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Another 'piece' within that mind set? 'The Swimming deer'. The 'tip' of a mammoth horn - in two pieces. Enlarged throughout. 'The cattle of the fairies'? Would that include ''nymphs''? Recall the 'horn' that fed Zeus - the ''tip'' of which was BROKEN.

A {working?} example: "In the Iliad, King Nestor, the aging ruler of Pylos, is known as the Gerenian charioteer...Nestors personal 'star' is the beautiful yellowish star known as Capella, or the she goat, whose offspring are two stars below and known as the Kids. This introduces another legend in which the infant Zeus was fed milk and honey by the horn of a she goat; Homer tells us that words fell from the lips of the garrulous Nestor 'sweeter than honey'. Unfortunately, so the story tells us, the tip of the horn broke, but it was replaced by the nymphs so that Zeus could continue to feed; this mythical event gave us the phrase the 'Horn of Plenty'. One of the 'Kids' in Auriga, may well represent the 'tip' of same..." ['Homer's Secret Iliad']. Try ''horn'' and/or ''Nestor'' for that broader view.

And/or: Dionysus link to ''kid'' and ''apple''. {Page 250 'White Goddess' / R. Graves].

Side note: The tip of an {iceberg?}. What does it imply?

Landscape equivalent? It is said, that the name Hunstanton originated from the word 'honeystone' - a reference to the local red Carr stone. Could also be a reference to the river Hun which runs close by towards the coast, just east of Hunstanton. ..The original settlement of Hunstanton is now known as Old Hunstanton...The river begins in the grounds of Old Hunstanton park which surrounds the old moated hall - the ancestral home of the Le - Strange family. The Old Hunstanton village is of prehistoric origin and is situated near the head of Peddars Way. " [Wiki/Hunstanton].

N.B. Moses who was named by a 'stranger',i,e.,it was a stranger who gave him the name that we all know him by. His natural mother named him something else. Link to difference between external / internal - exoteric / esoteric.

The word ''peculiar'' of the same vein, i.e., with the same intent, i.e., a strange choice of word; to the norm. Find it to understand it, relative to the 'whole'.

"My name means the one which is peculiar to me alone." [].

''Strangeness'' as part of that mindset.

A working example: ''Camp also observed how it was 'no accident' that Sheba's story followed closely after mention of Solomon had established 'Pharaoh's daughter' in her house near his temple -  linking both women with 'seductive strangeness' of foreign women and the female embodiment of Wisdom in the 'strange woman'. She saw the Queen of Sheba as uniting both 'wisdom' and 'strangeness' in her person.'' [Pages 88/141 'Egypt's Anointing Mysteries' / A. Roberts].

Analogy? "The name of Llew, like the naming of Pryderi, is taken from his mother's first expostulation." [Page 80 'Mabon and the Mysteries of Britain: An Exploration of the Mabinogion'].

And/or: "The following promise was therefore made, implying that mankind will at a certain future time understand this subject, and be free from the error it involves {i.e., something other than the obvious}: 'In that day will the Lord be ONE, and his name one." Zech.xiv.9. [Page 90. 'Guide for the Perplexed'].

I AM THAT I AM. {in that inner sense of the word}. Exodus 3:14.

'Higher' OVER 'lower'.

Hence: ''Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine.'' [Exodus 19:5].

'See' it?

Refresher: "Many years ago the English psychologist, F. W. H. Meyes, suggested that - ''hidden in the depth of our being is a rubbish heap as well as a treasure house''. Enlarged throughout.

"The children of Seth [Set] first possessed that peculiar sort of wisdom, which is concerned with the heavenly bodies",[chapter five.' The Sirius Mystery'], i.e., from an 'unknown'[and/or 'negative', and/or 'shadow' origin. Possible link to 'sacrifice'?] start point, with a purpose in mind. All as a representation of something...outside, of the obvious.

'Peculiar' in relation to Set. Negative in relation to positive - shadow in relation to light - that 'unknown' that is a stranger to something known?

Understanding the above in the context of this {overall} subject gives meaning to what this author is attempting to understand, i.e.,

''Duality'' in ALL its forms. Top-down. Bottom-up. As a means....? AND/OR: Cancer = L-R. Gemini = R-L ?

"Interestingly, the Sabaeans, the pagan inhabitants of Harran, were said to have been 'worshippers of fire called Magi' and claimed to be keepers of the mysterious 'book of Seth,' because their founder was one 'Sabius, a son of Seth'...So could the original book or books of Seth have been carved stone pillars, like those uncovered today at Gobekli-tepe...If so, then who or what might the twin central pillars have come to represent in Jewish, Christian, and Gnostic tradition? To much speculation here would be foolish, although the fact that Gnostic writings emphasize that Cain and Abel, the twin sons of Adam, each had twin sisters is intriguing and reminds us of the belief that twins always grew inside the womb during pregnancy. Moreover, that Seth was born as Abel's replacement sets up a twin like relationship between Cain and Seth, reflected in the stories regarding our descendancy either from the ' sons of Cain' or the 'seed of Seth'. Those central pillars at Gobekli-tepe are perhaps allusions to this twin tradition, although whether they can be seen as the twin offspring of Adam, the first man, who in Gnostic teaching was overshadowed by his own celestial twin, is another matter altogether.'' [From the book by A. Collins].

Try 'twins'. {It} being a part of... ''that peculiar sort of wisdom."

A working example {i.e., a work in progress}..."At the commencement of the Masonic ceremonies, it is pointed out that Freemasonry is a 'peculiar system of morality, veiled in allegory'. I thought i knew what an allegory was, but i still looked up the word in an Oxford Dictionary to ensure i had a correct interpretation. The answer stated was: ''narrative describing one subject under the guise of another''. " [From the book by K. Gest].

Analogy of same..."It is important to state unambiguously that our data are not in conflict with ''science,'' as the naive will imagine - in fact, we will provide several scientific explanations for all of it - but it is, grotesquely and awkwardly, in total conflict with common sense. It is perverse, paradoxical and preposterous. One might say, ''its damned funny," and if a child asked innocently, ''Do you mean 'funny ha ha' or 'funny peculiar'?" I'd have to say, ''Both." [Extract from the book by R. A. Wilson].

"Clement of Alexandria elucidates the idea that Jesus is the 'son of god' by explaining: 'The Son is the consciousness of the Father.' The 'Father' is the Mystery...the dazzling darkness of UNconscious Consciousness." [From the book by T. Freke and P. Gandy. Emphasis, this readers].

A working example: ''Camp also observed how it was 'no accident' that Sheba's story followed closely after mention of Pharaoh's daughter linking both women with 'seductive strangeness' of foreign women and the female embodiment of Wisdom in the 'strange woman'. She saw the Queen of Sheba as uniting both 'wisdom' and 'strangeness' in her person.'' [Pages 88/141 'Egypt's Anointing Mysteries' / A. Roberts].

clock2As we have seen, a certain level of commonality of orders, grades and rituals, in addition to the actual content and delivery of teachings, is evident across many of the schools of Western esotericism. It is proposed, however, that the cosmological grounding of the Western esoteric tradition in a world of 'hierarchies' and intermediaries, allied with a gnostic concern of self deliverance, logically requires a curriculum of praxis and theoria which not only reflects the cosmology, but necessitates a mechanism to deliver a promised salvation." [Extract from the book 'The Magister' from a chapter entitled 'The Strange Reward'].

The above are comments from what is termed as the ''Western Way'' {'ritual' way}. Enlarged elsewhere. The study of a subject by objective analysis - what this reader defines as the 'READERS Way' gives the same results, i.e., the contents of this web page. Those keys are universal, i.e.,''commonality of orders, grades..." All bound and understood together when one ''gets ones head around it'' [see Part 1 to refresh ] - represented by the word ''gnosis'' or more importantly - what it came to imply - through the course of generations - through the course of trial and error; what the above author defines as ''...allied with a gnostic concern of self deliverance..,."

'On Having No Head: Zen and the Rediscovery of the Obvious' / D. E. Harding.

Simply put: That act of ''getting ones head around it'' equates to those eureka {'epiphany'?} moments that ALL subjects require in order to define something - in order to get a result, {enlarged throughout}. As for the teacher element that the above author indicates is an absolute necessity - if only within the 'ritual' stuff -  should be plainly understood as to why, i.e., those 'keys' are only given 'bits' at a time over the course of an applicants 'membership'. That external 'teacher' who determines where and when - depending on the 'development' of each individual. This web page contains the bulk of those keys in order to instruct oneself - in order to define the subject - nothing else, {''micro within the macro''}. And like all subjects that is best done objectively. Its main TEACHING AID. Once again those keys are universal - the question, however, that each reader should ask - is WHY?

The word ''epiphany'' used throughout in such programs as 'Will Self's Search For Meaning' {Radio 4/4pm/10.8.16}. Many opinions given about ''the nature of our existence'' as seen differently in all philosophy's and religions. Understand this one final subject to define all those convoluted questions and answers.

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

'On Having No Head: Zen and the Rediscovery of the Obvious' / D. E. Harding.

nhyHowever it was delivered and received [i.e.,the subject in general], there was one clear goal with this content - that the student learn correspondence between all aspects of their experience: For it is the science of correspondence he is studying the whole time, whether between the 'divine' powers and the universe; between these and man; or between these again and the different planes and developments in the life of nature." [Same book]. Try ''correspondence''.

As an example..."The 'mystical' origin of matter and the fall into creation are linked with the nature of the third sphere [of the Hebrew Tree]- and the strangers ranging over the wide world are relatives of fallen man, expelled from the garden." [Taken from 'Where is Saint George'. Mentioned elsewhere].

"...In this small circle of light, surrounded by darkness, we are, as Plato says, ''strange prisoners'' and psychology and esotericism both seek the keys to our escape and restoration." Anything? Try ''stranger'' and/or ''prison''.

'The Strangest Man: The Hidden Life of Paul Dirac, Quantum Genius' / G. Farmelo.

"Got to see it, rather than just read it..." John Humphrys talking to D. Tennant and Greg Doran in relation to the plays by W. Shakespeare. [400th anniversary. Radio 4. 23/04/16].

Leonardo da vinci, as speculated in such programs as 'Ancient Aliens' { 'The Da Vinci conspiracy' History 2 channel. March 2014} speculates on what happened to same, in his 'missing' two years. He wrote very little about himself, but as mentioned in the same program, one of the first notes he makes in his own private journal has a reference to a 'cave', and 'Medusa.' Speculation rules the roost, about the possibility of alien contact, within that same 'cave' as the origin of Da Vinci's 'genius'. Those first impressions, running riot, on that eternal merry-go-round of wishful thinking. {As it does in one of their most recent programs in relation to the Orion constellation. {April 2014} ].

Is Banksy the ''trickster'' ?

Analogy of same?..."But such philosophical questions can best be postponed until after we have examined the chrono-log of my own adventures in Chapel Perilous. Remember: it is tricky in there. Some of the time we will not seem to be passing through the Gates of Mystery but merely wandering about in a Fun House at a rather seedy Amusement Park." [Extract from the book 'The Cosmic Mystery'. Mentioned/enlarged elsewhere].

And/or..."Actually, i no longer disbelieve in the Illuminati, but i don't believe in them yet, either. Let us explain that odd remark quickly, before we may go any further in the murk. In researching occult conspiracies, one eventually faces a crossroad of mythic proportions {called Chapel Perilous in the trade}. You come out on the other side either a stone paranoid or an agnostic; there is no third way. I came out an agnostic." [Same book].

Understanding {i.e., keys} this subject offers a more plausible answer. Recall what 'cave' is symbolic of. Together with the 'animal', and more importantly what it represents; within the subject as a whole; that emerged from the 'head of Medusa'. And Medusa's link to the overall 'godhead' [Greek equivalent] of which 'Zeus' lords over all. Recall Minerva. I.E., a different 'aspect', of the same principle. That same subject. This subjects core essence. Question .Why? Can you 'see' it yet? [For further information on same, see Stecchini's work,i.e., anything 'winged' represents 'higher'. Potential of].

