} = 'male' etc.} 5:1 {Six brothers/sisters analogy {Homer}} 5:2 {Quadrature {90?} of birth chart = 4 principle aspects = Horizon/Meridian/Ascendant/Mid-heaven etc. + midway spot between Spica/Deneb = 'Angle of the Corner' + bend + S/E + reference to Saturn being observed {Ptolemy} 228BC } 5:3 {Pegasus/Eumelus link to 90 degrees? + two pairs of MARE horses link ''nostrils in flame'' + nose of dog = Egyptian X = Mazzaroth {Book of Job} to zodiac? + Easter Island - brow of forehead - link} 5:7 {Overhang = right angle = S/W?}

'Three and four'?

Abyss: 2:10 {Watchers / golden age / primordial mound} / 3:11 {Unformed matter = empty space {live coals?} = line of sight? {to fill it?} / 4:2 {higher/lower +melchizedek? + 'forgotten' link} / 4:5 {Re-orientation {kings chamber?} by way of 'higher guardian angel' = 180/semicircle link? = edge of light {ridge?}} / 4:7 { Daath = Chokmak - Binah = conjunction of energies = right-left } / 5:4 {Six link + YHV + ''he turned downward'' {portcullis?} + river/ferryman {hoar way?} / 5:5 {Fall link} / 5:8 {'Experiences' = ritual way across abyss i.e., 'underworld' i.e., enactment etc.}

Apex: 2:1 {Pyramid apex = center of astrological chart = ego = birth point} / 2:4 {Roman 'Flamen' skull cap called an apex = chin strap = wool ball on top with spindle + olive wood/ H/V = Olmec head headband} / 3:7 Oak island apex} / 3:10 { Crown/no leak at seams = pearl of great price at apex} / 4:1 {same} / 5:2 {same as 2:1} / 5:8 {same}


Soul's eye?

Apple: Part 1: {Song of Solomon link} / 2:1 {Oak island} / 2:2 {Garden of Hesperides = golden apples = apple of the eye / Apple teeth = hogmagog hills = harrow way?} / 2:3 {West of cave mouth = overhang = old stump of apple tree = broad path /east ?/ } / 2:9 {Oak island i.e., apple/frog + box made of apple wood with engraving of crescent of pearl {Khonsu link?} / 2:11West = summer country {summer triangle?} = honeyed plain = apple isle = well of inspiration + Abrahams bosom +joy} / 3:2 {West = source of golden apples = key to the possession of Atalanta +5:5 } / 3:6 {Ladon = serpent within of inner treasure = spine - crown} / 3:8 {Small man {ishon?} = dwarf + weeping} / 3:9 {Aphrodite = wild apple = rock/laughing links + Oak island i.e.,apple/frog} / 3:11 {Green apples into golden ones = unknown {wild?} - known {golden?} / 3:12 {Ladon = Inner treasure = West + Hesperides = Pleiades = daughter of Evening {star?} = border between ''river of 'two bears'' } / 5:3 {Ishon + Hercules = apple quest = ALMOST the harrow way? i.e., the center of things= tree of life link {apple tree} = ''golden fruit'' + Libra = setting sun = hyperborean/north wind etc = Hera i.e., ''the golden apples of Hera are the stars''} / 5:5 {Atalanta = golden apples}

NOAH'S WORLD. 'Horn' of Africa. 2nd leg? 'Garden' of Eden? From which a 'river' flows out. Blue Nile? As a means....

Aries: 2:2 {Cetus = ''its head directly under Aries'' = 'irregular pentagon? of stars' + Cetus form = ''from bend in Eridanus to stream from the Urn''} 2:6 {Pisces/Aries = ''lengthened figure of man'' {see 2:2} 2:4 {Right {left?} angle triangle = feet of Horus on horizontal - therefore 'head' in delta? } 2:8 {Sphinx =  Aries/Taurus/Leo/Scorpio i.e., all under horizon except Scorpio} 2:9 {Aries = 'fire' = West of Pleaides + stars in Aries = triangular shape} 3:3 {Black rams blood - Odysseus link} 3:5 {Amon = ''Sun rising in Aries at vernal equinox = Ptah ''fall'' into earth + Im{hotep} = reverse = 'brick' = book of foundations = Edfu. Start = Memphis} 3:6 {'Passover' link to Pisces/Aries i.e., ''bridging over'' + Hades 'risen from underworld' {Pluto?} and 'Sun dawning on horizon' {Aries?} 3:11 {Stars in Aries = two horsemen + Gemini link = horses head = northern eye = tip of horn = ''butting one'' i.e., head strong? + Aries = upper/external pole and Capricorn lower/inner one = ''beginning of cycle of manifestation''} 3:12 {Saturn/Aries = Golden dawn hypo - therefore 3:6 link? = 25th path = Saqqara link?} 4:3 {Sacrifice of Ram = sacred place of Mount Moriah = 3:3 link? = ''David bought the land that became the temple'' - on top of a ''rocky outcrop'' {tower? i.e., personal effort} 4:6 {

'Death' / rebirth? ''Transforming fingers''? A 'basket' in the hand is worth …..?'' And/or: ''The sahu keeps an individuals essence or fingerprint throughout its various incarnations.'' [Page 169 'Dreams of Isis: A Womans Spiritual Sojourn' / N. Ellis].'

Ascend: Part 1 {Subconscious = 'corridor' = ascend?} 2:2 {Islam Miraj link + center of birth chart = ego = center of chart = {''I''} = mid-heaven {zenith?} = field of consciousness {horizon?} + below = intuition + Apex of pyramid built on 4 angles = same} 2:3 {Cassiopeia: W = below pole / M = above it - fixed to a chair - {'static'?} 2:4 {Diana/Mary = crescent = huntress = mother of all animals {Patrick = father?} = '15' link {i.e., 15/8} + Dionysus/Ariadne = marriage on a rock in the sea NOT cave {i.e., zeus}. Marriage V birth? {anima/animus?} + rock opposite harbour of Knossos} 2:6 {Gurdjieff/Magister author quotes on ascend i.e., ''graduated ascent narrative'' + ''Consciousness has degrees'' {Grand gallery ?} 2:7 {Hebrew Yarad/Alah = ascent/descent + tower of Babel link} 2:8 {Emerald tablet link to ascend/'sweet'} 2:9 {Gemini ascendant = pos. + Ares {Homer} = E/W = lording it in the field = east / left} 2:10 {Error = down / truth = up + Geat Five meet 'three and four' quote} 3:2 { Ascendant in Cancer = solstice {summer} = nadir? {as opposed to zenith?}} 3:3 {Mohammad quote} 3:5 {Hog way crosses for 1st time {Thebes?} + knot = beginning of ascent + woven rope = 'multiple states of being'} 3:10 {Dream sequence {Magister?}: Barber = lead = sword = east = 'disc in hand' = meridian = funerary place = 'metals' {from liquids} = {from?} 7 steps below {horizon} = 'casting out lead' {to ascend} + G. Knight 'vision/dream' sequence = Higher self = either Pegasus or Rosinante {horses} AFTER being asked the question from G. K. as to who he was: the reply was ''it had to do with his horse'' + Mars ascending to Dome of 'heavens' = east on ''left of battle'' = Lording it in the Fields = Meridian = dark cloud = Diomedes/Ares {Homer}} 3:11 {Girdle stones around ascending passage} 3:12 {Ascendant of birth chart = on eastern horizon or rising over it + middle pillar {Hebrew tree} = ladder of ascent + Dream sequence {Magister} = Priest above altar of 15 steps = removal of ''coarseness'' = becoming 'spirit' + ''fall' link to Cancer?} 4:1 {New Zealand = far east = 60 and 130000 {'13'?} links = Lemuria = ''secret piece of world ascension process''} 4:3 {Sed festival platform = cubit form = ascending details on one of its ''faces''.

'peaked' hats? Triangular?

Read left - right BUT fractions of details = right - left + Heliopolis - Thoth {15th Nome} = 28 gods of which Thoth = '15' = ''measure and time'' therefore beyond the 15th Nome = ?} 4:5 {Symbol of Thebes = UAS {hooked?] = union of Ptah/Horus = Elder. ONLY ascends not descends ''nourishing SAP not yet manifested'' / ''activity only: not yet created''} 4:6 {Ascent/descent = 6 hours each = Duat = incarnation = 'principle of light' . 1st 6 hours = descent. Later = ascent = coils of Mehen snake = prow of a boat = 11th hour = east [see 5:9} = Cleo + Menes on 'back of croc' link? + emerald tablet link to ''sweet''} 4:7 { Seti {1st?} = longest tunnel in valley {canal link?} three snakes on tomb walls + ''Fall'' link + Easter island links} 5:1 {Cepheus = Ape god = Ethiopia = 'fiery' link + father of Royal family {Khufu?} + fire kindler {Alder?} + ''tables of sun in Ethiopia where Cepheus reigns'' + head illuminated {'halo' link?} which is marked by triangle + known as ''the inner throne of five emperors'' {China}} 5:2 {see 2:2 ego/meridian/apex etc + Mohammad quote + Horus 'name' given only after ascending Throne {Thebes?} recall upright position at Abydos + ''two ladies'' link to {Horus} Nebty Name {Cleo link?} i.e.,cobra/basket and ivory and 'palace' } 5:3 {Elephant/Ox = ''light oxen'' = Caesar conquest of Gaul = ascending capital steps + elephant 'hands' = serpent hands + Fulcanelli {elli} = ascent} 5:4 {Cancer = descent / Capricorn ascent + BOLT {Ba-bi} when drawn back = reincarnation avoided = ascent to sky = Chief of Apes + Bull of the Baboons'' {Cepheus link?} = Guardian of the banks of the lake of fire = Crocodilopolis - Heracleopolis i.e., on west side {therefore} no reincarnation = right -left?} + opens ''shutters and doors''} 5:6 {Cancer/Capricorn quotes + Emerald tablet} 5:8 {Same as 5:2/2:2 i.e.,meridian/apex/ego etc + Arabic for descent/ascent = Tanzil/Tawil + induction/deduction} 5:9 {See 4:6 + 2:8 +Ash Moon  descending/ascending = nine = lunar phases + Ares Homer info {2:8} + three and four quote + Persephone/Hades/Demeter = descend/ascent/search} 5:10 {Centaur/Southern Cross/Dolphin = head/foot of 'Cross' constellation = ''right ascension'' quote + ''perpendicular at moment it passes the meridian'' = inclined/erect {Abydos?} and/or Lat/Longitude? + Denderah figures?} 5:11 {Link to 5:10? i.e., Jesus ''swallowed'' death = ''raised himself up'' + Mary Magdalene finds tomb {cave?} empty = island link to 'marriage'? {i.e., Dionysus/Ariadne?}


'Navel or belly? Overhang for a forehead? Forethought? Prometheus?

Backward: Part 1: Rappeller {French} = ''Bringing back into awareness = a quality of being = self remembering''} 3:3 { Glaziers move backwards - flood waters forward + Sheffield info} 3:9 {Life to be understood backwards but can only be lived forwards} 3:12 {Time not forward/backward but ''in/out relative to source and center'' + precession link} 4:2 {Same as 3:9} 4:7 {Duat - Osiris - is like bending backwards into circle, touching toes with hands {aries/pisces?} = 14 regions {therefore 'double' = 28?} = of which special place = 'field of plants' {vines?} = 'field of peace' {Hotep} 5:1 {N/S Lunar nodes  = dragon head/tail = positive/neg = N/S = Gemini/Sagitt all moving backward + Drago constellation wrapped around the pole = ''protection within its coils''} 5:3 {Orion walking backwards when facing Sirius {Sun-face link?} + Easter Island 'walking with god' statues + same as 4:7} 5:4 {Cube contains backwards/forwards + pentagram/hexagram = same} 5:5 {same as 3:3} 5:11 {Saturn link to 1 step forward 2 back {swallowing/cronos} Giza link or 2 forward 1 back?}

EXTRA: ''Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel. Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward." [Page 15 'The Lost Tribes' / R. C. Brough].

Two steps forward one back?

And/or: ''Wearing the traditional kilts of a king and a variety of crowns , she is shown in her reliefs striding forward and reaching out, where a female figure would have stood passively , feet held close together by an ankle - length dress, USUALLY with her arms down by her side or bent back toward her body.'' [Page 9 Hatshepsut: From Queen to Pharaoh' / Metropolitan Museum of Art].

Side note: ''The Latins occasionally wrote the word Scorpios, but usually Scorpius, or Scorpio; while Cicero, Ennius, Manilius, and perhaps Columella gave the kindred African title Nepa, or Nepas, the first of which the Alfonsine Tables copy, as did Manilius the Greek adjective, Walking Backward. Astronomical writers and commentators, down to comparatively modern times, occasionally mentioned its two divisions under the combined title Scorpius cum Chelis; while some representations even showed the Scales in the creature's Claws.''
Question. What two aspects is the ''scorpion'' known for?

Basket: Part 1: Oannes = ''Basket that is not a basket'' quote = hands/'fingers' link? + 'basket of eggs'} 2:5 {Basket with handles {China} = ''in the moment''? + Silk worms {weaving?} = Graffias = border of Scorpio/Libra = 4 horse chariot} 3:6 {Basket of fruit} 4:6 {Baskets of individual soil {chalk?} to Silbury Hill} 5:10 {Same as 4:6 + 'hanging' baskets of 'gifts' left on door knobs {evening} prior to May Day}

Beech: 2:8 {mistletoe + ''spiritual quintessence'' link} / 3:9 {'letters'/book link}

Below: Part 1 {Solomon = 'sun' and 'moon' } 2:1 {Orion emerges from below horizon + South = 'face' / North = ''back of head''} 2:2 {Midnight sun {Artic} sets ''below horizon 1st time in 64 days''} 2:3 {Below Carbon {one octave} = silicon} 2:5 {Jung's 'Ka' = 'below earth' {lower}/ Philemon = winged spirit with lame foot {'higher'?} + creek below hill ridge = butter/spatula link} 2:8 {Chokmah/Binah = below 'crown'} 2:9 {Aker = above horizon {'yesterdays' sun below?} 2:10 Guardian of gate = above/below = {borderline?} 3:1 {'Wings' = above/below = objective/guardian at gate link?} 3:4 {Emerald tablet} 3:7 {Ship below the horizon quote = a ''desire'' to move forward = 1st step?} 3:9 {Belgium pottery found below 'heart' of goddess {Gog/magog} 3:10 {Mercury = attendant of the sun + messenger of gods {simultaneous?} = Thoth {'15' link?} joins the sun below the horizon {West?} + Lamp of Venus/ Mistress of moon analogies} 3:11 {6 months above/below horizon = zodiac + Pleiades above/below {South Pacific Islanders} + quarry of Sphinx V plateau} 4:1 {''In cruel bonds'' {'girdle'?} = Mars/Ares? analogy : ''for thirteen months in a vessel of bronze'' +  15th card of Tarot has 'wings' but only in the sense of ''energy from below'' {i.e., no 'grace'} 4:3 {Eridanus begins at Orion and the ''paws of Cetus'' and ends under the horizon at New York {'City'?} + Apollo = above {dry} Dionysus = below {wet} = 'Polarity' balance of which rep. with {'singer'} Orpheus} 4:5 {Giants = caves/tombs = S/W / Islands {therefore?} S/E {recall 'Rhodes' } 4:6 {'Hand' of Bootes not below horizon + zodiac = 12 'senses' of the body. 7 above / 5 below + below the frost line = tortoise link? + Great Step link?} 5:1 {1st six below horizon = Soil/seed leading to 'concrete foundations' {i.e., nadir = cancer}. Stems of 'plants' from the 7th onwards + ears of wheat growing from shoulder below neck {after 'wounded'} - Mithras. + Draco = pole in the past = its coils around planets/zodiac/sun etc. Mehen + 11th hour link?} 5:2 {Horizon/Meridian/Ascendant/Mid-heaven = 90 degrees link {all below} + YHV link?} 5:3 {Eumelus = Bay of Pegasus = pair of MARE horses = ''foremost {'west'?} in the chase - nostrils aflame'' - joined by 'yoke' {90 link again} + upside down quotes} 5:4 { ''Room below loft 'hung' on wires'' = Merlyn link + chamber of Khufu? + Marlborough = place of the bones of Merlyn - Nr. confluence of Kennet river} 5:5 {Orion emerges from below + Fulcanelli link + frost zone = tortoise link} 5:6 {Mars/Ares imprisoned below horizon for 13 months in a bronze {Venus?} vessel + Blacksmith link to below horizon within the {bosom?} of Thetis for 'nine' years} 5:7 {Joy = union of above/below} 5:8 {Tut's tomb below peak = ''peak of experience'' / ''to peak ones interest'' + Rose of cross = light of way i.e., from below to above etc.} 5:9 {Gift/Grace = below/above + tortoise below frost line and bladder = a reservoir of water } 5:10 {Mercury = union of above/below i.e., ''Below'' = copper {Venus} and Iron {Mars} + ''Above'' = Silver {moon} + Gold {sun} = 8 spoke wheel. N.B. Tut's chariots = 6 spoke? + Cassiopeia = W = below / M = above + Mountain/valley = gift/grace = ''glory''?}

Birch: 2:5 {Birch walkway/S/E links} / 3:3 {same}

Blind: Part 1 {Quran quote} / 2:1 {'seeing' things invisible} / 2:5 {impulse of 'higher' self} / 2:6 {one eyed = king} / 2:8 {general} 3:3 {Mason link} 3:4 { Personality/ego link} 3:7 {Billy Connelly + Quran quotes + Letopolis/shrewmouse link } 3:11 {'lucifer' link + mantle/staff i.e., represents overcoming 'blindness' etc.} 3:12 {Anger = 'poison' = remedy = Lazarus link} 4:2 {Right angle link to 'objectifying'?} 5:5 {Beatrice link?} 5:7 {Sculptor {constellation?} link} 5:11 {Connelly quotes + Letopolis/shrewmouse link}


Bolt: {includes 'thunderbolt'}: 2:3 {Khufu link? + general + Jaws of Geb {overall 'god'} = unbolted passageway in Duat etc. Therefore jaws = west / 'paws' = east? i.e., Sphinx i.e., by way of 'two lions' on Stela + 'female' aspect thereafter i.e., Sekhmet = lion headed = green head + breath = 'fire' = 'desert' link + 'She who Mauls'} + link to 'strong legs' and not now blind} 2:9 {Aker link} 3:6 { Pennant/bone link to 'unfold' - in vertical = Neter clothed? etc.} 3:8 {Thunderbolt/'Min'/''overarching'' {arc/overhang?} 3:11 {Oak = solar / Mistletoe/pearl = Lunar} 5:3 {Pict symbol + Buddha link i.e., thunderbolt = hercules/blue = throne on top of 'elephants'} 5:4 {Drawn bolt = ''reincarnation avoided'' allowing passage to 'heaven' therefore east-west = right-left?}  5:10 {Faery queen / upside down = N/S / Bolted = E/W}

Canal: 2:2 {Urn of Aquarius = 'Seat of Flowing Waters' / 'Lord of Canals' {esp. 15000 years ago ''when sun entered it''} +'Set' = permanence = channel that is fixed {static?} 3:1 {Liver = Imset = bile = 'leads his brethren' {i.e., animal instincts etc.} + 'makes green' = Osiris/Moses links? + ''permanent witness' = guardian of gate? + Lake Moeris = Great Canal = ''the fates'' = Crocodilopolis link = PURE lake = mer-wer {symbol of which = three 'waves'} + founding of Alexandria begins on southern end of lake} 4:4 {Urn link to 'star of foundation' + Sumerian Apin { to plough through} + hero of deluge} 5:1 {NON TIDAL river Christchurch info = canal/kennet/Avon links} 5:5 {Kibotos canal on lake Moeris} Something EXTRA: ''.....he discovered that 'esse', the substance of 'being', the elixir of life - in other words the brain or life substance - is the protoplasmic seed material which is found to be the possession of every human being. The Herculean task or 'great work' which every one must perform, eventually, is the purification and perfection of this material, for it then becomes the Christ or Holy Oil."  [Page 15 'The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation' / Inez Perry].