As most individuals know, even those without an esoteric 'vent', Da Vinci's work is full of this subjects 'inner' meaning. As proven by such works as the Mona Lisa. Mentioned elsewhere.

As a side note it is worth noting, if only for this reader, that if aliens do walk amongst us, they will more than likely be discovered within the profession of hairdressing. As proven by the presenter of 'Ancient Aliens'. One of those constant programs dedicated to the 'alternative' view. Namely Mr Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, alias 'Sparky'. What other 'being' could create such a hair do...other than...something not of this world.

Found in the birth place of Mary Magdalene. ''Error runs down hill while truth has to climb.…."

In the new testament that 'inner understanding' is represented [ in its physical / 'reality' form] by the man ‘Jesus’ in his ‘new bod’. Seen shortly after ‘death’.[ Death/rebirth analogy. Explained elsewhere ] 'Mary Magdalene'. Just a different aspect of the word ’Mary’. In relation to the ‘divine/ bit’... the main character. Mary/Mary Magdalene symbolic of conscious/unconscious respectively and/or aware/unaware and/ or positive/negative aspects of the individual in relation to higher/lower ’self.’ [ Anima/animus links ].

All the above a link to what became known; in part; as the ‘Greater/Lesser’ mysteries. As indicated in such books as ‘World Mysticism. By T. Freke and P. Gandy. Or ‘The Mysteries’. By C. Wilson. And especially ‘Language of the Goddess’. By M. Gimbutas. Very similar to Mr R. Graves book but more up to date especially in relation to this subject. And/or 'Woman's Mysteries: Ancient and Modern' by M. Esther Harding.

Those ''greater/lesser'' principles expressed throughout, regardless of time, place or culture.

Analogy of same, i.e., using different words to describe same principles..."Reference is made to the ''greater light'' which illuminates the 'three', and secondly, to the throwing upward of the ''lower light.'' Top/down in relation to Bottom/up. 'Into' relative to 'back to'. North/South relative to South/North as its ''physical'' representation. All explained throughout. Quote by A. Bailey. Recall what those ''three'' are a representation of.


Question. Out of the head?

Egyptian equivalent = Isis/Nephthys, in relation to Anubis, [by way of Osiris]. That final relationship to Horus. [Explained elsewhere.]. That same ‘unconscious/unaware’ link to what eventually became represented and known as the ‘Black Madonna, i.e., the 'Shadow' and/or anima/animus ‘bit’...of ‘Mary’. Roman equivalent = Minerva. Born "out of the head of Jupiter". [or Greek equivalent = Athena, from the 'forehead' of Zeus]. That now new ’goddess’, [ anima ] that becomes the central ‘figure head’, i.e., start point of a new 'development', in relation to an understanding...i.e.,

"a mental state in which spiritual perceptions were achieved, distinguishing between the 'shadow mixed with light', when the power of the imagination was mixed with reason...." [Chapter 24, 'The Sacred History']. As a representation of something.

Side note: David slays the 'giant' Goliath with a stone to the forehead. One of 'five' taken from the nearby stream. A fresh water one.

''Pure'' link?

Does that tell us anything about Gog/Magog?

Another example..."Another change was also initiated during this phase in the rise of power and favour of the moon goddess, who was said to be the daughter of Sinn [moon god]. In the course of time her worship came to supersede that of the older moon god and the transition, of which we shall have occasion to speak later, was made and the moon lost its 'male' sex and became 'female' "

Egyptian Khonsu?

Sinn who was called the 'Father' of the gods [Babylonia] - who was identified with the 'sickle' and 'crescent'. [Page 88, 'Women's Mysteries: Ancient and Modern'. Mentioned elsewhere]. Question why? What do they represent? Found within.

'Man in the Moon' / 'Hare in the Moon'?

Hera? Anagram of 'Hare' ?

Similar analogy - implying same..."Just as the full realty of human life consists of days and nights - of the bright day consciousness and the dark sway of the unconscious - so the full reality of the history of humanity, consists of a day aspect and a night aspect. The day aspect comprises the account of the actuality of what has become, and the night aspect embraces the activity of its becoming. The same could be said for the Bible story - applying both to what is becoming and what has become - is convincing when one considers the Bible from this point of view." Quote from within the book by V. Tomberg. Link to Horus in/of the horizon. OR

''Part of the moon's surface is much older than experts previously thought, with many of the craters pockmarking the iconic "man in the moon" predating that landform by hundreds of millions of years, new research finds.'' ['Livescience' / July 2023].

"As above so below. The ancient initiates, recognizing the limitations of human thinking and of human methods for expressing their thinking , postulated as a working hypothesis the theory of the Divine Oversoul, analogous to the Soul of man. And this theory of a Divine Creative Oversoul which is analogous in its working to the soul of man, and with which the human soul can get conscious communion, is the background of both ancient and modern Mystery school training." [Chapter 5, 'The Forgotten Mage'. Mentioned elsewhere].

The real question however one should ask is Why? Why go to all this effort. Boredom? Illusional?

"The lengthened shadow of a man Is history, said Emerson." [Extract from 'Selected Poems' by T. S. Eliot]. Think on it, in relation to 'light': From darkness.


Mad march hare?

''One area that was older than expected was the Mare Imbrium. This crater, now filled with smooth lava flows, makes up the right eye of the "man in the moon." Instead of being 3.9 billion years old, this crater dates back 4.1 billion years, the researchers reported. This is an important difference," Werner said. "It allows us to push back in time an intense period of bombardment from space, which we now know took place before extensive volcanic activity that formed the 'Man in the Moon' patterns. …  As this happened on the Moon, the Earth was almost certain to have also suffered this earlier bombardment too. This research could help scientists pinpoint the geology that may have set the stage for the rise of life on Earth — and perhaps on Mars, Audrey Bouvier, an experimental planetologist at the University of Bayreuth in Germany, said in a statement.

"Such a heavy bombardment period must have affected the origin and early evolution of life on Earth and potentially other planets such as Mars," said Bouvier, who was not involved in the study. "Bringing back rock samples from Jezero Crater on Mars will be the next giant leap forward to search for signs of ancient life on another planet in the Solar System."

Continued: All indicative to imply something other than the obvious. The most present one being indicative within the American medal of Honor. That same central figure head that is represented within that ‘upside down’ medal. A link to the 'Hang-mans' card of Tarot fame or the Triple uraeus of Cleopatra fame. [ Explained elsewhere ].

A working example: ''Making the film ‘Starfish’ has been a unique experience. It’s very strange to have your own life portrayed on screen. I started out as an actor, so being on set and being involved with the production was a bit like finally going home after all these years. Sitting with Nic watching the premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival, I realised just how unbelievably grateful I am to have beaten sepsis.

It has been the fight of my life. I did it for myself, for my beautiful wife and my amazing children. For every other single person affected by sepsis, the whole world over. And I’m glad I did.”iv

Or for a later development...that of ‘Aradia’. The ‘daughter’ of Diana and her ‘brother’ Lucifer, i.e., anima / shadow links. That ‘unknown’ quantity. Now has a start point. To become known. Or more to the point. In relation to this subject. A negative [ ‘lucifer’, link to 'fall' symbolism, by way of 'fallen' ], with a possible positive potential. Indirect link to this subject, i.e., a ‘subconscious’ link that eventually through awareness becomes a ‘known’ quantity, [ conscious of ]. From darkness to light. From something we did not know to something we now do know. Or are at least becoming aware of. Hence the link to Lucifer being identified with the 'Morning Star' as explained in chapter 4, of 'The History of the World' / J. Black. i.e., Isaiah 14:12....

"How thou art fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, 'son of ', the morning". Hence the reason why the word 'Lucifer' is identified as '' the light bringer''.

nhytRefresher: "What we call 'evil' is the manifestation of a soul considerably out of balance - evil is the disharmony of the soul. Hell is not a place, but a state of mind. Both poles are necessary to find the perfection of balance which leads us to what the Bible calls heaven. Again, heaven is not a place, but a state of mind - a state of being." ['Truth Vibrations'].

'Becoming' to enlarge.

"In response to the question, Where does the spirit go after death?, Boehme had once answered in a way that has something of the Teutonic Zen of Eckhart...''it has no need to go anywhere. The spirit has heaven and hell within it. Heaven and hell are within one another and are to one another as nothing.''

''Transforming fingers and/or 'hands'..''?

Practical analogy of same..."I remained obstinately silent. My Guru quickly penetrated my difficulty. "Do you think your relatives will laugh at you?"...'I will not return'...The controversial tension unrelieved, i bowed reverently at his feet and departed. Walking in the midnight darkness towards the hermitage, i wondered why the miraculous meeting had ended on an inharmonious note. The dual scales of maya - that balance every joy with a grief! My young heart was not yet malleable to the transforming fingers of my guru." [Extract from the book on Paramahansa Yogananda. Enlarged elsewhere].

''You cannot be serious!''

And/or: "The Beast is like our ego and egocentric interests. It represents the work of 'self' alone, without gods influence {'grace' link?}. The mark is erased when the work of our hands and thoughts of our minds are cooperating with 'god', rather than simply being self driven. The Beast is our lower nature at our most selfish, self-centered, self glorifying point of existence." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way' / Mentioned elsewhere]. Enlarged elsewhere.

Wolf/Mars/Sheep decans to enlarge.


'Face' side at Gobekli-yepe. Descending? Try ''In profile''?

Analogy with same intent..."I know now that my teacher was the holy man who gave the wise warning. If i could only find him. My wish was sincere, for one day the holy man arrived unheralded. 'Enough of tiger taming'. He spoke with calm assurance. 'Come with me; i will teach you to subdue the beasts of ignorance roaming in the jungles of the human mind.' I was initiated into the spiritual path by my saintly guru. He opened my soul doors, rusty and resistant with long disuse. Hand in hand we set off for my training..." [Extract from the chapter entitled 'The Tiger Swami' from the book on Paramahansa Yogananda ].

What is the message of The Tyger by William Blake?
Spots or 'stripes'?

'Spots' or 'stripes'?

''Framed as a series of questions, 'Tyger Tyger, burning bright' (as the poem is also often  known), in summary, sees Blake's speaker wondering about the creator responsible for such a fearsome creature as the tiger. The fiery imagery used throughout the poem conjures the tiger's aura of danger: fire equates to fear.

Question. Whats the remedy for 'fire' ?
'Twentyfour' to enlarge.

The ''spirit'' of the ancestors. Long slender fingers meeting in same position. Coincidence or a meaningful one? Made from volcanic ASH. ''Walked'' to the platform {foundation?}. Some FACING the horizon, some inwards towards the center of the island - but looking upwards to the 'stars' {vertical}. Spirit and soul as a means...? Other clues elsewhere. Try ''walk''.

And/or: {even though a little heavy going - as all are by this particular author and family members - but because of those universal constants, meaning can be achieved}: "What i mean to say, is that all men, through their individualistic nature, have in them the root of that which you call 'sins.' But don't you think the sculptors of the cathedrals were of the same opinion when, on the pedestals supporting figures of saints, they portrayed grimacing characters with vicious or diabolical faces? Shouldn't one conclude that sanctity is the fruit of combat, or the transmutation of these natural tendencies into supernatural forces?" ['Journey into the Light'].

Try the ''fruit of ones labo{u}rs'' in relation to incarnation/reincarnation - in the present moment.

''Sin'' in relation to 'missing the mark'.

N.B: Within the constellation Virgo such star descriptions as ''Grape-gatherer'' and/or ''Fruit-plucking Herald''. ['Star Names and Their Meaning'].

That final sentence also defines [if only in the Eastern sense] the 'difference' - on a day to day basis - between incarnation and reincarnation. The Western Way 'employs' a different method. Found within. Also 'East' and 'West' represented by the Bosphorus strait. Link to the - clashing rocks ; those 'Wandering' ones.

'Planets'. What do they represent within this subject?


"A soul that possessed a link of sympathy with the mystery of the heavens - such was Hermes {Hermopolis?} who had experienced all." {Kore Kosmu}.

Refresher: "Mercury, the planet closest to the sun, is visible to the naked eye at dawn or dusk for less than two hours , for only short periods during the year. As bright as a first magnitude star, the planet never rises far above the horizon and is easily obscured by low cloud or mist, making it difficult to find. Copernicus is reputed never to have seen it from his observatory in Frauenburg in Poland {hint, hint?}. Phoebus Apollo has been associated with light, and as Mercury in the morning skies {'evening' one represented with Hermes} he heralds dawn and the rising sun. Later mythology associates Apollo with the sun, but in Homer the god has, for a number of reasons, been linked to the planet Mercury when it is seen before the sun rises. In Book 10, during the night raid on the Trojan lines Apollo wakens the Thracian Hippocoon shortly before dawn, the time when Mercury can be seen. Apollo is another supporter of the Trojans and their allies, and as Mercury he champions them as the planet travels through the zodiac. With Mercury above Orion, perhaps in Taurus, Apollo is said by Homer to be aiding Hector in his clashes with..." ['Homer Secret Iliad'].

Flag of Brazil. 'Twentysix' stars above the equator. The solitary one = Spica - below. 'Twentyseven' in total. 'nineteen{th}' of November 1889 = Independence Day.

Side note: "Equinoxes were equally significant, being recognised by the equality of day and night as well as their occurrences midway between the two solstices. In ancient Egypt, the vernal equinox coincided with the return of Orion's rising before dawn, an event which heralded the symbolic return of Osiris, as he was associated with the constellation {'horizontal'?}. The autumn equinox was also a sacred time in stellar {'vertical'?} terms; it coincided with the rising of the star Spica {enlarged elsewhere} before dawn. This star was associated with Isis, and thus the two equinoxes were identified with the 'divine' pair..." ['From the book by R. Clark].

REFRESHER: "The circle is an image of pure 'spirit'...The crescent {semi-circle} that for the 'soul'...The vertical line that for the 'mind' and the horizontal line that for the 'body'. When the mind and body are combined, they form the 'cross of matter'. [Page 6 'Mapping the Psyche']. Try ''semi-circle'' for a connection.

"Because of Lucifer, the light of 'animal' consciousness [i.e., relative to a 'start' point] was introduced into the world, and what the story of Adam and Eve tells us is that with 'animal' life came desire. But with desire came suffering. 'Lucifer' attacks us in different ways. 'He' makes us liable to make mistakes." [Chapter 3, 'The Sacred History' by J. Black], i.e., day to day stuff, those negatives and positives, that balancing act we all do day by day, intentional or otherwise. Aware of it or not.


Two steps forward?

Represented as a 'fall' , in order to 'get back on the right path'. Two steps forward and only one back. In other words using the same example. Representing in symbolic form all those different aspects of that individual, [Jesus ] which were at one stage unaware, [ ‘unconscious’ ] are now ‘fully aware’, i.e., information learned in his ‘missing years’...and is now verified. If only to that individual, i.e., ‘verily, verily'. [ New testament ].

Symbolic of a new beginning. From a ‘theoretical’ to a practical. From knowledge acquired to being applied, i.e., 'second leg' of that total journey. Most commonly known as ones ‘ghosty bit’. As indicated and ‘researched’ by such individuals as S. Muldoon and Mr Robert Monroe, [especially,and if only, his first book]. Defined in the present day as ‘an out of body experience'. [Or book of same by Celia Green].

Remember...objectivity. It has a certain logic to it. A possible logic...but only when you understand what they imply...What every ‘student’ in all those ‘mystery’ clubs are eventually made aware of within those first few years of ‘membership’. What is meant by the ‘Divine bit’ in relation to that total ‘journey’ from the viewpoint of the observer in [A]. That same link to J. Naydler book...‘Shamanic wisdom in the pyramid texts’ . Indicating the possibility of what that origin; of information; may be.

What is that origin? Alchemists refer to it as ‘First matter’ possibly with ‘Quintessence’. Indirect link to the ‘Philosophers stone’. [ Explained elsewhere ].

The words ’Ain sof’ represents the same; in part; with the Kabbalists. Or the ‘spark’ of the zohar, [ Hebrew esotericsm ]. Or in Sufi lore words like ‘ineffable / unmanifest’.

Hindu equivalent ''nameless Eternal.'' i.e.,"Beyond all and alone stands the Supreme Eternal, the Imperishable Brahman, dark in utter mystery {i.e.,UNmanifested}. the Root of all that is, was, or shall ever be. Neither subject nor object, neither knower, knowing, or known can exist in the unspeakable Being of That which is beyond all names." [Chapter 8, 'The Yoga of the Bhagavat Gita'].

Metal of the mind. 'Rivers' named after it. Coincidence or a meaningful one?

Many found with ''three'' points of contact. EMPHASISING those three 'POINTS'. Most always inclined. Most also found on the west coast - overlooking the ''horizon''. Question. The ''benefit'' of three - in relation to - above and below? As one example: Horus IN/OF the 'horizon'.

An attempt to define something that is then, and still ‘unknown’ quantity. Hence the link to such ’indescribable’ words that attempt to define the same. That led to such books as ‘The Kybalion’ /Three initiates. One of the first attempts to put ‘substance’ to that ‘unknown quantity’...relative to an understanding. In the ‘spiritual’ sense. From a ‘spiritual’ rather than an ’empirical’ viewpoint, 'by way' of those three aspects, that are common to all.

Question. What would represent something becoming 'Manifested' ?

REFRESHER: "Error runs down an inclined plane, while truth has to laboriously climb its way up hill". [Extract taken from first page; introduction; of the book 'The Secret Doctrine'. Mentioned elsewhere].

Side note: Approaching Stonehenge - all up hill - as it is up to the cave/manger TOWARDS the birth of the Jesus child.

As an example..."I would not have felt obliged to step forward and openly reveal write you a book in which i would tell what i have obtained through my intuition, during my retreats and 'visions'. In every seeking soul, there is a portion, be it small or great, of the light of god." [Introduction, 'The Philosophy of Illumination' by Suhrawardi].

REFRESHER: "....the words 'idea', 'wisdom' and 'vision' ALL originate from the common Indo-European root which means ''to see''. An idea is an insight, an inner flash of illumination that can result in 'wisdom'." [From the book 'Alexandria' / Vol 3 ].

Continued: But remember, that 'spiritual' analogy has logic to it, and the essence/core of anything... that has any logic to it... can be 'assessed' by deductive reasoning, especially when all the 'circumstantial evidence' is taken into the equation. If 'circumstantial' is good enough for the legal profession, then it follows by the same logic, that it should be good enough to evaluate anything and everything else, including this subject... Middle ground between 'spiritual and empirical? Think about it. [ If you can get your head around it; then your ‘read’ of it is better than mine. The book that is, i.e.,the 'Kybalion'. This reader is still scratching ].


Coptic cross at the entrance to the inner sanctuary, Temple of Isis, Philae, Egypt. Question 'nineteen' {'cup?'} marks in total?

"The discussion continues and Tat expresses his desire to be immersed in the Cup of Mind [i.e., Krater. Or the Monad. Enlarged elsewhere. Link to the meaning of the word 'Grail']. Finally the dialogue ends with what i feel to be one of the most remarkable passages of the entire Hermetic corpus. Describing the 'divine' source of the cosmos, Hermes explains: The Oneness [monad] being Source [arche] and Root of all, is in all things as Root and Source. Without this source exists nothing; whereas the Source itself is from nothing but itself, since it is Source of all the rest. It is itself its Source, since it may have no other Source. The Oneness then being source, contains every number, but is contained by none; it engenders every number, but is engendered by no other one. Now all that is engendered is imperfect, for it is divisible, and subject to both increase and to decrease {''duality'' link}; but with the 'Perfect One' none of these things do hold. Now that which is increasable 'increases' from the Oneness, but succumbs through its own 'feebleness' when it no longer can contain the One. And now, O Tat, 'God's' image has been sketched for you, insofar as it can be; and if you will attentively dwell on it and observe it with your heart's eyes, believe me, son, you'll find the path which leads above; nay, that image shall become your guide itself, because the Sight Divine has this peculiar charm, it holds fast and draws unto it those who succeed in opening their eyes, just as, they say, the magnetic stone draws iron." [Page 213/4 'Alexandria' Vol 1, by D. Fideler]. Try ''polarities'' - its place within this subject. And/or ''crocodile''.

''Feebleness'' in relation to ''fall'' ?

And/or: {from a different perspective i.e., the Pythagorean one}: ''Numbers show us that there is a harmony, a necessary sequence of facts and factors. Multiplication is never situated BEFORE division, just as addition can never precede this division and situates itself between division and multiplication." [Page 107 'The Egyptian Miracle: An Introduction to the Wisdom of the Temple' / R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz].

To ''divide'' something implies from an original unity of something - from 'one' source {monad?}. Multiplication and addition used as a {'duality'?} - in order to unify what was originally divided?

As a means....?

"In the Pagan Mysteries, beginners were known as 'mystae', meaning 'those with eyes closed', and enlightened initiates were known as 'epopteia' meaning, 'those who can see'." [From the book by T. Freke and P. Gandy].

Side note: Alice Roberts {'Britain's Biggest Dig' / 2020} finds ''extremely strange'' artefacts buried with 'owners'. A 'brick' inside a skull is a common find {'philosopher's stone'?}. A marmalade jar another {'glass' and 'sweet' link}. A wine goblet - without the base - is also found in the course of the digs. Get into that mind set beyond ''student pranks''.

'Mans Search for Meaning' / Viktor Frankl.

Aspect of the 'unconscious'?

"In 1932, despite being at the height of of his fame, physicist Wolfgang Pauli felt compelled to seek the psychological help of world-renowned psychoanalyst Carl Jung. The two men developed a close friendship - and a joint obsession with a primal number at the root of the universe. They looked at the mystical number 137 for clues to understanding the unconscious, thereby delving into what Jung called ''the no man's land between Physics and the Psychology of the Unconscious...the most fascinating yet the darkest hunting ground of our times." [Back cover to the book '137: Jung, Pauli, and the Pursuit of a Scientific Obsession' by Arthur Miller].

''No mans land'' = 'Waters of the Gap'? Enlarged elsewhere.

Medway Gap?


"A few mornings later i made my way to Masters empty sitting room. I planned to meditate, but my laudable purpose was unshared by disobedient thoughts. They scattered like birds before the hunter." [Extract from the book 'Autobiography of a Yogi'. Mentioned elsewhere].


Ash trees. Above/below. Dark/light. Higher/lower. Boundaries. As a means....

Side note: A {working?} example: "However, faery is where you find it. In my own experience there can be a sudden feeling of euphoria that seems to 'well up' from the ground, and on further investigation, found to be associated with a rising water spring {'marsh'?} and a nearby tree or ring of trees {'Bottom of the Garden'?}. Two trees in a hedgerow have also provided an unexpected doorway, or window, that turned out to be an oak and an ash, with a thorn bush growing between them. I learned a great deal with patterns of bird flight in 'looking through' that particular gateway. But it is important to stress, i think, that i did not go out looking for these particular sites - they, on the contrary, seemed almost to be lying in wait for me, revealing themselves unexpectedly. An important check on validity is perhaps a sense of surprise." ['The Faery Gates of Avalon' / G. Knight. Emphasis, this readers].