Cakes: Part 1 {Funerary cake info} 2:3 {General}

Cancer: 3:12 "Now as the fall reached its deepest, darkest point, the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ marked the beginning of the ascent."

'Transforming fingers' in relation to: A 'basket' in the hand is worth....?

Child: Part 1 {Anubis = child of Nephthys = 'see in day/night light = in/of the horizon} 2:2 {Divine child in lotus = Re in heaven FROM mound at Memphis} 2:3 {''Children of Seth'' quote + ''I am your objective I'' quote {deer} + Hathor = ''feeding of royal child of earth to newly awakened soul in heaven'' = seven link + 15? steps to 'golden child'} 2:4 {Subjective/objective = 7 year cycles = 56 - 63 = 1st cycle of ''little child'' + Mos of Moses = 'child' } 2:5 {King of winter reborn yearly as a weak child {legs/reincarnation links?} 2:6 {Union of Khnum/Neit = child Heka = emerging from lotus {unconscious} = spring  + Khnum = earth {south} element + Ox changed in later stages to child or cherub {in relation to Ezekiel vision of 'chariot'} + Edfu = Horus elder} 2:8 {Child = ''turning around'' = young link + eight = father/mother of RE = lotus = ''principle of light'' + child wet nursed} 2:10 {Fall = Rachel ''weeping for her kids''} 3:1 {Virgin with child = ''Son'' {'higher' self?} 3:2 { Quartz stones placed on childs tomb {only?} = 'new name'?} 3:5 {Third order of Silver Star = Horus = child aspect = Harpocrates = silence = guardian of gate = babe in 'blue egg' or 'crowned child on lotus' = pentagram/hexagram = 5 and 6 {11} = rose and cross = ''lion shall lay down with kid and wolf with lamb and a 'child' shall lead them'' etc.} 3:6 {Hermopolis = 1st child = 1st sunrise {over 1st 'city'?} = 'creation of world' {i.e., 'personal' one} therefore link to Bible 'genesis' legend? + goddess of 'childbirth' = Astraea = supernova? i.e., silver/gold} 3:9 {Soul/Spirit = water/fire . Union = 'child' etc.} 3:11 {''Little child'' = 56 - 63 = subjective/objective analogies = 'crossover' point} 4:1 {Childs head in shape of an ''ear of corn'' etc.} 4:3 {Ra = ''principle of light'' = Hermopolis = child = lotus etc.} 4:4 {Mirror + youth + higher self analogies} 4:5 {''Smith and Child in the heart of the forge'' quote by G. Knight} 4:7 {Bull child = 'son' of moon mother = 'hero' who came down to earth' + 'Christ' = Aries = goat/lamb = ''holy unicorn 'tamed' by virgin = 'mildness' link etc.} 5:1 { Hectors wife carrying son with nurse {Homer} + Hector ''chief guard of Ilium'' + Zeus {child} ''fed on honey and milk'' {nymphs?} therefore from depth of sea to air 'elementals'?  {'fire' ones = blacksmith?} etc. + ''new born child'' = Khnum/Khonsu/cancer/Sokar links + Persephone and Zeus = holy child = Epopteia {epiphany?} = too 'see' i.e., an enactment of an ear of corn {Eleusis} in a ''blaze of light'' N.B. 'Zeus' = ''he who illumines'' etc.} 5:2 {Deer/Eleusis/ links + child of waters = law = left hand = Moses link to Virgo constellation} 5:3 {Hera's moon face = child like quote {Homer} = 'Hanged' link by ''anvils to her feet in mid air'' + Arachne climbing to 'roof beams' {yoke?} analogies} 5:4 {''Child of earth and Starry heaven'' = Astraea link? + Neophyte = ''child of innocence'' = Harpocrates = silence = Hermopolis = eight = ''Child from a lotus in middle of Nun''} 5:6 { 'Higher' consciousness = ''where soul dwells'' therefore 'blacksmith' = lower = 'Lemnos'? = north aspect. 'Zeus' = Southern?} 5:7 {Negligence = 'poison' = ''gnawing at root'' {Solomon link?} + Cubit links = seven month 'child' = Ogdoad etc. Gog?}} 5:8 {'Children' of Saturn = planets etc. = ''visible to naked eye'' = line of sight etc. + Hopi religion = on 20th day given name to child + Heracleopolis = house of royal child = 1st place after 'flood' {not Edfu} = ''he who is on his lake'' and/or ''ruler of river banks'' = 1st dyn pharaoh title to Hera-CLEO-polis} 5:9 { Hippo = goddess of 'child birth' = ''mistress  of horizon'' = ''she who removes water'' {salt?} 5:10 {Mercury = 'mother' Sulphur/'father'. Mercury = ''unruly woman {soul?} who has to be governed and not let out until 'she' conceives a 'child' = regeneration/reconstruction of body = prison = black = 'spirit hidden in matter' = a ''beginning/end of work'' {eve/dawn?} + end of April/ beginning of May  = white hind and 'hunter' / hawthorn = child up to Solstice + ''manifestation of child of heart'' + May day = Taurus = labour = 'movement' = 'She' link to ''hanging baskets of 'gifts' hung on door knobs'' and/or: ''Vision'' in relation to ''Bring down the new republic HUNG in the air, and make for it foundations on the earth''} 5:11 {Saturn ''eats his children'' = 'swallow' analogy {psyche} = external to something inner i.e., outside {Saturn} - inner {'Sun'} = dark/light or shadow/light or subconscious/conscious as a means....

Circlet: 5:3 {'Circlet of Pisces lies below Pegasus in the sky'}

Comet: 2:1 { Arcturus = Golden red {orange?] - Ptolemy - 1st comet photo near by. Link to Venus + part of short list of fiery objects {'15'?} + It together with white of Spica, deep red of Antares, sapphire of Wega = {line of sight?} quote 'on a summer eve; at a single glance' + pearl in India + Northern most position}  2:6 {Poison / Tannim link} 2:9 {Comet hypo by A. Collins on Gobekli + wolf link + trickster/Jung hypo. etc}

Costner {Kevin}: 3:12 {'Name' link}.


A strip of swaddling cloth? {'lower' garment}. And/or: No leak at the seam? {headgear}. Question. What is the book/scroll made from? 'Higher' over lower?

Create{d}: Part 1 {'Farther' link = Hokmah = intuitive grasp + vernal equinox = 1st point of Aries = prime meridian of right ascension = ''best time to create monuments'' + ''he took part in the light of his garment'' = heavens created = ''stretched like a cloth'' + Law of Moses link?} 2:1 { Ptah created world from 'clay' = Memphis + Abu Simbel = Ptah in 'shadow' = three and four + 3rd Law ,i.e., the 'triple' of something {of 'nature'?} created from pos/neg {or M/F} = 'hand' of god = Law of Moses link? i.e.,Part 1} 2:2 {Amun created gods at Memphis {i.e., primordial mound AFTER Hermopolis link to Ogdoad} 2:4 {''I'' and ''thou'' = subjective/objective = 'creation of a void to apply/ 'see'  it'' etc.} 2:6 { Creation of Catalogue of Hipparchus + ''at creation the sun rose here {Leo} near Deneb'' - Petosiris + red/green links to 'fortunate' + sickle/bristles {beard?} especially at 'Thebes' link + fig tree/bed/couch/yellow + regulus = 'heart'}  3:1 { 'Sound' = spirit link to ''create''  = A U M + spring time = 'virgin' = ''creative spiritual flourishing'' aspect + human 'headed' vase = liver/'canal'/personality links = green = 'leader'} 3:2 { Cancer = 'creative'' realm {foundation?] = Thema Mundi = beginning of 'world' + 4 angles of birth chart = Aris/Libra and Cancer/Capricorn. S/W Egypt = ?? + Akasha = in/out of. = ''brane'' theory hypo? + Saturn = ''a moment in time {simultaneous?} to assess ''archetypes''} 3:3 { 'Dog' link to ''eternal mill'' i.e., merry go round of 'beginnings' + Ennead = seed/hands of Atum BECOMES teeth/lips of Ptah i.e., blacksmith ''and gives a name to each thing = creation by 'word' = manifest = eye of atum? = solar disc = third eye?} } 3:4 { 'Creation' = observing eye} 3:6 {New 'octave' of creation = from gross - subtle + Hermopolis = 1st sunrise over 'city' = creation of 'world' = 1st 'child' = Deneb link? i.e., 2:6} 3:8 {Brahma = goose/swan/lake = 1st cause = primordial 'sound' = conch shell etc. 3:1 link?} 3:10 {'Nine' link to male/'fruits' and female/'flowers'} 3:11 { Churning of Milky ocean = 'dog' link + Rahu/Ketu = N/S lunar nodes {where orbits of sun/moon intersect = eclipses} = serpent/dragon = tail/head = 1st Dyn. tombs on tail end etc. = shadow/eclipse/comet links + When sun enters Libra {'air'} at fall equinox = triune sign = ''transcending a duality'' = ruled by Venus = ''gatherer and creator of meanings as well as seed'' / Venus gives birth in Libra = fruitful/womb links + Yangtze river of China turns back on itself {because of very hard limestone?} = Hatshepsut link?} 3:12 {Time created for struggle to take place + Zoroastrian links + Heliopolis = 'nine' / Thebes = 15 {Sq. of Saturn?} = ''principle of creation'' = clockwise/anticlockwise 'enactment around a central peg {libra? i.e., animate object = anchor/fixed point of reference?} 4:1 {Create = beauty/glory links + Calcination = to create sealed vessel ''with no leaks at the seam''} 4:2 { Mayan Fifth sun = todays epoch = ''sun god himself'' {manifested?} + to stand back squarely = to objectify = right angle? = S/W Egypt? + sound eye link to pos/neg + fallen state} 4:3 {Ptah {pth} = 'creator of form' = reverse of Hotep {htp} = realization/manifested} = 'peace' + Khnum = creator of child/Ka + Khufu/demiurge links + center of spiral = mid point of creation = web of manifestation = sleeping Venus = ''a change of function or transformation'' +  Dorado {Goldfish} = tropical = True Lovers Knot = center of spiral of nebula = south pole of ecliptic + ''water appearing at creation, carrying dark hillock Atum = ''Hermopolis teaching'' = 8 = existence = fixation = {1st child?} = bull link i.e., black/white/red/mottled } 4:4 {Child of heart + Imhotep = Son of Ptah} 4:5 {Swan = vehicle of Brahma ['creator' of Self} = milk from water = ''spiritual discrimination'' recall Moses - ''drawn from water''?? - never got to 'promised land'? + Thebes = Horus/Ptah = Uas {branch of tree {sap?} = Ascend only i.e., creative function not yet created + Adam = pos./neg Polarities of Qualities with Both Hands + Scorpion created from Crab {nebula} + Naiads = fresh water / fountain. Nereides = salt water. Both 'daughters' of Poseidon } 4:6 {Triple link = ''Supreme archetype of all that exists} 4:7 {Throne link + ''reconnected to divine center''} 5:1 {Seven rays of creation = fire = Shu/Tefnut/geb/nut? {all together} = ''founders of a line'' = 'line of sight'? + Shu/Tefnut = two lions = fire principle + Hokhmah/Binah links} 5:2 {Greece gods come down / Egypt's gods = ''man rises up to meet them''} 5:3 {Pale fox = ''image of his fall'' + hexagon with three concentric circles} 5:4 {Nephew/uncle links = S/W America {Utah/New Mexico/Arizona/Colorado} = horses head? = Hopi culture + new armour for Achilles = reincarnation links? i.e., following Sirius at dawn = {heliacal rising?} in EAST + creator of armour = blacksmith = Perseus/Diomedes links = "is not presently understood'' {Homers secret Iliad} 5:6 {Dream/vision sequence = Nobles {'higher'} - prison/fetters {'lower'} etc. Melchizedek link to 14/bread/wine + rope = Ariadne link i.e., ''to climb up'' {to safety?} therefore hang/hung links? + establish by strength = top-down / bottom-up {blacksmith?} 5:7 {Hermopolis = Nun = marsh land {serpents/frogs} = eight = 1st child ''from a lotus in middle of Nun''}

Crow: 2:7 / 3:3 {i.e., crow remains found as 'backfill' at Gobekli-tepe} /  4:1 { 'Mithras' link}. 5:3.

Further 'hints': "Many years ago the English psychologist, F. W. H. Meyes, suggested that - ''hidden in the depth of our being is a rubbish heap as well as a treasure house''. Question. Rubbish or 'treasure'?

El-Tel Bethsai? {Israel}.

''Sharp'' in what sense of the word?

As one example: ''The area west of the Nile has virtually no rain, so the garbage dumps of Oxyrhynchus were gradually covered with sand and were forgotten for another 1000 years.....Because Egyptian society under the Greeks and Romans was governed bureaucratically, and because Oxyrhynchus was the capital of the nineteenth nome, the material at the Oxyrhynchus dumps included vast amounts of papyri. Accounts, tax returns, census material, invoices, receipts, correspondence on administrative, military, religious, economic, and political matters, certificates and licenses of all kinds—all these were periodically cleaned out of government offices, put in wicker baskets {liknos?} and dumped out in the desert. Private citizens added their own piles of unwanted papyri. Because papyrus was expensive, papyri were often reused: a document might have farm accounts on one side, and a student's text of Homer on the other. The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, therefore, contained a complete record of the life of the town.'' [Wiki].

Crystallization: Part 1 {Wet/dry link + ''possible on any foundations''} 2:1 {Cahuachi /bend in river links to ''opposite Nazca lines'' + Porphyry rocks = large/hard crystals = purple.} Extra: Central stone link to spirals and lines {Nazca?} = west = venus i.e., Elen of the Ways= ''testimonies to the way the First Born saw the originators of our race - the gods before the gods'' Page64/69 'The Wester Way' / C+J Matthews.  2:2 {Gobekli 'T' pillars = hard crystalline limestone + Saturn quote on ''binding'' and ''crystallization = independence of external influence'' + volcano link to skull cap found in S. Africa?} 2:3 {80% of earths crust = silicon = ''one octave below carbon'' quote + D. Icke quote on Diamonds OVER nuggets of gold + Saturn/binding quote} 2:5 {Yes/No link = friction = crystalize {Mathew 5:37?} + green = balance = libra? = ''threshold colour'' = 'three-one-three'} 2:9 {Colourless crystal = boat of glass} 2:11 {White quartz pebbles = new 'name' link} 3:2 {Stones/crystals/plants- order of - +water glass = crystal garden gems + crystallization = union of spirit/matter} 3:4 {Gurdjieff on yes/no = friction/sacrifice etc. 2:5 link} 3:9 {Obsidian = volcanic rock without crystallization + 'horn' link?} 3:11 {Mayan/Aztec links? - Three parts water one part land/ weaving/'15'/ raised hands + conch shell} 4:2 {N/S moon nodes = 'undoing' link} 4:4 {Gurdjieff on yes/no + general on Saturn + white/blue links to alchemy} 4:6 {Sphinx link to Nine/limestone?} 4:7 {''Skies {higher?} crystal clear'' = fire/air V earth/water?} 5:1 {Line of sight/144/Binah {therefore right to left?} links} 5:3 {Anvils to Hera's feet quote = ''ice crystals''} 5:5 {Rock crystal link to vases / pot bellied + Ganymede = stream out of vase = ''inclined downwards'' {YHV?} + J.C. with rock crystal in left hand N.B. ''downwards'' link to  'ascent only'? i.e.,4:5}  5:6 {Saltpeter  'fire salt'  = PURE because ''it burns and dissolves in water''} 5:10 {Inward Sulpher and external Mercury = cubic stone = salt crystallization BUT NOT the ''pointed cubic stone'' - bosom/grace link?}

Demeter myth: {anima or animus?}: 2:5 / 3:6 / 3:8 / 5:2 / 5:9

Deer {hind}: Examples of: {2:1} / 2:3 {Objective I analogy} / {2:4} / 3:3} / {3:9} etc.,

Something extra: "The creation myth says that a woman named Sol, or 'Sun', drove the chariot of the sun through the sky. Her brother Mani drove the chariot of the moon. They did this because their father {a 'giant'} named them after the sun and moon because of their 'beauty'. This angered the gods, who put them to driving the chariots of the 'sparks' of light to punish the giant for his presumption. Their fathers name, Mundilfare, is sometimes translated as 'spinner of the World' - which may suggest an earlier, pre-Odinic origin for the sun and moon myth....A number of themes recur throughout the myths of the sun goddesses.....One recurrent pattern is that of the transformation from an old 'hag' into a 'young' woman... " [Page 16/145 'The Sun Goddess: Myth, Legend and History' / Sheena McGrath]. ''Weaver''?

'Old Man of the South Pole'?

Disc{k}: 2:3 {Sun disc = male = Ra. Consumed by Nut {female} = ''gives birth each morning'' = rebirth = 'reincarnation' = ''separation from divine consciousness''} 2:5 {Zodiac disc at Denderah + Ptah/Tatenem = sun dis{k} on crown etc.} 2:6 {Cross + dis{k} = Leo/Virgo?} 2:8 { Hand mirror ''made to look like a disc with 'eye' in 'middle' '' + Akhenaten disc = embossed/debossed? etc. + 'handle' of mirror represents papyrus plant = 'handle on moment' = logos link} 2:9 {Solar disc hypo = missing discs etc.} 2:10 {Disc on birds wing = Hen/Cygnus at Gobekli} 3:3 {Winged disc hypo = Venus/serpent links} 3:7 {Same as above + 4 wings = ''ball {circle} court of Mayans'' + Venus = ''true pure imagination'' + Khonsu at Thebes = dis{k} on crescent = ''Both new moon and of eclipse = moon and sun united'' + Phaistos dis{k} } 3:8 {Ba link to divine bit + solar disc + 'nature' link} + Ka = ''not nature nor fates slave'' link to eclipse = neg. aspect. Remedy = ''higher Self''} 3:9 {Ra = sun disc analogy = E/W = 'reincarnation' links = ''forgetfulness of higher self'' = Smith/Jones link}. 3:11 { 'Arc'/Uas links?} 3:12 {Disc of moon = web link = innermost star? {Cities of Dreams hypo} 4:2 {Phaistos dis{k} 4:6 {Arc/Uas analogy?} Extra {refresher}: ''Their fathers name, Mundilfare, is sometimes translated as 'spinner of the World' - which may suggest an earlier, pre-Odinic origin for the sun and moon myth {'Weaver'?}....it could be a connection to a memorial stone found in Gotland {Germany}, which shows a giant whirling disc, with two smaller discs beneath it. This she says, represents Mundilfare and his world mill. The world tree is underneath the discs, and below that a serpent and then a boat." [Page 16 'The Sun Goddess: Myth, Legend and History' / Sheena McGrath].