And/or: ''The word 'fairy' entered the English language in the 13th century, from the old English word meaning 'to marvel' and originally referred to the state of mind - feyrie or fayrie, meaning the state of being enchanted. J.R.R. Tolkein defined faerie as 'beauty that is an enchantment'...'' [Page 401 'The Secret History of the World'].


From a different perspective {with something extra}: ''Consider that after the mummification ceremony, there follows a burial ritual in which the mouth of the dead is symbolically opened in the 'underworld' {i.e., next 'stage' and/or cycle}. Here the ankh, the symbol of life, is held to the lips and NOSE {smell link?}. This provides the soul with spirit, or the breath of life, needed to 'SPEAK' in the next world. Now the newly dead may invoke the names {new ones?} of god, as they did on earth. The ancient priests probably sang their incantations. Incantation literally means ''singing in'' and is connected to the idea of enchantment.'' [Page 69 'Imagining the World Into Existence'].

Question. What comes before? Ears? Upright ones?

Try ''lightness''. A 'boundary' state of something. Altered state? - which one 'enters' into when understanding ANYTHING of a 'higher' order. Step by step increments. Yes or no?

Eureka moments?

Spirit in relation to Soul. That benefit of, relative to the individual. Check it out.

Spirit in relation to Soul. Symbolic of. That benefit of, relative to the individual. Check it out. Question. What represents 'shadow' ? And Why. Forked tongue?

Refresher: " I make no secret whatsoever of the fact that my rather revolutionary model of the atom came to me in a dream.'' Niels Bohr.

Question. A 'beautiful' one?

Continued...The Greeks referred to that same 'process' with the word 'nous', ["direct spiritual 'insight'], that becomes "the pilot for the soul", [chapter four. J. Naydler book. Mentioned elsewhere].

What would represent that ''pilot''?

Question. S/W - S/E = Landscape equivalent?



Celtic equivalent of same principles: "The god Hu was the all ruling divinity of western Celtic mythology. He represented the power and glory of the spiritual world, and in that sense, the spiritual, not the physical sun. He was 'wedded' to the goddess Ceridwen; and Ceridwen was the soul of the world, bestowing the power of 'vision' upon the human soul {a 'beautiful' one?}...And so we can imagine, that when Ceridwen made herself known in her true form {eureka moments?} - all 'terror' and fury of darkness overcome, her Cauldron {enlarged elsewhere} of Nature, would be the Iris itself, radiant glowing, living, creating - the Girdle of Hu the 'Mighty'. " ['The Flaming Door']. Try ''girdle'' / ''aura'' to see it in its broader context.

Orion's ''belt''?


And/or: ''We have already examined Heka at some length, but certainly Re derives his power from his creative partners Sia and Hu.....Sia {'Sophia'?} is omniscience and divine knowledge, foreknowledge and understanding: Hu is the voice of authority {'higher' voice?}; and Heka is spiritual intention....One creation myth says that when Hu drew in his first breath, there came a sucking sound that is the essence of his name. Hu is also the sound of an expelled breath. His two hieroglyphs - are a 'house' with an open door {'open entrance'?} and a circle that represents the spiraling winds of a dust devil.....Inhale/exhale = a bellows breath.....He is connected with the voice, effective utterance, and the tongue....He became the impassioned power of speech in combination of human will aligned with divine will. 'Hu' drew forth the healing powers of the heart - the seat of consciousness {'Seat of First Occasion'?}.... Certain mystical traditions believe that the Sphinx is an image of the god Hu. When the river had reached its flood height, Hu's fiery breath stirred the water and caused the sun to rise...{'east' therefore a beginning?}....people gathered on the banks before sunrise to chant Hu-Hu-Hu-Hu until the sun rose....Also represented as a baboon - which is known to raise its palms in the morning and huff at the rising sun....Hu is the ancient name of god, a love song to god. When Soul has heard this sound, Soul yearns to go home.'' [Page 75-77 /125 'Imagining the World Into Existence' / N. Ellis].

Song of Songs?

The connection between the two {i.e., Celtic / Egyptian} = Meritaten?

5:1 to enlarge.

Side note: Water vapor and tiny particles of dust emitted from tree tops in the Amazon - that creates the 'river in the sky'. [ 'H20: The Molecule That Made Us' / BBC 4].

And/or: ''A TALL attractive, assertively self confident woman is referred to as a 'glamazon'...Amazons were legendary warrioresses.'' ['The Chase'].


From a different perspective: ''Meaning: noble or aristocratic. Mona is a girl's name of Italian origin. This name translates to “noble” and “aristocratic.” It is thought to be derived from the name Madonna, which is associated with the 'Virgin Mary'...Based on the mid-sixteenth century biography of Leonardo da Vinci by Giorgio Vasari, many historians believe the painting is a portrait of Madam Lisa Giocondo, wife of a wealthy Florentine. It is from Vasari that the painting received the name Mona Lisa, also known as La Gioconda in Italian or La Joconde in French....La Gioconda (/lə ˌəˈkɒndə/ lə JEE-ə-KON-də, Italian: [la dʒoˈkonda]; "the joyful one." [Wiki].

Humilty or Self-exaltation?

Continued: Think about it, in relation to what the word 'soul' ; in the main; represents, i.e., "Our life in this world was a 'ladder' between heaven and earth, whose 'sides' are the body and soul [anima], upon which individuals ascend through humility, and/or descend through self-exaltation, {shadow?}. Emphasis, this readers,{with the exception of the word in 'bold' print}...introduction. 'The Brother hood of the Common Life'. Mentioned elsewhere].

Taken together with..."that man is formed with a body and heart, and by the heart, i mean the essence of mans spirit, which is the seat of the 'knowledge' of 'god'... ", ['Path to Sufism'/ Al-Ghazali].

''Essence'' = 'male' or 'female'?

'Seat of 1st occasion'?

While recalling what that 'process' shown in its 'physical' state, is a representational of, i.e., in the Egyptian case... with all Pharaohs seated on their thrones, indicative of a 'spiritual' understanding, [explained elsewhere. Use the 'find' indicator]. That same 'spiritual' understanding that ;in the main; is represented in its 'physical' form as a 'serpent'. Compare to the 'seated' arrangements at Gobekli-tepe. Back to the outside. Front to the inside. See anything? i.e.,internal / external links.


A 'Shield'? Recall what 'two lions' represent.

As seen from a different perspective...''By means of the cup, we can put anything ''into'' our Magical Cosmos we want, just as by the Shield we can exclude anything. So far as the inner world is concerned, the Cup means IN and the Shield means OUT. The Inner Cosmos must have internalities and externalities like any other Cosmos. So with the Cup, we take into ourselves all that we truly love and hold dearest to us, which we want nearest to our essential being. All else we arrange as externalities around the demarcation circle of ''Me and We'' by means of the Shield. This makes the Cup the most ''sacred'' of the instruments, since we should only use it for taking in and pouring forth the very best and finest energies we are capable of containing." Enlarged elsewhere.

The above link to such books as 'The Eleventh Hour'. By M.Lings. Especially in relation to the symbolism of 'Twelve' {i.e.,'inner cosmos' by way of those 12 signs - what they represent} i.e., What does the title imply. Think about it in relation to an understanding. Same as the 'Eleventh' and 'Twelfth' divisions of 'The Book of What is in the Duat', [Chapter Three.'The Master Game'. Mentioned elsewhere], in relation to the remaining 'story' of what is in the 'duat', relative to the reader.

Relative in the sense, of working out its symbolism, what it represents, relative to the individual. "It is the darkest hour, the hour before the dawn, and the Soul, reduced to performing the tasks of a servant, is lost to sight altogether. The forces of materialism seem triumphant and the very existence of the Soul becomes a matter of doubt, or even denial. But not forever can the soul be thus buried in darkness. The 'allotted' period draws to its close, and the Soul emerges from its obscurity with all its flashing powers." [Prologue, 'The Yoga of the Bhagavat Gita' ].

The flashing helmet of Hector? Recall the 'helmet' of Achilles.

What this subject calls... ''the dark night of the soul'', of which becomes, that books start and end point. From 'dark' to light. From unaware to aware. That understanding of a ''connectedness''. Relative to the divine 'bit'. Possibility of.

That same ‘unknown quantity’ that is very loosely termed in the present era as a ‘Singularity point’. [Not ''The'' singularity point]. Or more importantly what it 'emerged' from, [ possibilities of ]. Remember...Not literal. Symbolic of a beginning. An origin. A general idea in order to give the beginner an interest towards forming his/her own ideas about the subject. In order that they question the subject further. To explore what those new options / possibilities could be. [ ‘A book of Beginnings’. By G. Massey. ’Keys’ can be found but only when cross referenced with other ‘verified’ works].

"The more one has ''open eyes'' for quantity; the more one becomes blind to quality." Quote from within the book by Tomberg.

long {zenith} or short {nadir}?

And/or - its alternative viewpoint {i.e.,in the positive sense of the 'word' - even if slightly dramatic}: "There exists a concept, obvious to the sages of all times, the meaning and very possibility of which are totally beyond the understanding of rationalistic thinking: the concept of qualitative exaltation." {'Sacred Science']. ''Quantity/Quality.'' in relation to ''Agnostic/Gnostic.''

And/or: In relation to Denderah's 'round' zodiac: ''The five planets known to the Egyptians as Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, and Venus, were personified as gods and placed close to the zodiacal signs that defined their 'exaltations', or hypsomata in Greek, which is associated with the Greek word hypsoo, meaning to 'raise something up' or 'exalt', and closely related to hypsos, meaning 'height'. In both ancient and modern astrology 'exaltation' and its opposite 'fall' = strength/weakness = ''planets influence in a persons birth chart depending on its location.'' They also define the characteristic pattern of planetary movement: 'In heaven time runs by the RETURN of coursing stars to the same places in chronological cycles' {''line of sight''?}....'' [Page 134 'Hathor's Alchemy'].

N.B. There is also a 'square' one.

'Escape clause''?

''Their thrones are the signs upon which they are exalted and have royal power; and prisons wherein they are depressed and oppose their own power.'' [same page/book].

Alfred to enlarge.

THAT ''duality'' clause again! 'See' it?

Gnosticism / Poseidon / Abydos to enlarge.

Stonehenge Cursus?

Try ''backwards''.

In a different form?

''Exalted'' in relation to {as a means}: "In order to approach the esoterism of the problem, the symbol of the lotus must be recalled, equally valid for both India and Egypt. It is seen that the lotus has its roots in the earth {'mud'?}, grows in and by means of water, that its leaves are nourished by air and its flowers by the sun's 'fire'. Thus the lotus symbolizes the four elements...The lotus flower represents the 'final' product, not only regenerated but exalted...Philosophically, such an exaltation finds its culmination in the absolute...This is the true meaning of an exaltation of the mortal towards the immortal..." Same book.

Define {'see'} the above to get an idea {''hang on''?} - the following: The Cerrigydrudion Crown. A Celtic piece of ancient artwork. Bronze {'red'?} and leather {'cow'?] headpiece. ''Possibly signifies 'warrior' headgear - with palm leaf and lotus designs - neither of which are common to these islands {UK}.'' ['Inside Museums: St. Fagan/Cardiff. Sat.TV].

A working example: Recall Odysseus journey back to his homeland. Lotus island being its 'first stage'.

'Spirit/Soul' - as a means....?

As a side note, some sceptic's of this subject, when such words as 'relative' or 'observer' or 'singularity' are used to define something within it, endorse their own beliefs that the 'whole' is nothing more than a ''New age'' phenomenon, or the equivalent. [Those first impressions]. Individuals they assume who play on such words since the creation of General Relativity early in the last century, to endorse their personal beliefs. Such words as most know, are not the sole ownership of any particular subject, as proven within this subject, especially within the Sufi texts that; for countless generations; [prior to the above] have used the same; in relation to ''unmanifest'' and ''manifest''. Their version of 'unknown'/ known, or 'aware'/ unaware, in attempting to define something. Others include ''ineffable/effable''.