Side note: The ocean 'conveyer' at its northern pole has a 'double loop'.

Flat top = ''twice as high as broad''?

Double: 2:1 {Double archway on North side of pyramid + Sagittarius = 18th/19th manzil/back of head/arrow/bright one of the lunar station/ empty city/ostrich nest etc. + see notes on Sagitt} 2:2 {Double cube = altar = twice as high as broad = {tower?] = sq. + cross {all on lower levels} 2:4 {Double vision + double prow of ferryman boat + double woollen robe of initiate} 2:6 {Capricorn = double ship = {boat of glass?} = Khnum {elephantine} = ka = link to ''elephant tusk'' as one of the double {18th/19th} manzils? {see Sagitt. notes} 2:7 {I-Ching link to double/hawthorn/pit/'27'} 2:8 {Double crown of Egypt?} 2:9 {Ninth Sephiroh = foundation of 'lower' man = Nephesh = lunar vegetive + instinctive principle + Aker = shadow world e/w = bolt ={above horizon?} 2:11 {same as 2:7} 3:2 {Double stars {Homer} = double cup = visible stars {i.e., as one example - in the handle of Dipper + Hebrew double letters = Sound hard/soft = above/below i.e., Mercury = 'above' = day = 'hard' = yellow. Alternative  = night = soft = ?} 3:3 {Double 'loops' of snake {mehen?} = ''M'' link = 'sound' ?} 3:5 {Double gates of Sol. temple} 3:7 {Double 'Axe' {therefore labyrinth?} + Thebes = Khonsu = 1st stage AND Karnak = 'fulfilment' } 3:9 {Double headed dragon with hooves of deer + Homers personal double stars in funerary games/prizes} 4:1 {Capricorn = double ship {double prow link?} 4:3 {Double loop? nebula of Dorado {Goldfish constellation = True Lovers knot} 4:7 {Double Ureaus} 5:1 {Double decked columns = Doric buildings/temples etc.} 5:2 {Double quotes} 5:7 {Double helix = double serpent analogy} 5:10 {Double hall of truth {42 of them}. Impurities to earth while pure rises to the horizon + double 7 = kindness and reason}. Something extra: Side note: "In Egyptian 'grr'. The name of the frog Neter is Heqet = hqt. According to Gardiner, this word was used from the 18th-19th dynasties as an ideogram of the formula ''uhem ankh'' - that is, of repeating life. The tadpole is called hefen {hfn} in Egyptian, and this word also means ''hundred thousand''. The tadpole is put on the shen {''circular loop''} that is drawn at the base of the palm tree on which Thoth counts the years {'saturn'}. The word hqt {''frog''} is a homonym of the word hnqt or hqt {''beer''}, as if there were a relationship between the idea of the fermenting - or leavening - of beer {yeast in the beer} and the individual ferment that would be the basis for ''repeating lives''. [Page 278 'Her-Bak: Egyptian Initiate' / Isha Schwaller de Lubicz]. And/or: ''The egg, {swht} is an image of the human egg whose body, the only visible part, makes us forget other casual factors, energetic or spiritual, as well as their 'pre-existence' as substance and their existence post mortem. The whole becoming of man and the phases of his metamorphosis....it comes about little by little through an alternation of build-ups and break-downs, in the course of which the antagonism between dissimilar elements diminishes....progressive transformations of 'gross' into 'subtle' {hewn/unhewn? and/or Sarson/Blue stones?} - provided they find at each stage the 'leaven' that works the change....'Then the earthly life is a moment in the life of my egg' Her-Bak asked...." [ Page 188/9 'Her-Bak: Egyptian Initiate'].

And/or: ''It is not i who create myself, rather i happen to myself.'' C. G. Jung.

From a different perspective: ''A very unusual statue of the god Shiva - {in the right hand} what looks like a 'bobbin' - between two fingers {on the back of his hand?}. In the left hand - two fingers {index and thumb} raised upwards. The middle arm {of four} - across the chest, from right to left {i.e., Hebrew writing pattern, ie., N/E -S/W}.  Normally you see this god with his leg raised up, because when he raises up his leg he initiates the universe - but on this statue he has his foot down, down on what looks like a 'baby', with the face of a demon and the body of an infant - The Lord of Forgetfulness. It represents ones lower nature. Keeping them down with his foot. This is one of the earliest gods in the world at least 10,000 years old. ['Pawn Stars : Promissory Pawn' / Phineas Kastle].

ALL as a means....?

Westward leading, still proceeding......


The secret 'cavern' of Sokar in relation to the 'back of the head'. UNmanifested? What would ''manifested'' be represented with? Amun-Ra? and/or the 'eagle'? {''The only bird that can look directly into the sun''}.

Found in the Orneys {N/E}. No one knows for what purpose. Try ''spotted''.

Duality: {i.e., as one example - by way of the 'Gnostic' principle}: And/or: ''Whoever finds himself on the path of individuation cannot evade that suspension between the OPPOSITES which is symbolised by the 'crucifixion'.'' Examples of: Host/Guest.  Sunrays/Moonbeams. Amun-Re/Hathor. Manifested/UNmanifested. Superior/Inferior. Elongated/Truncated. Overlook/Overhang.  Comprehensible/Incomprehensible. Sensible/Intelligible. Openness/Emptyness. Logos/'Intelligence' {i.e., as one example represented in the Egyptian case as Heart/brain matter i.e., ''intelligence of the heart'' versus brain material in the 'head' - that link to mummification ritual i.e., brain material got rid of through the nose BUT the heart kept - with ONE exception - the heart of Tutankhamun. And/or: Suleiman the Magnificient. Heart taken out of body and kept in a 'golden box'. Supposedly hidden under the 'tent'. That same tent that is seen within the boundaries of a semi-circle of the created towns layout plan. ['Expedition Unknown: Search for the Sultans Heart']. 90/180 degrees.  Necessity/Reason { i.e., South American equivalent}. Northern Hemisphere/Southern Hemisphere. Orion Walking 'backwards'/ Upside Down. Leavened/UNleavened. Rational/Irrational {represented with ''numbers'' i.e., Pythagorean numbers}. Finite/Infinite. Dark/light. Night/Day. Sun/Moon. Black/White. West/East. Behind/In-front of {i.e., shadow/Light i.e., as one example Nephthys/Isis especially in relation to Head/Feet positioning of coffins etc; And/or landscape equivalent = mortuary temple of Hatshepsut in relation to the Valley of the Kings {i.e., back of}; that final link to the Mercury symbol}. Bitter/Sweet {i.e., as one example 'Feast of Maturity'  within the book 'A Mythic Life' / J. Houston}. Cumber/UNcumber {i.e., St. Uncumber - that link to beard/UNbeared if only in the 'female' sense of the word i.e., as one other example Hatshepsut and/or Page 358 'Mercurius'}. North/South. Above/Below the 'Horizon {i.e., as one example Horus ''IN/OF'' the same}.


Spirt/Soul {i.e., in relation to ''untouched by fire''}. Fire/Water {'pure' link. Enlarged throughout}.

Working example: ''For Ibn al-Arabi and his followers which means for much of Islamic thought down to recent times - God is similar in His incomparability, and incomparable in His similarity. Both positions must be maintained if purrfect knowledge is to be achieved. Ibn al-Arabi's best known expression of this idea is a poem found in the third chapter of his Fusus al-hikam: 'If you speak of incomparability, you delimit, and if you speak of similarity, you define. If you speak of both, you have hit the MARK you are a leader and a lord in the gnostic sciences'....'' {Page 141 {Kindle} 'The Tao of Islam'].

Anyone wearing one? Hair or Bald headed? {i.e.,as one example Hapi/Nefertem}.

And/or: END of pyramid building BEGINNING of temple construction. Right angle/Semi-circle {90*/180* i.e., Abydos/Denderah}. Great / Small {i.e., as one example Temple precinct within Amarna} AND/OR: Small wedge / Large wedge in relation to the number '60' i.e., 'Anu - god of heaven' {'Mystery of Numbers'}. Penistasche/Boatman's Girdle. Gap / Bridge {and/or 'Ramp' i.e., as one example the Egyptian Ibu}. Enthroned/De-throned {i.e., as an example 3:3 }. Involution/Evolution {in relation to ''secondary''}. Sun/Moon. Patriarch/Matriarch. Basement/Attic. Flat Top/Pointy Top {i.e., Tower/Pyramid}. Oblique/Erect {i.e., 3:2 to enlarge}. Benben/Benbenet. Static/Dynamic. Male/Female. Subconscious/Conscious. Loft/Rubbish. Attic/Rubbish Pit. Individual/Collective. Horus and/or 'Hero'/Ma'at and/or New Jerusalem. Grace/Joy.

Static/Dynamic? Light/Heavy?

Side note: ALL the above {and below} in relation to: ''Life is never static and the inner life least of all, so it would be improper to refer to any definable Gnosis or individuation as a final achievement. We are ever becoming, but we never become. All systems must be aware of assuming that they are making true statements about reality. When they come to rationalize their symbols and begin to look upon them as truths, they will soon be fossilizing their insights and thus soon destroy their empirical value as signposts on the way. At the portal of true Gnosis all ''isms'', even Gnosticism, must vanish. Similarly the psychologist must be willing to sacrifice his allegiance to a psychological system when he begins to deal with true individuation.'' [Page 35 'The Gnostic Jung' / S. Hoeller].

'The Lover and the Serpent' / Llewellyn  Vaughan-Lee].

''Father of 'Terror' {into the unknown?}. Beginning East?

Continued: Near/Afar. Unaware/Aware. Unknown/Known. Visible/Invisible. Quantity/Quality {i.e., as one example: from an unknown or 'hidden' quantity to a 'known' quality = Amun Ra}. Burning/Growing {i.e., used throughout in the book 'The Gnostic Jung' by S. Hoeller}. Created/Pro-created. Unredeemed/Redeemed {i.e., Greek equivalent = Bios/Zoe}. Poison/Antidote {i.e., as one example the 'Scorpion' symbol of which the 'eagle' is one aspect. Question. Higher or lower 'aspect'?}. Forgetting/Remembering. Terror/Peace {i.e., Sphinx/Hotep  i.e., a Beginning/Ending. A 'working' example: ''But from the time she grew with 'child' she went mad. Lady Charlotte says: ''became wild, and wandered about'' without coming near a dwelling. When her time came upon her, her right SENSE came back to her, it came in a place where a swineherd was keeping a herd of swine, and through terror of the swine the queen was delivered. And the swineherd took the boy until he came to court. And the boy was baptized, and the name Culhwch given to him because he was found in a pig run. Nonetheless the boy was of gentle lineage: he was first cousin to Arthur. And the boy was put out to nurse.''{Page 8 'A Celtic Quest' / J. Layard}. Practical example ''The seven minutes of terror'' - The Perseverance Rover - just before landing}.

''Crack between the worlds of the growing one and the burning one.'' {'Page 121 'The Gnostic Jung'}. AND/OR: ''Ring the BELLS that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.'' {Prologue: 'Dreams of Isis' / N. Ellis].

Macro/Micro. Rubbish/Treasure {i.e., as one example the contents of ''feasting pits''}. Bull/Cow. Convex/concave. Straight/Curved {i.e., as one example in the form of 'horns' and/or the upside down horns of Seshet in relation to the horns of Hathor}. Hewn/ Unhewn {i.e., as one example the large ''rounded'' stones that surround Elephantine}. Rough/Smooth {i.e., as one example the ''spotted'' Sarson stones/ Blue ones}. Spotted /Striped {i.e., the striped Nemes headdress - 'a single piece of striped cloth, covering head and 'shoulders'}.  Wide/Narrow {i.e., Nemes headdress}. Pure/Unpure {i.e., ''white without spot''}. Spotted/Unspotted {i.e., as one example the spotted cow called Mona and/or the 'Liver' spots on the Dalmation breed of dog and/or: 'spotted' POLISHED stone ball found on the southern side of Sanday {Orkneys} in a 'stone tomb': ''Purpose uncertain.'' and/or: ''This is a tradition that seems to be found on the west coast of....

Spots or 'stripes'?

'Spots' or 'stripes'?

....Britain into Ireland around that period of the Neolithic.'' 'Digging For Britain' / 6.1.22}. Odd-toed/ Even-toed {that link to sandal/s}. Back door/front door {i.e., Substitute mysteries/ 'Greater' ones}. Open/Close {'Janus' link}. Native/Foreign {i.e., especially in relation to ''sea peoples'' i.e., ''from across the sea''}. Stranger/Friend. Embossed/Debossed. Fold/Unfold {i.e., as one example the Egyptian 'pennant'}. Rolled/Unrolled. Stalagmite/Stalactite {i.e., from 'above' and/or 'below'}. Ebb/Flow. Fresh Water/ Salt water. River/Seas. Hook's/Oar's {i.e., as one example the ''oar'' seen in the very first picture in Part 1 and/or the oars found in a 'pit' next to the Gt. Pyramid. Question. 'Place of Rowing'?}.  Inner/Outer. Bitter/Sweet {i.e., as one example ''Grapes''}. Wild/Domesticated {i.e., ''collar'' link - as an example - the 'golden' one on the Egyptian Jackal}. Leasher/UNleasher {i.e., in relation to whelps - 'A Celtic Quest' / J. Layard}. Beard/UNbearded {i.e., as one example Ysbaddaden/Dillus - 'A Celtic Quest' - in relation to shearers/razors and combs}. Drunk/Sober {i.e., in relation to the Greek - Zoe/Bios}. Fermented/Unfermented {i.e., in relation to 'wine' - or more importantly - what it represents}. Subconscious/Conscious. Unmanifested/Manifested.

End or a beginning?

Side note: ''Self/Collective Unconscious. Philosophers Stone/Prima materia. Differentiated/UNdifferentiated. End/Beginning. This process he insists is the strategy of the SPIRIT. If we dont conform to it, it will go hard with us. 'Make of yourselfs living philosopher Stones!' The alchemist's cry is both a command and the exultation of one who has pierced illusion to perceive in an instant of ineffable vision the oneness of spirit and matter in the Raw Stuff - the primeval SOUP of some great original Monad which must be worked upon by the imagination, both scientific and artistic, to dissolve it and recongeal it until we, at one with ourselves and with the world, are returned to that mysterious mercurial unity.'' [Page 373 'Mercurius' / P. Harpur].

And/ot: ''Its qualities are the PAIR OF OPPOSITES, such as : the effective and the ineffective; fullness and emptyness; difference and sameness; the beautiful and the 'ugly'; the one and the many and so forth.'' [Page 47 'The Gnostic Jung' / S. Hoellier].

Morfran / Taliesin?

And/or: ''Its interesting how opposite symbols can point to the mystery of god...'' [Fr. Eamon Kelly and K. Nichols / Magdala ' Pilgrimage of Grace' / 28.2.22].

Queen of Punt. Wide garment? Question. What would 'narrow' be represented with? 'Belt of Orion'? 'Penistasche? And/or ''Fat of the Land''? Ant mounds?

Continued:  Joy/Suffering {''grace'' link}. Whip/Blow. Fat/Thin. Roasted/Boiled {i.e., as one example the ''burnt'' scones in the Alfred myth. That link to 'funerary cakes' and/or: ''....They lured him from a cradle, hidden in a niche at the back of a cave. Suddenly the Titans fell on Dionysus, tearing him to pieces. They flung these pieces into a boiling cauldron of 'milk', then tore his flesh from his bones with their 'teeth'. Meanwhile, Athena had stolen into the cave, unnoticed, and she snatched away the goat-boys heart before it was cooked and eaten.'' {Page 124 'The Secret History of the World' / J. Black}. Visible/Invisible AND/OR:  Intelligence of the Head/Heart {i.e., ''Its the idea of 'thinking' that bothers me. I mean its wonderful to discover that the so called pre-logical tribal people have a logic which is equal in sophistication to our own - a logic thats constructed out of contrasts in the sensory qualities of concrete objects such as raw/cooked. Wet/dry, male/female etc. Page 382 'Mercurius'}. Quantity/Quality. Shadow/Light. Death/Rebirth. Creation / Procreation { ''secondary creation''? Page 79 'The Egyptian Miracle'}. Involution/Evolution {i.e., in relation to Upstream/ Downstream}. Fore part / Hind part { i.e., as one example the ancient 'Asad Lion' of the zodiac}. Libra / Scorpio {i.e., 'claws' = Libra}. Hands/Feet. Broad/Narrow {i.e., Broad back of Aker Lions / ''Place of Rowing''}. Pole/Oars {i.e., punt pole {ships 'mast'?}.  Naked/Clothed {i.e., ''garment'' link}.  Weft/Warp.  Heavy/light {i.e., as one example: the 'heavy/wide' garment of Dionysus}. Tied/Untied {i.e., especially in relation to ''knots''}. Anima/Animus. 'Fire' wheel/'Spindle' wheel.  Lucky/Unlucky {13th link i.e., one way or the other depending on karma i.e., those personal ones} etc, etc.,

All as a means....?

And/or: Hearth 'fires' found alongside Unstan Ware pottery {'bowls' i.e., water element} at Sanday in the Orkneys. More specifically N/E. ON the N/W EDGE of Europe. ['Digging For Britain' / 6.1.22].

As is: ''Having been initiated into the solar mysteries of Re, one might perceive now the cosmic order of ingress and egress, of growth and decay, of cyclical comings and goings in and out of the earthly plane and across the heavens. Attaining enlightenment means understanding darkness and how an enlightened man, an akhu or shining one, must proceed by his own light....Life is about cycles, the smallest daily arcs and the larger arcs that include the circumference of all the ages.'' [Page 262 'Imagining the World Into Existence' / N. Ellis].


''.....the void that is the ground of BEING for Buddhists.''

Lure of Becoming?

A working example: ''Whereas monks and nuns have pursued the spiritual path of the via negativa, the simplification of life, joined to meditative practices that empty consciousness, my path has been the via positiva, a life of mythic complexity and a pursuit of ultimate reality through bringing more and more content into consciousness - an attempt to develop sufficient hooks and eyes to catch the pluriverse. Plerosis {filling} rather than kenosis {emptying} has been my spiritual practice.'' [Page 56 'A Mythic Life' / J. Houston].

''Whats in the wokwoom? Physics teaches us that nature abhors a vacuum, so something must be in it. Is it consciousness, mind, god, archetypes in the form of.....'' [Page 69}. Try 'worm'.

Example: ''Thus through a negation that science calls an ''elimination'' a progression leads to affirmation. This law is to be noted: it is a prime starting point in the approach to the study of nature. Our consciousness exists only through comparison {manifested/Unmanifested} - affirmation proceeds from negation...Thus from the beginning, we situate ourselves in one world in relation to another...Our world, in the image of the other, is variable; it is a constant negation unto affirmation, the consequence of a duality, of a scission, of a division that is the cause of its existence and the cause of its ''fall'' as the scriptures say...." [Page 74 'The Egyptian Miracle'].


Yes/No ?

Negation or affirmation?

Refresher: "He who aspires to be a sage and to know the Great Enigma of Nature must be the heir and despoiler of the Sphinx: his the human head, in order to posses speech; his the eagles wings, in order to scale the heights {'cliff'?}; his the bulls flanks, in order to furrow the depths; his the lions talons, to make a way on the right and the left, before and behind."

'The Bridge of Sirat'?

East and West only?

What about North / South?

Oedipus? See Pages 94 - 97 'A Mythic Life' to enlarge.

''Duality'' ? Any connection to 115? Built from 'pure' white marble that reflects pure light.

From a different perspective: "A central feature of Quranic style is contrast: between 'this' world and 'that' one {''the next''} - each occurring exactly 115 times - between believers and disbelievers - between Paradise and Hell. This has been studied in great detail, and scholars have found truly remarkable patterns of contrasts: angels and devils, life and death, secrecy and openness, and so on, occurring exactly the same number of times. This sense of balance in the text is continued in passages where the Prophet is instructed to say: 'Now the truth has come from your Lord: let those who wish to believe in it do so, and let those who wish to reject it do so' {18: 29} and 'There is no compulsion in religion: true guidance has become distinct from error' {2: 256}. One of the names the Quran gives for itself is al-Furqan - the book that distinguishes right from wrong {25: 1}. [Introduction {xx} 'The Qur'an / M. A. S. Abdel Haleem].

'Twentyfive' to enlarge.

Side note: 'Twentythree' X 'five' = ?

Egg: Part 1 {Ophion egg {external} at 'creation' with 'soul' aspect {i.e., 'female'} therefore 'Atlantis' link {'soul' aspect = primary / secondry therefore = 'fall' link?} = ''bruised his head {'teeth' link + Hebrew 'Shin'?} with her heel'' {link to 'hung' with head/feet?} + egg white analogy {i.e., 'double' link} + Easter island i.e., 1st egg of year ritual} 2:1 {Truth pictured as ''egg born and delicate in need of protection'' + Ostrich = clutch of eggs?} 2:2 { 'Envelope' and 'city' links {Her-bak} + eggs/Almonds = Passover cake = NO fermentation + Chick = 'Aspiration' + Gobekli link i.e., egg shape in the 'middle' of the middle register {Senet board game?} 2:8 {Hen/chick/rooster/egg etc.} 2:9 {Egg 'shaped' boxes in Tut's tomb only one of 'goose meat'?} 2:10 {Egg like head - Gobekli} 3:1 {'Sound' link to egg} 3:5 {'Third order of silver star' = Horus = Harpocrates = Lord of silence = 'babe in blue egg' or crowned 'child' on lotus = guardian of gate link = True Will = 5+6 {'eleven' etc. links} 3:8 {Birth of Brahma = 'golden egg' = Swans/chariots links etc.} 3:9 {Serpents egg made of 'glass' quotes = Druid talisman} 3:10 {Turtle/tortoise links?} 3:12 {Cygnus = 'Hen' link} 4:3 {Relation between ''human egg and each fruit of the sycamore'' {Her-bak} 4:6 {Herod killed with fly eggs info} 4:7 {Link to 'envelope' / 'city' and Great Python} 5:6 { Truth = ''egg born / delicate etc.} 5:7 {same as 2:2} 5:8 {Khepri egg / larva / etc. ''three stages into winged form''} 5:10 { 60 croc eggs etc. = 'First measure of heavenly appearances' = precession = ''marriage number' {Plutarch/Plato} = sheaves of grain i.e., original meaning {German/Celt?} 5:11 {Zodiac link to Jung's division of four}.

And/or: ''Echidnas, sometimes known as spiny anteaters, are quill-covered monotremes belonging to the family Tachyglossidae. The four extant species of echidnas and the platypus are the only living mammals that lay eggs and the only surviving members of the order Monotremata.''

'Navel'? - therefore a link to 'Placenta'? as a means....? Try 2:7 and ''Umbilicus''.

Fingers: Part 1: {'blind' link} / 2: 2 {helping hands?} / 2:3 / 2:7 {pot bellied/navel/memory/Easter Island links} / 2:11 {'transforming'} / 3:3 {feet-head = 'backward'?} / 5:7 {hands link} Something hinted at: "As for the shield, the bizarre figure it bears, seems to be taken from some old magicians book. Upon first examination {impressionable ones?} one could believe that they were borrowed from the somber 'Clavicles of Solomon', images traced with fresh blood on virgin parchment, which indicate in their frightening zigzags the ritual movements that the forked wand must perform under the sorcerers fingers." [Page 217 'The Dwelling of the Philosophers' / Fulcanelli].

Forgetting/Rem: Part 1 {sleep/incarnation link} / {2:3 {Strong oak door/'spell' lifted/flood'/Lethe chair} / 2:4 {truth/art} / 2:5 {H/V link} / 2:8 {midwife at birth of memory +incarnate/reincarnate} / 3:4 {anchored link} / 3:7 {'Raise up from sea of ignorance' etc.} / 3:9 {faery/Melusine link?} / 3:10 {E/W reincarnation/incarnation} / 3:11 {Lethe/cypress/hazel} / 4:1 {waters left/right of 'lake' = forget/rem.} / 4:6 {Degeneration/regeneration} 5:1 {Khufu=forget?} / 5:2 {croc/hippo/memory/gnosis} / 5:4 {Essence rem. Personality forgets quote} / 5:9 {Demeter/hades/Persephone + 'tongue' etc.}

Forward as opposed to ''up''?

From a different perspective: ''A very unusual statue of the god Shiva - {in the right hand} what looks like a 'bobbin' - between two fingers {on the back of his hand?}. In the left hand - two fingers {index and thumb} raised upwards. The middle arm {of four} - across the chest, from right to left {i.e., Hebrew writing pattern, ie., N/E -S/W}.  Normally you see this god with his leg raised up, because when he raises up his leg he initiates the universe - but on this statue he has his foot down, down on what looks like a 'baby', with the face of a demon and the body of an infant - The Lord of Forgetfulness. It represents ones lower nature. Keeping them down with his foot. This is one of the earliest gods in the world at least 10,000 years old. ['Pawn Stars : Promissory Pawn' / Phineas Kastle].

Girdle: 2:1 {'river' encircling earth} / 2:3 {Aura} / 2:4 { 'Bright girdle' = milky way} / 2:11 {Mighty Hu link {soul?} -Celtic- Belt of Orion?} / 3:11 {Hera/100/ear-rings/belly/aura/+Homer} / 4:5 { Two-lions pulling chariot frieze - Greece} /  5:1 { 'Six' +beauty link. 'Five = 'spirit'?} / 5:2 {Poseidon/ethiopia etc.} / 5:7 {Hermes/Achilles = boundaries/ecliptic = girdle link? 'Homer'} / 5:8 {Poseidon = earth girdler +south/six/beauty} / 5:10 {Isis - girdle = antidote to poison {rem/forget?} + Virgo link}

Joy: {examples of}: {2:7} / {2:9} / {3:3} / {3:6} / {3:10} / {5:3} / {5:4} / {5:7} / {5:8} etc.,

Victim or willing 'participant'?

Hair: Part 1 {general} / 2:2 {Lemuria/Atlantis = beard/unbeard} / 2:4 {bog-man/top-knot} / 2:6 {Homers Greeks/red/fire links} / 2:9 {fox star/pleiades/comet/poison links} / 3:1 {burnt hair/smell-sound/striving/hooked nose} / 3:10 {hair = 'branches'/can cover the minds eye etc./top-knot+comet+wolf+poison} / 3:11 {Venus link} 5:7 {Phaistos disk - bald chap+wild hair/zelator quote} / 5:8 {Gilgamesh link + Atlantic/Lemuria = uncon/con = bottom-up/top-down?}

Hazel: 3:11 {Newgrange/sweet link?}

Helen: Part 1 { Harbour at Pharos = ''the long and painful way to Egypt'' {Homer} + Menelaus stranded there on his way back from Troy. Ruled by Proteus {old man of sea? Opposite of 'crone'?} + Alexandria's palace and city should have been built on it {Homers/ dream} 2:9 {Helen quote on Idomeneus and his 'captains'} 3:3 {Helen = torch / Venus analogy = Jung's 4x4 personality/ego hypo + 'Helen' of Faust fame = 'romantic' link} 3:11 {Analysis of Helen/Troy etc.} 3:12 {Paris/helen info} 4:2 {Info on Helen: = twin sister i.e., married to Helen's  husbands brother? + Libra/Scorpion links}  + ''split at time of story of Troy'' + trickster link, i.e., Paris 'stole' Helen / trickster stole 'fire' therefore Helen = 'soul' link?} 5:3 {Helen ''of the trees'' {?} at Rhodes} 5:5 {Anima/shadow . Spirit/soul}.

Side note: Helen = Mother of Constantine. Both in relation to the discovery and whereabouts of the resting place of Christ. Question. Tomb or Sarcophagus?

Hinds: Part 1: Alcor {handle of Plough} = 'hind' of farm hand {North Germany} 2:3 {Naphtali = ''my struggle'' = ''Hind let loose'' {Hebrew} + ''One of northern most tribes'' and/or ''one of the lost tribes'' + Capricorn link ?} 2:5 {Hind quarter?} 2:6 {Hind legs?} 2:9 {Hind legs of fox {Gobekli?} 4:1 {Beginning of a cycle = oracle = front/back parts of ship = base of triangle = Sirius = foundation {+ 'backwards' link?} 5:2 { Fore quarter = hind quarter} 5:4 {YHWH = Adoney? = ''is my strength, he makes my feet like hinds {doe's}'' + recall 'hung' by feet {tarot} and head {Ariadne} 5:10 {Southern Cross = hind feet part of Centaur - ''which covers cross on three sides'' + May day {eve} = marriage of goddess/god = Hind/hunter + bonfire/hawthorn links - ends in Cancer at solstice? + 'bulls thigh' = hind quarter = Denderah/Edfu links? + summit/foot of cross = H/V links}

N.B. 'Doe' and 'Bee' used throughout the book: 'Discourse of Fire and Salt' / Blaise de Vigenere.

Found 'behind a boulder' at the Osireion. Question. Spirit or soul?

And/or: ''The Old Man of the South Pole is often depicted in Chinese pictures as an old man with a long white beard with a deer by his side. This style of picture is related to the story of an emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty, who had invited such an old man from the street and later considered the old man as the sign of his longevity. In Chinese, Canopus is usually called the Star of the Old Man (in Chinese: 老人星) or the Star of the Old Man of the South Pole (in Chinese: 南極老人星). Since Carina is a Southern constellation, Canopus is rarely seen in Northern China and, if seen in good weather, looks reddish lying near the southern horizon. Because the color red is the symbol of happiness and longevity in China, Canopus is also known in China and the neighboring countries of Korea, Japan, and Vietnam as the Star of Old Age (in Chinese: 壽星) or the Star of the Man of the Old Age (in Chinese: 壽老人). In Japan, it became Jurōjin (in Japanese: 壽老人), one of the Seven Gods of Fortune (in Japanese: 七福神).

According to legend, the Old Man of the South Pole was once a sickly boy named Zhao Yen who had been predicted to die when he was '19' years old. He was therefore advised to visit a certain field and to bring with him a jar of wine and dried meat. In that field, he would find two men intent on playing checkers under a tree. He should offer them wine and meat, but should avoid answering their questions. Zhao Yen followed the advice and when the two men had consumed the meat and the wine, they decided to thank him by exchanging the figures of his life expectancy from 19 to 91 years. Later he was told that one of the two men was the star of the North Pole, which fixes the date of birth of the men, and the other the star of the South Pole, which fixes the date of death.'' [Wiki].


What to Know. “On tenterhooks” means “waiting nervously for something to happen.” The word tenter means “a frame used for drying and stretching cloth” and is related to tent, so being “on tenterhooks” compares the tenseness of the stretched fabric to the tension of nervous waiting.''

Any 'serpent' inside? Kundalini?

''T'' shape

A work in progress {i.e.,'define' the above to get a 'hang' {'T'?} on the following}: ''A couple of biblical references further solidify the notion  of ants as being 'people' rather than insects. For instance, Proverbs 6:6 describes the ant as being wise, completely in keeping with the Hopi account of the Ant People. In addition, Proverbs 30:25 states: 'The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in summer' . Even if we discount this direct identification of ants as people, how on earth would insects be able to 'prepare their meat in summer' no less! As far as we know, neither fire ants nor legionary ants, both of which are sometimes carnivorous, utilizes the process of curing or drying meat.'' [Page 292/3 'The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the American S/W' / G.A. David].

'Fire' ants?

Legs or feet?

What the author does not mention or 'see' {within Proverbs 30:25} - is the word meat in relation to the word 'fool'. Spider in reference to 'She'. 'Hands' in reference to 'her' legs. Serpent in reference to 'rock'. And 'three and four' as mentioned throughout....to name but a few keys.

Define {'see'} the parts within the whole to get into that universal mindset!

Question. What do the numbers 'thirty' and 'twentyfive' represent?

And/or: Some ants have 'wings'. Eat 'sweet' substances. Harvest plant/flower nectar. Special 'relationship' with the Acacia tree. ''People'' in relation to social groups {i.e., collective effort, i.e., in the 'Macro' sense of the word}. ''Carnivorous'' in reference to such other 'animals' as falcon/vulture/jackal.

''Gestation'' to enlarge.

'Ear' shape?

Hook: Part 1: First picture / {Hooked bill of Easter island etc} 2:3 {Fish hook of goddess / archetypes} 2:4 {Beak of GogMagog + twin peaked {hook?} of ferrymans boat} 2:6 {Iron hook = opening of mouth etc.} 2:7 {Hooked staff} 2:11 {Scorpion has hook and latch on forehead {China quote} 3:1 {Fishers of men} 3:5 {same} 3:11 {same} 3:12 {Ibis bird with hooked beak in Sheffield} 4:6 {Notch link} 4:7 {Fishers of men = archetypes etc.} 5:8 { same as 3:12}

Horse: Part 1 / {2:3} / {2:5} / {2:6} / {2:10} / {3:3} / {5:3} / {5:4} / {5:6} / {5:10} etc.,

And/or: ''Crossing the Sirat Bridge depends on everybody's light. Some will cross it in the twinkling of an eye; some, like lightning; some, like a falling star; some, like a running horse. He who has very little light will creep facedown. His hands and feet will slip, and he will cling to it again. At long last, he will break free from it by creeping and creeping.'' [Tabarani / Wiki].

'Place of Rowing' ?

Ideal: Part 1 {Sacred History - ''diving into subconscious'' quote + natural world/Plato links} 2:3 {Subject material = ideal link} 2:7 {Sublimation + Zenith link} 2:8 {Ideal man = sum result of ''grasping'' } 3:4 {'Mind before matter' quote} 3:5 {link to 'reincarnation'} 3:6 {Cube / six = 'ideal' } 3:7 {same as part 1} 3:10 {general} 3:11 { Sagittarius = ''higher ideals''} 4:1 {Krishna = ideal soul + 'ideal' robe = ''single piece with no seams''} 4:2 {Arcadia = ideal poetry etc.}

Jones/Smith: 5:9 {Incarnate/rein-carnate etc.}

Lame: 2:2 { Lame dwarf of Hera 'thrown out' therefore more spirit than soul Or more animus than anima? link between 'hung'/upside down?} Bottom up/top down = left/right foot? + link to 3:1} 2:5 {Auriga {charioteer} = left foot? = ''inventor of four horse chariot'' + weak legs + G. Knight story of Rowan/Thorn bush {Hellenic/Albion} = wounded lame foot {left?} = Asclepios = lamed god + Philemon = lamed and winged {kingfisher} link} 2:7 {Flamen link?} 3:1 { ''Brings a light that does not lame it'' quote J.C. link therefore ''grace'' = S/E?} 3:4 {Wrong habit etc. = lame foot?} 5:6 { Perseus = blacksmith/lame link? + honey/laughter i.e., gave to {old}? gods L - R  AS WELL as having been ''flung down below by the foot'' below the horizon in Eridanus therefore S/E for 'nine' years with Thetis {and made the glittering armour for Achilles} + rope lowered from a 'prison'} 5:10 {Blacksmith link to 20 tripods {'60' +?} / chariots / 'leant against walls of house' = strong legs? }

Lethe: 2:3 {Chair/forgetfulness link} 3:9 {same} 5:2 {Gobekli link} 5:7 {Forgetfulness V memory}

Limb{s}: 3:10 {'Polytheism' + archetypes link i.e., Shiva etc.}

Lion: Part 1 {Lions 'paw' +Hercules kills lion with 'claw'} 2:1 {Lion+dove+unicorn+single horn = Imaginative faculty}. 2:2 {Lion back = aker = Osiris +ra i.e., yesterday/tomorrow + Bay {harbour?} of Corinth = lions back = city gate of king Agamennon + front legs = Mycenae  - Corinth +Ofannim/Hayyot link} 2:3 {Asad lion = orange/yellow link} 2:6 {Red/green lion +person on top of lion = manifested? i.e., to identify with it + Cybele {lion headed?+ Llew Llaw link} = chariot of lions} 2:7 {Denderah = archer {sagittarius?} = lion face +archers arrow points to heart of Scorpion + lion has to be 'tamed'} 2:9 {Lion = e/w = 'bolt' + Gobekli-tepe link {Gt-pyramid?] 2:11 {Two lions on Dream stela {Sphinx} - between 'paws' of same} 3:2 {Mithras = lion headed god {see Cybele} with serpent around it. Holds two keys cancer/Capricorn i.e., way of ancestors/gods} 3:11 {Lion eating 'dove' +unicorn + leo/virgo {red/green? + Ofannim link+ Llew Llaw ''steady hand''} 3:12 { Fasting +Adam quote / lion eating 'sun' / red/green +Ofannim} 4:1 {Mithras + 8 levels to it / loin cloth / lion skin of Perseus in milky way link} 4:2 {Spotted skin on Tuts shield} 4:5 {lions teeth/paw + asad lion e/w +gemini} 4:6 {Two? lions in Mehan snake Egyptian board game} 5:1 {Two lions = intermediate state = shu/tefnut} 5:2 Virgo = 'most fortunate' sign between teeth/claws of lion and tail of scorpion + orange link} 5:3 {St. Mark = leo} 5:4 { Aztec Puma = lion?] 5:5 {Lion on Achilles shield} 5:6 {Woman standing on lion with 'turreted' crown / Nefertiti link?} 5:7 {Ashtoreth sacred animal = human headed winged lion + scallop pearls = lions paw} 5:8 {Bee +lion = 20th? tarot card} 5:9 {Cattle/dogs/bulls/lions = Homer link + milky way = white barley}

Lotus: {examples of}: {2:1} / {2:6} / {2:7} / {2:8} / {2:11} / {3:1} / {3:2} / {3:5} / {3:7} / {3:8} / {3:11} / {4:3} / {5:6} etc.,