90 or 180?

S/W corner. What about the hypotenuse? All as a means....

A {working} example: "For exact understanding exact language is necessary. And the study of systems of ancient knowledge begins with the study of a language which will make it possible to establish at once exactly what is being said, from what point of view, and in what connection. This 'new' language contains hardly any new terms or new nomenclature, but it bases the construction of speech upon a new principle, namely the principle of relativity; that is to say, it introduces relativity into all concepts and thus makes possible an accurate determination of the angle of thought - for what precisely ordinary language lacks are expressions of relativity..." And/or " The division of man into 'seven' categories, or seven numbers, explains thousands of things which otherwise cannot be understood. This division gives the first conception of relativity as applied to man. Things may be one thing or another thing according to the kind of man from whose point of view, or in relation to whom, they are taken...['In Search of the Miraculous']. Try ''angle'' and ''seven''.


logos2The Hindu way is best explained; at least for this reader; by such authors as Bede Griffiths. ’The Cosmic Revelation’...and ‘A New Vision of Reality’. Explaining that same framework together with the ‘Divine bit’ but now in Hindu terminology. Try and find ’it’. The Hindu equivalent of that ‘bit’. ' A New Model of the Universe' by P. D. Ouspensky - a different perspective... on the same principles.

The most recent publications of the same...are by such authors as T. Freke. ’The Mystery Experience’...and other such books by the same author. Or even Mr Fred Wolf. Alias Dr Quantum. Attempting to define the same in his own unique way. Or any books by Rene Guenon. Explaining those same concepts but now in relation to other ‘religions’. All Self delusional?

fredA more up to date example of same could be the opinions put forward in Mr D. Wilcocks book, 'The Source Field Investigations', especially in relation to DNA , as put forward in chapter nine of the same book. What he terms as 'the DNA phantom effect', especially the quote..."Gariaev's discovery suggests that the complete genetic code for an organism might not be found in the DNA molecule after least not as their final location". Think about it, relative to A/B/C and what all these authors from multiple generations infer about the 'Divine bit', in relation to the rest of that 'framework'.

Certain Pagan ‘alphabets’ it is said, [ Ogham? ] were shown with a ‘notch’ in the ‘x’ letter. The word... 'notch' is a link to two other key words. ’Hook / Latch’. Letters when hooked together form words...that form sentences...that when hooked together form paragraphs. That form pages of possible knowledge [i.e.,'gnosis'] that could lead to...inspirations and aspirations from that ‘unconscious’ start to a now slowly emerging one. That lead to a possible understanding of something new. All of which have to be represented in some form - for an understanding to take place. Link to the word ''symbolism''.

Side note: "The Arabians called these Jabbat al Akrab, the forehead, or Front, of the Scorpion; and the Chinese - Kow Kin, a Hook and Latch. They are an interesting naked pair to the eye..." [Notes within 'Scorpio' from the book 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

'Line of sight' ?

"These forms in letters and pictures and images are the means by which truths may be brought to the attention of the unripe mind." [Extract taken from the 'introduction' to the book by F. Hartman].

The now conscious aspect of the same is represented; in its physical form; by what is referred to as the ‘Hooked staff’, [ 'Crosier' ]. That every cleric person from bishop upwards are allowed ‘to be’ in possession of. Some understand its true symbolism. Others do not, [ Explained elsewhere ].

Those same inspirations/aspirations that ‘themselves’ must have parameters/boundaries, [ Key ]. Must have emerged from somewhere. Egyptian equivalent...from 'Pay-lands' to 'enclosures' to 'chambers', [ development of. 'Mythical Origin of the Egyptian Temple']. That ‘somewhere’, that within this subject regardless of culture is always represented in its physical form or the written one with another key word. ’Niche’. Or its indicated; of the same; as in the Queens ’ chamber’. [ Gt.Pyramid ] Or the book... ’The Niche of lights’. By Al-Ghazali.

'Pay Dirt'.

Side note: The author G. Hancock and E. Reymond attempt to understand ''pay-land'' in the literal sense of the 'word' especially {if only in Hancocks case} in relation to the 'Atlantis' story. Define subject material to interpret the parts within the whole - or at least gets one as close to a true answer - including the word ''Atlantis''. Enlarged further on and throughout.

''The term pay-dirt originated in the mining industry.'' ['The Chase'].



Semi-circle? S/E?

Atlas = ''the first cervical vertebrae.'' Like the rungs of a ladder.

A {working?} example: "In the present day - those boundaries for each constellation have become very complex, but nevertheless the Iliad gives an occasional clue about the boundaries that Homer envisaged for at least a small number of constellations. Indications of these can be seen in his references to the 'huts' and 'tents' of leading 'warriors' who have been assigned via the Catalogue of Ships to stars within those constellations...{as an example} "The upper part of his helmet is identifiable as a shallow dome of faint stars in the 'head' of Bootes: 'On this Odysseus went at once into his tent {and} put his 'shield' about his 'shoulders'. The stars of Corona Borealis make a fine shield, and there relationship to Bootes gives them the impression of being carried on the shoulders of Odysseus...Greek leaders such as Idomeneus and Meriones {Taurus} and Eurypylus {Lyra} also have 'huts' and 'tents' - the areas of the sky encompassed by their respective constellation boundaries. Achilles {Canis Major} in his celestial 'hut' when he is 'sitting opposite' his friend Patroclus {Canis Minor}; it can be seen that this places their personal stars at opposite ends of the constellation boundary defined by Homer." ['Homer's Secret Iliad']. Follow the title of the book to 'see' it in its broader context.

Side note: 'Huts' in relation to the Land of Punt? And 'Tents' in relation to the Wilderness story?

Something extra{?}:" Caer Arianrhod is both the castle of Death and of Rebirth, and in Welsh stands for the Corona Borealis - the Crown of the North - suggesting a link between Arianrhod and the Greek Ariadne, who received a 'crown' from Dionysus which became known as the Corona in subsequent myths. As she is so firmly rooted in the 'Otherworld', Arianrhod has no associated places, though she is most definitely a stellar contact." [Page 77 'The Western Way' / Vol 1].



'Stump'? Any ladders?

reed huts?

And/or: ''Otherworld'' in relation to such quotes as ''collective ancestral wisdom'' and/or ''metaphysical planes'' relative too - ''Avalon, Hollow Hills, the Blessed Isles, Summerland {'Summer Triangle'?}…. in the place beyond the sunset, ever westward where the light is always that of twilight {i.e.,from a as yet 'unknown' aspect}. Hence: ''It is a waiting place, a place of learning and nourishment {'food' link}....The place of traditional learning and wisdom, where springs the well of inspiration....For the Jews it was to 'be gathered in Abraham's Bosom.'' And/or {analogy}: "The Celtic Otherworld retains its ambiance of 'Joy'. It is aptly described as the Fortunate Isle, the Honeyed Plain of Bliss, the Apple Isle and the Summer country: all set somewhere west..." [Pages 107-109 same book].

Sunset as opposed to sunrise? i.e., westward leading still proceeding....


Glastonbury and means.....inspiration?

REFRESHER: ''The star of your being is rising.''

A working example: 'Waiting: a life within: something conceived in the heart.' / 2nd Week of Advent / Magdala / K. Nichols / 2021].

220px-Paderborner_Dom_Dreihasenfenster[1]Side note: {something to ponder on}: "The stars marking the ribs of the figure in this constellation are, in some maps, mingled with those of Capricorn...It is interesting to note that one of its three stars was occulted by Mars on the 1st October, 1672...These and others have allowed modern astronomers, especially Leverrier, to ascertain the mean motion of the planet Mars, and materially aid them in calculating the mass of the earth and our distance from the sun...Petosiris talks about the Lesser Waterman in relation to the Scythe {sickle?}, the Hare/fox/grey wolf and Altar constellation...but I find no mention of this elsewhere....Sadalmelik lies on the Right Shoulder of the figure, 1 degree south of the celestial equator, and has a distant 11th magnitude grey companion. Called with its companion stars, Brown says - Foundation. It was a determinate star within this lunar station." ['Star Names and Their Meaning' under 'Aquarius']. ''Ribs'' of Genesis?

Try ''lucky/unlucky'' in relation to light/dark. Capricorn/Cancer? ALL AS MEANS {'Equator'?}...?

Continued i.e., {from previous paragraph}: "God' is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The parable of 'his' Light is as if there were a niche and within it a lamp, the lamp enclosed in glass, the glass as it were a brilliant star lit from a blessed tree, an olive, neither of the East, or of the West, whose oil is well-neigh luminous, though 'fire' scarce touches it; light upon light....." [Quran 24:35]......

Buddha's hand. 'Fire' symbol in the palm of the hand?

"The meaning of the niche is the faithful heart of the believer. The 'lamp' enlightening, the niche of the heart is the essence of the heart, while the light that it sheds is the divine secret...."[ Chapter 9, 'The Secret of Secrets'].

That 'divine' word again.

"No one after lighting a lamp covers it with a vessel, or puts it under a bed, but puts it on a stand, that those who enter may see the light. For nothing is hid that shall not be made manifest, nor anything secret that shall not be known and come to light." [Jesus, Luke 8.16].

Out of that ‘niche’ of the mind possible inspirations and aspirations may emerge that could lead to a positive awareness by way of... as he attempts to describe it in the same book [i.e.,'The Niche of Lights'... an "incommunicable mystery." i.e.,as an way of...the contents of this web page. That 'incommunicable' language that the figure Enoch represents, in different forms throughout different cultures / 'religions'. Found within.

'Tower of Babel v Gnosis? {i.e.,what it represents}. 'See' it?

Together with..."This engraving, which was molded in Binah was incised and hidden in it, as someone who hides everything, locks it up, and puts the key away. This key is kept hidden in a certain 'chamber' and although everything is hidden in that chamber, the most important thing is that key, which locks and unlocks everything!" [Section 42 [parashot] vol one, 'The Zohar' by Rav Berg].



Shepherd Kings?

Side note: "The key essential element for growth has always been change {via motion}, and so we must, if we wish to grow, constantly strive to escape from the comfortable congestion of our daily lives - we must attempt to climb into a ''larger box'' {chamber?} whenever we can, like a snake shedding its skin through successive cycles of growth....We must actively think our way out, and the best way to do that is to constantly question - to test and probe the 'concreteness' of our world....We are engulfed in a sea of mystery which is normally never thought about or considered due to the well constructed walls of our defences." [Page 18 of the book by D. Monroe].

Example{?}: Those 'White Walls' that surrounded the Step Pyramid.

"The King had brought me to his chambers." [Song of Songs, 1:4]. This verse has been interpreted as meaning that he whose search has reached a certain level feels that he is in the place of the 'King'. He goes from room to room, from hall to hall, 'seeking him' out. However the 'kings palace' is an endless series of 'worlds', and as a man proceeds in his search from room to room, he holds only the end of the string [key]. It is never the less, a continuous going, a going after 'god', a going to 'god', day after day, year after year." [Emphasis this readers. Chapter 8, 'The Thirteen Petalled Rose'. Mentioned elsewhere].


Analogy {can you see it}: ''In the case of of the Homeland of the Primeval Ones it seems that enough of the 'sunken island' remained close to the surface for the survivors to attempt to win some of it back from the 'sea' - {wet/dry link} - an endeavour referred to in the Edfu texts as the 'creation of the pay-lands', where the term 'pay-land' {pay dirt?} clearly means land reclaimed from the sea {fenland?}. Thus we read how sacred 'spells' were recited; the waters gradually receded from the edge of the island, and the actual 'land' was brought out. The text then describe: a process of ...continuous creation by the emergence of a progressive series of plots of land...The creation of these 'sacred domains' was, in fact, a resurrection and restoration of what had been in the past but had vanished...At the end there appeared further pay-lands which brought to a new life of the 'former' homeland..." ['Magicians of the Gods' / G. Hancock]. Try ''fen'' and/or ''floating island'' - all as a means...?