Marriage: 2:2 {Palace of Zeus/bed of Hera = far west + Perseus link} / 2:3 {Morris dancing/ Anima/animus = cosmic matrimony link / static-dynamic} / 2:4 {Cave = anima? Island = animus? = minoan = Knossos = diana = full moon + crannog link} / 2:7 {Keys = frogs, salamanders, marriage bed etc.} / 2:8 {Gnosis = marriage etc.} / 2:10 {Deep in marrow +Shekhinah link to ''union''} / 3:3 {Hera = goddess of marriage = moon {especially half-full} + hera = ''narrative of Illiad} / 3:5 {Hieros Gamos} / 3:6 {AFTER bridge is crossed over {harrow way?} rays connected etc.} / 3:7 {marriage of opposites} / 3:9 {Hippodameia = horse tamer = bride at a marriage {animus?}} / 3:10 {Pleiades/kingfisher/N/S gate} / 3:11 {Solar {oak tree} + Moons crescent 'pearl' {mistletoe} = sacred marriage / Oak = tower link?} / 5:1 {Persephone married to Zeus = birth of holy child = epopteia = epiphany {ear of corn} + Sun/venus = '19' link} / 5:2 {To ask why? = Oedipus solving riddle of Sphinx = marriage with 'mother' = virgo/leo / animus/anima} / 5:5 {Anima/Animus in relation to ''naked glory'' relative to ''an awakening'' = Poseidon/medusa/rainmaking/Pegasus + Christian rosencrutz + Lucius the ass + source of golden apples {west?} = key to ''possession of pure hunt maiden - Atalanta''} / 5:6 {Marriage of metals - surface/inside earth etc.} 5:10 {Plato's marriage number = 60x power of 4 = 12,960 = croc link + 60 = ''the first measure'' {one egg?} + alchemy equivalent = solve et coagula = black state/prison}

Mears: 3:8


Meridian: Part 1 {''Solstice meridian with galactic equator''. Authors - J. Jenkins - hypo} 2:2 {Birth chart = quadrature {90 degrees?} = Horizon/Meridian/Ascendant and Mid-heaven = ''field of consciousness'' = ego and/or ''I'' and/or ''CENTER'' {of self} from below horizon - link to Gt. Pyramid i.e., Apex and 4 angles} 2:4 {Meridian = right angled triangle = 'Mr' = Egypt { Al-Misri} = apothem link = Two Egypts {upper/lower} = Two Ladies link? {Nebty} + two 'daughters' in Tut's tomb?} 2:9 Ares = ''lording it in the field'' [Homer} = highest point of meridian = Diomedes/Ares = east = left} 3:1 {Creativity {soul?} = 4 angles = 1st/4th/7th/10th 'houses' = ''cross of human living'' = center = ego = ''I'' {Gurdjieff link?} 3:2 { N/S = meridian i.e.,longitude / Lat. = horizontal + 4 angles = 1st/4th/7th/10th etc. = 4 corners = ''creativity'' {soul?} 3:10 Disc = meridian of the Sun = mortuary link = mid - point = ''casting out lead'' {from dream/vision sequence} + Mars/Ares see 2:9} 3:11 {Center of cross or 4 corners = ''rose of plentitude blossoms forth''} 4:3 {Navel = long/lat. link = Thebes = Omphalos stone = 'Net' {153?] + ''Mr'' info 2:4 etc.} 4:5 {Nadir/Zenith = cancer/Capricorn = 4th/10th 'house' = erect spine i.e., vertical position = ''no longer subservient to E/W'' etc.} 5:2 {see 2:2 + turtle/tortoise link?} 5:8 {same} 5:9 {same as 2:2 / 2:9 } 5:10 {Southern cross = erect/inclined + centaur link to its ''4 chief stars'' = 4 corners/angles?} 5:11 {Eridanus link to south + winter}

Mona: Part 1 {Menai Straight link {i.e., Anglesey} 2:3 {Druid island = Mona = monastery} 3:9 {4 aspects of self + cow link} 3:10 { Lowing cattle +spots + Druid island link} 5:6 {Sweet link}

Navel: {examples of}: Part 1 / {2:7} / {2:9} / {3:1} / {3:5} / {3:6} / {3:7} / {3:8} / {3:9} /{3:11} / {3:12} / {4:3} / {5:2} etc.,

Nebula: 2:1 { Nebulous double star = 'Archers eye' = Bow of Sagitt. - catalogued by Ptolemy - ''Back of the Head'' {Arabia} = ''bright one'' of the Lunar station= 19th Manzil {18th = southern end - middle of 'bow' = the 'swallow' / page 358} + yellow /sole of left foot links + yoke of sea in reference to the ''vane of the arrow in the archers hand''} 2:5 {''Nebula of Stars'' between kingfisher wings and head of Jung's 'Ka' = silver/gold link + lame foot of Philemon + {'phil' = ''a person or thing with a strong attachment/affinity to something'' - Philae?} 4:3 {Dorado - ''goldfish'' = double loop nebula = true lovers knot = center of spiral}

Omphalos: 2:7 {Tomb of Python + resurrected Dionysus etc. BUT seat of Apollo}

Orion: 2:1 {From below the horizon + facing Sirius/south = face on? = walking backwards = back of head therefore north +dove/hare at foot of same} 2:2 {Equinox/spica link} 2:4 {Far Strider = e/w?] 2:5 {Hector/troy link} 2:6 {Rigel = footstool {left} + hare = boat of Osiris} 2:8 {E/W only?} 3:2 {Mantle/collar bone/belt used in Homers Illiad /Troy characters} 3:5 {Scorpion = over the horizon - opposite Orion + leopard spot + Paris {troy} = east = {'reincarnation' link?} 3:6 {Brighter light on left foot?} 3:9 {Greeks = right foot +mars = before/after {retrograde} + funerary games} 3:10 {left/right side changed at Abydos = H/V = is now NOT walking backwards? + Osiris = 'true shepherd of the sky' {Babylonia}} 3:11 {Scorpion opp. Orion} 3:12 {Legitimate sons of Troy inside constellation of Orion. Bastard sons outside {Homer} 4:1 {Book of Job says 'Bear' opposite} 4:3 {Rigel = footstool= river starts north} 4:5 {Book 18 of Illiad : Achilles has on his shield {blacksmith made it}: Hyades cluster/Ursa Major/Pleiades/Orion} 4:6 {Goose at foot of striding figure - Denderah} 5:1 {Canis Major = S/E of Orion? cut through by 'Tropic of Capricorn' - eastern edge on milky way + 'Hare' has 8 bright stars + Paris spears right foot of Greek} 5:2 {River Eridanus = S/W Orion?} 5:3 {Orion inverted = upside down} 5:5 { The Wain faces Orion quote. Before/after Abydos?} 5:8 {Book of Job quote on Orion}

Palace: Part 1 {Melusine link? {or just ''castle''} + Pharos {where Alexandria palace and city was supposed to have been built - Homers 'dream'} 2:1 {Question. Difference between palace/castle/temple} 2:2 {Goddess power = West = garden of Hesperides = ''Zeus had a palace there'' = PURPOSE of Perseus myth {N.B Nestor fathered Perseus - see next entry} 2:3 {Nestor's homeland in Peloponnese = Sandy Pylos = remains of ''palace of nestor'' = a little inland on top of a rock hill +N/E link {Djedefre/Tower link?} + Nestor farthered Perseus } 2:11 {Kings palace = Songs of Songs {1:4} = ''endless series of worlds'' = ''only the ENDS of a string'' {recall Ariadne - 'both ends'?} 3:10 {Shield = link to ''treasures of royal house and temple'' + 'goddess of reincarnation' {higher self?} Mother aspect = palace = Caer Arianrhod = northern lights {N/E link?} 3:11 { Newgrange = palace Boyne} 3:12 {''Fields and vast palaces of memory'' = rising by degrees towards ''him who made me'' } 5:7 {King Djer's bracelet {'circlet'?} = 13 gold + 14 gems = '27' + 'palace' link } 5:10 {Side of palace = dice with 14 sides? {Not known why}. Palace = '13' link?}

Phoenix: 3:1 {Void/500 years/Arabia/frankincense/Bennu bird + innermost essence always rises = pure link + void}  3:10 {Homer link} 4:7 {Renewed 'youth' + void +Homers Illiad +egg link?} 5:3 {general} 5:11 {Devours chicks etc.}

Pine: 2:4 {Pine resin used for bog/man +topknot} 2:5 {Pineal gland +Oak island brooch} 2:7 {same} 2:8 {same} 2:9 {Tree of Osiris = pine link etc.} 2:10 {Vatican city Rome i.e., smallest 'city' in the world. Cubit link. Ice City? i.e., 'A Year in the Ice: The Artic Drift' / Channel 4 2021} 3:7 / 3:10 / 3:11 {same}

Pit: Part 1 {'Pit' of Sphinx} 2:1 {Northern pits - 1st dyn China - herons/swans} 2:3 {Bottom of shaft in Step pyramid = clay pot} 2:6 {Rubbish pits - horse/cattle bones}

Prison: Part 1: {imprisoned spirit in matter etc.} / 2:1 Caer Sidi link} / 2:2 {Q.S. Lam quote} / 2:3 {eclipse link} / 2:5 {Ogham alphabet link} / 2:6 {Aker link} / 2:8 {Gurdjieff link} 3:7 / 3:10 {Alfred + Mabon- the archetypal 'prisoner link} / 3:11 {neuroses link} / 4:1 {Ares of Homer fame link to Caer Sidi } / 5:3 {Year and a day +'13' link?} /  5:5 {Strange prisoners quote/Plato} / 5:6 {Strait/rope/13 links} / 5:10 {Morning/Eve stars to alchemy link?}.

And/or: ''Year and a day'' in relation to:  ''The question arises as to why the 'round' sky map at Denderah with the 12 zodiacal signs are combined with the solar boats marking the 12 daytime hours across on the other side of the ceiling, thus bringing together the cycles of day and year.'' [Page 132 'Hathors Alchemy' / A. Roberts].

Odin? Gallows found in shallow graves at Sutton Hoo. 2:1 to enlarge. And/or the 'return journey' = the UPRIGHT of same figure i.e., stood on one leg PERCHED on the top 'branch'. Earth/Sky together {i.e., red/blue} - in the spiritual SENSE of the word i.e., represented with ''yellow'' AND hands {tied?} behind the back, i.e., of no use. Many examples throughout MANY cultures of ''prisoners'' with hands tied in same position.

Pun{s}: {'sacred' i.e., ''divine'' link i.e., in the ''spiritual SENSE'' of the word}: As one example: ''The spiritual well from which one drinks'' = 'Chalice' and/or ''footed cup'' = 'Wine link'. {2} 'Stepping up to the plate' - plinth or chiselled platform {'mer' link}. {3} At the heart of something = maat/grace/joy links. {4} He who beds down the seasons. {5} Assault on the senses. {6} Written in stone = memory link. {7} Take on mantle of {say} Head of the community = 'horizon' link / standing on shoulders of giants / strong shoulders etc., {'head' at Abydos?}. {8} Two edged sword. {9} Sure footed {ram link? and/or 'mountain' goat}. {10} We must not get 'ahead of ourselves'. {11} Compass of the heart = 'four' directions link. {12} 'We can still make out their footprints but can we follow their tracks' = signs/symbols/hieroglyphs etc., = Stag/Deer links i.e., in/out of the ''forest''. {13} Out on a limb = tree branch {'Golden Bough'?}. {14} Out of the blue {lightening?}. {15} Thread of life {knots}. {16} Pits of ignorance. {17} Pool of the mind {lake/silence} {18} On the back foot {reverse/walking backwards?}. All in the same boat. {19} As old as the hills {'elder' as opposed to ''younger''}. {20} Put ones 'house' in order {servant/master/ 'Pharoah' link i.e., ''Great House'' = higher/lower links}. {21} Walking between worlds {etheric/Akashic links}. {22} A stream of knowledge etc., {23} We are living vessels to be filled {old/new 'wine' links}. {24} A yardstick of creativity {cubit?}. {25} From pillar to post {Oars / Pole link and/or therefore Land of Punt link i.e., 'marshes' = the beginning of something}. {26} No stone unturned. {27} Metal of the mind {'Trident' link}. {28} Thinking out of the box {'boundaries'}. {29} Rub of the green. {30} Bone of contention. {31} Peak ones interest/Crowning glory {Al-qurn?}. {32} Keep ones head above water {Wet/Dry links + 'head' of Sphinx when quarry filled with water at sed Jubilee?}. {33} Burden on ones hands = as {one} example ''hangmans card'' of the Tarot i.e., {remedy} = to 'reverse' a direction of a thinking process i.e., to think on {by} ones feet = heavy or light 'footed' or imprint}. {34} A loaded question {see 'flight of the bumblebee'}. {35} The measure of a person {Sacred Numbers link i.e., as one example '90' degrees = 'square' therefore a link to ''this'' world. 180 = a 'u- turn' i.e., semi - circle = horizonal/vertical links}. {36} Hit the ground running {Great strides / striving links {and/or Orion} = 'Running the Fields' enactment = E/W links}. {37} Played {do} in the right spirit = karma = lucky/unlucky = 13th links etc., {38} The steel of a man {lead/bronze/silver/gold links} etc, etc.,

The Hearth 'fire' Way?

Pure: Part 1 {Godhead link to 'fire' and 'water'} 2:1 {Siva = pure {male}  Sarti = {female}/formless} 2:2 { ''Pure/spotless'' = 64 link + Ascendant = Self awareness} 2:3 {Essenes = ''pure souls to the sun'' + Set = pure physical aspect = unconscious = repetitions/ 'fixation' = corruption + Circle = pure spirit / Soul = crescent {semi-circle} / line = earth {'horizontal'} / vertical line = 'mind'} 2:4 {Pure light of 'high summer' {solstice?} = 'fire' of Dionysus  by way of 'rising of Sirius' = light of Zeus = Son of} 2:5 {Pure gold examples} 2:7 {same as 2:3} 2:8 {Alchemy = Black dragon - pure gold + mustard seed = pure = soul link} 2:10 { 'Prayer' = short and pure = 'pierces the heart' {heaven} + virgin = 'pure knowledge and unsullied' = Gemini link i.e., ''I'' and ''thou'' + Dionysus link to swan song and 'suffering / sacrifice' i.e., ''impurity of human soul in the FACE of the divine soul''} 3:1 {Pure of heart i.e., ''to reach the west'' = reincarnation link {smith/jones?} + liver = 'canal' = separation of pure/impure + Lake Moeris = 'pure lake' + 'canopic' vases = elevated on lotus = ''sublimated'' = pure consciousness} 3:2 {Golden apples of the Hesperides = key to possession of Atalanta {pure maiden huntress} + 'natural' phenomena link} 3:4 { 'Pure' inductions/meditations examples + pure chance = synchronistic/karma links} 3:5 {Mustard seed link} 3:7 {Ariadne = ''most pure''} 3:9 {Fifth 'element' = quintessence = wine distilling {Dionysus?} = ''....into all purest forms'' + ''not lawful for pure to touch impure'' Plato quote therefore incarnate links i.e.,smith/jones + Jung's 4 personality types in relation to ''the Anima's proper role between ego and Self i.e., 1st = eve 2nd = Helen/venus? 3rd = 'virgin' Mary 4th = Sophia ertc. + Sculptor link {constellation?} 3:10 {64 link to pure and spotless + swan = white without spot + Matthew {v:8} ''those with pure heart = 'see' god '' } 3:11 {same + mistletoe = quintessence/golden sickle/white cloth links} 3:12 {Alchemy's Peacock Tail = ''Dawn {venus?} of true imagination of pure mind'' + Ariadne = 'most pure'} 4:1 {Sirius V sun analogies} 4:2 {''Sense of identity'' = new 'name' link?} 4:4 {Pure crystalline {alchemy} = blue to white } 4:5 {Alabaster = milk/pure links + Arabia/Karnac links i.e., ''houses  the sacred boats - made of same } 4:6 {Buddhi links ''seat of higher self''} 4:7 {Unmanifest aspect = pure existence + ''free will' = a higher principle to ''pure chance''} 5:1 { Spirit/soul = pure link to sun/moon + Hebrew Binah/Chokmah = pure consciousness by way of intuitive grasp/analytical mind/crystallization of awareness + number 8 interesting ''purely for mathematical reasons'' = octagon = ''transition from sq. - circle''} 5:3 {Matthew v.8} 5:4 {Pure awareness = guardian of gate/objective clause} 5:5 {Pure revelation of 'gnosis'} 5:6 {Goddess Ceridwen = mistletoe/'15'/sweet/selago = tree of pure gold = golden bough? + pure = nectar of the heart} 5:7 {Saltpeter = fire/water = pure salt?} 5:9 {5 pointed star = Etheric = croc. link i.e., negative etheric + hippo = ''mistress of pure water'' = link to scorpion king? I.e., redeemed/unredeemed + 'nine' = both pos/neg. aspects N.B  Croc's = salt/fresh. Hippo's just fresh?} 5:10 {Pure/impure = in/of the horizon = Sirius to ''pure arising in the horizon like Sirius'' = pure spirit back to the source = right hand of god = manifested?} EXTRA: ''.....he discovered that 'esse', the substance of 'being', the elixir of life - in other words the brain or life substance - is the protoplasmic seed material which is found to be the possession of every human being. The Herculean task or 'great work' which every one must perform, eventually, is the purification and perfection of this material, for it then becomes the Christ or Holy Oil." [Page 15 'The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation' / Inez Perry].

And/or: ''The 'sisters' were entertaining Jesus in their home....When Mary took expensive scented oil from an alabaster jar and anointed the feet of Jesus, the disciples thought it a waste of money - it could have been better spent on the poor, but Jesus said: 'Leave her alone. She was always meant to use this oil on me, and to save some for my burial.'...''

And/or: ''Eleven alabaster vessels found within the tomb of Tutankhamun: ''Were originally used by his predecessors - whose names are inscribed on them i.e., Thutmose III, Amenhotep III and his wife Tiye. The vessels held emulsions, creams and oils....Restored over a period of time.''

They speculate as to why. ['Archaeology' / Sep-Oct / 2022].

'Ancestors' to enlarge.

Shoulders and neck as a means....?

'Neck'? ''Twice as high as broad''?

Side note: At Gordion {of Gordian knot fame} - at the time when the Celts were in charge - is found in one burial - two skeletal females older/younger {the elder on top} - the younger in fetal position - with two quern stones on top of both. BOTH placed at the neck joint to the head i.e., TOP OF THE SPINE. Animal bones found nearby. ['The Celts: Blood, Iron and Sacrifice' / A. Roberts and N. Oliver / BBC 4].

'Quern' and 'younger' / 'child' to enlarge.

Hamlets Mill / G. Santillana.


'The Encounter'. Spirit or Soul? A joining {beginning?} of the two?

Continued: ''The Holy Grail is a sacred relic or a 'divine power' - revered for thousands of years - that holds the KEY to immortal life. Some believe it to be the cup of the 'last supper' in which his blood was collected during his crucifixtion. It's also known as the alabaster anointing 'jar' that Mary Magdalene used for anointing Jesus with oil. And this connects to some of the Druidic  legends - that the anointing of a king happens not just through the sacred oils, but also through the 'womb' of the high priestess who carries the blood line of immortality.'' [Page 39 'The Quest of Rose: The Cosmic Keys of our Future Becoming'].

Question. What aspect is Mary to Jesus or should that be what aspect is Jesus to Mary? 'See' anything?

Hence: ''We don't know for certain that Mary Magdalene and Marth's sister Mary are the same person, but both share a care for the person of Jesus, and both had a relationship with him that seems intensely personal.'' [Page 179 'The Sacred History' / J. Black].

As is the name 'Thomas' who some believe to be his 'twin'.

His ''weird''?

A practical example: ''To watch the football at his feet was the purest joy.'' [Tribute /Maradona {i.e., in relation to ''the hand of god''} / CNN / 25.11.20].

And/or: The author of 'The Egyptian Miracle' uses the ''pure'' word throughout, i.e., ''pure fire'' and ''pure energy, pure number, pure symbol etc.,

Side note: It is {they say} good luck to touch the toe of the statue of David Hume {the  philosopher} - in Edinburgh.  ['The Chase' /ITV /Jan 2022].