"In black basalt {volcanic rock} are the fragments of cubits whose surfaces, besides their subdivision into palms and fingers, bear precious indications concerning the length of Egypt, the height of the Niles spate, and the flood level at three essential points: Abu {Elephatine}, Per-Hapi {near Old Cairo}, and Behedet {the marches of the Delta}.....AND/OR: "At Luxor, for example, the colossi standing or walking in the name of Ramses {birth of the sun} which surround the first court of the temple at Karnak are of red granite. Black granite was chosen for carving the seated colossi in front of the pylon: 'that of the west is carved from a block of black granite chosen in the quarry so that the red crown is found to be carved in a vein of red traversing the block...." [Page 99 'Sacred Science: The King of Pharaonic Theocracy' / R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz].

Raised/sunken relief?



And/or: As seen from a different perspective, i.e., a ''ritual'' one - but because those images/archetypes/pictures - are universal, an understanding can be got. Regardless of whether one 'participates' or studies. That is, an understanding into a mind set. The chapter is entitled 'The Visualization' {page 178} of the book 'The Way of Merlin'.....''We sit {''Temple of man''?} -upon the ridge {of a rocky outcrop} facing towards the distant sea {'overlook'?}. Looking out over the great plain below.'' It goes on about the landscape travelled, rivers, animals, bridges etc. Then: "The path taken undulates but always heads towards the sea... Where the sea and land meet, we fling ourselves down upon the beach, and realize that we have come to a place where the elements merge and separate...." Continued elsewhere.

Try ''Fen'' / ''Fenland'' /''marshes'' / ''wet/dry'' and ''ridge'' or ''rocky'' - all as a means...?

Top-down relative Bottom-up.

Female figures. Ubaid.

Side note: 'Plots of land'' {two para's back} - in relation to Oak Island? Enlarged elsewhere.

And/or: ''Sacred Spells'' in relation to: "On this point, the best sense Reymond {i.e.,,author of 'Mythical Origin of the Egyptian Temple'} is able to make of what she describes as an 'unusually obscure' text, is that the protection was constituted by means of symbols {keys}. The 'magical' power of protecting was conferred by a giving 'of names' {i.e.,as one other example - Adam in Genesis}. Same book. All emphasis, this readers.

Try ''name''.

Understanding the overall subject gives clues as to its 'connectedness' to other cultures, i.e.,recall what the word 'King' is; {previous paragraph with different author} in the main; symbolic of, by way of positive over negative represented with some as 'the eternal apprentice'. As with the word 'string' and 'continuous'. The Egyptian equivalent, the twisted rope that 'connects' all those different 'aspects' on amongst other things, the carvings/ paintings on tomb walls. The 'coiled rope' being a symbol of the word 'Re-stau'. Which in itself gives clues as to the possible resting place of certain individuals.

Refresher - but now with additional symbols, {therefore 'keys'} within it: "On this point, the best sense Reymond is able to make of what she describes as an 'unusually obscure' text, is that the protection was constituted by means of symbols. The 'magical' power of protecting was conferred by a giving 'of names' . The Apkallus mingled their 'magic' with practical skills - such as laying the foundations of cities and temples. Similarly, the seven Sages of the Edfu texts also had their practical, architectural side and many passages testify to their involvement in the setting out and construction of buildings and in the laying of foundations. Moreover, the Egyptians believed that 'the ground plans of the historical temples were established according to what the Sages of the primeval age revealed to Thoth..." [G. Hancock book].

Question. Nothing more than a ''practical'' skill? Recall its relevance in ANY SUBJECT. Try ALL pages.

Refresher: "We don't know the purpose of the white quartz pebbles. There found in mortuary context from pre-historic periods onward and also medieval cemeteries. There's a passage in the Bible - Revelations- about a person who has found Christ is given a white stone - and in that - a new name."  Try ''Quartz'' and/or ''crystallization''.


6854654-set-christian-various-religious-symbolsThe ‘x’ was chosen because of its link to the ‘cross’, and the word 'Christ'.[ Explained elsewhere ] i.e., once understood a better understanding of such books as...’The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye’. By J. Weidner...and ‘The Mystery of the Buried Crosses’. By H. Garland...will be the result.

"Four Corners Monument, marking the only spot in the United States where four states (Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico) come together."

Synchronistic Analogy?..."But, he told me, as a group we were not aligned properly in our energies. He ''showed'' me to myself wearing a t-shirt with the image of an X in the middle of as circle. What was needed, he said, was to revolve the X of our energy so that it would appear as a cross. He said that to do this, we all needed to come very close together. He said he and the others were caught ''between the worlds,'' and that we had come there to release them.


..And all of the work and hardship we had endured, both in our own lives and now, trekking through the hot sun of a southwestern August, had been needed just for this task we were there to perform...I told the group about my dream and vision. One other member had received a similar vision...I sat down again, everyone on the bus spontaneously joined hands and went into a profound heart connection. And, again spontaneously, with tears flowing, we all began singing with one voice the hymn, ''Amazing Grace''. We could ''see'' the children all around us and feel them rejoicing. ''I was once lost but now i am found''.

'Triangle'? 'Orange' one? Womb or tomb?

At that very moment we began to sing, the driver changed roads, from Route 666 to Highway 160, heading for the meeting place of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona, the point at which the 'Four Corners' come together. The visionary Anasazi leader reappeared to me and said, ''look.'' The image of the circle and the X he had shown me before - had turned into the image of our medicine wheel, with the four center stones in the shape of a cross.''You must do the ceremony now,'' he said. ''You must be standing on Mother Earth.'' We needed to find the next place to stop, where we could pull over and do the ceremony out on the land, and that ''next possible place'' just happened to be the junction of the Four Corners." ['Serpent of Light Beyond 2012' - ALL ON PAGE 153].

Southwest / X / 666 in relation {versus?} - Cross / 'Grace' / Four / 'sixteen'. Anything?

Question. Coincidence or a ''meaningful' one OR nothing more that mumbo jumbo?

Try ''Junction''.

Driven or drivel?

A working example?..."The Beast is like our ego and egocentric interests. It represents the work of 'self' alone, without gods influence {'grace' link?}. The mark is erased when the work of our hands and thoughts of our minds are cooperating with 'god', rather than simply being self driven. The Beast is our lower nature at our most selfish, self-centered, self glorifying point of existence." ['Wisdom of the 4th Way' / Mentioned elsewhere]. Enlarged elsewhere.

wheel"We believe we have sufficiently demonstrated the significance of the cross, the depth of its esotericism, and its predominance in symbolism in general. As far as the practical realization of the Work is concerned, it certainly offers no less value nor teaching. It is the first key, the most considerable and most secret of all the ones that can open the sanctuary of nature of man. This key always appears in visible characters, outlined by nature her-self, obedient to the divine will on the cornerstone of the work, which is also the fundamental stone of the church and Christian truth." ['The Dwellings of the Philosophers'. Page 205].

Could there be a better symbol [in 'A'], that represents that 'development' relative to an understanding of the possibility of an 'eternity' [by way of the 'divine' word]... than a 'stone'?

'A picture paints a thousand words'. Link to Part 1? And/or ''mandala''.

'Transforming fingers' in stone?

"I often perceive my mind as a lump of stone, with life unfolding like trickling water that flows into violent rivers: these rivers form grooves in the stone. However hard we try to chip away at these grooves with our fingertips they become ineffaceable, which is why it is neigh impossible to change a mind carved over decades by forces that are often beyond our control. This does not imply that you should stop trying to change them." [Extract from the book by Q. S. Lam]. Possible synchronicity link. Enlarged elsewhere. Try ''Q. S. Lam''.

'Set in Stone' as a means....?

Philosophers Stone?

Question. What would the remedy be?

"Life did not start with a single cell organism, it started with rocks." Quote from the program 'The Search For The Origin of Life.' PBS America Satellite. January 2015.

Seen from a different perspective?..."When, therefore, a primitive or barbarous consciousness forms a picture of itself on a much earlier level of development and continues to do so for hundreds or even thousands of years, undeterred by the contamination of its archaic qualities with differentiated, highly developed mental products, then the casual explanation is that the older the archaic qualities are, the more conservative and pertinacious is their behaviour. One simply cannot shake off the memory image of things as they were, and drags it along like a senseless appendage. This explanation, which is facile enough to satisfy the rationalistic requirements of our age, would certainly not meet with the approval of the Winnebagos, the nearest possessors of the trickster cycle...

'By hook or by crook'?

Greatest Of All Time?

...For them the myth is not in any sense a remnant - it is far too amusing for that, and an object of undivided enjoyment. For them it still 'functions', provided that they have not been spoiled by civilisations. For them there is no earthly reason to theorise about the meaning and purpose of myths, just as the xmas tree seems no problem at all to the naive European. For the thoughtful observer, however, both trickster and xmas tree afford reason enough for reflection. Naturally it depends very much on the mentality of the observer what he thinks about these things. Considering the crude primitivity of the trickster cycle, it would not be surprising if one saw in this myth simply the reflection of an earlier, rudimentary stage of consciousness, which is what the trickster obviously seems to be. The only question that would need answering is whether such personified reflections exist at all in empirical psychology. As a matter of fact they do...


The man with no name?

...Now if the myth were nothing but an historical remnant one would have to ask why it has not long since vanished into the great rubbish heap of the past, and why it continues to make its influence felt on the highest level of civilisation...I have, i think, found a suitable designation for this character component when i called it the 'shadow'...We are no longer aware that in carnival customs and the like there are remnants of a collective shadow figure which prove that the personal shadow is in part descended from the numinous collective figure. This collective figure gradually breaks up under the impact of civilisation, leaving traces in folklore which are difficult to recognise. But the main part of him gets personalised and is made an object of personal responsibility...

...Radin's trickster cycle preserves the shadow in its pristine mythological form, and thus points back to a much earlier stage of consciousness which existed before the birth of the myth, when the Indian was still groping about in a similar mental darkness. Only when his consciousness reached a higher level could he detach the earlier state from himself and objectify it, that is, say anything about it. So long as his consciousness was itself 'trickster like', such a confrontation could obviously not take place. It was possible only when the attainment of a newer and higher level of consciousness enabled him to look back on a lower and inferior state..." [From the chapter entitled 'On the Psychology of the Trickster Character' by C. Jung - within the book 'The Trickster' by P. Radin].

Which one should have gone to specsave?


Link to 'hindsight' and therefore 'foresight'? {by way of the objective process?} Benefits of - purpose of - if only in defining a subject?

'Tricks of the trade'.

A working example: '' You know, sometimes your mind can play tricks on you....'' [The Fox: 'The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse' / BBC1].

'On Having No Head: Zen and the Rediscovery of the Obvious' / D. E. Harding.

Side step: Which of the two {i.e., Neanderthal/Cro-magnon man} understood that process first - or does it matter?

Try 4:2 to take it a step further.

As one example: "Such an analysis serves also to check up and interpret mathematically the general findings of psychology concerning the progressive development of the human psyche and of its functions or modes of activity. It also verifies the ancient 'occult' idea of the division of human life into 7-year cycles, each of which marks the unfolding of one particular aspect of the individual's character and means of self expression. The first seven years see the development of the power of self awareness, or intuition - as understood by C. Jung. The young child sees everything in terms of personality. It is hard for him to differentiate between subjective and objective, inanimate and animate, because he lives so completely in a subjective world." [Page 190 'The Astrology of Personality' / Dane Rudhyar].

First 'masculine'. First 'feminine' = 'Golden' child?

Continued: "He has an ''intuition'' of things rather than objective perceptions. He has not yet succumbed to the ''heresy of separateness'' which creates a chasm {'void'?} between subject and object {or other subjects}, between I and Thou. Thus the mystic, who strives to reach complete at-one-ment with the ALL {that ''bit''?} - is urged to become again ''as a little child'' - a stage which is related theoretically to the period after the third birth, between 56 and 63. This first septenate corresponds also to the infancy of mankind...." [Same page. Same book].

''I and Thou'' in relation to 'higher/lower''?

And/or: "Human consciousness created objective existence and meaning - and man found his indispensable place in the great process of being....At that time I understood that within the soul from its primordial beginnings there has been a desire for light and an irrepressible urge to rise out of the primal darkness....'' [Pages 285/299 'Memories, Dreams and Reflections' / C. G. Jung].

Question. Neanderthal man V Cro-magnon man. Which understood objectivity and its advantages first - or does it matter if both were more subjective?

Trickster type?

Continued: A working example ,i.e.,Hebrew {Kabbalah} equivalent. Apply the above to define the following..."It is intriguing to note that Bezalel and Oholiab, those cunning master craftsmen, were empowered with 'the ability to teach others'. It raises the prospect that what they were 'teaching' was not so much the skill of fashioning pieces of wood into a box, {i.e.,'Ark of the Covenant'} but the secrets of the ancient mysteries - the secrets of ancient wisdom as it was perceived.

''Them hath he filled with the wisdom - of the cunning workman - even of them that do cunning work, and those that devise cunning work." [Exodus 35:35, King James version].

"Thirty-five has no major mystical importance, but according to Plutarch it expresses harmony, as it is the sum of the first feminine and first masculine perfect cubes: 8+27." [From the book by A. Schimmel].

Side note: 35 lintels and thirty Sarsen Stones {''made of 99% quartz''} - that form a circle {a 'petrified' one} at Stonehenge. Brought downhill from the north. Blue stones from the West. All of which finally arrive at their destination {'foundation'} UPHILL. ['The Stonehenge Enigma: What Lies Beneath' 2021].

What does 30 and sixty represent?

''Mountains low. Valleys high''?

And/or: ''Some men will say - how are the dead raised up?....And so it is written: the first man Adam was made a livng soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit.....The first of the earth the second of heaven...'' [1 Corinthians 15:35-45].

Try ''Smith/Jones'' - as a work in progress {i.e., day to day}.

''Petrified'' in relation to wood and stone {Soul/Fire} i.e., RERESENTED with ''tongue and groove'' - and/or to ''Ossify'' something i.e., backbone {enlarged elsewhere}. Verified with such examples as in the ancient Egyptian - Old Kingdom - petrified ''forests'' built in STONE.

The river Avon i.e., the Welsh for ''river''. 90 or 180? Question. Cursus {0} = 'Hydra' link?

A list of constellations and stars on the map:
{1} Procyon (α Canis Minoris)
{2} Canis Major: five stars, the largest depicting Sirius
{3} Canopus (α Carinae)
{4} Spica (α Virginis)
{5} Hydra: two stars, the larger being Alphard
{6} Crux Australis: five stars, the largest depicting Alpha  Crucis
{7} Sigma Octantis (σ Octantis, south pole star)
{8} Triangulum Australe: three stars of similar size
{9} Scorpius: eight stars, the largest depicting Antares. Question. W below. M above?

Soul/Fire {life/death} in relation to Woodhenge/Stonehenge. Three {'triple'} VERY LARGE {'giant' and/or elder?} stumps of 'tree' placed N/W of that stone monument 5000 years prior to its 'creation'. {Woodhenge N/E}. Just as the Giants Circle of blue stones were originally left standing centuries before their journey 'east' {'80' in total} - to be placed on the ''inside'' of a circle of tree 'stumps'. Wood therefore more of the 'north' . Stone of the 'south - to be united {'reborn'} as a ''lintel''. Wood joining stone. NORTH-South. NOW REPRESENTED within a RIVER.

Knock 'three' times?

'Water' and 'Fire' . As above so below - as a means.... {Hexagram?}.

''Westward leading still proceeding, guide us to....?''

And/or ''triple'' in relation to those ''3 points of contact'' that are the main focal point between those 'heavy' Vertical/Horizontal stones that form some Dolmens on the WEST coast i.e., Looking from behind - towards the WEST - line up those three points with the HORIZON.

Side note: King Cake = ''epiphany'' = 3 wise men link. Coincidence?

Kings Knot? {I.e., Stirling Castle} = ''Navel'' link?

''Stirling Castle has been likened to 'a huge brooch clasping Highlands and Lowlands together'. From high on a volcanic outcrop, the castle guarded the lowest crossing point of the River Forth for centuries. Today it remains a great symbol of Scottish independence and national pride.''

King Aha? {1st Dynasty/Egypt].

''Monarchy of the eye in relation to the Democracy of the nose''.

Something in 'story' form: ''This document is estimated to be at least 3500 years old, and it describes in detail the sinking of Atlantis. It's Mayan, and it contains an authentic account.....According to Le Plongeon the French historian.....'' He goes on to give an account using such numbers as 6/11 and 'thirteen' and using phrases as ''volcanic forces'' and ''hills of mud'' and ''ten countries were torn asunder''. The final sentence being: ''They sank with their 'sixtyfour' million inhabitants.'' [Page 97/8 'The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life'].

Put 'meaning' to those numbers to get into that mindset.

Astro ceiling in Senenmut bare tomb chamber. 'Folded'?

And/or: "Then Odysseus of many wiles {'trickster'}  answered her, and said: “Lady, hard is it for one that has been so long afar to tell thee this, for it is now the twentieth year since he went thence and departed from my country. But I will tell thee as my mind pictures him. A fleecy cloak of purple did goodly Odysseus wear, a cloak of double fold, but the brooch upon it was fashioned of gold with double clasps, and on the front it was curiously wrought: a hound held in his fore paws a dappled fawn, and pinned it in his jaws as it writhed {'wrestling'?}. And at this all men marvelled, how, though they were of gold, the hound was pinning the fawn and strangling it, and the fawn was writhing with its feet and striving to flee. And I noted the tunic about his body, all shining as is the sheen upon the skin of a dried onion, so soft it was; and it glistened like the sun. Verily many women gazed at him in wonder.

"Victory from the JAWS of defeat." Nike? Psalm 118?

And another thing will I tell thee, and do thou lay it to heart. I know not whether Odysseus was thus clothed at home, or whether one of his comrades gave him the raiment when he went on board the swift ship, or haply even some stranger, since to many men was Odysseus dear, for few of the Achaeans were his peers....

[241] "I, too, gave him a sword of bronze, and a fair purple cloak of double fold, and a fringed tunic, and with all honor sent him forth on his benched ship. Furthermore, a herald attended him, a little older than he, and I will tell thee of him too, what manner of man he was. He was round-shouldered, dark of skin, and curly-haired, and his name was Eurybates; and Odysseus honored him above his other comrades, because he was like-minded with himself.”



"Nike is the goddess of victory in Greek mythology1234She is the daughter of the giant Pallas and the river Styx, and the sister of Cratos, Bia, and Zelus234She is a friend of Zeus and an attribute of Athena, the goddess of wisdom23She has wings and can run very fast134She is often represented as a small figure carried in the hand by Zeus or Athena"

Series of stepping stones?

And/or: "It may feel like a bit of a cliche but appreciating the progress you're making along the way instead of fixating on the end result can be freeing {'freedom'?}. It's an approach Ford has adapted. 'I now focus on the process much more than the outcome; i take time to celebrate and acknowledge the smaller steps and choose a kinder narrative....I get clear on my motivators and my 'why' and check in with myself as to how I'm feeling along the way, rather than being swept into a narrative of providing something to someone else. I feel much more self aware, and kinder in my self talk....Enjoying the journey can be difficult in a world that has become increasingly outcome-obsessed. But their are many ways we can foster this approach in our lives.

The Great Step. This noteworthy feature of the Great Pyramid shoots up 3 feet high and is six feet wide. Once you step onto it, you are on a platform 8 feet deep, which is worn and chipped. This platform is part of the "road" that leads to the King's Chamber.

The first one requires slowing down a little and realizing that joy comes from the doing, not the completing. So instead of rushing for it to be done, take a moment to enjoy the doing, and remember that lots of things in our lives are never truly done - but constantly evolve just like we do....

Off 'center'?

Another vital step is acknowledging the small wins. Have lots of stepping stones to a big goal to pause on. Celebrate each new stone,  look back and celebrate how far you have come from the first one {Karnak} - and look forward to the many stones in front." [Page 59 'Readers Digest' / April 2022].

Fostering / adopting?

From a different perspective: "Scholar Arthur Waley has discovered magic thread reference in I-Ching, oracle 29: 'Bind with a thread of three strands and two strands, put it in a bramble thicket {'Hawthorn'?} - and you will get your wish after three years'. This 27 {'twentyseven'} line oracle is usually called 'The Pit' or The Abysmal'. But its Chinese name usually means the double or folded pit {'cube'?]. Waley believes it is connected with lunar ritual, being 'one hole opening out of another... [Page 79 'The White Goddess' ].

'The other'' = 8?



(A Psalm of David.) The earth is the LORD'S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.

2For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods.

3Who shall ascend into the hill of the LORD? or who shall stand in his holy place?

4He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully.

5He shall receive the blessing from the LORD, and righteousness from the God of his salvation.



6This is the generation of them that seek him, that seek thy face, O Jacob. Selah.

7Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.

8Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle.

9Lift up your heads, O ye gates; even lift them up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.

10Who is this King of glory? The LORD of hosts, he is the King of glory. Selah. [Psalm Twentyfour].

Which one has a 'pit'?

Analogy?..."Claudio also prepared to present another form of knowledge based upon the work of the Russian Sufi Gurdjieff. This knowledge came from what is called the Enneagram, a system of knowledge that ties human transformation to sound and music. Claudio was about to present a little known aspect of this knowledge by which the human personality could be broken down into twenty-seven forms. His purpose in doing this was simple: to give the industrial world a tool with which they could get off the wheel of ''ego types'' and enter the higher world of enlightenment. Doing so, he believed, would begin to change the entire world by bringing us out of this materialistic life we lead, so we could enter into the higher chakras and extended human potential." ['Serpent of Light Beyond 2012']. Try ''27''.

Ridgeway/Whiltshire? What does the 'horse' represent WITHIN the bigger picture?

Analogy with same intent..."And so to the songs themselves. Geographically the examples examined range from the far West of Cornwall through the whole peninsula of South-west England. One or two songs are drawn from counties bordering this region such as Gloucestershire, and from Wiltshire and the White Horse area where counties meet...To draw upon West Country songs is, in effect, to draw upon local variants of British songs, but their particular value lies in their link with ancient ritual practices, a link shown in the symbolism of the songs themselves and their music. A similar treatment of Eastern and North-eastern English songs would probably show a certain amount of Norse influence, but the level of symbolism found in these songs in general is deeper than that of specific religions and cults, and points to the overall pattern of images behind all 'magical' and religious thinking...Lore of this sort never opens broad and easy paths of thought, but after innumerable meanderings and branchings leads to a simple pattern of ritual and 'mystical' concepts, where the various separate routes merge together." [Taken from within the book 'Where is Saint George'. Enlarged elsewhere]. The study of a subject does the same.

Question. Like the meanders of a river? If so, what is being implied?

N.B. The author of the above book; like the author of the 'Tutankhamun Prophecies' understands the value of encoding those universal "symbols" [archetypal images?] to define the parts within the whole - but unlike the later - the former author does it without manipulation of 'data'. Enlarged elsewhere.

A change of pace - {from a few? paragraphs back {hindsight?} - An example of ‘Latch’ = Those ‘Copper latches’ within those ‘doors’ of the same {narrow} chamber. [Copper...a link to the color/symbolism of ‘Red’. [ Explained elsewhere ].