Question. Left or right one?

''There is the triangle, first possible surface. The triangle is not engendered by any movement {'static/dynamic'?}. It is the result of an 'addition' only, the addition of elements manifested by scission." [Page 81 same book]. N.B. The first 'three' letters of Pyramid = ''fire''. Coincidence, or a clew to a mind set?

''The Fire One is the Cause of All. Manifested, it becomes 'three' = Water, which is indeed the inverse of the Cause, the opposite, as the symbol shows. Thus there is thrice the Fire in Water; twice Fire in Air; twice Air is Earth. But there is in Water, by direct gestation, Air and Fire above all: Three which comes from One and Two. In Earth, there is Four: Water and Fire. Three and One. Hence all stems from the relation of Fire One to Water Three. This image, here incomplete, is given only to create the mentality {mindset?} - and not to explain the Elements, as for the moment we are in the metaphysical Decade and formed matter begins with the number Four. [Page 82 'The Egyptian Miracle: Introduction to the Egyptian Temple' / R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz].


And/or: "The Ka, an abstract principle, was formerly translated as 'double', for it seemed inherent in every living thing....Khnum, the ram headed divine potter from the first cataract, as the modeller of both the divine child and his ka - represented by two upraised arms - awaits the birth of his 'twin'.....The ka can be considered as the inverse of the being in the same way as Seth is of Horus...." [Page 26 'Egyptian Mysteries' / L. Lamy].

His ''Weird''? {i.e., Welsh equivalent}. Enlarged within.

Quartz: 2:1 / 2:3 {Hatshepsut link to same} / 3:2 / 3:9 {new 'name' link} / 3:12

Rainbow: 2:1 {Science of light therefore 'primrose' / lightness link?} 2:3 {Aura + 'dawn' link to 'beginner''} 2:9 {Rainbow body - 'double' link?} 3:3 {Petrified wood - lintel + vulture link to opalescence veil removed in Adytum + opal = milk link + '25' link to 'bow' and ''higher arc'' from the above to below etc} 3:11 {Cauldron link to 'tower'} 5:1 {Iris = 'flag' / rainbow +girdle of Hu i.e., Welsh sun/solar god}

Raised: Part 1: {Rock of owl {astronaut?} - Nazca lines {S/E or S/W?} Recall Rhodes Island + ''raise a building'' quote without foundations = S/E?} 2:1 {raised 'hut'/land of punt} 2:2 {Shu = raised arms = sky = two lions + Tut's 'head rest' = ''two pieces of ivory joined with golden pegs'' = 'Who is this'? {chap. 17? B.O.D. etc.} Strong legs?} 2:4 {Diana = hunt = raised torch {15/8} raised topknot / raised hand picture link to 137 } / 2:6 { Odysseus = raised voice =''deep from within like winter snow''- Homer}  2:7 { Raised to an ideal = eagle on shield}  2:8 {upraised hand of Cassiopeia = very tall + right side of Perseus + ''In an unremarkable piece of space in the Orion spur of the Perseus arm of a galaxy called the Milky Way - our sun was born'' {Brian Cox} 2:9 {''Raise a second time'' Quran quote} 2:10 {Land of Punt = huts = dome link = raised off marches?} 3:1 {''Raise up  clouds heavy with fertilizing rain''} 3:3 {feet above spine = eastern way = subjective = subcon / Objective = western/grounded Way + 'Raised' = mercury symbol i.e., crescent on top i.e., to receive wine of inspiration} 3:4 {Servant hood/Sonship links by way of ''grace''} 3:7 {Forgetfulness = Sea of ignorance. Remedy = to raise upwards = 'Cup' shape crescent on top of Mercury symbol = 'ship' link? i.e., ''praise of the two lands''?} 3:8 {Athene 'raises' spear at Zeus info} 3:9 {''Empty handed'' = Saturn / Janus link? + Raised arms = coils of Mehen snake link + ''raised love'' = art form = Sculpture link - constellation?}  3:11 {raised spine {Abydos?} + female aspect to raised arms = tower of Babel falling quote = 4 directions link} 3:12 {Akashic records link i.e., ''to raise oneself between heaven/earth = spider archetype link? therefore Nazca lines and/or curves?} 4:1 {Bronze serpent {on wood?} = raised up = live coal {Seraph} = up move i.e., towards 'god' +quantity/Quality + Mithras 'slaying' of bull = raised torch = Moses/wilderness story?} 4:5 {Raise man to ideal man = child link} 4:6 {Bootes seated in north pole +hand never goes below horizon when descending + 8 hours + reverse happens when climbing + vineyard link} 5:1 {Somerset dragon right/front paw raised - three feet planted + hands raised with tortoise? in middle} 5:5 {Tau cross + Moses raised hand = the good stuff etc.}

Legs/feet as opposed {to say} hands/fingers?

From a different perspective: ''A very unusual statue of the god Shiva - {in the right hand} what looks like a 'bobbin' - between two fingers {on the back of his hand?}. In the left hand - two fingers {index and thumb} raised upwards. The middle arm {of four} - across the chest, from right to left {i.e., Hebrew writing pattern, ie., N/E -S/W}.  Normally you see this god with his leg raised up, because when he raises up his leg he initiates the universe - but on this statue he has his foot down, down on what looks like a 'baby', with the face of a demon and the body of an infant - The Lord of Forgetfulness. It represents ones lower nature. Keeping them down with his foot. This is one of the earliest gods in the world at least 10,000 years old. ['Pawn Stars : Promissory Pawn' / Phineas Kastle].

India / Egypt. East - West. ''Westward leading, still proceeding, guide us to.....?

Reed: 2:5 {'Higher' = vulture/lotus/reed Su plant. 'Lower' = cobra/papyrus/bee} 2:6 {Tannin = ''Broke head of sea serpent'' link to 2:5? + Field of Reeds = emotions = 'lower' aspect} 2:10 {same as 2:5} 3:4 {Aztec link to ''reeds''} 3:8 {Silver swan {mute} near 'reedy shore' sings final note = ''unlocked'' i.e., duality of 'sound' and 'silence'?} 5:2 {Eridanus / south / reeds on margin = Cetus = paws in river = Jordan of the Hebrews? }

Remember: Part 1: {Bringing back into awareness - {'backward' ?} + ordinary birth = 'forget' / 'holy' one i.e.,'rebirth' = remem} + quantity/quality link} / 2:1 {Water = sub consc = refection = mirror = memory} / 2:2 {Aware/sleep/Gurdjieff/self rem/gathering = new 'name' {tut link?} / 2:3 {Flood/strong oak door = {tut link?} / 2:4 {Sleep/awake} / 2:6 {Breath = awake = {objective link?} / 2:8 {Spiritual quintessence of host tree = mistletoe = Rem + in profile/face on = past/present} / 2:10 {Akashic = Soul = rem = 'portcullis'} / 3:3 {profile/face on = past/present} / 3:4 {Gurdjieff = self rem} / 3:5 {Belly = female / law = male} / 3:7 {Khonsu link} / 3:10 {Smith/jones +e/w +cakes} / 3:11 Chaos link} / 3:12 {Yawning/laughter + gathering = new 'name'} / 4:1 {Brazen serpent 'hung' on wood = alive {rem?} = live coals/sacks = empty space? {tau cross? if so links to Djedefre + Gobekli-tepe + St Francis?} / 4:2 {Duality} / 4:6 {shadow/light +higher self = ''higher-guardian-angel'' = rem?} / 4:7 {Rem = great turning at hand?} / 5:2 {Hippo/croc / 5:5 {general} / 5:6 {Genghis Khan link} / 5:9 / 5:10 / Aum link}.

Mediterranean, Nubian or Eastern?

From a different perspective: ''A very unusual statue of the god Shiva - {in the right hand} what looks like a 'bobbin' - between two fingers {on the back of his hand?}. In the left hand - two fingers {index and thumb} raised upwards. The middle arm {of four} - across the chest, from right to left {i.e., Hebrew writing pattern, ie., N/E -S/W}.  Normally you see this god with his leg raised up, because when he raises up his leg he initiates the universe - but on this statue he has his foot down, down on what looks like a 'baby', with the face of a demon and the body of an infant - The Lord of Forgetfulness. It represents ones lower nature. Keeping them down with his foot. This is one of the earlist gods in the world at least 10,000 years old. ['Pawn Stars : Promissory Pawn' / Phineas Kastle].

Rhodes: 3:3 {Rhodes Island - hind/stag + Sheffield links} 3:9 {Rhodes/snakes - deer's info} 5:3 {Hanged Goddess/Rhodes link}

Ridge: Part 1: {Ogham alphabet link} 2:9 / 2:11 / 3:3 {'cup-marks on 'ridgeways'} / 3:5 {chalk spine/Hoarway} / 3:7 {East/Dome of Rock link} /  3:9 {flint mining behind a ridge?} / 3:10 {Long barrows / ridge pole} / 3:11 {Pine ridge} / 4:1 {chalk ridge E-W = harrow-way} / 4:3 {same} / 4:4 {ridge overlooking valley} / 4:5 {Basket with handles in Scorpio + Aswan link} / 4:6 / East link to: ridge/river/spring/Eve.Star} / 5:3 {Harrow way} / 5: 10 { Goat way = harrow way?}

Salt: {'pure' link?}:

''If we cannot find the path to rejuvenation, the evolution of humanity will lead either to the pit or a dead end.'' [Page 162 'Ancient Myths and the New Isis Mystery' / R. Steiner]. Rubbish heap? Try Herod to enlarge if only in the Micro sense of the word.

Sarcophagus: Part 1 {Apis Bull + Hatshepsut link to ''holy of holies'' } 2:3 {Hatshepsut 1st tomb = ''in a remote valley - west of valley of kings {incarnated not reincarnated ?} = Sandstone. 2nd tomb = ''At foot of cliffs on eastern corner {south?} - a U-turn structure within and containing two yellow quartz sarcophagi} 2:4 { Hidden treasure link} 2:5 {Wooden ones found within stone ones} 2:7 {Shepherds of Arcadia + Herodium} 3:1 { Kings chamber i.e., external volume = twice the 'inner' one + E/W of 'kings' chamber = twice as that N/S = reverse to ''twice as high as broad''? therefore M/F aspects? i.e., spirit/soul?} 3:5 {Knot/jackal/heart/belly/vase links} 3:6 {Sarcophagus in chamber = S/E corner? but chamber itself ''off center''} 3:10 {24/25 sarcophagi in 'labyrinth' at Saqqara {off center link?} + polished + Menkaure = basalt = 3+4 links?} 4:2 { Picture of sarcophagus at bottom of hill only at top ''passing through zodiac archway'' {in courtyard} = 'life begins' etc. - error runs down while truth climbs etc.+ Mayan/Aztec? Stairway of Dead etc.} 4:3 {Granite/virgin/sycamore links} 4:7 {Duat = 'body of Osiris' = 14 parts = ''field of plants'' / ''field of peace'' {Hotep} = Denderah/Edfu? = upstream/downstream? = incarnate/rein. etc.?}  5:1 {Sarcophagus lid found with bronze/marble statues {Antikythera?} 5:3 {= 14 + backwards links = Dendera/Edfu?} 5:7 {Herod link + knot/jackal i.e., 3:5} 5:9 {40/80 = ''twice external to internal''}

Saturn: Part 1: Moses grave/death link to cataracts } 2:1 {Pan/goat + ''collection {gathering?} of the senses''? + Saturn = red/yellow/blue +nervous system in thigh/leg + coiled snake at base {spine?} = lead} 2:2 {Crystallization = binding vibration} 2:3 {Furthest planet to be seen with naked eye + Boundary link + dominion/slavery = twilight/pitchy blackness + slavery link to Exodus after Passover and lunar eclipse {year before Herod died and 1 month before passover} = star that led to manger?} + see yellow 2:3}  2:5 {Capricorn/Saturn on ''the horizon with the sun'' = rain + lord of decrease - of later stages - RULES over refuge/rubbish} 2:6 {General + working example of ''sun in libra'' i.e., Saturn {qualities?} easy to express. Difficulty with 'libra'/venus/mars qualities etc.} 2:7 {Saturn = time = archetypes = memory {Cov.} = ''belly of experiences'' = heat without light + Saturnalia {feast of fools} celebrated around the birth of Christ} 2:9 {Gemini ruled by Mercury = south = neg. aspect when in ascendant mode but pos when planets in this sign. Saturn? +Horus elder/younger link} 2:10 {Sagittarius 3 degrees is ruled by Saturn? = 'new energies'} 3:1 {Wisdom through ''suffering'' = feminine aspect of Saturn {'Daughters of Saturn' book} link therefore to Saturn 'castrating' Uranus? = Venus - ''fully formed'' - floating ashore in shell {naked?} = pos. result of an inner {justified} ''rebellious'' act''? External {dry} inner {wet}. Manifest has to take place {mercury?} in the pos. sense of the word?} 3:2 {Moon rules Cancer. Saturn rules Capricorn = birth/death + lead of Saturn = downward/inward pull of gravity into subjectivity = ''descent'' only? = YHV? + Saturn = ruler of birth chart = Expanding a moment in TIME = 'searching for a handle on the moment' = Dipper/Wain link? + Crystallization/binding quote} 3:3 {Saturn = three primary colours} 3:5 {Great Turning at Hand. link to 'open handed I come to you'?} 3:6 {Astraea/childbirth/'25'/lyre links = 'return of Saturn'} 3:7 {Lord of decrease + Saturn as lead = Thebes = 1st royal becoming = '15' link {Karnak = fulfilment} + Thebes = cosmic triad {12+3?} + Khonsu = crescent moon + {mercury?} + eclipse {overhang link?} 3:8 {Satellitium info i.e., three or more planets in one 'house'} 3:9 {''Empty handed'' link to 7-8 years within Saturn cycle} 3:11 {ruler of skeleton} 3:12 {Dominion/'slavery' + Feast of fools = slaves+owners swapping places + mad mother link therefore 3:7 link i.e., Thebes + mercury?} 4:2 {Saturn exalted in Libra + dominion/slavery quote} 4:4 {Blue/white link? to dominion/slavery?} 4:5 {Ruler of fruit and seed + old man/plough/soil + Abydos/spine/H/V} 4:6 {Libra = yoke - therefore Saturn exalted = ? / Guardian of threshold + Mars has to activate seed {soil/plough link} once passed through Saturn/Capricorn/Aquarius IN Aries + Chiron link} 4:7 { Cunning in mercury/lust in venus/falsehood in Saturn etc - all of which have to be lost to 'ascend' link} 5:1 {Slavery/dominion = barrier/bridge = fate/free-will. Choice between the two = union - in the present moment - but only 'incorporating' not 'transcending' {Aries?} + Upside down quote of ''choice'' in mirror + Venus from castration of Uranus - floats ashore on sea shell etc.  {free's anima to create? See 5:11} 5:2 {Midway spot {spotless?} between spica/Deneb = Hero quote + bend in river + Saturn here {Ptolemy 1st reference} + Different aspects of planets i.e., tears in Saturn; birth/Jupiter;anger/Mars etc. + Heb-Sed/Imhotep + Saturn/4 other planets in Taurus info} 5:3 {Saturn = 40 = Judah + upside down + Khafre link? + new age rep. with group of planets {includes Saturn} 5:5 {Feast of Fools info} 5:6 {Lack of intention = misrule = Saturn} 5:8 {Magic Sq. of '15' = Saturn Sq. + Saturn inward to sun = incarnation {line of sight}. Planets outward = reincarnation? + thrones rule Saturn + guardian of gate} 5:9 {Foundation = Janus/Saturn} 5:10 { 1st on 'ladder of planets' / 888 / croc link therefore scorpion king? } 5:11 {''Swallowing'' something down/ feeling castrated etc. stops forward momentum hence sickle on Uranus? = 'venus' = release of creative aspect to readdress a balance?}

Observing eye?

Seat of the Soul: 2:1 {'seat of 1st occasion'} 2:2 {Urn + 'flowing' waters + 'canal' link therefore 'liver' see 3:8} 2:7 {Dionysos/Apollo at Delphi link + Omphalos = 'navel' link} 2:8 {Eye = seat of soul + Nefertiti link} 3:1 {Liver = seat of subconscious + ''permanent witness'' + Egyptian equivalent = human headed canopic jar/vase} 3:8 {Eclipse/heart/zero/'sound'/ais/sia link} 5:2 {Virgin site = seat of 1st occasion} 5:3 {Circe link}. Something extra: ''Could I forget the moments that decided my path? Yet when I recall them I feel shame, congratulating myself on praiseworthy decisions....who was really responsible for them? Was it your light that lighted the road? Could I have refused? I often feel as if my Will {'True' one?} entraps me, and my decisions are an acceptance of which I am a helpless witness. The Master stopped short. 'This gives you the right to speak of consciousness. Do you appreciate Her-Bak, the full meaning of this insight? The commonest error among men is to think they are free, whereas they receive impulses of which they are blind slaves because there is in them no observer to note what goes on." [Page238 'Her-Bak: Egyptian Initiate'].

Man with no name?

And/or: {as one example}: ''What is really troubling them is their own Shadow..... For the first time the subtle levels of ordinary awareness have been expanded to bring into focus the darker side of the student's own nature. It has always been there, it is just that any kind of psychic activity be it basic meditation, simple pathworking and the like {study?}, will have expanded perception just enough for it to appear around the edge of the screen of reality....This shadow can get bigger and blacker {blacksmith?}....The way to deal with it is by acknowleding its existence, as part of yourself. It may be the forgotten self, the ignored self, the repressed self, even, but it is still a real, and actually valuable part of the complex and unique being which is you...Befriend it....find ways of working in harmony....It is part of the landscape of the mind, and will be far more use if you allow it to function properly, as your conscience or Guardian Angel.'' [Page 87 'The Path Through the Labyrinth' / M. Green].

Questionn. Carbon/Diamond?

Self-sacrifice: {quotes}: Vulture / Hare

''Abydos became a center of a great necropolis {al-Qena?}. The faithful claimed on their epitaphs that 'I have become a divine being by ''the side'' of the birthchamber of Osiris; i am brought forth with him, i renew my 'youth'...." [Page 752 'The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths' / B. Walker]. And/or: ''Rejuvenating forces'' mentioned throughout in the book 'Ancient Myths and the New Isis Mystery' / R. Steiner.

And/or: ''Osiris cult was established at Abydos, where he was called Lord of death or Lord of the Westerners, meaning those who had ''gone west'' into death's sunset land. He was incarnate in a succession of sacred kings who seem to have served as sacrificial victims. Their bodies were divided up {'14'?} and distributed to different parts of the country....Like the head of Orpheus on Lesbos, the head of Osiris was preserved in the temple at Abydos which served as an oracle: information/knowledge on the after-world. The shrine had a sacred well called Pega or Peq, the original home of the Pega nymphs who guarded the oracular well of Pirene in Corinth...'' [Page 751 Same book].

Square of Pegasus? As a means....?

A {working?} example: "Taken in itself, a man's being has many different 'sides' {key}. The most characteristic feature of a modern man is the ''absence of unity in him'' and, further, the absence in him of traces of those possibilities which he most likes to ascribe to himself, that is, 'lucid consciousness', 'free will', and a 'permanent ego or I', and the 'ability to do'...Exterior man's being has many different sides: activity or passivity; truthfulness or a tendency to lie; sincerity or insincerity; courage, cowardice; self control, profligacy; irritability, egoism, readiness for self sacrifice, pride, vanity, conceit, industry, laziness, morality, depravity; all these and much more besides make up the being of man. But all this is entirely mechanical in man...Because a modern man lives in 'sleep' {unknown/unaware link}, what knowledge therefore can a sleeping man have? And if you think about it and at the same time remember that sleep is the chief feature of our being, it will at once become clear to you that if a man really wants knowledge, he must first of all think about how to wake, that is, about how to change his being..." ['In Search of the Miraculous'. Parenthesis, emphasis, this readers].

Question. ''Different sides'' in relation to 'profile'? and/or ''unity'' in relation to 'face on'? All as a means...?

Shepherds: Part 1: {Shepherds of Arcadia} 2:7 {Jesus/sun link} 3:3 {Shepherds v Magi i.e., shepherds got to 'manger' first} 3:12 {Paris of Troy, brought up by same} 4:3 {Apollo/Zeus link}

Side: {as one example}: ''The next several mystery retreats involved building the side chapels to pay homage to the other neteru: sanctuaries or chapels established in their names....Flags indentify these chapels, as 'flags' were the means by which the community understood whether the neter was 'at home' or not." [Page 34-5 The Union of Isis and Thoth].

Silbury Hill: {3:7} / 3:9 / 4:2 / 4:6 / 5:10

Socrates: 2:5 / 2:8 / 3:5 / 4:4 / 4:5 / 5:2 {Gurdjieff link??}

Spiral: 2:1 {Spiral castle + pole links} 2:5 {From circle to spiral = H/V} 2:6 {Spiral books listed} 3:1 {VINE link to spiral + clockwise/anti = death/rebirth} 3:2 {Spiral  = tower link = crossroads + while climbing / looking through windows on right = conical/dome hill/ on left = city} 3:3 {Spiral of squares +  overhang = mid way up+crossroads/ridge?} 3:5 {Center of spiral = holy of holies = to anchor/focus etc.} 3:6 {general + 27 link?} 3:10 {Spiral Ash trees - 22 in number = dome shape} 3:11 {Newgrange link} 3:12 {G. Knight cord around peg exercise = clockwise/anti. Start point = already wound = serpent around egg? + Dorado {gold-fish} = center of great spiral+ lovers knot + head of same = south pole of ecliptic} 4:6 {Ascent/descent = 11th hour + prow of boat = ascent ''towards east in middle register + mehen snake + Silbury Hill link?} 5:1 {Joyous Garde} 5:5 {Mount Purgatory links} 5:10 {Silbury Hill constructed in polygons or spirals? = Highest point in the surrounding area = 'line of sight' link and/or ''horizon''? + 'golden horse' on top legend}.

Example: {in relation to Sighted/UNsighted and/or Seen/Unseen}: ''I never came across any one of them who knew the single stars of the Lunar Stations from eyesight, and was able to point them out to me with his fingers {'transforming' ones?}.'' [Page 8 'Star Names Their Lore and Meaning' / R. Allen].

Side note: ''Further north, women were great shamans. In Iceland the priestess was called Spakona, from the word spa, which meant to prophesy. She conducted rites of sacred song and sat upon a raised platform, which symbolised her ability to see beyond the ordinary {i.e., 'line of sight'}. It was said that Odin himself consulted a seeress seeking to know his destiny. [Page 140 'The Book of Shadows' / P. Curott].

''Iceland is home to the worlds oldest parliament.'' ['The Chase' / 2018].

Continued: ''Using a grid superimposed on a photogrammetric image of the frontal view of the Nefertiti bust. Rolf Krauss has demonstrated the sculpter used a grid to calculate the proportion of the bust, employing the 'fingerbreadth', the smallest measurement of length used by the Egyptians, as the base unit. Everything can be measured in fingerbreaths so that, for example, the crown is nine fingerbreaths tall aboves the queen's forehead, and measures thirteen fingerbreaths at its widest point. The mouth is one fingerbreath tall, the ear three, and the distance between the eyebrows one.'' [Pages 112/113 'Nefertiti's Face' / J. Tyldesley].

Stone: Enlarged throughout i.e., something ''set in stone'' i.e., ''memory'' link {Forgetting/Remembering}. That final link to the ''Philosophers Stone''. 'See' IT?

Straight: {flip side = curve}: Part 1 {Menai straight/Anglesey + Panthenon  = all curves + Solar = straight Lunar -= curve Both = union + Rays of Akhenaten? + Arrows shot in a straight line {Homer} 2:1 {'Straight' way to god} 2:2 {Mason link} 2:3 {Mona link to Menai Straight} 2:4 {right angle link} 2:6 {Shaggy breast of Achilles?} 3:1 {Tarot 'fool' ''straight stick'' link} 3:2 {Cancer {moon} Capricorn {Saturn} 'lie in a straight line'} 3:3 {'Lifts the latch of mystery' = straight way + shepherds go ''straight to manger'' quote?} 3:6 {Octaves link?} 3:7 {Swastika straight lines began as curved} 3:9 {Paris fires arrows 180 degrees and/or in line of sight = pierces right foot to ground {Homer}} 4:5 {Birds foot constellation = three straight lines = converge to a V = morning star = 'eagles claw'} 4:6 Notch/ridge link} 5:1 {same as 3:9} 5:2 { I - Ching = no straight lines in human activities - hence 'broken lines' = change of direction} 5:3 {U-shape of causeway between Stonehenge and river Avon = curved i.e., 'not straight as the crow flies'} 5:6 {same as 3:1} 5:7 {The source to Allah is not straight but circular - its end is its beginning} 5:8 {Poseidon = earth girdler} 5:9 {Soul = up/down activity = 'to god like spark from a coal' = rem/forget link}

Stream: 2:2 {Downstream FROM the 14th {therefore upstream UPTO the 14th? = Dendera - Edfu + Eridanus = southern stream + fish drinking stream = 11th hour = deluge = 'Y' link = west = ''west corner of Urn'' = 'Y' = lucky/muse link + Lord of Canals + ''15000 years ago Sun in Aquarius when Nile at its highest''+ Hebrew links to dry land/ red/reed sea/river Jordan} 2:3 {'Cakes' = east = up/down stream = E/W = 'reincarnation' links and/or jaws of Geb = unbolted = strong/weak legs/hands {shoulders?} + {Jackal/lower links} + Pisces picture = ''which drinks from the stream'' + ''The fish with glittering tails'' quote} 2:4 {Streamers of sparks = glittering link = west = prow of 'double peaked' boat/'ferryman' = ''guide the keel to plough the deep''} 2:5 {Up stream = ''power in legs'' = 'Quality' of Will = ostrich link? {legs/nest etc.} + 'thighs lifted up' {Zeus/Dionysos + limp link?} 2:8 {Milky Way = Cygnus/Hen = ''stream of heaven'' + love of {principle} = ''current of stream which draws him away from it'' etc. = ''ruling love'' = ''form of spirit'' {Swedenborg} 2:9 {Knowing 'male' {Zeus} but keeping female {Athene} ''one becomes a universal stream'' + 'female' leads the 'male' {shadow inbetween} 3:1 {Streams {five?} redirected around tomb of 1st dyn {China} + Brook = dividing line {garden of Eden} between M/F = 'love'' link see - 2:8 + Beatrice/Virgil link = Event at limit of cosmos + shadow - 2:9 link to Melchizedek = 'peace' link} 3:2 {Lilies link to 'shadow'? - 3:1 + six = song of songs = seal of Solomon? + 'bowl' shaped along temples of Nile = crescent of Mercury symbol? especially at Edfu} 3:3 {Woodhenge/Stonehenge = tongue and groove = petrified = silica/quartz transformation} 3:6 {''Fish caught and landed'' quote i.e., once connection made = ''glittering fish tails''? see - 2:3 = 'peace' {therefore 'Hotep' etc.} 3:7 { 'Intuition' = direct grasping of the 'being' of things / ''direct experience of reality'' +wood/Stonehenge/u-bend/river Avon info} 3:8 {Lifestream} 3:9 {Druids serpent egg = glass link = ''resists flowing stream''} 3:10 {''Passing through baptism and entering of the stream'' - Rhodes link?} 3:11 {Source of Boyne = Well of Segais {Cauldron of Poesy therefore 'flowers' link?} beyond time/space = imbas = nine hazels / salmon + ''cannot step into same river twice'' + cosmic river {a different one} ''flows back upon itself'' + Hera's locks = ''stream of golden tresses from her immortal head'' N.B. 'Well' + 'imbas' link to Khafre upside down in Sphinx temple Well? or was it a 'pit'?} 3:12 {Two streams within Cygnus {hypo} = 'Y' link } 4:3 {Eridanus divided into N/S streams + bend/dry land quote on same + stream of lava = 'fire' quote} 4:5 {''Blending of two streams'' = 'Y' link? = blacksmith and child = red/white = rose/lily = ''baptism'' + 4 rivers from the garden of Eden. Only one that feeds the garden itself - ''under tree of life'' } 5:2 {Eridanus rises above horizon} 5:3 {Origins of football = Derbyshire = shrove Tuesday/Ash wed = E/W goalposts i.e., upstream/downstream } 5:5 {Bear faces Orion + 'Bear' ''never dips into stream of Oceanus'' + Abydos {seven day feast} = resurrection of Osiris/Horus = upright/vertical + Ganymede = 'cup' bearer {Jupiter} = urn {'Y'} = crystallisation = Aquarius = two 'winged' streams {'Y'} + Fore-'paws' of Cetus in river of Eridanus} 5:6 {Stream of Gwion = golden bough {Uas? i.e., ascent only?} = mistletoe link? i.e., ''not to be touched by hand or iron'' {quintessence link} = golden? ''sickle {iron?} and white cloth''} 5:11 {''Furthest in the stream'' = Ostrich link {nest?} ''as if blocking the 'flow' to the south'' = furrow and end of river}

Summer {triangle?}: 2:3 {Glastonbury = summerland {i.e.,reclaimed fen}} 2:4 {Summer solstice = 'pure light of high summer {zenith?} = light of Zeus} 2:5 {Strong link} 2:6 {Amergin = spring. Taliesin = summer.+ sun in Capricorn 15000 years ago? = goat skin + robe +exalted +sulphur link} 2:8 {Tripods of Homer?} 2:9 {Solstice info at Gobekli-tepe} 2:11 {Summer country = apples/west/honey/fortunate isle = ''well of inspiration'' + Abrahams bosom link. Therefore 'heart'?} 3:2 {Solstice = cancer = CONCRETE foundation = ''focalization of energies'' {of ego especially - turtle/tortoise link?} 3:6 {same as 2:11 + Hebrew almonds link?} 3:7 {Sun and Arc = most important in Hercules myth + five door jamb in temple = e/w link} 3:8 {Sirius = zero degrees Cancer = 1st of Djehut= beginning solar year?} 3:9 {Hercules = mid summer fires = face on + Aker = quarter cycle = solstice alignment of leo = sphinx like aker at Abydos} 3:10 { ONE midsummer alignment on the isle of Arran} 3:12 {summer/winter triangle = equilibrium} 4:1 {Same as 2:6} 4:2 {Duality link} 5:1 {4 corners ceremony at solstice = rain making = balance} 5:2 {Same as 2:11} 5:3 {Corona Borealis = tower of initiation = Taliesin = summer triangle + lyre link} 5:8 {Above/below belt of Orion = triangles?} 5:10 { End of April - beginning of May = eve of wedding of god/goddess {M/F} Female into a HIND. Male into hunter - seeks her in woodland as sun enters cancer in mid summer etc. Rhodes link?}

Sycamore: Part 1: {Ritual boat found at Heracleion} 2:5 {Tatenom {primordial mound} link?} 3:4 {same as 2:5} 4:3 {Mentioned 7 times in Old testament + fig + tree of 'virgin' + sweet link + egg link to 'fruit' of same = fate/karma link} 4:5 {Working exercise Abydos/Osiris link} 4:6 {MIDDLE OF River at Coptos {box} = iron, bronze, sycamore, ivory/ebony, silver, gold - enwrapped snakes/scorpions} And/or: "The cheerful brilliance of the morning lent youth to Earth's old bones, touched the peak with gold {'yellow' or 'orange'?}, gleamed along the river and put the gardens en fete. So fragrant {'smell/flower' link?} was the 'hour' that one forgot yesterdays heat {Aker link?]…..'I came to the temple at dawn' {heliacal rising?}, Her-Bak said, for you promised to tell me about akh, Ba and Ka. 'Ba, akh, and Ka are spiritual principles. Can plant and animal tell me what animates man?'. A swarm of honey bees buzzed around Her-Bak who tried in vain to get rid of them. 'Your fear', the sage said, 'makes them aggressive. Their instinct is better advised than your reason. They could instruct you in the subject that holds your interest....'Bi.t' is the word for bee and for honey....this golden insect makes a golden drink which is the purest of foods assimilable directly without putrefaction or loss....Sage and disciple walked on in silence {'peak'?}. Leaving the gardens they took the avenue of the great Rams of Amon. The sunlight was growing fierce, the thick shade of a sycamore seemed a good place to stop....In the beginning is Ba and in the end...Ba spirit is the breath of everything....Ka like Ba shows three aspects....east-west....natural soul in the bodily form of Osirian character, subject to cyclic rebirth. Symbolised by the ram with horizontal horns. Lastly, Ba is represented by a bird with human head....symbol of the human soul, which goes to and fro between heaven and earth {top-down only?}, to range about the body until purification of the Ka-djet allows the body to incorporate it {bottom up?}. This is the bird that is shown perched on Nut's sycamore, at whose feet {foot stool?} you are sitting. You must work this out." [Pages 174/8 'Her-Bak: Egyptian Initiate'].

REFRESHER: "Gudea made offerings of honey and butter when the foundations were laid; when the building was finished an auspicious day was waited for, and when it came the image of the god was removed to the new temple, and Gudea sprinkled the ground with oil, and set out offerings of honey, butter, wine and dates, grain mixed with milk, food untouched by 'fire', for the gods." [ Chapter 3, 'The Sacred Bee'].

Leavened / UNleavened?

Tail: Part 1: {tail end...} / 2:1 {end of whale: south end = 2nd 'frog'} / 2:2 {two tail feathers} / 2:3 {tail of dragon = third part of heavens} / 2:6 {knotted sea goat} 2:9 {''feast of tail'' + wolf/comet,horse links} / 2:10 {sting in tail} / 3:1 {dragon head+tail = mound/seashore +void+wag-tail?i.e., two feathers} /  3:2 {tail of bear = 'handle' +no wounds in tail end {Homer} i.e., no line of sight} / 3:3 {tails of bull/snake in three cultures on Pleiades } 3:6 {tail of Sphinx = west. East = reincarnate? Khufu/Khafre? Menkaure west?} / 3:8 {tail feathers of 'dove' subdue clashing rocks + Hercules link} / 3:9 {Melusine = serpent tail/bats wings} / 3:11 {moons nodes = eclipses = serpent/dragon heads/tails + China tomb locations on end of tails} / 3:12 {eyes of peacocks tail = imagination link+ Rosicrucian link to same+ 'two' tail feathers - S. America} / 4:1 {Oannes/Capricorn+goatskin} / 4:5 {Dog star = sapling {'young'} = standing on tail + handle of bear on tail end + Pin-tail duck/Akhenaten} / 4:6 {ceremonial tail on 'striving' chap/Denderah} / 4:7 {Phoenix/serpent/void} /  5:1 {dragon tail/head nodes = south/north = lucky/unlucky = 'backward'} / 5:3 {elephants back-tail} / 5:5 {snakes stood on tail = resurrected = asp? +claws/tail of scorpion?} 5:6 {bull by horns?} / 5:8 {tail of snake = result of medical 'vision'} EXTRA: "The Dragon is at rest; its head within religion's 'house' where all is at its best; its tail down in the 'lower' mind - O what a power today! But this Saint George will saunter forth this heavenly beast to slay!'' [Extract from the poem by Edith Painton within the book 'The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation' / Inez Perry].

Teeth/Tooth: Part 1: Beaker people + Pelasgians {'stork' link} came from primal snakes teeth} 2:2 {Apple teeth link to Gogmagog? Oak island?} 2:3 {Perforated teeth} 2:5 {Bit between its teeth} 2:9 {Fox teeth - Gobekli tepe} 3:3 {''grinding''+ Gobekli link + teeth of Ptah} 3:5 {Apple teeth/Hogmagog} 3:8 {Deceased teeth in jaw + Hebrew Shin = tri teeth?} 3;9 { Teeth of stag {eat snakes} +Stag/hippo = 'horse' in Greek} 3:10 {Colin Wilson + other examples} 4:3 {teeth = threefold emblem of the immortal 'spirit'}  4:5 {Hold lions teeth with 'grip of advantage'} 5:2 {Apple teeth + most fortunate spot {spotless?} between claws of lion and tail of Scorpion} 5:3 {Green Jade in teeth / Mayans etc.}. Extra: 'Dentist' examples throughout?