Refresher: "The Arabians called these Jabbat al Akrab, the forehead, or Front, of the Scorpion; and the Chinese - Kow Kin, a Hook and Latch. They are an interesting naked pair to the eye..." [Notes within 'Scorpio' from the book 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

Question. Does that monument have any links to Scorpio?

"...that grips, evokes and beckons; lifts high the latch of mystery. You cannot tread that way. Your feet will kick the door shut as they run. This path is not for treading; it does not lead, like that; to anywhere, like that. Rather, it is its destination; full known and fully trod when first began." ['The Sword in the Sun' / A. Duncan].

'Intuitive' link?

The death of Achilles. S/W -N/E?

upside down?

An understanding of something ‘unlocks’ a possible potential. Picture...Question. Which came first, the "cross" or the 'X'. Which represents the "true" cross? Clue. Northeast in relation to Southwest. The beginning of a 'journey' together with the end, yet beginning, of another, i.e., west to east. 'West' a link to the 'fall'. From 'dark' to 'light'. From something 'unknown' to becoming 'known'.

Example of same...The 'pedestal' ['T' shaped. 'Pillars' either side?] that the Egyptian dog 'god' is always seen rested on, left to right = horizontal 'journey'. Right to left = 'vertical' journey. Representational of. The 'tail end' of something connected to the beginning of something else.

Heading west?

'Nose' defacement.

"Perhaps it is the ancient importance of this Dog on the Nile that has given the popular name - the Egyptian X - to the figure formed by the stars Procyon and Betelgeuze, Naos and Phaet - with Sirius at the vertices of the two triangles and the center of the letter. On our maps Sirius marks the nose of the Dog...Some have called it Mazzaroth of the Book of Job..." [Info. on Canis Major 'Star Names and Their Meaning'].

Dog rose?

The Winter Triangle: On the Shoulders of giants? Any wolves or tigers? Lynx?

Oxyrhynchus fish?


"Upside down in the Northern Hemisphere. As Orion is in the Southern one."

"Rarer names are the Latin translation of Procyon, Antecanis, and the Arabic-derived names Al Shira and Elgomaisa. Medieval astrolabes of England and Western Europe used a variant of this, Algomeiza/Algomeyza.[41] Al Shira derives from الشعرى الشامية aš-ši‘ra aš-šamiyah, "the Syrian sign" (the other sign being Sirius; "Syria" is supposedly a reference to its northern location relative to Sirius); Elgomaisa derives from الغميصاء al-ghumaisa’ "the bleary-eyed (woman)", in contrast to العبور "the teary-eyed (woman)", which is Sirius. (See Gomeisa.)

In Chinese, 南河 (Nán Hé), meaning South River, refers to an asterism consisting of Procyon, ε Canis Minoris and β Canis Minoris.[42] Consequently, Procyon itself is known as 南河三 (Nán Hé sānthe Third Star of South River).[43] It is part of the Vermilion Bird.

Eight strands each. Sixtyfour in total.

The Hawaiians see Procyon as part of an asterism Ke ka o Makali'i ("the canoe bailer of Makali'i") that helps them navigate at sea.[44] In Hawaiian language, this star is called Puana ("blossom"), which is a new Hawaiian name based on the Māori name Puangahori. It forms this asterism (Ke ka o Makali'i) with the Pleiades (Makali'i), Auriga, Orion, Capella, Sirius, Castor and Pollux."

The Roman farmers sacrificed to it a fawn-coloured dog at their three festivals when, in May, the sun began to approach Sirius. These, instituted 238 b. c, were the Robigalia, to secure the propitious influence of their goddess Robigo in averting rust and mildew from their fields ; and the Floralia and Vinalia, to ensure the maturity of their blooming flowers, fruits and grapes.

Among the Latins it naturally shared the constellation's titles, probably originated them ; and occasionally was even Canioula ; indeed, as late as 1420 the Palladium of Husbandry urged certain farm-work to be done...It has been asserted that Ovid and Vergil referred to Sirius in their Latrator Anubis, representing a jackal- or dog-headed Egyptian divinity, guardian of the visible horizon and of the solstices, transferred to Rome as goddess of the chase; but it is very doubtful whether they had in mind either star or constellation."

The brooch of Odysseus.

And/or: "Since we are halfway or more out toward the Galaxy's ill-defined edge, the Milky Way varies considerably in brightness from the glorious broad center Sagittarius to the far dimmer, dusty Anticenter 180 degrees away in Taurus Auriga. The Milky Way is inclined to the celestial equator by 63 degrees, crossing it in Monoceros Aquila Serpens- Ophiuchus....


Patches and Spots mentioned but not stripes. 'Telescope' near by. Can be seen with the 'naked' eye?

Golden collar? Riding the waves? " Celestial equator passes through lengthwise from the Belt of Orion." Printers Workshop below. {now obsolete}. Blank page?

"Monoceros, the constellation known as the Unicorn, straddles both the celestial equator (the projection of Earth’s equator into space) and the galactic equator (the extension of the Milky Way’s plane into the sky)"


"Lynx is a constellation named after the animal, usually observed in the Northern Celestial Hemisphere. The constellation was introduced in the late 17th century by Johannes Hevelius. It is a faint constellation, with its brightest stars forming a zigzag line. The orange giant Alpha Lyncis is the brightest star in the constellation, and the semiregular variable star Y Lyncis is a target for amateur astronomers. Six star systems have been found to contain planets. Those of 6 Lyncis and HD 75898 were discovered by the Doppler method; those of XO-2XO-4XO-5 and WASP-13 were observed as they passed in front of the host star....

According to 19th-century amateur astronomer Richard Hinckley Allen, the chief stars in Lynx "might well have been utilized by the modern constructor, whoever he was, of our Ursa Major to complete the quartette of feet."

Great / 'little' Bear. Saucepan. Wain. Big 'Dipper'.

And/or: "Canes Venatici, (Latin: “Hunting Dogs”) constellation in the northern sky at about 13 hours right ascension and 40° north in declination. Its brightest star is Cor Caroli (Latin: “Heart of Charles,” named after the beheaded King Charles I of England), with a magnitude of 2.8. The bright spiral galaxy called the Whirlpool Galaxy is found in Canes Venatici. The stars of this constellation were originally part of Ursa Major, but in 1687 Polish astronomer Johannes Hevelius made them their own constellation, which represents dogs held on a leash by Boötes."

"Cor Caroli is the brightest star in the constellation, with an apparent magnitude varying between 2.84 and 2.98. It is approximately 110 light years distant. Its name means “Charles’ heart.”.....The star was named by Sir Charles Scarborough, mathematician and physician to Charles II, in honour of Charles I, the king who met his end after the English Civil War, whose son was restored to the throne shortly after his passing. Alpha CVn was originally named Col Caroli Regis Martyris."


"Restoration Day, more commonly known as Oak Apple Day or Royal Oak Day, was an English, Welsh and Irish public holiday, observed annually on 29 May {'twentynine'}, to commemorate the restoration of the Stuart monarchy in May 1660.[1] In some parts of England the day is still celebrated. It has also been known as Shick Shack Day, or Oak and Nettle Day.[2]

In 1660, the English Parliament passed into law "An Act for a Perpetual Anniversary Thanksgiving on the Nine and Twentieth Day of May" (12 Cha. 2. c. 14), declaring 29 May a public holiday "for keeping of a perpetual Anniversary, for a Day of Thanksgiving to God, for the great Blessing and Mercy he hath been graciously pleased to vouchsafe to the People of these Kingdoms, after their manifold and grievous Sufferings, in the Restoration of his Majesty..."[3] Charles, returning from exile, entered London on 29 May 1660, his 30th birthday.

The public holiday was abolished under the Anniversary Days Observance Act 1859, but the date retains some significance in local and institutional customs. It is, for example, still observed as Founder's Day by the Royal Hospital Chelsea, which was founded by Charles II in 1681.[4][5]

In Ireland, Oak Apple Day was made a public holiday under the Act of Settlement 1662"....

Traditional celebrations to commemorate the event often entailed the wearing of oak apples (a type of plant gall, possibly known in some parts of the country as a "shick-shack"[8]) or sprigs of oak leaves, in reference to the occasion after the Battle of Worcester in September 1651, when Charles II escaped the Roundhead army by hiding in an oak tree near Boscobel House.[9] Anyone who failed to wear a sprig of oak risked being pelted with bird's eggs or thrashed with nettles.[10] In Sussex, those not wearing oak were liable to be pinched, giving rise to the unofficial name of "Pinch-bum Day"; similarly it was known as "Bumping Day" in Essex.[11]

In Upton Grey, Hampshire, after the church bells had been rung at 6 am the bell-ringers used to place a large branch of oak over the church porch, and another over the lychgate. Smaller branches were positioned in the gateway of every house to ensure good luck for the rest of the year."

'Anima' or 'animus' chained/imprisoned? Pedestal?

Platform? RIGHTWAY UP?

Side note: "A pedestal (from French piédestal, Italian piedistallo 'foot of a stall') or plinth is a support at the bottom of a statuevasecolumn, or certain altars. Smaller pedestals, especially if round in shape, may be called socles. In civil engineering, it is also called basement. The minimum height of the plinth is usually kept as 45 cm (for buildings)[citation needed]. It transmits loads from superstructure to the substructure and acts as the retaining wall for the filling inside the plinth or raised floor.

In sculpting, the terms base, plinth, and pedestal are defined according to their subtle differences. A base is defined as a large mass that supports the sculpture from below. A plinth is defined as a flat and planar support which separates the sculpture from the environment. A pedestal, on the other hand, is defined as a shaft-like form that raises the sculpture and separates it from the base.[1]

An elevated pedestal or plinth that bears a statue, and which is raised from the substructure supporting it (typically roofs or corniches), is sometimes called an acropodium. The term is from Greek ἄκρος ákros 'topmost' and πούς poús (root ποδ- pod-) 'foot'."

Dog family?

Going east? Coming from the west? Uphill?

Something extra:{and/or refresher}: "What is remarkable about all this is the way that the 'mill' {which continues to serve as an allegory for cosmic processes} stubbornly keeps on resurfacing, all over the world, even where the context has been jumbled or lost....Among the Cherokees, whose name for the Milky Way {our own galaxy} is 'Where the Dog Ran'. In ancient times, according to Cherokee tradition, 'the people in the South had a corn mill', from which meal was stolen {trickster type?} again and again. In due course the owners discovered the thief, a dog, who 'ran off howling to his home in the North' with the meal dropping from his mouth as he ran, and leaving behind a white trail where now we see the Milky Way, which the Cherokee call to this day - ''Where the Dog Ran''...." [Page 253 'Fingerprints of the Gods' / G. Hancock].

Some say "P" could represent 'Peter', others say, Paster Noster, i.e.,the 'Lords' prayer. Think about it ,in relation to the benefit of 'doing' something...repetitive, and its relationship to a 'potential', From a low start point, [symbolism of]. Example..."The individual ends the day with an effort to "imprint" the fact of 'heedlessness' on the mind, to keep the heart occupied with remembrance of gods goodness and to conceive a strong desire to begin anew the next day". Representational of. [Chapter eight. 'The Brotherhood of the Common Life. Mentioned elsewhere].

Hebrew equivalent...Mitzvot [study / practice of Torah] by way of an intended purpose / focus, referred to as a Mitzvah. Commonly known as a focus on the positive stuff. That ''positive'' stuff however, that according to these authors and subject becomes a recurring theme within each individuals ''journey''. From A to B, with C in mind. Link to the word "repetitive". Benefit of; regardless of whether prayer; 'ritual' or study.

Analogy of same..."Rhythm in prayer [or 'ritual' or study - enlarged elsewhere - this readers input] - makes it pass from the psychological domain to that of life, from the domain of personnel tendencies and moods, to that of the fundamental and universal impulses of life itself ," [ i.e.,''divine bit'']. Extract from the book by Tomberg.

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