Thirteen: Part 1 {Thirteen petalled rose} 5:2 {13th Manzil = tuft of lions tail = birth date of Moses + horoscope of Mohammed i.e., between teeth/claws of lion and sting of scopion}

Thread: Part 1: { 'Two' threads + weaving + ''kun'' link} 2:5 {Quotes i.e., ''common thread'' + ''provides a thread''} 2:6 { general + 'red' threads } 2:7 {I- Ching two threads + '27' + hawthorn + pit link?} 3:1 {weaving/Arachne} 3:4 {Sutra = threading together} 3:7 {general} 3:8 { M/F = fire + spindle = anima/animus?] 3:10 {Spinning/weaving + Venus = awakening} 3:11 { One thread link : Eldorado raft + Nazca lines etc.} 3:12 {G. Knight 'exercise' on {thread} around peg = clockwise/anti=clockwise = hidden center link = Ishon?} 4:1 {pictures} 4:2 {weaver of the void} 5:3 {Arianrhod stands 'at both ends of thread/rope'} 5:7 {warped threads = a gathering = simultaneous moment + 'pattern' link = ''manifested''?} 5:8 {Ariadne info i.e., thread/weft/pattern etc.} 5:9 {Thread info in all cultures i.e., celtic torc = twined cords  = two? + brooch picture {throughout} - Oak island - 'two' threads link and spiral/thirteen links}

Upside down: 2:3 {Quern info} 2:6 {Seahenge link} 2:9 {Khafre link}  3:3 {Quern info}  5:1 {fish swimming upside down} 5:2 {Khafre statue in well - upside down + Djedefre tau-cross? } 5:3 {Orion upside down + pentagram + Tarot 'hangman card' +M. Oldfield story} 5:7 {Digby - nova scotia = ship upside down}

Side note: If a ship is discovered in the marsh triangle on Oak Island will be found upside down? {edited 6.2.20}

Venus: 2:1 {Antares? Arcturus link i.e., 4th brightest + brightest in Bootes} 2:2 {Venus = ''lessor fortunate'' {weak grasp} / Jupiter = ''greater'' {strong grasp} + seen at dawn/dusk ONLY i.e., never in 'middle' of night {Mercury same} + Aphrodite = Venus} 2:3 { Venus = ''inner light'' + ''after eclipse of same one becomes a wanderer for a while'' = ''inner flame has to bear the darkness of an eclipse'' + Hod/Netzach link i.e., ''light from Hod gives light to darkened places'' = tower struck by lightening = ivory tower = {ivory} headrest link to Tut? {N.B. Tiphereth = ''manifest'' = ''beauty'' link therefore Nefertiti/Shulamite etc?} 2:6 { = ''What one values'' + Athyr {Hathor} = Egyptian Venus = Hippo  + dragon/poison links?} 2:8 {Venus/Mars = opposites. 'Child' of which = harmonica = balance} 3:3 {Helen = torch = Venus {root of} + winged disc /Uraeus link to Mayan aspect} 3:4 {Mayan = reed day = beginning of Venus cycles = ''Smoking Mirror''} 3:6 {Mirror link i.e., reflection of resisting animal desires etc = Doves/Taurus as ruler links  + Mayan/Pleiades links} 3:10 { 8 + golden throne link? + Pentagram/5/quarter {5x8} = ''40 year cycle'' links + Evening star = lamp/herald links {West} + ''sleeping lady if awakened = birth of a King''} 3:11 Curling hair + comet link, therefore link to when ''comet seen in Draco = ''poison over world''? + Sagitt. and curling locks? + Venus = ''gatherer and creator of meanings as well of seed'' = fruitful = Gives birth in Libra +{ Astarte links} 3:12 { Venus/lion/sun/dove link} 4:5 {Conjunction of mars/venus = Book 21 = Hera - 'seduction of zeus' = lunar eclipse} 4:6 {Tablets hidden in temple of venus inside copper box + Italian temple of venus mentioned elsewhere? + Christs tomb covered over {Romans} with same temple name i.e., 5:1} 4:7 {Lust in 'venus' / cunning in mercury etc. list of} 5:1 {Christs tomb covered over with venus temple + birth of venus = act of 'rebellion by Saturn' = sickle {'crescent'?} = lower extremities {'fire'?} = ''floats fully formed ashore on sea shell'' = ''precipitated out of water {'shell'} - as matter is precipitated out of spirit'' etc. + marriage of sun/venus = tabernacle link = ''bridegroom coming out of chamber'' = libra link? i.e., when venus in libra 3:11} 5:2 {Sun/moon/venus/mercury/Saturn - all in Taurus {rules venus} but N.B. NO Jupiter i.e., 'greater' fortune {part 1} + seven wandering stars which circle the ''threshold of olympus'' = Saturn/tears / venus/desire / sun/laughter / Jupiter = author of all births {logos?} etc. + Olympus = north = 'nose' link} 5:3 {''Planet venus appeared at 'creation' quote + Mayan green jade/teeth link to 'morning star'?} 5:4 {Venus link to room/well below loft ''on independent supports'' + 'sting of death' = cleo link?} 5:6 {Emeralds {green} / pomegranates / 5 pointed star i.e., pentagram = holy of holies link + 5 petalled rose} 5:7 {Picture of birth of venus} 5:9 {Octave link} 5:10 {8 spoked wheel hypo. Mercury ?} Extra: Sarn Elen or Elen of the roads {Mabinogion} - goddess of sunset/dawn - watches over the ancient ways by night  - ''to open up ones inner landscape to ones waking {'sun'?} eye'' = the 'Shimmering way' {''glittering'' link?} + spirals/lines {Nazca?} links. Pages 67/69 'The Wester Way' / C+J Matthews.

Vision: 2:7 {Lion energy pacified = higher state} 3:11 {Sagittarius = higher state 4:6 {Buddhi link}

Void: Examples of throughout.

Wantonness: 3:10 {Primrose/faery links etc}

Watchers: 2:4 {'of the gate' etc.} 2:5 {Eye link?} 2:6 {same as 2:4} 2:9 {info on 'watchers'} 2:10 {Guardian of gate etc.} 3:4 {Enoch link} 3:5 {= Child aspect of Horus = Harpocrates = Lord of silence = 'egg of blue' or 'crowned child on lotus' Question. What would the other {three?} colours relate to? i.e., elder/adult/father? or east/west etc.} 3:6 {Neter = ''one who watches'' = egg of blue link?} 3:10 { = fantasy/cattle link to benefit of the objective {'guardian of gate'} process {sword} 4:6 { Watcher on wall - 'Game of Thrones'} 5:7 {Watch the pos. stuff. Benefit of.} 5:9 {Non incarnating part {Smith/Jones} = watcher = guardian of gate + Watcher info by A. Bailey} 5:11 {'Watching' = struggling = letting go quote etc.}

Weep: 2:10 / 3:8 / 4:5 / 4:7 / 5:1 / 5:3 / 5:5 /

Whales: Part 1: {Land/sea animals} 2:1 {Southern fish = 1st frog + ostrich / 2nd frog = Cetus} 2:2 {Inner north = keeper of charts} 2:3 {Orkney - within tower {decommissioned} = found cup shaped whale bone / deer antlers + ''mapping of coastlines'' / 'silence' / etc i.e., attributes of whales} 5:11 {River Eridanus at southern end = dam = furrow = winter = Little Ostrich's}

ONE FULL CIRCLE AND/OR CYCLE? 'Backwards'? Side note: In the middle of Stonehenge - in a shallow grave lies a skeleton of a 'tall' man with his head placed between his feet. Coincidence or a meaningful one? Question. Any link to the retrograde in Saturn and/or the conjunction of Jupiter with same? Recall Part 1. And/or 2:1 for S/E England example at Sutton Hoo.

Cobra pose?

Yellow: 2:1 {Sagittarius link}  2:3 { Yellow = leo. Sun =orange .Mercury/Gemini a link between the two = lead {Saturn} into gold {Sun} etc. + Hatshepsut's tomb contained two yellow quartz sarcophagi + ''massive hall like structure built on platform of yellow clay'' / Orkneys} 2:6 {Sulphur = yellow = ''self consciousness'' + 7 / 'three and four' links}  2:11 { Yellow = Capella = she goat = analogy to the horn that fed 'zeus' - with a broken 'tip' etc.} 3:1 {yellow wag-tail with two feathers} / 3:2 {Hebrew BETH = above = conscious/manifest = mercury = yellow = 'sound' link} 5:2 {''Scorched'' link to yellow/orange?} Extra: See inset picture from the book 'The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation' / Inez Perry. i.e., Gemini - Leo = 'Orange - Yellow' And/or: ''The personage in the tomb of Sen-nefer wears a pendant of 'two hearts', the symbol corresponding to his name. One heart is yellow, and the other white. In Egypt yellow and red are connected with the sun, gold, red blood, and the male principle; and white is connected with the moon, silver, white lymph, and the feminine nature. Moreover, a large part of the ceiling is ''laced'' with vines, repeating the same symbol in red and white, the two colours of the grape." [Page 379 'Her-Bak: Egyptian Initiate' / Isha Schwaller de Lubicz].

''The Yellow Oval Room is an oval room located on the south side of the second floor in the White House, the official residence of the president of the United States. First used as a drawing room in the John Adams administration, it has been used as a library, office, and family parlor. Today the Yellow Oval Room is used for small receptions and for greeting heads of state immediately before a State Dinner.


On the second floor of White House.

The room is entered from the Center Hall on the north side of the room. Three large windows on the south side of the room face the South Lawn and The Ellipse. The southwest window has a swing-sash door leading to the Truman Balcony. Double doors on the west side of the room, with flags of the United States and of the presidency on either side, lead to the president and first lady's bedrooms, private sitting room and dressing room.''

''The title: The Head of the Yellow Hat order of Tibetan Buddhists is given to the Dalai Lama.'' ['The Chase'].

''The image of the 'eye' envisioned the ALL - before the first cornerstone of the foundation was laid.'' [Page 72 'Dreams of Isis']. Question. End of Pyramid building. Beginning of the Temple one?

And/or: ''Jacob Boehme called it Signature....of the 'eternal' within things...the hidden imprint, like a mysteries watermark in some yellowed parchment text of concealed wisdom, appears visibly before the eyes of the astounded observer.'' [Page 118 'The Gnostic Jung'].

''Buff is the term used to describe a yellowish-beige colour: 'Steady the buffs' - as in an old army regiment term.'' ['The Chase' / 2022].

And/or: ''When i finally returned to Saqqara, i arrived early enough to wander most of the day through the elegant, yellowed limestone temple, about the sandy, open aired courtyard and into the dim but perfectly chiseled tombs {hewn/unhewn?} of the surrounding plain.'' [Page 70 'Dreams of Isis' / N. Ellis].

Sun-bleached? Spotted/Unspotted?

Side note: Origin of Chinese people = Nuwa {Mother Goddess} - ''created humanity out of yellow mud from Yellow River. What mud was left over dogs and chickens were created from.''


And/or: China = ''the middle land''. In relation to subjective/Objective? Think on it in relation to ''yellow''. 'East' in relation to 'West'. ['Story of China' / Michael Woods. Series 1. Episode 1].

''After taking out several stones blocking the doorway from the tomb shaft into the chamber {i.e., KV 63}, we peered through the narrow opening. Inside, we could see many large ceramic jars and several wooden coffins, some with yellow-painted faces. The press speculation was incorrect on all counts. We found no mummies in any of the tomb's seven coffins and no inscriptions to tell us for whom these coffins were initially intended.

But while studying the coffins, I discovered--in the eyes of faces painted on three of them--an intriguing link to Nefertiti, the queen whose name means, simply, "the beautiful one has come." While none of the coffins held Nefertiti's remains, the eyes may tell us something unexpected about her celebrated beauty. Was it in part the result of a genetic syndrome?

If not a royal tomb, what was KV63? Finds include the seven coffins, a small gilt coffinette, two large alabaster vessels, floral garlands, pillows, natron (the natural salt used in mummification), and many ceramics. It seems to have been a cache of material used by embalmers, but including coffins, unused or salvaged from disturbed burials, suitable for upper-class, but not elite or royal, funerals.'' ['Archaeology' / March/April 2008].

''Two tubs'' and/or vases?

And/or: ''In Sweden there is a tradition of the Lucia Queen, the 'shining' Christmas bride who wears seven wax tapers on her head, in imitation of the Great Bear axis of the north. She, as Druantia, is the bride of the Midwinter King. The Scots Pine, because of his needles, is the tree that 'bristles' - he is afire with his orange trunk and cones packed with seed.'' [Page 110 'Fruits of the Moon Tree' / A. Bleakley].

'Needle'' to enlarge.

Beard link?

N.B. More info. on colours such as yellow/green/red/orange/pink in 'How to Know Higher World's / R. Steiner {i.e., pages 51/7/9 + 63/4 + 109 + 83}. See notes at back of same book.

And/or: ''....Showed her to have an immense aura, so immense she looked like a giant.....Right side as bluish, left side as yellowish-red....'' [Page 139-140 'Ancient Myths and the New Isis Mystery' / R. Steiner].

Primal opening?


''The whole work of 'turning the light around' uses the method of reversal. The 'beauties' of the highest heavens and the marvels of the sublimest realms are all within the heart: this is where the perfectly open and aware spirit concentrates. Confucians call it the open center {Amarna?}, Buddhists call it the pedestal of awareness {'horizon'?}, Taoists call it the ancestral earth, the yellow court {'sand'?}, the mysterious pass {'Place of Rowing'?}, the primal opening. The celestial mind is like a house; the light is the master of the house. Therefore once you turn the light around, the energies throughout the body all rise.'' AND/OR: ''Usually people wind up pursuing objects and come to age in conformity with life, never once looking back. When their positive energy fades and disappears, this is the netherworld. Therefore the Heroic March Scripture says: 'Pure thought is flight. Pure emotion is fall'. When students have little thought and much emotion, they sink into low ways. Just observe clearly, and when your breath grows quite you then become accurately aware. This is application of the method of reversal. This is what is meant in the Yin Convergence Classic when it says: 'The mechanism is in the eyes', and the Plain Questions of the Yellow Emperor when it says: 'The light rays of the human body all flow upward into the aperture of space'. If you get this, long life is herein, and so is transcendence of life.'' [Pages 11/19 'The Secret of the Golden Flower' / T. Cleary].

''Plain'' = E/W?

What represents N/S?


And/or: ''What is true of the white stage of the work is also true of the great Magistery. In the latter, it suffices to increase the temperature as soon as the lemon-yellow whiteness is obtained without touching or opening the vessel....and provided the red ferment was substituted for the white sulphur....it may by pursuing the action of the fourth degree of fire, the compost dissolves by itself, new colours follow one another until a weak red, called peachtree flower....becoming more intense as the dryness spreads...AND/OR: Under the influence of fire, the whiteness gains in depth, overtakes the entire mass and turns lemon-yellow on its surface. It is the Full Moon, the crescent has enlarged to form the purr-fect lunar disc: it has completely filled the orb.....with a certain degree of fixity and dryness. , sure signs of the completion of the little Magistery'' ['Page 345/ 346 'The Dwellings of the Philosophers'].


And/or: ''Yellow'' in relation to the Narcissus plant/mud/brass. [Page 371/2 - same book].

''Locusts turn a bright shade of yellow when they are mature and swarming.'' ['The Chase'].

And/or: ''Yellow car'' in relation to 90 degrees/car/karma/'forking' and ''multiple streams of time'' {Page 49/50 'A Mythic Life' / J. Houston].

And/or: ''A working example: ''Michael was finishing his doctorate in neurophysiology and had introduced me to several psychiatrists and physicians who had a special license to do LSD research. They had asked me to think about joining them in the study of the effects of the drug on human personality because of my familiarity with myth and symbol - ASPECTS OF WHICH WERE ALWAYS RECURRING in their research subjects and which their medical  education had not prepared them for. First, however, i had to experience the drug myself.'' [Page 173 'A Mythic Life' / J. Houston].

The author who wrote such books as ''Mind Games'' and is the creator of The Foundation of Mind Research goes on to explain what she sees. All the usual symbols including {at the beginning of the 'journey'} '' a godly peach - radiating on me the preternatural light of its numinous fuzz.'' Same page.

'Spirit' or 'Soul' as a start point?

Siberia means ''sleeping land.''

''Once you have figuratively stepped into the fires of transformation and allowed your outworn selves to die {Virgil?}, innocence is reborn {Beatrice?}, and in the newness and rebirth {'New City'?}, the dove is created again. In some traditions, the white bird and the symbols of white feathers have been associated with rebirth and higher consciousness.'' [Page 181/2 'Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt'].

Mount Moriah?

Try ''M''.

''White Cliffs''?


And/or: 90/180 degrees. One relates to this world - the other - the next i.e., 'ninety' in relation to the 4 corner points. And/or Precession. That same representation within the Giant Dance circle of stones { i.e., '90' } - that predates Stonehenge - its origin - cut from the northern side of the Preseli Hills {''Place of Residence''- therefore ''house'' link?} - at Waun Mawn {'peat moor'}. That same ''marshland'' that those ''bog bodies'' are found in throughout Europe from a S/E - N/W direction throughout those countless generations. Dolmens found mainly on the Western side of these islands. Heading towards the N/W. Many found emphasising THREE points of contact between 'heavy' vertical and horizontal stones. West in relation to the horizon - the middle {balance} between above/below.

3:7 to enlarge.

''9'': ''Lets send down to the Earth today - today, but ne'er again - one of those Alchemists of life they call September men! A genius, Venus - listen from your Occult House, I pray, a genius of that Virgin soil that must all Science sway." [Page 'nine' - ''The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation'].

''19'': {examples of}: {3:10} / 3:12 {'flower' link} / {5:1} etc.,

''20'': Part 1: {Ogham alphabet = {20} = 15 consonants/ 5 vowels = link to deaf/dumb finger language} 2:1 {Ptah in shadow / 'wilderness' link = transcendent third?} 2:2 { 19 = ''an incomplete 20'' = 19 limbs of body each have a 'deity' together with the 'whole' = 20 + {12+7 = zodiac/planets} + Metonic cycle} 2:3 {20 cubits = ''holy of holies'' = Cube + {64/120 links?} 3:11 {Taliesin link} 3:12 {same} 4:4 {same} 5:8 {Solar god Samesh {Babylonia} + {new?} 'name' of Hopi religion + 4x5 =  {20} = 4 Gospels {'grace'} and 5 Books of Moses  {'Law'} = ''Act and Intention''  + 20 = ''Double'' link by way of 10 fingers and 10 toes {''none mystical'' + 4x20 = 80 = Quarter link?}

''21'': 4:7 {Sacred 3 and sacred 7 = 21 = ''perfect number''} 5:8 {Book 21 ''heart'' link by Al-Ghazali}

''23'': Twenty-three layers up to Khnum on Elephantine...as a means. {enlarged within}. 23 sections of the Copper Scrolls {synchronistic?}. Enlarged within.

''27'' : 2:1 {Independent motion around pole '2700' years + '8' minutes yearly} 2:10 {Stars in aries = 27 + two horseman link + gemini link} 2:11 {27+8 = '35' = harmony = sum of 1st and 2nd m/f cubes + ego types + name = ''one peculiar to me alone'' + I-ching link to pit/abysmal + twenty seven types of personality/ego etc. {hypo} - towards ''higher world of enlightenment''} 3:3 {Nine {manifested} in relation to this world and hereafter + thebes {never more manifested} + Amun} 3:11 {Aries = northern eye} 4:1 {N/S alignment 'set' in 2700 - L. Lamy = pole star of dragon} 4:2 {27 = ''faculty of synthesis'' i.e., it takes 27 for 'growth' } 5:1 {Mathew 27-60 = sq+circle represented as his tomb} 5:7 {27 prophets mentioned in Quran + third power of sacred three = 27 + bracelet for Djer = 13 gold parts / 14 turquoise = ''palace'' crowned with falcon + 27th Athys = horus/set 'making peace' + Al-Arabi = born on 27th Ramadan + 1st odd/'masculine' cube {'female' one = 8 {see 2:11} + nine/lunar links} 5:10 {Homers blacksmith link to triangles / cubes and '8' . Could be a link to all in 5:7?}

''64'' : 2:2 {I Ching / tombs - valley of kings - / etc.} / 2:3 {'15' link + 1 hour +latitude? +rotation of earth? + full moon + middle/midpoint +120} / 3:10 {Spotless/pure link} / 4:2 {Sound eye = pos/neg 64 parts +sound link/eye of Horus etc.} / 5:6 {Heracleion/plants link} / 5:8 {60 - 64 eggs in basket etc.}

And/or: ''The text is an inventory of 64 locations; 63 of which are treasures of gold and silver, which have been estimated in the tons. For example, one single location described on the copper scroll describes 900 talents (868,000 troy ounces) of buried gold. Tithing vessels are also listed among the entries, along with other vessels, and three locations featured scrolls. One entry apparently mentions priestly vestments. The final listing points to a duplicate document with additional details. That other document has not been found.'' [Wiki].

Side note: Members of the Essenes {all male club} found in gravesite nearby under ''stone mounds''. All on their backs with heads facing south towards sun. Arms and hands cross ON or just below the navel. Dead-Sea -Scrolls Location - top of cliffs close to the Dead Sea. ['Blowing Up History: Dead Sea Scrolls'].

Question. Where SHOULD the 'Live' Sea Scroll be found?

Cup found in Jerusalem {with handle} Above domed shaped archway inside a house with the inscription: ''I return to the house of the lord.''

Fresh Water?

N.B. Recall the inverted vases found {without handles} in the foundation boundary walls - in reference to Attila.